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“A marvellously exciting venture, bringing together the worlds of experimentalism and performance, always looking for new ways to present the spoken and written word in a time of artistic flux. The mainstream will, in the future, be redefined and enriched by companies like Penned in the Margins.� ian mcmillan, poet 3

& broadcaster

Welcome I am occasionally asked to give my opinion on the future of the book: that handy container of wood pulp, thread, ink and glue that has been igniting the human imagination since the second century ad. For those hunkered down in the trenches of the publishing industry, this question provokes strong passions. For some, the developments of the last fifteen years — from the collapse of the Net Book Agreement and the emergence of Amazon to the rise of e-reading and self-publishing — are all causes of the book’s tragic demise. For others, it could not come soon enough, heralding a new, dynamic age of creativity, liberated from tired models of production and dissemination. As an artisan publisher, Penned in the Margins finds itself somewhere in the middle. Technological advances from digital printing to social networking have enabled us to overleap (or squeeze underneath) barriers to entry. The precarious, partial transition from print to digital underpins our ability to make new work and, crucially, find audiences for it. On the other hand, I still obsess over end-papers, kerning and errant commas. The arrival of a new shipment of books to the office heralds much exited poring over what some consider an outdated, fetishised object.

Now, though, these divided loyalties appear more like two faces of a common impulse: to push the limits of language, test new ideas, and explore alternative stories. Book or play, pen or voice: these are the media we employ - and whilst content is always shaped by form, we must never let the vehicle dictate the direction of travel nor the scope of the creative mind.


Photography by Kerry Hagan

But it’s at a more fundamental “I still obsess over end-papers, level that I respond to the question of the book’s future. For alongside kerning and errant commas” publishing, Penned in the Margins is a producer of live events, from literary salons to touring theatre, from the site-specific to the spoken word. I used to think of this arrangement as a kind of productive schizophrenia, with one foot in public performance and the other in the private sphere of the book.


Productions >>

>> It seems to me that the book remains a powerful and resilient medium, but one of many that now demand our attention. A book may also be a performance, and a performance a kind of reading. It is the gaps between and the points of intersection that most interest me. Look beyond the medium, and in this year’s programme you will discover messages of protest from austerity Greece, a radical feminist satire and conversations with the Sun. From fainting schoolgirls to soldiers of fortune; from London’s East End to the frozen Svalbard archipelago... I hope our programme excites, delights, baffles and provokes. If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line on or Twitter @PennedintheM tom chivers director


Photography by Field & McGlynn


SCHLO C K! Written & performed by Hannah Silva

“A whip-smart but irresistibly seductive tour de force� chris goode

Schlock! is a feminist satire for the cut and paste generation. In the grand tradition of literary terrorism, Hannah has ripped up her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and now, surrounded by crumpled pages, she attempts to put the female body back together. Join them on a journey through texts and voices pregnant with pain, pleasure, mothers and babies, domination and submission. In a performance as strange as it is beautiful, we discover there are no safe words. Sat 21 March Live Theatre, Newcastle Wed 23 September Norwich Arts Centre Wed 21 October The House, Plymouth Tue 27 October Unity Theatre, Liverpool 27 Oct - 1 Nov Literature Live! Mumbai, India More dates to be announced - check




Lucy Ribchester. Photography by Kuba Kolinski


LOND ON QUA R T E R LY An exciting new literary salon arrives in the capital in 2015, offering Londoners the opportunity to hear their favourite writers and be part of a growing trend in book readings with a difference. London Quarterly will feature celebrated novelists, cult poets and rising stars of the spoken word scene in four beautifully curated evenings, starting in April. Tue 14 April Iain Sinclair, Heather Phillipson, Chimene Suleyman & Tom Bolton Tue 16 June Helen Macdonald, Rachel Lichtenstein, May-Lan Tan & Tim Clare Tue 15 September Luke Kennard, Kei Miller, Antosh Wojcik & Eley Williams Tue 17 November Michael Symmons Roberts, Joe Dunthorne, Lucy Ribchester & Inua Ellams

