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The Art of Sailing

Turquoise 77m Go






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S T A G E.

Advanced technologies, world-class design, exceptional service. For over 50 years Westport has been producing luxury motor yachts of superior performance. Based on proven hull platforms and fitted with contemporary interiors that suit your lifestyle, each yacht in the Westport series combines supreme performance and engineering with head-turning style and elegance.


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editorial W

hat emotions lie in store in the year just begun? It does indeed promise to be a season packed with lots of good news. The last

few years have seen a veritable flourishing of creative, innovative ideas in terms of materials, styles and designs.

Our pages detailing the exploits of emerging and established designers, often in their own words. In doing so, they are becoming treasure troves of ideas and solutions for owners, stimulating them to follow up on the stories of passion and expertise we bring them in our features. Another of our passions – combined with sensibility – is respect for the marine environment that plays host to us. Technology is making the now vital job of focusing on the sea much simpler. It is also helping to limit if not entirely eliminate pollution. I feel there is a social and moral obligation in pursuing certain avenues that also involves bearing expense of pursuing that goal. We’ve seen so many fantastic boats at the recent shows and been astonished by the exclusive and innovative solutions they’ve adopted. Although we never take anything for granted here in THE ONE Yacht & Design, the way new materials are being used for furnishings, the new asymmetric space designs and the use of technology in unexpected areas really is thrilling us. We almost feel like it’s the first time we’ve set foot on a gigayacht. Our job is to communicate that sense of wonder to our readers to give them a virtual taste of our experience. It has not always easy to express certain emotions on the printed page and so we decided to double up by also expressing them on the virtual forum of This elegantly, innovatively and immediately presents readers with the highlights of the magazine, projects afoot and completed, news from designers and yard and much more besides. With plenty of lifestyle and quirky facts from the sector mixed in. So we are casting off into new virtual waters, social media included. Facebook and Instagram will now be constant companions to our readers, regardless of where they are in the world, providing them with a constant stream of updated information. So they can be onboard in the true sense of the term. Enjoy

Matteo Galbiati CEO Platinum Media Lab 5


PEARL ISSUE n° 17 - 2019

Cover 77 m Turquoise Yachts GO






Against the Wind


Five Questions to... William Burns

Sunseeker Sales Director


Design District: Roberto Gavazzi - CEO at Boffi


Work in Progress

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THE YACHTING WORLD 36 Cover Story: 77 m Turquoise Yachts GO 50 Fly: Nice-New York in the Blink of an Eye 56

The Car: 999 Examples and no More


Creative Minds: Alberto Mancini

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86 Art on Board: The Art Basel Mega-Show 90 Mise en Place: Everyday Concessions to Luxury 94 Gourmand: Filippo La Mantia

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116 Megayacht: 32 m Cantiere delle Marche Gatto 128 Bespoke 1: Always Unique 132 Bespoke 2: The Importance of the Right Outfit 136 Technology: Seeing Means Believing 140 Chase Boat: Chrystal Icon 146 Bespoke Fly: Airborne Transformations 150 Young Talents: Organic Chemistry 166 Real Estate: A Greek Odyssey

with Extra Luxury

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I first approached the whole “full green” idea in 2003

when I together with some other courageous types and with the support of an Italian university, I tried to design a 40-metre yacht that could enter nature reserves and make a speed of four knots for six hours without using a conventionally-fuelled engine and/or generator. The idea was to be able to get into and out of the reserve without polluting either the air or the water. After months of research, it emerged that the technology required to make that happen simply wasn’t yet available. But I remained interested in the subject and I am still trying to find the solution to that puzzle. In the intervening years, I’ve been seeing green hybrids with very highfaluting names coming on the market that leave me a bit confused about what the term “green” actually means. I don’t want to dispute the certifications that are being awarded. I do have a problem, however, with ill-concealed attempts to use traditional propulsion systems with partial energy recovery from shafts or diesel-electric propulsion (which involves generators that still burn diesel) and the genuinely restricted use of “trophy” batteries which yield very low speeds and ranges.

Would it not be more honest to both clients and the world to stop referring to these craft as “green” or worse still “full green” motoryachts but instead to call them hybrid motoryachts. What harm would it do unless the purveyor is intent on playing dirty with its competitors? The electric world, in yachting terms, still needs a lot of investment in both research and design both for the onboard and shore-based equipment. Right now it’s not possible to just sail into port, plug in and charge up your motoryacht before heading off on a completely green long-range cruise. I am still researching and dreaming that one day I will able to use only alternative energy sources and energy recovery to deliver genuinely “full green” propulsion. As far as I am concerned that is the new frontier for yachting…but only time will tell and I hope the answer won’t be the same as in 2003. So I implore everyone in my trendy yachting world to be realistic and honest. Please don’t create unrealistic expectations for your clients who are naively hoping for a better future for their children. Instead invest properly in research and in the universities to create a genuinely clean future for the coming generations.

But as usual my words will probably fall on deaf ears…




What is your take on the yachting industry as it stands in the wake of the Cannes and Monaco yacht shows? Over the course of the autumn boat show season so far, Sunseeker International has retail sold an incredible £85 million worth of boats. Whilst Cannes and Monaco remain extremely important boat shows for us and continue to deliver incredibly high footfall to the stand, resulting in a record number of client meetings. As the Director for Sunseeker Italy, which is part of the larger Sunseeker London Group I believe that it is also worth mentioning the continued rise of the Genoa boat show. The sustained growth of this show is highly representative of the yachting industry today. Genoa boat show is seeing the return of the Italian buyers as well as an international clientele, keen to see our award-winning range. Increasingly, we are welcoming many new boaters to the Sunseeker family which is fantastic. How is Sunseeker positioned on the global market? Are you happy with that position? Sunseeker International is a £300 million business with 2,500 employees, a number which has grown by about 25 per cent in the last three years. During that time, revenue also increased and we have gone up in terms of boat numbers produced. As of the end of 2018, this includes a 60 per cent increase in revenue and a 40 per cent increase in boat units. Sunseeker continues to invest heavily and we are seeing demand for new products, which has resulted in a record forward order book, with 196 confirmed boat orders for 2019. What are the main characteristics of Sunseekers that make them so competitive in the yachting industry? The Sunseeker range constantly sets new standards and


benchmarks, and that’s what makes us stand out and be recognised across the world. From the dynamic Sport Yacht models through to the luxurious Manhattan range, the iconic Predator models and the Majestic Yacht range, each Sunseeker is the result of an uncompromising approach to innovative design, exhilarating engineering and breath-taking attention to detail. Describe the typical Sunseeker client... There isn’t a typical Sunseeker customer. They vary in age, profession and background, but they are all generally self-made, successful and discerning. They also all demand the very best which is reflective of Sunseeker’s continual investment in new and exciting products and our exceptional aftercare service. The purchase of a Sunseeker is typically a reward for their success and allows them to enjoy complete privacy with their family and friends in a supremely luxurious environment. What is your strategy for ensuring Sunseeker remains one of the yachting industry leaders? Sunseeker International has recently embarked on a five-year growth strategy and the company is sitting on its strongest ever order book. The strategy involves continual investment in exciting new products, including, but not limited to, smaller performance craft and larger builds at the top of the range. During the last Monaco Yacht Show, Sunseeker unveiled a truly momentous new model, the 161 Yacht. This exciting new vessel will be developed in partnership with renowned Dutch builders, Icon Yachts, and will be the first aluminium-built yacht in Sunseeker’s 50-year history. Latent demand for even larger Sunseeker yachts is the driving force behind the company’s move into metal-built vessels and we look forward to unveiling this in 2021.

time is pisa

the leading retailer for watch lovers

pisa orologeria boutique rolex via montenapoleone 24, milano

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@Tommaso Sartori

by Marta Bernasconi

How is the way we experience kitchens changing? The kitchen are more and more the heart of the house, communicating with other spaces. It’s the place we socialise, where pleasure is provided by hospitality as well as cooking. The aesthetic language recalls that of the lounge, and the two spaces are almost always in a dialogue. What are the plus points of your most recent models? We’ve focussed on offering a variety of styles and offers, but all easily recognisable as Boffi brand products – in other words, minimal, essential lines and objects that coordinate with each other. The offer we make our clients is always personalised. What’s the link between Boffi and the nautical sector? It’s a very close relationship. The nautical sector is a tough market, with strong, sudden trends. The saline environment puts all materials to the test, and the spaces involved are not


always generous. For us, though, working in this sector can lead to some stellar results. Tell us about new materials and unusual combinations. We’re working with new types of laminate and metallic paints, stone treated with special textures, cement and recovered materials like Paperstone®, which is obtained from recycled paper and is very hard wearing What are you working on at the moment? In the yachtbuilding field we’re researching the outdoor environment, especially the third galley, after the owner’s and the crew galley. The third one is higher up and more exposed. For Sanlorenzo we’ve gone for a kitchen that opens and closes, with a sliding surface that becomes a snack top. The K6 kitchen designed by Norbert Wangen is an attractive extended cube, and is a development of the K2 and K5.

YOUR HIGHEST EXPECTATIONS. FULFILLED BY OUR HIGHEST STANDARDS. DISCOVER THE 52 STEEL. PERFECT BALANCE BETWEEN VOLUME AND ELEGANCE. This is Sanlorenzo’s unique approach in the world of superyachts. The 52Steel’s sleek and pure lines embrace a more than generous space: the transparent swimming pool, the floodable 8-meter tender garage convertible into a huge luxury beach area at sea level, the six spacious cabins, everything has been designed with the highest standards of beauty and refinement, which marks Sanlorenzo’s know-how. With 25 superyachts already built and delivered and 13 currently under construction, we will certainly be able to fulfil your expectations together. As high as they may be.




WHAT’S NEW A selection of new projects and concepts from the leading international shipyards and design studios that will grace the waves in the near future


by Mary Hegarty and Désirée Sormani



enetti released further details of the BNow family concept at Monaco Yacht Show after the first model was snapped up in the wake of its rapturous reception at Cannes yachting Festival. This radical family of full custom displacement yachts designed by RWD promises short delivery times and casual, contemporary interiors. The BNow concept spans four different models of 50, 55, 63 and 68 metres respectively. All will have highly customizable layouts. The 63 and 68-metres, for example, both offer a very large, secluded owner quarters complete with fire place – a plus that is almost unheard of in yachts of this size. Other signatures include an aft swimming pool, sun deck Jacuzzi and transom terrace.They will also share the same elegantly fluid beauty with strongly dynamic lines connecting decks and distinctive elongated windows unifying the look. But most importantly of all, Benetti is coining a new concept of luxury that will offer each owner a paradigm-shifting yacht, customised to reflect their individual tastes and personalities. Delivery times will be shorter too, thanks to Benetti’s advanced construction technologies and computer simulation which knocks six months off simply by taking away the need for tank-testing.



[ WIP ]

to yield a yacht clothed in fluid lines and exuding a sense of harmonious beauty. A slender profile and linear style add a sense of gentle exuberance to the project too. She’s real signature, however, is a blend of geometric expressiveness and flowing decorative elements, notably in the side gunwale lines which form two wings in the forward sections of the upper and owner decks. Spanning five decks with plenty of al fresco spaces and exceptionally comfortable interiors, She is aimed fair and square at the


kind of owner that intends to live aboard for

he is a new 70-metre custom yacht concept developed by CRN’s

long periods with guests to really luxuriate

Technical Office in collaboration with the Italian studio, Vallicelli

in the cruising experience. Andrea Vallicelli

Design. As her name suggests, She exudes a carefully calibrated

has declared himself justifiably pleased with

femininity. Expert Italian design and craftsmanship will combine

the softness and delicacy of She’s feminine forms and the concept’s fluid, elegant lines.


La Dolce Vita 3.0 Advanced Yachting Experience

AZIMUT S7 _ Carbon-Tech Exterior Design _ Stefano Righini Interior Design _ Francesco Guida A brand of AZIMUT BENETTI Group Find your local Dealer on


[ WIP ]


he ISA 120 Sport is the new entry level model from Isa Yachts. A stylishly

proportioned profile underscores the yacht’s sporty vocation and impressive performance. Enrico Gobbi - Team For Design has brought a refreshing perspective to the yard’s signatures, taking his inspiration from both nature and sports car design. Neat lines and perfect proportions create a sense of elegance while a strong side arch underscores that sporty edginess still further. There is also a sense of continuity in the stairs connecting fly and stern platform while the large sun pad aft is enclosed in an automotive-inspired spoiler, creating both space in the cockpit and opening up stunning views as well as lending a coupe-type look to the boat. Expansive windowing, another key Enrico Gobbi element, guarantees a close connection to the marine environment: there is a three-metre-long window in the dining area with sliding doors opening up to the exterior. The master suite also has large window to provide occupants with sea views from the bed. Light woods, luxury trims and indirect lighting produce a charming and fresh interior too.


E V E N T H E B E S T D R E A M E R S N E E D A N E W I N S P I R AT I O N .

Dream shapers.




43 | 46 | 55 | 60

45 | 54

94 | 110 | 132 | 165E | 215


Powered by

Bertazzoni Servizi S.r.l. powered by Via Frassina, 65 Loc. Avenza - 54033 Carrara- ltaly T. +39 0585 791727- F. +39 0585 791728 - I.C.M. S.r.l. - Lift Marine Components Via Kempten, 12 - 38121 Trento- ltaly T. +39 0461 960648- F. +39 0461 991165 -



[ WIP ]



he construction of the new RP-NAUTA 100’ at the

onboard technology, would stand the test of time as the

Southern Wind Shipyard in Cape Town is bang on

owner intends to hang on to this yacht for many years

target for delivery in spring 2020. Commissioned by an

to come. Safe, comfortable functionality and sailing, the

experienced owner that originally approached Nauta

performance required to compete in world-class superyacht

Design in 2017, the custom yacht’s general concept,

regattas and a head-turning, sexy design were Nauta’s

exterior and interior styling are all by the latter, while the

focuses. The owner also specified a maritime feel for the

naval architecture was supplied by Reichel Pugh Yacht

interiors to mirror the edgy modernity of the exterior. The

Design. The project marks a reunion for the winning trio

saloon is spectacular and has a study area and there are

that collaborated on the recent custom SW-RP 90’ amongst

three guest cabins with the master forward. The crew are

others. The brief was for an ultra-nimble performance

accommodated very comfortably aft.

cruiser with aggressive, sporty good looks that, like the


[ WIP ]


fter five years of research Swiss company SolarImpact Yacht AG chose

Cannes Yachting Festival 2018 and then Boot DĂźsseldorf to showcase a virtual 3D model of a futuristic 78-foot solar yacht that ticks all the big boxes: luxurious convenience, modern design and sustainability and the all-important seaworthiness. This innovative solar craft not glides virtually silently through the water, but puts the SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) principle to good use to reduce rolling and heeling by up to 90 percent. The energy self-sufficient solar yacht has a surprising and very fast top speed in excess of 20 knots too and all key systems are highly automated, so that a single person can control the craft. The 78-footers also offers 340 square metres of luxuriouslyappointed but highly functional living space on three levels. Owners will enjoy a wide choice of interior furnishings, design, and modern lighting, air-conditioning and sound solution options to boot. The primary energy is supplied by a total of 300 sqm of solar surface but a diesel aggregate provides consistency of power in long periods of cloud cover, for example. 24


[ WIP ]



he Adventure 29 is the second model in Lynx Yachts’

the hideaway tender crane also doubles as a passarelle The

go-anywhere Adventure series after the Adventure

terms ‘wide’ and ‘sturdy’ were the bywords in the design brief

32. Taking its inspiration from the ironically-styled YXT

given to Diana Yacht Design which responded by broadening

series, the Adventure 29 has a uniquely clean, contemporary

the beam to 8.2-metre. This permits a shallow draft whilst

profile designed by Bernd Weel Design. High bulwarks at

still keeping fuel consumption acceptable. On top of all this,

the powerful plumb bow ensure it will carve its way through

the wide beam delivers a truly exceptional 29 sqm master

even heavy seas with ease. In better weather, a 30 sqm swim

cabin and four spacious guest cabins in all in addition to four

platform, familiar from the YXT range, seals the bond

for the crew. The main deck saloon is also very roomy. A very

between guests and the sea as well as stowing the tenders and

family and charter-friendly craft.

