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CONTENTS Lifestyle Read our interviews with polo personalities, top polo players, news for upcoming polo tournaments and events.

Polo History Polo is a game with a rich cultural history. Originating in Persia over 2,000 years ago, it is one of the oldest team sports in recorded history.

Travel Top travel destinations and luxury 5 star hotels around the world.


Interior Design Comfortable and Chic Home Decorations, interviews with interior designers and architects.

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Letter From The Editor in Chief Polo History dates back over 2,000 years, it is one of the oldest team sports in recorded history. In this issue you can read all about the history go polo, the sport of kings, the king of sport. Let others play at other things. ’’The king of sports is still the sport of kings.’’

@scarlettjetset Discover the new collection of Louis Vuitton, the Escale Collection, a beautiful pastel color handbag and accessories collection perfect for summer. At Brunello Cucinelli you find light and cream colors in the ready to wear collection for men and women. Hublot has rendered this fleeting optical phenomenon immutable by designing the Spirit of Big Bang Rainbow.

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POLO & Lifestyle

Enter the exciting world of polo, the charme and tradition Read our interviews with polo personalities, top polo players, news for upcoming polo tournaments and events.

POLO History

Sport of Kings, King of Sports Polo is a game with a rich cultural history. Originating in Persia over 2,000 years ago, it is one of the oldest team sports in recorded history. In the beginning, polo was a training game for cavalry units. To these warlike tribesmen, who played it with as many as 100 to a side, it was a miniature battle. The Moguls were then responsible for taking the game from Persia tot he East, where it became known as “the sport of kings“.

Polo is taken from the word ’pholo’ meaning ’ball’ or ’ballgame’ in the Balti language of Tibet.

Members of a British army polo team in Hyderabad, India Early 1900s

By the 16th century polo was well established in India in Mainpur, the English Army Officers discovered the game. They went on to found the world’s first polo club. Today, more than 77 countries across the world play polo. It was an Olympic sport from 1900-1939. Polo continues to represent the pinnacle of sport. This is a feeling epitomised by the famous verse inscribed on a stone tablet next to a polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan: Let others play at other things. ’’The king of sports is still the sport of kings.’’ The oldest polo club of the world is Calcutta Polo Club located in India. It was established in 1862 and still in existence. The club runs the oldest and first ever Polo Trophy, the Ezra Cup (1880), besides other old ones such as the Carmichael Cup (1910) and the Stewarts Cup (1932). In earlier days matches were played between various royal dynasties of India. Ezra Cup, the first ever polo trophy in the world, is named after Sir David Ezra a leading Jewish business tycoon in Calcutta who patronized the sport in the city. The first Ezra Cup was held in 1880.

As part of its 150 years celebration, the Calcutta Polo Club organized Ezra World Cup at the Pat Williamson Ground, Kolkata from 18–25 December 2011. It has been doing so since 2006 when the game was revived in Kolkata by Calcutta Polo Club president Keshav Bangur. Calcutta Polo Club is in its 150th year making it the oldest polo club in the world still in existence, and the hosts made the 2011 season a treat to remember. Calcutta is also home to the oldest polo ground in the world still in use — Pat Williamson, most suited for the Ezra Cup- also the oldest polo trophy in the world.

Text by Scarlett Stilling

Calcutta Polo Club


established in 1862 and is considered as the oldest polo club of the world in existence.

Located in the centre of the race course (Defense's Land) with its rich heritage, Calcutta Polo Club  continues to pride itself for its warm and friendly atmosphere whilst offering a world-class riding and polo facility to its members and guests. The Polo Grounds, namely The Pat Williamson Ground offers a breathtaking view of the Victoria Memorial and Vidyasagar Setu.

If you have the will to play, We are here to make a way.

Mr. Keshav Bangur The President of Calcutta Polo Club It all started back then in 1858 when two British soldiers Captain Robert Stewart and Major Gen Joe Sherer witnessed a game called "Sagol Kangjei" being played by locals of Manipur. Both officers were so captivated by the experience that they quickly introduced the game to their peers, and then was established the "Calcutta Polo Club" in the year 1861-62.

