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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

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We’re looking forward to seeing our families again. We’re looking forward to being a part of your weekly routines. We’re looking forward to celebrating your child’s achievements. We’re looking forward to teaching your children how to be safe in the water. Kingswim has been teaching little ones to swim for over 30 years, and we’re looking forward to keeping Australia swimming.

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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020





Spotlight 10 Looking at Parents Mental Health During Lock-down It’s no secret that lockdown has been a particularly challenging time. Parents mental health doesn't get the attention it deserves, and ignoring it is not sustainable in the long-term 12 This is the Greatest Time to be...Anything This is the greatest time in the history of the world to be a kid, and it is the most fantastic time in history to be a dad, and a parent. 14 The Brainy Benefits of Exercise Research has shown that regular exercisers enjoy better mental wellbeing. Going for a simple walk or a jog helps to clarify your thoughts. 18 Covid 19 & The 7 Stages of Grief You go through the motions not sure how, or why you are doing what you do. You smile on cue. You carry on. You are grieving.



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Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

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Looking at PARENTS MENTAL HEALTH during By Clay Morrison


t’s no secret that lockdown has been a particularly challenging time for parents. On top of the anxiety of living through a pandemic, many have had to supervise their children’s home learning at the same time as juggling a full-time job.

have less than an hour to themselves each day, and one in seven even saying that they have no time at all. Of the parents surveyed, 27% even said they felt guilty that they’re not spending enough time with their children during lockdown.

With so many responsibilities to juggle, it’s no surprise that mental health can suffer as a result. Stress from multiple directions can take its toll, particularly if there’s little time for a break. Research shows how widespread these problems can be; with most parents saying that they

Even though it may seem that there’s not enough time to give your mental health as much attention as it deserves, ignoring it is not sustainable in the long-term. Your health is the most important thing – both for you, and your family too.

By Clay Morrison



Science shows that chronic stress can have a serious impact on our mental health as well as our physical health, leading to feelings of irritability, anxiety, and even depression. The cocktail of physical symptoms (including headaches, digestive issues, and more) can make these mental symptoms even worse, working together in a vicious cycle. It’s clear that stress is a serious danger to our mental health if it’s left unchecked. So how can we tackle it?

Understandably, it’s very difficult for busy parents to carve out some guaranteed time for themselves. But if it is at all possible to claim even a few minutes to yourself here and there, this will undoubtedly have a positive impact on stress levels. Give yourself permission to switch off from work, household tasks, and family commitments. It’s important to give your brain the space to decompress. Whether it’s reading a book, filling in an adult colouring book, or sitting down to watch your favourite TV show, these moments are necessary for good mental health.

STRESS-BUSTING STRATEGIES With this in mind, it’s important to incorporate stress-busting strategies into your daily routine. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you don’t manage to take as much time to do this as you would like. Even something as simple as a short breathing exercise can have a big impact. It may sound obvious, but being conscious of your breathing is a great way to slow your heart rate and stress levels. Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly. Most importantly, of course, the basic strategies need to be covered too: exercise, sleep, and a good diet are the simple building blocks that are crucial for your general wellbeing.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

MINDFULNESS Mindfulness is a concept that seems to be everywhere at the moment, but it’s with good reason. As the name implies, the practice of mindfulness encourages you to stop and be mindful of the present moment. Rather than being hopelessly caught up in the maelstrom of stressful thoughts that can fill our heads, by practising mindfulness you are truly able to appreciate what your five senses have to offer. This can be helpful in reducing feelings of anxiety, grounding your awareness in your present scenario, ordering your thoughts and concerns, and allowing your mind to release those concerns which it cannot control. Mental health is always crucial, and the challenges brought about by COVID-19 have thrown its importance into even sharper relief. If you are struggling, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. You can talk to your GP, or a dedicated mental health helpline. It can be scary to talk to others about these issues, and appear vulnerable in front of them, but it really does help. By paying attention to your own mental health, you’ll be in a stronger position to support your family during this time, too.



This is the greatest time to be... ANYTHING By Chris Helder


ince the dawn of time, the older generation has loved to take shots at the younger. It’s nothing new — it’s always been like that. For those readers with a few grey hairs, how often have you heard these complaints: ‘I can’t believe these kids today. Constantly staring at their iPhones and computer games. When I was young, we had a real childhood. We were active, outside kids. We took off on our bikes, or with a bat and ball, and we ran around till Mum called us in for dinner. We lived outside.’


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

Have you ever been a part of that conversation? Every now and then people ask me what I think about ‘kids today’. Well, I have three teenage boys so I guess I’m qualified to offer an answer … Hmm … let me see. Let’s try this. I think this is the greatest time in the history of the world to be a kid. I think it is the most fantastic time in history to be a dad, a parent. What do you think? Do you think that’s true? I have no idea if it’s true or not. Really, how could we possibly know? So, maybe it’s true. But is it useful? Definitely! ‘Truth’ can sometimes be overrated. I mean, it really comes down to your perception. If you choose to believe that something is true, you can find plenty of evidence to support it. As a child you were taught all sorts of things were true. As you got older and looked back at those things with the benefit of an adult brain, you discovered that not only were many of them not true, but some were quite ridiculous. So I don’t know if it’s necessarily true that this is the most fantastic time to be alive, but I know it’s useful to think so. Because when I believe it is the best time in the history of the world to be a dad, the most amazing thing happens: I’m a better dad. I’m actually dialled into what is happening this year, not focused on that Def Leppard concert I went to in 1989. I’m right here, right now. The same holds true of my view of the world today. Is it the best time ever to be alive? Is that true? The media certainly suggests it’s not. But here’s the thing: if you believe it is, an amazing thing happens. You walk outside and what do you see? You see a tree, a flower, a puppy, a baby! You find beautiful things everywhere. But how does this work? Let’s stop for a second and look at the simple science behind useful belief.

The most important part of your brain when it comes to your personal success in life is called the reticular activating system. What’s that? The reticular activating system is your brain’s filter. It filters the millions of pieces of information available to you every day and decides what you actually get to see and experience. We can come up with an easier way to see what it does. Some call it the ‘Red Toyota Theory’. Here’s how it works. If I asked you how many red Toyotas you saw the last time you took a drive, you’d probably reply that as far as you can recall you didn’t see any. That’s at least partly because you weren’t looking for red Toyotas. If you’ve just made the decision to buy a red Toyota, however, then the next time you’re out on the road you’ll be spotting red Toyotas everywhere you look. Because now you’re dialled in to red Toyotas. That’s your reticular activating system at work. So how does this relate to our view of the world? Let’s get back to our useful belief that this is the best time in the history of the world to be alive. If you believe this you’ll find beautiful things everywhere. If you believe it is the best time ever to be a parent, you will be more present, in the here and now, and be a better parent, excited about the events and happenings in your child’s world.

Edited extract from The Simple Shift by best-selling author Chris Helder (Wiley $19.95), now available at all good bookstores and online at www.chrishelder.com



excercise T he B rainy B enefits O f

t he

If you’ve ever left your car sitting in the garage for too long without using it, the risk is e way

sam batter y will have gone flat or the engine will have developed problems. In just the condition. you need to keep your body moving to keep your health and wellbeing in tip top

By Dr. Jenny Brockis

Exercise and mental wellbeing You may have noticed how, when you’ve got a lot on your mind, going for a walk or a jog helps to clarify your thoughts. You come back feeling energised and in a better mood. And because that effect results from the boost in blood flow and release of neurochemicals, exercising earlier in the day is ideal. Research has shown that regular exercisers enjoy better mental wellbeing, with an average of 18 fewer days of feeling bad compared with the less physically active. In his book Spark!, John Ratey identified the cognitive and emotional benefits of exercising at the beginning of the day. But if that thought sends you into a complete tailspin because of all the other activities that consume your mornings, any time (except within two or three hours of bedtime) is good. A number of studies have confirmed that supervised aerobic exercise has an antidepressant effect through boosting the release of the powerful mood-enhancing hormones dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. No wonder a little bit of exercise makes us feel good. continued next page...


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020



Exercise for longevity Taking a brisk 25-minute walk every day (taking the dog is optional but enjoyable for both) can add between three and seven years to your life by reducing the risk of depression and potentially warding off cognitive decline. Now there’s a bonus.

Exercise for smarter thinking and better memory Research from the University of British Columbia has shown how regular aerobic exercise, the sort that makes you huff and puff, increases the size of the hippocampus, that part of the brain used for learning and verbal memory. It’s also the first part of the brain affected by Alzheimer’s, which is why exercise is so critical to your future brain health. Engage in regular, moderate-intensity exercise such as a brisk one-hour walk twice a week for six to 12 months. Research by neurologist Scott McGinnis at Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that this moderate aerobic exercise led to an increase in volume of the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex, the brain areas involved in controlling thinking and memory. The effect of exercise is felt fast. A single session is enough to elevate your attentional skills and focus for two hours as well as increase your reaction time. If you’re feeling a little sluggish and it’s only 9.30 in the morning, rather than hanging out for yet another coffee, why not get out for a quick walk or jog around the block and start to get fitter, faster and happier. Your brain will thank you for it.

Elsewhere American researchers found exercising regularly for 30 to 60 minutes is ideal to reduce the number of mental health days taken, especially when participating in team sports, going to the gym, aerobics and cycling. In this study researchers from Yale and Oxford asked 1.2 million Americans the question, ‘How many times have you felt mentally unwell in the last thirty days due to stress, depression or emotional worries?’ They found that being more physically active equated to feeling as good as the group who weren’t active but earned $25 000 more, indicating the strength of the happiness-boosting effect of exercise. The positive benefits are quickly achieved. Just 20 minutes of exercise have been shown to boost your mood for up to 12 hours, according to researchers from the University of Vermont. If you’re feeling a bit down, getting out for that 20 minutes can make a huge difference to the rest of your day. You’ll get a better result from a sustained 20 to 30 minutes rather than several shorter exercise breaks. If life has lost some of its sparkle, regular exercise can help you extract more pleasure from your days, even when nothing else has changed. The protective effect of exercise comes from being active whatever your age; it’s never too late to start and gain the benefits. If you’re studying hard for exams, reducing stress through exercise is a great way to maintain a clear head and achieve better learning, and you’ll be feeling stronger and fitter too.

Exercise and happiness Science tells us exercise significantly boosts our happiness and reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. One large international study found that an hour of exercise a week reduced the risk of future depression by 15 percent, with the protective effect rising to 22 percent if the recommended 150 minutes per week was reached. Not a bad return on investment for avoiding a debilitating and potentially lethal illness!


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

*Edited extract from Thriving Mind: How to Cultivate a Good Life (Wiley) by Dr Jenny Brockis. Now available at all good bookstores and online at www.drjennybrockis.com

Making a difference today for a sustainable, thriving tomorrow Cornish College offers education of a different kind – one which inspires the heart, the mind and the person. General Excellence Scholarships Applications now open for Years 7 & 10 entry in 2022

For more information contact admissions@cornishcollege.vic.edu.au or call 9781 9000.

www.cornishcollege.vic.edu.au www.peninsulakids.com.au


By Kim Norton


ou know that feeling you have in the pit of your stomach? Your stomach seems to drop, you gasp to take a breath, you breathe in only to realise that feeling does not go away. You feel numb, like you are on auto pilot. You go through the motions not sure how, or why you are doing what you do. You smile on cue. You carry on. You are grieving.