Our DNA is green inside. Amer Yachts, a better world.



w w w . a m e r y a c h t s . c o m



[ WIP ]



he ambitious new Nemo 50 Ice megayacht is joint venture

than a metre above the waterline and connects directly to the

between French yard Ocea, Aldo Manna, the head of its

main saloon to provide guests with fast, safe access to tenders.

Mediterranean office, and designer Fulvio de Simoni. Designed

The owner’s apartment is full beam and takes up the foredeck.

for uncompromising big-dreamers with ambitions to explore

It even has a private lounge for relaxation or working. A large

Antarctica and its waters, this highly technical, extreme Ice

al fresco area amidships on the main deck will be a boon to

Class design emphasizes the French brand’s military vessel

guests on long voyages although the Ocea 50’s interiors are very

background. The Every last detail has been honed to guarantee

roomy and well-appointed. Even the crew accommodations

a very comfortable time on extended stays aboard, even in tough

have been meticulously designed with staff duties and comfort

conditions. A technical area forward on the raised deck is less

in mind.


Exclusive Lovely furnishings made with prestigious materials to adorn the home with originality and luxury, but also perfect on board. The ONE Yacht and Design Pearl issue offers a selection of colours and character 1.

by Marta Bernasconi

1. Kasimir Rijks Screen is a collection of screens in three sizes reproducing details from paintings by Kazimir Malevich held at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. By ColĂŠ Italian Design Labelo 2. Embodying the skills of the master glassmakers of Murano, Aquarium is a collection of transparent glass sculptures enclosing marine subjects. By Wave Murano Glass



3. Select materials and interesting shapes for the Koi bathroom system combining a brushed brass base and twin washbasin top in black Marquina marble. By Maison Valentina




6. With an opulent gilded finish, the Spirit is part of a collection of hand knotted and


5. The curved-frame version of the Mito light. A carbon fibre stand tops the

carded rugs that can

annular light unit, available in six finishes. With anti-dazzle system and up or

be custom made. In

down beam direction feature. By Occhio

Himalayan wool and pure silk, with plant colourings. By Illulian

4. The emerald green Diamond sideboard resembles a huge gemstone. Three sculptural doors conceal the gilded interior with a shelf and two drawers. By Boca do Lobo



1.. The Coromandel capsule collection, 1.

which includes this desk, is dedicated to Piero Fornasetti’s passion for natural subjects and his taste for the exotic. The colours are hand-painted on silver leaf. By Fornasetti 3.


3. A spectacular cascade of golden light is created by the Gold Moon Chandelier with irregular discs hanging 2. Pebbles is a set of plates of different sizes and shapes, in

at different heights and embellished

matt porcelain, with bamboo tray. By Natuzzi Italia

with jewel-like LED lights. Also available in custom version. By Catellani & Smith 4. 4. A double headboard adds presence to the Gala bed, with a wealth of sumptuous detail – leather-clad feet and shelves, curved, varnished natural beech slats, removable fabric or leather cover. By Zanotta


7. The Little Giraffe chair came into being in 2019 but is descended from an icon of Nordic design from the 1950s. It is upholstered in fabric or leather, with four fixed legs or a star-shaped base with castors and adjustable height. By Fritz Hansen



6. The spare, essential design of the Will o’Wisp lamp conceals a hi-tech heart – the base is rechargeable, and it features a touchcontrol on/off switch and dimmer. By Promemoria


5. Lungolinea transforms the table tennis table into an exclusive design object. The transparent glass playing surface is also suitable for professional players. By Impatia




1. A web of slender, chromed metal legs forms the base of the Octa table, in fixed or extendable versions. The rectangular surface is offered in a wide range of materials and finishes. By Bonaldo 2. A 100% linen fabric enhances interiors with a painterly touch. Vernissage is hand-painted with circular brushstrokes using a metallic pigment, available in three colour variations. By Dedar 3. Wrap-around comfort and elegant lines create a fascinating mix for the artisan-made Mia armchair. Metal frame with leather upholstery. By Borzalino

2. 3.



From the first Technema 65 in 1976 to the majestic 80m Chopi Chopi, the Zuccon International Project studio has always flanked yacht design with a history of innovation and success, resulting in the creation of more than a hundred different boat models. Today, this forty-year experience has been renewed, backing the new generation that shares the running of the studio and looks to the future while remaining rooted in the firm’s traditional and sound design culture.







The new Turquoise Yachts flagship is an audaciously elegant 77-metre. Contact with the sea is the leitmotif in the H2 Design-penned exteriors and interiors by Paola Bertelli - ph. by Guillaume Plisson



turquoise hull would be eye-catching on any yacht,

Other artistic flourishes are to be found in all seven guest cabins

but on a 77-metre it is unapologetically bold and

and at the poolside where a series of abstract panels by Alex Turco

original. Particularly given that the craft in question

are described by H2 Design as “fluid in nature, giving a feeling of

is a statuesque beauty with sinewy lines and a

molten liquid”.

beautifully measured continuum of solids, voids,

The sea also makes its presence felt in the interior through GO’s

glazed surface sand colours creating an edgily dynamic interplay

enormous windows, confirming its central role in the overall design.

of geometries.

The forward-facing owner’s cabin on the upper deck is also outward-

GO is the new Turquoise Yachts’ flagship and, as such, is a very

looking. A series of imposing curved windows, in which a mere four

physical embodiment of the Turkish yard’s finely honed construction

mullions support a 2.4-metre expanse of glazing, frame the view

abilities. The London-based H2 Yacht Design studio was given the

and separate the suite from a private deck area with Jacuzzi and

job of creating both her interior and exterior design. But the project

a teak foredeck that can also be used as a touch-and-go helicopter

was a meeting of old friends as GO is the seventh yacht the yard

landing area. Every single piece of furniture is highly detailed with

and studio have partnered on.

one in the owner’s suite combining back-lit onyx, polished stainless

The narrative theme of “water in motion” begins with the turquoise

steel, Macassar ebony and turquoise mother-of-pearl.

of the hull and continues in the colour palette, materials and finishes

There is an overall feeling of flow and continuity of detailing

chosen for the interior.

throughout the boat. Joinery flourishes such as stepped wenge

Take, for instance, the saloon on the main deck where a pristine

ceiling architraves, bevelled mirror inserts and heavy mirrored doors

white carpet, white leather walls and lacquered ceilings create a

recur again and again. A Deco pattern crops up in varying forms

sublimely refined space with turquoise lamps adding colour and

and scales throughout, appearing in the marble floor detailing,

the gleam of myriad mirrored-steel accents referencing the ever-

the polished stainless steel main stair balustrade, the glass doors,

changing moods and motion of the sea. The panelling has a highly

mirrored ceiling panels and main saloon carpet. Classic trims such

reflective ‘silver ripple’ finish by Métal composite, while the dining

as wenge, Macassar, white onyx and pale leathers create an elegant

table is edged in a deep turquoise ‘bubble finish’ by Rim & Mcrae

palette further enriched by special finishes. Most of the marble and

called ‘Entoma’.

stone used was sourced in Turkey itself.

In the lobby, Sea Spray, a gloriously sculptural chandelier by Dale

The beach club is an impressive 162 square metres and acts as a

Chihuly. cascades down through the open stairwell from bridge

third – and appealingly sea-skimming – lounge. Three shell doors

deck to main deck in an explosion of 468 navy, blue, transparent and

open in different directions to make it an ever-changing space. The

turquoise ‘icicles’ that once again bring the colours and reflections

cherry on the GO cake, however, is the midships garage designed

of the sea into the interior of the yacht. The externally lit chandelier

to accommodate a beautiful 9.6 m Pascoe Limousine tender –

is reflected from multiple different angles in the bevel-edged mirror

turquoise-liveried to match the motor ship, of course!

panels used to decorate the interior.

A stunning view from below of Sea Spray, the sculptural chandelier by Dale Chihuly which hangs down through the open stairwell in the lobby. Made from an astonishing 468 crystal icicles, it is the most impactful piece aboard GO, a 77-metre steel and aluminium superyacht whose five decks are all linked by a central lift

@@@cepe pre doluptio quiae non con es des et id most eos sunt eictotae volo eum veris diasperuptat opta dellanis estia consequid qui ipsus eliquae prestib usandae rferroribus, conecat uribusa cum ut vit erovid maio coreic to officat as as volorias as eatecto blaut et liti assit quatur aliquias est et et, et odic tem rem. Fero dem dolo opta simi, occum ratia dolore nosae ratist prerias sitatus


All-white interiors are broken up by flashes of bold blue and interplays of light and glints of steel and glass. A choice that allows the views seen through the picture windows in the main saloon (top) and the master suite (right) to dominate. The same applies to those from the openings onto the sea in the beach area (top right). Left, the dining area with its intricately detailed table which has a backlit onyx centre, Macassar ebony top in a starburst pattern and an edge detail in Soloman & Wu’s ‘Entoma’ finish



The waterfall pool on the sun deck is partly sunk into the structure that supports the mast and the satellite domes. The pool itself is five metres long and is tiled in a blue and gold mosaic



The beach club covers an amazing 162 square metres (right). The unusual open aft corners, nine-metre-wide hidden transom door and two other seven-metre-wide side shell doors create an especially strong bond with the sea. As can be seen from the below photo, the forward section of the main deck can also be used as a touch-and-go helicopter landing area

Exterior Designer H2 Yacht Design


he initial brief was to design a tri-deck boat similar to Vicky, an earlier collaboration between H2 Studio and Turquoise. The yacht was essentially a spec boat. During the later stages of design development, a client approached the yard about building a larger volume boat with an extra deck. A modified design proposal was prepared on this platform, but


sadly the client decided to buy an existing boat. However, the larger volume design provided many interesting benefits so, after further consideration, this became the design selected for construction. There are many attractive features on the general arrangement of this 77m, the main ones being the spectacular beach club with its ‘hide away’ transom door and the generous owner’s suite with its fantastic 270-degree views forward over the foredeck helipad. Without a doubt these two environments were the key factors that convinced the owner to buy the yacht. Externally, the yacht is as impressive as in the interior. There is incredible attention to detail, especially with regard to the exterior deck furniture. There is a uniqueness and individuality to the areas in the exterior superstructure: from the open aft corners of the swim platform to the distinctive square design of the aft bridge gym with its tubular

polished stainless decoration flanked by the symmetrical stairs to the sun deck. On the bridge deck, the teak gym floor with zero threshold doors spills out onto what is known as the disco area. The central furniture is kept loose to make way for a dance floor space. On the main deck, the typical U-shaped seating arrangement greets you as you climb the steps from the aft swim platform. Backlit onyx tables provide ambient night lighting coupled with deck reinforcement columns lined with backlit alabaster emerging out of white pebbled gardens. Recessed low level lighting and RGB deck head strip lights complete the features on offer to set the mood for the night time atmosphere.


Interior Designer Jonny Horsfield, Owner and Creative Director of H2 Yacht Design


/Y GO was designed in a modern classic style for a client who was looking for a rich, sumptuous interior, with intricate detailing and a high level of craftsmanship. Throughout the boat you can see subtle references to the ‘Water in Motion’ concept in our selection of finishes. Turquoise was chosen by the client as the feature colour and can be seen throughout the interior. Bold turquoise Amazonite marble is used as the feature stone in the VIP en suite and back-lit slabs of turquoise onyx hang in the master en suite. The shagreens, leathers, specialist finishes, artwork and fabrics also feature the colour turquoise in countless shades. Perhaps the greatest expression of the concept is the Sea Spray Chandelier. Lit from above and below like a sculpture, the Chihuly creation can be seen from multiple angles in the mirrors that surround it.


Two types of timber are used throughout the interior: Tanganyika, which creates a light, airy interior, is contrasted with wenge, which enriches and deepens the palette. Macassar accents are used to highlight particularly special pieces of furniture such as the main dining table, the furnishings in the owner’s suite and the upper lounge. An edge-lit, floating panelling system unifies the interior spaces, allowing low level mood lighting to feature throughout. Small changes to the finishes within the panels create subtle variations from space to space. The floating panelling system also allowed us to create an integrated system for displaying artworks, which adds bold pops of colour to the interior. The art is either recessed and edge-lit within the panelling, or it is wall-hung in carefully located panelling ‘breaks’ adding variation to the way it is displayed on board.