Thereafter the club created an organized format of the game and set "The first rule book for Modern Polo" . The name 'Polo' also was coined here for the first time by one of the gentlemen playing one fine sunny day at our majestic polo grounds. Polo then spread like wild fire throughout England and is now played in about 80 countries. Located in the centre of the race course (Defense's Land) with its rich heritage, Calcutta Polo Club continues to pride itself for its warm and friendly atmosphere whilst offering a worldclass riding and polo facility to its members and guests. The Polo Grounds, namely The Pat Williamson Ground offers a breathtaking view of the Victoria Memorial and Vidyasagar Setu. Founded a century and half back, the club perhaps best embodies the "Mystique of Polo" in modern India. This is luxury preserved and nurtured with a passion and love for the game.

International Business Elite Club


n conversation with Daniel and

Marina von Lison of the most exclusive private club, the International Business Elite Club Marina and Daniel, it’s always interesting how the noble title could influence the social life. Tell us more about your background, family tree, noble titles of Baron and Baroness. Daniel: In some countries it no longer exists, but in most European countries it still does, it has only lost its privileges- the nobility. It is mostly known from the rainbow press and the social columns of the newspapers. Most of the nobles do not live the way the rainbow press likes to portray them. Parties, glitter, jetsetters life. Even nobles must work today for their living, have visions and ideas that they want to realize like other persons do. Most aristocrats are masters on the social floor and in small talk. On social occasions they usually behave in a friendly and jovial manner, giving the impression that they are open and accessible to everyone, but in normal life they are often reserved, even dismissive and seemingly arrogant. Many aristocrats are endearing, humane people with interesting ideas and visions. Unfortunately, they hide their humanity and true thoughts, often out of fear and concern, to lose their acceptance within the aristocratic society. The majority of aristocrats are an important force for a healthy, positive and stable social fabric.

Marina: The life of the nobles is dominated by centuries-old traditions, by the sense of ethics and a code of conduct within this society. The kind of behavior, how to dress or deal with other people. This Code of Conduct sets out exactly what is allowed and what is not, what is desired and what is not, and only who complies with this Code is accepted. Anyone who violates this code of conduct is very quickly marginalized by certain sections of the nobility. Daniel’s family, the Barons of Lison, come from the ancient Milanese family of an old-Bohemian knightly family, who were awarded the title “Baron of Lison” in 1608 and are included in the hereditary imperial aristocracy. They were Italian talented artists and the monarch granted them a Noble title almost 500 years ago, so you see from whom my husband has inherited his music talent and willingness to be always under focus of cameras. 

Daniel: Since 1919, nobility titles, nobility and surname have melted together in Germany into a single term – the NAME – and that follows today the 2nd Civil Law (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch). The title of nobility Baron, Freiherr, Count, etc. are still widespread. Even today, many elderly gentlemen of the nobility still live, who throughout their life have addressed an older noble lady with “Frau Baronin”. It is not about the question of the right titling, but about the effort to be chivalrous. In Great Britain, Baron (alternatively titled Lord) and Baroness are titles of nobility, often inherited and belonging to someone who has a seat in the House of Lords. Modern Baronesses include e.g. Margaret Thatcher, Charlotte Vere. Meanwhile Alan Sugar, Andrew Lloyd-Webber and John Kerr, a Scottish former diplomat, are among the Barons of today. You don’t have to be born into nobility, or inherit a peerage, to be a Baroness or a Baron. You can receive a noble title on proposal by the Prime Minister, with the approval of H.M. the Queen, of course. If that seems like a lot of pressure, don’t worry. You can also marry into nobility to get the title like my charming wife did.

Tell us more about Elite Club. When was it invented? By whom? What is the main purpose and the concept of this very special Community?  Marina: The Concept of Elite Club was established by Daniel`s Father, Chevalier Thaddäus Baron von Lison, in 2010 who is himself a successful entrepreneur and the Grand Prior for Germany of the Order of St. Stanislas which we will treat later.  Thaddäus Baron von Lison as a President of Elite Club saw the concept of the business club as a global association of people with chivalric behavior who are willing to recognize the social problems of our time and unselfishly contribute to their solution. To be more specific: The ELITE CLUB is an international consortium of outstanding personalities (celebrities, VIP persons, famous artists, business tycoons and just everybody who has a good heart and willingness to help other people), a pact which follows clear vision and clear philanthropic missions. The Elite Club seeks to encourage noble ladies and gentlemen of good breeding into chivalric behavior and, with an increased understanding of their role as global ambassadors of honor. 

