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"Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love." - Sitting Bull

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Think spring! Everything is budding: grass, flowers, veggie gardens. I’m chock-full of clichés for you this edition; boy, does time fly, and, the kids are growing like weeds.

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My preppy has sailed through the first three terms without too much kerfuffle. If I’m honest, he’s a bit of a mama’s boy and we’ve struggled with morning separation for most of this, his first big boy year at school. And that’s OK. Being needed by him is both a pleasure and a pain, for even though some mornings we part with tears in our eyes, we’re always smiling when we meet again at pick-up. It is the best part of my day. He’s advanced to a red belt in karate; Kia! And joined a basketball team, much to his chagrin. (You see, there simply ‘isn’t enough chillax time in karate’, and if there’s not enough chillax time in that sport, I can’t imagine basketball providing his much-needed respite).

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An impressive combination of brainpower and eyelashes, my Missalmost-nine is cruising her way through year three. She is brilliant and sassy with a kind heart and a quick tongue. When my husband says, “She sounds like you!”, after speaking out of line, I think, “oh my gosh, she does.” He reprimands her, rightfully so, and I walk away with a faint smile. I made that. And boy are we in trouble.

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What comes around does go around. Just like the Earth, that takes 24 hours to make a complete rotation on its axis, that’s how long it takes for my son to find his second shoe. It feels like forever but is really a small blip in life’s radar. There. Then gone. Stop and smell the roses.

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Spotlight 10 Dealing with Diabetes 10-year-old Mason’s diagnosis and living with the disease.

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30 What Parenting Isn't Put yourself in your Children's shoes. 34 Our Top 10 Reasons to Hit the Open Road with your Gang Olivia from The Wilsons of Oz shares a trip with the family.

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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018




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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

dealing diabetes with

By Melissa Walsh


hen Bianca Savage noticed some worrying symptoms with her youngest son Mason she naturally became concerned. It was a gradual process at first, with her active 10 year old suddenly displaying extreme exhaustion when playing football, drinking more water and going to the toilet on a more regular basis. “I had no idea what was wrong with him but I knew there was something. He was tired and irritable and very pale. I remember one day at football, he drank all my bottle of water and his and was still thirsty. He was also going to the bathroom a lot,” said Bianca. “He would have to rest for long periods after he’d played only a small amount of football and he seemed to have lost his appetite.” continued next page.....

next week learning about Type 1 diabetes and trying to manage his It was 13 July last year that Bianca and the family were given the levels.” diagnosis that Mason had Type 1 Diabetes, and it shook them to their For mum of three, Bianca, the diagnosis was a complete shock and core. “In the three weeks leading up to that his symptoms got so much worse. something the family is still learning to cope with. “We really didn’t know anything about it and of course I was really He was drinking all the time, losing weight and going to the toilet more than anyone should need to and even wetting the bed which he worried because of the state of my son’s health and the fact he would be insulin dependent,” said Bianca, who then learnt that had never done before. I knew there was something seriously wrong Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas no longer produces insulin, but the first doctor we took him to said it was probably an inner ear a hormone your cells use to turn sugar into energy. problem,” said Bianca, who then found Mason displaying other symptoms. “One day he called me into his room and said his eyes felt She discovered quickly that Mason must take insulin, either by injection or through a pump attached to the body, to keep weird. He had his eyes closed but they were still moving.” blood sugar levels in range in efforts to avoid serious long-term Within eight days of the original doctor’s appointment, Bianca had complications such as kidney failure, heart disease, lower-limb Mason back at her regular family doctor who diagnosed Mason on amputations, and blindness. “Mason has a lot of anxieties and he the spot. didn’t cope with all this information. It took three of us to hold him “I remember how shocked I was when he said he suspected Mason down to give him the insulin, and it was absolutely horrible.” had Type 1 diabetes. I thought ‘there’s no way; he is too young’. Then Bianca says that, even a year later, they’re still learning about the I realised I knew nothing about it and was confused with the Type 2 kind,” she said. “He took a blood sample and his level was extremely diagnosis and living with it every day. high so we packed a bag and went to the hospital where he spent the “At the hospital there is the diabetes clinic and the educators are great. continued next page.....


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

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They step back when they can see your brain is getting overloaded with information. They gave us lots of information to read but one of the best books I go to is one they gave to Mason called ‘Frances learns about Diabetes’. It is simple and explains everything in clear terms. Every time I get overwhelmed I go to it and read it. I take a breath and realise this is something I can do.” It has been a long road for the Savage family since July last year with everyone having to adjust but Bianca says the toughest part is remaining positive. “Mason has missed a lot of school since last year, and just had another stint in hospital to get his levels stabilised,” she said. “However these days he does the injecting himself and is getting very good at it.” For Mason to keep on top of his levels, he has to do a blood test four times a day and self-inject at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed. “It doesn’t really hurt when I do it and I use different arms and my legs each time to make sure I don’t get scar build up,” said Mason, who shows us how to do the "inject and blood" test while we are there. For the grade four student, part of the management is to eat small, frequent meals. “I eat six meals a day that mum or my family make for me,” said Mason. “With his food, it has to be one to three serves of carbohydrates in each meal and about two hours apart,” said Bianca, who visits the dietitian clinic every Thursday for advice and guidance. “I think the food is one of the hardest things as it makes all the at certain times. I was very hard on myself if I missed something in difference in his insulin levels,” said Bianca. his care so that was a big hurdle to get over. I would write everything One thing that has made the process easier is a machine they started down and was so hard on myself because if he doesn’t get the using five months ago called a Dexcom. insulin he dies and that’s a fact. These days, we are a little easier on “It is a blood sugar measure that sends the readings via Bluetooth to ourselves and realise that occasionally we can lighten up a bit.” my phone and his. It means I can check his levels at any time during the day, particularly if he is at school,” said Bianca. With a family dynamic involving two other siblings, life can go back The Dexcom is a small device that is attached to Mason’s arm and to some normality for the Savages. has a chip that records the blood sugar readings. “It helps having two older siblings for Mason as they have other stuff “I can click on it anytime during the day to check his reading, and going on. I also work five jobs with our timber window manufacturing the main aim is to get the insulin to stabilise enough so that he is in business. I also work at a gym crèche, a kindergarten, do some the grey zone,” said Bianca. “That means he must have a reading nannying and a cleaning job,” said Bianca, who like any mum is between four and 10; anything above is hyper and anything below trying to keep everything running smoothly. “Understanding diabetes is hypo.” is part of the key as well as educating people. We know this is for life While a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis can be hard to process, Bianca and they are working on advancements all the time but at the moment says one of the best pieces of advice came from an educator at the it is a day by day process that we are learning about all the time.” diabetes clinic. Diabetes is one of the most misunderstood health conditions. To clear “Diabetes changes your family life. At first it was really hard and I was the public confusion about what is and isn’t true, Diabetes Victoria trying to be so regimented with it, trying to make our life fit around launched a new 'Bust a Myth' campaign in early June, debunking the diabetes. One day when I spoke to the diabetes educator, they said, top five myths around living with diabetes. 'Relax. What needs to happen is diabetes needs to work around our life, and you are not to live every moment about the illness.' When we were first diagnosed we stopped doing social things like going out for dinner. Mason hated injecting in front of people and he had to eat www.diabetesvic.org.au

Even a year later, they’re still learning about the diagnosis and living with it every day.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018


MINDS are curious and energised, They see a ground for innovation, originality and vision. Adventurous minds look for new ways forward. They embrace new opportunities, pursuing an original vision.

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By Lauren Marie


hat happens when a career-driven, ambitious entrepreneur falls pregnant and starts a family? Often times, she becomes a mumpreneur or ‘supermum’ and sometimes both! The same fire that was lit still burns inside her after the children come. She still strives to create, to work, to be there for all the juicy moments of childhood; to do it all. The upside of being superwoman is you get to perform minor miracles all the time. Just yesterday I launched a new product, interviewed for an online summit, booked a venue for my upcoming masterclass in London, kept my three-year-old twins from drowning each other in the bathtub, took care of a sick hubby and a blocked gutter before the garage roof came down!

As super-mumpreneur people say to you all the time, “I don’t know how you do it all.” The answer normally is, “I just do it. It’s no big deal.” The problem sets in when the mum is working herself to the bone, doing everything for everyone else around her, and never including herself in the picture. And it's never enough! At the end of the day, she’ll think of all the laundry that didn’t get folded, the calls that didn’t get made, and the deadlines she missed. We define being a 'super mum’ as everything we think we are not. Notice that we never acknowledge ourselves for the miracles we perform…. it's always the things we believe we are not doing good enough, or the things we don't enjoy doing but believe we ‘should’ do. This level of constant self-judgment can lead to burn out, fatigue, and even health problems, anxiety or depression. We can take a lot of the responsibility on to make sure our children have the best lives possible, that they get every opportunity in life. Parents are looking from the outside in, at what other people's judgments of 'good" parents are around them. This could be attending every school activity, helping their kids do homework every night, or whatever else is considered “right” to do in their community. What if parents stopped caring how they were seen and looked at what would actually work for their family? Here are some tips for getting out of the mumpreneur perfectionism trap: 1. Acknowledge ‘what is’ with no judgment This got done. This didn’t get done. My children screamed in the middle of my conference call for 45 minutes. I finally got that article written. I spent more than I wanted to on airfare because I waited too long to book the flight. Everything that occurs is neither right nor wrong, good nor bad, it just is what it is. Judging what happens only serves to lock it in place and doesn’t allow you to create beyond it.

Let your business life as well as your family life be chaotic !


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

2. Ask for something greater daily When you have disappointments, ask, “How does it get any better than this?” When you have big wins, ask, “How does it get any better than this?” If you’re constantly asking for greater, then greater will show up. But remember, it never looks like you think it is going to! 3. Throw away your to-do list Ever notice that the things you want to get done always get done? And the things that sit on your to-do list are reasons you have to judge yourself? What if you woke up and asked, “Okay, what 3-5 things require my attention or energy today? Where can I put my energy that will create the most?” And then make those projects or people a priority. The truth is, being a mumpreneur can get messy: sick children, unreliable babysitters, last minute emergencies. Let your business life as well as your family life be chaotic. Don’t try to put order where there is chaos. Use that chaos to create! Show up for your commitments, but also follow the organic nature of what occurs throughout the day. Things change constantly. You want to be working with the flow, not against it. Let it be easy on you. Allow others to judge you as imperfect. They will anyway! What if it didn’t matter? What if you could teach your children they don’t have to give up any part of them to be right in someone else’s eyes? And set that example for them now, simply by being you! Lauren Marie is a Joy of Business facilitator, acupuncturist, entrepreneur and mother of twins. She travels worldwide, facilitating classes and changing her clients’ point of view about life, health and business. A passionate creator and conscious rule-breaker, Lauren seeks to inspire other mothers to see the possibilities others overlook and to embrace every challenge and choice that parenthood brings. www.accessjoyofbusiness.com



Why Social Media is.... ....

...keeping you BROKE ! :-(

By Luke Harris


t seems we are surrounded by visions of success and lifestyle in our modern world. With Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat taking the world by storm, we have seen the rise of twenty-somethings sprawled out on a yacht on Sydney Harbour, getting into huge debt to head over to Circuit in Barcelona, and let’s not forget the never-ending discussions about smashed avocado! With the filtered and edited pictures of course come the seemingly endless hash tags that go with it that are designed to show off the amazing lifestyle they are apparently living: #wishyouwerehere #noworktoday #sorrynotsorry


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

We all know someone who likes to flaunt their incredible “insta-lifestyle” for a bunch of "likes" a bit too much. It’s human nature for people to want their friends and family to be involved in the fun things they do. Not all this showing off is designed to stroke their ego, or to make you feel bad about your life. However, it seems to have become part of modern society that people will post only the good stuff online these days. All too often, these people are working a job they are not passionate about, and are using their hard-earned after-tax dollars to flaunt a lifestyle that isn’t a true representation of their actual lifestyle. In fact, what they show us is often far from it. What is more worrying than this is that it’s not sustainable. continued next page.....

My child won't listen!

continued next page... www.peninsulakids.com.au


....What really matters is what your actual life looks like when you switch off all your devices! I grew up in suburban Perth, and most of my mates were straight. I also didn’t have any mentors in my life to help me build wealth. I left school when I was 16 – because I hated it. Back in 1996, being gay in high school not only wasn’t very cool, it was downright dangerous. My sexuality was a huge secret, and I spent much of that time with the underlying fear, every day, of being beaten up. I hated the fact that I couldn’t be myself and that others were able to dictate how I felt simply because of who I was attracted to. So, I left school as soon as I could to get a job and make some money, because what I learnt from observing successful people is that they took control of their financial life and didn’t answer to anyone. In my case, I couldn’t wait to get away from feeling bad at school and taking on the world on my own. I wanted a lifestyle where I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and with whomever I wanted. I was fortunate to experience the joys of dial up internet, ICQ and Nokia brick phones that would survive a 10 storey fall. I grew up playing on the road and I knew every kid in my street. I am so happy to have grown up when I did, and before we entered the digital world we live in now where there is both an online life and a ‘real’ life. Long before people became “Insta-famous”, before 14 year olds could ever be labeled as “influencers”, before 6 year olds had iPads and certainly long before you could video chat with that cute 32yo guy in Brazil from your apartment at 3:40a.m. on a Tuesday morning. So, what does this have to do with building wealth? Well apart from the fact that flights to Brazil are not cheap, (to state the obvious), your online life is not real and will rarely help you financially. What really matters, is what your actual life looks like when you switch off all your devices. I’ve spoken to thousands of people over the years about investing and I’ve found the vast majority of people are drifting through life without a clear focus on their financial situation or with very little, if any, planning for the future. Building long term, sustainable wealth takes time, commitment and an understanding of the underlying principal of delayed gratification.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

“I start early, and I stay late, day after day, year after year, and it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success” – Lionel Messi I love this quote, not because I have any real interest in soccer (apart from some of the players of course) but because the same principal applies to anything you want to become good at. Real success takes time. With most things in life, finding the right balance is the key to success. It’s okay to go on a cool holiday, or buy that new car, or eat out at that fancy restaurant (and it’s okay to post pics to prove it) but unfortunately some people are not looking beyond the next bunch of "likes", or "feel good" comments, and fail to plan for the rest of their lives. Where do you want to be in 10, 20, or 30 years from now? What sort of lifestyle do you want to be living? The scary reality for a lot of people is that they are drifting down a river not realizing there is a steep waterfall coming up just around the bend. Regardless of where you are at in life right now, you have the choice to bury your head in the sand and hope for the best, or start paying attention to your financial life and take control of your financial future. After all, nobody is going to do it for you! In the future, what will matter are the results you have been able to achieve through the plans you make today and the investments you make tomorrow. Ask yourself: Is what I am doing in my life right now getting me closer to, or further away from, what I want to achieve? #letsgetreal

Luke Harris is the co-founder The Property Mentors, a Melbourne-based business comprising an elite team of property professionals who educate, motivate and facilitate clients from all around Australia. Luke and his business partner Matthew Bateman have recently co-authored a new book, Let’s Get Real (Major Street Publishing $29.95) which is now available nationally. For more information visit www.thepropertymentors.com.au

Diggin' YOUR DARK SIDE By Melinda Carbis-Reilly

I closed the door behind me as I left work and let my forced smile drop. I continued to hold back the tears that were burning my eyes in an effort to control the unbearable sadness that filled every inch of my being. I stood at the door trying to find my calm, gripping tightly onto the handle as though it could offer solace and help me find peace in my heart. I slowly released my grip from the handle after it offered me no refuge and walked defeated and full of dilapidated energy back to my house, only a few steps away, praying and begging, ‘I can’t take it anymore. Please stop challenging me; I need a break. Just give me a break please!’ By now, the built-up tears were streaming down my face, and my whole being felt depleted and drained. I had nothing left to give, yet everyone still needed so much from me. I couldn’t see the end, I didn’t feel hope, I was overcome with despair. This overwhelmingly sad and defeated feeling was becoming a regular sensation for me. After spending much of my life seeing the light and finding the positive in all situations, I was lost as to how I got to this place. My usual mantra, ‘There is no such thing as a bad experience. It is either awesome or a growth opportunity,’ was nowhere to be seen as I struggled to feel joy in things that usually gave me so much pleasure. I felt disconnected and alone even when I was not. continued next page.....


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

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I walked into my home and collapsed on the lounge, crying. I thought to myself: I am depressed. Not just sad but truly, deeply depressed like my soul was crushed and the life I once felt inside of me was zapped out and a miserable, colourless zombie had taken over. I kept this feeling to myself. I was ashamed of how I felt. How could I be so self-centred, and what did I have to be depressed about? At this point in my life – I was 35 – I had just opened the doors of my dream workspace, a wellness sanctuary right outside my front door. It was everything I had imagined and more. I was a practising naturopath and felt absolutely driven and passionate about my work. It wasn’t work for me – juggling my time, helping people take control of their health and teaching fitness classes for a living. How incredible! What a blessing! Albeit, it was a new business, so I didn’t make a living from it; but you get my drift. I also had, and still have, the most amazing husband. He loves me unconditionally. He lifts me up, holds my hand and inspires me to be everything I am supposed to be. He is my best friend and my soul mate. He is a huge blessing in my life. My not-so-tragic story continues as I share with you that I have two beautiful boys that I adore and three lovely step-children. I couldn’t be more fortunate with my parents and siblings either. But here I am, sobbing. I was ashamed of how I felt. I had no right to feel this way; how can I not know how to fix it? I was lost as I searched for answers. Depression isn’t always about what your current situation is presenting to you. Past wounds that haven’t healed or an inability to reconnect with your true self have a large role in this debilitating condition. Your dark side can present itself with little to no warning and take you quickly into the pits of despair. It was in my most fortunate years that I suffered the most.

me, but I couldn’t see it. I could only feel the pain and begged for it to go away. I was closed of to my spirit and didn’t realise it. My prayer for reprieve was not granted. The pain got worse over the coming months, which in no time turned to a year. It has been one of the toughest experiences I have gone through, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. I reflect on it as a beautiful evolution of my soul. Without it, I would not have the empathy for the other 45% of Australians who, at some stage in their life, have or will experience anxiety or depression. Without my experience with depression, I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to look deeply into my soul and course correct where I had started to detour away from my path. Without this illness knocking me to my knees, I would have continued to take my life for granted. I am eternally grateful for my eyes opening this way. I write this book now in my quest to help others defeat this debilitating and life-threatening condition. An illness that is understated and under recognised. A condition that isolates its sufferers and leaves them feeling ashamed and alone. I want to share what I learnt and how I have come to see the sun shine once again. This book is a combination of tools to assist your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing to help you heal your body, your mind and repair your soul. If I only help one person recover from this soul-sucking condition without reaching the levels of despair that I frequently visited, then every word and second spent writing this will be worthwhile.

