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Some Experiences Are More Equal Than Others Hullo +977'ers! Last month was too speedy a trial. Hopes prevailed, challenges lurked, expectations were raised and excitement never left. With these emotions churning inside the head, we decided to take on the challenge. The outcome has been monumental, if anything. If the reviews are any indication, we pulled it off and we pulled it off a big time. We cannot help but thank, again, that is, all our wellwishers for being such a huge influence and a driving force. We know it is only going to get tougher from here as we have set a high standard for ourselves. Not only are we going to have to live up to the standard, we are also going to have to set the bar higher than ever. And, it ain’t no small task. Deep down, we know we can do it. It is good that we are confident enough that we are going to do it again. Nevertheless, we need to curb our enthusiasm and we need to be cautiously confident bearing in mind that we cannot get complacent. Pals, let’s do it again! We are happy that we have shown signs of growing with every new issue. This time around, we have talented, beautiful and stupefying Malvika Subba. Well, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and wish her all the best for the leap of faith she has taken. We wish her a happy conjugal life. Coming back to the point, we are honored to have her in the cover who is so much appreciated by all the youngsters as their icon. We hope we continue to inspire our young population with this opportunity to get up-close and personal with Malvika Subba. Needless to say, we have it all. From latest fashion trends to recent market launches to popular gadgets, everything is just a turn-of-a-page away. As if that’s not enough, this issue has come back with spellbinding stories, eye-opening write-ups and witty reality checks that will have you bite your tongue. This is one exciting issue of +977 that you should not miss out on. We can all but hope that we successfully impress you this time too like we did with our first issue.

Kushal KC Publisher | Founder

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CONTENTS +977 | Jun-Jul 2012 | Issue 2 | Volume 1



COvER STORy Boldly feminine, fashion forward and a semiotic with an eye for glamour.

PERSONAlITy A technically minded dancer and instructor, with more than a decade of experience, still continues to expand the repertoire.



TRAvEl Traveling is glamourous not just in retrospection, if you know where to go.


SPORTS UPDATES While the teams and athletes have everything to play for, we will keep you posted so that you can stay on top of the games you care about.


EXPERIENCE Memoir of the journey when life was hanging in a balance.


REAlITy BITES There is a fine line between the fun and danger. Know when to stop

GOURMET Great recipes, cozy dishes, amazing location, wondrous advice and much more.


GADGET Reshaping the technology based on the need of the users.


An intriguing game that keeps you glued to your gaming device.

A shopping pleasure like never before


He does not follow the trend, he sets it. And, proving his points are his students.

Feature Model Pleasantly belligerent and astonishingly Intelligent.


Dabbling in the pool of success and popularity, Coldplay have always entertained us the way we wanted them to.

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Game Review By: Samden Lama

once you’re locked into Max’s dystopian world, there’s no escaping till the vengeance has been wrecked.

Produced by Rockstar Games, Max Payne 3 is the third installment in the Rockstar game Max Payne series and is set eight years after the events of last installment. Max Payne 3, largely the work of Scots developers’ sister outfit- Rockstar Vancouver, Max Payne trilogy contains all the staples that made the GTA series so wildly popular. Over ten years ago when Remedy released Max Payne, the graphics were state-of-the-art and gameplay introduced elements that set it apart from any other shooter on the market. What Max Payne also delivered was one of the first truly mature stories, set in film noir style, where Max deals with the murder of his wife and baby daughter and capping bad guys in slo-mo with the aid of bullet time was the defining feature of MP2. The story of Max’s descent from vengeful, leather jacket wearing detective roaming the alleys of New York to the broken, shaven headed man out for justice on unfamiliar streets far from home is at the centre of Max Payne 3. Discussing about the feature of Max Payne 3 and what Max Payne 3 is all about this time, it opens in a way that will make Max Payne fan wonder what else has been thrown to the reluctant shoulder of our hero; shaven head, unshaven face, torn clothing and a burnt, bloodied and disfigured man crawling away in agony ahead of him. Something has tragically gone wrong, where the Pulp fiction-esque storytelling promises to slowly but surely unravel everything. This time our protagonist switches from executive security guard to grizzled mercenary as he battles Brazilian street gangs shady South American cartels, though in all honesty he could be taking on an army of Anne Franks and you’d still merrily pull the trigger without asking any questions. Just when you think that you’re starting to know what’s happening, relieves another of the horrors he’s managed to fall into. The fight scenes are so convincing when Max takes a bullet, you instinctively recoil; when he ogles a gyrating stripper, you spring a semi. While the trademark shoot-dodge does make its return, in addition to Max’s classic shoot-dodge moves, there is now a combination of Natural Motion’s Euphoria character behavior system and bullet time to enhance his moves. Partners and sidekicks will play a large role in this game to help Max in his quest for vengeance. Multi players are ridiculously addictive and with the ability to unlock and create different profiles for different scenarios, everyone is bound to find something they’ll enjoy. The Max Payne games were never really easy but the third installment is almost sinister in its refusal to give you a goddamn inch. Despite the shortcomings, the game is amazingly fun. The latest installments deliver more of the classic elements and hyper-intense action that fans have come to love, while moving the story of Max in a new direction. Since leaving NYPD and New York itself behind, Max has drifted from bad to worse. Double crossed and a long way from home, Max is now trapped in a city full violence and bloodshed, using his weapons and instincts in a desperate search for truth and a way out. If you’ve ever played Max Payne 3, you’ll appreciate that some places are worse than hell. This guy attracts more trouble than Garry O’Connor on a Tuesday night. Thankfully, Max proves to be far deadlier over 300 yards, although O’Connor would probably shift up a gear if he had the Commando Sombra hard on his tail. It’s less for poor Max though, who brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Bad day at the office’. Download Max Payne 3 on a Friday and you’re guaranteed to be phoning in sick on Monday. Once you’re locked into Max’s dystopian world, there’s no escaping till the vengeance has been wrecked. [If MP3 was a book it would be unputdownable but it’s not, it’s a game that’s unnotplayable] | +977 2012 9



The iPhone 4S’s outward design is almost identical to iPhone 4, which can make the people, who like to show that they have got most up to date device from apple, aww...... but Apple has slightly changed the design of the iPhone 4S somewhat though, by changing to adual band aerial design. The top of the iPhone 4S has power and lock button and headphone jack as well. Furthermore, it also has a plus microphone for noise cancellation.The right hand side does not have any buttons but has the slot for the Sim card.The bottom of the phone has Apple connector and dual speaker which pump out the sound. Left hand side of the phone has a rounded volume keys, with the top one of these also acting as shutter button to make it easy to snap with the new phone. Apple also announced new Siri software for the iPhone 4S and it is a voice recognition gimmick. The system is quick too, where in many other phones you have to open up the voice recognition function and then wait for the beep to speak. Siri opens up in around a couple of

seconds from anywhere in the phone. The iPhone 4S is a great piece and one of the best devices Apple has ever produced. The way the phone is packaged makes it very easy to use from the beginners to the expert smartphone users. One of the new arrivals in the race of smart phone is The Samsung Galaxy S3. According to Samsung, "The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is inspired by nature, it sees, listens, responds and allows you to share the greatest moments." The button design around the phone has been well placed. For a phone this big, it is difficult to make all the keys accessible, so the lock button has been placed on the right hand side. Home button and softkey ‘Back’ and ‘Menu’ buttons are great addition in your eye. The volume up and down button is parallel to the lock key on the left hand side of the phone. The microUSB slot and charger are placed at the bottom of the phone. With all latest features and a list that is close to being unbeatable in modern climate and affordable price, there is a good reason why Galaxy S3 is breaking pre-order records in the world with nearly 10 million pre orders. 10

+977 2012 |


With the continuing popularity of iPad, iPhone and iPod, Apple’s laptop sales have seen an impressive boost. The Apple MacBook is one of them. Though it offers limited value, it is still a great choice. The MacBook uses a last generation Intel 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo P8600 processor. Graphic of MacBook is unparalleled. The dedicated Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics card has treble the power which can run photo and video editing tasks with ease. MacBook has impressive 13.3 inch screen which makes multimedia ability more impressive. It has resolution of 1280 x 800 and has stunning brightness, color and contrast. As all Apple laptops, an isolated style keyboard design is used. Each key cuts through an individual hole in the laptop’s panel which allows space between keys and prevents dirt falling beneath them. What’s more, its mobility and software are impressive. It has 505 minutes of battery life. It allows you to work on the move for eight hours. It also includes iLife suite providing outstanding range of photo editing, movie making, web designing and music creation tools. The macBook uses most of its older technology and is considered to be overpriced. This can be considered one of the stunning laptops that whole family will enjoy using.


The new Ultrabook models are 19.8mm thick and weight 1.79kg. There will be variants of the Ultrabooks. Ultrabook units boast up to eight or nine hours of battery life. The main storage inside these units is hard drive of 500GB. There is a flash drive to help with quick boot and resume. The keyboard and trackpad seem great but is extremely similar to that on MacBook air. Ultrabook features beat audio and have intel’s Rapid Start technology. It has 2 speakers and a subwoofer. It has Windows 7 premium 64-bit. It has 14 inch diagonal display with 1366 x 768 resolution. It has a memory of 4 GB. It includes ports like Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x USB 3.0. 1 x USB 2.0, SD Card Slot and HDMI. HP coolSence technology, HP truevision HD webcam, and HP protectSmart have been installed in it. It also has Intel Technologies like Rapid Start, Identity Protection Technology, Smart response and Smart Connect technologies. | +977 2012


Market Watch

Automobiles Nissan Micra

Starting Price AUD 14,990

Nissan Micra has 79bhp and 1.2 litre 3 cylinder petrol engines. It is easy to drive. The suspension is fine at taking the sting out of bumps. The Nissan Micra has 14 inch steel wheels and 165/70 R14 tyres. The car has body colored bumper and body colored powered electric door. It has front disc brakes. For music it has AM/FM radio with CD and MP3 and Aux-in with four speakers. It has bluetooth connectivity too. The air condition inside the car makes you feel cool and comfortable. The driver seat’s height is adjustable with footrest. It has 5 cup holders and 6 airbags and 3 point seat belts for five seats for safety. The car has anti lock brakes and IEBD with Brake Assist.

Hyundai i30 The new Hyundai i30 has a new 1.8 litre ‘Nu’ engine. The car has standard gearbox which has six speed manuals, but an automatic gear will be offered on demand. The car features all alloy construction and dual continuously variable valve timing. The new engine’s stats improves figure for the outgoing 2.0 litre-4.8 % more powerful and 9.7 % economical. The new i30 rides on the same wheelbase that it has replaced. The interior is significantly larger than before. The car has raised its roof for 27mm in front and 11mm in rear. The i30 has already been tested for crash safety by Euro NCAP and has given 5 star for safety. The i30 has a strikingly designed dashboard while the entry Classic trim level looks a little basic.

Starting Price AUD 20,990

Mazda 3

Starting Price AUD 20,330 12

+977 2012 |

If you are looking for impressive level of convenience and safety related equipment for your vehicle then you should check out new Mazda 3. New Mazda 3 is available in two styles, sedan and hatchback. The sedan is again available in six trim levels, i SV, i Sport, i Touring, s Touring, i Grand Touring and s Grand Touring whereas hatchback is available in Touring and Grand Touring models. Talking about the power, i SV and i Sport come with 2.0 liter cylinder engines. The engines produce 148 horsepower and 135 pound-feet of torque. The 3i Touring and Grand Touring trims get a more efficient 2.0-liter four-cylinder (Skyactiv-G) with 155 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque. Mazda 3 uses some of the nicest materials in this class and it has lots of standard features. The hatchback offers more cargo capacity and both styles provide a 60/40 split-folding rear seat. Most of the economy car shoppers will be surprised by its chassis turning. Mazda 3 is blessed with good body control and superior tires. Speedy cars are believed to not have the highest fuel economy but Mazda 3 has introduced new Skyactiv engine that is one of the most fuel efficient. As for the safety we look for in our rides, it has Driver Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag, Side Head Air Bag, Rear Head Air Bag, Side Air bag. Altogether, it hits all the right notes and it has a very less flaws.


