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Melissa McCullough

Greetings from the winter 2018 edition of Peninsula Kids magazine.

Editor and Publisher Melissa McCullough

I sat at my desk with coffee in hand listening to Gwen Stefani croon about her sweet escape. Preparing to pen my ed’s letter, I looked over at a plaque on the wall with a line from the Desiderata and just knew that it was something worth sharing in its entirety.

Design Sam Loverso

Written in 1927 by Max Ehrmann, parts of the text have been used countless times in popular culture. Its words of hope cradled within lines of advice and inspiration are sure to strike a chord with so many. Enjoy.

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"Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.

Distribution Marilyn Saville

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Disclaimer: The authors and publisher do not assume any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

Registered address: 2/1 Tyabb Road, Mornington 3931

Proudly published by

Sam Loverso

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

All material is copyright, and may not be reproduced without the express permission of Mornington Peninsula News Group, or the original copyright holder in the case of contributions. Copyright of contributed material rests with the contributor.

Peninsula Kids is produced quarterly. 15,000 copies distributed between Mordialloc and Portsea.


Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

General Enquiries

This publication is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

ed’s letter...

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Distribution

Marilyn Saville

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.� Desiderata by Max Ehrmann Advertising

Miriam Doe

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Spotlight 9 Madeleine West Actor, author and super mum.

36 The Value of Friendships Friends play an important role in the lives of women.

16 My Child Won't Listen Changing your parenting style may have positive results.

40 Thankfulness is the Beginning of Happiness Teaching children grattitude has life-long benefits.

22 Married at First Sight's Melissa Melissa fills PK in on life during the show and now.

44 Parents...What's the Fuss? Tips to get you through mealtime.

28 The Perfect Mother Quest...Discontinued Take the first step toward conscious parenting.

50 School Holiday Money Woes Holiday hacks for parents from Wotif.

34 Family Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them Three financial experts lend their views.

62 Peninsula Kids Good Vibes Only Photoshoot Showcasing kids winter fashion available locally.


CONTRIBUTORS Special thanks go to the gorgeous and talented group of contributors who breathe life into every issue by sharing their best with us.




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90 Building a Healthy Immune System 93 Children Giving Endurance Athletes a Run For Their Money 94 Rising to the Challenge

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96 10 Things to Do Before Giving Birth 100 Are you a Fun Mummy or Frantic Mummy? 102 Choosing a Baby Carrier or Sling

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018



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Actor, Author &SUPER MUM By Melissa Walsh

She has appeared in a variety of Australian dramas, from Neighbours, Underbelly, House Husbands and The Wrong Girl, is a mum of six children under 12, married to chef, Shannon Bennett, and a children’s author. Peninsula Kids Magazine talks to Madeleine West about the launch of her new book series for children, Lily D V.A.P., and mum life.


ith the first three books of the series released in May this year, the beloved Australian actor and mother of six says her inspiration for this series began with her young daughter being bullied at school a few years ago. Searching for answers on how to handle this issue became the catalyst for creating the main character in the books. “Without being able to find anything to address this issue, I decided to create a nine-year-old character who is something to aspire to and also the kind of girl that they want to be like and also have as a friend,” said Madeleine, with the result being Lily D V.A.P, an eight-year-old method actor who each week in drama class, takes a walk in the shoes of the characters she plays. “Lily D is 80% autobiographical, 10% my children, and then another 10% is every kid out there who dreams big and sees the world more positively. The main aim of these books is to instill respect and kindness in children irrespective of their colour, their creed, or their social status.” continued next page.....


Madeleine says as a mother, she is exposed to a variety of children day in day out and is acutely aware of what their concerns. “One of the biggest concerns for me is the power our society, so driven by image, has on our children. Our kids are the first generation born into the cult of celebrity where the way they look and how they are seen by others defines who they are. So I created Lily. D. Yes she is an actor in the making but for all the right reasons - learning to walk in another’s shoes and see the world through another’s eyes. My ultimate aim is to show children that the greatest gift you can give is to treat others with kindness, respect, empathy and understanding,” she said. “I have always loved books and held a deep respect for words as they give people a voice. I’ve written for as long as I can remember and it’s a natural progression from my work as an actor which is essentially to tell stories. Everyone has a story and it deserves to be told.” For Madeleine, writing this series has been a cathartic experience, with Lily a large part being autobiographical.

“Creating her world and constructing her unique language, based on what I see and hear in the school playground, has been a great joy and the source of much inspiration,” said Madeleine, who says that writing for children was born entirely from becoming a mother. “Writing for children and continuing to do so is absolutely critical as children are curious and far wiser than we give them credit for. If we can help mould those incredible minds in the formative years with quality literature we are nurturing not just the leaders of tomorrow but considerate, compassionate citizens of the globe.” Lily.D, V.A.P follows the adventures of Lily, a jump-off-the-page, totally believable character who is full of beans, follows her dreams, and really REALLY loves beads. It’s her dream to become a performance artiste when she grows up, a V.A.P (a Very Amazing Performer). But Lily is no child star; she understands that success requires hard work and respect. Lily is a method actor with a difference. In each book in the series Lily ‘goes method’ to inhabit a character from a famous play or musical. By walking in another person’s shoes, Lily learns to see the positives in everyone and discovers that the greatest gift you can give in this world is to treat others with kindness and respect. The series covers some of the curliest questions our children ask of us, and addresses major topical issues our children face every day. “I’m thrilled to finally release my first series of children’s books, Lily.D, V.A.P. As a mother of six young kids, it’s always been important to me that they follow their own ambitions and I want to inspire other children to bring their dreams to life,” said Madeleine. “Above all else, I want my readers to know that if they believe in themselves, anything is possible. Strive to be the best version of yourself you can be because the most powerful person in the room is always the person who believes in themselves. FACT!”

Madeleine West is also the author of parenting book Six Under Eight, published in 2016. Lily.D, V.A.P, which is pitched at junior readers (5-8 years), hit the shelves on May 1 this year. RRP $12.99 each book.


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Here every student is encouraged to dream big and is celebrated for what they achieve.

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This is possibility. This is Toorak.

help me please!

By Olivia Wilson


f your children went to school with mine, you would quite often see me standing in the middle of the playground once everyone has left and the bell has gone, holding my daughter tightly as she cries… no sobs. Or, you may see me trying to wrench my daughter off the school gates and get her into the building. You may see me desperately looking around for someone to help me, for someone to take her hand and make this separation easier for us both. Some days you may see me walking back to my car in tears, or possibly hunched over my steering wheel in a nearby road, trying to make sense of what has just happened. 12

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Most, not all, but most mornings, we have issues; and most mornings, like lots of other parents, I am dealing with this ALONE. I am dealing with the "I'm not going" and the refusal to get dressed. I am dealing with the two hours of tears and the exhaustion as it took almost three hours to fall asleep last night. I am dealing with the loss of control at a seemingly fun event at the weekend, or the aftermath of seeing something scary on the news... Parents of anxious children deal with so much behind closed doors, and especially on bad days, after hours of battling, we can often be seen muttering under our breath, “oh god I just wish they'd do more!!!!"

continued next page.....


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That's why I've come up with a list of what I think schools could do to help us parents of anxious kids a little more.

1) KNOW THEIR STORY - Every child has a different story. Every child is different, and each child's anxiety is intensified by different triggers. *If you take the time to know their story (really know their story) you acials • peels • make-up • microdermabrasion • spray tans • sugaringcan better help each child as an individual. That means reading their paperwork. after

Example: My daughter suffers with severe separation anxiety and after the death of a person she felt very close to. She is terrified I am going to be killed. She CANNOT watch upsetting things on TV, horror films, pantomimes (yes....), or the news. She can't read stories that involve ghosts or death, and if she does it's not pretty! At school they have been learning about Malala! Now whilst I think this is an incredibly powerful and much needed lesson for children today, she really struggled. We had sleepless nights (and I mean SLEEPLESS), we had panic attacks, crying, hyperventilating, school refusal, & choking..... Maybe if she or I had been 'pre warned' of this topic, I could have broken her in gently beforehand. That is why I beg you to KNOW THEIR STORY.

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Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

2) Before term even begins, send an email saying "hi", telling our children about what you did over the holidays, what's happening in the first week back, where their classroom will be, who they will be sitting next to, and how their days will pan out would be a godsend!!! This would ease their anxiety about coming back to school and give us a good conversation starter, and some answers to constant "pre term" worries. 3) Organise an end of holiday breakfast for our children. This can allow them to remind themselves of their surroundings without 400 other kids in the space. They can chat to a friendly staff member about how they're feeling and become more relaxed about the prospect of another term. This is also a great way for all the children in the same boat to be introduced and encouraged to look out for each other. 4) Once term officially starts, have a well-liked, familiar staff member in the playground when our children arrive at school. Make this a regular morning meet up, preferably the same person every time, and encourage that staff member to help when they see our children struggling to separate. 5) Give our children a safe place to go and calm themselves in stressful periods. This could be a special corner of the library or even a space in the office. Let every child know where this is before they really need to use it! 6) Explain to parents and children who they can go to during anxious times. It’s so important that we all have someone we can turn to, who doesn’t judge or show signs of annoyance. This adult should be

empathetic, reassuring and understanding of our children’s feelings and ours. It’s not easy seeing our children so distressed, and to be listened to and reassured in a caring manner goes a long way to easing everyone's stress levels. 7) Educate all children in your school about anxiety. Talk about what it feels like so everyone knows how to recognise it. Give children tips on how to deal with anxiety and how to help a friend in need. 8) Provide our children with activities to distract them from the physical symptoms that anxiety causes. Reassure them that they aren't causing a problem and assure them they do not need to be embarrassed. Give our children small tasks to complete. If the stress is before class give them a job to do in the office. If it's during class time, ask them to get a drink of water or have a walk in the fresh air. Distraction is a powerful tool. 9) Give our children positive feedback when they make an effort to use the strategies they have been taught. Walking into work may not be a big deal for you but walking into school after hours of severe anxiety is HUGE!!!! 10) If there is a big change coming up or an important school event (NAPLAN for example), make time to take our children to one side, chat with them, ask them how they are feeling. Show them you care about how they feel, and you are there to make this as smooth for them as possible. Being 'present' and showing our kids you care is so powerful. 11) Give our children a timetable to take home and stick on the fridge. Knowing how their day is laid out gives them plenty of time to prepare themselves and their minds, and not be too anxious about what lies ahead.

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12) Maintain regular meetings with parents. Ask us about what’s happening at home, get a real insight into the struggles our children are having. Learn about these children, they need you to! Find out about their sleeping habits, why our children are refusing to come to school, or are getting upset whilst reading certain materials. The more YOU know, the more YOU can help. **As always, if you are concerned about your child's mental health, your first point of call must be your GP.

Olivia Wilson is a Melbourne based freelance writer who has created a campaign to raise awareness of and educate people about the severity of Childhood Anxiety after experiencing a lack of compassion for her own anxious daughter. Hanging Out With Mermaids offers support to parents of anxious children, and resources for anyone living or working with an anxious child. You can support Hanging out with mermaids on Facebook and Instagram

For enquiries call Jason 0406 691 231 or visit us on facebook at


My child won't listen!


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

By Deanne Atkinson


y child won’t listen. My child won’t co-operate. I am finding parenting so difficult and unfulfilling.”

These words are common. I listen to the mother sitting across from me who feels stuck in her life and doesn’t know where it all went wrong, let alone a solution to this blurry existence she finds herself in.

“I mean I love my child but sometimes I struggle to actually like being around them.” I listen attentively and with empathy. “Then the guilt sets in and I feel like a dreadful mother, an Ogre, the worst mother on earth for yelling at my child so often”. Children not listening and mother guilt. Two very common issues that many mothers can relate to. Not listening is something I experienced myself as a new mum over a decade ago, until I changed. Yes there is the key. I changed. I changed the way I parent and surprise, surprise my child responded positively. Think about when you have had enough of someone talking to you (or yelling). Most of us shut off. Children are no different. If they have been told what to do, how to do it, to meet the needs of others' demands they will have a point when they just shut off. No more listening. I believe they reach this point because they haven’t been listened to themselves and they are saying “I have had enough of you. You don’t listen to me, yet you expect me to obey every request you demand of me.” For some parents this might be hard to read; for others it’s the light bulb moment where suddenly there is hope for the future. I insist that we are the ones that need to change when children aren’t listening. Most parents use an instructional method, telling children what to do.

continued next page...


It’s easy in the short term and it meets our needs as a parent, in getting things done. But what if we gave children choices and explained the consequences of a good and bad choice and let them learn in their time? Don’t we all learn from experiences? Isn’t this meeting their needs to grow and learn from life? I avoided the "terrible two’s" with my daughter by giving her age-related choices. She felt listened to, respected and she had a say in what went on in her life. Our lives are full of choices and learning to cope with the outcomes requires confidence to move forward again. I encourage parents to teach their children this skill: confidence in making choices and dealing with the outcome. This is a long term approach to parenting, not a short term fix. It takes time to adjust to this type of parenting and it requires patience and understanding as children will learn in their own time. By doing everything for your child and making all the decisions for them you are risking developing a young adult who is indecisive, dependable on others and lives his entire life pleasing those around them. Mother guilt is a whole other topic to cover but in short if you haven’t intended to hurt your child then there is no reason to feel guilty.

We are so hard on ourselves to be perfect and need to let that go completely. Reflection on our day or the way we reacted is healthy as we can change things we are not happy with by acting differently. Sometimes we need to remember that we are teaching our children valuable lessons and although the lesson may be tough we are building skills to cope with the outside world. As for the yelling matches and the lack of co operation, start with choices with a long term view of building a confident independent young adult. One day our children will be adults and forced to cope with the challenges of life. They need us to teach them the skills to cope and give them the best start possible.

Deanne is the Founder of Parent with Passion, a service which helps mums and dads who are struggling with parenting. From pre conception care, supporting new mums, and including toddler issues through to teenagers Deanne has a supportive approach getting to the cause of the issue. She has a spiritual approach to parenting meaning she is all about feelings and emotions. Deanne looks beneath behaviour to the emotion and supports both children and parents to move through negativity by addressing what the underlying issue is. For appointments or more information you can also follow Parent with Passion on FB and Instagram.



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It’s time to ditch the mother guilt

By Natasha Stewart


t’s rare to find a working mother who doesn’t feel weighed down by the competing responsibilities of motherhood and career— that inevitable side dish of guilt that gets served up in the quest for ‘work-life balance.’ There’s always a feeling that you could be doing it all…well, BETTER, and wishing you could stretch time to fit it all in—the kids’ soccer games, the work emails, that self-regenerating pile of laundry that resembles the leaning tower of Pisa. A recent study by sociologist Dr Rose—"Never enough hours in the day: Employed mothers' perceptions of time pressure"—has confirmed this near-universal phenomenon of mother guilt, with surveys consistently finding that employed mothers were the most time-pressured group in society. This pressure can even lead to a distorted perception of time, with some mothers reporting feelings of "time poverty" — a lack of time — or a sense of time going "in reverse, neutral or hyperdrive." So how do we overcome our feelings of guilt and live more harmoniously? Natasha Stewart, mother of two and founder of Business Jump, an online business that provides a platform for other mothers to jumpstart their dreams of running a profitable online business from home, shares four ways to shed the mamaguilt shackles and start reclaiming your time.

Replace the quest for ‘work-life

balance’ with ‘work-life harmony’

Sometimes, trying to dedicate equal time to family and career can just create more stress. Natasha suggests “striving for work-life harmony over work-life balance as balance is just another (often impossible) yardstick we are measuring ourselves against”. Why give yourself another reason to feel guilty? For Natasha, it’s about “making sure my kids are happy and knowing that if I need to stop, I will. My passion for what I do gives me the drive to not only be a better businesswoman, but helps me be a better mum, too”.

Natasha’s advice is to “automate everything you can, and streamline all those admin-heavy tasks that weigh you down. This frees you up for the big picture tasks, and gives you the space to allocate quality time with the kids”.

Keep sight of the things that

drive you

The relentless pressure of running a business from home along with caring for two young children resulted in a severe bout of postnatal depression for Natasha—an experience that she says gave her the wake-up call to live life differently and totally revamp her patterns of working. Now Natasha says she’s “focused on providing a roadmap for other mums to enjoy the same flexibility and business success as I do”. Having this overarching framework gives her passion and motivation to stay the course, and knowing what happened when she overstretched gives her a reminder of the importance of looking after herself. Find the things that make you tick, and make them an integral part of your business,” says Natasha.

Take time out for you

Time is a vital resource in maintaining your mental and physical health, and for time-poor working mothers, self-care is the first thing to go. For Natasha Stewart is a mother guilt kicks in strong when she does something for herself with her free time instead of the kids, but Natasha believes if you can’t look after you, then nothing else is going to be cared for when you eventually snap. The in-flight emergency rundown tells you to fit the oxygen mask to yourself first for a reason, so make time for that walk on the beach, massage or yoga session—your kids will reap the rewards of a healthier, happier you.

Work smarter not harder

The single most important factor for staving off mother guilt and the chaos of time constraints in the running of a business is to work smarter, not harder.


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Natasha Stewart, mother of two and founder of Business Jump, an online business that provides a platform for other mothers to jumpstart their dreams of running a profitable online business from home.

9782 9444 | 149 Hall Road | Carrum Downs

Mum Marries at First Sight S

he’s a mother of four, grandmother to two, worked as a journalist for 25 years, lived on the Mornington Peninsula for all of that time, and was one of the participants of Married at First Sight. Peninsula Kids Magazine talks to Melissa Walsh about her decision to put her love life in the hands of the experts in the social experiment that tests if science can find a soul mate, and life after the show. “After my last marriage I have found it hard to trust my ability to match myself with the right type of person,” said Melissa who was completely devastated when her second marriage ended. “I saw the advertisement for applications to the show and decided to download it and apply. I sent off a couple of photos and went upstairs to quietly make a small video telling them who I was and why I had been so unlucky in love.” Never expecting to hear anything back, Melissa deleted the video and went about her everyday life until a week later when she had a message from a Married at First Sight producer. “I was in total shock when I heard the message saying they were interested in my application. It had been my usual Friday night sitting at home alone with a glass of wine and I immediately thought ‘What have I done?’”, she says with a laugh. “After I composed myself and called them back I was delighted that I was being considered as I truly believed they might be able to find the perfect person for me.” Being a mum with grown up children as well as a 15-yearold (Ellie) living at home, it was important to Melissa that she discuss the prospect of doing the show with her family. “While the application process was intense and went for several months, I decided fairly early on to talk to my children about it as I wanted to make sure they had no concerns,” she said. “I decided that if any of them objected, I would withdraw my application but I was delightfully surprised by their reaction and they were incredibly supportive.” 22

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018


MINDS are curious and energised. They forge new paths, find new perspectives, unearthing new possibilities along the way. Unafraid of mistakes and failure, they test their boundaries, find strong footings, and new ways forward.

