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History is written by the victors. But the cheer for the victors, also contains and buries the cries of the defeated and voices that could turn out to be the rebellious. Every triumph is not the last one. As it happened with our national cricket team, winning and hoping for the best of everyone will not always reciprocate it. The wheels of time keep on rolling and take a man to all sorts of places in his life – the good, the bad and others that he will simply be grateful for. Sometimes hope is all one has got. Hope is in the feeble hands of the kids who live and breathe the smoke and the dust of the brick kiln, studying the edges of the brick instead of the ABCDs. It is in the daily struggle for a little bit of clean air, that is as rare as the blue moon. But not all is wasted. As we feature the children in the brick kiln in the article ‘Future under the Chimney’, we also present you a shining star in Nepali cricketing world – Prithu Baskota. As contrasting as it may be, both stories are a part of the Nepali society. Baskota is the representative of the Nepali youth, seeking to achieve their dreams. We are very happy to have him in our issue. This time, hopefully, the wheels of time will be kind on us and give us good news abound. With each passing issue, our hopes of entertaining you and keeping in touch of one another will only be more. Wishing you the best!

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MOVIE 42 22 Jump Street SPORTS 44 FIFA World Cup 2014


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Bombay Vikings in Sydney

Under the direction of Ram

The lead vocalist of Bombay Vikings,

Sunil Chand Rauniyar, the movie got

a pop/rock group that has made the

an overwhelming response from the

Nepalese superstar Rajesh Hamal has

mass move along with its tunes, was

audience and critics. Although only

tied the knot with his long term girlfriend

here to shake things up in Sydney.

two screening sessions were planned,

Madhu Bhattarai on 24th May at Hotel

Neeraj Shridhar with his hit songs like

he organizers had to conduct a third

Annapurna in Kathmandu. Discreet

‘Woh Chali’ “Chod do aanchal’ and ‘Kya

movie screening session due to public

soorat hai’ landed in Sydney along with

demand. The audiences claimed the

his band and performed hits at the

story to be beautifully portrayed and

Sydney Townhall. Shreedhar has also

the movie is still receiving accolades.

sung songs for Bollywood movies like Bhool Bhoolaiya (2007), Heyy Babyy (2007), and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (2007). The concert took place in

Babu Gurung and produced jointly by Nischal Basnet of the Loot fame and

RB Diamond Jewellery Opening in New South Wales

Superstar Rajesh Hamal’s wedding

about their relationship that went on for nine years, Hamal finally revealed about getting married to Madhu in a press conference. The wedding was attended by a small group of people consisting of family members and close relatives only. Originally from Dharan, Madhu had been staying in Kathmandu and after the wedding the couple headed straight to a resort in Dhulikhel.

Sydney town hall in the evening of May third where the audience swayed along

One of the leading diamond jewel-

Fans of Rajesh Hamal wished the

with his songs and enjoyed his melo-

lers of Nepal, RB Diamond Jewellery

couple on their wedding and we, too,

dious songs. The ticket prices ranged

has launched its new showroom in

wish the newlyweds a beautiful conju-

from $49 to $199.

Parramatta, NSW on 18th of May. The

gal life ahead.

staff and management vows to serve

“KABADDI” Sold out shows

the customers in the future like they

Kabaddi, the Nepali movie casting

Parramatta,NSW 2150. Now shop all

Dahayang Rai, Nischal Basnet and

you want at a store that makes you feel

Rima Gurung in its lead roles has been

like you’re home.

premiered in Sydney by 3D events.


have been doing till now. The shop is located at 118 Church street, Shop 7C,


Plus 977

Superstar’s Super Birthday in Australia

NINFA speech competition

Nepalese community has witnessed Nepal Indigenous Nationality Forum

many popular artists and band perform-



ing live in stage in Australia. However,

speech competition with an aim to

this time, everyone is excited to partici-

promote and maintain social harmony

pate in one of a different kind of events

along with social inclusion. The compe-

that is being organised in Sydney

tition, hosted by Chairman of Chinari

on June 8. Sydney based, a very

Nepal, Richa Dhital, was held at Senior

successful event company Nepalitouch

Citizen’s Center in Canterbury, Sydney

Australia has taken the honour to invite



an actor who is a Super star, star of

above 16 years. A student of grade 11,

star, and most loved actor of all times,

Aaushma Sapkota bagged the first posi-

MAHA NAYAK of Nepali Movie Industry,

tion whereas Dev Kiran Maharjan and

Mr. Rajesh Hamal for the special event

Grishma Tamang won second and third

for his fans in Australia.

positions respectively. The theme of the

Recently, his is long-waited marriage

competition was ‘How to build stronger,

has made a big-buzz in Nepali Media &

smarter and fairer multicultural Australia’.

social sites. Right after his honeymoon,






he will be landing in Aussie Land with some other popular artists of Nepal. Anju Pant and Rajesh Payal Rai will be sharing the stage to celebrate this special event on Sunday at Marana Auditorium, Hurstville. The director of Nepalitouch Mr Dipesh Pun has also revealed that they are going to celebrate his 50th birthday

in a special way. “Even though Maha Nayak’s birthday is on June 9 but we are going to celebrate it on June 8th here in Sydney” Mr. Pun says. Due to this superstar`s huge fan following & the successful event organising history of NepaliTouch, Dipesh is confident that this event is going to gather a huge crowd in the day. Mr. Pun also requested all the fans to purchase their tickets are selling fast and he said “we encourage all the fans to purchase their tickets before the show as tickets are selling very fast.”


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The all new LG G3 has been launched on May 27. This smartphone comes with ultra-thin bezels and features redesigned back buttons as compared to the G2. The phone also has the positioning of the USB port, 3.5 mm audio jack and the IR blaster. LG G3 has a 5.5-inch IPS QHD display and packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with quadcore CPU and 3GB of RAM. The 16 megapixel rear snapper with OIS and the 2.1 megapixel front facing shooter will complete the camera department. LG G3 houses a 3,000mAh removable battery and will run on the new Optimus UI out of the box.