Daniel: My Father and I had some discussions in the beginning whether we would want to keep all the meetings and events on one location or give our members the opportunity to be present in different top venues  in the world, and we came to the conclusion that Elite Club should not be tied to one location but regularly holds meetings, events, lunches, receptions, charity fund raising events, in some of the most prestigious venues in Europe, in castles or Luxury Hotels. Our latest Charity Gala Dinner on 26th October 2019 at the Café de Paris Monte Carlo was an excellent example how to gather all VIP´s, Celebrities, famous artists and Business Tycoons under one roof and to raise funds for our charitable programs.

Who gets the opportunity to join the Club and which benefits the membership gives? Marina: Anyone who is involved in positive development of society with a goal to contribute to charity programs in modern times has the opportunity to join the Club. The Club’s headquarter is in Germany, we have also several branches you can contact locally in case of any questions regarding the membership, business and charitable projects. The main mission of our business Club is the recognition of business leaders, captains of industry and research & development, cultural and scientific

Our latest event -Charity Gala Dinner on 26th October in Cafe de Paris Monte Carlo gathered some significant personalities and business persons who got acquainted with each other and this led to some top-level business ideas and projects we are working on, now. In every day’s busy life it might be a challenge to meet trustful, likeminded people so we give our members the chance to build up a new business or expand the existed one.

personalities. The Elite Club is essentially, apart from the charitable events, very often present at exclusive sports and culture events. Members enjoy a range of benefits including invitations to special events, discounts and offers, through carefully selected partner organizations, which they access via their unique Membership.  Daniel:  The Membership of the Elite Club gives you the opportunity for mingling for business or social reasons with potential business partners, celebrities, politicians, nobility and even royalty. Of course, our readers want to know what are the benefits of adhering to the club? Here are some of them: 

• •

Invitations to selected meetings, lectures and conferences that allow members to keep abreast of key issues in current affairs and business. Regular business and social networking events and fund-raising events for charity. A social calendar of popular music, sporting, Gala Dinners and other organized events.

To become a member Email here: bvl@eleiteclub.world ecp@eliteclub.world  https://www.eliteclub.world/

Do you have other projects? Daniel, we know that you are owning Luxury Real Estate Agency, tell us more about it. Daniel: BVL Real Estate is an exclusive company which is specializing in the sales of premium residential property and commercial real estate. Together with the support of a highly experienced team, I am responsible for some of the world’s most influential and affluent clientele. For those who are looking to sell their luxury estates, our experienced associates are equipped with the marketing tools needed to ensure your property is impeccably presented to the audience of qualified and interested buyers on a global level. Whether you are looking for the excitement and sophistication of an urban condominium or penthouse, a historic estate or for the quiet rural charm of a farm and ranch property, our experienced network of real estate professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. We enjoy representing luxury real estate and take great pleasure in helping our extraordinary clients discover their next home. We service all types of properties for both purchase and rental including homes, condos, villas and even castles. With our superior experience and real estate options, we have successfully satisfied customers with the widest range of interests and demands, from luxuriant lifestyles of lake, waterfront and island homes to the active living of golf, ski and equestrian properties.

‘’We understand our client’s passion, their vision, their goals and their needs and these criteria keep us afloat as one of the Real Estate market leaders.’’ Marina: To put aside our family business Elite Club, I´d like to tell you that I represent in Germany the Russian-Ukrainian Luxury Fashion Brand Sol Angelann which creates unique wonderful dresses using real Swarowski crystals in every possible color. Just imagine how sparkling and special you feel when you put on this dress and go out for dinner or visit Gala. All eyes are just on you. I had first several appearances in Diamond Dresses on some international events and simply fell in love with beautiful design, high quality and feminine silhouettes. Afterwards my good friend and one of 2 brand`s owners Anna Chibisova asked me if I would like to represent a brand in Germany and I was like why not? Fashion has always been one of my passions. These dresses are very popular by Hollywood celebrities who choose them for red carpet events but also among many women who want to feel special and have a dress that makes sure you will shine like millions of diamonds. Sol Angelann have boutiques in Moscow, Kiev, Dubai, Katar, Paris and now I am thrilled to announce that we have offered since January 2020 sparkling dresses also in Wiesbaden, Germany, exclusively in der Boutique Daniel Thiel. Femininity, Elegance, Style and Glamour- it is all about Sol Angelann. 