I write this with love to you from my heart. I am with you in your This wasn’t the start nor the end of my journey through depression. journey, and I hold your hand now as you bravely take back your This wasn’t my darkest day or the day I started to heal and recover; health or help a loved one take back theirs. it was just a day, a day that has stood out in my memory because of my prayer. I didn’t pray for guidance or be thankful for the learnings I was to receive. I was begging for a break from the pain I couldn’t bear any longer. I was fighting what the universe was trying to teach *This is the introduction from Melinda Carbis-Reilly's new book Diggin’ Your Dark me, what God, or whatever you like to call your higher power, was Side, New Holland Publishers RRP $26.99 available from all good book retailers or trying to show me about myself. I had healings and freedom awaiting online www.newhollandpublishers.com 24

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018



The Rise of the By Carl & Jo Violeta


aving a side hustle is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for millennials and parents. A side hustle is a second job or stream of income in addition to your traditional job. A traditional job could be working for an employer, running a business or being a stay at home parent.

Examples of side hustles are; •Freelance work on sites like Airtasker or Upwork

•Freelance writing •Airbnb

•Babysitting •Blogging •Dog walking

•Virtual Assistant

•Creating invitations, cards, clothes, art etc and selling it online or at markets. The benefits of a side hustle Side hustles can help you achieve your savings goals, pay off debts, create some breathing space in the family budget, provide security and a backup plan. In some cases, they're an opportunity to pursue your passions, unleash your creativity and connect with others. A side hustle can also be an effective way to boost your superannuation. According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), a couple who own their own home will need $640,000 to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Many Australians will struggle to meet that figure. Using your side hustle to top-up your super could help ensure you have enough money to live on in the future. If your side hustle is PAYG through an employer, find out whether they're required to pay you superannuation. It’s important to note that you’re entitled to nominate which fund you’d like your super paid into. If you’re starting your own business your accountant or financial planner can guide you through the process of paying yourself super. Your side hustle might even help you secure a home loan.

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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

One of our clients, Alex went to their bank and was declined for a home loan. A friend referred her to see us for a second opinion. Carl and Alex, both massive basketball fans got into a lively debate about whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time (clearly, it’s MJ). Through that discussion, Carl discovered that Alex umpired basketball on the weekends. The bank hadn’t asked Alex about whether she earned any additional income, and yet it was that income from umpiring that got the home loan we applied for over the line. Alex is now a proud homeowner, thanks in part to her side hustle!

Side Hustle However, there are some conditions to consider. If your side hustle is PAYG, the general rule of thumb is that you need to have been with that employer for at least 6 months before it can be considered as part of your overall assessable income. In some cases, there are exceptions to this rule, so it pays to have a chat with your bank or mortgage broker. If you’re earning money under an ABN there are minimum time periods that you need to have been working under that ABN for your income to be assessible on a home loan application. Usually it’s two years; however, some lenders are willing to accept as little as one year’s financials under an ABN. This circumstance will typically attract a higher interest rate. Things to watch out for Work out what equipment and tools you may need (including a website, marketing collateral, products, office equipment) plus any legal or compliance costs such as insurances. Crunch those number to get an idea of how long it will take for your side hustle to become profitable, if at all. Whether your side hustle is a part-time or casual job through an employer or you're starting your own business, it’s important to speak with your accountant so you understand the implications of the potential extra income: • The additional income could impact how much tax you pay. • It may affect government benefits you receive (such as the Child Care Subsidy and Family Tax Benefit). The Department of Human Services’ website has some great calculators to help you estimate your entitlement. • If the side hustle is your own business, you may need to pay GST. • If you’re leasing out a property through Airbnb be sure to check whether it will affect your ability to claim an exemption from Capital Gains Tax Earning that bit of extra income or pursuing your passions can be positively life-changing. However, it’s important to start a side hustle with a clear head, supported by expert advice. Once you’ve done the research, and got the right support, go hustle your hardest!

Jo and Carl Violeta are self-confessed numbers nerds, parents of an energetic toddler and a super switched-on teenager, and co-founders of the award-winning business, Violeta Finance. They are a husband and wife team who are passionate about empowering their community with financial education, love the odd glass of wine, and get a kick out of helping families achieve their homeownership and financial dreams.

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What Parenting Isn’t

By Deanne Atkinson


hat is parenting? Most of us will have our different version of answers to this question depending on our beliefs, our upbringing and our values. But what about what parenting isn’t? Let me explain.

No one likes to feel suppressed yet I see the results of a suppressed childhood on many occasions. A mother who grew up with overpowering parents and was taught to do as she was told as a child, she learnt to please her parents to keep the peace, stay out of trouble and be a ‘good girl.’ Now into her forties she has a need to have control over her own environment and those around her. She demands strict order and her three children are all responding differently. One is just like her and overpowers his siblings. One has shut down and tries to keep the peace whilst the youngest is rebelling and feeling suppressed at the force placed upon her. There is a lack of cooperation in the household and resentment is rife between family members. continued next page.....


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

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Another real life example is a grown man whose own father was big in stature and so used his large size, added to a raised voice to keep his sons in line. So this man now parents his children in the same manner, often hearing his father’s voice in his head, demanding his children obey him. There is little respect or bond between him and his children but this method works in the short term. And even though he knows the pain of being on the receiving end of this parenting he doesn’t know any other way. There are a few points I am trying to make here. One is the pattern of negative behaviour and how easily it can be passed on from generation to generation. Second, is how emotionally we haven’t evolved very far in comparison to the growth of technology for instance. There is still a pattern in overpowering each other and we can easily copy this behaviour in parenting because it works for us as parents in getting what we want done. But parenting isn’t about telling our children what to do and using our size, raised voice or controlling ways to get the result we want. What if we parented from a perspective of equality? Putting ourselves in our children’s shoes? How would it feel to be on the receiving end of our demands? What would that feel like? What if we parented with accountability of our own emotional growth or lack of? Are there some onion layers we need to peel back, letting go of some of our own baggage so we can parent without carrying

forward old patterns? What if an aspect of parenting was an opportunity to change these old ways, to free ourselves of the need to control or overpower? To develop a relationship without dominance but one of understanding each other leading to a more independent child and a less stressed parent? For me what parenting isn’t is as equally important and as what parenting is. I want to teach my children to grow by watching me grow as a person but most of all as a mum, to treat them as equal human beings with feelings with a need to feel heard and respected; to continue to grow in my role as a parent knowing I have the perfect teacher’s right there in front of me to do just that. If you need to peel back some of those onion layers and parent in a way which develops an ongoing relationship of equality with your children, please feel free to contact me.

Deanne Atkinson is a Parent Coach and Spiritual Counsellor and founded Parent with Passion to help reduce the negative cycle which occurs in parenting. She has a spiritual approach to parenting which is all about supporting positive emotions. She helps mums and dads who are struggling with their role providing a parenting method which supports independence and confidence in children and a more fulfilled parent. For enquiries Deanne can be contacted on 0413 316 079 or at www.parentwithpassion.com You can also join Deanne on Facebook or Instagram


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Orthodontic Specialists of Melbourne delivers a range of orthodontic treatments including metal and ceramic braces, Invisalign aligners and plates. Dr Ravi Theja Kamisetty, specialist orthodontist, grew up on the peninsula and loves working with families and the community. He offers treatments to suit children, teenagers and adults. By providing individually customised treatment plans, he aims to create lasting, beautiful and healthy smiles.

•No referral needed •Payment plans available ORTHODONTIC SPECIALISTS OF MELBOURNE 46 Karingal Drive, Frankston, VIC. 3199 295 Ballarto Road, Carrum Downs, VIC. 3201 Ph: 0481 344 769 reception.osm@gmail.com www.orthodonticspecialistsmelbourne.com.au www.facebook.com/orthodonticspecialistsmelbourne.com.au 32

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

Call in for friendly service & professional advice for all your baby needs. *Accredited Child Restraint fitting* *Capsule & Breast Pump Hire*

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By Olivia Wilson


know, I know, road tripping with the kids sounds like a holiday from hell to some people. "Are we there yet" being shouted over and over, popcorn covering the back seats, umpteen toilet breaks and cries of "I'm booooored" interrupting "The Greatest Showman" soundtrack. However, if ever there was a trip we have done, that we could recommend to you, this would be it. If you get the pleasure of "are we nearly there yet" on the way to the supermarket, this is probably not the holiday for you YET! Some days we were smashing out 700km+ which is not a distance for the fussy traveller! There is no amount of iPad time that can fill that space, so be prepared to play games, sing, write journals, wildlife spot, and throw in a few obligatory arguments into the mix.

Travelling through the Red Centre of Australia, was not only a great big tick on the bucket list, it was without doubt the trip of a lifetime. Nothing could compare. Family time - Yes this is a cert when you're 'trapped' in a car or van with the family. This is the trip to do if you'd like to spend time together, lots of time. There are no kids clubs, it's just you guys, a few dead kangaroos and the road ahead, but this is what makes it so perfect. As contrived as it sounds, we all learnt so much about each other. We had hours and hours to talk, sing our favourite songs, tell jokes, play games and really immerse ourselves in each other. Life gets in the way of these beautiful moments and a road trip is the perfect way to rekindle lost time. It's amazing what you talk about when there are no emails distracting you and no YouTube on the TV. Scenery - Driving through the centre of Australia is like being on a David Attenborough shoot. The dingo is running past; the emu is looking up to see who is frantically waving out of the Campervan 34

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

window. The colour of the earth, changing so dramatically to that deep, warm red that is so quintessentially Australian, was amazing. That same red earth that we soon learnt would be ingrained in our clothes, shoes and skin. Every now and again we would stop on the side of the road and Monty would hop out and find a pile of Kangaroo bones, or a half eaten eagle. The enchantment on his face at his latest haul of treasure to take back to school was priceless. The scenery is like nowhere else on earth, and we were right there, in the thick of it, treading the same ground as people have been for thousands of years, and it felt so magical. Sightseeing - The beauty of road tripping the Stuart Highway is that you get to see places and speak to people you would never meet if you flew this route. The incredible salt lakes, the vastness of the outback, the eagles soaring above us as we sped up the only highway going North. Road tripping allowed us to follow the signs to places we hadn't planned to visit, and stop at free camping sites because the scenery was particularly spectacular. Road tripping gives you the freedom to make your own way, in your own time, and stay the extra night if you fancy it. This is one of the reasons it's a great holiday when travelling with kids. Adventure - As our journey went on, none of our excitement waned. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, watching the red earth fly by the van. The children were in the back, faces up against the windows, a live wildlife show, eyes wide and mouths open, shouting "dingo" or "eagle" every now and again! The view is like a movie set. The scenery, unbelievable.. This is the outback. The real outback. It’s almost too beautiful to put into words. Driving the Stuart Highway is nothing less than epic. The adventure of scrambling through incredible gorges, tiptoeing across water holes, laying your hands on Uluru and

OUR TOP REASONS TO HIT THE GREAT WIDE OPEN WITH YOUR GANG looking at ancient aboriginal cave paintings. Free camping, building campfires, finding roadside treasures and footprints of creatures long gone. We loved lying in the red dirt at night, star gazing up at the most breathtaking skies you have ever seen. There is almost too much adventure out there to tell you about. New Friendships - We stopped at every roadhouse along our journey. They were all so different but each one had a similar collection of people huddled around the fuel pumps. The drivers of enormous trucks getting a much needed break after hours on the road. There were travellers, refuelling and stretching their legs, batting flies, eating a much needed piece of homemade cake, or sipping on a cold beer. The atmosphere at these roadhouses was awesome. Everyone is there on an adventure and trying desperately get some wifi. People chat to each other, you hear wonderful stories of what's to come, and swap tips for your onward journeys. A regular servo turns into a hub of storytelling and the birthplace of new friendships. Journals - These books are so special. The hours the children spent in the back of the van drawing their surroundings, writing little scripts about what we had seen and sticking in leaflets and ticket stubs from the tours we'd been on. They are filled with adventures, stories and bursting with tales which we will all remember for years to come. I can picture us holding these books in twenty years time, when our children have their own children, telling tales of the dingo we saw, the mine we climbed in to, or the dreamtime tales from Uluru. To have pages and pages of aboriginal dot paintings that the children created after visiting Uluru, is such an incredible keepsake that we wouldn't have got any where else.

almost a little like you have stepped back in time, but, by far the best hours we spent on our road trip were noodling in a barren patch of ground just off the High Street. Noodling is sifting through the dumps left by the miners and specking is walking slowly along staring at the ground looking for any signs of colour. A very eager gentleman at our camp site told us that noodling was allowed as long as you don't take a shovel, and showed us on the map where he had collected a jar full of tiny gems. The kids LOVED noodling. I was less enthusiastic, mainly because of the flies, and the fact that I couldn't find a single sparkly stone. After an hour or so Monty had enough gems to give one to every kid in his class. I was panicking that we were about to give 22 kids our little fortune, but nevertheless he was adamant they weren't for us! Noodling is completely free, and one of the days the kids remember most about our trip. Just go! Our kids are very used to road trips. I would say this is a must if you want to explore Australia by road! However you plan to road trip - caravan, car, campervan, bus, motorbike or even bicycle, (yes there were a few) - get out there and see the magic of the Australian outback. It may seem like a mammoth feat with children but believe me, it was our greatest adventure yet, and I know it will be yours too. Olivia Wilson is a Melbourne based freelance writer who has created a campaign to raise awareness of and educate people about the severity of Childhood Anxiety after experiencing a lack of compassion for her own anxious daughter. Hanging Out With Mermaids offers support to parents of anxious children, and resources for anyone living or working with an anxious child. You can support Hanging out with mermaids on Facebook and Instagram

New experiences & Noodling - Coober Pedy is a funny old town, www.peninsulakids.com.au


Day Tripping - Itinerary One By Julia Swift


his Itinerary is a half day and takes place on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Start 11.30am @ Main Ridge Dairy (We spent an hour there) We started our trip at Main Ridge Dairy in Main Ridge. They are the only large commercial dairy on the Peninsula. We were first welcomed by some lovely little goats just behind the fence next to the car park. The kids loved having a pat and cuddle with them. You can also purchase a buddle of goat food for $1 and feed them, which the kids really enjoyed. This lovely little dairy has inside and outside tables, as well as a small collection of toys and colouring print outs, which kept our two kids occupied. We got an outside table next to the grass so the kids could also run around and explore, and purchased a tasting plate (a small sample of 10 cheeses) and a platter of 4 cheeses and crackers. Their cheeses are just delicious. You can also purchase a crisp glass of vino or warming coffee to enjoy with your chesses. And once you’ve worked out your favorite cheese (or 2 or 3) you can buy them from the deli on the way out.



Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

Main Ridge Dairy also runs tours of the Dairy $12 for adults and $8 for kids, and cheese making workshops (check their website for dates and to book).

wine. Stock up with some bottles for your wine collection and hopefully the little kids have a nap in the car on the way to the next stop.

They are currently open Thurs-Sun 10am-4.30pm.

Around 3.00pm we headed to St. Pauls Road Sorrento for a short walk (15 mins along sandy track) to Diamond Bay. It takes about 30mins to drive from T’Gallant to Sorrento (We were there about 45 mins)

12.30pm - Drive just around the corner to Mock Red Hill for a Cider tasting. (We were there for about 30mins) Here you can purchase a tasting paddle for $10 of 5 ciders in their cute little cider lounge (currently undergoing a reno). We had the sweet paddle of 3 alcoholic and 2 non alcoholic ciders and a giant bottle of apple juice for only $6 for the kids to share. Once you’ve picked you favourite you can sit back and enjoy a bottle of that, or purchase some to take home, including apples, and freeze dried fruit snacks, or apple vinegars. 1.00pm - We headed just down the road to my go to T’Gallant for some sun, wine and lunch. (We were there about 2 hours) With plenty of outdoor tables in the beautiful gardens over-looking the vines, or cosy indoor tables, it’s very family/group friendly. We set ourselves up on a garden table, and ordered a feast of pizzas, dips and antipasto platters. We took turns to watch the kids while the others took part in the extensive wine tasting in the cellar door. (Note: our food came out quicker than a tasting takes, so maybe order once tastings completed haha ) Kick back and enjoy the sun, food and a glass of

It’s a lovely walk. This time of year there are lots of wild flowers and lush green growth. Diamond Bay is a stunning little bay with a little sand beach. Sadly, this day was over cast, but on a clear sunny day I’m sure the water would just sparkle. If you don’t wish to do the walk you can park at a car park at the end of Diamond Bay Road. If you time it right you should get into the township of Sorrento about 4.20pm for a quick stop for a hot drink and cake before returning home. (Most of the township closes at about 5pm)

Julia is a flight attendant and local Mornington Peninsula mum of two young kids. Travelling is her passion, and now with the kids it's just a fine balancing act of travelling on age appropriate trips, the whole family can enjoy. Follow Julia’s travel adventures, tips and local findings at www.mumsgottatravel.com or on instagram @ mumsgottatravel



Spring School Holidays 22nd Sept - 7th Oct 2018 SHOWTIME

Grand Parade at 1pm Rustic Farm Setting Pony and Horse Rides Free Cuppas & Gas BBQs Special School Holiday Activities Many Animals for “Hands on” Experiences Playground, Picnic Areas (BYO Food)

(see website rhsfarm.com.au)

490 Stumpy Gully Rd Balnarring Phone 5983 1691 Open 10am - 5pm






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Throw out the preservatives forFresh

By Gisele Zanier


aby food gardens - sounds refreshingly good, right? Read on! Being a parent is one of life's most rewarding jobs, and expensive.

The cost of living has never been so high and how on earth are you meant to stay on your budget when it comes to feeding your little critters mouths? Every Australian household is open to saving a dollar here and there, and with the constant price risers of almost everything it's becoming really hard to get ahead, especially when skipping meals is just not possible, especially for the little ones. Pre-made baby food from your local supermarket can seem convenient and easy whilst on the go though, believe it or not it's actually eating away at your pockets without you even realising. So why constantly dash down to the supermarket to buy a pack full or preservatives when we can have it fresh whenever we want? If you live in a household where everyone likes to eat, eat, eat, plant expert and founder of Beyond Sunflowers - Gisele Zanier has put together her top tips on why and what you need to be growing in your baby food garden. 38

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

The health benefits: fresh or processed? I think this term pretty much speaks for itself. While pack baby food is super easy, especially when on the go, what are you really serving your baby and have you ever looked at the pack? Think natural, if you pick an apple there is only a certain life span before its had its day and that's the exact type of food you should be feeding your baby. Cupboard life spans for baby food can last over a year and with all those preservatives that's just nasty. Growing fresh produce is excellent for cutting out all the unnecessary add ons - and once you have prepped, you can store it in the freezer for a few months too, and of course without the additives. Homemade baby food can be just as easy and convenient as the pack. Where to plant: Building a veggie garden is simple; find a place outside that gets a minimum of 5-6 hours of sunlight a day. Your garden does not have to be huge; you can keep it as big a small as you please. Make sure your soil is high in organic matter or well fertilized, plant all your seeds with enough room between each, depending on what type of veggie you are planting will determine how much room them need. Remember to water, weed and harvest your veggies when ready. Don't worry if your first go isn't a hit; the more you grow the better you get and this will also give you the continued next page.....

