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Welcome to the spring issue of 2023!

We are excited to share with you the latest news, stories and interviews.

This edition is full with exciting articles, places to visit and insider tips. Our cover star Gisele Bundchen talks about her beginnings in her supermodel career, her life and what she is doing right now.

We are presenting you the finer things in life. For those who love the king of sport polo and the beautiful lifestyle around it.

For our art and interior lovers we have a wonderful, inspiring interior design section where you can find ideas and inspiration for your home.

Real Estate around the world. We present you a few hand selected properties.

Our Business category will bring you the news, stories and tips, every entrepreneur is looking for.

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Scarlett Stilling
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Elena is a Russian travel blogger and freelance writer born in Asia. Having now been based in Vietnam since 2012, she has taken the opportunity to explore the region's most offbeat destinations - from Tibet and Bhutan to Cambodia and the secluded Maldivian islands. With a career switch that has taken her from nuclear physics to writing about luxury destinations, Elena's niche lies within ecofriendly hotels offering unique design and a good story. She has visited 49 counties so far and still has an extensive bucket list that will keep her going for a long time!

Follow her IG @tainteytales for more travel ideas.

Subhasish has been working as a Travel Journalist for the past two decades and has been editorially involved with numerous international In-Flight magazines of renowned airlines like Cathy Pacific, Dragon Air, Bhutan Airlines, Air Asia, Airport Authority of India etc...

He was also involved with the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) as a Consultant.


USA Scotland

Sara Abbas is a multi-faceted global leader and the founder of a portfolio of brands, encompassing her innovative designer fashion label, a diversity-focused talent agency / experiential marketing hub / consultancy, and a non-profit organization, each focused on solving problems. She serves on the Forbes Council and partners with with several international organizations to help empower others and lead by example. In addition to supporting her businesses, she enjoys contributing to humanity as an author / writer, inventor, singer / songwriter, global ambassador, and luxury brand influencer. She hosts an elite mastermind for other global leaders and is assembling a hub to innovatively serve multiple charitable causes internationally through her non-profit.

Follow her on social media (@HerMajestySara on all platforms) to learn more about her other projects, philanthropic endeavors, events, and ways you can be involved.


United Kingdom

“That guy with the Chanel” writer, collector, stylist & reseller specialising in luxury vintage in Paris and in London.


Rabii Benadada is a polo enthusiasts and organizer of polo tournaments in Morocco. With his long year experience in the polo field, he brings knowledge and exciting news about the sport of polo, the king of sport.

Jackariaeh timothy Francis Rabii Benadada Polo player and passionate about the sport of kings
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These days, Bündchen only wants to work with brands that are thinking seriously about the environment. She sits on the board of IWC Schaffhausen, the luxury Swiss watchmaker that was the first in its industry to release a sustainability report.

@IWCWatches Photo @luigiandiango
@IWCWatches Photo @luigiandiango
Cover Story Gisele Bündchen

When Ms. Bündchen was barely 16 and relatively unknown, she found herself cast for a Harper’s Bazaar editorial to be shot on the French island of St. Bart’s. The photographer was a man famous himself for having photographed the biggest celebrities and most compelling faces in the world — including Madonna and Diana, Princess of Wales.

“Some people on the sitting were saying, ‘Oh, she’s not too pretty, she has a big nose,’” that photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, said last week, about the youthful Ms. Bündchen. “But I said, ‘No, no, I like her.’ She was smart and outgoing, always happy, and clearly already knew what she was doing.”

Throughout the shoot, the naysayers continued to disparage the young Brazilian. Then the contact sheets came in. “Immediately, right away, you could see that the girl was special,” Mr. Demarchelier said. “She got 20 pages right away.”

How was your beginning in the model industry?

My career was never based on pretty. Even before I got into the business, I was used to being bullied because I was always tall and skinny and stuck out. I got really red all the time from playing volleyball, red like a pepper. So I thought bullying was just the way life is. In the beginning, you know, everyone told me, ‘Your eyes are too small, the nose is too big, you can never be on a magazine cover,’’ Gisele said. But, you know what? The big nose is coming with a big personality.

Angela Missoni, creative director of her family company, said “Gisele did our first campaign with Mario Testino and we used a beautiful shot, but with Gisele’s hair all across her face.”

For that 1998 Missoni campaign, the Brazilian with the pore-less complexion, the wide toothy smile, the symmetrical although slightly square-jawed face appears almost entirely concealed behind a veil of hair. Imagine, if you can, Ms. Bündchen with a comb-over. “Mario wasn’t 100 percent sure about her,” Ms. Missoni said. “He was worried about her nose.”

Gisele Bündchen about her beginnings, her career and life

These days, Bündchen only wants to work with brands that are thinking seriously about the environment. She sits on the board of IWC Schaffhausen, the luxury Swiss watchmaker that was the first in its industry to release a sustainability report. She is happy to see that the fashion industry is finally reckoning with its damaging environmental impact, even if progress can be slow. “In the late ’90s and early 2000s, when I was having those conversations, [brands] probably thought I was insane,” she says. Now she can help by connecting companies with her own network of experts. She does similar work in advising roles outside of fashion, heading up environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives at the sports betting and gaming company DraftKings and cryptocurrency exchange FTX Trading Ltd.

As part of IWC Schaffhausen's Sustainability Report, Gisele Bundchen is announced as a consultant for environmental and community projects.

Gisele Bündchen embodies elegance and environmental awareness like no other. She has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Protection Program since 2009 and has been recognized by renowned academic institutions such as Harvard University for her long-standing commitment to important environmental issues. However, Bündchen is best known as one of the most successful supermodels in the world. Over the course of her 27-year career, she has been photographed by many legendary photographers and walked the catwalks of the most famous fashion houses. After being named IWC's first-ever consultant for environmental and community projects, the manufacture is now making Gisele Bündchen the face of its new Portofino campaign.

The life Bündchen wants to lead—la pura vida, or the simple life—would, ideally, be based full-time in Costa Rica. “My dream was to raise my kids here,” Bündchen tells me. “I didn’t get to be here as much as I’d like, but now I’m bringing them more often.” (Both are partially homeschooled.) Bündchen has a “village” of local friends and neighbors. On Friday nights, they make gluten-free pizzas in her outdoor oven, then circle the firepit holding sticks and sharing stories. A recent night’s topic: courage. Bündchen plays pickleball with Benjamin (“Benny”) and, every other day, rides horses with names like Pinta and Alcancía (“Piggybank”) through the countryside with Vivi. I join them on their afternoon ride to the beach, clumsily plodding through muddy streams, ducking under dangling palm fronds, and chasing the setting sun so Vivi can gallop along the shore. “If I never went to another city again,” Bündchen says, “I’d be perfectly happy.”

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Global POLO Entertainment Extends Historic Agreement with ESPN through 2024

Global Polo Entertainment Extends Historic Agreement with ESPN through 2024 to Broaden Access to the Action-Packed Sport of Polo, Presented by U.S. Polo Assn.

Global Polo Entertainment (GPE), the entertainment and media subsidiary of USPA Global Licensing Inc. (USPAGL), has extended their historic relationship with ESPN for two additional years beginning January 1, 2023. USPAGL manages U.S. Polo Assn., the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA), the governing body for the sport of polo in the United States.

The original agreement, signed in 2022, was a landmark deal between the two entities that brought the sport of polo to a large global audience, extending to many parts of the world and the United States, with exposure to millions of households and multi-digital channels.

“The USPA views the ESPN relationship with great optimism for attracting an entirely new generation of young men and women to the greatest game on four legs,” said Stewart Armstrong, Chairman of the USPA. “The talent of the human athletes will only serve to demonstrate the incredible partnership of two superior athletes, human and equine, competing in an all-out battle of the best, all on the U.S. Polo Assn. Field at the new USPA National Polo Center (NPC) – Wellington. It’s going to be a phenomenal season.”

After airing several of the top polo tournaments in the world in 2022, including the heart- stopping XII Federation of International Polo (FIP) World Polo Championship Opening Ceremony featuring the USA Team, it’s anticipated that year two of the relationship will bring even more exposure to the “best kept secret” in sports. The multi-faceted agreement will again bring the finals of the top U.S. polo events to ESPN platforms. Games will be distributed on ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNEWS, and available ondemand on the ESPN App.

