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This celebration has no reason. The time to let go of all the grudges has arrived. There comes a time every year when we let our emotions loose and get soaked in the happiness and fun. During this time of the year, we realize that life is too short to be grumpy. Also, this is the time when we can celebrate without any reason. For those who are with their families, festivals bring a lot of ways to celebrate. For those, like us, who are thousands of miles away from home, we are drifted apart from the festivals as are from what they rivet. A wise man once said, “Celebrations come exactly at a point in time when we have lost track of time.” It fits our definition of life, especially those who are living away from their homes. However, the life must go on and celebrations must continue. Let us come together and celebrate. The best way to rid ourselves of the pain is to share it. The more you share it, the lesser it hurts. It pays to be together during the times of loneliness. We have had a busy, real busy, life the whole year. We never had enough time to catch up with one another. Many of our relationships are falling apart. We are losing too many friends too soon. All this is happening for no apparent reason. Now is the time to make up for everything that we have lost throughout the year. Let us take out some moments off our busy lives. Let us reflect upon the mistakes we may have committed. Let us try and re-thread the relationships that might have snapped along the way. Let us forgive and forget what happened. Let us start over. As a starter, we are getting up-close and personal with the one and only Mr. Shesh Ghale. We chose him as our feature story because we knew that big occasions call for big surprises. Who better person than Mr. Shesh Ghale on the maiden issue of our second year into running! He leads the way and others follow in his footsteps. How often do we get to hear from someone of his stature? He has opened up exclusively to Plus977. Kushal KC Publisher/Founder

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Shesh Ghale An epic journey of a man from rags to riches.


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+977•News Feed Wanna be Lawmakers File for the First-Past-thePost Candidacy

Bhuwan and Rekha Get Election-Cuted. The evergreen actor Bhuwan KC has a huge fan base. So, too, does Rekha Thapa. People throng in thousands just to get a glimpse of these stars. Bhuwan and Rekha had their eyes set on the CA elections that were supposed to happen once-in-lifetime. They were all set to file for the nomination from Kathmandu and Parsa districts respectively. However, it was not to be. Both K C and Thapa had been handed the nominations by their respective parties until unexpected turn-ofevents robbed them of what could have been a life altering move in their lives. Bhuwan’s nomination was revoked at the last moment owing to the pressure given by the local leaders and cadres of CPN UML. They thought it would be unfair to deny them the nominations that had given up everything for the party and reward someone who had joined the party just a couple of years ago. They submitted the petition at the party headquarters vowing to notcooperate if the party turns deaf ear to their dissenting voice. Eventually, the party dropped the guard. On the other hand, Rekha lost the opportunity since she was not registered on the voter’s list. By government policy, anyone who is not registered as a voter is does not qualify to run for the post. 8

All the political parties have filed their nominations for the FPTP elections on 3rd of October. The electoral process continues amidst skepticism whether or not the election will be held on the due date or it will even be held. The thirty three party front led by CPN-Maoist has made their case that they will dismantle any election process and even make sure they will foil the election as a whole. Meanwhile, the party cadres and their supporters thronged to the district offices of Election Commission to get their names registered as candidates. The pro and anti election parties clashed in some places while the former tried to defy the shut downs called for by the latter parties. The previous day, all the parties sorted their long lists of aspiring candidates narrowing down the lists to 240. Mostly, major parties UCPN Maoists, Nepali Congress and CPN UML had hard times drafting up the final lists of their candidates. Their ordeal continued after dissenting cadres proclaimed to run against their parties.

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | Oct-Nov | 2013

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Ambassador to Qatar Maya Kumari Sharma Laid Off The outgoing Ambassador to Qatar Maya Kumari Sharma was given the taste of her own medicine after her controversial comments on the working conditions in Qatari state. She had been accused of lobbying with the Qatari Government to deport a Nepali journalist to Nepal following their criticism about her on a social media. Sharma had met with a lot of criticism for her immature way of working and was accused of tarnishing the national prestige with her unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour. Her Qatari counter-part had officially lodged the complaint against her pleading Government of Nepal to terminate her tenure. Maya Kumari Sharma had told on one of the interviews, televised nationally and internationally, that Qatar was an open jail for the migrant workers. Also, she had refused to heed to Maoist Supreme leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s advice to step down as an ambassador. She had responded by saying she would quit her office only if GoN tells her to do so. Meanwhile, Maya Kumari Sharma has said that she will challenge the government’s decision to sack her. She will call for Supreme Court’s help to get her back to the office.

The Democrats and Republicans failed to break the iceberg as the shut down dragged on over fuss of whether or not to defund the certain portions of Medicare, the signature Obama health care reform, which the GOPs have dubbed as Obamacare. Led by the far right faction of Republican Party, The Tea Party Movement, the first government shut down in 17 years, furloughed more than 800,000 federal employees shuttering down non-essential government services including national parks. However, the m a n d a t o r y payment ensured by the 27th amendment was unaffected which included the funding to air control service, military service, the paychecks of the congressmen among others. President Obama continued to enjoy getting his salary of US $ 400,000 through and through.

Northern Beach Experiences Dashain Tihar Glitz Established in 2011 with the purpose of getting united the Nepalese Community living or working in Northern Beaches of Sydney, Northern Beaches Nepalese society (NBNS) organized NBNS’ Dashain-Tihar Night 2070 on 27th of September. Hosted by Manju Poudel and Arjun Poudel, Manju Poudel, Sujata Upadhyaya, Ishwor Pokharel, Rajesh KC and Roger among others performed to the packed house of almost 200 Nepalese at Mona vale Bowling Club , 1598 Pitt water road Mona vale 2103. Young NBNS artists like DKP group, Cwi group with DJ Sushil kept the invitees engaged with their captivating performances. Michael Regan Mayor from Warringah Council graced the event as the Chief Guest. Dohori between Mahendra Lamsal and Manju Poudel had set the event blazing.

News Feed•+977 Ishani Shrestha’s Clinical Performance in the Miss World Beauty Pageant Ishani Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2012, broke the jinx to silence the critics who question the intellect of Nepalese beauties. Shrestha made it to the last ten at the Miss World Beauty Pageant held in Indonesia. She is the first Nepali participant to have reached that far in the contest. Not only did she became the first Miss Nepal to make it this far, she is the first contestant from Nepal to win Beauty with the Contest Award for Project Smile, a project that provided hundreds of villagers free dental checkups. Moreover, she came third on the multimedia round, another achievement for the 22 year old. Social media like facebook and twitter exploded with her entry to the final round. Former Miss Nepals from Ruby Rana to Malvika Subba hailed her superb performance on the global platform as a proof that there is more to the beauty contests like Miss Nepal than just some skin-show. Nepalese divas had come under fire for the last 12 years or so for being all talks but failing to achieve something remarkable internationally

Chinari Nepal Cultural Promotion in Sydney

9th Film Southasia Film Festival Draws Audience Film Southasia 2013, a popular biennial festival of Southasian documentaries, was held at QFX Kumari, Kamal Pokhari from 3-6 October. The festival showcased 55 movies altogether from across the South Asian region among which 34 were up for the competition. Film Southasia was founded in 1997 with the goal of popularizing the documentary so that it entertains, informs and changes lives. The festival takes place in Kathmandu every two year. FSA organizes screenings, discussions and workshops across Southasia to promote Southasian nonfiction within subcontinent and around the world. The show was inaugurated with the screening of a Burmese documentary that documented the painstaking journey of everyday Burmese girls to the formation of the first lady pop band of Myanmar. The festival was off to a rocky start after the organizers made the announcement that Sri Lanka had pressured Government of Nepal to halt the screening of three of the competing movies. However, the movies were exhibited on private screenings outside of the official venue. Indian documentary Algorithm won the Ram Bahadur Trophy and the prize money of US $ 2000. Directed by Ian McDonald, Algorithm is about three vision-impaired youngsters who want to become the champions in Chess.

Sufi King Hemanta Rana Touring Australia YETI going to the Himalayas. Yeti Football Club is going home, back to the Himalayas form Melbourne to participate in Safal Pokhara Cup Football Tournament, going to be organised in Pokhara from October 22. Club President Raj Sharma made the big announcement about the participation officially during their Annual Award Night where players and their family members, team officials, executives, supporters, sponsors were present to celebrate the successful end of 2013 season and to celebrate individual and collective triumph.

H e m a n t a Rana, a well known name in Nepalese Music industry, came to entertain all the NEPALESE SUFI fans living in Australia, all the way from Kathmandu to perform live with his band. He performed at Civic Theatre, Hurstville on 28th of Sept and at Third Eye Bar, Rockdale the following Friday. This was a great opportunity to all the Nepalese Fans living down under to meet this great singer. All thanks to the organisers who made this possible for him to tour Australia and perform live in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Chinari Nepal Inc. which started with a goal of promoting Nepalese culture, art, crafts, language, place and Nepal as a whole, organized “Nepal Cultural Promotion” night on 14th September, 2013 in Sydney’s Petersham Town Hall. It was able to deliver a true mixture of diverse Nepali culture in Australia with the help of enthusiastic volunteers and contributors who presented their own ethnic cultural presentation. Naren Kulung along with local musical groups Teen Tara, Santoki KC & the DKP team performed during to showcase the Nepalese culture where some of the songs were dedicated to late Phatteman Rajbhandari and Tirtha Gandharva. Numerous Nepalese community members and local enjoyed the evening and were thanking Chinari Nepal for such a great initiation to promote Nepalese culture. “When the nation is unable to address all culture and promote equality, Chinari Nepal Inc’s this initiation needs support and it is essential to promote all culture equally for the entire nation’s development” is what the Founder of Chinari Nepal Mr. Ganga Bahadur Nemkul had said. He concluded the event for the evening by saying that the team will continuously work in future with the goal to promote Nepal and Nepalese culture and seeks everyone’s support.