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Pioneering Salsa



By Mingma Sherpa

Try to find out what your passion lies in and work on it and success will follow you.... Binayak Das Shrestha, is a familiar face in the field of Salsa in Kathmandu, Nepal. Best known as an instructor for all his charismatic moves in Salsa dance, he is also the founder and CEO of Salsa Dance Academy in Nepal. Binayak Das Shrestha has been teaching Salsa in Nepal for nearly a decade now. He worked as a radio jockey at HBC 94fm before entering into Salsa. To this day, he claims to have taught more than 6000+ salsa students and proudly claims to be one of the first salsa instructors in Nepal. Many of the dance instructors in Kathmandu who teach Salsa were once his students, he says proudly. After hosting two major International Salsa Festivals in Kathmandu, the first one at the International Club, Sanepa, where the salsa lovers had a chance to meet and learn salsa from the Salsa maestro like Suzana Montero and the 2nd Salsa festivals at Shangri-La hotel where again the salsa lovers had a chance to learn from international artists like Jorjet & Troy (USA), Tze Yi Wee (Singapore), Nelson de Oliveira 14

Campos (Guinea/Portugal) and the famous Magna Gopal (USA). His motif for organizing such events in Nepal is to bring the world of Salsa to Nepal and help the Nepalese people gain exposure by learning from the world renowned salsa dancers. As for him, he himself started his Salsa lesson from a man named Andreas Lerk in 1999 after which he never looked back. He received his formal training in salsa from Spain and has been teaching since 2004. He has represented Nepal at various International Salsa Festivals including International India Salsa Congress 2008, Bangkok Salsa Festival 2008, Salsa Vacation with Stars 2009, International India Salsa Congress 2010 and recently at Berlin Salsa Congress 2011. A certified DJ from Microfusa School of Sound, Barcelona, Spain; he is also a photography enthusiast. When asked why, a guy who keeps travelling abroad to be a part of different Salsa festivals, he never decided to stay back there, when all the youths dream of moving abroad, he smiles and says, “I

+977 2012 |

am here to bring the world of salsa to Nepal and that is what I will do for the rest of my life”. In this issue, we bring you a candid talk with Binayak Das Shrestha. Q) There are so many dance forms, Why salsa? A) As a child or even after I grew up, I was never a person who would dance for any occasion nor agree to dance even if someone requested me. I was introvert and shy as a person and I never thought that I would take any dance form in my life. One day when I was watching the movie "Dance With Me", I suddenly felt that I was born to do this. Maybe it was my destiny in life and that was what I was supposed to do. While even watching the movie, I decided that was what I wanted to do or rather born to do. This is the particular reason for me to choose Salsa. Q) When did you first learn Salsa and who taught you? A) I learned salsa from a German man by the name of Anderas Lerk. He was also the first person to get Latin dance in Nepal. I learned Salsa from

him back in 1999. Q) Tell me about Salsa Dance Academy? A) When I started Salsa it was more of a hobby and an interest to dance. Back then there used to be classes and Salsa parties just for fun and exciting thing one would do when you were a learner. My instructor always organized salsa and various other dance forms at Hotel Yak & Yeti every Sunday evening. As years passed by, my instructor had to leave Nepal. It was around this time that we heard from a friend that there was a new place which was very good for salsa and other dance forms as well. This place was "Latin Quarter Salsa Bar & Restaurant" at Baber Mahal Revisited, at Baber Mahal. It was year 2004, after a small salsa get together at friend’s place we all planned to head to Latin Quarter Salsa Bar for a tryout. It was a very beautiful place with all the Latin colors and the ambience was really good and the Food & Drinks were really great too. After visiting the place for

couple of Friday nights, the proprietor of Latin Quater Salsa Bar - Mrs. Rakshya Lama (wife of Captain Vijay Lama) approached me and asked me if I would be interested in giving classes there. As I have always loved sharing my knowledge, I agreed instantly. I was however worried whether or not I would have students with no experience in teaching before. However, I was assured by Mrs. Lama who said she would get me students. With the confidence of Mrs. Lama on me, I started searching for a name that would best suit the purpose of what I was venturing into and also something that would be ideal for Nepalese culture although it was pretty weird that I had to start my salsa classes in a bar. I thought of many names and after evaluating the pros and cons, I chose “Salsa Dance Academy (SDA)”. That is how SDA got its name in 2004. After 8 wonderful years of teaching Salsa, it has earned a name for itself which I am very proud of. I am still thankful to Mrs. Rakhshya Lama and

Captain Vijay Lama for providing me with this opportunity and particularly a great platform without which it wouldn’t have been possible to reach where I am today. Q) Are you inspired by anybody in particular when it comes to Salsa? A) Honestly, I must say it was the Latinos, their moves, play, fun and chemistry when they dance. I must say it wouldn't be possible if it wasn’t for the movie "Dance With Me" and actor Cheyenne and his Latino chemistry, which made me dance salsa. Q) What would you be doing if you weren’t a salsa instructor? A) Back then as I was more into computer programming & Networking, so if I weren’t a salsa instructor I would be sitting behind the MAINFRAME SUPER COMPUTER probably working on Windows 9. (Laughs) Q) Do you think the current Salsa scenario is better than when you started? A) Yes, it is. Nepalese Culture is still having a grouch to Salsa dance

just because its couple dances. New generation and television exposure have helped a lot to open up and provided more information for a person to get into dance and by dance I mean not only salsa. When I started, it used to be only handful of Nepalese people who would do salsa/couple dance. But today 95% of my students are Nepalese than expats which was a different scenario when I started. My records show that from the day I started teaching salsa in 2004; SDA has already registered 7000 students. Q) What pros and Cons do you have to face in a Nepalese Culture as a Dance Instructor? A) In Nepali culture dancer/ instructor is not even considered a career and is always looked down. This however is changing with time. Still people and even the younger generations are reluctant taking this as a career. I have been around the world but my heart has always been in my country. My contribution to my country NEPAL is what I must say is a big EXAMPLE

towards the new generation. If you have a passion in what you are doing, it doesn’t matter what profession you choose, and people will always respect you. If your concern is money then I believe you can also earn very well if you know what you are giving and how much you are updating yourself to an international level. Every field demands quality and that is what matters plus planning promptly can take you to greater heights. I have travelled half the world so many times and this is just possible because of what I’m doing. I have never had to worry about running my institute. It’s hard to change anything in just one go but I have spilled the color and expect it to lead to some good direction. Any last note for our readers? Try to find out what your passion lies in and work on it and success will follow you. As for me, from day one I started breaking ice and still I’m breaking it and I am loving it. | +977 2012


Keeping them Honest

NRN Australia-Necessity or a Choice


By The Thinker

The main objective of NRN Australia is to promote the cooperation and develop the relationship among Nepalis and NRN communities around the world. In a simple sense, NRN is trying to provide a platform to all the Nepali people for the development of our society. Well, this is a good cause and a way to bring other Nepali organizations under one roof but did we ever realize that most of the Australians do not even know where Nepal is and what it looks like? The questions go on without being answered. The humiliation arising with those two questions is never ending and in a way embarrassing too. I am sure many of us has to explain in various ways . My way is to tell them it is the land of Mount Everest and I remind them of Sir Edmund Hillary. My second and the best way is to explain by geographical location : My country is sandwiched between two giants i.e India and China. Then people can figure out the whereabouts of Nepal. So, I think the first and foremost goal of NRN should be to give some kind of identity to Nepali among other communities. Then only can we introduce ourselves to the world in the light of our culture, traditions, customs and values. It definitely takes time and is going to be a gruelling process but as they say slow and steady wins the race. Organizing NRN festival alone does not make any sense, if we cannot bring other communities to give a close look at our culture and values. It will just be a festival for a commercial/business purpose. I suggest NRN to do it every 6 months : It will bring a lot of wealth to the organization. There should be a distinct feature of NRN festival which will bring an essence of the hard work for the society. We should not forget that every organization’s development depends on the productivity and also the support from the community. Merely organizing fundrais16

+977 2012 |

ing programs and spending a long day in table talk around the world will not bring success to the organization. It needs real effort to accomplish the assigned task. I am not an active member for any organization but I know how an organization works effectively and efficiently. The final outcomes/achievements prove how functional the system of an organization is and how much hard work has gone into making an organization what it is today. Well, my view may anger some and may please others but it is totally my view and perception. My judgment could be questioned. My timing could raise some eyebrows. Some people might say, what is this individual talking about and why now? I will tell you this, so to speak. I was really surprised when I came to know only a few hundred people are actively engaged for NRN. As a Nepali we all should come forward and contribute our knowledge for the development of our society in lieu of others. But at the same time NRN should try to find why people are not interested in associating them with the organization that supposedly brings fellow Nepali citizens together. Or what is it that is keeping them from contributing for a noble cause. Either NRN is turning their back on the Nepali community or it is not really interested in mixing up with other people from other societies. Unless these issues are solved I personally cannot see any future of the organization. You cannot run the organization for a long period of time with your personal assets or funds. Also, a group of mere hundred people cannot represent the voice of thousands of Nepalis all over Australia or across the globe, for that matter. After all you need support within the Nepali society. Well , if you think you can, then good luck. Adolf Hitler, too, wanted to conquer the world all by himself and we all know the results too.

Lets come to the issue of non-interested parties who do not wish to join NRN. It is a mammoth challenge ahead of NRN to find the the reason for this. May be, the answers to all the enigmatic questions lie in our attitude. We are prone to injecting politics into anything we can get our hands on. How could NRN be an exception? NRN is driven by various political motives, anyone can simply guess it. There should be a set of standards to be followed by NRNs when it comes to ethical and moral dynamics. NRN lacks to follow the values and still dreams about achieving the goal. Sorry, my friends. This ain’t happening. Within our community we have Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Scientist etc. Why do we not have an organization that has different people from various backgrounds? It will eventually help in contributing valuable views and ideas to lead the organization a long way. Put it this way, the organization is being run by some headless people to make sure their self interest is well-taken care of and every move they make and every decision they take is politically motivated when everything should have been other way around. NRN should work as a social organization/or a lobby group for the benefit of Nepali community that can deal with community leaders to Federal Ministers. Do we really have that potential? Better we ask ourselves. Our identity is very important and it should boost the confidence in every individual. Then only should we look to address other issues. I will leave the question to my readers. I think everything rests on how we choose to answer this question. IS NRN really a necessity or just a choice?


Parenting Styles and Disciplinary Practices on the Nepalese

Parenting Styles and Disciplinary Practices on the Nepalese Community in Australia Immigration to another country can cause a variety of stressors on a variety of family values, therefore creating and causing tension within the families and the family kinship relationship (Rolls & Chamberlain, 2004). Tension can also be caused as a result of differences arising between traditional and Western values (Talbani & Hasanali, 2000), as immigrants often bring to their host country a variety of different beliefs, including different beliefs surrounding parenting practices and appropriate disciplinary styles (Maiter, Alaggia & Trocme, 2004). Therefore, families often have to redefine and renegotiate certain roles and identities within and outside a community, again creating tension within the family (Talbani & Hasanali, 2000).The adjusting process to the Australian way of life can consequently have an effect on the health, mental health, and well-being of immigrants(Salant & Lauderdale, 2003) which can result in a strain and disruption regarding parent-child relations (Maiter, Alaggia & Trocme, 2004). As a result of conflicting parenting and disciplinary beliefs, a number of ethnic minorities, particularly immigrant parents, find themselves overrepresented in the family court systems, and under investigation by child protective services for allegations of child maltreatment (Reisig & Miller, 2009; Hughes, 2006). Due to an array of reasons including a

variety of professional and educational abilities, citizens of Nepal in particular have contributed significantly to the number of immigrants arriving in Australia (Rolls & Chamberlain, 2004). According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2006), at the time of the 2006 census, there were 4 563 Nepalese people (people whose country of birth was Nepal) living in Australia. The Nepalese in Australia are a proud community, and place great emphasis on family and family values, including loyalty and attachment. Research needs to be conducted on immigrant communities, in particular the Nepalese community(a community not commonly investigated) in order to examine how different levels of adjustment to the Australian lifestyle affects the communities’ parenting styles and discipline practices. Investigating these aspects would help to determine what type of support is needed to ensure that immigrant parents are well informed regarding acceptable and unacceptable parenting styles and discipline behaviours in Australia. Furthermore, information gained from the survey could be helpful in any health promotion material for the community, and/or for counselling for community members who may find themselves in such a predicament. Potential benefits of this project include gaining a deeper understanding of how adjusting to the Australian way of life affects family life and family dynamics

within the Australian Nepalese community. The project will also explore the community’s attitudes and perspectives on discipline practices and parenting styles. In addition this research could indirectly help resettlement services by revealing information that may not be known to them, therefore allowing these services to further assist with specific family orientated needs. Benefits of the project to the community are that they are able to express their attitudes and perspectives freely and without bias in a confidential questionnaire, whilst expressing concerns about adjusting to the Australian way of life, discipline and parenting styles. Anyone interested in participating in the study must be a Nepalese parent who speaks English and who is over 18 years old. The study involves the completion of an online survey, which will be open until the 30th of July 2012 and should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes, but no more than 30 minutes of your time. Taking part in this study is completely voluntary and you can stop taking part in the study at any time without explanation or prejudice. Responses are kept strictly confidential and if data from the study is used in research publications, participants will not be identified in any way. (The link to the survey is as follows:https:// If you have any questions about the study, please contact Natassja Ford or Dr Nerina Caltabiano.) Email: | +977 2012


Cover Story

Featuring Model


ow forwarding the flashback a little faster we have reached 1994 when beauty pageant was grooming all over. A platform was opened for young and talented girls that started hitting most of the hearts. Thereafter, every year for Miss Nepal, many young hearts participated and every year got a winner. So many came by in between 1994 and 2002: 2002 is where we stop and play our flashback.