What is the plan for the nearest future? Do you plan to target other countries in terms of the Club’s development? Daniel: We target to open 3 new branches of Elite Club in 3 different countries because the branch office is one of the more streamlined business structures a company has at its disposal when exploring the possibility of expanding its activities abroad. Businesses looking to expand and benefit from new markets need to decide wisely if they will open a subsidiary or a branch of their existing company based on the pros and cons of each type of entity. Bearing in mind that each business type has its own advantages and disadvantages and the decision of opening one or another depends on the activities to be undertaken by the parent company. When opening a branch office in a foreign country, there are numerous aspects that should be considered as you understand. We are happy to have a professional team who is willing to give us support in every detail to make the new branch operate as smoothly as possible. Which Charity foundations do you support?  Marina: At the Elite Club, we believe the sustainability of our planet – and the wellbeing of all the people in it – is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why we partner with passionate, and often, grassroots charities who, like us, are striving to do good in the world. The Elite Club is committed to addressing disadvantage and making a tangible difference to the lives of the people in our community. We partner with like-minded local organizations to fund explicit projects and activities that have clearly defined timelines and outcomes and in doing so, provide real support where it is most needed. We aim to start a new milestone in providing financial support for an Austrian foundation for highly gifted children. I believe this project with raising funds during our Charity Galas will be of huge meaning for musically highly gifted children and open many of them doors to the real world of music and fulfill their dreams. When I told Daniel about this idea, he immediately loved it and gave his full support and recognition as he comes from the professional music world  and I know what music means to him.  Daniel: The German Grand Priory, under which patronage our International Elite Club exists, supports humanitarian institutions and organizations, which, wherever in the world, accept the plight of people by means of actions, donations in commodities and money. We also promote cultural, artistic and other events worthy of recognition of the Order. The German Grand Priory is the only one in the world which has in its program Music projects as an aid to the sick, the weak and the disabled to improve and beautify everyday life to alleviate suffering caused by a variety of causes. All our Charity Gala dinners and other events within each year raise funds and,  to name one of the charity foundations we work together, we can point out the Natureheart Foundation (former Phytokids Foundation) to help and support children in Germany, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Warm lunch for disabled children and orphans, financing of psychologists for the treatment of severely traumatized children in Moscow, Kiev and Astana, complete refurbishment and repair of the orphanage in Bishkek are just some examples of our efforts to help the world. 

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CARINA BEAUTY Has a unique, revolutionary formula to rejuvenate the face 10 years younger. The biological age of the sells turned back.


For a beautiful life from cells to the skin

nly the very best BIO-active ingredients, which

have been scientifically selected and proven effectiveness to ensure the optimum effect on the skin, are used to formulate CARINA BEAUTY products.

With TELOMERE Serum it delays the senescence and the skin looks 10 years younger. Mechanism based on telomerase protection. Improves skin firmness, elasticity and micro-relief. It is youth restoring and makes skin feels smoother, looks fresher.

TELOMERE Serum 119€ 50ml www.carinabeauty.com

fresh up your cells

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI MEN’S SPRING-SUMMER 2020 COLLECTION The 2020 Spring Summer Men’s Collection represents a modern standard for dressing well, in which style and comfort are perfectly balanced. In an era in which the pace of modern life is changing and new needs are emerging, an innovative interpretation of everyday wear has been shaped: it’s a model that serves as both an authentic benchmark and a symbol of freedom, distinction and comfort. Tailoring leaves behind stiff formality and contemporary look embodies good taste. Summer moods are interpreted by a range of neutral colours with a broad exploration of beige tones, metropolitan grays, and noble blues, varying from highly refined and very light tones to darker and more formal ones.

Lightness is one of the main qualities of every fabric, and it is enhanced by unstructured garments and a high degree of craftsmanship. Natural fibers and organic textures provide an authentic feel. New, technical materials broaden the outerwear range with even more versatile and lighter items.