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iOS 7 iOS, the foundation of iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch, comes with a collection of apps that let you do everything, in ways that are intuitive, simple, and fun. Loaded with wonderful features, iOS 7 updates are free.

This year at their annual developers’ conference, in June, Apple finally unveiled iOS 7: the most dramatic visual overhaul of the company’s mobile operating system in their six year history. This all new software rolls out onto Apple devices, though only from the latest models, starting from the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and latest generation iPod. The update is a big change for Apple. It is designed to look beautiful and work beautifully, so even the simplest tasks are more engaging. And because iOS 7 is engineered to take full advantage of the advanced technologies built in Apple hardware, your devices are always years ahead - from day one-to-day whenever.  Instead of pushing a slider to unlock the iPhone, users now simply have to swipe left on the part of lock screen, before entering the password (if enabled). The new homescreen UI is flatter and does away with the skeuomorphic design, as has long been predicted. It’s not without sophistication, though. The new dynamic wallpapers move as the phone is tilted, while the icons stand still, which is a stylish effect - although we wonder if it will come at the expense of battery life. A double-press of the home button on the touchscreen activates a new screen which allows you to quickly scroll through thumbnails of apps currently running in the background, making it much easier to switch between apps than with iOS 6, which relied purely on the app icons.


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On a more practical note, folders can now accommodate any number of apps, instead of the dozen that were permitted in iOS 6, and apps will automatically update themselves in the background. There’s also quick access to music playback controls, as well as shortcuts to selected apps, such as Clock, Calculator and Camera. Currently, you can’t customize which buttons appear in the Control Center. The Notifications Center has been given a significant overhaul in iOS 7. No longer is it purely one giant list of notifications: there are now separate tabs for Today, All, and Missed, helping you sort the wheat from the chaff. The iPhone Camera and Photos apps have been given significant makeovers. Instead of the tiny software switch to flick between photo and video modes, you now swipe sideways to switch to video or a new squareframe shooting mode. The shutter button is also much larger, making it a tad easier to take those awkward self-portraits. So even though iOS 7 has finally rolled out, but not everything is peachy in the world of Apple users as many are reporting errors when trying to bump existing iPhone handsets up to the latest version. Twitter and other social media platforms exploded with complaints from users saying that they were getting attempts they still could not download the update. The most commonly reported error reads, ‘Software Update Failed: An error occurred whilst downloading iOS 7.0’

Apple launched the iPhone 5C in the USA, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK in September 20. The new iPhone 5C starts at $99 (with 2 year contract) in the US and is now available for order from Apple, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile. You can even tell iPhone 5C is significantly about color, first and foremost. The glossy finish attracts fingerprints but otherwise feels lasting and deep; even the volume controls, mute buttons, and sleep / wake switch are the same color, giving the phone an interesting semi-monochrome look that strikingly frames the black of the display. Inside, a steel frame serves both the antenna and structural support; the 5C feels much more solidly built than other plastic phones. This all new one phone with multi-personality is iPhone you have never seen - or held. iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic, the better to bring five decidedly uncommon colors to life. The A6 processor/chip in the phone is engineered to be extremely battery efficient, and does everything fast without draining you battery life. It allows you to launch your favorite apps, load you favorite blog, download and watch the amazing video that just showed up in your inbox. You are petitioned to do the entire things you love doing in iPhone at the speeds you have come to expect.

If you are wondering what iPhone 5C at a glance is, well then it is essentially a repackaged iPhone 5 available in five new colorful new plastic shells - green, yellow, blue, white, and pink. The phone using the same A6 processor and rear-facing camera as the iPhone 5, also comes containing a few upgraded parts - such as improved front-facing FaceTime camera and support more wireless LTE bands.

iPhone 5 C


iPhone 5C possesses iSight camera which is the world’s favorite camera for good reason. The 8MP iSight camera delivers startlingly sharp photo quality. If you have intending to buy this all new iPhone 5C, then don’t miss iOS 7. iOS 7 is designed to complete iPhone 5C beautifully. iPhone 5C equipped with too many apps you will overwhelm when you know it.

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Miley’s Life By Geeta Shrestha

With all this talk about her provocative performances at the VMAs and now the ‘Wrecking Ball’ video, Miley Cyrus probably made some of the biggest news, and is frequently talked star lately. Former Disney star Miley Cyrus is born to country singer-actor Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Leticia Cyrus in Franklin, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville, on November 1992. Her birth name is Destiny Hope Cyrus which her parents gave her meaning that she is born to accomplice great things in life. With her steadfast pretty smiling countenance as a youngster, she then got this nickname ‘Miley’ directed from the rhyming word ‘smiley’. 12

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | Oct-Nov | 2013

At the mere age of nine, she found that she had this indelible propensity in acting, and had her acting debut in an episode of her father’s television series ‘Doc’ in 2003, playing the guest role of a girl named Kylie. The same year she bagged a small role in Tim Burton’s film direction ‘Big Shop’ where she played the Young Ruthie. Prior to her acting career, Miley developing an interest in music, got a chance to explore her music skills as she was tapped to be featured in Rhonda Vincent’s music video for ‘If Heartaches Have Wings’ and to appear on ‘Colgate Country Showdown’ , a TV program which her father himself was hosting. It was not until she was cast in the title role of Disney Channel’s original series, ‘Hannah Montana’ that she earned her nationwide popularity for playing a teenage girl leading a double life. Debuted on Disney Channel on March 24, 2006, the children’s TV series quickly became an immediate success among viewers and was soon followed with the release of a sound track CD, ‘Hannah Montana’ on October 24 via Walt Disney Records. In 2007, her double album ‘Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus’ launched a Best of Both Worlds tour. Her successful 3-D concert film collected $31.3 million in its opening weekend in February 2008. Cyrus reportedly earned $18.2 million in 2007.


During her Disney days, Miley met other child stars like the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Due to the enormous success, Miley was granted the title of the 59th “Most Influential People” list made and released by Time Magazine. Cyrus changed her legal name to Miley Ray Cyrus the same year. In early 2009, Cyrus provided a look into her life with the autobiography Miles to Go. Cyrus followed that with the release of an album entitled Can’t Be Tamed in 2010.

In recent years, Cyrus has sought to distance her from her Hannah Montana persona. She cut her hair and took to wearing edgy fashions as a part of her effort to craft a new image of herself. But no one was really prepared she would go to this height. At the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony held in August 2013, she totally stunned the audience with her lewd and twerking performance. She had been the subject of widespread media attention and public scrutiny following a controversial duet with Robin Thicke.

Her fourth album is yet to be titled, but already she offered a solid introduction with lead single We Can’t Stop, which became her secondhighest charting single after 2009’s Party in the USA. The music video broke the Vevo record for most views in 24 hours, garnering 10.7 million and beating out Justine Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat.

Her new Terry Richard-directed music video - in which she swings around naked on a wrecking ball while crooning about the vicissitudes of love and occasionally licking a sledgehammer - quickly became the most popular music video ever on Vevo, driving in 19.3 million views in the first 24 years.

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+977•Personality of the Month

Sunod Shrestha In Good Stead in the Work Place

Only into his mid-twenties and Sunod Shrestha has already reached what many of his peers can only imagine. He is the person with high ambition, dedication and a great entertainment provider as we describe him in short. Since he landed in Australia on July 07, he has been making hard effort not only for his survival but also for uniting Nepalese

He works at Vodaphone as a Project Co-ordinator. At the same time, he is also running an event company S-Events and Multimedia; with an aim to add to the entertainment quotient of all age groups. The organisation of Costume Party in 2010 made him mature enough to organise different events not only to cater to the public interest but also to exhibit the inner talent of the youth. After a bender of success streaks, he and a friend of him created an event company which was named “Idle Creation”. With that company, they organised more successful events like Sangetik Hatemalo and Mangal Dhoon which created the vibrant energy all over the Nepalese


community. In order to formally manage the events, he founded “S Events and Multimedia” with his team. Through this, he has been continuously providing forum to well known Nepalese artists like The Shadows, Nabin K Bhattarai, Sanjeev Singh, Jems Pradhan, The Uglyz, etc. in the biggest event named ‘Sangeetik Jatra’. Furthermore, he has also organized various stand-up comedy shows with Mr. Manoj Gajurel, Dhurmus and Suntali (Meri Bassai fame). With the never-achievedbefore success of concerts and shows, he, as the director of S-Events & Multimedia, decided to organize Hit Nepali movie shows in the cinemas. The screenings of the movies such as Miss U, Sayad and Apabad pulled crowds in