The backlit onyx panel behind the bar in the beach club lounge (above) is captivating. The master suite has an impressive series of curved windows and the mirrored mosaic work around them further enhances the interplay of light. The geometries in the corridor leading to the guest cabins have an almost psychedelic severity to them (opposite page)


The Shipyard Mehmet Karabeyoglu, CEO Turquoise Yachts


e are very proud of GO. She is our flagship in every sense of the word. Not only is GO our largest yacht launched to date, she is also the most commanding vessel from the point of view of technology, engineering, design, craftsmanship and execution. GO was a spec boat and the client was happy not to have the extra wait time that he would have had, if he had initiated the order on spec. We currently have three spec projects in various stages of construction— each one is a different length and design, and would suit different needs. But we also have clients coming in with their own projects and we start from scratch with them. GO’s owner bought the yacht at a very auspicious time as the hull and the superstructure were already complete, but he still had time to make a few minor changes regarding the layout and decoration to meet his personal needs and taste. He personalised some details, added a few small changes like a signature piece of Chihully artwork, which is suspended in the main stairwell and has become a visual focal point. GO is a stunning, innovative yacht, starting with her turquoise hull livery which was selected by the owner… and, of course, we had no objections to that colour choice! Technological challenges included the large curved glass windows in the wheelhouse and the master suite, the limo gender garage door and the noise and vibration damping work done aboard. My favourite area of GO? It’s difficult to say as I love everything

about her: first of all, she delivers great performance at sea. Because of her excellent in-house engineering, she has good sound levels and is vibration-free. H2 Yacht Design, which was responsible for both the interior and exterior, has created a sleek, sinewy look. The interior design and craftsmanship are world class. The eye-catching hull colour happens to be one of our favourite colours too. The 5m pool with waterfall on the sun deck is also a fabulously fun feature, and we went to great lengths to create the immense windows in the owner’s suite. And the vast opening beach club and hidden transom door are merely icing on the cake. What else can I say? We are just incredibly proud of GO…


GO is the new Turquoise Yachts flagship and can make a top speed of 18 knots, as well as providing accommodations for 18 guests and 20 crew. Opposite, one of the beach club’s two sea-facing terraces


[ FLY ]




Work is beginning on the first supersonic business jet. It will cost the same as an average-sized airliner but will enable eight passengers to cross the planet in a few hours by Sergio Barlocchetti - Ph. courtesy by New Aerion


[ FLY ]

The New Aerion AS2 is scheduled to make its maiden flight in 2023. It can accommodate eight passengers flying in extreme comfort – Concorde’s stiff, minimal seats will be nothing but a memory


he supersonic airliner, Concorde, was an icon of speed, a

Electric will supply the engines, with flight instrumentation from

technological masterpiece and a symbol of progress, but

Honeywell Aerospace. Private jet operator FlexJet, which invested

it was withdrawn from service after the fatal incident of

in Aerion two years ago, once again announced at last October’s

25 July 2000. At that time it was said that combined with the

NBAA event in Orlando that it wanted to be the launch client

increasingly high cost of keeping it in service, the chemical and

for the new aircraft with a potential purchase of 20 jets costing

noise pollution the jet produced made it appear more of a symbol

120 million dollars each (as much a 220-seater Boeing 737 Max).

of obsolescence at a time when the world was developing an

According to the schedule we should see the first AS2 take to

increasing ecological awareness, stressing green issues above all

the air in 2023, mounting General Electric Affinity twin-shaft

others. Soon, however, the gap will be filled by the AS2 by New

turbofan engines powerful enough to push the aircraft to a speed

Aerion, an eight-seater jet with a top speed of 1,500 km/h, which

of Mach 1.4 at 60,000 feet, almost one-and-a-half times the speed

means it can fly from New York to Shanghai in seven hours, or less

of sound at a height of 18.30 kilometres, while remaining no

than three from Nice. The on-board furnishings aren’t limited to

noisier than a traditional business jet. Research carried out by

the minimal, rather spartan furnishings offered by the Concorde

NASA between 2014 and 2017 will reduce the level of sound

– here there are sofas, toilet, and kitchen, plus the connectivity

generated by the aircraft’s Affinity engine, managed by Honeywell

that’s now a must-have for air travellers.

electronics, especially its sonic boom. NASA’s research investigated

Based on the Aerion SBJ project begun in 1999, the AS2 has finally

the features supersonic aircraft will require to reduce the boom

found the partners that will make its construction possible. General

and limit the noise levels experienced by people on the ground, as



[ FLY ]

The AS2 will cost around 120 million dollars. Powered by two General Electric Affinity engines, it will fly at Mach 1.4 at 60,000 feet, one-anda-half times the speed of sound at a height of 18.30 kilometres. New Aerion intends to begin series production of its jet in 2025

well as calculating where this will occur along the initial route and communicating the information to the pilot so that denselypopulated areas will not be affected. New Aerion says that 300 supersonic civil aircraft will be needed to meet demand from 2025, when the AS2 is set to obtain FAA certification and series production can begin. The project will also enable further development of new configurations for traditional airliners. The AS2 will be built at the Lockheed plant in Marietta, Georgia, with a test centre at a coastal airport to allow flights over the ocean rather than urban areas, while Europe’s Airbus is to manufacture the parts. Although Airbus is already involved in similar research it is lagging behind at the moment, as it is currently prioritising investigations into electric, sustainable flight. Other companies are seeking to develop a supersonic aircraft - Boom in Denver has announced a so-far unconfirmed agreement with none other than Japan Airlines, and Spike Aerospace of Boston aims to develop its S-512 with Airbus.




[ The CAR ]

999 EXAMPLES and



An gem of engineering and craftsmanship destined for a few fortunate collectors. The Range Rover SV CoupĂŠ us crafted by a special division that creates bespoke cars for the most discerning clients by Diego Tamone

A full-size SUV with a sleek, sporty two-door silhouette: a radical design that also brilliantly references Range Rover tradition. The liquid metal paintwork finishes add an extra-special flourish, too


[ The CAR ]



ristotle Onassis, a man who knew a thing or two

The year just ended brought the debut of the Range Rover SV

about liquidity, once remarked that anyone that says

Coupé. A revolutionary vehicle because it brilliantly answers

money can buy you anything has never had any. A

the abovementioned thorny question with a resounding yes

surprising and even controversial statement that was probably

by borrowing the whole idea of the limited edition from other

also a bit ahead of its time but equally probably not so out

more established areas of the luxury sector such as haute

of place today. In this nouveau riche and rather tasteless era

horlogerie. In the Range Cover SV Coupé’s case the limited

of ours, the whole concept of exclusivity has taken a bit of a

edition runs to a mere 999 examples. That is something

knock. So is it still possible to find something that even money

of an unusual feat in the car sector particularly for a SUV.

cannot buy? That’s a question they must ask themselves a

Courageous but also bang on the money. It goes without saying

lot in Range Rover which has always produced truly unique

that for this very special occasion, Range Rover pulled out

vehicles. Unique because they are conceived with the idea of

all the stops to showcase and make absolutely tangible the

bringing a superior kind of luxury and distinction to the lush

uniqueness of the SV Coupé. The design, just for starters, gives

green and mud of the British countryside that somehow fits in.

a whole new take to the full-size SUV format, producing an


[ The CAR ]

A walnut and sycamore nautical veneer and semi-aniline leather in contrasting colours trim the cabin which has four individual seats (previous page) separated by a single central console


unusual (albeit electric) two-door version and clothing it in coupé

“liquid metal” paintwork, a cabin trimmed in semi-aniline leather

line. It also opted for absolutely manual assembly and craftsmanship.

(sourced at a tannery founded in 1905) with contrasting front and

Last but very far from least, it put the Range Rover SV Coupé in the

rear seat colours, 23” wheel rims, and nautical veneers featuring

very special hands of its Special Vehicle Operation division which

walnut and sycamore. Engine and transmission-wise, there is a 565

specialises in making customers’ bespoke wishes come true. And

bhp supercharged petrol 5-litre V8 that unleashes 700 Nm of torque

how. Because even though the standard Range Rover SV Coupé is

and is coupled with an eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox. It is also

by far the most luxurious Range Rover ever built, it raises the term

the only option on the menu but probably for the very good reason

“bespoke” to new heights. Even the standard version includes new

that it is the very best that money can buy.

Interior and exterior design for luxury yachts




THAT GIVE LIFE TO A DREAM by Désirée Sormani


Alberto Mancini from Trieste, born in 1978, with the model of the S10, the Open he designed in his first collaboration with Azimut, embodying the experience he gained over time



hen I was a child I used to go sailing with my parents,

his trump cards, enabling him to gain some very useful experience.

but instead of dreaming of being a sail yachtsman, I

After graduating, in 2000 Mancini applied to Officina Italiana

always thought about how I could make our ketch more

Design, and here he worked on big projects like Aquariva’s Riva 33’

comfortable and more beautiful, and how to modify its escape

and the 44’ Rivarama. Most importantly, he met Mauro Micheli.

routes. Then, at the classical high school, instead of concentrating

“That was an incredible experience. Micheli taught me the beauty

on Latin and Greek I would sketch cars and motoryachts. They took

of proportion, the result of his artistic training”. Then he sent his

shape in an instant, it came easily to me. There was no doubt about

CV to Ken Freivok, who called him up shortly afterwards. “He

the road I should follow. A family friend, Andrea Zagato (of the

was impressed by the fact that I was working with Riva at such a

famous coachbuilders – ed) advised me to move to Turin to study

young age. He set me to work on Maltese Falcon to design elements

in the home of car design. I attended the IED design and fashion

evoking car design. This experience enabled me to get to know

school, rubbing shoulders with all those kids wanting to become

the megayacht concept”. Returning to Italy – Venice, to be exact

the future Giorgetto Giugiaro or Pininfarina. At the time not many

– he joined Nuvolari Lenard as a designer, and here he met his

had a passion for yacht design, and I was advised to make the most

colleague Enrico Gobbi, and in 2006 they opened Team for Design,

of my maritime origins and transfer the car design concepts I’d

giving rise to the new Dominator line, including the Dominator

learnt there into the nautical field. As a result I decided that my

780S, which won a design award. Shortly afterwards, in 2009, he

thesis would have to be a yacht. Thus I asked the Nuvolari Lenard

opened his own studio and the AM mark appeared on a number

studio if they could assist me. I turned up in front of the degree

of yachts - Monokini Baglietto (winner of the Compasso d’Oro in

panel with a model of a yacht, the 60’ Cantieri di Sarnico, and my

2016), a series for Magnum Marine, the Otam 100 and large steel

adventure began”. Alberto Mancini was an enterprising youngster

and aluminium designs with Mangusta, where Mancini handled

who knew exactly where he was going. These qualities were perhaps

interior and exterior design for the Ocean series (already on its


The S10’s design philosophy is linked to a concept of total on board liveability. It is based on three basic images – a classic megasailer where the slightly lowered central cockpit is the fulcrum of social life, a refined seagoing villa with several terrace levels gradually descending to the surface of the sea, and the car design concept, a source of stylistic inspiration



A totally uncluttered flush deck is the unusual solution, providing a raised view over the sea. The staircase up to the flybridge is also an intriguing feature, becoming an important design element in carbon fibre, almost a vertebral column

fourth example) and the Gran Sport line (the most recent of these, the 54 metre Gran Sport, is the flagship of the Overmarine Mangusta fleet). Mancini now works in Montecarlo where he designed his first Azimut, the S10, a new open yacht concept. “They asked me to amaze them, so I rejigged the classic layout of a 100-foot open. I put a flybridge on an open design, based the idea of a central vertebral column (the staircase), creating a double-L of sofas below the stairs and aft of a space to be used as desired, and allowing the stern to descend onto the surface of the sea, opening up platform of over 10 square metres, like in a villa. In this way we’ve created three levels, where the central staircase descends from a flybridge of over 25 square metres, and beneath this is a box shape where a series of sliding doors (one to the stern and one to the bow) creates a living area with seamless links to the forward helm station and the aft cockpit – this is laid out on two levels, one further forward overlooking the sea-level beach club, the other with a more sheltered area one level down, as it would be on a megasailer, with two L-shaped sofas. The new open displays a gutsy, in-your-face appeal characteristic of car design but inspires dreams like a 1920s J-class sail yacht, a world that is still a source of inspiration for Mancini, squaring the circle but also returning to his roots. “My dream is to design a megasailer and revisit a childhood love. Powering down the engines and making way under sail alone – nothing else can offer this kind of style, class and above all, emotion.”




MINDS by Mary Hegarty


Conscious of the industry’s turning tides, Bill Dixon designed this spectacular 70-metre specifically to change motoryacht owners’ minds about sailing. It offers a whole new take on the classic sailing superyacht formula, effortlessly marrying motoryacht-style volumes and space, sublime comfort and lifestyle features with the added joy of sailing and closeness to the sea


am not a fan of outrageous concepts which clearly bear no relation to the reality or feasibility of a waterborne vessel.” Coming from a family that has been involved in boat building since the 1740s, Bill Dixon takes a real world approach to developing his

designs, refusing to present anything new - however exciting - to potential owners until it is buildable and sailable as it was designed to be. In the course of a career begun in the 1980s, he has straddled both motor and sailing worlds but continues to push the boundaries of the industry. “I really believe our industry must innovate to remain relevant, especially as we are entering a time of great change in the way pleasure boats will be used in the future. The sailing superyacht market has been driven in a certain direction by a relatively small band of passionate clients,” says the English designer. “My overall vision is to create a new type of sailing yacht: to broaden the appeal of those yachts and change the formula. An efficient modern design with good sailing performance with minimal effort”. The latest incarnation of a



Topped by a futuristic DynaRig, the Dixon 70’s cool design, tinted glazing, dark boot stripe and strong lines exude both power and purity. The aft end of the yacht offers guests a sleek pool and sun loungers as well as fold-out water-skimming platform for easy sea access. Opposite page, below, the beach club saloon delivers direct access to the aft end of the yacht

concept Dixon has been developing for a number of years,

“Maltese Falcon has proven it is perfect for transocean

the striking Dixon 70 concept embodies that philosophy

cruising under sail.” The result is that the 70 promises

to perfection. An ultra-clean design with a reverse bow

clients with a motoryacht background the all-important

hull topped by a futuristic two-masted DynaRig, its pale

volume, space, comfort and lifestyle of the latter with the

livery is broken by bands of tinted glazing and a dark

added exhilaration of stress-free sailing and closeness to

boot stripe that combine with strong main lines to exude

the water. In other words, it achieves the tricky feat of

both purity and power. “My concept is all about creating a

delivering the uncompromising best of both worlds. With

large sailing superyacht that strikes a different balance of

this in mind, the owners and guest cabins are all on the

volume, comfort and lifestyle, space more akin to a motor

main deck with the master full width. The crew cabins are

yacht,” continues Dixon. Although sailing superyachts

separate and forward with private access. The beach club

are now larger than they have ever been, they are still

saloon delivers direct access to the aft end of the yacht

normally offered with just a choice of sloop or ketch rig

and, of course, the sea, while second upper deck lounge

scaled to their length and displacement. In the case of this

opens onto a covered deck space aft. The upper deck has

70-metre that would have resulted in a towering ketch rig,

full height bulwarks enclosing a large side deck that can

with the enormous loads in the sail controls and on the

be circumnavigated all at one level. This efficient three-

vessel. Although advances in technology would allow such

deck arrangement also creates space on the lower deck for

a yacht to be handled, it would also need an experienced

a spa, gym and cinema. There is even enclosed stowage

crew to be safely sailed to its full potential. This kind of

for two limo tenders.

compromise did not chime with Dixon’s philosophy as

The Dixon 70 concept has been seen by potential owners

although undoubtedly powerful, the Dixon 70 is essentially

who have been extremely positive about it. The English

designed for cruising and to tempt sailing-shy motoryacht

designer is confident of the right match to make this

owners. “I chose the DynaRig because its biggest asset

paradigm-changer a reality: “It is a case of finding an

is its simplicity of control and the safety aspects of

owner that shares my vision that we don’t have to accept

how the sailing loads are dealt with,” explains Dixon.

the status quo in sailing yacht design.”




Above, the Dixon 70’s striking and efficient DynaRig. Below, left, the upper deck complete with Jacuzzi and sunning area. Below, right, Bill Dixon


Our Specialists fulfill the most exclusive design wishes and demanding customer requests. They strive for absolute perfection in every last detail and turn the most special materials into one-of-a-kind furnishings. In doing so, they perfectly combine the traditional values of our company with innovation and creativity.

