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Relax in Style Introducing eight extraordinary lifestyle collections designed to inspire the affluent consumer, supported by powerful in-store merchandising.

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High Point Market October 12 – 18, 2012 Circle Reader Service No. 2

RECEPTION STUDIO 116 East Commerce Street at Wrenn Directly across from IHFC

Get more out of each cord. More heat and more family time. The Montlake™ 230 insert combines timeless style with exclusive Thermal Fin Technology (TFT™) to elevate wood heating to the next level. Heavy brick, large glass, standard blower and an innovative cast-iron heat exchanger ensure you get the most out of each wood load. It’s a compelling story for you and a lifetime of warmth for them.

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September/October 2012

| Volume 7, Number 5


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Bernard Dalsin Manufacturing is trusted by hearth retailers for its innovative products and strong customer service.


Specialists in the manufacturing and selling of outdoor kitchens explain why demand for these products continues to remain strong. 32 18





This Louisiana retailer has weathered difficult economic times by expanding its business to include grills and other outdoor products.

Our annual report covers the latest offerings in products and accessories for outdoor kitchens. 24







Apenberry’s offers an eclectic array of products to help customers connect garden spaces with outdoorliving areas.

Pellet grills manufactured by startup Green Mountain Grills are gaining popularity among barbecue experts who desire alternatives to gas grills.

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High-quality construction and fashion-forward designs are hallmarks of Lane Venture’s extensive line of casual furniture.

A second-generation owner has taken impressive steps to reinvent this popular outdoor-living store.

New products and manufacturing facilities have made M&G DuraVent one of the premier companies in the venting industry. 54

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For 35 years, Beka Casting has maintained a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and superior customer service.

Cal Spas makes it possible for consumers at all budget levels to possess beautiful backyard retreats.

Since 1963, Sunline Patio & Fireside has remained strong because of its product knowledge and love for helping customers. 40


Brenda Pereyda, assistant vice president of sales and marketing for Mallin Casual Furniture, offers insight on industry trends and on developments in her company. 44

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INDUSTRY NEWS – Edited by Kris Kyes








SCHOTT ROBAX is praised for glass products that enhance the look of fireplaces.




Glen Raven’s new business manager for casual fabrics describes how his company is helping specialty retailers. 48



On the Cover | Hearth & Home Technologies


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

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OUTDOOR FIRE PITS. Life Begins Outdoors.™


Agio was the first in the industry to offer a way to enhance outdoor entertaining with the development of portable gas fire pits and chat groups. Today, Agio innovations give home owners warm and inviting products to relax outdoors. Agio continues to lead while popularity of outdoor fire options grows among consumers. Add Agio outdoor fire pits to your floor and watch your margins and sales heat up. For more information on Agio outdoor gas fire pits, visit today. Agio is the registered trademark of Agio International Company, Ltd.

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Housing PUBLISHER’S VIEWPOINT Timing is everything. Even if the International Casual Furnishings Association wanted to, it couldn’t have orchestrated a better start for this September’s Chicago International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market™. A day before the start of the show, a report on starts for privately owned housing was released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau. For August, it showed a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 750,000—a 2.3% increase above the revised July estimate of 733,000. Even better, the August report was 29.1% above the August 2011 rate of 581,000, according to the Census Bureau. As home builder Lennar’s CEO, Stuart Miller, tells Abram Brown of Forbes, “The housing market has stabilized, and the recovery is well underway.” In the September 24 edition

from T H E E D I T O R

In the not-so-distant past, you could simply call yourself the number-one patio-furniture store (or fireplace dealer) in town. Today’s consumers are more tech savvy and plugged in than ever before, and they don’t pay attention to what you’re saying. They want to hear what other consumers—particularly people they know—are saying about you. A global study by Nielsen Media found that 92% of people trust recommendations 6

of BuildingOnline’s eUpdate, Barry Rutenberg, chair of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a home builder from Gainesville, Florida, says, “Builders across the country have been reporting noticeable improvement in the number of serious buyers who are in the market for a new home, and today’s report shows that this is translating to some welcome gains in construction activity.” Rutenberg adds, “While there is still plenty of room for improvement, it’s encouraging to see this continuing trend that is spurring much-needed job growth.” According to Rutenberg, for every 100 new single-family homes that are built, 300 new jobs are created. Coupled with this good news about privately owned housing is the fact that the national median price for homes, in August, was up 9.5% (year over year). This

represents the sixth consecutive month of improvement. “As homeowners see the value of their homes increase, this will lead to more consumer spending,” Bob Gaylord, president of Agio International, told me at Casual Market. While many economists agree that the August figures bode well for the housing market, going forward, David Crowe, NAHB chief economist, adds a word of caution to the BuildingOnline eUpdate article, saying, “The pace of this recovery continues to be constrained by various hurdles, including a tough lending environment, inaccurate appraisals, and more recently, rising prices on key building materials.”

