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Greetings from the autumn edition of Peninsula Kids magazine.

After 10 years, two babes, one dog, two cats, two chickens, one axolotl, several The Umbrella Academy named goldfish (RIP Klaus, Five and Diego), and forty printed mags, I find myself still learning and navigating through the sometimes calm, often choppy waters of parenting! Between the covers, thoughtful articles and features continue to motivate this mum. I hope a flip through the pages continue to bring you inspiration and advice as they do for me. We’re in this together.

And in the words of Sir Reginald Hargreeves, “The ties that bind you together make you stronger than you are alone.”

Thanks to The Big Goose for sponsoring the summer colouring in competition, and congratulations to winner Zack, who has won himself a superpass voucher; we hope you have a wonderful time!

Check out this edition’s colouring page for one of three chances to climb aboard Searoad Ferries! The winning entries will receive a return family foot passenger ticket for 2 adults and up to 3 children (4-15), each package valued at $110.

As this issue hits the streets, we find ourselves with big shoes to fill. After nine years, our digital manager, Anne-Marie, is leaving us for greener pastures, (and less screen time). It would be remiss of me not to mention how grateful we have been for her services, (and amaaaazing spreadsheets), keeping the digital aspects of MPK up to speed without hiccup. We will miss you and wish you all the best with your new adventures.

Happy Easter from the team at MPK!

PS – The Umbrella Academy Season 4 coming atcha August 8.

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Winner! 2023/24 summer edition; Zack R. - age 7
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10 Five Small Changes That Will Supercharge Your Daily Routine Productivity

We all get caught up in the busyness of life, but it's essential to take a step back and think about what truly matters.

12 Nine Co-parenting Apps for Divorced Parents

There are some great divorce and co-parenting apps out there to manage your parenting arrangements and help to reduce the conflict.


14 Handy Ways to Invest and Grow Your Child’s Wealth

Creating generational wealth can truly change the financial trajectory of their life and be incredibly impactful for their financial future.

16 Meltdowns and Tantrums

What if the secret to helping our children with meltdowns was as simple as leaning in, not out? What if mostly what our kids need is us for to surrender and accept the emotion? 5
16 10
6 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024 Contents In this Issue 20 Things We Love 26 Book Reviews 41 The Scoop 65 Party Planning 67 REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS Special thanks go to the gorgeous and talented group of contributors who breathe life into every issue by sharing their best with us. LINDA MARTINUCCI Pg54 Cover DANIELLE BUSUTTIL YVETTE O’DOWD SouthernNaturalParentingNetwork Pg36 54 60 24 KIM NORTON Pg24 Local 18 Art with Nature at McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery 19 Local Author Spotlight – Maggie Pike Education 24 ADHD Strategies – To Help Reduce Anxiety and Facilitate Learning 28 Focus on Education Pregnancy & Baby 36 Caring for a Breastfed Baby Recipes 54 ‘Simply Swap Foods’ Recipes by Linda Martinucci Health 58 Ask the Experts 60 Stopping the School of Lice 62 Four Steps to Build Your Children’s Emotional Resilience 36



MPNG Mornington Easter returns to Mornington Racecourse on Sunday 31 March for an egg-ceptional day of racing and family festivity.

To celebrate one of Clip Clop Club’s biggest days of the year, the grounds will transform into a spectacle of carnivalesque action and family-friendly entertainment where young racegoers can enter free and enjoy unlimited rides.

From facepainting to Chairoplane adventures, cup and saucer spins and merry-go-round delights, there is something for the whole family to love.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt is on for the little ones, with thousands of delicious Easter Eggs hidden across the Front Lawn waiting to be found! Visit to secure your spot in the hunt.

Whether you’re craving a cool beverage, sweet treat or gourmet bite, our Lawn Bar and range of delicious food trucks have you covered.

What’s more, on the Front Lawn a live DJ will be spinning fun-loving dance tracks until the last race to get you into the Easter spirit!


s someone who's been through the corporate grind and emerged on the other side, I can tell you that there's nothing more important than making intentional choices about where you spend your time. We all get caught up in the busyness of life, but it's essential to take a step back and think about what truly matters.

Here are five small changes you can make to your daily routine that will supercharge your productivity and give you back some valuable time to spend where it’s important.

1. Wipe your mind

Take five minutes every morning and list everything you have in your mind. Write down everything from ‘replace batteries in smoke detectors’ to ‘research next holiday’ to ‘prepare client presentation’ to ‘empty dishwasher’ and ‘put a load of washing on’. Productivity author David Allen says, “Your mind is for having ideas, not storing them”. When we overwhelm our mind with trying to remember things, it limits our ability to think clearly. So get it all out of your head.

2. Work with the clock in your body

Even though you may be programmed to do things at a certain time because of habit, you are doing yourself a disservice. There are optimal times for better brain performance at work which means you can schedule the types of tasks you do to make the best use of your most productive time.

Most of us are more mentally alert in the morning, meaning work that requires a bit of mental intensity is best done at that time. If you are a night owl, identify your best two hours of the day, and protect them for your most important work.

3. Decide now for tomorrow

At the end of the day, take a few minutes to make any small and lowimpact decisions today that can clear the way for tomorrow. It could be things like:

• Blocking out what time lunch break FOR tomorrow will be.

• Packing my bag with things I might need: for example, if I am giving a presentation, make sure I have my cables, remote control slide mover, and so on, all ready to go.

• Deciding, if tomorrow is a non-routine kind of day, – what time I will need to leave in the morning – how I will be travelling the next day – what train/tram/bus I will catch, or, if driving, what route I will take.

Deciding all these things before you leave the office at night will eliminate any chance of you sitting bolt upright in the middle of the night and will set you up for success the next day.

4. Short, timed bursts of work

Donna McGeorge is a global authority on productivity, and best-selling author of the "It's About Time" book series. Her latest book, "Join the ChatGPT Revolution” (published by Wiley) is set for release in July 2023. Find out more by visiting her website:

The Pomodoro Technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, is a time management method named after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that Cirillo used to track his work.

The Pomodoro Technique involves breaking your work into 25-minute intervals, called "Pomodoros," separated by short 5-minute breaks. Working this way limits distractions, improves concentration, increases productivity, and reduces burnout.

5. 25-minute meetings – and less of them

Following on from the Pomodoro Method, have less meetings in your day, and reduce the time of them. When we have less time (or even if we simply perceive we have less time) our call to action is much greater. The less time we have, the more focused we are on getting the task done. Studies have shown that when we imposed strict deadlines on ourselves for tasks we performed far better (and more consistently) than those who don’t.

By making these small changes to your daily routine, you can reclaim time, boost your productivity, and live a more fulfilling life. So don't wait any longer – start today and see how much of a difference it can make. 11
KIDS CLOTHING & SHOES!! Newborn to 12 years Located in Main Street Mall, Mornington. Opposite The Filling Station. (03) 7046 0884 ...and so many more!

Nine Co-parenting apps...

In our experience, there are some great divorce and co-parenting apps out there to manage your parenting arrangements and help to reduce the conflict. While it is an effective tool in reducing the need for legal intervention, the information the apps store can also help support legal arguments if necessary.

1. 2Houses

The focus of 2Houes is also on aligning two parenting styles across two houses. The custody scheduling function in this app is great – it allows for recurring appointments, syncing with other calendars, importing school calendars and vaccination timetables, colour coded events and the ability to ‘swap’ entries by making schedule change requests.

2Houses also have a mini-guide for separated couples on their website to help you engage in co-parenting. A distinguishing feature of 2Houses is that your mediator or collaborative lawyers can have full read-only access to the whole account (with your consent).

• Calendar

• Expense log

• Custody schedules and journal

• Read-only access to other professionals

• Message log

• Info bank

• Photo storage

The law requires you to provide evidence in many family law cases and many of these apps will allow lawyers to pull records of events, expenditures and message histories.

We have helped you to find the best co-parenting apps for you and your family by comparing features such as calendars, money tracking, medical history and messaging, as well as costs.

2. Our Family Wizard

This app has it all – with the focus being to bring parents together by facilitating optimal communication on all fronts. Extended family, third parties and children can all be part of Our Family Wizard. The app has some very useful features, like opening a trade/swap times function in the custody calendar for managing discussions about flexible parenting arrangements. The Info Bank stores all important information about things like medical history and immunisation records; keeping both parents on the same page about their parental responsibilities.

• Calendar

• Document management

• Expense log

• Photo storage

• Info Bank

• Custody schedules

• Message Log

• Communication screening

3. WeParent

WeParent has many great features to help navigate family life. Originally designed for divorced and separated parents, to support them in their co-parenting journey, WeParent now supports all family types. You can even invite children over the age of 13 to use the app with the family. They also have some helpful and practical tips for separated couples on their blog.

• Calendar

• Document management

• Photo storage

• Custody schedules

• Message log

• Contact sharing

2Houses  Our Family Wizard  WeParent  Parentship  Cozi  FamCal  Custody Connection  Coparently  Baby Connect 
12 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024

for divorced parents

4. Parentship

Parentship is flexibly used by all types of families, not just separated couples. There is a handy ‘dashboard’ function that allows users to see a summary of upcoming events, recent messages or other notifications.

• Calendar

• Expense Log

• Message Log

• Shared Contacts

• Info Bank

• Document storage

5. Cozi

This is a great app to start with if you’re unsure about making a financial commitment to any co-parenting apps, or if you’re amicable with your former partner and just want something to make it ‘easier’. Cozi is not targeted at separated couples, and is instead marketed as being a ‘simple family organiser’ – creating menu plans and colour coded to-do lists – rather than being a ‘divorce app with the lot’.

• Calendar

• Shared lists and notes

6. FamCal

This app is great for organising the basics! It is designed to be a shared calendar for the family, with the ability to easily plan group activities. FamCal allows everyone in the family, even the kids, to access it.

• Calendar

• Shared lists and notes

7. Custody Connection

Custody Connection is another good calendar app – it is a syncable cloud-based custody calendar iPhone App. It acts as your primary calendar, that you can sync with a co-parent. It allows for ‘trade requests’ and auto tracks custody arrangements throughout the year.

• Calendar

• Custody schedule

• Info bank

8. Coparently

Coparently uniquely allows for free guest access for others including caregivers and family law professionals – as well as covering off the basic functions that other co-parenting apps have.

• Calendar

• Custody Schedule

• Expense Log

• Message Log

• Shared Contacts

9. Baby Connect

Specifically designed for parents of babies, Baby Connect coordinates your baby’s sleeping schedule, feedings, any medication, and doctor visits. It designed to share information about a baby’s routine – which we think can be utilised by separated couples too!

You can also set reminders for your baby’s next feeding and share this information with others caring for your child. While not specifically designed for divorced parents – you can see that it would be great to help separated parents coordinate and maintain routines for their young one! Several authorised users can be specified for each child: parents, family, daycare staff, with entries that are immediately synchronised on each user account.

Adrian is a Practice Leader and Principle Lawyer, Australian Family Lawyers, Canberra. 13

Handy WAY$

There are many reasons why you may want to invest for your child. Perhaps you want to have a forced savings plan for their future. Maybe you want to be able to help them out with a downpayment, school costs, or you may just want to give them a head start in life.

Whatever the reason, creating generational wealth can truly change the financial trajectory of their life and be incredibly impactful for their financial future.

It’s important to note that before investing for your kids, you should ensure that you’ve got your own finances covered and are in a good financial situation.

Similarly, making sure you are clear of any consumer debt, have an emergency fund and are projected to have enough money in retirement is of utmost importance before investing for your kids. Plus, it’s best to invest money that you won’t need access to for at least seven years. If you’ve got that sorted, then investing for your child may be a great option for you.

So let’s break down the five different ways to invest for your child in order to grow their wealth.

to invest and grow

1 Investing through an informal trust or minor’s account

One option to invest for a child is through an informal trust, in which an account is held ‘in trust’ for the child, who’s a minor.

The idea is simple: the parent acts as a custodian and can invest on behalf of the child, and once the child turns 18 the shares can be transferred into a new adult brokerage account held by the child. By law, the parent would be the legal owner of the shares and have full control of the investments, whereas the minor would be a beneficiary.

The advantage of this approach is that, typically, capital gains tax (CGT) won’t apply when there is no change to the beneficiary – in this case, the child for whom the investments were intended.

2 Investing directly in the parents name through a brokerage account

One of the simpler options is to invest for your child in your own name through your own brokerage account. It’s important to remember that when transferring the ownership of investments (or gifting shares) to your child, a capital gains tax event may be triggered, meaning a CGT will be applied to the account owner’s marginal tax rate. Which is why it’s advantageous to speak to an advisor or accountant.

