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Pine Street VOLUME 33 | ISSUE 3

Pine Street Presbyterian Church

Holy Week 2013 Dr. Russell Sullivan, Pastor

One of my favorite writers The most significant time in the who connects spirituality with the calendar of the Christian year falls Christian calendar is Robert Webber. within the cycle of life, and that time He divides the Christian year into is Holy Week. It begins on the sixth two major cycles. Advent through Sunday in Lent, known as “Palm” Epiphany he calls Sunday. But don’t the cycle of light. In think of Palm this cycle we dwell Sunday simply as on the incarnation a day to remember Holy Week Services of Christ and his Jesus’ entry into manifestation to the Jerusalem. It is Maundy Thursday world. Beginning with certainly that, but March 28, 6:30 pm Lent and continuing it is more. It is your Good Friday through Pentecost, day too, your our March 29, 7:30 pm we enter into another own entry into a cycle, the cycle of very solemn and Easter Sunday life. The central glorious experience March 31 motif here is death of spirituality. For 8:30 & 11:00 am and resurrection. Jesus Palm Sunday While the cycle of was his gateway into light focuses on the the culmination of coming of Christ his life and ministry. among us, the cycle On Palm Sunday, of life recalls the purpose for which he we enter that gate with him and came: the gift and sacrifice of his life discover that our spiritual lives are to defeat the powers of sin and death being ordered around the most sacred that hold us in bondage and to give moment in the history of the world, the us the gift of forgiveness, healing, and church, and of our own experience of new life. human existence. See Holy Week on page 2

World Day of Prayer 2013 By Cheryl A. Goode

As we come into the season of Lent it is a time of penitence, or reflection and prayer. But, why prayer? And should we pray every day? Prayer is the way we communicate with God. It is of such importance that it is mentioned in the Bible over 250 times. Daily prayer gives us the opportunity to share all aspects of our lives with God and to express our gratitude for our many blessings. It provides us a time to confess our sinfulness, and it is an act of worship and obedience. Through prayer we acknowledge that God is in control of our lives. See Prayer on page 4

MARCH 1, 2013

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Session Notes. . . . . . . . . . . 2 Trustee Notes. . . . . . . . . . . . 3 DDB. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 March Calendar. . . . . . . . . . 7 March Scripture. . . . . . . . . . 8

March At A Glance World Day of Prayer . . . . Mar 1 Bagels & Belief . . . . . . . . Mar 3 Men’s Breakfast. . . . . . . . Mar 9 DDB Luncheon. . . . . . . . . Mar 10 Youth Fundraiser begins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mar 17 One Great Hour of Sharing. . . . . . . . . . . . . Mar 24 Palm Sunday. . . . . . . . . . Mar 24 Maundy Thursday. . . . . . Mar 28 Good Friday. . . . . . . . . . . Mar 29 Easter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mar 31

PSL Deadline Articles, photos and items of interest for the April, 2013 issue of Pine Street Life are due by March 15, 2013. Please e-mail to Sue Black at

HOLY WEEK Continued from page 1

Bagels & Belief March 3 Why Evolution Won’t Go Away Dr. Ted Davis

April 7 The Culture of Disbelief Dr. Ted Davis

May 5 It’s the Economy (again), Stupid! Pastor Sullivan

June 2 Is it the End of Marriage as We Know It? Pastor Sullivan

All forums are held at 9:40 am in Fellowship Hall

For Monday through Wednesday of Holy Week, we do not have services at the church, but I suggest that you spend time in personal devotion and prayer, using the Lenten devotionals prepared by Pine Streeters to gather your thoughts and prayers for your journey to cross and Easter. On Thursday, known as Maundy Thursday because of Jesus’ new commandment (mandatum) that we are to love one another, we will celebrate Maundy Thursday at 6:30pm at Pine Street. In previous years we worshipped at Market Square Presbyterian Church, but changes in their leadership prompted a desire on their part to lead their own worship service. This gives us an opportunity to create a new worship experience for our congregation. On Good Friday, at 7:30pm, we gather in our sanctuary to hear the Passion story in the Service of Tenebrae. This is a dramatic service that reminds us of the cost to which God will go to liberate us from our sin. And then Easter Sunday, the Day of Resurrection, the most important Sunday of the year, we celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead, his victory over death and evil, and the renewal of all creation. I want to encourage you to think about Holy Week not as an opportunity only to remember something that happened to Jesus. Think of it as your journey, from sin and death to newness of life. See yourself in the story. Paul the Apostle says, “If we have been united with him like this in his death, we will certainly also be united with him in his resurrection.” (Romans 6:5) It is so, and may you know in your lives and hearts this year. Bless you on your journey into Holy Week!