Even with the hurdles that continue to exist for the housing market, the market for outdoorfurniture, hearth, patio, outdoorkitchen, and outdoor-living products is promising. Based on lower home prices and historically low interest rates, the improving housing market has helped renters to become buyers and has helped existing home owners to make upscale moves or to invest in remodeling their current homes. The demand for most items related to home ownership will continue to increase, and with the continued popularity of spending on the outdoor-living area, our industry is poised to

from friends and family over other forms of advertising. Advertising experts and store owners have understood, for a long time, that word-of-mouth recommendations are the holy grail of marketing. Some of the biggest companies grew, initially, through word-of-mouth advertising. A few of the best examples are Apple, Starbucks, HarleyDavidson, and Krispy Kreme, which all grew from referrals. No large advertising budgets were used to promote these brands when they were launched. They relied on consumers who experienced the product and then went on to endorse the products to the masses. Obviously, these companies now spend millions on brand recognition, but they all started out with small advertising budgets, focusing on making highquality products and providing strong customer service. The

amazing thing is that they grew exponentially without tools like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Pinterest, and other socialmedia platforms. There’s no question that word-of-mouth marketing (enhanced with social-media tools) will drive more business to your stores. As a consumer and occasional Facebook user, I’ve been noticing that lots of my friends and relatives are exchanging information about local stores and services. Some of my friends are addicted to the like button on Facebook, and they have become online billboards for just about everything: hip new boutiques, political candidates, discount stores, carpet cleaners, food trucks, coffee houses, nonprofits, and more. It can be overwhelming to click through more than 100 friends’ likes, but in some instances, I catch myself reading about what they find so appealing on sites such as

Facebook or Pinterest. I do this especially when I respect a friend’s opinion or taste. Sometimes likes or pins feature something few would buy, such as a popular pin floating around Pinterest recently for MIT’s SOFT rockers, solarpowered outdoor rocking lounge chairs that recharge one’s electronic devices. In other instances, a friend’s or relative’s review of a product can influence others to consider buying it. One of my relatives, a big user of social media, recently bought a Big Green Egg, and he wrote glowing reviews about it on his Facebook page, in addition to posting several photos of mouth-watering ribs and pulled pork that he had prepared using the smoker. His post was viewed by hundreds of his friends, who are exactly the type of consumer that Big Green Egg Company wants to attract—barbecue lovers with lots of disposable

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

enjoy a nice growth spurt. The biggest challenges, for specialty retailers, are to compete effectively with other specialty retailers in their areas and to maintain and grow their market shares against the big-box stores (and even traditional indoor-furniture retailers). For this reason, specialty retailers need to keep open minds about the types of products and collections they display on their showroom floors; reach out even more to increase and drive traffic from consumers and designers into their stores; invest in marketing, advertising, in-store promotions, and events; and ratchet up customer-service capabilities even higher. For retailers who attended this year’s Casual Market, there were plenty of good ideas and business-practice strategies presented during the educational seminars, as well as innovative programs being offered by the manufacturers. As the housing market continues to improve, retailers who continue to improve on their overall business operations will enjoy the fruits of their labors. TONY RAMOS PUBLISHER TRAMOS@PENINSULA-MEDIA.COM

income. His love for the product even made me think about replacing my old charcoal grill with a Big Green Egg. Someone else I know used Pinterest last month to pin a photo of her dream outdoorfurniture set. I’m sure that the manufacturer of this furniture loved this exposure. There’s no question that social marketing is an extremely effective (and cheap) tool for targeted wordof-mouth advertising. Since our industry is so visual, in terms of the products and lifestyle that we promote, it makes sense for specialty retailers and manufacturers to have a strong presence on these social websites. If you really want to build your business with today’s consumers, you can’t remain invisible. There’s no better time to make your business part of the conversation. CAROL DAUS EDITOR CDAUSWRITE@SOCAL.RR.COM

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guest editorial


The Outdoor-kitchen Market Heats Up by MITCH SLATER AND LARRY SMITH


EDITOR Carol Daus


n informal, outdoor space for entertaining and easy living— with water features, kitchens, dining, and comfortable seating—is still the U.S. backyard preference. There is no slowdown to be seen in the love of outdoor living, according to the results of the April 2012 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects. These findings dovetail with the leisure industry’s own survey, which has the industry growing at 15% to 17% per year. This growth is generated, in part, by homeowners adding value to their homes by investing in outdoor-living rooms that don’t include walls or a fixed roof. Newhome construction is also finally on the uptick, and builders of higher-end homes are adding outdoor-living spaces to meet the demands of new homes’ buyers. Homeowners, becoming more informed via media interest and the Internet, are encouraged to duplicate their interior kitchens outdoors. The leisure-industry universe comprises several product categories. These include hardscaping materials, grills and appliances, entertainment/media products, pergolas, furniture, fireplaces/firepits, patio heaters, insectcontrol systems, and accent lighting. Just a couple of years ago, outdoorcooking areas were called grilling stations. Today, we talk about outdoorliving rooms and outdoor-entertaining areas, of which the outdoor kitchen is one component. The addition of seating and multiple gathering areas, for more formal entertaining spaces, has led to the introduction of color and style in the outdoor room’s decor. Endless choices: As industry-versed retailers enlighten homeowners about all that’s available for outdoor-living areas, customers can immediately envision a variety of kitchen designs. They incorporate products for storage/organization, food preparation, cooking, entertaining, and comfort. Storage and organization have become more important. Additional cabinetry affords permanent storage for everything from plates and utensils