Model: Malvika Subba Photography by: Rabindra Mali Assistance by: Sakar Serchen Make up: Nima Lama Hair and Style: Meena Limbu Studio: Mali's Studio


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Startling alvika

Model Featuring


By: Megha Vaidya

(Since I got to know Malvika Subba while working in a magazine, I would like a grant here to put few words before we go any further.) I knew her when I was working for a magazine as a Reporter/ Writer. We were told that now onward we would be working under Malvika Subba. It was something that at least gave a slight blow: not because we thought she was dangerous but it was the first time we were about to have a celebrity as our guardian and so were enthused over the the news. It was hard to believe but was made so true the next day by she really Wow, on’. now editor the Subba, Malvika ‘Meet introduction: was there! Malvika Subba was standing in front of me as my editor. Honestly speaking, I did not know much about Malvika Subba in person. Only the name was familiar as a Former Miss Nepal. So I had preassumed different Malvika Subba but ended up with varied she. Though only for few months I worked with her, I got to know her from close. The ambience changed after she joined. Things were coming together than falling apart. Hard work, dedication were there along with fun say days. We shared some unforgettable moments and I can at least s, pre-plan her with be could she editor that she proved how good an in required were that traits those all and nature, friendly leading power, was an editor. And above all, I found a sister in her. And most of all, it pleasure working with her. She would enjoy with us but if it was work, she could get strict and disciplined and that I loved very much. Her on dedication, excitement and encouragement left us with great impressi never that not many disagree that she is the best boss (though boss we And it felt she ever acted as, as she was like a friend most of the time). is on and difficulty the above rose who girl is an honor to tell a story of a dream. her of every her way to live Family Picture or Childhood Picture g. She The name Malvika Subba was not popular from the very beginnin was She life. of odds the against up growing and ere was born somewh a daughter of someone, a sister to two brothers and relative to many. But nobody knew who she would turn out to be in future. Let’s simply put it this way. There was a couple who used to live happily with each other. The husband was in police and wife in nursing. They had two sons and later a daughter was born to them. Being in a government Their sector, they were not able to give many privileges to their children. them give to fail not did they But those. kids grew up without some of they the most important aspect of life: Education is important and that were thus never pampered. They were probably having quite a struggling phase. However, monetary stability was not all that betrayed them. Fate deceived them and took the precious life of their beloved away. Kids haplost their father and the daughter was just a kid when that demise ed succeed who mother the upon then was pened. All the responsibility for kids’ ‘her became kids’ ‘Their : properly family her of in taking care being the only one for them.

(Now forwarding the flashback a little faster we have reached 1994 for when beauty pageant was grooming all over. A platform was opened Therehearts. the young and talented girls that started hitting most of after, every year for Miss Nepal many young hearts participated and 2002: every year got a winner. So many came by in between 1994 and k.) flashbac our play and stop we where is 2002 2002 Miss Nepal, once again lots of hopeful eyes thrilled the Miss one Nepal competition. So much once again to prove oneself but only ted participa girl, ntioned aforeme girl, The title. the bag to destined was celebrity a as well and the dream came true of the girl who became the overnight and it changed the struggling life into a better one. Yes, a much very became many to known not was e very girl whose existenc time. with many to figure nt promine that Thereon, the girl was simply not a girl living somewhere but a name wrong me get not Do Nepal. of part every almost haunted and taunted Malvithough, it is haunted and taunted but in a beautiful manner. Yes, ka Subba was the one everyone was talking about. And her amazing many journey got triggered. She did many music videos, movies, hosted more one finally and es compani joined events, shows, anchored many her dream of her got shape of which HAA is the face. This established one biggest the as an entrepreneur. So many titles accolade her and lovely was yet to come that would turn her life to a different corner. The . Shrestha Riyaz Mr. marrying after name her damsel got ‘Mrs.’ before with ty Universi n Tribhuwa from d graduate she n educatio her per As Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism.

was Very prominent figure esteemed as a pukka Media Personality, she difin marks different made she Slowly, . Kantipur Call for known best ferent lines. And we often hear people deeming her as the Miss Nepal Host, with beauty and brain so far. A winsome lady, Beauty Queen, TV the with interview an is here Activist, Social and neur, Actor, an Entrepre her. about more out find to you for lady versatile How did your Miss Nepal journey begin? After 1994 when Rubi di was crowned Miss Nepal, lots of girls during and I that time surely wanted to strive for that title. Dream was all there always wanted to prove myself. And Then again I also come from a very indigenous background: Limbu. ly especial time, that at positions high at not were Limbu in people most to wanted really I So girls. Most of the women were not even educated. think I And woman. a as and l prove my capability both as an individua in after graduation, after passing my bachelors (BBA), I participated life. my of thing t importan most the was me for Nepal Miss Nepal. Miss That is how it began. | +977 2012



ery prominent figure esteemed as a pukka Media Personality, she was best known for Call Kantipur. Slowly, she made different marks in different lines. And we often hear people deeming her as the Miss Nepal with beauty and brain so far. A Winsome Lady, Beauty Queen, TV Host, Actor, Entrepreneur, and Social Activist, here is an interview with the versatile lady for you to find out more about her. Miss Nepal and the time before finally being on stage, what exactly was it by then? We were one batch of Miss Nepal with no money as it was right after the Royal Massacre. It thus was quite hard to get monetary help. And it kept on being postponed. So we had training for like 3 months: the only batch to have very little time for training. It was a challenge. After all that you proved yourself and stood as the winner, few words on how you felt? It was like tapasya, the ultimate dream for me. I had really worked hard for those 3 months. I lived, breathed, ate for Miss Nepal all the time. And when I got the title, I missed my dad the most because I was thinking he would be very proud of me. I was very happy like everyone else because it was my ultimate goal and achievement and I knew it was just a beginning. I had to go further and I knew I could. you became a celebrity in one night and that surely must have brought change in your life. What was the first thing among many? I was just an ordinary girl participating for the pageant. Even before Miss Nepal, I went to Birendra International Convention Centre (BICC) in a safa tempo. I participated in Miss Nepal, became Miss Nepal and then the foremost thing I could not do was take public transportation. People used to recognize me as I had become a celebrity in one night. It was very difficult to handle in that way but I was happy at the same time as I had achieved something priceless.

We all know how happy you are to be with the one you love. Why not share a little about your love life that turned to a happy married love track? (Quite kind of her that she smiled back at me saying you mean my recent achievement!) I met Riyaz in 2009 in ENA, America. We had common friends and I kind of liked him. Later, I came back to Nepal but we never kept in touch. In 2010 he came back staying there for 16 years and joined QFX Cinemas in the Marketing section. They had just opened up QFX cinemas at Civil Mall and he was taking care of all that. He kept on inviting me so much but I never went (Smiles). Then one of our friends had come from abroad and we were supposed to meet up. That is how we again met and realized there was mutual liking. And I liked the way he was and still is- a very understanding, cool and fun loving guy. We became friends first and then realized we had fallen in love. One and a half years we have been together and got married in April. 20

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Model Featuring

But it has not been easy because his family initially never accepted me, especially me being in media. After a year of convincing and everything we got married. And the ceremony was half Limbu half Newari. I think I am probably one of those brides who did not cry because I was very happy: too happy to get married. We were like so lovey- dovey at that time. I was not the coy bride. In fact, I had the ghunghat on my

head but was not wearing it properly, my face unveiled. And I was laughing, enjoying it so much. I had fun in my wedding and would love to recall that night. People kept on coming to me and told me please act as a shy bride. But I felt like why should I! (Smiles) I am not a conventional person and I would like to keep it that way. That is what exactly we both did.

Anything you would like to share with us about your social side? I am associated with Himalayan Climate Initiative for Peace achievement. We initiate projects like the 21 times Mt. Everest Summiteer Apa Sherpa and his team completed an expedition to the mammoth 1,555 km Great Himalayan Trail in 99 days in a bid to advocate the adverse impacts of climate change along the GHT and to help build it as the world’s first climate smart trail. I am the only female there. This project is looked af-

ter by Dawa Steven Sherpa. How was it working in a magazine? Navyaata happened to me by fluke. The owner Himal Karmacharya at that time was looking for an editor for the magazine. Himal came up to me with a proposal for a part time editor. I was actually about to leave my Housing job and was about to open my own company. So I thought why not. I had always wanted to work in a magazine. When I was working for Miss Nepal as a co-ordinator, I even came up with the idea of a Fashion Magazine. And I even made like a copy of a magazine. So I early had an idea of working in a magazine. I joined there and it got hectic as I was working for two: my own company and Navyaata which demanded like 500% of me. I was giving 1000% to both the jobs. I used to fall sick every time a magazine used to come out. After 8 months of working there, I quit. I just could not take it anymore. Navyaata had its own kind of thing and I had to do everything. At first it was like 3 days that became like every day and that is how I had to work. I had to run after reporters, I had to run after everyone. Literally, I had to do everything. It was a very difficult job but I enjoyed every moment. I tried to bring a couple of new sections. One of my favorite covers was the one with Jasmi Gurung and Suzeeta Gurung about homosexuality and we did this punk look and edgy look which had never been done in Nepali Fashion Magazine. Another favorite cover was the one with Promise Tamang who is a very often followed face in YouTube. She did a fashion feature just about

makeup for us. And, of course, the first issue, the one with double cover: one with Sadichha Shrestha and the other with Paras Khadka in our anniversary issue. I could not wait to hold that magazine. After all it was the first anniversary of Navyaata and thus the special issue. Future plans For now it’s definitely travelling. I have been to UK, America, Hong Kong, India and my next travel plan is to Australia. So I am going to Australia in July for Miss Nepal Australia 2012 as their judge. We also want to take HAA outside the valley. We have one in Pokhara but want to take to places like Dharan, Itahari as well. And definitely a dream to take it international: Some international stars would wear our clothes with our labels. I would love to see Sonam Kapoor in one of our clothes. I also want to open my own school for grooming school for Personality Development and Public Speaking as well. That is also one of my lines. Mostly, that’s it for now. Like everyone has some stuff that not many know, she shared some of her in our talk. •

• •

I used to be a big time charankhein; used to wear power glasses. Did my laser surgery last January. I am quite a sensitive person and it is hard for me to get out of my comfort zone. I do not diet and I do not exercise. I am a lazy person in that way. | +977 2012




+977 Launch Folie de Grandeur- Team +977

A resolutely fearless team of young guns joined forces to leave an everlasting impression in Australian soil. A brigade of young, undaunted and exemplary dreamers have defied all the odds to land on the area which many fancy to tread but hesitate to traverse. As grand and resounding as the arrival of +977 magazine was, their launch party was nothing short of magnificent. The young population of Nepalis living in Australia turned up to rejoice what looked like a defining moment for the Nepalis living abroad. The core value of +977 magazine is to bring together Nepalis living in Australia and elsewhere and revive the feeling of being Nepalis in both the old and new generations. Likewise, +977 endeavors to try and get the Nepali community to do something for Nepal, a place we all call our motherland. If initial response is anything to go by, +977 is on its way to taking the market by storm in the months to come. The readers are reading it, commenting on it and, best of all, loving it. The publisher and founder Kushal KC seemed elated as the first response was overwhelming and confident that +977 will keep up their good work. He vowed to keep coming back with more and more interesting articles, features and exclusive contents that no other magazines offer.


