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The Art of Sailing

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A strong common thread links Perini’s first motoryacht with its larger sailing siblings. Part tender, part chase boat, part explorer, the new Eco-Tender also reveals a high-tech heart by Fabio Petrone



he Eco-tender is a 25m yacht built like a 60m – in other words, like an extra-luxe full-custom vessel!” Perini Navi president and CEO Lamberto

Tacoli’s eloquent description of the first Perini Navi-branded motoryacht and the first ever planing motoryacht to be produced by the Viareggio shipyard. A project that came into being because the tech-savvy owners of a Perini 50m sailer wanted a tender more comfortable than a regular RIB that would allow them explore coastal regions and shallow waters while their ketch was anchored further out due to her deep draft. Because they are also avid nature lovers, they also wanted to be able to venture into protected marine areas at speeds of six to seven knots and that meant zero-emissions navigation. Last but not least, they specified a boat that would mirror the elegant lines, quality and comfort of the mother vessel, be independent and also allow them to host more guests. In short, their lovely new tender was to be a sort of extension of the ketch. Perini Navi took these instructions onboard with its usual impeccable

The support boat to a 50m Perini

professionalism and then responded by tailoring the concept of the 25m Eco-

sailing yacht, the Eco-Tender is a

Tender around its clients’ wishes, starting with the fact that they wanted a craft

full-custom creation with a diesel-

that effortlessly complemented the family boat. The Perini Navi motoryacht’s

electric hybrid propulsion system

main deck is the same height as the ketch’s to make transferring guests from

developed by Siemens. It is also

one to the other extremely easy. Even the sunken seating area on the foredeck

the first ever planing motoryacht

was a deliberate choice to allow the owner to purse his passion for wildlife

from the Viareggio group

and nature photography.


[ CHASE BOAT ] At the other end of the boat, the layout is quite conventional

to drive the water jets; 4) zero-emissions mode: silent, zero-

and devoted to sunning and swimming. The aft cockpit has

emissions manoeuvres or short trips, a battery pack can be

loungers and sun pad areas and there is a beach area too to

used to power both water jets via the e-motors, delivering a

forge a connection with the sea.

speed of eight knots for around an hour.

The timelessly elegant exterior styling is also underscored in

In battery mode, for instance, the tender can make her way

the interiors by the use of that most marine of woods, teak,

through marine reserves at gentle speeds, producing neither

which here has been brushed and is combined with white

emissions nor noise. However, the owners also specifically

panelling that brightens and adds character to the spaces.

requested particular focus on reducing noise levels for all the

The main deck layout includes a dinette-saloon and a large

propulsion modes. The onboard systems, including the hybrid

galley. Below decks lie a full-beam VIP cabin amidships and

propulsion, can be controlled using the Team Italia I-Bridge

a double forward with a twin between them. All are en suite,

Multitouch’s 4K high res touchscreen, trackball and jogger too.


The Eco-Tender’s many innovations begin with its sophisticated Siemens-developed hybrid propulsion system which offers a choice of four different drive modes for superb flexibility. 1) Diesel mode with two MAN (2x1213 kW) engines coupled

Designed and built in-house, the yacht boasts brushed

with two Hamilton water jets for a maximum speed of 30

teak interiors featuring white panelling that enhances

knot. 2) Hybrid mode: one engine drives the neighbouring

the natural light from the side windows and skylights.

water jet and also acts as a generator, powering the electric

The saloon has a cool, contemporary aesthetic (below

motor which drives the other water jet; 3)Diesel-electric mode:

and top right). The lower deck is home to a VIP stateroom

a 130 kW generator provides electricity to the two e-motors

(bottom right) and two two-berth guests





In 2017 Lamberto Tacoli took the helm at Perini Navi at the same

million in 2018, and we’re set to close 2019 in even better shape, at

time it was taken over by the Tabacchi family, which gave the task of

around 80 million euro.

implementing its new course and appointed him president and CEO.

During the annual press conference at MYS 2019 you released statements

We interviewed him recently.

reflecting the success you’ve been having, and you also mentioned three

Mr. Tacoli, could you sum up these first two years of operations?

signed letters of intent for the purchase of three new yachts.

They’ve been very intense years during which we worked on various

They’re very concrete commitments that I hope to be finalising soon – a

fronts, starting above all by consolidating the efficiency of our yards in

92-metre Falcon Rig sail yacht, a 47-metre E-volution sail yacht and a

Tuzla, Turkey, Viareggio and La Spezia. At the moment we have seven

74-metre motor yacht.

yachts under construction, including two motor yachts, 53m and 56m,

Given your 30 years of experience with motor superyachts and

and five sail yachts, three 42m, a 47m and a 60m. At the moment our

megayachts, it could be predicted that Tacoli’s arrival in Perini would

order book stands at 160 million euro, while production value over

herald a significant boost in its activities and business. The number of

the past couple of years has risen from 35 million euro in 2017 to 66

motoryacht projects you’ve presented, partly confirms this, but in the light of what you’re saying sail yachts remain central to the Perini’s operations? It couldn’t really be otherwise, because Perini has almost always been the undisputed leader in sail megayacht construction. The founder, Fabio Perini, gave his craft a well-defined identity. Not only luxury objects, they were also extremely technological, cutting-edge yachts. We’ve no intention of abandoning this heritage – in fact, we want to strengthen it. We’ve extended our motoryacht offer, but we’ve also developed new sail yachts that don’t deny the past but present concepts that have obviously been given a makeover to reflect current ideas, interpreted using the most up-to-date technology but also in line with the tastes and requirements of today’s owners. The most important news is that we’ll soon be seeing a new Perini sail yacht with the rig that made the Maltese Falcon an iconic craft. The 92-metre I talked about is the largest in a line of five designs that


starts from a 56-metre and goes on to a 64, 72 and 80-metre, called Giovanni Malgarini

the Perini Navi Falcon Rig. Under the leadership of Franco Romani, our designers succeeded in balancing the large volumes of the flagship (the yacht is laid out over four decks - ed) with a linear design that retains the classic Perini style elements, so it’s unmistakeable. This is reinforced by the adoption of this particular rig with carbon masts, not three as on the Maltese Falcon but two, and they can carry a sail area of 2,400 square metres. Compared to the 2006 model the system has become even more efficient, from the point of view of both aerodynamics and monitoring and automated rigging management. The rigging’s all hidden, there are no lines on the deck, no line or cable in sight. Another piece of news that emerged at the MYS 2019 is your collaboration with French designer Ora Ito. He’s a true creative, and until his encounter with Perini he’d never had anything to do with yachts, so he could provide an unbiased interpretation of iconic designs like the Perini 56 m, our most successful model. The result is the Perini Navi/Ora Ito “capsule”, a concept that provides food for thought, an unusual reading that that’s bound to provide some excellent ideas.


Lamberto Tacoli (above) CEO and President of Perini Navi at the Monaco Boat Show announced seven yachts under construction and three letters of intent, one of which for a 92m sail yacht, the first in a new line of builds between 56 and 92m recalling the Maltese Falcon (below the 56-meter) Opposite, top the Perini Navi/Ora Ito “capsule” and below 74-metre motor yacht deigned by Horacio Bozzo


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Issue_20_Perini Navi - Eco Tender  

Issue_20_Perini Navi - Eco Tender

Issue_20_Perini Navi - Eco Tender  

Issue_20_Perini Navi - Eco Tender