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The world renowned teaching methods of Maria Montessori – Montessori Cycle 1

Fostering creative play and gross motor skills

Focus on Education


During the most precious years when your child learns easily

Emphasis on Respect

Core values, manners, social and emotional skills

Highlighting the Love of Learning for the Future

By an environment that is stimulating and nurturing

24-26 Malcolm Road, 118 Overport Road, Langwarrin Frankston South Phone 03 9787 9494 Phone 03 9787 6730 to visit our school to visit our school altochildren@bigpond.com piccoloschildren@bigpond.com www.altochildren.com.au www.piccoloschildren.com.au Creating confidence

Developing concentration

The Centres are open from 7:30am – 6:30pm Ages 2.5 – 6 yrs

Montessori Long Day Care Integrated Kindergarten Healthy Meals Family rebates and benefits apply

Piccolos beautiful natural learning environment Developing life skills

Lasting friendships

Learning to read while learning to write Understanding numeracy

Expression through song and dance

Promoting nature and care for its inhabitants



Spring Days to Celebrate!



International 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day

Ahoy, Matey! John Baur and Mark Summers created the concept of International 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day on June 6, 1995. While playing racquetball, they began to talk to each other in 'Pirate-speak'. After leaving the court, they decided that there was a need to create this day. After much thought, Mark Summers selected September 19th as the date. This was his wife's birthday. So, he thought it would be an easy date to remember. And so, International 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day was born.




Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honour all saints; soon, All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating sweet treats.


November y

Sandwich Da

report that John English history of ls na an e Th ndwich. Among e 4th Earl of Sa Montagu was th h Earl of Sandwich was a e 4t other things, th n spent many . Montagu ofte er bl m g parlors. In heavy ga in bl m London's ga t in s ur ho ng lo by putting mea d the sandwich, This allowed 1762, he create d. ea pieces of br between two g table for long at the gamblin n ai m him to re sandwich was th Obviously, e e. tim of ds rio pe special day by . Celebrate this named after him at ever y meal! 40 Peninsula Peninsula Spring2018 2018 iche–s–Spring wKids 48 ting sandKids ea

opportunity to better know your space and microclimate which is an important factor when selecting your seeds and seedlings. Pick your produce: While there is such a large portion of different types of vegetables to grow there are a few that stand out and taste great. You want to think of the quantity of veggies you will produce. Pick plants that grow mass amounts so you can always be picking and cooking, as our babies always need to eat. If you choose a plant that only grows one item every few weeks, like broccoli, this will not be much use to you. Stick to plants like tomato bushes and sweet potato that grow mass amounts. Go green - Growing lots of green produce is a must for your baby patch and what better way to start it off than with zucchini. Zucchini is full of potassium, great for the heart, and strengthens bones and teeth. Zucchini is great because with its light flavor you can add in into most meals to bulk it up and your bubba won't even notice it. Another great vegetable to grow is peas, which are great for kids as they are easy to mash up and are full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. These vegetables are also really simple and don't take a rocket scientists to grow. Another superfood to add to the list is baby spinach, which is full of iron, vitamin C and fibre. Baby spinach is great to add to meals and even juices and smoothies for the little ones. Add some colour - The best thing about babies is you can teach them to enjoy their vegetables from a young age. A great way if implementing different food groups is by adding a variety of colours to capture their eyes. Let's start with beetroot; not only does its rich colour entice children but the health benefits are significant. Beet is full of fibre, vitamin C and is a rich source of folate and manganese. Another veggie you cannot go past is sweet potato; this is one of the most popular meals among children and you can spread it far. This veggie is also a winner as it tastes great on its own without adding any extra sugars. Full of vitamins, fibre and inflammation properties. This sweet little plant will be a winner in your garden. Make it crunchy - For the young family with babies and toddlers lets not skip some crunchy snacks for them that can be fed to both ages. Firstly you cannot pass on carrots; these bright sweet snacks are great cut up for the children with teeth and great pureed for the babies in the house. Full of vitamins, iron and potassium this delicious veggie is great raw or cooked. Another superfood we cannot forget is the tomato. These beautiful rich and delicious little balls of heaven are a must for the children. For the sweet-loving babies, a strawberry bush will be your best friend. Great whole, cut up or pureed, strawberries are an easy on-the-go snack for your baby. Full of vitamins, strawberries and known for their infection fighting properties, and of course taste delicious.

All these veggies are excellent for purees for the baby and excellent as a mash when they are a little bigger. While the initial expense of creating a baby food garden can cost more than a few packets of baby food, the health benefits and long term results speak for themselves. You have fresh produce at your fingertips which is easily stored in the fridge or freezer. When feeding your family fresh and clean meals all year round, you will wonder why you ever bought packets to begin with.

Beyondsunflowers.com.au is an online plant emporium that aims to green up the great indoors. Gisele began her business to show that you can create a beautiful space filled with greenery without being a natural green thumb. Beyond Sunflowers will soon offer workshops and one-on-one learning, along with a potting shed for hobby gardeners.

Wanting backyard hens but unsure where to start? Talking Hens supplies families with the most lovable, friendly and best laying hens on the Peninsula all backed with a 100% moneyback guarantee! At Talking Hens, we also have our own highest quality chicken feed, natural hen care products and a range of European and Australian made backyard chicken products Visit our Website to learn more and download our popular and FREE Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Chickens at:


Or, visit us at our farm on any Saturday or Sunday between 9am & 5pm. 334 Baldrys Road, Main Ridge

For enquiries call Jason 0406 691 231 or visit us on facebook at www.facebook.com/TalkingHens www.peninsulakids.com.au


By Rebecca Fraser


tereotypes are the worst. The sweeping generalisations and broad assumptions about groups of people that filter through into the everyday are ignorant at best, and downright dangerous at their worst.

Gender stereotyping is one such form of typecasting, and one that is increasingly recognised as limiting to children’s opportunities and freedom to make their own choices. Many parents are leading the charge to shake off the traditional gender roles – the expectations, behaviours and attitudes that have dominated society – for their sons and daughters. But it seems we still have a long way to go. The pervasion of pink and blue, and preconceived ideas … Sociologist, Dr Elizabeth Sweet, highlights a common example of gender stereotyping through her examination of relationships between gender, children's toys, and gender inequality. Her research reveals toys are more divided by gender now than they were fifty years ago. She states, “Businesses categorise toys in a way that more narrowly forces kids into boxes. For example, a recent study by sociologists Carol Auster and Claire Mansbach found that all toys sold on the Disney Store’s website were explicitly categorised as being “for boys” or “for girls”—there was no “for boys and girls” option….” We know for ourselves it only takes a stroll down the aisle of most toy departments to see the rigid colour coding: pink for girls, blue for boys. The same boundaries can be found in clothing and echoed across many other consumables, from lunch boxes to bed linen. Even McDonalds has come under fire for its gendering of Happy Meal toys. Using literature to counter gender stereotypes … Thankfully, many authors are continually exploring ways they can use fictional characters to shake off gender stereotypes and clichés and empower children with relatable protagonists (and antagonists) that capture roles and ideals they identify with and want for themselves. By using literature to counter gender norms kids learn that, yes, boys do cry. They can also turn their hand to cooking, fashion, or dancing with as much enthusiasm as they may have for monster trucks, football, and fishing. Similarly, they’ll discover female characters who can express their opinion without being declared ‘bossy’, and enjoy parkour, motor cross, and video games as much as they like horse riding, hairstyles, and sleepovers.

Kids, by nature, put a lot of themselves into their characters. Their heroes will often reflect values, virtues and flaws they recognise in themselves … or those that they aspire to. Younger writers may have preconceived ideas about more traditional gender roles. Encourage them to turn these ideas on their head and set their imaginations – and their characters - free! One of the ways I do this within my creative writing workshops is through a simple, yet powerful, workshop exercise, ‘Pirates and Princesses’ – two of the most potentially cliched character ideas you could draw upon. Participants are invited to create a pirate or princess (or prince) character, and we then begin exploring different approaches to the construction of their character’s appearance, likes and dislikes, best and worst traits, family background, their ship or castle, their biggest secret, and other elements that shape characterisation. For example, kids might choose to be the scariest queen that ever ruled a kingdom and kept a crocodile as a pet; or perhaps a princess who got sick of rescuing princes and decided she was going to retrain as an astronaut. They might want to write about the baddest, boldest pirate queen that ever sailed the high seas, or perhaps a pirate that doesn’t know anything about ships or the ocean and would prefer to let his crew do all the sailing and plundering while he bakes chocolate cakes and listens to Katy Perry. This exercise is not only a lot of fun but gives kids the opportunity to create interesting characters that defy their labels. Whenever I run this workshop it always generates a lot of creative energy, enthusiasm and laughter. When you have such interesting characters to play with, it makes for some very entertaining storytelling! Parents might not be able to influence every factor in our children’s lives when it comes to shaking off traditional gender roles, but encouraging them to explore and subvert these boundaries through creative writing can be a small, yet significant, step. And small steps lead to big changes.

Helping kids create characters that reflect individuality and resist social definitions of what, or how, a girl or boy ‘should be’ …

Source cited www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2014/12/toys-are-more-divided-by-gender-now-than-they-were-50-years-ago/383556/



Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

Overthrowing Gender Stereotypes PS. If you’re looking for some titles portraying characters that throw gender stereotypes down the stairs, teach boys there’s more than one way to be a hero, and illustrate to girls that strength and independence are something to be valued. Some of my favourites include: Goodnight Stores for Rebel Girls; Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders; Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, and Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter Series, Charlie Brown; Ferdinand the Bull; Nancy Drew; and Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games.

Rebecca Fraser operates StoryCraft Creative Writing Workshops for aspiring authors of every age and ability. www.storycraftworkshops.com.au

in Children’s Fiction www.peninsulakids.com.au


www.peninsulakids.com.au www.peninsulakid 51


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018


better than mine?

By Janelle Ryan


oday I’d love you to meet Karen. Karen is intelligent, funny, worldly, friendly, warm and successful. But Karen feels she has a problem. Karen cannot stop comparing herself to other people. As much as she would love to. Karen’s practice of comparing herself to others has gone beyond, what she considers harmless tiny bouts of “oh, having that would be nice”, and morphed into a tidal wave of pure envy that renders her unable to socialise with some of her friends. The pain of seeing what they have, and what she does not, is tooooo upsetting for her.  Karen told me that, logically, she knows everyone is on their own path and not everyone’s lives are perfect.  But the overwhelming feeling of lack and jealousy is causing her to feel disempowered, hopeless and less than confident about her future.

Why do we compare ourselves to others, sometimes obsessively?  Why don’t we just live our lives our way, without worrying about what our friends/family/neighbours/colleagues are doing?   Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review.  Maslow believed people move through different stages of five needs that motivate our behaviour. He called these needs physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self

actualisation. For our purposes today, let’s focus on esteem.  Maslow tells us our overall esteem is linked to self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others and respect by others.  One of the easiest ways our mind searches for proof of achievement is by comparing where we sit on the ‘scale of life’, to where we perceive others to sit.  We compare salaries, income, cars, jobs, houses, behaviour of children, partners, hair styles, body composition – the list goes on and on.   The practice of comparing ourselves to others becomes a problem when we idolise our friends, colleagues, neighbours and sometimes people we don’t even know.  We fail to take into account their humanness.  Everyone has hardship, struggles and challenges in their life.  Yet sometimes we dismiss this – instead obsessing on what they have and we don’t.  This has the ability to spiral us into feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration.   On the flip side, this can be a healthy and positive practise when it motivates us to move forward, challenge ourselves and achieve something we want in our lives.  This practise can also be a great way to clarify your vision.  If you find yourself feeling envious of someone, check in with yourself.  Get curious.  What are you envious about?  What is it they have that you’d love to have?  Once you know the answer work out what you are going to do with that information, then let the feeling go.  continued next page..... www.peninsulakids.com.au


Here are my



Be grateful for what you have. There are people going through hardships you would never wish to face.


Work out your top 5 values and live in alignment with them. Every single day.


Ban the word “should” from your vocabulary.


Let go of perfectionism – embrace humanism, in yourself and others. GREAT OUTDOOR SEATING AREA A DES WHICH INCLU LE & ST A C G N PI M JU ENT FOR PLAY EQUIPM ER A THOSE W RM DAYS



Independently owned & operated, Dedicated toddler area for under 3 years of age, Safe, friendly & healthy environment for children & adults

home made food � YummyExtensive menu � Gluten and dairy intolerances catered for

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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

Remember you are in one chapter of your life – the book isn’t closed yet. Get clear on YOUR vision for YOUR life and stay on the path.

Good luck! Janelle Ryan is a Change Catalyst who helps high achievers get out of their own way, align their actions with their goals and create a life they desire and truly deserve. www.skyhighcoaching.com.au www.facebook.com/skyhighcoaching.com.au

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Mermaid Tarielle popped out of the ocean to celebrate at home with Katie and her friends. That's OK kids; mermaids can be out of the water for a little while!


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018


Tayla and her friends were playing at Bicentennial Park in Chelsea celebrating her 4th birthday, when they spotted Mermaid Tarielle on the beach!




Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

Rosie had her mermaid-themed party at home in Dromana and when she next looked - Mermaid Tarielle was in the pool ready to play! Mermaid cake: Sweets for Tilly www.sweetsfortilly.com.au Mermaid Tarielle parties provided by Waggle Dance www.waggledance.com.au Ph: 1300 WAGGLE




le Mer t t li r u o y r o f y aid par t


ical me g a m a g in n n Pla

e be near th arielle will T id a rm e M E to hear if 00WAGGL 3 1 n party or an ou. o y e h c it n rty, a pool rate w gle Da a b g p le a h e c W c a e e to n b o in a Ph pop surprise at elbourne to rop by as a d to r shores of M e kids, beach h e ould lik around 10 w to u s o y ie if rt a e p Decid nd on-land rty. eep pool a k so , d w on-land pa ig cro on in PDF. don’t like b sed invitati li a Mermaids n . and party o re rs o e m p ake, décor emed can be c , s th e d a c o h n fo it ra y w a rt e a app vide you Board for p nce will pro y Pinterest rt a wear at P Waggle Da id a Merm mer-fan to ir u e o y th r to fo r il e Head ov mermaid ta tion. handmade a , ir y ll sp a c in lo s l g ba eautifu erience! . o order a b esome exp ce website n w a a D d You can als n le a g g ic g om the Wa ermaid ma the party fr njoy the m e d n a n fu have Relax and

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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

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TOY BRICKS JUST By Brodie Cowburn


ornington soccer coach Nick Cook originally came up with a product to be used as a tool at training, but it didn’t take long to realise the potential he was sitting on. Inspired by the different ways in which his young trainees were using the soft toy bricks he had laid out for drills, Nick set to work on creating the KICKBrick brand, packaging up those bricks and selling them for kids to use for whatever their wild imaginations can come up with.

“I run Little Kickers, which is preschool soccer from 18 months to 7. Basically, in the classes we were looking for something for kids to be able to knock down safely, defend, and attack. We were looking for something fun and safe that we could use, so we just decided to source and make our own and it went from there. The bricks have rounded edges, and they’re soft and safe,” Nick said. “After the bricks were made and we used them for different purposes in training, the kids didn’t want to come back and play soccer; they would just carry on building with the bricks, balancing them and using them for so many different things. The creativity they were showing with them was really amazing given it was only supposed to have one use; it ended up having a hundred different uses. Because of that, parents started to ask if they could buy them. So we packaged them up, chose the colours, got the logos made, and started selling them at our classes and around Australia through the other Little Kickers franchisees.” Established just over a year ago, the bricks quickly outgrew their purpose to be used simply in soccer training. Now the bricks are manufactured with the intent of making them as multi purpose as possible, so kids can play with them in any way that they can think of.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

FOR KICKS “It was probably early 2016 when we started to package up the bricks and offer them for sale, but back then it only started as a one off sort of thing. Because of the interest and what the kids were doing with them, it’s now grown into something more,” Nick said. “We wanted something big and stable enough for these kids to build up, so the brick size was perfect. It’s such a good open-ended toy. They can be used to brick up the doorway, build a tower, pretend the floor is lava, create targets and mazes; there’s so much that kids can do to be creative with them. You can use them inside and outside, in water, and they’re easy to wipe clean.

as much functionality as we could so there would be as little to throw away as possible,” he said. “For every 30 bricks bought we also donate 30 real bricks to help build schools and classrooms in Cambodia. We’re looking to positively impact as many kids’ lives as possible.”

To find out more about KICKBrick or to get some for yourself visit kickbrick.com.au.

“As well as the bricks, we decided to grow our brand and expand our range to offer hard hats as well. We see our future as a kids construction brand with wheelbarrows of different colours and luminous vests. It would be great to have a whole range around the construction theme.” Strong positive feedback from customers spurred Nick to continue to try to expand KICKBrick’s reach, and now the bricks are popping up in all sorts of places for all sorts of purposes. “Lots of parents have been buying them. We’re in primary schools, kindergartens, toy libraries, and Scienceworks has about 1500 bricks in one of their exhibitions. The bricks were also voted a hot product on Channel 10’s The Living Room. One area where they’ve gone down really well is with occupational therapists because they’re seen as a good active toy where kids can place aggression in a safe environment, and use them to break down barriers. We sell lots of them through therapy stores because they’re seen as great for kids with disabilities,” Nick said. Nick is also a father of two, and credits his two young boys as being the first ones to try out and give their tick of approval to the bricks. “I’ve got two boys. They helped in the beginning with the testing. They were the ones who first got them out to start bricking things up and kicking them down. They’re very active boys and they were my original testers,” he said. Nick also says he works hard to restrict the disposable plastic used in putting the bricks together in order to cut down on waste, and he also says that the brand is dedicated to causes that help make a difference in the world. “The bricks are designed here in Australia, and they’re recyclable too. There’s so much rubbish and disposable packaging out there these days when it comes to toys, so we wanted to restrict the amount of disposable KICKBrick packaging. You use the bag it comes in to store them and the boxes can be used as part of the play; there’s instructions to cut a hole in the boxes to make them into a door that you can use as part of playing with them. We wanted to incorporate www.peninsulakids.com.au



By Melissa Walsh


en Merrett-Troup loves his fitness. He is a personal trainer and martial arts teacher in his spare time, and enjoys working out at the gym. But there’s more to this peninsula man than meets the eye. He is a stay-at-home dad, one of an ever growing group of dads who choose to look after the kids full time while mum goes to work. He is also founder of a peer support group for other stay-at-home dads called www.dadsgroup.org. Peninsula Kids visits Ben and his two children at home to find out, first hand, what life is like for this “Mr Mom”.