Time 7pm Tickets ÂŁ8 online / 10 on the door Venue The Forge, 3-7 Delancey Street, London NW1 7NL Camden Town, Mornington Crescent




Photography by Josh Redman


SUN SP O T S Written & performed by Simon Barraclough Music by Simon Barraclough & Oliver Barrett Film by Jack Wake-Walker

“Barraclough illuminates solar science with a poet’s gaze” dr marek kukula , royal observatory greenwich

Sunspots is a poetic, musical and visual journey from the birth of the Sun, through its long and eventful life, towards its ultimate death. Simon Barraclough (poet in residence, Mullard Space Science Laboratory) is your guide on a journey that mixes fact, fiction, humour and joy. This hour-long show fuses words, film and songs that vary in style from infectiously poppy to broodingly intense to create an exciting and moving experience that reinvigorates our neighbourhood star. Sat 6 July Keats House, London Thu 8 October South Street Arts Centre, Reading Fri 9 October Martin Harris Centre, Manchester Wed 28 October York St John University Fri 6 November Humber Mouth Literature Festival, Hull Mon 23 November Folkestone Book Festival Mon 7 December Kings Place, London Tue 26 January 2016 Lakeside, Nottingham




Photography by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky


DAGES TA N ( S c r at c h showing) Written by SJ Fowler Dagestan is a place we go to fight for money. A place where we are paid to be filmed, and perhaps be killed. Dagestan is an thrilling new play by poet and martial artist SJ Fowler, set in the shadowy world of global security. Enter the minds of military contractors to uncover a culture of violence, gallows humour and moral uncertainty. Dates Fri 16 & Sat 17 October Times 2.30pm (Sat only), 7.30pm Tickets ÂŁ7/ÂŁ5 Venue Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA Shoreditch High Street





THE EVP S E S S IO N S Co-produced with Mercy

“Mind boggling” “Perplexingly good” “An extraordinary language event & multimedia spectacle” audience tweets

Experimental arts and new media platform Electronic Voice Phenomena returns in 2015-16 for a series of electrifying nights in London and Liverpool, featuring the very best in spoken word, performance, music and technology. >

Dates 12 November | January & March 2016 tba Venue The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BX Dates 14 November | January & March 2016 tba Venue Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT Old Street, Shoreditch High Street




2015 Calendar 9 January

Oxford Playhouse (BT Studio)

The Shipwrecked House

22 January

London Toynbee Studios

Writing the Cities

6 March

St Andrews StAnza Festival

The Shipwrecked House

21 March

Newcastle Live Theatre


14 April

London The Forge

London Quarterly

14-16 April

London Olympia

30 April

London Royal Observatory

London Book Fair (Stand 3A72a)

Launch: Sunspots

1 June London Waterstones, Piccadilly Launch: The Good Dark & The Lost Art of Sinking 6 June

London Keats House


16 June

London The Forge

London Quarterly

15 September

London The Forge

London Quarterly

23 September

Norwich Arts Centre


26 September

London Conway Hall

Poetry Book Fair

8 October

Reading South Street


9 October

Manchester MHC


16-17 October

London Rich Mix

Dagestan (Scratch)

21 October

Plymouth The House


27 October

Liverpool Unity Theatre


28 October

York St John University


29 Oct-1 Nov

Mumbai, India Literature Live! Schlock!