You grieve for loss. The loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, a holiday, a promotion, a birthday party, an ideal, your perceptions, your health, your freedom. Grief knows no boundaries. There are no time limits and there are no rules. It is unique in its intensity and in its voracity. Grief just “is”. On the opposite page, we have listed “The 7 Stages of Grief” model which outlines how grief might be affecting you and your family during this time. Keep in mind that as there are no rules to grieving, you may move up and down between each stage or you may work through each stage in order.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

SHOCK AND DENIAL The stage of disbelief that usually accompanies that numb feeling, that feeling in the pit of your stomach that lets you know all is not well. That feeling of disbelief. “How can this be happening?” “This is not real” “I will be fine; it won’t affect me”.

PAIN AND GUILT The shock starts to wear off and you have an overwhelming sense of pain. The pain can be physical or emotional or both. You may try to hide it, or avoid it with alcohol, food or drugs. You feel guilty for not completing that course, tidying that cupboard or playing with the kids whilst you have all of this extra time on your hands during isolation. Frustration starts to creep in. Children’s behaviour may regress as they try to make sense of what they are feeling; they may become clingier or more needy.

ANGER AND BARGAINING You become angry at the situation. “Who let this happen?” “Who is to blame?” Conspiracy theories abound. Isolation starts to take its toll; relationships are tested and may start to break down. Our kids may start to feel more anxious and as a result of that high anxiety, they too start to feel angry. “Why do I have to stay home?” “Why is he allowed out?” You start bargaining with yourself and your kids. “We only have to stay home for a few weeks, then we can go out again”.

DEPRESSION, REFLECTION AND LONELINESS Reality hits with a thud. A time of reflection, of memories and of loneliness in a time of isolation where you are isolated from friends and extended family. A stage where you go through the motions, a stage where you “fake it till you make it”. The auto pilot stage. You may react by sleeping in, having more frequent “pyjama days” and/or isolating yourself from other household members. Our teens are particularly prone to all three.

THE UPWARD TURN You start to adjust to your current situation. Your physical and emotional symptoms start to lessen, and you feel a little calmer. The yelling subsides. You start to appreciate the time you have, and the opportunities afforded to you in isolation. Time that was not there pre-COVID, the time that has allowed you to rediscover your kids and to foster stronger relationships.

RECONSTRUCTION AND WORKING THROUGH As your mood improves and your anxiety lessens, you regain the use of your functional mind and are able to manage your time and emotions more effectively. You start to work through the financial problems associated with this time. You go about setting up your “school from home” and/or “work from home” schedules. Life becomes more routine and organised. A new “normality” starts to take place.

ACCEPTANCE AND HOPE You accept that this is your life, at least for now. The pain and sadness are still there but have lessened in degree and have made room for hope, for joy and for plans post-COVID-19 isolation/restrictions. During this time of COVID-19 we are all grieving to some extent. Understanding the 7 stages of grief and how to work through them will help us to cope and to move forward, to not become stuck in any one stage or in any one frame of mind for too long. If you feel like you might be “stuck” or you need someone to talk to, please reach out andseek the services of a counsellor or psychologist who can help you develop some personalised strategies. Kim x Kim is the founder of Rainbow Light Therapies and is a Holistic Counsellor specialising in stress and anxiety management for kids, teens and adults. Kim provides a unique, intuitive and individualised therapy approach through individual, small group and family counselling sessions both online and at her studio in Langwarrin. Also working with special needs kids, Kim runs sessions and workshops for people of all abilities on various topics throughout the year. Please see www.rainbowlighttherapies.com.au for more information. www.peninsulakids.com.au



By Danielle Collis Photos Lisa Atkinson


rom pink frosting to layers of decorative roses, it’s a piece of cake for 14-year-old Mornington Peninsula pâtissier, Ceara.

Ceara’s passion for baking stems from her grandmother, a professional baker from Ireland. “Whenever she came to visit, she and I would spend all our time together baking in the kitchen,” she says. Ceara continued her passion for cooking whilst in school. “I looked forward to it every day,” she says. But it was your generic ‘cooking class’, Ceara was being taught cooking in maths and science, as the teachers used cooking and measurements to teach. She was fascinated by science and chemical reactions. She cooked her first cake on her own at the age of seven. Her skills developed over time, and now in year eight, at 14, Ceara is selling her cakes online. Ceara was selling her cakes to family friends, but word spread quickly. In January 2020, she posted in a community Facebook group about her idea to bake cakes and donate all proceeds to a charity during the bushfires. She was overwhelmed by the response. “I had no idea of the response that I would get,” she says. “I spent the whole month of January baking cakes,” raising a total of $850, which was donated to Zoos Victoria. “People posted such lovely comments and really supported me,” she says. From that point on, she continued to grow. During lockdown she was promoted on Facebook by 'Peninsula Food with Love: Eat and Drink Local, Support Local' and she received about four cake orders each week. She continues to share her stories across social media on Facebook and Instagram. Being tech-savvy, Ceara was posting regularly to social media, sharing her cake creations, filming quirky videos, and even collaborating with bakers around the world. Even though she doesn’t have a Tik Tok account, she films dance moves whilst making her cakes. She then edits the footage to create her ‘cake Tik Toks’. She now has over 950 followers on Instagram with about 100 new followers each month. Her collaboration with bakers around the world and Australia included baking cakes within a theme, posting the pictures on the same day and tagging each other. One of Ceara’s creations was shared by a Queensland baker who has over 35,000 followers.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

By watching YouTube videos, Ceara has been able to expand her knowledge and experiment. Ceara has spoken with numerous experts and continues to research. “I really know what is going on when I bake, and also if I have a disaster, I know how to fix it!,” she says. By working hard and dedicating time to her baking, Ceara said it’s not about having talent. “I actually don’t like being told I have talent, because that kind of says I don’t need to work hard at something. When you work hard and get a good result, you want people to see that it’s because you have worked hard, not because your magically good at it,” she says. When asked what the hardest thing about baking was, Ceara said it’s the fact that she can eat the end results! Aside from baking, Ceara has also been practicing karate. She is a part of the state and national team from Kumite and last year won a gold medal at the AUS Open Schools Championship. Furthermore she won a gold medal at the Victorian state championships, and a bronze at the national championships. As a young role model to other girls, Ceara wants people to know that business ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, no matter their age. “You just need determination, passion and purpose,” she says. Her advice is to be patient, start with friends and family and “just go for it.” Ceara said she would love to be on MasterChef one day and have a career as a food critic or pastry chef. Follow Ceara on Instagram @ceara_bakes



the Hidden Gem at the Gateway to the Mornington Peninsula


or over 18 years, Chocolate Grove owner Will Muddyman has indulged his passion for making premium chocolates using only the finest ingredients. Will, known as the Willy Wonka of the South East, loves being innovative, with a focus on variety and wild flavours for a real tastebud sensation!

Says Will, “When I bought the factory in 2002 it had just three products and was very run down. Today we make over 200 products, everything from milk chocolate covered salt and vinegar crisps to mango spears in dark chocolate and solid milk chocolate donuts. Our driving force is to surprise customers, to move away from the safe and rather mundane mass-produced products seen on most supermarket shelves. My role as owner/ manager varies from everyday duties including sales and product development, to being hands-on in the factory itself. I’m incredibly lucky to have a wonderful team working behind the scenes creating unique, exciting and exotic combinations.”


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

Will’s very own milk chocolate recipe was created in conjunction with the internationally recognised William Angliss Institute of Culinary Arts and is suited especially to Australian tastes. The premium milk chocolate has a creamy, sweet taste. It is made from Australian milk powder and sugar, with cocoa beans sourced from Ghana, and contains a 36% cocoa mass. It is an “all-natural” chocolate. At Chocolate Grove chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes with treats for all the family. For kids there are solid gold bars and nuggets, chocolate pizzas, dinosaurs, Transformers, and mini Aussie footballs. And let’s not forget the adults, with champagne bottles, hearts and decadent combinations such as chocolate goji berries, liquorice and honeycomb. Macadamias are a standout too, coated in milk, white or dark chocolate. Says Will “Here at Chocolate Grove we coat nuts, confectionery, fruit, vegetables - and anything else that takes our fancy!” Visitors are also more than welcome to celebrate Australian Chocolate and Confectionery past, in the Living History Centre. Will says it was his love of jazz that inspired him to document the history of Australia’s chocolate and lolly companies. Who could forget the Violet Crumble, Polly Waffle, Jaffas and Choo Choo bars?

An exciting development is their new online store launching in September which will feature all the top line products and latest creations. Just use the product code “Hidden Gem” for free delivery until 31/10/20.

Treats for all the family delivered directly to your door! Chocolate Grove is situated in Aster Avenue just off the Dandenong Valley Highway in Carrum Downs (and only 10mins drive from Frankston) • Gluten free - Coeliac Association accredited. • Vegan friendly, and dairy free (dark chocolate)

Chocolate Grove Shop & Living History Centre 48-50 Aster Avenue Carrum Downs VIC 8.00 am- 5.00pm Monday to Friday, 12.00 pm – 4.00 pm Saturday P: 03 9775 1888 chocolategrove.com facebook.com/chocolategrove



Nurturing the minicreative in your child


hilst 2020 has turned out to be ‘the year we stayed at home’, finding new and inspiring ways to encourage creativity with your kids can be a challenge. Whether it is a lack of new ideas, juggling work and school commitments, or struggling with motivation – there are many valid reasons why it can feel easier to put creativity in the ‘too hard’ basket. For those who feel they are not the creative type themselves, then there’s the added pressure that perhaps we are not doing it correctly. Local mother of three, Megan Thomas has great advice for those whose children begin to surpass them in the creative areas. Her son Lenny has always had an abundance of passion and energy for any creative pursuit whether it’s writing a musical, poetry or a screen play. Megan says, “Lenny always has a new idea or project he wants to pursue and we don’t always have the answers he’s looking for but we say ‘let’s do some research’! We just go on the journey with him.” You might imagine creativity to include activities like painting, putting on a puppet show or making up a funny story – and it does – but there are many other ways to model creative thinking in your daily routines with your child. Experts agree that creative thinking skills are critical, with children who are able to think creatively finding it easier to problem-solve which then plays a significant role in their development throughout education, life and their future career. Picasso is quoted as saying, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Time-poor parents can often be the first to stop ideas in their tracks because as adults we see the work involved, or the costs or the amount of clean up. Megan advises, “I think being supportive of all your child’s ideas is key. I am no longer surprised by what’s possible once Lenny has an idea. If there’s a hurdle or problem there’s often many ways to solve it – it’s all a part of the creative process.” The good news is creativity is not an innate ability. To help you nurture the talents of your mini artist, the team at Frankston Arts Centre has put together a list of simple ideas to model and encourage creative thinking in everyday moments. 24

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

1.  Celebrate creativity – put your child’s artwork up on

display, and have conversations about your favourite artists and musicians. Try to avoid labelling people, including yourself, as creative or uncreative.

2.  Encourage mistakes – kids (and grown-ups!) who are

afraid of failure will curb their own creative thought process. Share the mistakes you have made in your own creative pursuits and find the fun in laughing at your own failed artistic projects.

3.  Give space - allow your mini-artist freedom to explore ideas

on their own. Try not to direct their work, or remind them to keep it ‘neat’; instead encourage them to express their own thoughts. When playing with your child, follow their lead to give them confidence in their creative ideas. If they need an idea to get started, suggest that they imagine what it would be like to have a superpower.