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One important factor was that Melissa’s daughter Chloe was due to coming back for home visits and family time, and introducing her TV have a baby while the show was being filmed, but Melissa found that husband John to the family. the producers were incredibly accommodating to her during that time. “I was so proud of my children and how they handled the whole “I was very fortunate that I was allowed to have my mobile phone with situation. I loved it when Ellie grilled John when they had their one-onme while filming, particularly in the dinner parties and commitment one time as it showed how mature she is,” said Melissa. “I know John ceremonies as usually phones are not allowed. It was lucky that I was a little shocked but deep down loved that she felt comfortable did, as during one of the dinner parties I received the phone call that with him to ask the hard questions.” Chloe was in labour,” said Melissa, who made a dramatic exit to fly While Ellie coped well during those two months filming, Melissa says back to Melbourne to be with her daughter. “The executive producer it was wonderful to get home and be back in normal life when the came up to me straight away and explained they would get me on show ended. the next available flight and I was blown away with how generous “Ellie really did well over that time, living with her brother in Darwin they were. As it turns out, it was the longest labour in history and baby Summer Rae was born five days later,”” she says with a laugh. and then back for the home stays and when Summer was born, but “I remember Nasser saying to call the baby after him in his usual form.” we did have the odd teary phone call when I felt I should be back home for her,” she said. “So it was wonderful to get back home and For Melissa, the hardest part of being on the show was the two month into our normal life and routine again. John and I kept in contact for absence from her family and home. quite some time but decided a couple of months ago to call it quits. “I really did enjoy the experience and am very proud to have done We remain great friends though and I will always be grateful to have it. However being away from my children and grandchildren was gone through the experience with him.”” incredibly difficult,” she said. “I would have days when I couldn’t stop crying. One that I remember in particular was when we were doing a two day publicity shoot at Channel Nine in Sydney. We had to dress up in our bridal gear as well as casual wear, and that’s when we filmed the promos. It also happened to be the same day that my granddaughter Ava was doing her first dance concert and, when I saw the photo of her, I burst into tears. Poor John and everybody around me had to console me and they were all so lovely and supportive.” For the most part, Melissa says it was an incredible experience and she was able to chat to her children when not filming. “It was actually really great with lots of facetime calls with Ellie and Chloe in particular,” said Melissa. “That made it a lot easier to be away.” For Melissa, one of the great things about doing the show was 24

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Meet & feed friendly kangaroos and wallabies. Wombats, Tasmanian Devils, colourful birds, snakes and lizards and many more animals! Pat & cuddle up to a koala (3 sessions daily), hold a python or play with a dingo in one of our Interactive animal encounters. Enjoy our wildlife show with owls, dingoes and other animals on stage daily! Bushfood garden, wetlands and more. Learn about our critically endangered animals and their conservation. Enjoy a coffee or light meal in our CafĂŠ or on our new Deck. Children under 4 free of charge. Moonlit Sanctuary also comes alive at night with world-famous lantern-lit evening tours. Bookings essential.

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CHILDCARE Do you need to take a break? Do you need an extra work day? Than we are looking for you! Opening term bookings now for Occasional Care every Wednesday! * During school terms : 9.10am - 2.00pm. COST: From $35/40 Please enquire for more details. * Minimum number’s are required to run. Optima Childcare @ Optima Health & Fitness Open Hours : Monday - Friday 9.10am - 12.05pm Occasional Care Monday - 9.10am- 2 pm Enrollments now open for Wednesday Term 3- 9.10am- 2.00 pm OPEN DAY Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th of JUNE from 11am- 12.30pm Bring the Kids & head down to see us at play

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The Perfect Mother Quest ............. By Katarina Wallentin

• • • • •

Asthma & Allergy management Food intolerance Psychological and Behavioral assessment Childhood and travel vaccine Health check for newborns, infants and 4 y/o kids • Occupational therapy • Dental check up • Skin Cancer Screening (Bulk Billing for children younger than 16) • Sport medicine Working 7 days a week from 8:00am till 10:00pm even public holidays


hen my daughter was brand new in this world, small, red, wrinkly and (of course) the most beautiful baby ever, I looked into her eyes and melted. In that moment I decided that nothing bad would ever happen to her. I would be the perfect parent, come rain or shine.

And I tried really, really hard to achieve this goal. I read every parenting book I could find, tried baby yoga and baby swimming… and always worried if I was doing the right thing. I stayed in constant judgement of myself to make sure I didn’t miss a beat in my quest to be the perfect mother. Then one night, I was trying to teach my daughter to sleep by using some kind of scream-a-certain-number-of-minutes technique that someone recommended. It was horrible! She screamed and screamed and screamed and I sat on the sofa and ignored her until the “right” number of minutes had passed. I went in quickly and left again. She kept screaming – with that tone of being completely lost and left alone, that breaks one’s heart. And I still didn’t go in until the “right” number of minutes had past – even though my whole being wanted, desired and demanded to. I will never forget that evening. My heart kept breaking, my daughter kept screaming... Then finally, I went in and she had thrown up in her bed from screaming. At that point something inside the very core of me said ENOUGH! This quest ends now. Enough of listening to other people. Enough of trying to get it “right”. Enough of not following my knowing. That evening I chose something different. I chose to start following what I knew -- and asked questions about what would work for me and my daughter. This was my first step towards conscious parenting – parenting based on including everything and judging nothing.

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Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

So how does one do that? Well – there is no right and perfect way to parent consciously. That is the whole point! Conscious parenting is about what you know and what you would like to create with your child or children. It is an ongoing exploration and adventure. Here are three easy ways to start:



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Discontinued 1. Ask real questions – and honour the answer Most questions are actually statements with a question mark attached at the end. For example, as parents, we often ask our kids questions like: “Would you like to go to grandma’s?” when we really mean, “We’re going to grandma's and you are coming.”. What if instead you would try asking real questions? Questions where you actually haven’t decided the answer already and are willing to look and honour the answer you receive? It is different, It is not how many of us have been taught to parent, and it can create a completely different world for both you and your children. 2. Trust your knowing – and your child’s We know what will work or not – even before we try it. And that knowing actually has nothing to do with thinking about it, discussing or rationalizstion it or trying to figure out the pros and cons of the situation. It is instant, we just know. And so do our children. My daughter, who is now 15 years old, is right on when it comes to what will work for her and me when it comes to visiting relatives, going to parties, travelling… She just knows. And now I listen. 3. Be willing to be wrong You will get things wrong. None of this is scientifically proven or has a set of fail-proof rules to follow. You will get awareness from what you choose and, sometimes, being wrong will create way more than being right. When you’re willing to say to your child – “sorry, I was totally wrong about all of that” – she or he learns that it is ok to make mistakes. They learn that they don’t have to be perfect! What a gift! What if my story above does not mean that screaming techniques are awful, wrong and bad? It didn’t work for me, but it may work for you. If you judge it and put it in the drawer of things that are now “wrong and bad”, you’re off the path of conscious parenting again. What if you ask some questions instead, and follow your knowing. And even if you get it wrong, it is ok. You can choose something else. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect, and there is no such thing as the perfect parent.

Katarina Wallentin is the co-author of the The Baby Unicorn Manifesto. www.

Be entertained, amused and enthralled at Phillip Island’s most fun destination! A Maze'N Things is an exciting world of illusions, puzzles, magic and mini golf that provides hours of enjoyment for the whole family. It boasts world-first activities and a range of interactive exhibits that will have you roaring with laughter or scratching your head in disbelief. A Maze’N Things is open 7 days, offering a long, long list of things to do, problems to solve and places to go.



Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

By Brodie Cowburn


odie Read and Sarah Fitzgerald are two peninsula mums who are freshening up lunchtime for kids. To help parents save time, be eco-friendly, and be thoughtful about what they give their kids to snack on, the two close friends worked together to start their own lunchbox company, Rainebeau. The Rye based company now features a lineup of funky, fresh, and functional bento style lunch boxes. “My youngest started school a few years ago and they had a wrapper free policy, and I was really passionate about unpackaged food,” Jodie said about her inspiration to create a lunch box of her own design. “What I found is there weren’t many products on the market that made this easy. Every morning I’d have to pack away lots of different containers into a lunch bag, trying to fit them all in like a game of Tetris. It was a total mess, so I started by scribbling the sizes of the compartments I needed and looking into manufacturers.” The mums have been working on getting the product off the ground for a number of years to help their early mornings, and currently feature six designs in their lineup of lunchboxes. Those designs are called Waves, Sunrise, Watermelon, Dragon Fruit, Kiwi Fruit, and Orange. continued next page...


“It took about two years for me to get the product finalised and for me to be happy with the dimensions, features, and graphics. When we finally put the product together we tested them out and that was a very anxious moment. When we started using them I was blown away at how much it changed my mornings. Everything fits perfectly, and it was easy to make packaging-free lunches,” Jodie said. Among the happy customers are Rainebeau’s co-owners own children, who enjoy the lunch boxes every day. The name Rainebeau is in fact inspired by the names of two of their children, Jodie’s son Beau and Sarah’s daughter Raine. “I have three kids, two of them are at school. Doing it for them really made sense. Luckily with them being in school it gave us lots of time and a chance to test the lunchboxes out,” Jodie said. “My son’s name is Beau and Sarah’s daughter’s name is Raine. We always call their names out together because they're best friends, so we’ll shout Raine and Beau and we used to joke that they made rainbow together. When we were trying to come up with a name it just occurred to us we should stick with it. Rainbows emanate positivity, and we try to be colourful in our designs, so it all fits under that name.” Rainebeau lunchboxes are dishwasher safe and feature four diverse compartments which, combined, hold over a litre of food. Each compartment is sealed to prevent leaks and spills, keeping all the food in the lunch box safe and separate. The goals of the company can be found in their motto, which Jodie says reflects their ideals and what they’re working to achieve. “Our motto is ‘Create. Eat. Play.’ That talks about how we create our food, then we eat it, then we play. Children have an active side, and this will help them stay healthy,” Jodie said. 32

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Jodie, a dietician, and Sarah, an online boutique owner, balance their lives as mothers and lunchbox entrepreneurs with their regular day jobs. Jodie said that they make a great team because the skills from each of their respective jobs complement each other. “I’ve been a dietician for eight years, and I was always looking at ways to support healthy eating, and then I had children and that thought process continued. I was always thinking about tools I could use to encourage their healthy eating,” she said. “Sarah is a very close friend and our families are very close. She was aware of my little obsession and I would throw my ideas onto her. She had an online children’s boutique, so she specialised in the area of what people are buying and what they’re looking for. She was really interested as well, and she was really passionate about it too. She became by business partner, which is perfect because we know each other, we trust each other, we know our strengths, and we’re both on the same wavelength. Her strengths are in social media and marketing, and I’m more the brains behind the nutrition element. We came together really well.” To add to their lineup of lunchboxes, Rainebeau have a series of insulated bags in production, as they look to expand their range. “We’ve finally got an insulated bag in production that we spent way too long perfecting. We’ve finally nailed the final product, which will allow people to keep things chilled in the hotter months. We decided that a lunch bag would be a perfect fit for the lunch box, and we’ve allowed some extra room for whole pieces of fruit in there too,” Jodie said.

To check out Rainebeau’s lunch boxes visit or follow them on Instagram @rainebeauco




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FAMILY MONEY MISTAKES and how to fix them By Jo & Carl Violeta


ften, people find it hard to know exactly what the next best thing is to do to future-proof their family’s financial situation. Should they invest in shares? Do they get rid of credit cards altogether? How do they build up their savings? We’ve talked to three financial experts who give us their views on the common financial mistakes made by families, and how you can avoid them.

minor adjustments, and this has saved the client’s business over $15,000 a year in tax.


One of the most common mistakes families make when planning their finances is not automating their bills, debt repayments, savings and investments. The consequences? People often end up spending the amounts they had intended to save. This mistake often occurs because they assume that they’re better than they are at controlling emotional spending and sticking to a budget.

Sam Keats is a Chartered Accountant and the Director of Keats Accounting. Mistake: Not keeping proper records It may seem like a hassle but it’s really important to keep copies of all receipts for things work-related, so you can claim them at tax time. You can’t claim without the receipts, and you’ll miss out on money that you're entitled to. You also need to look after your receipts properly. Thermal receipts will fade if exposed to heat, kept near plastic, or if you use a highlighter. Take physical or digital copies to ensure their longevity. Mistake: Not talking to an accountant before making big financial decisions If you’re starting a business, buying an investment property, or buying a big asset like a car, it’s a good idea to talk to your accountant first. You need to make sure that you get the structure right from the start because it might be too late for us to fix it after the fact. For example, last week a client called me about a planned vehicle purchase and we did a review of the documentation, made some 34

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

THE FINANCIAL ADVISER Kristopher Meuwisssen is a Financial Adviser at Ability Financial Planning. Mistake: Non-Automation

Avoid this mistake by setting up automated bills, savings and investments that get taken out on payday. This will leave you with the amount that you have budgeted for to spend on whatever you like. Mistake: Not Investing as soon as possible or consistently The consequences of not investing your hard-earned income can be the difference between being able to send your kids to private school (if you choose to), retiring early or not being reliant on the aged pension. By investing early and consistently, your family will receive the benefit of compound interest (growth on growth) and passive income. People often make this mistake because they don’t know where, when or how to invest. However, this is an easy mistake to fix. You can start investing your money very quickly into assets like shares and property. Your family can and should get expert advice when you’re looking to invest so that you can be sure you’re on the right path and that you understand the risks involved.

continued next page...

THE MORTGAGE AND FINANCE BROKER Carl Violeta is Viloleta Finance's Mortgage and Finance Broker. Mistake: Having large credit card debt and car loan debts A lot of families come to me looking to buy a home, but unfortunately they are already harbouring large debts in the form of either car loans, credit cards or personal loans. When you go to apply for a home loan these kinds of debts can really limit your borrowing capacity, which therefore restricts the type of properties you can buy. If your goal is to buy a home, prioritise your spending now! Wait until you’ve secured your home loan, then assess your budget before buying a new car for example. Also, try to avoid large credit card limits. If your debts are getting in the way of buying a home, you may need to clear them before applying for a home loan. This could include selling your car to clear your car loan. Mistake: Not having the right structure for genuine savings If you apply for a home loan, particularly if the loan is for more than 80 percent of a property’s value, you may need to prove to the bank that you have a satisfactory amount of savings. This is called ‘genuine savings’.

The bank account that your genuine savings is kept in should be separate from your everyday account, preferably an online account that you can’t touch. It’s best not to take money out of that account regularly. Your genuine savings must sit in the account for a minimum of 3 months and needs to be at least 5% of the purchase price of the property you would like to buy.

Do any of these mistakes sound familiar? Financial mistakes can be costly, but in many cases, with the right knowledge and guidance they can be avoided or fixed. ***This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal needs, financial situation and objectives. This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal financial or professional advice.

Jo and Carl Violeta are self-confessed numbers nerds, parents of an energetic toddler and a super switched-on teenager, and co-founders of the award-winning business, Violeta Finance. They are a husband and wife team who are passionate about empowering their community with financial education, love the odd glass of wine, and get a kick out of helping families achieve their homeownership and financial dreams.

YOUNG AT ART Cost $5 A hands-on program for pre-schoolers 12 June, 24 July and 14 August

SCHOOL HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS Cost $12 Tuesday 3 July, 10am-12pm, ages 5-8 Wednesday 4 July, 10am-12pm, ages 9-12 Design your own propaganda poster

FREE FAMILY ACTIVITY Add your own poster to the MPRG People’s Wall

Exhibition entry: adults $4 concession $2 children under 5 free Civic Reserve, Dunns Rd, Mornington ph 5950 1580



Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

By Janelle Ryan


any, many moons ago, three girlfriends and I decided that we’d quite like to learn how to play golf. We bought clubs, signed up for lessons and embarked on mastering our new sport. This involved meeting every second Saturday morning for 9 holes, then having a beer or lunch afterwards. We even took ourselves off to the country for a “golf weekend”. We never turned pro, nor did we enjoy 18 holes (took too long), but we did have lots of laughs and had time to catch up on each other’s lives. Fast forward about nine years. Between us we now have four teenage stepchildren, two children under six, a toddler, two businesses, one husband, a fiancé AND two participants have moved interstate.

As a result our catch ups are now infrequent, take effort and a plane fare rather than the four of us enjoying golf games, long leisurely lunches and nights out. I am not the only person who loves to connect with their friends – many women tell me they wish to create more time and space in their lives to dedicate to their friendships. Why are more people, especially as they get older, more appreciative of their friendships? Here are my top reasons why our friends play such an important role in our lives. continued next page..... 37

the little things extra nappies and spare goggles, so rushed parents don’t have to worry about anything they may have forgotten. Little things like caring teachers who know when a child needs a little extra attention and welcoming staff that are happy to help when a parent has their hands full of bags, toddlers and towels. At Kingswim, we know it’s the little things that make all






the difference.




1. They make us laugh..................and in my own personal situation laugh and laugh and laugh. We can be silly and make stupid jokes and they giggle along with us. Reminiscing with old friends about old times can bring the biggest laughs – even when those situations or events may not have been funny at the time. A friend can often help you see the lighter side. 2. They are our cheerleaders. There is nothing better than surrounding yourself with people who think you are the ANTS PANTS! The ones that tell you how smart and innovative and inspiring you are. These friends are so important when we are embarking on something new or something we do not feel very confident about. They lift us up and make us feel strong and successful. 3. They are honest without being cruel. I have one friend in particular I always try and take clothes shopping with me. She will always tell me if my "bum looks big in that".....or if it just doesn’t suit me. She shakes her head slightly and I take it off straight away. I trust her. 4. They are our support network. Breakups, losing members of your family, losing a job, not landing the promotion, kids driving you crazy. Whatever difficult situation life has delivered it takes friends about five minutes to turn up at the door with vino, chocolate, tissues, DVDs. They will cry and moan with you and always, always, be on your side. 5. They combat any feelings of isolation. New mums and anyone who works from home will know exactly what I mean. Spending long periods of time in your home without anyone else (over the age of 5) can start to take its toll. Reaching out to old and new friends (mother’s groups, networking groups) can help combat feelings of isolation, boredom and loneliness. 6. They nurture our sense of belonging. Whether we have a family to take care of or live alone, connecting with friends creates social interaction and increases our sense of belonging in our wider community.

2 St Catherines Court, Mornington Off Mornington Tyabb Road

* T&Cs apply

7. They give us another perspective. When you are absorbed and enveloped in your own life it is sometimes difficult to see things from another point of view. Had a tiff with your partner, mum or sibling? Have a chat to your friend about it. Not only will a true friend keep your confidences, they will often have an outsider’s perspective and may help you see the other side of the story.

continued next page.....


