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July - September 2016


Editorial Team: Nurul Ain Mohd Kassim Mohd Salleh Jetty Soraya Begum Humayra Md Naser Rafidah Rafid

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Pertapis Senior Citizens’ Fellowship Home Articles by Rafidah Rafid

(DML) Down Memory Lane Programme 20 September 2016

PSCFH took a trip down the memory lane on 20th September 2016, Tuesday, together with our staff and volunteers. It was indeed an ebullient journey as they reminisce the nostalgic moment at Kampong Glam Istana. We visited the Malay Heritage Centre, grounds of the ‘Istana’ (palace) which was a refuelling stop that made them feel valued and connected to the world. The ancient materials in the museum showcased, such as money, transportation, photographs and activities was a great recollection visit to the past for the seniors. One of our seniors vividly remembered about the location of her school at the Kampong Glam Istana area and shared her experiences. From the strict school regime to skipping school to help out her mother selling curry puffs were still fresh in her mind. Her smile creased from ear to ear as those memories are timeless treasures of the heart. As soon as the stomach rumbles, exquisite food was served in a royal dining setting at Mamanda ,73 Sultan Gate. Malay cuisine with a mixture of aromatic herbs, buds and roots, fruits and grains, shoots and stems, with a unique blend of spices and ingredients ignited the passion of our PSCFH food lovers in its purity. Such excellence has garnered the Malays their renowned reputation and dishes palatable to the tastes of all. Flavour of a heritage, a treasure of the people.


Nostalgic Sing-Along 24 May 2016 The most beautiful aspect of life is the exchange of intangible kind gesture out of compassion. La Familia Singapore team visited our humble home on the 30.09.2016 (Friday) despite their busy schedule to befriend and bring joy to our dear seniors. Simple kind gestures of their presence and singing along ‘Chan Mali Chan’ sessions galvanize their spirit and allow them to divert their loneliness to a sense of belonging and significance. They enjoyed the savoury ‘Kueh’ and fried chicken served to them with love. Tears streamed down on one of our senior’s sunken cheeks as soon as they bade farewell. It was a short yet meaningful interaction but the humanity compassion established touched each other souls. Indeed it was a beautiful moment that will be remembered. The smile creased on their faces and memories made will never be able to be replaced with anything else.



Pertapis Children’s Home

Articles by Humayra Md Naser


Annual get together with Masjid Haji Yusoff 6 August 2016 It was a morning full of fun and exciting activities. Volunteers from Haji Yusoff mosque taught kids traditional games such as five stones, congkak and guli. Kids also had a delicious time snacking on traditional snacks like kacang putih and cooling themselves down with ‘air batu’. Thank You Masjid Haji Yusoff for organizing a fun-filled day for the kids!

Informal Visit by Minister Tan Chuan-Jin 20 August 2016 Our heartiest thanks to Minister Tan Chuan-Jin for the surprise visit. Kids were all excited to meet Minister Tan. Minister Tan engaged in a ‘share and tell’ session with the kids. It was a certainly a heartwarming experience for these kids!




Family Day Carnival Organized by Singapore Pakistani Association 20 August 2016 It was a day filled with exciting games and prizes. Kids had fun playing soccer, ‘tug-ofwar’ and even doing henna and face painting. We are grateful to Singapore Pakistani Association for organizing this family bazaar in commemoration of Singapore’s National Day and Pakistan’s Independence Day. Not only were there games and delicious food, kids also won medals and trophies for the sports they participated in.

Bulan Bahasa at National Museum of Singapore 3 September 2016 Pertapis Youth Cultural Wing celebrates the launch of The Rising Star Project II. Kids practiced hard to showcase their amazing talents in the performing arts. All their efforts paid off in the spectacular performance they put up. Our girls were graceful dancers while our boys never missed a beat in their kompang performance. It was truly a night to be proud of!


PSLE Booster 6 September 2016 Our warmest thanks and gratitude to the trainers from a renowed learning centre for voluntarily providing our PSLE kids one last boost before they sit for their PSLE examination. Techniques and strategies to cope with PSLE were shared. Kids left the session extremely motivated and confident in their abilities. Many shared on how motivated they felt to continue persevering for their PSLE examinations.

A day at Universal Studios Singapore 7 September 2016 Kids enjoyed themselves immensely, taking rides after rides. All of them expressed their gratitude to our regular donor, Mr Robert Kheng for sponsoring their entry into USS. Kids shared their excitement and their joy while trying out the various rides available. It was an amazing day for these kids, one that will be etched in their memories forever.




Carnival at Bishan CC by Food from the Heart and Property Guru 11 September 2016 A million thanks to Food from the Heart and Property Guru for organizing an entertaining carnival for our dear kids. Kids had a splendid time playing the games such as tossing the ring, feeding the clown and snacking on sweets and candy floss. Not only that, our kids won prizes for participating in the various games available. Our September babies also celebrated their birthdays and received gifts from our generous sponsors!