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Gorkha Night Reunion 2012


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Precarious Flight to Shangri-la

Precarious Flight to



he Dornier 228 turboprop sat eighteen passengers. It was just wide enough for a person to stand in the aisle, both arms outstretched, fingertips touching the sides of the plane. I settled into the dark blue fabric of my seat, as the stewardess picked her way over hiking boots and backpack straps, distributing hard candies that would help our eardrums adjust to the altitude during takeoff. The stewardess’s uniform mimicked a traditional Sherpanichupa—a full length red jumper tied in the back over a white silk shirt, framing her neck like the collar of a kimono. A colorfully woven rectangular apron pinned to the front of her dress completed the look. As I took my foil-wrapped candy, I wondered if it was an Agni Air policy for stewardess uniforms to include the apron, or if it truly signified that the attendant was married, as it would in Sherpa culture. The two pilots completed their pre-flight checklist, and asked the stewardess to sit in the last remaining seat, next to fifty kilo sacks of rice and other commercial goods wedged around cargo netting that held passenger luggage at the back of the plane. The propellers whirred to life, and the tiny aircraft taxied


+977 2012 |

By Colleen Callahan-Panday

down the Tribhuvan Airport runway. It was June of 2009 and I was traveling to the Solukhumbu region of Nepal with my husband Prajjwal, and our school friend Rory. Intent on hiking the most famous of Himalayan treks, our journey started with the thirty minute plane ride from Kathmandu to Lukla; a tiny airport-village perched on the side of a high mountain cliff, acting as the gateway to Shangri-la. Lukla was both a beautiful destination, and a treacherous one. It consistently appears on lists of the “most dangerous airports in the world” as it is positioned amid slender, snaking, high altitude valleys, and is carved from a ledge 2,850 meters above sea level. On approach the runway, which is less than 460 meters long and 20 meters wide, looks more like a narrow parking lot than a place to land a plane. To accommodate the short length of the airstrip, the ground is pitched at a twelve degree angle to decrease landing speed, and pilots conduct maneuvers such as “backwards thrust on propellers” to further decelerate the aircraft. One travel guide noted, “If this worries you, one comforting thought is that only the most experienced pilots in Nepal are flying

to Lukla.” Our Agni flight departed the Kathmandu Valley and sped toward the wall of jagged snow-peaked teeth on the horizon. Fifteen minutes later we were gliding through a constricting green gorge shaped by the raging glacial river below. Mountain ridges were close enough to count individual treetops from the windows of the plane. The pilots were navigating by sight; in such a claustrophobic environment GPS units are not as trustworthy as a steady pair of eyes, and flights can only occur in good weather. Limited visibility meant grounded planes, or potential crashes. This route certainly has its share. Before our arrival, four flights had ended in disaster during the previous five years, including a 2008 Yeti Airline crash that killed eighteen. A German family captured the accidenton video as they stood on the hill above the airport, camera trained on the edge of the runway. The plane’s engine hummed deeply on approach, but the valley was cloaked in a dense wall of cloud. The family waited for the Twin Otter to burst dramatically from the puffy whiteness and complete its journey safely to the tarmac. Burst it did—as a fireball—just below the edge of the runway. The German father muttered

a shocked “Scheisse!” before dropping the camera. Chunks of white metal, rubber wheels, and other wreckage could be seen from both the ground and air for months. I tried to forget these images as the runway came into view. I reassured myself that it was Yeti Airlines that crashed, but I was flying Agni. I reasoned that the pilots had a vested interest in landing safely. I chided myself on seeking foolish adventures and putting myself at needless risk. I promised myself that I wouldn’t fly this route again. The approach was quick—from sky to earth with little change in altitude.The plane bounced hard on touchdown, and I gripped the back of Rory’s seat, bracing for the aircraft to bank and flip, another gory headline for the news. Instead the wheels rolled to a hard stop before the pilot maneuvered the plane to the stone-built airport terminal. A deep sigh escaped my chest; I hadn’t realized I’d held my breath through the final moments of the flight. Rory, Prajjwal and I spent the next few days hiking in the beautiful mountain landscape, and at the end of our trek, we found ourselves inevitably back in Lukla. Unless willing to hike another five grueling days to the closest wheeled-transport, a flight from the tiny airport was the only way back to Kathmandu. The choice was clear; we boarded the same Agni flight—anxiety quickly forgotten in lieu of a successful adventure. Fourteen months later, in August of 2010, a news article caught my eye. The title mentioned a “tourist plane crash” in the foothills of

the Himalayas. The flight departed from Tribhuvan Airport, intending to fly to Lukla, but turned back midway due to inclement weather. My heart sank when I saw the company—the Agni flight crashed before reaching Tribhuvan. All on board were killed including one Briton, one Japanese, four Americans, five Nepali and three Nepali crew. I searched Nepali news websites, eager for information. Unlike American news, which censors more graphic photography, I came across a series of grisly photos taken by the Nepali army and released to The Himalayan Times. The plane smashed into a rice paddy fifty miles outside of Kathmandu, and the muddy, water-filled crater was strewn with scraps of clothing and metal. A crowd gathered in the rain, hiding under umbrellas, watching the salvage work. The most haunting picture in the series was of two Nepali army troops wearing green fatigues, wiping their hands on a white cloth after loading light blue plastic bags of human remains into the back of a truck. There were five plastic bags in the picture, each no larger than a backpack. The garbage bags were translucent enough that one could tell the contents were fleshy, like the soldiers were carrying blue shopping bags of ground turkey meat. That meant the bodies had exploded on impact; there was nothing left but small pieces of each individual, mixed up in that mud pit and fished out by men treading barefoot through the water, looking for chunks of human. I had

nightmares of small blue garbage bags filled with body parts, waiting on the curb outside my apartment, ready to be taken by early morning garbage men. It took time to connect the tail numbers. A follow-up article mentioned 9N-AHE. I searched through my album for the trek, and scrutinized each photo from Tribhuvan and Lukla: A photo of the white Dornier 228, with Agni’s black, yellow and red stripes along the side. Another with Rory and I sitting in our seats, toothy-smilesfor Prajjwal the photographer, excited to fly to the tiny airport in the clouds. A third—Rory and I pose outside of the plane upon landing in Lukla, as porters carry luggage from the aircraft. A fourth, our plane taxis down the short runway, new passengers aboard, the tail number visible yet small. I zoom in on the picture; one click, then two, then three. I make out the characters: 9N-AHE. I re-read the articles—severe weather, spatial disorientation and loss of flight instruments, mechanical and pilot error, outdated crew checklists. The flight was doomed from the start. A flight I had travelled on. That picture of Rory and me in the dark blue fabric seats, smiling. Those seats are gone. Someone sitting in the same chair became chunks of flesh in a blue plastic bag in the back of a Nepali army truck. It made me physically ill. I thought of the beautiful stewardess wearing the red chupa, passing out foil-wrapped candies. I wondered again if her uniform apron meant that she was married. Did she leave behind a husband, perhaps a young child? | +977 2012

29 | +977 2012


K n o w Yo u r s e l f

A Scrawny Semblance in a Foreign Land

A Scrawny

SEMBLANCE in a Foreign Land

By Mukunda Khanal


s opposed to the dreams of cruising in an expensive and a sleek car, I find myself mopping the slippery floors. As opposed to looking out the window of multi-storied building that overlooks the ocean, I find my vision blocked by the stacks of the dishes waiting to be done. As opposed to the numerous other dreams I had, these are the hard facts that the time has forced down my throat over the past six years of my being in Australia. Interestingly enough, when I reverse the course of the time wagon and when I imagine myself not having come to the continent of Australia, I can see myself speeding up my motorcycle on the bustling streets of Kathmandu, with any luck, seeing some girl from my college and getting the 30

+977 2012 |

paychecks from the job that my dad would have hooked me up with. And worst of all, I would have been looking down on the people who took up the same job there as I have here. I would boss around with the feeling of superiority. This is another biting fact that I am doing the same thing here that I never thought I would do back home. It would be an exaggeration to brag that I have been enlightened with all types of knowledge within these six years. But it is pretty much safe to say that I have learned a great deal of lesson while in Australia. Many lonely days and a few cherishable moments, sleepless nights and times spent without food, love and hatred, life here in Australia has been a bittersweet experience. I am not sure if this was what I had really wanted. Honestly, I did not want to be away from the family that I loved more

than anything else, I did not want to be estranged by the place I was born in. I think nobody does. But the time made us do what it wanted us to do. Not that, I wasn’t overwhelmed emotionally when I accepted the good wishes and congratulations as my Visa to Australia was confirmed. Although, I was putting on a happy face and I was grinning from ear to ear, I was drifting in the thoughts that came from the uncertainty about my fate in an alien land. I am not saying it's anybody’s fault. My bad that I got carried away by what was going around in my country. But, I cannot help but feel that my family did not do enough to talk me out of my then freakish fancy of going abroad. On the second thought, how could they not want me to get away from the mayhem that had paralyzed the nation. It could not have been easier for them to

"I was drifting in the thoughts that came from the uncertainty about my fate in an alien land. I am not saying it's anybody’s fault."

bid me farewell. They were only going for the best alternative among the worst. All they wanted for me was a better future. I guess, the state, too, needs to own up a little responsibility for this situation when the youngsters are so obsessed with the idea of going abroad. I remember telling my friends that my country was the most important thing for me. I remember my friends’ disbelief when I uttered some patriotic lines like I would do whatever it takes to serve my country. I used to tell them I would even sacrifice my life, should the need arise. As it happens, it was just a big fat lie. It is all a thing of past now. When I was smashed repeatedly by the problems in my life, when it was the time for real deal and when my morale could not take anymore beating, patriotic me died and I kind of fled the country leaving everything

I loved so much on their own. With that being said, I am glad I have made it this far. There are two sides to everything. The good part about being here is that I have learned to be on my own. I have gained a deeper insight that no work is inferior. I have tasted the fruit of labor and I am telling you, it tastes great. Not a single day passes without me missing my mom and the food she makes. I miss her particularly more when I get back home from work at the midnight only to find I have to cook food myself. I had taken my mom’s skills on cooking food for granted Back home, I used to get into the fight with my mom at the dinner table just because the salt was not to my taste. Today, I look back at it with frustration and laugh at myself for acting so stupidly. Finally, another positive side to this life is the elevated level of self-

confidence. This Australian experience has given me some kind of confidence. Now, I have the feeling that I can survive anywhere under any circumstance. On the flip side, we have so many stories of our own. To much of our frustrations, we are the mere spectators of the present condition of our family and country. There is a little we can do to help change the situation of the place and people we care so much about. Just because, we are living far away, we are missing out on the opportunities to return our favors to the family and the nation that made us who we are. When we hear that something bad has happened to our country, we feel disgusted at the time we left our country and we kick ourselves for leaving the country. But, then again, there is not much we can do about it. We are living in a foreign country anyway. All in all, we are happy with the way things have worked for us but it leaves us high and dry when we think of our civic duty towards our nation. While it lingers in limbo whether or not political situations improve in Nepal, it too is uncertain if we are ever going back to Nepal. But what binds us together is our Nepaliness. No matter where we stay, we love Nepal as much as any other Nepali does. Our immigration department requires us to prove our identity with the passport and we need a visa to travel the place we were born in but we hold no grudges against anyone whatsoever. We have the name of our country inscribed all over our hearts. So, nothing can stop us from doing our bit for our motherland. It does not take much to make a difference. It does not take much to begin change. Money we spend in one evening at one of the local bars here suffices to pay the tuition fees of a student for the whole year in Nepal. It might not sound like a big contribution but it may strip the label that has been haunting us once for and all. This is just an example. Lets do something that makes a big impact and lets do it before it is too late.

Long Live Nepal! All Hail Nepalis!! | +977 2012



Cold Play



Cold Play Binge


On A


hen the British musical ground was being intruded by various cultural and musical immigrants, British guitar pop music rose to the occasion to withstand the foreign music invasion. Coldplay, an English Britpop/alternative rock band, is well known for their rock melodies and introspective lyrics. Coldplay joined the league only in the late 90’s but they, undoubtedly, are


one of the most influential alternative rock bands. With every single album that has come out, their popularity has only surged. Their music has vulnerability and their lyrics are characterized by the sense of self-realization.That is what best defines them as a band. Coldplay‘s saga began when the then undergraduate students met in 1996 in their first week of college. After little more than a couple of years they had their

+977 2012 |

first official band session what turned out to be a cornerstone in their musical career. None of them knew that their epic musical journey that started quietly in Jonny's bedroom in January of 1998 would take off in no time. Right after they had met Jonny and Chris were onto composing songs while it took a while for the other two to figure things out. It was not until Guy decided to join the pack and take up the role of bass guitarist that the band was fully functional.

He dropped out of engineering school just to be a part of the band. One thing that he had not realized was that the band would make it big someday. The other two continued to pursue their studies not letting go of music. A year after their formation the group renamed themselves Starfish. By then the band had already begun to make their presence felt with their gigs for local Camden promoters at small clubs. The band started giving full-fledged performances

The album “Parachutes” was dedicated to Champion’s mother who died in the 2000.