Plus 977

Galaxy Tab Pro12.2 Recently released and creating a buzz in the tech world, Samsung Galaxy tab pro stands 12.2 inches tall, and it’s no wonder from where it gets its name. Equipped with Samsung TouchWiz UI, it runs on Android 4.4 (KitKat) with quad-core 1.9 Ghz and quad-core 1.3 Ghz Exynos 5 Octa processor which not only makes it fast but multi-tasking becomes a piece of cake with up to four different applications running simultaneously. Built-in apps and the apt size of the tab is a catch. 3GB RAM goes well with the internal storage of 32 GB, well enough to store files and apps, but if you need more the tab supports an external SD card of up to 64 GB. Talking about apps, the tools are more business related, such as Remote PC function that enables one to access computers from the tab despite the distance issues. The tab can be used with Samsung Galaxy mini keyboard (sold separately) which makes it a mini laptop and comes in handy without being much of a baggage. With that portable size and durability, it is definitely worth the price specially if you’re a business person.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Reviewed to be the best Windows device yet, Nokia Lumia 1520 stands tall at a six inch with a screen that is curved at the edges. The matte back of the phone sports a 20MP camera with a dual LED flash powered by Carl Zeiss optics and optical image stabilization that makes the camera the camera we’d all want in phones. The manual settings available in the phone give the user plenty of options to capture best moments in frames. And with the tall body the display is as vibrant as in any android phones or even more with IPS capacitative touchscreen with adjustable screen settings. With a 2GB RAM and internal storage of 16/32GB processing is swift and easy. First among the windows phones, it comes with a CPU of quad-core 2.2 Ghz Krait 400 along with a Snapdragon 800 chipset. For any Windows phone fan, Nokia Lumia 1520 is probably the god and to add to everything in the end, this Lumia also supports wireless charging. So with all the features compiled in one package, Nokia Lumia 1520 makes a great choice for a Windows phone competing with Android phones.


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Personality of the Month





student of nursing at University of Western

was featured in ‘Shunyatama’ and ‘Sustari Sustari’ by Sameer

Sydney, Ayusha Basnet is also known as a

Acharya. She believes that if one is confident in what one

model. Having done her part in a number of

does, then there isn’t a lot else to deal with – challenges will

Nepali music videos while she was in the coun-

be your allies and help you grow and develop yourself. She

try, she has graced in a couple of musical videos even in

lives by the principle of giving the best possible performance

Sydney. She left Nepal for higher studies, but the modeling

in the work they do and that’ll change everything. “That’s

bug caught her even in this foreign shore. Inspired by her

possibly it,” she says.

friends to continue being in this field, she says that they

Work is important, but Basnet adds that being at the right

empowered her to go ahead and give her best. “But,” she

place at the right time and knowing the right people is very

says, “I was never keen on being totally involved or being

important. If a person wants to be successful, she thinks

on top.” She says that coming to Australia was her move to

that confidence and attitude matter the most. A person isn’t

concentrate on her education, as she is a firm believer on

anything without these two factors. Having a first-hand expe-

academic ornament to decorate one’s life. Despite all this,

rience in the modelling field in two countries, she says that

she hasn’t left the field that gave her much love and support,

these are the indispensable qualities to thrive in this compet-

so she claims to be an occasional model.

itive arena. She feels that she is fortunate to get so much

She has worked in music videos by Mingma Sherpa

love and support from the people around her and those who

in the song ‘Aashu’, Arjun Kumar’s ‘K k garu ma’, Thupten

appreciate her work. She believes she will be in the enter-

Bhutia’s ‘Dil ma dil basecha’ among others. In Sydney, she

tainment industry for a long time to come.


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Plus 977


Future under the Chimney

-by Mona Mainali

Nepal is a signatory country of ILO Convention 182 that prohibits the use of children in any form of hazardous work. Working in bricks kilns is considered as one of the worst forms of child labor in Nepal. The Children’s Act (Protection from Engaging in Hazardous Work) 1992 and The Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 2056 (2000) prohibits children to be engaged in work that is likely to be harmful to the child’s health or to be hazardous to the child’s life or employing children aged above 14 years for more than 6 hours a day and 36

hours a week.

T 14

he smoke from the chimney has no limitations

to get me ready for school. My school dress was ironed. My

and one can visibly see the smoke mix in the

mother used to help me get dressed, tie my hair, polish my

cloud. The chimney stood almost 100 feet high. A

shoes and bid goodbye for school. After my school my food

number of people are employed. Some are busy

would be served in front of the table where I used to quarrel

molding, flipping, carrying and burning the bricks. There are

for eating roti all the time. My mother used to pour milk for me

almost 200-300 workers in the brick factory, many of whom

and make me eat. I had cousins to help me do my homework.

are children. This is the scene one captures in the brick facto-

No worries, no trouble. Everything was granted as per my

ry located in the valley.


Capturing the scene of the brick factory I start to recall

I believed everyone had life the same as mine and

my childhood memories where my days started with laying in

it was normal for every child in earth to be treated as me.

bed till eight in the morning. My mother used to shout at me

But at the brick kiln, children as much as twenty-four years

OPINION younger than me were in a critical and miserable condition

children work because they are innocent and work as per

which was far beyond my imagination. The children whose

the employer’s wish. For the petite amount of money we are

age ranged from five years old were busy carrying pile of raw

making them slug like a donkey hindering their basic rights.

bricks which is difficult even for a twenty-four year old lady

“Children are the future of the nation” like every one of

and is one of the works requiring endless toiling. The living

us believes. If so, why is the condition of the children miser-

condition was miserable. They live in an adobe hut (which

able? Aren’t the children entitled to be treated as equally as

in Nepali is referred to as jhyauli); temporary house made

the others? There are lots of unanswered questions. The

of raw bricks where every family member stays in the same

roles of the civil society, government, non-government, inter-

corner of the room. The water leaks through the roof during

national non-government organizations should be to bring

rainy season and one has to even rebuild their house. The

change in the lives of these children. Looking at the eyes of

children have no proper cloth to wear, their clothes are torn,

these children we see the faces of Devkota, Mother Teresa,

no proper food to eat. Their condition is as miserable as one

Florence Nightingale, Narayan Gopal etc underlying in them.

can imagine.