Be a Greeter The Greeter Team is a new opportunity for you to serve Pine Street on Sunday mornings. If you come to the 11:00am service at least 80% of the time and enjoy greeting people when they arrive, then you should think about join the Greeter Team. As a Greeter, you will greet people a the door, pass out bulletins, and welcome visitors to our church. There will be two meetings a year to set up the schedule. We will plan six months in advance, so if you plan to be away, we can easily find you a substitute. You can sign up for the Greeter Team at the Welcome Center and if you have any questions, plase speak with Rev. Lang. Page 2

Session Notes for February The Boards of Deacons and Trustees met with Session for the annual joint meeting as required by the Presbyterian Book of Order. Treasurer reported that the preliminary final 2013 financial report shows a deficit of only $12,188 which is better than anticipated and is the result of careful spending plus greater than expected pledge income as well as other factors. Investment income in 2013 is expected to be stronger than 2012. Trustee Chair reported that the overall condition of the Church is very positive. Deacon Moderator noted that the reduced number of Deacons is requiring some adjustment of what can be done and how best to accomplish their ministries. For 2013, Dr Sullivan plans to lead Session into spending less time on administration and more time in discernment, visioning, and confronting the vital issues affecting future directions for Pine Street. Other priorities include providing pastoral care for our downtown and older congregation and further developing the prayer and study life of the congregation.

Celebrating Three Decades of Feeding the Hungry This year marks the 30th anniversary of Downtown Daily Bread (DDB) serving the needs of the hungry in downtown Harrisburg. A luncheon on Sunday, March 10, 2013, at 12:30pm will be the “kick off” to several events throughout the year to “celebrate and educate” about DDB and its 30 years of progress in serving the needs of the hungry in downtown Harrisburg. Thank you to Loretta Smith, Margaret Mielke, and Marna Holt for their creation of adorable teddy bears which they sell as a fundraiser for DDB. At the East Pennsboro Pumpkin Fest in Oct. 2012, the ladies set up their tent for two days and sold over $1,000 of bears. This donation, in turn, bought 500 meals for hungry DDB clients. Thank you ladies! Thanks to Cheryl Goode and the Senior High Youth for collection of $300 on “Souper Bowl” Sunday. This collection fed 150 people on a Sunday afternoon. Each of these efforts on behalf of Pine Street Presbyterian Church members and groups represents a commitment to Pine Street’s mission of feeding the hungry and providing for the homeless through Downtown Daily Bread.

Pine Street Life

At the luncheon, Brenda Ervin, DDB Kitchen Manager, will be preparing the main entrée. The Pine Street Congregational Life and Mission Committees will also be lending a hand in the preparation and service of the meal. Please come and join us for lunch on March 10, and invite your friends. There will also be a presentation about DDB and its programs. There is no charge for this lunch, but you are encouraged to make a contribution to Downtown Daily Bread in gratitude and appreciation for its mission in our community. Please sign up at the Welcome Center.

Octopi Harrisburg Great Success: 117 to be Fed by Margaret Mielke

Octopi Harrisburg, accompanied by their valentine friends from Bears for Bread, took over part of the Gathering Place on Sunday, February 10. Having been denied their chance to grace the Cabaret, due to poor weather conditions, they happily accepted the opportunity to bring joy to various church members and provide meals for 117 clients of Downtown Daily Bread. When available stock was depleted, Loretta Smith and Marna Holt gladly accepted orders for more octopi and one pony, the proceeds from which will feed an additional 75 DDB clients.

Trustees Notes for January The Property Committee continues at a fast pace: APPROVED $6500 for the repair of the tower at 3rd and South to stop water leakage. NOTED: The hot water heater in the kitchen has been replaced. APPROVED: New door locks for the door at the corner of 3rd and South. APPROVED: Security lighting for DDB. DISCUSSED: The comparison between the 2012 and 2013 budgets DISCUSSED: Insurance coverage for the church and the probable end to any further payments for repairs to the organ.

Asked to comment on the proceedings, Octavius Octopus, the leader of the invertebrates, proclaimed, “We are thrilled to wrap our arms around hunger in such an all-encompassing fashion. We look forward to more opportunities to provide meals for Harrisburg’s hungry.”