This strategy may be especially advantageous if the parent investing under their name has a low income, since dividends are taxed at your marginal tax rate. Although this strategy isn’t tax-advantaged, it’s easy to execute and provides flexibility in the case that your investment priorities change.

14 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024

Child,$ Wealth...


3 Investing through a family trust

Investing through a family trust is a strategy often favored by affluent families due to its substantial tax benefits. However, the initial setup costs (which can amount to a few thousand dollars) and ongoing accounting requirements may offset these benefits if the investment amount isn’t substantial.

The biggest benefit of this option is that the trustee has the authority to decide how the trusts assets are invested and distributed. For example, the trustee can choose to distribute assets to children as they deem appropriate, such as when their taxable income might result in no income tax being paid on the gain, or paid at the lowest marginal tax rate, after they turn 18.

A family trust can also provide flexibility and asset protection because the trust can invest in various assets and is it’s considered a separate legal entity.

4 Investing via investment or insurance bonds

An investment bond is an investment vehicle that provides tax benefits to those who want to invest for ten years or more and not tap into the money during this time.

After ten years, you can withdraw your investment tax-free. While your investment is growing, any returns you earn before the ten years are up are taxed at 30% (and not included in your tax return, because they are taxed within the bond).

There are some rules that come with investment bonds, so it’s best to have an understanding around the contribution rules from year to year.

Otherwise, this is a great way to invest if your strategy is to ‘set and forget’ and may even be one that grandparents would want to consider.

*This article is not financial advice; please speak to a financial advisor and/or tax accountant when considering investing options and products. Please note: if your child is under 18 years of age and owns shares, they can only earn $416 tax-free per financial year, therefore speaking to a professional is advised.

5 Investing in financial literacy and education

For some of us, investing in our child is less about giving them money, and more about giving them the tools to create their own destiny. One of the best things you can do to set them up for success is to expose them to financial concepts such as avoiding debt, budgeting their money, and investing for the long term.

Leading by example when it comes to finances can help your child have the confidence to even pursue entrepreneurial ventures – such as selling bracelets, mowing lawns, or creating greeting cards. Who knows they may be the CEO of the newest tech company in the future due to their entrepreneurial nature. Nurturing their curiosity and providing practical teachable moments can really provide the tools needed for your child to build their own wealth in the future.

Ultimately, with your support and guidance your child will be set up for success as you invest in their future. 15
to plan
for parenthood and your family’s future. She works in the financial technology industry and is cohost of one of Australia’s leading finance
Ana Kresina is a financial educator and author of Kids Ain’t Cheap: How
podcasts, the Get Rich Slow

Meltdowns &

What if the secret to helping our children with meltdowns was as simple as leaning in, not out? What if mostly what our kids need is us for to surrender and accept the emotion?

When our child is having a meltdown, every instinct in our body wants to stop the noise, help our child, or protect ourselves. We can know the parent we want to be in these moments in theory, and yet in the moment we can find our palms sweating, our shoulders tensed, our jaw clenched, our heart rate elevating and a strong feeling of ‘No, no, no, not THIS again!’. Many parents describe it as ‘walking on eggshells’; they know a meltdown is coming and they’ll do anything to prevent it. If our desire is to stop the meltdown, we may attempt to distract our child, solve the problem or even ignore or punish our child, in the hope it will help. In all these instances we are dealing with the behaviour only (i.e. stopping the crying/yelling/whingeing/ stomping) and we are not dealing with the underlying emotion, which is the cause of the meltdown.


One of the ways to think about all behaviour, including meltdowns, is to picture that your child having a meltdown is the smoke alarm going off on the roof. It’s loud, annoying, inconvenient and it sometimes gives us a fright. Trying to stop a meltdown in a child by focusing only on stopping the behaviour is like trying to stop the smoke alarm going off by pointing your hose at the alarm. We are missing the reason the alarm went off; we need to find the fire.

The behaviour is the smoke alarm going off, but the fire is the underlying emotions; the reason why your child is melting down. While a child may be crying because you peeled their banana wrongly, if you only deal with the crying (the behaviour) you are missing the point. We need to help our child to start to understand the reason they are crying, because there is always an underlying emotion, even if we can’t name it.

We’ve all felt the public shame of our child not coping in a social situation. We think, ‘My child will never learn to socialise with others! This is so embarrassing; What will the neighbours think?’ I can’t imagine there is a parent on earth who doesn’t cringe at the thought of a public meltdown because we’ve all felt that complex mix of emotions that happen when our child loses it in front of others.

And it’s hard to meet our child’s emotions when we are being blinded by our own.

For this reason, we need to learn how to lean in to emotions and find the fire as often as possible at home, so that when a meltdown happens in front of others, we’ve had some practice. This can help our reactivity.



We need to first be aware that it’s likely that we are in a state of shame, or at least embarrassed. It never, ever feels good when our child loses it in public, or in front of others. Offer yourself compassion because these moments in parenting are HARD. By acknowledging that we feel embarrassed, we are less likely to yell at or shame our child from that place where we are unaware what’s driving our responses. Try taking a deep breath and placing your hand on your heart.

Ground yourself, ready to be what your child needs and prevent a reaction that comes from shame.


Tune in to your child’s emotional state and recognise that no child wants to yell at their friends and make a social mistake. This is compassion. Refrain from scrolling forward in your mind and picturing that they might ‘never learn to be resilient’ and if they ‘carry on like this they will never make friends’ etc. It won’t help you at this moment, and can be simply fear talking.

Try a mantra: ‘This is a good kid having a hard time.’


This is where we take charge if needed and this may be by containing the situation. You may need to get close, take charge and step in with the intention of helping your child. Remember no kid wants to get it wrong so you need to help them out when they need it.

A father could try saying: ‘I am not going to let you yell at your friends. Let’s get inside so that we can calm down together. Girls, we will be back in a second.’

16 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024



Finding the fire is all about looking beyond the behaviour of yelling to the feelings underneath. When we talk about what might be happening for our child, we build their ability to regulate better next time.

Once in the room the father could say: ‘Wow, things got really out of hand there. You have worked on building this activity all day. You were so excited and when the girls didn’t want to play your idea you got disappointed and maybe even a little embarrassed they didn’t like your idea? I get it. I would have been absolutely gutted if I were you too.’ This works to uncover the underlying emotion and source of ‘the fire’.


Maybe you and your child hug, maybe you sit in silence for a second, but once you notice your child is in a better state to hear, you might say: ‘What do you think we should do now?’

The father might say, ‘I wonder if the girls also had their own idea in mind? Maybe we could go and suggest a compromise, that we play their idea for 10 minutes and then we do the obstacle course?

What do you think?’

Many people reading this may be immediately recalling a moment that didn’t go like the above. If you are feeling like you recently got it all wrong, please remember we are trying to get this stuff right around 30–40 per cent of the time. Be kind to yourself – you are doing much better than you think.

This is an edited extract from Little People, Big Feelings by Gen Muir – out now, Macmillan Australia, RRP $36.99.

Set amongst 16 hectares of natural bushland, a visit to McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery, Langwarrin enables space and time for families to reconnect with nature and experience Australian art and sculpture in new ways.

With an abundance of luscious green areas perfect for picnics and bushwalks, the dog-friendly park means all the family are welcome to explore. Pack a picnic and your pup to enjoy a leisurely amble around the beautiful grounds on pram friendly paths.

Alternatively, at the heart of McClelland, Harry's Cafe welcomes guests to dine in its light filled space overlooking McClelland’s beautiful bushland. Enjoy delicious coffee and cakes, a scrumptious kid’s menu and breakfast and lunch dishes crafted to celebrate wonderful regional produce.

McClelland welcomes families to get creative and step into nature with fun interactive resources. The Chatter Box and Play Walk have been designed to help explore the sculpture collection with games for kids of all ages to learn while they play.

Today, McClelland’s unique outdoor sculpture collection showcases over 100 works by prominent Australian sculptors such as Inge King, Lenton Parr and Clement Meadmore. A much-loved family favourite is ‘Frankie’, McClelland’s chrome gnome officially known as Reflective Lullaby, 2015, by Gregor Kregar. A captivating, monumental sculpture, this gentle giant has returned to McClelland and patiently waits to be discovered by little ones as they explore the park.

The beautifully rustic grounds have become home to a thriving wildlife sanctuary. Residents include long neck turtles, ducks, and a plethora of birds that shape the natural environment.

Immerse your family in art and nature at McClelland this autumn

390 McClelland Drive Langwarrin VIC Australia 3910

Sculpture Park & Gallery hours: Wed to Sun: 10am–5pm

P: +61 3 9789 1671

Photos: Mitch Pelns Ross
Photo: Rachel Isaacs 18 Peninsula Kids – Autumn

Maggie Pike

Over the years Maggie has created and developed many imaginative stories through her experiences as an educator and freelance storyteller and puppeteer.

“My love of literature started when I was a small child with my own collection of treasured books, and weekly visits to the local library with my father and little sister. I started writing stories from an early age, spending many hours lost in the fantasy worlds I created.”

Working with children over many years continues to be a realisation of Maggie’s childhood dreams.

“Every day of my teaching life has been a joy and an absolute honour, sharing in the creativity of young children. When I am teaching story writing as a classroom teacher, I workshop with my students to create their stories, revolving around the themes we are exploring, while often sharing appropriate literature as a motivation for writing. The children illustrate their work with various art media we have explored together. To provide a sense of purpose for their learning, children perform their stories to their peers.”

When Maggie visits preschools, primary schools and public libraries as a freelance storyteller, each workshop is designed for a particular age group. During these sessions Maggie tells her stories using her own illustrations, as visual cues that enhance the scenes. The children re-enact the stories shared, using puppets and props to bring the stories to life. Maggie has a collection of over 70 puppets that have delighted children for many years. She tells tales from traditional literature, from books written by talented writers and illustrators, and now her own book ‘Troublesome Bruce Bear.’ Maggie remarks, “All children bring a wealth of imagination to a performance story. Every happening is definitely unique.”

Maggie has been instrumental in the design and presentation of workshops in drawing and painting, writing and performance skills at regional Literacy Festivals, working alongside her long time author/illustrator heroes. This gives students across our region the opportunity to extend their talents working with like-minded children.

It was only when Maggie met Nick Moscovitz online through their Instagram art accounts, connecting with a mutual interest in art and writing, that the idea of creating her own picture story book became a reality when Nick offered to do the design work for ‘Troublesome Bruce Bear’.

Nick is an extremely talented graphic designer and artist in his own right based in New York. Maggie explains, “Social media is an effective avenue to connect with artists and writers from across the world. The positive feedback from family followers for my illustrations and accompanying stories that I regularly post, indicates that my work has universal themes with a broad appeal. Being involved in every stage of producing a book has been a fascinating challenge.”

‘Troublesome Bruce Bear’ can be enjoyed by toddlers to senior school children, as well as any adult who loves being transported back to their childhood. Younger readers will enjoy the rhyming text being read to them as they visualise the story through Maggie’s captivating artwork. Older children can extend their word knowledge, while enjoying the nuances and humour of the language and the illustrations.

Maggie says, “It seems a natural step for me to combine the imaginative and often humorous tales, anecdotes and images I have gathered over the years to create my own books like the ones that helped fire my imagination.” Maggie has quite a number of other stories that Nick is keen to design the book layouts for, so her book publishing adventure continues! Her next book, ‘Where are Papa’s Slippers?’ is a humorous Aussie tale which revolves around a Grandpa who will not part with his tatty old slippers, and a Grandma who is determined the slippers must go!

Maggie says: “Sharing my book with children in fun performance workshops is the best ever experience: their enthusiasm, and the changing expressions on their faces as each new drama unfolds are precious moments. The way children bring the puppet characters to life with their delightful voice interpretations and mannerisms, is often very amusing.

The insightful questions that the children ask me keep me intrigued and forever inspired.” Maggie has letters, photos and videos from children in countries around the world, telling her why they love the adventures of Bruce Bear.

Children can borrow ‘Troublesome Bruce Bear’ from each of the Mornington Peninsula Libraries. To purchase Maggie’s book email or go to Instagram:@mags_creates or visit a local bookstore. Available online at the website for Cystic Fibrosis Community Care Australia, which support families living with Cystic Fibrosis. Maggie donates 25% of each book’s sale price to CFCC. Maggie has created teaching/learning worksheets for ‘Troublesome Bruce Bear’ as follow up for teachers: email

Maggie tells stories and performs workshops voluntarily at local primary and preschools on the Mornington Peninsula, when she is not tutoring students, contract teaching, or writing and illustrating her new stories.

Local Author Spotlight 19

BBC Earth Experience

Discover our unique planet on an epic scale in an all-ages interactive journey through seven continents running until the 28th of April.