In 2023, games will include the most prestigious tournament in North America, the U.S. Open

Polo Championship® as well as the U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship®, the Women’s and Men’s National Intercollegiate Championship (NIC) games, and the oldest rivalry in all of polo, the Westchester Cup between the United States and England.

In addition to the games, ESPN will again stream multiple 25minute made-for-television shows produced by GPE. The shows, called “Global Polo presented by U.S. Polo Assn.,” serve as a behind the scenes look into the lives and careers of polo players and horses from around the world. Included in extended media distribution, these shows will air on beIN Sports, Horse & Country, Clip My Horse and Times of India.

“We are honored to collaborate with ESPN, the world’s most influential sports platform, on an historic relationship,” said J. Michael Prince, President and CEO of USPAGL, which manages the global, multi-billion-dollar U.S. Polo Assn. brand. “We have set our goal of bringing the sport of polo to millions of sports fans around the world.”

“By delivering exciting sport and lifestyle content in new and innovative ways alongside ESPN, we look forward to jointly broadening access to the sport of polo in ways that will grow both our sport and the U.S. Polo Assn. brand fanbase today and for years to come,” Prince added. “Now fans can watch polo on ESPN platforms, as well as in person at the amazing new NPC facility, in the heart of Wellington, considered the winter equestrian capital of the world.”

For the most up-to-date information and breaking news, sign up for the Polo Insider newsletter at globalpolo.com.

Jaipur Riding & Polo Club

International Ladies Polo Tournament – March 2023

A good idea is Worthless without impeccable execution, passion and commitment to iterate.

In December 2022, we decided to host an International Ladies Polo Tournament in March 2023, to celebrate the International Women’s Day with a worldwide impact.

“Let other people play at other things, The King of games is still a game for Kings.” This verse is inscribed on a stone tablet beside the polo ground south of the fabled silk route from China to the West. Polo is truly been a sport of Kings since 2500 years or more of existence. Women players also feature in some of the earliest surviving representations of polo. Noorjahan wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir of the 16th Century was also skilled at Polo. We want to revive the women’s participation and invited the Lady players of the current time to play this Royal Sport is Jaipur, which is the home of Polo in India at the Jaipur Riding & Polo Club. The Clubhouse has been built in the true Californian style with World Class Infrastructure, spread across 33 acres of landscape.

Col. Kuldeep Singh Garcha, President of the Jaipur Riding & Polo Club (JRPC) always says “Passion and Determination is the key factor, everything else will fall into place by itself. Dream, Plan and Climb. The world is there for you to Conquer.”

We don't want to sell dreams, we unfold them and in true ‘dreams do come true’ story, we started our International Ladies Tournament on 8th March, 2023 on International Women’s Day. The Tournament was organized with the sole purpose to encourage and increase the number of Women Polo Players in India and rest of the World. The tournament started on 8th March 2023 with the Finals played on Sunday, 12th March 2023.

A total of 4 women’s team participated in the tournament competing for the “Jaipur Gold Cup”. The International Women teams participated from UK (Hurlingham Official), Ireland (Rubio Polo) and Czech Republic (Noe Polo Club) and of course our ladies team from Jaipur (JRPC).

The teams had an eclectic mix of budding and professional players with the Irish team coming in with 2 pros - Siobhan Herbst (+1) and Natasha Tisminsky (+1), the UK team with one - Charlotte Sweeney ( +1). The Czech team was an interesting mix of very young players with a savvy Argentine coach Santiago Oubina guiding them to win every match until the finals where they lost to Ireland in the last 30 seconds. The Indian team is coming up with loads of practice and players like Sanjula Mann and team captain Monique Van Haarst stood their ground against the experienced international players. The UK team was an official Hurlingham team and this mix of young and old, professional and amateur among the various teams truly helped in building the sisterhood on the field and off among all the polo players.

Katy Hayward, Patron of UK team said “It is an honour to be playing for our country in a ladies tournament at Jaipur Riding and Polo Club the same week as international women’s day. The opportunities in Polo for women have increased in the last few decades and being able to play somewhere with such heritage in the sport is a beautiful way to celebrate.”

A special mention here is that the HH Maharaja of Jodhpur Gaj Singh, a polo patron himself was the Chief Guest at the semi-finals. Bapji, as he fondly called then joined all the teams for a private dinner and tete-a tete at Col Garcha’s residence where all the teams were hosted for a lavish dinner.

The final match was played on 12th March 2023, between Ireland and Czech Republic. Welcome to the sound of thundering hooves running on lush green fields, the players with their suave personalities striking their mallets, eyes fixed on the goal post battling to strike the winning goal and the crowds cheering in the background. It was a very close match with both the teams at an equal score of 4 goals each in the 4th Chukker. Last 30 seconds Ireland scored a goal and emerged victorious.

“Happy and proud that our players win this International tournament and celebrate International Women’s Day in India and especially encouraged more gender parity in our beloved Sport” Said Rabii BENADADA, The Manager of Irish women team

Col KS Garcha, the founder and President of the Jaipur Riding and Polo Club is a polo legend internationally having won the Arjuna Award - India’s highest government award for sports. He has played polo in 28 countries, representing India for 20 years. Under his leadership, India reached the finals in 1995 and 2001. Needless to say, he is worldly-wise in the world of polo in particular and sportsmanship/camaraderie in general. It was a treat for all the budding players and the polo lovers gathered during the tournament to see him helping out the girls through every facet of the game. A splendid host as well as everybody was regaled by him through the numerous high teas and the dinner parties every evening.

Col Garcha’s motto is providing young players with opportunities and keeping the legacy of the heritage sport alive. The JRPC Club and the tournament stands witness to these wishes. As all the players and polo aficionados bade farewell to the club and their car swept through the bougainvillea blooming mile-long driveways of the club one last time, only the memories remained of healthy competition, meeting players from different countries and the cheerful coaches. The candlelit dinners in the back lawns, the never-ending pink and orange bougainvillea’s, the green of the well-kept polo fields and the friendly smiling staff - Bonus.

Here is to more women’s polo at the JRPC and to the growing sisterhood it is bringing in. We are already looking forward to the next season.

Jaipur Riding & Polo Club

Story by Rabii Benadada

Cartier’s Into the Wild exhibition. Took place in Dubai’s Design District, it showcased the history of the French jewellery and watch brand’s most famous motifs, la panthère.

The exhibition gave visitors the rare chance to explore the history of Cartier.

In 1914, the symbol was first used as spots on a watch. Since then, it has been spotted on eyewear, fragrances, jewellery and watches. Plus, the exhibition pays tribute to Cartier’s first female artistic director for high jewellery, Jeanne Toussaint.

Cartier’s Into the Wild exhibition has travelled the world and been in locations from Malaysia to Singapore. To mark its arrival in Dubai, it hosted a special event, which was attended by Arab celebrities. The famous faces included Saudi Arabian actress and filmmaker Fatima AlBenawi, Egyptian Montenegrin model and actress Tara Emad, Lebanese actress Razane Jammal, Tunisian actor Dhaffer L’Abidine, and Emirati host Anas Bukhas.

Cartier started in 1847 in Paris, France. Founder LouisFrançois Cartier is behind the brand, and some of its most iconic designs, from the mystery clocks to tutti frutti jewels. Over the years, it has gained a reputation as the jeweller for royalty. King Edward VII declared Cartier “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers”, and it created tiaras for his coronation.

King Edward VII declared Cartier
“the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers”

Jacob & Co. celebrates reopening of Dubai boutique with one-off Astronomia Art United Arab Emirates

Located in the famed Dubai Mall, the Jacob & Co. United Arab Emirates boutique reopens after a thorough design update. The world's second Jacob & Co. boutique hosted a reopening ceremony featuring a slew of local celebrities.

Jacob & Co., the high watchmaking, high jewelry brand launches a special edition of the Astronomia Art collection, the Astronomia United Arab Emirates.

Lying at the feet of the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall is one of the top luxury shopping destinations worldwide. In 2019, Jacob & Co. had opened its second ever own-name boutique on its most prestigious alley, called The Fashion Avenue. The 105 sqm Jacob & Co. boutique has been a focal point for local high watchmaking and high jewelry patrons since its opening.

