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QUARTERLY - P.I. 21/06/2017 International € 10, Chf 10,50, UK £ 7,50 - Poste Italiane S.p.a. - Spedizione in Abbonamento Postale - 70% - LO/MI

SUMMER 2017 ISSUE no.19

DESIGN Focus on outdoor collection

SUMMER TIME Six highly exclusive seaside resorts

FASHION The Italian Touch ETRO

FOOD Italian Chefs parade PASTA lovers

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House of Fine Yachting 27 > 30 SEPTEMBER 2017








ade in Italy isn’t just about products, whether they’re fashion garments, wines or something else - what’s also important is the story behind them, the adventures of the families and individuals whose intuition, passion and

determination have inspired enterprises with an often unmistakeable character. The pages of Wonder World Seasonal devote an ever-increasing amount of space to exciting, moving accounts of entrepreneurial stories, restaurants and businesses devoted to hospitality - resorts, spas or period buildings transformed into hotels with an exclusive appeal. The summer season in Italy means the sea, where the Mediterranean colours and flavours embody the time of year when a visit is most rewarding. And with this issue of Wonder World Seasonal Summer 2017 we launch a collaboration with Misha handmadewallpaper, a young Italian brand that draws on tradition and innovation to produce prestigious, hand-painted silk wallpapers, fabrics, embroidery and furnishing accessories, all of which are achieving resounding international success. As a result of this exclusive partnership, for this and the next two issues every cover will bear the brand’s signature, with an image illustrating the relevant season. Enjoy your summer!

Matteo Galbiati CEO Platinum Media Lab



© Agence VERTU / Photographies : Alexandre Leblanc – Jérôme Kélagopian

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u l t i m a t e

REndEz-VoUs 12-17 sept 2017

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5 Questions for‌ Stefania Lazzaroni

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Bright Summer


Fashion Italian touch There, where the Paisley grows


Spa hotel Record year for Borgo Egnazia

36 Beauty

Scents of Italy


38 Spa

Eastern philosophy with a scent of lemons


Summer time The long Italian summer is a time of sun, sea

and Mediterranean perfumes

50 Watches Dive watches



54 Jewels

At the bottom of the sea


Being in the world A story of love and friendship


Luxury hotel Tuscany Villa La Massa


Luxury hotel Veneto A journey through Italy’s history and art


Luxury rental Beautiful houses and exclusive yachts




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Mise en place

Voice of the waves

80 Destinations 116

Kenya: Diamonds dream of Africa


Italian chef

Chef parade

94 Food




Pasta lovers


Great Events

Tasty rendez-vous


Luxury hotel Lugano

A romantic lakeside atmosphere

106 Vinitaly


Fill your glasses!

Wedding party Easy glam in deepest Puglia

116 Golf

Homage to fine wines

110 Wine



Palazzo Arzaga

Design hotel Capri

128 Design



In full sunlight

132 Event

The house of the inquisitive traveller

Monaco Yacht Show

5 questions for...

Stefania Lazzaroni, General Manager of Altagamma, talks about luxury and Made in Italy Antonella Euli


Altagamma is celebrating 25 years of activity. Can you sum up the achievements of this unique Foundation? It’s a very positive balance. The

Fondazione Altagamma has grown over the past twenty-five years, alongside the companies it’s involved with and Italy’s cultural and creative sector overall. Altagamma now has 96 partners, and our global market share now stands at 10%. In line with its mission, Altagamma continues to support companies in the sector, emphasising the openness to crossovers that is such a hallmark of high-end Italian companies, which have the unique ability boast of their excellence in almost every sector. Nowadays Altagamma is especially recognised for its international research carried out in collaboration with Bain&Company, McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte and EY, as well as for initiatives aimed at highlighting and promoting Italian creativity and culture throughout the world in partnership with official institutions. The most recent example is PANORAMA, the 360° video installation showcasing Italian beauty, launched at EXPO2015. It went to New York and Shanghai in 2016, and has garnered great critical and public acclaim wherever it is shown.


Our high-end Made in Italy goods and services are Italy’s flagship products. What’s the best way to promote them? Our products are universally recognised, and the fact they are Italian made gives them a

unique reputation and competitive advantage. Of course, the globalised market is now an arena where it’s not possible to rest on our laurels and rely on good will, these days we have to have the ability to “narrate what we’re doing”, which means being able to create internationally renowned brands. That’s the only way we can compete more effectively outside the EU, initiating and managing new distribution models that will remain a crucial focus for high-end Italian companies, and an area to consider for the future. As Altagamma, we make regular strategic evaluations of new distribution models and the development of the economy 4.0, which presents new challenges and demands innovative approaches.


More partners for 2017? A few weeks ago Altagamma welcomed Alfa Romeo which takes its place beside Maserati, Ferrari and Ducati in the crucial auto industry sector, which finally has the presence it deserves in the Foundation. The other sectors are also growing - we’ve been joined by Porro and Fantini in design, Relais San Maurizio in hospitality and Chantecler in jewellery. But I always bear in mind that numbers are an indication of the Foundation’s success only up to a certain point, as Altagamma receives many applications, but the acceptance criteria are highly selective, because product or service excellence and an international reputation are strict requirements we adhere to at the evaluation stage.


What role does young talent have to play in Italy’s luxury industry, and how can we prevent it going elsewhere?

Young people are extremely important. Take fashion, for example. We see that the success of the Italian fashion system is based on individual talent (Ferré, Versace, Armani and so), people who during 1970s and 80s took a supply chain that already existed and transformed it into a crucible of elegance, quality and dreams. This talent must be nurtured, creating the conditions for new creatives and entrepreneurs to emerge. In 2015 Altagamma launched a project called the “Premio Giovani Imprese-Believing in the Future” for new enterprises that can be potential “brands of tomorrow” in a variety of sectors (fashion, design, food, jewellery, cars, digital). Altagamma supports them for twelve months through a personalised mentorship programme and gives them access to the entire Altagamma world, with the aim of helping them grow through their experience of already-established Altagamma companies.


Altagamma’s projects for the future? This year, to celebrate our 25th anniversary we’ve moved office and opened the new premises in Via Montenapoleone. We’ve revamped our brand identity and we will consolidate the new initiatives. One of these is Altagamma Italian

Experiences, a project of ours dedicated to high-end tourism, offering international travellers exclusive experiences with Altagamma companies. In this way the companies become destinations that can offer exclusive experiences. Another area we’re working on is technical and professional training. We believe it’s essential to renew Italy’s training offer to promote and support the professions that form the basis of our companies’ success. So we nurture the various areas of know-how in our tradition while equipping young people with the new skills of industry 4.0. It’s an ambitious aim, so we’ve put in place an agreement with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. This will occupy us over the next few years, and it’s certain that this context is a crucial element in achieving useful results not only for our industry but also the entire Italian system.



Marta Sarlo-Contrasto

Paolo Pellegrin-Contrasto

Massimo Siragusa-Contrasto

Massimo Siragusa-Contrasto

Left: Ermenegildo Zegna, Fondazione Altagamma. Right: Salvatore Ferragamo, Fondazione Altagamma

Nicolò De Giorgis-Contrasto

Left: Bisazza, Fondazione Altagamma. Right: Kartell, Fondazione Altagamma. Below: Driade, Fondazione Altagamma. Photos from “La bellezza e lo stile italiani” Exhibition

W O N D E R W O R L D 15

WORLD Veronica De Andreis

ATHENS - KASSEL DOCUMENTA 14, 2017 On of the most important and highly distinctive exhibitions to illustrating fresh perspectives on a art. The exhibition takes place in both Kassel, its traditional home, and for the first time in Athens, too. Two different locations and diverse historical, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. The artists are to work with and about both locations. Artistic Director: Adam Szymczyk - Athens until July 16, 2017


Kassel until September 17, 2017 - www.documenta14.de

Istanbul Modern Collection/ Eczacibaşi Group Donation © Raad bin Zeid Collection


FAHRELNISSA ZEID Tate Modern presents the UK’s first comprehensive retrospective of Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid. This major exhibition brings together a number of works, from paintings, drawings, collages, large-scale colourful canvases, stained glass panels to sculptures, spanning over 40 years of her extraordinary career. Curated by Kerryn Greenberg Tate Modern - Until 8 October 2017

REI KAWAKUBO/COMME DES GARÇONS: ART OF THE IN-BETWEEN The Costume Institute’s presentation grants the rare honor of a solo show at The Met, to Rei Kawakubo, the most rigorous of the designers, founder of Comme des Garçons in 1969. The exhibition features approximately 150 womenswear pieces. A holistic exhibition sounds like a Zen dialogue. Curated by Andrew Bolton - The Met Fifh Avenue

Photograph by © Paolo Roversi; Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Until September 4, 2017 - www.metmuseum.org


New York

Paris DERAIN, BALTHUS, GIACOMETTI - AN ARTISTIC FRIENDSHIP This remarkable and innovative exhibition explores the friendship between three major 20th-century artists: André Derain, Balthus and Alberto Giacometti. The exhibition brings together for the first time over 350 works (paintings, sculptures, works on paper and photographs) from 1930 to 1960 from the most important private and museums collections of the world. Curated by Jacqueline Munck - Musée d’Art Moderne of Paris Until the 29 of October, 2017 - www.mam.paris.fr


© Balthus © Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Photography by Cathy Carver



Ph by Italo Rondinella-Courtesy: La Biennale di Venezia



VENICE BIENNALE 2017 © Ph Marco De Scalzi

57TH INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION VIVA ARTE VIVA is the title chosen by Christine Macel, the curator of the 57th International Art Exhibition, organized by La Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta, one of the world’s most prestigious contemporary art event.

A new type of humanism, where the artistic act is contemporaneously an act of resistance, of liberation and of generosity.

FOCUS ON ITALIAN PAVILION - “Il mondo magico“ Curator: Cecilia Alemani Exibitors: Roberto Cuoghi(3), Adelita Husni-Bey (5),Giorgio Andreotta Calò (4). Venue: Tese delle Vergini, Arsenale

© Ph Nuvola Ravera

outcry for art and the state of the artist.

Ph by Francesco Galli - Courtesy: La Biennale di Venezia

VIVA ARTE VIVA is an exclamation, a passionate

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PAVILION “Tomorrow is Another Day” Curators: Christopher Bedford and Katy Siegel. Exibitor: Mark Bradford (2). Venue: Giardini della Biennale, San Polo SOUTH AFRICAN PAVILION “Candice Breitz Mohau Modisakeng“ Curators: Lucy MacGarry and Musha Neluheni. Exhibitors: Candice Breitz and Mohau Venue: Sale D’Armi, Arsenale Venice Biennale Until November 26, 2017 www.labiennale.org 18


© Ph Marco De Scalzi

Modisakeng (1).