“When our second child was six months old I made the decision to be a stay-at-home dad. I had always loved hanging out with the kids and taking care of them so it was a natural progression to look after them full time while my wife went to work outside the home,” said Ben, dad of three year old Hudson and two year old Leo. “My wife and I decided that it would be ideal if one of us was there to look after them, cook and clean. I started off with three days and then gradually it became full time and I love every moment. Of course there are challenges, as with anybody, but it is definitely working for us.” 56

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

For Ben, being a nurturer came very easily as his father was always involved with him as a child. “I guess I get it from my dad who was involved with us when I was young and very hands on with the nurturing,” says Ben, as he juggles like any typical parent, cutting up apple and putting shoes on while the children climb all over him. “I think it’s important for dads to be active in their children’s lives. Everybody has a good story about teaching their son to shave or taking them fishing and looking after them at home is just an extension of that. There’s a definite place for men as nurturers and my dad absolutely passed that on to me.” Having been the stay-at-home parent for the past 18 months, Ben says he took on the role very enthusiastically at the start. “I was rapt to be able to have the opportunity to look after our children full time and to support my wife in that way. It was never something I thought I would end up doing but I really enjoy it,” said Ben, who admits the start was ‘fake it till you make it’. “You just learn every day what to do by trial and error. I used a lot of resources as well as continued next page.....



8 VALID TILL 5/10/1

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*Birthday Parties *Skate Shop *Learn To Skate *Great Coffee! 3/2 Amayla Cres CARRUM DOWNS Ph:03 9773 6799

SCHOOL HOLIDAY PUBLIC TIMES Monday to Friday 9am-4pm Only $14 per session + $3 sk8 hire Learn to skate classes as normal Bonus Tues & Wed sessions 4-6pm Friday night 7-10pm Weekend times and prices as usual www.peninsulakids.com.au


I had a 6-month-old and 2-year-old when I took on the role. I coped pretty well most of the time but there were times when I struggled and had to utilise the support networks. That’s why I started the Frankston Dad’s Support Group and the Victorian Stay at Home Dads group to offer support, talk to other dads about what they’re going through, and connect up. We can also offer access to other organisations to help if dads are having a hard time.”

issues, whether child related or not. Sometimes we talk about footy and sometimes we compare our prams,” he says with a laugh. “My pram is brilliant and I told them all about taking it on a pram nfriendly track the other day with the kids while I went for a jog. The ranger told me the pram wouldn’t make it along that track, but it did! That same ranger saw me running out of the bushes an hour later with everyone intact. That’s the kind of stuff we do sometimes.”

Ben started the Dads of Frankston group a few months ago, with its links to the Dads Group Incorporated Victoria.

For Ben, the thing he loves most about being a stay-at-home dad is the connection he has with his kids.

“I started this for all dads, not just the stay-at-home guys. It’s great to get together and have a support network for any father. We have access to plenty of resources to help and enjoy meeting up to talk about

“We have such a great time. The other day my son and I were driving along and he said I want to go to the dojo dad and I said I want to go there too bud, so we called in. I teach there. I lift some weights and




A highly structured MSL program that offers explicit, systematic phonic instruction that has been designed for dyslexics and children with varied learning difficulties.

SPALDING© Mornington and Somerville Phone. 0437717751 http://essentiallearning.wixsite.com/mysite 58

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

MULBERRY HILL - 385 Golf Links Rd Langwarrin South. Open Sundays 11-4 MCCRAE HOMESTEAD - 11 Beverley Rd McCrae. Open Sundays 11-4


teach him some moves and it’s the best time,” said Ben, whose average day consists of the usual family rituals. “I get up and think about what we need to do for the day, get my wife off to work, do a few chores, prep for dinner, and try and make some healthy meals which is easier said than done, “he says with a laugh. “What they want and what I want them to eat are two different things. I then try and plan something for the kids, go down to the park, feed the ducks, Hudson gets upset if we drive past and don’t go there.” For Ben and the boys, the day of our interview is a home day so lots of housework to do.

“Today we wash the sheets and do the towels and housework. Tomorrow we go to kinder gym, and at the moment I am doing some baking with the kids. Leo has to have a nap so it’s important to keep him to the schedule. Then I get to have time with Hudson one on one.” When Ben needs a break, it’s off to teach martial arts in Mornington or a session at the gym. In the meantime this modern day Mr Mom is very content with his home life and proof that stay at home dad life rocks.



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Why You Should Visit


By Erica Louise


With Your Children

Reasons to explore Dandenong Market; Melbourne's "World Market" with your kids.

This thriving meeting point and trading place for locals and the wider community attracts over 5 million visitors a year.

Dandenong Market is a 150-year old traditional working market in Melbourne's Southeast.

There are stories to be told at Dandenong Market

Offering a cultural mix of fresh foods & pantry staples from around the globe, is it any wonder why Melburnians affectionately refer to Dandenong Market as the "World Market"? The question is, what does Dandenong Market offer for children and visiting families? Plenty! Read on. Dandenong Market is rich in history This historic market dates back to the 1850s when newly arrived colonials first traded goods within the Dandenong region. The area where Dandenong Market stands was established in the 1850s as 'The Grange Estate' and the market officially opened on Tuesday 10 October 1866. Fast forward to the current day and the Dandenong Market as we know it now is located on the corner of Clow and Cleeland Street.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

Although impossible to tell everyone's story here, many traders within Dandenong Market are small family-run operations each of which has a tale to tell. •Show your children how the Ali Zada family prepare baked goods combining Afghan recipes with Australian style breads. •Introduce your children to the wonderful work of the bees: Hart's Honey. Joza Hart is one of Dandenong Market's long-term traders who sells his delicious honey from over 600 portable hives located both here in Victoria and interstate. Honey variants include Yellow Box, Iron Bark, Stringybark, Mixed Blossom and Red Gum. •Treat your kiddos to a freshly made, additive free donut from Dandee Donut run by Maureen and Dick Bell. The couple have been serving up the fluffiest donuts from their permanent home at Dandenong Market since the 1970s. Dandee Donuts ingredients are Australian grown, with the original recipe developed in the 1950s.

•Moving into the bustling fresh fruit and veg section and you'll find a colourful collection of foods, some of which you won't find in your local supermarket. Luppino Fresh is Dandenong Market's first ever fruit and veg trader, set up by Danny Luppino over 50 years ago. •Walk into the Bazaar and, watch out folks, your kids will be in toy heaven! New goods here include toys, clothes, shoes, jewellery and pet accessories. Dandenong Market is filled with quirkiness You could nip into the caravan (yes, a caravan!) for a haircut, or enjoy some hearty "pub grub" in the undercover dining area The Terrace. Dandenong Market is filled with quirkiness that you won’t find anywhere else. Foodie heaven in the Market Square at Dandenong Market Speaking of food, the ultimate foodie heaven has to be the Market Square: a hawker's style selling street food, cooked while you watch. Fresh chai & banana bread are popular choices; otherwise Sri Lankan, Filipino, Mauritian, Indian and NZ street food or sausages for the meat lovers from The Grill.

The market’s newest piece of work is by Heesco; inspired by a black and white photograph of children at a bird stall taken at Dandenong Market in the 1970s. 'M is for Market' is a cute art installation piece by Anne Ross. The mouse commemorates the market's 150th anniversary. 'The Phoenix Rises' is a large-scale piece that reflects the resilience, strong work ethic and tenacity of the Dandenong Market community. Another huge piece at Dandenong Market by Heesco is 'The Year of the Wolf'. Heesco’s mural for Dandenong Market depicts a wolf pack over the course of four seasons and spans five panels positioned on the market's King Street façade. If the sights, sounds, smells and tastes are not enough to entice you and your kids into Dandenong Market then I don't know what will! Sure beats the angst of dragging your family through the aisles of a joyless supermarket. Dandy Market has soul! Visit Dandenong Market with your children on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Why not consider partaking in a free tour of the market on select Tuesdays and Fridays? Where: Dandenong Market, Clow St & Cleeland Street, Dandenong VIC

Dandenong Market understands the importance of street art A Melbourne market is surely not complete without street art? Dandenong Market understands the importance of this and has therefore embraced VIC's street art scene.

Erica hails from the United Kingdom, and has been living in Australia for 12 years. She has two sons, 3 and 8 years. She writes, edits and runs the social media pages for KidTown Melbourne, a website showcasing all the fun things to do with kids in Melbourne.



Dandenong market shopping voucher to give away!*



1. love IN!


v to /gi pe u a nins ulakids.com. NC




ea wa ys

things we



Loaded Lemons

is a fun, action game requiring good memory or you'll get soaked! Follow the lemons as they move around the table and when timer stops guess if your lemon squirts or not. Guess right or get soaked! Anyone who guessed right gets a lemon chip and the first to collect three chips wins the game! Suitable for 2-4 Players aged 6+. RRP $39.00 and available exclusively at BIG W. X2 to give away

4. 62

The Rubik’s Cube

has been a family favourite since the '80’s, and if you’re a fan then you’re going to love Rubik’s 3x3. In this new and improved version of the classic game, the Stickers have been replaced with tiles, which means there’s no fading, peeling or sneaky cheating by pulling the stickers off! Rubik’s Cube has over 43 Quintillion possible moves and with practice you can learn to solve it in under 10 seconds. Suitable for ages 8+. RRP $19.00 and available at all leading retailers. X2 to give away

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

The Mapmakers' Race

An exciting mountain-race adventure for middle readers. Sal, Joe, Francie and Humphrey misplace their famous mapmaker mother as they begin the Great Race to map a rail route through an uncharted wilderness. Their father didn't return from his last expedition and now their money is gone. This race is their last chance. They have 28 days to find and map the best route. There will be bears, bees, bats, river crossings, cliff falls, impossible weather - but worst of all, they're racing five teams of adults who do not play by the rules...Read the first chapter at geckopress. com. RRP $19.99 - available in any good bookshop.


Build or Boom

is the ultimate block stacking game for the whole family! Build it fast then make theirs blast! Players step in line and see who can be the first to bring the blue print cards to life. But there’s only room for one builder in town... do you have what it takes or will you get boomed on your way to the top? Suitable for 2 or more players aged 4+. RRP $29.00 and available exclusively at K-Mart. X2 to give away


Pop! the Pig

An international bestseller, The Pig keeps everyone on their toes. Kids and adults alike will have a blast playing the fun new family game, Pop! The Pig. Simply spin the die, pop a hamburger into the pig’s mouth, and pump his head. If he eats too much, he will suddenly pop! The whole family will love the suspense as you watch his belly grow, and the player who makes his belly burst loses. Pop! The Pig provides hours of family fun and is completely kid powered (no batteries needed). Suitable for 2-6 players aged 4+. RRP $39.99 and available at all leading retailers. X2 to give away


We Are Cheeky


Yowie chocolates

Now on the shelves of popular Australian confectionery retailers, with their new Ranger Series proving a hit amongst Australian children. Not only delicious, GMO and nut-free, this 100% premium milk chocolate encases a special surprise toy inside, teaching children about sustainability and ecology. Collect the fun Yowie playmates Rumble, Boof, Crag, Ditty, Nap and Squish (each taking on the persona of an iconic Australian animal) and their animal friends each time you enjoy a chocolate. Each creature inside Yowie is an exact replica of a reallife endangered animal, paired with an information card demonstrating its conservation status (ranging from 'not threatened' and 'vulnerable', to 'endangered' and 'critically endangered'). Yowie calls on children to help protect our natural world by arming them with information in a fun way. www.facebook. com/yowieworldaustralia


Grit Scooters

GRIT SCOOTERS introduce ‘VIBES’, the only girl specific range of scooters. The cool VIBES range comes in on-trend colours and graphics, plus a variety of model names which bring a unique personality to each scooter. Girls will be able to pick their scooters to match their own unique ‘vibes’. Exclusive Vapor chrome colours make these models really pop with a look all of their own. This range is ideal for girls who like to ride in the streets, or in the skate park in style. VIBES riders aren’t afraid to try a few tricks on the street or on ramps. Grit VIBES scooters can handle anything from, cruising in style to the most hardcore tricks. VIBES come 7 colours and three sizes across the range. Deck names include; Misty, Glam, Wild, Angel, Dreamer, Squad, Destiny ARE YOU AN ANGEL, A DREAMER, OR A GIRL WHO JUST LOVES HER SCOOTER? Angel deck RRP: $150.00 www.gritscooters.com.au

The range consists of over 60 products, including a fun assortment of ceramics, bakeware, glassware, utensils, bar equipment, and baby mealtime products. The brand’s real point of difference, however, lies within its partnership with OzHarvest, which exists to help rescue food and donate meals to Aussies in need. Based on the knowledge that a staggering 3.6 million Aussies receive food relief every year; We Are Cheeky will donate 10c to OzHarvest for every product purchased, with the goal of generating over 15,000 meals for Aussies in need, within the first month of We Are Cheeky going on sale. We Are Cheeky is all about that tingling feeling you get when you share a meal with the people you love – the feelings, the stories, the fabulous food. Available exclusively from Woolworths in-store and online. Set of four coasters $8.00

8. 9.

Hot Wheels

diecast cars have been igniting kid’s imaginations, creativity and fun since 1968. With 400 new designs released each year, it’s no surprise that 50 years on Hot Wheels diecast cars remain the number one selling toy in the world. This year, Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the release of a limited-edition Throwback collection that’s every mini motor heads’ dream. Retailing for $9 and available at Big W until stocks last, the new models pay homage to the “Original 16” range of designs inspired by Californian muscle cars and hot rods from the late 60s and 70s, including the original custom Camero, the first Hot Wheels car ever made. Enter for your chance to win a Hot Wheels gift pack valued at $100!

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DAY DreaMing There was nowhere to go but eyerywhere...

Molly - Bebe Lace Dress with Back Bow $99.95 www.treehouserepublic.com.au


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018



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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

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u yo

r s

n pri

o g h

ith ys w a d i l

n fun! hands o

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By Melissa Fields


s a Mother of a four and a half year old I’m currently facing he challenge of ticking off all the school readiness boxes, tissues and chocolate in hand mind you. I think I’m right in saying on one hand we are so ready to see our pre-schoolers head off to ‘big kids’ school and watch them fly, and on the other trying to hold onto precious time spent laughing, picking flowers and jumping in muddy puddles on the way to kinder, each time taking a little longer to say goodbye, or holding their small hands a little tighter as we walk through the door. But all that being said, our number one job is to make the transition to school as smooth as possible and set them up for an ultimately successful start! So we ask ourselves ‘How do I know if my child is ready?’

I’m sure your kinder teacher or other parents over coffee at the playground have been throwing around terms like ‘developmental readiness’, ‘emotional readiness’, and ‘academic successes’. You’ve most likely had your midyear interview with the kinder teacher and they’ve expressed a certain checklist to make sure your child is ‘ready’ for school; ready to be in a classroom of diverse learners for long periods of time and be able to do more than cope, but THRIVE! One in five Victorian children starts school ‘developmentally vulnerable’, according to the 2015 Australian Early Development Census, and those who start behind tend to stay behind. (Department of education website.) That’s a confronting statistic, and so is the list of skills that guides us to know whether or not our children are ‘ready’: 72

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

Self-toileting Use of scissors

Mathematics is fundamental in getting our kids on the right track educationally

Triangle pencil grip Emotional strategies Clear, articulate speech Fine and gross motor coordination Confidence in communicating with adults and friends Pre writing skills such as recognition of and attempting their name Pre reading skills; recognition of sounds and letters Here’s my question; all of this is so important in building lifelong learners, who are prepared for independent education, but why is MATHS missing from the list? Maths being the ability to relate to the world through patterns, shapes, quantities, measurement and problem solving. Mathematics is also fundamental in getting our kids on the right track educationally. We all remember the 3 Rs, slogan from our time spent in classrooms; reading, writing and arithmetic. Although we can all agree education has come a long way since this slogan was practiced, I wonder along the line where did we lose Maths? Moving into 2019 we want our students to be independent thinkers, innovators and world leaders but to do that we need to remember MATHS in important, not just rote learning, but true understanding.

S H T Is MA m o r f g n i s s i m l o o h c our s ? e l i f o r p s s e n i d rea For our pre-schoolers there is an importance in understanding and using patterning. The ability to recognize and create patterns help us make predictions based on our observations; this is an important skill in maths. Understanding patterns helps prepare children for learning complex number concepts and mathematical operations: number sense and understanding ‘how many’. This also includes creating visual images of numbers and the ability to use one to one finger matching, understanding more or less than, and trusting the count. Comparison activities develop visual discrimination and visual memory skills. Pattern recognition activities require children to observe and continue patterns preparing them for learning to recognize numbers. Number recognition and counting activities prepare pre-schoolers for making links between addition and subtraction, and so on. Ultimately there is no simple answer to my question. Being a parent is hard! We all strive to do our best, so let’s keep playing with our kids, talking to our kids, reading to our kids and having experiences with our kids. But while doing it, let’s talk about MATHS too! Here’s some fun ways to include Math when playing with your preschooler; • Cut out various shapes.

child which group has more? Less? Rearrange the group, is there still the same number? • Continue sharing rhymes, songs and stories with your child that contain numbers. Count animals in the pictures, count the dinosaurs, count the people. • Start talking about the calendar with your child, because calendars help with counting, sequences and patterns. • Count the washing together. How many t-shirts are there? Socks? All the time making visual images of numbers, one to one finger matching, and creating patterns! • Play simple board games, using a 6 sided dice, moving spaces, collecting counters. The more you talk about maths at home, the more your child will think about maths! Wishing all pre-schoolers every success in starting school in 2019! “There are two gifts we can give our children. Roots and wings. Roots to know where their home is and wings to fly away and use everything that has been taught”. (Hodding Carter)

• Count the sides of each shape, or touch the square, jump on the triangle once you’ve cut them out. • Collect buttons, shells, fruit, cutlery, bugs, leaves, toys (any collection of small objects) and count them together, order them by size of collection, colours, shapes. Ask your

Melissa Fields has been a primary school educator on the Mornington Peninsula for 13 years. She is a teacher at Moorooduc Primary School and mother to Oscar 8 and Amelia 4 www.peninsulakids.com.au



1.Pick your Aussie spirit animal 4.Your friends would describe you as A) Kangaroo

7.Pick the perfect place to nap

2.Pick your ideal holiday experience

5.Pick your favourite song

8.Pick your worst habit

6.Pick your favourite colour

9.Pick your best quality

B) C) D) E) F)

A) B) C) D) E) F)

A) B) C) D) E) F)

Platypus Wombat Bandicoot Crocodile Koala

A) B) C) D) E) F)

Sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Cruising between tropical destinations A countryside escape Hiking Machu Picchu Exploring Europe in the winter Relaxing at Byron Bay

3.Pick a weekend activity A) B) C) D) E) F)

A) B) C) D) E) F)

Going to a sports game Chasing hidden waterholes and waterfalls Dinner and a musical Going for a hike amongst nature Fishing Catching upon some sleep

A) B) C) D) E) F)

The leader of the pack The energiser bunny The sensitive soul The class clown The secret softy The wise guy

A) B) C) D) E) F)

Allstar by Smash Mouth Barbie Girl by Aqua Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve Wannabe by the Spice Girls That Don’t Impress Me Much by Shania Twain Blackbird by The Beatles

A) B) C) D) E) F)

Red Pink Teal Orange Green Blue

Nap? I don’t nap! On the beach At the park with a good book in hand Amongst nature In bed... where else? Anywhere and everywhere

Impatience Too much of a chatterbox Easily distracted by animals Clumsiness Forgetting to smile Falling asleep when I shouldn’t

Decisive Happy and energetic Creative Funny Protective Wise



Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018






BUILDING CONFIDENT ng with . . i p o c KIDSstudy & exams. By Kim Norton


ow can we build confidence and coping skills in our children for study and exams? With loads of patience, tolerance and consistency.

