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The Art of Sailing

80m Dragon Col umbus Yachts brand of Palum bo Superyachts

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by Paola Bertelli


he personal watercraft is the most classic of all water toys with virtually every superyacht sporting at least one in its hold. Yamaha is very conscious

of this fact and has been keen to ride the wave, so to speak. The result is that it has been doing some honing of its legendary Waverunners for 2020. The pin-up FX series is first off. Aside from new aerodynamic lines and hull colours, these personal watercraft have some pretty innovative electronic controls not least the RiDE™ system and electronic Reverse Assist and TDE for ultra-low speeds and docking as well as Cruise-Assist to set and maintain exact speeds, and three-position No Wake mode for low speed areas. Another major bonus is an industry-first: the clear, concise colour Connext touchscreen. Four versions of the FX will be available in a choice of five different colours. The intake grate and superior controls on the GP1800R HO and GP1800R SVHO are racing-inspired. These extremely agile models guarantee superb performance, ultra-tight turns and a very rewarding ride even in choppy waters. They also boasts ultralight NanoXcel2 hulls into the bargain. In the VX, Yamaha focused on innovation and technologies to deliver a seriously reliable product that is also fuel efficient and doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance. The new model for 2020 is the special white edition of the VX Limited. The EX series now has the new EXR too. With an edgy livery in on-trend colours, it is sporty yet simple to handle. It also has a 50-litre tank, easy-to-read coloured multi-function LCD instruments, and a two-tone seat so you can ride alone with friends. There is also a functional and well-designed reboarding step. Last but very far from least is the legendary Super Jet Stand-Up which is designed specifically for racing and is more popular than ever in the same

colour as last year’s version. Aerodynamic new lines and an edgy design for the FX series from Yamaha. Available in a choice of four versions and five colours


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Yamaha’s new Waverunner 2020


Yamaha’s new Waverunner 2020