Featuring breathtaking footage on immersive multi-angle screens from the BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s hit television series Seven Worlds, One Planet, with incredible narration by David Attenborough, visitors will be guided through the beauty and wonder of the natural world. With opportunities to explore interactive breakout zones for further inspiring insights into the earth’s unique ecosystems and creatures, visitors can dive into the depths of the sea, soar across stunning aerial landscapes, and even get close-up views of the micro lives of creepy crawlies.

RRP: Family of 4 (2 Adults 2 Junior): $115.60

Polite Mammals

Presented by: Frankston Arts Centre and The Wholesome Hour as part of the 2024 FAC season get ready to celebrate animals in all their forms, from the real to the imaginary, the sparkly to the stinky, and the polite to the downright rude!

Drawing inspiration from iconic 90s Australian children's TV shows, you'll be taken on a rocket-paced journey, introducing over 20 animal-inspired characters in under an hour.

Expect farting skunks, a dancing praying mantis, Frankenstein cockroaches, and even a singing Bin Chicken (AKA ibis). This is Aussie comedy at its silliest, designed to tickle the funny bone of audiences of all ages.

Recommended for ages 5-10 and their grown-ups.

Sunday, 07 April 2024 | Cube 37

11:00 AM to 11:55 AM | 3:00 PM to 3:55 PM

RRP: $70.00 (Family pass)

20 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024

7. Squishy Squad Pals

Friends of the Squishy Squad Dolls, their special pals (approximately 7cm high) are sold individually but are designed to go together. After all, friendships are more fun when they are shared! These collectible, tactile toys are perfect to touch - PLUS their stretchy, squeezable, stressrelieving benefits are SO satisfying, for both adults and children alike!




Pebble 2 Combo

Pebble 2 Combo is a stylish, sustainable choice, designed with recycled materials dynamic duo. With ultra-silent clicking and Bluetooth connectivity, you can seamlessly hop between devices, free up your time, and get more done.

RRP: $129.99

Logitech G335

Wired Gaming Headset

Relax and immerse yourself in games with Logitech G335 Wired Gaming Headset. With its plug-and-play functionality and adjustable strap, these headsets are suitable for users of all sizes and ages.

RRP: $129.95 21 Our Libraries are passionate about
while improving children’s
skills. Our free digital eLearning resources are full of
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YDL Yoga Mat Towel

The YDL Yoga Mat Towel is the perfect addition to any yogi's practice. Made with an ultra-absorbent microfiber material, this towel quickly absorbs moisture and provides a stable, slip-free surface for your practice. Its unique texture also helps to increase grip, allowing you to hold even the most challenging poses with ease. And with its quick-drying design, this towel is ready to use again in no time.

RRP: $72.00

Twelve South Hover Bar Duo

HoverBar Duo is a flexible arm that includes a weighted desktop base and adjustable shelf clamp. Use it like a multi-tool to get serious creative work done on an iPad. Use the sturdy shelf clamp in the kitchen to make a prototype video. Flip the stand’s New QuickSwitch Tab and snap the flexible HoverBar arm into the desktop base to finish your presentation.

RRP: $139.95

22 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024


Wizarding World

Diagon Alley Playset

The ultimate setting for adventures, with three Diagon Alley shops included: Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, Eeylops Owl Emporium and Florian Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. As you play, you’ll discover Diagon Alley’s special details, like doors that open and close and exterior storefronts that look just like the shops from the movies! Available at Big W, Target

RRP: $59.99

Care Bears

Micro Plush Collection

Featuring Grumpy Bear, Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Wish Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and True Heart Bear, these can be collected or are a perfect oneoff purchase to show someone that you care. Need to cheer someone up, buy them a pocket-sized Cheer Bear to remind them that you’ve ‘got their back’ or are just feeling a little ‘off’ today, then grab a gorgeous Grumpy Bear, after all, it’s always good to express your emotions and these little cuties are the perfect 'mood management' tool. Available at Big W.

RRP: $9.00

Tings we




ids with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are characterised as having difficulties with inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive behaviours such as time blindness, distractibility, forgetfulness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. Whether dealing with a predominantly inattentive (once called ADD), attentive, or combined diagnosis, these kids need suitable modifications and additional support at home and in the classroom to reduce anxiety and facilitate learning.

Typical attentive behaviours as a result of hyperactivity can challenge our kids with ADHD manifesting as restlessness, fidgeting and excessive talking as can inattentive behaviours such as poor focus, concentration, listening skills, disorganisation and perceived laziness or apathy. All of these challenges make it difficult for our kids with ADHD impacting their learning, social relationships, daily functioning, and general wellbeing. Without suitable modifications and additional support, these challenges can result in an anxiety disorder, low self-esteem and depression, oppositional behaviour, school refusal, after-school meltdowns, emotional dysregulation, risk-taking and family breakdown.



Create daily schedules that outline specific times for daily and weekly activities including homework, appointments, and chores. Make sure that there is allowance for downtime and blocks of time for when things may “change.” Consistency and predictability can help children with ADHD stay organised and help to alleviate anxiety.


Help your child break down tasks into smaller, manageable steps. This makes it easier for them to focus and complete tasks without feeling overwhelmed.


Establish a successful bedtime routine that includes minimal use of electronic equipment after dinner and includes calming activities before sleep. Some calming activities to help promote quality sleep include meditation, drawing, journalling, and listening to music.


100% natural and without affecting other medications, Cognis Essence


Regular physical exercise can improve focus and concentration and alleviate stress.


Strengths such as being highly creative and hyper-focused on things they love and enjoy can be used as motivators and also to promote good mental health.


Providing our kids with brain breaks or sensory breaks at home to help our children calm down, focus, learn and self-regulate.



Devise a sign for the student to use so that the teachers know they need help with their work or that they need a break. Some students use a laminated card to show the teacher whilst other more reserved students use a hand signal or code word. The simple act of reading a book or completing a calming task at the desk can also be used to alert the


Have the student sit near the front of the classroom and near the teacher where they can see the blackboard/whiteboard clearly. Ensure that they can also see the entrance to the classroom and not be seated with their back to the door or to other students.


Establishing a predictable daily schedule can help children with ADHD stay organised and focused. Pre-warn the student of any change to routine where possible.


Breaking down larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps can help children with ADHD stay focused and complete tasks more effectively. Use visual aids, checklists, and timers to help them keep track of time and to understand the expectations of the length of each task.


Keep instructions simple and to the point. Use visuals or gestures to reinforce verbal instructions when possible. Make sure to capture the student’s attention before giving any instructions and have the student repeat instructions back in their own words so that their level of comprehension is understood.


Allow children with ADHD short breaks to move around and release extra energy. Encouraging physical activity like whole class jumping jacks or having the student in question walk with another student to the toilet or another classroom.


Create a quiet area in the classroom where children with ADHD can retreat when they need a calm and focused environment to work. This can be a corner with minimal distractions or noise-cancelling headphones. Appropriate sensory tools, like stress balls or fidget toys at the desk, can help with better concentration during learning tasks.

Every child with ADHD is unique and so the specific type and level of support needed can vary. It is important for teachers, parents, and professionals to regularly communicate and collaborate so that tailored assistance can be offered at home and in the classroom to reduce anxiety and facilitate learning.

Kim is a Holistic Counsellor specialising in stress and anxiety management for kids, teens, and adults. Kim provides a unique, intuitive, and individualised therapy approach through individual, small group, and family counselling sessions both online and at her studio in Langwarrin. For more information, visit website:


Book Reviews


By Daphne Benedis-Grab Paperback, $16.99

Nicky has disappeared!

Olivia, Leo, and Gracie--three seventh graders who have very little in common except for how much they dislike Nicky, the school bully--were the last ones to see him. They are sure that there are clues the police are overlooking. And they each have their own secret reason for needing to find him as soon as possible.


By Sunny & Gloomy Paperback, $22.99

Teenager Boo has pink hair and a very vivid imagination that she has trouble separating from the real world. In her daydreams, she dances beautifully at balls or fights monsters as a magical girl. In reality, she has a complicated home life, work stress, school stress and a wicked crush on the girl of her dreams. When a new student, Mimi, arrives at school, Boo starts exploring a side of herself that she never considered before. As she grows closer with Mimi, it may finally be time for Boo to face reality ... Who is the real Mimi? The one in her dreams? Or the one in real life? Rainbow! is perfect for fans of Heartstopper and Magical Boy, full of heart, adorable illustrations and a storyline that any teenager can relate to!

FOR 60,000 YEARS

For 60,000 years, as sure as the sun rises and rests, our people have thrived and survived. Originally penned as a poetic response to January 26th, this is an empowering story of truth, strength and community, told by Gamilaroi and Dunghutti woman Marlee Silva and illustrated by Yamatji man Rhys Paddick.


Kevin the cucumber is so cool—everybody knows it! Whenever anyone gets hot and bothered, cucumber is always there to cool them down. He even has his own, cool cucumber song: “I’m super cool Kevin and this is my song! Make like a cucumber, you can’t go wrong. You wanna be cool?

Then repeat after me: I am a cucumber, cool as can be!” But when Kevin starts to feel left out, something happens that has never happened before: Kevin. Loses. His. COOL! Will Kevin’s friends be there for him when he needs them most?


By Anh Do Hardback, $19.99

My parents could have given me any first name at all, like John, Kevin, Shmevin ... anything! Instead, I'm stuck with the worst name since Mrs Face called her son Bum. Weir Do's the new kid in school. With an unforgettable name, a crazy family and some seriously weird habits, fitting in won't be easy... But it will be funny! Colour hardback edition.


By Stephen Michael King Hardback, $18.99

The perfect time for planting. The perfect time for growth. The perfect time for dancing and eating honey toast. Journey back to Blueberry Farm, from the award-winning creator of Three, Rainbow Bear and Koala Ark.


By Cate Whittle Paperback, $12.99

Millicent-Mae Moonbeam-White was quite the tiniest little fluffy white puppy that had ever been left on the doorstep at St Bernard’s Home for Little Lost Dogs.


By Rachel Delahaye Paperback, $22.99

On an island ruled by whales, one boy is searching for his missing father, another is refusing to forget the past and a girl is on the run. Together, they embark on an adventure of discovery that could anger the whales and crack their community apart.


By Patrick Guest Hardback, $18.99

Baboon in a balloon, it's a wonderful day. Up through the clouds, up, up and away! YAY! But, look out below! Baboon's day is headed for splat! Booo!


By Jack Carty Hardback, $18.99

The sun is sinking low, my darling, the birds are in their nests. And you have spent the day exploring, so now it's time to rest. A beautiful and timeless Australian lullaby story.


We are the luckiest, Elliot's dad told her. And Elliot, of course, believed him. Elliott and her family have lived in the house of a thousand storms by Crooked River all her life, with her best friend, Drake, just a kayak ride downstream. But one ordinary evening, Elliott's parents tell her some shattering news and Elliott realises they are no longer the luckiest. Has it all been a lie? As Elliott's life is split apart, she stands to lose all the places and the people she calls home. Except Elliott refuses to lose anything. Because if she lets go of everything she loves, Elliott will surely lose herself too.


After thwarting a robbery, Nolan Hawker is invited to the world’s most dangerous school. At The Peak, he learns to crack codes, fly planes and deceive enemies so he can someday infiltrate the deadly anarchist group known as Swarm. But someone at the Peak secretly works for Swarm, and they have a plan the kind no one walks away from. Can Nolan find the traitor before it’s too late?

26 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024


Rick Moyer Paperback, $17.99

No vacation for our heroes! Ham Helsing and his pals are snowed in at the old Helsing Manor . . . and they aren't the only ones haunting its dusty halls. All Ham wanted to do was visit his family home, but he finds nothing but trouble!

Between the world's oldest vampire and his monster-hunting dad, Ham will have his hands full just trying to keep his friends safe!


By Phil Cummings Hardback, $26.99

While playing hide-and-seek at Grandpa's house, Lucy and Mitch find a hat, hidden away in a deep, dark corner. It's Grandpa's hat, filled with memories ... In this moving story of rediscovery, truth and mateship, a hidden hat stirs memories of a grandfather's days serving in Vietnam.



Parenting expert and mum-of-four Gen Muir has helped thousands of families to navigate strong emotions and challenging behaviour in young kids. In her debut book, Gen shares the tried-and-tested techniques to help you through some of the most difficult moments of parenting – public meltdowns, bedtime struggles, school refusal, new sibling rivalry – without losing your own mind or quashing your child’s spirit.


By Jonathan Bentley Hardback, $18.99

Bad Bunny, the meanest pirate to sail the seas, is on the hunt for treasure! But when his crew comes up against a nasty enemy, will Bad Bunny prove that he's not the meanest pirate after all?