Style update

In January 2023, after several months of construction and decoration works, the space reopened to the public, showcasing the design and furniture charter also seen at the Rue du Rhône, Geneva and 57th Street, NYC boutiques. Black and white marble from floor to walls, large transparent showcases, plush leather furniture and Jacob & Co. branding elements throughout, the new Dubai Jacob & Co. boutique is aligned with the latest version of the brand design and architecture language.

A worthy celebration

On January 24th, the boutique hosted a reopening party with over 50 VIP guests, including journalists, celebrities, customers and partners. A feature by NFT artist Amrita Sethi and a live band all took place in the presence of Jacob & Co. Founder and Chairman Jacob Arabo.

Lifestyle News


The art of minutia

Specifically, the Astronomia Art United Arab Emirates includes four miniature sculptures, crafted and painted by hand especially for this project by a miniature artist which Jacob & Co. has been working for several years. This is how Jacob & Co. achieved such a level of detail and expression on such tiny constructions. Namely, these are four of the most iconic constructions ever to be built in the UAE.

Doha Tiffany & Co.

Out of 10,000 wild oysters, only one will yield a natural pearl suitable for jewelry and only a fraction of that number is considered Tiffany quality. A masterpiece from the new exclusive high jewelry capsule collection, this magnificent necklace boasts three-strands of graduated natural saltwater white cream pearls of over 316 total carats. Finding just one Tiffany quality natural pearl is exceptional, let alone a suite of this size.

Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Bird on a Pearl—the new exclusive high jewelry capsule collection.



For his first outing as Missoni’s new creative director, Filippo Grazioli played the reductionist card, offering a palate-cleanser collection which, while rooted in the house’s classics, was stripped of the typical Missoni joie de vivre and pizzaz in favor of a sexier, body-con take. Clearly his eyes were on a younger audience, as well as the current trend for ’90s sexy minimalism and the celebrity scene, which favors high-octane visibility.

Grazioli showed a very tight edit; the same version of the sleek, figure-hugging silhouette of the season was proposed on repeat, with variations only in lengths, which were either midi or über-mini. The repetition was apparently deliberate, as the same outfit, be it long or short, was shown in different color variations, thinned to just five options, with yellow, cyan, and magenta playing against ink black and optical white. The kaleidoscopic Missoni palette, one of the label’s most compelling features, was notably absent.

The vast repertoire of archival Missoni patterns was equally submitted to Grazioli’s condensed, concise approach; just a few motifs, like the zig zag, the fiammato and the Raschel fabric, passed muster and were re-worked into neat, incisive graphic renditions.


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Tactility and sensations, a family passion, a dialogue between generations. Emotions have always run wild in front of a pair Casadei shoes: upon opening the box, a woman is taken back to her childhood desires, while a little girl dreams of the woman she will become.

With the new spring-summer 2023 collection, Casadei launches itself into the future.


Asymmetric Embroidered Cashmere-Blend Cardigan

Loewe reimagines the humble cardigan with a contemporary twist. Designed with an asymmetric hem, it's knitted from soft cashmere in a pale-pink shade and has signature 'Anagram' embroidery.

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Elle Macpherson x Atelier Romy Goddess Necklace

Designed by Atelier Romy, in collaboration with Elle Macpherson.

I wanted to design a necklace that symbolizes and guides you to discover the strength within you. To trust your own divine goddess energy and connect with your highest self. Elle - with whom I shared a deep personal bond - reminded and empowered me to unite with my feminine energy and find everything I need within myself”

- Sabine Roemer, Master Goldsmith & Founder of Atelier Romy.

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Evoking the ethos of brand name itself, through the medium of the arts; whether theatre, literature, film, music, art itself and even perfume, I passionately believe that artistic expression in all its forms creates a space to effect social change.

Le Joker aims to awaken different emotions in different people; inviting the wearer to be more daring, more evocative and not afraid to make a statement or challenge the status quo.

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TheONE your success increases well being, an incredible attraction, a sense of inner strength, a feeling NOTHING CAN STOP ME Well proven in clinical studies

trainers adding a touch of style to your day-to-day wardrobe to elegant heels flaunting an exclusive touch that enhances the most formal looks: women’s luxury shoes that best express the unique nature of ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship.

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TheONE your success

TheONE is your secret, your power to gain SUCCESS and an incredible ATTRACTION.

CONFIRMED IN STUDIES: TheONE increases a woman’s attractiveness by 269%.

TheONE, gives us women a sense of well-being, a sense of self-confidence, inner strength, a feeling NOTHING CAN STOP US.

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The 30 second lash lift! Lifted, fuller, thicker & more intense lashes in seconds.

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Gold Trip is an independent British jewellery brand, based in London. Designing bespoke pieces, crafted from hallmarked 925 sterling silver, and plated in rhodium ( for scratch and tarnish-free silver finish), 18ct gold and 18ct rose gold.

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Photo Chris Colls

The Men’s wardrobe


Black Suede Tassel Loafers

Manolo Blahnik

Black suede loafers featuring panels of black calf leather,

With a natural colour palette and utility in mind, Manolo creates a collection of shoes perfect for a weekend escape

Loro Piana

Milano Jacket in linen and silk, styled with the Riomaggiore T-Shirt.

Double-breasted jacket made from lightweight linen-and-silk fabric. Its classic, tailored cut is accentuated by Loro Piana’s hallmark elegance and artisanal craftsmanship.

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When Italian know-how meets Moroccan craftsmanship, the Riviera collection is born.

Colorful raffia is woven by hand in Marrakech and becomes finished shoes in Milan, where they are put together and finished with the customary attention to detail that defines Edhèn footwear.

An encounter between excellences is the most elegant tribute to the Mediterranean summer.



With the new RIVIERA collection, EDHÈN celebrates the Mediterranean summer. A product entirely handmade between Morocco, where the straw is dyed and woven, and Parabiago (Milan) where the shoe is then completed with a Tuscan leather sole and precious details. Generous fit, we kindly suggest one size smaller.

Our shoes express a new way to portrait the classic loafer combining elegance, savoirfaire and comfort
” ”

In the prestigious setting of Milan's "Leonardo da Vinci" National Science and Technology Museum in Via San Vittore today, Brunello Cucinelli presented two exclusive new fragrance products "Brunello Cucinelli pour Femme" and "Brunello Cucinelli pour Homme".

The product of collaboration with EuroItalia, an Italian excellence with a strong international vocation specializing in the creation and distribution of luxury perfumes, the two fragrances are intended – each in its own way and with its own peculiarities – as sophisticated ambassadors of the culture of beauty and craft values that Brunello Cucinelli's Casa di Moda has been cultivating for many years now, in perfect harmony with Creation and the fundamental value of Human Sustainability.

Both fragrances were inspired by the much loved land of Umbria and aim at harmony between the different sources of such inspiration. For example, the landscape of softly rolling hills picked out with tall and elegant cypresses, the long history of its tiny villages, a taste for mediaeval art, the spirituality and force of ideals.

Launch Two Fragrances in Collaboration with EuroItalia



and green
products and interviews with Aesthetics Doctor’s
The best vegan beauty


The Non-Surgical ‘Facelift’

We all want the effects of a good facelift; but not many of us would dare to go under the knife. What if you could get the results without the invasive procedure, down-time and intense pain? Step forward Ultherapy. It’s quick enough to do in your lunch hour; but it takes a few months to show results and it is still a bit of an investment.

What is Ultherapy?

I sat down with Oculoplastic Surgeon, Facial Aesthetics Doctor and founder of MZ Skin Dr Maryam Zamani to get the low-down on Ultherapy and get the treatment myself at her London clinic.

What is Ultherapy and why is it unique?

Ultherapy is a non-surgical, micro-focused ultrasound treatment that really helps tighten, lift and sculpt the jawline, neck and chest. Ultherapy is the only non-invasive, FDA-approved skin rejuvenation procedure that can specifically lift and tighten skin on the face, neck, décolletage and body. I believe that it’s the best micro-focused ultrasound available because it allows you to visualise the depth that you are treating and in the proper candidate has amazing results with just a single, one hour treatment. It is particularly good for treatment of the jawline and jowling. With a single treatment, visible tightening of the jowls can be seen, particularly in those patients with thicker, heavier skin types. I also think this is a wonderful treatment because there is little to no downtime. While uncomfortable during the treatment, you can go straight to the office or a girlie lunch without anyone taking notice. It is often very hard to have beautiful results without downtime.