According to a recent report on the second Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: “One in seven young Australians, children and adolescents aged 4-17yrs experienced a mental disorder (approx.: 560,000 children) and one in fourteen young Australians aged 4-17yrs experienced an anxiety disorder in 2015 (approx.: 278,000 children).”

I don’t know about you but those numbers astounded me and I work with kids like this every single day. Read those numbers again and let them sink in. It’s imperative now more than ever to teach our children how they can self-regulate their stress and anxiety, a skill that will benefit them for a lifetime as remember, tests do not just occur at school. There’s dance recitals, sporting finals, music exams, NAPLAN and that’s even before they have hit high school and VCE. continued next page.....





Rumble the Redgum Yowie is the Guardian of the Deserts and Plains. As the leader of the Yowie Pack, Rumble is an excitable, rough and tumble character. Cousin to the red kangaroo, Rumble is inclined to be impatient with a bark far worse than its bite. Underneath it all, Rumble has a heart of gold. MOSTLY (B)



Boof the Bottlebrush Yowie is the Guardian of the Rainforest and Mountains. Boof is delightfully unpredictable and the ever-funny clown of the Yowie Tribe. Boof is inclined to be a little clumsy as it trips among tree roots and toadstools with cousin bandicoot. But Boof is always around when needed to help friends and wildfolk.

Nap the Honeygum Yowie is Guardian of the Treetops. Nap is the wise old Yowie of the Pack. Most at home among the tree tops with the koalas Nap’s wisdom and understanding are always available. A tendency to doze off at any time at all, caressed in dreams by breeze and gum blossom, doesn’t stop Nap from being an alert and able guardian of its lofty habitat.





Crag the Mangrove Yowie is Guardian of the Marshland, Swamps and Backwaters. With a touch of cousin crocodile, Crag is the meanest looking of all the Yowie. But behind that crocodilical smile, there beats a heart of gold. Crag leaves nothing to chance when it comes to defending its habitat and all its wet and muddy creatures.

Squish the Fiddlewood Yowie is the Guardian of the Waterways. Part playful platypus, Squish is as bubbly as a babbling brook, sparkling as a waterfall and contented as a slow flowing river. Squish is always happy and energetic –the jester of the Yowie Pack and friend to all.


Ditty the Lillipilli Yowie is the Guardian of the Woodlands and Meadows. Ditty is the poet of the Yowie Pack. In love with its habitat and its wildfolk, Ditty spends time foraging with cousin wombat chasing butterflies and conducting cicada and cricket concerts.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018




You’re a little bit of this, and a little bit of that! The good news is that every Yowie plays a part in protecting the Natural World, and so can you!

/yowieworldaustralia @yowie_australia #yowieaustralia


able to follow this Our teens should be . ren ild ch ur yo h guidance. s for you to share wit kids may need a little ool sch y ar Here are my top 7 tip im pr d an s ficulty but our tween without too much dif Meditate and Breathe not have e ac Sp dy ve to be hard and does Create a Conducive Stu Meditation does not ha m”. ity us position chanting “O conducive to productiv involve sitting in the lot to te nu mi e on Create a space that is ick y other ple as a qu of clutter, mess and an editation can be as sim M ation at dit me d ide e, and success. Get rid gu on Turn off the ph or listening to a ). ise r erc the ex bro ss le ne litt ful ur nd yo mi distractions (like ll distract onic equipment that wi bedtime. TV and any other electr s and our body . als our heart rate quicken you from your go When we are stressed e to slow iqu mode. Try this techn slips into fight or flight hts and to ug tho se irrational ur breathing, stop tho yo wn do edule) al mind. Plan Ahead (visual sch re-engage your ration n ca dy stu to en of what and wh aks Creating a visual plan ctionists Take regular Brain Bre of us but for our perfe st mo drink for aid at gre a be stretch, go for a walk, t up your ay from the computer, n cause more stress. Se aw ca p s thi Ste e rs” tak rly ide vo ula “a reg d o an into t people wh and then break it down . Research shows tha nth ter e mo wa um the res y for the ule en ed sch d efficient wh weekly or pieces. This could be s are more focused an e ak siz e bre bit le ab ge na ma not your on what works for you; work. fortnightly depending t what bu er ch tea ur yo en ev t no d t enough sleep friend at school an Watch your diet and ge it. to k stic n the vitamin for extra works for you and and take a good multi t die d ce lan ba a t ur Ea ur caffeine and e some downtime in yo older students, limit yo r ou r Fo . Make sure you includ ce en an be sur as ve tivities and exercise ha schedule as social ac ood alcohol intake. release of those feel-g sleep shown to encourage the e that promotes quality d an y, performance a good bedtime routin erg lop en t ve e os De for bo d be an , urs ins ho endorph ment 1.5 es NO electronic equip lud inc d e an for be . ise ity erc productiv and some gentle ex sleep (yep that’s right) any last minute s) on ati firm (af wn routine to get rid of Think Positively starting your wind-do the thoughts and speak in angst. Reframe those negative that ar he u tegies to help your Every time yo se. ten ve siti po d an t : seven easy to use stra go u presen yo re to the ing So go ad saying “You are own stress and anxiety. pesky voice in your he children manage their se thoughts tho sh pu t jus n’t do ”, fail” or “You are stupid d body, as well. Your brain an aside but reframe them e your ram ref g what you tell it so has a way of believin s like on ati rm affi realistic positive Counsellor negative thoughts with t”. t Therapies and is a Holistic tes s going to ace thi is the founder of Rainbow Ligh am adults. Kim “I or and s s” teen thi , t kids go for t ve men “I ha in stress and anxiety manage

4 5

1 2

6 7


Count Breathing.

r seconds, r seconds, hold for fou Inhale for a count of fou hold that four seconds and then exhale for a count of For our es. tim at three more for four seconds. Repe (This is 4. of d ting to 3 instea younger kids, try coun itself). am ex an to use during also a great technique

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specialising vides a unique, alternative therapies, Kim pro Combining mainstream and a series of ing runn is and therapy approach intuitive and individualised urne Library for our nbo Cra at and rrin gwa Lan workshops at her studio in ds kids, Kim is an Also working with special nee Teens leading up to exams. all abilities on of runs workshops for people NDIS registered provider and httherapies. wlig inbo w.ra ww year. Please see various topics throughout the . com.au for more information

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By Katrina Wallentin


ips to teach your child to care for the environment

Since I wrote my children’s book Clara and the Climate Changer, parents often ask me how they can teach their children to care for our planet.

My first question to them remains the same: “Do you care about and for our planet?” Ultimately, it starts with ourselves and we need to care 78

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

about the planet, climate, environment, the future and our children’s future on this Earth, before even considering having a that conversation with them. Once you acknowledge your responsibility to protect the Earth, just as you protect your children, there are five ways that can invite your child to care for and the planet:







Earth is our one and only home. Yet somehow, we take it for granted and we often forget to introduce our children to the miracle it is.

While I am writing this, uncontrollable wildfires are raging all over Europe and an iceberg is threatening a tiny village in Greenland. Climate change is not something that will occur sometime in the future; it is happening right here and now, and will continue to effect future generations. For our children, this is becoming part of their everyday. They don’t really know anything else. This is why it’s important for our generation, as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours and friends, to teach them why it’s important to care for our Earth and how to be eco-conscious and adopt sustainable ways of life. If you’ve been around for over half a century, you’ve been around long enough to know what living on this amazing planet can be like, has been like, and what it means when it changes. Let your kids see the Earth through the eyes of the elders around them.

Let your children enjoy nature: Walk in the forests, swim in the lakes, watch sunsets, sleep on a beach under the stars and invite them to plant something into the soil and watch it grow. Let them say 'HI' to the magic of this planet. You care for things you know, and for things you learn to love.



It’ll give them a personal perspective that no TV show, article or book can do.







If you would like to teach your kids to care for the planet, you have to be caring yourself.

Again, your kids are born information sponges. It’s always important to ask questions, because They collect information from everywhere change is always possible. and everyone, and process it faster than the We may not have the solutions or answers biggest computer. yet, but the only way we’re truly lost, is if we In addition, most of them are born with stop asking questions and stop looking for incredible instincts and an inner compass of possibilities. what is true for them. If you keep asking questions, your child will Trust them. Ask what they already know about the planet, the environment, climate change follow suit, and will constantly be searching and about what is required to create a better for more possibilities and potentially even solutions. future.

Children learn from what you do, not from what you tell them. We all know this – even if we sometimes choose to forget. Your kids watch you all the time. They want to know how things work on this planet and you are their main source of information. Often they are more aware of what you prioritize and care about, than you are. Start becoming more conscious of what you do, whether or not you’re aware of your child’s presence at the time. Do you turn off the lights, the TV and computers when you leave your home? Do you bring your own re-usable bag when shopping? Do you sometimes cycle or walk instead of using your car? Do you recycle? Lead by example. Chances are, if your child observes you making an effort to be environmentally conscious, they will do the same. Remember your choices matter.

Then really listen to what they suggest and if possible, act on it. It is their future. Allow them to be part of co-creating it as early as possible!


That is what the Earth requires: that most – people keep asking what else is possible beyond what we already know.

Katarina Wallentin is the author of Clara and The Climate Changer, which tells the tale of 9-year-old Clara, an empowered climate-heroine who embarks on a quest to restore the earth’s tainted beauty and the courage she musters when possibility knocks. Katarina is already working on her next book, for adults, called The Bullshitometer. www.claraandtheclimatechanger.com www.peninsulakids.com.au


Peninsula Grammar Open Day at Peninsula Grammar reveals a world of possibilities ‘Quod Bonum Tenete: Hold fast that which is good’. This timeless motto sits proudly on our school crest to remind our school community to not only consider the past but to also strive for personal excellence now and into the future. We are proudly co-educational from K-12 with leading-edge programs and targeted teaching to meet individual needs. We also offer day and boarding facilities for local and international students. Our dedicated teachers nurture and inspire each of our students to be their individual best. Our academic excellence is complemented by a wide array of co-curricular activities tailored to enable students to learn, grow and flourish. Our positive learning environment and engaging personalised programs are spread across four key learning areas: Junior Years (3YO Kindergarten-Year 4), Middle Years (Years 5-8), Pre Senior Year (Year 9) and Senior Years (Years 10-12), with single gender classes in Years 7-9 for Maths and English. Music plays a central role in the educational and cultural life of Peninsula Grammar. We offer a contemporary music education that is both stimulating and relevant to each child. Directed by Dr Richard Vaudrey, Peninsula Grammar’s music department presents over 30 concerts per year, including the incredibly popular Peninsula Grammar Presents concert series which brings leading artists from around Australia and the world to our very own Performing Arts Centre on campus: www.peninsulagrammarmusic.com

Peninsula Grammar has an enviable reputation in sport, delivering a program that creates opportunity for all. Our sporting program encourages multisport participation in a fun, engaging and progressively challenging atmosphere. We offer quality coaching at all age levels and develop fundamental skills that can transfer between sports. Our Director of Sport, Shona Middleton inspires a generation of students who love sport. Students are also provided with an avenue to fulfil their own athletic potential. Our teachers and students are active members of our community. We invest in students’ personal growth and wellbeing and we encourage each of our students to diligently pursue their passions. Our Open Day on 17 October from 9-11am is student-led and provides a great opportunity for visitors to experience our vibrant co-educational school environment. As soon as you enter our school gates you will be able to feel our community spirit, see our collaborative and creative classrooms and be able to enjoy our innovative facilities and green landscape. To experience our Open Day on 17 October bookings are preferred, please register your interest via our website at www.peninsulagrammar.vic.edu.au or call us on 9788 7702. We look forward to welcoming you to Peninsula Grammar. Mr Stuart Johnston Principal

20 Wooralla Drive, Mount Eliza, VIC 3930 Phone: 9788 7777 Web: www.peninsulagrammar.vic.edu.au

John Paul College Creating a Community of Curious Minds‌ John Paul College is a co-educational Catholic Secondary School in Frankston. The College aims to be a centre of excellence and inspiration within the community; students encouraged to be motivated and passionate about both their learning and their community involvement. Principal, Mr John Visentin, says “John Paul College is a vibrant learning community where each student is supported and challenged to achieve excellence. We offer an education that promotes resilience and faith in action. We are committed to maintaining high positive expectations and are attentive to the needs, goals and abilities of every student.â€? John Paul College is special because students feel that they are part of a bigger family. Students are encouraged to help and support each other and a sense of belonging and community are integral to the culture of the school. We aim to challenge students; to inspire them to achieve, to be all that they can be and to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to them. We offer extension opportunities in

Maths, English and Science and scholarships will be available in 2019. Students can be involved in a whole array of sports and can take part in debating, public speaking, community service, youth ministry, social justice, theatre sports, chess club and performing arts activities. Our first class facilities include a modern and well-appointed Resource Centre and our Food Technology Centre and Science laboratories are state of the art. The Ngargee Centre for Performing and Visual Arts is a beautifully appointed space; comprising modern facilities for music, drama, dance, media and fine arts. John Paul College students thrive with the opportunities presented to them within the performing arts. Here they form new friendships, they grow significantly in confidence and they achieve a strong sense of identity and pride. Social justice initiatives are flourishing through our fundraising efforts and immersion programs to the Philippines and East Timor. Students willingly volunteer on a number of social justice initiatives and we are very proud of our young people who, in their service to others, enrich both their own lives and those around them.

The College grounds are large and beautifully landscaped, providing plenty of space for students to learn and play. We welcome enrolments from students with both Catholic and Non-Catholic backgrounds. Apply now for Year 7, 2020. Please ring 9784 0200 to book a tour of the school.

161 McMahons Road, Frankston VIC 3199 Phone: 9784 0200 Web: www.jpc.vic.edu.au

Reggio Emilia philosophy says, Children are Capable, Strong and Resilient By Pat Barbieri Many Early Learning schools implement the Reggio Emilia philosophy because of its receptiveness to children. Why is this philosophy known for being progressive and positive for children? At Toorak College, our Early Learning Centre is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. We say the word philosophy because it is not a method or a prescribed guideline. The philosophy was born in Northern Italy in a small town called Reggio Emilia, which focused on having a positive attitude toward children to be very capable, strong and resilient. It flips the old-fashioned view point where preschools focused on what a child was not capable of doing.

As Head of Early Learning at Toorak College, I see that parents today are so much more intuitive about their child’s education and ask questions associated to the atmosphere of learning rather than the structure of the curriculum. These parents could have gone to a Reggio Emilia inspired school themselves, and they know that it is critical that a child flourishes in their environment, has a sense of identity and positive wellbeing, and with that, the rest will fall into place. The founder of the Reggio Emilia approach Loris Malaguzzi penned a very famous poem called ‘The Hundred Languages of Children’, which is a metaphor about how they will learn a hundred ways and a hundred more.

The three core principles of Reggio Emilia comprise of the child, teacher, “The child, is made of one hundred. The child has, a hundred languages, a hundred hands, a hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, of and the environment with the overarching idea being that the child is playing, of speaking.” the driver of their own learning. The child explores who they are at their I believe that children learn through hand, through heart, through minds own pace by using every tool they have; speaking, doing, feeling, and and through eyes, and at Toorak College, we look at it in a holistic way. experiencing. The teacher acts as a mentor to guide the child through their creative learning. It is the teacher’s role to be supportive and To find out more about Toorak College’s Early Learning Centre for threenurturing, allowing the child to learn by making mistakes and discover year-olds and four-year-olds, please visit: www.toorakcollege.vic.edu. au/learn-with-us/early-learning-centre new things. The environment is referred to in Reggio Emilia as the third teacher. Reggio Emilia philosophy says learning in the outdoors is just as valuable as learning in a classroom setting because Mrs Pat Barbieri is the Head of Early Learning at Toorak College and the being involved in nature enables uninterrupted exploration convenor of the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange in the and freedom of movement. Peninsula Network.


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

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before guests, during house service allows you to choose the moves or after builders. The frequency of your cle● Consistant results moves orFor after builders. The call frequency of your cleaning visits, amyhome FREE estimate spring clean| takesFrankston just that’s weekl Mornington | Mount Martha | whether Somerville myhome spring clean takes just whether that’s weekly, fortnightly, ● one day to get your home looking monthly or even mor one day to get your home looking monthly or even more often if ● immaculate. you require. Forrequire. a FREE estimate call ● immaculate. you


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e’re all busy and want quick, healthy and delicious meals but sometimes just don’t have the time. Summer TABLE will inspire you to put variety and zest back into your mealtimes and with a free APP to create a shopping list on your phone, dinner will be ready in no time! And – you learn how to use leftovers in innovative new ways.

After years working as a company director in the finance industry, starting a family and moving half way around the world, Jodie Blight discovered her passion – creating healthy, easy and delicious family meals. “A fist pump from the kids is as good as a Michelin star in my books.” To find out more about this revolutionary cookbook, please visit www.hellotable.com.au or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hellotable

Jodie Blight


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

CHICKEN AND CORN FRITTATA Perfect for any time of the day, a frittata is an Italian-style omelette, cooked in a deep pan or in the oven. When cooking for the family, I prefer to cook it in the oven to avoid burning the bottom before the mixture is cooked. If cooking for one, the deep pan works well and is a quick and easy option – just finish it off under the grill. Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Total time: 35 minutes Serves: 4



10 eggs ½ cup milk or cream salt and pepper 200 g cooked chicken, diced 4 spring onions, finely sliced 310 g corn kernels, drained 2 handfuls parmesan cheese, grated


Preheat oven to 200oC. Grease a 20 cm diameter ovenproof dish. In a bowl or jug, lightly whisk eggs, milk or cream, salt and pepper and put aside. Combine chicken, spring onion, corn and most of the cheese in the prepared dish. Pour egg mixture over the top. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and cook in oven for 30 minutes. To check if it is ready, give it a wobble or touch the top in the centre of the dish. If not set, give it another 5 minutes and check again.