The Rising Star Project Grand Finale 24 September 2016 Finally, the time has come for TRSP’s grand finale. Our kids have embarked on this amazing journey since the beginning of the year and they have successfully delivered an aweinspiring performance. Pertapis is truly proud of these kids for not only persevering but also excelling in this project. It was great opportunity for our kids to showcase their talents and their leadership skills to all. Not only was their performance excellent, some of our kids even won best progress awards and best leader award. It is truly a heart-warming sight to see the happy smiles on their faces as they received their awards.


Pertapis Women & Girls

Centre For

Articles by Nashiedatul Umairah Abdul Aziz


SAF Veteran Show 16 July 2016 The youths of PCWG, representing the PERTAPIS Youth Cultural Wing – Martial Arts Group, “Gerak Bayangan” was specially invited to perform at the SAF Veterans’ League Hari Raya Celebrations. 6 youths performed a Malay Cultural dance with much passion and grace. The SAF Veterans League showed their delight with the performance through their cheers and applauses. The SAF Veterans’ League also presented PCWG with a token of appreciation for the performance.


PCWG Hari Raya 30 July 2016 Staffs, residents and their families celebrated Hari Raya this year at the Centre with much festivity and splendour. This year, our mentors from Beautiful People also joined in the celebrations, adding to the colour and celebrations. There were performances by residents, collaborations between residents and their mentors as well as games and activities. Some of the games included best dressed competition, identify the spices and rendering their own script to a short film clip. Parents and residents who sportingly displayed their talent and creativity, walked away with exciting gift hampers. There was a special segment where residents, staff and their families sought forgiveness with one another at the end of the event. The purpose was to teach the young the values of seeking forgiveness and respect. It also teaches humility and represents a way to mend and build ties. The celebrations continued with a buffet that included everyone’s favourite Hari Raya spread of lontong, rendang and much more! The ambience was relaxed, celebratory and only happy chatter was heard. Some residents and their families took turns to croon their favourite hits on karaoke, whilst staff mingled with the residents and their families, each enjoying the other’s company.


Heartstrings 31 July 2016 Several of our youths participated in the annual Community Chest Heartstrings Walk at the Marina Bay Sands, along with the other PERTAPIS homes. Braving the heat, our youths walked a distance of 5km. The youths were given treats and goody packs filled with snacks and drinks. They also had opportunities to participate in other heart healthy, rugged activities such as rock-climbing. Although tiring, they found the event fulfilling.

Bulan Bahasa 3 September 2016 Under the PERTAPIS Youth Cultural Wing, The Rising Star Project 2016 Programme, 30 of our residents were invited to perform Dikir Barat, and Malay dance, at Gardens by the Bay as part of Bulan Bahasa celebrations. The performance was graced by Minister Mdm Rahayu Mahzam. Their performance was also featured on Channel News Asia.


USS Outing 7 September 2016 A group of 17 youths were sponsored to go to the Universal Studios Singapore during the September holidays. They were ecstatic and enthusiastic throughout the entire day spent there! Despite having to queue for the rides in the blazing heat, there was not a grumpy soul with each eagerly awaiting their turns. Adventurous thrill-seekers, the girls reported that they had a blast on the rollercoasters and were especially glad that they got to experience it with their peers. They cannot wait for the next trip!

Entrepeneurship 8 - 9 September 2016 A team of 5 youths attended the third and final round of an entrepreneurship course. During this round, they had to come up with an invention that could benefit the community. The invention would then be turned into a 3D prototype. The team produced a recording device that also acts as a pen. The creation was targeted at the older generation who may have difficulties remembering things. Nine groups competed and our team at PCWG won the 3rd prize, which is no mean feat. To add cream to the cake, 2 of our youths won the Most Improved Presenter award. The girls were proud of their achievement and shared that it had taught them that with hard work, perseverance, some creativity and team effort, any dream is achievable.


OCBC Birthday Celebration 8 September 2016 Our partners from Food from the Heart organised their monthly birthday celebrations for the September babies of PCWG. OCBC who kindly sponsored this event, brought some of their personnel over to conduct games and other fun activities in the Centre. In keeping with the current Pokemon hype and the lantern festival, the residents decorated lanterns to turn into their favourite Pokemons. At the end of the activities, a huge cake was presented. There was a cake cutting ceremony with much merry making and gifts were also presented to the September babies, much to their delight!


The Rising Star Project Graduation 24 September 2016 To mark the completion of TRSP 2016, a programme in its 2nd year running, a graduation ceremony, showcasing the talents of its graduating students, was organised. It was held at ‘The Black Box’ at Taman Warisan (the Malay Heritage Centre). There were varied performances which included dikir barat, drama, solo performances and dances. The performers made up of our youths from PCWG and PCH, had trained hard all year long to deliver performances that received outstanding support and accolade. It was indeed a proud moment for the performers and their trainers to see the beaming faces of family members, friends and staff applauding in the audience. The event, which was graced by MP Mdm Rahayu Mahzam and MP Mr Zaqy Mohd, MP for Jurong GRC was featured in the Berita Harian.