If given opportunities, they can become one of them and

The condition and the situation of the children make

bear smiles on their faces, holding a respectable position in

me ponder upon the mentality of us ‘the Nepali’. We look so

the society: be a change-maker and a model for thousands

negligent. If there is less demand then there is an obvious

of other children.

Plus 977

chance to cut off the supply. But no, we are demanding these


Plus 977



- by Mani Joshi

If you over indulge a little during holiday season, don’t worry a lot but invest in peplum dress/top/skirt/jacket until you get back in shape as it draws attention away from non-washboard abs. Peplum is a clever little frill, a short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, skirt or dress that extends from your waist to hips making your body look perfect. From 1800s, peplums were in fashion and it has made a big comeback since few seasons now. From catwalks to celebrities to normal people, everyone is embracing this new trend and you will know why as well if you own a piece.



Plus 977

As everything in fashion, you need to know some simple rules on wearing peplum in the most flattering way. The length, width and volume of the ruffle determine it all, and the drape and choice of fabric make a difference too while choosing what to buy. The key to getting this trend right is keeping it modern. • • • • • • • •

Choose soft materials peplum making sure it stays next to your skin and gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Get a peplum thathas slightly higher waist and it can hide a thicker middle. A single colour outfit will also help lengthen your frameso avoid extreme colour-blocking or graphic print-blocking. If you are wearing a peplumtop, wear a streamlined pencil skirt or tapered pants. Buy peplum slightly narrower at the front than the back, creating a scooping effect at the waist and hips. Paired with the right belt (read skinny), peplum can be even more flattering. If you are not tall, buy peplum with short width and less volume. If you have straight body, pick a soft yet streamlined flared peplums to add curve toyour body.


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Prithu Baskota Against all odds Resolute and determined 18


Plus 977

I remember crying and pleading with my grandmother to get me a cricket bat when I was in grade 2. I used to play a lot of gulli cricket with friends and around local grounds. Some of the seniors, with whom I played suggested that I join a club, which I did eventually. It was during the winter vacation of grade 7 when I asked my mother to admit me in Baluwatar Cricket Club. I really enjoyed playing there with other mates of my age and seniors. . I would rush back home in my bicycle from school, change to my sporting gears, grab my tiffin, not even wait to eat it, and off I’d go towards the place I loved to be more than anywhere else.


Plus 977



aving enthralled the hopeful Nepalese audi-

of my age and seniors. I had to attend school once my vaca-

ence and fans of cricket with his powerful

tion was over. I would rush back home in my bicycle from

performance, and on-field charisma, July-born

school, change to my sporting gears, grab my tiffin, not even

21 year old Prithu Baskota is a rare gem of

wait to eat it, and off I’d go towards the place I loved to be

Nepalese cricket. The all-rounder is known and loved by the fans. Standing at 5’5”, he is a young achiever who has put a strong imprint on the Nepalese cricketing world.

My coaches were impressed by me which landed me with a chance to play for the club’s first 11. It went quite well.

Here at Australia to tackle an injury he suffered at the

Every win, every encounter at the field encouraged me to

pitch, Plus 977 caught up with him for a one to one on his

keep at it. On top of that, my school – Galaxy Public School

life, cricket and the issues that has peaked everyone’s interest from his point of view. How was your childhood? Were you brought up prepared for this career? I started playing cricket from a very early age. I remember crying and pleading with my grandmother to get me a cricket bat when I was in grade 2. I used to play a lot of gulli cricket with friends and around local grounds. Some of the seniors, with whom I played suggested that I join a club, which I did eventually. It was during the winter vacation of grade 7 when I asked my mother to admit me in Baluwatar Cricket Club. I really enjoyed playing there with other mates


more than anywhere else.

– had a very good environment for sports and we were winning the school level cricket tournaments then. So it is safe to say that I grew up in a cricket-friendly environment. My parents were exceptionally supportive of my devotion towards it. Gradually, I got better with each passing day, each intense morning, afternoon and evening on the field. I started doing well in age level selection matches and was given the responsibility to lead the U-15 National Team in 2006. It was a great start for my cricketing career as we were crowned the champions. Even though the road from then on has been full of ups and down, it is okay to say that I was prepared for this career.

You have been in Australia before, can you

of opinion that more practical application is

explain the nature of your visit this time around?

required to develop the game further and to

This time around, I am here for a surgery

achieve more glories. The way things have

of my right knee. It is an ACL reconstruction

been going, if we keep at it with a little more

surgery. After the surgery, I will be undergoing 2

effort and perseverance, we will be in a much

months of rehab protocol here itself and contin-

safer place, one where we and our successors

ue the process after I get back to Nepal.

will be even prouder to be at.

How much did you miss when Nepal was play-

There have been plenty of criticisms regarding

ing ICC World Twenty-20 in Bangladesh? How

CAN and government with the way they are

hard was that for you?

handling our cricket? What is your view on it?

Every player has a dream of playing in

As players, we have tried and will always

the World Cup and so did I. I really missed the

try to do the best to our abilities and we hope

World Cup, big time, but it was great to see the

CAN and the government does the same, too.

team do so well. But as a sportsman, you have

There are a lot of areas that need to be looked

to move ahead with good spirits, for injuries are

upon and I hope that the concerned areas are

parts and parcel of the game. So I’m looking

addressed soon.

Plus 977

Photography: Kewal Rai/Tez Wanem


forward for better prospects. The players almost boycotted recently held Do you think our cricket is in the right track for

ACC Premier League tournament in Malaysia

more glory in the future?

due to administration problems. Was that really

It certainly is in the right track. But I am

a right move?


COVER STORY Photography: Kewal Rai/Tez Wanem

Plus 977

I think rather than saying or judging what is wrong or

possess, it is what takes the team to a great height.

right, it is important to know what is required to do to make something work efficiently. Though it was a very tough call

Is cricket a religion in Nepal from now on, as it is being said

for us (players) we needed to make decisions and act on

so by our captain?

it now, it was something which was necessary for a better

Well the sport has certainly gained a lot of popularity

tomorrow, even if it meant going through the difficult part in

and people are really into the game. It has united the coun-

the present.

try as one and there is huge expectation from the people. I agree to the point Paras dai has made and hope that this

Every player is applauding the current national coach for his

religion will garner a lot followers in the coming days.

brilliance in hiding our team to where we are right now, but he seems quite unpopular with the CAN itself. Why is that? Without any doubt, our coach has been the man behind

Tell us about your aim and plans to get back to the national team after this injury time-out.

the tremendous success that we have achieved in the past

For now, I want to take time to recover and be completely

few years. There have been some issues lately. As a player,

fit. I will work hard, improve my game and try my very best to

I want the matter to be settled down with positivity. That’s all

get back in the national team to be better than I was before.

