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Volume 31, Issue 3

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March Dates at a Glance Mar 5 ����������������Snow Tubing


Mar 6 ������������ Bagels & Belief


Mar 9. ��������� Ash Wednesday Mar 11-13 �������������� Women’s Retreat


Mar 12 ����������Men’s Breakfast


Mar 13 ��������Lenten Breakfast


Mar 13 ���� Pine StreetWalkers


Wednesdays ���������� Noonhour

Recitals (p. 2)

Mar 25 ������������ Organ Recital

Tom Clark-Jones (p.6)

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March 1, 2011

A Lenten Journey with David, King of Israel The Rev. Dr. Russell Sullivan, Pastor

The story of Israel’s most significant king, David, occupies a wide swath of scripture. The stories are among my favorite. They are earthy and depict a man who struggles with himself and often fails in his call to be “a man after God’s own heart.” I can’t think of a better body of stories to guide us in our Lenten journey this year. The season of Lent is for us the season to remember our own vulnerable and frail humanity, our sinfulness and need for forgiveness. Lent calls us back to God and back to the spiritual realities of life. Lent invites us to die to sin and to be born into a new life. Each of the stories on which I have chosen to preach during Lent reflects this basic struggle to be what God wants us to be. Mind you, the David stories are not for the faint of heart; they reveal a real world of betrayal, violence, and the dodges and evasions of sin. But it is this world — and it is our world too — in which God plants his Cross.

And it is significant that it is stories that will occupy our focus in worship. As Eugene Peterson has said, the biblical way is not so much to present us with a moral code that tells us “Live up to this.” Nor is the Bible a system of doctrine that says, “Think this and Ash Wednesday you’ll live well.” Rather March 9, 2011 the biblical way is to tell a story and invite us: “Live into this — this is what it Services at looks like to be human in 12:10 & 7:30 p.m. this God-made and Godruled world; this is what is involved in becoming and maturing as a human being.” We distort the Bible when we use it to get what we want out of it. The stories instead call us to submit our lives to what we read and to see our stories as part of God’s story. So listen deeply to the stories of David, a fellow human, with gifts and yet flawed. Listen deeply in the Lenten journey to yourself and your life story, and be open to the new thing to which God is calling you. x

Let’s Show Them The Door by Rev. Alex Lang

On February 20th, I preached a sermon concerning a new initiative being undertaken by our congregation to revitalize the membership of our church. I challenged the people in the pews to actively reach out to their friends and neighbors who do not have a church home and attempt to shepherd them to Pine Street. To be more specific, I asked that every person in our congregation sign a covenant that states their intent over the next year to shepherd one person into considering membership at Pine Street. My hope is that, if we all focus on just one person each, we can see a real turnaround in the negative decline our church has been experiencing over the last several years and re-energize our congregation towards a positive future. (See Door on page 4)

Volume 31, Issue 3

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LENTEN NOONHOUR RECITALS Bagels and Belief Topics & Speakers March 6, 2011 What we believe about God’s Ultimate Purpose Rev. Russell Sullivan

April 3, 2011 What we believe about the Church Rev. Heather Sigler

May 2, 2011 What we believe about Evil Rev. Alex Lang

June 5, 2011 What we believe about Christianity and Other Religions Guest Presenter

Bagels & Belief meets in Fellowship Hall at 9:40 a.m.

By Tom Clark-Jones

Music at Pine Street is pleased to announce the schedule of artists to appear in the Lenten Noonhour Recital Series for 2011. This series has continued for more than 25 years, sharing the great music of Lent and Easter with sojourners in the downtown area each Wednesday in Lent at 12:10 p.m. We invite you to come in and join with us as much beautiful music is presented by talented artists from the Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania area. The recitals begin at 12:10 sharp and last 25 minutes. Following each recital, a lunch of soup and bread is served in McCormick Hall at a cost of $3.00. Soup is provided by Downtown Daily Bread and the proceeds from the lunch also go to DDB. We regret that we cannot provide free parking for this series, but the relatively inexpensive parking in the garage is well worth the price to come and hear this great music! Those presenting recitals this year include:

Trinity Lutheran Church, Camp Hill

March 23 Gary Garletts, Organist-Choirmaster Ardmore Presbyterian Church

An ation t i v n I To nts Pare

March 16 Timothy Koch, Cantor and Organist

March 30 Dr. Ronald Sider, Organist

Trinity Methodist Church, New Cumberland

April 6

Eric Riley, Music Director and Organist

April 13

Arnold Sten, Organist-Choirmaster

Market Square Presbyterian Church

Trindle Spring Lutheran Church, Mechanicsburg

Session Notes for February Pine Street willl once again host the Interfaith Commonwealth Service on May 2, 2011. Approved a request from the Kitchen Committee, to permit the Committee to hold “A Christmas Cookie Bazaar” in early December, to raise extra money specifically to supplement the needs/ upkeep of Pine Street’s kitchen. Approved a budget for 2011. Approved the recommendation of the Administration and Finance Committee, that a Task Force on Budget and Finance be appointed by the Pastor to propose solutions to the on-going problem of the congregation’s Operating Budget deficit.

We invite our own congregation to take advantage of this lovely series. The devotional aspect of Lent is emphasized in the programming, and it is a wonderful time to sit in the beauty of the church and contemplate the Passion Narrative. Also available at that time will be a prayer center which will be set up in the transept near the handicapped entrance. You might wish to come early and meditate, or stay after the Approved a new church logo recital to use this devotional aid. The building will remain for Pine Street. open as long as there are those using the prayer center. So, if you are in the downtown area, drop in … if you’re not, plan to come anyway. Lent is late this year and it is likely that there will be lovely weather as we enter spring! x

A Journey Through Lent Parents of students grades preschool through 5 are invited to join their children in Sunday school March 13 through April 24, 2011, from 9:55 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Students will take a journey through Lent and will focus on the Holy Week story. We hope that you will come and take this journey with your child. Please call Cheryl Goode at the church (238-9304) if you plan to join us.

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Pine Street Life

2011 — Good News and a Bright Future By Craig Kegerise, Chair Administration and Finance Committee

The Session of Pine Street Presbyterian Church has approved the operating budget for 2011. The best news about this approved budget is that it is a Pine Street Presbyterian Church balanced budget showing a small positive balance of $ 222.57 at Operating Budget 2011 the end of the year 2011. Due to the hard work of many committees and individuals, Budget % of the 2011 budgeted expenses are $ 12,696 less than the budget for Amount Budget 2010. The budget cuts that were made were done with prayerful Salaries and Benefits $566,749 64 % consideration and have brought the expense budget in line with Administrative Expenses $32,000 4% past actual expenses. Christian Education $25,107 3% Adding to the challenge of decreasing the budgeted expenses Congregational Life $10,850 1% is the decrease in pledged income. For 2011, the Pine Street Worship $25,500 3% Congregation has pledged to contribute $ 534,194. This is $32,369 less than pledged for 2010 and $ 10,009 less than Evangelism $22,500 3% actually received during 2010. It is imperative that we all meet Other Committees $3,300 <1 % our pledge for 2011 and if possible, increase our giving in support Mission $75,277 9% of the mission and programs here at Pine Street. In order that Building Operations $120,550 14 % our income and expenses be balanced, the Session has approved the use of $ 117,000 of undesignated giving to support the 2011 Total Expenses $881,833 100% budget. These funds have already been received as gifts to Pine Street. The Session has also approved the formation of a Task Force, appointed by Reverend Sullivan, to investigate our present budget structure and make potential changes to assure that the budget supports the mission and programs of Pine Street Presbyterian Church.

2010 Operating Budget Good news and Bad news 2010 was an economically challenging year for most organizations and people. Pine Street was no exception, but we do have many areas that we should be thankful to God for our blessings and the gifts He has given us. We finished the 2010 fiscal year with an operating deficit of $ 38,801.64. Although this may alarm some, according to national survey information, those churches that have operated within -10% of their budget are among the best. For Pine Street, this figure represents a -4.4% miss of the budget which would place us among the best of the best. Recall, the 2010 budget showed a budgeted deficit of $ 4,817 which places us within -3.8% of our budget. This is an admirable accomplishment. Also on the bright side, thanks to the diligence of our staff and committees, expenses for 2010 were $ 6,010.31 below our 2010 budget. We owe them all a big thank you. The major contributor in missing the 2010 budget was missing income. Our total income fell approximately $ 40,000 short of budget. Of that $40,000, missed pledges accounted for $ 22,360.09. Other areas where the expected income fell short were the facilities use income and investment income. Thanks to all who contributed to the financial success of Pine Street Presbyterian Church, its mission and its programs. Thanks to all our members and the grace of God, we are an alive and vibrant beacon in the community.