Why is Ultherapy so expensive?

Ultherapy is the gold standard in non-invasive skin tightening, with that in mind the technology utilised is the highest and leading specthat affects the cost. There are consumables for each patient which are expensive, they are many times higher than Injectables or other laser treatments. And it is crucial to secure the right practitioner or doctor to maximise safety and efficacy while minimising any complications. These important considerations all contribute to the cost of treatment.

How exactly does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy delivers micro-focused ultrasound energy to the deep layers of skin tissue to trigger a natural response, jump starting the collagen boosting process. With just one treatment, the skin’s regenerative process is initiated, and full results appear over 3-6 months.

Who are suitable candidates for Ultherapy?

While the treatment won’t duplicate the results of a facelift, it’s a clinically proven non-invasive alternative for those not ready for surgery—and can even be an option to extend the effects of cosmetic surgery when used with Botox and fillers. It is forever my go to for sagging – also very effective in treating wrinkling, loss of volume, neck bands, crepey decolletage, nose to mouth lines and heavy brows.

What are the side effects of Ultherapy and the recovery time? What is it that causes the pain in Ultherapy?

Ultherapy can be uncomfortable because of the depth at which it works. I recommend my patients to take Ibuprofen and Paracetamol 1-hour before treatment. I also recommend they come in well rested and, if possible, relaxed. The most discomfort happens in the first 20 minutes, and it is characterised by random shots that cause a little sharp twinge into the skin that disappears in seconds. There is no pain after treatment however, you will feel sore (like a workout) when you wash your face

Tried by POLO & Lifestyle The London Magazine

I visited Dr Zamani’s clinic in Chelsea, London in August 2021 to receive the Ultherapy treatment. The price starts at £800 for brows and varies from there, determined by the surface area you are wanting to be targeted.

If you read anything online about Ultherapy, you won’t fail to read people’s reviews about how painful the treatment is. There is a minor degree of pain; but if you take some painkillers 30 minutes before your appointment, it’s manageable. I had the whole of my chin, jaw and neck treated. I could barely feel anything on my chin and jaw; but did feel a burning discomfort when it got to the more sensitive and less exposed skin on my neck. Overall, I was in and out in under an hour.

Can you talk me through the client journey from entering the clinic for Ultherapy, to leaving?

The length of your treatment will depend on the area being treated but typically a face and neck procedure takes between 60 90 minutes, while a chest treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. During the treatment, you will feel tiny amounts of energy being deposited into the skin. Levels of discomfort can vary from person to person, but the sensation only lasts while the energy is being delivered. Whilst there is no downtime, your skin might appear flushed at first, and any redness should disappear within a few hours. Any swelling, tingling or tenderness to the touch experienced are mild and temporary. Some patients feel that they see effects immediately after their treatment, however, full results appear over 3-6 months as new collagen works to lift and tighten skin on the neck, chin and brow as well as smooth skin on the chest.

When I did feel more pain and discomfort was later that evening, but painkillers were enough to keep it at bay. Minor swelling lasted a couple of weeks for me and I had to alter my sleeping position for the first few nights to avoid the soreness of my face against the pillow. All in all though, it is trivial in comparison to the pain and aftercare of an invasive face lift.

I was told that I would start to notice the effects in 3 to 6 months and I would agree with this. In November I noticed how sharp and less fleshy my jawline was; how firm my skin was and how smoother the texture of my skin was. Results last from between 1 to 2 years; when it is recommended that you get the treatment again.

To find out more about Ultherapy, visit www.drmaryamzamani.com



The UK’s leading liquid collagen sachet with a power-packing 10g of premium marine collagen, plus added vitamins B and C, Kollo is specially formulated to support whole-body health for both men and women. Clinical studies show that taken daily for 12 weeks, Kollo helps to promote healthier skin, hair and nails, while supporting stronger bone, joint and cartilage function. Backed by science Kollo is also officially certified with Informed Sport.

Emolyne create makeup that celebrates every ethnicity, gender, age, and lifestyle.




The hyaluronic cream is made with the finest, most effective organic ingredients available — and without parabens, fragrances, or anything else you wouldn’t want in your body. Omé’s groundbreaking formula is sourced from organic farms around the world and meticulously tested in an FDA-approved lab. So, now you can care for your skin and feel good about it!


Electimuss London Launched GLADIATOR OUD

Niche perfume brand Electimuss London is renowned for its opulent fragrances inspired by Ancient Rome. Introducing the latest launch of Gladiator Oud into the Emperor Collection - incorporating exquisite oils and resins of rare quality. Under the Creative Direction of Claire Sokell Thompson, Julien Rasquinet has created Gladiator Oud combining courage and nobility - inspired by Maximus Decimus Meridius the legendary Gladiator played by Russell Crowe.

Inspired by the Gladiators of Rome, the famed fighters and tacticians of their time, Gladiator Oud opens with a burst of elemental saltiness, evoking the power and thrill of combat through ambergris, cardamom and immortelle. Hay absolute and Haitian vetiver combined with cumin seed capture the sun warmed earth of the gladiatoral arena. The golden glow of victory is elicited through accords of saffron and honey, while the purest Oud oil, Egyptian geranium and cedarwood oil give this perfume charm, nobility, poise and elegance.

Incorporating these exquisite ingredients at very high inclusion (25% plus) ensures the perfumes are outstanding on performance, projection and longevity - a single spray goes a long way.

Electimuss means “to choose the best” and that ethos is at the heart of this perfume. Handmade in an atelier in Grasse, this perfume is centred around the finest OUD oil LMR* and the finest raw ingredients.

LMR natural oils set the highest benchmark of ingredients in the industry. Founded in 1984 in Grasse, the heartland of perfumery, driven by creativity, integrity, science and ethics it has redefined the standards of natural ingredients by producing and crafting the highest quality traceable and responsible natural ingredients. We are proud to be using only the best ingredients with strong sustainable and ethical principles.

“Our inspiration for this scent is a noble warrior. A gladiator with the courage, power, wisdom and skill necessary to win, but also a natural born leader with confidence, integrity and dignity. We imagined a charismatic character commanding deep respect and affection like Maximus Decimus Meridius the legendary Gladiator played by Russell Crowe. My dream was to create an iconic perfume befitting the name: an addictive and wearable oud combining the skill and physicality of a combat with the nobility of a true leader; all within the impressive theatre of the gladiatorial arena.

To realise this we collaborated with Julien Rasquinet. Gladiator Oud is a magnetic, unisex and effortlessly confident scent. ”

“For this fragrance, I wanted to embody the virility and honour of the gladiator. With Oud, I gave this the very amber, animalic facet of the fierce and courageous fighter. I added a bold touch of gold with Honey and Hay to celebrate his success. Finally, as he enters the arena, the respected gladiator is imbued with elegance and refinement by the noble scent of Maximus Decimus Meridius."

Available at Jovoy Mayfair, boutiques worldwide and www.electimuss.com


Keeping time on the world of fine jewellery and luxury watches, from interviews to the most wanted exclusive timepieces and jewellery

Photocredit: Garrard


New LM Perpetual Stainless Steel with salmon dial plate

Collectors will be relieved to hear that this unique combination for MB&F will not formally be a limited edition, although it will be limited by MB&F production capacity – imposed by the complexity of the LM Perpetual calibre and its 581 components.

First presented in 2015, the Legacy Machine Perpetual has become one of the absolute superstars. Among other recognitions, it took the Best Calendar Watch prize at the GPHG / Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève, recognising the awesome work of MB&F Friend and independent watchmaker Stephen McDonnell – who literally reinvented the perpetual calendar mechanism, delivering a more user-friendly, more reliable (and incredibly beautiful!) machine.

The Legacy Machine Perpetual won the Best Calendar Watch Prize at the GPHG (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève) in 2016

The fact that the new complication looks sensational and can be fully appreciated dial-side is just one of the many benefits offered by the new movement, controlled by a mechanical processor.