Reinventing tradition since 1950.

[ MEGAYACHT ] The new 54-metre launches Mangusta’s stunning Fast Displacement Mangusta GranSport line. This sophisticated and enormously dynamic yacht was crafted by the Italian yard and Alberto Mancini

by Bianca Ascenti - ph. by Maurizio Paradisi




he arrival of El Leon has been eagerly awaited

guests a genuinely astonishing 273 square metres plus of al fresco

by both the market and her builder, Overmarine

space, all of which is modular and thus very versatile, regardless

Group (which is owned by the Balducci family).

of the time of day or the speed the yacht is doing. The large

And it is easy to understand why as she is

fly has a sunning area and bar as well as a raised dining zone

the forerunner of the new Fast Displacement

sheltered by long side windows and a hard top which filters harsh

Mangusta GranSport series designed to bridge the gap between

sunlight on very hot summer days. A heated infinity pool forward

the ultra-powerful Maxi Opens (in which Overmarine Group

has a glass bottom that draws light into the master bathroom

leads the world) and their slower long-range displacement

beneath. The freestanding furnishings were custom-designed by

cousins. Although renowned for its pioneering technology

Mancini who has created a clever mix of wood, steel and glass.

and engineering, Overmarine Group was keen to respect

The interior arrangement was changed at the owner’s request to

both the yard’s DNA and its build philosophy. Nonetheless it

include an office and a garage for a 7.6-metre tender. The large

has produced a highly individual custom yacht that is a clear

saloon on the main deck is light-filled, thanks to huge windows

departure from her predecessors yet still maintains deep family

towering over 2.1 metres in height. Its lines, colours and décor

ties. As the yard’s new flagship, the all-aluminium 54-metre

create a refreshing feeling of refined luxury that feels cosy and

is a masterful combination of range, performance and style.

seaworthy at once – the caulking in the teak sole is a nod to

The brainchild of Alberto Mancini, who also worked with the

classic maritime design. Soft roundness alternates with straight

owner and the in-house style office on the interiors, El Leon has

lines while the mirrored door reflects beautifully elegant leather

powerful yet sharply sporty lines with signature car-inspired

ceilings, raw silk, Plexiglas, wall paper and luxe fabrics by the

strakes in her superstructure and pilothouse that lend her a

likes of Hermes, Rubelli and Sahco. The main sofa is by Minotti,

sense of even greater dynamism and movement.The owner,

while the lights are from Lumis and BCM. That said, most of the

who hails from the Mangusta world, was very forthright on

furnishings are custom. Walnut and ebony are given different

what he wanted from the overall result and was very proactive

finishes depending on the area of the vessel and the colours are

in all stages of her development and build. His dream was

all ton-sur-ton. Details have been designed and crafted to an

for a Mediterranean-style yacht where he could spend a great

astonishing degree to create a dialogue with the surrounding

deal of time outdoors, and whose interiors would be flooded

environment without any visual or stylistic distractions. Two sets

with natural light. A fast, elegant, unique yacht that could sail

of stairs lead to the master suite from the lobby. There we find a

around the world safely, somewhere he could both relax and

separate office and window, as well as a large cabin with a large

work comfortably without having to run to port to refuel too

carefully hidden dressing room, vanity table, day bed and double

often. A racing explorer of sorts. A challenge and a half that the

bathroom with central shower. A side balcony also extends out

yard embraced wholeheartedly and nailed with such aplomb that

over the sea at the touch of a button further extending the cabin.

El Leon took the Best Exterior Design gong in her category at

A curved staircase in a mix of wood, leather and steel leads to the

the 2018 World Yachts Trophies. Speed-wise, she can happily

deck below where there are five guest cabins including one VIP, a

power her way up to 30 knots but in her ‘slow mode’ she has a

media room and small gym, in addition to the crew quarters and

4,200-mile range that will take her easily across the ocean. El

service areas. As if that were not enough, guests can while away

Leon’s Studio Ausonio-designed Fast Surface Piercing Hull uses

their time with their feet literally in the water on the wonderfully

dynamic lift to maintain a displacement trim even at high speeds.

large and well-equipped aft beach club.

Between her fly, main deck and beach club, El Leon also offers

El Leon is seen unleashing her wonderfully elegant power in this aerial shot. Stretching 54 metres in length and nine in the beam, she is a very Mediterranean boat designed for the outdoor life. Her large infinity pool forward and the automotive-inspired windows of the pilothouse @@@cepe pre doluptio quiae stand out in this particular non con es des et id most eos photograph. Left, the sunt eictotae volo eum veris aftmost sofa in the cockpit diasperuptat opta dellanis estia and, opening page, the consequid qui ipsus eliquae gorgeous, water-skimming prestib usandae rferroribus, beach club conecat uribusa cum ut vit erovid maio coreic to officat as as volorias as eatecto blaut et liti assit quatur aliquias est et et, et odic tem rem. Fero dem dolo opta simi, occum ratia dolore nosae ratist prerias sitatus



Wood, steel and glass were put to skilful use in the custom table on the fly (top, left). The originallooking hard top integrated into the superstructure filters the light too. The interiors are modern with maritime detailing such as the white caulking on the flooring. Most of the furnishings are custom with designer elements added to the mix. In the saloon, the sofa is by Minotti, the lights by Lumis and BCM, for instance. Walnut and ebony adorn the master suite which has separate office (top) and bedroom areas (right)


Exterior Design Alberto Mancini


’d like to emphasize how unusual the project is from the point of view of its exterior lines which underscore the Gran Sport’s sporty yet never aggressive soul. The purity of the raked, slender surfaces stretching from stern to stem has a sword-like quality and is reflected in what I’d call a sculptural balance created by a chiaroscuro effect. This creates dynamic proportions that clearly reference very sophisticated cars, particularly the aft air intakes and the windows in the pilothouse area. Very sophisticated styling on 54 metres of aluminium where I was able to design a clean line that goes well beyond being simply, and which is obviously inspired by the car world. In the Mangusta GranSport, like the Mangusta Oceano 43, all the surfaces of both the hull and the superstructure are in dialogue with the exterior layout, creating a harmony of forms that very discreetly communicates a sense of unique class and elegance to this kind of RPH yacht, producing a feeling of multifaceted beauty. The areas that best showcase the Mangusta GranSport’s Mediterranean spirit are the glass-floored infinity


splash pool on the foredeck, which allows light to filter down into the master bathroom, and the dining area on the fly deck, which sits in a raised area. Long side windows provide transparency, and shelter diners from the wind, while the hard top, which was deliberately integrated into the superstructure, provides sun protection, in addition to allowing light through its central glazed section.

El Leon’s sharp, pure lines won her Best Exterior Design in her category at the World Yachts Trophies 2018. The yard’s flagship, she will make a top speed of 30 knots. The master suite balcony opens out over the sea at the touch of a button


Interior Designer Overmarine Group’s Interiors Dept


he owner dreamed of a yacht that would let him venture beyond the confines of the Mediterranean, a craft with modern contemporary furnishings that would still reference the vessels of old. We achieved just that result by veneering contemporary furnishings with dark woods – ebony and walnut – paired with luxe fabrics and suede leather. The interior was designed in very close collaboration with the owner. Every single material used was selected with extreme care to ensure that each combination would be a perfect and unique expression of the owner’s dreams. The clients also love living their boat and the sea to the fullest, so it was essential to include an area where they could dine al fresco yet still be sheltered. Another must was the fabulous sundeck on the Mangusta Gransport 54 with its wraparound hard top. A third important request was a professional gym so that guests and crew could keep fit in on long crossings. Almost everything aboard is custom in order to personalise every detail to the utmost. The lovely leather-trimmed steel buckles on the furnishings in the saloon and master bedroom are just one example. The big wall in the port VIP bathroom which we have completely covered with some fantastic Hermès fabric protected by laminated glass. The areas owners and guests will spend most time in are


definitely the sundeck (as we said, this is a key area because of the 12-seater dining table and the relaxation area aft) and the owner’s suite with its two study/office areas to allow the owner to not just work but also relax in complete privacy. One of the toughest challenges was, without a doubt, the main stairs connecting the lobby on the main deck with the guest cabins on the lower one. The idea was to achieve a sense of visual continuity between the lobby floor and the stairs itself. So we drew out the sections of the parquet planks on individual pieces of rough wood. Those pieces were then crafted by one of the finest joiners and reassembled aboard to create the gorgeous cascade effect we can all see today. The parapet couldn’t pose any visual barrier either so we decided on a large extra-transparent glass version with very few fixing points. One tricky job was positioning an antique painting the owner is very fond and wanted as the focal point in the main saloon. We had to make a special glass case using anti-reflective museum glass and then design the lighting to suit it. The result is superb, and it is the first thing people notice when they board. El Leon recently won the prize for Best Interior Design at the tenth edition of the Design & Innovation Awards in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

The lounge with splash pool makes superb use of the foredeck. Below, left, a close-up of the cascade-effect stairs which leads to the lower deck. Below, right, the lobby corridor. Opposite page, the al fresco lounge in the cockpit on the main deck


The Shipyard Francesco Frediani Marketing /Commercial director Overmarine Group


n this line we want to offer the market something unique and totally new yet again: the perfect combination of performance, range, style and liveable spaces. A yacht capable of making 30 knots that can still deliver enough range to cross the Atlantic at her cruising speed. An authentic fast displacement – not just on paper but in practice. This line was designed for owners that want to use their yachts as typical Mediterranean craft and as explorer vessels, for people who will spend a lot of time aboard and make use of the line’s technical prowess and range. Its successful debut at the autumn shows, the plaudits it has garnered, and the recent sale of a 45-metre from the same line confirm that we got it right with our take on this new market segment of boats that bring together range and performance. The new Studio Ausonio-designed “Fast Surface Piercing Hull” has a bulbous bow that cleaves the surface of the sea without actually planing. It uses dynamic lift to control the longitudinal trim and keep the yacht in displacement mode even at high speeds. The most significant engineering feats include the hard top in the superstructure which protects occupants from the sun and filters the light through its glazed central section, and the stern door which demanded huge design skill and focus. As per Mangusta tradition, the interiors are fully customisable. Sometimes owners will bring in their own interior designer but very often they work directly with our team. Our Interior Design Department is always involved regardless, however. We also did a lot of work on lessening the impact of various noise sources such as the exhaust pipes and flaps, to make life as comfortable as possible for the owner. Right now we are building two Mangusta Gransport 45s – one of which will be delivered in 2019 and already has an owner – and one Mangusta Gransport 54.


El Leon has over 237 square metres of al fresco space split between her foredeck lounge complete with pool-front c-shaped sofa, swim platform (below and opposite page), main deck cockpit and sun deck



THE ART BASEL MEGA-SHOW With three events across the world, it’s now an obligatory destination for philanthropists, entrepreneurs, business people billionaires, collectors and connoisseurs. After show’s appearance in Miami, the art world awaits its arrival in Hong Kong by Micaela Zucconi


rt Basel, the modern and contemporary show that has become

Sanlorenzo, an international centre

a focus for the sector, is scheduled to open in March in Hong

of yachtbuilding excellence, took

Kong and in June in Basel. While we wait we can take the opportunity

part in Art Basel Miami Beach with

to look at the results of the 17th Art Miami Basel, held last December

an installation by Piero Lissoni

in Florida. The event saw the participation of 268 art galleries from

dedicated to the optic-kinetic artist

all five continents, representing 35 countries, including 10 galleries

Alberto Biasi. In collaboration with

from Italy, and over 4,000 artists. The show presented a range of

Tornabuoni Arte

work featuring emerging young talent and established names. The content was divided into various sections - Galleries, Nova (for works created during the last three years), Survey for individual




Above: left, Daniel Buren, installation, Prisms and Mirrors, high relief 2017, Nara Roesler Gall; right, Hernan Bas, Eating roses in the rain, 2018, acrylic on linen, Peter Kilchmann Gallery. Bottom, Jeff Koons, Ode to Love, 2010-2017, Mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating, Gagosian Gallery


artists and themed shows, Kabinett for specific curated projects

The three-year revamp was a collaboration between the City of

and Positions, dedicated to new talent. Paintings, sculptures,

Miami, Fentress Architects and the Arquitectonica studio. This

installations, photos, work on paper, film, video and digital media,

prestigious show is a reference point for curators, managers,

some specially created for the show, now acknowledged as one of

trustees and influential patrons from over 200 museums and

the most significant, accompanied by an exciting series of events,

international cultural institutions, not to mention collectors from

spin-off shows, exhibitions and celebrations. This time it seems to

around the world, especially North and South America. In the

have pleased everyone with its stellar quality and the modernised,

words of Lorenzo Fiaschi, director and partner at the Galleria

more spacious premises of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Continua, with branches in San Gimignano, Beijing, Le Moulins

“A new chapter that has taken us to new heights of quality and

(Paris) and now Havana, “The Latin American market is becoming

elegance”, says Noah Horowitz, Director America, Art Basel.

stronger and we’ve sold many pieces by our young Cuban artists”.





Above, left, Paolo Manazza, Windy Spring, 2017, oil on canvas, MAC Mazzucchelli Art Consulting. To side, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Business, 1979, Tornabuoni Arte. Bottom, Prada Mode Miami, a branded, culture-themed event platform featuring music, conversation, food, and fashion

offered 7.5 million dollars for a painting by Philip Guston, while Gagosian was asking 7 million dollars for Ode to Love by Jeff Koons. Van de Weghe set a price of 16.5 million dollars on JeanMichel Basquiat’s Onion Gum, and the Lisson Gallery sold a


Giampaolo Paci, founder of the Paci Contemporary Gallery in

triptych by Carmen Herrera for 600,000 dollars. Works by the

Brescia (Italy), says, “From many points of view this show is

Abstract Expressionist artist Joan Mitchell (1925-1992) were

like a museum, where art and business meet”. In practical terms

offered by several galleries, inspiring talk of a Mitchell Mania that

this means that works have been sold. How many, and how they

continued at some Christie’s and Sotheby’s auctions and became

have been distributed among the leading galleries, isn’t revealed,

even more evident at the most recent Art Basel in Switzerland and

but some figures have been released, some involving millions of

now in Miami. Paola Pivi, the contemporary artist from Milan

dollars. The Helly Nahmad gallery asked 50 million dollars for a

(born 1971, resident in the USA), also attracted the attention of

Mark Rothko’s Untitled (Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Light Orange),

buyers, with the French gallery Perottin selling his works for prices

1955 although the buyer’s identity isn’t known. Hauser&Wirth

between 45,000 to 250,000 dollars.