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

8. They teach us life lessons and how to respect differences. When we make friends as young children it’s usually to play in the sandpit and have the occasional play date. Our friendships are pretty simple. When we make friends as teenagers, we begin to learn how to connect with and appreciate another person whilst accepting their flaws and differences. We learn valuable skills such as communication, negotiation and conflict resolution which we take with us into adulthood. 9. They love us unconditionally. True friends are the ones that love you even when you’re wrong or have made a mistake. They don’t mind that you didn’t return their call for a week. They are not offended you didn’t send them a postcard from Peru. They are thrilled to receive your birthday gift, even if it’s two months late.

There is a saying that it takes a tribe to raise a child and I think this extends to our friends. You may not receive all the above from one person. You may have one friend who is the great listener, one the energetic partier and another who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. It doesn't matter if you have two friends or twenty. If they contribute to your world being a better place they are worth their weight in gold........Can you hug a friend today?

Janelle Ryan is a Change Catalyst who helps high achievers get out of their own way, align their actions with their goals and create a life they desire and truly deserve.

4-12years + FAMILY

4+ years + FAMILY

Thursday 5 July, 11am & 2pm

Mon 2 Jul, Tue 3 Jul, Thu 5 Jul & Fri 6 Jul, 10am-12.30pm

Based on the book by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley.

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Thankfulness is the Beginning of Happiness A simple way that you can foster great social and emotional wellbeing in your child from now right up to adulthood.

By Dr Brooklyn Storme


t the practice, I am consulted by many parents for assistance and guidance on how to cope with their child’s behaviour. Recently, a couple came to see me for just this reason. Their nine-year-old child was demanding on their time, attention and resources and developed behaviours that were very much unwanted by the family and by the primary school. These behaviours included tantrums, back-chatting, door slamming and fairly frequent exclamations of ‘I’m running away’. Needless to say, poor mum and dad were at a loss. They themselves presented as anxious, depressed, exhausted and desperate for help.

Working with the family over time, it was revealed that *Mikayla’s behaviour commenced in response to her not getting her own way. In the beginning, she’d ask for something and being such loving parents who didn’t want their child to go without and who wanted to give their child ‘everything’, what soon developed was an expectation in Mikayla that she could have everything. It became very hard for her to hear the word ‘no’. As parents, it’s very natural to want to be, do and give the best of everything to children. And for this reason, it can also be very helpful to teach children about gratitude and I’ll explain why. Because of their age and developmental stage, most children are ego-centric. That’s not a bad thing; it simply means that they see things from their own perspective. It’s their wants, their needs, on their terms and often; immediate gratification is the preference! By teaching children about gratitude, they learn how to think beyond this bubble and learn to look at the world around them. They learn how to develop very important soft skills like empathy and understanding. continued next page.....


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018


EDITION September 2018 To advertise with us contact Miriam Doe on 0421 085 974 Download our media kit at advertise-with-us morningtonpeninsulakids


Studies show that when children are taught and practice gratitude, they develop levels of happiness and optimism when they grow up that are higher than their adult counterparts who didn’t have this exposure. I love hearing that. Second, when children who practice gratitude become adults, they also are found to report less symptoms of depression and sadness than their counterparts. Gratitude can help to foster resilience in children also and act as a buffer for stress. There are some simple ways that parents can introduce gratitude into their child’s world and one of the easiest is by incorporating it into the daily routine. When talking with your child, saying things “Oh wow! You did a great job!”, “Look at the colour changing on the fruit on our trees”, “I love it when you tell me stories”, “Aren’t we lucky that Dad is such a great cook?!” can begin to shape thinking in children. It’s also really great to acknowledge your child when you hear them expressing gratitude to you and to each other. There are many activities that can enhance thankfulness through being community minded. For example, when it’s time to update their wardrobe, asking your child to help you sort out clothes including a pile to donate, can be truly educational. If you wanted to take this further, you could encourage your child to come along with you to the donation point and drop the items off. This provides an opportunity for the child to see the process from end-to-end. And yes, while it might be tempting to take over a household job that has been allocated to a child because you’re watching them doing it incorrectly, do try and resist. It’s better sometimes to stay on the sidelines and be the coach, offer gentle advice on different ways to complete the chore. By you staying back, your child will learn about effort and energy that goes into things like making a bed, stacking or


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

unpacking a dishwasher or setting a table and this in turn helps them to build intrinsic awareness of the effort of others and fosters a sense of gratitude for when people perform this task for them in the future. One activity that I like to do with the children at the practice, is called the Thankfulness Game. We each take it in turns to say out loud for one minute all of the things we are thankful for. Kids love it (especially when they see the timer counting down on the iPad!). At the start, they might be unsure of what to be grateful for so it’s helpful to begin with simple things like “I’m thankful for my sister, I’m thankful for my snack, I’m thankful for my teacher, I’m thankful for my dog, Spot”. I was doing this activity recently with a little girl, 7-year-old and she was absolutely loving it but ran out of things to say and could see she still had time on the clock. Out of sheer desperation, she looked at me and blurted, “I’m thankful I don’t wear glasses, no offence Bee”. I still giggle to myself when I think of this. Teaching children about gratitude is a very special and very useful exercise and has loads of benefits not just now, but through to adulthood. It’s easy to do and can be lots of fun, so just find a rhythm that works best for you, your child and your family and go with that. If you need more help, you can always ask your GP for a referral to a Psychologist and they’ll be more than happy to support you.

Dr. Brooklyn Storme, PhD is the Director and head psychologist at All Psyched Up, a mindfulness-based allied health practice on the Mornington Peninsula. When she’s not at work, she’s usually teaching Gabe new tricks or spiking up his purple Mohawk. Facebook: allpsychedup Ph: 8765 2434

and long day care

With over 20 years experience, we are committed to continuous quality care and improvement to ensure a full balanced development for each child in our expansive natural learning environment.

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Parents… what’s the fuss? By Jessica Bauer

What is fussy eating? Raise your hands if you are a parent that is constantly pulling out your hair in frustration because of your fussy eater! Let me first re-assure you that you are not alone: 25-40% of parents from developed countries have reported that their child is a fussy eater. While there is no agreed definition, fussy eating is best described as rejection of a large amount of familiar and unfamiliar foods, potentially resulting in a limited dietary variety or intake .

The "go to" strategies All parents mean well, and most parents want their child to be a ‘good eater’. However, the problem often lies with the concepts of: 1. Eat everything on your plate 2. Eat all your vegetables and then you can have dessert 44

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

3. At least he/she had something to eat (although it wasn’t their main meals) 4. Bribing the child with their favourite foods 5. Using drinks to “top up” if the child didn’t eat everything These strategies can teach children to associate one food as been enjoyable and the other not, and potentially cause negative relationships with food. Pushing a child to finish their plate discourages them to regulate their own appetite cues, something that children under age five can actually do very well on their own. The secret is patience and, well, more patience. Below are some realistic and practical strategies parents could try during meal times; remember every child is different. Don’t give up; and all you can do is your best continued next page.....

Tips to get you through meal time 1. Don’t give fluids (i.e. juice, milks cordial or water) just before a meal – their stomachs will feel full 2. For every food there will always be substitute 3. Don’t give up on the food your child doesn’t like – it can take up to 15 tries before they will even accept it on their plate 4. If you child hasn’t finished their plate – remain calm, take the plate away (maybe offer it again later), but don’t let your child have a snack an hour later. Wait to their next meal 5. Praising good behaviour at meal times – it doesn’t have to be a huge achievement (e.g. good chewing, good eating, good eating of their vegetables (even if it’s not finished). FOOD GROUPS CHILD MAY BE FUSSY OVER


Vegetables Grated vegetables / vegetable ‘hidden’ in the dish Different shaped or coloured vegetables Legumes (beans, chickpeas) Fruit

What parents need to remember! To understand what is going on in a child’s mind, let’s go back to some fundamentals. A few key things to remember with a fussy eater: 1. A healthy child will not starve and a skipped meal won’t hurt a healthy child 2. Children eat less than us because of their smaller stomachs 3. Everyone (including children) have different preferences to foods 4. Children need to learn how to listen to their hunger / fullness cues 5. Remember “Monkey see monkey do” – If a child sees you eating healthy foods they will pick up on that 6. Remember the different responsibilities – you (the caregiver) have the responsibility to provide the foods and the child has the responsibility to decide how much of food they will eat A final word of encouragement: try to stay calm, stay positive and always, always, look at the bigger picture. Have they only missed one meal? Or one meal this week? Did they have a snack before their meal? Are they feeling unwell?

Milk Yoghurt Cheese sticks, cheese cubes Calcium fortified rice milk / Soy milk / Almond milk Meats Minced meat / meats ‘hidden’ in the dish Rissoles (meat balls) Try adding different spices Legumes / beans / tofu Fruit Different shapes Frozen Stewed

Jessica Bauer is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian at All Psyched Up! In Frankston. She has a passion for children’s health and well – being and loves working will all types of people – big or small, young or old using food to do good. In her spare time, she loves finding that perfectly brewed coffee, jumping out of airplanes and walking her puppies at Ballam Park.


Z D i k B es t a rea play wn ! o t n i By Melissa Walsh

minti | alphabet soup | littlehorn | sudo wilson & frenchy | saltwater sandals | plus loads more mt eliza shop 15, ritchies village shopping centre, 89 mt eliza way, mt eliza 3930 PH:(03) 9708 8075 mornington bentons square shopping centre, shop 20/210 dunns road, mornington 3931 PH:(03) 5975 4350 46

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

The weather’s getting cooler and the age old question is what to do with our kids when they can’t go outside. Thanks to a local couple, there’s finally a place to take the children and enjoy a great coffee at the same time. It’s the bright and colourful building in Hastings called Kidz Shed Indoor Play Centre & Cafe which is the best thing to hit the area for kids in a long time. And boy have these owners put some thought into creating the perfect facility for kids to enjoy while parents can relax and have a great meal and coffee. Independently owned and operated by a local family, Kidz Shed has a purpose built, fenced in toddler area, huge slides, air hockey table, drawing boards, ball pit, ride-on bikes and tunnels galore. It’s clean and fun and comfortable, and its not surprising that mums or dads can sit there for hours in comfort while their children run around safely having a ball. There’s plenty of comfortable seating with an additional workbench with power points to connect your laptop and free Wi-Fi. Owner Lisa Riley is a mum herself so she knows exactly what kids and parents need. “We have worked incredibly hard to build Kidz Shed into a play centre that is affordable for families to love and enjoy. We’re passionate about what we do and we are dedicated to providing a fun, friendly, safe and clean environment for our customers,” said Lisa. “We have various play areas for all ages ranging from 0 - 12 years. Our café offers a wide variety of food options, ranging from breakfast all day, burgers with the lot, to the most amazing pizzas. Oh and the coffee is pretty good too! We stock internationally renowned Lavazza coffee and also serve the very popular ‘Prana Chai’.” Knowing how important cleanliness is, the owners have installed hand sanitisers throughout the play centre. “Also our play equipment is regularly cleaned and sanitised. Adults and Children are required to wear socks at all times. Kidz Shed is wheelchair friendly and we have baby changing facilities.” Kidz Shed hosts birthday parties, offering birthday party packages that will suit everyone including private venue hire.



“You don’t even have to have kids to drop into Kidz Shed. The café is proving the talk of the town with a very reasonably priced menu including homemade muffins, lasagnes, hamburgers and pizzas, options for dairy and gluten-intolerant customers, and its Smashed Avocado and Big Breakfast. There’s also plenty of parking, which is great for tradies wanting to pull up with their trailers to pick up their lunch or snacks,” said Lisa. Kidz Shed Indoor play centre & café is at 222 Marine Parade, Hastings. Phone 5906 5900

Because Your Health Matters colour palette


Independently owned & operated, Dedicated toddler area for under 3 years of age, Safe, friendly & healthy environment for children & adults

home made food � YummyExtensive menu � Gluten and dairy intolerances catered for

222 Marine Pde, Hastings Ph: 5906 5900

General Practice Women’s Health Men’s Health All Vaccinations Aesthetic Skin including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & Medical Microneedling

General Skin Problems Sports Injuries Mirena IUD Insertion Paediatric Care Aged Care Palliative care Acupuncture and Nutrition

107a Tanti Avenue, Mornington 5977 2266



By Jo Power, Things by Bean

Do you ever feel like you had a pre-mum self and a mum self? Most

women do. And you’re actually completely correct. But, just because you’re a whole new woman doesn’t mean you lose your creativity. And while mama boredom is also a legitimate ‘thing’, using creativity to beat the blues is a fun way to find yourself again.

Two mums

Science has your baby-brain situation covered; your brain actually changes after you give birth. In the immediate period after you give birth, your brain grows, or, more correctly, the volume of your grey matter (brain bulk) increases. Researchers observed increases in grey matter in brain areas such as the hypothalamus, amygdala, parietal lobe and prefrontal cortex. No wonder women often feel like they have a pre-mum self and a mum-self. But when it comes to creativity, if you’re a creative person, you’ll always be a creative person; if you feel like you’ve lost it, you haven’t! You probably just have to get back into the habit of thinking and living creatively.

Find your creative

For me, it’s important to live a creative life, especially as a mum. Not only does it give my brain a boost but it also keeps me linked to my pre-mum self – something that’s definitely very important. While it’s fun to be creative with your kids, it’s just as critical to find a creative outlet for yourself. Importantly, what’s fun for me though, is not always fun for someone else. Creativity is deeply personal so find what ‘your creative’ is and build it into your everyday life. Finding your creative can be as easy as picking up where you left off before you had kids. If you were an artist, grab your canvas and your brushes and get going. But for others, it’s not always as simple. If you’re feeling really lost about it, have a look at the accounts you’re following on Instagram or Pinterest and what kinds of photos you’re engaging with. If you take a look at that, you’ll probably notice a common thread. Maybe without realising it, you've liked 20 macramé posts this month. That likely points to a natural interest in macramé.

S Y A W By


ollowing on from last months edition of Peninisula Kids, here are some randoms ways to celebrate in winter. Kick the celebration brain-block to the curb and invite in a random day party – and never fear stir-crazy kids again by noting down these boredom-busting days. Make sure you mark them down in your calendar.......Kids love to celebrate anything! 48

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018




If you already have a few ideas about what you may like, give yourself time to choose the right one (or three). Spend two weeks focusing on one outlet before you move to the next. At least one of them is bound to stand out. If you find yourself losing track of time while you’re working on your hobby and really looking forward to your next session, it’s a good fit!

Creative outlets

All mamas need a bit of ‘me time’. Let’s face it, while no day is ever the same when it comes to kids, the routine can become monotonous. And most of the time, those routines revolve around the children. It’s completely understandable to feel bored. But creativity doesn’t only help in the boredom stakes. Sometimes, it can be a great stress reliever, and we all know that mums need a little bit of stress relief now and then.

1 June: World Donut Day You’re going to go donuts for this day. Treat yourself and the kids by picking up a box of your fave deep-fried treats or host a bake-athon and decorating party at home. Ready, set, icing, piping bags, sprinkles, chocolate chips – go.


Whether it’s drawing, sketching or designing, it doesn’t always have to have a goal. I’m often sketching for new card designs, but sometimes I draw something completely silly, just for fun. Something like a stack of pancakes holding an umbrella to protect it from a drizzle of maple syrup. It’s a perfectly pointless creative activity! Other days, when I find myself with some free time, I’m all about moving the furniture around in a room or switching up where the pictures are hung in our house. This may not seem creative in the traditional sense but it does feel creatively fulfilling because it’s a form of problem-solving. Regardless of how you’re being creative, there’s no denying that finding something fun, artsy and imaginative to do is a great way to beat mama boredom.

23 July: World Vanilla Ice Cream Day

No one needs an excuse to eat ice cream, but you’ve got one anyway – here’s the scoop on World Vanilla Ice Cream Day. Celebrate this day July: World Chocolate Day by having a ‘game of cones’ – set up Finally – a day that encourages you to stuff your face stations with different with chocolate. Lace this day with as much chocolate toppings, lollies and as possible and host a chocolate fondue party. You may think fondue is a retro food from the 70s syrups, and have a (when your parents thought it was cool), but competition to see who can decorate their ice what about dipping delicious things cream the coolest. into even-more-delicious melted chocolate will ever go out of style? The process is fun, easy and making a comeback – you heard it here first.




ccording to research by online travel site, 78% of parents look forward to the school holidays and 45% of families often go away with their kids during the school holidays1 but despite this, the rising cost of living is one of the largest growing concerns for Australians. Most of us (76%) believe the rising cost of living will impact our holiday choice over the next five years, with mid and young families most (81%) likely to be impacted2. With all this to consider, Wotif has looked into the ‘hacks’ parents admit to doing in order to holiday with their family, with many Aussie parents going to extreme lengths to ensure they can provide their kids with holiday memories:

• 55% have lied about their kid’s age in order to get a freebie while travelling1 • 22% have snuck their kids into accommodation without paying for them1 • 63% of parents would rather take their kids out of school to travel rather than wait for the expensive school holiday period2 • 38% have chucked a sickie to take a few extra days off with the kids during the school holidays1 • 48% have travelled interstate to avoid their own states school holidays, to try and beat the crowds and save some cash1 • 25% have taken their family or kids with them on a business trip that happened to coincide with the school holidays1 50

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Wotif Travel Expert and mother of two primary-school-aged children, Amanda Behre said: “Travel is such a rich learning experience for our kids. By travelling, kids get to explore a new setting and see, hear, taste, and touch things they would not usually find at home. But with economic issues the most important problem facing Australians3, we also understand the financial cost of travel can feel overwhelming.” “Our advice is to remember that in the eyes of a child, it’s the little things that count. Whether it’s spending hours playing in the resort pool, the novelty of staying in a lush hotel bed, or the games you play in the car, families don’t need to break the budget or travel far to get away with the kids. A holiday can be as simple as a beach break a couple of hours up the coast, or even a staycation in a city hotel for a night or two.” Top Victorian suburbs or towns, according to (excluding capital city areas) 1

1. Falls Creek 2. Ballarat 3. Mount Buller 4. Mansfield 5. Bright

continued next page.....

Wotif’s Top Five Holiday Hacks for Parents 1. Look beyond cheap airfares: While you might find a great airfare, do your research and look beyond the first part of your holiday. Check out the family accommodation within the region, to ensure there’s availability over your travel dates that align with your budget. 2. Apartment vs. Resort accommodation: While apartments can provide great value for families, it’s worth weighing up the facilities you have access to when staying at a resort or hotel. Resorts often include pools, tennis courts and kid’s playground making up hours of entertainment. In an apartment, the kids may get a little restless, leading you to spend more money on activities in the town or city you are visiting. 3. Search for value-adds or kids stay free: Keep an eye out for hotel inclusions like free breakfast or parking. On Wotif you can choose to find these added extras by ticking the options in the ‘amenities list’. The other thing to consider is that many hotels and resorts offer fantastic savings for families, particularly destinations such as Fiji and Bali. For example, kids under 12 stay free at the Radisson Blu Resort Fiji.