6 November

Hull Humber Mouth Festival


13 November

Liverpool The Bluecoat

The EVP Sesssions

14 November

London Shoreditch Town Hall

The EVP Sesssions

17 November

London The Forge

London Quarterly

23 November

Folkestone Book Festival


7 December

London Kings Place


† Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama


Looking ahead to 2016 26 January

Nottingham Lakeside


Jan & Mar tba Liverpool The Bluecoat

The EVP Sesssions

Jan & Mar tba London Shoreditch Town Hall

The EVP Sesssions

other events featuring our authors 15 March

London Queen Elizabeth Hall

Melissa Lee-Houghton

2-3 May

London Wellcome Collection

James Wilkes

3 May

Cheltenham Poetry Festival

Claire TrĂŠvien

15 May

London British Library

Tim Wells

31 May

Hay-on-Wye Hay Festival

SJ Fowler

12-13 June

Birmingham Grand Union

Honor Gavin

3 July

Ledbury Poetry Festival

Chris McCabe Hannah Silva, Luke Wright & Ross Sutherland

21 August

Edinburgh Book Festival

Ryan Van Winkle

24 August

Edinburgh Book Festival

Luke Wright

Hannah Silva, Schlock! Photography by Field & McGlynn

16-19 July Suffolk Latitude Festival


The Sun woke me this morning with a swift kick to the door, its rays full with a breakfast tray rattling with silverware, orange juice and sunny-sides-up, and crisped toast slathered with butter fattened on all that grass, saying, “Hey! Budge up, let me slide in alongside, it’s a whiteout outside, the schools are closed, the roads are glazed in bottle-ice, no-one’s going anywhere today.” simon barraclough, sunspots


Publications >> April - December 2015


APRIL 2015


SIMON BARRACLOUGH The Sun is our neighbourhood star, igniting the imagination and setting the template for divinity. But in reality, it is crawling with sunspots of differing shapes, sizes, and power. Simon Barraclough (poet in residence at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory) is your guide to the Sun in this ambitious and energetic new collection, fusing science and literature, channelling Shakespeare, Byron, Nabokov and more. Is the Sun a god, a man, a woman, or simply a giant ball of hydrogen? Why does it tell fibs about its favourite painters? Is the Sun afraid of dying? Does it get depressed? And what does it really think about us, and the solar system it is bound to care for? In Sunspots fact, fiction, horror, humour and joy are condensed into a powerful meditation on the star that gives us life.

“Barraclough illuminates solar science with a poet’s gaze” dr marek kukula royal observatory greenwich

Photography by Josh Redman

A BO U T T HE A U T HO R Simon Barraclough is originally from Yorkshire and has lived in London since 1997. His debut collection, Los Alamos Mon Amour was a Forward Prize finalist in 2008. He has contributed regularly to BBC Radio’s The Verb and The Film Programme, as well as to The Long View. In 2014, Simon was writer in residence at UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory in Surrey. He is very excited about our neighbourhood star.

RRP £12.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058263 FORMAT Hardback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 112pp



PUBLICATIONS April - December 2015

MAY 2015


The Good Dark is the place we go to remember. The Good Dark is the place we go to take account. In his atmospheric second collection, Ryan Van Winkle charts what is found when love is lost. A lyric voice that is both familiar and strangely different leads us through the shifting forests of memory and towards a grim acknowledgement of the need to get up, to be careful, to move. The Good Dark includes poems from Van Winkle’s acclaimed one-on-one poetry performance Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel (Edinburgh Fringe 2012) and cements his reputation as one of the most evocative poets writing today.

“Intimate and haunting” lyn gardner , the guardian

Photography by Chris Scott

on red , like our room used to feel

A BO U T T HE A U T HO R Ryan Van Winkle was born in New Haven, Connecticut. His debut collection, Tomorrow, We Will Live Here, was published by Salt in 2010. His poems have appeared in The American Poetry Review and Scotland on Sunday. He has performed the poetry/theatre show Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel at Battersea Arts Centre, London Literature Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He was awarded a Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship in 2012. He lives in Edinburgh. RRP £9.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058287 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 80pp

PUBLICATIONS April - December 2015



JUNE 2015


Some call it the Fainting Game, others Indian Headrush - but it’s all the rage amongst the girls of Class 2B. “It makes you go all rushy. You feel like you’re falling into a dream.” This is the story of Esther, who lives in the Pennines with her father. Esther is obsessed with experimenting with different ways to pass out: from snorting Daz powder at school to autoasphyxiation in a serviced apartment in London. But what happens when you take something too far? And what has Esther’s mother, a beautiful dancer wasting away in her bedroom, to do with it all? The Lost Art of Sinking is a dark comedy about losing yourself. Sensual, funny and exquisitely written, this bold novella introduces a fresh literary voice.

