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Brain Stew Issue 3, 2019-20

Editor Note:

I can only imagine the frustration of an academic when they search “Hermes” and the designed brand “Hermès” is the only result on Google Images. Unless Dan’s secret life is collecting designer handbags, then he knew to search “Hermes greek mythology” in Google.

We blocked out her Snapchat username so these thirsty ass men wouldn’t harass her. Sorry thirsty man whores.

This isn’t the first time an old bat was spotted in Villa North. Last semester, Nicole Gevers swore she saw Nancy lurking the hallways late at night. She was so scared that she shit herself. It was very embarrassing for Nicole.

On another side note, bats are crust as f**k and it would be super unfortunate if you were to get bit by one of them. One of two things will happen: 1.) you will get an infection or 2.) you will become an vampire. These are scientifically -proven facts. Just look at the Mayo Clinic’s website under the vampirism tab.

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Brain Stew, 2019-20, Issue 3  

Brain Stew, 2019-20, Issue 3