Warsaw In Your Pocket - August - September 2020

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Restaurants | Fine Dining Restauracja Różana utensils Polish A two-floor pre-war villa full of chichi touches, flowers and crockery. Very pretty, but you’ll soon learn they attract return customers on account of the cooking, not the interiors. The setting might look high-end but the prices are certainly not, and you’ll find Różana recognised across the city as one of the best dinner deals around. The catfish fillet with white onion sauce, green pepper sauce with blanched spinach, garlic and black lentils is divine. Also try the roasted duck, with apple sauce, cranberries, potatoe purée and fried apple. Plenty claim to be open till the last customer leaves, but only these guys are the real deal – if there’s people dining then the kitchen will stay open, and that doesn’t matter if it’s midnight or daybreak. Don’t be shy to stay and eat, the staff are happy to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your visit. Highly recommended.QH‑13, ul. Chocimska 7, MPole Mokotowskie, tel. (+48) 22 848 12 25, www.restauracjarozana.com.pl. Open 12:0024:00. €€€. T­B­E

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NOBU Restaurant

Nobu Restaurant & Café utensils Japanese Found inside the stylish Nobu Hotel Warsaw, you may think in-house restaurant is just another hotel filling station, but if you know the Nobu brand, then it’s best to immediately flush that thought away. Nobu Restaurant & Café is a major part of the overall experience, a place where a mix of tastes and emotions become one with your visit. The 125 seater restaurant, is a perfect place for breakfast, brunch, lunch, family meals and business refreshments, and no wonder, with world famous Japanese cuisine of chef Nobu Matsuhisa on the menu (chef Yannicka Lohou is at the helm in Warsaw) offering signauture dishes such as Yellow Tail with Jalapeno and Black Cod with Miso, Toto tartar with caviar, Beef Toban Yaki, exclusive sakes, and creative cocktails featuring on the menu. The café focuses on local Varsovian offerings such as classic Polish pastries, but also sandwiches, salads, and freshly brewed coffees and teas. Nobu looks set to become a Warsaw hit.QF‑10, ul. Wilcza 73, MPolitechnika, tel. (+48) 22 551 88 00, www.warsaw.nobuhotels.com/dining. Open 18:0022:00; Fri, Sat 18:00-23:00; closed Mon, Sun. €€€€. T­U­B­E­6 78

Run by the Godfather of Warsaw’s Thai cuisine, Surachart Urajaroen, this restaurant is 100% the real deal. No messing around with fusion concepts or little Polish additions. The five strong Thai kitchen team stick firmly to tradition and the results are spectacular. Based in the National Theatre building itself, the exterior of hefty, grey stonework gives you no inkling of the opulent interior which awaits you. Black walls decorated with Thai designs and gold curved ceilings create a very calming and relaxing environment. The well laid out seating areas also offer you the option of dining in a more private space, great for business meetings or an intimate dinner date.QF‑5, Pl. Teatralny 3, MRatusz Arsenał, tel. (+48) 601 81 82 83, www.thaithai.pl. Open 12:00-22:00. €€€. X­T­B

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