LM Perpetual features a fully integrated 581-component calibre no module, no base movement with a revolutionary new system for calculating the number of days in each month. And it holistically reinterprets the aesthetics of the perpetual calendar by placing the full complication on dial-free display underneath a spectacular suspended balance. The perpetual calendar is one of the great traditional complications, calculating the apparently random complexity of the varying numbers of days in each month including the 29 days in February during leap years. But traditional perpetual calendars do have a few drawbacks: dates can skip; they are relatively easy to damage if adjusted while the date is changing; and the complications are usually compromises of modules powered by base movements.

I call perpetual calendars boomerang watches because they come back for repair so often,” says Maximilian Büsser.
“The mechanisms jam, block, break, or jump days when they shouldn’t“.”


Cleef & Arpels

Look how the two glittering ribbons of the Dear Liz creation are elegantly tied, forming an earring. They perfectly match the Diamond tie necklace, both from the White diamond variations High Jewelry collection. vancleefarpels.com

The Cape Cod Chaîne d’ancre watch smoothly and casually transitions from one style to the next. Its iconic links intertwine on a striated dial, coated with Glycine or blue lacquer. hermes.com

Van Photo: Demarc de Groot Photo: Ines Dieleman

Hermès Limited Edition Watch Arceau WOW

New limited edition Hermès Watch Arceau Wow only 24 pieces available

Wow, like his original idea. Two years ago, young comic book artist Ugo Bienvenu designed a surprising silk scarf for Hermès. It was named Wow. Why Wow? Because it picks up Hermès’ cherished equestrian spirit and transposes it into the world of comics. The designer vaulted into the saddle and set his foot in the stirrups to offer small square comic-bookstyle panels within the large square shape of the silk scarf. Squares, bubbles, animation… A heroine crosses Paris on jet skis, rollerblades, in cars and of course on horseback. Two amused golfers wonder who this intrepid woman is? Amazon, secret agent, Parisian heroine? All that and more: she is the Hermès woman.

The Wow effect comes not only from the pattern, but also from the way in which is created, including a different colour scheme on each side: a multicolored interpretation on the front and a monochrome version on the back.

The idea made its way from Paris to Switzerland and the workshops of Hermès Horloger. A double-sided dial? Why not, as long as it is thin and translucent like the silk thread that inspired it. The obvious choice was mother-of-pearl, a dainty, elegant and feminine material through which the ray of light could shine and enable the artisan to set about creating a playfully radiant motif.

On the first side, the design is initially reproduced in black ink, visible on both sides. It guides the deft touch of the artisan until the last brush stroke. The entire décor of the motif is then handpainted on this first side. The pastel colours are applied one by one: thick enough to give depth to the design, yet thin enough to let the light shine through – a subtle balance calling for the finest skilled craftsmanship. It takes about 20 layers to bring out every nuance of this design. Each is fired in the kiln at 90 °C to solidify the precious pigment.


Fine jeweller Theo Fennell introduces a limited range of colourful pearl pieces, crafted in their London workshop.

Pearl drop earrings are one of the most versatile, elegant and timeless pieces among anyone’s jewellery collection.

Theo says; ''So many [pearl earrings] are identical and we’ve never understood, with something so intensely personal as earrings, why anyone would want to wear the same design as everyone else, so we make sure that each pair we make is unique, hand-made, and designed to complement both the pearls and the individual wearer.

We think that even classic pieces should have their own personality.

We always have a selection, straight from our workshop, of one-off pairs in endless permutations of pearls, stones, shapes and sizes. If we don’t have something already made up that suits you perfectly, we can select the stones together and craft them here in our workshop especially for you.''

Green Beryl, Diamond and Pearl Drop Earrings
Garnet & Pearl Drop Flower Fable Earrings




Exclusive apartments and spectacular penthouses with an enchanting view of the Duomo

Four spectacular and exclusive penthouses and twenty large apartments, most with an extraordinary view of the spires of the Duomo of Milan from private balconies and large terraces, are ready to welcome an international clientele seeking to experience the city from the relaxed privacy of a luxury apartment, without sacrificing the services and comfort of a hotel. Immersed in an evocative atmosphere of metropolitan chic, these apartments are veritable Milanese dreamhouses, intimate and elegant, providing guests with a unique opportunity to experience the city like true insiders.

The ‘serviced residence’ formula is becoming an increasingly popular solution for the most discerning travelers, allowing them to freely organize their stay and take advantage of services such as the hotel's restaurants and bars, wellness area, room service, laundry service, and meeting spaces. It is also possible to request custom services to personalize your stay.

A location at once strategic and prestigious: the Duomo Luxury Apartments by Rosa Grand Milano – Starhotels Collezione have their main entrance right on the historic Piazza Fontana, literally at the heart of the city.

Milan’s fashion district is just a stone’s throw away, the great art collections of Palazzo Reale and the Museo del Novecento are around the corner, as is the impressive Galleria with its elegant boutiques and cafes, and of course, the Teatro alla Scala, the most famous temple of opera in the world.

The Milan Stock Exchange, the pulsing center of Italian business with its fabulous skyline of new skyscrapers is within easy reach, which is why the Duomo Luxury Apartments by Rosa Grand Milano are also an ideal contemporary space where work becomes a pleasure.

Designed by the Milanese interior designer, Andrea Auletta, all of the apartments and penthouses are characterized by ample spaces, beautiful lighting, and furnishings in warm, inviting colors.

An exclusive selection of artworks, like the poetic images of Milan by Maurizio Galimberti and the gilded stone sculptures of Francesco Faravelli, grace the walls.

Duomo Luxury Apartments by Rosa Grand Milano – Starhotels Collezione Tel: +39 02 88311 Email: reservations.rosa.mi@starhotels.it


P & L

Finest Art Gallery is a part of POLO & Lifestyle

The London Magazine by Scarlett

The Moguls were then responsible for taking the game from Persia tot he East, where it became known as “the sport of kings“.

Polo is taken from the word ’pholo’ meaning ’ball’ or ’ballgame’ in the Balti language of Tibet.

By the 16th century polo was well established in India in Mainpur, the English Army Officers discovered the game. They went on to found the world’s first polo club.

Today, more than 77 countries across the world play polo. It was an Olympic sport from 1900-1939.

Polo continues to represent the pinnacle of sport. This is a feeling epitomised by the famous verse inscribed on a stone tablet next to a polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan:

Let others play at other things. ’’The king of sports is still the sport of kings.’’

“Inspired by the polo matches and horses. Our goal was to capture the spirit of the polo ponies.
Scarlett Stilling


P & L FINEST ART Photography art pieces are limited editions. Printed on high quality fine art paper. Every piece is signed and numbered. To the art piece comes a certificate of authenticity.

Available in different sizes.

How to order:

Send us an email to art@poloandlifestylemagazine.com





Discover a world of exclusive interiors and remarkable handmade furniture pieces.

Misia Paris

Jacquard ’’Dada’’ immerses you into a graphic, modern and architectural universe. An elegant stripe, here and there, and play of colors create an imagined rhythm. ’’Dada’’ is one of those jacquards that immediately draws the eye.


With its sculpted cast aluminium or brass base, the Hoffman coffee table has a distinctly organic feel and adds visual interest to any space, either with the top in stone or wood with glass.


MINERAL armchair by Vincent Mazenauer Vincent Mazenauer Hamilton Conte Photo @faiball


Since 2010, the iconic, colourful and baroque world of Christian Lacroix has been celebrating the Art of Living marked by a sense of creativty and freedom.

Under the Creative Direction of Sacha Walckhoff and in collaboration with prestigious designers and manufacturers, the furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, decorative accessories and tableware collections are available in a variety of materials and techniques.

Through its contemporary and dreamlike creations, Christian Lacroix Maison brings imagination and the unexpected to any interior.

This collection celebrates all Southern cultures and landscapes. From Africa to Florida, from the Amazon to Sicily, from Mexico to Rajasthan, they are so richly intertwined that none of them are truly recognisable.

To celebrate his 30th anniversary with Christian Lacroix Maison, Sacha Walckhoff has imagined an extravagant kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and shimmering materials to which only Christian Lacroix holds the secret.