Tony Ramos ART DIRECTOR Cass Estes ASSOCIATE EDITOR Kris Kyes STAFF WRITERS Cheryl Dangel Bartolini Cherise Forno Kimberly Rodgers Sharon Sanders Greg Thompson Mitch Slater (left) and Larry Smith


to paper goods and condiments. When the hosts plan a day with family and friends, they don’t want to spend the day running back and forth to the interior kitchen. The food-preparation area is also important. Part of the enjoyment of outdoor entertaining is having everyone pitch in to cut this and prepare that. Specialized cooking appliances expand outdoor menus. Even casual cooks want (in addition to the grill) pizza ovens, power burners, and ceramic smoker/grills. Entertaining and support appliances include bartender centers, ice makers, and refrigerators. All are part of the outdoor equation. Lifestyle products such as pergolas, patio heating, and insect-control systems actually add value to the overall investment. They extend the season and provide a comfortable environment well into the night. The kitchen still remains at the center of casual entertaining. Today, though, the kitchen has moved outside. Reaping profits: We attend more than 20 trade shows a year and exhibit stainless outdoor kitchens to approximately 15 channels of distribution. Because of diverse business models, retailers in each of these channels approach the business of selling outdoor kitchens differently. When they visit our booth, however, one overriding comment is exactly the same: They sell outdoor kitchens

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

(barbecue islands), but they are having difficulty holding margins. The following tactics have been developed, and they have been proven successful across various channels of distribution. Lead versus react: Homeowners frequently tell retailers that they would like either to build an outdoor kitchen or to upgrade their present barbecue island into an outdoor kitchen. They ask for a better grill, and maybe for a side burner and a refrigerator. They might even furnish a picture. In many cases, retailers offer a variation on the same theme: an updated version of a barbecue island. This is partly a response to the homeowner’s request; the retailer then becomes one of several bidders on the project. If retailers really want to stand out and maintain margins within this growing outdoor-living business, they must be aware of all the new products and design possibilities that have surfaced within the past four years. By presenting a more complete outdoorliving space (not just an island update), with the kitchen as one component, the retailer can demonstrate knowledge of the industry and create an opportunity to grow the project. Your expertise is adding value, and the customer will upgrade the concept toward outdoor living—and the project. Should the customer not have the necessary budget, you can always scale down the project. Continued on page 80


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Cal Spas Launches New Genesis Rotomold Line for 2013 The new Genesis™ rotomold line from Cal Spas

Ron McArthur Appointed President of Napoleon Fireplaces and Napoleon Gourmet Grills Napoleon® Fireplaces and Napoleon® Gourmet Grills have named Ron McArthur to serve as president of the Napoleon Group of Companies. Over the past 35 years, the Canadian fireplace, barbecue, and heating/ cooling manufacturer has expanded into a successful North Ron McArthur American company with a growing international presence. Wolfgang Schroeter, CEO of Napoleon, says, “Ron McArthur’s experience in leading strong, world-class brands will be a valuable addition to the Napoleon family. Napoleon has been growing steadily over the past three decades and we are very excited about the


future of the company.” McArthur most recently ran another family-owned company, WSI (a leading Internet marketing company). At WSI, he expanded the company into 23 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. Previously, he was president of Hudson Bay Wholesale (which grossed $1.2 billion), and he was also previously president of the largest division of Van Houtte Coffee. The Napoleon group of Companies remains 100% family owned. Chris and Stephen Schroeter remain in their roles as senior vice presidents. Ingrid Schroeter has assumed the role of CFO, and Wolfgang Schroeter has been appointed CEO.

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Cal Spas Resort Products has announced the launch of its new Genesis™ spa series. Casey Loyd, president of Cal Spas, says, “We updated our popular rotomold line by adding new spa models with eyecatching features and impressive jet counts. This value-conscious spa line is packed with premium features and priced to match any budget. We feel our dealers will be impressed with our new line, which will contribute to a successful selling season.”