I can say. What is your message to the fans and Plus 977 readers? Paras Khadka also came from your age group and went on

I thank you all, to everyone who loves Nepal and Nepali

to become biggest name of Nepalese cricketing world. Do

sports. Your love and support has always been there for us.

you see yourself leading Nepalese national team one day?

We as a team will try to achieve even greater heights of

I believe you are already a leader when you represent

success moving ahead. We want your blessings to move

your country. It is a great honor to captain the side and I am

further. Keep on supporting and loving Nepali cricket. Jai

ready to contribute in whatever way possible for the team.

Nepal !

Plus each player is as important as the other, I believe in teamwork. That is a quality that every team member should


-by Pradeep Chapagain and Reecha Dhital




Plus 977

Prithu’s Australia visit for treatment is supported by Overseas Nepalese Forum (ONF), Australia. Bipin Karki (Brisbane) and Manish Subedi (Sydney) have jointly taken initiative via Facebook and collecting donations. Anyone willing to contribute to Prithu’s treatment can contact ONF’s officials, Mr. Binod Shrestha (0423 882 071) or Ramesh Pandey (0413 916 934). PLUS 977 would like to thank Bipin, Ramesh and “Help Prithu Baskota” team and appeal to everyone to support our National Hero by contributing to the his treatment via the following account. Within Australia – By Bank Transfer AC/Name: Bipin Karki BSB :064140 AC NO :10136294

Worldwide – via PAYPAL Account Paypal Account:


Plus 977


Kalinchowk - Rubina Chitrakar

The cool breeze that flows at the top will leave you feeling calm and peaceful. You will behold one of the most beautiful sights in the world and you will realize that all the trouble (if any) has been worth it. People hike all the way to Kalinchowk since but the place holds religious significance as well.


ne of the reasons Nepal is on the top

and prep yourself for the Kalinchowk visit the following

three destinations to visit in the world


is because of the undying thrill that lies

The road from Dolakha to Kalinchowk is not a

in the exploration of places outside the

pitched one so you can prepare yourself for some bumps

concentrated urban cities. Blessed with

along the way. The jeep ride will be of around one and a

a moderate climate, summer is neither too hot neither is

half hours and from then on it’s an uphill hike to the top.

winter freezing. And besides the climate, there is a lot for

The point from where the hike starts itself is beautiful. Or

tourists to see and do. Among the destinations in Nepal

if you want to hike all the way from Dolakha, it will take

that has been receiving quite some attention, Kalinchowk

you around six to seven hours. Away from the business

is one and if you’re looking to visit a place with beautiful

of the city and free from pollution, the green plateaus on

sights and includes a little bit of hiking, Kalinchowk is it.

the way to Kalinchowk are covered with rhododendrons of different colours making you wonder how you never


Kalinchowk is not accessible through direct air

saw rhododendrons of any other colour besides crimson.

flights, buses or even four wheelers and that is where all

It is wise to start the hike early so that the afternoon sun

the fun lies. To make your way to Kalinchowk, which lies

doesn’t wear you out and for people who are not used to

about 132 kilometers from Kathmandu, you must reach

hiking, it would be wise to take it slow as the altitude can

Charikot (Dolakha) first from where you can take a jeep

cause altitude sickness to some.

on hire. Dolakha is accessible by bus or private vehicle

At an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level, the

from Kathmandu. You can lodge at any hotel in Dolakha

Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple stands isolated amidst the


Plus 977

Temple of Bhagwati at the hight of Kalinchowk

beautiful mountain backdrop that takes your breath away. The cool breeze that flows at the top will leave you feeling calm and peaceful. You will behold one of the most beautiful sights in the world and you will realize that all the trouble (if any) has been worth it. People hike all the way to Kalinchowk since but the place holds religious significance as well. Especially during Krishna Astami and Janai Purnima, devotees throng to worship Kalinchowk Bhagwati and sprinkle holy water from the Kalinchowk Kunda in the vicinity of the temple. During winter, the place is covered in snow and the mountains look even more glorious and majestic. You can visit Kalinchowk anytime of the year except for rainy season as the rainfall will cause visibility problems and problems with the transportation. There are no tea shops or places to rest at the top but you can find some along the way and at the foothills. After a tiring hike, you can rest at one of the tea shops that serve you with local tea and make your way back to Dolakha by jeep. And trust me, after that you will keep wanting to go back, again and again.


$49 From



CITY ADDRESS Suite 303, Level 3, 468 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Opp to QVB & Above LOWES | Tel: 02 8094 8024 | BUSINESS CONSULTANTS • ACCOUNTING • TAXATION • BUSINESS ADVISOR

PARAMATTA Suite 69 Level 2, 48-50 George Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 | Tel: 02 8840 9337 Fax: 02 8076 0442 | *Conditions May Apply

Plus 977


“Lifestyle Diseases” Should We Care?

Your fitness goals are always precious to you and you need to do whatever it takes to accomplish them. You need to be careful while reaching your goals where you shouldn’t have any adverse effects of your trainings and diet. We all know time is money. So, depending much on guess works, trying this or that without knowing whether it will work or not may take you a longer than you think to reach your goals. You’ll definitely be spending more money without getting a sign. If you have never consulted with a personal trainer before, it’s time to do it now. Fitness has become so accessible now than ever. Save your time and money and get back in shape and embrace the fitness lifestyle rather than lifestyle diseases.