4. Ask questions - take the focus off the finished product by

asking about their work. Ask what they enjoyed most about the activity, whether they had fun, how they came up with their idea, and what they are going to do next. Reflecting on the creative thought process is a powerful tool for understanding.

5.  Bake together - give the recipe a creative twist. Maybe try

substituting one or two ingredients like choc chips instead of raisins to see how it turns out!

6.  Model creativity - trying some new skills yourself. If your child

is old enough, allow them to watch you learn a new creative skill. Besides being good bonding time, involving them in a hobby you are interested in will magnify their interest.

7.  Go back to basics – you don’t need fancy art supplies. Some

crayons, paper, tape, and other stationery is all you need to get creative. The next time you have something delivered in a cardboard box, let your child decide what he or she wants it to be – a rocket, a fort, a ship? If you can, set aside time for creative activities like rehearsing a play, learning a new way to draw, or reading books in character voices. A fun way to break up the mundaneness of routine activities is to play music and come up with dance moves, or take song requests.

8. Create stories - go for a walk and encourage your child

to collect rocks, flowers, leaves, twigs and other natural items. When you get home, make up a story about the items you collected or create a collage.

9.  Encourage open-ended play - play with toys in a variety of ways depending on your child’s mood and imagination, like blocks, sand, dress-ups, dollhouses, stuffed animals and play dough.

10. Start the spark – if your child doesn’t seem interested in 'artsy'

activities, sometimes seeing talented and creative people in action can inspire their interest. Once restrictions allow, look into school holiday art programs or live theatre shows to help your child discover their passion.

When a creative mind is allowed to flourish, and not get hampered by doubts, the possibilities are amplified. Megan’s son, Lenny Thomas, who starred in local productions at Frankston Arts Centre by both PLOS and Panorama Theatre Companies, has also gone on to score parts in professional productions of Priscilla Queens of the Dessert, The Boy from Oz, School of Rock and starred in the recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His next stop is Broadway but Lenny’s ambition is to write a musical. And why not?

Stay up to date with the FAC Digital Series, Hot Arts for Cool Kids at home on the school holidays, and enjoy Virtual Art Exhibitions: thefac.com.au www.peninsulakids.com.au



By Melissa McCullough

a Spot of Tea W

e just love a dress up with a side of sweet, tasty morsels. Get your fancy dress out and whip up some headwear with us. Add some baked goodies, lollies, fruit, sandwiches, or whatever you like and create your own afternoon of fun for the kids (and you) at the kitchen table. Fresh flowers from the garden, and beautiful crockery will add to the ambiance, but are really not necessary! Don’t forget about the tea and get those pinkies up!

Tea Party [tee•par•tee] noun. 1. a social gathering in the afternoon at which tea, cakes and other light refreshments are served. 2. an excuse to dress up and wear a special hat. (See also:) Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea, Kitchen Tea.



• Cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of a circle and cover it with

felt, other fabric or paint. (Be sure to leave a gap in the fabric on both sides to slide the headband through.) Or affix the covered cardboard piece to a headband, hair clip or hair comb with a hot glue gun. (Parent may be needed here!)

• Roll squares of construction paper into cone shapes and use sticky tape to hold.  • Fold squares of construction paper accordion-style and sticky tape one end to hold.

• Hot glue the paper creations and any other ornaments you like

to your covered cardboard circle. We added a fake flower and some tulle.


Top Hat

• Start with a hanging file folder from your filing cabinet. (There’s metal along the top.)

• Cut the file folder in half and bend the two pieces into half circles. •Size up the head your top hat is going on and adjust the arcs making them into a circle. Hot glue in place.

•We covered both sides of the metal bottom part of the cylinder with a ribbon. (The metal kept sticking in their hair!)

• Grab a piece of cardboard and cut out a circle ring for the brim.

We put our cylinder on top of a piece and measured a circle about 4cm bigger.

•For embellishments to our hat we used a few feathers, a pompom, and made a flower shape out of slivers of a toilet roll.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020



• Use a cookie cutter to remove a shape from a piece of bread and expose the jam filling.

• Grab that reliable banana bread recipe and bake mini muffins. Decorate with some hundreds and thousands to add colour.

• Anything bite-sized will work. Brownies, watermelon cubes,

marshmallows, tartlets, meringues, cookies, and fairy bread cut into different shapes were the festive fare on our table.



Short Walks and Easy Bike Tracks FRANKSTON FORESHORE CYCLING Explore the beautiful Frankston Waterfront on the 3m wide, raised timber boardwalk designed to protect the vulnerable dune system. Wander the boardwalks and paths that stretch between Wells Street in the north and Olivers Hill in the south along part of this pristine beach and coastal habitat, to discover why Frankston’s coastline is the envy of Melbourne at any time of the year. There are delightful views of Port Phillip to be seen and there are many places to sit and relax along the way. You can also take a walk along the 220 metre long Frankston Pier and reveal the 22 letter “secret message” on the pier flags.



SWEETWATER CREEK (UPPER) RESERVE TRAIL Walk along the Main Track to the circuit and return to the Heathland Track for a short side tour through the heathland vegetation. Two foot bridges provide access from Sycamore Road and Lawson Avenue, adding an interesting vantage point from which to view the creek. It is a peaceful reserve in which to take a quiet walk, jog or just appreciate nature.



MARINE PARADE CYCLING CIRCUIT From the Hastings Pier follow the paved track northwards close to the waterfront past the restaurant. On your right will be mangroves and on your left the large grassy area of the reserve. Keep on the path to the right until you meet up with the boardwalk on the right hand side. The boardwalk is 400 metres long and takes you further northwards over Kings Creek to Jack Babington Park. Return via the boardwalk and take the track to the right towards the tennis courts. This will swing around and join the original track taking you back to the pier. There are a number of options to take alternative routes along the way via a network of paths throughout the Hastings Foreshore Reserve.



FLINDERS BLOWHOLE WALKING TRACK Magnificent views can be seen of the wild surf and rocky Bass Strait coastline. There is a well-made track and a wooden boardwalk and stairway to the blowhole.



LOOKOUT HILL CIRCUIT WALK A rewarding, peaceful short bush walk in Red Hill in a small pocket of the Arthurs Seat State Park. The walk travels through stringybark forest and open sheoak woodlands, with little gullies and nice vistas through the trees. It offers excellent views of the coast over Dromana and Safety Beach to Mount Martha and Port Phillip, and as far as Melbourne.



For more details and other 30-minute outdoor activities for exercise in your area, visit www.visitmorningtonpeninsula.org


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020




Mornington & Seaford

Ceramic Painting Parties

Unique & creative party experience! Choose from a fully facilitated party or try our new DIY “Party in a Box” option for when COVID restrictions are in place. Every party guest creates their own ceramic masterpiece! P: 0417 155 929 facebook.com/artypantsau


The biggest and most exciting themed kids party venue to hit the Mornington Peninsula. www.facebook.com/kidztownmornington P: 8759 1431 or M: 0403 795 562

Robyn’s Room

Seeking something unique? A Creative Art and Craft party takes birthday fun to a whole new level ! It’s just not a pARTy without ART! Let’s get your party started! Located in Mornington robynsroom.com.au/creative-parties

Call Miriam on 0421 085 974 miriam@mpnews.com.au


Sort Your Sh!t Out


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Gator Golf A hole-in-one is a lot more fun with Gator Golf! Grab your golf club, and aim to feed this hungry little Gator. Sink your putt to score, but watch out – he’ll flick your ball with his tail for more putting action. The first player to score 3 points wins! For 2-4 Players, Aged 3+. RRP: $29.00 Available at all leading retailers.


Harry Potter Magical Beasts Calling all Wizards! Magical beasts have broken loose at Hogwarts That means you and up to three friends need to save everyone by recapturing these fantastic creatures run amok. In this action-packed game, you play as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, or Ginny Weasley. Collect clues to track down creatures both inside and outside Hogwarts! Watch out though, moving from Hogwarts to the grounds nearby can be treacherous and cost you clues and precious time. The dynamic swinging game board adds excitement that leads to hours of fun. Suitable for 2-4 players aged 8+. RRP: $29.00 Available now at leading retailers!


A new book by transformational change specialist Gary Waldon draws from decades of experience working with a variety of clients to provide an irreverent self-help exploration into where your sh!t comes from and how you can take back control. Everyone experiences life’s ups and downs, but Waldon focuses on what you can do to maintain a healthy mental balance while life happens. This isn’t a generic self-help book telling you to think positively and that only good things will happen. This is a no bullsh!t Aussie-as-heck guide to help you Sort Your Sh!t Out. RRP: $29.99 www.sortyourshitoutbook.com

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

Rubik’s Revolution Unlike the original Rubik’s cube, Revolution consists of 6 addictive, fast-paced electronic games that test your mind and skill! Winner of the Game of the Year Award, Rubik’s Revolution features multiplayer gaming, lights and sound effects, with batteries included! Conquer one level and the cube unlocks another - so it’s always challenging, never impossible. Suitable Ages: 6+ years. RRP: $29.00 Available at all leading retailers.




Vote For Me By Krys Saclier Vote for Me has voting explained and there isn’t another book out there like it. Written by author and electoral educator Krys Saclier, with fun illustrations by Cathy Wilcox. Vote for Me is an easyto-read and understand book all about preferential voting in Australia, weaved into a fun story about a class at the fictional Mount Mayhem School and brought to life by Cathy’s illustrations. RRP: $24.99

Little Lon By Andrew Kelly illustrated by Heather Potter & Mark Jackson Marie and her friends sailed boats in the gutters, ate Mr Bracchi’s ice-creams in summer and roast chestnuts in winter, all in the centre of a big busy city, behind the fancy fronts of the main boulevards. Here lay the network of lanes and houses called Little Lon. Times were different when Marie was growing up. The families may not have been rich, but they were a community. A surprising history in every way. RRP: $24.99

Owlet Smart Sock 2 The award-winning Owlet Smart Sock provides parents with peace of mind by monitoring what matters most, so you can sleep more and worry less. The Owlet Smart Sock wraps comfortably around your baby’s foot and uses proven technology to track oxygen levels, heart rate and sleep, only notifying parents when readings fall outside of preset levels. www.owletcare.com.au/products/owlet-smart-sock-2-baby-monitor RRP: $429.99 * Owlet is not a medical device and does not help to prevent SIDS.

Matthew Flinders

Osmo Proudly presenting its most comprehensive coding kit yet- Coding Starter Kit! Bring coding to life and making it accessible to children in a fun, engaging and tangible way! Osmo’s Coding Starter Kit combines three coding games together in one kit with Osmo’s signature base and reflector: Coding Awbie - Snap together coding blocks to lead Awbie on a strawberry-munching adventure. Learning to code sounds serious but, with Awbie, it’s all fun and games. Coding Jam - Click together sequences of coding commands and you’ll be creating your own explosive beats. Coding Duo - In Coding Duo, strawberry-loving Awbie and friendly monster Mo work together to overcome brain-stretching challenges. Discover all the different ways that Awbie and Mo can work together. Coding Starter Kit will be stocked at JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks and Harvey Norman. RRP $179.99

By Carole Wilkinson illustrated by Prue Pittock Matthew Flinders was determined to map the entire coast of the continent we now call Australia. His story is packed to the gunwales with adventure – storms and shipwrecks, death and danger, a race to beat the French – but more than this, it is a story of loyalty to his crew, love for his wife, and affection for the brave little cat who sailed with him. RRP: $24.99

Robots: The Future is Now By Charles Hope Learn all about the amazing world of robots, and how they are shaping our future! RRP $24.99

*All books available through all good booksellers.