By Jack Carty Hardback $18.99

The love we share is everywhere. The love we share is magic. The love we share will be there, forever, you and I. Celebrate the enduring gift of family love in this heartfelt book by Jack and Natasha Carty.


By Julia Donaldson Paperback, $14.99

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good. Walk further into the deep dark wood, and discover what happens when a quick-witted mouse comes face to face with an owl, a snake... and a hungry Gruffalo!


The world is ending. The good news? The Bad Guys are back to save it! Sure, they might have to ‘borrow’ a rocket ... and there might be something nasty in one of the spacesuits ... And Mr Piranha might have eaten too many bean burritos ... But seriously, how bad can it be? How bad?! Super Bad. It’s one small step for the Sort-Of-International-League-ofGood-Guys-Guys. It’s one giant leap for The Bad Guys.


By Jol Temple Hardback $18.99

Wading through bin juice, sticky with grime, Ibis's tummy is rumbling ... it's nearly lunchtime! 'Buzz off! Scram! Shoo! We don't feed bin chickens here at the zoo!' It's feeding time at the zoo and no-one is sharing their lunch. Luckily, Ibis knows just how to steal some snacks ... and the spotlight!


Do you have a special Happy Place, where a smile swims over the whole of your face? Celebrate the places, people and things that bring us joy in this uplifting and spirited book.


By Tania Ingram Paperback, $16.99

Meet Aggie Flea â" She's a girl with a big imagination ... that lands her in even bigger trouble! The school play is almost here and Aggie wants the role of Web Legs, the superhero spider from Mars! But Aggie's stage time has always been a disaster! Will she break a leg or break the set?!


By Nicki Gill Hardback $18.99

Yes, you have to wear your pants! We don't want a nudie dance! That's not the place to feel a breeze ... Keep your pants on, please! A playful book to help young readers make positive choices!


By Jess Saunders Hardback, $19.99

Have you ever felt like giving up because something was too hard? If you have ever wanted to give up, you are not alone. This book is for any child who needs a reminder that hard things won't be hard forever. 27 Scan above for your chance to take home a prize pack of the reviewed books! Win! Win!

Unlock Your Child's Potential

Elevate your child's educational journey with St Macartans’ Mornington Primary School, where we are dedicated to nurturing young minds, fostering values, and cultivating growth in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Enriching Catholic Education

At St Macartans’ Mornington, we provide more than just academics; we instil Catholic values and principles in every aspect of learning. Our holistic approach ensures that your child's spiritual and moral development is as important as their academic achievements. With gospel values as our compass, we guide students to become compassionate, respectful, and empathetic individuals, equipped to make a positive impact in the world.

Diverse and Inclusive Community

We welcome children from all backgrounds and walks of life into our warm and diverse community. At St Macartans’ Mornington, we celebrate the richness of diversity and believe that every child brings something unique to our school family. Our inclusive environment fosters acceptance, understanding, and a sense of belonging, ensuring that every child feels valued and supported.

Award-Winning Sustainable Spaces

Experience our award-winning outdoor areas and gardens that serve as vibrant extensions of our classrooms. At St Macartans’ Mornington, we prioritise sustainability and environmental stewardship, teaching children the importance of caring for our planet firsthand. Through hands-on experiences in our outdoor spaces, students develop

a deep appreciation for nature and learn valuable lessons in sustainability that will stay with them for life.

Innovative Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Ignite your child's passion for healthy living with our innovative Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Through this hands-on initiative, students learn to grow, harvest, and prepare their own food, gaining valuable skills and knowledge about nutrition and sustainable living. This program inspires curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love for gardening and cooking, empowering students to make healthy choices and take control of their wellbeing.

Celebrating Achievement

At St Macartans’ Mornington, we celebrate milestones and achievement, whether big or small. From academic successes to acts of kindness, we recognize and honour the unique talents and contributions of each student. Our culture of celebration fosters a sense of pride, confidence, and motivation, empowering students to reach their full potential and pursue excellence in all areas of life.

Dynamic Sporting Program

Stay active, healthy, and engaged with our dynamic sporting program. At St Macartans’ Mornington, we believe in the importance of physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Through a wide range of sports and activities, students develop valuable skills such as discipline, cooperation, and leadership, while also fostering a lifelong love for physical activity and healthy living.

Comprehensive Student Wellbeing Support

Your child's emotional and social well-being are paramount to us. Our dedicated team of educators and support staff provides comprehensive student well-being support, ensuring that every child feels safe, supported, and valued. Through personalised care and guidance, we nurture resilience, self-confidence, and essential life skills, empowering students to navigate life's challenges with confidence and grace.

Join the St Macartans’ Mornington Community

We invite you to join our vibrant school community and embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and shared values. Visit St Macartans’ Mornington Primary School to experience our welcoming atmosphere, meet our dedicated educators, and see firsthand how we inspire hearts, minds, and spirits to flourish. Together, let's unlock your child's full potential and lay the foundation for a bright and purposeful future. Register through our website under enrol or phone 5979 9200.




5:45pm - 6:30pm


FRIDAYS TERM 1 & 2 1.40pm

97 Bungower Rd, Mornington VIC 3931 5979 9200 28 ST MACARTAN'S PARISH PRIMARY SCHOOL 5979 9200
ST MACARTAN’S PARISH PRIMARY SCHOOL ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN Please call 5979 9200 To book in a tour or enrol, please visit TWILIGHT TOUR THURSDAY 7 MARCH 5:45pm - 6:30pm FURTHER TOURS FRIDAYS TERM 1 & 2 1.40pm

Curiosity and Wonder Lead to a

Frankston Beach Sanctuary of Early Learning is the newest in a set of established Early learning services on the Peninsula.

Situated along Kananook creek this coastal styled centre portrays the same philosophy and values of the sister centres; Mt Eliza, Frankston and Seaford House.

This state of the art centre is opening early-mid 2024 and has spaces available.

Frankston Beach is committed to provide a vibrant and flexible environment that supports learning and responds to the interests and abilities of each child.

The program includes sustainability principles, and a health and wellbeing focus. A strong belief that children are connected to the wider community and environment.

Natural Desire to Learn

A balance of indoor and outdoor experiences is provided within the services natural landscape and through the Beach and Bush Kinder program.

The play based program provides opportunities for children to grow, discover, create and imagine. Children are acknowledged as capable, competent and co-contributors who actively participate in their own learning.

The inclusive program recognises the individual learning styles of

all children, and value families for their unique contributions to the centre community.

The intention is to support children to be kind, respectful and confident contributors to their community and the world.

The experienced and knowledgeable Educators are committed to provide a warm, nurturing environment that recognises childhood as a very special and important time.


30 Mornington, Mount Eliza Moorooduc, Sommerville 5978 0808 FRANKSTON BEACH SANCTUARY OF EARLY LEARNING 8796 3000 9787 0788 9781 4600 9783 1117 Seaford 6-8 Govan Street, Seaford 3198 Mt Eliza, 41 Baden Powell Place Mt Eliza VIC 3199 Frankston Beach 366-368 Nepean Hwy, Frankston 3199 Frankston, 1-3 Vera Street Frankston VIC 3930

Sanctuary of Early Learning


3 and 4 year old Kindergarten for 2024

Exclusive Beach Program available for all ages includes:

Beach Babies

Beach Kinder Nippers

Curiosity and wonder lead to a natural desire to learn

Your most precious people are our priority

Frankston House

Sanctuary of Early Learning

1-3 Vera Street Frankston


P 9783 1117


Mt Eliza House Sanctuary of Early Learning



Seaford House Sanctuary of Early Learning


P 9787 0788

P 8796 3000



Baden Powell Place Mt Eliza E
Govan Street, Seaford E
of Early
Nepean Hwy, Frankston
P 9781 4600 W
Beach Sanctuary
Learning 366-368

Discover the Green Leaves Difference

Recently, the Morning Peninsula welcomed their very first Green Leaves centre, Green Leaves Rosebud. This purpose-built early learning haven offers the perfect start to your child’s learning journey – from nursery through to Kindergarten. With a curriculum that’s guided by qualified and experienced educators, the children are encouraged to learn and explore as they grow and develop their confidence, skills and abilities.

Upon entering these centres, families are welcomed into the family lounge where they can connect with other families, or Educators over baristamade coffee and freshly baked treats from the centre’s in-house Chef. The open plan learning hubs are built with the intent to provide children with numerous opportunities for playbased learning, where inquisitive minds can thrive.

In Victoria, Green Leaves embraces the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF), which draws on, and recognises that early childhood is a crucial period for learning and development. This philosophy enables children to step into the wider world with curiosity, confidence, and a lifelong desire to learn.

With the belief that children are unique and so are their learning journeys, the programs at Green Leaves are age-appropriate, flexible, and customised to suit each child’s knowledge, interests, culture, abilities, and strengths. This ensures that children are nurtured throughout their early years with care, encouragement, and respect while developing a love for lifelong learning.

In their early years as babies and toddlers, children at Green Leaves are guided by experienced and qualified early childhood educators as they learn and explore. When the children are approaching their formal schooling years, they begin the Kindergarten program which is delivered by Bachelor qualified, Early Childhood Teachers, who support them in developing skills and abilities that are essential to achieving success in future learning environments. Green Leaves offer a fully approved and funded 3- and 4-year-old Kindergarten program based on the VEYLDF.

Recognising the importance of community connections, the curriculum at Green Leaves is supported by activities which include visits within the local community to provide children with the opportunities to extend on

their interests. Visits from local fire brigades and police units are very popular, as are walks to the local parks, which encourages the children to learn about their surroundings, and local flora and fauna.

The natural environment is an integral part of the program at Green Leaves. The children are encouraged to cherish and protect their natural world. A favourite feature across all centres are the edible gardens. These gardens thrive through the children’s interest in planting seeds, observing them grow, composting, harvesting, and then creating delicious meals with the help of the centre’s in-house Chefs.

As part of Green Leaves’ all-inclusive fees, the children also participate in incursions and excursions, which include yoga sessions, Chef-led culinary classes, language lessons, bush kinder, music and movement classes, just to name a few.

While high quality architectural features are standard designs across all Green Leaves centres, each centre has its own unique characteristics. Pop in for a coffee and tour to experience the Green Leaves difference, or visit our website for more details

GREEN LEAVES 26 McDowell Street, Rosebud VIC 3939 5911 8176 32 BABIES THROUGH TO KINDERGARTEN (6 WEEKS TO 6 YEARS) OPEN 6:30AM TO 6:30PM 33 ROSEBUD The best start to your early learning journey begins here 03 5911 8176 26 McDowell Street, Rosebud SCAN TO REGISTER NOW OPEN!

Our Lady of Fatima is a small Catholic primary school that delivers evidence informed teaching and learning in a warm and supportive community environment.

The school is situated in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula, approximately 85 km south of Melbourne, serving the Catholic communities of both Rosebud and Dromana.

Our School motto is Dream, Believe, Achieve, with a focus on meeting each child at their point of need. Student wellbeing is at the heart of what we do and our staff ensures that your child is supported to make the very most of their academic potential. With a rigorous teaching program, our staff hold a common vision of academic success for all students, where teaching capabilities and relationships are nurtured to support students’ academic results, spiritual development and wellbeing.

With an extensive campus, Our Lady of Fatima offers spacious and modern learning spaces, a dedicated specialist learning area, Hub, School Hall, substantial playgrounds and sporting fields, all while located on a quiet street frontage that provides a sense of privacy and security for our students and families.

Working together in partnership is of utmost importance to our school, where together we build the highest possible level of care and trust between students, staff and families. We place learning at the centre of our everyday encounters, while ensuring that a strong sense of wellbeing and community is maintained.

34 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024
Rustic Farm Setting Pony Rides Many Animals for “Hands on” Experiences Playground, Picnic Areas (BYO Food) Free Gas BBQs Special School Holiday Activities 490 Stumpy Gully Rd Balnarring Ph 5983 1691 Open daily 10am - 4pm* *Closed on Thursdays and Fridays outside of school holidays School holidays 29th March 2024 - 14th April 2024 Open daily 10am-4pm* PIG Racing! Daily 11am & 2pm EASTER EGG HUNT 29th March -1st April 2024 Pre booking required. See website for details Support local, support handmade, support innovation, support love, support small business... support your local market! LITTLE BEAUTY MARKET : MAR 23 | 9-2 Lots of Easter fun PLUS the Easter Bunny visits our last LBM of the season! BEAUTY PARK, FRANKSTON EMU PLAINS : MAR 16 + APR 20 | 9-2 EMU PLAINS RESERVE, BALNARRING ALBERT & DAPHNE Love supporting small businesses? Why not check out our interest store of curious goods! 103 MAIN STREET, MORNINGTON | WWW.ALBERTANDDAPHNE.COM.AU PROUDLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE UNTOLD EVENTS CO. 34 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024


EveRy STep OuTSide LEADS To New DiScoveRiES

Sorrento Primary School is situated at the end of the Mornington Peninsula and is bordered between Sorrento Front Beach (Port Phillip Bay), Sorrento Back Beach (Ocean Beach) and Point Nepean (Portsea). Our school motto “Every Step Outside Leads to New Discoveries” encapsulates our teaching pedagogy, which balances learning both in and outside the classroom. Students investigate and inquire, at times leading their own learning. Teachers explicitly teach English and Mathematics content using evidence-based practices, including a Systematic Phonics Programme.