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Volume 31, Issue 3


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The first question that you might be thinking is, “Why? Why do we need to do this and why should God is the I sign this covenant?” If you have been in church for last couple of years, you know that we have been one who running major deficits in our budgets. The three most important factors that have contributed to these moves hearts deficits have been 1) a bad economy 2) the capital campaign coinciding with the bad economy 3) a decline toward in membership. Even though we have kept program expenses to a minimum, the fixed cost of paying for accepting personnel and building expenses is where the bulk of the budget resides. faith in This year is Jesus Christ. no different. LILIES ORDER FORM – 2011 It’s our To cover our responsibility budget and If you would like to purchase a lily that will be used for decorating the to show them maintain sanctuary for Easter, please complete the form below. the door. status quo, we It’s God’s are borrowing The form can be either mailed or put in the box in the Gathering Place along responsibility $117,000 with your check made payable to Pine Street Presbyterian Church (please from to move specify in the memo that this is for lilies). The cost of the lilies are $8.50 undesignated them each. Deadline for orders is April 17, 2011. funds to make through it. up for the amount that WORDING OF DEDICATION: was not pledged by members. This type of borrowing can only In Memory of continue for so long before our endowment is completely _____________________________________________________________ depleted and the church is forced to fire critical personnel. In Honor of In my opinion, the expulsion of critical personnel to cover _____________________________________________________________ budget deficits is the death knell for any mainline congregation. Given by Therefore, rather than ask the congregation for more money _____________________________________________________________ (something I think would only cause further attrition), we are asking for more people. If each Amount Enclosed*___________________ member of our congregation can bring in just one person, You are encouraged to take your plant following the 11:00 am worship service. then budget deficits will soon become a thing of the past and *Payment is due when order form is submitted. we’ll be on the right trajectory for once again becoming a Mailing address is: Pine Street Presbyterian Church, 310 N. 3rd Street, Harrisburg, thriving congregation. PA 17101 (See Thrive on next page)


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Pine Street Life

by Elaine Strokoff

DDB is in need of the following personal hygiene items: Men’s socks, deodorant, men’s underwear, disposable razors, shaving cream, Lysol spray. Call Chris at 238-4718 if questions. Thanks.

A client knocked on my office door a few weeks ago and presented me with a rose. “This is thanks.” he said. The next day Mike, the flower merchant on our street presented me with flowers. I want to give you these because everyone says you’re so nice to them.” The “everyone” referred to DDB clients who chat with Mike as they walk by his flower stand before or after lunch. Mike was thanking me for helping others, making a kind of “thank you chain.” Clients at Downtown Daily Bread are grateful to me for having their interests at heart; they are grateful to the cook for daily meals; they are grateful to the counselor for providing them with services; they are grateful to the volunteers for serving meals; and they are grateful to YOU. They know that everyone must work together to keep Downtown Daily Bread afloat. Sadly, you cannot hear the “thank you’s,” but, know they are abundant. Last week “Jim” stopped by to thank the counselor for helping him get into a drug and alcohol treatment program. He told her,” You saved my life. How can I ever repay you?” She answered, “By staying straight.” “Beverly” came by to thank us for protecting her from a domestic violence situation from which she fled with her 6 month old child. “Wayne” made a dramatic entry into the soup kitchen wearing a new sport coat to show us how good he looked. “This is the first coat I bought myself since you helped me get a job” he said. As we begin a new year, and soon a new season at Downtown Daily Bread, we want to say “thank you” for all of your support in 2010 and into 2011. Thanks to you who support us financially, as well as to those of you who give your time serving at the soup kitchen. The clients, the staff, and I thank you and wish you all the best as we move forward.