“Beautifully written, funny, mischievous and touching” nicholas royle

“A mysterious and otherworldly piece of writing” jenn ashworth

A BO U T T HE A U T HO R Naomi Booth grew up in West Yorkshire. Her short fiction has been published as part of Myriad Editions’ Quick Fictions series and her first novella was shortlisted for the MMU Novella award in 2014. Her critical work has been published in New Formations and Textual Practice, and she is currently working on a monograph about swooning. Naomi lives in York and is a Lecturer in Literature and Creative Writing. RRP £12.99 GENRE Fiction (FA) ISBN 978-1908058294 FORMAT Hardback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 112pp



PUBLICATIONS April - December 2015



“A poet of wit and brilliance” the guardian

“London poetry landmark” the times

Photography by Steven Friel

A BOUT T HE A U T HO R Tim Wells has cultivated a laugh that’s more like a caress. He walks properly. He does not slouch, shuffle or stumble about. He knows that wide, floating trousers are only good for wearing on a veranda with a cocktail in your hand.

RRP £9.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058218 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 80pp

PUBLICATIONS April - December 2015





In The Story of No Emma Hammond delivers an experimental lyric that is wild, weird and full of the errata of modern life. Her poems reappropriate the language of brands, pornography and instant messaging, and argue for Carry On films and Wotsits as the true subjects of poetry. The shifts of register and voice alone range from the breathtaking to the disconcerting in what promises to be a much talkedabout second collection.

“Wild and unsettling but also cool and convincingly modern. Emma Hammond is the real thing.” hugo williams

RRP £9.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058300 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 64pp



TIM CRESSWELL Fence is an epic of fragments that is at once beautiful and beautifully strange. In his exploration of the vast, frozen Svalbard islands, poet and geographer Tim Cresswell has created a kind of travel poetry whose taut, minimalist lyric synthesises subjects as diverse as history, politics and Arctic ecology. Echoing the mournful atmospherics of the great Anglo-Saxon elegies, this book-length poem is a powerful meditation on places that are slipping away, where ‘compass gone haywire / so north’.

“Tim Cresswell’s poems unsettle ... A distinctive, important new voice” jo shapcott

RRP £9.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058317 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 64pp



PUBLICATIONS April - December 2015

the whale is a sea beast of a huge bigness tim cresswell, fence

PUBLICATIONS April - December 2015



Photography by Flickr user Joanna (14334763@N05)



PO ETRY OF T H E G RE E K CR IS IS THEODOROS CHIOTIS (EDITOR) Dispossession features some of the most daring new voices in Greek poetry, together with international poets with Greek connections. These bold, empassioned and critically aware texts stake new poetic and political ground: they articulate what it means to live in a time when capitalism is buckling under its own weight and new ways of living and thinking seem to be emerging. In a time of crisis, Dispossession calls for solidarity, resistance and poetry as a political paradigm. AB O U T T HE A U T HO R Theodoros Chiotis is a poet and literary theorist. His work has appeared in magazines and anthologies in Greece, the UK, the US, Sweden, Croatia and Australia. He is Project Manager at the Cavafy Archive (Onassis Foundation) and a DPhil candidate in the Department of Modern Greek at the University of Oxford. He lives in Athens.

RRP ÂŁ10.99 GENRE Poetry anthologies (DCQ) ISBN 978-1908058249 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 200pp 18


PUBLICATIONS April - December 2015


FOR GIVE T HE L A N G UAG E ESS AYS ON P O E T S A N D P O ET RY KATY EVANS-BUSH Happiness, typewriters and the ethics of plagiarism are just three of the subjects under the spotlight in this stimulating book of essays by prolific literary blogger Katy Evans-Bush. Re-evaluations of Ted Hughes and Dylan Thomas jostle alongside a personal recollection of Michael Donaghy, reviews of Wendy Cope, Ian Duhig and Dorothy Molloy, a search for forgotten war poet Eloise Robinson, and practical guides for writers. Evans-Bush combines the intellectual scholarship of the literary critic with the dynamism of a seasoned traveller in the blogosphere. The result is essential reading for anyone interested in poetry and culture from the turn of the twentieth century to today.