SPS has an innovative approach to Outdoor Education, building on the Victorian Curriculum rationale and aims. Foundation students participate in place-based learning once a week at Point Nepean. Year 1 to 6 students spend 10 sessions at Portsea attending a day camp, participating in challenge and adventure activities, along with planned lessons linked to learning outcomes. Our specialist classes include: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Digital Technologies and STEM. Our language has this year transitioned to AUSLAN. 35 35

Caring for a breastfed baby: feeding, soothing & settling

For the non-breastfeeding parent, grandparents, baby-sitters and other caregivers

Too often, breastfeeding mothers are unable to get the physical and mental breaks they need because it is presumed that only they can help their baby fall asleep. While it is true that the easiest way to calm or settle a breastfed child is at the breast, this needn’t mean that it is the only way to do so. Over the years, I have not only cared for three breastfed grandchildren but also settled other people’s babies on an occasional or regular basis as a paid caregiver or as a friend.

There are many ways people identify today. For ease of description, here I will refer to “the mother” as the person who is breastfeeding, “the carer” as the person temporarily looking after her child and “the baby” as the infant being cared for. Feel free to apply these to your own situation using whatever language describes it best.

When a baby is on the way, everyone offers to babysit. Yet the reality is, most offers fade away once the baby arrives and even those wellintended feel blocked by the way the mother chooses to feed and settle her child. An exclusively breastfed baby, whose mother frequently baby-wears and bed-shares her child can seem “too hard” for anyone else to care for - even the child’s father or other parent might balk at the idea of being left alone with the baby for any period of time.

Unplanned circumstances where mother and baby are separated without time to prepare are different to what we will look at here. The following information is to help everyone involved plan for and prepare for occasional or regular periods of looking after a breastfed baby when the breasts are elsewhere!

When the baby is very young, it's best to have their mother close by, letting them nap, take a shower, go for a walk or rest while you look after the baby between feeds. Follow their lead about being ready to leave the baby with you while they are in another location. The motherbaby dyad should not be separated too soon or too often while they establish breastfeeding and the baby adjusts to life outside the womb. If the mother needs to attend an appointment, shop for clothes to suit their new body or visit the hairdresser, go along with them and the baby and stay in the vicinity while they have some space but know the baby is safe nearby.

50 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024
36 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024

Spend time with the mother and baby, watching how they interact with the baby. Involve yourself alongside them while they feed and settle the baby, adding your voice gently into the process. When the baby is fed, slept, calm and alert, hold them and practice different positions to see what they like and don’t and how they communicate their feelings with you. Aim to be calm and help the baby to be calm. Watch their rhythm and beat when they rock or pat the baby, and mimic them to get in sync.

There are three areas of concern people express: feeding the baby, soothing a crying baby and getting the baby to sleep.

Feeding the breastfed baby

Ideally, breastfeeding is established without the baby receiving supplements of the mother's own expressed breastmilk, donor milk or infant formula. If top-ups are advised, it is preferable that these are given by cup, spoon or syringe, rather than introducing a bottle and teat to a baby still learning how to attach and feed at the breast. The reality is, for many mothers, bottles of formula are recommended in hospitals, as well as expressing and feeding breastmilk by bottle. Many families continue this approach ongoing; “mixed feeding”, a combination of options.

However, for the baby who is exclusively breastfed and whose mother has not added pumping milk to the demands of the early weeks or months, it can come as a shock to discover their baby will not or cannot drink from a bottle and teat. In their quest to avoid nipple confusion, they find themselves faced with bottle refusal! Thankfully, bottles are simply one tool to feed babies and there are other options.

Under 4-6 months, the simplest alternative is usually cup feeding. Even the most committed breastfed baby will lap milk from a small cup (the size of a medicine cup or shot glass) without too much protest, especially if you have everything prepared before they wake so their patience is not tested. Small amounts of expressed breastmilk or formula can be poured into the cup and fed to the baby, perhaps 25mls per refill, until they show signs of satisfaction. A feed of 75mls can take a remarkably short period of time for even a small baby to consume. continued next page...

Soothing the crying breastfed baby

When you are a breastfeeding mother, you have a magic solution to everything: the baby cries, signaling it needs something and the mother resolves the “something” by offering the breast. Rarely does it not work, resolving everything from thirst and hunger to frustration and tiredness. It's a hard act to follow!

So how can the carer deal with the normal crying which babies use to communicate? Well, you need to have a few more tricks up your sleeve. Firstly, you need to connect with the baby which also doesn’t know why it is upset. Babies cry to get our attention but not in the negative way people have thought in the past. Crying is the final signal a baby uses, when all previous efforts have not worked. A breastfeeding mother will often preempt a crying spell by reading the subtle cues her baby gives before they cry.

Cues are physical actions, often very discreet, which babies do when moving from one state to another. A hungry baby will give clear feeding cues while a tired baby will give cues they are coming to the end of a wakeful period and need help to transition to sleep. A baby experiencing discomfort from trapped air in their stomach or digestive system will also behave in particular ways.

Before you spend time alone with the baby, spend time alongside the mother at different times of the day and ask them what made them respond to the baby in different ways or why they offered the breast when they did. Ask about the baby’s individual signals that it's time to feed or sleep. Find out what the baby does when overwhelmed by play or surroundings. How does the baby signal boredom or overstimulation? Keep in mind the younger the baby is, the less time the family has had to build an understanding of these cues. Sometimes it involves a lot of trial and error.

Babies sometimes cry because they are physically uncomfortable. Things you can check are:

THE NAPPY. Is it wet, dirty or uncomfortable? Check if it is still in place, fitted comfortably and nothing is digging in.

CLOTHING. Check tiny toes are not entangled by threads in socks or the feet of onesies. Check singlets haven’t ridden up under garments, making them uncomfortable to lie on.

ARE THEY A COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE? The back and tummy are the place to check, hands and feet are always cooler than the torso. Do you need to remove or add layers? Is the room overheated?

ARE THEY HUNGRY? Breastmilk is quickly digested and tummies are only the size of their fist. It is typical for breastfed babies to feed frequently and the clock is not a good indicator of feed times. The goal is not to stretch out the time between feeds but allow the baby to take the milk they need, when they need it. Small amounts often are better than large volumes infrequently.

IS THEIR TUMMY UNCOMFORTABLE? Trapped wind in the stomach might come up as a burp if you gently hold the baby upright against your chest. There is no need to fiercely pat their back - it is gravity which releases air, not external action. If a burp doesn’t appear or the baby shows no signs of relief, then it is more likely to be gas from digestion distending the bowel. If you have discussed this with the mother previously, apply the techniques the baby is familiar with to help them relax and pass wind. That might be removing the nappy and massaging the tummy, “bicycling the legs” or holding them in a particular position. Never give babies any medications, even over the counter or “natural” therapies without discussion with the parents.

Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024

Products used in the past (gripe water is one example) are no longer considered suitable or effective. Teas, boiled water and other liquids or foods must not be given to babies who are exclusively breastfed.

ARE THEY READY TO SLEEP? If you have missed the baby’s tired signs or you are not familiar with them, the baby might have gone past the stage of sleep readiness. You might have to help them become calm again and transition to sleep. More about that next.

Supporting the breastfed baby to fall asleep

Breastfeeding mothers will know the simplest way to help their baby transition to sleep is at the breast. They might practice lying down to breastfeed, bed-sharing, babywearing or contact napping as ways to remain in physical contact with their sleeping baby. In preparation for leaving their baby in your care, it can help if they add other sleep prompts to these existing ones, which you can incorporate into your own approach. These might include:

Movement in the form or swaying, bouncing, rocking or walking

Sound in the form of white noise, music, singing or reading a story

Smell in the form of a cloth item they use routinely, like a baby carrier, muslin wrap, comfort toy or piece of clothing.

Touch in the form or patting, stroking, massage or rubbing the back

It helps to talk about the environment the baby is used to being asleep in. Ideally, babies are exposed to natural daylight and household noises during the day, to help their developing body clock. So avoid darkened rooms and silent spaces if the baby is not used to them. If going for a walk in a baby carrier or pram is familiar, find out if this is in a quiet park or alongside a busy road and replicate that.

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122 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza & 1533 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud West 140 Salmon St, Hastings CALL NOW FOR MT ELIZA, ROSEBUD & HASTINGS BOOKINGS NO REFERRAL NEEDED. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT HOW WE CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE THE SMILE YOU ALWAYS WANTED. “Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things”-Kenneth Branagh • Providing Specialist Orthodontic Services to the Mornington Peninsula with three locations in Rosebud, Mount Eliza and Hastings. • The very best in Orthodontic care and technology - clear braces, Invisalign, lingual (hidden) braces. • Treatment provided in a relaxed environment. • Highest quality care provided by our Orthodontist. 9787 3849 CALL US ON 39

A general pattern you might expect from a baby is to feed upon waking, have their nappy changed, spend some time playing with you or watching as you work alongside them, perhaps take a little extra milk and then sleep close to you for around 40 minutes, perhaps resettling for another sleep cycle if being carried or in the pram.

It is very important to follow current guidelines around safe sleep. While the baby might bed-share with their breastfeeding mother, there are known risks to sharing a sleep space without the presence of the mother. Even fathers need to avoid bed-sharing alone with their babies: it is the maternal proximity which is protective, and then only when the baby is breastfed.

Nobody should put themselves in a situation where they might fall asleep holding or alongside a baby on a sofa, armchair or other space not intended for infant sleep. This is the highest risk environment for infant death. If you are caring for a baby, it is important you are not affected by drugs or alcohol, including over the counter medications or remedies which might be sedating. If you are a smoker, it is important to minimise the infant’s exposure to second-hand smoke and any chemical residue from smoking which might be on your breath, skin or clothing. Cigarette smokers in a household (even if they only smoke outside) is a known risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). To avoid exposing the baby to tobacco smoke, don’t let anyone smoke

near your baby - not in the house, the car or anywhere else your baby spends time. If you or someone in your household smokes, the baby’s parents might decline your offers to care for the baby in your home or ask you to undertake certain precautions such as changing into fresh clothing. This is not a personal judgment upon you, rather they are following medical advice based on hard evidence on the reduction of risk of SIDS and Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI).

Using a baby carrier

next best thing to breastfeeding is a baby carrier. Ask the baby’s mother to show you what type of carrier they use and how to use it. Try it yourself repeatedly before you are on your own with the baby, so you are confident using it when you need to. If neither you nor the baby’s mother are familiar or confident with babywearing, get in touch with our community South Eastern Babywearing Group or find a babywearing consultant near you.

Caring for a breastfed baby is a wonderful way for you to support mothers to continue breastfeeding without feeling overwhelmed by responsibility for all their baby’s care.

40 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024

Why babies under six months do not need water

In the past, when babies were fed strictly four-hourly, mothers were sometimes advised to offer boiled water if the baby was “unsettled” between feeds. Unfortunately, these babies were hungry and showing feeding cues and needed to go to the breast. Filling their tummy with warm water made them think they had been fed but they had received no calories or nutrition and were soon hungry again.

Boiled water was also suggested to bring up wind in unsettled babies. This was totally without evidence and might calm a baby signaling for more time on the breast than the clock allowed, perhaps even leading them to burp the air they swallowed from sucking at a bottle.

However, it is no longer recommended to give young babies water at all.

Both breast milk and infant formula contain the fluid babies require. Additional fluid can stress their system and even lead to water overload in extreme cases, where the kidneys struggle to process the extra fluid and natural electrolytes can become unbalanced.

In hot weather, some people worry that babies need water as well as milk. This is not the case. Breastmilk is 87% water and infant formula is around 85%. A baby who is thirsty will show feeding cues to seek the breast, often for short feeds more often. Even formula fed babies can be offered extra feeds during hot weather.

Human babies survive around the world without bottles of water, as do all the other primates and mammals!