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PRAYER Continued from page 1 On the first Friday in March each year “The World Day of Prayer” is celebrated across the globe in over 170 countries. This movement aims to bring together women of various races, cultures and traditions in a common day of prayer so that they might be closer in fellowship, understanding and action throughout the year. It started as The Women’s World Day of Prayer in the United States in 1884, but soon became a worldwide movement that was led by women. Mary Ellen James the wife of a Presbyterian minister in New York, the mother of seven children, knew all too well the problems that were faced by women and new immigrants to America. She saw first hand the poverty, unemployment, poor housing, and lack of health and educational facilities. She knew something had to be done and so she called for a day of prayer. A few years later two Baptist women called for a day of prayer for World Mission, which expanded to neighboring countries, Europe and other continents. In 1927 this day became known as Women’s World Day of Prayer and today we know it as World Day of Prayer. Through World Day of Prayer, women affirm that prayer and action are inseparable and that both have immeasurable influence in the world. Every year, worship services focus on a different country and a specific theme. World Day of Prayer National/Regional Committees of that country prepare the order of worship on these themes to be used on the next World Day of Prayer. On the first Friday of March, then, in services all over the world that country becomes the focus of prayer and understanding. World Day of Prayer in 2013 will take place on March 1. The host country, France, has developed the theme “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Through preparation and participation in worship services, all persons who participate worldwide may learn how their brothers and sisters of other countries, languages, and cultures understand the Biblical passages in their context. They may learn of the concerns and needs of others and to empathize and feel in solidarity with them. The question remains, should we pray every day? Yes, even if you are not in a worship service on Friday, March 1, 2013 your prayers are still heard across the globe. God’s invitation in II Chronicles 7:14 tells us to

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Follow the Cross by Ron Poorman

During the liturgical season of Lent we are particularly aware of the cross as a symbol. When we speak of its symbolism, though, we must be aware that its symbolic meaning may change from culture to culture or from denomination to denomination. Even the presence of a cross in a sanctuary is open to discussion, with many Presbyterian churches not having a permanent cross on display in their sanctuaries. At Pine Street Church for example, we do not have a permanent cross on display. Rather, the cross is carried into the sanctuary by a “crucifer” as part of a procession at the beginning of a service. The cross used in Reformed churches is almost always an empty cross, while Catholic churches display a crucifix, a cross with the body of Christ fixed upon it. The empty cross would tend to symbolize the resurrected Jesus, while the crucifix presents Jesus the crucified Christ. It has been a long-standing tradition at Pine Street to display a sculpture in the transept (the open area to the right of the chancel). The sculpture is the work of Pine Street member and sculptor, John Hertzler. The cross is made from the wood of a fallen tree found on John’s farm. On the cross hangs a stainless steel representation of the crucified Christ. If you examine it you can see the nails and wounds our savior suffered. Jesus himself said: “Take up your cross and follow me,” implying for us modern day Christians that the cross, for each of us, may take a different form or path. Another tradition at Pine Street is to display our collection of crosses from around the world. The collection was assembled by Dick Wechter, a Presbyterian missionary, teacher, volunteer and world traveler. In his travels Mr. Wechter observed that crosses definitely reflected the culture of which it was a part. Most of us are aware of some of the variety found in crosses: the familiar t-shaped Latin cross, the square Greek cross, the Celtic cross with its braided interlace, Byzantine and Russian Crosses. Less familiar are crosses using repetitive patterns seen in tiles and See Cross on page 5

humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, then he will hear our prayers, forgive our sin and heal our land.

CROSS Continued from page 4 fabric designs (reflecting the influence of Islam), the ornate heraldry crosses of Europe reminiscent of the swirls and flourishes of the Baroque and Victorian crosses associated with orders of knights who were active during the middle ages, a Nestorian budded cross set among lotus leaves (showing perhaps Buddhist influence).* Two particularly interesting crosses are the Nala crosses from Chiapas, Mexico which illustrate through metalwork or creative work with clay, the combination of the cross with traditional faith symbols of the natural world – sun, moon and stars. It is likely that these crosses reflect the early struggle to integrate their past objects of worship into their new-found Christian faith.* The cross collection will be on display in the Gathering Place from early March until Easter. Take a moment to examine these powerful expressions of faith and think about what the cross means to you as we journey together toward Jerusalem.