Allow to rest for 10 minutes before cutting.

Fritatastic Family Meal!



ROAST VEGETABLE SALAD A scrumptious way of using excess roast vegetables. The orange colour in the roast vegetables offers a striking contrast against the green of the salad and the white of the cheese. Just delicious! For something different, try adding a sliced avocado. Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 2 minutes Total time: 5 minutes Serves: 4


*** 200 g roast vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato) 2 handfuls pine nuts or sunflower kernels, toasted 4 handfuls mixed salad leaves 20 kalamata olives, halved 100 g goat’s cheese or feta *** Dressing ½ tablespoon Dijon mustard 6 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons white condiment (white balsamic vinegar) 1 teaspoon ground cumin ½ tablespoon maple syrup salt and pepper *** Warm roast vegetables. Place handful of pine nuts or sunflower kernels on a tray under a medium grill for a few minutes and toast until light brown. Keep an eye on them. To make dressing, shake ingredients in a jar until combined. Taste and adjust to your liking. Arrange lettuce leaves, roast vegetables and olives on a large platter. Pour dressing over salad and toss gently. Top with crumbled cheese and toasted pine nuts or sunflower kernels. *** If you don’t have any leftover roast vegetables, roast your favourite orange vegetables for 20 minutes or so. 86 Peninsula Kids – Summer Spring 2018 2017/18

PORK AND APPLE WALDORF This salad was first created over a century ago. It may seem old fashioned and not look too exciting, but the sweet crunchy salad combined with the pork make for a refreshing summer meal. You may just be surprised. Try using different coloured apples and grapes. Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes Total time: 10 minutes Serves: 4



½ cup pecans 1 tablespoon maple syrup 1 lemon, juiced 2 red apples, cut into matchsticks 2 sticks celery, cut into matchsticks 20 seedless grapes, halved 400 g cooked pork, shredded and warmed 4 handfuls mixed lettuce (optional)


Lay salaudceoannd a bed of lewttith toasted sprinkcalens to serve. pe

Dressing 2 tablespoons lemon juice from apples ½ cup mayonnaise 1 tablespoons white condiment (white balsamic vinegar) ½ teaspoon hot English mustard


Coat the pecans with maple syrup and toast under high grill for a few minutes. Allow to cool on a plate (so they don’t stick), then chop roughly. Place the lemon juice in a salad bowl and add chopped apples (this will stop them from going brown). Give a quick toss to make sure all the apples are coated then add celery and grapes. Strain the lemon juice from the apples, mix with remaining dressing ingredients in a jar and shake until combined. Taste and adjust to your liking. Add more mustard if needed. Pour over apple and celery mix and toss together. Add pork and tosswww.peninsulakids.com.au again. 87

TWISTED TABOULI Tabbouli, tabouli, tabbouleh, or parsley salad. No matter what you call it, this is a dish only to be eaten with your nearest and dearest friends and family – the ones who will tell you when you have parsley stuck in your teeth, and believe me it will happen. This is not traditional, but is a delightfully fresh salad for a hot day. Great served with lamb, chicken or baked pita bread. Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 20 minutes Total time: 30 minutes Serves: 4


½ cup quinoa 1 cup chicken or vegetable stock 2 tomatoes, finely diced 2 spring onions, finely chopped 1 Lebanese cucumber, seeds removed, finely diced 1 bunch Italian parsley leaves, finely chopped ½ bunch mint leaves, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, crushed (optional) 1 lemon, zest and juice salt and pepper


Heat saucepan and add quinoa to toast for a few minutes until it starts to crackle. Remove, rinse and then place back in the saucepan. Add stock and bring to the boil. Place a lid on the saucepan, reduce heat to medium–low and simmer for 15 minutes. Don’t lift the lid. When time is up, remove from the heat and stand for a further 5 minutes without lifting the lid. Allow to cool. To speed up the process, spread on a plate or tray. Pat herbs and tomato dry with paper towel before placing them in the bowl. This helps stop the salad from turning soggy. Combine tomato, spring onion, cucumber, parsley, mint and garlic, and mix them in a small salad bowl with salt and pepper. Zest the lemon, then squeeze the juice and add both to the salad bowl. Finally add the cooked and cooled quinoa and toss together.


88 is best Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018 This salad served immediately.

TIPSY MASCARPONE AND FRUIT This is one for the adults. The perfect way to finish a meal and you can pretend it is healthy because you are eating fruit. No double dipping! Replace the Tia Maria with a teaspoon of vanilla essence for a kids’ version. Prep time: 2 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes Total time: 2 minutes Serves: 4



3–4 tablespoons Tia Maria 1 tablespoon caster sugar 250 g mascarpone cheese rockmelon wedges strawberries grapes


Stir Tia Maria and sugar in a bowl until the sugar starts to dissolve. Add mascarpone and stir until combined and smooth. Taste and add more Tia Maria or sugar if needed.


Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Serve withr fruits of you choice.

www.peninsulakids.com.au www.peninsulakids.com.au

89 89




Across the Mornington Peninsula.. and Beyond!


Restaurant with kids outdoor play area. Open for breakfast Thu -Sun from 9am




ids Peninsula K nderful g the wo is showcasin on the peninsula ble places availa region to take the and Bayside ress-free bite to eat! r a st family out fo and your u o y e d i u g p Let our ma gry tribe . hun e best cafes, th of e m so nd Here you'll fi mily-friendly places to fa venues and d have a break . stop an


5 Mornington

8 Mt Martha


Sorrento Blairgowrie






Dromna Red Hill

Main Ridge


Corner Morn-Tyabb and Racecourse Rd Mornington www.steeples.net.au Phone 03 5976 0700 90

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

6 Frankston


Mt Eliza



Pearcedale Somerville



7 1 10

Children’s Parties Indoor Playground COFFEE . FOOD . BAR


5985 2277

2415 Point Nepean Rd, Rye www.ryehotel.com.au



#dava kids

4 3 Merricks

Bittern Crib Point



Dava Hotel also now offers a Teens Menu. All dishes $14

Kids EatayFree* to friday mond

*Buy 1 main meal & get one kids meal free. Exc. Festive days, W/ends & School hols. Indoor & outdoor play-area. Open 7 days. 614 The Esplanade, Mount Martha 945 Moorooducwww.thedavahotel.com.au Hwy, Moorooduc Ph 03 5978 8049 www.barmahparkwines.com.au Phone (03) 5975 1555 info@barmahparkwines.com.au

Stony Point



222 Marine Parade Hastings Ph 59065900 www.kidzshed.com.au

917 Nepean Hwy Mornington Ph 59752015 www.searoad.com.au www.morningtonhotel.com.au




Naturally, for your family By Kimberley Taylor


our family may have been one of many who were affected by a particularly bad season of colds and flu last Winter. According to the Australian Department of Health, the 2017 flu season recorded the highest number of cases since 2009. The outbreak not only lead to poor attendance in schools and in the workplace, it put extra pressure on our healthcare system with a twofold increase in the number of individuals admitted to hospital in comparison to past years. The US is currently experiencing one of its worst flu seasons in almost a decade. So already many people are asking the question: how can I protect my family and myself from the flu and the common cold? SUPPORTING IMMUNE HEALTH There are some simple things we can do to support our immune health and prevent the spread of viral illness including: - drinking more water - hygiene - washing hands especially after using the bathroom, before meals and when handling food - moderate exercise - stress relief such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness - a healthy, antioxidant rich diet - herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation Herbal Medicine has a lot to offer to assist in both preventing and restoring immune health. As the weather starts to get cooler, now is the time to take action to make sure your family has the tools it needs to support immune system health. HERBAL MEDICINE FOR IMMUNE HEALTH What are some clinically proven herbs that can be used to improve the health of you, and your family’s immune health? Echinacea (Echinacea spp.) 92

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

Perhaps one of the most popular and well known herbs for immune health is Echinacea. It is a favourite amongst most naturopaths due to its wide range of uses, from sore throats to skin issues. Echinacea works by both enhancing and regulating immunity. It improves both the function and the responsiveness of the immune system. Echinacea also exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. Clinical trials have proved the effectiveness of Echinacea in preventing the common cold, decreasing the severity and duration of upper respiratory tract infections, and relieving the symptoms of colds and flu. Baptisia (Baptisia tinctoria) Another less known, but powerful immune enhancer is Baptisia, also known as Wild Indigo. Baptisia is indigenous to Canada and the United States and is used in the treatment of tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, and influenza.



Clinical trials have proved the effectiveness of Echinacea in preventing the common cold


As well as being an immune enhancer, Baptisia is useful in reducing fever and has a purifying effect on the body. Baptisia can also be used for conditions such as mouth ulcers, boils, and gingivitis. Thuja (Thuja occidentalis) A native European conifer, Thuja has a long history of use in both Western herbal medicine and by the Native Americans who used it as a remedy for cough, headache, and to manage fever. Thuja is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and antiviral making it an excellent herb for both treating and preventing respiratory tract infections such as the common cold, especially when combined with Echinacea and Baptisia. Thuja is also helpful in treating acute sinusitis and can be used topically to treat warts and fungal infections. WHEN TO GET HELP Most viruses and colds can be managed at home. However, if you or a family member is experiencing more severe symptoms such as extreme drowsiness, a high temperature for a prolonged period of time, or a refusal to eat or take fluids, see your health care professional for further advice. The dreaded flu season can be a difficult time for some families but with the right tools and information on boosting immune health, we can make this year a healthier one. So, let’s try to lower the statistics by taking action to support our immune health now!

Kimberley Taylor is a Naturopath & Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine. She is a practitioner at www.peninsulaherbaldispensary.com.au For more info on the benefits of echinacea, baptisia, and thuja visit www.esberitox.com.au


597 5 9334 Dr James Lucas Dr Caroline Howarth Dr Narisha Chawla Dr Daniel Cocker

lucas dental care proudly sponsors polyglot theatre



Mastitis and the Microbiome By Sherrie Miller


astitis is a common condition for many breastfeeding mothers, and for many this means the end of breastfeeding their baby. Some women suffer with excruciating pain in their breasts, driving a deep fear into them with the thought of their baby latching on, for yet another painful feed. For some, this may cause sadness, a feeling of failure and of course lessens the chance of baby getting the best they can receive from mother’s breast milk. I recently had a coffee catch up with another local Peninsula Nutritionist, Emma Park, who is a clinical educator of a brand of probiotics that specifically targets the mastitis infection. Emma educates hospitals, doctors, nurses and pharmacists on a particular probiotic strain called Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716. This strain of probiotic is isolated from healthy human breast milk. Lucky for me, Emma also educated me on this amazing strain of ‘good bacteria’ helping many mothers recover from mastitis and continuing to breastfeed their babies. What causes Mastitis?

According to the Australian Breast Feeding Association’s website; “Mastitis is usually the result of a blocked milk duct that hasn't cleared. Some of the milk banked up behind the blocked duct can be forced into nearby breast tissue, causing the tissue to become inflamed. The inflammation is called mastitis. Infection may or may not be present.”

The Microbiome One of our best protective measures we have is our microbiome. The microbiome is a term used describing our ‘community’ of bacteria and microbes. The microbiome needs to be in a healthy balance, with more ‘good’ protective bacteria (also known as probiotics), and less pathogens (‘bad’ bacteria). The greatest concentration of bacteria and microbes live in our gut, but breast milk and breast tissue has its own microbiome that supports the immune system, reduces local inflammation and acts as a protective army against the pathogenic bacteria that create infection. If you have healthy and robust levels of good bacteria in your breast milk, you are less likely to get mastitis. This is where specific probiotics can be extremely helpful. When you take specific strains of probiotics it can increase the beneficial flora in you breast milk, reduce local inflammation and kill the ‘bad bugs’ that can cause the pain and infection. As effective as antibiotics are, they do not discern between the good guys and the nasty guys – they just wipe them all out. That’s OK in the short term, but without restoring the protective, beneficial bacteria, you leave yourself open for re-infection and side effects such as thrush, digestive issues and long term immune issues. These side effects are often treated with more antibiotics or medications, forcing you onto the rollercoaster ride of mastitis-antibiotics-mastitis-antibiotics, and so on. This long term rollercoaster ride can potentially become damaging to both yours and bubs immune system.

Inflammation is the body’s natural immune response to incite healing to the affected area. Signs of mastitis can include breast pain, redness, Other potential pathways to Mastitis swelling and heat. This is the work of your body trying to clear away Our daily diet, lifestyle and environment can also impact our gut and the banked up milk from where it shouldn’t be. When infection kicks in, it breastmilk microbiome, even from far back as pre-conception. means pathogenic bacteria have now got involved. This is not ideal and The following may contribute to compromised gut and breast milk flora, because of this, your body’s immune response is increased, and the signs from pre-conception to feeding: and symptoms generally become worse. Breasts may show shiny skin • Poor diet and red streaks throughout and the systemic symptoms of infection such • Moderate to high levels of stress as flu-like symptoms, headaches and temperature will have kicked in. • Environmental toxins The general protocol is to prescribe antibiotics and be advised to continue to feed baby, to drain the milk from the breast, as well as • Regular use of medications, such as ibuprofen, steroids, contraceptive applying massage and using alternate cold/heat packs. If left untreated, pill, and antibiotics (one course of antibiotics can impact your further complications can occur, potentially resulting in hospitalisation. beneficial flora levels for two years – and some strains never recover) 94

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So then; • You don’t have the good bacteria to reduce local inflammation • Your systemic immune system is compromised as it relies on a robust microbiome to fight infection


• Pathogenic bacteria can easily overgrow causing infection Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716 The thing about probiotics is you need the right one for the job. They’re all essentially beneficial but not always effective to treat a specific condition. The single strain probiotic, Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716, originally isolated from healthy human breastmilk, has been specifically researched for pregnancy, breastfeeding and infants. Clinical research has shown that this strain of probiotic directly inhibits the growth of the infective bacteria that can cause breast pain and mastitis. In another trial it has also been shown to effectively reduce the occurrence of mastitis (by 51%) in mothers that had antibiotics at delivery. Remembering that antibiotics at delivery can wipe out the protective flora in the breast milk, leaving them open to increased chance of inflammation and infection. The group that took the therapeutic dose of Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716 were able to restore their protective flora and reduce their chances of getting mastitis. The particular probiotic product that Emma Park educated me on, contains exactly the same quantity and strain of Lactobacillus Fermentum, used in the clinical trials. Taking this strain of probiotic from third trimester, you boost your beneficial microbiome levels, protect against the negative effects of antibiotics, support your immune system and reduce your chances of getting breast pain or mastitis, with the ultimate goal of successful continuation of breast feeding. If you would like to find out more about the probiotic Lactobacillus Fermentum and its effect in mastitis, you can contact Emma Park, emmaparknutritionist@gmail.com to get the right product for you.

Sherrie Miller is a qualified Nutritionist with a special interest in gut health. She is passionate about the way in which our digestive health can influence our mental health, skin health and immunity. Sherrie takes the concept of ‘Food is Medicine’ very seriously. You can find out more on Instagram @sherriemillernutrition


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Aaah.. .

ll ergies!

By Jessica Bauer



hese days food allergies are becoming more and more common… As parents you’ve probably noticed at schools the “no peanut butter allowed" letters and “the gluten free section" now in the canteens. With all these allergies it can be quite confusing and scary. You might be asking questions like: "When do I start introducing some allergens?" Is it safe?" "What happens if my child has a reaction?" "How do I know if they are ready for the food?"

Before we can answer these questions we first need to learn about 1. What is an allergy 2. How to properly introduce your infant to solids 3. How do we introduce the common food allergens What is an allergy? An allergy is an abnormal immune system reaction to things that are usually harmless to most people. In other words, your immune system has believed that this substance is harmful to your body.

(pureed or mashed) • 8 – 9 months – foods should be lumpy and finger foods should be offered • By 12 months – foods should be just cut up with the aim of having your child eating a healthy, smaller version of the family meal So, if your baby is ready for solids how do we introduce allergens? When introducing solids, it is ideal to include allergens (see above) by 1 2 months. Delaying the introductions of allergens places your baby at a higher risk of developing a food allergy. Food allergens should be introduced in the age appropriate form; for example • Mix a small amount of hard-boiled egg or smooth peanut paste into your baby’s usual foods • Use nut flours or nut butters when introducing nuts - not hard pieces (this is a choking hazard)

Common food allergens include; eggs, peanuts, cow’s milk, tree nuts, sesame, soy, fish and wheat.

• Give a small amount (1/4 tablespoon) of cooked egg products (omelette, scrambled). Ensure the texture is appropriate.

Introducing babies to solid food

• Give cow’s milk or soy milk or Yogurts (“Baby” yogurts brand tend to have less sugar) and cheese can be used in cooking or with other foods, if dairy is tolerated

Babies aged at 6 months should be introduced to solid foods. However solid foods should not be introduced before 4 months or if you see signs that your baby isn’t ready. Signs that your baby is ready for his/her first foods could include: • Can hold their head up and sit supported • Can control their tongue • Putting hands or toys into their mouth • Showing interest in what others eat • Seeming to want more, even after a full breastfeed or bottle • Opening their mouth when offered food on a spoon. Appropriate texture for age groups • Around 6 months (not before) – foods should be smooths 96

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How do I know if my infant is having an allergic reaction? Mild to moderate symptoms of food allergy include: • Swelling of face, lips and/or eyes • Hives or welts on the skin • Abdominal pain, vomiting Signs of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to foods include: • Difficult/noisy breathing • Swelling of tongue • Swelling/tightness in throat • Difficulty talking and/or hoarse voice • Wheeze or persistent cough


• Persistent dizziness and/or collapse • Pale and floppy body (in young children)

! If you notice any swelling of the lips, eyes or face, hives or welts,

vomiting, or any change in your baby’s well-being (becoming very unsettled) soon after giving a new food, your baby could be having an allergic reaction. You should stop feeding your baby that food and seek medical advice.

!Call an ambulance immediately if there are signs of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) such as difficult/noisy breathing or your baby becomes pale and floppy, or if there is tongue swelling.

Final tips for parents • There is no order in which foods should be introduced, however iron rich foods should be included around 6 months. • You should never rub food on infant’s skin; this will not help identify possible allergens • Always supervise babies or young children while they are eating and ensure they are seated. • It is recommended that infants with cow’s milk, wheat or multiple food allergies are seen by a dietitian for individual assessment and advice! Jessica Bauer is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. She has a passion for children’s health and well – being and loves working will all types of people – big or small, young or old using food to do good. In her spare time, she loves finding that perfectly brewed coffee, jumping out of airplanes and walking her puppies at Ballam Park.