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e all have certain objectives to migrate to Australia. Living here for couple of years our body starts to adapt the local nature, environments and the lifestyle. We might get busy at studies, at work or both and dominat-

ed by Aussie lifestyle, we possibly do not notice our bodies changing in shape and size. With this busy lifestyle with work, studies or both, we have very less time to think of our own body. The fast food chains are surrounding us and we always enjoy easy eating. Alcoholism and smoking are other crucial factors that may have become a part of our lifestyles. Years of living with similar lifestyle, we might start putting on weight or catching up with diseases of longevity, also know as lifestyle diseases, like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Obesity, Depression, etc. These diseases are so common in our community today that they are just treated as words. If not taken care on time, even just a word can be life threatening. Uncountable researches have shown that the aforementioned diseases are highly risky to the people who are overweight, obese and have a sedentary lifestyle. Even discovering one of the diseases after few GP visits; we still seek an exercise prescription along with medicine to take care of it. Keeping active is the key while proper exercising and a balanced diet may control these lifestyle epidemics. If we are suffering from one of these lifestyle diseases, chances are high that others follow too. They can follow our family as well. The way of our lifestyle really affects our growing kids. Thus, it is always the smartest way not to treat it just like a word but take it in action to control it. As the doctors prescribe us for regular exercises, many of us start walking mildly to a brisk walking, which is a good start. Some of us join a gym and start playing with weights. If we are living with such specific conditions, we shouldn’t waste our time on guessing the exercises or copying someone’s training program. We might be risking ourselves if training unsupervised. It is always great idea to seek an exercise professional’s help to determine the safest condition while exercising. The exercise professional will tailor our conditions and design an appropriate training for us. The professional can also collaborate with our Allied Health Professional to design the best-suited training program for the specific conditions. We welcome such diseases with our lifestyles, which ruins our lifestyle in the long run. They scare us every time we see our favorite foods on the plate, they threat us every time we catch up with old friends and families for a party, they throw us a punch every time our kids demand the junk foods. Ultimately, these lifestyle diseases put us up in a misery. But we are not handicapped yet. We still can fight this lifestyle. Regular exercises and balanced diet is the key medicine for this lifestyle. We need to keep active and throw back a resistance to such lifestyle diseases. Yes, we should care about the lifestyle diseases and be cautious before it is too late.

Sanjeet K Shrestha Registered Exercise Professional Sydney, Australia



Let’s make this world one big happy family


epal is a country of “Char jaatand chhattisbarna” and our ancestors were very proud about it. They even made a song about this fact and we learned about the great history

of Nepal in our school years.

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-By Mani Joshi

intercultural/international marriage. More and more people from Nepal are abroad and more individuals have crossed racial, ethnic, and religious boundaries to marry someone. I bet you know someone in your close circle who has married a non-Nepalese. Marrying inter-caste is very common in

People were happy and understanding when you had

Nepal and acceptable in most families these days but most

friends from different castes and they seemed to advocate

parents are finding it difficult to accept someone from a

equality and brotherhood between castes. But falling in love

different county, culture, religion and background.

outside the caste was a different story. Every parent of single

The thing is these intercultural relationships and

girls and boys feared their child might marry outside their

marriages are meant to happen. What do you expect when

own caste. That was a century ago.

you send your kid aboard to mix with international society,

These days, the fear has moved from inter-caste marriage

learn their culture, meet new people but then never think

to international marriage. Now almost every home in Nepal

about them falling in love with anyone other than people

seems to have someone living and/or studying abroad so

from Nepal? Even typing these words right now I can see

the parents’fear has shifted from inter-caste marriage to

straight away how ridiculous it sounds. Similarities and


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COMMUNITY connections with another person isn’t limited to someone of your own culture as love sees no boundaries and connections can be made with individuals from all backgrounds and experiences. I find it funny when a guy/girl returns to Nepal with a foreigner friend; the parents show them off as a trophy. Saying, “Mero chora/chori ko ta American sathi cha.” But if the same person was introduced as their boyfriend or girlfriend, they change their tone completely. I know so many friends who had a hard time making their parents understand that their love is real and they are serious about their relationship. Some parents have even gone to the extent of bribing them or using emotional blackmails as a tool to separate them from their love. Australia has the highest rate of intercultural marriage in the world, and it is increasing. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of mixed marriages has grown from 39% in 1974 to 60% in recent years. I am sure the numbers in Nepal are increasing as well. I do understand the few genuine reasons why parents are opposed to intercultural relationship.The first one is the society. In this instance, they always think about what people will say and think, without thinking about their child first. Their social status seems to be more valuable than the love for their children. Then there are the communication issues,whether that is between them and their son/daughter in law or the future grand kids. Parents think these barriers mean that they will have a hard time understanding each other’s feelings. If they are religious people, they are worried what religion and culture their future grand kids will follow. In addition, many people in Nepal are Hindu and they are against eating beef while most of the westerners live on beef. However, these are the issues which could be easily overcome with communication and understanding. Therefore, parents first must take the first step of acceptance if they want good relation with their kids and their partners. One of the biggest misconceptions parents in Nepal seem to have is that if you marry a foreigner, they will divorce in the future. I am serious that most of the older generation have this in mind and tell you about it openly. I know it is not true but looking at few examples, they put everyone in the same pigeonhole.


To all the parents, please think twice before you go against the marriage of your kid. They are still the same kid you used to worry about when they got sick or didn’t come home on time. Then how can you be OK when they are heart broken and hurt by your action. The world is changing, let’s embrace it. As our world becomes more accepting of differences, individuals will continue to find attraction and love with others from outside of their own culture. Let’s look beyond the differences that confuse or frustrate us, and look for the value we can find in these relationships. Let us educate our children in recognizing human beings as human beings in spite of their race, colour, or ethnicity. I will just be very happy for my kids one day to marry someone honest, loving and respectful. Would you prefer your son/daughter to marry someone nice, honest, hardworking and friendly but from a different culture or someone stubborn, lazy and annoying but from your own culture? I am sure everyone has the same answer so why are we so bothered by where this nice, honest, hardworking friendly person comes from. Believe me, nobody’s status declines because of intercultural or inter country marriage. While every romantic relationship can bring its own set of challenges, intercultural relationships can bring unique challenges and during this stage, support of family and friends is very important to the couple. To everyone who sees their future in international/ intercultural marriage, don’t expect things to be easy but also don’t give up. The best way to overcome this issue is by learning each other’s culture, religion and traditions so you can understand your partner and in laws better. Ask questions and try to understand why your partner has a certain perspective or why s/he does things a different way.Learn to accept and understand the differences without changing your own beliefs or behaviours,this way you would be able to pass this knowledge down to your kids. Just to be clear this is something a couple have to do regardless of whether they are in an intercultural marriage or from the same culture because each of us has our own perspective in life. For couples from intercultural background, they will just have a little more work to do to understand the differences. Let’s make this world a big happy family and let’s all live in harmony.