Special finishing gives the fabrics a unique look, creating double effects that enhance the designs and harmonies in between the nuances. A careful selection of patterns provides a variety of compelling variations especially for pinstripes, ranging from very formal styles to more contemporary and original variations. The stripes on shirts add a sporty feel with their carefully selected colours.

The leathers are even lighter and softer to enhance a precious and diverse offer, including pieces that are completely unlined and new models with raw-cut edges. Super-fine suedes boast a luxurious feel and offer a unique look thanks to combinations with cotton and silk jerseys as lining, or to nappa effect finishing on the reverse adding contrasting colours. www.brunellocucinelli.com


sense of harmony, simplicity, and naturalness

sets the pace for the collection, free to embrace timeless concepts, focusing on spontaneous shapes and authentic values, avoiding the fads and distractions of the moment. There is no desire to astonish, but just the pleasure pleasure to charm. The Spring Summer 2020 Collection celebrates an essential, naturally casual elegance, a new contemporary simplicity, a minimalism rich with authenticity and craftsmanship. The texture of the plant fibers offers a perfect medium for artisanal and sartorial skills: the small imperfections and irregularities typical of the material emphasize the exclusiveness of special crafting techniques. www.brunellocucinelli.com

Brunello Cucinelli Spring/Summer ‘20 The fresh, summery nuances, together with colors diluted in transparent, aqueous solutions merge with smooth, essential surfaces or with textures

ON BEAUTY Santoni continues its exploration on the concept of beauty through the third chapter of its On Beauty project. “On Beauty” features a group of creative ambassadors who share the values and authentic spirit of the brand. Recognised and renowned in their individual professional fields, the protagonists similarly encapsulate elegance, style and grace. A truly unique portfolio of images and short films, created by legendary photographer Koto Bolofo, art directed and edited by Tony Chambers, are presented in which the question of what true beauty means is pursued: are you born with beauty or can it be acquired? Where do you find beauty? Is beauty an absolute or open to interpretation? Is beauty permanent? Santoni creates beautiful objects – pieces that are soulful, truthful and honest. The On Beauty project reflects this – documenting and collecting distinctive and intimate thoughts and opinions.



LOUIS VUITTON The Escale Collection A fun summer is ahead… at least if you look at Louis Vuitton’s Escale 2020 handbag collection. Hippy, dippy, and trippy, the tie-dyed canvas monogram just might make you smile. The bags are a limited group of tried and true classics. And, as you’ll see below, there are even a few surprises – inside and out. Technically, Louis Vuitton calls the fabrication shibori, a Japanese colorizing technique that involves folding, twisting and knotting fabric. Tie-dye is one type of shibori. We can only imagine the challenges of imparting this technique on coated canvas – thicker than mere fabric.

Escale 2020 is a colorful group with three color options: blue, red, and pastel. The most colorful option – albeit muted in tone – is the pastel, with a surprising number of colors, including the lilac interior.

Louis Vuitton belt with bags

The Speedy 30 comes in blue and pastel

Photo courtesy Louis Vuitton


Spirit of Big Bang Rainbow 42mm

SPIRIT OF BIG BANG RAINBOW Hublot captures the ephemeral rainbow A celestial or divine manifestation that called for reverence or hope depending on the civilisation, this bridge between the earth and the sky was deconstructed by Isaac Newton in his theory on light and colours. These days, however, the rainbow remains a symbol of peace, joy and optimism. Like a modern alchemist, the master of the Art of Fusion, Hublot has rendered this fleeting optical phenomenon immutable by designing the Spirit of Big Bang Rainbow, two 39-mm and 42-mm timepieces, thus enshrouding the beginning of 2020 with good omens. Like a rainbow of gemstones, they make this colour spectrum sparkle, prolonging its hitherto ephemeral appearance.


“For me, the Cleo Rev is a radiant collection that perfectly represents the spirit of MARLI, and what we stand for. To ensure every woman has something to wear that helps express her beauty and individuality.” -Maral Artinian, Founder and Creative Director of MARLI




new addition to the signature Cleo by Marli collection,

New York based jewellery brand reveals its latest “Rev” collection, a revolution of innovation and technique. Taking inspiration from the French word “Reve”, meaning dream, the collection embodies the dreamer spirit of New York. Rev encapsulates the strength and power inside oneself to make dreams into a reality. Rev is also short for revolution, focusing on revolution through innovation. The collection is a fusion of innovative and revolutionary designs with modern techniques reflecting New York City architecture.