THE BEATS AND THE VANITIES, LARRY FINK For the first time that the Armani/ Silos presents a one-man photography exhibition. The Beats and The Vanities is a unique opportunity to gain a special insight into Larry Fink’s idiosyncratic Dancing in the Sand, Ohio, 1958, © Larry Fink

vision. The exibition comprises 125 original black and white photographs, never before been shown together, 54 from Fink’s book The Beats and 71 from his book The Vanities. Armani/Silos Until the end of July 2017 www.armanisilos.com

e Anc ona


na Vice nza Bell uno





Risp arm io di Vero

This exhibition is a huge artistic treasure trove of ninety masterpieces of Italian Art from the Middle Ages to the present day, purchased by Banks and Banking Foundations

daz ione Cas sa di

and still not widely known to the general public. Visitors Manifarrura di Doccia (Gaspero Bruschi) Tempietto Ginori, 1750

will be able to see works by great artists like Giotto, Beato

ra mor ta,1941. Fon

Angelico, Perugino and Morandi, discovering masters like Matteo da Gualdo, who are not minor but hidden. Curated by Vittorio Sgarbi

Gior gio Mor and i, Natu

Palazzo Baldeschi Until the 15 of September 2017 www.palazzobaldeschi.it



between La Triennale di Milano and the Fondazione


Nicola Trussardi. Through installations, videos,

Italy’s first ever exhibition devoted to the porcelain

documentary images, historical sources, and

statues manufactured by Porcelain Manufactory

material artifacts of concerning than sixty artists

Richard Ginori, founded by the Marchese Carlo

from thirty-nine countries, The Restless Earth

Ginori, in Doccia near Florence in 1737, a company

reconstructs the odyssey of migrants through

that is still fully operational. In this exhibition

personal and collective tales of exodus. It is an

the Manufactory Ginori’s sculpture collection is

exercise in empathy and an experiment in cross-

displayed for the first time with the Bargello’s

cultural dialogue and understanding.

permanent collection.

Curated by Massimiliano Gioni

Curated by Tomaso Montanari and Dimitri Zikos

La Triennale di Milano

Museo Nazionale del Bargello

Until August 20, 2017 www.triennale.org

Ursuta 2012_01

The exhibition is the result of a partnership

Until October 1, 2017 www.museodelbargello.it

W O N D E R W O R L D 19


news in brief

LEADERS CLUB INSIDER EXPERIENCE With an emphasis on holistic wellbeing, The Leading Hotels of the World, a hotel collection of over 375 independent luxury hotels, has created a range of relaxation ideas for members of its Leaders Club loyalty programme in twenty hotels belonging to the portfolio. These wellbeing escapes include a spa treatment for two and dinner in one of the hotel’s gourmet restaurants. From Indonesia to Spain, Ireland and Italy, the Remarkably Uncommon packages invite guests to relax to the max. We chose Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris, the lovely modern building restructured by Philippe Starck, who has developed different experiences for men and women. Ladies can enjoy a Clarins facial and body massage, while their partners undergo a session with a personal trainer, followed by a sports massage. They then meet for dinner, setting off on a voyage through the Peruvian-Japanese flavours prepared in the new Matsuhisa restaurant. www.LHW.com

ALTAGAMMA’S FIRST 25 YEARS The Foundation, which brings together some of Italy’s most important high culture and creative brands, is celebrating its 25th with some big changes. The most significant of these involves its logo, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, a symbol of Italian genius, and a new tagline, “Italian creativity and Culture”, chosen from among over one hundred suggestions put forward by Annamaria Testa in her response to the requirement for giving the name “Altagamma” a definition that would denote its positioning. The new head office in via Monte Napoleone 9, in the heart of Milan’s “Quadrilatero” fashion district, also enhances Altagamma’s central position. The offices were designed by architect Piero Lissoni, honorary member of the Foundation. The interior design evokes the concept of a “Casa Altagamma” welcoming members. https://altagamma.it 20


GUCCI: ART AND FASHION FOR ITALY Alessandro Michele, one of the 100 most influential figures in the world, has restored Gucci’s eclectic, cosmopolitan and playful spirit, and the brand’s products are now once again on everyone’s must-have list. This was made clear by the Gucci Cruise 2018 show, a unique, exclusive event. For the first time ever, the Galleria Palatina in the Palazzo Pitti opened its doors to fashion with a runway show in front of an invitation-only audience of four hundred VIPs from across the world, all coming to admire the boundless, cultured creativity of Alessandro Michele, the creative director who has driven the brand’s rebirth. Leaving the Uffizi with its Botticelli rooms, guests walked along the Vasari Corridor to reach the Boboli - Gucci, in fact, has already financed the restoration of the Medici and Lorraine gardens to the tune of two million euro. Here, guests toasted the brand’s success on the terrace of the Rondò di Bacco as the runway show took place in the seven rooms of the Planets.

SEVEN STAR VENICE The Aman Canal Grande Venice was created to dazzle even those who are no strangers to luxury living. The hotel features 24 suites, two restaurants, a chef from Padua (Lorenzo Bau) and a chef from Japan, two gardens, a sixth-floor turret, a wooden bridge across the Grand Canal, a library with walls clad in leather decorated with gold leaf, a bar raised on a pedestal, 6,000 square metres of communal space and a staff of 59, almost all Venetian, wearing a chocolate brown uniform. Guests sleep in the presence of frescoes by Tiepolo, check in along the Sansovino stairway, and when it’s bath time they can immerse themselves in huge tubs like small swimming pools, with a view over the water. The Italian dinners are served in the ballroom, while the Mandarin Garden is the place to enjoy the Japanese menu. The soaps are created by the golden hands of the Giudecca inmates and in the top-floor spa guests can be pampered with a special foot massage - twenty minutes for each one. www.aman.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 21

news in brief A NEW SUCCESS OF ACQUA DELL’ELBA From 11th to 14th of May, the modern workshop that creates perfumes in the Tuscan archipelago, a much-loved yachting destination, attended the Versilia Yatching Rendez-Vous, the international high-end boat show. Acqua dell’Elba presented “Yachting”, its new line of selected products created to enable us to experience the beauty of the sea to the full. The line includes established products and brand new items that have been specially created for the yachting world. Visitors could discover the delicate elegance that is the spirit of Acqua dell’Elba by stepping on board and finding themselves among the smooth fabrics, soft soaps, magical candles and the poetry of the home fragrances. www.acquadellelba.it

MARENEVE SICILY ENCHANTMENT Federico Graziani, Italy’s Best Sommelier 1998, is now a small producer of superb wines at Passopisciaro, in the town of Castiglione di Sicilia on the slopes of Mount Etna, where he cultivates centuries-old vineyards with passion and skill. One of his products is his first white wine, MARENEVE Terre siciliane Bianco IGT, a vintage numbering only 1,700 bottles. This joins Profumo di Vulcano, a red with a Mediterranean character and a strong personality - in fact, it was served at the G7 summit in Taormina. The bottles, embellished with labels by artist Piergiuseppe Moroni, can be ordered and enjoyed in prestigious restaurants and exclusive wine stores throughout the world. www.profumodivulcano.it




Sorbet nuances under the warm blue sky Beatrice Galbiati

On this page: a summer redolent of Southern Italy and the golds, colours and sheer enjoyment of life it conjures up. All this is expressed by the Collezione Tropico Italiano, distilled into a pair of sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana 1. Fascinating cat-eye frame with shiny metal studs and iconic 3D Medusa, Versace. 2. Raw cut lenses once again feature in a contemporary/retro aesthetic, Miu Miu. 3. Purple, yellow and green floral pattern for the rounded frames with a vaguely 70s appeal, Emporio Armani. 4. All-metal frames for an elegant, essential model, Prada. 5. Unusual colours for unique, unrepeatable eyewear made of marble, Budri. 6. Removable mesh shields for the round glasses combining metal frame with acetate front, Valentino. 7. Faithful to the “classic with style� philosophy, featuring, as always, an unusual use of colour, Paul Smith. 8. Exclusive texture with perforated flat metal pattern and satinised details, Michael Kors. 9. The delicacy of pastel shades for lenses and frames, Vogue. 10. Recalling the rigid frame, Return to Tiffany Return with the classic engraved writing on the heart-shaped embellishment, Tiffany & Co. 11. Fresh, light, with clear frames and rainbow colours, Ray-Ban. 12. Oversize angular lines and sorbet colour studs for the Can Eye sunnies, Fendi.















W O N D E R W O R L D 25



Bright Summer Beatrice Galbiati

1. Powder-puff colour sandals with crystals at the ankle, Aquazzurra. 2. Leja sandal in tea rose mirrored nappa with tone on tone studs, Jimmy Choo. 3. Matt raffia shoes with bow, jewelled heel and handapplied decorations, Dolce & Gabbana. 4. Erica, in gold and silver leather with mesh inserts, Aperlai 5. Rose gold laminated sabot with glass gems, Sergio Rossi. 6. Open toe gold painted satin and jewel heel, Ermanno Scervino. 7. Ultraflat elegance with Mule Rabat in hessian with rhinestone buckle, Roger Vivier. 8. Stiletto heel mules with rose gold lacquer, Giuseppe Zanotti.

26 W O N D E R W O R L D






8 7

W O N D E R W O R L D 27

fashion italian touch

There, where the Paisley grows Beatrice Galbiati

The art of Made in Milan by Etro, from furnishing fabrics to ready-to-wear




ilan, the late 1960s. A Milanese visionary and traveller, born in 1940, begins to write the first chapter in the story of the Etro brand. In 1968 Girolamo Etro began producing high-quality

fabrics made using select, natural fabrics and embellished with patterns, innovative hues and meticulouslyresearched colour combinations, a skilful use of print techniques, materials development and modern cuts, all linked by exceptional artisanal skills, setting the scene for unique creations that led the Etro brand to acquire a unique identity and international fame. And now the restoration of the Art Nouveau office building on Via Spartaco in Milan has begun. It will become the House’s headquarters and host collections of or rare books, objects, fabrics and cultural and stylistic objects of inspiration, collected during the Etro family’s innumerable travels. This wonderful library of memories of Girolamo and his four sons now becomes the central resource for research on fabrics and patterns, where old-established traditional techniques blend with elegant, cosmopolitan design, expressing Gimmo Etro’s personality to the full. The year 1981 saw the launch of the furnishing fabric line, which immediately presented the pattern that became the iconic hallmark of the brand - Paisley. The small, ancient cashmere motif came into being in Mesopotamia, where it symbolised the bud of the date palm, regarded as the “tree of life”. Paisley was then reinvented, redesigned, matched with stripes or floral patterns, superimposed and enlarged, presented in innumerable variations but always immediately recognisable, especially in the wonderful collaboration with Serge Maury, one of the few designers in the world capable of keeping this wonderful motif vibrant and alive by enhancing its decorative power and timeless elegance. It is no surprise, then, that the magnificent Etro collection includes 150 precious cashmere shawls dated between 1810 and 1880, bearing patterns that inspired the creation of Paisley. When the range was extended in 1984 by leather goods and the travel bag collection, the Paisley Jacquard fabric, treated with a special covering technique, became an icon of elegance. A new material, resistant, light and waterproof, an alternative to the traditional leather.