5. Be flexible with dates: If you can and you have permission from your child’s school, consider travelling outside of school holiday dates. For example, opting to travel to The Murray one month after the school holidays in May could save you almost 15% on your 5 family accommodation . 1. Based on responses from more than 1,200 Australian parents via from 21 March 2018 – 26 March 2018. 2. Wotif’s Wot’s Your Journey Report: The Leading Edge were engaged by Wotif to conduct research into understanding Australian travellers. The study was conducted across August to September 2017 and consisted of two components: Online Community of 40 Australian travellers 2. Online Survey completed by a nationally representative sample of 1,036 Australians travellers (who had all travelled and stayed in paid accommodation in the last 2 years on leisure holidays). The survey was conducted online amongst members of a permission- based panel, between 23rd and 29th August 2017. After interviewing, data was weighted to the latest population estimates sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Data was weighted to National Representative proportions to reflect the age, gender and residential location of Australian travellers. 3. Sourced from Roy Morgan Research released 6 March 2018 4. Based on family accommodation demand for VIC destinations on between 9 April 2017 and 9 April 2018 for travel dates from 8 April 2018 – 21 April 2018. 5. Based on the average daily rate for 3 – 5 star-rated and self-rated accommodation on between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017 for travel from 9 April 2018 – 23 April 2018, compared to travel from 14 May 2018 – 28 May 2018.

4. Activities: Most cities have joint attraction discounts giving you discounted admission to a number of local activities and attractions. An example on is the Go Oahu Card. Not only can you make savings of close to 30%, you can ump the queue to many of the key attractions.

YOU EARNED IT, WE’LL HELP YOU KEEP IT We are experienced Accountants & Tax Agents, our services include:

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30% off to Magazine Readers, offer ends 31 August 2018

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By Julie Cox


aking the right food choices can make a difference in everything from weight control to heart disease—and experts say doing it often comes down to one thing: willpower. So it's good to have willpower, but it's not like you can flip a switch and have more when you need it. In fact, some surprising physiological and psychological factors cause willpower to rise and fall. Remember these unexpected willpower boosters and reducers the next time you're faced with a healthy-eating challenge.

Willpower decreases when you get fewer than seven hours of sleep.

This triggers a fight-or-flight response—our bodies think harm is coming our way, so they tap our fat stores for a quick burst of energy. This makes us crave carbs and fats, the ideal fuel for a fight-orflight situation. Toss in the bad moods that come with PMS, and willpower can bottom out completely because we may think that eating will make us feel better. What to do? Question whether you're really hungry before you grab that chocolate bar. Be accountable and honest with yourself. Willpower increases when you eat something good for you.

Not only does a lack of rest make you grouchy, but it also causes the hormones that regulate your appetite to go all over the place. When you're tired, your body's levels of ghrelin (a hunger-stimulating hormone) and leptin (a metabolism-regulating hormone) can become off-balance. That increases your appetite, causing you to eat more and crave greasy and sugary foods. So get a full night's worth of shut-eye to avoid overeating and choosing unhealthy nibbles the next day a perfect example is that we tend to be hungry at night; this really is our bodies telling us that we are tired, not hungry, so be mindful of this next time and take yourself to bed.

It's easier for your body to break down foods that are rich in natural vitamins, fibre and protein than those that aren't so nutritious. And the less work your body has to do, the more energy you have—which makes you less likely to indulge in treats that weigh you down. On the flip side,choosing foods high in fat, sugar, simple carbohydrates and salt only make you crave more of that unhealthy stuff. It's harder to have willpower when you're eating foods that tell your brain that they're making you feel good. You can become 'addicted' to the positive feelings you get from eating those foods." Stick to healthy eats and you'll crave junk less often.

Willpower increases when you feel good about yourself.

Willpower decreases when you're taking care of your kids.

Surprisingly willpower is at its strongest when you're already feeling good about your body image and health; that's because willpower uses so much of our emotional resources. And there aren't enough left when we're feeling stressed, angry or sad. Willpower decreases when you're premenstrual or ovulating. Our estrogen levels surge just after ovulating and before we get our periods, causing our bodies to release stress hormones like cortisol.

When you're racing from one child-related activity to another, your focus is on one thing: your kids. And who has time to think about themselves, let alone eat well, when you're a busy parent? It could be much easier to make the most convenient choice for a meal versus the healthiest one. Caring for children might leave you feeling burnt out, exhausted or stressed—maybe even all three—which creates the perfect situation to say sayonara to willpower. continued next page.....


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Now Taking Enrolments For 2019

MO NT E S S O RI The world renowned teaching methods of Maria Montessori – Montessori Cycle 1

Fostering creative play and gross motor skills

Focus on Education


During the most precious years when your child learns easily

Emphasis on Respect

Core values, manners, social and emotional skills

Highlighting the Love of Learning for the Future

By an environment that is stimulating and nurturing

Creating confidence

Developing concentration

24-26 Malcolm Road, 118 Overport Road, Langwarrin Frankston South Phone 03 9787 9494 Phone 03 9787 6730 to visit our school to visit our school

Piccolos beautiful natural learning environment Developing life skills

The Centres are open from 7:30am – 6:30pm Ages 2.5 – 6 yrs

Montessori Long Day Care Integrated Kindergarten Healthy Meals Family rebates and benefits apply

Lasting friendships

Learning to read while learning to write Expression through song and dance

Understanding numeracy Promoting nature and care for its inhabitants

Willpower increases when you're busy, but not stressed.

Willpower increases when you're not too strict.

Sometimes we snack when we're bored at home or the office. Keeping your day filled with tasks to tick off your to-do list—interspersed with enjoyable activities, like meeting a friend for a walk—will keep you focused on things other than food—and help you stay strong against mindless snacking.

Having a bite of cake or sip of a shake proves to yourself that you can enjoy a reasonable portion without bingeing. That self-trust entitles you to more treats every once in a while. If you never, ever indulge, though, you're denying yourself happiness. Our bodies are natural pleasureseekers. If we keep denying pleasure, our bodies will scream for it. So constantly saying "no" increases the chances that you'll pig out.

Willpower decreases when you're super-stressed. When you're under pressure, working on a huge project for your job or dealing with a family member's illness, your body releases hormones to help you handle it. The downside? Those hormones may trigger cravings for high-carb foods—your body's way of trying to increase your energy levels while you're stressed. But stress actually weakens your willpower in another way. Willpower decreases as you keep saying "no." Every time you turn down a doughnut or piece of chocolate throughout the day, your willpower to resist the next offer lowers. Willpower is strongest in the morning. We all head off to work feeling confident about eating right but, as the day wears on, it becomes easy to justify temptation. By knock off time, we're ready to reward ourselves with saying yes to, say, a big scoop of ice cream. Willpower is like a muscle; when it's overworked, it weakens.

Offering Caring and Quality Dentistry Since 1977

Willpower decreases when your spouse tempts you. When your husband frequently picks up pizza on the way home and takes you to restaurants and places with limited healthy food options, your willpower may spin out of control. Being with others who give in to temptation makes it easier to do the same. Even if they're not trying to sabotage your eating-well efforts, bringing high-fat, high calorie foods into your home can weaken your willpower. Instead of giving in, encourage your spouse or to purchase treats that they like but you don't.

Julie is mum to a sassy two and a half-year-old girl who keeps her moving. Her passion for mums/women's fitness has catapulted a career in a range of fields from exercise to eating healthy, supplements, and serving up great lunchbox treats. You can find more about Julie at

KIDS COOKING CLASSES Our Kids Kitchen-garden Cooking Classes will run in the next school holidays from Monday 2nd July 2018 to 15 July 2018.

125 Beach St, Frankston

All insurances accepted. HCF, CBHS, NIB preferred provider. Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme bulk bill.

100 mile foodie aims to introduce delicious-tasting plant food whilst educating children on the joys of growing your own healthy food. In 100% hands-on classes children aged from 4-8 & 6-11 years will learn the joys of organic gardening and the health benefits of fresh, seasonal fruit, veg and herbs

100 mile foodie will emphasise balance and moderation, and endorse the concept of preparing fruit-based desserts ‘sometimes-only’.

Dishes cooked reflect the The lunch menu will be based vegetables, herbs and fruits around what is harvested on grown in the 100 mile foodie the day from the garden. kitchen-garden, where possible We are located in Somerville & or sourced locally from have a maximum of 8 children sustainable and ethically farmed per class which sell out fast. suppliers. To find out more go to:

9781 2727  54

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

To book www.100milefoodie/cookingschool for more information please call 0432 274 907

Frankston Sunday Market Every Sunday 8am–1pm 79-83 Young Street, Frankston

Markets in Frankston City

Seaford Handmade Market

The Little Flamingo Design Market

Third Sunday of the month February to December 9am–1pm Seaford Scout Hall Station Street, Seaford

First Sunday of the Month 9am–1pm Langwarrin Community Hall 163 CranbourneFrankston Road, Langwarrin

Seaford Farmers Market Third Sunday of the month 8am–1pm Broughton Street Reserve Station Street, Seaford

1300 322 842 visitfrankston

The Urban Child Makers Market Sunday 1 July 10am–3pm Elisabeth Murdoch College Stadium Warrandyte Road, Langwarrin



Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

i n i M ies d a r t at... fun



Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

I know s ' e r t he re treasure in he re! he w e m so

Kidztown Party Venues Phone Number: 8759 1431 Venue Locations: 11 Heversham Drive, Seaford 4/4 Torca Terrace, Mornington Email:


Planning your mini-tradies party at Kidztown • Send out your invites in enough time to let Kidztown know your final numbers a week before the scheduled party. • When deciding on the number of guests please consider the number of parents that will be staying as they take up space too. • Arrive only 10 minutes prior so that they can make the room look amazing for you. • Kidztown have you covered for popcorn, cordial/water, prizes for games invites, plates, serviettes, cups and utensils. • Don’t forget to bring the birthday cake and any additional food. • Party bags - Leave the hard work to Kidztown. They have an awesome range of party bags to suit every budget... including lolly free! Bring the WOW to your party with helium and air-filled balloons! Get in touch to discuss adding balloons to your package. • Leave your cares at the door knowing that the staff at Kidztown will ensure that your birthday person and their guests have a great time!

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Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

5. Your Baby’s Cream $15.95


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Kid Factory Indoor Play Centre Parties from $200. Brand new indoor playcentre with it all! Huge play structure,trampoline park, large toddler play area, jumping castle, sports court and 4 party rooms! Located 300 Boundary Rd Dingley Village. Call 9551 3919

My Dreamy Teepee

A unique and stylish experience. Hiring out handmade teepee’s, 5 metre bell tent and outdoor cinema. Contact 0434 054 651

Charlie SillyPants Parties

The ultimate kids’ show! Come on an adventure full of magic and laughter with Charlie SillyPants and friends. Parties, preschool and childcare. Call: 0411 957 185 or


Mornington & Seaford


The biggest and most exciting themed kids party venue to hit the Mornington Peninsula. P: 8759 1431 or M: 0403 795 562

Faerie Crystall - The Magical At Garden Babies A magical party set in an enchanted garden NEW SEAFORD LOCATION Call 0420646244

Play At The Messy Shed

Need to invite the whole kinder group? Play At The Messy Shed have you covered in the most cost effective way! For bookings email or call 5975 2080

To advertise on our party planning page Call Miriam on

0421 085 974

or email: Confetti Party Design

​ ​e curate one-of-a-kind birthdays and events W especially for kids. Styled to your space - at home, a park or at a venue. M: 0452 454 334 FB: confettipartydesignau insta: confettipartydesignau


TOP Missie Munster Flock T-Shirt $44.95 BOTTOM Missie Munster Footprint Pants $59.95


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018



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Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

TOP Little Horn Radness Tee $34.95 BOTTOM Minti Pencil Lines Furry Trackies $64.95

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Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

DRESS Rock Your Kid LS Waisted Dress $59.95 TOP Missie Munster Heart Full LS Tee $44.95 Left Little People, Big Dreams Books $19.99


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CREDITS Treehouse Republic Bentons Square Shopping Centre Shop 20, 210 Dunns Road, Mornington 5975 4350 Treehouse Republic Ritchies Village Shopping Centre Shop 15, 18 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza 9708 8075 The Enchanted Child Shop 18, 3050 Frankston-Flinders Road, Balnarring 5983 5503 Baby Goods Warehouse 127 Mornington-Tyabb Road Mornington 5977 0966 The Sk8house 3/2 Amayla Cres, Carrum Downs 9773 6799 Photography & Design Shani Hodson Instagram@zosoaustralia

Thank You to our super models... Kennedy McCullough Tyler McCullough Lily Vallance Isabelle Vallance Tomas Vallance

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DIVE INTO SUMMER SWIM SKILLS THIS WINTER! I t’s winter outside, but it’s always 30 degrees at PARC! With colder temperatures and shorter days, the pool temperature has been raised to fight the winter chill. The temptation for parents to stop swimming lessons in winter is quite common, as they believe it will prevent their child from becoming sick, but is this really true? Swimming in winter builds children’s immunity, making them more resilient to those winter bugs, as well as ensuring they become safer around water in time for summer. Studies show that continuity of lessons is crucial to improving swimming ability, helping progression and skill retention, and like anything, practise makes perfect! In keeping with our mission to deliver children with the best possible skills, a PARC Swim membership includes unlimited Centre access. This ensures our children and parents can realise the full benefits of regular swimming practice. Doctor Paul Gastin, Associate Professor of Sport Science at Deakin University and Co-Director of the Centre for Sport, says “children reap the benefits of year-round swimming lessons. For children, being strong and confident swimmers in summer should be a result of consistent participation throughout the year without breaks.”


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

For more information on our learn to swim program, call us on 9781 8444.


lo ve


things we

Show It, Spot It, Shout It! Think Fast! Rubik's Battle brings the quickthinking brain teaser challenge of Rubik's to a fast-action Card Game that's fun for the whole family. Earn Rubik's Battle Cards by shouting out the unique Cubie colour first. The player holding all of the Rubik's Battle Cards at the end wins! RRP $10.95. Suitable for ages 7+.

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A triangular Rubiks puzzle - but with some key differences. In Rubik’s Triamid there are of 10 individual pieces, four joining sections, and four colorful sides that need to be solved. Keep splitting the Triamid in half, rotate, then put it together again. Solve it by having each side its own colour. Loads of fun for those that love the original Rubik’s! RRP $24.95. Suitable for ages 8+.

The Rubik’s Junior Bunny is the perfect puzzle for little problem solvers! The cute twist-able character is super easy to grip and turn. Twist the blocks to create a crazy mixed-up animal! With relatively few combinations, it’s easy to solve whilst providing hours of entertainment for kids! RRP $19.95. Suitable for ages 4+.


Rubiks products available from all leading retailers.


Rubik's Tower is a fun twist on the original 3x3 Rubik’s Cube! Imagine two 2x2 Rubik’s Cubes that rotate around the central axis allowing the puzzle to shape-shift . Are you ready to take on the tower? RRP $24.95. Suitable for ages 8+.


Sleek, stylish, pocket-friendly design with wraparound colours and graphics. Dualmaterial construction absorbs shock and withstands drops, plus raised bevelled edge keeps your touchscreen safe. Symmetry Series stays true to your phone's sleek design — true to the promise of protection. RRP from $49.99 OtterBox Symmetry cases are available now in select stores or from

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LifeProof’s award-winning FRE phone case is waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof, and inspires LifeProof fans to live an active, no limits lifestyle. FRE offers sealed ports to keep dust and dirt out of your phone and a built-in screen cover for 360 degree protection. It’s submersible up to two metres for an hour – so you don’t have to worry if you drop it in the water! RRP from $99.99. LifeProof FRE cases are available now in select stores or from


Children’s picture book ‘The Flying Optometrist’ inspired by authors father who flies a self-built plane to provide eye-health care to remote communities. By Joanne Anderton Published in association with the Brien Holden Vision Institute and inspired by a true story, new children’s picture book The Flying Optometrist chronicles the adventures of The Flying Optometrist as he travels across Australia providing eye-health care to those in remote communities. RRP $24.95 Available from




Mr and Mrs Jones

Mr and Mrs Jones giftware delicatessen for the best range of gifts, stationery, accessories, cards, decorations, lighting and more from exclusive brands such as Kate Spade New York, Sunnylife, Meri Meri, and Arty Hearts.



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We have i ve g 5 to ay! aw

Bring the excitement of Escape Room Challenges into your home with Operation Escape Room. In this Interactive game you have to work as a team to complete 3 exciting tasks in order to set the captured player free from the master belt before time runs out. The game play includes tests of skill, strategy and luck and offers different levels of difficulty so that kids and adults can play over and over. Suitable for 2-6 players aged 6+. RRP $39.95 Available at all leading retailers.

Kate Spade, Large Candle, Bazaar, $89



Place Pop Rocket in the middle area of play, pull the fuse and wait for the rocket to pop! Quickly place your coloured rocket bowls around the rocket. As soon as the rocket opens, a colourful shower of stars flies through the air! Catch the most stars when the rocket pops to win the game! Suitable for 2-4 players aged 4+. RRP $39.95 Available at all leading retailers.




Kids can only discover what character lies inside by smashing the SMASHBALL open, thanks to a unique surprise opening mechanism created exclusively by ZURU. Once unboxed, children can battle, collect and score their SMASHERS – as each one has its own Smash Point Value allowing for extended play. Smashers 8 Pack: $14.99


Beatrix Potter’s Classic characters have enchanted kids since her first publication of The Tale of Peter Rabbit in 1902. Now the famous characters have come to life! The Peter Rabbit Secret Garden allows kids to create their very own miniature garden with this delightful range of figurines and decorative accessories. Perfectly designed and durable enough for both indoor or outdoor play, Peter Rabbit Secret Garden is a fun-filled, imaginative and creative play activity for all children aged 6+. From RRP$9.95 Available at all leading retailers.


Chilly Towel is an instant cooling towel founded by cancer survivor Tara Lock. It’s great for treating heat-related illnesses, fevers, sports and heat stress, travelling in hot destinations and even for the gym! Due to the unique hyper-evaporative fibres in the Chilly Towel, this unique towel becomes cooler than ambient air when wet, which enables the towel to maintain a temperature that feels cool to the skin. The fibres retain water, which provides cooling relief for hours. RRP $27.50 for adult size, $24.50 for bubs & tots size. For every Pink Chilly Towel sold, $2 is donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Available online:



The new Soothing Cream from golden8 skincare helps relieve your baby’s nappy rash or irritated skin conditions with the healing power of nature. Proudly Australian made and owned, the revolutionary product was born out of extensive research into the use of natural oils and their positive effects on the skin. With the reparative and restorative ingredients of Crocodile Oil, Olive Jojoba, Maracuja Oil, Vitamin A, D, E & C and Omega 3, 6, & 9 - this active combination works to reduce the irritation and redness, after every application. RRP: $22.95 www.