Sun Bum Baby Bum Created with a mission to protect the ones we love. This plant-based collection was designed to be as simple and gentle as possible. Sun Bum use some of the earths most treasured ingredients and because trust is everything, they don’t use anything that could hurt our kids or the planet. The Baby Bum range as well as an array of other Sun Bum products is available at Target in store and online now. www.target.com.au WIN a prize pack valued at $59.95




We Are Knitters row row snood knitting kit for beginners.

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u N /give ! awa ys


We Are Knitters are committed to teaching kids about the importance of a greener world. By knitting your own clothing you can join the movement and Check show off your personal style. out ours www.weareknitters.com.au on page RRP: $129.50 64!

Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Teacup Dolls You’re Invited to the ultimate tea party! Playset by Zuru. Stir open your giant teacup playset to find everything you need to host the most epic tea party, with over 25 surprises inside! Unbox your Itty Bitty Prettys teacup playset to find the magic inside! Dissolve your teabag to find your Itty Bitty Pretty’s stylish outfit and shoes. Watch the sparkling cube fizz and reveal even more funky accessories! Set up your tea party table with so many accessories and fun tea party essentials. There is so much value in one giant teacup with 13 Itty Bitty Pretty dolls you can collect! RRP: $15.00

Itty Bitty Prettys tea party little teacup doll assortment by ZURU Just like the Itty Bitty Prettys, whether you’re a rebel rocker or kitten crazy, everyone’s welcome at the Itty Bitty Prettys tea party! Unbox your Itty Bitty Prettys teacup to find the magic inside! Dissolve your teabag to find your Itty Bitty Pretty’s stylish outfit and shoes. Watch the sparkling cube fizz and reveal even more funky accessories! With over 12 fabulous surprises to unwrap you’ll find all the accessories you need to host the ultimate tea party at incredible value! With 13 sassy and stylish Itty Bitty Prettys you can collect, who will you find?! RRP: $45.00 WIN 1 of 2 Itty Bitty prize packs valued at $75.00


Test Match Snapbox In this exciting new assortment of mini Snapbox Games, you can play on the go! Titles include Greed, Test Match, Get Rich Quick (2020 Edition), Let’s Go Fishing and Sequence! RRP: $14.99 Available now at leading retailers!


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020


Petersons Book Shop Package The activities in the Starting School kits have been developed by educational experts. They ensure that your child will develop the pre numeracy and pre literacy skills they need to start formal learning at school next year. RRP: $60.00 (Launch Pad Pack) www.imstartingschool.com.au

October 20




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International Sloth Day International Sloth Day was created in 2010 by the AIUNAU Foundation, a non-profit conservation and wildlife organization based in Colombia. The unofficial holiday raises awareness about the life cycle and natural habitat of the Sloth. The day also calls on people to learn more about these native South and Central American animals. Did You Know…that even though sloths mostly eat leaves, their stomachs can’t easily digest them? Sloths have a stomach with four compartments, and it takes them almost a month to digest one meal.

November 21

World Hello Day The unofficial holiday was created by Brian and Michael McCormack as a response to the Yom Kippur War between Israel and a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria in 1973. The purpose of World Hello Day is simple – to encourage communication and dialogue between people of different backgrounds to achieve peace and understanding. Did You Know…that hello was used as a telephone greeting for the first time by Thomas Edison?

September 12

Chocolate Milkshake Day This unofficial holiday is the perfect excuse to indulge in a tall glass of chocolate milkshake. Also known as thick shake, a milkshake is a cold beverage made by blending milk or ice cream with some sweetening agents and flavourings. Did You Know... that the popular candy, Milky Way, is named after a milkshake? Created in 1923 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the candy was created to taste like a malted milkshake.

ONLINE CREATIVE ACTIVITIES Join MPRG’s artist-educator Jill Anderson for a series of creative activities inspired by works from MPRG’s collection, including create a Patrick Pound inspired collage, a work on paper inspired by nature à la Rosie Weiss and GW Bot or a koala home such as in Danie Mellor’s award-winning work ‘Unsettled Vision’.

Visit mprg.mornpen.vic.gov.au/learn Civic Reserve, Dunns Rd, Mornington ph 5950 1580




Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

Santa will be making his list with some help from these fantastic gift ideas that will make this Christmas absolutely magical for everyone in your family. You'll have Christmas ‘all wrapped up!’

Antipodes Bookshop and Gallery welcomes you to a world of books, words and ideas. Visit our exhibitions, discover local makers and explore Little Antipodes, a special space for the young at heart. Visit Antipodes to find the perfect Christmas present for any age! 10am-5pm, 7 days a week or browse anytime at: A. 138 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento P. 5984 4217 E. hello@antipodesbookshop .com.au W. antipodesbookshop.com

s a m X

For more to d inspiration s.hea m.au/ co id k la su penin mas st ri ch / listings ure/ -2020-feat

Welcome to Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Bird’s Nest Cafe with the best pretend coffee in town. Your child will adore setting up their own coffee shop with this compact roleplay item. They have included 40 accessories in order to make this a deluxe toy allowing for creative storytelling. Ethically made from beautifully coloured solid rubber wood and top quality plywood, this is truly an heirloom toy. Available from W. babyvegas.com.au


Bayplay Adventure Tours offer loads of fun activities including; Sea Kayaking tours to the dolphin sanctuary, snorkelling with sea dragons, sailing on the Dolphin II catamaran to see the seals, PADI scuba dive courses and tours, guided hiking and bike riding tours. BOOK A GIFT VOUCHER FOR CHRISTMAS TODAY! P. (03) 5984 0888 E. bookings@bayplay.com.au W. bayplay.com.au

Reading an analogue clock can be tricky! Lamingoo has designed a clock that simplifies and assists with learning to tell the time. A gorgeous addition to a bedroom or study space. These clocks come in a range of colours and sizes and best of all, they are quietly non-ticking! W. lamingoo.com.au

Your favourite Mornington Peninsula locations in your own home. Experience the Mornington Peninsula like you’ve never seen it before. Puzzles from where you call home, for home. The perfect dining table activity, a truly unique centre piece A range of sizes to suit all ages. Australian owned, support local. Peninsula Kids readers will also receive 15% off all puzzles with promo code PENKIDS at checkout. P. 0410 217 870 www.julianv.com.au I instagram.com/julian.varricchio

THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOUR BUDDING ARTIST! A curated box of surprise art supplies and artful project prompts to paint and create a masterpiece. Surprise art boxes are designed for artists 4-94 who want a fun artynoon of creativity. Grab your box or join our online art club for kids to keep creating and making all summer long. Mini Monet Studio offers an Art Club membership, online art lessons each term and surprise art boxes. P. 0405 499 964 W. minimonetstudio.com

THE OFFICIAL SECRET SANTA CLUB. The perfect way to guide your child when they start asking the curly questions. A helpful transitioning tool for that tricky next step in their Christmas journey! The O.S.S.C divulges everything about Santa & his Christmas journey to our newest recruits including the next magical stage to sharing in the joy of Christmas. W. gardenbabiesfairyart.com /ossc

25% OFF PUZZLES! Test out your skills with some 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. There are 8 different styles to choose from and they are great fun for the entire family. Grima INC is an Australian owned business. These puzzles are bright, fun and are made of strong cardboard. Good Luck! P. 0447 225 548 E. zacgrima01@gmail.com W. adultpuzzles.com.au

Gift the kids in your life an experience they will never forget. Discover unforgettable magical tales, uplifting music and their favourite book characters on stage at Frankston Arts Centre! Gift cards are available in any amount and valid for three years. For more details P. 9784 1060 W. thefac.com.au

Independently owned & operated. A fun place for kids to play & explore! Extensive menu of homemade food, catering for gluten & dairy intolerances. The perfect gift voucher experience this Xmas! Don’t forget to book your xmas get together at Kidz Shed – bookings open now. A. 222 Marine Pde Hastings P. 5906 5900 or 0409 875 944 W. kidzshed.com.au

Celebrating all things Christmas with a huge range of gifts & treats. From our classic smooth milk chocolate Santa’s to Christmas trees decorated with festive chocolate spots. Our spectacular gift boxes and Hampers are reasonably priced and ready to go! At Chocolate Grove, we’ve got Christmas covered. Watch out for our new online store launching in September. A. 45-50Aster Ave Carrum Downs W. chocolategrove.com

We help concerned parents lessen the fear of their child not being ready to start big school in February. The activities in our Starting School Plan are developed by educational experts. They ensure that even after a disrupted 2020, your child will have the pre literacy and pre numeracy skills they need to start school with confidence and excitement. P. 5979 8233 E. info@imstartingschool. com.au W. imstartingschool.com.au

childs Capturing yuoualir ty individ

Specialising in baby hand and feet keepsakes. We have a large range of products, framed, unframed and jewellery options. Visit our website for more information on our products and appointments or call us to discuss. Order your keepsake today in time for Christmas! P. 0466 183 255 W. impressionablekids.com.au

s a m X All your Christmases will come at once with a present from Sk8house under the tree! Whether it’s a voucher for the shop, entry or skate lessons OR a new pair of skates or accessories you’re sure to find the perfect pressie at Sk8house with FREE POSTAGE within Australia for orders $100+ W. sk8house.com.au

For more to d inspiration s.hea m.au/ co id k la peninsu christmas listings/ ure/ -2020-feat

Looking for Christmas gift ideas or something to do in the New Year?! Purchase a voucher to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. Mountainboarding, horse riding or a weekend away, there’s family fun for all. Vouchers are valid for 3 years so there is plenty of time to enjoy it. P. 5988 6262 W. www.theranchmp.com. au/product-category/giftvouchers/

Gifts ideas to help fill

Have a “Very Silly Christmas” by having the silliest magician in Magicland Charlie SillyPants at the kids’ next party! You receive $50 off a 1 hour party/show or it’s only $100 for a 30 minute live ZOOM party.

We are here to inspire hearts, share the joy of fairy gardening and make life more magical. Find the perfect fairy gift with our designer fairy garden kits, houses and miniature accessories for your own magical fairy village. Shipping Australia-wide and internationally. W. gardensparkle.com.au

www.youtube.com/c/ charliesillypants/ www.facebook.com/ charliesillypants W. charliesillypants.com.au

Adopt a little penguin pal into your family this Christmas, and give these amazing birds their best chance of survival. For just $50 you can help the Penguin Foundation protect the little penguins and other wildlife species on Phillip Island through important research and conservation programs. You can even name your own penguin! Adopt online; W. penguinfoundation.org.au

Gift sustainably this Christmas! HeyDoodle silicone placemats are endlessly reusable as you can easily erase the colours with a damp cloth and start over. Available in 10 designs to suit 2-7yr olds featuring various themes around ABC, 123 and creative drawing. Retails for $29.95, complete with textas. Bundle deals available at W. heydoodle.com.au

Checkout Charlie SillyPant’s crazy shows on his Youtube channel.

A grea Christmat stockings gift!

