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The Art of Sailing

80m Dragon Col umbus Yachts brand of Palum bo Superyachts

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Lovely furnishings made with prestigious materials to adorn the home with originality and luxury, but also perfect on board

1. Surfaces in a range of materials coordinate and interlace create the distinctive feature of the Tyron series of tables by Marioni. Here, the painted

by Marta Bernasconi

wood dining table with brushed brass inserts


3. 2. The colours and clarity of the sea inspire the Quagliotti textile linen line, with fabrics designed to furnish luxury yachts – like the bedlinen set chosen by Azimut for the master cabin. 3. Pixel is a unit by Boca do Lobo containing 1,088 triangles and ten types of wood and varnish. Behind the two doors, the combination of mirrored and quilted blue velvet surfaces is equally surprising



7. Three ceramic fish in pastel colours, hand-thrown and enamelled in a kiln. These sculptural vases are called Dego, Noli and Sori, and are produced by Internoitaliano 6. 7. 6. A mirror but also a backlit lamp. Kaleidos enthrals with gilded reflections created by the six mirrored panels it comprises, mounted on a brass base. By Ghidini 1961


4. Daa presents Trame, a collection of ottomans and coffee tables for indoor and outdoor use. The striking laser cut metal, the brand’s speciality, resembles the weave of a delicate fabric. 5. With interesting new products for yacht interiors, the Agua furniture and surfaces collection in marble and onyx features pieces that reflect the colours of the sea. By Budri, which has developed ultra-thin surfaces for special architectural applications


YD 1. The Fu sofa is designed as a combination of two zabutons, the traditional cushions often found in Japanese homes. The challenge was to create a sofa while retaining the 10 cm thickness of the cushion. By Time & Style


2. 2. Sidewall is a vertical bookcase and container. Available in range of bright colours including spring green, moss green and sulphur yellow. By Porro.

3. The Baba chair by MyHome is a play of chromes and contrasts on the back, roll and crisp colours. Frame in lacquered steel, monochrome or two-colour upholstery 3.


8. Two discs – one in brass, sliding on the tracks on the Medea stone base, the other in alabaster, fixed and concealing the LED light source. This is the concept behind the lamp/sculpture Alchemie T, by Catellani & Smith

7. 8.

7. The Emmemobili table by Atlas has a large circular natural wood top in a carefully-selected

6. An example of the evolution of the workplace, Lounge System is a system of

combination of colours. The base

sofas and armchairs designed for work, socialising and connecting up in private

comprises cast bronze supports

and public settings, always in comfort. Produced by Molteni&C for Unifor

with circular ends that integrate into the top


5. Ramun celebrates the designer Alessandro Mendini and his world with a special 4. A concept between art and furnishing, Nommos is the spectacular furnishing complement by Slow Stone, where Grey Saint Laurent marble combines with precious materials to create pieces with an intense artistic appeal 4.

edition of the Amuleto Pearl lamp. Made by hand in seventeen pieces it replicates the ancient Korean technique of working with mother-of-pearl


YD 1. 1. Ratio is a modular kitchen by Dada based on materials research. It emphasises warmth and its Mediterranean character, featuring select woods and natural stone like marble and Travertine with counterpoints in sophisticated metals like aluminium bronze

2. 3.

3. Natural elements become design objects with a structured frame and essential lines. Nesto is a collection of vases in Vicentino stone and hand-turned walnut, beech, alder and chestnut. By La Casa di Pietra

2. Resembling blown-glass birds like the first collection designed in the 1970s, but in the new version they are in polycarbonate and become light sculptures with rechargeable batteries. The Linnut collection is a collaboration between Magis, Iittala and Oiva Toikka

4. The Serpentine dining 4.

table has a striking base made up of 96 matt black nickel-coated steel tubes in a fan-like structure. The top is marble, available in a range of qualities. By Roche Bobois


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Lovely furnishings made with prestigious materials to adorn the home with originality and luxury, but also perfect on board


Lovely furnishings made with prestigious materials to adorn the home with originality and luxury, but also perfect on board