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The second question that you might be asking is, “How? How do I go about doing this once I sign the covenant?” The truth is evangelism of this nature scares many of us. It’s one thing to invite a friend for one Sunday or one event, but to invite that friend with the express intention of moving them in the direction of membership is something wholly different. Therefore, if you are willing to sign the covenant, I will be providing a seminar every other month where we can discuss ideas and methods for bringing your friend into the church. We want to equip you for ministry and we believe you are the best evangelists we have. Finally, I want to end with a little piece of theology that I hope will alleviate some of your anxiety over signing up to be part of this initiative. You can do everything right. You can say and do all the right things and that person might not choose to become a member. Why? Because being moved to membership is really in God’s hands, not ours. We believe in the Presbyterian Church that God is the one who moves hearts toward accepting faith in Jesus Christ. It’s our responsibility to show them the door. It’s God’s responsibility to move them through it. So I implore you to join this initiative and become part of an outreach that will change your life and the life of this church for years to come. x

Well it’s been a very productive month and a half: • I helped four men into D&A treatment centers; some of our clients went to The Stand Off for our homeless vets.

• All lockers are in use and we have 15 people on the waiting list. • I’ve done 32 intakes

• We average about 50 showers per week

• The Barton sisters will be here on Monday, January 31st to do hair cuts.

• I have been working with “Denise” and her 18 month old baby to find housing since the beginning of December. I had called Children and Youth, Shalom House, and CMU on her behalf and finally 4 days ago she got an apartment. She has had a lot of issues and no one really would work with her so she is very thankful for DDB.

• Right now I’m working with a couple of our men to help find work, and spending my (spare) time putting the intakes into the computer.

Volume 31, Issue 3

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News From Our Church Family

Rachel Bani was selected as first chair trombone in the PMEA Lower District 7 Band Festival held on February 11–12. Teddy Guenin recently participated in The Hague International Model United Nations conference in The Hague, Netherlands.

Christian Education for the Digital Generation The Carlisle Presbytery Education Committee is offering a workshop on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. at Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church. The workshop, titled Christian Education for the Digital Generation, will be presented by Rev. Dr. Donald Griggs a retired pastor and educator of the PC (USA) and author. Come explore the characteristics of the digital learner, and several educational models, with some helpful web links and resources. Cost of the event is $10.00 per person, not to exceed $50.00 per church. Registration forms are at the Welcome Center.

Veronica Bani has been cast as “Cinderella” in Lemoyne Middle School’s G2K production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Shows are at Lemoyne Middle School on April 8 & 9 at 7:30 p.m.

Snow Tubing at Ski Roundtop Round up the mittens and scarves — it’s time for Pine Street’s second annual snow tubing outing! The date is Saturday, March 5. Meet the gang at Round Top Mountain Resort in Lewisberry at 10 a.m. for two hours of exhilarating fun followed by lunch at Cheryl and John Goode’s home. All this for just $25 per person. (Kids ages two to five use the Kiddie Tubing area for $8.) Sign-ups have begun at the Welcome Center.

Lenten Breakfast Pine Street’s long-held tradition of observing the beginning of the Lenten season by gathering around the breakfast table continues on Sunday, March 13th at 9:40 a.m. This year the men of Pine Street will serve the annual breakfast. It will be followed by a devotional time to prepare us for the six weeks of prayer and reflection that follow. The cost is minimal: $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for ages four to twelve, and children under three are free. The Congregational Life Committee cordially invites all members of the Pine Street family to attend. Sign-up at the Welcome Center.

Benefit Recital for MAPS

Our Organist and Choirmaster, Tom Clark-Jones, will present his annual benefit concert for the Music at Pine Street (MAPS) series on Friday evening, March 25 at 7:30 p.m. All are cordially invited to hear some of the great organ literature played on the finest pipe organ in Central Pennsylvania. For the program this year, Tom has selected two works of J.S. Bach … the quintessential composer for the organ, in the Prelude in C minor and the Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C Major. A set of variations on the beloved hymn, O Sacred Head by Johann Pachelbel will round out the first half of the program. These variations show off all the magnificent tonal color possibilities of the instrument. The second half opens with César Franck’s Piece Heroique. Among organists, Franck’s works are considered second only to those of Bach himself. This stirring composition shows off the power and glory of the Romantic French influences in the organ. Also in this portion of the program are the lovely Prelude on the tune ‘Malabar’ by Chicago composer Leo Sowerby and a charming Scherzo by Belgian composer Flor Peeters. The evening ends with the Prelude and Fugue on the hymn Christ lag in Todesbanden, one of the great German Easter Chorales, set here by Twentieth Century composer Hermann Schroeder. You are cordially invited to partake of the musical feast. Admission will be free, and a free will offering will be taken for the benefit of the series. Free parking in the South Street Garage and child care will be provided.