ULTRA TRAMPOLINE PLAY FAVOURITE. Ultra is Australia’s most loved trampoline. It makes bouncing fun for everyone, with all the safety features families need. 5-year warranty 750kg Load Rating (150 Weight Rating) Thick safety padding Dual layer spring system Tough, no-gap polyethylene enclosure Galvanised frame – inside and out Self-closing door W. vulyplay.com

From the Peninsula business who brought you Kickbricks & Planx we now introduce Flickbricks the fun construction collectible. Use them anywhere, on their own or with other toys even in the bath. Buy online from September P. 0420 424766 E. nick@kickbrick.com.au W. kickbrick.com.au


TIPS FOR KID Find a solution to a problem that matters to you

Look outside for inspiration

All good inventions start with a problem, big or small. It’s your task as an inventor to solve this problem. But how do you identify a problem in the first place? Think about something that makes you frustrated and see if there’s a way you can make it not frustrate you. To solve your frustrations you could invent something completely new or improve something already in existence.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for inventions or you’ve hit a roadblock, step outside and go for a walk… you might just stumble across a problem to be solved or have a breakthrough invention moment. Getting outside of your comfort zone and exploring is a great way to spark creativity.

Follow your passion and curiosity

Never give up

Creativity can be sparked by doing what you love and exploring a topic that you’re passionate about. When looking for something to invent or a problem to solve, think about what makes you smile. It could be sport, an animal or perhaps music. By picking something that you really like, you’ll be passionate about coming up with solutions to make it better.

Facing challenges and hurdles is all part of the invention process, so if something doesn’t work, don’t give up – keep on pushing and coming up with creative ideas. Remember, every attempt you make will bring you closer to getting it right!


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

INVENTORS share your idea Talking about your idea out loud and seeking feedback is an important part of being an inventor. Chatting to your friends and family is a great way to workshop your creative ideas and questions. You never know, they might have some fresh thoughts that could help improve your idea or they might have a problem they need you to solve. To help uncover the next generation of young inventors, Origin’s Little Big Idea competition is asking Australian kids between grades three and eight to submit their ideas for their chance to win a $10,000 education grant to go towards their ongoing education, or to help turn their Little Big Idea into a reality!

New this year is a dedicated competition hub for students, parents and teachers providing inspiration and tips on developing a winning submission. To enter the competition and for further information, visit www.littlebigidea.com.au. Students need to describe their idea in 200 words or less, and they can include an illustration or short video to support their submission. The competition is open until Friday 18 September 2020.


Family fun at Cranbourne Gardens

Woodland Picnic Area Open daily, 9am – 5pm


Enjoy a unique bushland space for families that includes large open grasslands for ball games, a bicycle track and a children’s playground. rbg.vic.gov.au/visit-cranbourne www.peninsulakids.com.au


Inspiring a strong sense of wellbeing in the early years By Pat Barbieri


he Early Years Learning Framework for Australia says that without a strong sense of wellbeing, it is difficult to have a sense of belonging, to trust others and feel confident in being, and to optimistically engage in experiences that contribute to becoming.

With physical, mental, emotional and social health all equally important contributors to our wellbeing, it is essential that 3 and 4 year old children develop a strong sense of wellbeing by learning about healthy lifestyles, developing resilience and positively interacting in their environments and with others. As educators and parents, we have the ability to inspire a strong sense of wellbeing in young children by meeting four key needs:

The need for connection Having strong connections help children feel seen, heard and valued. For 3 and 4 year old children, developing strong connections with adults and peers can help form the foundation of healthy and happy relationships for many years to come. The key to developing connections is time and, as educators, we focus on building trusting relationship and showing respect for all children. This may be by creating rituals, carving out moments to spend with each child, or facilitating activities that promote collaboration and cooperation with others.

The need to be active

Outdoor play is also pivotal with research proving that being amongst greenery, sunshine, and fresh air is beneficial for one’s wellbeing. Having an unstructured environment where children are free to roam stimulates a child’s creativity, reduces their feelings of tension, and invites them to absorb information through all of their five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

The need for kindness One of the most important things we can teach our children is to be kind, with studies showing that children who show kindness to others experience greater levels of happiness themselves. How we as educators and parents show kindness to each other sets a precedent for young children. As well as being a role model, educators also seek to nurture kindness by finding ways that we can make a positive difference in the day of others, and by engaging children in experiences and conversations about topics including our emotions, our cultural and spiritual lives and our community.

The need to grow and learn Within the first five years of a child’s life, the brain develops at a faster rate than at any other stage of their life. It soaks up information like a sponge, and with its 100 billion brain cells it is busy forming connections and linking information. The more knowledge and stimuli you can feed a child’s brain before they begin Prep, the more nourished it will be for years to come.

Young children love to be active and they relish the opportunity to explore their limits, develop new skills and master challenges. The promotion of gross and fine motor skills and energetic play through activities such as dance, drama, fitness and games provide children with a foundation for independence and an understanding of healthy lifestyles. 40

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

Pat Barbieri is the director of early learning at Toorak College.

Sanctuary of Early Learning

With over 20 years experience, we are committed to continuous quality care and to ensure a full balanced development for each child in our expansive natural learning environment.

Curiosity and wonder lead to a natural desire to learn

Frankston House Sanctuary of Early Learning 1-3 Vera Street Frankston Email: info@frankstonhouse.com.au Phone: 9783 1117


Your most precious people are our priority

Mt Eliza House Sanctuary of Early Learning 41 Baden Powell Place Mt Eliza Email: info@mtelizahouse.com.au Phone: 9787 0788

www.mtelizahouse.com.au www.peninsulakids.com.au





FOR 2021

toorakcollege.vic.edu.au/earlylearning 42

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

‘Project Enlighten’ nurtures young learners so they can develop their sense of self and connection to others while exploring the world around them.


A Peninsula Kids' special feature to guide you through some of the peninsula and surrounding areas best educational facilities for your child's schooling from early learning through to high school with some now offering online virtual tours of their facilities. Go to: peninsulakids.com.au

I’m Starting School We all want our children to have the best possible start to their school life, but Covid 19 has caused so much disruption to preschool education this year. Are you worried that your child is not learning what they need to be ready for big school next year? As a qualified prep teacher I understand your concerns. I know how vital a good start to school is.

A stressful school experience creates feelings of inadequacy and frustration and can lead to needing costly interventions. The activities in our kits have been developed by educational experts. They ensure that your child will develop the pre literacy and pre numeracy skills they need to start school with confidence and excitement.

Help your child reach their full potential.

Our Starting School Plan can help:

1. Go to our website imstartingschool.com.au


Order a kit that best suits your child’s learning requirements



Download the free teaching notes that step you through each activity



Create 15 minutes a day of quiet concentration time to spend with your child, completing the activities

5979 8233 www.peninsulakids.com.au



Quality teaching, a focus on student wellbeing and an inspired curriculum We believe children are never too young to be challenged as we help them achieve their goals driven by a genuine love of learning. As an open-entry school, we accept students of all talents and abilities, faiths and cultures. We are consistently ranked among the top schools in Melbourne and our students regularly win prizes for sporting, artistic and academic endeavour. We also have an impressive track record of VCE success and university entry. This is why since 1899, generations of students, staff and parents have been proud to be part of our vibrant learning community. Our beautiful beachfront location has inspired our WAVES priorities. These key principles guide the way we meet the particular learn- ing needs of girls by contributing to their Wellbeing, Achievement, positive Values, Enterprising nature and Success. These priorities contribute to the unique culture and success of our school,

11 Mentone Parade, Mentone VIC. 3194

as well as our personalised approach to learning. In our Early Learning Centre (ELC), specialist early childhood teachers recognise the different ages and stages within each class and provide tailored activities so every girl has power over her own learning. We provide a highly developed program of intentional teaching based on the principles of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) which supports a unique blend of inquiry and play-based learning. We can see the benefits of our education, not only in how ready our girls are to enter Prep, but how advanced their reading and writing skills are, as well as their social and emotional confidence. This is why we are currently rated as “Exceeding National Quality Standards� in the national ELC Frameworks Accreditation. The PYP framework is extended in our Junior School as students develop more complex

9581 1200

intellectual, emotional and social skills. They are exposed to a diverse program of inquiry and challenged in many areas from music and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), to financial and digital literacy, cultural understanding, leadership and social enterprise. They are encouraged to try new things, take-risks and be bold, tapping into their interests and passions. Teachers develop a rich picture of every student’s learning successes, strengths and challenges, and each girl is supported to grow and develop to her full potential. As a result, our Junior School is recognised as one of the best in the state and consistently ranked well above state and national averages in the NAPLAN literacy and numeracy testing. Most importantly, our students develop confidence, capability and self-worth that are great assets to them in their senior years and beyond.



A message from our new principal While this is a difficult time for everyone, I’d like to introduce St John’s Catholic Primary School. As the new Principal of the school this year it has been a somewhat interesting start. What has struck me the most about the school, is the wonderful people in the community and the wide range of support and care they have shown for one another. As a Catholic School, the Faith and person of Jesus Christ is central to our mission. We live out St John’s repeated call to follow the commandment Jesus gave to us all ‘to love one another as he loved’. That message challenged the people of Jesus’ time and continues to challenge people today. His message of hope and love cannot be heard loud enough in our world and it is our children that we must love and fill with hope to overcome some of the challenges we have inadvertently set them. Challenges in our environment,

Jayne St, Frankston VIC 3199

challenges to peace in the world and certainly challenges in establishing a great deal more understanding in our lives. At St John’s we have high expectations of our children, both in relation to their learning and their behaviour. We expect them to be well mannered and respectful of all members of our school community and do the best they can in their learning. We are also there to help them when they fail, to pick them up and encourage them to continue in the face of adversity. This can be seen in everything we do, from our House Team Athletics days to the Social Justice programs we run and in the day to day interactions with the children in our care.

to our highly successful Digital technology and coding and robotics program which all students from Foundation to Grade 6 are able to experience. We believe that students should learn how to foster a love of learning. To become lifelong learners, problem solvers, risktakers and above all, to believe in hope, justice and doing the right thing by others. If this sounds like something you would like for your child. Give us a call and let us help you shape your child’s future. Derek Bruitzman (Principal)

Our aim is to ensure that all students experience what success feels like and we offer a wide range of specialist classes to challenge different skills and intelligences, from language skills

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7+yrs, p/b, $14.99 Storm damages Maryborough Blazers home court, and the team is left without any equipment! Their next game is against a top-ranked city team. How will Delly and his mates train for it without hoops and basketballs? Daring Delly will do do whatever it takes to get the Blazers ready to win!



6+yrs, p/b, $9.99 Archie and his friends can’t believe it. The world’s most famous pup is coming to doggy daycare! But what happens when there’s a disaster on set? Will Archie and his pals get the chance to be PUPSTARS?


7+yrs, p/b, $14.99 The Bad Guys-I mean, Shadow Squad-G-have saved the world from butt-handed evil, but Mr Snake doesn’t feel like partying. Ohhh, no. He’s WAY too powerful for that. Mr Snake would rather mess with things that could RIP OPEN A DOORWAY into a whole new world of horror, mayhem and . . . BLOOD-CURDLING BADNESS.

Win! 46

School Aged



6+yrs, p/b, $15.99 It’s time to vote! Weir Do’s in the running for class captain... but will an EPIC HAIR DISASTER destroy his chances of winning?! It won’t be easy... but it will be funny!

3+yrs, h/b, $17.99 It was the perfect day for colouring in... until Oscar noticed he had competition! Now both Oscar and Henry can’t stop colouring, and they have gone WAY outside the lines! Who will win the colouring competition?