10 things about the band members.

after Will Champion took up the percussion duties. Champion was much into piano, guitar, bass, and tin whistle. Champion had no prior experience but like a true champion he quickly learned the drums. Initially, guitar was Will’s first love and that was what had lured him. Upon the insistence from his fellow band members he agreed to fill the drummer’s shoes which ensured their first ever gig. Champion was so driven by his passion that he adapted to his new role in a real quick time. Before anyone could know he was one of the ace drummers

the music industry had ever seen . "He's very quiet and very wise," says Chris about Will. "As a musician, he has got the most amazing sense of melody. He can play just about anything. And he can do little impressions. He is good at entertaining people." adds Chris. Coldplay have always acknowledged U2 and R.E.M. as their source of inspiration as these bands operate as a team and never let any other matters get in their way. They say they cannot thank enough the Scottish alternative rock band, Travis, who were also a major

influence during their earlier days. Additionally, the band unanimously decided on turning their backs on the band members who used hard drugs. Coldplay have always remained protective about their songs although they have let their songs be used in film, television, and promotional spots. They are very serious about how their songs are used in media. Many people said that the Coldplay did unthinkable by declining the multi-million dollar offers to let their songs "Yellow", "Trouble", and "Don't Panic" be used for various brands. Later, they were found

Married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow

Made cameo appearances in the movie Shaun of the Dead and a comedy Extras.

Does not smoke and drink alcohol.

He started playing guitar at the age of 11.

“There’d be no Coldplay without Jonny Buckland”Chris Martin.

Dropped out from architecture degree to focus on playing bass in Coldplay.

Berryman worked as a barman in a local London pub.

Took up the position as drummer with no prior experience, but quickly adjusted to fill the role.

Has worked as a bouncer in the bar.

explaining, "We wouldn't be able to live with ourselves if we sold the songs' meanings like that." Coldplay’s popularity skyrocketed with their first full-length album, Parachutes, in July 2000. The album rocked the music charts right from the day one. "Yellow" and "Trouble" became one of the most coveted songs on radio both sides of the Atlantic. Nonetheless, their fame did not come without blemish. They were slammed for their overt resemblance with Radiohead. Parachutes saw the decent share of success and the band embarked the tides of vogue. | +977 2012


On 1 December 2010, the band released a Christmas single entitled

"Christmas Lights"

and was reviews were once again overwhelmingly lucrative. Martin replied to a question, when he was asked about his latest single hit, with "It's

about love, addiction, OCD, escape and working for someone you do not like."

Also, they enjoyed the repute that the album brought on them as they came off with the flying colors critically. Eventually, the band received Best Alternative Music Album honors at the 2002 Grammy Awards courtesy the same album. With anticipation soaring above the sky and reputation at stake, Coldplay’s second album,

A Rush of Blood to the Head, hit the industry in August of 2002. The

album was weighed as a more cultivated product than Parachutes was. The opening track "Politik" which was written few days after the September 11 terrorist attack became a huge hit. A Rush Of Blood To The Head became a best-seller and garnered the band the success at unprecedented highs. Many other popular singles "In My Place", "The Scientist", and "Clocks" sprung out of the album taking the music charts


by storm. A Rush Of Blood To The Head took most of their fans back in time and awakened the classic era of Echo & the Bunnymen. Rush Of Blood To The Head bagged two awards at the 2003 Grammy Awards. At the 2004 Grammy Awards, Coldplay earned Record of the Year honors for "Clocks". Coldplay

took home Grammy's with the songs "In My Place" and "Clocks". They

also toured the five continents from mid 2002 to late 2003. Martin, the band's vocalist, shot to fame after he married Gwyneth Paltrow in 2003."The

Scientist" was the second single from A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002). The inspiration for the song came from George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass". Coldplay's third album, X&Y, was released on 6 June 2005 in the UK. The first single "Speed of Sound" and two other singles "Fix You" and "Talk" were released

+997+977 20122012 | |

later that year. The album again become a humongous hit. The song charts were all falling apart because of the huge response to their album. It ended up being the third-fastest selling album in the UK chart history. The third album only meant more success and more popularity for the British band. The band had kept the audience waiting for longer than they would have liked to. But, as the audience listened to the songs from the album the audience was pleasantly surprised to know that it was worth every bit of wait. It was hailed as one of those albums in the musical history that lived up to its expectations. In fact, more than 8 million copies had been sold worldwide making it the biggest hit of the year 2005. The latest album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends have again repeated the history. The originality in melodic acoustics and slightly less

‘synth-dependent’ riffs in the new album has impressed the audience and the critics alike. They have commended the band for the adaptation and the evolution of their musical savvy. Martin describes Viva la Vida as a new direction for Coldplay as it has altered the course from the past three albums, which they refer to as a "trilogy". He said the album featured less falsetto and his natural voice was in command in the album. Songs like "Violet Hill", have been loved for their distorted guitar riffs and bluesy undertones. Like previous years

51st Grammy Awards was no different for them in 2009. Coldplay won

three Grammy Awards in the categories for Song of Year for "Viva la Vida", Best Rock Album for Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, and Best Vocal Pop Performance by a Duo or Group for "Viva la Vida".


Heart Drunk With Love

“Heart Drunk

With Love”

- Rojina Limbu

Amar (Nepal): Hey GTG, time for bed!! Kreeti (USA): It’s just 11:30; can’t you stay a little longer? Amar: Sorry honeybee need to go to work early in the morning so I can’t. Will grab you tomorrow, good night, sleep tight!! Kreeti: Ok then, take your time, Amar: Sure and you have a wonderful day ahead, love you honeybee, Kreeti: love you more hapu, bye! “AmarKreeti” like the combination of the

Before falling for Amar, Kreeti was already

She believed that Amar was the exact copy

name, their hearts, though thousands of

engaged to her childhood friend Knorr.

of her dream man; good looking, loving,

miles away, were getting attached more

But when the closeness of her with Amar

caring, understanding, etc. So her love for

lively, more crazily with every passing day.

started mesmerizing her naive heart,

Amar was growing with full speed. Amar

Kreeti, USA based girl running in her mid

then slowly her attachment towards her

who was in Nepal too made her feel like a

20 was seeing Amar since two and a half

fiancée started taking a new turn, every

Queen of his world.

years, but it was only through satellite

conversation with Amar degraded the

and letters, not for real. Crazy of chatting

closeness with Knorr. She was getting

and flirting, they two had met first time over the internet, their conversation started with hi and bye and gradually changed to hey honey bee to love you, etc etc.

more and more selfish, was only thinking about herself and about her future with Amar.

As Kreeti was engaged with Knorr, the marriage date they had fixed was coming nearer. Her family and Knorr’s family started the preparation for the function. Till that moment Kreeti was totally into Amar but had kept it secret from Knorr and all the family | +977 2012


members. So one day, in the process of

height, looks, without thinking twice she

saving her love, Kreeti shared everything

explained everything and made him aware

with Knorr. Hearing upon her story, Knorr

that she had left her world for him and

was totally devastated, felt like he was

was here to marry him. On hearing Kreeti,

burning inside because since childhood he

Amar turned totally red and with sweat all

was in love with Kreeti and had dreamed

over his body asked Kreeti to give him some

of making her his. On the other hand


Kreeti was begging him to let her go, as

that?” The person for whom she had left her family, for whom she had broken her engagement, for whom she was in Nepal, was all useless now. She felt like her heart was ripped out, the land in which she was standing was shifting, like she was thrown

It was already more than a month that

in the ocean, everywhere dark, no sign of

she was in Nepal; her contact with Amar

light anywhere. She thought of committing

was decreasing. Those chats in computer

suicide but thinking about her parents she

and phone which used to last for hours

couldn’t and made her mind to go back to

Kreeti’s parents tried so hard to convince

and more had turned to minutes. He had

her parents, to her fiancée.

her but the stubbornness of Kreeti won.

started to avoid her so one day Kreeti

She made the decision to meet Amar

made her mind to know the reason behind

without letting him know. So she booked

his change. So she followed him everywhere

a ticket and headed to Nepal, where her

he went. One day when she was on her

love was. After landing there, without any

way to spend her time in zoo, she saw

delay she straightly went to meet Amar to

something beyond her imagination. What

his office. He was totally in sweat seeing

she saw was that Amar was with his wife

Kreeti in person; they both smiled and

and their two children. She couldn’t believe

hugged each other. As, said by Amar, he

her eyes so she headed towards them and

was the manager in one of the IT companies

asked him who the lady was. And instead

and seeing the fact that he wasn’t lying

of getting a reply from him, his wife replied

anything about him, about his occupation,

“I am his wife, do you have any problem with

nobody can see the tears in his/her loved one’s so, without arguing or questioning he let her go.


+977 2012 |

After reaching back to states, her world had already taken a new turn, her loving parents had stopped talking to her and other sad news was, her fiancée was already married with someone else. With this change, again her hope was shattered, her dream was smashed and yet again the fate had cheated her. She was left all alone, only her mistakes, tears, pain were around her. She couldn’t think about a new start, new dream, desire and what was left for her was SUICIDE!! | +977 2012


Tr a v e l

Bandipur , “ An Estuary of Culture and Regal Serenity�


An Estuary of Culture and Regal Serenity

Bandipur, once a simple Magar village later turned to be the India-Tibet trade route due to the entry of Newars from Bhaktapur around early nineteenth century. 38

+977 2012 |

If you are wondering where to go for celebration for the upcoming holidays then we bring you the most attractive place for you and your family. Bandipur, just 5-6 hours drive from the capital city, is a nature blessed land located in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. Situated between the capital city and Pokhara (another popular tourist destination), the town includes different ethnic groups and beliefs of people and is famous for its natural beauty including the hospitality of the society over there. Bandipur, once a simple Magar village later turned to be the India-Tibet trade route due to the entry of Newars from Bhaktapur around early nineteenth century. The Newars along with their trading skills also brought their rich cultural heritage and architecture, which still defines the look and feel of today's Bandipur, the place also got developed with charming buildings, their neoclassical facades and shuttered windows. So, if you have an interest in exploring the history and culture then Bandipur is one of the perfect places for you to kill your curiosity. From the fascinating side of history, architecture, incredible views,

awesome caves and unspoiled landscapes, you can come close with every part of art. Also, apart from the History and Culture, another plus point to visit Bandipur is the stunning views of the Himalaya and the Marsyangdi Valley. This place can be called a natural view tower; indeed, as one can enjoy a spectacular panorama of the entire Annapurna Range plus the peaks of Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Langtang, Manakamana and Gorkha from there. The climate of Bandipur is another preferable side for the visitors. The cool air, greenery, clean and calm environment etc help one to escape from the noise and buzz of the Kathmandu valley. For a traveler, the three things that are most important while travelling are Lodging, Fooding and Transportation. But you don’t need to worry about all these stuffs while visiting Bandipur because the place and its people provide it all. Although there are less number of hotels and guest houses, one can easily find one; in addition, the delicious food with local taste and the availability of different means of transportation, what else does one want for a

perfect holiday. Also, there are different ways of reaching Bandipur like you can go there Via Road (drive from Kathmandu to Dumre Bazar and by just half an hour ride you can reach your destination). Via the Ancient route (you can hike through the hill and within two hours you can reach the heart of Bandipur: Bandipur Bazar) and Via the Siddha Cave (If you want to take the less travelled route to Bandipur with the visual delights of the caves and the hillside, then this route is highly recommended. It starts from Bimalnagar and takes you past the Siddha Cave, probably the biggest cave in Asia, and will get you to Bandipur in just about an hour and a half). With its varied attractions ranging from the artistic to the scenic, Bandipur, a simpler and more refined place entices visitors of all interests to come and discover something for oneself. So if you want to enjoy the vacation within the short period of time, want to be far from the hectic schedule, want to fly like birds and dance along the wind then Bandipur is the most recommended place for anyone. | +977 2012


Reality Bites

Speed: One Life Threatening pleasure

As a youngster, how often do you ride motorcycles

hood playing games, electronic ones that is, on

seem to be residing on two opposite ends they

? No prizes for guessing, everybody....well almost

computers or on televisions. It used to be so much

have quite a few things in common. Let us con-

everybody does. Youths in Nepal are so fond of

fun trying to get away from on coming traffic,

template how they are akin. How is getting on the

motorcycles. As exhilarating as it is to speed up

trying not to smash ourselves on to other vehicles,

busy roads of Nepal and trying to dodge others in

on the obnoxiously busy roads of Kathmandu

sometimes missing narrowly and other times

a day to day life different from trying not to hit

and other towns, it also poses life threatening

crashing on to them. It was so much fun that we

other vehicles in our games? Do these things not

risks. Regardless of the risk factors the roar of

spent hours everyday. We could never get enough

seem close to each other? I cannot help thinking

powerful engines is quite common. Young people

of it. Believe it or not, we are doing the same even

they do resemble one another. The only differ-

and not-so-young people alike are seen skidding

today when we prefer to think that we have left

ence here is if we screw up on the road, it is pretty

through the streets most often than not. We are

those days far behind and have come a long way.

much all over for us where as we could start over

so accustomed to these hair raising rides that we

Fortunately or unfortunately, we have not moved

on computer games.

have kind of begun to take them for granted. It is

an inch when it comes to our appetite for the

an integral part of the newly blossoming modern

thrill. We have always remained the same..