Opposite, top, from left, Kean Etro next to Jacopo Etro, Veronica Etro, with Ippolito Etro to his left. Above, love and art create beauty in the handpainted patterns that are an Etro hallmark. Loom weaving of the classic cashemere pattern is an established feature of the Etro collection

W O N D E R W O R L D 29

fashion italian touch The Home Collection was introduced in 1985, presenting accessories and complementary items for the home, where the Etro brand’s deeply-rooted, exclusively Made in Italy textile culture reigned supreme. Then came the fragrances, promoted by the young Kean, Gimmo’s son. Etro perfumes now include twenty-eight exclusive fragrances and a boutique dedicated to this marvellous world of products evoking faraway landscapes. The first men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections hit the catwalks in the 1990s. The company was joined by daughter Veronica Etro, who took charge of the women’s line, and Kean Etro, who took control of the men’s collections. The third sibling, Jacopo Etro, is creative director of the accessories, leather, home and fabrics collections, while Ippolito, the fourth member of this generation, is the brand’s administrative manager. This activity and success has inevitably led to the opening of flagship stores at prestigious addresses in international cities like the Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris or London’s Bond St and Milan’s via Montenapoleone, boasting a floorspace of 650 square metres and a dedicated floor for every collection. The list of locations also includes Vienna, New York and Tokyo. So the brand grew alongside the family, and today the Etro head office is on Via Spartaco, the home of five lines, the Women’s Collection, Men’s Collection, Accessories & Leather Goods, Home & Textiles and Fragrances, all sharing exceptional quality, Made in Italy values and a cosmopolitan attitude. The spirit of travel infuses Veronica’s latest collection, a homage to the Etro tradition, as the brand has always been rooted in cultural differences, with tribal and ethnic embroidery reinvented in fuchsia or bright yellow, the paisley motif lit by acid shades, antique book prints and jewels shimmering against the silk - not forgetting, of course, the kaftan, still a mainstay of the collection, giving it a Bohemian soul. Kean Etro, though, has taken a total immersion in an infinite blue, and his Men’s collection of garments in shades of the sea and sky creates a wardrobe for the modern man that uses the most classic colours in masculine clothing, with paisley an extremely delicate presence. An interesting point - the collection is worn by Zero-kilometre models chosen from a roster of singer-songwriters, poets, lawyers or fond dads from city studios or streets, giving the whole process a truly Made in Milan appeal. Every garment bears the words “Fatto a mano, con Amore, for You, on the Italian Peninsula”, a message sewn on to the label that expresses the ethos behind this collection. We’d like to send our very best wishes to Etro, which next year celebrates its 50th anniversary. We believe the brand is a jewel in the crown of Made in Italy production, with an exclusively family feel.



Classic paisley also for the lovely ManRose bottle, the ultimate Etro fragrance for Him and Her




Record year for Borgo Egnazia Antonella Euli




016 was a golden year for this hotel in Puglia, which has picked up a magnificent bouquet of prizes and accolades. Driven by its revolutionary, convention-breaking concept of hospitality, Borgo Egnazia is gaining an enviable international reputation, and has become a role model for the hotel and wellbeing sector. Aldo Melpignano, the young managing director

of the San Domenico Hotels group, which the Borgo Egnazia is a part of, secured the title of “Hotel of the Year 2016” and “Best Hotelier 2016”, while the Vair spa, with Patrizia Bortolin at the helm, won the award for “Best European Spa” and “World’s Best Spa”. The Borgo Egnazia is in Savelletri di Fasano, and its buildings reflect the typical shapes, materials and colours of the Puglia region - this distinctive authenticity blends deep-rooted local traditions with top-class service. Open all year round, it offers 63 suites, 92 chalets and 29 villas, several restaurants, two private beaches, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts and the 18-hole San Domenico Golf Club, a classic links course with Mediterranean vegetation, centuries-old olive trees and lovely sea views. Then there is the Vair spa (“real” in the local dialect) - 2,000 square

W O N D E R W O R L D 33


All Vair treatments and programmes provide much

metres of tuff stone walls, suffused with the amber light of

more than the usual wellness offers - they are magical

hundreds of candles.This temple to the care of body and

experiences that aim to create interior happiness by

soul is presided over by Patrizia Bortolin, the spa director,

caring for the body and pampering the senses, coming

who coordinates a small community of beauty experts.

together to write a story inspired by Puglia itself

One of these is Stefano Battaglia, known by all as “the shaman”, a highly-experienced orthobionomist. He is the star of Vair, as well as co-creator of this innovative space. Guests can achieve true wellbeing through all the senses, allowing themselves to relax into an intense, experiential life coaching experience. The authentic nature of the Puglia region and its traditions has inspired Vair’s fourteen “life change” treatments, administered by a select group of therapists who are experts in psychosomatic therapy, naturopathy, aromatherapy, Kneipp hydrotherapy, SpaLife coaching and Vipassana meditation, as well, of course, as traditional spa treatments. Guests can enjoy five pools, a Roman thermal baths with tepidarium, caldarium and frigidarium, saltwater floating pool, sauna, Turkish bath, nine massage cabins, two beauty cabins, a manicure and pedicure area, a hairdressing and makeup studio, fitness room, Yoga Iyengar studio, relaxation/ herbal tearoom area (interior and outdoor), spa suite with private courtyard and a spa cinema. www.vairspa.it



W O N D E R W O R L D 35


Scents of Italy Beatrice Galbiati

The Blu Mediterraneo collection celebrates the fruits of nature


he perfect interpretation of the unmistakable Mediterranean style, its unique landscape, its energy, colours and fragrances - with its Blu Mediterraneo collection in iconic Art Deco perfume bottles,

Acqua di Parma has captured all the dazzling reflections of sunlight on the sea. Now the collection has been infused with the travelling spirit - a single box containing three bottles from a selection of seven of the most popular fragrances, each of which has captured scents that hint of wonderful places 30 ml to keep with you always, even on the plane. With Blu Mediterraneo, Acqua di Parma offers



an olfactory journey through southern Italy’s most beautiful locations. We start in Capri, choosing the Arancia fragrance. In just a few moments it evokes the magic of a unique island. Along the Amalfi coast the chosen essence is Fico, a sacred tree whose fruit is a symbol of sweetness. Then it’s Calabria. Framed by two seas, it is the home of Bergamotto. Only the most noble qualities of the fruit are selected. Panarea, in the Vulcan archipelago, is where the Blu Mediterraneo perfume bottle captures the essence of Mirto, the legendary shrub that grows wild among stretches of agave and mastic. We continue our journey as far as Taormina, where the dominant note of the fragrance is the aromatic bark of the cedar tree, Cedro then Sicily, where the flowering Mandorlo lends its wonderful fragrance. Only the most highly-prized almond, Avola, is selected. We end our voyage on the island where the Mediterranean’s most amazing colours can be found - Sardinia, where all the infinite qualities of Ginepro grow spontaneously, lending its character to the entire landscape. What better choice could there be for the last fragrance of the seven? So have a wonderful journey with Blu Mediterraneo. www.acquadiparma.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 37

medical spa


corner of the East where guests can regain perfect physical and mental form, in one of Lake Garda’s most

enchanting locations. We’re at Limone sul Garda, the northernmost part of the world where it’s possible to cultivate citrus fruit, amid an atmosphere laden with the dizzying perfumes of its lemon groves. It has seduced poets and writers throughout the years, and J.W. von Goethe dedicated poem to

Eastern philosophy with a scent of lemons

it, “Do you know the land where the lemon trees grow?” It’s also the site of the Park Hotel Imperial, a recently renovated five-star hotel owned by the Risatti family, who have been hoteliers and entrepreneurs for over fifty years. Here it welcomes visitors in all its renewed




a flourishing Mediterranean garden. Style and elegance are hallmarks of the Park Hotel Imperial, which was designed and built in the shape of an amphitheatre to provide magnificent lake views from all fifty-three rooms. The social spaces are sensibly laid out and include an outdoor pool area, tennis court, fully-equipped gym, wellness centre with hydromassage facilities, hammam, aromarium and emotional



Antonella Euli

W O N D E R W O R L D 39

medical spa

A place to rediscover yourself and regain physical fitness and energy by following Tao philosophy



showers, as well as a heated indoor pool. The food served in the

source of health and beauty. The objective is to encourage guests

two restaurants is truly excellent - one caters for gourmets, under

to undertake the “Way of Wellbeing”, which enables all participants

the leadership of chef Alfonso Nesta, while the other focuses on

to live in harmony and health. How? Simply by undergoing medical

regaining form and fitness, with dietetics expert Denny Bertolasio at

and energy/body function checks, nutritional, energy and physical

the helm. Guests arrive here to immerse themselves in the aroma

rebalancing therapies, and attending lessons in the way of Tao. The

of lemons, but above all to reenergise body and mind at the Centro

beneficial effects of a stay here can be prolonged by using the three

Tao, the hotel’s Natural Medical Spa. Driven by the great passion

exclusive product lines - Energy and Beauty, Elisir d’Arianna and

of Arianna Risatti, who founded it in 1986, the Centre has become

Energy and Nature, based on principles of aesthetic energy and

a reference point for those who have chosen to follow the dictates

phytocosmetics, and inspired by the philosophy of the Tao method,

and principles of Chinese medicine, whose basic principle is that

which aims to re-establish harmony of Yin and Yang and stimulate

prevention should come before cure. The aim of Tao is to establish a

and reintegrate our organism’s natural resources, while remaining in

balance of energies, reharmonising the essence that flows through

perfect harmony with the environment.

us all, finally achieving total mental and physical wellbeing, the


W O N D E R W O R L D 41

summer time

The long Italian summer is a time of



sun, sea and Mediterranean perfumes

Antonella Euli

W O N D E R W O R L D 43

summer time

MONASTERO SANTA ROSA HOTEL & SPA, CONCA DEI MARINI, CAMPANIA The sun once again floods this enchanting boutique hotel with warmth and light. Perched above the sea between Amalfi and Positano, in just a few years it has become one of the world’s most exclusive resorts, seducing Italian and international guests with its distinctive concept of “the luxury of simplicity”. Superb views, the refined atmosphere of the period rooms, terraced gardens standing sheer above the waves, gourmet cooking and wellbeing in the spa carved out of the rock - the former convent, built in the 17th century and retaining its religious nature until the 20th, offers all this in surroundings of timeless charm. Opened five years ago after a ten-year restoration project launched by American owner Bianca Sharma, this year the resort has renovated the infinity swimming pool, emphasising the role of nature. The kitchen reflects this emphasis on nature, offering the colours, flavours and aromas of products grown in the convent’s gardens. The typically excellent cooking of the coastal region is cherished and enhanced by chef Christoph Bob, the former right-hand man of Heinz Beck, and his gifted sideman Pasquale Paolillo of the Il Refettorio restaurant. www.monasterosantarosa.com