Top, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Color and Light, 2017, Installation: jute, mirror, gilded wood, Galleria Continua. Above, left, Mildred Thompson, Wood Picture, 1965, wood, paint, nails, Galerie Lelong & Co. Nancy Burson, 4 Vogue Models, Composites, 1989, Paci Contemporary



Everyday concessions to luxury

Enjoying a cup of tea, sipping a drink – moments like this should be savoured with calm and experienced as a treat for the eyes, too by Marta Bernasconi

Available in steel and brass, the Form collection lends contemporary appeal to the traditional teatime. Soft, minimal shapes are accentuated by shiny surfaces

hat do a good cup of tea and a cocktail have in common? The fact that their preparation involves knowing the quantities of ingredients to use and that time must be taken to enjoy them properly. There’s even greater satisfaction if the right emphasis is given to visual appeal through the use of refined, exclusive or prestigious tableware that enhances the perception of pleasure. British designer Tom Dixon dedicates a table collection to these convivial rituals that stands out for its luxury aesthetic, and is offered in a range of product lines Tank, Form and Stone. Form is a tea set that brings a breath of modernism to one of our oldest, most pleasurable rituals. This sophisticated collection has soft, minimal lines and is made of steel and brass. The shiny materials create a play of reflections that accentuate the shapes of the various objects in the service, transforming them into sculptural pieces. The Tank family, intended for the preparation and serving of drinks, has just been joined by the Platinum version with distinctive handapplied platinum trim. Minimal yet highly decorative, the objects in the Platinum line are also available in versions with black or copper applications. Finally, Tom Dixon offers the Stone series of accessories with a strong architectural impact, drawing inspiration from the marble that forms the building material of the Taj Mahal, with its solid, durable and semi-precious



Tom Dixon’s Ford line also features other collections Tank, for preparing alcoholic drinks, has graphic decorations in platinum, and Stone, with marble and brass pestle, spice grinder and cake stand

surfaces. The mortar resembles a heavy block of stone, complemented by the brass pestle. The spice grinder is based on a very simple principle – simply press and turn the brass sphere with one hand and the powdered spice will fall into the marble recipient. The set is completed by an elegant cake stand.




Self Made Chef Traveller and innovator he always draws inspiration from new adventures, in his life and in the kitchen, but in his heart he remains Sicilian

by Marta Bernasconi - ph. Gianmarco Chieregato


e is a graduate of the school of life. He was just fifteen years old when he started cooking on board

sail yachts. He soon developed a passion for his work, and that matured into a love that never fails to make his heart beat faster. For Filippo La Mantia, cooking means reliving intense family feelings linked to his Palermo. “When I was a small child I’d go with my grandfather to the Vucciria market, where I learnt to recognise products and flavours that still feature in my pantry, like fennel, oranges, mint and basil”. His links with his native region are still strong, despite the ups and downs of his personal life and the professional adventures that have taken La Mantia, who has also been a photo journalist, around the world. Some places were crucial to his development, especially his move to Rome in 2001, which marked his entry into the restaurant world. In 2002 he opened his Zagara restaurant. But by 2006 he’d already moved elsewhere after accepting the post of consultant for a resort in Java, Indonesia. He returned to Rome and opened La Trattoria in the Pantheon district, and in 2008 he ran the Safina restaurant at the Pevero Golf Club in Porto Cervo. He then returned to Rome, where his restaurant at the Hotel Majestic on via Veneto became a meeting point for stars and VIPs. Remaining faithful to his adventurous spirit, a few years later he once again felt the need for change. This time he moved to Milan, where in 2015 he opened the Filippo La Mantia Oste e Cuoco restaurant. The choice


Born in Palermo, he has travelled the world and opened several restaurants in Rome. In 2015 Filippo La Mantia chose Milan as the location for his new restaurant, Oste e Cuoco



“The heady perfumes of oranges, wild fennel and basil that filled the air are a theme in my cooking, and form the basis of my raw pestos”


of name was deliberate – La Mantia doesn’t like being described

indispensable tool. It enabled me to prepare tasty condiments

as a chef, with all the baggage that now involves – seeking

using ingredients that should always be kept on board, like

consensus at all costs, points and stars in the guides and the

capers, tomatoes and anchovies. My raw pestos were invented

celebrity status that means being everywhere but in the kitchen.

on board!” From sail yachts to big ships - La Mantia has also

“Traditionally, preparing dishes using seasonal products was

taught at the captains’ school, teaching cooks how to prepare

the cook’s responsibility. The guests were welcomed by the

tasty dishes on board. “Wellbeing on a yacht depends on good

host, who explained the day’s specials. They are the people who

food”, the chef says. “You must have simple, easy-to-digest and

inspired me in this restaurant”. One of the chef’s iconic recipes

seasonal recipes. The pantry must always be stocked up with

is his pesto d’agrumi, an idea based on a practical need and then

necessities, always tidy and clean. There’s an ethic to life on

perfected. “I started work on a sailing yacht, cooking for twelve-

board a yacht that must be respected”. Sail yachts yesterday, a

person crews with limited food resources. The blender was my

restaurant Milan today. Who knows what tomorrow may bring!



from extra-fine materials to an extraordinary masterpiece


A superlative yacht from Royal Huisman, Dubois Naval Architects and the London-based Rick Baker studio. A team that embraced the massive technological and creative challenge inspired by an owner who wants the future now by Paola Bertelli - ph. by Breedmedia




xciting”, “Radical”, “Edgy”, “Stunning” “Innovative”

the interiors, which was to be broken up with punches of vibrant

and “High Tech”. Ngoni has been called many

colour,” explains Rick Baker. “The use of vivid resins, combined

things, all of them positive. She has also picked

with sculpted metal surfaces, was to give an overall fluid feel

up quite a tally of awards in her short life, most

throughout: however each area had to retain its own design

recently being named Best Sailing Yacht 40m+ at last November’s


Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

The overall impact, both inside and out, is of a thoroughly original

The striking 58-metre was built by Royal Huisman in Holland

design that impresses both in terms of its general concept and

but her naval architecture and exterior styling are the great late

attention to detail.

Ed Dubois’s final masterpiece. For the interior décor, the owner

Visually, Ngoni is dominated by her reverse sheer and rounded

called upon his favourite studio, Rick Baker Ltd, an art-based

plumb bow. What started out as an exercise in creative expression

bespoke cabinetmaking company.

quickly became the key to the hull’s structural stiffness. Dubois

The big question is how such a startlingly different yacht came

further finessed the hull profile so that the reverse sheer turned

to be in the first place. A visionary owner was a must, of course.

into a concave sheer aft of the superstructure, a very appealing

And Ngoni’s proved to be a man not content to rest on his laurels.

stylistic flourish that also yields superior cockpit visibility. The

Indeed he pushed Ed Dubois to think beyond the already bold

overall hull design is astonishingly sophisticated. Even the four-

designs he had initially proposed by uttering the now famous

metre boom has been honed to mirror the profile of the stern,

words: “Build me a beast. Don’t build me a sheep in wolf’s

creating a sublime visual harmony.

clothing. This has to be an edgy and innovative weapon; fast

The superstructure has a sculpture-like feel with the saloon clad

and furious”.

in imposing curved glazing. It is on the same level as the guest

Ngoni also had to deliver on her performance, seakeeping and

cockpit and together the two spaces create the perfect indoor-

easy sailing credentials, yet at the same time she needed to be

outdoor day area. The furnishings and structures give the illusion

luxurious and comfortable for long spells aboard.

of movement, a feeling of dynamism and imagination, while the

A ‘less is more’ philosophy that called for an approach that was

finishes are textural and exotic with wood, resin, leather, marble

minimal in the extreme and sought to maximise reliability by

and onyx the main players.

minimising complexity while enhancing elegance and aerodynamic

There are a mere two guest staterooms on the lower deck, in

efficiency through a clean, clutter-free aesthetic.

addition to the large master suite (though the crew do have six

The owner also drove Rick Baker’s studio quite hard on the

cabins at their disposal). The owner’s bedroom is up a couple

interior front. He not only ordered his go-to-designer to stay

of steps in the suite to take full advantage of the beam and is

well clear of a traditional yacht interior but gave him and his

preceded by a large but subtly cocoon-like study and a private

co-workers an exhilarating palette of thoughts, experiences and

gym which has an opening hull port in the topside. Following on

ideas that challenged them to produce something special. “The

are a service space and then a small private pantry and private

scheme was to have flowing curves interspersed with organic

deck access.

detailing and unique materials. He wanted a masculine feel for

@@@cepe pre doluptio quiae non con es des et id most eos sunt eictotae volo eum veris diasperuptat opta dellanis estia consequid qui ipsus eliquae prestib usandae rferroribus, conecat uribusa cum ut vit erovid maio coreic to officat as as volorias as eatecto blaut et liti assit quatur aliquias est et et, et odic tem rem. Fero dem dolo opta simi, occum ratia dolore nosae ratist prerias sitatus

Stretching 58 metres in length, Ngoni unfurls 1,950 square metres of sail upwind. Her full air-draft is 75m/247 ft and therefore disregards the so-called Panamax height restriction. Another interesting aspect of the design is the boost to aerofoil efficiency yielded by the minimalist styling. There is a spa pool (page opposite) on the teak foredeck which is emptied and covered when Ngoni is under sail


Flowing curves, unique materials and a masculine feel are the bywords in the interiors. The saloon and guest cockpit (top right and left) are on the same level. The curving staircase (left) linking the deckhouse and guest lobby (right) is trimmed in a bespoke Italian veneer with a textured bronze finish for the central newel post. A glorious aged brass handrail sweeps tendril-like between the saloon and the lower deck



Naval Architect Ed Dubois, Founder of Dubois Naval Architects


goni was Ed Dubois’s last boat. Sadly he did not live to see her completed (he passed away in 2016). However, Ngoni lives on as the final tribute to that great master of yacht design. Below are some quotes from Ed about the project.


he owner of Ngoni is an experienced sailor who has raced in the Fastnet and Sydney-Hobart, and he knew I understood both the racing and cruising side. He wanted a yacht that was fast and punchy without losing the concept of a world cruising boat, which allowed me to think outside the box and defy convention. I remember when he initially came to the office, I sketched out a design and he said “It’s OK, but a bit ordinary. What are you going to do now?”. I went away and came up with the reverse sheer, but was worried he might not like it. The next time we met in London I showed him the design and he loved it – in fact, he gave me a big bear hug! Actually, Ngoni has a convex sheer at the maximum bending moment amidships that transforms into a concave sheer aft, which looks more attractive and provides better visibility from the cockpit. I started my career designing race boats and then transferred into


The relatively narrow low-volume hull form supports a very powerful sail plan. Combining the two proved a major challenge but part of Ngoni’s brief was that she should have been a highperformance yacht. Her signatures include a reverse sheer and softly rounded, plumb bow (left). The helm position (opposite, top) contrasts modern with classic: the pedestals are made from carbon with the tops in steel while the carbon wheel spokes support wood rims

large cruising yachts, so my job as a designer today is to get the right balance of speed, seaworthiness and long-range cruising ability based on the owner’s brief. The development of a yacht’s naval architecture greatly influences the interior and we worked very closely with the architects involved in the Ngoni project. As naval architects, we know where the primary elements such as the mast, the keel box and the engine room should be. The associated structures around these have a profound effect on the interior layout, especially on a sailing boat. I also very much enjoy dealing with the architecture – as opposed to the naval architecture – of a boat: the flow from one space to another and the lifestyle the owner enjoys (or endures!) on board. So we created the general arrangement and introduced some of the curved shapes into the interior, which provided the template for the interior designers Rick Baker and Paul Morgan.


Interior Designer Paul Morgan, Director of Rick Baker Ltd


e have been working with Ngoni’s owner for many years and when he contacted us about his sailing yacht he gave us a very precise brief. He wanted something unusual, something that people would look at. A style that you don’t normally associate with yachts. He is an eclectic individual and Ngoni’s interiors reflect that. All the cabins, for instance, are different and we really had to be meticulous in selecting different details for each one of them. We chose materials, textiles, woods and finishes that you rarely encounter aboard sailing yachts. They include handmade resin panels, liquid metal, antiqued polished bronze and lacquered textured effects. Ngoni was an exhilarating challenge for us (the project took 18 months to complete). We had already designed some freestanding pieces for other yachts but we’d never done the interiors for a whole yacht. The limited space and the curved shape of a yacht calls for a


different approach. We have made a lot of curved furniture in the past, but it was always to fit into square rooms. The yacht is a total one-off, with a unique design by Ed Dubois, and the interiors had to reflect the same state-ofthe art design. So we consciously avoided giving the yacht a theme, but rather chose to make the different areas very individual. It was important to us not to let the craft feel like a hotel, and to avoid repetition, etc. I believe that other people will enjoy slowly observing the yacht and interiors when they first board – in the same way that people attune themselves to understand abstract art. They will inspect carefully and then hopefully understand and warm to their surroundings. My favourite place aboard? I really like the study in the master suite with its rounded shapes, turquoise leather and striped engineered Italian veneer.

Ngoni has just two guest cabins in addition to her spacious owner’s suite which includes a sleeping area, study, gym, bathroom and pantry. The study is both cosy and cocoon-like (below) with bright turquoise trim. Artistic-looking resin panels made by Officina Coppola also adorn the suite (page opposite)


The Shipyard Jan Timmerman, CEO at Royal Huisman Shipyard


e believe the client was motivated by his appreciation for how his previous Royal Huisman-built yacht, Antares, had served his needs. It takes very discerning taste – and no small portion of patience – to justify the waiting time for a new build project to be delivered. It’s not altogether uncommon, but this client firstly looked to the used market for a ‘ready-to-wear’ yacht. Having considered the used and available market, he came to the conclusion that he might get something that looked like a Royal Huisman Yacht but it still wouldn’t be a Huisman yacht. He admitted: “You guys spoiled me; as hard as we tried we couldn’t find the feel and touch of what we’ve become accustomed to on our current boat – nothing else felt the same”. We remember meeting the client in NYC where he made it clear that he wanted to be able to truly ‘feel’ the boat under sail. What he meant was that there was to be no hydraulic or electric powerassisted steering. He added: “I want to get off the wheel after a day of sailing feeling knackered from the excitement of hands-on fast sailing”. When we first heard what we were being asked to create, the two words that seemed to flow around the room were ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’. This is going to be very cool, we all thought – outside and in.


There are two ways of boarding Ngoni: either via the spectacular curved staircase that slopes gently down to the bathing platform or through the hydraulic side gangway (right) with balcony

Fortunately, the challenges were recognisable. You had a hugely powerful sail plan supported by a relatively narrow low-volume hull form, punctuated by a rabbit warren on the foredeck. You needed to engineer a stiff hull that includes cut-outs for a submarine anchor, bow thruster, tender garage, deck sail lockers and a Jacuzzi, all contained between the mast and the headstay. And let’s not forget the huge compressive downforce exerted by the mast and the upforce of the ocean waves hitting the forefoot with around one tonne/m3 of energy and 20-plus knots of boat speed. Fortunately Ed was a great help with his reverse inflection in the sheer line. This was calculated to yield 12% more stiffness than the more usual sprung sheer line.