William Shakespeare once referred to life as a stage play and the people as the artists. It’s

life style of Nepalese people these days. With that being said, the intention here is not to talk about

It is obvious that you do not see where we are

almost time now that the word ‘stage’ got

the way we ride motorcycles or not even the types

going with this motorcycle and play station thing.

replaced with the word ‘station’ to become

of motorcycles we have. The endeavor here is to be

Crazy as it may seem to you that someone is

‘play station’ rather than ‘stage play’. Life is

a little imaginative. Nevertheless, you could call it

incessantly trying to connect riding motorcycles

too precious and we cannot let go or lose it out

a little insane!

with playing childhood computer games. But just

to a nasty accident for there is no ‘Play Again’

take it easy and think about it once again. It is

button to be hit in our real life just in case we

Most of us, if not everyone, have spent great deal

now time that the dots be connected and things

happen to mess things up.

of our times in our childhood or even adult-

be made clear. Although these two allegories


+977 2012 |


Travel Tips

Itchy feet

Budget! Budget! Budget! If you want to go somewhere, start planning for it and start saving ahead of time.

By Mani Joshi


believe everyone in this world likes to travel. I know there are a few people who are scared of flying, like Whoopi Goldberg, but those people still love travelling. They just don't want to fly so they may drive everywhere. If you ask me, I love travelling; actually I should say I have a passion for travelling. I have a long list of places I want to see before I die and the list keeps growing thanks to travel channels and the internet. My mum told me once that I have itchy feet and I totally agree with her. I will travel at any and every opportunity I can get and I am proud to say that I am living my dream. If you are also like me, you may also empathize with this, the most difficult part of having itchy feet is that every time you travel, it costs lots of time and money. Time, I can manage as I am lucky to have a job which has flexible time off options but money has always been a problem and I am sure it will be so in the future as well unless I win a multimillion dollar lotto. Come on, one can dream and who knows, it may come true. So today I am going to share a few of my travel tips to allow your itchy feet to wander around the world a bit more. Budget! Budget! Budget! If you want to go somewhere, start planning for it and start saving ahead of time. It might take months or years but if you plan ahead, one day you will get there. They say Wish, Plan, and Proceed - and I believe that is what we need to do. For all of us who call Nepal home, we make sure to visit our family and friends at least once every few years. We may go for few weeks or few months but we always make sure we go as often as possible. Normally we don't consider that as a holiday but if you think about it you can plan and make it a holiday. Why? Because you are already spending so much time and money on travelling anyway that if you plan a bit you can squeeze holiday in. As there is no direct flight to Nepal (I wish there would be one soon, as I hate those long transits as much as you do), we are forced to change planes in either in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India or Hong Kong. So if you are going to Nepal why don't you use this opportunity to take a few days holiday in one of these countries where you have to transit anyway? Singapore doesn't require visas for Nepali nationals while other countries have easy visa process. They are quick and cheap. Just think about it when you travel to Nepal the next time. And if you have an Australian passport you probably won't need a visa, making it easier to visit those countries. Just make sure you check about the visa requirements. I am sure you will love each of these stopovers. Beaches in Thailand or Shopping in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC - the famous twin towers) in Malaysia or the Culture in India, you will definitely have some unique experience every time. If you want to go one step further, take a hop from these stopover countries with Air Asia (or any other low cost carriers) and you can get to Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Maldives or Laos quite easily. The flights are not so expensive either. Just remember, if you are planning to do this, Air Asia has its counters outside the international terminal in most of the countries. It means that may need to pass immigration to reach these terminals and so you may require visa in your stopover country as well even though you do not leave the airport, so don't forget to check that with your travel agent and also cross check with Air Asia. One who plans well always saves money while travelling, so do your research. Don't be bored | +977 2012


about spending a few hours on the internet because this might save you heaps of dollars while on your holiday. My best friend has been Trip Advisor ( for a long time. Their fellow travellers share their good and bad experience which has definitely helped me to make a better decision than I might have otherwise. Always look at more than one person's opinion to make sure that you a well-rounded picture of whatever you are researching. If it is possible book your holiday at least 6 months or more in advance, especially air tickets. Most airlines have a number of different ticket types even in economy unless you are used to travelling business or first class. The cheaper seats are sold out first and they are limited. It might make hundreds of dollars of difference in your budget if you act early. This saving may allow you to extend your trip or put money towards other activities. Sign up to get a newsletter/email from airlines and travel companies. I know it can be really annoying when you get heaps of emails when you are not planning for a holiday but if you are smart, you may get a great deal. Just make a folder in your inbox for all travel emails. Setup a rule in your email options to send this email directly to the

travel folder so if you are not planning holidays, you don't need to look at them but if you are then there may be some offers which you can use for your next trip. Become a frequent flyer member with the airline you fly frequently. I am a member of Star Alliance as I fly Singapore and Thai a lot.


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The last time I went to Nepal, I had enough points to spend my 13 hours transit in their lounge with my husband. It was great with free internet, food, shower and a bed as well. Also you may be lucky and get priority for some service or even upgraded seats When you are on holiday keep a budget and try to stick to it but don't count every penny. It may cost you $100 to go to the top of Burj Kalifa (the top of the tallest building in the world) but as you are in Dubai, you might as well do it (by the way if you buy it online beforehand it only costs around $25 so you save $75!). You will never be able to do these once in a lifetime things unless you go back to the same place again. Believe me; you will regret that in the future. Travel domestically if you can't go international. Australia has so many beautiful places that you can drive to. Just hop into the car and drive away. Also while in Nepal, just pick a place and have a family holiday. Your family will love it and you will get to spend more time with them as well and your pocket will love it too. I think every traveller will tell you and I agree with it as well - There is no bad experience when you travel. Just keep an open mind and enjoy what that place/country has to offer. Don't look for what you have every day. You are travelling because you want to experience something different. Enjoy new places, new people and new culture. Open your eyes and your heart to the world. You will be surprised what you discover around the next corner. Bon Voyage!!! Mani has travelled to 20+ countries so far and plans to make it a half century then a century or more in her life time.


Helping Children for better tomorrow...



for better tomorrow...

Australia is a dream destination for every people, or every teenager, should we say. Eyes full of dreams- some fulfilled, some shattered, streets full of cultural diversities, fun everywhere, people dancing and partying, same busy schedule everyday, eager wait for weekends and running busily on the streets with lots of hope for tomorrow, it pretty much recapitulates the quotidian lifestyle in Australia. We are so busy in this world that, at times, we forget everything.We try and maintain every high standard but forget what country we are from, in the process? We get so busy that we sometimes forget our motherland. But some people always keep their dreams of doing something for their motherland alive. They contribute to their country in an attempt to make their nation a


+977 2012 |

better place to live. We have a very few examples but we can be proud we have some.

Leading from the front is Satish Pandey. He stayed and studied in Australia and always had a dream to help his country. Satish says, “Children in Australia are so blessed to have mobile phones, iPADs and many modern technical supports, modern schooling. I am from such a country where children are begging on the

streets of the metropolises, sniffing glue and being sexually abused everyday. They have no idea what mobile phones and many more technical items are.� As it happens, children’s future is going nowhere but in a big dump hole where no light light can be seen at the other end. The country is on a reverse course. Just when it looked like no one would step up to change things around, Satish decided to go back to Nepal in order to fulfill his dream and bring smile on some innocent faces. Working alone was not possible and dealing with those children was very challenging. So he founded a charitable organization named Nepal Mother Foundation (NMF). Many youth members lent their hands for this beautiful social cause. The organization has been working for the children after its establishment. Nepal Mother Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in the year 2011 with an aim to advocate the rights of marginalized and underprivileged children in the Nepalese societies. As a supervisory body in the field of child rights in the nation, NMF acts as a mentor of the children through advocacy and campaign thus negotiating with government on protection and promotion of child rights in the nation. The organization attempts to intervene at every level of the society to end

end of the day it is very pleasing. His when you are willing to help your every kind of exploitation, abuse and team has been very hard working and country. We should not forget our discrimination against children. using funds from local resources. It is motherland. Thank you Mr. Satish At present NMF’s major areas of very hard to manage but hats off to the Pandey for the eye-opener that staying concern are; Street Children, Child work they have been doing and their abroad does not have to be the final opLabor, Child trafficking, Children in efforts to change the society. They have tion left. We cannot thank you enough Armed Conflict and commercial sexual many more dreams but they are in need for making us realize we have lots of exploitation of children. They focus of some helping hands. opportunities in our own country to their attention on bringing these issues Distance does not really matter make it a better place. to attention. They hope, in the long run, the better future of the every child of the nation and the nation as a whole, can be ensured. The organization has started its action from Kathmandu and aims to reach every district of the nation in the near future. The mission of NMF is to facilitate the process that helps in the promotion of child rights and to work on DEPOSIT CAR LOAN the improvement of grass Business Consultant AVA I L A B L E • Franchise busines available root situation of the children. from $40,000 (income guranteed) with And, eventually, they want to finance opportunity tu envision a society where every de e m n t W elco child is respected as a citizen Loan & Finance Service of the state. • Home Loan • Loan Refinance The year 2011 went ex• Low-Doc Loan ceptionally well for them as • Personal Loan they were involved in various • Car Loan activities throughout the year. NMF runs a Day Care Center for Street Children along with some non-formal education classes, entertainment and nutrition programs for 2025 street children everyday. They also have run health and hygiene programs and singPLEASE CALL ONE OF OUR FRIENDLY ing and dancing classes for STAFF TODAY ! those children. Besides these customary programs, NMF has some special programs for Credit Lic:394641 the street children that include clothes collection campaign and distribution, speech comCity Office: petition on child rights and 379 Pitt st Level 5, Sydney 2000 education support program to Mob: 0402 921 687 the children affected by conEmail : flict among others. According to Mr. Pandey it has been very hard but at the



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Where's My Tax Refund?


My Tax

REFUND? Finally, time of the year is here. This resembles more to the Dashain bonus we used to get at work back home. The difference is Dashain bonus was a fun experience with little or no surprise element to it as we always knew what amount of bonus we were getting. On the contrary, the tax refund that we get here in Australia gets us cringing, rubbing our faces and scratching our head because we do not know how much exactly we are getting tax refunds. At least, until our group certificates have been provided to our tax agents and they have put this information through their system. There is a hilarious or a rather stupid side to the story. We wind up making a fool of ourselves by asking questions like can I get the money back that I spent on my make-up? Sometimes, naively and other times out of curiosity, people can be seen asking their agents if they can return the tax they paid during that year. These dilemmas stem from two main underlying problems. First off, we are not accustomed to the concept of tax


+977 2012 |

and how it works. Secondly, we belong to a country where people find newer ways of evading taxes and where tax is a burden rather than a civic duty. We can lay blame partly on our faulty doctrine that failed to tell us how important it is to pay tax or the government which makes taxes look like a worse than it really is with no return at all. For many of us, tax is something we run into either on tax related articles or some goofy tax statistics. Therefore, it helps to know some basics about how much tax we should pay, what part of our income is liable to tax payment and how much tax refund we get at the end of the year. Following are some of the easy-tofollow guidelines that shed some light on the procedure of tax payment and tax refund. 1. To begin with, one needs to figure out their total income. Keep in mind, tax one is entitled to tax return only when they have started working and earning. By earning, we mean everything from salary to wages to ABN works and

to allowances, i.e. tips, laundry, travel, government agencies’ allowances etc. Once the total income is declared, every single cent is taxable. Say, your income is $50,000. 2. Then comes the herculean task of calculating how much tax refund one gets. The popular myth has it that, all the expenses incurred on work related topics are refundable, which is not. Let there be no mistake. The expenditures made on donations, fee on tax returns, travel or other work related expenses are not 100% refundable. They are just tax deductible. This means that tax is reduced on total income minus the donations and stuffs one makes. (The standard deduction items for a student taxpayer would be Laundry, Uniform, Shoes, car expenses if the car is used during work or to travel between two jobs (but cannot be claimed if used to go to work and home) and study expenses if he is doing work related study after he finds the job.) Let’s assume here that your total deduction amount is $2000.