HOTEL PRINCIPE, FORTE DEI MARMI, TUSCANY Versilia’s most exclusive destination. Lying between the sea and the Apuan Alps, Forte dei Marmi owes its fame to its exuberant nightlife, glitzy atmosphere and elegant boutiques. With its elegant, modern structure, the Principe Forte dei Marmi is strategically located in this incredible meeting place of culture, tradition and tourism. The large windows mean its rooms are light and airy, while also providing total privacy. The hotel spa offers guests exclusive treatments in an oasis of peace and tranquillity. The Dalmazia Beach Club is the ideal setting for unforgettable moments, while the top floor of the hotel is the location of the contemporary Lux Lucis, a Michelin starred restaurant where chef Cassinelli prepares creative yet traditional dishes with Tuscan flavours. www.principefortedeimarmi.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 45

summer time

HOTEL CAPO D’ORSO THALASSO & SPA, CALA CAPRA, SARDINIA The wonderful beaches of Cala Capra and Cala Selvaggia, a new “water level” restaurant with a view of the island of Caprera, a wellbeing centre nestling among the Mediterranean maquis and a private marina that can host yachts up to 60 metres in length. Breakfast to the sound of a harp, a solarium where guests can enjoy the sea in peace and tranquillity and hammocks among the wild olive trees and aromatic juniper. These are just some of the details that make this destination - a boutique hotel in the Sardinian Delphina chain - a very special holiday spot. It offers 86 rooms with terrace or veranda and the magic of the holidays begins at breakfast, served on the terrace with a view of the Gli Olivastri buffet restaurant. The hotel’s other restaurant, the Paguro offers an equally picturesque view to enjoy while being served at table. Another wonderful attraction is the Isle Flottante, a platform extending out over the turquoise waters, where guests can enjoy the chef’s exclusive dishes. Surrounded by junipers, olive trees and granite rocks, the “L’Incantu” thalassotherapy centre and spa is an oasis of wellbeing. www.hotelcapodorso.com 46


SAN DOMENICO A MARE, SAVELLETRI DI FASANO, PUGLIA The lastest jewel in the Masseria San Domenico collection, this refined hotel by the sea has only four rooms. This ancient former watchtower is situated on the rocky shore between Savelletri and Torre Canne, and a skilful restoration project has transformed it into an exclusive guest house in one of Salento’s most scenic locations. The vaulted ceilings, tuff and other bare stone are evidence of the structure of the original building, while the white and turquoise recall the colours of nature, the blue sea and the green of the graceful Mediterranean garden. Every room has retains the Spartan elegance of the typical Puglian home, combining the classic elements of traditional local architecture with the comfort of a five-star luxury hotel. Seated at the beachfront tables of the “La Nassa” restaurant, guests can enjoy local dishes and seafood specialities prepared by chef Leonardo Dibiase. At happy hour and sunset it’s time to enjoy a drink at the cocktail bar, while the exclusive Champagneria offers a selection of Champagnes, vodka and caviar to be savoured within sight of the enchanting Mediterranean. www.masseriasandomenico.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 47

summer time

GIARDINO DI COSTANZA RESORT MAZARA DEL VALLO, SICILY An exclusive 5-star hotel in a spectacular setting, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation with the wonderful Sicilia Occidentale beach just nearby. Its pergolas, gazebos, palms, ornamental paths and waters create a harmonious union between indoor and outdoor spaces. Elegantly furnished rooms and suites with terrace or balcony are differentiated by the cultural theme they reflect - Norman, baroque, Arabic or Sicilian. The most prestigious accommodation is provided by the two 130 square metre Penthouse Suites, with 700 square metre terrace and private scenic pool. Guests dine at the elegant Dubbesi restaurant and sip delectable drinks at the Lobby Bar, looking out onto the lovely Costanza terrace, or in the pool area Citrus Bar, taking care of wellbeing and fitness in the 2,100 square metre Spa by Clarins. www.giardinodicostanza.it 48


GRAND HOTEL EXCELSIOR VITTORIA, SORRENTO, CAMPANIA A five-star luxury hotel in the historic centre of Sorrento, part of The Leading Hotels of the World group, with a spectacular view of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius. The hotel comprises three interconnected buildings called La Vittoria, La Rivale and La Favorita, surrounded by gardens with citrus groves and a swimming pool. The La Serra Boutique Spa, located in the 19th century greenhouse, is immersed in this verdant setting and follows the holistic principles of Feng-Shui. The 84 rooms and suites are all tastefully decorated, some with sea terrace and others looking onto the scent-filled gardens. The Michelin-starred Terrazza Bosquet restaurant offers the refined culinary creations of Executive Chef Antonino Montefusco. Guests can also enjoy the Orangerie restaurant among the orange trees near the pool and the Bar Vittoria, whose terrace has a sweeping view over the Bay of Naples. www.exvitt.it

W O N D E R W O R L D 49


DIVE WATCHES Paolo De Vecchi

Dive watches should possess two fundamental qualities - they need to be tough, and water-resistant to a depth of 100 metres

Apart from their sturdy shock resistant and water-resistant case, dive watches also display a range of features that set them apart from other types - the materials they are made of, for example, or the inclusion of a valve for automatic venting of helium and a graduated bezel for dive timing



The Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Blue by Omega features a large case made from a single block of blue ceramic material. It’s also waterproof to 600 metres. The automatic mechanical movement, visible through the sapphire crystal case back, has a coaxial escapement and is Master Chronometer certified. The watch’s technical specifications are completed by a helium valve and second hour hand.

W O N D E R W O R L D 51

watches The new version of the Tudor’s Black Bay is an all-steel model that is waterproof to 200 metres and has an in-house automatic movement (right). The Rolex Sea Dweller, too, is all-steel (below). It was launched exactly fifty years ago and has now evolved technically, increasing in size and acquiring a magnifying window for the date. Waterproof to 1,220 metres and equipped with a helium valve, it also boasts an automatic movement with chronometer certification.



The Luminor Submersible 1950 by Panerai (above) has a titanium case, and tested down to 300 metres. A special system protects the movement from magnetic fields with a soft iron inner case, and the watch features the brand’s iconic crown guard. The imposing case has a diameter of 47 millimetres, and movement has a three-day power reserve. The new steel Scafograf from Eberhard & Co. has a GMT complication and 24-hour dial. This model is automatic and water-resistant to 100 metres (below).

W O N D E R W O R L D 53


At the bottom of the sea Beatrice Galbiati


We know it’s only an imaginary marine creature, but why not pretend to be a lovely mermaid, even if it’s only for a few moments? We can do it by wearing jewels that evoke the sea the more daring can choose the most eccentric examples, while those who prefer more simple accessories can wear pieces that though sober, still seem to have been brought up from the watery depths



4 1. Octopus collection from the yellow gold bangle with colourless and brown diamonds by Roberto Coin. 2. Yellow gold lobster with pink sapphires, diamonds, spessartine and emeralds for the Tiffany & Co. brooch. 3. Sealshaped ring from the Mascotte Collection by De Grisogono, in white gold and black and white diamonds. 4. To wear in a variety of ways, the versatile Sea urchin by Massimo Izzo is in yellow gold and diamonds.



Our g ue sts a re 65 % rep ea t ers W h y?

Nika Island

Resort & Spa *****

t ha t sp ecia l mood at the mald i v e s

INT R AV CO I nternat i onal Travel Consul tants - www.intravc o .c o m




1. Chain with coral branches in gilded silver for the Coral necklace by Giovanni Raspini. 2. Travelling together, the two shell brooches by Vhernier, one in white gold, diamonds, turquoise, white mother-of-pearl and rock crystal, the other in white gold, diamonds, pink mother-of3

pearl and rock crystal. 3. Sea horses in diamonds with baroque pearls, gold dust and turquoise for the earrings by Michela Bruni Reichlin. 4. Fresh and delicate, perfect for younger wearers, pink gold bracelets by Dodo with gold and colourful enamel drops.




Live the Diamonds Lifestyle!


being in the world

A story of love and friendship Antonella Euli

Pietro Capuano and Salvatore Aprea were two great men with shared passions - their love for Capri and a search for extreme beauty. The result is Chantecler, an exquisite high jewelry Italian brand



Opposite, sketch for a masterpiece. Above from left, the founder’s three children, Gabriele, Costanza and Maria Elena Aprea with Gabriele’s wife Teresa. Left, the famous Marinelle Chantecler


hantecler is the story of the deep friendship between Pietro Capuano and Salvatore Aprea. Pietro, given the nickname Chantecler because of his habit of partying the night away until dawn, was an extravagant dandy, heir to an aristocratic family of Neapolitan jewellers, famous for his memorable bashes. Salvatore was

a stubborn, rebellious young man from Capri - although he studied law, he decided to dedicate his life to art, and especially high jewellery. Their friendship led to the foundation of Chantecler in 1947, and the brand has retained the charm of that magical time, right up to the present day. They opened their first boutique in Capri, of course, and its clientele of international celebrities soon meant it gained fame far beyond the island’s shores. Jackie Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Maria Callas, Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly were all customers. The second boutique was launched in 1994 in Cortina, followed by openings in Milan in 2002,

W O N D E R W O R L D 59

being in the world

Tokyo in 2007, Astana in Kazakhstan in 2012 and Hong Kong in 2013. With the expansion of the sales network, the legendary bells and the ready-to-wear collections were displayed in the finest jewellery stores in Italy and all over the world. Now it’s one of Italy’s most dynamic companies, led by Salvatore Aprea’s children Maria Elena, Costanza and Gabriele with his wife Teresa. Tradition is a crucial value for a family business that for over sixty years has cherished a unique heritage rooted in a place, Capri, and an epoch, the period of the Dolce Vita, that shaped the brand’s distinctive character. A piece of their jewellery is the natural reproduction and extraordinary expression of this enchanting island’s culture and beauty. The brand’s artistic inspiration begins and ends on the island every time, with a unique object. Capri’s natural land and seascape is the raw material for creativity, and the jewellery skilfully reproduces the nuances of colour, the sea, marine caves and cliffs. The Dandelion, Maiolica, Enchanté, Caleidoscopio, Campanelle, Marinelle, Cherie and Paillettes collections, together with individual high jewellery pieces, are Chantecler’s symbols and heritage. Above, Jacqueline Kennedy with Pietro Capuano and Salvatore Aprea, the founders of Chantecler. Top, The charming Pietro Capuano and Ingrid Bergman



Every piece is a masterpiece of the jeweller’s art, and each evokes ancient techniques that form part of loca-

Above and from left, a pair of precious Marinelle, Capuano at a party, the Caleidoscopio necklace collection, pieces from the new Anima 70 and Caleidoscopio earrings