Older babies can begin drinking water as part of their introduction to family foods in the second six months, drinking from a cup. Even then, this isn't required and breastfed babies and toddlers continue to meet their fluid requirements through unrestricted breastfeeds. If mother and toddler are separated, then water from a cup is suitable for thirst. Babies under 12 months shouldn't have water in place of breastfeeds, expressed breastmilk or infant formula should still be used.

Yvette O’Dowd is not your typical grandmother! This mother of three and 'Granny' of three has been a breastfeeding counsellor since 1992. In 2014, Yvette established the Southern Natural Parenting Network, incorporating South Eastern Babywearing Group. With 11,000 members world-wide, the group supports parents interested in breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, baby-led weaning and modern cloth nappies and other aspects of gentle, natural parenting.


It is now widely recognised that babies learn more during the first year than at any other time in their life. In fact, during this first year, their brain doubles in volume. Wow!

Baby Sensory is a learning and development class specifically designed for babies from birth to 13 months. Everything we do is based on 35+ years of research into how your baby develops in this precious first year.

Each week our parent-baby classes are packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, signing, therapeutic games, bonding and massage; all designed to aid your baby’s brain development as well as to enhance social and emotional skills.

The warm, relaxed environment also makes our classes a fabulous place to connect with other new parents in our community. Come and join in the fun!



Mornington Thursday

Somerville Friday

Our multi-award winning classes will introduce you and your baby (or babies) to a world of sensory delights, where you can learn about your baby's development, spend quality time with each other and enjoy meeting other new parents. 41
Come and join the fun!
Sensory and learning development classes from birth to 13 months: Babies of the


Uniform Group Pty Ltd proudly announced its formation in early 2023, with a clear vision of uniting leaders in the education sector. With a diverse portfolio of apparel brands specialising in high-quality school uniforms and related apparel, the Uniform Group is excited to redefine the standards of design, manufacturing, supply, and customer service standards in school apparel delivery.

PSW and ACADEMY UNIFORMS stand at the forefront of our formal ranges, offering meticulously crafted attire that reflects sophistication and elegance. Complementing these formal lines, our specialised performance-focused sportswear under the STRIVE brand embodies durability and functionality, meeting the demands of active students. In a strategic move to expand our offerings, Uniform Group has partnered with PUMA through their licensee TLA Worldwide. This collaboration not only amplifies our sports teamwear program but also grants access to the esteemed PUMA brand, known globally for its sports and lifestyle products. This partnership adds prestige and quality to our comprehensive line-up of school apparel solutions.

“The Uniform Group is dedicated to providing schools and educational institutions with premium apparel solutions that cater to their diverse needs," says CEO, Adam Wilkinson. "Our partnerships with industryleading brands like PUMA underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation in the education sector."

With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Uniform Group Pty Ltd is assured to become the go-to provider for high-quality school uniforms, sportswear, teamwear, and staff uniforming. Our unwavering dedication to serving the school communities sets us apart as a trusted partner in outfitting the leaders of tomorrow.

For all enquiries, please contact John Papas;

0401 781 123

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Located at the top end of High Street in Hastings, a beautiful, private boutique salon awaits.

Lillian Mac Skin & Beauty has a mission to provide remarkable treatments and ensure a memorable service to every one of their valued clients.

Patient, accommodating staff provide impeccable, knowledgeable services to meet every need and their extensive range of beauty treatments cater to every whim.

As soon as you walk through the door a quiet and beautiful space awaits encouraging you to wind down and take a moment for yourself. The luxurious treatment rooms cradle your mind and spirit taking you to a place of total tranquillity. We dare you to try not to fall asleep during one of your sessions!

The team at Lillian Mac Skin & Beauty look forward to pampering you. For your convenience, the treatment menu can be viewed via the appointment booking portal found on Facebook, but do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns. Walk-ins are also most welcome.

44 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024 FOR EVERY SKIN & BEAUTY NEED Shop 1, 101 High Street, Hastings. 50% OFF SKIN NEEDLING $149.50 valued at $299 Autumn Special Car and Passenger Ferry 55 Travel overseas with your family



Embark on a journey of autumn discoveries at Arthurs Seat Eagle from March 29th to April 14th, where the best of the season is being celebrated with activities and experiences for the whole family!

Indulge in Easter delights with delectable eggs and café specials, adding a touch of sweetness to your autumn escapades. The unmissable Twilight Flights on Saturday, March 30th, offer a breathtaking aerial view of the autumn landscape as the sun sets!

Understand more about the rich local indigenous culture with free guided walks around the summit, in collaboration with Living Culture. Gain insights into the land's history, stories, and traditions from knowledgeable guides, adding depth to your autumn experience. Every Saturday, immerse yourself in the melodies of live music sessions on the expansive outdoor deck. Each week will showcase a different talented local artist, creating a vibrant ambiance amidst the stunning autumn landscape.

For our young adventurers, join in the excitement of the special Arthurs Seat Eagle scavenger hunt! Kids can embark on an exhilarating quest, filling their booklets with stamps as they explore and discover hidden treasures along the way. With daily kids' craft sessions and story times, balloon artists and face painters, and opportunities to encounter Australia's native wildlife up close with free animal shows by Aussie Wildlife, there’s school holiday fun for everyone!


Visit our website for our full schedule. Experience the magic of autumn with Arthurs Seat Eagle - every bit special!


Robyn’s Room is a fun, engaging and creative space where children can explore several aspects of art.

This unique and stimulating platform celebrates children; respecting their individuality and personality in their art making. The children are offered freedom and choice; enhancing their opportunities to experiment, develop new ways of seeing, adopt different ways of doing, self-correct and discover and value their own creative worth. It’s their idea ! It’s their art!

Children can only fully express themselves, when the usual contrived expectations, judgements and criticisms are removed from their art. Confident, independent and happy children will then emerge from this exciting world of creative arts.

• For children 5 - 15 year olds

• After School Programs 4.00 – 5.45pm Tuesday – Friday,

• All Day School Holiday Programs – Watch out for details.

• Children’s pARTies – tailored and personalised. It’s just not a pARTy without ART !

• Book early – spaces limited



Exciting news! Kids Promotions and The ABC have joined forces once again to bring you Play School live in concert with a brand-new show called "Let's Play Together".

The concert is scheduled to hit the road in 2024 and promises to be a fun-filled celebration of games and friendship. Join two popular presenters, Big Ted, Little Ted, Jemima, Humpty, Joey and Kiya on a journey of surprises hidden within colourful boxes. Immerse yourself in the wonders of imagination with delightful games, catchy songs and enchanting stories.

Just like the beloved television program, our concert is designed specifically for children and is paced meticulously to cater to their needs.

Don't miss out on the chance to join the fun and make new discoveries! Tickets for "Let's Play Together" are available for purchase now. Visit the website for more information about ticketing.

46 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024 Nurturing Children’s Creative Expression through: 0404 848 226



Red Hill Candle Co invites young creators to join their hands-on candle making workshops during the school holidays. Engaging and educational, these workshops let kids explore their artistic side while crafting unique candles to take home.

One delighted customer recently shared their experience:

"I attended the school holiday candle making workshop with my 2 granddaughters. We all had a wonderful time. I gave this to the girls as a Christmas gift I could not have spent my money more wisely. Thank you for a memorable experience." (Liz).

In addition to school holiday activities, Red Hill Candle Co offers a laidback and enjoyable kids' candle making parties. Whether it's a birthday celebration or any special occasion, they promise a fun and memorable experience for both kids and parents.

$ pp Book Online

Beyond kids' events, Red Hill Candle Co is also the perfect spot for hens' days, girls weekends away, and other gatherings. Light up your next celebration!

School Holiday Candle Making Workshops

A fun hands-on, kid friendly version of our Scent Lab experience. Enjoy making 2 candles each to take home.

1 hour | $45pp




Open Thu-Sun from 11am

Thomson Tce, Dromana


Birthday Parties

For ages 8+

Nestled in the beautiful hinterland of the Mornington Peninsula, discover a wonderland of adventure activities designed for the whole family & all ages, both on the ground and in the treetops. With a brand new Nippers Tree Surfing course built late last year, there’s even more adventure to enjoy with the kids. The Nippers course is suitable for 4 to 12 year olds with adults able to join the fun amongst the trees at a 1:1 ratio. You’ll climb, swing and soar through the trees on over 50 aerial obstacles with a zipline to bring you back to the ground from each level. The Grand Tree Surfing is suitable for those over 135cm tall. The Easter long weekend and school holidays are a peak season for the park. Pre-bookings for Tree Surfing are highly recommended to avoid missing out. Open daily from 9am. 47
(03) 5981 8449 55 Purves Road, Arthurs Seat 3936 Experience fun unleashed all year round! EXPERIENCE FUN UNLEASHED AT ENCHANTED ADVENTURE!


Will Muddyman, Managing Director and owner of Chocolate Grove, says, “We are delighted to have reached this important milestone. Since taking over 21 years ago the business has had to change considerably as it started out with only very limited range of chocolate coated macadamias, and there were hundreds of boxes sitting on factory shelves which were out of date!”

Acting quickly, the new chocolatiers introduced a new range of products. Their driving force was to keep the customers guessing with fresh, exciting ranges and moving away from the safe and rather mundane mass-produced products seen on most supermarket shelves. Some mind-blowing combinations on offer are milk chocolate covered salt and vinegar crisps, mango spears in dark chocolate and solid milk chocolate donuts.

Will says, “We can control all processes involved in making our products and use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.”

Do not fret, though, all the classic chocolate treats are covered. Chocolate covered goji berries, liquorice and honeycomb still attract the masses, and the macadamias are still a standout, coated in milk, white or dark chocolate.

Chocolate Grove’s Mantra

“Throughout the years we’ve always strived to offer customers great quality products at reasonable prices – this is something we believe has been key to our success and we will strive to maintain as Chocolate Grove grows even further,” says Will.

Visitors are also welcome to celebrate Australian chocolate and confectionery past, in the Living History Centre. Will, who is also known as the Willy Wonka of the south-east, says it was his love of jazz that inspired him to document the history of Australia's confectionery manufacturers. Who could forget the Violet Crumble, Polly Waffle, Jaffas and Choo Choo bars?

Tourist Attraction

In Ballina you’ll find the Big Prawn, on the Sunshine Coast, The Big Pineapple, and now in Carrum Downs you’ll find The BIG Chocolate Bar! Will had always wanted to create a BIG Chocolate Bar for the front of the chocolate shop, so he commissioned a local blacksmith who perfectly captured his vision. And now here it is in all of its chocolate, colourful goodness. The kids love it!

Chocolate Grove is situated just off the Mornington Peninsula Freeway on the Dandenong Valley Highway turn off in Carrum Downs (and only 10mins drive from Frankston)

• Gluten free - Coeliac Association accredited.

• Vegan friendly, and dairy free (dark chocolate)

Easter Favourites - Chocolate treats for all the family

Check out the MEGA collection of Easter goodies which are unique to Chocolate Grove, all handcrafted in their chocolate factory!

Plus look out for their amazing in-store displays!

Chocolate Grove - Shop & Living History Centre

48-50 Aster Avenue Carrum Downs

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 8.00am - 4.00pm

Friday 10.00am - 5.00pm

Saturday 12.00pm - 4.00pm

9775 1888

48 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024 49


Unleash your inner bargain hunter and let the savings shenanigans begin. At Kids Warehouse, we bring you a treasure trove of preloved baby and children's items, carefully curated to ensure both savings and quality for your growing family.

Say goodbye to budget stress without compromising on your little one's savvy fashion. Our handpicked selection offers gently used items that cater to your child's every need with thousands of pieces of Clothing, Toys, Books, Shoes and more. By choosing preloved, you're not just saving money – you're making a conscious choice for a sustainable future.

Join the community of savvy parents who prioritize both affordability, quality, and eco-conscious living. Your family deserves the best without breaking the bank.

Stock Arrives Daily, Playroom in-store, Fundraising Opportunities available and much more… Act now and make sustainable choices with Kids Warehouse!

Shop in Store: 4/2 Amayla Cres, Carrum Downs.


@Kids Warehouse – Preloved Baby and Kids Items Carrum Downs




Monday-Friday: 9.30am-5pm


Kids Warehouse consignment store celebrating 23 years

Sunday: CLOSED 4/2 Amayla Cres Carrum Downs


Swimming lessons are one of the few lifesaving interventions we can do for our children…

This Summer, there have been 72 drownings (until 30 January, 2024) – a 24% increase from last Summer. These numbers are a shocking reminder of the dangers of the water and why it’s important to enroll in regular, formal swimming lessons – which can reduce the risk of drowning by up to 88% (study by American Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine).

You can start regular, formal swimming lessons with babies as young as 4 and 5 months old. By this age babies are able to regulate their body temperature for the duration of a 30-minute class. PLUS, Paul Sadler Swimland Carrum Downs offer 4 & 5 month old babies to swim for free, so there’s never been a better time to start lessons.