3+yrs, h/b, $17.99 Diving in dumpsters, traipsing through trash! Rummaging through rubbish, making a splash! ‘Revolting!’ they snort, starting to sicken, ‘Trash Turkey! Dumpster Duck! BIN CHICKEN!’ One bird’s trash is another bird’s treasure-find out why the ibis is the queen of the rubbish pile!






6+yrs, p/b, $16.99 Timmy is rude. He’s lazy. He’s ALWAYS cranky. And he’s also one of the most FAMOUS ponies in all the known world! Until one day when...POO HAPPENS. Surely one little poo of excitement can’t ruin Timmy’s life. Can it? Yes, it can.


3+yrs, h/b, $17.99 Nali meets a new friend, Bwindi. Bwindi is a very windy gorilla. And so are her whole family.


9+yrs, p/b, $15.99 Ella has settled in to life at Eden College. She loves her friends and exploring her new school. When she accidentally uncovers a hidden diary, Ellas curiosity is sparked. As she follows the clues in the diary, Ella discovers there is more to Eden College than meets the eye. Can she work out who wrote the secret journal?



4+yrs, h/b, $16.99 Once there was a small kitten named Coco. Coco lived on the top floor of the tallest building on Meowington Avenue. Her days were filled with action, excitement, noise and activity. And nothing made Coco happier than being a Big City Kitty.

Prize pack of the reviewed books, go to; www.peninsulakids.com.au/giveaways

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4+yrs, h/b, $17.99 Am I my body? Am I my mind? Who am I? Take a trip into deepest inner space to answer one of life’s biggest questions. This is a book for anyone who has ever paused to wonder exactly who is wondering.


MINDS are expressive and imaginative. Original, passionate and persistent. Adventurous Minds create and innovate, They are ready to find a different path, an original vision.

JOIN OUR ONLINE INFORMATION SESSION WITH THE PRINCIPAL , DAVID BAKER Tue 13 October 7.30pm – BOOK NOW VIA WEBSITE www.woodleigh.school/enrol CAMPUS TOURS Contact our Enrolments Team for more details regarding our tours during the COVID-19 period.

L I M I T E D P L AC E S AVA I L A B L E F O R 2 0 21

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Yr 6 Production

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Your path to feeling great and living your best life


re you wondering why everyone is talking about reducing carbohydrates and sugar? Are you curious to learn more about intermittent fasting, keto or paleo and whether it could benefit you in some way? Linda Martinucci has created Simply Swap Foods to share the message that it really is simple to swap to a better way of eating and live your best life full of vibrant energy no matter how old you are.

WHY SWAP FOODS? When approaching middle age, Linda noticed her weight was increasing plus energy levels and mental clarity were at an all time low. Frustrated by all the confusing and conflicting health, and dietary messages, Linda embarked on a journey to research the latest scientific medical studies around nutrition and health and was amazed at the findings. Incorporating her discoveries into everyday life resulted in a remarkable transformation for both Linda and her husband who lost 35 kilograms of excess weight between them over eight months. They also found that they no longer suffered from afternoon brain fog and had energy levels that they hadn’t felt for decades.

THE SECRET TO SUCCESS One of the keys to success and staying motivated was continuing to enjoy their traditional favourite meals and desserts. With delicious cakes and desserts still on the menu, there was no reason to seek out the unhealthy alternatives. Linda spent time developing lots of recipes that are low in refined sugar and naturally lower in carbohydrates so your insulin levels remain steady and you don’t feel hungry all the time.

SO HOW MANY CARBS SHOULD WE EAT*? There are many factors to take into account when calculating your daily carb level, however current research suggests between 20 to 50 grams per day is optimal for most people. The average Australian consumes 300 grams per day with 120 grams of these carbohydrates coming straight from sugar. This equates to a crazy 30 teaspoons of sugar every day, often unknowingly through added sugars in processed food. Simply removing processed foods from your diet will drastically cut your overall carbohydrate intake and improve your health very quickly. Information sourced from ‘Low Carb Down Under’ website www.lowcarbdownunder.com.au

WEIGHT LOSS + FEELING GREAT = MOTIVATION The benefits of going back to eating real food - dropping excess weight, increased energy and huge improvement in mental clarity - are just some of the reasons why it's easy to stay motivated. Transitioning to a healthier way of eating for life doesn't have to involve lots of deprivation.

JOIN THE SIMPLY SWAP FOODS COMMUNITY Linda is sharing her recipes and information to give help and hope to anyone looking to improve their eating to feel their best or for health reasons. There are many free recipes on her website and social media pages plus Linda has been working hard on a range of recipe ebooks which will be released online soon. For more information, check out the website www.simplyswapfoods.com.au and follow Simply Swap Foods on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates, photos and recipes. You really can have your cake and feel great too! (As always seek the advised of a qualified health professional before drastically changing your diet)

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These have become an obsession in our house, so easy to make and taste delicious. It’s great if you can find a good quality grass-fed gelatin so you get lots of gut-friendly goodness while enjoying a yummy treat at the same time. *Only 4g Net Carbs per serve compared with average 17g Carbs for standard version


400ml water 100g natvia sweetener (or similar granulated sweetener) 60g gelatin powder (grass-fed organic if possible) 2 tsp vanilla essence Optional: 1-2 tlbsp collagen powder, protein powder or MCT powder 150 - 200g dark chocolate (min. 70% cocoa), melted 1½ Tbsp coconut oil 1½ cups dessicated coconut


Line a baking dish or slice tray (approx. 26cm x 16cm) with plastic wrap. 1. Place 200ml of water and sweetener in a small saucepan and stir over medium heat until dissolved. 2. Place remaining 200ml water in a cup and stir through gelatin to bloom. 3. Add bloomed gelatin to saucepan and keep stirring with a spatula or whisk until dissolved (should be just before boiling point). 4. Pour hot mixture into a mixmaster and blend on high speed until mixture becomes white, thickened and glossy. Use whisk attachment if possible for a fast result otherwise normal beaters will work, just takes a few minutes longer to thicken. 5. Fold through vanilla and optional extras eg. collagen powder, MCT powder. 6. Pour mixture into lined baking tray and place in fridge for 10 minutes until firm. Remove and slice into squares. 7. Melt chocolate by breaking into pieces and placing in microwave safe bowl on high with coconut oil for 1 minute. Remove and stir. If not fully melted, microwave further 30 secs at a time if needed. 8. Allow chocolate mixture to cool slightly then use two forks to coat marshmallow squares in melted mix before rolling in dessicated coconut. 9. Place on tray lined with baking paper to set then store in airtight container in fridge up to 7 days.

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Âź cup tamari 1-2 Tbsp chilli sauce (optional) Preferred shortening for frying eg. tallow, coconut oil, ghee 30 PREP





This easy stir-fry is a great way to use up any odds and ends of vegetables in the fridge that are looking a little tired. Works well as a tasty side dish alongside any protein.


1 medium onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 2cm fresh ginger, grated

Firm vegetables, chopped in even pieces (approx 2-3 cups) eg. carrots, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum


1. Heat a large wok or frypan with preferred shortening and fry onion until softened. 2. Add crushed garlic and ginger and fry for one minute. 3. Add chopped firm vegetables to the pan and stir-fry until starting to soften. 4. Add soft vegetables to the pan along with the tamari and optional chilli sauce. 5. Keep moving the vegetables around the pan until all are softened and cooked. 6. Check for seasoning and add salt/pepper to taste before serving.

Soft vegetables, chopped in even pieces (approx. 2-3 cups) eg. zucchini, mushroom, tomato

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Baked Egg Custard






This recipe was a huge surprise when I first tried it, super simple and the result is very yum. Custards can be prepared in advance if needed and are delicious served hot or cold. *Only 3g Net Carbs per serve compared with average 18g Carbs for standard version


4 eggs 120g cream cheese 1 ½ cups water 3 Tbsp natvia sweetener (or similar granulated sweetener) 2 tsp vanilla essence Sauce 3 Tbsp butter 2 Tbsp natvia sweetener (or similar granulated sweetener) 1 tsp vanilla


Preheat oven to 160°C and grease four ramekin dishes (approx. 9cm diameter, 6cm high) and place in large baking dish. 1. Place eggs, cream cheese, water, sweetener and vanilla in a blender and blend until smooth and combined. 2. Pour mixture evenly between the four greased ramekin dishes. 3. Place ramekins in large baking dish in the oven then pour hot water into the baking dish until halfway up the sides of the ramekin dishes. 4. Bake for approx. 30 minutes or until tops look golden and brown. 5. Carefully remove puddings from the baking dish and serve warm (with sauce) or place in fridge to cool and serve cold (with warm sauce). 6. To make the sauce – place all sauce ingredients in a small bowl or jug and microwave on high for 30 seconds. Whisk together and microwave further 30 seconds (if needed) to melt fully and combine. 7. Serve warm sauce in small jug or pour directly on top of each custard to serve.

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Stuffed Mushrooms


Preheat oven to 180°C and place baking paper on a large baking trays. 30 PREP





This dish is one of the first “dinner style” meals I taught my kids to make. When they were young, I chopped the ingredients for them and put in bowls for them to assemble. Now they’re older, they can do everything themselves which is great as I get a night off cooking! *Only 6g Net Carbs per serve


1kg medium to large mushroom cups (approx. 16, 4 per serve) 350g cream cheese, softened 200g bacon or ham, finely chopped ½ cup spring onion green stalks, finely chopped 200g tasty cheese, grated

1. Wash or wipe mushrooms to clean and remove stalks (taking care not to break) then place mushrooms top side down on large baking trays. 2. Break off small pieces of cream cheese and spread with a knife gently in mushroom cup taking care not to break the cup. Distribute cheese evenly among mushroom cups. 3. Distribute chopped bacon evenly throughout all mushroom cups on top of cream cheese. 4. Distribute chopped green onion evenly throughout all mushroom cups on top of bacon. 5. Top with grated tasty cheese and press mixture down slightly in each mushroom cup. 6. Bake for 30 - 40 minutes or until cheese is melted and golden brown.

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Nutty Granola Bars






Nutty and delicious, a nutrient dense and filling snack perfect for the kids to enjoy during home schooling. *Only 5g Net Carbs per serve compared with average 18g Carbs for standard version


1 cup whole almonds, roughly chopped 1 cup slivered almonds 1 cup coconut flakes 1 large egg ¼ cup natvia sweetener (or similar granulated sweetener) 2 Tbsp almond butter (or any preferred nut butter) 1 Tbsp coconut oil 2 Tbsp pumpkin seeds 2 Tbsp sunflower seeds ¼ cup dark chocolate (min. 70% cocoa), chopped ¼ tsp salt


Preheat oven to 180°C and line a 20cm square tray with non-stick baking paper. 1. Place first three ingredients on three separate baking trays and bake until golden brown. Watch oven closely as coconut will take around 3 minutes, slivered almonds around 8 minutes and chopped almonds around 15 minutes. Remove and cool (place nuts on a plate in fridge if wanting to cool super fast). 2. Add egg and sweetener to a medium mixing bowl and whisk until well combined. 3. Add nut butter and coconut oil to a mug and microwave for 30 seconds on high until smooth. Pour into egg mixture and whisk to combine well. 4. Add all remaining ingredients to egg mixture including cooled nuts. Mix to combine well. 5. Spoon into prepared tray and press down firmly with large metal spoon (or clean wet hands) to ensure mixture is packed down well. 6. Bake for 15 minutes or until top is golden brown. Cool in tray completely before slicing with a sharp knife. Store in airtight container in the fridge for up to one week.