Rev collection is a strong depiction of MARLI craftsmanship by evoking emotion and technique through its use of innovation. The collection combines lustrous gold, radiant diamonds, and precious stones including Black Onyx, Red Coral, Pink Coral, and Green Agate, together to create pieces that every woman can wear to reflect their beauty and power. The newest collection is a representation of the MARLI women who carries out her dreams to reach unlimited possibilities. Behind every dream, there is an innovation waiting to happen is the true essence of Rev. True to its name, Rev, is the perfect representation of the MARLI dream, “We

dreamt of innovation. We created Rev.”

INTRODUCING OUR NEW PRIVATE JET Reimagined for an even more extraordinary Four Seasons experience in the sky


PH: Mindyweiss

Interior Design

Comfortable and Chic Home Decorations

ASMINE LAM - MANHATTAN ONE 57 (C) Marietta Leung

Manhattan One57 apartment This Manhattan apartment was purchased by a Hong Kong family to serve as a luxurious pied a terre. They have always been in love with Central Park and wanted us to design a home that embodies a contemporary, elegant, and calm experience that allows them to enjoy the panoramic views of the park and beyond. This 4500 SF home consists of 3 bedrooms & 4-1/2 bathrooms in the world-renowned building called “One57" at Central Park South. We inserted 12’ high floating ceilings with cove lighting throughout the entire apartment. Large black-stained raked oak portals frame each section of the home, defining each area as its own distinctive function. His and Hers Dressing Rooms, and an enormous library wall were built out of cerused walnut and embedded LED lighting. At the Entry Foyer, we selected a handmade Japanese washi wallcovering and custom designed hand-forged decorative metal screens to add texture and a play on light and shadows. The cream and black color palette was selected in order to highlight these architectural features.

Good design means having the ability to balance comfort with luxury; pairing the practical & the functional with beauty is essential. - Jasmine Lam

When the 15’ wide pockets doors are pulled open at the Entry Foyer onto the Great Room, the soft earthy tones of gray, creamy beige, gold and pale green create a wonderful lounging space that feels connected to Central Park. This Great Room is truly great in size as this Living Room and Dining Room area is one large space that is 56 feet x 24 feet. We added pendant lighting at each area while being mindful of clear sight lines out to the view. This special project allowed us to source furniture, decorative lighting, art and accessories from all over the world which included artisans from the US, France, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, the UK, and China.


asmine Lam has been a pioneering figure in the

design industry for 23 years, ranging from high-end residences and offices for entertainment industry clients to financial banking clients and global retail store planning.

The interior design and architecture studio puts a focus on bespoke details, such as furnishings, decorative hardware, accessories and artwork. Jasmine, the founder and director of the studio, designs custom-made linen and furniture for many of her projects.



(c) Andrey Avdeenko

Bolshakova Interiors

This one-bedroom villa infuses unexpected design combinations to create an energetic mixture of colour, life and celebration. The client was involved in the project and it was their character that inspired the colour scheme for the interiors. The villa is equipped with two bathrooms, a living room adjoined to the kitchen, and a conservatory. Boasting a large indoor swimming pool with a hammam and sauna overlooking the garden, the villa also has a gym.

A focal point of the project is undoubtedly the kitchen with its adjoining living room and dining area. Distinguished by its cocktail bar, the kitchen is an elegant yet unique space which breaks the confines between a functional kitchen and a laid back yet intriguing bar. Despite the minor obstacle in sourcing and installing the cocktail bar’s delicate elements, the result is spectacular.

Taking inspiration from both English and French styles, the living room is both cosy and surprising.

(c) Andrey Avdeenko

“We knew that the fireplace was going to be a central part to the final design, and we faced a small challenge in trying to find the right spot for it. We had several options to home it until we found its perfect place.”

The bright colour pattern with its pops of red, pink and yellow, lends itself to the celebrated English characteristic; an abundance of patterns and differing fabrics blend harmoniously. In contrast, the intricate moldings and symmetrical high ceilings encapsulate a quintessentially French style.