Napoleon Appliance Expands Grill Sales Force Napoleon Appliance Corp. (NAC) has expanded its U.S. sales force for the Gourmet Grill division, hiring four new account executives and one regional sales manager in the past six months. The account executives hired are Kimberly Moffitt-Anthony for Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee; Jim Boucher for Southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada; Derrick Johnson for Texas and selected Louisiana locations; and Jim Kneiper for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. As an additional layer of regional support, Napoleon welcomes Kimberly R. Stuteville as U.S. Western regional sales manager.

Glen Raven Named Manufacturer of the Year Glen Raven, Inc., was named North Carolina Manufacturer of the Year (large-manufacturer category) by McGladrey L.L.P., (the nation’s fifthlargest assurance, tax, and consulting firm); Fifth Third Bank; and the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce. Steve Menaker, Carolinas and East region manufacturing lead for McGladrey, says, “At McGladrey, we are dedicated to serving the manufacturing industry by developing programs that will benefit this industry.” He continues, “While there are many award programs, none formally recognize the efforts and success of North Carolina manufacturing organizations. Knowing that manufacturing is very

The Genesis rotomold spa series has been updated and simplified for 2013. The best-selling rotomold spa lineup features four new models, with one jet configuration for each model. Each spa is molded to perfection using a rotational-molding process in which the shell is spun to form the desired mold. Breathtaking features, such as the dual Hydrostreamer™ waterfalls and Genesis rock accent panels, have been added to each model as standard features.

important to our state and national economies, we decided to initiate the North Carolina Manufacturer of the Year award.” Glen Raven is a global company with business centers in North America, Europe, and Asia, selling products in more than 120 countries. While best known for its category-leading Sunbrella® brand of fabrics for awning, marine, and furniture applications, Glen Raven also provides fabricbased solutions for automotive, military, construction, mining, protective–work-apparel, and waterfiltration markets and operates national logistic and distribution subsidiaries. The Burlington, North Carolina, company is privately held by the descendants of its founder, John Q. Gant.

Glen Raven Launches New Yarn Plant for Specialty Sunbrella Yarns In response to growing demand for Sunbrella® fabrics woven with specialty yarn colors and constructions, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics is creating a new yarn plant in Burlington, North Carolina. The new operation, which represents a $10 million investment, is being designed specifically to meet customers’ requests for increasingly diverse and highly decorative Sunbrella fabrics. Allen E. Gant Jr., president and CEO of Glen Raven, Inc., says, “Innovation remains the driving force at Glen Raven, and this latest investment will ensure that we are applying the latest technology within a creatively designed production environment.” The new plant will be located in an existing



Become a Solair® awning retailer and open up a whole new world for your customers. A world that’s 20 degrees cooler and is shaded by beautiful Sunbrella® fabric. It gets better. Their new living space will need new furniture, too. P E R F O R M A N C E FA B R I C S

Learn more at and enter to win a trip for two to the Virgin Islands. Circle Reader Service No. 11





Glen Raven Hires Marcia Blake As Merchandising Manager 130,000–square-foot facility that formerly operated as Glen Raven’s Ultra Spun division. It will be equipped with the latest in automated yarn-manufacturing systems and configured around a manufacturing model engineered to support high levels of flexibility and customization. Retrofitting of the 130,000–square-foot facility has begun, with a projected completion date of late summer 2013. Glen Raven employees currently working at the company’s existing Link Spinning facility in Burlington will transition to the newly renovated facility, which will result in 30 new positions—for a total workforce, at the new plant, of 80. Planning is underway for repurposing the Link Spinning facility.

Woodard Appoints Greenberg & Associates Woodard has appointed Greenberg & Associates as retail representatives for the state of Florida. The three-person team of Jim Greenberg, Carrie Greenberg, and Andrew Sharp brings over 30 years of combined industry experience to the new role. The company is confident that their depth of knowledge and wealth of expertise

will allow them to identify and support the needs of Woodard’s customers and partners.

Agio Returns to High Point Market The April 2012 High Point Market marked the first time that Agio International Company Ltd., a leading outdoor-furniture manufacturer, had exhibited at High Point. It won’t be the last. Agio-USA officials recently announced the company’s plan to return for the October High Point Market—this time, in a larger space in the Showplace building. With the lease signing, Agio will exhibit in a space of almost 3,000 square feet and will then expand to almost 5,000 square feet in April 2013. Bob Gaylord, president of AgioUSA, says, “Our experience this spring far exceeded our goals. Based on that response, I’m happy to confirm not only that we will be showing at High Point again, but that we are expanding our space to be able to show our vast assortment of outdoor furniture better there.” Gaylord explains, “We came to High Point knowing that a certain number of traditional retailers were ready to get into the outdoor casual category. Not until this show did we realize how many retailers were ready to commit to the outdoor cat-

Treasure Garden Launches Online Design Studio Treasure Garden has introduced an online Design Studio, a revolutionary new sales tool that helps retailers sell more custom Designer Cover collection umbrellas. This new resource helps customers design umbrellas to match their personalities by selecting the appropriate umbrella, designer cover style, fabric(s), frame finish, base, and accessories. The consumer can see the Treasure Garden’s new online Design Studio actual umbrella prior to making the purchase, download a PDF, take it to a local authorized dealer, and place a personalized order. Treasure Garden offers more than 25,000 variations in shade coverings. For more information, visit, email, or visit showroom #1655 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois.