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Physical issues with the

By Annabelle Carter-Short


o, you spent the night turning and tossing. By morning, you are feeling tired, cranky, and low on energy. While one night of lacking sleep may not have much effect on your body, continuous sleep deprivation could result in adverse physical consequences. What many people don’t know is that missing out on the recommended seven hours of sleep every night does more than make you grumpy and sluggish. Science has linked lack of sleep with several health issues, from a weak immune system to weight gain. Read on to understand the physical problems associated with insufficient sleep.


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

1 Immune System While you are sleeping, the immune system produces protective infection-fighting substances known as cytokines. Your body uses cytokines to fight “bad guys” like viruses and bacteria. They also help you to sleep deeply by providing your immune system with increased energy to defend the body. When you don’t have a sufficient sleep, your immune system is weakened, and thus unable to defend itself against foreign invaders. It might also take longer than usual to recover from infections. Long-term sleep deprivation may increase your risk for chronic conditions like heart diseases and diabetes.

2 Respiratory System The relationship between the respiratory system and sleep deprivation is a double-edged sword. Obstructive sleep apnea might interrupt your sleep and decrease sleep quality. Waking up several times during the night might make you vulnerable to flu and the common cold. Sleep deprivation might also worsen existing respiratory diseases like chronic lung disease.

3 The Central Nervous System (CNS) The CNS is responsible for relaying information in your body. Sleep is essential in helping your body to function optimally, including the CNS. Therefore, chronic insomnia might disrupt the signal sending trail in your body. When you are sleeping, pathways between neurons in the brain will help you to recall new information you have learned. Sleep deprivation leaves you feeling exhausted, meaning that it can’t perform its duties properly. You need enough sleep for focus; thus, sleep deprivation may lead to challenges concentrating. Body signals might also be delayed and consequently increases your risk for accidents and decreases concentration. Lack of sufficient sleep may affect your emotional state and mental capabilities negatively. You could also be impatient and susceptible to mood swings. Some people are unable to make the right decisions or exercise creativity.

4 Cardiovascular System Lack of sufficient sleep affects processes that keep your blood vessels and your heart healthy, including your blood pressure, inflammation, and blood sugar. It also enhances your body’s capacity to heal and repair blood vessels. Poor sleeping habits might result in cardiovascular illnesses. One study linked insomnia to increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

6 Digestive System

5 The Skin

If you have ever had several sleepless nights in a row, you may have noticed how your skin looks sallow and eyes puffy. It turns out that sleep loss can result in lackluster skin, dark circles, and fine lines. When you don’t get sufficient sleep, the body releases more cortisol, which is a stress hormone. An excess of cortisol breaks down skin collagen, the protein that keeps the smooth elastic and smooth. Another effect of sleep deprivation is the reduced release of human growth hormone. The hormone is responsible for thickening skin and increasing muscle mass. Therefore less of it leads to aged skin.

Besides eating too much and not working out, sleep deprivation is another factor that can lead to becoming obese and overweight. Sleep contributes to the production of ghrelin and leptin, which are the hormones responsible for controlling feelings of fullness and hunger. Leptin communicates to the mind thatyou have had enough to eat. Without sufficient sleep, your mind is unable to produce adequate leptin levels. Consequently, the production of ghrelin, an appetite stimulant, increases. The imbalance of these hormones can explain why nighttime snacking is common among those who stay up late. Lack of sleep might make you feel too tired to exercise. With time, decreased physical activity makes one gain weight since they aren’t building muscles or burning enough calories. Sleep disorders can be treated by visiting a sleep center. The treatment focuses on handling the symptoms to improve your quality of sleep. However, the best way is to prevent sleep deprivation by ensuring you sleep for the recommended hours. Annabelle Carter Short is a writer and seamstress of more than seven years. When not working, she’s spending time with her family or putting pen to paper for her own personal pursuits. Annabelle enjoys crafting and DIY projects with her two kids. She is passionate about autism and she homeschools her autistic son. She also works with few organizations to provide the best resources for raising and educating a special needs child. www.peninsulakids.com.au


• Providing Specialist Orthodontic Services to the Mornington Peninsula with three locations in Rosebud, Mount Eliza and Hastings. • The very best in Orthodontic care and technology - clear braces, Invisalign, lingual (hidden) braces. • Treatment provided in a relaxed environment. • Highest quality care provided by our Orthodontist.



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“Lighte enjoy life n up, just , laugh m smile more, ore, and don get so w orked u ’t p about th ings” -Kenneth Branagh


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How much food should

your child eat? A

s our kids grow, so do their appetites and dietary needs. Some are pickers, others are guzzlers and often parents are faced with a battle to get their kids eating a balanced diet or eating at all. continued next page...

Dr Peter A. Scott is a specialist orthodontist offering orthodontic care for children, teens and adults alike in both the Mornington Peninsula and inner Melbourne areas. He is also a consultant orthodontist at the Royal Childrens Hospital.

Specialist Orthodontist Creating Beautiful Smiles On The Peninsula For 30 Years Expertise In Child And Adult Orthodontics Early Assessment Of Dental Development And Facial Growth Ideal Age Of Initial Assessment 7-9 Years Early Intervention Where Appropriate For Best Outcome No Referral Necessary

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The best way for your child to eat healthy is to serve a variety of foods from each of the five food groups every day. Each food group has important nutrients that contribute to a healthy diet. Children need healthy and nutritious food for growing minds and bodies. Eating a variety of foods from the five food groups provides them with enough nutrients that are essential for good health, growth and development.

The five food groups are made up of:

Grains and cereal Milk, cheese, yoghurt (and dairy alternatives) Vegetables and legumes/beans Fruit Lean meat, fish, poultry (and meat alternatives) Peninsula Orthodontics loves working with families. Our experienced team will provide you with an individual treatment plan to deliver only exceptional results Capture that perfect smile you will always treasure. No referral required.

Specialist Orthodontists Dr Andrew Pepicelli Dr Andrea Phatouros Dr Daniel Sable

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TIPS FOR SERVING VEGETABLES The reality is that not all kids are fans of veggies. Fussy eaters can make meal time difficult, so here are a few tips on making vegetables more interesting: Add chopped vegetables to a bolognaise sauce. Veggies like cherry tomatoes, snow peas, green beans, red capsicum, celery or carrot sticks are great to dip with hummus. Load vegetables into soups with beans or pasta. Most kids like mashed potato, but you can include different mashed veggie for different colours and flavours.


So, how much is too much or too little? And when can parents take comfort in knowing they are providing a balanced diet that falls within the recommended guidelines?



These helpful tips will help parents make daily food plans for healthy kids – including what a serve size looks like, what to do with fussy eaters, tips on healthy options and what’s ok to feed them at each developmental age.


Pregnancy, Birth and Baby, a trusted government-owned service for parents, families and carers, has created useful easy-to-follow guides to help parents navigate this tricky area in a child’s life.

6-12 Months: At this age, there is no exact amount a baby will eat each day. Try different foods and let them guide you to when they’re full.

2-3 years:

1-2 years: By now your child should be familiar with food but they may not be used to regular mealtimes and will probably want food when they are hungry. Their diet should include grains, fruit, vegetables, dairy and protein.

When your child reaches two, they should be eating the same food as the rest of the family. Serving sizes will vary from child to child but they should be eating plenty of wholesome 4-5 years: food with healthy snacks When children reach four, their throughout the day. consumption of food will depend on how active they are. Stir-fries, pasta, meat and vegetables are an excellent way to replenish growing bodies. Your child will be hungry often and eat up to 12 portions of food each day. Children will get hungry throughout the day, so have a selection of healthy snacks for them to enjoy in-between meals.


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here may be some dark days during your pregnancy, times where you need someone to talk to; a stranger that doesn’t know you like a friend of relative does.

You may want to simply talk, think aloud, have a cry. A trained counsellor or therapist will listen to you without judgement. You don’t have to talk just about your pregnancy; they are happy to hear about any feelings

60 60 Peninsula PeninsulaKids Kids–Spring – Spring2020 2020

that you are experiencing and help you to try and feel better. It is never a good idea to hide your feelings or suffer in silence. Many women feel ashamed or guilty about feeling low or dwelling on negative thoughts during their pregnancy because they feel that it should be such a joyous time. Mental health problems can arise at any time during life (especially at a time when your hormones are going crazy) and it does in no way mean that you are going to be a bad mum. Your emotional wellbeing can easily be overlooked, as all of the focus is directed on your growing bump.“I had not really planned a pregnancy. In my head, I had a fixed idea of how I wanted my life to pan out. Falling pregnant in my mid 20’s was not part of the big picture even though I was with a long term partner.

I had a colleague at work that had been going through IVF and that made me feel terrible. How could I be so ungrateful? After struggling for a few weeks, I made an appointment with my GP. He suggested I talk to a counsellor. At first, I was a bit reluctant but after I made that first appointment, I did not look back. Being able to talk freely in such a safe space was incredibly helpful.� Rebecca T, 27 weeks Usually you have a face-to-face talk with a therapist, although there are now more consultations taking place on the phone and via the internet. If you do feel that you would like some extra support, then talk to your midwife or GP about how you feel. If you don’t have any friends that are pregnant then why not think of joining a local pregnancyspecific class? A good way of finding out what is available is to ask what others recommend on social media platforms. Meeting other pregnant mums-to-be means that you can talk about your feelings to other women experiencing their journey into motherhood. And, you never know, you just might meet a friend for life!

Jo Ford is the co-author of Pregnancy Wellbeing. For current tips and tricks on all things pregnancy and post natal follow @pregnancywellbeing on Instagram and Facebook.



Granny’s Guide

By Yvette O’dowd


y the time you read this, my third grandchild will be welcomed by his two big sisters! Aged seven and nearly four, their preparations for a new sibling in the rollercoaster which has been 2020nhave been made within two lockdown periods, school hopping on and off-site, moving to a new house, and – oh, bushfire smoke right back at the start!

I have joked with my daughter about my recommendation of avoiding big changes in the period before or after the arrival of a new baby, but here we all are! The arrival of a new sibling is one of the most significant events in a young child’s life – and can be a combination of joy and disappointment! By preparing a toddler or older child for what to expect, the transition from baby of the family to big brother or sister can be less overwhelming and a positive experience for all involved.

Involve Your Toddler From The Start

Even very young toddlers quickly work out that something is happening to mummy, so avoid keeping the pregnancy a secret from them. Small children understand more than you think. Talk about babies, introduce your little one to babies in your community and read lots of stories about babies. Let them go along to visits with the midwife or doctor, who will involve them and even let them listen to the heartbeat in mummy’s tummy. Older children can be involved even more – and might have strong opinions on everything from who will look after them while you are birthing to what you will call the baby! They might like to know all the details about life in the womb, how the baby will be born and also - how the baby actually came to be in there! There are some excellent books available for this age group too.

Avoid Big Changes

Growing up means lots of changes in a toddler’s life – toilet training, moving into a big bed or your own bedroom all need time and take some adjustment. If possible, avoid big changes in the three months before or after the baby arrives. If that means staying in nappies, borrowing a second cot for the newborn or continuing to share your 62

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

room with your toddler, be assured that any temporary inconvenience will be out-weighed by keeping your toddler’s world as predictable as possible. Be careful not to load up expectations of responsibility and surrendering infancy. Anxiety around being a big brother or sister, helping mummy or giving up beloved items can be triggered in even the most excited children.