Echoing its surrounding emerald green, it sleekly fits into the interiors whilst adding another depth to the space. The fluidity of the marble mirrors the lit fire whilst complementing the gold accents featured throughout the room.


SHOP Online www.polobeautygroup.com

PH: Atlantis Dubai



The Palm, Dubai is a luxury hotel resort located at the apex of the

Palm Jumeirah in the United Arab Emirates. It was the first resort to be built on the island and is themed on the myth of Atlantis but includes distinct Arabian elements. The resort opened on September 24, 2008.

The 1,548 room nautically themed resort has two accommodation wings, consisting of the East and the West Tower, linked together by the Royal Bridge Suite. .

It is complemented by the Aquaventure water park and the Lost Chambers Aquarium, home to over 65,000 marine animals


www.atlantis.com PH. Atlantis

Palacio Can Marques

Get ready to experience pure luxury in the heart of Palma. https://palaciocanmarques.com/

A striking 18th-century Palace located in the charming Palma de Mallorca old town, next to the sea, where the most important historical transactions took place back in time. The neighbourhood was frequented by sailors and merchants who came from all over the Mediterranean Sea. It is the most singular palace of the neighbourhood, and its design and style are what make Palacio Can Marques a truly classical Majorcan mansion.


moment with General Manager Isabel Gallego Vicens talking about the beautiful 5 star luxury hotel Palacio Can Marques

Please tell us a bit about the background of Palacio Can Marques and when did you opened your hotel on the island? Palacio Can Marques opened in October 2018, is a luxurious boutique hotel located in an impressive 18th-century palace in the enchanting old town of Palma de Mallorca, considered a Purist Hotel where original features are still intact and antique furnishings sit alongside the latest technology, with an indisputable air of comfort, glamour and unparalleled space. History swirls around the cobblestones and windows of Palacio Can Marques, made for inquisitive, modern, luxury travellers, and yachtsmen – with nods to its adventurer roots. With its stylish heritage and warm hospitality, we invite our guest to be part of our family, to experience a warm welcome that lets our guest travel back in time for over 300 years, enjoying days in a real Majorcan Palace. A listed 18th-century residence with elegant interiors by Aline Matsika, an internationally recognized interior designer with offices in Paris, New York and Hamburg.

Are there any plans to expand? Bought in 1999 by German businessman Kim Schindelhauer, the property was turned into a hotel offering an exceptional space in the heart of the Old Town, at the moment they have not other projects. What have been the top 3 most extravagant or unique requests from your guests so far? Our clients sometimes demand information about exclusive excursions with some personalised requests, but nothing that our concierge team cannot try to solve. Private jets, private yachts, the most expensive spirit bottle in the house,…

What do you feel makes Palacio Can Marques stand out?

What do you want people to say and feel after a stay at Palacio Can Marques? Palacio Can Marques wants to make its customers part of the lifestyle in the most ‘chic’ area of Palma. Our staff will do their best so that they feel comfort and exclusivity during their stay, always paying attention to details.

The entire Palace is truly mesmerising, exuding a sense of comfort, which is chic, yet with traditional charm and tranquillity. Enjoy the lifestyle in the heart of Palma! Savour a fancy cocktail during sunset in our rooftop terrace and explore our gastronomy in ‘The Merchants’ a steakhouse you never have experienced!

What is your philosophy? Palacio Can Marques not only offers luxurious suites, it is an extraordinary experience to live in Palma de Mallorca!

The Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan National Park is home to 93 Royal Bengal Tigers


The Great Outdoors Has Never Been Greater

The Chitwan National Park lies in the Terai, the plains that separate the foothills of Nepal from India. The park tells the tale of one of the best wildlife conservation success stories in Asia and receives global recognition for bringing ecotourism to Nepal. Wildlife lovers, this really is a place you can not miss! Discover an enchanted world of towering trees and twisting vines, of pre-historic rhinos and lumbering elephants, sloth bears, crocodiles, gharials, leopards, and the creatures everyone hopes to catch a glimpse of – the elusive Royal Bengal tigers. The Chitwan National Park is open for tourists all year round but the best time to see animals is from late January to early March.