With its unique mix of patterns, this new season evokes a wide and varied range of stories while affirming its fanciful, singular and eclectic nature, which constitutes the very essence of Christian Lacroix that has been plotting its course for over 35 years.

Fromental and Marta Sala Éditions explore the allure of silver (in french: argent) in a shimmering, delicate interior, the image of quiet opulence.

Fromental are makers of hand-painted, embroidered, and printed wallcoverings, framed artworks and objects. Founded by designer-makers Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes in 2005, the business’s ethos is rooted in a deep love and respect for beauty. Beauty is fundamental to a good life, and Fromental’s artists empower each customer and collaborator to welcome it generously into their every day.

Fromental x Marta Sala Éditions“Flamand” armchairs.

At Déco Off in 2022, Fromental showcased their first foray into needlepoint, our beautiful Moderna tapestry. This caught the eye of Marta Sala, and we started exploring the idea of collaborating on a piece.

The needlepoint covering on the Flamant chair, with its turned joints and twisting arms, is inspired by the French abstract ceramics and tapestries of the 1960s. Upholstered in a combination of wool and lurex, the chair is available in two almost mirrored imaged designs, created to work both separately or as a pair. It underlines our profound commitment to offering pieces of true value and high-quality manufacture. Armchair designed by Federico Peri and the upholstery by Lizzie Deshayes.

The Flamand chair was the center piece that gave the theme for the entire show!

Visit www.fromental.co.uk for more info.
Images Valerio Geraci



At the heart of Provence

Located at the heart of Provence, near Orange and Avignon, and surrounded by vines, the Château de Tourreau with its avenue of Provence cypress trees leads you directly to the house.

In exceptional 20-acre grounds, charming privates spaces await you. The 18th century château featuring 9 bedrooms for a maximum of 15 guests, Farm house featuring 7 bedrooms for a maximum of 14 guests, 4 reception rooms and study.

Whether the château courtyard, the patio at the water’s edge, the swimming pool, or the different sports facilities, each spot will meet your wildest dreams.

The estate is divided into two different buildings: the Chateau and the Farm (extra).

The farm building adjacent to the castle extends over 950 square meters with its patio offering different spaces to settle around the lawn, budding olive trees, citrus trees, jasmine climbing walls and a fountain.

The farmhouse has seven bedrooms all equipped en suite, and a covered parking. In addition, the farmhouse also host the gym and the squash room.

Note: the chapel is entered in the register of the inventory of historic monuments of the French government.

General Tél. +33 (0)4 13 97 00 49 Email: info@chateaudetourreau.com
Château de Tourreau (c) Florent
(c) Gert HuygaertsAnh-Jefffrey

New Opening in May 2023

Duke's East

Safari Experience

If you are looking for an intimate safari experience that combines serious safari panache with an unforgettable undercanvas adventure in Botswana's Okavango Delta, then welcome to Duke's East. The sister camp to Duke's Camp, it delivers the same Bousfield style and distinguishing characteristics but with just 4 rooms it provides the added option of becoming a smaller exclusive-use camp for family and friends to enjoy.

Duke's Camp and Duke's East are set in a remote area located on a channel of the northern Okavango Delta, and will throw you into the heart of the wild. The concession, one of Botswana's most game-rich and beautiful, is overflowing with excellent game viewing opportunities. Enjoy game drives, boating trips, mokoro meanders, scenic helicopter flights or spend a night fly-camping on a secluded lantern-lit island.

The two properties, Duke's Camp (8 rooms) and Duke's East (4 rooms), offer the same facilities and experiences and are located right next to each other. Both camps can be booked out together to accommodate a larger group.

Duke's East has four spacious tents (1 double, 2 twin and 1 family with private pool), each set beneath a canopy of ebony and leadwood trees offering en-suite bathrooms, indoor and outdoor showers and a private veranda. Around camp you'll enjoy magical lagoon views, a pool pavilion and a firepit under the stars.

The camp is a seamless blend of yesteryear charm, safari savoirfaire and deep respect for the surrounding natural ecosystems. The main mess area is a delight with its old-world glamour, well-stocked drinks cabinet, library and lounge furnished with intricately carved tables, antique oriental rugs, and campaign furniture. Meals are a lavish affair of crystal glasses and antique silverware, three-course dinners that celebrate the Bousfield tradition of honouring guests with fine food and wine in the African bush.

In this extraordinary northern Botswana landscape, you'll be left in the experienced hands of exceptional safari guides, honed in the bushcraft and lore of this World Heritage Site, the Okavango Delta. There are few better ways to experience one of our world's last true wilderness areas.

Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa opens for the 2023 season with new culinary partnership

Long a leader in Provence's culinary revolution, Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa is delighted to announce a new chef collaboration as it re-opens for the 2023 season, following a brief hiatus in January and February. The resort reopened its doors this week, fresh off the announcement of its Forbes Five Star Award, with a new dining offering, unlike any other in Luberon, joining forces with trailblazing chef Pierre Marty. In his new role as Executive Chef, Pierre brings a master's touch to the resort's three restaurants – the finedining Avelan, Les Vignes, La Cipressa, and Le Bar, for the 2023 season. Working as Alain Ducasse's disciple for over fifteen years, Marty has cultivated exceptional talent and expertise in fine dining experiences around the world. He began his culinary career in 2008 at three-Michelin star, Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse at Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo, followed by Hotel Belles Rives and Beaulieu Reserve in Côte d'Azur, and later Qatar. In 2018 triumph mounted as Ducasse opened Morpheus in Macau with Marty as Chef de Cuisine. After only six months in operation, the fine dining restaurant received a two-Michelin star rating.

Chef Pierre Marty's role and exceptional talent and skill in executing an unparalleled dining experience makes this partnership the ideal pairing as he forges his own path at this Relais & Châteaux resort in the heart of Luberon, which has been luring connoisseurs of wine, adventure, and the great outdoors for many seasons. Guests to Coquillade will savour the full flavour of Provence with both traditional and innovative French gastronomy on offer.

Les Vignes and its ourdoor terrace, Les Jardins des Vignes, is the hotel's Provençal restaurant, sourcing locavore produce such as grains and legumes, whilst showcasing fruit and vegetables from the hotel's incredible potager. Meat and fish will be cooked over embers. A selection of à la carte dishes will be available to share, alongside traditional starters, mains and desserts.

Le Bar will continue to serve Thai classics and seasonal canapes, but Marty is set to put a new twist on these dishes, with his secret Thai vinaigrette recipe accompanying the Thai Beef Carpaccio, alongside house cocktails.

Le Cipressa, the relaxed poolside Italian restaurant, will serve up brightly coloured dishes inspired by the Mediterrean diet from Italy and Sicily. Guests can also enjoy delicious wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas.

Finally, Marty invites guests to explore a personalised experience at Coquillade's signature restaurant Avelan which will 'delight the taste buds with thrilling seasonal fare' over five courses.

At the heart of France's sun kissed Luberon Valley, Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa epitomises the quintessential tranquillity of a Provençal retreat. Located on a 100-acre estate studded with historical vineyards, cypress tree alleys and 300-year-old olive groves, Coquillade Provence is a 63-room hotel within a restored 11th century hamlet. Accommodation is spread across a collection of bastides (country houses), meticulously decorated to reflect the history and allure of a quintessential Provençal retreat and five luxury pool suites were added in Summer 2023. The estate also includes the Aureto winery, and on-site BMC Cycling Centre.

Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa offers rooms from 750€ per room, per night including a welcome gift, a selection of the minibar, breakfast, access to the Spa, fitness classes, and access to the Aureto Winery throughout your stay.

www.coquillade.fr / +33 4 90 74 71 71


Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas

Famed for its exquisite natural beauty, vibrant culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and buzzing nightlife, Phuket is a destination that requires little introduction. One of the best known islands in Southeast Asia has long provided a tropical escape to travellers seeking the ultimate in relaxation and postcard prettiness.

Phuket’s vivid display of splendid beaches and lush jungleclad hills creates an ideal setting to kick back to the rhythms of island life. It’s selection of increasingly lavish hotels, ranging from eco-luxe jungle hideouts and dreamy treehouses to upscale spa retreats, has grown exponentially in recent years. However, as impressive as this line-up is, the refreshingly unpretentious Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas has cultivated an unrivalled reputation for excellence. Setting itself apart from the crowd, the resort is hidden away upon a pristine beach, fringed by the Sirinath National Park.