* Background information about

the crosses and Mr. Wechter are found in an article for Pine Street Life (Vol 25, No 3) by Joanne Alwine and Barbara Taylor, 2005,

Pine Street Life

LILIES ORDER FORM – 2013 If you would like to purchase a lily that will be used for decorating the sanctuary for Easter, please complete the form below. The form can be either mailed or put in the offering plate along with your check made payable to Pine Street Presbyterian Church (please specify in the memo that this is for lilies). The cost of the lilies is $8.00 each. Deadline for orders is March 22, 2013. WORDING OF DEDICATION: In Memory of ___________________________________________________ In Honor of _____________________________________________________ Given by _______________________________________________________ Amount Enclosed*___________________ You are encouraged to take your plant following the 11:00 am worship service. *Payment is due when order form is submitted. Mailing address is: Pine Street Presbyterian Church, 310 N. 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101 WE MUST HAVE THE ABOVE FORM FILLED OUT AND GIVEN TO THE CHURCH OFFICE. IF YOU DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM, YOU WILL NOT HAVE YOUR MEMORIAL LISTED IN THE EASTER BULLETIN, EVEN IF YOU HAVE MADE ARRANGEMENTS TO HAVE IT DONE AUTOMATICALLY FROM YEAR TO YEAR.

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One Great Hour of Sharing

Lenten Food Drive

Again this year, items collected during the Lenten Food Drive will go to the Ecumenical Food Pantry. Bring donations to the church any time during Lent and place them on the Mission Table in the Gathering Place.

One Great Hour of Sharing began more than sixty years ago, in response to the devastation of World War II. A Saturday evening nationwide broadcast asked Americans to give generously the next morning in their churches. More than 75,000 churches responded – churches of many denominations. Now, sixty years later, each denomination decides how their contributions will be dispersed. PC(USA) divides our contributions into three programs -- Self-Development of People (32%), Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (32%), and the Presbyterian Hunger Program (36%). Four percent of the Presbyterian Hunger Program money is used for its work on homelessness and affordable housing. None of the One Great Hour of Sharing offering stays at Pine Street Church – it all goes to help those who have much less than any of us. We will collect the One Great Hour of Sharing offering on Palm Sunday, March 24. Please read your bulletin inserts for the four weeks prior to that. See what kind of people receive help from this offering.

Youth Mission Fundraiser

Pine Street Book Club March 10, 2013

If You Ask Me by Betty White

Sondra Fertig, hostess Reviewed by Rita Falk & Barb Taylor

April 14, 2013

Rich Boy

by Sharon Pomerantz Barb Taylor, hostess Reviewed by Eileen Kunkle & Estelle Hartranft

May 19, 2013

Violet’s Secret by Lori Rill

Doris Coyne, hostess Reviewed by Betty Rader & Lori Rill

Book Club always meets at 7:00 pm. Sign-up at the Welcome Center.

by Stevi Sharp & Sue Black

Then Jesus said to them,

“Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers and sisters to go to Galilee; aiti there they will see me.”


Matthew 28:10

Imagine you’re a typical 10th grade high school student. You’ve traveled a few times with your family and, of course, gone on a few school field trips. Summer recess from school is fun, but never quite as exciting as you’d hoped. Now you’ve learned of a summer mission trip that is a potential “life-changing” opportunity. Yes! An opportunity to serve others and do God’s work in the impoverished country of Haiti. This is the opportunity that has been presented to Pine Street’s Senior High Youth Group.

It also presents an opportunity for the congregation of Pine Street to show support for the youth and further their growth as Christians. On four Sundays starting March 17, Pine Streeters will have the opportunity to participate in a “pick-a-prize” auction to offset the costs of the trip. A wide assortment of over 50 items have been generously donated including original artwork, hand-crafted jewelry, theater tickets, restaurant gift certificates and sporting event tickets to name a few. There is even a week’s accommodations at a timeshare in Cancun! The final drawing and a light lunch will be held after the 11:00 service on Sunday, April 7. So please be generous — and have some fun! — as we embrace this opportunity to support our youth as they grow in faith serving the people of Haiti.

Men’s Breakfast You are invited to join the Pine Street Men for “the best breakfast in town” on Saturday, March 9. This will be a time of fellowship and discussion. What a great way to start the day. Breakfast at 8am in Fellowship Hall.

Pine Street Life (USPS 574-510) is published monthly by Pine Street Presbyterian Church, 310 North Third Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101. Periodicals Postage paid at Harrisburg, PA 17105. Postmaster: Send address changes to Pine Street Life, Pine Street Presbyterian Church, 310 North Third Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101.