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | Oct-Nov | 2013

Personality of the Month•+977 hundreds. The audiences started loving the height of quality events that S-Events provides. With that he also organized a Blood Donation Camp which has been able to save many lives of the people specially Nepalese in abroad. He also does a yearly global event called Nepal Naccha in the Nepalese New Years day at the same time all over the world. Thankx to the crowd that loved and supported S-Events and Multimedia! Sunod was brave enough to get an idea of making the audiences happy by doing an event on The Legendary Mr Udit Narayan Jha at the Melbourne Town Hall. Hello Bollywood, another event company, was of great help and could never be possible without the sponsors. After the grand success he recently organised another legendary event with Bollywood Singer Mr Lucky Ali at the HiFi Bar. The audiences loved the event and the event was another grand success. The list goes on and on. It is very hard to judge the capacity of Sunod. Once he thinks of

anything whether it is a social gathering or blood donation camp or youth mobilization or any cultural event, he does with great dedication and determination. The recent election of Sunod as SCC member of NRN Australia Member has once again justified his potential. He is now making hard effort in giving new direction to NRN as an organization of Nepalese in Australia dedicated for the entire Nepali population in Nepal or abroad. His popularity in Australia and abroad is glaring example of Australian peoples trust on his capability. Nothing would be possible without the help of the audiences and most of all, the volunteers who helped Mr Sunod Shrestha by every means. The support gave him the courage to move forward S-Events and be recognized globally within a small matter of time and hard work.

With the neverachieved-before success of concerts and shows, he, as the director of S-Events & Multimedia, decided to organize Hit Nepali movie shows in the cinemas. The screenings of the movies such as Miss U, Sayad and Apabad pulled crowds in hundreds.

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The Lover of Bagmati After watching “Children of God”, I realized something about myself. It doesn’t take me a minute to get inspired. Something, suddenly hits somewhere inside your heart and lets you feel special like never before! And no matter, how good or bad you think life is you wake up each day and be thankful for life. Cause someone somewhere is still fighting to survive. Finally, you start to appreciate the beauty of things! I always believed that I would write stories because they changed things, whether one is conscious of it or not, but forgot to put myself in the paradigm of others, realizing little that I was creating the story of my life with the stories all around me. ‘The lover of Bagmati’ is set in the similar picture as of children of god! [Street children. Life. Hunger. Solitude. Struggle and what not]. I think it’s going to be about romance, but only time can tell. Hope you enjoy reading it!

He grew with the river of Bagmati, the holiest and the dirtiest of them all. Alongside Bagmati began the life of the slum-dwellers, the poorest of the poor with hungry eyes, empty stomachs. The city folks in their posh cars drove past the road with their windows closed and air conditioners on. The little boy peeks at them, wondering who they are and why he can’t be there. It makes him angry; they sit with their big sunglasses perched on their noses, and then he sees that they are flipping on what looks like a book! Boy picks through refuse, looking for pieces he can recycle and sell to support his family of four. He has a big brother, but he is lost after the lust of bis rupaiyaa ko dendrite and there’s a drunkard mother, who is barely concerned about her family. She makes him beg too 16

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | Oct-Nov | 2013

but, she would finish it before the end of the day for her local raksi that keeps her swaying all day. According to him, she is a convincing actor; she can act dumb so well and still manage to convince people that she has three small mouths to feed. After him, is a little sister upon whom he bestows almost everything? He scolds her, but also takes care of her, washes her dirty clothes, bathes her and makes sure at least to provide one hot meal for her. He loves her, you know? And there is someone, whom he loves dearly. They all call her maila-baa ko chhori but, it’s Muna for him. They have been together since their Behula-Behuli season; the only subject to play with. They were always together. If it’s for her, he will spend his time running across Bagmati, jumping through the stones and the white foam on

© Nigma Lama

By: Prizma Ghimire

the river that burnt his legs. It did smell disgusting, he would admit that, but it was being with her for him, the only place where he can be happy. But things have changed recently; they were starting to drift apart. Last time he met her, she told him something about her mother calling her a women now-and that she is a grown up now-and she can play no more. Instead, she has to help her mother and bring water in her little suited gagri. He knew he wanted to marry her, just did not know how. He knew how famous their couple was when they played BehulaBehuli. He remembered how she would take off her shoes and walk around the grass. Exactly 7 rounds! Never 6, never 8. Exactly 7. He would walk beside her. She used to hold his hands. Her hands were always warm. Ever since then, he


wondered if she could hold his hands forever. Muna wasn’t a romantic bone though. She never really spoke to him that intensely. It’s not because she hates him or something. She actually loved him, you know?

“You understand, don’t you?” shopkeeper had said pulling his ears. He flanged back to present. This Thirteen-year-old perfectly understood. “Hyatteri! Ok I won’t, let me go now”, he pulled away.

“Oye phuchhe”, suddenly he was jerked up from his beautiful dream. “Hazur dai!” he got up almost instantly. His dai was one of slum dwellers. Everyone called him drug dai there. He didn’t dare call him drug dai though, he wasn’t supposed to know. It was the shopkeeper who often sold him 5 rupee noodles that told him to stay away from his own brother. It was only yesterday when he had seen his druggist brother pledging with a foreigner.

He came home after that. His mother was lying on the floor. Hands calloused and breathe reeking strong aila. She was dirty, discarded and untouchable like him. She worked nowadays as laborer mixing cement, and building concrete homes for the touchable. With the little she made, she enjoyed her day. Sometimes, she would also give some savings to him. He would then have enough to eat one hot meal a day for him and his sister. Sometimes work dragged her on till 8:00pm, sometimes 9:00. Sometimes she seemed anywhere to sleep when the thunders shook the sky but, she would come home all filthy in the morning anyways.

She kept her purse away, still he persisted. Anyways, he was sure of it that he won’t be doing the same thing like his brother. “Eh Pucche! Don’t hang out with that druggie brother of yours! He will make you like him.”

It was midsummer and was already more than a month that his brother had gone missing. It wasn’t a new thing though. It did not really matter because he was barely home. But this day, a troop of young people came home carrying a box. “Big BOX! Not normal” he thought. They had brought it from the place, where his only brother died, alone, in the stormy night. Watching the burning pyre of dead twigs

“Dada, Bhok Lagyo” she said, her almond eyes sunk into her chapped face, while her body trembled with the overbearing torment of hunger. He watched his child dressed in a flimsy sweater that had plenty of holes on them. He couldn’t tell if Suntali was shivering because of the cold or hunger, and couldn’t tell if she would die today. Apparently, 50 people had died in the Terai because of the cold yesterday and another 20 had died near the city itself. “Love is a terrible and beautiful disease. It makes us give up all we have for those we love the most, and live with nothing but all the peace in the world.” “ You won’t, ” he said.

He scolds her, but also takes care of her, washes her dirty clothes, bathes her and makes sure at least to provide one hot meal for her. He loves her, you know?

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“I can’t give you money. Next thing there’ll be twenty of you hanging around, following me” “Please Missus, white lady. I’m hongry” Pleading, hopping, teeth chattering, shivering. “Please Missus, I’m hongry” He had sniffled “I need bread”

from the very tree his brother stood hanging, he understood life then. “I was born alone, I will die alone”, and every day as he watched human-relations, the mother and the child, the husband and the wife, the girlfriend and the boyfriend, he only felt sorry for them. Then he remembered he also loves someone, unintentionally. Sometimes, he felt like he was waiting for his death, the day he would be liberated from the task of feeding his empty stomach. And one day sitting on the shores of foaming Bagmati, he sees her little sister marching nearer. The strong sting of rotting garbage didn’t bother him, and he didn’t make an effort to scurry as she rushed to touch him.

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Patience is a Virtue By Mani Joshi

I am sure all of you have heard this phrase many times in your life. A wise man once proclaimed, “All good things come to those who wait.” This is taught to us from a very young age at home by our parents as well as in school by our teachers. The ability to wait for something or someone without being angry or upset is a good and valuable quality. In the modern world, it feels like everything moves at the speed of million miles per hour and patience is the first thing thrown out of the window. And living in this modern world,I hated waiting for things too. I was like the most people who wanted thing done now and moved on to the next task.

My husband is a super patient man and being married to him and knowing him better taught me that patience could be blessing. Seeing him less stressed in the same situation we both are in and at the end accomplishing the same result, I wondered why I was so stressed. We are still working to come to middle ground so we both are in the same pace but he has definitely taught me how not to get too stressed. I know that being patient will make me happier and I am learning to be patient with people and situations I care about. Slowly but surely I am getting there. I began to have more time to spend in the moment that I was in. I had less of a worry about the next step and I was able to focus more on the task at hand than I ever had been able to before.

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The troubling thing about impatience is that it caused me a lot of stress. I constantly felt like I was left behind, and that I should have accomplished so much more. This feeling led me to becoming upset with myself, and I acted out by not getting anything done. The impatience that had kept me going

throughout my life was failing me and I was miserable about it. Then things changed when I got married. It’s no surprise to anyone that getting married will change a person and for me it changed me to be a better person.