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

We e hav 3 h eac f o to y! wa ea giv




All aboard the Toot-Toot Animals Animal Boat! Discover life at sea with six included roly-poly animals. Count the animals by dropping them into the counting tunnel and learn about the weather and colours by pressing the four light-up buttons on the activity panel. This exciting play set features a SmartPoint location which respond to SmartPoint animals with phrases and sound effects; it also opens the boat door to release the roly-poly animals for discovery fun. For an added fun twist, the telescope or the starfish can pretend to steer the boat. Includes four singalong songs and 15 melodies. For children aged one to five years, Toot-Toot Animals Animal Boat is available from Big W and selected toy retailers from July for RRP $39.95.


5 SURPRISE is an innovative new “blind bag” capsule toy that combines the magic of unboxing with the thrill of collectable toys. Each capsule features five sealed segments hiding five individual toys. With over 300 unique and fun toys in the first series alone, the possibilities and unboxing fun are endless and truly a surprise. 5 SURPRISE™ are available at Kmart, Big W, MYER. RRP $8.99

13. 14.


The Final Book in the McGoogly Gang Series’ by Paul Stafford Picking up from of Paul Stafford’s first two novels ‘Ned Kelly’s Helmet’ and ‘Captain Flinder’s Map’ ‘Peter Lalor’s Flag’ is the final instalment of this exciting history trilogy. ‘Things in Milltown are going from bad to worse. A mining company has discovered the historic village and its water supply are built on top of a massive gold deposit and they’ve won the right to drain Milltown dam, move the town to a less sparkly site, and dig a huge open-cut mine. RRP $16.99 available from all good book retailers or at


The bee’s knees of household inventions Kneepal is an easy to clean, carry and store knee cushion. The incredibly durable Kneepal guarantees to turn bath time into a more pleasurable bonding time and domestic chores into hobbies. Join the Kneepal knee saving Crusade today? Kneepal is available in Aqua, charcoal, pink and green (RRP $39.95) and available at For more information about Kneepal, visit or follow them on Facebook.



KAPOW! Oz Comic-Con is perfect for the whole family, with plenty to do for everyone! It's the ultimate creative outlet, to try new make-up techniques, and a place where kids can literally be whoever they want to be. Get ready to dust off your Wonder Woman or Superman outfit as Australia’s premiere pop culture event, Oz Comic-Con hits Melbourne Exhibition and Convention centre this June 9 & 10.


Helps support and maintain a healthy immune system. In an easy-to-take, chewable tablet, Esberitox® N is a complex of Thuja, Wild Indigo and Echinacea; a combination of herbal extracts that help to reduce the severity and duration of the common cold. Free from gluten, colours, flavours and preservatives, Esberitox® N is suitable for adults and children from the ages of 4 and over. RRP: 40-tablet pack, $20.95; 100-tablet pack, $31.95. For the full list of stockists visit



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Solution: 1. Patch on hat missing; 2. Pink hearts appear; 3. Star on moon missing; 4. Eggshell missing; 5. Bird’s eye changes; 6. Bird’s foot missing; 7. 'Z' missing; 8. Circles on egg missing; 9. Bird’s tail feather missing; 10. Bird’s wing changes.

(Solution below)

Can you spot the ten differences between these two pictures?

"CHICKEN DREAMS" Kids Spot The Difference

C E L E B R AT I N G 10 Y E A R S “Locally owned, natural & unplugged play based education�


Mornington 03 59 761022 | |


Historical Fun for the Whole Family at National Trust Properties on the Peninsula By Erica Louise Exploring the estates of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria); surely that’s an activity reserved for “baby boomers” right? Wrong! There’s no need to leave the kids at home because the Trust’s open days are very welcoming and encourage family attendance! The National Trust of Australia cares for the most beautiful and significantly notable historical estates in Victoria. The state’s largest community-based heritage advocacy organisation introduces Victorian residents to an otherwise untapped knowledge of Australia’s past. Noteworthy sites belonging to the Trust on the Mornington Peninsula include The Briars, a wildlife sanctuary and homestead; the McCrae Homestead, one of Victoria’s oldest homesteads; and Mulberry Hill, the former home of Sir Daryl (artist) and Lady Joan (author). Each weekend (except in July and August), the Trust opens the doors of Mulberry Hill and the McCrae Homestead. The Briars is open every day of the year, except Christmas Day. Visitors of all ages are invited into the historical estates to rediscover fascinating stories of the past. Guide yourselves through Mulberry Hill, an American Colonial style property built in 1926. The house belonged to accomplished artist Sir Daryl Lindsay, the former Director of the National Gallery of Victoria from 1941 to 1956 and the Trust’s first president in Victoria. Sir Daryl lived in the property with his wife Lady Joan Lindsay, an artist and writer, famed for her novel Picnic at Hanging Rock. Explore the McCrae Homestead with your children, a property built in 1844 by lawyer Andrew McCrae and his wife, artist Georgiana. The McCrae Homestead is now under the care of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), who invite families to explore one of Victoria’s oldest and original existing homes, made from local materials: messmate, stringybark and wattle. Get your children involved in some investigative play at Mulberry Hill and the McCrae Homestead by completing an ‘eye spy’ sheet. This picture print-out, available at the front desk on entry, features historical objects found throughout the properties and which are ready to be ‘ticked off’ once spotted. Settle in with a pre-packed picnic and some good old-fashioned fun playing garden games: skipping, croquet or an egg and spoon race. Note that games may differ each weekend. The Briars is perhaps best known for its wildlife sanctuary. Take your children there any day of the week to explore the grounds of the property and keep an eye out for native birds, kangaroos, emus or even an echidna or two! This Trust property is also home to The Briars Homestead, built in 1851 and home to a collection of Napoleon-related memorabilia! Tap into a time-gone-by with your children at one of the Peninsula’s historical sights. Visit one of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria)’s extraordinary heritage estates and open up a whole “new” (old) world to your children, igniting a curiosity they might otherwise miss.

Erica hails from the United Kingdom, and has been living in Australia for 12 years. She has two sons, 3 and 8 years. She writes, edits and runs the social media pages for KidTown Melbourne, a website showcasing all the fun things to do with kids in Melbourne. 74

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

The Benefits of s id K r o f g in it r W e iv Creat Education

By Rebecca Fraser Additional benefits of creative writing for kids are multifaceted and include:


• Problem solving and analysis. By using their imagination and flexing their he emotional and educational benefits of creative writing have been creative muscle to come up with plots, alternative solutions, and organise celebrated for years. Taking pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – to tell their thoughts and ideas, kids are learning to think beyond the square and a story is not just a springboard for a literary work; it’s considered a powerful actively seek fresh ways of identifying, assessing, and tackling problems. tool for social, academic, and emotional wellbeing. • Self-confidence. I often encounter children who are full of doubt about their This is especially true for children. Author VS Pritchett once said, “Writing ideas and abilities. Creative writing offers a safe and supportive environment enlarges the landscape of the mind.” It goes further than that though. When for them to find and express their voices. It’s so rewarding when kids who it comes to the benefits of creative writing for kids, especially those who may come to a workshop feeling nervous are sharing their work with pride and struggle to express themselves, their thoughts, or feelings, creative writing offers enthusiasm by the end. a way to channel their emotions and harness their imaginations into a vehicle of self-expression. • Discipline and Persistence. It takes time to organise your thoughts, create characters, dramatic plots, and interesting settings, and then put them into As a workshop facilitator for children of every age and ability, I’m always a cohesive sequence. Creative writing is a fun way to develop tenacity interested in how, through storytelling, kids explore their moral compass, and within kids … they often get so caught up with their tales they’ll spend hours tap into their understanding of the world around them. Whether their stories working on their stories completely unbidden. feature mermaids or unicorns, or school principals, farmers, or astronauts, the way they portray characters and the plots they star in consistently deal with issues and themes that are relatable and relevant to today’s youth.

• Inquisitiveness and Research Skills. Kids by nature are naturally curious. Writing creatively allows them to take it one step further by igniting a desire to learn more about something to enrich their tale, get facts right, or make it more believable. I’ve seen many kids become mini experts in their field of interest – whether it’s avalanches, panning for gold, the atmosphere on Mars, or how to slay a vampire!

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The Benefits of Creative Writing Workshops “Strong creative thinking and learning skills are critical to students’ social and emotional wellbeing, academic achievement and lifelong learning,” said Professor Robyn Ewing, discussing a research project by The University of Sydney commenced in 2015. The project studies the benefits of creative writing workshops for children and findings to date include:

3. Don’t focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar. I teach kids of every age and ability - some with ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. For them, the freedom to write from their hearts unhindered by their challenges is invaluable. Support your kids if they request it, but keep the focus on their story, rather than any errors they have made.

• A significant improvement in writing quality

4. Stationery Supplies. Never underestimate the power of fun, funky stationery to get your kids motivated! Notebooks, journals, pens and pencils are inexpensive and plentiful. From glitter and rainbows, to robots and space stations, let them choose their favourite writing tools.

• Increased engagement with writing, for longer periods • Better planning, organisation and ideas • Enhanced ability to reflect and self-evaluate • Increased confidence to work with others, and • More willingness to talk to people, particularly adults. 5 ways to encourage creative writing at home: Encouraging creative writing at home is easy, and a great way to keep kids entertained, especially with winter on our doorstep! 1. Kids love to entertain. Ask your child to share their work with you, really listen, then ask, “What happened next?” Your enthusiasm and praise will motivate them to continue with the next instalment. 2. Collaborate. Some children like to write solo, others enjoy collaborating with others. For those that enjoy teamwork, invite a friend over for a ‘story session’. Kids can create a story together, or take it in turns to contribute to an unfolding story, each adding their own next line or paragraph.

5. Creative Writing Workshops. Creative writing workshops are specifically tailored to children’s’ ages, abilities and interests. They make for a great school holiday activity and are a fun, engaging way to learn different elements of the craft of writing in a supportive environment. Source cited:

Rebecca Fraser operates StoryCraft Creative Writing Workshops for aspiring authors of every age and ability.

Mount Martha-based author, Rebecca Fraser, has added another publication to her list of credits with the release of her fantasy adventure novel, ‘Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean’ through IFWG Publishing Australia. Set in the fictional coastal town of Midnight Cove, the story centres around thirteen-year-old Curtis Creed, a talented surfer whose life has been turned upside down. While the novel sits comfortably on the middle grade / junior teen shelf, Fraser hopes the book will appeal to a broad readership, especially those with a love of the genre, and a penchant for Australian settings. Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean taps into issues and themes relevant to today’s youth: grief, friendship and family dynamics, mental health, environment, identity, overcoming fear, and courage in the face of adversity. “Today’s kids deal with such adult-sized problems,” says Fraser. “I wanted to highlight them in a relatable way, and Curtis’s character was a great vehicle for this.”

Available through all good bookstores and online bookstores. Prices may vary.


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Fill your child’s resilience part backpack 'Mindfulness' By Helenor Regester


Our Resilience backpack contains three key components - Empathy, Gratitude and Mindfulness. In the last two issues we explored Empathy and Gratitude, so in this issue I will focus on the final component, Mindfulness. Resilience is the process of effectively coping with adversity; it’s about bouncing back from difficulties. Resilience is not a personality trait instead it is something that we learn. There are significant aspects of resilience: • The capacity to manage difficult emotions - mindfulness is important here. • Maintaining positive relationships. • The ability to make plans and take action to solve problems. • Effective communication skills. Mindfulness has its origins in Buddhism, but its central ideas of paying attention and being aware are secular. World-renowned neuroscientist Richard Davidson found evidence that mindfulness increases resilience and the more you practice mindfulness, the more resilient your brain becomes. Mindfulness and related strategies can help you cope in challenging situations and reduce anxious thoughts. If practiced regularly, mindfulness changes your brain so that you are more resilient to future stressful events. Here are six ways to build resilience through mindfulness: 1. NURTURE RELATIONSHIPS

5. BE OPTIMISTIC Use mindfulness to develop a more positive outlook. Hope and optimism is a choice, so try to avoid seeing crises as insurmountable. 6. BE DECISIVE Make decisions and take action rather than hoping things will simply happen. If you are not good at this, read about how to improve this skill or ask a trusted friend for advice. 7. ACCEPT CHANGE Expect things to change and adversity to occur, rather than expecting life to be smooth sailing. Change is part of life, so your goal is to cope effectively with change. Finally, when it comes to resilience, being flexible is important. Refer to your Resilience backpack and use the positive emotions of empathy, gratitude and mindfulness to develop strategies to help you adapt to the challenges that life presents.

Helenor Regester is the Deputy Head of Wardle House, the Junior School at Toorak College. Helenor has extensive experience in education, with a particular interest in the International Baccalaureate, Primary Years Programme.

 reate a range of positive, supportive connections within and outside your C family. You can build these connections by joining a club, local group, volunteer group or an evening class. 2. FIND MEANING IN DIFFICULT SITUATIONS When faced with adversity, look for the positive ways in which you dealt with those challenges. People often experience improved relationships or a greater appreciation of life in the face of extreme difficulties.


Kindergarten at Peninsula Grammar To be curious. To be adventurous. To be free. Kindergarten at Peninsula Grammar is a time of exploration, of educating young minds in the endless possibilities that lie before them. At Peninsula Grammar, we believe that our youngest learners thrive on the freedom to be themselves. We provide them with opportunities to develop their curiosity and creativity and allow them to drive their own learning experiences through their investigations. Our purpose-built classrooms, with their open spaces and creative corners, allow students to propel their interests through design, construction and the exploration of materials, enabling them to dream big in a safe and calm environment.

Our playgrounds and sustainable gardens provide our students with the freedom to explore the outdoors, splash in muddy puddles and nurture plants from their infancy. It is here that they developKINDERGARTEN an innate appreciation for the simple things in life.


Where I belon

The Kindergarten curriculum teaches our students to understand and value their absolute uniqueness. Our highly To be curious. experienced educators cater to theTo be adventurous. needs of every child, developing To be free. their social and emotional skills through an enriching program that is unique to Peninsula Grammar.

20 Wooralla Drive, Mount Eliza, VIC 3930 Phone: 9788 7777 Web:

John Paul College Creating a Community of Curious Minds… John Paul College is a co-educational Catholic Secondary School in Frankston. The College aims to be a centre of excellence and inspiration within the community; students encouraged to be motivated and passionate about both their learning and their community involvement. Principal, Mr John Visentin, says “John Paul College is a vibrant learning community where each student is supported and challenged to achieve excellence. We offer an education that promotes resilience and faith in action. We are committed to maintaining high positive expectations and are attentive to the needs, goals and abilities of every student.” John Paul College is special because students feel that they are part of a bigger family. Students are encouraged to help and support each other and a sense of belonging and community are integral to the culture of the school. We aim to challenge students; to inspire them to achieve, to be all that they can be and to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to them. We offer extension opportunities in Maths, English and Science and

scholarships will be available in 2019. Students can be involved in a whole array of sports and can take part in debating, public speaking, community service, youth ministry, social justice, theatre sports, chess club and performing arts activities. Our first class facilities include a modern and well-appointed Resource Centre and our Food Technology Centre and Science laboratories are state of the art. The Ngargee Centre for Performing and Visual Arts is a beautifully appointed space; comprising modern facilities for music, drama, dance, media and fine arts. John Paul College students thrive with the opportunities presented to them within the performing arts. Here they form new friendships, they grow significantly in confidence and they achieve a strong sense of identity and pride. Social justice initiatives are flourishing through our fundraising efforts and immersion programs to the Philippines and East Timor. Students willingly volunteer on a number of social justice initiatives and we are very proud of our young people who, in their service to others, enrich both their own lives and those around them. The College grounds are large and beautifully landscaped, providing plenty of space for students to learn and play.

We welcome enrolments from students with both Catholic and Non-Catholic backgrounds. Open Day – Tuesday 7th August Limited vacancies still exist for Year 7 2019 Enrolments for Year 7 2020 close on 17th August 2018 Please ring 9784 0200 to book a tour of the school.

161 McMahons Road, Frankston VIC 3199 Phone: 9784 0200 Web:

The Benefits of Getting Involved in Your Child’s Schooling By Peter Quigley


fter weeks of preparation, you seem to have survived the back to school challenge. Books have been purchased, uniform collected and altered, school fees paid, and the coolest lunch box has been selected. That’s it. Job over. Your work here is done. Now the kids are back at school it is all up to the teachers. But wait, not so fast. We all know it can’t be that easy. Your role isn’t really over; in fact, it’s only just begun. Parent participation in the school life of their children is a vital key to the success of your children. So be brave and read on to see how you can play a pivotal role in your child’s school life. There is a large body of evidence to support the contention that the more parents can become involved in their children’s schooling the better those children will achieve. Research has found the students whose parents engage in meaningful ways in school are more likely to:

• Gain higher test scores • Have higher levels of attendance • Get on better with their peers • Have more positive interactions with teachers and adults, • Complete home tasks when expected

The good news is this is not a one-way street; there are benefits for parents as well. This increase in interaction and the discussion that stems from this involvement leads to closer relationships within families. Parents become more sensitive to their children’s educational needs and develop an increased capacity to be able to assist their children with the demands of school. Parents also become part of a strong community and get to form lasting relationships with not just other parents but also the teachers and educators within the school. Overall, our schools get stronger by forging meaningful relationships with parents. The exchange of ideas and the ability for school leadership to have a clear understanding of their families’ expectations, cultures and diversity creates a strong learning community. Such relationships also assist schools in eliciting feedback from parents on new programs, and future directions. Schools who engage actively with parents in creating mission and vision statements, and strategic planning tend to be far more successful in achieving the goals and targets they set. Schools who have active and engaged parents also report an increase in staff morale and job satisfaction. Obviously, schools who get these interactions right have very good reputations in the broader community and are able to snowball this good will into greater community support.

• Have higher levels of self-esteem • Display a more positive outlook to their studies and better behaviour


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Peter Quigley is the principal of Moorooduc Primary School.

By Karen Seinor


omework has become another hot topic in education. Most educators agree that in secondary school it is beneficial and there are links between achievement and homework. However, in primary-aged children there is very little evidence to suggest that it benefits the child’s academic performance. Children work so hard at school that what they really need is time to rest and play after school. This is the reason many schools are no longer giving homework.