W O N D E R W O R L D 61

being in the world

The suite of the historic Capri Tiberio Palace hotel dedicated to Chantecler to celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary

tradition, reinterpreted through the elegance of a contemporary aesthetic. From lost wax casting to high-temperature enamels, perfect paves to invisible, bezel and prong settings. This complexity is complemented by a surprising variety of gem colours and cuts. Round diamonds sit side-by-side with sapphire navettes, drop rubies and emerald or coral cabochons, creating an extraordinary visual effect. And to mark its first seventy years of activity, Chantecler is launching the new Anima 70 collection, celebrating the brand through its iconic symbols and colours. The Capri Tiberio Palace, one of the island’s historic hotels, pays a tribute to this important anniversary by dedicating a suite to Chantecler. www.chantecler.it



luxury hotel

An oasis of rural peace Antonella Euli

Linger on the Ponte Vecchio, stand amazed in front of the Botticelli in the Uffizi and the Michelangelo in the Accademia, and then later in the day discover the gauzy, amber light of the Tuscan countryside, its landscapes accompanied by the sound of its rivers. Olive groves, vines and cypress trees as far as the eye can see. We’re at the Villa La Massa, a magical place and oasis of rural peace on the banks of the Arno




hile Florence offers visitors the world’s most intense

Villa d’Este in 1998, member of The Leading Hotels of The

concentration of works of art, an architectural jewel

World, Villa La Massa is an aristocratic country residence

of the Medici period only fifteen minutes from the city

now dedicated to hospitality, run by recently-appointed

centre, which can be reached on the hotel shuttle,

general manager Stefano Venturi, who has thirty years of

reserves unforgettable surprises for those with a love of

experience in the luxury hospitality sector. Three pale yellow

beauty. Transformed into a hotel in 1948 and acquired by

and red clay colour buildings: the Villa Nobile, Mulino - a

W O N D E R W O R L D 65

luxury hotel 15th century mill - and the Villino have been renovated and decorated in the classical Tuscan villa style. Four-poster beds,




tapestries, Iranian marble baths and a Jacuzzi - sober yet warm, Villa La Massa invites its guests to rediscover the art of living in the style of Florentine nobility, subtly reinterpreted in the most refined comfort. Its range of stellar services includes a spa in the former cellar of the villa. A fascinating space takes guests through 325 square metres of history, with cross and barrel vaults in their original brick, ancient stone doorways and capitals. In the Arno Spa everything has a flavour of the past, in harmony with totally contemporary luxury and comfort, including treatments based on the special cosmetics line by the ancient Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria



W O N D E R W O R L D 67

luxury hotel


Novella and inspired by the fragrances of Tuscan flowers and

superb wine list offering a vast selection of Italian and regional

herbs. These seductive aromas and sweet perfumes cast their

vintages. Inquisitive guests can attend botany and cookery

spell in the gardens of the Villa La Massa. And after all that

lessons, and pick plants and herbs in the chef’s garden. After-

pampering comes a gourmet ritual in the Il Verrocchio restaurant

dinner drinks are served in the Bar Mediceo. And for even more

in the Mulino, where large windows provide guests with a view

intense relaxation, guests can take a romantic stroll along the

of the Arno in every season. In summer meals are served on

river or visit the herb garden, the new Giardino di Iris and the

the waterside terrace, while a light lunch can be enjoyed by

Chef’s vegetable garden, catching glimpses of birds like the

the pool. Chef Andrea Quagliariella draws inspiration from

kingfisher. If there’s a wedding in view, then a visit to the private

Tuscan cuisine, using only ingredients from the gardens of Villa

chapel in the Villa garden is a must.

La Massa. These are complemented by the specialities on a




SPIN-OFF Giuseppe Veneziano

July 12 to October 31, 2017 Tue through Sat 9.30 - 18

luxury hotel

A journey through Italy’s history and art The Barchessa of the Villa Pisani near Vicenza, one of Palladio’s early materpieces, opens its doors

Antonella Euli

A 70

n exclusive residence surrounded by art and history in

into a lovely room for a private dinner. What’s more, Villa Pisani

Bagnolo di Lonigo, near Vicenza. The Barchessa, designed

is a wonderful year-round setting for an unforgettable wedding,

to host the farm’s work spaces and divide the villa’s central

starting with a magnificent 200 square metre suite for the bride

body to separate owners and farmworkers, has retained the

and groom. The interior spaces evoke the house’s past, and the

typical porticoed structure with high arcades. The building reflects

magnificent garden is ideal for outdoor occasions. The banqueting

the quality achieved by a long, patient and extremely respectful

service matches the incredibly high standards of the rest of the

restoration. The result is fifteen refined rooms in the country house,

complex, and bears the signature of Michelin-starred chef Vincenzo

an exclusive restaurant and large rooms - all in all, the ideal venue

Di Grande, who also runs the restaurant. Guests at the Barchessa

for memorable events or business meetings. The billiard room,

di Villa Pisani can relax in the gardens or poolside, exercise in the

for example, can also host board meetings and transform itself

fully-equipped gym or recharge their batteries in the sauna, both


W O N D E R W O R L D 71

luxury hotel

adjoining the country house. They can also let themselves be pampered with treatments in the “La Sultane de Saba” room, beauty rituals with one of the oldest and best aesthetics brands. Waking up is made a genuine pleasure with a breakfast based on traditional cakes and biscuits, plus a delicious selection of local cold meats and cheeses, accompanied by a wide variety of warm, fragrant home made breads. Lunch and dinner are enjoyed in the Osteria del Guà restaurant, a charming locale offering the same refinement and culinary skills - chef Di Grande prepares dishes that are full of flavour and passion, combining tradition, the future and innovative methods that experiment with modern cooking techniques. The hotel’s proximity to north-east Italy’s main motorway hubs and Verona Villafranca, Treviso and Venice Marco Polo airports, where shuttle access can be arranged, a helipad for a one-day stop and go or a longer stay make the Villa and Barchessa truly exclusive destinations. www.labarchessadivillapisani.it



W O N D E R W O R L D 73

luxury rental

Under the Aurelian walls Teresa Crespi

Extraordinary villa with pool and parkland where the Via Appia starts


his spectacular property with unique features is located along a historic road that leads to the monumental Porta San Sebastiano. Nestled in this enchanting setting, within a real private park, this luxury villa develops on three levels and has a beautiful masonry swimming pool. On the ground floor of the house is the living area, a grand living room with large windows and a fireplace, dining room with trompe l’oeil decorations, kitchen and a guest bathroom. A wooden

staircase from the entrance leads to the first floor where there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, one with shower and one with bath. The basement comprises a large bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe room, laundry room and closet. The villa also has a large outdoor patio overlooking the beautiful swimming pool. From inside, the windows offer a wonderful view over the park and the majestic Aurelian Walls that border grounds - the large outdoor space extends for about 32,000 sqm. The property is completed by several pool management structures, a garden and garage. www.beliving.it



W O N D E R W O R L D 75

luxury rental

Superyacht Vertigo




t 67.2 metres in length, Vertigo is one of the largest sail yachts in the world. Built by the New Zealand yard Alloy Yachts from a design by Philippe Briand, this superyacht has an almost vertical prow, modern keel and impressive performance at sail and under power.

Christian Liaigre is responsible for the interiors, and one of the yacht’s many plus points is a 10-person hydromassage pool with retractable sunpad and glass screens to shield the spacious lounge area from the wind. The opening under the hull is used for parking four tenders and a selection of water toys. It has plenty of outdoor relaxation spaces, and can host up to twelve people in four guest cabins and a huge owner’s stateroom aft, which provides direct access to the lazarette and swim platform. Quarters for a crew of eleven lie forward, ensuring guests can enjoy their privacy. www.floatinglife.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 77

mise en place


Voice of the waves Maria Clara Caglioti





Coral, colours, real and painted shells. Decorations inspired by nature brighten summer tables with the creatures and emotions of the sea


Opposite page: 1. Corallo placemat by Mario Luca Giusti in synthetic crystal, a plastic material with the brilliance and sparkle of crystal glass. 2. Fork and fish knife from the Kreuzband Septfontaines collection by Villeroy & Bosh, in stainless steel with chiselled edges. 3. Oval plate in fine porcelain from the Shell collection by TaitĂš Milano. 4. Sbieco crystal glass from the Bluette collection by Paola Navone


for Egizia. Hand blown and ground, decorated with a manual serigraph with shiny enamel and silver. 5. Natural nautilus shell mounted as a candlestick with silver base and candleholder, made by the Dabbene studio in Milan. 6. Like bowl with dessert plates by Armani Casa. Hand made in matt ceramic.


W O N D E R W O R L D 79


Diamonds dream of Africa




art of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World chain and winner of the Africa’s Leading All Inclusive Resort prize at the World Travel Awards 2016, this enchanting African experience is only three kilometres

from the centre of Malindi, a settlement within a nature reserve. It stands on the dazzling white Silversand Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on this stretch of the coast. The boutique hotel reflects the Indo-Arabic style typical of the African shore of the Indian Ocean, and nestles in the exotic surroundings of a tropical garden. It offers 33 junior suites with hydromassage and two suites with separate day area, all boasting a private terrace and Balinese loungers that create the ideal opportunity for total relaxation. The ocean also takes centre stage at the Mvua African Rain SPA, an oasis of tranquillity overlooking the beach and a temple of thalassotherapy with treatments based on the power of the sea - water and its movement, the climate and the sand all figure in this journey of wellbeing - not forgetting the spa’s two salt-water swimming pools. For more active guests the Diamonds Dream of Africa offers a series of proposals ranging from stretching to aqua gym, beach volley and beach soccer, as well as a gym. As at all the Planhotel

The crash of the waves, the rustle of the palm leaves in the wind, the fragrance of coconut milk and, farther off, the roar of the savannah form a seductive sensory backdrop for this romantic boutique hotel Teresa Crespi

W O N D E R W O R L D 81




Hospitality Group’s Diamonds Hotels & Resorts, the cherry

experience comprising lessons in the local cuisine on the

on the cake is fine food excellence and top-end service in

beach and a visit to the Malindi market to buy spices and

an all-inclusive format. The main restaurant, with extensive

local products.

terrace overlooking the swimming pool and gardens, offers a

Diamonds Dream of Africa means total relaxation between

balanced mix of local specialities, where the main ingredient

unforgettable dawns and sunsets, combined with gastronomic

is coconut milk, and traditional Italian flavours with a selection

excellence. It’s also the starting point for visits to the Tsavo East

of fresh fish dishes. The a la carte restaurant with its intimate

National Park, one of the world’s most magical destinations,

atmosphere is on the beach, offering the ideal venue for

a place to enjoy the thrill of close-up encounters with lions,

a romantic seafood dinner just a stone’s throw from the

antelopes and gazelles. Guests can join safaris organised by

breaking waves. There’s also an interesting Swahili culinary

the hotel to the Amboseli National Park, watch the migrating

W O N D E R W O R L D 83


gnu and zebra in the Masai Mara national park and in March see the nests of marine turtles along the GarodaTurtle Bay beach. One unmissable excursion is a picnic at Hell’s Kitchen with the typical local menu - mini pizza margherita, Choma sausages with fries, Coconut crusted fish fingers with remoulade dip, mini baguettes with slices of grilled rib eye steak, Coleslaw Mombasa and green salad, Spiced meat samosas and Chocolate chunk cookies with fresh fruit skewers. And after an in-depth experience of the natural world, guests can visit the fascinating destinations of Malindi, Mombasa and Kifli to learn about everyday life in Kenya and discover the country’s history with an excursion to the ruins of Gede, the remains of an ancient Swahili settlement. All this makes Diamonds Dream of Africa the ideal location for a unique experience that combines a variety of elements into a perfect package - European comfort and exotic surroundings, Italian and African flavours, sheer relaxation and fascinating discoveries. dreamofafrica.diamondsresorts.com 84