“Sharp, wry ... wears its considerable erudition lightly.” time out

“An incredibly astute, accessible and stylish critic. Poetry for her is not some arcane pursuit. It is a way of thinking and being in the world. I love her work.” suzanne moore

A BO U T T HE A U T HO R Katy Evans-Bush was born in New York. Her publications are Me and the Dead (2008, Salt), Egg Printing Explained (2011, Salt) and Oscar & Henry (2010, Rack Press). Her essays and reviews are published widely; for three years she wrote the digital life column in MsLexia magazine. Her blog Baroque in Hackney was shortlisted for the George Orwell Prize for political writing, and features regularly on top ten lists. She lives in Stoke Newington, surrounded by books, typewriters and guinea pigs. RRP £10.99 GENRE Literary studies: poets and poetry (DSC) ISBN 978-1908058324 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 200pp

PUBLICATIONS April - December 2015



Selected backlist >> 20




In his most daring collection to date, Chris McCabe delves into the shadowy recesses of London history, bringing forth unsettling anachronisms and revealing the city as a perilous place to exist. Taking its name from the term for a female spy, Speculatrix is at once the voyeur and the observed. Fame and death are McCabe’s subjects, sifted and strained through his poems’ urgent rhythms. At the heart of the book, a sequence of wild, neurotic sonnets tears at the corpus of Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre to conjure a visceral landscape of decay and financial collapse.

“McCabe’s blazing, breakthrough fourth collection explores the sleepless metropolis by Jacobean torchlight ... Breathtaking verse” jeremy noel - tod , the sunday times “One of the most original contributions to British poetry in quite some time” dai george , ambit A B O U T T HE A U T HO R Chris McCabe was born in Liverpool in 1977. His three previous poetry collections are The Hutton Inquiry, Zeppelins and THE RESTRUCTURE. His creative non-fiction book In the Catacombs: A Summer Among the Dead Poets of West Norwood Cemetery was published in 2014. He works as the Poetry Librarian at the Poetry Library and teaches for the Poetry School. RRP £9.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058256 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 80pp



PUBLICATIONS Selected backlist



Sarah Hesketh spent 20 weeks visiting a care home for people with dementia. The result is a book of poems and interviews that takes the reader on an enriching journey through memory and imagination.

“A despatch from the social care frontline ... extends the boundaries of poetic investigation into a subject that is likely to affect nearly every one of us” greg freeman , write out loud RRP £9.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058225 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 87pp



Midland tells the stories of three women as they fight to find their feet amidst the accumulated rubble of the 20th century: from the bombsites of the 1940s to the construction sites of the 1960s and the school halls and decaying tower blocks of the 1980s.

“Here’s to the Great Birmingham Novel” gary perry

assistant head of fiction , foyle ’ s

RRP £9.99 GENRE Fiction (FA) ISBN 978-1908058232 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 320pp

PUBLICATIONS Selected backlist





TOM CHIVERS (EDITOR) Celebrate the first decade of Penned in the Margins, one of the UK’s most exciting independent literary publishers, with Marginalia: bringing together over seventy-five of the very best poems and texts carefully selected by editor Tom Chivers.

“An exciting reflection of current British poetry” poetry book society bulletin

RRP £9.99 GENRE Poetry anthologies (DCQ) ISBN 978-1908058201 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 120pp

JULY 2014

IN T HE C ATA C O M B S A SU M M E R AM O N G T HE DE A D P O E T S OF W E S T N O RWO O D C E ME T E RY CHRIS MCCABE Join Chris McCabe on the hunt for a great lost poet, as he walks the winding Gothic paths of West Norwood Cemetery and makes an unexpected discovery underground in the catacombs.

