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X-Streamer™ Chick-Store

Optimal and animal-friendly storage of day-old chicks

Chick storage redefined

Chick storage times can vary considerably, from just a couple of hours to an overnight stay. During storage, sub-optimal ambient conditions - even for relatively short periods - can negatively affect chick quality, post-hatch performance and animal welfare. By holding chicks in a dedicated machine that optimises the storage conditions, you can maximise the potential of day-old chicks and minimise the losses.

The X-Streamer™ Chick-Store is specifically designed to automatically deliver the perfect chick holding environment, guaranteeing your valuable day-olds will retain outstanding quality and performance, and feel comfortable. Furthermore, the X-Streamer™ Chick-Store will offer you more flexibility in your logistics and full traceability of all important storage parameters.


Creating the perfect chick holding environment Even if new-born chicks are not cold-blooded animals, they are not completely warm-blooded either. They are ‘poikilothermic’, which means that the ambient temperature largely determines their metabolic rate and, therefore, heat production. Newly hatched chicks can only cope with very small variations in ambient conditions and are highly susceptible to thermal stress. In nature, the parent bird remains extremely attentive during this transition period. In poultry production on an industrial scale, new-born chicks are stored before being moved to the farm. Long storage times are often a reality and have a negative impact on chick conditions. However, relatively short periods of poor ambient conditions during storage can also be detrimental to their quality, post-hatch performance and well-being. Chicks that are kept too hot or too cold become stressed. If their body temperature rises above 40.5°C (105°F), they start panting, lose water (and weight) at a faster rate and grow slower. If their heat production becomes higher than their ‘maximum heat loss’, either in intensity (acute heat stress) or over long periods (chronic heat stress), they may die. The X-Streamer™ Chick-Store is specifically designed to create an optimised environment inspired by nature, to ensure that chicks arrive at the farm in perfect condition.

1. Precise temperature control Inside the X-Streamer™ Chick-Store, the temperature is controlled in a very precise way, creating the perfect, uniform ambient temperature for chick storage. In other words, the chicks are stored at the ideal temperature, which results in reduced mortality, better overall quality and outstanding performance in later life. At the same time, the completely controlled environment improves animal welfare, ensuring the well-being of the chicks.

2. Uniform airflow Another critical factor in storage, besides temperature, is airflow. The X-Streamer™ Chick-Store distributes air evenly over the rows of chick box trolleys and chick boxes inside the machine. Excessive humidity and CO₂ are removed through the air outlets. These ideal environmental conditions result in the uniform airflow for every batch size of chicks to guarantee excellent development.

Stronger, healthier chicks on arrival at the farm: f Optimal storage conditions in any climate and any size hatchery f Reduced chick mortality f Better overall chick quality and uniformity f Outstanding performance in later life f Enhanced animal welfare

3. Fully adjusted lighting The X-Streamer™ Chick-Store guarantees optimal lighting conditions. The soft illumination inside the machine has a calming effect on the new-born chicks, which helps them save precious energy. To prepare the chicks for dispatch, the lighting system enables a gradual change of the light intensity. This way, the chicks experience less stress when the doors are opened, as an abrupt change from a dark room to bright light is avoided.


Improving your operations in a variety of ways Chicks stored inside the X-Streamer™ Chick-Store are surrounded by the ideal storage conditions to ensure superior chick quality and performance. Yet, the machine also delivers other advantages that improve your hatchery operations in more than one way.

More flexible logistics f The tightly controlled and stable environment allows for a longer storage time, offering more flexibility in your logistics management f Both full-load and partial-load operation are possible, so you can easily adapt to any order size f Another advantage to simplify order management: the chicks are stored per batch

Automated process with full traceability of storage parameters f Specific storage programmes allow for automated fine-tuning of the storage parameters (i.e., temperature, COâ‚‚, humidity, ventilation) f Storage parameters are easily monitored thanks to the history analysis feature, which makes it possible to trace back and solve issues f Trolley positions are pre-defined, which simplifies the work for your operators

Space-saving, universal solution f The X-Streamer™ Chick-Store easily integrates into any existing hatchery, regardless of the brand of incubation equipment f Its small footprint helps you overcome space constraints f For greenfield projects, the reduced overall space needs can lower the overall land purchasing and construction costs considerably

Uncompromised biosecurity f Open structure without dirt traps for easy cleaning f Batch-specific chick storage to avoid mixing chicks from different breeder parents or different flock ages

Product characteristics: X-Streamer™ Chick-Store 12S f Capacity: Up to 60,000 chicks (depending on chick box capacity and chick box trolley dimensions) f Dimensions (W x L x H): 423.6 cm x 373.5 cm x 281.5 cm

X-Streamer™ Chick-Store 8S f Capacity: Up to 40,000 chicks (depending on chick box capacity and chick box trolley dimensions) f Dimensions (W x L x H): 341.4 cm x 373.5 cm x 281.5 cm 6|7

This is why X-Streamer™ Chick-Store makes all the difference for you!

f Stronger, healthier chicks f More flexible logistics f Automated process with full traceability of storage parameters f Space-saving, universal solution f Uncompromised biosecurity

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