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Marcia Blake, a nationally recognized authority on outdoor decor who has served as a consultant to Glen Raven and patio-store retailers for the past two years, has joined Glen Raven Custom Fabrics on a full-time basis as merchandising manager. In her new position, Blake will expand her work with retailers of outdoor-living products, focusing on in-store merchandising based on the growing popularity of outdoor rooms. For the past two years, Blake has assisted Marcia Blake Glen Raven with the development of its Sunbrella® fabric kiosk program and has pro™ moted retractable Solair awnings (available at retail through Glen Raven’s Tri Vantage subsidiary). Suzie Roberts, vice president and business manager for decorative fabrics for Glen Raven, says, “As a highly talented outdoor-living specialist, Marcia has become a valued member of our decorative-fabrics team, and we look forward to even greater contributions in her expanded role.” A 1978 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Blake began her corporate career with several high-profile executive-recruiting and marketing positions, culminating in her role as vice president of the Kole & Company recruitment organization. In 2004, she embarked on a new career path, becoming the manager and buyer for patio furniture and collectibles for Roger’s Gardens. Blake’s career has also included service as president and creative director of Outdoor Interiors®, a full-service design company specializing in outdoor environments. Blake will report to Roberts and will continue to work from her base in California.

egory, and now, we have committed to coming back to High Point this fall.” Company officials negotiated for a more prominent showroom space that accommodates more collections, greater design possibilities, and better visitor flow. Agio will continue to sponsor breakfasts and cocktail hours throughout the week and will also furnish some of its leading outdoor collections for buyers and guests to enjoy on the building’s third-floor balcony, Sunset on 3. Doug Peppler, vice president of sales and marketing for Agio-USA, says, “We saw so many new faces in High Point— people we don’t see in our permanent showroom for the Chicago International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market™. It’s clear to us that these traditional-furniture retailers will continue to be an important segment for us in the future, so we need to be there.” Andy Sokol, Agio-USA vice president of sales/furniture stores, explains, “The warm welcome Agio received and the buyer traffic that we saw this spring clearly demonstrated that continuing to exhibit at High Point just makes sense for us.” Agio’s primary U.S. showroom will remain in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. The company will maintain its presence

at both annual shows geared specifically for the outdoor category, the ICFA Preview Show™ in July and Casual Market in September.

Treasure Garden and Shademaker Report Representative Appointments Treasure Garden and Shademaker have recently strengthened their sales force with new appointments, according to Jeff B. Dorough, vice president of sales and marketing. Treasure Garden has appointed Eric Nieman and Ingrid Nieman as sales representatives for Western Canada. They had been representing Treasure Garden in Eastern Canada, but now represent the company for its entire Canadian territory. They have been with Treasure Garden for six years; they also represent Lloyd/Flanders, Kingsley-Bate, Gensun, and Kettler. Treasure Garden and Shademaker have appointed Colleen O’Connor as sales representative. O’Connor will represent both companies in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. She has 16 years’ experience in the industry, working in retail at Fishels.

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Tropitone Introduces Tabletop Grill Pans Shademaker appointed Gary Moretti as sales representative for Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. He has been in the casual-furniture industry for 16 years. Moretti represents midrange to high-end lines, including Pride Family Brands, Gloster, Homecrest, Meadowcraft, Casual Cushion, Fire Gear, and Stellar Hearth. Shademaker appointed Daniel Guelbart as sales representative for the New York, New York, metropolitan area; Long Island; Northern New Jersey; and the six New England states. He has focused on higher-end/higherquality casual outdoor furnishings over the past eight years, with an acute focus on commercial and contract sales. He currently represents Skyline Design, Whitecraft, Koverton, and AIC Garden.

Treasure Garden Honors Its Sales Staff at Awards Dinner Treasure Garden celebrated its annual awards dinner in July at the Erie Cafe in Chicago, Illinois. CEO Oliver Ma was in attendance, along with new sales representatives Colleen O’Connor and Daniel Guelbart. Recognized for their efforts this year were Ariel Biscan, sales rookie of the year;

David Digirolamo, sales representative of the year; Echols Enterprises, Inc., largest number of new accounts; and David Hunt, largest volume of new accounts. Jeff B. Dorough, vice president of sales and marketing, says, “We have a very close group of sales professionals. We are very proud of our 2012 award winners. They have demonstrated excellence this season, and 2012 will be our best sales year ever. Congratulations to our winners and our entire sales, marketing, and customerservice teams.”