“Thick with research ... beautiful prose and a poetic heart” londonist . com RRP £12.99 GENRE Non-fiction (DN) ISBN 978-1908058195 FORMAT Hardback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 256pp



PUBLICATIONS Selected backlist

MAY 2014

MO U N T LO N D O N ASCE N T S IN T HE V E R T IC A L CI T Y TOM CHIVERS & MARTIN KRATZ (EDS) This ingenious book is an account of the ascent of Mount London by a team of writers and urban cartographers, each scaling a small hill in the city – from Crystal Palace (112m) to Primrose Hill (78m).

“Unflinchingly original” james reader , the great outdoors RRP £12.99 GENRE Literary essays (DNF) ISBN 978-1908058188 FORMAT Hardback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 216pp



A Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Melissa Lee-Houghton was selected as a Next Generation Poet in 2014.

“Lee-Houghton is a bold, observant and daringly honest poet who intuitively knows what she is doing, even when she ventures into the scariest places ... her work feels not only like a privilege, but also a secret vice” poetry book society bulletin

RRP £8.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058034 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 80pp

PUBLICATIONS Selected backlist



MARCH 2013


Anchors, shipwrecks, whales and islands abound in this first collection by Anglo-Breton poet Claire Trévien. Struck through with brilliant and sometimes sinister imagery, The Shipwrecked House is a unique and hallucinatory debut from a poet-to-watch.

Longlisted, Guardian First Book Award RRP £8.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058119 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 64pp



Explosive political satire and acerbic wit leap from stage to page in Mondeo Man – the hotly anticipated debut collection from Luke Wright.

“If any contemporary collection is going to convince the unbeliever that poetry can be a riot of cheek, giggles, boobs, tears and Facebook – while keeping its artistic integrity firmly intact – Mondeo Man is it.” the huffington post ☆☆☆☆☆

RRP £9.99 GENRE Poetry (DCF) ISBN 978-1908058096 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 96pp



PUBLICATIONS Selected backlist

APRIL 2012


Discover a multitude of new poetic forms – from tweet to time-splice, from skinny villanelle to breakbeat sonnet – in this inspiring, inventive anthology.

“Full of things to divert, entertain and provoke” will carr , the independent RRP £9.99 GENRE Poetry anthologies (DCQ) ISBN 978-1908058010 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 208pp


STR ES S F R A C T UR E S ESS AYS ON P O E T RY TOM CHIVERS (EDITOR) Where can the poem go in the age of the supercomputer? What do Wordsworth, Byron and British rapper Roots Manuva have in common? Would Emily Dickinson have preferred Facebook or Twitter? And what is “post-avant” anyway?

“An exciting introduction to new directions in poetry” david kennedy , times higher education RRP £9.99 GENRE Literary studies (DSC) ISBN 978-0956546715 FORMAT Paperback SIZE 216 x 138mm, 224pp

PUBLICATIONS Selected backlist



About Penned in the Margins Penned in the Margins creates publications and performances for people who are not afraid to take risks. We believe in the power of language to challenge how we think, test new ideas and explore alternative stories. We operate across the arts, collaborating with writers, artists and creative partners using new platforms and technologies. From small beginnings as a reading series in a converted railway arch in south London, Penned in the Margins has grown over the last decade to be a respected literary arts company producing new work live, in print and online. This unique blend of publishing and event production characterises our distinctive model in the cultural landscape. The hallmarks of a Penned in the Margins book or event are curiosity, innovation and openness. Our publishing list numbers almost fifty publications across poetry, experimental fiction and literary non-fiction, and includes acclaimed titles such as The Shipwrecked House by Claire TrĂŠvien, Holophin by Luke Kennard and the bestselling poetry anthology Adventures in Form. Each book is carefully selected, painstakingly edited and lovingly designed from our office in east London. We curate and produce a wide range of events and productions: from bespoke literary salons to touring theatre shows, and from performance lectures to sitespecific audio tours. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, bringing artists from different fields together to create innovative and invigorating new work. We present shows all over the UK: from small and unconventional spaces to internationally renowned venues such as the Southbank Centre; Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh; and the Sage, Gateshead.

Contact us Postal address 22 Toynbee Studios 28 Commercial Street London E1 6AB Telephone Email Website 28 @PennedintheM

+44 (0) 20 7375 0121

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