An established new-generation designer, he works with prestigious furniture brands like Hermès, and his ideas also shape sail yacht interiors. He studied in Stockholm but is Venetian through and through. And on his home turf he has learnt the meaning of real luxury – high quality


Ilenia Martini

A series of projects by Luca Nichetto. Opposite page, the Hai lounge chair produced by Hem and the Troag suspension lights for Foscarini. This page, several configurations of the Jord sofa system designed for Fogia, and a portrait of the designer


[ TREND SETTERS ] designer began work in the artistic glass factories studying Industrial Design. The experience gave him an important heritage. “The Murano furnaces were an incredible training ground for me. In a place where the temperatures could reach 1,000 degrees and where you can shape glass with a simple touch, you have to make decisions very quickly. But above all it enriched my life from the point of view of personal relationships. It’s there that I learnt what creating a project through teamwork really means”. Nichetto has a very open mind when it comes to designing, and he likes to transform every new commission into a new adventure. He quotes a master on the subject. ”I always like remembering that I’m an Italian designer through and through. I identify with the words of Vico Magistretti when he says that the designer is the father and the company the mother of the product to be made. To me it’s important that we take the product’s unique nature as a given, and that it’s possible to create a relationship with the commissioning company, enabling me to ask questions and to understand what’s needed. This curiosity leads to knowledge, and that enables me to understand how I can express my creativity”. At the moment Luca Nichetto is working for Hermès, supervising the installation project at the brand’s Hong Kong store – and objects in Murano glass will feature


contemporary designer, versatile, excited by the new. Luca Nichetto puts his name to projects and products for the largest companies in the design

and furnishing industry, ranging from small scale objects to providing consultancy services for entire interiors, acting as art director. We found him in his studio in Stockholm, where he has worked since 2011 and where he lives with his family. Luca Nichetto, though, was born in Venice, Murano to be exact, the island of master glassmakers whose skills are the envy of the world. The


A series of projects by Luca Nichetto. Opposite page, the Hai lounge chair produced by Hem and the Troag suspension lights for Foscarini. This page, several configurations of the Jord sofa system designed for Fogia, and a portrait of the designer



The designer’s recent projects include the interior of the Hermès store in Hong Kong and the portable rechargeable Lucerna outdoor lamp for Ethimo

in the display windows. He has an intimate experience of the world of high-end products, and holds interesting views on the nature of luxury design. “To me, luxury is closely linked to high-quality manufacture and artisanality, which I think are vital assets for Italy’s success. Italian craftmanship has close ties to a luxury I regard as sustainable, for two reasons, above all because as a designer I work with artisans whose skills would otherwise disappear. Secondly, in a world so dazzled by the idea of a flaunted, photographed beauty that’s often fake, really beautiful, high-quality objects also have an educational value”. The designer could be said to have been born on the water, and naval design exerts a pull that can’t be ignored. “As a native of Murano, this sector has a strong attraction for me. When I was young I helped produce lamps for cruise ships, I worked on the creation of a yacht cabin concept and I was brought in to advise on sail yacht interiors. I think that I’ve acquired, as a designer and as a studio, the maturity to take on a range of yacht design projects”. Meanwhile, Nichetto divides his time between his studio in Stockholm and his base in Venice, where he returns once a month to handle work that comes in from all over the world. As well as working for Hermes, he has recently created a special seam-less sofa upholstery for the Spanish company Sancal, which will be seen at the next Milan furniture show. He will soon be involved with a prestigious American piano-making company. Luca Nichetto is a designer who loves working in high-quality manufacture, and the industry has responded with enthusiasm.




She is an explorer but her lines are softer and less masculine that other similar yachts on the market. Cantiere delle Marche worked alongside Sergio Cutolo and Francesco Guida to create a full-custom 32-metre that brings together classic styling and a modern arrangement to impressive effect by Bianca Ascenti - ph. by Maurizio Paradisi


xplorer yachts are all the rage right now. But when the

can cross oceans and tackle all the world’s seas. Her steel hull, for

Cantiere delle Marche decided to focus its energies

instance, has twice the normal number of steel frames used on craft

on this then niche segment of the market with the

of this size and they’ve been placed closer together, to boot. Added

world economic crisis in full swing, there was little

to the mix are a bulbous bow, full midship section and smooth,

evidence expedition vessels would develop into such

flat aft sections. The hull lines and engine set-up comprising twin

a mainstream success story. And yet, a decade on, CdM’s conviction

500 kW Caterpillars brilliantly complement each other too, resulting

has been proved bang on the money. Indeed the yard now holds a

in astonishing efficiency. Not forgetting an extraordinary range of

58.8 % share of the market and leads the world in the 100 to 140

4,500 nautical miles at 10 knots as well as lots of stowage areas, a

foot segment. The yard (or “cantiere”, which is based in Italy’s Marche

real must for comfort and peace of mind on long-distance cruises.

region, from which it takes its name) dedicates all its energies to

These are Gatto’s explorer-type qualities but let’s not forget that she

explorers, offering a choice of four different lines (Darwin, Acciaio,

also has a “luxury pleasure yacht” soul spotlighted by Cutolo’s superb

NautaAir and Flexplorer). It recently splashed Gatto, a 32-metre from

layout work and the elegant furnishings created by Francesco Guida.

the steel-hulled Acciaio range which received a rapturous welcome

Spread over three decks plus a sun deck, Gatto has the liveability,

from both media and market (an Acciaio 123’ is already under

flows, volumes and spaces of a much larger lady. The cockpit on the

construction). Bespoke-designed and built from the hull up for her

main deck is strikingly successful as an open aft section and stairs

owner, Gatto was born on a cold winter’s day. Having experienced

allow it to convert, when required, to a beach club. Featuring free-

at first hand the capable confidence, sublime seakeeping, exceptional

standing teak furnishings, designed by Guida, the cockpit is all about

comfort and overall robustness of a Darwin yacht in very challenging

conversation and relaxing. Like the rest of Gatto, it is also extremely

sea conditions, the owner was pleasantly surprised. That said, he

user-friendly as it is designed for laidback everyday use. A glass door

was still not entirely happy with the styling. A few hours later, sitting

leads into the open-plan saloon where custom and designer furnishings and accessories are skilfully mixed, including a Wall sofa from Living Divani, Minotti coffee table and seating, and lamps and lights by Flos, Oluce and Linealight… The colours are warm, sober and understated, the materials first class and natural: beiges, greys and whites for the fabrics melding with gloss and matt ebony and oak, burnished metal and matt grey stone (in the bathrooms) for an elegant “chiaroscuro” effect. In a nod to the line’s moniker (“Acciaio” means “steel” in Italian), there are myriad steel details and accents throughout, including the wide body master suite which lies forward of the galley. This is a bright, airy, spacious apartment and, of course, has the two-metre-plus ceiling height enjoyed by all the interiors, engine room included. Moving below there are four staterooms (two doubles and two twins), while


around a restaurant table with CdM co-founder and sales director

the upper deck has a large dining table under its hard top followed

Vasco Buonpensiere, he gave voice to his perfect boat: a vessel as

by a second relaxation area further forward. Inside is a more casual

solid and powerful as the Darwin but less muscular and severe.

sky lounge with sofas and a magic screen TV as well as a high tech

Something a little softer and more contemporary, in other words.

bridge. The wonderfully panoramic sun deck will definitely be a guest

Architect Sergio Cutolo of Hydro Tec fame, who also took part in

favourite and is a real signature too. It has a generous sunning area

the meeting on skype, obligingly emailed on a selection of sleeker

complete with reed umbrellas to allow air to circulate, a bar and a pool.

silhouettes sketched on the spot until all the pieces of the puzzle

As meticulous finished and elegant as any conventional superyacht, yet

fell into place and Gatto took her present shape. Although not an

also as sturdy, spacious and independent as an explorer, Gatto really

Ice Class, the yacht ticks the luxury round-the-worlder boxes with

is the perfect combination. The competition is nowhere to be seen.

ease. A string of unique design and construction features mean she

A steel yacht with an impressive 4,500-knot range, Gatto is a tri-deck topped by a sun deck. The latter will be the most popular area aboard as it has a large sunning area aft shaded by reed umbrellas to keep the air circulating. Opening page, the al fresco dining area on the upper deck is awash with teak in typical nautical style

@@@cepe pre doluptio quiae non con es des et id most eos sunt eictotae volo eum veris diasperuptat opta dellanis estia consequid qui ipsus eliquae prestib usandae rferroribus, conecat uribusa cum ut vit erovid maio coreic to officat as as volorias as eatecto blaut et liti assit quatur aliquias est et et, et odic tem rem. Fero dem dolo opta simi, occum ratia dolore nosae ratist prerias sitatus


The colours in the interiors are sober and understated. The open plan saloon is furnished with a mix of custom and freestanding designer pieces: the sofa is by Living Divani, the chairs by Minotti while Flos, Oluce and Linealight provided the lights. The master suite (top) has lots of sleek steel accents. The four guest cabins, two doubles (left) and two twins, are on the lower deck



Naval Architecture Hydro Tec


he Acciaio 105’ Gatto sets a new benchmark in the Cantiere delle Marche’s Explorer line because she brings together all the components and characteristics developed over the eight years since Vita di Mare was built in 2011, and tested also on Storm and Narvalo: a tough, robust steel and aluminium construction, a stable displacement hull that has evolved with a new bulbous bow and the ability to negotiate shallows, a garage capable of accommodating a five-metre tender, more spacious, comfortable exterior areas, and softer, sleeker lines. We were initially thinking of using an existing 102’ profile for Gatto but then the decision was made to go with a full-custom design. She has a particularly high-performance displacement hull with a bulbous bow, a very full midship section and smooth, flat aft sections which allow for optimal propeller space and an almost horizontal shaft line. These design measures meant we could achieve incredibly good fuel efficiency figures which combined with the hull’s proverbial robustness, make up two the defining characteristics of an Explorer. We also cut vibration and


Gatto is a displacement yacht designed for super comfortable cruising and, as such, has a cruising speed of 11 knots, topping out at 13. She is built from steel and aluminium. Left, the entire cockpit on the main deck looks onto the sea. Oppposite, top, Sergio Cutolo, founder of Hydro Tec

noise levels to zero aboard the Acciaio 105’ to make navigation a pleasant experience regardless of weather and sea conditions. The exterior lines are a marriage of elegance and sportiness, while the windows are large and beautifully reflect the styling of both interior and exterior. The Acciaio 105’ also offers a fully-customisable interior layout with 10% larger volumes than its competitors of the same size. The standard configuration has five guest staterooms spread over three decks and three to four crew cabins. The decision to place the steel hull frames closer together has resulted in generous headroom of over two metres throughout and an increase in volume, particularly on the lower deck where there is ample space for the guest and crew cabins. Close attention was also paid to the flows and social spaces, both interior and exterior, and they are well up to the standard of a megayacht.


Interior Designer Francesco Guida


he aim of the project was to create classic contemporary interiors with light colours to enhance the light filtering in through the big windows which are the main feature of the yard’s new Acciaio line. To achieve this, we used natural oak hues combined with gloss white lacquer work. The fabrics and leathers, which are in predominantly light neutrals, add the finishing touch. Despite its elegant simplicity, the dÊcor has quite a strong personality of its own, thanks to clever yet gentle touches of glossy ebony which lend character without weighing down the look. The textural impact of the oak and leather acts as a counterpoint to the luxe nature of glossy decorative elements such as ebony and steel. The latter is used for edging, creating a pleasing contrast. The furnishings are simple in terms of their form but rich in terms of burnished metal detailing, creating an elegant design that helps underplay the presence of the door handles. Meticulously designed lighting which uses a lot of indirect sources, also helps achieve a sense of greater spaciousness, while also creating a relaxed ambience when required. All in all, this is a classic yet modern look that is consistent with the exterior design and tunes effortlessly with the yard’s philosophy as a creator of yachts that, thanks to their high standard of quality and seakeeping characteristics, really do stand the test of time as they offer such a brilliant take on the very essence of offshore yachting.


There is a sense of utter consistency between the interiors and exteriors thanks to clever use of warm hues and materials. Top, the bar on the sun deck. Above, the saloon on the upper deck. The pool (page opposite) is also on the sun deck: its two glass sides create a sense of seamlessness with the sea


The Shipyard Vasco Buonpensiere Co-founder and Sales Director Cantiere delle Marche


atto is the result of huge teamwork and she took shape very rapidly, thanks to the extensive experience of the owner’s representative, Richard Kaye, Hydro Tec’s promptness in turning the client’s wishes into a design, and the tireless commitment typical of the CdM team. The result is something quite unique because there is nothing like her on the market right now: a 250GT that’s entirely custom, over-engineered and built from steel! The Acciaio moniker was chosen to underscore the robustness and character of the model. The Acciaio series’ main characteristics are the compactness and fluidity of the exterior lines and solid construction. The Darwin Class yachts are thoroughbred explorers in terms of both form and substance, while both the Nauta Air and the Acciaio models have a lightness of style that softens the explorer character quite significantly without impacting on its essential nature. The Acciaio 105’ is a custom vessel and so was designed and built around the owner’s requirements. As with all our yachts, the form and dimensions of the fixed furnishings, ceilings, etc. were designed to allow various types of systems to slot into them – everything from cabling to onboard electronics and air conditioning. A very tidy layout that makes the most of all the space available resulting in very roomy, useable interiors well up to the standard of large vessel. Despite their compactness, the exterior lines are those of a classic yacht. The interiors are comfortable and luxuriously designed and decorated. The robustness of her construction, her hull shape and engine set-up make Gatto a genuine explorer with very efficient fuel consumption and a long range. Twin 500 kW engines mean she can go for over 4,500 nautical miles, in fact. In terms of markets, this type of yacht tends to be more popular with Northern Europeans. Nonetheless our clients come from all over. Generally speaking, however, people who choose explorers are more conscious of the environment and a new concept of navigation. The owner is delighted with the result. He used Gatto for weeks after her delivery and her captain has also declared himself very satisfied with her performance.

CdM was one of the first yards to take a gamble on explorers, anticipating a whole new concept of seafaring. Top, Gatto’s garage which can accommodate a five-metre tender. Opposite, a stern view of the yacht and her wonderfully classic lines



ALWAYS UNIQUE by Paola Bertelli

One-of-a-kind accessories and equipment. The bespoke concept is extending its reach on board superyachts to take in every single detail. The trend has inspired a new brand, Unica Besenzoni, targeting the extra-luxury sector


nica is a technical and design challenge. It’s been launched by

hydraulic platforms, all custom designed to meet the requirements of

Besenzoni, which aims to create an exclusive brand for bespoke

individual superyachts.

products for the superyacht world.