3. Thirdly, one needs to calculate the tax payable amount. When the expenses (items described in process 2) are subtracted from the total income (items described in process 1), the difference should be what the tax is paid on. Let’s see what happens to a student if the table that follows is the tax rate for them. Income Tax Rate

$1-$6,000 0

$6,001-$37,000 15 Percent

$37,001-$80,000 30 Percent

The above table shows that if one’s taxable amount is $48,000, tax payable is 7,950. [For first $6000, one does not have to pay any tax. Then for $31,000 ($6,000-$37,000), one pays 15 cents per dollar which is $4650 and then for rest one pays 30 cents per dollar.] 4. Next on the card is to look into the liability of Medicare Levy and Surcharge. Everyone with Medicare card is liable to pay 1.5 percent of their income as Medicare Levy. Should one not have health insurance and should one be single earning $80,000 plus one should pay 1 more percent as Surcharge. 5. Now is the time to find out if there is any tax rebates for you. i. e. Low income rebate, Education rebate, medical expenses e.t.c. Specifiically students are only able to claim low-income rebate, which is $1500 for income up to $30,000. If one earns more than $30,000, one’s $1500 rebate will be reduced by 4 cents

every dollar, which means one, will get $780 as low-income rebate on $48000 income. 6. This brings us to the calculation of Medicare Levy and Surcharge (calculated in step 4) and the deduction of the rebates (calculated in step 5). By calculation on total payable amount one’s new payable amount is $7,170 ($7950+0-$780). 7. The final step would be to figure out whether the amount calculated in step 5 is greater than tax withheld amount in group certificate. Depending on the tax withheld amount tax refund amount differs. Let’s illustrate it this way.If the employer has deducted only $5000 tax in that year. Then tax return for this year will be PAYABLE $2,170 [$7,170 - $5,000]. If the employer had deducted $7,171 or more then one would get a refund. This is because tax payable amount is normally the same as it depends on overall income level. However, one’s weekly tax withheld amount can be fickle because employer calculates this deduction and the weekly deduction amount depends on one’s employers’ tax calculations. Note: The writer was rewarded by Kaplan Excellence Award in Taxation Law for highest Mark within his University and works as an Accountant and Tax Consultant at Everest Taxation SYDNEY BRANCH. The information here is educational purpose only.For your circumstances and tax implications, please see Mr.KC or a Registered Tax Agent.

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We are team of innovative, talented and proactive accountants specialising individuals, professional & small business tax returns Our address: Sydney Branch Suite 303, Level 3 468 George Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Tel: 02 8094 8024 Email: Please call us now Kushal KC 0434251583 Ershad Ahmed 0430385440

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+977 Sports Update (2nd Issue):


ed By: Pradeep Chapagain

News Update


a Reign: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's IPL outfit Kolkota Knight Riders e title of 2012 beating defending champions Chennai Super Kings in the final. Chasing of 191 runs, Kolkota's low-figure opening batsman Manvinder Bisla scored a careeroff just 48 balls to lead his side into glory. Kolkota's West Indian all-rounder Sunil bagged the player of the tournament. Royal Challenger Banglore's Chris Gayle was hest scorer for this year whereas Delhi Daredevils' Morne Morkel was the highest taker. Rajasthan Royals picked up the fair play award.


Compiled By: Pradeep Chapagain

Compiled By: Pradeep Chapagain

Kolkota Reign: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's IPL outfit Kolkota Knight Riders won the title of 2012 beating defending champions Chennai Super Kings in the final. Chasing a target of 191 runs, Kolkota's low-figure opening batsman Manvinder Bisla scored a careerbest 89 off just 48 balls to lead his side into glory. Kolkota's West Indian all-rounder Sunil Narine bagged the player of the tournament. Royal Challenger Banglore's Chris Gayle was the highest scorer for this year whereas Delhi Daredevils' Morne Morkel was the highest wicket taker. Rajasthan Royals picked up the fair play award.

glory. Kolkata's West Indian all-rounder Sunil Kolkata Reign Narine bagged the player of the tournaBollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's IPL ment. Royal Challenger Bangalore's Chris outfit Kolkata Knight Riders won the title of leted a double as the winners of FA Cup as well. It was the 2012 very firstbeating Championsdefending champions Chennai Gayle was the highest scorer for this year ue crown for the London club which spent millions of dollars since Billionaire owner whereas Delhi Daredevils' Morne Morkel was Super Kings in the final. Chasing a target an Ibrahimovich bought the club in 2003. the highest wicket taker. Rajasthan Royals of 191 runs, Kolkata's low-figure opening upthethe fair play batsman Manvinder Bisla scored a career completed apicked double as winners of FAaward. Cup as well. It was the very first Cha best 89 off just 48 balls to lead his side League into crown for the London club which spent millions of dollars since Billionaire Roman Ibrahimovich bought club 2003.equalizing goal and then the penultimate Finally Chelsea: Didier the Drogba scoredin a last-gasp

penalty in the shoot-out against Bayern Munich to bag the most-awaited Champions League crown for the blues. Two minutes from time, Drogba cancelled Mario Gomez's 83rd minute opener to put his side into contention which went to sudden death after goalless extra time. Chelsea's caretaking managaer Roberto Di Matteo had dream season as manager as his side

Chelsea: Didier Drogba scored a last-gasp equalizing goal and then the penultimate Finally in the shoot-out against BayernChelsea Munich to bag the most-awaited Champions League or the blues. Two minutes from time, Drogba cancelled Mario Gomez's 83rd minute Didier Drogba scored a last-gasp equalizing to put his side into contention which went to sudden death after goalless extra time. 's caretaking managaer Di Matteo had dream season as manager as his side goal Roberto and then the penultimate penalty in the

Chelsea's caretaking managaer Roberto Di Matteo had dream season as a manager as his side completed a double as the winners of shoot-out against Bayern Munich to bag the FA Cup as well. It was the very first Champimost-awaited Champions League crown for ons League crown for the London club which the blues. Two minutes from time, Drogba e Champ: Red Bull's Australian driver Mark Webber won the Monaco Grand Prix to spent millions of dollars since Billionaire owner cancelled 83rd opener me the sixth winner in as manyMario races inGomez's 2012 Formula One minute season. Webber started from and was almost unchallenged race to take the charge aheadtoof Mercedes's Roman Ibrahimovich bought the club in 2003. to put his throughout side intothe contention which went Rosberg and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso. It was the second Monaco Grand Prix victory sudden death after extra time. glory. Spanish career for Webber who is still seeking for goalless his first World Championship

so now leads the Formula One World Championship table for this year after the first six

Aussie Champ: Red Bull's Australian driver Mark Webber won the Monaco Grand Rosberg and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso. It Aussie Champ become the sixth winner in as many races in 2012 Formula One season. Webber starte pole won and was almost unchallenged race to takevictory the charge ahead of Mer was the second throughout Monaco the Grand Prix Red Bull's Australian driver Mark Webber Nico Rosberg and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso. It was the second Monaco Grand Prix of the career for Webber who is still seeking the Monaco Grand Prix to become theofsixth the career for Webber who is still seeking for his first World Championship glory. S Alonso now leads World Championship for this year after the f his the firstFormula WorldOne Championship glory.table Spanish winner in as many races in 2012 Formula races. Alonso now leads the Formula One World One season. Webber started from pole and Championship table for this year after the first was almost unchallenged throughout the race six races. to take the charge ahead of Mercedes's2008.Her Nico victory also capped a remarkable comeback for Maria after many though

but over when she underwent shoulder surgery in 2008.

Sharapova Slam

World No. 1 spot after four years. Maria had US Open in 2008.Her victory also capped a remarkable comeback to complete the career slam following her forBjorn Maria Borg. after many thought her career was Frenchthe Open 2012with triumph. BeatingRod surprise m titles equalling number Australian Laver and all but over when she underwent shoulder finalist Sara Errani of Italy with a score line -1 win-loss record in French Open. surgery in 2008. of 6-3, 6-2, Sharapova also reclaimed the

pova Slam: Russian tennis queen Maria Sharapova became only the 10th woman in history to won the Wimbledon in 2004, the Russian tennis queen Maria Sharapova ete the career slam following her French Open 2012 triumph. Beating surprise finalist Sara of Italy with a score line of 6-3, only 6-2, Sharapova also reclaimed thein World No. 1 spot after four 2006 and the Australian Open in became the 10th woman history Maria had won the Wimbledon in 2004, the US Open in 2006 and the Australian Open in

Sharapova Slam: Russian tennis queen Maria Sharapova became only the 10th woman in hi complete the career slam following her French Open 2012 triumph. Beating surprise final Errani of Italy with a score line of 6-3, 6-2, Sharapova also reclaimed the World No. 1 spot af years. EuroMaria Feverhad won the Wimbledon in 2004, the US Open in 2006 and the Australian O

six times at Roland Garros. ConsidRafa Supremacy The 2012 edition of European Championships, oftenclay regarded as the Mini-World ered as the greatest ever court Clay surface legend Rafael Nadal Poland and Ukraine. Sixteen football nations (Spain, Ireland, Germany, Cr player, Rafa has now won 11 grand clinched record seventh French Open Denmark, Portugal, England, Poland, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Russia, Czech R slam equalling number with the new Eu crown beating World No. 1 Novak Italy) from Europe are titles participating with the an aim of becoming Defending champions Spain, World Runner up Bjorn Netherlands, Germany and F Australian RodCup Laver and Borg. Djokovic by 6-4,6-3,2-6,7-5 in the rain favorites to take the title. Nadal now has 52-1 win-loss record delayed final at Paris. Spanish tennis in French Open. king Nadal broke the record of Swedish Bjorn Borg who also had won | +977 2012



Euro Fever

Players That are leading

also capped a remarkable comeback for Maria after many thought her career was all e underwent shoulder surgery in 2008.

the score tally

Euro 2012

Euro Cup 2012 is on its full throttle. We have seen some shocking upsets that upended the dreams of many probable contenders. With the soccer gala nearing its stakes could not of European Championships, often regarded as the Mini-World Cup kicked off final, in be higher for the teams. Most of aine. Sixteen football nations (Spain, Ireland, Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, al, England, Poland, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Russia, Czech the Republic, Greecemade & teams it to the semis as ope are participating with an aim of becoming the new European Champion. expected but some of the giants pions Spain, World Cup Runner up Netherlands, Germany and France loom as the he title. have seen a humiliating fiasco. All in all, this edition of European Championship has become a thrilling tournament to watch. Same can be said about the players. Some players have emerged out of nowhere to surprise us while some big guns have made an early exit silently failing to fire.

Here we are with some of the top scorers of the mega event to this date (until the first semi final match is completed). 50

+977 2012 |

cy: Clay surface legend Rafael Nadal clinched record seventh French Open

Mario Gomez

Bayern Munich front man Mario Gomez is leading the pack jointly with Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and Mario Mandzukic (Croatia) with three goals to his credits. Gomez stands a better chance as his rivals have already perished from the competition. Gomez found the back of the net twice on a high octane match up against the Netherlands helping Germans seal the deal. However his first goal came against Portugal as Portugal defenders and goalie had no reply to Gomez’s clinical finishing. It is pretty much the end of the road for Ronald and Mandzukic as their teams have already crashed out of the competition. Xabi Alonso Cesc Fabrigas and Fernando Torres are on the hunt for

defending champions from making headlines the following morning.

Fernando Torres

the golden boot too. These three fellow countrymen have buried the ball twice so far. Xabi’s twin strikes came in the same match in the Quarter Finals against France. His first header was one of the greatest goals in the tournament while he scored from the spot in the second half after French downed Spanish player in the D-Box.

Cesc Fabrigas Cesc scored three minutes later Italy scored in their opening match of Euro. Spanish coach had shown a lot of faith in Fabrigas and sent him ahead of out-of-form Torres. And, he did not let his coach down by finding an equalizer that prevented the

Torres is getting in and out of form for the past few years. Chelsea forward has been under immense scrutiny for his below par performances in his career lately. Fernando’s double came against Spain dominated game against Ireland when he scored in both halves. His double in that match up must have quelled the criticisms about him. Lars Bender (Germany), Sami Khedira (Germany), Miroslav Klose (Germany), Philipp Lahm (Germany), Lukas Podolski (Germany), Marco Reus (Germany), Mario Balotelli (Italy), Antonio Cassano (Italy), Antonio Di Natale (Italy), Andrea Pirlo (Italy), Jesus Navas (Spain) and David Silva (Spain) have scored one goal each. With two matches to go for Germans and Italians and with one final match remaining for Spanish, they still are on the run provided that they pull off an unprecedented performances on those matches.