Pine Street Life (USPS 574-510) is published monthly by Pine Street Presbyterian Church, 310 North Third Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101. Periodicals Postage paid at Harrisburg, PA 17105. Postmaster: Send address changes to Pine Street Life, Pine Street Presbyterian Church, 310 North Third Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101.


1:30 PM Stephen Ministry Supervision – Room 306

8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:30 AM Children's Choir Practice (Pre-K5 Grade) - Rm. 108 9:40 AM Church School - All Ages 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary 4:00 PM Youth Handbell Choir Bell Room 5:00 PM SYF – Fellowship Hall & Boyd

8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff Meeting



27 Third Sunday In Lent

22 8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff Meeting 7:00 PM Admin. & Finance Mtg. – Room 308


20 Second Sunday In Lent

8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff Meeting


8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:30 AM Children's Choir Practice (Pre-K5 Grade) - Rm. 108 9:40 AM Church School - All Ages 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary 4:00 PM Youth Handbell Choir Bell Room 5:00 PM SYF – Fellowship Hall & Boyd

14 6:30 PM Stephen Ministry Supervision – Room 306

13 First Sunday In Lent

Women’s Retreat – Camp Hebron 8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:40 AM Lenten Breakfast – Fellowship Hall 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary 4:00 PM Youth Handbell Choir Bell Room 5:00 PM SYF – Fellowship Hall & Boyd

8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff Meeting 7:00 PM Program Committee Meetings


8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:30 AM Children's Choir Practice (Pre-K5 Grade) - Rm. 108 9:40 AM Bagels & Belief – Fellowship Hall 9:40 AM Church School - All Ages 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary 12:30 PM Cremonesi meeting – Rev. Sullivan’s study 4:00 PM Youth Handbell Choir Bell Room 5:00 PM SYF – Fellowship Hall & Boyd

6 Transfiguration Sunday

8:45 AM Staff Worship 9:15 AM Staff Meeting 6:30 PM Joint Board Meeting


1:30 PM Stephen Ministry Supervision – Rev. Lang’s House


8:30 AM Worship - Sanctuary 9:30 AM Children's Choir Practice (Pre-K5 Grade) - Rm. 108 9:40 AM Adult Forum – Marjorie Thompson – Fellowship Hall 9:40 AM Church School - All Ages 11:00 AM Worship –Sanctuary 4:00 PM Youth Handbell Choir Bell Room 5:00 PM SYF – Fellowship Hall & Boyd






12:10 PM Lenten Noonhour Recital 12:35 PM Soup & Bread Lunch – Fellowship Hall 6:00 PM JYF - Boyd 6:00 PM KOALA 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir - Bell Room


12:10 PM Lenten Noonhour Recital 12:35 PM Soup & Bread Lunch – Fellowship Hall 6:00 PM JYF - Boyd 6:00 PM KOALA 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir - Bell Room


12:10 PM Lenten Noonhour Recital 12:35 PM Soup & Bread Lunch – Fellowship Hall 6:00 PM JYF - Boyd 6:00 PM KOALA 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir - Bell Room


12:10 PM Ash Wednesday Service - Sanctuary 6:00 PM JYF - Boyd 6:00 PM KOALA 7:30 Ash Wednesday Service - Sanctuary


6:00 PM JYF - Boyd 6:00 PM KOALA 7:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir - Bell Room


March, 2011 Thursday

6:30 PM Chamber Singers Rehearsal - Rm. 303 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Rehearsal - Rm. 303


6:30 PM Chamber Singers Rehearsal - Rm. 303 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Rehearsal - Rm. 303 7:30 PM Personnel Committee Mtg.- Rm. 308


6:30 PM Chamber Singers Rehearsal - Rm. 303 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Rehearsal - Rm. 303


10:00 AM Chancel Guild meeting – Fellowship Hall 6:30 PM Chamber Singers Rehearsal - Rm. 303 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Rehearsal - Rm. 303


