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The Art of Sailing

80m Dragon Col umbus Yachts brand of Palum bo Superyachts

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by Marta Bernasconi

What new possibilities are opening up in furnishing for the textile world? Rubelli operates in a variety of sectors from residential to hotels, naval, airport and yachting as well as historic palazzos, museums and theatres. Meticulous research has always been our by-word for combining peeress quality, beauty and functionality. In early 2019, we launched a large collection of innovative textiles that retain their artisanal look yet are hard-wearing, fire-resistant, washable and suitable for elegant indoor and outdoor residential and contract pro-jects, including nautical. You still use 18th century looms. What do you make on them and for whom? Alongside our 31 electronic jacquard looms at Cucciago, near Como, we still have four 18th cen-tury hand looms still in perfect working order. We use them for making soprarizzo silk velvet us-ing an ancient technique that produces a three-dimensional look. This very costly product is particularly popular with clients from France and the US in particular You work a lot abroad. Does being an Italian firm still make a difference? We are present on 85 markets with a variety of textiles and soft furnishings. 75% of our reve-nues come from exports. Europe, particularly the UK and France, the US, the Middle East and China are our most strategic markets. Our product’s added value is that it is 100% Made in Italy combined with the excellence of our materials and techniques. Tell us about your involvement in the nautical sector? It is growing fast and we are ready for it, thanks to Studio Rubelli, our broad range of Rubelli Casa products, and our ability to create custom solutions that go well beyond the classic defini-tion of textiles. What are the top-of-the-range products in your collections? Marco Piva’s Cinecittà collection and the Nava+Arosio Piano Collection on the furnishing and soft-furnishing front. Textile-wise, the new Rubelli 2019 collection that ranges from textiles made using ultra-luxe yarns, mostly silks, to high performance technical ones, which still retain Rubelli’s signature eclectic style. The Rubelli Group manufactures and distributes four textile lines (Rubelli, Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli, Donghia, Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli), two wallpaper lines and two furnishing brands (Rubelli Casa and Donghia). The inhouse Studio Rubelli also provides bespoke interior and furniture solutions services


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Issue_20_Rubelli_Nicolò Favaretto  

Rubelli - Nicolò Favaretto

Issue_20_Rubelli_Nicolò Favaretto  

Rubelli - Nicolò Favaretto