Solair Shade Solutions Offers Retailers the Chance to Escape to Paradise Solair® Shade Solutions is inviting patio-furniture retailers throughout North America to enter for the chance to win a trip for two to the Westin™ St. John Resort & Villas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The contest, running through October 31, 2012, will offer one lucky retailer the opportunity to enjoy an allexpenses-paid four nights in beautiful St. John. As part of the brand’s initiative to enhance the outdoor-living experience, Solair will randomly select

Tropitone Furniture Company, Inc., has added tabletop grill pans to complement the Tropitone’s tabletop grill pans are used with its firepits new line of Tropitone® to make tasty Korean barbecue. brand firepits. Tom Keddy, director of product management, says, “For the past few years, end-user customers, designers, and distribution partners have urged Tropitone to develop firepits. We introduced our first models of firepits at the ICFA Preview Show™ as integral parts of our table program. Since the Tropitone brand is synonymous with outdoor enjoyment, we decided to add even more fun to the firepits.” The Tropitone tabletop grill pans are intended to capitalize on the worldwide emergence of the interactive cooking experience popularized under the generic name of Korean barbecue. This type of cooking experience is characterized by each person at the table cooking thinly-sliced meats and vegetables to his or her satisfaction on a grill located at the center of the table. The generic name refers to a type of cooking that originated in Korea and is rapidly spreading internationally.

one casual-furniture retailer to receive the luxury vacation. Retailers can enter using the contest page ( The winner will be announced on November 12, 2012, on the Solair Facebook page ( solairshadesolutions). Rett Haigler, manager of Solair, says, “Since Solair’s introduction to the patiofurniture market, we have partnered with more than 150 specialty retailers to help solve needs in the outdoor-living space by providing high-quality, sophisticated shade solutions. Through this contest, we hope to help one lucky retailer experience a relaxing retreat in paradise, while bringing a similar option to customers.” As part of the Solair retractableawning program, the contest strives to

encourage casual-furniture retailers to learn more about the market’s demand for its stylish shade products, designed to enhance a homeowner’s outdoor-living space. Retailers in the program enjoy minimal upfront costs and a highquality product offering, along with Solair’s comprehensive sales and installation training. “A key selling point retailers can provide to homeowners is that Solair awnings address the need to make outdoor spaces more comfortable, while offering the flexibility to have shade or sun as desired,” Haigler says. “As seasonal temperatures change the need for a homeowner’s outdoor-living area, a retractable awning provides the perfect adjustment for sun control, while continuing to deliver style and beauty.”

Winner of the 2012 Fireplace Facelift Contest Announced by Fireside Hearth & Home When Tom and Diane Benstead of Shoreview, Minnesota, sent their youngest child off to college, they decided to usher in their empty-nest years with a new addition to their home: a gas fireplace. The Bensteads recently won Fireside Hearth & Home’s annual Fireplace Facelift Contest after submitting before and after photos of the room where the fireplace was installed. Their entry was chosen as the winner by Fireside Hearth & Home, which provided the Bensteads with a $5,000 rebate for the cost of the fireplace remodeling. According to the Bensteads, “We wanted to add a fireplace to our home for a long time. Now that we’re empty nesters, we thought we should celebrate having successfully guided our children through schooling and into their new careers. Our lower level, which used to be kids and chaos, is now a very warm and welcoming space. We absolutely love it.” The Bensteads worked with the experts at the Fireside Hearth & Home store in Roseville, Minnesota,


who helped them consider all options for fireplaces and surrounds. They chose a Heat & Glo SL750TRS gas fireplace, a surround and hearth built of chardonnay Before and after photos from Fireside Hearth & Home’s 2012 Fireplace Facelift Contest Southern ledgestone, and a custom cast mantel shelf. The lower level of their home has been comhome, the fireplace has made the room a comfortable pletely transformed, as can be seen in these before and space to relax, unwind, and enjoy quiet times.” after photos. Fireside Hearth & Home conducts the Fireplace Joel Ginsberg, division manager for Fireside Hearth Facelift Contest annually. Homeowners in the Twin & Home, says, “Like so many people who visit our Cities area who purchased a fireplace, fireplace insert, stores, the Bensteads were delighted to learn that or stove at Fireside Hearth & Home between January installing a gas fireplace in an existing home is not only 1 and March 18, 2012, entered the contest by sending possible, but easier and less expensive than they ever before and after photos—for a chance to win a project anticipated. In addition to adding warmth to their rebate of up to $5,000.

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

At Mallin Casual Furniture, our goal has always been to elevate the quality of outdoor living through the creation of imaginatively conceived, beautifully executed furniture designs. We believe our new dining height fire pits and accessory items for the 2012-2013 season do just that.