Page 6

March, 2013 Sunday 24 2nd Sunday in Lent


3 3rd Sunday in Lent







10 4th Sunday in Lent







17 5th Sunday in Lent







24 Palm Sunday




28 Maundy Thursday

29 Good Friday


8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:40 AM Church School - all ages 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary 12:30 PM Teachers Meeting–Room 308 4:15 PM Youth Handbell Choir 5:00 PM SYF - Fellowship Hall & Boyd

8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:40 AM Bagels & Belief- Fellowship Hall 9:40 AM Church School - all ages 11:00 AM Worship – Sanctuary 4:15 PM Youth Handbell Choir 5:00 PM SYF - Fellowship Hall & Boyd


8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 1:00 PM Stephen 9:40 AM Church School - all ages Leaders meeting 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary 7:00 PM Stephen 12:30 PM DDB 30th Anniversary Lunch Ministry Supervision 4:15 PM Youth Handbell Choir 5:00 PM SYF - Fellowship Hall & Boyd

Women’s Retreat 8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:40 AM Church School - all ages 9:40 AM Youth Mission Fundraiser 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary 4:15 PM Youth Handbell Choir 5:00 PM SYF - Fellowship Hall & Boyd

8:30AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:40 AM Church School - all ages 9:40 AM Youth Mission Fundraiser 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary 4:15 PM Youth Handbell Choir5:00 PM SYF - Fellowship Hall & Boyd

31 Easter

8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:40 AM Church School - all ages 9:40 AM Youth Mission Fundraiser 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary



8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff Meeting 9:30 AM Presbytery Meeting Derry Presby. 1:00 PM Stephen Ministry Supervision 7:00 PM Admin & Finance meeting

8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff meeting 7:30 PM Session meeting Boyd

8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff Meeting 7:00 PM Program Committee Meetings

8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff Meeting 11:00 AM Trustees investment meeting 12:00 PM Trustees meeting 6:30 PM Deacons Admin meeting – Boyd 7:00 PM Deacons meeting – Boyd 8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff Meeting 1:00 PM Stephen Ministry Supervision 7:00 PM Admin & Finance meeting


8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff meeting 7:30 PM Session meeting Boyd



12:10 PM Lenten Noonhour Recital 12:35 PM Soup & Bread Luncheon 6:00 PM KOALA 6:00 PM JYF – Boyd 7:00 PM Adult Ed/Spiritual Formation 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir 12:10 PM Lenten Noonhour Recital 12:35 PM Soup & Bread Luncheon 6:00 PM KOALA 6:00 PM JYF – Boyd 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir 12:10 PM Lenten Noonhour Recital 12:35 PM Soup & Bread Luncheon 6:00 PM KOALA 6:00 PM JYF – Boyd 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir

12:10 PM Lenten Noonhour Recital 12:35 PM Soup & Bread Luncheon 6:00 PM KOALA 6:00 PM JYF – Boyd 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir



6:30 PM Chamber Singers rehearsal 7:30 PM Chancel Choir rehearsal 7:30 PM Personnel Committee meeting

6:30 PM Chamber Singers rehearsal 7:30 PM Chancel Choir rehearsal

6:30 PM Chamber Singers rehearsal 7:30 PM Chancel Choir rehearsal

6:30 PM Chamber Singers rehearsal 7:30 PM Chancel Choir rehearsal

6:00 PM KOALA 6:30 PM Worship Service 6:00 PM JYF – Boyd 7:30 PM Chancel Choir 7:00 PM Adult Ed/Spiritual rehearsal Formation 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir



6:00 PM KOALA 6:30 PM Chamber Singers 6:00 PM JYF – Boyd rehearsal 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir 7:30 PM Chancel Choir rehearsal





8:00 AM Men’s Breakfast 8:45 AM Mission Lab 10:00 AM Shawl Ministry 1:00 PM Welsh Choir rehearsal

Women’s Retreat

Women’s Retreat 9:00 AM Auction set up

7:30 PM Tenebre service 9:00 AM Set up illies – Sanctuary

Church office closed



8:45 AM Mission Lab 9:00 AM Youth Event

Periodicals Postage Paid At Harrisburg, PA 17105

Pine Street Presbyterian Church 310 North Third Street Harrisburg, PA 17101

Lectionary Readings for March Friday March 1 Psalms 22; 148 Jeremiah 5:1–9 Romans 2:25—3:18 John 5:30–47