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Chef’s Special

RED CAPSICUM Restaurant & Functions


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Get your tastebuds ready as we present our chef with world class experience in making delicious food at well known 5 star hotels that include Hotel Malla (Nepal), Hotel Royal Mirage (Dubai), Kuwait Palm Island Beach Hotel (Kuwait) and Qantas Airlines

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*yk hfgsf/Lsf] nfuL xfdLnfO{ ;Dks{ ug{'xf]nf .

free street parking available for one hour.

3 Minutes walk from Rock Dale Train Station


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Farewell to my Love - by Sachi Mulmi


ven the sun was shining reluctantly, it felt as if it, too, could use some time behind the blanket of clouds and not come out for another hour or so.

I woke up to my mom calling my name for something and I had to oblige. Slowly dragging my leg out of the bed and rubbing my eyes, I pulled on a jacket, got out of the room and descended the stairs. Upon coming downstairs, I was met with the scene of my old books in warpath with my mother; my mother was doing her best to dispose those poor beauties to the local ‘khalisishi purano kaagaz,’ a junk dealer. I was stunned and was reminded of the distant past when she had related her plans with atrocity. Okay, that line read a bit harsh, but that doesn’t lessen what I saw or heard at that time and what I was hearing now. Like a soldier in the wake of a big battle, she had her salwars rolled up and the sleeves of her kurta pulled to the arms. Her shawl was hugging her torso tight so that it couldn’t bother her. To be honest, that is my mother’s action figure and whenever I have seen her like that, she only rests after doing something

she had wanted. Here, she wanted to get rid of all of my old books. Fine, I thought, I wasn’t going to give up without a fight and immediately, I started putting together all of my reasons together. See, moms and their emotional blackmailing things emerge when you least expected it. As I told her about the years old kitchen appliances that had been rotting on the side of the kitchen and accused her of sparing her old darlings, my mom left the scene, without a word. For a moment, I thought that it had worked and that my mom was dropping it all when she came from my side struggling with them old utensils and so many other stuffs. In the light of my speechlessness, the words that were just starting to form somewhere in my throat got pushed even further back. Then and there, I lost my patience. My dad, who had been the silent spectator of this early-morning family drama, didn’t offer any word. I guess I had some pretty cool expressions going on in my face because he was looking at me with a frown. And guess what my mom did then? Yeah, she told him to go and look after the kitchen because she was busy handling the old ‘things’! First the books and now


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dad, she had actually dared say that? I guess then I found out that this Saturday morning, all of us were screwed! At least those people who wouldn’t support her worthy cause. Yeah, sure. As she took the first batch of victims to that traitor of old books, I just squatted in front of my old volumes and started going through them. Each book had my name written on it. Er, no, no name, just the subjects; the books still had the covers and reminded me of how I protected and respected each of them. I could have been a bad student, but I took good care of them. Or it could be that my books were still preserved because I wasn’t a good student to make proper use of them. Either way, they were treasure houses of memories; of the years spent, minutes spent restlessly in the class that was no less than harassment sometimes. Kidding, I loved the books because we had lived each page in the Math or social studies book or we had been made to read it by heart; the times we spent trying to read them, or the other times when we just slept on them. I remembered my old mathematics book that I suspected still had that Rs. 5 note that my friend had given me some day because he had torn the newspaper that I took for reading. It was supposed to be his fine, which he volunteered to give although I told him not to bother. That old crumpled five rupee note had king’s crowned head in it; those times and the memories of the people’s movement! Studying the new syllabus and adapting to the changes were some of the things we previously didn’t know. Our teachers helping us with the new system, the first day, especially, when we were told that


the days of difficulties were limited and the constitution, dear constitution, would take birth in the country and everything would be fine. It’s been years since that time, but I can’t say that things have changed much. I can say that I have changed, I have definitely changed. My friends have changed. Going through their Facebook pages, each of us are surprised at the new things that the others have adapted to. The years spent together is dominated by the changes that they have accepted in their lives. It’s funny to admit that even though we have changed so much, the things that needed to change has stayed the same. Just like the blueprint of a project that was never meant to happen. Behind me, my brother descends the stairs carrying another pile of his old books and puts it on the floor with a bang! ‘Don’t you mind giving away your books?’ I ask. Not bothering to feed my theatrics some justice, he just shrugs and says, ‘I don’t need them’. With a sigh, I carry the books to the gate where the dog bitten dealer, asking my mother if he needed some injection or not for the bite, was looking at the treasure he collected with the kind of hunger I have when I go to a bakery when I’ve just been paid. Well, not the same, still. He asks for some more, I lose my temper and am just an inch short of yelling ‘zindagi bharko kitaab ta diyisakein’ , I have given away all my books, and he just laughs. I ascend the stairs, leaving my mom to handle the rest, her euphoria seeing no bounds at finally having gotten rid of those ‘useless’ books. It was like coming back to normal life after an intense movie. Although this time, I didn’t mind.


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22 Jump Street About the Director: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are American directors having worked on the movies The Lego Movie (2014), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) and 21 Jump Street (2012) together. Actors: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube, Dave Franco, Peter Stormare, Nick Offerman, Amber Stevens. Genre: Action/ Comedy/ Crime After an undercover sting at high school, the unlikely partners and police officers Schmidt and Jenko make their way as innocent college goers. In this fun sequel to 21 Jump Street released on June of 2012, the agents fight crime, illegal operations, each other’s opinions and their partnership. The duo will figure out ways to deal with law breakers and will also have to find a common ground for their ideals. Their ideals being on the opposite end, how will this team work to keep the misconducts under control? On top of that, there’s the pressure of being a college student. Being undercover agents don’t work here, where they could have their dreams fulfilled, or go through the living nightmares. It is slated to be released on June 13 in America.