The exotic journey begins at the reception area hidden behind the monumental walls of laterite bricks. Upon arrival, which is announced by three strikes of a gong, guests are presented with a garland of delicate jasmine flowers before being taken to their villa. Weaving around a serene lily-padded lagoon, the resort draws its inspiration from the natural beauty of traditional Southern Thai villages, bestowing Asian peace and calm on those who set foot onto this haven for the senses.

The stunning pavilions and villas, scented by frangipani flowers, are hidden in wait across the manicured grounds, with each key unlocking an opulent living space that offers a lesson in hedonism. The crown jewel of the property exists in the form of the two-bedroom Royal Villa, a sweeping sanctuary that features a classic-contemporary aesthetic of gabled roofs, hardwood flooring and intricate carvings. Spread on area of 1,851 square feet, this one-of-the-kind private abode is a stylish testament to all things Jim Thompson; a fabled American entrepreneur and art collector who made the Thai silk industry flourish in the middle of the last century. The living room, shaded by blue and white textile and offset by woods with sandy hues, is a reference to tidal marks on the picturesque beaches of Randall’s Island in New York. In keeping with the tropical theme, a bespoke twin bedroom showcases Floriental, a whimsical block-print of birds and butterflies that has been brought to life from the Jim Thompson archives, meanwhile the master bedroom is a riot of colour inspired by exotic Heliconia flowers. A successful marriage of Jim Thompson's love of Thai craftsmanship and the Anantara’s passion for authentic luxury, this exquisite accommodation is devised to blanket you in comfort, no small thanks to the resort’s renowned villa host service.

Home to five restaurants and bars, each with its own unique atmosphere and menu, the culinary offerings of Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas will satisfy even the most intrepid gourmet diners. Served at scenic La Sala, breakfast is a glorious affair with an emphasis on healthy choices and local produce. From decadent waffles to fluffy pancakes crowned with delicate flowers, and brioche French toast dusted with powdered sugar, the a la carte menu is just as exciting as a sprawling buffet scene. Indulge in a medley of specialties that go above and beyond – a daily rotation of gourmet salads along with hot dishes, airy just-baked pastries, creamy hummus, gluten-free muffins and even a bar of raw honeycomb displayed exactly as the bees packed it. The thoughtful breakfast menu makes a note of everything!

For lunch and dinner, La Sala offers a choice of Indian and Thai menus highlighting authentic regional recipes concocted by Chef Ramesh Chandra. Michelin-recommended Tiffin by La Sala, inspired by hearty Goan fare, Punjab tandoori dishes and street food of Amritsar, invites you on an epicurean journey through North India. Enjoy a blissful view of the lagoon as your table is filled with gourmet plates created to challenge and expand your taste palette with elaborate signature dishes like tandoori salmon steak served with coconut moilee gravy or fiery lamb vindaloo.

Sea.Fire.Salt, a casual-meets-elegant take on beachfront dining, reflects the coastal setting with cool colour palette and sophisticated design. Helmed by Chef Ian John Thomason, the restaurant celebrates the finest from land and sea by blending flavours, temperatures and textures in an intriguing way - imported premium cuts and exotic local seafood are served on sizzling Himalayan salt bricks! Phuket lobster, freshly chuckled oysters, grain fed 120-day rib eye and signature hot mixed seafood platter are just a few of the dishes gracing the menu, each one masterfully prepared and presented with elegant flair. Every evening a torch lighting ceremony of long drums and bells parades through the restaurant’s gates, heralding a romantic night to come.

If you are craving a taste of adventure, reserve a table at the Tree House, Anantara’s omakase-style restaurant which can be found on top of a spiral staircase wrapped around an ancient banyan. Overlooking a serene lagoon basking in the glow of tiki torches, this intimate venue is one of the hottest meal tickets on Phuket. The centerpiece counter with circular seating, accentuated by the traditional wagasa umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, is where things get hot. Omakase derives from a Japanese phrase which translates to “I’ll leave it up to you.” In the context of fine dining, this means that guests have complete confidence in the chef to serve up his selection of artfully crafted dishes. Putting his heart and soul on a plate, Chef Thiraphat Buaain delivers innovative gastronomic experiences with liberal use of smoke, uni and caviar. An exclusive line up of a 12-course Tsuri menu, progressing from seasonal appetizers to nigiri sushi and a tempting sweat treat, is carefully pared with sake and Japanese-inspired cocktails. Each bite is a self-contained masterpiece made with the finest hand-picked ingredients that frequently change to highlight the diversity of the seasons.

In terms of facilities, expect everything and more. Set amongst meditative scenery, a visually arresting Sanctuary Spa is a getaway within a getaway.

A perfectly still lagoon dotted with blossoming pink lotuses hosts six treatment rooms, a beauty salon, spa boutique and zen pavilion. Blending luxurious pampering with powerful, longlasting benefits for body, mind and soul, the in-house wellness experts provide series of holistic treatments backed by mother nature and the latest scientific research. A carefully calibrated menu encompasses everything from chakra crystal balancing and Himalayan thermal therapy to Shirodhara and advanced facial treatments powered by Biologique Recherche. Round out your spa experience with a relaxing singing bowl therapy, a type of energy medicine that helps to rebalance your senses and harmonize with the flow of life.

Designed with a younger clientele in mind, Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas makes travelling with kids a breeze. The entire

With unparalleled facilities, sublime service and a host of tailored activities, Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas pulls off a neat trick of catering equally well to honeymooners, solo travellers and families. The beachfront infinity pool, outfitted with comfortable sunken double beds, private cocoons suspended from the trees, cushy beanbags and a swim-up bar, is making poolside a place to see and be seen. Craving something a little more active? The resort serves as a perfect launchpad to immerse in all sorts of exciting discoveries: increase your fitness with exhilarating water sports and daily yoga practice, learn basic self-defense at Anantara's professional Muay Thai boxing ring, take a guided walk through the unique Sino-Portuguese legacy of Phuket Town, spend a day at Gibbon Rehabilitation Project or charter a yacht to cruise past spell-binding limestone karsts of Phang Nga Bay.

A far-reaching hospitality brand with spa resorts around the world from Thailand to Seychelles, Anantara has led from the front as a pioneer in sustainability and eco-conscious living since the brand first made its name in 2001. With most of the staff hailing from the local workforce, the resort provides meaningful employment but also a chance to promote Thai culture in an empowering, pleasant and authentic way. When walking through the tropical gardens, designed by Bill Bensley himself, you might encounter the omnipresent Tawee Boonnom, who has been keeping this indigenous tropical foliage immaculate for nearly 20 years! As part of the ongoing commitment to support the local community, Anantara works in collaboration with Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation to help care for and rejuvenate the turtle population in Phuket. Immersing its guests in the spirit of giving back, the resort will match your donation dollar for dollar to support the critically endangered giant leatherback turtles and fund other ecological programs in the area. From the architecture to its daily operations, Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas creates a true destination experience where you can relax in the knowledge that the whole team is doing its best to protect the precious ecosystem of the

Offering the ideal, picturesque setting for an adventure or a relaxing getaway from everyday life, the resort delivers that elusive feel-good factor that will inevitably win your heart. Enjoy Anantara’s version of the world, filled with lotus ponds, fairy lights, crisp linen and warm smiles. And if you are not ready to say good-bye come the end of your stay, fear not - there are more than 40 Anantara resorts sprinkled

Written by our contributor Elena Taintey, a Russian luxury traveler based in Asia. For more stories visit her IG @tainteytales All photos by photographer Alesia Kalinina

Exclusive Interview with Marine Eugene

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your career?

I grew up in Le Havre, Normandy, but various opportunities have allowed me to live and work overseas for over two decades. This included Shanghai, where I started my international career in 1999. I’m now happily settled in London with my family and enjoy what this thriving city has to offer.

I always had an interest in travel, international business and strategy, which developed into a passion for aviation when I entered the private aviation industry in 2002 with NetJets Europe. I initially set up a commercial structure in Paris, covering the French speaking markets before being appointed as Head of Sales for EMEA, responsible for orchestrating a significant turnaround in sales growth and fleet plans following the economic crises of 2008 and 2011.