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Keeping Them Honest•+977

Honestly, all of us have become really impatient because of the advances in technology. People now can get access to information much faster than people in previous generations could and still they are impatient when they have to wait even a few minutes. How many times do you refresh your inbox when you are waiting for an email? We live in a society of instant gratification these days and we want everything now. We are not willing to have the patience to wait for those things that we desire. Imagine the olden days when communication was done using carrier pigeon or using our favourite postman. Then we were OK to wait months or days for a message while we can’t even wait a few minutes these days without getting annoyed.

How many of us get annoyed waiting more than a few seconds for a website to load? We have already forgotten in the last few years that, internet used to be dial up once and we had to wait for minutes in some cases for webpages to load. Moreover, we were OK with that then.

their young children? I am sure walking a few minutes further to a proper pedestrian crossing would have cost them nothing.

I am very frustrated by the drivers in Sydney for sure. They are so impatient and really think they own the road so they drive without thinking. The worst part is that they are not only endangering their own life but also people around them.

I went to subway to buy my lunch. I was behind a woman in the queue. There were two people before her in the queue and two girls serving. Normally the lines in subway are pretty organised as you start ordering at one end and you just follow the flow. So when the customer service girl asked the womanin front of me what she liked, as she was next in line suddenly, the guy on the other side just burst and said,” What the F*** is this? I am in line before her?” All of us were a bit surprise because he just raised his voice and started swearing and he was not even standing in the proper queue.

I also don’t understand the impatience of parents pushing prams or holding hands of young kids while jaywalking, and not using the pedestrian crossing to cross the road. Seriously, what kinds of parents expose their child to such a danger just to save few minutes? In addition, what kind of education are they giving

We all have encountered people who have no patience at all and ruin the day for everyone around them. I had such an encounter the other day.

The poor girl behind the counter had no idea that he was waiting. He could have said the same words in a polite manner instead of shouting. Seriously, his sudden outburst didn’t make him a hero instead we all thought he was a looser to be taking out his anger on a poor girl just doing her job. I am sure nothing in this world would have changed if he was served after that lady. That was definitely one impatient man. With the fast pace of life, it is easy to see why so many people are impatient. I know many will argue that many people are impatient because they are just born that way. But as with any bad habit, we need to work on it so we change it to be a better person. Each person is responsible for their actions. So please take a second and think about this next time you run out of patience.

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Definitely, Patience is a skill that we all must learn.

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A Tale of Social Lead-Preneurship, Business to Business Dynamics and More

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C O V E R S T O RY • + 9 7 7 Shesh Ghale comes from a modest family of western Nepal. He was born and raised in Naung village of Lamjung district.Ghale has three younger siblings and has been happily married since 1978 with a son. He completed his elementary level of school in Naung. For his higher education, he went to Sarbodaya High School which was a day’s walk from his village. He graduated his SLC in first division – a rarity at that time. Thinking that he wanted to be an engineer Ghale signed up for an engineering course in Kathmandu. Following that he won himself a fellowship for an Engineering Course in Russia – one of the five students chosen from his college. As a result, Shesh studied engineering in Russia from 1979 to 1986. After he completed his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering in Russia he went back to Nepal.

Today he is recognized as a successful Nepali businessman and entrepreneur. As with most successful businessmen success did not come easy.The successful SHESH GHALE that we know today once worked in hotels and restaurants on minimal wages and even as a newspaper vendor. However, these circumstances did not deter this man ashe strived to set up his own college. Not long after completing his MBA he found an opportunity to establish the college which has now been running for 17 years. “Most times I was lucky. Most times I was happy. Regardless of the fact I had never planned this exact venture I was excited to be there. I still believe success is a transient thing as it can disappear as quickly as it comes. Hard work and integrity is the constant thing throughout life so this is one quality I believe in most,” says Ghale.

Shesh worked as a projectengineer for four years in Nepal. However, he realized that business and management is what he was most attracted to and decided to change from a technical field to business and came to Australia to earn an MBA degree from Victoria University, Australia in 1992. Coming to Australia was the changing point of his life he says.

Everyone who dreams of reaching the heights Ghale has scaled needs to appreciate his complex journey from his humble start; his gradual success by overcoming many hurdles and barriers on the way; his capacity to pick himself up and push on again. As a result, he has succeeded in positioning himself to be globally recognized as a successful businessman.

By nature, he is a risk-taker (calculative) and enjoys challenges and change. On most occasions, the risks he takes pays off as was his decision to switch from an engineering career to business and management. With that change he has never looked back and has enjoyed success with a combination of hard work, initiative and the knack of applying his unique management skills in a focused way.

His humility and modesty were apparent when he answered our first question about being featured on BRW. He shared,”It’s a challenge everyday and every year when you are in that zone. I always strive to maintain a good reputation and create value.” Hefurther adds, “Basically, what I hold dear in my life is unchanged from what it was before success.”

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+ 9 7 7 • C O V E R S T O RY Shesh Ghale’s lifestory appears as a fairytale but is real. In 1996, he founded MIT as a VET College. In 1999, he started delivering university degrees to aspiring students in association with Edith Cowen University, WA. Since2000, MIT has become a destination to obtain a degree from the University of Ballarat. A major advancement came in the year 2004 when MIT got its accreditation from the Australian government as a higher education provider. It now offers and awards degrees in Business, IT, Computer Networking and Telecommunications Engineering. While undertaking the development of an educational institution, Ghale had also started developing business in commercial real estate which brought him further success. When asked about his career, Shesh Ghale points out that he started outs mall although his visions were large. He attributed his ability to quickly see opportunities as a skill but he credits his strong principles to his overwhelming success. There is no doubt that his investments have expanded greatly over the years.”Currently, we are renovating The Argus, an old heritage building, for MIT’s Campus. Its cost is expected to rise beyond 60million,”saysShesh Ghale.”We


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are also planning to build a five star hotel Sheraton in Kathmandu. Its total cost is estimated to be anywhere between 70-80million. This investment was initiated with the committed aim to providing jobs to locals, infrastructure building for the nation, to stimulate investment in national interest such as the tourist industry of Nepal etc. It has been a lifelong desire to be in a position of being able to help Nepal and we are glad to now be in that position. About NepaleseCommunity/NRN/Nepal Shesh Ghale has announced his election campaign to stand for the Presidency of NRNA ICC for 1013-15 term after overwhelming request from friends around the world. He says, they believe his corporate experience and expertise will stand him in good stead to head the NRN. His long experience in dealing with GoN and providing the resources that NRNA required adds depth and understanding of the management of the organization. “At the end of the day, I do not gain or need to gain anything from this position, personally. I believe I am ready to give back my time and know how to Nepal and the Nepalese community through the channels of this organization,” claims Shesh Ghale.

He agrees with his friends’ view that his commercial success is evidence of his ability to successfully run a social venture. Research shows that many management skills are transferable between a commercial and a nonprofit organization. Skills such as strong leaderships, managing teams, finance, HRM and vision are important in both types of organizations. Shesh has these undeniable so he takes this challenge as he has taken many others with commitment, focus and clear goals. In order to make sure that he can adequately represent his friends, well wishers and supporters around the world, Shesh has recently visited many countries and regions since his announcement. This gave him the opportunity to meet and know many NRNs around the world. Most importantly, it helps him to identify major issues and concerns and to assess their desire to assist Nepal in any form or shape. Consequently, these form his main agenda for the NRNA moving forward. Ghale says he found most of NRNs around the world fairly young in terms of their migration history. Though we are young communities (NRNs) I found all of us have a big heart to give back to Nepal in any way, shape or form. Therefore, it has a huge future potential. However, it was during these

C O V E R S T O RY • + 9 7 7 visits that he became alerted about the extent of the negative impact to the organization by some Nepalese political biases and by doing this the organization may have seen losing its clarity and objectives. Shesh’s clearly expressed view was that the way forward is for all members to learn to assimilate in the country’s mainstream society rather than playing Nepalese politics which often comes divisive. More importantly, he believes on focusing on positivity on the benefit of this organization to Nepal and all NRNs which should help to overcome such negativity in a longer term. This view perhaps explains why some of the members believe that his active participation in the events of NRNs has been limited. He,however, prefers to disagree with this point and states “I don’t believe that I was not involved in NRN in the past. My view is that a voluntary organization such as NRNA needs two types of supporters in order to survive and sustain; one who has time, gives time and becomes office bearer and the other one, who may not be visible but supports and contributes to its core causes by providing all kinds of resources.“I have been an active participant in the 2nd category mostly,” exclaims Shesh. He seems to have a valid point as he has served as ICC founding advisor, attended mostimportant conferences and has been keynote speaker on “NRNs’ role on socio-economic development of Nepal”. His interest in this topic is ongoing and he continues to believe in it as a strong role of the NRN.These days, he also talks about NRN’s investing in Nepal to enable Nepal to prosper economically. Shesh is committed to promulgating this cause through NRNA. It is interesting to note that he has been actively providing support to NCC Australia since 2005 as well as NRNA ICC in various forms be it in expert advice, ideas or financially assistance in every conference. Shesh Ghale is aware of the challenges that lay ahead of him. And, he is ready to face all the known and unknown issues. He says, for NRNA to move forward is to focus on its core values and objectives “For Nepali by Nepali”. He says, if elected, he will be focusing on two main agendas; economic and social development of the country. He believes without these we will never be able to help our country. He will actively: •

encourage investment where economic development is sustainable that improves not quality of life only but also

forums help participants to learn from each other which, ultimately, may lead to other viable commercial ventures. More details regarding this initiative would be forth coming after consulting with the members of the community.