Fugly About the Director: Kabir Sadanand has directed films like Chameli (2003), Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao (2004) and Tum Milo Toh Sahi (2010). Actors: Jimmy Shergill, Kiara Advani, Anshuman Jha, Arfi Lamba, Vijendra Singh, Mohit Marwah Genre: Thriller/ Comedy/ Drama Written by Rahul Handa and jointly produced by Ashvini Yardi, Alka Bhatia and Akshay Kumar, the comedy film features Jimmy Shergill, Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani along with others. It touches the modern lifestyle of the young India, their passion for living and determination to become independent. Set in Delhi, it is a masala thriller, and the one with a social message that will surely touch hearts and souls. Music by Yo Yo Honey Singh, Prashant Vadhyar and Raftaar and Badshah, it features some funky tracks that Indian movies are widely known for. Viewers are in for a cameo by Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar that will add more to the fun. It was previously scheduled to be released on May 16, but postponed it to June 13 to avoid a clashing with Heropanti. With Fugly, Olympic bronze-medalist Vijendra Singh will make his debut, who was said to have gone through acting workshops.



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Mukhauta About the Director: Arpan Thapa came to Nepal after finishing his acting course in India. He’s acted in movies like Batch No. 16, Dhanda, Maun and Badhshala. Mukhauta is his first project as a director. Actors:Sunil Thapa, Rajesh Hamal, Robin Tamang, Arpan Thapa, Saugat Malla, Nisha Adhikari, Harshika Shrestha, Prasant Tamrakar, Pradeep Dhakal, Saroj Bhakrel. Genre:Crime/ Thriller Story written by Arpan Thapa and Pratik Gurung and presented under the banner of Reef Entertainment this action packed mafia story is set to hit the theatres on June 13. Originally slated to be released on May 30, it is a star studded crime drama, with some of the best Nepali actors in the industry gracing the movie. This is actor Arpan Thapa’s first directorial venture and calls it his dream project. Set in Kathmandu, this movie deals with crime, drugs, dons and damsels in distress. This uniquely typical movie has some amazing action sequences, dialogues and cinematography that promises treat to the audiences. This story of dons finding their way up there will thrill the people and then some more. The cast has been discreet with the storyline and been maintaining suspense for the big day. November 28, 2012, and who also wrote ‘Rio’. Directed by Carlos Saldanha and under the production of Blue Sky Studios, it hit theatres on March 20.

Aawaran About the Director:Subash Koirala also directed ‘Apabad’ Actors: Priyanka Karki, Sushil Raj Pandey, Divya Dev, Rajan Ishan Genre: Mystery/ Thriller/ Suspense Written by Anil Yonjan and produced by Air Crew Production, Aawaran stars Priyanka Karki, the very hot and happening Nepali actress in Nepali film industry right now. Karki garnered a lot of popularity when she crooned the title track of the movie ‘Aawaran’ feat. Yama Buddha, her first venture. Claiming to have a unique and unusual plot, the movie centers around a murder. Subhani (Karki) is caught thick into this modern mystery, filled with suspense and drama. What the suspense and the story is, the viewers have to find for themselves.


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FIFA WORLDCUP 2014: TOP TEAMS TO WATCH Soccer Fans (or Football Fans depending on your location)


around the world are prepping for that special tournament

Argentina are potential world beat-

to arrive June 2014, but here are five teams you should be

ers with Lionel Messi in the team and

watching when the World Cup starts. First, here are some

possess a strong side even without the

honorable mentions:


Barcelona star. Their “Fantastic Quartet” of Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero and Angel Di Maria hold the key to La Albiceleste’s chances of success in Brazil.

Uruguay is on the list because of how much talent they have developed such



as Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez, but they don’t beat out

They are still one of the deepest teams in

any of the five teams mentioned.

the tournament and always have a keen eye on who to play and when depending


on their form. Their leaders are still undoubtedly Andres

The other team on the list is Portugal.

Iniesta and Sergio Ramos but the question is can David Villa

They have arguably one of the two

alone provide the goal scoring they need?

best footballers in the world in Cristiano

Our guess is no, but we will see how their possession

Ronaldo, but the team is ultimately lacking a reliable second

style of play will hold up this time around. And oh yeah, it

talent. Now with those out of the way, let’s move on…

helps when you have a top three keeper in Iker Casillas.




This team is a favourite of many simply for

This is the deepest team in the compe-

the blend of youth and talent they have in

tition. From Manuel Neuer to Thomas

the squad. Despite Franck Ribery, Patrice

Muller to Marco Reus and Mesut Ozil, this

Evra, Eric Abidal and Bacary Sagna, the remaining men that

squad makes any football fan drool at the thought of seeing

are expected to play would be under 30-years-of-age.

all of these outstanding players in unison.

Toss in some capable strikers in Karim Benzema and Olivier

Unfortunately, that may be Germany’s one true fault

Giroud plus a great keeper in Hugo Lloris, and you have a

as they seem unable to put it together when it comes to the

recipe for a squad with serious potential. A young prospect

knockout stages in tournaments. The list of their talent is near

to look out for is Clement Grenier.Make sure you watch this

endless but it will take some tweaking and experimenting

up-and-coming midfielder as he possesses a well rounded

with this team in the group stage by Joachim Low. Injuries

skill-set and has tremendous upside and potential.

have hurt them in the case of Mario Gomez and Bastian

Plus 977

Schweinsteiger but this team is still extremely deep and



They usually say that nobody remembers the loser in final matches but lets


not overlook the fact that this team may

Of course, you can’t leave out the hosts.

cause havoc in this tournament.

Brazil’s roster has been completely

The thing is this team is so young that fans and experts

revamped with new talent such as world

alike have missed the talent in the squad. Exhibit A - Adam

famous Neymar and solid players such as Hulk and Thiago

Maher. While he may not be a household name yet, he is

Silva. The team is arguably a pretty deep squad but relatively

absolutely on the rise in the world ranks and may get some

unproven to a degree, despite winning the Confederations

time to showcase his talents.But don’t assume this is a team

Cup they have not played through any major competition as a

of just “green talent” or inexperience. Journeymen like Rafael

team. But it will most definitely be interesting to see this team

Van der Vaart, Wesley Sneijder and key forwards Robin van

play their hearts out at home with the obvious an advantage.