italian chef

Chef parade Antonella Euli




n array of culinary talent. We begin with an old acquaintance, the dynamic Giancarlo Morelli. While remaining true to his Pomireu di Seregno, he has opened a new place in Milan. Morelli and il Pomiroeu have been

mentioned in the same breath since 1993, when the chef fell in love with the history of this ancient courtyard that he transformed into a welcoming, intimate venue for guests seeking his traditional-creative dishes. He made his first foray into Milanese life with La Trombetta, a trattoria where people go to eat and feel at ease and without frills and fuss, and now he has opened an elegant space with an area of over 1,000 square metres in a new 5-star hotel, the Hotel Viu. This gourmet restaurant has an open kitchen and a bistro called “Bulk” where guests can enjoy a drink or aperitif in the mixology area. Next we meet a young woman in the restaurant business, Aurora Mazzucchelli, who has food in her genes - father a cook and mother a pasta maker. After studying hotels and hospitality she joined the team at the Marconi, the family restaurant in Sasso Marconi, and from 2002 to 2006 she spent her “holidays” in the kitchens of important chefs like Herbert Hintner, Gaetano Trovato, Paolo Lopriore and Martin Berasategui. She gained her first Michelin star in 2008, and this was followed by other prestigious accolades from Italy’s big food guides. She joined the Chef to Chef Association, Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe and Le Soste, then in 2012 she was named “Italy’s Best Chef” by the Identità Golose guide. Our third chef is another talented individual, this time with the sunshine of Campania in his veins - Nino di Costanzo, holder of two Michelin stars at the Il Mosaico restaurant in the hotel Manzi in Casamicciola Terme and the title of Grand Chef and Ambassador Relais Chateaux. In May 2016 he opened Daní Maison, his restaurant in Ischia. In the space of only four months it was awarded two stars by the Guide Michelin, three forks by l’Espresso, the title of New Arrival of the Year and restaurant of the Year by the Mattino newspaper of Naples. His brilliant idea was to transform a family home into a venue for adventurous gourmets who dine in an intimate drawing room or in the kitchen, a sort of front-row seat where it’s possible to watch the dishes being prepared. The house was a deliberate choice, made on the basis of a passion for the land and traditions, but above all the desire to welcome guests in a hospitable setting where they feel comfortably at home.

W O N D E R W O R L D 87

italian chef




uccess on a plate. It really is the only way to describe the

v. Milan - tough challenges, but that how Giancarlo likes

work of chef Giancarlo Morelli. With a big smile and affable

it. This hyperactive proponent of flavour, down-to-earth,

manner, rather curious glasses - his trademark - and a

authentic and satisfying cooking, inspires deep emotions.

handshake that turns into an embrace. All these go together

Every dish is genuine and refined, and the ingredients are

with the stellar chef’s undeniable genius. A devoted traveller,

the basis for a surprising alchemical combinations and

a detective hunting flavours and traditions, he believes that

transformations that revolve around the concept of good,

food is the only culture that enters the body and becomes

healthy cooking. An area of 1,000 square metres hosts the

a part of it. He collects prizes, collaborations, initiatives,

“Morelli” flagship gourmet restaurant and the “Bulk”, a bistro

events and restaurants. His first, and the one closest to his

with open kitchen. The kitchen in the “Morelli” (“I’ve finally

heart, is the Pomireu di Seregno, then in summer 2014 he

created exactly what I had in mind”) is the restaurant’s

opened the Phi Beach on the Costa Smeralda, followed in

fulcrum, with a special large table where a dozen guests

2016 by Trattoria Trombetta in Milan, finding time meanwhile

can enjoy an in-kitchen experience. The spacious interiors

for important projects linked to the health of the individual

designed by Marrone enable the chef to express his talent

and the planet, like “Care’s - The Ethical Chef day”, where

to the full, while the menu is a combination of great classics

he and his friend, the Michelin-starred Norbert Niederkofler,

and unusual dishes. The Bulk is a bistro, but also hosts a

played the leading role. Golf is another of his passions,

mixology bar presided over by the Milanese Mattia Pastor.

and together with Chicco Cerea (the multi-starred chef

People go there to enjoy a dish, a cocktail and the simple

at “Da Vittorio”) he founded the “Golfing Restaurateurs”

pleasure of being together. It’s deliberately different from the

association. Finally, last April he opened a restaurant created

restaurant proper, just like the diverse yet complementary

to his specifications in Milan. He designed it in a brand-new

facets of Giancarlo’s personality.

5-star city centre hotel, the Viu. Morelli v. Morelli, the World



Food is prepared but not overelaborated, respected and not stressed, using refined cooking techniques - with Giancarlo Morelli in charge

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italian chef



n 1983 Mario Mazzucchelli and Maria Benedetto opened the Marconi restaurant in Sasso Marconi, in the province of Bologna. Their children, students at the time, worked with

them, already experiencing a strong fascination with food and restaurant world. Now the venue has been renovated and moved a few metres, and is run by Aurora and Massimo, the latest generation, working every day with enthusiasm and dedication towards a single objective - to please all those who come to try something new, experiencing a region and its riches as interpreted by the talented hands of a young chef. Massimo and his sister Mascia guide guests through a discovery of their world and the restaurant’s wine cellar, inspired not so much by Massimo’s studies as a sommelier as his passion for fine wine. Massimo’s preference for natural, biodynamic wines has created a constantly-evolving wine list that draws not only on Italy’s wine-growing industry but also features labels from some high-quality estates in areas like France and Germany. Born in 1973, Aurora and her staff provide a sure, creative hand that creates dishes that are full of personality, based on products from sea and soil, combining traditional recipes with original accompaniments and refined techniques, never losing sight of their ability to generate emotion. Constantly searching for flavour and striving to perfect techniques, they are also dedicated to enhancing the art of fine pastries at the La Caramella patisserie, run by the Bolognese maestro Gino Fabbri. They were awarded their first Michelin Star in 2008, then won a series of important accolades from Italian restaurant guides in the years that followed, joining the Chef to Chef Association, Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe and Le Soste. In recent years, driven by their care and respect for food, they have investigated nutritional problems around the world, especially in Africa, and through their efforts they seek to raise public awareness of humanitarian projects that provide help for those most in need. ristorantemarconi.it



Aurora Mazzucchelli - a person of creativity, curiosity and a strong personality, with a constant focus on local and traditional products

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italian chef



or Nino Di Costanzo being a chef - a tremendously demanding job that demands great passion - was a natural choice, because his mother and grandmother passed on this

calling when he was a small child. His successful early years, driven by study and experimentation, investigation and practice, were spent in the kitchens of great masters like Marchesi and Arzak, in the international temples of fine food. The reward for all this effort came in 2008, only six months after opening his Il Mosaico restaurant in the Manzi hotel in Casamicciola Terme, when he was awarded his first Michelin star. He won his second just under a year later, as well as the title of Grand Chef and Ambassador Relais Chateaux. It was a very satisfying experience, but accompanied nevertheless by a certain yearning for something new...so after spending a year as ambassador in the world of the traditional cooking of Campania, in 2016 he opened Daní Maison, his restaurant in Ischia. In the space of only four months it was awarded two stars by the Guide Michelin, three forks by l’Espresso, the title of New Arrival of the Year and restaurant of the Year by the Mattino newspaper of Naples. His instincts were correct and now he welcomes guests in the former family home he has transformed into a destination for adventurous gourmets. Guests dine in an intimate drawing room or in the kitchen, a sort of front-row seat from where they can watch the food being prepared.


The house was a deliberate choice, made on the basis

a desire to recreate dishes and recipes from the past, giving

of a passion for the land and traditions, but above all the

them a contemporary twist. To create refined dishes and refine

desire to welcome guests in a hospitable place where they

simple ones he studies combinations that emphasise every

feel comfortably at home.

Daní Maison broke from the

single ingredient, each of which should be instantly discernible

stereotypical view of a Michelin-starred restaurant, and has

even when it forms part of a more complex whole. This is

become something unique and precious, a place to go to

driven by research and innovation in tradition, in a context

for the pleasure of fine food. Every dish reflects the chef’s

where tradition does not mean something static, but rather a

philosophy and the essence of his cooking, made up of

dynamic element that evolves over time, and he follows this

passion, love, research, study, experimentation and above all

transformation with total respect for the flavours, aromas, and

respect for the ingredients of the Campanian tradition - and

textures of the past. www.danimaison.it


Di Costanzo’s greatest ambition? To lay claim to the description of himself as a chef, someone who stands in front of the burners day after day, with indomitable passion

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PASTA lovers Valeria Rastrelli

When the choice is between industrial or artisanal pasta, then artisanal wins hands down. But which brand, and what shape? We present an interesting journey among some of the finest

Valeria Rastrelli



W O N D E R W O R L D 95



asta is the eighth wonder of Italian cooking, and though the artisanal product was once the prerogative of Southern Italy, nowadays real pasta gems can be found across the entire country. They’re more hard to find and more expensive, of

course, especially on supermarket shelves, but once you try them you can never go back. Here are few hot tips on the best artisanal pastas: Pastificio Gentile di Gragnano, with the hand-made fusilli and magnificent spaghetti that Ernesto Iaccarino offered Don Alfonso in 1890 as a pre-desert, Pasta Martelli, a Tuscan brand from Pisa, presents classic smooth penne, the Pastificio Felicetti, in the heart of the Dolomites, with its organic single-grain selections, Verrigni from Abruzzo with its rigatoni, spaghettoro and fusilloro, made of 100% Italian grain threaded with gold, to be enjoyed exclusively with EVO and lots of percorino cheese, the conchiglie and calle by the Pastificio dei Campi di Gragnano, the ancient Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri with spaghettoni, a great Puglian classic, Pastificio Mancini from the Marche with mezze maniche or spaghettoni that is excellent for a carbonara, coarse farfalle by Cav. Giuseppe Cocco, Abruzzo, corallini by Gerardo di Nola of Gragnano, the ideal choice for pasta and peas, fusilli by Premiato Pastificio Afeltra, also from Gragnano, and the sublime Paccheri from the Pastificio Rummo in Benevento.