He has succeeded n positioning himself to be globally recognized as a successful businessman. •

• •

creates new jobs, encourage innovation and promote national interest. promote individual/collectivesand/or group investments which in the long term will attract and inspire other FDI lobby GoN for investment friendly policies and rules lobby and work together with GoN to improve bureaucratic hurdles and hassles

Shesh Ghale has some additional plans for social development. • Setting up a trust fund for adhoc need of individuals/communities in Nepal as well as overseas • Continuation of the ongoing charity work(We may need to review this operation to make it more effective) • Strengthen NRNA’s financial position so it can stand itself Furthermore, for NRNA to be effective and result oriented, Shesh has identified three immediate and pressing issues that need to be achieved for NRNA to go ahead: 1. Registration of NRNA to strengthen and institutionalize NRN movement 2. Strengthening safe migration and foreign employment 3. Continuation of citizenship to re-gain the diaspora strength in knowledge and capital investment in Nepal The Trump Card Shesh’s newest initiative would be the launching of a program called ‘entrepreneurial forum’ within NRNA and NCC. The objective of such a program, as he puts it, is to enhance the connections with Nepal and protect and preserve the Nepalese culture and heritage amongst young NRN’s. Such

“I believe all these can be done with a common goal and clear outcomes,” says Shesh. He has even drafted election manifesto for the voters. Please see the QR code for his manifesto. Shesh Ghale conveys a very positive attitude when it comes to the future of Nepal. He is confident that we will be able to see much improved Nepal economically. Shesh hopes, “We will have better infrastructure and better living standards and the economy may even reach double digit growth. Banking and finance will become a sophisticated industry. Tourism industry will lead to the development of better facilities and infrastructure. The political situation will improve but perhaps not the level that most desire. Most of all, we will be able to rid ourselves of power crisis in Nepal.” He feels the need to lead the way in order to build confidence in local businesses in Nepal. He also believes that capital is not an impediment in Nepal. It is the confidence that is lacking. Shesh Ghale thinks, “Fixture of bureaucracy and corruption will take away half the pain of our society.” To the young Nepalese / followers He has some words of advice for the youngsters. He urges them to set high standards, learn from experience, take risks but get ready to overcome obstacles. Also, he asks them to be the pioneer for innovation and set a culture of innovation in their businesses and be mentors for others with absolute personal integrity. More importantly, plan for long term but expect most things to happen beyond your plan.

Last but not the least, he has something to say to the team 977. He says he is very proud that 977 is doing very well and advises us to always look for long term rather than short term gains.

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NAOSAMS Student Service


Attention current / prospective students: -




We can enrol you into any colleges and Universities Right advice for your visa need Excellent career advice and assistance Free Migration consultation for our students


Address: Suite 1510, Level 15 WorldTower 87-89 Liverpool Street Sydney NSW 2000 T: 02 9262 2681 F: 02 9262 1833 E: Visit us:

+977•Digging Deeper

Dilemma of being at 50!! – Professional Year & NAATIthe way forward The Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP) has made several changes under General Skill Migration programme. This has directly affected most of the recent graduates from sub-continent. Immigration department has not only changed the points system or the so-called pass mark, it has also introduced a totally new system called Skill Select to implement capping on specific occupation or particular class of visas. This new change has created a difficult situation for fresh accounting and nursing graduates and made it almost impossible for IT graduates looking to apply for PR. Recently, the Skill Select has increased qualifying pass mark from 60 to 65 for accounting graduates and up to 75 points for IT and some engineering graduates. This means that you have a very slim chance of getting invitation under these occupations unless you are able to score IELTS 8 each bands or have some local experience immediately after the completion of your study in Australia. Recent Accounting and nursing graduates who have been in Australia before November 2011 would still be able to get invitation under Skill Select, if you are in 60 points zone or above. However, there are


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significant number of students who are in 50 or 55 Zone. There are alternate options to get the extra points, if you plan well. But these extra points come at a cost not only in terms of finance but also in terms of efforts and of course professional advise of migration Consultant. The options to secure additional 5 to 10 points are listed herein below: Professional Year Program in Accounting, IT or Engineering Credentialed community language qualifications (NAATI) Partner skill qualifications Study in regional Australia or in a low population growth metropolitan area Nomination by State or Territory government Professional Year Program in Accounting, IT or Engineering: Recent graduates with scores of 50 or 55 points can gain additional 5 points by completing professional year program in their respective field of their study. At the moment professional year program is available for IT, Accounting and Engineering graduates only. Accounting graduates with IELTS scores less than 7 in each band in academic test must do SMIPA (Skilled Migration Internship Program Accounting) not only to

Khilendra Raj Timsina Director - Education Park MARN1281118

Mahesh Singh

Director - Education Park QEAC-1062

score extra 5 points but also to do a full skill assessment as General Accountant. It is important to note that only a CPA or CA can issue provisional skill assessment for a subclass 485 with IELTS scores of 6 in each band. On the other hand, IT graduates can get extra 5 points from Professional Year in IT. Australian Computer Society (ACS) issues full Skill Assessment with IELTS scores of 6 in each band. There are quite a few Education Providers for Professional Year Programs in Accounting, IT and Engineering. Students have to choose them on the basis of their availability, cost and dates of the class. Performance Education and ECA are known for providing quality education with affordable fee structure. They are also supporting the students by placing them with reputed employers for internship placement under professional year program. Credentialed

community language qualifications or (NAATI)

Digging Deeper•+977 Credentialed Community language qualification can also help recent graduate to get additional 5 points to apply for PR. Interestingly, just a few years back it was not possible to get extra points under this qualification since Nepali language was not recognised as Credentialed community language, but due to increase in Nepalese population in Australia in recent times, this has changed. The recent graduates can be awarded 5 points for credentialed community language, if the National Accreditation Authority has accredited you at the ParaProfessional level or above for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) as either a translator or an interpreter. There are a few providers who provide this course and students have to spend around AUD $ 6000-8000 to complete the course and get NAATI accreditation. Partner Skill qualification Partner Skill could be useful for couples, if both the husband and wife are able to get Skill assessment done under same skill occupation List. However, both the applicant has to pass hurdle of skill assessment criteria, which would need at least IELTS scores in 6 or 7 in each band for the secondary applicant depending on their study or experience. Partner skill can provide 5 points towards the point test system. We strongly recommend applicant to take service of experienced Migration Consultant to check their eligibility for Partner Skill.

Study in regional Australia or in a low population growth metropolitan area Students who have lived and studied in regional Australia can get extra 5 points towards their Residency application. However, this is not something, which can be done after the completion of course in non-regional area. This is something students have to think before starting their application process for their student visa or changing colleges or universities to extend their student visa. It is also important that the students do basic research to find out whether their colleges or universities come under regional area. Nomination by State or Territory government The State or Territory nomination can give you upto 10 points, but it depends upon which visa you are applying for. This route c a n b e taken to reach 65 points zone i n


Conclusion: Students must plan their residency as soon as they complete their course or even before that. Accounting, IT and Engineering graduates will get extra time due to Temporary residency, however they must use this time to put in extra efforts which would take them to 60 points zone from 50 or 55. It is advisable to meet professional Migration Agent even before completion of their course so that they can plan the way forward.



WE PRINT FOR YOU Business Stationery Brochures and Flyers Large Posters and Banners Greeting Cards and many more

combination with Professional Year, NAATI or alone. Applicants need to be very careful about these as each State or Territory government would have their own criteria for the nomination. Many IT, Accounting graduates with 55 points have already taken benefit of NSW nomination to get their permanent residency.

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Your Beauty Statement for the

Celebratory Times By: Raktim Joshi

Dashain and Tihar, two of our biggest festivals, are on their way .And I’m sure all the ladies out there must be keen about clothes, shoes, hair and makeup-yet another reason for the ladies to pamper themselves. Most of the ladies must be checking out their wardrobe and deciding what outfits and jewelries sit well. I still do remember, when I was a child, I used to be so happy about these festivals because they connect and reconnect the people and culture. My parents used to buy me a new pair of cloths and a pair of shoes. I used to be so happy to be wearing new clothes and go out to put tika and play swing. And play the crackers,

deusi vailo in Tihar. The houses would light up making the whole neighbourhood come alive. I used to wake up early to go to temple with a bunch of friends. Oh god! Those childhood days were such glorious days of my life and I am pretty sure everyone loves their childhood and thinks about that time pretty much the same way I do. I do strongly believe in social and culture values where we follow these types of festivals and stay happy. We forgive and forget our resentments and hold no grudges against whomsoever. Most of the people from overseas might be even flying back home for these festivals. Even the idea of playing cards,

Proper makeup enhances beauty of the dress you are wearing where as a wrong makeup ruins even the million dollar dresses. That’s why it’s equally important to do makeup right.