Tell The Truth

The newborn baby will be a great playmate for your toddler – but not for many months or years. Mummy will spend a lot of time feeding and caring for the new baby. Be realistic in what you tell your child – babies are loud when they cry, newborn poo is pretty yucky and umbilical cords will have a clamp on them in the early days. Some babies vomit! Spending time around other mothers and babies in groups like the Australian Breastfeeding Association will expose your toddler to the reality and you can show how babies grow and change.

Give Them Things To Do

The early weeks or months with a baby mean lots of hours sitting in one place while you feed your newborn. This can be hard for an active toddler or pre-schooler who is used to you playing with them and doing lots of things around the home. They will easily become bored and look for their own entertainment … not always with things you would like them to! Activities they can play with near you while you feed will keep them close by and minimise their demands. Forget about sitting in a nursery feeding this baby – you need to be where your older child plays! Set up your chair close by and prepare for feed times by setting out a toy or activity they can play with – puzzles, play dough, books and toys they don’t need your help to use are great. Drinks they can access, snacks which they can graze and a potty nearby make things simpler. And your little helper can be helpful if you show them where you keep nappies, burp cloths and wipes for the baby! Getting used to a new baby in the family takes time for small children – and their parents! By helping your toddler be prepared, they will adjust sooner and shower the baby with love instead or resentment.

Suggested books for before and after the new baby arrives:

For Parents

The Second Baby Book How To Cope With Pregnancy Number Two And Create A Happy Home For Your Firstborn And New Arrival Sarah Ockwell-Smith

For Children

HELLO BABY Jan Overend and Julie Vivas HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIE H. Harris and Michael Emberley DADDY’S HAVING A HORSE Lisa Shanahan, Emma Quay THERE’S A HOUSE INSIDE MY MUMMY Giles Andreae and Vaness Cabban WHAT BABY WANTS William & Martha Sears THE MYSTERY OF THE BREAST Victoria de Aboitiz Afra MILKY MOMENTS Ellie Stoneley Jessica DAlton Goode A RIDE ON MOTHER’S BACK Emery Bernhard CARRIED ON YOUR BACK Ida Theren CARRY ME Rena D. Grossman WHAT DOES BABY WANT? Tupera Tupera BABY + ME: a unique story book for big brothers and sisters Lauren Gardiner and Grace West HELLO IN THERE! A BIG SISTER’S BOOK OF WAITING Jo Witek BABY BUSINESS Jasmine Seymour

Yvette O’Dowd is not your typical grandmother! This mother of three and Granny of three has been a breastfeeding counsellor for more than 25 years. In 2014, Yvette established the Southern Natural Parenting Network, incorporating South Eastern Babywearing Group. With 8000 members world-wide, the group supports parents interested in breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, baby-led weaning and modern cloth nappies -and other aspects of gentle, natural parenting. Yvette has lived in Frankston for 45 years www.facebook.com/SouthernNaturalParentingNetwork www.peninsulakids.com.au


Beginner Level for Kids

By Melissa McCullough

About We Are Knitters We Are Knitters are committed to teaching kids about the importance of a greener world. By knitting your own clothing you can join the movement and show off your personal style. By offering kits with everything kids need to start their own knitting project - yarn, needles, pattern, and plenty of video tutorials - kids can simply choose the colours and the pattern. 64

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020

The knitting needles are beechwood, the wool and cotton are 100% natural, the fabric yarn comes from leftover fabric, and the brown paper bag that holds everything is recycled and reusable. There are tonnes of designs to select from. Among these options, We Are Knitters offer kits with four different types of luxurious, high-quality yarn: Peruvian chunky wool yarn, Peruvian petite wool yarn, Pima cotton yarn and Merino superwash and fabric yarn.



Our thoughts

Let me start by saying: we are sooooo not knitters.

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Correction: We WERE sooooo not knitters. When the package arrived, we went at it with gusto. No one in my house had ever picked up a set of needles, and we were all ready to learn a new skill together. I spent a day or so getting my head around the whole thing, the terminology (skein is a new one for the next scrabble game!), finding a comfortable position for my hands and holding excess yarn at the same time. (I had to be prepared for the onslaught of questions and concerns because they were a-comin’!) The user-friendly instruction guide, filled with easy to understand images of the steps, and places for kids to keep track of their progress, made this project simple to understand. Further to the written instructions, the We Are Knitters website houses loads of video tutorials if you need to see the images in motion. I explained the steps to my 10-year-old daughter, and she got down to business. A week later, behold – her gorgeous, handmade-by-herself, snood! I helped every so often if she got stuck and when it was time to move on to the next step. Not to be left out, I am now working on a snood of my very own and my 8-year-old son has been inspired to try his hand at knitting. He is currently working on a scarf! This has been a wonderful group activity for days at home with the kiddos.

Follow We Are Knitters on Instagram and Facebook and search #weareknitters to get inspired by their community or share your projects. www.weareknitters.com.au


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Craft Activity Create your own ‘Blooming Heart

What You’ll Need



* Paper scissors * Glue * Sticky tape * Wrapping paper or coloured paper * Ribbon, twine or string

Learning to Sew

Heart Template



What To Do 1. Work out the number of pieces you want in your bunting design. Handy hint – odd numbers work well. 2. Print off your hearts and cut them out, leaving 1 cm of paper around the outside edge. Cover the back of each heart with glue. Press the glued side onto the back of the coloured paper so you can see the dark outline of the template shape and the word ‘cut’. 3. Wait until your template has dried before cutting it out. Then, lay your bunting shapes in a row, leaving 2 cm between each heart. Unwind your ribbon or twine the same length as the bunting and allow an extra 25 cm at each end. 4. Cut the line that says ‘cut’ on the template. Feed the twine or ribbon through. Use sticky tape to secure your twine or ribbon in place so the template pieces don’t slide around. 5. Hang up your bunting!

Flag Template Find more super fun activities like this in Gemma Riley and the Fashion Fiasco by Jules Van Mil. Coming August 2020, available for pre-order now!

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You’l What

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rdboard caStar Template

red colou arkly * Sp ors iss * Sc Tack u * Bl ue t. * Gl t it ou and cu red plate colou To Do arkly rt tem What ur sp the sta of yo t out e back y. 1. Prin r to th to dr the sta for glue r. ue sta r ait 2. Gl e star. e inne ard. W of th of th ck ge ba cardbo the the ed re of t along e cent 3. Cu to th u Tack Bl 4. Stick or. on do 5. Stick





Craft Activity Create your own ‘Flag Bunting’ What You’ll Need * Paper scissors * Glue * Sticky tape * Wrapping paper or coloured paper * Ribbon, twine or string What To Do like this Van Mil. ivities les fun act sco by Ju ! super n Fia der now more Fashio Find pre-or and the le for Riley availab mma 20, in Ge t 20 Augus g Comin

want in your bunting 1. Work out the number of pieces you work well. design. Handy hint – odd numbers cut them out, leaving 1 cm 2. Print off your bunting shape and the front of each flag Cover edge. outside the of paper around the back of the coloured with glue. Press the glued side onto paper. before cutting it out. 3. Wait until your template has dried row, leaving 2 cm between Then, lay your bunting shapes in a twine the same length as each shape. Unwind your ribbon or at each end. the bunting and allow an extra 25 cm the line that says ‘fold’ 4. Lay the ribbon or twine down under Fold the template on on your template and stick it in place. sticky tape down to keep it the line that says ‘fold’. Place more in place. 5. Hang up your bunting!

Find more super fun activities like this by Jules Van Mil.

in Gemma Riley and the Fashion Fiasco

Coming August 2020, available for

pre-order now!

A Love That Lasts a Lifetime By Jules Van Mil


f you’d like to find a hobby that develops your child’s physical, social and creative skills, learning to sew is the perfect activity. Sewing provides the perfect opportunity to develop skills that last a lifetime. Cutting fabric, threading a needle and hand stitching helps promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, critical to child development. A hobby, such as sewing, teaches you to be patient and to follow instructions. When children are sewing they don’t realise how much they’re actually learning. To them, it’s just fun. Have you ever been part of a sewing group? Each person works on an individual task, while sharing in the camaraderie that comes with a group activity. For children who are socially reserved, sewing in a group makes them feel included. It’s lovely to see children sitting around a table engrossed in sewing. They get such a thrill from making something and this helps to build self-esteem and confidence. Children will share ideas, equipment and help one another out. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a fortune to start sewing—sewing needles, thread, fabric scissors and material are all that’s needed. Children are naturally creative and it doesn’t take long before they start coming up with their own ideas. Once a child masters the basic running stitch, they can sew just about anything. Sewing can be enjoyed on an intergenerational level. My own mother was not a sewer at all, but she encouraged me to learn. It was my grandmother who knew how to sew. First, I learnt how to hand stitch and then spent hours on her machine sewing up and down pieces of fabric. She taught me about stitch length, how to thread up the machine, fill a bobbin and change the sewing needle, and gave me my first sewing box, which I still have. 66 66 Peninsula PeninsulaKids Kids––Spring Spring2020 2020

My love of sewing eventually lead to a career change. After studying design and pattern-making, I worked in the fashion industry, first as an assistant designer and then on the teaching staff at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. I eventually opened my own design studio, a Couture Bridal Wear business in Sydney. After selling the business I turned my attention to writing, something I’d wanted to do since I first started teaching. In 2018 I signed a two book publishing deal with Pan Macmillan Australia for my middle-grade series. The main character, Gemma Riley, is a highly creative 10-year-old girl who lives on the twelfth floor of her grandmother’s fashion house, the House of Bonafete. Gemma’s resourceful nature and her belief in, ‘doing a lot with a little’, helps save her grandmothers fashion business from ruin. The book also includes instructions on how to make the same items Gemma and her friends create—a fabric friendship heart and bag, a fashion storyboard and customised sneakers. Creatively, I’ve come full circle. I’ve drawn on my experiences as a teacher, designer, patternmaker and machinist in creating the world of Gemma Riley. I hope Gemma inspires young readers to pick up a needle and thread. They just might discover a love that lasts a lifetime. Jules van Mil is a teacher, women’s wear designerand author of Gemma Riley and the Fashion Fiasco, Pan Macmillan, RRP $16.99 www.julesvanmil.com Go to peninsulakids/giveaways for your chance win a copy of this book.

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Colour me in for your chance to win a term’s worth of sessions at Toorak College’s Little Learners Playgroup (value $120). Suitable for all 2 and 3-year-old children and for redemption in Term 1, 2021. Email entries to melissa@mpnews.com.au or PM your artwork to facebook.com/MorningtonPeninsulaKids Winner chosen 16/11/2020. Prizes must be collected from Peninsula Kids offices at 63 Watt Road Mornington VIC., unless otherwise stated. (Subject to Covid-19 restrictions, prizes will be held until a suitable time.) www.peninsulakids.com.au


Vuly Lift 2 Trampoline Play trusted. Lift 2 is the longest lasting Vuly ever. With a design refined over several generations, it’s traditional done right.

• • • • • •

10-year warranty 750kg Load Rating (150 Weight Rating) Double-sided safety padding Dual layer spring system Tough, no-gap polyethylene enclosure Galvanised frame – inside and out – plus powder-coating • Self-closing door • Printed Game Mat


Peninsula Kids – Spring 2020



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