6:30 PM Chamber Singers Rehearsal - Rm. 303 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Rehearsal - Rm. 303




7:30 PM MAPS Event – Organ Recital – Tom ClarkJones



Women’s Retreat – Camp Hebron







Women’s Retreat – Camp Hebron 8:00 AM Pine Street Men’s Breakfast – Fellowship Hall 9:00 AM Set-up for Lenten Breakfast 9:30 AM Kitchen Maintenance Cleaning 10:00 AM Shawl Ministry



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Pine Street Life

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Lectionary Readings for March Tuesday, March 1 Psalms 12, 146 Deuteronomy 4:15–24 Matthew 6:16–23 Wednesday, March 2 Psalms 96, 147:1–11 Deuteronomy 4:25–31 Matthew 6:24–34 Thursday, March 3 Psalms 116, 147:12–20 Deuteronomy 4:32–40 Matthew 7:1–12 Friday, March 4 Psalms 84, 148 Deuteronomy 5:1–22 Matthew 7:13–21 Saturday, March 5 Psalms 63, 149 Deuteronomy 5:22–33 Matthew 7:22–29 Sunday, March 6

Transfiguration of the Lord

Psalm 2 Exodus 24:12-18 2 Peter 1:16-21 Matthew 17:1-9

Monday, March 7 Psalms 5, 145 Deuteronomy 6:1–15 John 1:1–18

Tuesday, March 8 Psalms 42, 146 Deuteronomy 6:16–25 John 1:19–28 Wednesday, March 9 Ash Wednesday

Psalms 5, 147:1–11 Jonah 3:1—4:11 Luke 18:9–14

Thursday, March 10 Psalms 27, 147:12–20 Deuteronomy 7:6–11 John 1:29–34 Friday, March 11 Psalms 22, 148 Deuteronomy 7:12–16 John 1:35–42 Saturday, March 12 Psalms 43, 149 Deuteronomy 7:17–26 John 1:43–51 Sunday,March 13 1st Sunday in Lent

Psalms 32 Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7 Romans 5:12-19 Matthew 4:1-11

Monday, March 14 Psalms 119:73–80, 145 Deuteronomy 8:1–20 John 2:1–12

Monday, March 21 Psalms 119:73–80, 145 Jeremiah 1:11–19 John 4:27–42

Monday, March 28 Psalms 119:73–80, 145 Jeremiah 7:1–15 John 7:14–36

Tuesday, March 15 Psalms 34, 146 Deuteronomy 9:(1–3) 4–12 John 2:13–22

Tuesday, March 22 Psalms 34, 146 Jeremiah 2:1–13, 29–32 John 4:43–54

Tuesday, March 29 Psalms 34, 146 Jeremiah 7:21–34 John 7:37–52

Wednesday, March 16 Psalms 5, 147:1–11 Deuteronomy 9:13–21 John 2:23—3:15

Wednesday, March 23 Psalms 5, 147:1–11 Jeremiah 3:6–18 John 5:1–18

Wednesday, March 30 Psalms 5, 147:1–11 Jeremiah 8:4–7, 18—9:6 John 8:12–20

Thursday, March 17 Psalms 27, 147:12–20 Deuteronomy 9:23—10:5 John 3:16–21

Thursday, March 24 Psalms 27, 147:12–20 Jeremiah 4:9–10, 19–28 John 5:19–29

Thursday March 31 Psalms 27, 147:12–20 Jeremiah 10:11–24 John 8:21–32

Friday, March 18 Psalms 22, 148 Deuteronomy 10:12–22 John 3:22–36

Friday, March 25 Psalms 22, 148 Jeremiah 5:1–9 John 5:30–47

Saturday, March 19 Psalms 43, 149 Deuteronomy 11:18–28 John 4:1–26

Saturday, March 26 Psalms 43, 149 Jeremiah 5:20–31 John 7:1–13

Sunday, March 20 2nd Sunday in Lent

Psalms 121 Genesis 12:1-4a Romans 4:1-5, 13-17 John 3:1-17

Sunday, March 27 3rd Sunday in Lent

Psalms 95 Exodus 17:1-7 Romans 5:1-11 John 4:5-42

Pine Street Life - March 2011  

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Pine Street Life - March 2011  

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