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flying kites, setting fireworks alight is enough to give me goose-bumps. Wow! It is amazing how I never get enough of it. Apart from fun things to do during the festivals, let us discuss the makeup which we were unaware of back those days because we were too young for makeup. But now we can wear any kind of makeup and look our best. When you guys decide what to wear, remember not to forget the makeup part. Proper makeup enhances beauty of the dress you are wearing where as a wrong makeup ruins even the million dollar dresses. That’s why it’s equally important to do makeup right.

Beauty•+977 Here are a few things that can help you guys out with festive makeup. Start up with a clean face. If you are getting facial treatment, make sure to get them several days before the big day because some skin can look irritating for the next couple of days after treatment. Get your brows plucked and shaped. Keep your liner and mascara to the upper lash line and lashes. It is more natural looking and will also help avoid those smudged. Foundation powder also goes on lighter and gives skin a natural glow as opposed to liquid foundation, which can appear overdone and make skin look slick under the sun. Other convenient festive makeup tips you can try include avoiding products that have high amounts of glitter and shimmer in them, as these can rub off on clothes and leave you looking like a shiny disco ball. Stick to lighter colored sheer glosses that allow your natural lip color to shine through and avoid dark matte lip colors, as those will make your lips look too dark and bold. Makeup should last all day, through all the, hugging, kissing, eating and dancing.  You’ll probably want to get your mascara waterproof, lips to be kiss proof, and your skin makeup to be bombproof. I hope this article will help you even a less amount. If you guys need more help regarding makeup and if you guys have any question. Please feel free to jot me down at Thank you everyone. Happy Dashain and Tihar.. May Goddess Durga bless you all! Stay beautiful!


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CITY ADDRESS Suite 303, Level 3, 468 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Opp to QVB & Above LOWES | Tel: 02 8094 8024 | BUSINESS CONSULTANTS • ACCOUNTING • TAXATION • BUSINESS ADVISOR

PARAMATTA Suite 69 Level 2, 48-50 George Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 | Tel: 02 8840 9337 Fax: 02 8076 0442 |

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+ 9 7 7 • TrTeR nd END

Monochrome Trend By Mani Joshi

Isn’t it so awesome to finally welcome spring after what seems like a very long winter? Off with our winter woollies and on with our floral, monochrome, bold colours and pastel outfits. With ideal temperatures for the next few months, let’s celebrate the warm weather with something fun and uplifting. Sometimes things are simple and are black and white. If you are not big on colours, you can get inspired to think in black and white with monochrome outfits and accessories this spring.This fashion trend is one of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe for spring. Catwalk shows from Marc Jacobs to Chanel showcased their black and white designs and the looks have quickly translated to our streets. Wearing just black and white is a great way to add interest to an outfit; it’s eye-catching and can work wonders on every body shape using different proportions.


+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | Oct-Nov | 2013

Tr e n d • + 9 7 7

• Tips on wearing monochrome •

To brighten up a black and white look, simply add a pair of neon heels, colourful necklace or a bright, oversized clutch.

Curved contrasting panels on dresses accentuate or create an hourglass shape.

Draw attention to your top half by pairing a geometric patterned jacket with black pants.

Vertical panels make you look taller and slimmer.

To take your black and white look to an evening event, jazz it up with a red or pink lips to contrast with the simplicity of the outfit.

Experimenting with different shades will give your outfit variety .

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What’s wrong with Exercising? By: Sanjeet K Shrestha

We happily send our kids to marshal arts classes but crease our nose and forehead’s skin, if the grown up kids go to the gym, put on some muscle mass on their arms.

Alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction have always become major problems in the nation. We’ve seen thousands of lines written over these to generate awareness among people and millions of bucks have been poured for various campaigning every year. Why is the government spending so much money for such awareness programs? Absolutely for the good health of our people and for a better society. Yes, it is necessary to educate people to stay pure, safe and healthy. It’s always a great challenge to the parents of growing children to keep them away from drugs and other habits that affect them socially, financially and emotionally. Addiction is not only the problem fracturing our society but the epidemics are clustering these days related with so many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, high-cholesterol, etc. Thousands of people die of these diseases each year and people spend millions on medication around the world. The problem is still on a roaring rise. What could be the possible reason? A huge “Misconception”. Misconception about exercising, weight training and resistance training. A sedentary lifestyle invites aforementioned diseases that result from loading more calories, less burning and resulting to obesity. Regular exercise is the key to stay away from these diseases. So what do we think about exercising, weight training or going to gyms? Our society is darkly shadowed by a thought that weight training is bad guys’ things, gives you a rowdy


+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | Oct-Nov | 2013

attitude. Weight training will build big muscles, which invites lots of fighting and gang sort of things. One thing is clear, we don’t need to do weight training to be a fighter or to be involved in a gang. We can’t blame those crimes on weight trainings and gyms. Weight training makes us very strong undoubtedly but it doesn’t mean that being strong will end up in fights. If that’s the case, what do you call all the Marshal Arts, Boxing and Wrestling games? These games produce the real fighters, not lifting iron in the gym to build bigger and better bodies. We happily send our kids to marshal arts classes but crease our nose and forehead’s skin, if the grown up kids go to the gym, put on some muscle mass on their arms. Exercising is not a game, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a habit. It is like brushing up our teeth twice for our healthy teeth, it’s like washing up hands with soap after the toilet. Weight training, also known as resistance training, has many benefits and we are still lacking those due to the shortage of awareness, motivation and education, ultimately, victimizing ourselves with various health-related, behavioral and societal problems. Obesity will soon become a national problem like drug addiction, cancer and HIV/AIDS in the near future. We don’t have such programs to promote fitness in our nation. Let’s say we are being blindfolded by heavy misconceptions about weight trainings. Fitness is the strongest solution to obesity. We should have such awareness generating programs from the government level. Embracing fitness will definitely build a Healthy Nepal.


There are various benefits of training with weights: • • • • • • • • • •

Weight training makes our body strong, Helps us to build good and strong muscles Helps our bones become stronger by preventing the loss of bone density Helps us to reduce body fats Helps us to keep slim and trimmed Helps to improve our appetite Helps to enhance our immune system Helps us to sleep better Gives our growing kids a disciplined lifestyle, helps to boost their personalities, gives the feeling of can-do attitude rather than quitting Gives strength to fight for many diseases.

When there are lots of benefits we can achieve with exercising and weight training, so, what’s wrong with it? We should be proud to find our kids in gym involved in exercising rather than snatching them in the darkest corner of the temples doing bad stuffs.

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Nepalese Tattoo Artist Living His Passion in Australia When I heard he is a tattoo artist, I won’t lie to you. I had an image of him: someone who is heavily covered in tattoos and body piercings. Contrary to my own stereotype, Central Coast based tattoo artist, Ravi Maharjan is none of these. My conscience could argue that it could be the chilly weather that forced him to wear full sleeves covering his body, but after the interview I can confidently say that this bloke is as humble as one can be and extremely talented at what he does. It all began when a Fine Arts student, Ravi Maharjan saw his friend carved out tattoo in Nepal. The sudden urge to do the same, 19-year-old, Ravi hand made a tattoo machine, played with it for a while and did his first experiment on his friend the very next day. Since then, he has never looked back. Today, he works in a tattoo parlour based on Woy Woy and earns his living by doing what he is most passionate about. “Tattoo can touch people’s life and make a whole world difference to them” For Ravi, his work is an Art. He has been in this profession for 10 years and he has inked thousands of such art but he prefers to crave portrait tattoo. Unlike other types of tattoos such as tribal where you only 34

ink color for a long period of time, portrait helps to bring out life and emotions. It is almost dark outside the café, but I can see his face lit up when he recalls this particular moment in his profession. An Australian man wanted a tattoo of his father’s portrait. His father was an army who had passed away in a war. The man cried when he saw the finished art. Little things like these make Ravi remember that his job is precious as it can touch people’s life and make a whole world difference to them.

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It is believed that Tattoo is an addiction and one can never stop. I had myself inked three years ago and the itch to get another one is too hard to resist at times. Ravi had his first tattoo, a ‘tribal’ image at 21 and still reminisces that time when his mother was clearly upset with him. Today, his legs are heavily inked and he wants to tattoo upper parts of his body and there is no stopping him. I ask him ‘When is Enough is Enough?’ and he plainly replies ‘Never’. Despite of this, his parents are ever so supportive and proud of what he does.

Sumnima Dewan is a second year Journalism student at University of Technology Sydney.

Art•+977 There are Laser treatments that can be painfully expensive (literally) or you can opt for cover-ups. “Thanks to god,” he says “he has never made any major mistake so far in his career but has seen plenty of instances where tattoo has gone terribly wrong.” “You don’t want to be in that situation,” exclaims Ravi.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, a piece of advice from the experienced is to study about

DEAL $16.00

DEAL $20.00

DEAL *Conditions Apply


the artist. Ravi says it is very crucial to do research about the artist and see their work. A tattoo is not like shopping shoes (his example!) and it will be with you for a lifetime. Taking out that little time can help you to avoid life long regret. So, what can you do if you do regret about your decision?

As an international artist from Nepal, Ravi Maharjan is an example that if you are determined and passionate then there is no stopping to follow your dream and achieving it. If you are an aspiring tattoo artist who wants to make a career then Ravi insists your focus should be on Art. Tattoo artist must be excellent in art and that can only come through practise.