Steve Jobs taught us all that a dialogue should always exist between

It’s an important, ambitious step for a company that’s already a market

technology and design, but Bisenzoni has introduced a third

leader, and has decided to raise the bar even higher by establishing a

element – personalisation. “The name we’ve chosen for the new

division dedicated exclusively to big boats. The product types are the

brand, Unica – Unique Yacht accessories – shows the importance of

same as those that have made Besenzoni famous, so the Unica brand

product personalisation in the superyacht world,” says CEO Giovanni

includes armchairs, hydraulic gangways, cranes, electric side doors,

Besenzoni. “Every owner’s needs are unique, and so are the solutions

patio doors, oleodynamic bathroom scales, side ladders, hard tops and

we want to offer. We’ve created a dedicated team to carry the project

canopies, electrically operated windows, retractable balconies and

forward. These top-level professionals will follow every aspect of the


An important role in the reinterpretation of the Matrix helm seat is played by the Marine Leather upholstery in a refined ice grey, elegantly worked in layers, drapes and piercings


[ BESPOKE ] The Shiny Ladder laddergangway, a successful combination of form and function. The rigorous steel structure is transformed into a design element when illuminated by the LED lights along its edges and under the steps. Opposite page, stages in the custom work carried out at the Besenzoni facility on Lake Iseo, Italy

Unica brand exclusively, from design to construction, providing valuable support to the fitting-out process and ongoing postsales assistance throughout the world. The team must be able to interface with yards, owners and different designers, adapting to the various technical and aesthetic specifications”. But where do Unica and design meet Unica and technology? “The refinement, exceptional quality and style in every detail that are our products’ hallmark”, says Giorgio Besenzoni. “However, we don’t want Unica’s products to be ostentatious, they should harmonise with their surroundings and provide consistent and enduring quality. We regard our components as perfect when they are present but don’t make a show of themselves. They should blend seamlessly into the yacht’s on-board environment”. It’s important to point out that Unica is based on the technical expertise Besenzoni has acquired during his almost fifty years of experience in the nautical sector. “We can also add the ability to innovative through the use of cutting-edge techniques and materials” the CEO adds. The Unica brand made its official debut at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show, the show featuring superyachts and luxury, with a

because it represents and explains the new brand in the best

totally original version of the Matrix P400 helm seat, the result of

possible way”, Giorgio Besenzoni explains.

a collaboration with the designer Christian Grande, who handled

The range of new products from Unica also includes the Shiny

this reinterpretation. The chair features upholstery by Marine

Ladder, a ladder-gangway for the after deck with LEDs and

Leather, a high-end company specialising in working all types

along its length and below every step, transforming an intensely

of leather. “It’s an entirely unique object that apart from offering

functional object into a spectacular design piece.

commercial value is also something we were passionate about




T H E I M P O R TA N C E OF THE RIGHT OUTFIT Clothes may not make the man but the finest materials and luxe finishes make all the difference aboard. Enter Austrian company List GC, which has tailored the interiors of some of the world’s most stunning yachts and residences


Quality, versatility, perfection of detail: List GC doesn’t just offer bespoke furnishings but a bespoke to process as well. It also specialises in refits for which it has a specific department

by Désirée Sormani


ublime saloons, astonishing suites and fantastic foyers. Passion and experience can achieve anything. List General Contractor is

a family-run interior outfitter, based in Bad Erlach just half an hour outside Vienna, that proves that point each and every day in its work. Specialising in highly complex projects both ashore and at sea, List GC furnishes exclusive motor and sailing yachts as well as luxury apartments and residences with its signature mix of meticulous engineering and craftsmanship. Its job is essentially to interpret owners’ wishes and dreams through the designs created by the latter’s interior teams, and then turn them into physical reality. The staff at List GC say they can make the impossible possible. And it is hard to deny that boast as the company has made a vocation of finding bespoke solutions for all sorts of designs, solutions that deliver fast, dependable, first-class quality results with discretion and versatility. “We were founded in 1950 by Franz List Senior as a classic joinery business,” says Rainer Sommer, Head of Marketing. “But decades ago, 133


The 32.64-metre custom sailing sloop Ribelle has a bright modern interior decor crafted by List GC that fully complies with her her experienced owners’ brief to experiment with new materials. Her copper surfaces were almost all designed as polished surfaces and so needed rust-protection

we began specialising in luxurious interiors for yachts and residences.

specialist knowledge and intuition to develop special solutions to

In 2020, we’ll be 70 years in business.”

ensure that designs become a reality, often with innovative results.

List GC has been working with a group of niche specialists and

“We have worked with international shipyards such as Amels,

experienced partners, including materials suppliers and international

Oceanco, Lürssen, Nobiskrug, Feadship (Royal van Lent), Heesen

shipyards, for many years.

and on yachts from 40 - 50 metres upwards, motor and sailing

Many of the materials and components it uses are rare if not unique

yachts,” says Sommer. “All the yachts are instantly recognisable for

so sourcing can be a time-consuming but vital process. “We are

their beauty and luxuriousness. We work directly with the interior

currently working on a residential project where we used over 300

stylists on their designs but we have our own engineering team so we

different types of surfaces. So we really can do anything,” adds

do the whole production process up to and including manufacturing.

Sommer. It is this bespoke approach that has made List GC a yacht

The production facility only opened in 2017.”

industry stalwart too. Its expert team uses its technical expertise,

In the motoryacht segment, the Nuvolari Lenard-designed, Lürssen-


The magnificent interiors aboard Quatroelle, a 88m luxury motor megayacht built in 2013 by Lürssen, were designed by Italian studio Nuvolari Lenard and built by List GC

built Quattroelle is a stunning example of List GC’s craftsmanship,

& Service. “It is a kind of triangular relationship that isn’t always

while the company also wielded its magic to magnificent effect on the

easy. You need not only skilled artisans but also people who have

32.5-metre sailing yacht Ribelle, winner of the Best Interior Design –

the kind of sensitivity to create good relationships”.

Sailing Yachts category at the 2018 at the Boat International Design

List GC’s career with such diverse design greats as Nuvolari Lenard,

& Innovation Awards. Although she has 128 square metres of floor

Sinot Design, Zuretti-Design, Remie Tessier, Nauta Yachts, Reymond

space, strict rules and weight requirements, including removable

Langton, Winch Design, Alberto Pinto and Terence Disdale attest

race fixtures and fittings, added complexity to that particular

to the team’s adaptability. “The fact that there are thousands of

project. Almost all of Ribelle’s surfaces were polished and so needed

small details in every project is what make the whole process so

protection from oxidation.

challenging. But it is also what makes the difference,” concludes

“Our job is fascinating because we have to meet the designers’ and


the shipyards’ requirements,” says Christian Bolinger, Head of Sales 135



Named the next big computer platform by Goldman Sachs’ 2016 Equity Research, Virtual Reality has evolved rapidly since its early days as a mostly military, arts and entertainment tool and is now reshaping everything from concert experiences to superyacht design by Mary Mercury


peaking about his chosen area, virtual reality pioneer

modify it too, so that owners and yards commissioning designs

Thomas Zimmerman once stated that ‘Seeing means

become true co-creators rather than passive spectators on the

believing’ while Tom Furness, who developed the

side-lines of the process.

virtual cockpit for fighter jets, went one step further when he

“A lot of people in the superyacht industry have heard of virtual

declared: ‘You’re not looking at the screen anymore — you’re

reality but there is still a lack of knowledge and experience

there’. Because it allows designers, architects, engineers and

with the technology,” says Anastasia Yushkova, CEO and

owners to quite literally step into the future and walk through

Founder of ANCHOR-VR, which provides VR solutions for the

a project, VR truly is a godsend to anyone involved in any

superyacht industry. “That’s why we are in the right place at

aspect of yacht development, design or construction. It not

the right time”. VR has been used with great success for many

only immerses you in a virtual environment but also lets you

years in high-tech industries such as the aviation, cars and


ANCHOR-VR is able to guide a potential or comitted yacht owner through the whole creative process, introducing him and immersing him in the design and greatly easing his decision making process during subsequent project development


[ TECHNOLOGY ] gaming. Because of its cross-industrial approach, ANCHOR-VR can

to produce a digital twin of every product”. ANCHOR-VR’s aim

support the many and varied stakeholders in the superyacht industry

is to offer a full range of virtual reality solutions designed to help

— including yacht owners, designers, naval architects, builders, project

future owners and industry professionals visualise and develop

managers and brokers — by introducing them to benefits of this exciting

their creations: high-quality real-time 3D content to assist with

new technology.

marketing and sales, virtual prototyping (VP) software for early

“We are now living in the reality of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,

design confirmation and technical validation, interactive exhibition

the so-called Industry 4.0,” continues Yushkova. ‘Along with Big

solutions, VR/AR strategy consultation, and integration services

Data, IoT, Cyber Security and Robotics, virtual reality has become an

and training.

essential part of Industry 4.0, as it allows designers and manufacturers

ANCHOR-VR can guide potential and committed yacht owners alike through the whole creative process, introducing them to and immersing them in the design. This makes the decision-making process throughout the subsequent project development process much smoother and easier. VR technology enables potential clients to interact with one or more design concepts at, for example, boat shows, so they can discover the possibilities of a vessel in great detail. This can be done using an iPad, an LED wall or a multitouch screen. The clients can later go online and use VR configurator software to tweak the design to fit their exact needs. After the contract is signed, the owner can communicate with his project development team using virtual prototyping software to discuss the likes of the yacht’s general arrangement plans, volumes, and its ergonomics. This can be done even when the members of the design team are in different physical locations and while the owner is walking through a 1:1 scale VR version of the design (there can even be lifelike avatars of his team to interact with!). This really speeds up the development of the first CAD files. A highly realistic virtual mock-up can ‘built’ at a more advanced stage to give a clear impression of the design, and allow decisions to be taken quickly and efficiently about textures, colours and ergonomics. Last, but not least, the owner can store the digital twin of his yacht on a memory stick and share it with family and friends, so that they also can enjoy a realistic tour of the new yacht as they eagerly await its delivery. The value VR/AR brings to product development is clear from the statistics: it cuts construction time by 25%, shortens the length of meetings required to mock-ups by up to 50% and can potentially slash fail costs by up to 75%. The sooner stakeholders adopt this technology, the quicker they will discover its advantages. VR/ AR relieves designers and project managers of a huge amount of stress while simultaneously giving owners a sense of both realism and excitement, motivating them and heightening anticipation. ANCHOR-VR’s team of highly skilled, motivated and enthusiastic VR professionals pour their knowledge, expertise and inspiration into ensuring owners and designers alike enjoy the thrilling experience of designing and building a yacht design and construction.



CRYSTAL ICON by Fabio Petrone

The exterior design of Riva 110’ Dolcevita stands out for its super sporty profile. 110’ Dolcevita recently won the prestigious prize Best Exterior Styling Motor Yacht below 39m at the 10th edition of the Design & Innovation Awards


Riva 110’ Dolcevita: a name that draws on the allure of the past, a yacht that combines aesthetic rigour with glorious sportiness. With a dazzlingly large swathe of glazing marking out the entire length of its saloon


here are endless ideas of what constitutes real luxury. Each

wander outward from the living area and adjacent dining zone,

one of us has our town individual vision influenced by our

giving guests the feeling that they really are at one with the outside

personal tastes, passions and life styles. Some objects, however,

world. In terms of furnishings, in the dining area, the lovely glass-

are intrinsically luxurious because of the quality of not just their

topped Acerbis table and the Cappellini chairs that that surround it,

design but also of their construction, the materials used, and the

stand out, likewise the large Minotti sofas in the conversation area.

care with which the latter have been moulded into a high functional

Because the Riva 110’ Dolcevita has a wide body hull, it also has

yet beautifully organic whole that exudes an undeniable sense of

plenty of space in the bow areas which houses a 32 square metre


master suite with an equally generous en suite bathroom.

In the yachting world, the Riva 110’ Dolcevita is the perfect example

The rest of the guest sleeping quarters are on the lower deck and

of that very special kind of perfection. It is a designer product that,

comprise four double staterooms which are very much on a par with

through a beautifully calibrated mix of solids and voids underscored

VIP suites. They all have their own bathrooms and can be modified

by vast expanses of glazing, is clothed in lines that exude a very pure

in terms of layout, number of beds and dimensions.

dynamism and create the kind of sleekly elegant forms that belie the

A 33-metre-plus motoryacht, the Riva 110’ Dolcevita is the latest and

enormous amount of space available in the interior. Moving into the

the largest model in the fibreglass line launched by the iconic Riva

interior through the cockpit, guests are welcomed into a surprisingly

brand which is now part of the Ferretti Group. It comes from the

high, spacious saloon the volumes of which are emphasised by the

pen of Mauro Micheli, who together with Sergio Berettta, founded

natural light pouring in the floor-to-ceiling side windows. The

Officina Italiana Design, the studio charged with crafting Riva’s

absence of mullions in the structure ensures that the gaze can

entire yacht range. Micheli’s creative genius has produced a yacht that



Glass, steel, rose wood, and grey leather and fabrics dominate interiors that make clever use of the yacht’s already impressive volumes. This seamless continuity of style is evident also in the large saloon (large photo right) and the staterooms, most notably the master suite (top and bottom photos)




The al fresco foredeck area is positively majestic (see above) and spread over different levels. It also connects to the fly bridge (below) where the sunning area is furnished with modular sofas

is both emotionally impactful and also gorgeously tasteful, a concept that will appeal to a genuinely international clientele. “The interior fit-out of this yacht is characterised by the widespread use of wood, as per Riva tradition,” Mauro Micheli says. “In this particular instance, however, we chose rosewood, a bright red wood that we decided to soften slightly by using contrasting leather and details in pale greys together with steel, our leitmotif for both interiors and exteriors.” And speaking of those exteriors, aside from having an impressive fly bridge for its size, we have to mention the area on the Riva 110’ Dolcevita’s foredeck that can be outfitted with a central Jacuzzi surrounded by sun pads in addition to large frontfacing C-shaped sofa. A solution that creates a further space that guests can enjoy in complete privacy even when the yacht is moored in a marina.