Barahi Jungle Lodge Barahi, a high-end ecolodge nestled on the edge of the Chitwan National Park, makes the perfect base for wildlife enthusiasts. It’s ambient outlook and soft interiors provide an insight into the indigenous Tharu culture of Nepal interlaced with the wilderness of Chitwan. The lodge lets you enjoy an intimate jungle experience without compromising on luxury.

Wake up in comfort with sweeping views of the sunrise over the Rapti river, step out onto your private balcony with you morning coffee to enjoy nature in all its unbridled awesomeness. And if you can make it early enough, you might find yourself in the company of wild rhinos roaming in the grass! When you’re in a luxury resort, seamlessly blended into its natural surroundings, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with choices on what to do. Should you go for a swim in the pool, treat yourself to an indulgent spa or lace up your boots and go for a trek through the jungle?

Barahi Junge Londge has a few exciting activities to offer, check out my top 3!

Take a safari ride deep into the jungle. A full day Jeep Safari is a great way to get up close with the wildlife of the park! Take an exciting ride on the open top jeep with an experienced driver and naturalist who know the ecosystem like the back of their hand. Just sit back and explore the mystery of the jungle from the comfort of your seat. Take a close view of wild animals and exotic plants, and if you are lucky enough, you should get to encounter the One-Horned Rhino and the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Get your camera ready!

The Chitwan National Park is home to 605 One-Horned Rhinos Cruise down the river Rapti. A canoe ride along the Rapti river inside the Chitwan National Park can be both a peaceful and a thrilling experience. Expect to see crocodiles, snakes, a huge range of birds and possibly even a rhino or elephant taking a bath. Endangered gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles spend a lot of time lying still on the sandy banks giving you plenty of time to watch them. To top it all off the canoe ride is a followed by a romantic bush breakfast on the river bank!

PH: Barahi Jungle Lodge

Visit a Tharu village

Early breakfast on Rapri River, Chitwan

The area around the Chitwan National Park is the homeland of the Tharu people, an indigenous tribe of this region. For centuries, the Tharu have lived on the edge of the jungle and hence their traditions reflect the intimate relationship with nature. Barahi Jungle Lodge offers a unique and comfortable insight into Nepalese Tharu cultural dance at Barahi Jungle Lodge village life, join their guided village tour to witness the daily lifestyle activities of the native community or attend one of the evening cultural performances at the lodge. Don’t miss a fascinating opportunity to discover Chitwan through the local people themselves!

Observation deck at Barahi Jungle Lodge

Nepal is an adventure playground for all the lovers of great outdoors. Among other sports, Elephant Polo was one of the rare, adventurous and only one of its kind in Nepal. Elephants have always been a very important part of  Nepali  culture representing the strength and power of kings. It all came together in 1982 when Jim Edwards, owner of Tiger Tops jungle lodge in Chitwan, met James Manclark, a Scottish polo player, in a bar in St. Moritz. While there, the two of them hatched an idea to play polo on Jim Edward's elephants in Nepal. The World Elephant Polo Association, with the headquarters in Chitwan, was established the same year.

Elephant Polo in Chitwan

Text by Elena About the author: Elena Taintey is a Russian luxury traveler with a particular interest in responsible tourism in the Himalayan region. Follow her on Instagram @elenataintey for offbeat travel destinations.

The rules and regulations for elephant polo have been adapted from the equine game. The equipment included a standard polo ball and a six to ten foot cane stick with a polo mallet at the end. Although played on the backs of these huge, plodding beasts, elephant polo appears as elegant as a light-footed ballet. The slow-moving nature of the game might seem like an advantage at first but it is elephant polo’s biggest challenge. Since elephants are rather clumsy, the accuracy when hitting the ball in this game is tricky. Due to the slower speed of the elephants, the pitch size has been reduced from an original horse polo pitch to around 100 metres by 70. This unusual sport had been attracting hordes of foreigners to the Jungle safari destination until 2017 when Tiger Tops, the organizer of the annual International Elephant Polo Competition, and the pioneer of eco-tourism, announced that it would stop hosting the event to support responsible tourism in the region. After 35 years the curtain has finally been drawn on Nepal’s most popular but unusual sport known as elephant polo.

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Photo courtesy Louis Vuitton

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