When I met with Flexjet Chairman Kenn Ricci and Flexjet CEO Mike Silvestro in 2018, I was immediately drawn to joining their team, inspired by the formidable culture and vision they had set for the business. In 2019, I took on the role of European Managing Director and with a talented team of new hires we started drawing up plans to launch the shared ownership model in Europe, overseeing significant growth in programme sales, fleet, team and infrastructure. This includes combining Flexjet in Europe with sister company PrivateFly, which we now lead as a joint operation.

Tell us a bit about Red Label by Flexjet?

It is a level of personalised service not offered by any of our competitors, exemplifying how we go the ‘extra mile’ to provide a world-class travel experience for our aircraft Owners. This involves a level of care and attention that is unrivalled in private aviation, including our dedicated crewing model, whereby each specific jet tail number has dedicated crew, including a Cabin Server on every flight, skilled in the art of hospitality. Red Label also incorporates our Flexjet LXi Cabin Collection interiors – bespoke, bold and thoughtful design using the finest materials, to evoke a boutique hotel experience. This focus on hospitality extends beyond the cabin, with our aircraft Owners invited to enjoy invitation-only private occasions and VIP access at prestigious events such as the Snow Polo World Cup in St Moritz and Royal Ascot.

How would you describe Flexjet in a sentence?

Flexjet is a world leader in providing luxury shared ownership programmes on state-of-the-art private aircraft. We are a service-focused, customer-centric organisation committed to excellence in everything we do, from the start of a journey to the end destination.

How else do you differentiate yourself from other jet providers?

The precision, intricate touches, and meticulous attention-todetail that goes into every trip do not go unnoticed by our aircraft Owners, and it is this which separates our service from our competitors.

We operate the most modern fleet in the industry, including the super-midsize Praetor 600 and the ultra-long-range Gulfstream G650. Both are high-performance, exceptional aircraft that are smooth, fuel-efficient and fitted with the very latest technology in both the cockpit and the cabin – including super-fast Ka-band Wi-Fi.

We are the only shared ownership provider to also operate private helicopters, enhancing our jet Owners’ overall experience by offering last-leg travel and door-to-door services once the jet has come to rest on the tarmac, or for standalone event travel. This is already proving a successful model in the U.S. and we plan to offer the same in the UK very soon - watch this space.

The pandemic has created great demand for private jet services, what are your views on the future of private aviation?

It is well-documented that demand for private aviation increased significantly following the Covid pandemic, and as an industry we are now at a point in Europe when that spike in demand is starting to settle (albeit still above prepandemic levels). It remains to be seen how many new entrants attracted to private air travel will stay in the longterm, and of course we are in a period of economic uncertainty, but at the moment we remain cautiously optimistic about future flight demand

Flexjet appeals to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and corporates who fly over 50 hours per year, and for this type of customer, there is an increasing demand for an elevated and personalised service experience here in Europe. We have proven to be very successful at this over a long period in the US as an industry leader and are experiencing exciting growth in Europe during our first three years of operation. With shared ownership still at a relatively underdeveloped stage, future opportunities are an exciting prospect. The climate impact of air travel is another driver for change and at Flexjet we will continue to evolve our sustainability offering over the next few years. We have committed to a longterm and industry-leading programme, working with the specialist consultancy 4AIR to provide solutions and measure the impact.

We have already moved from offsetting (which we continue to do at 300% of carbon for every flight, to account for both CO2 and non-CO2 emissions) to actual emissions reductions via use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and supporting future flight technologies. Flexjet has committed to 12% of its fleet’s annual fuel consumption come from SAF by 2030 - the first and only private aviation company to set a tangible goal that exceeds broader aviation industry goals.

Are there any exciting projects you are currently working on?

Flexjet has always believed that people are the foundation of its success and we have built the business and how we expand on this key principle and the growth we have already achieved in Europe and the exciting projects we have in the pipeline are a testament to that.

We are always looking at ways to expand and grow as a business, and have a busy year ahead as Flexjet prepares to become a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange. As a category leader in global private aviation for over 25 years, with a proven and consistently profitable business model, this is intended to position Flexjet to expand market share and accelerate the company’s next chapter of growth, including further expansion in Europe and the Middle East.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in your career?

Navigating Flexjet’s European business through the unprecedented landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic is certainly one of the most challenging periods of my career so far, due to its unpredictable nature, and the knock-on effect it had on traveller confidence and the industry as a whole. Having only launched in Europe just beforehand, we had to find a quick and effective remedy to keep the business on an upward trajectory, and I think we found that through our strategic planning and meticulous organisation, albeit through periods of trial and error, which was always going to be hard to avoid.

I was very fortunate to be able to turn to our U.S. leadership team for their advice and direction, they have a huge amount of experience in this industry, amassed over many decades. We must always be prepared for the unexpected, tackle adversity head on, and trust in your own instinct, learn from others around you and harness the extensive knowledge of your team - it’s essential to develop a strong company culture in this industry. Companies with a clear and transparent transmission of communication and planning will reap the rewards and generate positive results, I can’t advocate that enough.

What is one motto in your life?

Learning from peers and colleagues throughout my career-todate, I have always kept in mind that each product, service and organisation is unique in its offering, as are the people within it.

My motto in life is to strive to deliver my very best in every capacity, and I am lucky to be part of a dedicated operation that shares that philosophy and supports the growth of employees in each area of the business.



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Luxury Kensington Property

This new development located in London's Royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Lancer Square, is designed by multi-award-winning Squire & Partners, and draws inspiration from the site's palatial and horticultural past as the original Kensington Palace grounds and kitchen garden, and later the Kensington Barracks, housing cavalry and infantry including the Royal Lancers.

Comprising 36 finely crafted residences, the aesthetics of Lancer Square have been influenced by its royal heritage, drawing inspiration from Kensington Palace, the previous home of Prince William and Kate. A piece of timeless architecture, with clean lines and carefully chosen materials, Lancer Square evokes the cultivated symmetry and sophistication of Kensington Palace and is set around a landscaped public courtyard drawing inspiration from the site's horticultural past.

Lancer Square also boasts incredible amenities, which include world-class wellness spaces designed exclusively for the use of residents - comprising a restorative private spa, treatment rooms, gym, vitality pool, 20m swimming pool, steam and sauna rooms, private parking and 24-hour concierge.

The scheme's show apartment has been designed by international design studio 1508 London – who have also designed for the likes of Chelsea Barracks and 1 Grosvenor Square, Mandarin Oriental Residences, The Lanesborough.

Lancer Square, Kensington, Prices of remaining units starting at £12,180,000


The Residences at Shell Bay will have 108 elegant residences,

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This course is the first new golf course in Miami in 25 years. There is a 7,250-yard championship golf course designed by Greg Norman and a 12acre practice facility with a nine-hole par-three course. Norman designed the course to “test every club in your bag,” with features including sweeping sand-belt-style bunkers, contoured greens and immaculately conditioned fairways. While the residences are set for completion in 2025, the golf club will open in 2023.

Jackie Kennedy’s former home has hit the market for $26.5 million

Standing tall on a tree-lined street in Georgetown, Washington, this residence is an eye catcher. In 1963 Jackie Kennedy moved out of the White House and into this expansive home. Yet, unsurprisingly, such a change did not go unnoticed by the American public, and the conspicuous building garnered so much attention that Kennedy and her children moved out in 1964.

Despite staying only for a short time, Kennedy ensured that the property now boasts a glittering legacy; it is treasured by curious passersby and ambitious investors alike, and it can be found on the National Register of Historic Places. It has also attracted other famous residents such as Yolande Fox, a previous winner of the Miss America pageant competition, who moved in after Kennedy’s departure.

The estate encompasses a staggering 13 bedrooms – the result of a monumental renovation project in 2017 which involved connecting the original building with two neighbouring houses to create an enormous compound. The principal suite on the second floor is now particularly vast, and it even includes a private balcony overlooking the pristine rear gardens.

This is a home with a remarkable story, and it brings together past and present to create a feeling of tremendous luxury. If you’ve got a few spare million, it could be yours.

Jackie Kennedy’s Former Home is Up For Sale
Image credit: Sean Shanahan Available through Jonathan Taylor of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty.
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