16 PHH

Pertapis Halfway House

Articles by Muhd Sufian Md Salim

PHH 17

The third quarter brings joy to both staff and residents of Pertapis Halfway House as we achieved the half year milestone and looks forward to embark into the last quarter towards the end of the year.

PHH NSU Programme Saturday Workout Our PHH NSU programmes were in full swing beginning with the Saturday workouts. The residence enjoyed the morning with healthy lifestyle activities such as brisk walking and stretch out sessions

Visit by Master Social Work Students Mr Karim, Head of SANA and Master of Social Work student leader paid a visit to PHH with his classmates to understand the home and its services better.

Heartstrings Walk Our residents from the Halfway House contributed in the Heartstrings Walk by volunteering to walk with residents from our other Welfare Homes especially assisting to push the wheelchair of residents from our Senior Citizens Fellowship Home. Their effort and commitment were noted and praised by DPM and other senior ministers during the walk.

18 PHH

DBS River Regatta Expanding our PHH services for rehabilitation through Sports in our NSU programme, residents were sponsored by Singapore Dragon Boat for try outs. Our residents had a great day and form a team to train for competitions in October and November. Do look forward to check out next quarter for the progress of our PHH Rookies Dragon Boat Team in the International DBS River Regatta.

GIFC Team Support August was an intensive session for our GIFC team and our guys were there to give them the support that our Eagles duly deserved.

Yellow Ribbon Run It was the first year that PERTAPIS Halfway House ran in the Yellow Ribbon Run but it was not unnoticed as we completed the run for a good cause as a solid unit supporting every single one of our runners to complete the run together.

PHH 19

Corporate Community Labs Role Model PERTAPIS Halfway House & IBM were highlighted as a role model for Corporate Community Labs for the successful collaboration where both volunteers and beneficiaries came together to learn and benefitted from one another. We were proud to be made elected as a role model and presented with a token by Mayor and Minister, Dr Maliki Osman.

HSM Service Model Family Sessions In line with our HSM service model and Strategic planning 2016, every batch of resident families attends family sessions to better understand and work with PHH on the rehabilitation of their loved ones.

Fire Fighting & First Aid Training Staff from PHH also attended Fire Fighting and First Aid trainings from SCDF.

Helping Out During Korban The Residents and volunteers worked together in the Korban Event which enhances the community spirit among our residents.

PHH continues to look forward to report our last quarter with more exciting news.

20 TAJ

Pertapis TAJ Community Articles by Project Syahir Iskandar

Sentosa Gives 5 September 2016 The Resorts World Sentosa invited our children to spend a day during the September School holidays at Sentosa for free! We invited their parents along as well as the whole day was spent with wonderful hospitality from the Sentosa staff as we romped through Sentosa! From performances to the Tiger Sky Tower, to the Merlion to the Cable Cars before ending the day off with the Megabounce trampolines, tremendous fun was had in Sentosa! Thank you for inviting us!

TAJ 21

Republic Polytechnic Dreamspiration 24 September 2016 This year, children from from various organisations were invited to attend Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) annual Dreamspiration event at their campus. We were fortunate to be part of this event too! The event was aimed at providing children at the event with exposure to the various career options that they may strive for, other than the usual Policeman, Firefighter or Doctor that children are usually first to pop up in our ideas of careers as a kid! The children got to experience first hand some of the courses they could strive for in RP and were even provided lunch so they could enjoy the day with a full stomach! Thank you RP!

22 Major

Pertapis Major Events

Articles by Syahir Iskandar

Major 23

Perjumpaan Hari Raya & Signing of MOU with Singa Charity Medical 23 July 2016

Guests came to support us while celebrating Hari Raya with a grand dinner and a flurry of stars and stage performances. The event was hosted by Moe Vibes and graced by Guest of Honour, Mr Gan Kim Yong Minister for Health and MP of Choa Chu Kang GRC. Amidst the entertaining night, a solemn signing of MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) was held between Pertapis and Singa Charity Medical to provide our beneficiaries and their families with heavily subsidised but quality halal-certified medical treatments in SIngapore. Thank you for showing us your support with your attendance!

24 Major

Pertapis Korban Meat Distribution 17 September 2016 The annual Korban Meat Distribution was done at Pertapis Halfway House on 17 September 2016. With the help of our supporters who opted to have the Korban done with us, we managed to distribute 600kg of meat to our needy recipients. Our Guest-of-Honour, Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, and MP for Tampines GRC, was there to help distribute additional rations and alms on top of the meat that we collected.

26 TAJ

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Events and happenings in PERTAPIS from July to September 2016

Pertapis E-Newsletter July - September 2016  

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