• Sekuwa/Tikka • Aalu Ko Aachar • Green Salad • Furandaana

• Sekuwa • Chicken Tikka • Aaalu Ko Aachar • Bhatmash Sadheko/ Pakora


• Choice of two vegetables entrees • Choice of two non- veg entrees • Furandaana • Green Salad • Chicken Nuggets for Kids

• Goat/Chicken Curry • Mix Vegetable/ Palak Paneer • Tomato Aachar • Rice and Naan

• Choice of two non-veg curries • Choice of two veg curries • Tomato Aachar • Rice and Naan

Sandip Lamichhane Mob: 0413 651 929


• Gulab Jamun with yoghurt • Vanilla Ice cream for kids

NOTE: $1 per head for unlimited soft drinks, $1 per head for formal set up

Follow me on twitter @ dewansumnima and ravimaharjan to get the conversation following.


• Goat curry • Yoghurt with • Chicken curry Gulab Jamun • Mix Veg/Palak Paneer/ Aalu Bodi Taama • Tomato Aachar • Rice and Naan


To get in touch with the artist, you can email him at Follow him on Facebook: Ravi Maharjan to get more insight of his fabulous work.

Authentic Nepalese Cuisine

• Gulab Jamun


Today, tattoos have become mainstream and are considered less as a taboo. Ravi claims that the number of women with tattoos is more than the male counterparts. He quickly adds that women tend to ink themselves with smaller images or letter and men are usually are the ones who prefer big tattoos. A quick Google search and I found out that according to 2012 National Health and Medical Research Council, indeed women in their 20s are more likely to have tattoos than men in the same age. The industry also has increasing number of women artist.

Gladesville 146 Victoria Road Gladesville NSW 2111 Tel: 02 9817 0238, Fax: 02 9816 1324 Concord 217 Concord Road North Strathfield NSW 2137 Tel: 9736 3414, Fax: 02 9743 0695

DESIGN l VERtEX l 8002 4724

“Research about the tattoo artist and see their work”

+ 9 7 7 • Tr a v e l

The Best Touch of the Nature By: Geeta Shrestha

Beautifully situated on the broad way valley of Marshyangdi river of the north of Annapurna mountain range, Manang district is at an altitude of of 3,519 meters above the sea level. To its west, there is this pass Thorong La connecting Manang to Muktinath shrine by providing a route between the towns of Manang to Muktinath, Mustang, Tibet and western region. To its north, there is Chulu East peak. In the close vicinity of Tibetan border, this valley has a history among the yak and salt traders of Nepal and Tibet. This valley is still used as the yak and salt trading point and it remains one of the important trading points in northern border in Nepal. It is easy to be overwhelmed by seemingly tremendous opportunities with the flora and fauna Manang offers. Though


very close to Nepali-Tibet border, Manang is still one of the remotest and inaccessible valleys in Nepal. Manang is a part of the Annapurna Circuit. Tourism in Manang started with the opening of the district for tourism in 1977 (Watkins, 1996; Koirala, 1981). Since the area was open to outsiders, many have switched the traditional agricultural to the hotelier and tourism industry and going abroad for the job. The development of tourism is closely related with the entrepreneurship development such as trade, migration and tourism in the district. The local people of Manang have a very long history of their engagement in trade within and outside the country. Amidst these, Upper Manang was opened up for trekking and thus, some of the entrepreneurs with their skill and funds accrued during external trades found

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an avenue to carry on hotel management and other tourism-related activities back in upper Manang. Manang has always been an important tourist destination, most popular for its Annapurna trekking route. The place is the braggart for its spectacular mountain views, vibrant colors of nature, wild flowers and herbs, tranquil lakes, and plenty of adventure opportunities. Manang is a very pleasant valley. The village is the main settlement of the valley, not only from the present state of tourism development but also from the historical point of view. Manang village is epicenter of all social, political, cultural and administrative activities in the valley. The Gangapurna mountain peak and the Gangapurna Glacier are very close to Manang village. Also available in Manang village

Thorong La pass situated within the Annapurna Conservation Area is just above this beautiful village Manang. Among the the uncountable opportunities, Manang offers trekking, culture tour, bird watching, peak climbing, expeditions and the like.

are cultural museum, movie theater, restaurants and other recreational facilities. The hotel owners in Manang sometime refer to this village functioning as Thamel of Kathmandu for tourists visiting this area. It is the little Thamel just beyond the Annapurna Range in the Central Himalaya. Thorong La pass situated within the Annapurna Conservation Area is just above this beautiful village Manang. Among the the uncountable opportunities, Manang offers trekking, culture tour, bird watching, peak climbing, expeditions and the like. The other attractions which make Manang one of the beautiful travel destinations also include Tilicho Lake, Milarepa’s Cave, Hiamalyan range and enthralling natural beauty, monasteries as well as the rich hospitality of

Managis, as they are known in the nation. Manang holds its charm and is full of friendly villagers. If you are planning to go to Manang, a six day trekking from Besi Sahar of Lamjung district will take you to this engaging village. There are regular bus services available from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar. Besisahar is around 5-12 hours drive from Kathmandu. Manang also offers an airstrip.  For the attires to wear, carry linen socks, trekking shirts short sleeve, thermal underwear, fleece sweaters lightweight, one heavier easy drying long sleeved base layer shirt, woolen blends trekking socks, pair of trekking pants with zip off buttons, booties. Basically, carry light warm clothes which would not bother you even you have to carry them yourself.

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+ 9 7 7 • D o i t Yo u r s e l f

Paper Flower for Eclectic Wall Decoration By Reecha Dhital

Things you need: Glue Scissors Magazine pages Cardboard cut in a circle

Method 1. Firstly, cut the cardboard in a circle. The diameter depends on your desired size of the wall piece. 2. Tear pages of your outdated but colourful magazine. More the colour, the brighter and unique your wall deco is going to be. 3. Since my deco is moderate size I divided the page into four equal size and cut them. I folded the page twice and cut them into equal pieces of rectangles/square. Do this with as many pages/pieces required for your wall deco. Quantity depends on the size and the more, the fluffier. 4. Now, with all the rectangular quarters of the page, make them into a cone and glue the end securely. Repeat the process with all the pieces. 5. It is now time to glue the cones together along the circular cardboard. Keep the opening out. More than half of the cone needs to be out from the cardboard. This gives enough room for other cones to form a fuller looking deco. 6. After a full circle is done, with the first set of cones repeat the same with second and third layer of cones and in the end keep a circular centre. (Mine is a complete disaster at centre It is more square than circular). 7. YOU’RE DONE!!!! TADAAA........ Flaunt your wall deco on the favourite side of your wall or in your favourite room of the house and receive plenty of compliments. I have put my on wall with the help of a Blue Tack. You can also use double sided tape or a pin and hang it with help by attaching strings on back! GOOD LUCK!!!

Write in your feedback and other DIY requests to 38

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Model Watch•+977

Deepa Ghimire from the Aveneus of Dream Factory Deepa is an up and coming singer cum model. She came to Australia in 2009. Deepa always aspired to become a singer. She has started collaborating with some very talented artist in Sydney and posted cover songs & videos on YouTube. Deepa has just finished recording her first song ‘Kohi Cha Mero’ featuring Sajal Neupane, a talented singer. Her second song is a hip hop collaboration with one of the famous rap bands called GXsoul. It is titled ‘Madhya Raat’ Her third song ‘Doshi’ has her own lyrics composition. Both of the songs will be released this summer. Deepa is excited for her new musical journey and there are lots of projects on her way.

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Cuisine: Third Eye Special Platter Ingredients: Chicken Sekuwa, Bhutton, Fokso Fry, Bhatmas Achar, Piro Aloo, Chiura, Gundruk Sadheko, Side Achar Price: $ 24.95 (Serves 3-4 ppl)


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+977•Sports Update By: Pradeep Chapagain

Boys into Asian Level

Back to the Summit Spanish Tennis ace Rafael Nadal has returned into the top of ATP rankings following the brilliant season 2013. Rafa has boosted his grand slam singles tally to thirteen this year (one shy of Amercian great Pete Sampras’ haul of fourteen and four shy of Federer’s all-time record of seventeen). Nadal has won the French Open and the US Open this year apart from 8 other titles whereas he has featured in all finals of the tournaments he has played on. Nadal had to reach the final of the recently concluded China Open in Beijing to replace Novak Djokovic at the top of the rankings and he did exactly that beating Tomas Berdych in the semi-finals. Nadal hasn’t been ranked number one since July 2011 but has produced a stunning run since returning from the seven months’ absence in February. Rafa has lost two finals since the return, winning 10 tournaments and adding over $10 million in prize money this year.