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hat is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong condition that is most usually diagnosed in childhood and can effect children’s abilities to socialise, communicate effectively and make sense of abstract information. Children with this condition often experience challenges with body movement. For example, they may be more clumsy than their peers, experience difficulty with handwriting or engage in repetitive movements (some children might flap their arms and hands, for example). Sensory discomfort is also an indicator of ASD. For example some children need to have the tags removed from clothing, others become distressed if sauce on the dinner plate touches neighbouring food, other’s become distressed when there is loud noise. Some children do not like the sensation of water on their head or hair brushing either. Other children have trouble coping with unexpected change to routine. It’s important to know that these are only examples of symptoms and behaviours and do not necessarily mean that your child has ASD if you can recognise them. So what is Asperger’s Syndrome then?

In 2013 the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome along with Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified, was replaced in favour of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The DSM provides the guidelines that specialists use to determine the presence of a formal diagnosis. Autism is now diagnosed in terms of severity over three levels and in terms of the condition’s impact social functioning and fixed or repetitive movements. How is ASD diagnosed? It is usual for a team to coordinate the assessment, findings and interventions. Usually, a Psychologist will conduct an assessment and this may include observations of the child at the practice, educational setting or home; documentation for parents or caregivers including educators to complete and a psychometric assessment for example. Usually the child is also assessed by a Speech Therapist and or an Occupational Therapist. These findings from the allied health practitioners are all provided to the Paediatrician who then conducts their own investigations such as blood tests for other possible causes of symptoms you might be seeing. This is necessary because one of the diagnostic criteria for assessing ASD is that the symptoms are not better accounted for by another medical condition. Treating ASD There are a number of ways that ASD can be treated. These can include therapies, medications (if indicated by the Paediatrician) and specialist supports. Therapies can include things like Social Skills Training, Anger 98

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April 2018

Management and Applied Behaviour Therapy. Often these are provided by Psychologists. Specialist supports can also include health practitioners such as, but not limited to, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Paediatricians and Behaviourists. In order to access treatment, your Paediatrician may provide you with a referral to the relevant professional but not all therapists require one in order to support your child. You will need a referral though if you want to claim money back from Medicare for some services. Funding Options Where a child’s condition and circumstances meet the designated eligibility criteria, they may be able to access funding toward the full or partial cost of treatment. A Mental Health Plan from the doctor will enable rebates to be claimed against the cost of Psychological treatment for a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year. It does not mean that the treatment is ‘free’ unless the Psychologist chooses not to charge you a fee. A Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly known as an Enhanced Primary Care Plan or EPC) allows rebates to be claimed through Medicare towards the cost of services for a range of health professionals including allied health practitioners for a maximum of 5 appointments per calendar year. Some people can use this in addition to the Mental Health Plan. For school-aged children, there is the Program for Students with Disabilities accessible though schools. Usually either a parent or a teacher will initiate the process to apply for funding. The school will need a copy of the most recent assessment(s) indicating the diagnosis / diagnoses, treatment and recommendations to be provided to them so that they can submit an application. If it is approved, the funding can be used toward the cost of hiring an aid to support your child at school with things like learning and socialisation. The National Disability Insurance Scheme became available in our area a few months ago following successful pilots in various locations around Victoria. I think the NDIS is very exciting and has the potential to really support those impacted by ASD. With NDIS, you are a customer that has the right and the freedom to choose what services you need and who to purchase them from, as opposed to being a client and advised of what to do, who to do it with and when. My favourite aspect of NDIS is that services are not rationed. Instead, supports are based on your goals now and throughout your lifetime. To apply for NDIS or find out more information, you can contact them online at https://www.ndis.gov.au and many organisations also offer free checklists that you can use to ensure you prepare adequately for your application.

… supporting children 0-12 years with learning delays and disabilities, and their families, to thrive. Interesting Facts about ASD • More than 1 in 100 children in Australia today are diagnosed with ASD and the prevalence continues to rise. It is difficult to determine if the number of children with ASD has been consistent over time or if the increase in prevalence is now due to our ability to better identify the condition and diagnose it. • In Australia, for every 1 girl diagnosed, 4 boys are diagnosed and we don’t know why. Investigations into genetics, education and environment are currently being conducted at places like the Murdoch Institute. • Autism is now referred to as spectrum disorder because research shows that many of us have autistic traits. • While generally accepted that ASD is a lifelong condition there is also research that shows that with early intervention, some children no longer meet the diagnostic criteria required for ASD in later life. • While they experience various social and emotional challenges, some children with ASD will excel above and beyond their non-autistic peers in some areas and be identified as having a unique or special talent. Did You Know…? • Lewis Carrol, the author of Alice in Wonder Land;

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• Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft; • Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple; • Mozart; • Albert Einstein; • Daryl Hannah, Hollywood movie star; • Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science ......have all been diagnosed with ASD?

Dr. Brooklyn Storme, PhD is the Director and head psychologist at All Psyched Up, a mindfulness-based allied health practice on the Mornington Peninsula. When she’s not at work, she’s usually teaching Gabe new tricks or spiking up his purple Mohawk. Facebook: allpsychedup Ph: 8765 2434

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By Bushy Martin



e’re Livin’ the dream!’ It’s a catch cry that we hear people say all the time, but is anyone really doing it? In our instant iPhone everything world you have everything but don’t have the time to enjoy your trappings because you are flat strap busting your boiler earning enough money to pay for it all. We have become trapped on the treadmill, running faster and faster just to keep up. We all yearn for more freedom but it always seems to be just beyond our reach.

Freedom is being able to slow down and have the choice to be able to do what you want when you want without pressure or limitation. To enjoy freedom, then, you need to have spare time on your hands. In our world, we can only regain our precious time if our income doesn’t rely on us to generate it. To do this, we need to use our active work income to invest in growing assets that will then replace our income. So can you really live the dream and, if so, how do you do it? Surprisingly, living the life you want and creating a lasting legacy is actually much simpler than you think. You just need to get clear on your Breakfree Numbers and then make them happen – combining your ‘Lifestyle Income’, ‘Nest Egg Number’ and ‘Breakfree Timeline’ to create your Freedom Number. This is ‘living by design’ – not by default. It starts by getting clear on exactly how you want to live. You need to create a vivid picture – what are you doing when and where? Paint out your perfect day, week, month and year. Then monetize it so that you know how much this lifestyle costs per year. As a guide, a Lifestyle Income of $120,000 a year will give you a comfortable lifestyle when you stop work. How do we generate this? By building the value of your passive income producing investments to the level that will provide and sustain your lifestyle income. Using an average return of about 5% a year leads to the 1 to 20 rule. Just times your lifestyle income by 20 to get your ‘Nest Egg Number’–using $120k a year x 20 means you need income producing assets worth $2,400,000. Now you are probably thinking – ‘far out, this Nest Egg Number seems unachievable!’ Surprisingly it is a lot simpler than you think and 100

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it is all dependent on giving your investments lots of TLC – combining the magic of time, leverage and compounding returns. And the best, safest and most affordable way to do it in Australia is by investing in property as time, the tax office, the tenant and capital growth will do all of the heavy lifting. Here is the good news – if your ‘Breakfree Timeline’ is 20 years until you want to stop work, then you only need 2 rental homes now to do it – your Freedom Number is only 2. If you only have 10 years left, your Freedom Number doubles to 4 rental homes. So just 2 to 4 high-growth affordable rental homes can grow your nest egg to a level that can be converted to your ongoing income stream so you no longer have to work. You have then regained your time to do what you want when you want. And by living off the proceeds of your nest egg you preserve it so that you have a sizeable legacy to secure your family’s long term future. While your Nest Egg Number initially looks scary, most time-poor professionals can secure 2 to 4 investment properties, and clever structuring can ensure this is achieved without impacting on your lifestyle. It just needs to be done properly and unfortunately only 5% of property investors get it right. If you want to find out how you can join the ranks of the successful few so you can live more, work less and leave a legacy with property, then the new book ‘The Freedom Formula’ will show you the way to start ‘Livin’ the dream!’ Bushy Martin and his wife Sonya have built an international portfolio of 12 properties that affords them a great lifestyle. To assist other time poor professionals to do the same they have founded Know How Property Finance Strategy as property investment advisors and finance brokers that has helped over 1700 investors secure in excess of $600M in property. To help you further, Bushy has now released his ‘Get Invested’ podcast and published his book ‘The Freedom Formula.’ To find out how Bushy and his team can help you achieve your lifestyle goals with property, visit www.khgroup.com.au

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Pregnancy & Baby

By Pinky McKay


Beating ‘Bad Habits’ Gently, with Love

t’s scary isn’t it, being a new mum and feeling pressured from all directions to resist cuddling, rocking (or heaven forbid!), feeding your baby to sleep – in case you create’ bad habits’? The good news is, you can relax: rocking your baby to sleep at four weeks old (or even four months), won’t set him on a path to delinquency, despite the dire warnings you may be hearing right now. Just to get a bit of perspective, imagine you are snuggled next to your partner; you are enjoying cuddles. The love hormones you are both releasing, especially if you are snuggling skin to skin, are making you feel drowsy. You start to drift off, feeling calm, loved and safe. Then, suddenly, your partner pokes you and says, “Get onto your own side of the bed! We mustn’t cuddle to sleep. We are creating bad habits! “ Ridiculous isn’t it? But still, you can’t help wondering: if we do rock/ cuddle/feed our baby to sleep, will she ever learn to self-settle? Are we depriving her of learning a skill? Are we just postponing the ‘inevitable’ (read, sleep training)? Most newborns and young babies need some help to fall asleep. This is a complex neurological process that is a reflection of your baby’s developmental stages. Not what you have ‘taught’ your baby: for the first four months; babies enter sleep from an active sleep phase and younger babies also have a startle reflex that can wake them randomly, so they will usually need help to calm and settle into a deeper sleep at first. 102

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Also, at new developmental stages, your baby’s little brain will be so busy he may have trouble ‘switching off’ and relaxing, so he may need some extra help. The good news is that the help you are giving your baby right now is helping him develop the brain wiring to be able to soothe himself when he is ready – without any sort of ‘training’. It can be lovely to rock and cuddle your baby to sleep or to watch him doze off, full and contented after a breastfeed. However, even if you aren’t worried about it being a ‘bad habit’, you may still be wondering, will he ever be able to go to sleep all by himself? Or, how can I make changes so he can settle without so much help? You can relax. There are gentle ways to do this without causing stress to either your baby or yourself. It’s perfectly OK to cuddle your baby to sleep until he ‘weans’ onto bedtime stories as a toddler, if this feels right to you – and even then little ones enjoy bedtime cuddles. If your baby has always been parented to sleep, whatever his age right now, it is respectful and kind to make changes, gradually with love, not suddenly by implementing sleep training that involves tears (for both of you – you will miss these delicious snuggles too!). If you feel ready to see whether your baby can fall asleep without help, give him the opportunity to do this by popping him in his cot when he is comfortable and drowsy, but awake. You may be pleasantly surprised – often at just a few months old babies will have a wee chat continued next page...

and doze off, regardless of how much you have rocked and cuddled previously. Your baby may not do this at every sleep, but if he can manage to doze off by himself sometimes, and has no sleep association with being let to cry, he will feel safe and relaxed at bedtime and will do it more often. If your baby can’t settle by himself yet, please don’t let him become distressed. Instead, you can try a ‘baby steps’ approach to helping him ‘wean’ off needing to be rocked or fed to sleep – or even to help him give up the dummy: I explain this in more detail in my book ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’ but, briefly: Work out a realistic goal, then ‘reverse engineer’ that so you start changing one ‘baby step’ at a time towards reaching your ‘goal’. For instance, if you rock or breastfeed your baby to sleep but want to change this, start by introducing a more easily discarded cue as you rock or feed, such as gentle music and ‘sleepy words’. Simply swapping one cue for another will be stressful and your baby won’t know what to expect so the idea is to ‘overlay’ the new cue (the music). Play the music on a low volume without making any other changes to your bedtime routine for at least a week. Regardless of promises on CD labels, it will take your baby 7 to 10 days to ‘condition’ him to any music, and you want a positive association with this new routine. Going too quickly can be stressful , so this defeats the purpose, especially when you have worked so hard to make sleep time a calm and positive experience. After a week, keep playing the music, but remove your baby from the breast or stop rocking before he falls asleep, just holding him until he dozes off. If he is upset, pop him back on the breast or rock a little, until he settles, then try again.

Tip: as you remove your baby from the breast or take a dummy out, press your fingers under his chin and gently hold his mouth closed – he will suck on his tongue a moment and relax, instead of grasping for the breast again. Once your baby is happily falling asleep in your arms without being fed /rocked to sleep, the next step is to breastfeed him then pop him in his cot, drowsy but not fully asleep. Keep your hand on him firmly (patting is usually too stimulating) and gently rock him a little if this seems to help. When baby is settling at this step, you can start moving the bedtime breastfeed back a little and pop him into the cot with his music playing. If he gets upset, always move back a step until he is ready to move forward. With an older baby, once you get to this final stage, you may like to get your partner to start helping at bedtime. He or she won’t smell like milk so cuddles and music will often work very easily. Whenever you want to make changes, whatever these are, remember the mantra, ‘gradually with love’ and plan backwards from your goal, then work out baby steps and implement these, one at a time. There is no need for distress and if your baby’s ‘habit’ isn’t a problem for you, it’s not a problem at all, whatever your critics might say. If you cop any flack, unless the person giving it is bringing casseroles and offering to do ‘over nights’, you don’t owe them an explanation or an excuse about why you choose to give your baby extra cuddles.

Pinky McKay is an internationally certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and bestselling author of Sleeping Like a Baby, Parenting By Heart and 100 Ways to Calm the Crying (Penguin Random House). She is also the creator of Boobie bikkies all natural and organic health food cookies for breastfeeding mums. www.pinkymckay.com

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Granny’s Guide to..... Interesting Facts About Breastfeeding

By Yvette O’Dowd


here is no doubt that breastfeeding is important for babies and that all mothers should be encouraged to feed their babies as nature intended. However, learning to breastfeed and getting it right for mother and baby takes a great deal of skilled and practical support.

Every mammal produces milk suited to the needs of their off-spring: Hooded seal mothers produce the fattiest known milk – more than 60% fat! But these mothers feed their young for just four days before weaning! By contrast, orangutan mothers breastfeed each of their young for an average 8.8 years! But when it comes to volume, the blue whale gets bragging rights: around 200 litres a day! Human milk contains around 3-5% fat and mothers produce around 500ml – 1000ml per day. While human babies feed 8-12 times or more each day, baby rabbits are fed just night and morning, for a total of around 5 minutes!! Natural weaning of gorilla young and human babies is similar, around 2-4 years of age, with the transition to solid foods beginning around six months. And although African elephants are weaned around a similar age, they will continue to suckle when they can – from their own mother or other lactating cows - for as long as they can! Breastfeeding rates vary around the world One of the poorest countries when it comes to meeting global breastfeeding goals might surprise you: in the UK, just 1% of babies are exclusively breastfed to six months and just 0.5% - one in 200 – babies are still breastfeeding at 12 months. 104

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The World Health Organization recommend that babies be exclusively breastfed (that is, no other food or drinks) for the first six months, with continued breastfeeding alongside healthy family foods until at least two years. However, their short-term goal is that 50% of babies around the world be exclusively breastfed for the first six months – currently this is just 37%. Compared to the UK, Australia (15%), New Zealand (15%) and the USA (25%) are closer to meeting this target – high levels of mixed feeding and premature introduction of solids impact on meeting that goal. Babies receiving any breastmilk at six months are much higher – UK (34%) Australia (50%), New Zealand (56%) and USA (57%). Improving breastfeeding rates around the world could save more than 820,000 children under the age of 5 every year, with the majority of those under 6 months of age Worldwide, 7.6 million babies each year are never breastfed Within developing countries, poorer mothers breastfeed longer, in developed countries, wealthy mothers are more likely to nurse longer. Breastmilk is always changing! If you look at breastmilk expressed in the morning and compare it to milk expressed in the evening, you might notice they look different – the morning milk is probably higher in volume and appears watery. Later in the day, though the volume can be lower, the milk is richer and higher in fat! Even during a single feed, the milk changes, gradually becoming

milk-making cells to increase production, directly the supply to increase to match the baby’s demand. Breastmilk contains natural hormones which make babies drowsy while they feed, which is why they tend to feed to sleep. These same hormones also relax the mother, meaning she may also feel sleepy when she feeds. The hormones are thought to be higher in milk produced in the evening and help mother and baby settle more easily during the night after feeding. Formula feeding mothers have been shown to get less overall sleep than those breastfeeding, as they can take up to an hour to fall back to sleep after feeds. As a baby becomes a toddler and they are more independent of the mother, exploring the world and interacting with other adults and children, levels of antibodies in breastmilk increase. This offers higher protection as the child is exposed to more potential infections. Immune support continues to benefit the child however long they are breastfed for. thicker and creamier – taking longer to fill the baby’s mouth and being swallowed more slowly! When a baby breastfeeds, the contact between his mouth and his mother’s nipple may transfer bacteria or viruses the baby has been exposed to. The mother’s immune system then goes into action, producing antibodies to these threats and passing those back to the baby via her breastmilk. This protective factor will occur even if neither mother or baby show visible signs of being exposed to the bugs! The more frequently a baby breastfeeds, the higher the fat level remains in the milk between feeds. A baby feeding frequently may be getting a greater energy intake than a baby feeding with longer breaks in between. As well, this constant removal of milk from the breast signals to

Breastfeeding Is a dynamic biological process. There is still much we do not know about the contents of breastmilk and their purpose. Research is constantly revealing more about how the breast works, what breastmilk is, and its different roles in our body. Yvette O’Dowd is not your typical grandmother! This mother of three and Granny of two has been a breastfeeding counsellor for more than 25 years. In 2014, Yvette established the Southern Natural Parenting Network, incorporating South Eastern Babywearing Group. With 8000 members world-wide, the group supports parents interested in breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, baby-led weaning and modern cloth nappies – and other aspects of gentle, natural parenting. Yvette has lived in Frankston for 45 years. www.facebook.com/SouthernNaturalParentingNetwork

ENJOY YOUR BIRTH? Is that possible? Absolutely. YOUR BIRTH education is here to help couples learn how to have an enjoyable, empowering birth experience as well as giving your baby the healthiest start to life. Your Birth also runs Newborn Parenting Workshops, Pregnancy Meditation Sessions, Birth Debriefing and Post-natal visits to assist you in your transition to motherhood. All Workshops are held at Your Birth Headquarters in Mornington. Visit www.yourbirth.com.au for details www.peninsulakids.com.au



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MORE MUMMY MILK NATURALLY.... Everything your baby needs comes from you – your loving touch, your nourishing milk and immune boosting protection against illness. You are giving so much, sometimes you need a boost.