How is it possible to transform a commercial airliner into a super-luxury business jet that feels nothing like a normal aircraft? Airbus has the answer, and has drawn on the expertise offered by Horacio Pagani, Lufthansa Technik and Unique Aircraft for the interior design

AIRBORNE TRANSFORMATIONS by Sergio Barlocchetti - Ph. courtesy by ACJ



[ FLY ]

miles – which means it’s possible to fly non-stop from New York to Dubai – with a maximum range of 15 hours. They can do so seated in leather armchairs whose upholstery, wood trim and stitching are the same as those found in the sort of Italian hypercar that has bewitched sheiks, entrepreneurs and political leaders throughout the world. Pagani also uses technical style elements like carbon fibre – in the sketches it can be seen in the window surrounds and the table for conferencing or meals. The result is not only functional, the weight savings give the ACJ319 enhanced performance. The division of the spaces is achieved through the use of semitransparent panels that can be darkened at the touch of a button. The ultra-Italian coffee machine is just one of the many optional features that will push the aircraft’s cost well above the base price of


100 million euro. The first user will be K5 Aviation of Gammelsdorf, CJ (Airbus Corporate Jets) is the European manufacturer’s

Germany, which will include it as a VVIP option for the operator

business jet division. Its products are based on commercial

Vertis Aviation, which already offers the previous versions of the

models that have been configured to carry government and

ACJ319. “Clients can already enjoy the great comfort provided by our

business VVIPs in line with client specifications and in a style created

aircraft. There is a huge amount of space for relaxation, movement

by the world’s best design studios. As the passenger cabins were

and work, so passengers can arrive refreshed and on the ball after

originally intended to carry over a 150 travellers and have been

flights lasting up to thirteen hours”, says Erik Scheidt, CEO of K5

redesigned to host 20 at the most – but usually just eight – with

Aviation. “Corporate jet clients are demanding more and more from

no thought for the strict income-generating requirements of low-

high-end jets, expecting greater comfort, more space and more

cost carriers, there is almost endless scope for personalisation, and

carrying capacity, and the Airbus family ACJ Neo can respond to all

although the need for airworthiness certification imposes restrictions

this”, adds John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer at Airbus.

on the type of materials and the construction methods used, the

Lufthansa Technik and Unique Aircraft have presented their projects,

result is simply breath-taking, especially as the talent behind it is

further attempts to transform the strict parameters of traditional

Italian. Since 2017 the person responsible for the interior styling

passenger cabins into interiors that more closely resemble the

of the A319ACJ Neo has been none other than Horacio Pagani, and

comfortable spaces we are used to on the ground, from bars with a

lucky passengers will be able to experience it on flights of up to 6000

counter to screening rooms inspired by the classical style of Greek


The restrictive limitations of passenger cabins have been overturned in favour of opulent, ultra-comfortable interiors. In the renderings (here and opening pages), some solutions designed for the sleeping, lounge and dining areas

amphitheatres. The aerospace giant is also planning larger models after the A 320-based ACJ Neo. One of these is the A 350XWB, and all will be based on the same philosophy of fulfilling the requirements of all client, even those seeking a 200 square-metre apartment for travelling round the world with only two stops.





Giovanni Griggio has created this unconventional explorer vessel concept for Rosetti Superyachts. A 52-metre inspired by nature and designed to stay close to it thanks to lots sea contact areas. Including inside by Désirée Sormani


he sea is one of the enthralling things in nature. I’ve been

fascinated by its since I was a child,” says Giovanni Griggio explaining his decision to specialise in naval and nautical design at the University of Genoa. Carlo Nuvolari supervised his graduate thesis project and Griggio was soon working with Nuvolari Lenard. He followed that experience up with a spell as a project manager with Maori Yachts in Sardinia. “That really gave me a good overview of all the various production phases,” he says. In 2014, Griggio founded the Phi Design Lab outside Venice and his series of 27 to 35-metre concepts for C. Boat was presented at Cannes in 2016. The same year, his Path 44 design received a special commendation in the professional


Above, some sketches. Below, a rendering of the 52-metre explorer concept. An 142 sqm aft deck is equally at home as a helipad or large beach club, plus swimming pool, solarium and shaded living space



category at the Millennium Yacht Design Awards (MYDA). In addition

the al fresco living areas. The aft tender garage, for instance, converts to

to freelance designing, in 2017, Giorgio began working on a regular basis

a breezy, 80-sqm beach club when the port and starboard hull doors are

with Tender Works in Holland for which he is developing several concepts

deployed. There is a gym and spa space, including sauna, further forward

that are deepening his knowledge of high performance composites. It

too. The sundeck provides a generous sunbathing area and the option of

proved as a busy year as he also partnered with Rosetti Superyachts on the

a forward open-air cinema.

52 m Supply Vessel concept presented at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

The generous interior volumes get their light from large wraparound

“I was looking to provide added value,” he told us. “The bio-mimicry that

windows, which also yield outstanding sea views of a kind not often seen

characterises some of the exterior areas, for example, was inspired by

on a yacht of this type. The master suite on the main deck comprises a

the organic structures of leaves.” The project melds typical supply vessel

walk-in wardrobe, private study, full-beam cabin and a bathroom with

functionality with the design features and quality finish of a superyacht.

double access and its own hammam. Four guest cabins on the lower deck

The rationale was to offer owners a choice of options to make best use of

provide accommodation for eight.


Above, the aft tender garage can be turn into a breezy, 80-sqm beach club when the port and starboard folding hull doors are deployed. Below, the luxe interiors are dominated by huge windows and interplays of light. Facing page, a design for the inside stairs. Top, the profile of the 52-metre



Stretching 11.2 metres in length and 3.53 in the beam, this open limo draws 0.56 metres and is powered by a pair of Volvo D4s which unleash 300 hp at 3,500 rpm – that quickly translates to a very brisk speed of 38 knots


AS YOU LIKE IT They make luxury tenders of all shapes and sizes with no customisation constraints – materials included. Working with the leading naval architecture studios means Compass Tenders really does create one-offs

by Désirée Sormani


[ TENDER ] The lines of the 11.2-metre open limousine were designed by H2 Design to match those of its superyacht mothership, the 123m Al Lusail. It is an example of Compass Tender’s superb workmanship

unleash 300 hp at 3,500 rpm – that quickly translates to a very brisk speed of 38 knots. But there is more to this masterful tender than performance. Its design mirrors that of its mothership for a start. But equally importantly, like the rest of the tenders in this line, it has been meticulously and completely customised. Richard Faulkner had already been building and repairing yachts and tenders at his workshops on the River Hamble for two decades when he founded Compass Tenders Ltd specifically to offer the superyacht world the luxury it demands and deserves from these craft. That means the high standards of design, build quality and finish, achieved through an unparalleled blend of expertise and finesse.


Customer service is another focus and so clients are free to make very specific requests absolutely confident that they will get exactly what

he lines of the 11.2-metre open limousine were crafted by H2

they have ordered, including luxe materials and finishes.

Design to match those of its superyacht mothership, the 123m Al

Every Compass tender is sketched and rendered into realistic visuals

Lusail in yet another flawless encapsulation Compass Tender’s

using 3D software using the client’s initial ideas as the starting point.

superb workmanship. The interior delivers an impressive two metres of

This phase is followed by meetings with the client leading to final

headroom and features seating in marine leather with integrated iPad

approval of the design which then goes to the builders with whom

controls for lighting.

Compass works closely to ensure every last detail is perfect. Compass

An innovative open-back design keeps guests sheltered in adverse

tender has created tenders for iconic yachts of the likes of Pink Gin,

conditions and a retractable glazed roof panel allows the interior seating

Eclipse, Pelorus, Intrepid, Vava II and Dilbar, amongst the others,

area to be completely opened to the elements when desired.

and its designs have also won Show Boats Design Awards on two

Stretching 11.2 metres in length and 3.53 in the beam, this open


limo draws 0.56 metres and is powered by a pair of Volvo D4s which


[ TOYS ]

ON THE CREST OF THE WAVE by Désirée Sormani


alling all surfers – the 30-knot surfboard has arrived! You’ll need

throughout the system and features such as temperature monitoring

neither wind nor waves to skim the waves on this board. All you

and automatic system shutdown if the board flips.

have to do is hop aboard, get familiar with its workings and you’re off.

A patent-pending drivetrain delivers superior torque too. In fact, the

In other words, it makes a very able surfer out of anyone in jig time.

Awake Direct Drive™ enables highly efficient propulsion that bypasses

Rävik is an eye-catching electric board that makes some serious

the major losses typical of traditional jet-propelled water craft. The

promises about performance. The first in a series of electric surfboards

wireless handheld throttle is ergonomically designed to reflect the

from Swedish company Awake, it more than lives up to its tagline

board’s sophisticated power and its 1-inch display shows battery level,

thanks to a blistering pairing of power and ability that redefines

speed, and rider mode.

mobility on the water. Awake’s goal has been to set a new benchmark

Rävik sprints from 0-50 kph in four seconds and can deliver 40

in the electrical craft segment and Rävik’s development is the result

minutes of mixed riding before needing a charge which takes 80

of a partnership between senior designers, electro- and mechanical

minutes. Size-wise the Rävik is 179 cm long and 61 wide. It weighs

engineers, software developers and production industry professionals.

35 kg including battery but you will feel completely weightless as you

The board’s streamlined, hydrodynamic carbon body screams raw

streak across the waves.

power and will set pulses racing on and off the water.

All that industry-leading technology does come at a price, however: the

The Rävik incorporates a proprietary electronics system developed

Rävik will set you back 18,000 euro but you can order online with an

in-house with a long-term, adaptable and scalable system for use in

order fee of just 1,000 euro.

future Awake products. Safety was a priority too with multiple sensors


It takes just a few rides to master this fantastic new steed of the sea and the unparalleled exhilaration it offers. A new electric surfboard that doesn’t need waves to streak along at 30 knots

Rävik sprints from 0-50 kph in four seconds and can deliver 40 minutes of mixed riding before needing a charge which takes 80 minutes. Sizewise the Rävik is 179 cm long and 61 wide. It weighs 35 kg including battery



A CORNER for ewels

by Paolo De Vecchi

In the heart of Milan, Pisa Orologeria welcomes jewellery into its luxurious flagship store with an entire floor featuring some of the most sought-after watch brands and some lovely sparkly objects



ne of the most interesting pieces of news in

articles of jewellery, like Piaget and more recently

late 2018 was the opening of the Salone dei

Chopard and De Grisogono. They are iconic examples

Gioielli (Jewellery Show) at Pisa Orologeria,

from houses that include diamonds as well as watches

a large space on the second floor of the flagship

in their catalogues, but the list of jewellery brands

store on Via Verri, in the centre of Milan, adding a

that have been welcomed into the Pisa Flagship Store

superb selection of jewellery to the sumptuous range

currently includes Boucheron, Chaumet, Messika

of timepieces on offer. There has been jewellery in

and Tamara Comolli. And while Chopard can be

the display windows since the Pisa brothers opened

considered to be a classic brand, dating back to the

their first shop 1940s, but the pieces were almost all

19th century and then acquired a few decades ago by

products by brands that create watches that are also

the Scheufele family, De Grisogono is a young, trendy

This page, an area in the Salone dei Gioielli on the second floor of Pisa Orologeria on Via Verri in Milan. Left, Chopard’s the Happy Dreams Pendant and Happy Sport Oval automatic watch in white gold and diamonds


[ The WATCH ]

On this page, the Salone dei Gioielli, which opened in the Pisa Flagship Store late last year. Left, rings being worn and the quartz watch in rose gold and diamonds form the Allegra collection by De Grisogono

company founded by Fawaz Grouosi, who wanted to make it a symbol of the kind of extravagant luxury that seems to exert such a powerful appeal on the new rich. Chopard continues the saga of its watches with the distinctive feature of individual diamonds left free to move between crystal and dial. The collection also includes pendant necklaces and rings based on the same look – the latest version is the Happy Sport Oval model in white gold and diamonds with a motherof-pearl dial. De Grisogono has opened a monobrand space in the Pisa store, with the Allegra collection playing the starring role. Jewels and watches all display the gold band motif that links the fluidly interwoven rings. 162



THE JEWEL OF QUEENS Pearls are a gift of nature, the result of a process that occurs almost accidentally, a magic that develops over years. Little wonder they are always so cherished

by Beatrice Galbiati


t may seem absurd, but pearls are actually the product of a wound, an irritation. If an oyster isn’t wounded it won’t produce pearls. Natural pearls develop when a foreign substance like a grain of sand enters the shell.

Very slowly the lustrous substance we call mother-of-pearl begins to cover the foreign body inside the oyster to protect it from this invasion. It takes many years for a pearl to form, and perhaps this is why they have always been considered to be so unique, precious and desirable. This marvellous natural creation tells a fascinating story, and pearls are now set in jewels of all kinds, colours and shapes, no longer only the classic necklaces we see depicted in paintings from the 16th century onwards.


Opposite: Cameos sculpted in chalcedony, white pearls, rubellite, pink tourmaline and diamond for a necklace with Baroque appeal, by Giampiero Bodino 2. Rigid, open necklace with white pearls and the unmistakeable diamond camellia, by Chanel 3. A central pearl in the white gold ring with a rainbow of amethysts, white diamonds, emeralds and blue, yellow and orange sapphires, by De Grisogono 4.Lobe and pendant pearl for earrings with diamonds and white and yellow gold, by Buccellati 5. A white pearl closes this cascade of colourful gems in the Rainbow bracelet, by Dolce&Gabbana



A GREEK ODYSSEY WITH EXTRA LUXURY The Amanzoe Residences enjoy a spectacular position, nestling in the gorgeous countryside of the Peloponnese and overlooking the Argosaronic Gulf near the island of Spetses


he stately colonnades, formal gardens and private poolsides of Amanzoe’s Greek residences bring a contemporary elegance to classic Grecian design.

Framing coastline panoramas from every angle, the Amanzoe villas, brought to you by the internationallyacclaimed Aman Resorts Group, are separated from the luxury resort’s 38 guest pavilions and private beach by serene olive groves and mature vineyards. Created in partnership with some of the world’s most respected and visionary architects, the rarely-available private residences of an Aman Resort offer their owners the perfect seclusion of a private home in some of the world’s most remarkable locations. From its tranquil hilltop, this prestige development


by Roxanne Hughes

Pediments, cornices and colonnades: Amanzoe Residences is a modern acropolis that melds beautifully with the surrounding countryside. Having entered through the arrival pavilion (opposite, top), guests of the exclusive villas can enjoy a wide array of communal spaces that include a library (above) and central terrace (below)



Created using natural materials, local marble, oak wood and rustic stone, the villas comprise individual pavilions positioned around the pool

provides all the ocean-bound pleasures of the Peloponnese’s

Watsu pool, tennis courts, gym, and moonlit yoga classes

scalloped shores as well as access to the peninsula’s many

in the amphitheatre.

UNESCO-listed sites and beautiful hillsides.

There is also a designer boutique and a restaurant with an

Classically-inspired and contemporarily-executed, the serene

emphasis on local produce, serving both traditional Greek

abodes at Amanzoe boast an imposing position overlooking

and more modern Mediterranean dishes. The exclusive beach

the Aegean Sea. Designed for a life lived al fresco, each of

club has four further pools, a host of watersport activities,

the one-to-nine-bedroom properties is crafted from natural

beach bar and private cabanas.

materials, including local marble, oak wood and rustic stone.

The Aman Resorts Group is renowned for creating properties

They are comprised of freestanding living and dining pavilions

that meld harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, in the

positioned around a central swimming pool, and feature

most inspiring of settings. At Amanzoe, great respect has been

open terraces with sand-coloured marble floors, traditional

shown for the nearby historical archaeological sites. Despite

dry stone-clad walls and ornate columns and cornices.

being a modern-day acropolis in its own right, Amanzoe is

The nine-bedroom villa is set on a plot of almost four acres

a peaceful retreat from which to explore the nature, coastal

and spans six levels, all connected by elevator, sleeping up

pleasures and ancient heritage of the Peloponnese.

to 20 guests. This property even has its own spa, separate to

Sotheby’s International Realty has included both a two-

the resort’s, and is cared for by a full complement of staff.

bedroom villa and a four-bedroom villa in its current sales

Property owners can make full use of the facilities at the

portfolio, priced at 3.2M and 6.5M respectively.

main resort, which include a spa with eight treatment rooms,


An exciting window on the exclusive world of Megayachts, Design and Lifestyle

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