The Nepalese national football team suffered yet another heartbreak at home in recently concluded SAFF Championship 2013 losing in the semi-final to eventual champion Afghanistan. Nepalese football fans were shattered at the Dasharath Stadium despite the good performance of their team throughout the tournament. However, there was some consolation afterwards as the U-16 national team qualified for the Youth Asia Cup after a brilliant run of consistent performance in qualifiers at the same stadium in Kathmandu. Nepal had a tough group consisting strong Asian nations like Iraq, Bahrain and Turkmenistan in its pool and few had expected the Gorkhalis would cross the qualifiers. Nepal proved them all wrong as the boys started the qualifying campaign with a 2-0 win over strong Bahrain side thanks to the goals from AnjanBista and AnantaTamang. In the second game against U-17 World Cup bound Iraq, Nepal were 0-2 down until half time and a defeat was loomed for many. It was a completely different story in the second half as Nepal produced a historic performance scoring two goals to draw 2-2 against Iraqis. Going into the third game with strong form, Nepal thrashed Turkmenistan 4-0. Thanks to the excellent hat-trick from senior national team striker Bimal Gharti Magar and a goal from Dinesh Rajbanshi. Nepal topped the group with 7 points to qualify for the finals for the third time in history. The finals will be played in Thailand next year where our boys will represent Nepal along with the world cup bound countries like Japan, Australia and South Korea.

Arsenal on Fire Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal’s fans have finally something to cheer as the London side have continued their impressive run in 2013/14 season. Arsenal had lost 1-3 to Aston Villa in the very first game of the Premier League this season but The Gunners have produced an astonishing display of football since then. Arsenal sits at the top of the English Premier League with 16 points from 7 games whereas they are also the leaders in their tricky group in UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid’s German superstar Mesut Ozil’s $75 million signing at the final day of transfer deadline proved to be the catalyst for Arsenal’s rejuvenation this year. Ozil has taken no time to settle in the side which has also boosted the confidence level of his teammates. Arsenal is unbeaten this year excluding that first day defeat in the Premier League. The Gunners defeated French side Marseille 2-1 in France in the Champions League this year before beating the Rafael Benitez’z fancy Italian side Napoli 2-0 in the Emirates Stadium to collect all six points from opening two games in the group stage where Ozil also grabbed his first Arsenal goal against the Naples. On the other hand, Arsenal have produced fantastic display in premier league defeating fierce rival Tottenham, Fulham, Sunderland, Stoke City and Swansea City before drawing 1-1 against surprise package West Bromich Albion. Although it is very early to say but bookmakers are throwing their money for Arsenal to win EPL for the first&time since 2003/04 when they were unbeaten all season. 42 the +977 | Gen-Y, Fashion Lifestyle | Oct-Nov | 2013

Sports Update•+977

FIFA World Cup 2014: The Qualified Teams The 20th edition of FIFA World Cup is now only about eight months away from us. The heat in the qualifiers has reached the limit and the excitements for the fans are increasing as their team are on the brink of qualification. Here are the teams that have already qualified for next year’s World Cup; 1) Brazil (Host) 2) Japan (AFC Fourth Round Group B Winners) 3) Australia (AFC Fourth Round Group B Runners-up) 4) Iran (AFC Fourth Round Group A Winners) 5) South Korea (AFC Fourth Round Group A Runners-up) 6) Netherlands (UEFA Group D Winners) 7) Italy (UEFA Group B Winners) 8) Costa Rica (CONCACAF Fourth Round) 9) United States of America (CONCACAF Fourth Round) 10) Argentina (CONMEBOL Round Robin)

Mumbai Indians Clinched CL Red Bull’s champion driver Sebastian Vettel continued his Formula One domination winning the Korean Grand Prix for the third successive year which has now put himself only a race away from potentially clinching a fourth straight Formula One title. It was eighth triumph in 14 races for the 26-yearold German driver who now sits 77 points clear of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso in the championship table with five races and a maximum of 125 points remaining. Vettel has won the Formula One titles in last three years creating a history for Red Bull. Alonso could only manage sixth place finish on an overcast afternoon that threatened rain without delivering. Ferrari’s Alonso now has 195 points to Vettel’s 272. Lotus’s Finish Driver Kimi Raikkonen finished second ahead of teammate Romain Grosjean in a race that began as another display of Vettel’s domination before jolting the audience awake with a bang. Vettel’s Australian teammate Mark Webber’s car was hit by Force India’s Adrian Sutil’s car to light the fire before Webber pulled over.

Unstoppable Vettel

A masterful batting performance from Mumbai Indians saw them win the Champions League Twenty20 title against another Indian side Rajasthan Royals by 33 runs in the final. Mumbai scored a mammoth 202 in the final thanks to the brilliant 44 from Dwayne Smith and a 14-ball 33 from Rohit Sharma to give Rajasthan a massive total to chase. However the Royals started superbly with openers Ajinkya Rahane and Sanju Samson putting on a century partnership as they raced through the opening 11 overs. However the wicket of Samson sparked a collapse in the Royals batting order as they fell from 117-1 to 169 all out in just 43 balls. Mumbai’s Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh took four wickets whereas the West-Indian all-rounder Kieron Pollard claimed three victims. Mumbai’s Harbhajan Singh was the man-of-the-match in the final whereas Dwayne Smith was the player-of-the-tournament. It was the perfect farewell for the Mumbai captain and Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar who played for the last time for the club.

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+977•Movie The movie Hostel that got released this 30th August, predominantly bags the story of youngsters living in hostel where there are the issues of love, tragedy, betrayal, friendship, family, relationship, hostel dorm, and the like. Produced by Sunil Rawal under Durgish Films, the movie casts Anmol KC, Shishir Bhandari, Salon Basnet, Gaurav Pahadi, Rista Basnet, Simson Thapa and Prakriti Shrestha. Anmol KC, the star kid of Bhuvan KC, has debuted in a leading role although he has already appeared playing a small role in the officially debut move Saathi Ma Timro. The plot of the story revolves around the friendship of these three lead characters and already before the release date of the movie, it gained the overwhelming hype which is why Hostel had been one of the most awaited movies for youngsters to be more precise. Hostel, the directorial work of Hemraj BC, has become successful to win the hearts of many on the very first release date. Dominated by the second generation film actors, Hostel is said to be one of the most talked about movies of recent times. It has also been heard that Sunil Rawal, the producer of movie Saayad had announced to start the production of its sequel - Saayad 2 after the release date of Hostel. The movie is claimed to become successful in portraying the lives of college students including the adversities they have to go through in an outrageously funny way.

Directed by Oscar (R) nominee Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity features Oscar (R) winners Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Sandra Bullock delineates the role of Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) who is commanding his final expedition. A 2013 American 3D film featuring two prolific actors as surviving astronauts


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in a damaged space shuttle, Gravity comprises heart-pounding thriller that pulls you into the infinite and unforgiving realm of deep space. During a spacewalk when Dr. Ryan Stone is on her first space shuttle accompanied by veteran Matt, debris from a satellite crashes into the space shuttle Explorer which mostly destroys it, leaving them stranded in space with limited air. And with no means of communication with Earth, they must now co-operate to survive.

A harrowing tale of survival that unfolds within the dangerous vacuum of space, as envisioned by the director of Children of Men and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The 3D sci-fic drama/thriller features more of the acclaimed filmmaker’s trademark cinematic wizardry, which includes a 17-minute uninterrupted opening shot and real-time pacing.

Movie•+977 Insidious Chapter 2, a terrifying sequel to the acclaimed 2011’s supernatural horror film Insidious. The famed horror team of director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell reunite with the original cast of Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, and Ty Simpkins in the sequel, which follows the haunted Lambert family as they seek to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirited world. The film being released on September 13, 2013, preliminary reporters have the film tracking for a $32–$35 million debut in North America.  The film earned $1.5 million from its Thursday night showings, and

The latest offering from the director Rawson Marshall Thurber best known for the fan-favorite 2004 comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog, We’re the Millers is a 2013 American comedy film which got released in US on August 7, 2013. The film stars Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter. The production being started in Wilmington, North Carolina on July 23, 2012, the majority of the production was filmed in North Carolina and New Mexico. We’re the Millers centers on aging pot dealer David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) who is robbed of his stash and cash after attempting to stop an assault on the street. Indebted to his supplier Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms) for the money that was lost, Clark agrees to help smuggle a large shipment of marijuana out of Mexico and into the States.

reached a $20 million Friday total, making it the biggest opening day in September box office history. The film debuted at #1 during its opening weekend, taking $41 million at the box office. Insidious Chapter 2 picks up from right where chapter 1 ended, with Renai Lambert (Rose Byrne) discovering the corpse of murdered medium Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) with her husband Josh Lambert seemingly the culprit. This Chapter 2 doesn’t include a few creepy signature Wan

Given its R-rated setup, We’re the Miller is not going to be for everyone. It’s an unapologetic and self-indulgent comedy that takes its jokes one step territory. That said, We’re the Millers easily provides some of the most hilarious comedy beats in recent memory, the film is far from flawless. Sudeikis spends a majority of the film with a goofy smirk on his face and the Clark character is responsible for many of the film’s cliché story beats. However, even though Clark is the least memorable of the main cast, Sudeikis makes smart use of the role – goading his supporting players instead of hogging the spotlight. It’s a goofy road movie with plenty of gags. The central conceit is well established, the comedy is often impressively sour and the four leads complement one another beautifully.

scare sequences, the majority of the film is dedicated to laying out two-handed narrative (once again co-written by Wan and Whannell). On the one hand, we get a Shinning-style psychological thriller centered on the Lambert household; on the other hand, a supernatural horrormystery revolving around Elise’s team and their investigation into the history of ghostly woman who killed Elise.

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+977 | Australia`s #1 Magazine for Nepalese Community  

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