See us at our showroom : 1766 Merchandise Mart : 1-800-251-6537 Circle Reader Service No. 15


Pride Family Brands Launches Website With Expanded Retailer Design and Marketing Tools

Mark Your Calendars for the 2012 International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo Attendees of the 2012 International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo (November 6–8 in New Orleans, Louisiana) will be among the first to gain knowledge of the best pool markets in the country by registering for the conference seminar U.S. Pool Market Reports. Held on November 7, from 1:30 to 3 p.m., the seminar will also cover the top pool builders/contractors nationally (as well as in key local markets) and the consumer profile of the households most likely to own pools or install new pools. Lindsay Roberts, director of the show, says, “By attending this class, attendees and exhibitors will learn valuable research data collected on consumer spending habits, as related to the multibillion-dollar pool/spa industry. Registrants will also receive a local market report valued at $300.” Tracking 20% larger than last year, the show floor will include more than 1,400 booths of manufacturers and suppliers of all sizes, displaying products, services, and equipment for the pool, spa, and backyard industry.

Exhibitors include Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac, Master Spas, Waterway Plastics, BioGuard, Bullfrog Spas, Saber Grills, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, and Napoleon Appliance Corp., among many more.

Sunset West Launches iPad Catalog App Sunset West has released the first version of the Sunset West iPad

A new iPad app makes it easier for retailers to select items from Sunset West’s product lines.

catalog app. The app will allow Sunset West to communicate with both sales representatives and retailers on a consistent basis. The iPad app is a living catalog, complete with the latest styles offered by Sunset West, along

Twin-Star International Names CEO Twin-Star International, manufacturer of electric fireplaces, bathroom furniture, media consoles, wine cabinets, heaters, infrared heaters, and stoves within the brands of ClassicFlame, Chimney Free, Tresanti, Black & Decker, Duraflame, and Luxe Bath Works, has named Robert Cohen as its CEO. Cohen spent 11 years with Armstrong World Industries, culminating in his role as president and CEO of Armstrong Cabinet Products. Under his leadership, the company posted record revenues and Robert Cohen collected three J.D. Power awards for the industry’s highest customer satisfaction. Cohen’s previous experience also includes positions at Procter & Gamble, American Airlines, and Sunbeam Corp. “It’s a great honor to be joining the Twin-Star team. The company is the clear market leader, in terms of product design and customer service, and I look forward to building on that success,” Cohen says. The addition of Cohen to the organization will allow company founder Mark Asofsky to focus his talents on continuing to create new market-leading product designs, as well as focusing on business development (while still serving as cochair of the company). “Rob’s appointment adds to what I believe is the one of best management teams in the industry,” Asofsky says. “With such a strong team in place, I felt this was the right time to take a step back and focus on my true passion, product design. I am also excited to have more time to focus on the charitable activities of the Asofsky Family Foundation.” Cohen will be based in Twin-Star International’s headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida, and will relocate there with his wife, Karen.


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Pride Family Brands (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), manufacturer of cast-aluminum casual furniture, has launched a newly revamped website (www.pride for its luxury brands. The clean, user-friendly site provides information and imaging platThe new, easy-to-use Pride Family forms for the Pride Family Brands Brands website product lines, with extensive options for engagement by retail partners and their consumers. Steve Lowsky, president of Pride Family Brands, says, “With the vast majority of our business encompassing custom orders, the new design tools within the site enable customers to view the furnishings just as they will appear in a lifestyle setting. Our new site not only offers customization within individual product images, but also offers an exclusive opportunity for entire rooms to be manipulated, down to the complete collection details.” The newly designed site’s easy-to-use customization tool makes it possible to visualize finish, fabrics, and cushion treatments. The website redesign, which was coordinated by the Pride marketing team, also includes a custom room-planning feature for retailer and consumer use. “Customers are able to fit pieces into their room plans and eliminate any concerns with regard to size and placement prior to placing the order,” Lowsky says. Also debuting on the 2012 Pride Family Brands website is a new format for images of (and information on) the company’s full line of furnishings, including the new 2013 introductions. The site allows visitors to get as in-depth as they choose, with easy-to-navigate information divided into three sections: Discover, Design, and Details.

with the available inventories from either of Sunset West’s warehouses. The app will refresh itself with the most up-to-date information with each use. CEO Wes Stewart says, “This is a really great tool for disseminating information to either our reps or retail partners. The user will be presented with our complete product offering and the available inventory from either of our warehouses. Our customer base now has the opportunity to own a catalog that is never out of date, period. By definition, the price list is always current, and on top of that, our retail partners will be up to date on our inventory available to sell—so there will be no guesswork, when working with customers, as to whether a certain frame is available to them or not.” The benefit is not just for special orders, but can also help in a situation where dealers need immediate inventory to fill a floor slot or two. The app was designed to meet demand with accurate data about supply. The app will augment, not replace, the printed catalogs and tear sheets that Sunset West provides to its dealer base. Another opportunity that Sunset West will provide to its dealers is in the form of a

discount/special buy/clearance items tab within the app.