Artisanal delice 4 1. Spaghetti by Premiato Pastificio Alfetra in Gragnano, Campania 2. Spaghettoni by the Antico Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri, Puglia 3. Rigatini Farro by Pastificio Felicetti, Trentino Alto Adige 4. Spaghettoni by the Pastificio Mancini, Marche 5. Scialatielli by the Pastificio Gentile, Campania 6. A bouquet of pasta by Verrigni, Abruzzo 7. Elicoidali by Gerardo di Nola, Campania



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fine food

Tasty rendez vous Eleven gala dinners for the eleven days of the festival. Passion for fine food and wine remains as strong as ever, just like the wonderful hospitality and the search for great names in food preparation Antonella Euli

Left, Luca Bassan of the Fiore di Pietra at the summit of Monte Generoso, right, Nicola Portinari of the Ristorante La Peca in Lonigo



From left, Luca Bellanca, Patrizia Di Benedetto of the Bye Bye Blues in Palermo and one of her creations. Below, the Metamorphosis in Lugano


he 2017 S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino, inspired on an idea by

of the Ticino canton’s most prestigious locations, from Lugano

Dany Stauffacher, sees the participation of Le Soste, an Italian

to Ascona and Mendrisio. The ceremonies commenced in April

association bringing together the country’s finest chefs. These

with evenings hosted by the exclusive hotels of the Swiss Deluxe

culinary stars are providing top-class gastronomic experiences

Hotels group, coming to a glittering end at the Casinò di Campione

under the banner of Mediterranean cuisine. So Italian chefs are

d’Italia on 11 June in an event where the greatest chefs of the

taking the spotlight in an exciting list of events for 2017 in some

Ticino will on display. Many illustrious international names were

W O N D E R W O R L D 99

fine food

From left, Patrick Mahler (Park Hotel Vitznau), Philippe Bourrel (Le Richemond Geneva) and Pierre Crepaud(Le Crans Hotel & SPA). Below, the Hotel Splendide Royal in Lugano and chef Domenico Ruberto


invited by the resident chefs, enchanting guests with dinners

2016 at Seven Lugano The Restaurant; Giancarlo Perbellini

prepared by teams of two or more: Claudio Sadler, president of

at the Swiss Diamond Hotel in Vico Morcote an Pino Cuttaia

the Associazione Le Soste, at the Villa Principe Leopoldo; Fabio

at the Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona. With great difficulty we’ve

Pisani and Alessandro Negrini from the Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia

manged to draw up a shortlist of events from these evenings

restaurant in Milan at the Hotel Splendide Royal; Anne-Sophie

of excellence. First, the hotel Splendide Royal in Lugano, where

Taurines, Alessandro Rapisarda and Matthias Walter, three of

Domenico Ruberto welcomed colleagues Philippe Bourrel, Pierre

the under-30 finalists in the Concorso S. Pellegrino Young Chef

Crepaud and Patrick Mahler. Luca Bassan of the Fiore di Pietra


From left, Nicola Costantini, Franck Giovannini from the famous Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville in Crissier, a 3-Michelin star restaurant and one of his dishes. Below, the Ristorante Ciani in Lugano

at the summit of Monte Generoso hosted Nicola Portinari of

Franck Giovannini from the famous Restaurant de l’Hotel de

the Ristorante La Peca in Lonigo. The meal took place in this

Ville in Crissier, a 3-Michelin star restaurant and ranked as one

breathtaking location by starchitect Mario Botta, becoming a

the world’s top ten restaurants by La Liste. Finally, the dinners

stunning setting for an evening of fine food and wine. Almost

dedicated to women, featuring Patrizia Di Benedetto, chef at the

a dozen special events took place at the same time as the

Bye Bye Blues in Palermo and member of the Associazione Le

official dinners, but the meal at the Ristorante Ciani di Lugano

Soste, who enchanted a women-only guestlist at the Ristorante

was especially memorabile - Nicola Costantini played host to

Metamorphosis in Lugano. www.saporiticino.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 101

luxury hotel

102 W O N D E R W O R L D

A romantic lakeside atmosphere Antonella Euli

Elegance and excellence in food and beauty are the plus of the Swiss Diamond Hotel

W O N D E R W O R L D 103

luxury hotel




ituated on one of the most attractive stretches of

The intimate atmosphere of the Ristorante Panorama,

the shores of Lake Lugano, the hotel combines the

however, is the ideal location for a romantic candlelit

majesty of the Alpine peaks with a romantic lakeside

dinner, while the Bar Brasserie Orient offers a tempting

atmosphere. Guests in the 84 rooms and suites,

variety of over two hundred whiskies, or a glass of wine

immersed in a magnificent natural setting, can enjoy an

from a cellar containing thousands of bottles. Guests

embracing view of the lake through the wide windows,

seeking a new harmony between body mind can visit

but the jewel in the hotel’s crown is the 450 square metre

the new Diopside Swiss Med&Spa, a space dedicated to

Penthouse Suite. The lakeshore swimming pool offers a

wellbeing and beauty created through a collaboration with

magnificent panorama, and is the ideal spot for a drink

LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland in Lugano. One very special

prepared by the bartenders of the Bar Lago.

treatment offered is DNAge, the only DNA analysis that

There is a private mooring for motorboats and other

can identify unambiguously and in advance the processes

craft - this can be used by guests and non-guests alike.

causing blemishes and general skin aging along with their

Lovers of fine cooking will appreciate the Ristorante Lago,

timescales, as well as proposing effective, exclusively-

a refined food and wine venue with a stellar reputation

formulated medical masks for the treatment of various

achieved under Executive Chef Egidio Iadonisi, a peerless

epidermal pathologies, regeneration and total cure of the

expert in combining the flavours of the carefully-selected

skin on the face, neck and cleavage.

Mediterranean ingredients with products from Switzerland.


W O N D E R W O R L D 105


Vinitaly “50+1” attracted 128,000 visitors from 142 countries. Over 30,000 top foreign buyers reflecting the fair’s status as one of the most important and eagerly-awaited events for wine lovers throughout the world

Homage to fine wines Maria Carolina Giupponi



fter fifty years of operations, Veronafiere has launched its digital

exhibitor tickets to share and implement contact information in real

transformation, joining the ranks of the great wine guides. Backed

time. Another innovation is the launch of 5 Star Wines, planned in

by a new group of public companies, chosen last November,

both a paper and e-book version, which has grown from a simple

and an investment initiative reaching 94 million euro by 2020, it

contest to become “the book”, a new instrument for promoting wines,

has launched a pilot project involving around 3,000 foreign buyers,

judged by an international panel. The initiative has won Vinitaly a

enabling them to access a range of technical services. A new app

well-deserved place in the wine guide sector. Vinitaly also means

has been developed for tech-savvy general users in the form of

tastings, and this year as usual the Gambero Rosso kicked off its

a guide to the stands, so that individual stands can be found by

tasting events with a grand walkaround, during which it presented

sorting exhibitors by nation, region and pavilion. A simple click will

the Tre Bicchieri 2017. Vinitaly International Academ-VIA also hosted

then provide information about their products. Users can also find

tastings under the umbrella of the Executive Wine Seminar, which

the days and dates of events, conventions and tastings, take photos,

this year once again presented the vertical tasting “Back in Time

write notes and identify favourite exhibitors and events, and save

with Sassicaia - less is more, or the forgotten vintages”, involving a

and consult their Vinitaly experience in the “My area” section. The

tasting of eight great Metodo Classico wines from England, “Barolo

app displays the main parking areas available, shows the layout

& Barbaresco - a study in history and terroir”, “Eisackthalwein - from

and services of the fair area, and reads the QR code on visitor and

mountain to glass - the great white wines of the Valle Isarco”, “A new


W O N D E R W O R L D 107


generation of the Aglianico del Vulture makes its mark” and finally

Research Team, with its most famous producers talking about their

tastings of wines from Ningxia, known as the Chinese Bordeaux.

wines. There was also an exciting range of events in Vinitaly and

Another interesting event is the “Rare Native Wines of the Donne

The City, the fuorisalone dedicated above all to wine lovers with a

del Vino”, in collaboration with association of the same name and

variety of points of interest in the historic centre. The Loggia of Fra’

Ieri Oggi Domani, six great labels presented by the producers and

Giocondo of the Piazza dei Signori hosted the Vinitaly Wine Club

sommeliers from AIS. The Vinitaly fair closed with a grand tasting

wine shop, where visitors could taste the finest Italian wines, while

organised in collaboration with enologist Riccardo Cotarella’s Wine

the Arsenale was the location for Biologic, a section focusing on

Below, images of the labels selected by the 5 Star Wines guide. The list: Best Price/Piacere Ex-Aequo, Marsala DOC Vergine Riserva Dry 2000, Carlo Pellegrino; Best Rose Wine, Lazio IGP Rosato “Albiola” 2015, Casale Del Giglio; Best Frizzante Wine, Colli Piacentini DOC Malvasia Frizzante, Cantina Sociale di Vicobarone 108


associated organic wines and gourmet dishes prepared on food trucks from across Italy. But Vinitaly and the City went beyond the normal borders to reach Bardolino, a popular tourist destination on Lake Garda, about thirty kilometres from Verona. Word has it that the “fuori Verona” format could also be exported to other Italian cities. We can’t wait! www.vinitaly.com

Best Price/Piacere Ex-Aequo, Valdobbiadene DOCG Superiore di Cartizze Spumante Dry, Le Bertole di Bortolin; Best Sweet Wine - Moscadello di Montalcini DOC Late Harvest “Florus” 2014, Banfi; Best Sparkling Wine, vino Spumante Brut Rose Unique 2015, Medici Ermete & Figli

W O N D E R W O R L D 109


Fill your glasses! Design crystal glasses made with traditional artisanal expertise, select materials and exclusive objects - everything you need for toasting in style Maria Clara Caglioti






1. Fidelio bar unit by Roberto Lazzeroni for Poltrona Frau. Ash and birch frame, clad in leather finished with beautifully-made stitching, marble top. The interior lights up when the unit is opened, and hosts bottle trays, glass shelves and leather clad multipurpose trays. 2. The pattern of the leaf inspired the cutting of the crystal on the wine glasses from the Folia collection, designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence for Saint-Louis. 3. Silver Champagne bucket Mare by Giovanni Raspini. Handmade using the ancient lost wax casting method. 4. Medusa Lumière bottle coaster in crystal glass by Rosenthal meets Versace, with a reinterpretation of the fashion house’s famous symbol. 5. Two corkscrews by Cedes. Milled stainless steel body and screw, with handle in deerhorn (left) and warthog tusk (right).