Persie and Arjen Robben are still going to be extremely significant to their cause.


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The World is Waiting..

....... Get Ready for the real action !!!


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SPORTS by Pradeep Chapagain

Atletico Stun Football World Spanish football club Atletico de Madrid stun the football world by claiming La Liga title in astonishing fashion denying big spending clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Atletico’s title triumph also ended 9 years of Spanish duopoly as the La Liga winners used to be either Barcelona or Real Madrid. Coached by former player Diego Simeone, Atletico have surpassed all expectations this year, also reaching the UEFA Champions League final. Heading into the last round of the league games, Atletico needed at least a draw against Barcelona to claim their first La Liga title since 1996. Barcelona started the game aggressively and led through it’s Chilean recruit Alex Sanchez’s 33rd minute opener. However Atletico levelled the game after just four minutes into the second

half thanks to defender Diego Godin’s towering header. Despite Barcelona’s late onslaught, Atletico managed to hang on and claimed their first league title in 18 years. Current coach Simeone was an Atletico player when they won La Liga last time in 1996. Barcelona’s Argentine Coach Gerardo Martino resigned from the post after failing to land a single trophy during a tough season for the Catalan side.

Arsenal Ended The Trophy Drought Ar#sene Wenger’s Arsenal ended their nine-year run without a silverware defeating Hull City 3-2 after extra time to claim the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium. It was Arsenal’s first trophy in almost a decade as they collected the very same prize nine years ago in 2005 defeating Manchester United in final. It didn’t come easily for The Gunners though as Hull City snatched a shock two goals lead inside first nine minuted thanks to their defender James Chester’s opener in 4th minute and his defensive partner Curtis Davies’s flick in 9th minute. Arsenal pulled one back through Santi Cazorla’s wonderful free-kick in 17th minute and finally levelled the game in 71st minute through Laurent Koscienlny’s equalizer. Extra time had to be played at Wembley Stadium as both sides finished with 2-2 in scorecard. The Gunners continued to search for a winning goal and finally got one in 109th minute thanks to Aaron Ramsey’s powerful kick from the box. After the victory, Arsenal’s long-time serving French coach Arsene Wenger described the success as his top honour amongst all considering the circumstances and severe pressure coming into the game.

Stan Does it Again Australian Open champion Stanilas Wawrinka proved his maiden grand slam victory at Melbourne Park was not a fluke. World no. 3 Wawrinka defeated close friend and fellow Swiss Roger Federer by 4-6 7-6(5) 6-2 to win his maiden Masters title in an all-Swiss final at Monte Carlo Masters. The victory not only fuelled high expectations for the Swiss going into the French Open in few weeks time but also continued the unexpected rise of the man who was just a player in top 10 ATP rankings a year ago rather than genuine Grand Slam and Masters title contender. Third seed Wawrinka recovered from the first set loss to claim the Monte Carlo Masters title just 6 weeks before the May25-June 8 grand slam tournament in Roland Garros. Fourth seed Federer, who defeated an injured Novak Djkovic in the semi-finals, was his brilliant old self for almost an hour but the 17-times grand slam champion was eventually overwhelmed by his opponent’s ferocious power. “I can see that when mentally I’m there and I’m fighting, I can play tennis. I can beat all the players,” Wawrinka told the reporters after the win.



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United Sacked David Moyes Manchester United sacked their manager David Moyes thanks to the disastrous season. Moyes, former Everton manager, took the charge of the club following the departure of long-serving manager Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of last season. Despite signing six-year contract with the club, Moyes failed to deliver success with the club as United sits seventh in the English Premier League (EPL) table which means they will miss next year’s UEFA Champions League, for the first time since 1995-96. Moyes’s last game in charge was 2-0 loss at his former club Everton, which confirmed that they will not be participating in next season’s Europe’s elite competition. The defeat, United’s 11th of the league campaign, left the defending champions 13 points below the Champions League places and 23 points behind leaders Liverpool. Of their league defeats, six have come at home, and there have been demoralising home-and-away losses to arch rivals Liverpool and Manchester City, as well as Everton. They face a struggle even to qualify for the second-tier Europe League, lying six points below sixth-placed Tottenham Hotspur with four matches to play. Following the sacking of manager Moyes, United appointed long-serving mid-fielder Ryan Giggs as interim manger until the permanent appointment takes place. Current Netherlands national team coach Louis van Gaal is bookmakers’ favourite to take charge in United after the FIFA World Cup 2014 to be held in Brazil.

Hat-trick Hero Hamilton Lewis Hamilton completed a hat-trick of Formula One wins for the first time is his career as the British driver romped to victory in the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. Hamilton’s teammate Nico Rosberg recovered from an awful start to finish in second-place, albeit some 18 seconds behind his race winner teammate. Nico Rosberg still leads the championship table, although only now with four points over Hamilton. Ferrari’s Spanish driver Fernando Alonso took the third spot to complete the podium positions, holding off the challenge of Red Bull’s Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo who finished fourth. It was Hamilton’s 25th career victory, which helped him to leapfrog legendary driver Juan Manuel Fangio and equal the achievements of Niki Lauda and Jim Clark for the eighth on the all-time list. It was also his third win in China. “I just can’t believe how amazing the car is”, said the British driver, who led from pole position and punched air with both fists after packing up and leaping out. “I was just really racing myself. The team is on a roll, that’s for sure.”

Vilanova Passes Away Former Barcelona boss Tito Vilanova has passed away at the age of 45 after battling with cancer for years. Vilanova, who stepped down as the coach of the Catalan club citing health reasons at the end of last season, was head coach of the team fro 2012-13 seasons. Vilanova was an assistant manager to Pep Guardiola during the most successful period in Barca’s history in which they won three out of four La Liga titles and two Champions Leagues in 2009 and 2011. Barcelona went on to make the best ever start to a La Liga season with 18 wins from 19 games but, in December 2012, Vilanova was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. It allowed his assistant Jordi Roura to take charge on those occasions when Vilanova was undergoing treatment. At the end of the season Vilanova announced his resignation to concentrate on his recovery from the illness. “FC Barcelona is in immense mourning. Tito Vilanova has died at the age of 45. May he rest in peace,” said the club statement after the death.


rely on

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