Homework can be a source of stress for many families; most children don’t like homework and it can be a constant battle to get it done. Let’s face it, most parents aren’t teachers and often feel they lack the patience or skills to assist their children. Funnily enough, it never ceased to amaze me the number of parents who would request extra homework for their children or have a perception that a teacher who gives more or harder homework is a better teacher. Really, in kindergarten the most beneficial thing you can do is read with your child and let them play. Having said that, some schools will still give homework so here are a few tips to help with the homework wars.

*This is an excerpt from Karen Seinor’s new book Is My Child Ready For School - a guide for parents on all things school. Based on current research on brain development and insights from many years of teaching, it examines many aspects of development related to learning. New Holland Publishers RRP $19.99 available from all good book retailers or online

Karen Seinor has been a passionate educator for over seventeen years. She has worked as both a classroom teacher and an english as a second language teacher and whilst she has enjoyed her many roles as a teacher, her passion lies in Kindergarten, where she has taught for many years. She has a focus on education in Australia as she examines key issues through the lens of both teacher and parent.

• Give children a snack and break before starting homework • Set up a comfortable space for homework with minimal distractions • Set up a time to do homework that works for your child; some children are best getting it over and done with while others need an extended break before they are ready to concentrate again • Choose a time when you aren’t too busy to help support them and show interest but don’t helicopter them – it’s their work and their responsibility • Don’t be overcritical of errors or presentation


• Don’t get into huge fights over homework. If your child is refusing to do it, simply send it to school incomplete and let them deal with the consequences • If you feel the work is too challenging for your child talk to your child’s teacher about modifying it




e’re all busy and want quick, healthy and delicious meals but sometimes just don’t have the time. Summer TABLE will inspire you to put variety and zest back into your mealtimes and with a free APP to create a shopping list on your phone, dinner will be ready in no time! And – you learn how to use leftovers in innovative new ways.

After years working as a company director in the finance industry, starting a family and moving half way around the world, Jodie Blight discovered her passion – creating healthy, easy and delicious family meals. “A fist pump from the kids is as good as a Michelin star in my books.” To find out more about this revolutionary cookbook, please visit or find us on Facebook at

ght i l B e i d Jo


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Pull-Apart Pork

This is incredibly easy and really worth the wait. There is nothing to do but resist the amazing aroma that fills the house. Put the pork in the oven in the morning for dinner, or just before you go to bed for lunch the next day. This recipe is fantastic with either a pork shoulder (with the bone) or a pork scotch fillet (without the bone). The colourful orange zest enhances the flavour of the pork and spice and adds a summery, slightly sweet flavour. *** Prep time: 2 minutes Cook time: 9–10 hours Total time: 10½ hours Serves: 4 *** 1 orange, zest and juice 1.5 kg pork shoulder or pork scotch fillet 500 ml apple cider 500 ml chicken stock 2 teaspoons allspice salt and pepper ***

Preheat oven to 2500C. Zest the orange with a vegetable peeler to remove just the top orange layer and not the white pith inside. In a heavy based casserole pot with a lid, add the pork, apple cider, stock, orange juice and orange zest, allspice, salt and pepper. With the lid on, place in the hot oven for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, reduce the temperature to 1000C. and cook for 9–10 hours. Allow to rest in pot for 30 minutes before serving. Remove the pork from the pot and pull apart with a fork or tongs. To make a thick tasty sauce, remove the zest and fat from the juices. Add a couple of mugs of ice to the pot. The fat quickly accumulates around the cold ice and solidifies. Then, using a slotted spoon, collect the ice (and the fat) and discard. Heat sauce on stove and pour over pork before serving.


Lamb Shawarma with Tahini Dressing

A fast and flavoursome dinner which is great when you are on the go. So tasty and very satisfying! This is fantastic served with Twisted Tabouli *** Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 3 minutes Total time: 13 minutes Serves: 4 *** 4 Lebanese flatbread 400 g cooked lamb, warm 1–2 teaspoons harissa (optional) 4 tomatoes, chopped ½ red onion, finely sliced 4 handfuls parsley leaves, chopped Tahini Dressing 4 tablespoons tahini 2 garlic cloves, crushed 4 tablespoons lemon juice 4 tablespoons plain yoghurt ½ teaspoon ground cumin Salt *** Preheat oven to 1600C. Wrap the flatbread in foil and warm for 3 minutes in oven. Sprinkle warm lamb with ground harissa. In a bowl, mix dressing ingredients. The sauce might get ‘clumpy’ or separate, but just keep stirring and it will come together. Season with salt, taste & adjust to your liking. Remove the bread from the oven and lay lamb, tomato, onion and parsley down the middle of the bread. Spoon over dressing, wrap and enjoy! *** For a gluten-free option, put the lamb and toppings in a crisp iceberg lettuce cup. *** Tahini is a paste made from ground, sesame seeds used in African, Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine. You can find tahini in your supermarket, usually where the organic foods are kept. Sometimes it is called hulled or unhulled tahini. 84

Peninsula Kids – Summer Winter 2018 2017/18

Sausage Pizza

If you have never tried making your own pizza dough before, you must try this. You may never buy another pizza again. A great way to use leftover sausages, but feel free to change the toppings to suit what you have in the fridge. *** Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 15 minutes Total time: 30 minutes Serves: 4 *** Tomato pizza sauce 400 g diced tomatoes 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 handful basil or oregano (optional) salt and pepper Pizza Base 2¼ cups spelt flour 1 tablespoon baking powder ½ tablespoon salt 1 cup Greek yoghurt 1 tablespoon olive oil extra spelt flour for kneading Toppings 2–4 cooked sausages, sliced 2 whole roasted red peppers, sliced ½ red onion, finely sliced 20 kalamata olives, halved 4 handfuls cheddar cheese, grated 1 handful rocket leaves *** Place pizza stone (or tray covered with baking paper) in oven when cold. Heat oven to 2000C for 10 mins while you prepare the dough. To make tomato pizza sauce, place tomatoes, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper in a small frying pan and boil on medium–high heat for 10 minutes, or until sauce thickens. Stir occasionally. Then put aside. To make the base, sift spelt flour with baking powder and salt into a mixing bowl. Sift again to make sure the baking powder is mixed through evenly. Add yoghurt and olive oil and mix until the dough comes together. Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead for 5–8 minutes, until elastic. Add more flour as you knead. It is ready when the top of the dough bounces back when pressed, leaving no indentation. Cut dough into quarters. On a lightly floured surface (ideally a wooden board so the dough doesn’t stick), roll to preferred thickness. Spread with tomato pizza sauce, and top with sausage slices, red pepper, onion, olives and cheese. Transfer to hot pizza stone in oven and bake for 10 to 15 mins, or until golden brown. *** Top with rocket leaves to serve.


Bacon, Tomato & Onion Frittata

Great for the whole family or a yummy fast meal for one. *** Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Total time: 35 minutes Serves: 4 *** 10 eggs ½ cup milk or cream salt and pepper 6 bacon rashers, chopped 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 red onion, finely sliced 100 g cherry tomatoes 1 handful basil, chopped (optional) 30 g parmesan cheese, grated *** Preheat oven to 2000C. Grease a 20 cm × 20 cm ovenproof dish. Lightly whisk eggs, milk or cream, salt and pepper in a bowl or jug and put aside. Heat frying pan over medium heat. Add bacon and cook for about 4 minutes until slightly crisp. Add oil if pan is dry and add onion. Cook for 2–3 minutes, stirring until onion softens. Combine onion, bacon, tomatoes and basil in prepared dish, pour egg mixture over the top, sprinkle with cheese and cook in oven for 30 minutes. To check if it is ready, give it a wobble or touch the top in the centre of the dish. If not set, give it another 5 minutes and check again. Allow to rest for 10 minutes before cutting. *** For a quick individual lunch, scale this recipe down. Try mixing 3 eggs with a splash of milk. Cook bacon and onion in a small frying pan then add remaining ingredients and top with eggs. Cook for 5 minutes on low heat, then to finish off the cooking, pop under the grill for another few minutes until set. Make sure the handle on the frying pan is metal, and remember to use an oven mitt.


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Roast Fennel Bruschetta

A tasty and quick entrée or light casual dinner or lunch. To stave off the evening hunger pangs, this may be the perfect ‘little something’ to tuck into after a big roast lunch. The garlic gives it a tiny bit of heat, but you can leave it out if you don’t like it. Delish! *** Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes Total time: 10 minutes Serves: 4 *** leftover roasted fennel, warmed and chopped 1 tablespoon white condiment (white balsamic vinegar) 3 tablespoons olive oil 4 sprigs fresh thyme salt and pepper 4 thick slices crusty bread 2 garlic cloves, halved 100 g goat’s cheese *** Combine warm roasted fennel, vinegar, olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper in a bowl. Toast bread, either in the toaster or even better on the barbecue grill. When brown, remove and rub the garlic over the bread (cut side down). Top the bread with fennel mixture and drizzle with remaining dressing from the bowl. Crumble goat’s cheese on top and serve. *** White condiment goes by many names - white balsamic vinegar or Condimento Bianco Italiano (White Italian Dressing). I prefer it to other vinegars as it has a softer flavour which is perfect for dressings.

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little The Deck Bistro offers casual family friendly dining in a relaxed setting. With an outdoor decked eating area featuring an adjoining children’s playground. Open 7 days a week lunch & dinner. Cnr Cook & Wood St Flinders - Ph 59890201


Benitos KIDS KIDS EAT EAT FREE FREE EVERY EVERY FRIDAY FRIDAY NIGHT NIGHT when when adults adults order order aa main main meal meal

TUESDAY- 1/2 price main meals during evening WEDNESDAY- $19- garlic bread, pasta or risotto, wine and salad THURSDAY- Steak Night


Peninsula Kids is showcasing the wonderful places available on the peninsula and Bayside region to take the family out for a stress-free bite to eat! Let our map guide you and your hungry tribe. Here you'll find some of the best cafes, venues and family-friendly places to stop and have a break.

We take large group bookings - (pram access) 1196 Nepean Hwy Mt Eliza Ph: 5975 8060

3 Aussie-Smoked, American-Style BBQ

7 Open Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 9pm. Rear of 87 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill Ph 5989 3156


5 4 Georgie Bass Cafe & Cookery Relaxed, family friendly cafe Open breakfast & lunch 7 days, 7am - 2.30pm 30 Cook St Flinders Ph 59890201 88

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

P: 9776 5277

227 Cranbourne Road, Frankston Open 7 Days 11am – 10pm.



Across the ! Mornington Peninsula 6

6 5 WINERY | CAFÉ | CELLAR DOOR 170 Riverend Rd, Bangholme Ph 9773 4880 Open Thurs–Sat 9am-5:30pm, Sunday-11am-5pm




Children’s Parties Indoor Playground

5985 2277

8 3

2415 Point Nepean Rd, Rye


8 Cafe with kids outdoor play area Open for breakfast everyday from 9am Monday to Thursday: 9am - 5pm Fri & Sat: 9am - 10pm Sunday: 9am - 5pm 945 Moorooduc Hwy, Moorooduc Ph 03 5978 8049



Yummy home made food, gluten and dairy intolerances catered for 222 Marine Parade Hastings Ph 59065900

Indoor playground, kids eat free Mondays, Free kids entertainment Saturday nights 917 Nepean Hwy Mornington Ph 59752015



By Sherrie Miller


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018


t this time of year, the weather gets colder and we become more susceptible to all sorts of nasty bugs and viruses. Many people believe that the flu shot is essential for winter, and whilst it may be a good option for the vulnerable, the flu shot doesn’t protect you from every strain of flu out there. Building a strong immune system through proper nutrition is a better option. Don’t underestimate the power food and nutrition play in building immunity. Nutrition is paramount in building a strong immune system, not only to help prevent catching nasty viruses, but if you do happen to catch something, a strong immune system will help you fight the bug and get you back on your feet much quicker. Key nutrients in building a strong immune system includes Zinc, Vitamin A, C and D, and of course eating a diet rich in whole foods that includes plenty of plant foods, are essential. Zinc-Rich Foods

Zinc is a key mineral in building a strong immune system. It is required to make and activate T-cells – our disease-fighting cells. Oysters are the richest source of zinc. Other food sources of zinc include crab, lobster and prawns, beef, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, chickpeas and quinoa. Citrus Fruits Citrus fruits that include lemons, oranges, grapefruit and limes are high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial for fighting off infections. Notice how citrus fruits are always in season during the colder months? Mother Nature knows when we need extra Vitamin C!

• Providing Specialist Orthodontic Services to the Mornington Peninsula with three locations in Rosebud, Mount Eliza and Hastings. • The very best in Orthodontic care and technology - clear braces, Invisalign, lingual (hidden) braces. • Treatment provided in a relaxed environment. • Highest quality care provided by our Orthodontist.


Pineapple Pineapple is also a rich source of Vitamin C, but pineapple also contains a protein-digesting enzyme called Bromelain. Bromelain is found in the core of the pineapple. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties, acts as a cough suppressant, assists the body in expelling mucous and fresh pineapple juice also helps sooth a sore throat. Vitamin A Foods Vitamin A, also known as Retinol, is from animal products and found in liver, dairy products such as cheese and butter and also found in eggs. Cod Liver Oil is an excellent source of Vitamin A.


9787 3849

“Smile Do that in the mirror. eve and you ry morning see a big ’ll start to diffe in your rence life.” -Yoko O no

Provitamin A which is mostly found in beta-carotene foods, is converted to Vitamin A once consumed. Provitamin A foods include red, orange and yellow fruit and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, cantaloupes, tomatoes and peaches. It’s also found in green leafy vegetables. Vitamin A strengthens cells and mucosal linings within the human body acting as a barrier to potential pathogens.

Immune Boosting Elixir Run through a juicer: ½ fresh pineapple (include the pineapple core when juicing) 1 lemon (skin removed) Thumb size of ginger root Thumb size of turmeric root Warm slightly on the stove with a tablespoon of raw honey (don’t boil) and then pour into a mug and drink!

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122 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza & 1533 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud West 140 Salmon St, Hastings


Vitamin D More and more research is discovering how crucial Vitamin D is for many biochemical functions within the human body and this includes strengthening and modulating our immune system. Globally we are becoming very Vitamin D deficient due to modern day living and working, and of course in winter, we spend even less time out in the sun causing further Vitamin D deficiency. It is worth talking to your doctor about getting a Vitamin D blood test to see where your levels are at. Vitamin D deficiency can be hard to detect but can include low immunity – getting sick many times throughout the year, sore and/or soft bones, mental health issues, chronic pain, psoriasis, and insomnia. The sun is most definitely the best source of Vitamin D and it’s recommended to get 15 – 30 minutes of unprotected sun exposure a day for optimum Vitamin D levels. Food sources include cod liver oil, fish, eggs, mushrooms grown in sunlight, and butter. Vitamin D fortified foods usually contain the wrong source of synthetic Vitamin D that the body cannot absorb and utilise, so best to avoid. Over the winter months or if blood test results indicate very low levels of Vitamin D, consider taking a good quality Vitamin D3 supplement to up the levels. Ginger and Turmeric These root spices are anti-inflammatory kings! Ginger has antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-parasitic properties. Turmeric is fast becoming the most researched spice, due to the compound Curcumin and its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and its use in disease prevention. With both of the spices’ warming properties, it’s the perfect anecdote to warm your body from the inside out during the colder months as it fights inflammation. Probiotics Approximately 70% of our immune system sits around our gut and therefore a healthy, functioning gut is essential for a healthy functioning immune system. Processed foods, refined sugar, chemicals, toxins, medication and stress all impact the health of our gut. Lack of good bacteria in our gut influences many aspects of our health. When we lack the good bacteria in our gut it can cause inflammation of the intestinal wall, affect proper nutrient absorption and overall gut function. A good probiotic supplement or adding fermented foods to your

MULBERRY HILL - 385 Golf Links Rd Langwarrin South. Open Sundays 11-4 (closed July and August) MCCRAE HOMESTEAD - 11 Beverley Rd McCrae. Open Sundays 11-4 (closed July and August) THE BRIARS HOMESTEAD - Nepean Highway Mt Martha. Guided tours Thursdays and Sundays 11:00, 1:00 and 2:30


daily diet, can assist in getting the right balance of good gut bacteria. The study of our gut bugs is an exciting area of medicine at the moment, and research is finding so many fascinating things about our gut bacteria, and this includes certain species that assist in strengthening and maintaining our immune system by way of proper nutrient absorption, work together like an army to push out bad pathogens, fight inflammation and strengthen the gut wall. Prebiotics are also important to feed and keep the good gut bugs happy! Ensure your diet is rich in prebiotic fibre foods too. Gelatin and Bone Broth One of the best remedies for gut healing is bone broth. The key healing ingredient in bone broth is gelatin. Long term inflammation to our gut lining causes ‘holes’ to appear in the intestinal lining (leaky gut) allowing toxins, food particles and bacteria to enter the blood stream. This has a huge impact on our immune system. The gelatin in bone broth helps to repair the lining of the gut wall to then allow the immune system to function at its best. You can also add unflavoured grass fed gelatin powder to things like smoothies or soups to assist with gut healing. Avoid Sugar A diet high in refined sugar and highly processed grains suppresses the immune system not allowing it to function at its best, leaving you more likely to catch something. Sugar also feeds the bad bacteria that may have caused your head cold or flu, so to recover quicker, avoid sugar all together when sick. Ultimately, eating a diet rich in quality whole foods is the best way to build a strong and healthy immune system, and prevent potential chronic dis-ease in the future.

Sherrie Miller is a qualified Nutritionist with a special interest in gut health. She is passionate about the way in which our digestive health can influence our mental health, skin health and immunity. Sherrie takes the concept of ‘Food is Medicine’ very seriously. You can find out more on instagram @sherriemillernutrition

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Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Children giving endurance athletes a run for their money


esearchers have discovered how young children seem to be able to run around all day without getting tired: their muscles resist fatigue in the same way as elite endurance athletes. Researchers from Edith Cowan University and the Université Clermont Auvergne in France tested three groups – boys aged 8 to 12, untrained adults and endurance athletes – to see how each recovered from strenuous physical activity. They found that the young boys’ muscles were very resistant to fatigue during maximal cycling exercise at a level comparable to the endurance athletes. They also recovered quickly from the high intensity exercise. Professor Tony Blazevich from ECU’s School of Medical and Health Sciences said the children in the study actually recovered from high intensity exercise faster than the endurance athletes.