Players who missed

Euro 2012

5. Giuseppe Rossi (Italy): Rossi suffered a relapse of his knee problem due to which he was ruled out of the tournament. He had selfless work ethics, superb mobility and high technical skills. Italian squad must be missing his qualities and Italian forward line will be poorer in his absence. 4. Carlos Puyol (Spain): Many attacking players are absence in this tournament but we can’t leave the centre half players behind. The Vice captain of Barcelona is not being seen in this tournament due to injury. Puyol was a near certain starter for his country in this Euro 2012 but he missed out due to

injury. 3. Cacau (Germany): Many were surprised to see Cacau’s name left out from Final squad of Germany. He was one of the beacons of the new Germany side. He was pacy, nimble, technically adept and had selfless streak. He was not born in Germany but has contributed a lot through football to Germany. 2. Frank Lampard (England): The English penalty taker and the set piece man Frank Lampard has missed this Euro 2012. The thigh injury he suffered could be problematic for his team. He have shown that he can curb the

attacking tendencies of his peak years. He is missed by England fans and his team mates and his moments of 2010 World Cup qualifier. 1. David Villa (Spain): David Villa made the decision not to play in Euro 2012. The news came when he called team manager Vicente Del Bosque and told him he will not be fully recovered from his leg injury, which he got when Barcelona played with Al-Sadd at the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup on December 15. As per the source he was suggested by medical teams of both FC Barcelona and the Spanish team not to play for Euro 2012. | +977 2012


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Nonchalant Culinary Extravagance

Rajiv Ramtel

Rajiv Ramtel, who is also known as “Jeevi - the Laughing Chef” was born in Biratnagar, Nepal. He has been passionate about food from a very young age, from when he was watching his mum cook in their kitchen. According to Jeevi, “When I first arrived in Australia I shared a flat with a few Nepalese friends. Since then I have been busy cooking/promoting vegetarianism. Many of my friends are passionate about meat. Since the price of meat and vegetables in Australia are similar, all my friends would just buy meat and eat meat and rice three times a day. I started to prepare my meal most of the night and while doing this, I re-discovered my passion for cooking. Whenever there was a party at my friends’ places, I used to cook. My friends were happy because they did not have to be in the kitchen but they were not so happy to discover that I cleared out their fridges of all the vegetables. My friends used to say, "Wow! Your food


tastes better than meat." This has inspired me to keep cooking and show the beautiful side of vegetarian food. Jeevi is also the founder of a charity called “Water For Nepal”. This charity installs water pumps in the poorest villages in Nepal, at the moment mainly in the Morang and Sunsari districts. Jeevi organizes charity events for “Water For Nepal” and all the proceeds are donated to this charity Jeevi also has a facebook page known as ‘ Jeevi – The Laughing chef” where he teaches people how to cook / prepare vegetarian, vegan and raw food through his step by step photo recipes. Jeevi says, “Most of you have been eating meat all your life. It is now time to take a break and introduce new flavors to your taste buds. The dish that I am introducing now is everyone's favorite, a party topper.”

Smoothie Jeevi Kale & Banana Smoothie

 The healthy, nutritious, soul nourishing breakfast that you can prepare in less than five minutes. Hollywood is crazy about this green smoothie right now. Today I would like to show you how to make the Green Smoothie!!


1 apple, cored (deseeded) and roughly chopped 1 banana 2 leaves of kale (you can buy it from supermarket) ½ cup of Baby English Spinach 15 mint leaves 1 Lebanese cucumber, roughly chopped 100 ml of water


# Combine all the ingredients into your blender and blend it until smooth. # Add more water if needed to get things moving around in the blender. # Enjoy your Super Healthy Green Smoothie and keep on Laughing!!!


+977 2012 | | +977 2012



Bon Appetite

MushroomChoila Jeevi’s Special Mushroom Choila

serves 3-4 people for entree or as a snack with beer and wine!

Ingredients 4 big mushrooms- stems removed 1/2 medium red spanish onion finely diced 1/2 cup of chopped shallot, thinly sliced 2/3 cup of chopped coriander 1/3 cup of chopped garlic chives 2 tbsp finely diced ginger 3 cloves finely chopped garlic 3 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp cumin powder


+977 2012 |

1 tsp of dry chilli flakes (adjust to suit your taste) 4 tbsp mustard oil

Method  Heat 4 tbsp of cooking oil in fry pan and put mushroom skin side down in pan. Cook for 3 minutes and then turn over and cook for another 3 minutes.  Once cooked, cut into small pieces - approx 2cm X 2cm  Roast cumin powder in fry pan for 20 - 30 seconds  In a small fry pan heat mustard oil and add dry chili flakes - heat for 20 seconds or until

it begins to smoke  Add all ingredients and mix together in a big bowl  Add salt to taste  Enjoy and keep on laughing!!!

 Hi guys!! Yes Yes Yes, we know that we are super busy and most of us don't have time to cook and prepare our food. Some of us even hate to have breakfast “ we normally say bihaan taa malai khanai maan lagdaina”, but the thing is that if we don't have breakfast we get tired and lack concentration and will have no energy to get through the day!! Breakfast should be the most nutritious meal of the day.


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o i l fo SIVELY ON Fla

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A shopping pleasure like never before

What's in What's Out 58

+977 2012 |


rses, u p , s e o h S nd dresses a nd glasses a ou es, y accessori . name it | +977 2012



Haven One click shopping destination for all the shopoholics who want ultimate shopping experience with host of collections to choose from.


+977 2012 |

Fashion goes live with Folio.Flagship.Store. marking its place in a vast virtual space as social media and the internet beckon the digital age. Luxury fashion on-the-go, we promise to provide you with the best of the best fashionable items. Every Season has that one trend that stands out from the herd, and we at Folio.Flagship.Store assure you the grandeur of online shopping. Be the next fashionista and the grandista with the stores we associate ourselves with. Just "SEARCH.BUY.GET DELIVERED" till net do us part. Login to




MAKE-UP Everybody wants a new look for the cold weather and not everything goes well,Winter make up requires extremely different approach than make up for other season. why? ďż˝ Because cold weather might be devasting for looks you work on for several hours.As the weather goes colder and that rosy glow pops into yours cheeks every time you step outdoors, your beauty routine needs to follow suit. This winter has its own set of trend,Just a general guidelines to help you switch from your fall face to a chiller completion for the day. 1. Choose a good moisturiser that contains light consistency so your skin will absorb it fully before make up application. 2. Create a flawless base with a creamy foundation such as Laura Mercier cream smooth foundation, Cover Girl aqua smooth cream foundation, etc to avoid oil slick, ensure your foundation stays in place, lightly dust your face with a translucent powder. 3. Don't forget to comb and colour your brows everybody ignores it, but the facts is your brows adds a lot of dimension in your look. 4. Apply an eyeshadow base over the lid to stay the colour and to avoid the crack of shadow and apply neutral colours such as taupe, brown, champagne or beige eyes shadow over your entire eyelid, taking the colour up towards your brow bone. colours such as Velvex Pearl from MAC, Maybelline Roller colour shadows in Twirling Taupe.etc.You can also choose different colours like purple or green if you can play with bright colour even in winter. But don't forget to blend it. 5. Blend a chocolate brown eyeshadow try Sweet Chocolate from Motives by Loren Ridinger,Sketch from MAC the outer corner of your eyes from lash line to the crease,with the same colour slightly blend it under the rim of your eyes to soften the look and create a subtle smokey effect.Use a Concealer underneath your eyes where there a dark circle to stand out your eyes. You can either add Concealer before applying eyeshadow as well. 6. Next line the inner rim of each eyes with a dark coloured eye pencil try, MAC eye pencil.Finish your eyes with a coat of mascara only on the top lashes such as Loreal Volume Million lashes, Revlon luscious, etc 7. Ensure your lips are clean and dry before applying a generous slick of your favourite shade of lipstick. Lip pumice from Motives by Loren Ridinger is the great exfoliator for the lip followed by Vitamin C Lip Treatment keeps your lip moist and protected from cold wintry winds. Remember never colour your eyes and lips both with bright colour at the same time. It will make you look like a clown.So, If you are using bright colour in your eyes than use soft or nude lipsticks like nude or coral colours, but if you are using a soft tone shadows on your eyes than wear a rich colour lipsticks, colours like red, pink,etc. 8. Finish your look by Contouring your cheeks with a soft bronze or peach blush like peach twist from MAC, or a Natural Bronzer from Rimmel.


+977 2012 |

Tr e n d

Get trenched Get trenched this winter A classic trench coat is wardrobe staple for every woman. A perfect companion for those rainy and windy days, this chic jacket and can be easily dressed up or down. Cool thing about trench coat is that there are numerous ways to style it- you can wear it left casually open with a pair jeans and booties, buttoned up all the way or even wear it as a dress. Moreover, there are many chic styles to choose; from a classic style like traditional Khaki to more updated version like leather and even animal prints.


Paired with jeans and booties for casual & comfy city chic look; prefect for running errands.

2 3

Black leather trench coat with a black strappy pumps and a statement clutch for that modern and updated look.

Olive trench coat paired with brown boots and a wool cap for that earthy fall look; all set to combat the cold weather. | +977 2012


Movie Time

Highway Highway is an upcoming Nepali film produced by Aadi productions in association with a New York based company Louverture Film starring Saugat Malla and Reecha Sharma in the lead. Directed by Deepak Rauniyar, the story of the movie is

set against the backdrop of the new culture of bandhs, which displays five different relationship stories that become intertwined during an ill-fated bus journey from Eastern Nepal to the capital Kathmandu where each of the passengers who urgently needs to be

somewhere awaits a resolution to combustible strike. The movie has been nominated for 62nd Berlin Film Festival and it is said that the Highway will be taken to the Toronto Film Festival too.

Visa Girl It’s a good news that big production houses are coming to invest in Nepali cinemas. Last year has been great with some great movies and we are looking forward to another most awaited movie VISA GIRL. CG Entertainment bannered, VISA GIRL has already set the bar high for upcoming movies with their classic brand promotion. On 28th September 2012, VISA GIRL will be screened all over Nepal and abroad. Production : CG Entertainment Director : Prachanda M. Shrestha Star Cast : Vinay Shrestha, Karma Shakya, Raymon Das Shrestha, Reecha Sharma, Reema Biswokarma, Saloni Rajbhandari, Menuka Pradhan. Styling and Designer : Tenzin Tseten Bhutia Creations Official Magazine : Folio Magazine


+977 2012 |

Ek Tha Tiger One of the most awaited films of the year 2012, Ek tha tiger is the upcoming movie starring Salman khan and Katrina Kaif as the lead actors. A romantic thriller, the story is about a secret agent, Tiger(Salman) who is sent to find out about the Trinity College scientist suspected of selling missile technology secrets to pakistan and later falls in the love with Zoya(Katrina) who is studying at a fictional dance academy. After delivering the record breaking hits like Dabang and Bodyguard, this movie of Salman Khan is expected to be one of the biggest box office hits of the year. Directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Banners, this movie will be the most expensive film of Salman Khan’s career with the budget 117 crore and is set to release on 15 August 2012.

Spiderman 4 The Amazing Spider Man(4), from the series of spider man, is releasing this 3rd July 2012 in 3D IMAX 3D. Among the popular superhero comic based movies, Spiderman, this time is back with another new yet entertaining story starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans in it. Although the story

told in first three films is going to be continued in the fourth film, the film is rebooted with new director Marc Webb. The story this time is about Peter Parker who finds a clue that could help him know the reason behind his parents’ disappearance which further leads him on to collision course with Dr. Curt

Connors, his father’s former partner. The intention to reboot is to have Peter Parker back to developing his abilities in high school. Like the previous movies of Spider man, this time too the movie is back with all the thrillers and action sequences to keep you entertained!! | +977 2012


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Your Complete Education & Migration Solution SYDNEY Suite 1607, Level 16, 87-89 Liverpool Street World Tower, Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel/Fax: +61 2 9269 0070

BRISBANE HSBC Building, Level 20 300 Queen St., Brisbane QLD 4000 Tel/Fax: +61 7 3023 5032 / 07 3023 4000


MELBOURNE Suite 410, Level 4, 365 Little Collins St. Melbourne, VIC 3000 Tel/Fax: +61 3 9642 0138

NEPAL OFFICE Level 3, Glass House (5th building South of Kumari Bank) Putali Sadak, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: +977 1 4218666, 4233129

DESIGN l VERtEX l 0430 000 974

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+977, A Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine  
+977, A Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine  

Issue 2 | Jun/July 2012 Malvika Subba Along the silk route !