Boobie Bikkies® – a boost for you Created by Pinky McKay, internationally certified Lactation Consultant and best selling author, Boobie Bikkies® are delicious, all natural and organic super-food cookies to boost your energy and support a healthy milk supply.

Boobie Bikkies® - just grab and go Individually wrapped cookies come in three delicious flavours • Vanilla • Orange and Cinnamon • Coconut, Date and Seed (Gluten and Dairy Free)

DOWNLOAD: Pinky’s FREE Ebook “Making More Mummy Milk Naturally”





omen experiencing miscarriage or early pregnancy loss will for the first time have access to free, confidential and personalised counselling, as part of the Pink Elephants Support Network’s Peer Support Program.

SPECIAL OFFER! Order Online at www.boobiebikkies.com.au and use coupon code MPK18 at the checkout for free postage! Coupon valid until 30 Nov 2018. Not valid for samples or subscriptions


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Every day in Australia, 282 women report pregnancy loss before 20 weeks gestation. One in four pregnancies will end before 12 weeks, and one in three pregnant women over the age of 35 will experience pregnancy loss. In a national first, the Pink Elephants Support Network will provide women with a course of six free sessions of personalised peer support with another woman who has walked a similar journey, providing a safe space to share feelings and emotions.

Pink Elephants Support Network co-founder Samantha Payne, who herself has suffered pregnancy loss, said women deserved the support of somebody removed from their everyday life to help guide, support and validate what they were going through. “We want to reduce the feelings of isolation many women feel by connecting them with the right mentor who can help to provide reassurance, information and support to be able to move through their very real grief,” Mrs Payne said. “There isn’t currently this level of support available for women and their loved ones experiencing early pregnancy loss and miscarriage, which can make women feel like their pregnancy was not validated.” Social worker and bereavement counsellor Terry Diamond, who works both in private practice and at the Royal Hospital for Women, designed and delivered the training to the Peer Support Ambassadors, which covered miscarriage basics, grief theory, counselling skills, boundaries and marking a loss. She said loss due to miscarriage was often disenfranchised. “With many women following the 12 week rule, this means that if something does go wrong in early pregnancy they can find themselves dealing with the emotional impact of the loss without support,” Ms Diamond said. “Having trained peer supporters who can understand and validate the emotions that accompany the loss of a much wanted pregnancy is an invaluable resource.” Anybody seeking support can visit www.pinkelephantssupport.com to access free resources, downloadable fact sheets or to apply for assistance from a Peer Support Ambassador.

Dr Peter A. Scott is a specialist orthodontist offering orthodontic care for children, teens and adults alike in both the Mornington Peninsula and inner Melbourne areas. He is also a consultant orthodontist at the Royal Childrens Hospital.

Specialist Orthodontist Creating Beautiful Smiles On The Peninsula For 30 Years Expertise In Child And Adult Orthodontics Early Assessment Of Dental Development And Facial Growth Ideal Age Of Initial Assessment 7-9 Years Early Intervention Where Appropriate For Best Outcome No Referral Necessary

13 Beach St Frankston

Ph: 9783 4511

www.drpeterscottorthodontist.com.au www.facebook.com/drpeterscottorthodontist www.peninsulakids.com.au


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Experts! My daughter seems to have relatively straight teeth but my general dentist recommended seeing an orthodontist. Why? Orthodontists deal with both the appearance and function of teeth. While your daughter’s teeth may be straight, your dentist may be concerned with their function and long term stability. The upper and lower teeth need to meet in a certain way to provide optimal function. If functional alignment is not achieved, your daughter could have ongoing issues such as:

My son does not crawl properly. He has been shuffling for the last two months. Does this lead to problems with his spine or development? Crawling is an important part of infant development. It helps mobility, builds muscle tone and is an essential part of a baby’s brain development. The crawling phase usually develops somewhere between 7 to 10 months of age, and involves a crawl pattern called the ‘cross-crawl’ pattern, which involves one leg and the opposite arm working together to propel the baby forwards. Some babies may not achieve this pattern and “yes” it can indicate problems with their spine such as tight muscles or incorrect spinal alignment, or it could be an indicator of changes in neurological development (brain development). In some cases it may be harmless and the child may develop in their own time.

• Excessive and uneven tooth wear that can lead to cracks requiring restorations,crowns or extractions

The cross-crawl pattern creates brain connections that researchers are linking to healthy neurological development and learning patterns. Missing the “cross crawl” pattern phase could lead to difficulties with reading, writing, hand-eye coordination, comprehension or underdeveloped motor skills.

• Jaw joint pain which can be very hard to live with and may need surgical intervention

So if your child does not crawl properly. What can you do?

• Affected chewing and speech

• Asymmetrical growth of the face • Head and neck muscle tenderness and associated headaches An orthodontic assessment could assist in the prevention of these issues by treating functional problems whilst maintaining your daughter’s straight teeth.

George Shenoda (BOH) Otago, (PGCDT) Melb Peninsula Orthodontics 134 Tanti Ave Mornington

• Encourage them to crawl properly, get down on the floor with them. • Promote more tummy time. • Have toys on the floor that they can crawl to. • Have obstacle courses that they have to manoeuver around. • Lie them on their backs and teach and play with their opposite leg and arm in the crawl motion. • Have them checked by a chiropractor for correct spinal alignment and muscle tone.

Dr Cameron Staggard (Chiropractor) BAppSc(ClinSc), BAppSc(Chiropractic) Optimum Chiropractic Shop 23/3050 Frankston-Flinders Road, Balnarring Phone: (03) 5931 3300


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Tips for choosing the RIGHT babysitter for your family By Jenny Vanderhoek


used to think hiring the right candidate for work was hard. You receive 100 applications and 75% don’t have the qualifications for the job. Then after spending all that time rejecting people, additional hours are spent setting up, and, performing interviews with 10+ applicants to find the ONE. And this is the best-case scenario. The other scenario is that no one fit the bill and you’re back to the drawing board. The same can be said about finding the right babysitter for your family. Except, this applicant is going to be overseeing the two things you love most and spend the most time with outside of work…your family and your home. The pressure to find this right candidate is the hardest…and the start date needed to be two weeks ago. Here is a list of tips to help you on the journey to find babysitting perfection.

1- RECOMMENDATIONS ARE KEY You can spend endless hours trolling through Facebook pages, gumtree and other ‘find a babysitter’ websites but the likelihood of finding one is a dime in a dozen. My suggestion would be to ask around your parent connections or even nannies that you know and often you will find a handful that you can contact to start the process. 2 - FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THEM THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA You can learn so much about someone by simply looking at their social media accounts. You can learn about their interests, skills and get a sense of what they are like. 3 - INTERVIEW THEM FACE TO FACE Interviewing is a fantastic way to meet potential babysitters and learn more about them. Do not do a phone call. Interview them face to face over video chat or meet them at a coffee shop. Watch how they communicate with you and their body language. Look out for their smile! My daughter is really shy and quiet when she meets new people. If you come in to her space all loud and boisterous, it will scare her off. So, keep your own children’s personality in mind. 4 - ENSURE THEY HAVE ALL THE RELEVANT CERTIFICATES TO KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE This is so important. The minimum requirement is Working with Children check (to make sure they can work with kids and no restrictions), Police check (no criminal records or charges against them) and first aid certificate (Minimum HLTAID004 level as it considers asthma and anaphylaxis). These should not be items you can overlook because stressful situations do occur, and you want to make sure your babysitter is equipped to deal with it. 5 - TALK TO PREVIOUS FAMILIES THEY HAVE WORKED FOR Call at least two references before you hire them (Make sure these are past families they’ve worked for and not their last job working as a waitress at the cafe). Hearing from another family how fantastic your babysitter was will put you instantly at ease! And the question I love to ask when calling for references is to ask the family what their kids would say about the babysitter.

6 - INSURANCE FOR EVERY SITUATION If you have expectations for your babysitter to drive with your children in the car, you might want to make sure they are covered under your motor vehicle insurance. Make sure you also check their driver’s license is valid and if it’s an overseas license that it’s recognised in Australia. Also make sure either you or the nanny have taken out public liability insurance as well. We don't like to think about it, but what happens when something happens to the house or the kids? 7 - DO A TRIAL RUN WITH YOUR BABYSITTER If it’s a short-term babysitter, then you will probably not be able to do this. For long term babysitters, you should always have a trial period the same as probationary periods in workplaces. You need to see if they are the right fit for you. This is what I do with all my clients that want a long-term nanny. I recently had a client who wanted a sitter that is experienced looking after twins and I firstly offered for her to trial her out before she books her full time. 8 - HAPPY BABYSITTER AND HAPPY FAMILY For any relationship to work, both sides need to be happy and this is something that is often overlooked. Yes, it's important for the nanny to understand and know your expectations. However, to avoid quick exits and conflicting situations that create stress, it’s important to ask the nanny about their expectations as well. 9 - SETTING A CONTRACT OF THE MIND In order to avoid future confusions, you need to sit down and cover all these topics with them. This is like a contract negotiation between you and your nanny before she commences. You need to cover all topics e.g. housework, kids schedules, discipline, kid’s dietary requirement, pay, work hours, and transport costs. You will know you found the right one when these words/phrases pop into your mind: easy to communicate with, confident with the kids, flexible, connects with my children, trustworthy, shows initiative, responsible, confidence, reliable, patient, kind and caring. Mynder.com.au is run by mum Jenny, who understands how difficult it can be to juggle their work, family and social life. Ask any parent and they'll tell you that they've all been there when they have needed to find a babysitter for an unexpected last-minute work meeting, for a night off with their partners and friends or they have a job that doesn’t fit in with the formal child care system. Mynder was built to solve these problems, and more. www.peninsulakids.com.au


Book Reviews

pre school

school a


OLIVIA’S SECRET SCRIBBLES: MY (ALMOST) PERFECT PUPPY BY MEREDITH COSTAIN, 6+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $9.99 I have lots of superamazing and IMPORTANT things to write about! And I’ll tell you ALL about them.


PIG IN A WIG BY CHRISSIE KREBS, 4+yrs, Scholastic, h/b, $16.99 The pig was feeling pretty good - even better than a piggy should. His skin was pink. His eyes were big... and he was wearing a glorious wig! When a wig lands on a pig, expect the unexpected in this hilarious tale of mistaken identity!

MINIWINGS – FIRESTORM’S MUSICAL MUCK-UP BY SALLY SUTTON 7+yrs, Scholastic, p/b $14.99 In this fourth book in the series. Clara and Sophia are preparing for their performance in the school orchestra, but those sneaky little Miniwings stow away in their instrument cases. Surely, they won’t press the fire alarm…

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

ZOO HOUSE BY HEATH McKENZIE, 3+yrs, Scholastic, h/b $16.99 One morning young Oscar jumped up, wide awake, he headed for breakfast, but stepped on a snake! What will Oscar do when he wakes up to find his house... is a zoo!

MELOWY #1: DREAMS COME TRUE BY DANIELLE STAR, 7+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $12.99 Hidden somewhere beyond the highest clouds is the castle of Destino, a school for very special students. They’re the Melowies, little unicorns born with a symbol on their wings and a hidden magical power. .

IT’S HARD TO LOVE A TIGER BY ANNA PIGNATARO, 3+yrs, Scholastic, h/b, $16.99 I wish I had a tiger, a tiger from the zoo. A tiger of my own to love-a tiger just like you. A funny rhyming story about a little girl and a troublesome (but lovable) tiger.

MELOWY #2: THE SONG OF THE MOON BY DANIELLE STAR, 7+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $12.99 The Melowies are required to perform a musical in front of all of Destino. Selene does not want to participate because she made a fool of herself the last time she performed publicly. With a little encouragement from her friends she auditions and wins the role of the moon!

ERROL!, BY ZANNI LOUISE 3+yrs, Scholastic, h/b, $16.99 Meet Errol, a cheeky and lovable character, who refuses to follow his mum. Even when she counts to three.

THE BAD GUYS EPISODE 7: DO-YOUTHINK-HE-SAURUS?! BY AARON BLABEY, 7+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $14.99 The dawn of time! Nothing on earth could rival the terrifying power of the dinosaurs. Except maybe that wolf over there...Yeah, the one standing next to the snake and the shark and that other sardineylooking thing. Huh?!




TO ENTER: www.peninsulakids.com.au/giveaways

OCEAN LULLABY BY SALLY ODGERS, 3+yrs, Scholastic, h/b, $24.99 Ocean babies in the deep, waves are rocking them to sleep. Listen as the deep sea sighs, that's the ocean's lullaby.

DOGASAURUS BY LUCINDA GIFFORD, 3+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $16.99 Imagine if you found a strange egg in a mysterious forest, and then you brought it home... And when it hatched, out popped a baby DINOSAUR!

THE INREDIBLE FREEDOM MACHINES BY KIRLI SAUNDERS, 4+yrs, Scholastic, h/b, $24.99 In this sumptuous story of exploration and breaking boundaries, a young girl uncovers her very own freedom machine. A vehicle that carries her to all kinds of wondrous places.

DIARY OF A MINECRAFT CREEPER BOOK #2: SILENT BUT DEADLY BY ZACK ZOMBIE & PIXEL KID, 8+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $9.99 Did you ever want to know about the secret life of a Minecraft Creeper? After saving his entire class from a mineshaft, Jasper is feeling like he finally gets school. That is until he has to do a new drama project....with the school bully.

THE POPPA PLATOON…IN WORLD WAR CHEW BY DANNY KATZ & MITCH VANE, 7+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $9.99 Major Poppa, Abbie, and her little brother Flynn are on a mission at the Royal Show. They must enter The Showbag Pavilion, fight their way through crowds, defeat powerful enemies, and somehow get to the other side to buy a Chunky Choco Cherry Chew Showbag. Will The Poppa Platoon win this battle?

WEIRDO 10: MESSY WEIRD BY ANH DO, 6+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $14.99 The Do family has a messy new house to clean up! Weir, Bella and Henry decide to do some extra work to earn pocket money. But can they handle wild lawns, dirty dishes and a vacuum cleaner explosion? It won’t be easy...but it will be FUNNY!

THIMBLE BY REBECCA YOUNG, 4+yrs, Scholastic, h/b, $24.99 When her grandmothers time comes, Mabel finds something left behind. A beautiful story about how a tiny thimble and an unfinished blanket can help mend a heart. Where is Marvin?

48 HOURS – THE MEDUSA CURSE BY GABRIELLE LORD, 10+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $14.99 Vicious thieves smash a cursed Medusa statue and steal the supercomputer Sapphire in a terrifying museum raid. Jazz and Phoenix are first on the scene and they soon find themselves in the midst of a dangerous mystery.

NOT IF I SAVE YOU FIRST BY ALLY CARTER, 12+yrs, Scholastic, p/b, $16.99 Maddie and Logan were torn apart by a kidnapping attempt when they were young. They were only kids - Logan's dad was POTUS and Maddie's father was the Secret Service agent meant to guard him. Maggie and Logan had been inseparable...but then she never heard from him again…Until Logan shows up 6 years later…



No-sew t-shirt tote bag You’ll need: - Old t-shirt or dress - Chalk or washable marker- Sharp scissors HOW TO DO IT:

5. Knot top and bottom strips together one set at a time.

1. Cut off the sleeves 2. Cut off the collar (could trace a half-circle with chalk or do free hand) 3. Flip t-shirt inside out and draw a line across t-shirt so little hands know where to stop cutting. This line will determine the size of your bag. 4. Cut top and bottom layers of t-shirt at the same time into strips up to the line marked in step 3.

6. Now knot one set of strips to the next and then that one to the next and so on…working from left to right. 7. Flip your bag to right side out and check for holes between knots. If you see one simply add another knot to close the gap.

Time to go plastic-free shopping!











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PLAYGROUP Mondays 9.30am – 11.30am A relaxed and friendly playgroup for local families to bring the “littlies” into the big room to let loose with the array of play equipment Suitable for ages 3 and under No need to book, just a gold coin donation at the front desk

For enquiries contact Bentons Square Community Centre

5977 2468

Gymnastics Ages 2.5+

FREE TRIAL Call 0409 709 736 • Recreational Gymnastics • Competitive Gymnastics • Holiday Programs • Parties

GYMNASTICS can benefit a child’s overall development offering a strong foundation for life and all other sports! Our Age and Ability based programs focus on being Fun, Interactive and Skill progressive

www.wildcatsgymnastics.com.au 1/24 Carbine Way, Mornington 3931

Every child is an artist Pablo Picasso


mprg.mornpen.vic.gov.au Exhibition entry: adults $4 concession $2 children under 5 free Civic Reserve, Dunns Rd, Mornington ph 5950 1580

















You'll need: A4 Coloured paper • green for stems & leaves, any colour for flowers • Sticky tape • Scissors • Glue How to do it: 1. Take one sheet of green paper and roll as tightly as possible from one corner to the other. Secure flap with sticky tape. 2. Choose a colour of paper for your flower and make a thin fold along any one of the vertical sides. (To make a tighter flower roll, cut the A4 paper in half vertically and then make the fold. The long ones will droop the next day!) 3. Start cutting strips into the paper horizontally, just up to 114

the crease made by making the fold in step 2. Try to make the strips as thin and straight as possible, but don’t stress, we had all sizes and our flowers look fab! TIP: Fold the paper in half and halve your cutting time by cutting through both sides at once.

5. Take the strip of curled paper and apply glue along the uncut part of the paper above the crease.

4. Roll each strip from all the way up to the crease to form a curl. Start with a bend or two in the paper, then the rolling should be easier.

7. Grab another piece of green paper to make the leaves. Cut the paper into 4 equal parts. Fold the paper accordionstyle from the shorter side.

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018

6. Wrap the glued area of the curled paper onto the green rolled paper. Start gluing it from the top of the stem and roll it down the stem.

8. Once folded, start cutting from ¼ way up and into a soft pointed, leaf-like shape. If it’s difficult to cut through all the paper at once, cut the paper in half to make it less bulky. When you open your accordion, you’ll have lots of green leaves! 9. Split them up for easier gluing and use as many or as few as you like.

Spring is in the air!

C E L E B R AT I N G 10 Y E A R S “Locally owned, natural & unplugged play based education”

“Celebrate who you are in your deepest heart. Love yourself and the world will love you.” -ALM TAKING ENROLMENTS 2020 & 2021

Mornington 03 59 761022 | www.paduakindergarten.com.au | info@paduakindergarten.com.au

Our primary goal at Gunnamatta is to make sure that each child loves and remembers their time spent horseback riding particularly if it is their very first time. We create the opportunity for each child to feel the exhilaration of learning the basic fundamentals of horsemanship & riding, whilst they have the chance to create a bond with our beautiful gentle horses.

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Peninsula Kids Spring 2018  

Peninsula Kids Spring 2018

Peninsula Kids Spring 2018  

Peninsula Kids Spring 2018