Friday March 8 Psalms 22; 148 Jeremiah 11:1–8, 14–17 Romans 6:1–11 John 8:33–47

Friday March 15 Psalms 22; 148 Jeremiah 23:1–8 Romans 8:28–39 John 6:52–59

Saturday March 2 Psalms 43; 149 Jeremiah 5:20–31 Romans 3:19–31 John 7:1–13

Saturday March 9 Psalms 43; 149 Jeremiah 13:1–11 Romans 6:12–23 John 8:47–59

Saturday March 16 Psalms 43; 149 Jeremiah 23:9–15 Romans 9:1–18 John 6:60–71

Sunday March 3

Sunday March 10

Sunday March 17

Psalms 84; 150 Jeremiah 6:9–15 1 Corinthians 6:12–20 Mark 5:1–20

Psalms 84; 150 Jeremiah 14:1–9 (10– 16) 17–22 Galatians 4:21—5:1 Mark 8:11–21

Psalms 84; 150 Jeremiah 23:16–32 1 Corinthians 9:19–27 Mark 8:31—9:1

Third Sunday in Lent

Monday March 4 Psalms 119:73–80; 145 Jeremiah 7:1–15 Romans 4:1–12 John 7:14–36 Tuesday March 5 Psalms 34; 146 Jeremiah 7:21–34 Romans 4:13–25 John 7:37–52 Wednesday March 6 Psalms 5; 147:1–11 Jeremiah 8:4–7, 18—9:6 Romans 5:1–11 John 8:12–20 Thursday March 7 Psalms 27; 147:12–20 Jeremiah 10:11–24 Romans 5:12–21 John 8:21–32

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Monday March 11 Psalms 119:73–80; 145 Jeremiah 16:(1–9) 10–21 Romans 7:1–12 John 6:1–15 Tuesday March 12 Psalms 34; 146 Jeremiah 17:19–27 Romans 7:13–25 John 6:16–27 Wednesday March 13 Psalms 5; 147:1–11 Jeremiah 18:1–11 Romans 8:1–11 John 6:27–40 Thursday March 14 Psalms 27; 147:12–20 Jeremiah 22:13–23 Romans 8:12–27 John 6:41–51

Fifth Sunday in Lent

Monday March 18 Psalms 119:73–80; 145 Jeremiah 24:1–10 Romans 9:19–33 John 9:1–17 Tuesday March 19 Psalms 34; 146 Jeremiah 25:8–17 Romans 10:1–13 John 9:18–41 Wednesday March 20 Psalms 5; 147:1–11 Jeremiah 25:30–38 Romans 10:14–21 John 10:1–18 Thursday March 21 Psalms 27; 147:12–20 Jeremiah 26:1–16 (17–24) Romans 11:1–12 John 10:19–42

Friday March 22 Psalms 22; 148 Jeremiah 29:1 (2–3) 4–14 Romans 11:13–24 John 11:1–27 or John 12:1–10 Saturday March 23 Psalms 43; 149 Jeremiah 31:27–34 Romans 11:25–36 John 11:28–44 or John 12:37–50 Sunday March 24

Passion/Palm Sunday

Psalms 84; 150 Zechariah 9:9–12 1 Tim. 6:12–16 or Zechariah 12:9–11, 13:1, 7–9 Matthew 21:12–17 Monday March 25 Psalms 119:73–80, 145 Jeremiah 11:18–20, 12:1–16 (17) Phillipians 3:1–14 John 12:9–19 Tuesday March 26 Psalms 34; 146 Jeremiah 15:10–21 Phillipians 3:15–21 John 12:20–26 Wednesday March 27 Psalms 5; 147:1–11 Jeremiah 17:5–10, 14–17 (18) Phillipians 4:1–13 John 12:27–36

Thursday March 28 Maundy Thursday

Psalms 27; 147:12–20 Jeremiah 20:7–11 (12– 13) 14–18 1 Corinthians 10:14–17, 11:27–32 John 17:1–11 (12–26) Friday March 29 Good Friday

Psalms 22; 148 Genesis 22:1–14 1 Peter 1:10–20 John 13:36–38 or John 19:38–42 Saturday March 30 Psalms 43; 149 Job 19:21–27a Hebrews 4:1–16 Romans 8:1–11 Sunday March 31 Resurrection of the Lord/Easter

Psalms 93; 150 Exodous 12:1–14 John 1:1–18 or Isaiah 51:9–11 Luke 24:13–35 or John 20:19–23

Pine Street Life March 2013  

Pine Street Life March 2013 edition

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