4 5

W O N D E R W O R L D 111

wedding party

Easy glam in deepest Puglia Antonella Euli

112 W O N D E R W O R L D

A Mediterranean garden where the air is full of perfumes and colours is the setting for an ancient farmstead combining luxury and simplicity. For an unforgettable holiday and a wedding that is sheer perfection


hat’s the most popular Italian destination for a sea chic holiday or the perfect wedding? It has to be Puglia, Salento further along the coast. And right in the heart of the region, in the Savalletri area

and just outside Salento, stands an old farmstead near the sea and far from the usual tourist haunts. The place in question is the Masseria San Nicola, now a guesthouse that retains its historical charm. It nestles in luxuriant gardens with two swimming pools, surrounded by ancient walls that provide safety and security for little ones. The whole place is redolent with the heady aromas of Mediterranean flowers, and enjoys lovely views of the sea. All in all it’s somewhere guests feel at home, pampered by the bespoke service of a luxury hotel, from the personalised breakfast to shopping services, a home cook, baby sitting and dog sitting. Plus, of course, wellbeing treatments and massages in the “Relax Room”. It all goes together to make an unforgettable holiday or a fairytale wedding. The farmstead, built by Prince Carbonelli, has been the summer home of the Camicia family since the 19th century, and is notable for its pristine natural surroundings and strong links with tradition. The easy glam setting creates a relaxing atmosphere throughout the complex - the main villa offers six spacious rooms, all different but sharing a certain elegance that is also evident in the common areas, the double lounge, kitchen, large dining room and the terrace and private garden with swimming pool. There are four other, smaller villas around the main building, former outbuildings called Fico d’India, Bouganville, Oleandro and Gelso, all of which still display the rustic charm of typical Puglian structures. These small villas are all totally independent, and feature a fully-equipped kitchen, large

W O N D E R W O R L D 113

wedding party



rooms, living area and veranda or terrace, providing guests

holiday by the sea, in close contact with nature and free from

with all the privacy they could possibly desire. Each villa

the dictates of the clock. The ancient farmstead’s magical

has its own personality - Casa Fico, white and with a retro

atmosphere makes Masseria San Nicola the perfect spot for

charm, and the cool, romantic Casa Bouganville are perfect

weddings, with bespoke arrangements carefully managed

for couples in search of sun, sea and relaxation, while the

down to the smallest detail. The bride, groom and their guests

light-filled Casa Oleandro with its tuff stone vaulted ceilings

of honour can sleep in the old farmstead for up to three

and Casa Gelso, with an atmosphere recalling the Puglia

nights, extending the festivities and making the experience

of times gone by, are both suitable for families seeking a

even more special. www. masseriasannicolasavelletri.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 115

golf hotel

FORE! Antonella Euli

Stay at a 15th century residence and play golf on a 144-hectare estate only five kilometres from Lake Garda 116


W O N D E R W O R L D 117

golf hotel



estling among the verdant slopes of the Morenic

bright and airy with high ceilings or romantic wood

Hills near Lake Garda, this hidden corner of

beams. All the rooms are large and spacious, and

Lombardy shelters the small residence known

offer every comfort (climate control, WiFi connection

as Arzaga, which in the 12th century, together

and TV, and most of them look out onto the

with the castle of Drugolo, probably comprised a

surrounding countryside or the greens. This high-

single estate. In 1963, after lying abandoned for five

level golf resort boasts both an 18 and 9-hole course,

centuries and changing hands a number of times,

designed respectively by two international golfing

the Lanni della Quara family turned the clock back

legends, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, together

and brought Arzaga and Drugolo together once again

with the Arzaga Golf Academy. Arzaga’s first gem is

into a single property. Now Palazzo Arzaga has been

the 18-hole championship course (6,410 metres/7,010

skilfully converted into a

yards), a par 72 parkland resort course with a series

Five-star Golf and Spa

Resort boasting a large collection of works of art,

of typical features.

symbols of the elegance and art of welcome, a style

The second is the 9-hole course, a par 36 inland

inspired by the traditional Italian hospitality that is

links layout that clearly shows the hand of Gary

famous throughout the world. This period residence’s

Player, known as one of the world’s best links course

elegance and charm will enchant guests with its

designers. The courses are available for guests and

spacious interiors of classical design, wood beam

can be booked at the hotel. The Arzaga Golf Club

ceilings, original frescoes and antique furniture. The

holds courses for players of all ages and levels. The

Resort’s bedrooms and suites are partly decorated

undeniable advantage of its location means the resort

with original 15th-century frescoes, while others are

lies in an unusually quiet, peaceful setting where guests


W O N D E R W O R L D 119

golf hotel


can recharge their batteries and spend some pleasant me-

After a session of sport or relaxation it’s time to dine in one

time in its wide open outdoor spaces - a spectacular terrace

of the two restaurants, the “Il Moretto” gourmet restaurant,

with pool and relaxation area and an elegant spa by Clarins

serving a refined Italian cuisine and excellent local wines in

offering a wide range of treatments, indoor pool, relaxation

an elegant room with select furnishings and decor, or the

area, three saunas, two steam baths, hydromassage pool

“Le Terrazze”, a clubhouse restaurant that is ideal for a break

and showers at various temperatures - and golf, of course!

with a view of the golf course. www.palazzoarzaga.it


design hotel

The House of the inquisitive traveller Antonella Euli



Capri Tiberio Palace, one of the island’s oldest hotels, a short distance from the Piazzetta, has reinvented itself through the expert touch of Giampiero Panepinto, regarded as one of the most original architects and interior designers of the moment

Giampiero Panepinto has transformed the hotel into a welcoming Mediterranean residence where visitors can breathe the atmosphere of the Dolce Vita. Capri is in the air!

W O N D E R W O R L D 123

design hotel

Like a large home, the hotel welcomes guests in the hall/lounge, full of objects with an everyday feel that seem to be part of a personal collection 124



he atmosphere of Capri, redolent of luxury, celebrity culture and exceptional glamour, is unique. Here time seems to stand still and the Dolce Vita can be experienced at every turn. We find it intact but exquisitely contemporary in the hotel that Giampiero Panepinto has

transformed into the home of a refined, cultured traveller whose luggage holds the best the world has to offer. After the restyling the old residence is now in top form, with a combination of furnishings and objects that embrace past and present, perfectly balanced and enriched by art objects, in a mix of colours turquoise, salmon pink, saffron yellow - that speaks of summer and a certain subtle elegance that makes guests instantly feel at home. Panepinto’s hand can be seen everywhere, from the Jacky Bar with raised piano looking onto the terrace, weaving a spell creating a heady mix of New York’s Cotton Club and the nightspots of 1950s Cuba that Hemingway loved so much. The same magic can be found in other interiors, including the bedrooms and suites. There are about fifty in all, all different, places where colours, multiethnic and natural graphic motifs, designer fabrics, colonial fans, beautiful tables, large cushions and screens decorate the home of a contemporary globetrotter surrounded by modern and period pieces brought back from a recent voyage. “I deliberately retained the original structural layout, preserving the details linked to the island’s history. Then I let my imagination run free - I put together vintage pieces and contemporary design objects from all over the world, and

design hotel

I designed the fabrics myself”, says Panepinto, who boasts twenty years’ experience as a fashion designer. “I juxtaposed smooth and rough surfaces, matt and shiny finishes, strong and soft colours”. Vintage and design can be seen everywhere, from the extraordinary Bellevue Suite - 250 square metres of design and unique pieces, with a seafront terrace complete with gym and swimming pool - to the One Bedroom Suite, a lively, sparkling space with a deliciously retro Capri style, and the Studio Suite Vista Mare, with the colours, themes and textures of vintage objects from across the world. There is luxury here, too. It shows, but discreetly, charming the cosmopolitan guest - the kind of person, in fact, who will move around as if totally at home here, in the indoor and outdoor pool, among the mosaics and columns, enjoying the scenic terrace solarium and in the Tiberio spa, 600 square metres of Zen atmosphere nurturing deluxe wellbeing - lots of white and blue lights, cabins, saunas, hydromassage and a spa suite for treatments as a couple. Old-school glam and charm at the Terrazza Tiberio restaurant, too, with a view over Capri and the Mediterranean Sea. www.capritiberiopalace.it The domestic ambience extends to the rooms. They are all different, reflecting the latest trends, giving the impression that every guest will receive a personalised service



Your network for ground handling assistance

THE ALL IN ONE SOLUTION FOR YOUR GENERAL AVIATION SERVICES Sky Services FBOs are located in: Milan-Linate, Milan-Malpensa, Milan-Bresso, Venice, Verona, Treviso, Siena, Rome-Ciampino, Naples, Salerno, Bari and Brindisi. Own equipment, staff and facilities with elegant VIP lounges. Supervision & Permits at all Italian airports / Fuel / SKY CUISINE inflight catering. Credit facilities and VAT exemption available. Airport Company of Siena Airport LIQS/SAY (Tuscany region): full handling, long stay parking, hangars. Aircraft Management - Maintenance/AOC/CAMO. Flight Academy Milan / Capua / Brindisi. Courses from 0 to ATPL.



In full sunlight Maria Clara Caglioti

The desire to rediscover our links with nature is increasingly strong. By reinventing shapes and researching new materials, outdoor furniture is renewing the pleasure of al fresco living

The Opus Garden armchair by Carlo Rampazzi MaxiMinimalisMobili for Sergio Villa Mobilitaly. In iron with a rust effect

Warm earth and sun tones for the Farniente hammock from Paola Lenti, designed by Bestetti Associati. Made in Rope cord and yarn, lending an artisanal flavour



The Essenza double lounge bed with canopy by Ethimo, for enjoying the open air and light in a private space. Natural teak and brushed steel

Chi Wing Lo’s graceful minimalism has created the steel and birchwood Gea rocking chair from Giorgetti’s Open-air collection

The softness of a lounge chair for the InOut 419 garden armchair, designed by Paola Navone and produced by Gervasoni. The digital print water-repellent fabric echoes wood grain

W O N D E R W O R L D 129

design In the glass mosaic pattern Philip from the Opus Romano collection by Bisazza, Ferruccio Laviani recalls the weft of traditional Scottish tartan

Clean, unbroken lines for the aluminium sheet Metallico table designed by Piero Lissoni for Porro. A sculptural object that The steel Thor chair and stool by Chiaramonte/Marin for Emu.

creates a sense of stability and lightness

Their lines recall a traditional “peasant� style and the way the elements are put together is inspired by artisanal methods

Generous seats with soft cushions reveal the comfort of the Purple modular divan from Potocco, designed by Marco Viola Studio



Drawing inspiration from the moulds used by the construction industry, Patricia Urquiola has designed Cassero vases for Serralunga. The material, too, recalls the appearance of cement

Curved shapes emphasised by contrasting colours are the theme of the Arco series created by Martino Gamper for Moroso, which also includes this hanging chair

The unusual elliptical shape of the Arena day-bed from Roda by Gordon Guillaumier is an invitation to versatile, informal relax

W O N D E R W O R L D 131


Monaco Yacht Show

Teresa Crespi


he Monaco Yacht Show takes place on 27-30th September, and excitement is already building 87% of exhibiting companies have renewed their participation and many superyachts will be making

their debut in Monaco. On September 26th there are workshops for superyacht purchasers or managers, with



Firmly established as one of the world’s leading superyacht shows, the Monaco Yacht Show is sure to generate plenty of it excitement as it returns to Port Hercule for its twenty seventh edition

an opening ceremony in the evening. This includes the Show’s

Monaco’s Embassy to welcome its privileged guests. The MYS is

4th yachting awards ceremony. The two events are part of a the

reorganizing its exhibition layout with new thematic presentations

Sapphire Experience premium visit program, designed exclusively

of the superyachting lifestyle. The Car Deck will present fifteen

for final superyacht buyers. This year the Monaco Yacht Show

or so prestige vehicles, relocated to the Quai Antoine Ier, also

has chosen to develop its network of private clients in two

the site of the Starboard, a new space for exhibitors’ booths

cities among the top 5 in the world for the number of billionaire

and reception. The Tender & Toys Show presents the trendiest

residents. in early May the MYS hosted two private events for

accessories on the market. Other facilities include a cafe-

VIP guests in New York in the St. Regis New York Hotel and the

restaurant with terrace, lounge, the official MYS press centre and

Consulate of Monaco. In London, too, the MYS will join up with

private meeting rooms. www.monacoyachtshow.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 133





































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