For lessons for children aged 3+ years, Paul Sadler Swimland offer a FREE 1:1 assessment, where the teacher will work with the swimmer to

You can book a FREE assessment at Paul Sadler Swimland Carrum Downs

50 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024
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Excludes Market Corner
Budget friendly Eco-conscious


A family business based on the Mornington Peninsula, Grace & Maggie playmats were created in 2017 after their founder, Laura, wanted to create a safer, more stylish playmat than one she had purchased at a baby store.

Wanting to create something stylish whilst maintaining a whimsical feel, the goal was to create a practical product that parents could use in their shared spaces that was also baby friendly too. A playmat that looked like a designer rug but was prefect for tummy time, snack time and mums at-home workouts too!

Grace & Maggie playmats are the playroom essential that ticks all the boxes. Spongy and waterproof, with a rug look design on one side,it’s easy to see why the crawlers and tummy timers love to hang out on our mats. Perfect for softening falls and encouraging rolling and crawling, our playmats are fast becoming the more practical option to replace or protect area rugs.

There’s no need to steam clean or worry about dust build up, our mats wipe clean with ease.

Our playmats are hypoallergenic, and free of harmful chemicals like PVC, BPA and Latex, making them safe for the most sensitive of skin. Our signature designs blend seamlessly with their surrounds without intense primary colours. Instead, our mats have the option of a minimal fun design on the reverse providing the perfect base for play without being a sensory overload.

Visit our socials or website for stockists or to shop online. 51 Eco-friendly memory foam playmats R E C E I V E $ 2 0 O F F contemporary easy clean eco-friendly safe USE CODE PK20 Free Shipping For Mornington Peninsula Orders


The Big Goose Easter Egg Scramble is back and this year will be our best one yet!

The ever popular Easter egg scramble is returning to The Big Goose in 2024. Running all Easter weekend Friday the 29th of March to Monday the 1st of April. We will be putting on our very popular Easter scramble multiple times every day – A unique take on the traditional Easter egg hunt. Kids will be given a basket and a set time to scramble through our Easter paddock and collect as many plastic Easter eggs as they can. Once the time is up the Easter bunny and his helpers will count up the eggs and swap them for chocolate eggs and jelly beans!

The Easter scramble isn’t the only place you’ll find hidden eggs this year – Each morning the Easter bunny will hide 10 golden eggs around our 60-acre farm. Be one of the lucky people to find one these highly sought after eggs and you will win one of our Big Goose soft toys!

This event will sell out so be sure to get your tickets early! Pre-booked tickets are essential this weekend as once they are sold out no extra tickets will be allocated.

The Big Goose is one of the most popular children's attractions on the Mornington Peninsula. Just off the peninsula link at Moorooduc, The Big Goose is more than just an animal farm, it combines old fashioned farm experiences with the fun of an adventure park!

With a huge undercover playground, indoor café, petting barn, covered shows and even a tractor ride with a roof The Big Goose is fun in any weather!

If animals are your thing, we’ve got plenty of those too! A huge range of farm, native and some slightly more exotic animals all call The Big Goose home. You will have the chance to get up close and personal with some of our friendly snakes and lizards as part of our reptile show. Check out our sheepdog Dusty as she puts on a show rounding up the sheep, cuddle some of the smaller animals in our big red petting barn and even take a relaxing stroll with the kangaroos and deer in our wildlife park. There’s dingos and wombats too.

All of this and so much more is included with your entry to The Big Goose. You will need at least 3 hours to explore the 60 acre farm, there is that much to see and do! If that’s still not enough we even have an 18-hole mini golf course.

The Big Goose.. it really is the place to be!

52 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024


*No seed oils or starches

*Really easy to prepare

*Created on Mornington Peninsula

Sugar and our health

Most people have heard the advice that we should limit added sugar intake to less than 6 teaspoons per day but do you know why it’s important?

Last year the prestigious British Medical Journal published an umbrella review on “Dietary sugar consumption and health” which looked at over 8000 unique articles, systematic reviews and current research*. The authors found that eating a diet high in sugar, particularly fructose, had harmful associations with many hormonal and metabolic outcomes including:

- Changes in body mass in children

- Obesit y both in children and adults

- Metabolic syndrome

- Type 2 diabetes

- Tooth decay

- Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

- Heart disease and hypertension

So how much sugar should we be consuming?

Recent studies have found that the average Australian consumes 11 teaspoons of added sugar per day which isn’t surprising given that added sugar in drinks alone has risen 36% globally. Current recommendations suggest no more than 6 teaspoons per day should be consumed and limiting sugar sweetened drinks to less than one serving per week.

Sugar and children

Starting young is key to setting children up for a lifetime of good habits. It can be challenging to control the amount of sugary food and drink consumed outside the house but it can be controlled at home. Offering water at all times for thirst is a good start remembering that juice is full of fructose (sugar) and often has added sugars also.

A fun activity for kids parties

All our products are designed to be the healthier alternative, free of added sugars and artificially made ingredients. Kids love making our “hug in a mug” mug cakes as they’re super fast plus fill up their tummies with good nutrition for hours afterwards – a perfect party activity. Check out our recipe in this edition for a super delicious Lemon & Raspberry mug cake plus there’s more yummy recipes on our website!


British Medical Journal, 05 April 2023, limit-added-sugar-to-six-teaspoons-a-day-to-improve-health-urge-experts/ Defeat Diabetes

**As always seek the advice of a qualified health professional before making significant changes to your diet (see our website for resources).

With a background as a food writer and cookbook author, Linda Martinucci overhauled her eating style in 2017 when her husband David was diagnosed pre-diabetic. By making a few simple changes to their eating style - reducing carbs and increasing healthy fats – they both felt better and had more energy than they had in decades. David reversed his diagnosis within a few short months and all inflammatory joint aches and pains disappeared. Unable to find easy alternatives to their favourite foods which were free from inflammatory and artificial ingredients, they created a range themselves. Their mission is to help others experience the joys of good health by providing convenient easy alternatives which are full of good nutrition and health benefits.

Our products are recommended by leading Healthcare Professionals: 11/6/23, 2:53 PM Logo Low Carb Down Under.svg

Best Brussels Sprouts

Think you don’t like brussels sprouts? Give this recipe a try and see if it changes your mind. Autumn is the perfect time for this delicious powerhouse veggie packed with vitamin C and heaps of health benefits. My whole family including the kids love this dish and I recommend finding smaller size sprouts to help reduce cooking time.


450g brussels sprouts (approx 28 small size)

1 tblsp ghee (or coconut oil/butter)

1 small brown onion, finely chopped (60g)

3 cloves garlic, crushed 120g bacon, finely chopped

¼ cup water

Few pinches salt

Freshly grated parmesan cheese


1. Wash sprouts under cold water then trim the stem end and remove any outer leaves that appear wilted or discoloured.

2. Cut each sprout vertically into quarters through the stalk to ensure the pieces stay intact and hold their shape during cooking.

3. In a medium/large size frypan (with fitted lid), melt ghee over medium high heat and fry onion until translucent and golden.

4. Add garlic and bacon to pan and stir-fry until slightly browned, turning regularly.

5. Add sprouts and salt to pan and mix gently to combine well.

6. Add water to fr ypan and cover with lid over medium heat for 5 minutes (set timer so you don’t forget!).

7. Carefully remove lid and use a spatula or spoon to thoroughly stir the ingredients well.

8. Place lid back on fr ypan and cook for further 5 minutes over low-medium heat (set timer again).

9. Remove lid and check tenderness of the sprouts by inserting a sharp knife in the stem. If desired softness isn’t reached, continue cooking for a few minutes at a time monitoring closely. Sprouts should be slightly caramelized and soft.

10. Top with freshly grated parmesan cheese and enjoy!


Mediterranean Morning Chaffle


1 egg

¼ cup grated mozzarella (or tasty cheese works too)

15 1

Three easy steps to a delicious breakfast: This easy breakfast will keep you full for hours and is packed with good nutrition. Cheese waffles (chaffles) are a low-carb favourite and work brilliantly under eggs.


1. Cook an egg your favourite way, poached or fried work well.

2. Make chaffle and tomato salad using methods as described.

3. Assemble dish by placing chaffle on plate then topping with egg in centre and surrounding with tomato and basil salad.

1 tblsp almond meal

1/8 tsp bicarb soda (cooking spray for waffle maker)


1. Preheat waffle maker.

2. Mix all ingredients together well in a small bowl using a fork.

3. Grease waffle maker well and spread mixture with spatula onto hot plate.

4. Close lid and cook until browned and crisp. Tomato and basil salad

80g chopped fresh tomato

2 tsp olive oil

5-6 leaves fresh basil, chopped Pinch salt/pepper

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and season with salt/pepper to taste

Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024

Lemon & Raspberry Mug Cake

5 1

This has fast become my new favourite way to use our Vanilla Mug Cake mix. Such a quick and easy dessert treat, each cake pack makes two full cakes so you can make them for yourself and a friend or make one at a time and seal the pack to enjoy on another day.


1 pack Vanilla “Hug in a Mug” Mug Cake Mix

1 tblsp butter (or coconut oil/ghee)

1 tsp lemon rind, finely grated

Juice of ½ lemon, squeezed

1 large egg, beaten (70g, room temperature)

6 raspberries (fresh or frozen)

Extra raspberries and cream for serving


1. Place butter in standard size mug and melt in microwave 30-60 seconds.

2. Pour half pack of cake mix (40g) into mug then add lemon rind, lemon juice, egg and raspberries.

3. Stir really well to combine wet and dr y ingredients.

4. Microwave cake on high for 2½ minutes then rest for a few minutes as cake will be really hot.

5. Cool slightly then eat straight from the mug or transfer into a bowl topped with extra raspberries and cream.




Ask The Experts!

How is my overdue pregnancy managed?

Your midwife or doctor may offer you a ‘membrane sweep‘ at about 40 weeks to see if this will trigger labour. This involves having a vaginal examination where your midwife or doctor will sweep their finger around the inside of your cervix. This stimulates your cervix to produce hormones that may trigger natural labour. You don’t have to have this procedure — it’s your choice, and you can discuss it with your midwife or doctor.

If your labour doesn’t start naturally after this, your midwife or doctor will suggest a date to have your labour induced. This is when your doctor or midwife uses medicines or other techniques to get your labour to start. If your pregnancy is low risk, induction is usually planned to take place in the first few days after you reach 41 weeks.

Induction is planned in advance, so you’ll be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your doctor or midwife and find out why they think your labour should be induced. It’s your choice whether to have your labour induced or not.

If you reach 42 weeks, you will be advised to give birth in hospital rather than at a birthing centre or at home.

Do I need to use contraception while breastfeeding?

Once you start ovulating, you can get pregnant. This can happen before you have your first period after giving birth. So, if you want to avoid pregnancy while breastfeeding, you should use contraception. There are several safe contraception options you can consider while breastfeeding and make sure to talk with your doctor for advice before resuming sexual activity.

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9334 lucas dental care proudly sponsors polyglot theatre
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versus braces in Orthodontic treatment and why?

Orthodontic treatment to correct or prevent simple orthodontic problems prior to eruption of all adult teeth is often done using a removable appliance or ‘plate’. A plate is a plastic appliance with wires and sometimes springs which can be used to move teeth or hold space for unerupted adult teeth while your child’s jaws and teeth are developing. Plates are removable appliances so rely on compliance from your child to wear as instructed.

Braces are fixed appliances used to correct simple or complex orthodontic problems, generally when your child has their full adult dentition. However, they can be used on just some of the adult or baby teeth for a short period of time to correct simple issues as a first phase of treatment.

Plates or braces at an early age are used to treat functional and aesthetic issues with developing bites – using the child’s growth to our advantage. It can sometimes help prevent more complex treatment at a later stage if intervention is early. It may not necessarily prevent the need for comprehensive treatment with braces in their teens, but can make treatment later much simpler and faster.

Tara Burrows

Dip App Sci & Dental Therapy (Latrobe Uni)

Peninsula Orthodontics

134 Tanti Avenue, Mornington

Peninsula Orthodontics loves working with families. Our experienced team will provide you with an individual treatment plan to deliver only exceptional results.

Capture that perfect smile you will always treasure.

No referral required.

5975 5166 134 59
Tanti Ave Mornington
Dr. Doug Lee Dr. David Zhang Dr.


Stoppingschooltheof lice

It’s back to school time and unfortunately for many school children (and their parents) it’s also the return of head lice. According to health authorities, head lice is most prevalent among children of primary school age.

