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The Art of Sailing

80m Dragon Col umbus Yachts brand of Palum bo Superyachts

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Team Italia continues to break exciting new ground with its leading-edge, fully-custom bridge systems. by Paola Bertelli And has now added its partnership with Rolls Royce and a new road map to the fray


he superyacht bridge systems that Team Italian is presenting

based on its I-Bridge ® and I-Chart® platforms which have evolved

these days are astonishingly advanced and futuristic. More

steadily over the years.

importantly still, they are increasingly integrated because as

“In Team Italia,” continues Minnella, “we never replicate the

Team Italia co-founder and CEO Massimo Minnella points out

same model, our bridges are unique, full-custom items born of

“integration is fundamental. The number of systems present

collaboration between owners, captains, the yards’ technical

aboard superyachts is growing all the time. It is one thing for a

offices and designers. Our work involves creating the best

captain to have to manage 20 different systems that all work in

possible integration that will satisfy not merely the technological

different ways and quite another to use 20 systems but manage

requirements but also ergonomic, elegance and exclusivity

them using the same human-machine interface. It is actually

expectations for the wheelhouses we work on without ever losing

a safety issue”. Team Italia was founded in 2000 and since

sight of the safety issue”. At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, no

2003 has focused on optimising and integrating navigational,

less than five of the superyacht’s present were sporting Team

telecommunications, safety and data transmissions equipment

Italia systems, including Attila, a 64m Sanlorenzo which has the


The bridge aboard the Columbus 80m Dragon (top) incorporates the Onyx Marine automation system which can also be remotely controlled and can not only be used for maintenance but also remote tests and controls. Right and bottom, the innovative I-Bridge with transparent Head Up Display superimposes data on the actual navigation view


[ TECHNOLOGY ] Team Italia was founded in 2000 and in 2003 presented its first integrated systems based on its I-Bridge platform which it then evolved over the years. The Engineering and R&D Departments are the very core of the business and are flanked in their endeavours by the Design Office which guarantees a sleek, ergonomic look to the technologies which are used in a variety of different yachts

I-Bridge® and transparent Head Up Display. The latter allows

At the very core of the company are the Engineering and R&D

the real navigation scenario to be overlapped with the main

departments which are flanked by the Design Office.

information on courses, waypoints, and AIS/ARPA targets

Given the speed the modern tech world is changing at, R&D

as well as other safety-relevant data. Another was the 50m

is absolutely essential to evaluating the constant stream of new

Riva Race which uses the I-Bridge® with multicontrol and 4K

technologies coming from a variety of other sectors. The R&D

stretched display. Navigation is made easier too by the exclusive

department analyses, tests and then either approves or rejects the

Team Italia EMAS (Electronic Mooring Assistant System), which

latter: “Not all technologies are suitable for naval application.

processes data from laser sensors to simplify controlling the boat

There aren’t technologies created specifically for the nautical

when mooring. The Custom Line Navetta 42 with the integrated

sector. There are technologies and there are companies like

I-Bridge® with 36” 4K ultrastretch display and the Benetti 63m

ours who evaluate them and apply them to the nautical sphere if

Metis were other examples as was the Columbus 80m Dragon

they make the grade”. Team Italia’s latest step towards an even

which also boasts a system from Onyx Marine, a Team Italia

brighter future is its new partnership with Rolls Royce which

Group company specialising in automation systems.

aims to take integration to places it has either never gone before


The Team Italia systems are all custom-made. Above, the integrated I-Bridge® aboard the Custom Line Navetta 42 has a 36” 4K ultrastretch display. Right, the bridge aboard Metis, the new 63m from Benetti

or not been fully exploited. “We designed a development road map with Rolls Royce on a single platform from which all the onboard systems from navigation to automation can be managed, including propulsion and data management in the cloud. This will facilitate all vessel management activities including analytics which are vital to the engineering divisions of the yards themselves,” concludes Minnella. This news opens up a whole new world in which Team Italia and Rolls Royce are well ahead of the crowd in honing exciting technologies that will set the pace in the coming years. The first developments will be revealed in 2020 in the form of the MTU SmartBridge developed by Team Italia for Rolls Royce. 129

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Team Italia continues to break exciting new ground with its leading-edge, fully-custom bridge systems. And has now added its partnership wit...


Team Italia continues to break exciting new ground with its leading-edge, fully-custom bridge systems. And has now added its partnership wit...