“Most of us probably remember as children running around outside for hours and hours and then waking up the next day and doing it again, yet if we tried to do the same thing as adults we would be absolutely shattered,” he said. “One way the children are able to have such good endurance is that they produce more of their energy aerobically compared to adults. Aerobic metabolism uses oxygen drawn from the blood to produce energy and unlike anaerobic metabolism doesn’t produce lactate which causes muscle fatigue. “Additionally the children were able to remove the lactate from their muscles faster than even the trained endurance athletes allowing them to recover very quickly.” Young athletes reaching their full potential Professor Blazevich said the findings were useful for parents who wish to develop their child’s athletic potential. “Our study shows that muscle endurance is often very good in children, so it might be better to focus on other areas of fitness such as their sports technique, sprint speed, or muscle strength. This may help to optimise physical training in children, so that they perform better and enjoy sports more,” he said. Implications for new treatments The study leader, Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology Sébastien Ratel from Université Clermont Auvergne, said the research also sheds light on how the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes increases as we age. “With the rise in diseases related to physical inactivity, it is helpful to understand the physiological changes with growth that might contribute to the risk of disease,” he said. “Our research indicates that aerobic fitness, at least at the muscle level, decreases significantly as children move into adulthood, which is around the time increases in diseases such as diabetes occur. “It will be interesting in future research to determine whether the muscular changes we have observed are directly related to disease risk. At least, our results might provide motivation for practitioners to maintain muscle fitness as children grow up; it seems that being a child might be healthy for us.” ‘Metabolic and fatigue profiles are comparable between prepubertal children and well-trained adult endurance athletes’ was first published in Frontiers in Physiology. professors/professor-anthony-blazevich



Ask The


e g n e l l a h C

I have a son who is 9 years old and have noticed that some of his friends are already having some orthodontic treatment. Is it too early to start treatment at this age? People often think that orthodontic treatment should start in the teenage years once all the permanent teeth have erupted. This may be true in many cases, however, younger children with specific orthodontic problems, may benefit from early orthodontic treatment. We would recommend that you book your child in for an early assessment if you notice any of the following: • Early, late or irregular loss of the baby teeth • Crowded, crooked or misplaced teeth • Prominent upper or lower teeth (underbite or overbite) • Jaws that seem out of proportion to the rest of the face • Persistent oral habits such as thumb sucking beyond the age of 5 years Early orthodontic treatment may give us a chance to: • Guide the growth of the jaws • Lower the risk of trauma to prominent front teeth

By Melissa Walsh

• Correct any harmful oral habits


• Guide permanent teeth to erupt into a more favourable position • Improve the alignment of the teeth Getting the timing right for any orthodontic treatment is important and we recommend that you bring your child in for their first orthodontic check-up when they are 8 years of age.

Dr Adam Leung BDSc (Hons), DClinDent (Ortho) Specialist Orthodontist Peninsula Orthodontics 134 Tanti Avenue, Mornington Ph: (03) 5975 5166


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

earning a child has been diagnosed with cancer is devastating and affects the whole family. Most children have trouble understanding what is happening to their bodies and can find the treatment process emotionally and physically draining. The experience has an overwhelming impact on anyone associated with that child and this is where can help. Peninsula Kids Magazine talks to former chairwoman and Blairgowrie local, Anna Toman, about being involved with this marvellous organisation. “When I started working in the music industry, and working alongside CEO David Rogers, we organised rock and roll entertainers to visit the Royal Children’s Hospital, and that was how I first became involved with Challenge,” said Ms Toman, who works as an Entertainment Manager for Mushroom Events. “From then, we decided to start the Diamonds Dinner which has now evolved into an amazing event.” Challenge have their annual Diamond Ball event coming up in June which is held at Crown, and what makes this event unique is that it has 1600 women in one room, all there for the same reasons. “The event organising committee are all women and proceeds from the evening go towards Challenge’s women’s/mum’s programs, like mums’ retreats, home help, date nights, for example,” said Ms Toman, who has recently stood down as Chairwoman after ten years in the role. “The committee are mostly women and the true success of these


events comes from the fact that when strong women support each other, incredible things happen.” The Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend Gala Dinner held annually at Crown began with 250 and now sells out within 10 minutes each year to a maximum capacity of 1600 women. “We wanted to create something unique and it was an extra part of what Challenge delivered to their families. We wanted to support mothers. It is hard enough to run a family when your children are healthy but when a family is struck down by childhood illness, it is very hard to deal with. Our aim is to offer home help, home services, relaxation retreats and camps and places where they can associate with people in likeminded situations and not feel so isolated.” Ms Toman says she has experienced first-hand the impact that has on the lives of families. “When you go to the retreats and see the families, you see firsthand the difference this money makes to their quality of life. It is an absolute honour to have been involved for so long and I am very proud of the work we have achieved and will continue to for these wonderful families.” For further information on donating, volunteering or the many programs challenge. org offers go to

Peninsula Orthodontics loves working with families. Our experienced team will provide you with an individual treatment plan to deliver only exceptional results. Capture that perfect smile you will always treasure. No referral required.

Specialist Orthodontists Dr Andrew Pepicelli Dr Andrea Phatouros

Dr Daniel Sable Dr Adam Leung

5975 5166

134 Tanti Ave Mornington



Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Pregnancy & Baby

Things To Do Before Giving Birth... By Yvette Julian-Arndt

Photography Anna Gilbert


ou have been busy preparing your mind and body for birth and getting set for the arrival of your precious baby, but with the end in sight it can bring a real mix of emotions- excitement, exhaustion, sadness, frustration, relief and apprehension. Here a few tips for the last few weeks so you can go into labour ready and relaxed, and welcome your baby feeling supported and strong.

1. FINISH UP WORK Give yourself a few weeks to rest, visualise and focus on the kind of birth you want. You don’t want to be distracted by busy work schedules or exhausted from travel leading up to labour. 2. GO OVER THE BIRTH PLAN Researching and writing a birth plan can help you work out what is important to you in the birth of your child and allow clear communication with your care provider about your informed decisions. In these final weeks, go through your plan so that your birth partner clearly understands your wishes, knows how you want to be supported and can advocate for you if necessary. 3. BUILD YOUR VILLAGE It really does take a village to raise a child, so line up helpers that will take care of older children, do laundry, cook, get groceries or walk dogs once you are home with baby. Also connect with your closest friends and family so that you know who to call on the tough days, when you need a shoulder to cry on.

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4. TAKE SOME BUMP SHOTS Treat yourself and have some professional pregnancy photos taken. After the birth you will be overjoyed to finally have your beautiful baby in your arms, but it is quite common to miss your bump. Having some precious photos to look at will help ease this feeling and will also allow you to look back and acknowledge the amazing job your body did growing a human- especially if your postpartum body is taking a while to get used to.


5. HAVE A BABY SHOWER OR BLESSINGWAY CEREMONY Celebrate your pregnancy with a special day that is all about you! Make sure someone else organises it and that it includes some pampering. If friends and family are asking what you would like in the way of presents, ask for vouchers for a cleaning company, local takeaway restaurant or a postnatal doula. This way you will have some extra help once all the visitors have left, and you are on your own when hubby is back at work.

Breastfeeding is often one of the biggest challenges after birth, so knowing what to expect and understanding the problems you may face, will put you one step ahead. If this is your first child or you want to have another go at breastfeeding after difficulty the first time, consider attending an education class run by the Australian Breastfeeding Association or visit one of their local support groups. Spending time with breastfeeding women can increase your chances of breastfeeding success.


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

6. GET COOKING Prepare and freeze some meals so you don’t have to worry about dinners after the birth, whilst trying to look after and bond with your newborn. Make sure they are nourishing and nutritious foods that give you energy, promote healing and support positive mental health.

8. COMPLETE THE BABY TO-DO LIST EARLY Finish the nursery, wash baby clothes, purchase baby items, sort out the car capsule, pack your hospital bag and spring clean well before the end, so that panic doesn’t set in and you aren’t rushing around at the last minute. 9. GET YOUR FINANCES SORTED Sit down with your partner and sort out a realistic budget so you don’t get a nasty shock or stressed about money when you are on maternity leave. You will be grateful you took the time before you were too tired to think straight. 10. PRIORTISE QUALITY TIME Life with a newborn means that time alone with your partner is limited. If this is your first child, go away somewhere romantic and talk about all

the wonderful things that you have experienced together that led you to this point. If you have other children, get a babysitter and go to the cinema or visit your favourite restaurant; it will be a while before you can enjoy an uninterrupted meal again or be able to stay awake through a movie! Most importantly, enjoy each other and strengthen your connection so you can welcome your new baby with love. Also spend some one-on-one time with your other children, doing their favourite things. This will reinforce your bond which will help them adjust to the arrival of a sibling.

Yvette Julian-Arndt is a mum to two gorgeous boys and with her husband loves living on the Mornington Peninsula. As the owner of Project Birth, she is passionate about educating and inspiring couples for this life changing event and runs The Positive Birth Course in Frankston. Find out more at or join her on Facebook and Instagram for more great labour and birth tips

Dr Deepti Rampal

Consulting and Operating at Peninsula Private Hospital Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

(MBBS, MclinEmbryol, (Monash), FRANZCOG

Dr Deepti Rampal is a highly trained board certified Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Dr Rampal has an additional qualification from the Royal Children’s Hospital: Fellowship in Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology to provide Gynaecological care for girls of paediatric and adolescent age group.


Dr Deepti Rampal is a locally trained O&G specialist who has successfully completed six years of rigorous training at Frankston Hospital and Monash Health. She offers a specialised women’s perspective and understanding to the local community of Frankston, Mornington and the surrounding suburbs.



Dr Deepti Rampal is available for both Obstetrics and Gynaecology referrals and is successfully working with the prestigious GP community offering exceptional care for the women and adolescents for their Obstetrics and Gynaecology needs. Waiting times are reasonable and urgent referrals are taken care care of promptly.

Areas of expertise • Adult Obstetrics and Gynaecology Pregnancy care: – low risk and high risk pregnancy – Early Pregnancy complications – VBAC – Twins • General and advanced

Gynaecological care Special interest • Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology – Congenital anomalies – Period problems in adolescents – Contraceptive management – Early/Late puberty – PCOS

D a P Contact Details: (03) 9775 8025 A 525 McClelland Dr, Frankston E Areas W of expertise • Adult Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Pregnancy care: – low risk high risk pregnancy


H p g

D s H



GOLD 2017



Everything your baby needs comes from you – your loving touch, your nourishing milk and immune boosting protection against illness.


o you feel as though you are ‘managing’ your baby and children? Is your life all about ‘staying in control’ because the alternative is just too scary to contemplate? Or are you having fun with them?

You are giving so much, sometimes you need a boost.

Boobie Bikkies® – a boost for you Created by Pinky McKay, internationally certified Lactation Consultant and best selling author, Boobie Bikkies® are delicious, all natural and organic super-food cookies to boost your energy and support a healthy milk supply.

Are you racing on a treadmill as you strive to do ‘all the things‘? Do you feel energised or exhausted by the work you do? Or do you feel as though you are constantly running a race against the clock, whether you work at home, run a business or you are balancing a career with family, with no finishing line in sight?

Boobie Bikkies® - just grab and go Individually wrapped cookies come in three delicious flavours • Vanilla • Orange and Cinnamon • Coconut, Date and Seed (Gluten and Dairy Free)

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It's always a great time to re-evaluate how to nourish yourself so you have the energy to have fun. I’m not asking you to make resolutions – I gave up on these long ago, it just seems like more pressure. Instead, why not give yourself a huge high five for all that you are and all that you are doing right now. You are enough. You don’t need to keep up with anyone else, you don’t need to feel ‘less than’ whatever you feel you ‘should’ be. You have probably heard me say ‘don’t let anybody ‘should’ on you – and that includes YOU! So instead of adding more ‘to dos’ to your list, let’s pause for a few moments and do a ‘health check’ of the ‘fun versus frantic’ factors in your life. Check in and ask yourself, how do I want to be as a parent and a partner? If you have had a year of stress and pressure it is time to make some changes because: We all know babies and children are little barometers of our own stress. If you are a frantic mum, your child is more likely to be frantic; if he senses your disconnection, his efforts to reconnect with you can present as ‘difficult’ or unsettled behaviour. A need for ‘attention’ is just as valid as a need for food and nourishment – your touch, your eye contact, listening attentively and being present are nourishment for your little (and not so little) one’s soul and self- esteem. They tell him, I am valued. Then he can value himself. He will feel safe and loved and he won’t need to do ‘silly things’ to ‘get your attention’. Fun parents who seize the moments to create fun create happy memories – for you and your child – that will last long after your littlies have grown. What do you remember as the most fun when you were a child? How can you create some of these precious memories for your own family?

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Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Happy families are healthy families – stress affects your immune system and your child’s. On the other hand, laughter really is the best medicine! Making time for laughter and joy will save time and money on health care for stress related illness – from runny noses and cranky behaviour in children to more serious stress related disorders in adults. We can never get back this moment, this day or this week with our child at this age right now. While it’s great to have lifelong goals and aspirations,


Making it FUN! Please, take a moment to visualise the kind of family you want, the kind of things you can enjoy with your little ones and the values that are important to you. Remember, no pressure; you don’t need to be perfect, nor do your kids.


it’s important to take off the blinkers and stop pretending that we are ‘doing this for our kids’ if these goals are really stealing time and energy from being present and being aware right NOW. Babies and children don’t care whether they have an ‘inheritance’ when they’re twenty one. They don’t give a hoot if you are the leader of the free world if you are so busy you are always saying, ‘in a minute’ or ‘hurry up!’ They need you NOW – to love; to laugh; to have fun; to teach them and model values, so they can make their way in the world with confidence and joy.


Create a FUN board: this is like a vision board for fun – you can include your kids, especially if they are old enough to cut or glue – cut out pictures, collect articles and advertisements for activities that you and your child(ren) can enjoy together. Write a FUN list: write lists of all the things you could enjoy with your family – things that you can do spontaneously in a few minutes – blow bubbles, wrestle, hug, dance to happy music, jump on the trampoline together, plant some seeds or pick flowers or veggies from the garden, paint each others’ faces, bake a cake, eat a picnic lunch outside or on the floor inside if it’s raining, make a ‘cubby’ from old sheets pegged onto a tree, ‘paint’ the fence with a small bucket of water and a large house painting brush. Schedule FUN days: think of things that require a bit more time and perhaps money (but fun shouldn’t create financial stress) – then schedule at least one day a month all this year to spend on a fun family activity with no interruptions. This is sacred time that can’t be put aside – whether its’ a trip to the beach, a pizza and movie night at home or a live concert, this is FUN time! Say “NO!” Above all, guard your own energy by learning to say ‘NO’ to activities and people that will sap your energy and ‘YES’ to activities that nourish you – your child needs a model of fun and joy, as well as fun time with you. Life is about choices – make the choices that fill your own tank so you have energy to enjoy your family. Delete, delegate and simplify and say, “YES” to fun because fun mummies have FUN families!

Pinky McKay is an internationally certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and bestselling author of Sleeping Like a Baby, Parenting By Heart and 100 Ways to Calm the Crying (Penguin Random House). She is also the creator of Boobie bikkies all natural and organic health food cookies for breastfeeding mums.


597 5 9334 Dr James Lucas Dr Caroline Howarth Dr Narisha Chawla Dr Daniel Cocker

lucas dental care proudly sponsors polyglot theatre


Choosing a baby carrier or sling By Yvette O'Dowd


abywearing – carrying your baby or toddler hands-free in everything from a simple piece of fabric to a purposedesigned product – is popular. Not only do busy parents need do a million things at once (or so it seems!) but they recognise the need for close connections to bond with and soothe their child.

You don’t need to practice attachment parenting or call yourself a “babywearer” to appreciate their use. Working out what is safe and comfortable from the range of products can be daunting, let alone working out which will best suit your lifestyle, budget and taste. So, let’s get started and look at the basic styles available for parents who are choosing a baby carrier or sling: #1: STRETCHY WRAPS Designed to snuggle your newborn against your body, these strips of stretchy fabric look complex at first but the technique to wear them is simple once you learn how. Best suited to younger babies (3-8kg), they are not suitable for wearing on your back. #2: WOVEN WRAPS Coming in as many colours, patterns and textures as you can imagine, these carriers also come in varying combinations of natural fibres, including cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo, wool and silk. Designed for use from newborn to toddler on both the front and back, the techniques used to tie them range from simple to complex and – again – once you learn how, are quick and easy to do. It is recommended that back-wearing is only used by experienced wearers after using front-wrapping techniques. #3: RING SLINGS

P: 9789 3566 W: 224 Cranbourne Road, Frankston 102

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Often known for their bright rainbow stripes, ring slings are also available in many other designs. Suitable from newborn to toddler, they are a quick option for short periods of wearing and are terrific for wearing a child who can’t decide if they want to be up or down. The simple technique to wear them is easy to learn and use.

#4: MEI DAIS Originally from China, this traditional design has been popular in Australia since the 1960s and is used around the world. The inspiration for the soft-structured carrier, the simple design has straps which tie around the waist and over the shoulders. Although that can seem complicated, they are simple to use. #5: SOFT-STRUCTURED CARRIERS (SSCS) Designed to meet the needs of modern parents, these wide-based carriers support babies hips in the recommended M position and can be used from birth to toddlers. Suitable for front, hip and back carrying Adjustable straps allow personal fitting and quick use. #6: FOUR WAY CARRIERS – FORWARD FACING Many parents are attracted to baby carriers which allow babies to face-forward, away from the parent. Forward-facing is one way to include them and give them a wider view. Generally, only short-periods of facing out are recommended, as babies can quickly become over-stimulated or over-whelmed and have no way to make eye contact with the adult to communicate their need to have a break. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! With many carriers only available online and those in-store not always available to try on, it can be hard to work out which will fit you and your baby best. South Eastern Babywearing Group meet regularly at The Hungry Peacock in Tyabb and the Frankston North Community Centre. With a collection of carriers for you to try, experienced volunteers can help you choose an option which is safe and comfortable. You can meet other parents and see a range of carriers and slings in se with children from newborn to pre-school. And we can troubleshoot any challenges you are finding with your own carrier. SAFETY IS CRUCIAL You may have seen recent news reports about dangers associated with some styles of baby carriers. If you are not sure about a product you have bought or been gifted, do not use it. Bring it to any of our meetings or contact us online. To help parents learn about safe baby carriers and slings, Kidsafe SA have released a new video, which you can view by joining our Facebook Group SouthEasternBabywearing or visit KidsafeSA . Used correctly, most baby carriers are safe and comfortable for both adult and child.

Yvette O’Dowd is not your typical grandmother! This mother of three and Granny of two has been a breastfeeding counsellor for more than 25 years. In 2014, Yvette established the Southern Natural Parenting Network, incorporating South Eastern Babywearing Group. With 8000 members worldwide, the group supports parents interested in breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, baby-led weaning and modern cloth nappies – and other aspects of gentle, natural parenting. Yvette has lived in Frankston for 45 years.

P: 9789 3566 W: 224 Cranbourne Road, Frankston


The T.I.C.K.S. Rule for Safe Babywearing

Keep your baby close and keep your baby safe. When you’re wearing a sling or carrier, don’t forget the T.I.C.K.S. TIGHT IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS KEEP CHIN OFF THE CHEST SUPPORTED BACK TIGHT – slings and carriers should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you as this will be most comfortable for you both. Any slack/loose fabric will allow your baby to slump down in the carrier which can hinder their breathing and pull on your back.

IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES – you should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply glancing down. The fabric of a sling or carrier should not close around them so you have to open it to check on them. In a cradle position your baby should face upwards not be turned in towards your body.

CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS – your baby’s head should be as close to your chin as is comfortable. By tipping your head forward you should be able to kiss your baby on the head or forehead.

KEEP CHIN OFF THE CHEST – a baby should never be curled so their chin is forced onto their chest as this can restrict their breathing. Ensure there is always a space of at least a finger width under your baby’s chin.

SUPPORTED BACK – in an upright carry a baby should be held comfortably close to the wearer so their back is supported in its natural position and their tummy and chest are against you. If a sling is too loose they can slump which can partially close their airway. (This can be tested by placing a hand on your baby’s back and pressing gently - they should not uncurl or move closer to you.)

A baby in a cradle carry in a pouch or ring sling should be positioned carefully with their bottom in the deepest part so the sling does not fold them in half pressing their chin to their chest. 104

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

We Love it! Hate Housework?

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Regular Cleaning

We offer a one-day blitz of your home. Ideal for ‘spring cleaning’ as well as after party emergencies, before guests, during house moves or after builders. The myhome spring clean takes just one day to get your home looking immaculate.

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● Over 10 years experience

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Six games

to play when you don’t want to play anymore



Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

By Pinky McKay

Hide and seek

Boil the kettle, then tell your child, “Let’s play hide and seek. You can hide and I’ll come and find you. I’ll count to 100, then come and find you.” Sit down with your lovely hot cuppa and count – very loudly and slowly. Comment, “I wonder where he is hiding? I bet he’s found a very secret hiding place! I can’t see him anywhere!”

Paint the fence

Set your little pocket rocket up with a shallow bucket of water and a large paintbrush (the kind you paint houses with). Sit back and watch him paint the fence or the verandah while you enjoy your cuppa – while it’s hot!

Tattoo time

You don’t want a cuppa but your eyes are almost closing, you are so damn tired. You want to lie down. Grab some markers (washable – hide the black sharpie), roll up your trousers, lie back on a towel or old rug (even washable markers can stain a good couch) and let your kid draw on your legs. You will probably have to wear tights or jeans for a few days until the colour completely washes off – unless you are so exhausted you don’t care who sees your rainbow legs.

Massage Mummy

Your fantasy includes a luxurious massage at a day spa but it’s not happening any time this afternoon. If you have given your little one massages since he was a baby, now it’s payback time. Pour a little safe vegetable oil into a saucer (a whole bottle of oil would probably buy you time to have a 2 hour nap but you might not feel so relaxed when you wake up to the glory of your tot’s ‘adventure’). Lie on a towel on the floor with your top off. Let the little person massage your back. He will have a great time ‘making you shiny’ while you get to relax (pretty much), and at least you will know exactly where he is. If you feel guilty about ‘slacking off’, remind yourself what a brilliant sensory experience you are providing.

Dead fish

This game is great if you have more than one child . Get yourself a drink before you start – you will need to supervise but it’s pretty simple. Get the kids to lie on the floor and be ‘dead fish’. They have to lie very still – the one who keeps still the longest is the winner! You can play it over and over so each one gets a turn at winning.

Dr Peter A. Scott is a specialist orthodontist offering orthodontic care for children, teens and adults alike in both the Mornington Peninsula and inner Melbourne areas. He is also a consultant orthodontist at the Royal Childrens Hospital.

Specialist Orthodontist Creating Beautiful Smiles On The Peninsula For 30 Years Expertise In Child And Adult Orthodontics Early Assessment Of Dental Development And Facial Growth Ideal Age Of Initial Assessment 7-9 Years Early Intervention Where Appropriate For Best Outcome No Referral Necessary

Bubble bath

No you can’t leave your child alone in the bathroom but you can take your cuppa and drink it while your little one plays with cups and sponges and bubbles. Or you can have a bubble bath together. Often a good splash and some bubble play will help you both to relax. Your child’s emotional tank will be filled so he will be less ‘demanding’ and you can dress him (and you) in your pyjamas afterwards. Then you won’t have to face the evening bath routine when you are both exhausted.

13 Beach St Frankston

Ph: 9783 4511


Book Reviews

pre school

school a


HOT DOG! #3 CIRCUS TIME! BY ANH DO 5+yrs, p/b, $12.99 Lizzie’s joining the circus! Her sister Emma is a high-flying trapeze star, but Lizzie’s TERRIFIED of heights! She’s going to be a clown–the funniest around! Hotdog and Kev can’t wait to see the show. Hopefully everything goes to plan!

108 108

THE LITTLE STOWAWAY BY VICKI BENNETT 4+yrs, h/b, $24.99 France. Winter. 1918. The First World War is over. A brave and determined little French orphan, Honore, wanders through the snow, cold and hungry and lost. When he stumbles on the Australian Flying Corps and meets airman, Tim Tovell, his life is changed forever.

SOMEWHERE IN THE REEF BY MARCELLO PENNACCHIO 3+yrs, h/b $24.99 Join the little dolphin calf and many more familiar ocean animals in this vivid counting book based on the classic rhyme Over in the Meadow.

KOOKABURRAS LOVE TO LAUGH BY LAURA BUNTING 4+yrs, h/b, $16.99 Kookaburras love to laugh. They laugh when it is sunny, or rainy, or windy. They laugh for no reason at all. When one serious kookaburra decides to flee the jokers, and goes to find a more suitable flock, he finds that perhaps he might just be in the right place after all.

HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES AND TOES ILLUSTRATED BY MATT SHANKS, 1+yrs, h/b, $14.99 Head and shoulders, knees and toes...and tails and scales, paws and claws! Come and get fit with the Aussie animals as they dance, run, jump and clap hands together! But look out... you never know who else might drop in on the fun too!

TRACY LACY FOR CLASSY CAPTAIN BY TANIA LACY 10+yrs, p/b $14.99 ‘Remember how I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, well pretty sure, probably about 99.7% sure, that I maybe, nearly, might actually get through High School like a normal person? Well SHOCK, HORROR, it’s not going exactly as I planned . . . It’s BETTER!'

TOM GATES #13: EPIC ADVENTURE (KIND OF) BY LIZ PICHON 7+yrs, p/b, $16.99 Having two sets of grandparents is turning out to be very good for me. The Wrinklies are keen on giving presents AND they're planning a family outing which is going to be EPIC! Even Delia wants to come. (I can always ignore her.)

DOG MAN AND CAT KID BY DAV PILKEY 7+yrs, p/b, $15.99 The heroic hound with a real nose for justice now has a sidekick in the form of a super-cute kitten, and together they have a mysterious caper to sniff out!

MIGHTY MITCH #2 HOWZAT HEROES! BY MITCHELL STARC 7+yrs, p/b, $12.99 Mitch Starc and his cricket team suddenly find themselves in the spotlight on the TV show HOWZAT HEROES! (And it’s not pretty!) The Wander Hill Wombats finally managed to get runs on the board and win some matches. But they’ve just had the most disastrous training session. Ever! So what’s Mitch’s problem now?

Peninsula 2017/18 Peninsula Kids Kids – – Summer Winter 2018




HIDE AND SEEK WITH MUM BY ED ALLEN 3+yrs, h/b, $16.99 Ready or not, here I come! But where is Mum? I have looked all over the garden and I cant find her anywhere! Have you seen where Mum is hiding?

NINJA KID #1 FROM NERD TO NINJA! BY ANH DO 7+yrs, p/b, $14.99 Nelson’s a nerd! Unfit, uncool…totally awkward! But when he wakes up on his tenth birthday, he discovers he’s a NINJA! THE LAST NINJA ON EARTH! How’s he going to save the world when he can’t even get his undies on the right way?!

GRANDMA IS PRECIOUS BY LAINE MITCHELL 3+yrs, p/b, $16.99 My grandma is precious. She is sweet and lovely. I love my dear grandma... and my grandma loves me. Share special times with the baby animals and their grandmas as they play, dance and explore the world together!

TINY TIMMY #7 THE NEW KID! BY TIM CAHILL 7+yrs, p/b, $12.99 The Lions have a new player. Ricardo seems nice enough, and he’s got all the skills. There’s just one problem...he never passes Timmy the ball! Seems like he wants all the glory for himself! Timmy and Ricardo will have to learn that it’s much easier when you play as a team–both on and off the field!

DROUGHT BY JACKIE FRENCH 4+yrs, h/b, $24.99 I remember when rain stopped. When day by day the water dropped, All across a sun-bleached land. Drought spread its withered, deadly hand. From the award-winning creators of Flood, Fire and Cyclone comes Drought a moving story about the devastating effects drought has on many Australians and their farms.

PIXEL RAIDERS #4: SPACE FORTRESS BY BAJO & HEX 8+yrs, p/b, $12.99 Rip and Mei only just managed to complete Level 3. Now they’re drifting through the galaxy in a leaky spaceship! Their only chance of escape is to follow kooky George’s impossible space mission. But first they’ll have to survive a crash landing, outrun space pirates, and battle each other in a giant arena! e

MISSING MARVIN BY SUE deGENNARO 3+yrs, h/b, $24.99 Marvin loves his job. He has never missed a day of work. Sometimes his friends play jokes to pass the time. Sometimes the jokes are on Marvin. Then, one day, Marvin isn’t where he usually is. Where is Marvin?

THE INVASION BY PEADAR O’GUILIN 14+yrs, p/b, $19.99 Nessa and Anto have both survived their Call, but fate has a cruel way of rewarding them. Nessa is branded a traitor as no one believes that someone like her could survive the experience. Anto is packed off out of the way to join the militia. The final chapter in this thrilling and fast paced adventure with the power of true love at it's very core.

THE FANDOM BY ANNA DAY 14+yrs, p/b, $16.99 Violet’s in her element. She’s crazy about The Gallows Dance: a huge book and movie franchise. And now she’s all set to act it out! She’s at Comic Con, with her cosplay at the ready (who’s blushing?) and the fandom at her feet. It’s everything she’s dreamed of. That is, until a freak accident transports her into the story for real.

109 109


with the Kids! By David Hawkins


he wild, whistling winds of a bayside winter usually keep me huddled inside the house, sacrificing woollen mittens to the gods of summer in hopes that the golden rays of the sun will return early. But this year my family has been enticed into donning jackets and boots and hitting the grand outdoors in an epic rock session!

Have you heard about the rock painting and hiding craze that has hit Melbourne? Brought to our cultured city by the enthusiastic and arty team at Moongala Community House, in Bentleigh East, you are very likely to find beautifully, and colourfully, painted rocks and stones hidden away in parks and public places Peninsula-wide. This is a crafty activity that you and your monkeys can take part in with minimal preparation and major fun. The rock craze came about after Moongala’s Jude Rangitaawa decided to bring together people who were keen to get out of the house and try something different. “The idea came from Facebook, I saw this was really popular in New Zealand and did some hunting and I couldn’t find anywhere in Australia that was doing this. We originally started a little group called Glen Eira Rocks to get it rolling, and now we’re putting all our energy towards VIC Rocks,” Jude said. “I knew it was going to be a great community activity. When I saw it I thought it was a great concept, and I knew it would be awesome for getting kids out and about and off their devices. It gets people out to their parks and enjoying their environment. Loads of families are getting out now to hunt for rocks!”

Jude and the team at Moongala Community House are celebrating their first anniversary of organising these rock hunting romps, with the number of keen searchers growing all the time. “In June last year we teamed up with WA Rocks, who were doing a really great job of it. We got on board with them and established ourselves as VIC Rocks. We’ve now gone from 150 members at the start to over 21,000 now,” she said. Keen to give it a go? First stop; search Facebook for “VIC Rocks” and check out the VIC Rocks page. It contains copious detail on exactly how to go about your painting, hiding and hunting. If you’ve got a question, chances are you’ll find the answer right here or just ask the page admins directly. We invited our friends over to join in for the afternoon, with a big bundle of garden stones bought from a hardware store and a range of acrylic paint colours. The kids tend to dab their hands (and arms and clothes and faces and hair) into painting every week but it has been a while since us oldies had a chance to get artistic. And it was game on in the competitive stakes – we all dreamed up cool concepts, from Ken Done inspired 1980’s pattern work to a replica opal with gold seam. I like to think that my awkward rendition of Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the one stone that will change the lives of whoever finds it for the better. Oh yeah, we also let the kids decorate a rock or two themselves. The most important part of painting your rock is writing the Facebook symbol and “VIC Rocks” onto the back, so that anyone who finds it will be able to post a photo of their success.

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Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Our children were split between wanting to hide their rocks and hunt for other peoples’ creations. This is what makes this activity so much more entertaining than, say, geocaching; it’s about giving a part of yourself to someone else as much as it is about the treasure hunt. We all walked down to our local play park and began seeking out the best places to secrete away our art-adorned rocks. The kids found the smartest hiding spots straight away, lodging their rocks in nooks of fallen logs and amongst the flowers. Challenging, but not impossible to find! And as soon as the hiding was wrapped, it was onto the searching. Unfortunately, we did not have any luck ourselves although at least two of the munchkins re-found our own rocks for us. To avoid disappointment, you can search for your suburb or park name within the VIC Rocks Facebook page to see if anyone has hidden their rocks their recently, or to see if many have already been found.

And yet, even though we headed home empty-handed, we walked with pride and the knowledge that our rock surprises just might make some other children smile. All of our minis were so proud of the beautiful (and heavily abstract styled) rocks that they had painted and are already pestering us to get the brushes out and the geological hats on again very soon. To find out all you need to know for your own family rock expedition, visit

David Hawkins is a Peninsula based stay-at-home-dad who realised that he needed to improve his Dadding. So he set himself the simple task of being an Awesome Dad. He now challenges all dads to be awesome dads, by doing something out-of-the-ordinary with their kids.




Cheerleading Aerobics & Dance The perfect place to make friends, have fun & keep fit!

Edu c at i o n and Ins pi rat i o n fo r Po s i t i ve C h i l dbi r t h

77 Watt Rd Mornington


0487 274 985

2 Day Cours e July 8th & 15th in Franks ton www.proj e c tbi

Be Informed + Be Motivated + Be Supported + Be Prepared + Be Inspired + Be Skilled + Be Relaxed = A Positive Birth Experience Book now & receive a $50 Preggi Central Gift Card & a maternity or newborn photo shoot At Viva Photography with a $350 Photo Credit


CORNER BOOKMARKS YOU’LL NEED : -Square-shaped paper (15cmX15cm) -Embellishments if using WHAT TO DO : 1. Fold the paper in half diagonally to make a triangle. Be sure to make the crease nice and sharp. Then turn the triangle so that it is pointing up. 2. Fold the top layer down so the point touches the bottom fold. The second point should still be flat on the table, pointing up.

3. Take the left bottom corner and fold it towards the top of the triangle. Make sure that the edges align and then so the same for the right bottom corner. Make sure the creases are sharp. You should have a diamond shape in front of you now. 4. Take the first corner you just folded and tuck it inside the pocket of the small the triangle. Do the same for the other corner.

 ecorate your bookmark, if you want to! Make it your own by D adding your initials, stickers or glue some googly eyes on to 7b. make a page-saving friend. (Just be sure to let the glue dry before popping onto your page.)


Term 3 PROGRAMS Children enjoy actively

challenging themselves on a range of gymnastics equipment in a fun, safe, supervised environment gaining friends, confidence, balance and strength while developing the fundamentals of gymnastics skills.

WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY Tiny Tots (2.5-3.5yrs) (Parent Supervised Class) 9:30-10:15am Wrigglers (3.5-5yrs) 10:30-11:15am SATURDAY Wrigglers (3.5-5yrs) 9:30-10:15am CALL BEV TO BOOK 0409 709 736 1/24 Carbine Way, Mornington 3931 112

Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018







Enhance Your Child’s Development COW MILKING School Holidays 30th June - 15th July Cow milking at 10.30 followed by separating cream and milk, churning cream to butter, grinding wheat to flour, baking some bread and tasting the butter & bread at12pm. Another cow milking at 2pm Open 10am - 4pm

Rustic Farm Setting Pony and Horse Rides Free Cuppas & Gas BBQs Special School Holiday Activities Many Animals for “Hands on” Experiences Playground, Picnic Areas (BYO Food) (see website

490 Stumpy Gully Rd Balnarring Phone 5983 1691 Open 10am - 4pm

With Fun & Educational Music Classes

Mini Maestros Classes ges For a ths · Build Confidence n 6 mo ars · Nurture Whole Brain Development e y 5 to · Provide Social Interaction for Parent and Child · Are Age-Specific to Cater for Children’s Developmental Stages · Provide Classroom Experience in Preparation for Kinder and School

CONTACT & LOCATIONS Mt Eliza - Kylie 0409 020 495 Mornington - Lori-Anne 0450 566 474 Langwarrin/Frankston - Kate 0406 062 254 Safety Beach, Tyabb & Rye - Tiffany 0404 967 676

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What You’ll Need: • pencil • paper • textas, crayons or coloured pencils How to do it: 1. Trace your hand and a bit of your arm with a pencil.

3. Colour in between the black lines in a pattern. (or not)

2. Using a texta, draw a straight line from the edge of the paper until you get to the pencil line. Draw an arc to the other pencil line and then go back to making a straight line.

4. That’s handy!

*(We tried using a ruler for one of our hands, drawing a straight line from one side of the paper to the pencil line, skipping the inside of the hands, and then continuing on the other side. Once we did all the straight lines we went back and drew arcs attaching the lines. In the end it was easiest just doing it freehand and didn’t make much difference!) **You can go back and erase the pencil line when you’re finished with the black lines if you wish.


Peninsula Kids – Winter 2018

Our Coolstores Children on their weekly BUSH KINDER adventures!! Our children learn all about the great outdoors and love exploring the natural environment!

Established in 1991, our family owned and operated Child Care and Kindergarten centres are situated in 4 great locations throughout the Mornington Peninsula. We cater to children from 6 weeks to school age. TO ENROL now or organise a tour - please call our friendly staff at Little Grasshoppers today...

For enrolment or tour enquiries please call The Coolstores 1/475 Mooroduc Hwy MOOROODUC

Main Street 309 Main Street MORNINGTON

(03) 5978 0808

Parwan 15 Parwan Crescent MORNINGTON

Eramosa 70 Eramosa Rd West SOMERVILLE

Our primary goal at Gunnamatta is to make sure that each child loves and remembers their time spent horseback riding particularly if it is their very first time. We create the opportunity for each child to feel the exhilaration of learning the basic fundamentals of horsemanship & riding, whilst they have the chance to create a bond with our beautiful gentle horses.

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Peninsula Kids Current Issue

Current Issue  

Peninsula Kids Current Issue