It’s important to point out that head lice and nits are not caused by poor hygiene or unkempt hair. Rather the lice can be transferred by direct contact with the hair allowing the little creatures to easily go from an infected individual to an uninfected individual. And, with kids being kids, it’s not hard to imagine how easy their hair comes into direct contact with each other during playtime.


Head lice are wingless parasitic insects that move from one individual to another by crawling or climbing; contrary to a popular misconception, head lice can’t jump!

What makes them such a problematic infestation is that female lice lay their eggs, otherwise known as the ‘nits’, close to the scalp and the bottom of hair strands making them hard to detect. The ‘nymphs’ they hatch then only take a further seven days to grow to adulthood and just another seven days to breed, which is why early detection and removal is so important to break the breeding cycle.

It’s thought generally that between 20-30 per cent of primary school students are likely to get head lice at some stage. A single infested head can successfully infest a whole classroom and when the children return home, they often unwittingly pass the infestation on to the rest of the family.

The telltale signs to look out for in your child include them scratching, especially around the back of the neck and behind their ears. While head lice do not carry or transmit disease, their irritation can lead to itchy dermatitis on the scalp, crusted sores and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck. But this isn’t common, and your child can avoid it if you treat their head lice as early as possible.

For treatment and detection look closely at your child’s hair to see if they have small, oval-shaped, white or brown-black nits attached to the root of the hair, near the scalp. If you do see nits, you might also see live head lice. Live head lice move fast so to spot them you might have to part your child’s hair very quickly.

Once you have discovered head lice you will need get rid of them as quickly as possible. This is where your local community pharmacy comes in as it stocks special combs as well as shampoos and other products to treat head lice infestation.

There are chemical-based treatments available as well as a number of treatments which are based on essential oils such as anise, rosemary, lavender, and tea tree oil. There is also a range of herbal products.

Talk to your local pharmacist about what treatment is appropriate for your child and other family members if they are infested. Also ask your pharmacist to recommend an evidence-based product that is proven to be effective, and also ask them to show you how to apply it effectively.

After selecting a treatment it is important that following its use, you test to see if the lice are dead. This is because you need to be sure that what you are using is working on the lice.

Whatever head lice treatment is chosen, a fine toothcomb is essential to get the nits out. If live lice are found in the combings after treatment, it’s possible that the head lice are resistant to the particular product, and retreatment should begin as soon as possible with a product from a different active-ingredient group.

It is possible a head lice product could cause a reaction and should be used with care by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, children less than 12 months old and people with allergies, asthma or who have open wounds on the scalp.

For more advice talk to your local community pharmacist.

Dr Peter Scott and Associates are specialist orthodontists offering orthodontic care for children, teens and adults alike in both the Mornington Peninsula and inner Melbourne.

Dr Peter Scott is also a consultant at the Royal Children’s Hospital. 61 Specialist Orthodontists
Creating Beautiful Smiles on the Peninsula for over 30 years Expertise In Child And Adult Orthodontics Early Assessment Of Dental Development And Facial Growth Ideal Age Of Initial Assessment 7-9 Years Early Intervention Where Appropriate For Best Outcome No Referral Necessary Interest free payment plans available 13 Beach St Frankston Ph: 9783 4511

4 steps to

How can we better equip our children to handle daily challenges, particularly bullying, and develop resilience?

As a society, we've made strides in addressing overt bullying, but what about the quieter, persistent forms that occur daily? The subtle gestures of rejection often go unnoticed but can profoundly affect a child's well-being. Many suffer in silence, afraid to speak up for fear of being dismissed. But these seemingly minor hurts and other daily challenges accumulate, weighing heavily on a child's emotional state. While bullies may not face immediate repercussions, the victims do, especially if they're not equipped to cope. We can't prevent every slight, so teaching our children how to respond to these more minor incidents is crucial.

It's important to emphasise that teaching your child to cope doesn't excuse the bully's behaviour. Hurting oneself or others is a sign of being out of control, for which there should always be consequences.

So, what can parents do?

Enter Emotional Resilience (ER): Helping children develop resilience and improve emotional intelligence. Using a simple driving metaphor, ER makes the intricate world of emotions more accessible to children, parents and grandparents. It creates a common language that enables everyone to start developing these skills immediately. Consistent use creates new neural pathways, empowering individuals to better manage their responses to everyday situations and navigate life's challenges.

Let's enhance your family's emotional resilience through four steps.

Step 1:

Instead of labelling emotions as good or bad, view them as rough or smooth emotional roads. Children often struggle to answer how they feel but find it easier to share if they are on a rough or smooth road. Just as roads serve different purposes, so do emotions. Rough roads, like frustration or sadness, build resilience, while smooth roads, like joy or contentment, promote well-being, so you should no longer feel the need to lift your children off that rough road. By removing judgment from emotions, we empower children to recognise and accept their feelings without feeling pressured to always be on a smooth road.

Step 2:

In a world that often feels out of control, ER introduces the concept of the emotional steering wheel. While we can't control external circumstances, we can choose our response. Just as you're the sole driver of a car, you're in control of your emotional direction. Encourage children to recognise that they can steer themselves onto the emotional road that best serves them, regardless of others' actions. If someone is on a rough road, they don’t need to join them.

Friday Juniors

Contact Us 0498 003 788 MFTTA.ORG.AU


Junior night is the perfect introduction to table tennis

• Welcome to anyone under 18 years of age

• Some coaching provided

• Great opportunity to learn new skills

• Fun and social environment

• No experience necessary

Our Junior night also offers a Lightning League competition for those who want to put their skills to the test.


To new members only.


$8 per session with all equipment provided.

*Please note that the 3rd visit requires a Social Membership. Please see our website for pricing.


Lightning League is the last half hour of junior night.


MFTTA Stadium

Civic Reserve Recreation Centre

350 Dunns Road, Mornington 3931.

⚫ FUN ⚫ FITNESS ⚫ SERVE ⚫ PLAY ⚫ SCORE 63 continued

Step 3:

Instead of blaming others for their feelings, teach children to take responsibility for their emotions. By shifting from "You made me angry" to "I am choosing to feel angry" they reclaim ownership of their emotional steering wheel. This subtle change fosters empowerment rather than victimisation, enabling children to navigate challenges with confidence and control.

Step 4:

Recognise that being out of control isn't always loud and aggressive; it can also be quiet and introverted. Provide children with tools, like hand signals, to indicate when they need space to regain composure. These signals tell others they're struggling and need support, similar to hazard lights. By acknowledging and addressing their emotional state, children learn to manage challenges effectively.



Bending your thumb and placing it in the middle of your palm signifies the reactive amygdala, which triggers responses in stressful situations like fight, flight, or freeze. When operating solely from the amygdala, rational thinking becomes difficult. Therefore, waiting until your child has regained control is best before engaging in conversation.


Bending your fingers over your thumb signals regained control, symbolising the rational prefrontal cortex. You can think, gain perspective, and find solutions in this state. Now is the time to converse with your child.

By adopting ER, it becomes possible to transform your family. First, remove judgment and stigma by seeing emotions as smooth or rough roads. This empowers your children to express themselves and manage their reactions, as no emotion is inherently bad; it's about how we respond to it. Instead of blaming, encourage your child to say, “I am choosing to feel” rather than “They are making me feel”, enabling them to take control of their steering wheel.

In a world that can often feel chaotic and unpredictable, ER is a useful tool to help your family build resilience, enhance emotional intelligence, overcome everyday challenges, and regain control.

Dr Jane Foster is a leading educator, researcher, presenter and author of “It’s in Your Hands; Your Steering Wheel, Your Choice”. Combining her educational skills with neuroscience and positive psychology, Jane equips people with strategies to help manage their daily stresses, successfully changing perspective and creating new neural pathways. For more information, visit

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Ingrid’s Face Painting

Ingrid’s Face Painting

Turn your child’s special moments into magical memories with Ingrid’s face painting!

Turn your child’s special moments into magical memories with Ingrid’s face painting!

Soul Circus

Soul Circus

Parties are available on Saturdays from 9.30am-12pm & 12.30pm - 2pm.

Robyn’s Room

Seeking something different?

Ingrid is great with kids & has been bringing smiles to little faces in Melbourne & the Mornington Peninsula since 2009, unleashing imaginations and fun with vibrant and creative designs. Don’t miss out, enquire today.

Parties are available on Saturdays from 9.30am-11am and 12.30pm - 2pm.

Ingrid is great with kids & has been bringing smiles to little faces in Melbourne & the Mornington Peninsula since 2009, unleashing imaginations and fun with vibrant and creative designs.

M: 0419 102 911

Don’t miss out, enquire today.

M: 0419 102 911



Mad Scientist Escape Room

An escape room experience for kids.

Can you help Alex the laboratory assistant stop the evil Professor Prism from destroying the world? Perfect for birthdays.

2/2a Carbine Way Mornington


Here you’ll combine traditional party games with circus skills. Swing on the trapeze, climb the silks, jump on the mini tramp’s and hula the hula hoops

Here you’ll combine traditional party games with circus skills. Swing on the trapeze, climb the silks, jump on the mini tramp’s and hula the hula hoops

A: 15 Virginia Street Mornington

A: 15 Virginia Street Mornington

M: 0405 500 117

M: 0405 500 117




The biggest and most exciting themed kids party venue to hit the Mornington Peninsula. FB:

P: 8759 1431

M: 0403 795 562

A quality art and craft pARTy takes birthday fun to a whole new level.

It's just not a pARTy without ART! Book today!

M: 0404 848 226


Charlie SillyPants Parties

Have a “Very Silly Christmas” by having the silliest magician in Magicland

The ultimate kids’ show! Come on an adventure full of magic and laughter with Charlie SillyPants and friends. Parties, preschool and childcare.

M. 0411 957 185


Charlie SillyPants at the kids’ next party!

You receive $50 off a 1 hour party/show or it’s 65
& Seaford


The Science Shed

The Science Shed comes to your home for your next birthday party! Children can dress up in real lab coats and safety glasses and experience their own hands on experiments. Science, slime and much more.


M: 0419 882 765



Parties that embody enjoyment and a welcoming atmosphere for children, while simultaneously being convenient for parents. BOUNCE represents the ultimate destination for kids' birthday parties!

A: 1 Fiveways Boulevard, Keysborough

P: 9131 5099








Book your next kids themed party with us!

Book your next kids themed party with us!

Amazing packages including use of the party room, hot & cold food, host, invites & more. Venue also available for private hire.

Amazing packages including use of the party room, hot & cold food, host, invites & more. Venue also available for private hire.

A: 222 Marine pde Hastings P: 5906 5900

A: 222 Marine Pde Hastings

M: 0409 875 944 E:


P: 5906 5900

M: 0409 875 944



Waffles are dough or batter cooked between two hot plates, usually made of iron. The dish is thought to have originated in Europe and is now enjoyed around the world for breakfast, as a snack, or as dessert.

Did You Know…


Wear your pajamas to work. Make sure you inform your supervisor and your co-workers about the holiday. Share pictures of you in your pajamas at your office desk with family and friends.

Did You Know…

....that the word pyjama comes from the Persian word, payjameh meaning

to celebrate





28 MAY


While the hamburger owes its name to the city of Hamburg in Germany, and loved today worldwide – a meat patty wedged inside two slices of bun with tomato ketchup, is distinctly an American invention.

Did You Know…

...that Belgian Waffles were created and introduced to U.S.A at the 1964 New York World’s Fair Bel-Gem Waffle?

The song, sometimes also known as the Birdie Song, was composed in the 1950s by Swiss composer Werner Thomas. Accompanied by a series of movements, the song soon became popular in the West, especially in the United States, where it was performed at parties and weddings

Did You Know…

…that chickens were originally domesticated for the purposes of cockfighting and not for food?

…that during the Second World War, American soldiers tried to rename the hamburger as liberty burger?

Pa Experiments 01 R Explosions 02 Ty Explore 03 Fu Slime 04 N! Surprise 05
66 Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2024

Winning entry will receive a WIN one of three return family foot passenger tickets for 2 adults and up to 3 children (4-15) each package valued at $110.

Email entries to or PM your artwork to Drawn on 17/05/2024. Winner notified by email. Prize must be collected from Peninsula Kids offices during office hours, 9am-5pm located at 1/15 Wallis Drive, Hastings VIC 3915.

Name ......................................................................................................... .......Age..................... Email ......................................................................................................... ...............


At Woodleigh School we see children as knowledgeable, capable and principled learners, and foster every child’s voice, confidence and preparedness to grow.

Through an enriching range of academic and experiential programs structured to foster the adventurous mind, Woodleigh School educates the whole person.

To learn more about Woodleigh School or book your place at one of our regular Information Sessions or Campus Tours, scan the QR code or contact the Enrolments Team at

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