Gold Eagle Acquires 303 Products Gold Eagle Company, an industry pioneer of aftermarket fluids and additives and a maker of best-selling automotive brands, has acquired 303 Products, Inc. (Palo Cedro, California), maker of the 303® brand of protectants, cleaners, and associated products. 303 Products manufactures more than 10 premier-quality products offering UV screening and protective treatments, finishes, and specialized cleaners for rubber, vinyl, plastics, textiles, and finished leathers. Marc Blackman, CEO of Gold Eagle, says, “This is a landmark moment in Gold Eagle’s history. Over the past 80 years, we have built a powerful mix of household brands that have been protecting, preserving, and enhancing the performance of engines everywhere and can be found in millions of garages worldwide. We are thrilled to have 303 Products join the Gold Eagle family. We look forward to growing the 303 brand strategically Continued on page 81




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product S P O T L I G H T

free from walls

Today’s outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and they boast an incredible array of accoutrements. by CHERYL DANGEL BARTOLINI


ith no walls (or other limitations on the design, shape, and size of an outdoor kitchen), there are few boundaries—and, seemingly, only infinite possibilities for creating the outdoor kitchen of the consumer’s dreams. Bruce Spangrud, owner of Galaxy Outdoor (Las Vegas, Nevada), says, “Outdoor kitchens do not have these limitations. They can be any size or shape desired. They can include any of the features needed to make for an enjoyable cooking and entertaining experience.” The outdoor kitchen is wide open to interpretation (unlike the traditional indoor kitchen, where there are many restrictions on space). There are virtually no obstacles that prevent homeowners from having the kitchens of their dreams—except, perhaps, geographic location and budget size. Brian Eskew, marketing manager for Twin Eagles (Cerritos, California), says, “For years, you could draw a straight line from Florida to California, and everything below the line was the market for outdoor kitchens. That’s all changed. Today, the Northeast is one of the fastest-growing outdoor-kitchen markets in the country.” He adds, “The Northeast’s population density and affluence combine to make this area rival the Southwest, with lots of room to grow.” With radiant heaters selling well in cooler climes and misters being sold in the hotter regions, it seems that consumers are justifying the investment in an outdoor kitchen because it can be used for three (if not four) seasons of the year. Mitch Slater, president of Danver (Wallingford, Connecticut), says, “Outdoor kitchens are installed from coast to coast. With different climates, we are seeing improvements in cooking appliances, heating, misting systems (for hotter climates), and media/entertainment products that can withstand the elements. Removable sun shades and roofing products are also on the list. As


1 homeowners continue to acquire new products, we see no end in sight.” Larry Smith, who heads marketing for Danver, says, “Lifestyle products— such as pergolas, heating, and insectcontrol systems—are becoming more popular. As homeowners throughout the country embrace outdoor living, they want to stretch the season to optimize their investment.” In fact, as the country as a whole has become open to the idea of the outdoor kitchen, regional concerns are starting to drive new-product developments. For example, Twin Eagles recently introduced a 70,000-Btu oversized power burner. “The Northeast, where lobster boils are popular, demanded a burner big enough to accommodate a large lobster pot,” Eskew says. “At the same time, the burner can accommodate a large wok, which is popular for cooking in San Francisco, California.” Mike Miller, president of Select Outdoor Kitchens (Springfield, Missouri), reports that underserved areas are also coming on board. “We’re picking up dealers we haven’t had in the past,” he says. “The public is finding out about us online, and people will call us. Many have been in territories where we

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

don’t have dealers, so we’ll send them to their local store. That company will sell the job, and from that point on, it will become a stocking dealer.” Ted Scott, national sales manager for Napoleon Appliance Corp. (Barrie, Ontario), says that the outdoor kitchen “is only limited by the imagination of the consumer and the dealer. The dealer has to be a store that’s a point of destination. We want a consumer who is driven to the store because it offers all the products and services,” he says. “Because it is an expanding market, not every consumer and dealer will know the extent of what the outdoor kitchen can be,” Ted Scott continues. “If a dealer carries only a few products, consumers will be limited as to what they can have in their backyards.” THE BIGGEST HURDLE As Ted Scott says, the market is expanding—but with all the coverage outdoor kitchens get in consumer magazines, you would think that they had become as common as granite countertops. Not so: Despite the enormous growth in popularity of outdoor kitchens, they are “still represented in a very small percentage of U.S. homes,”

according to Frank Mello, vice president of sales and marketing for Bull Outdoor Products (Rialto, California). The reason is cost, Mello says. “Having an outdoor kitchen at your home is a benchmark for everyone who grills. With this in mind, kitchens need to be made affordable for the value shopper and extravagant for the premium shopper. Offering both is our strength,” he says. Eskew says, “There is a perception that an outdoor kitchen is a luxury amenity, but it is becoming more and more mainstream.” The key, some manufacturers say, is making consumers more comfortable with investing in their backyards. “With the outdoor-living trend coming on in a big way nationally, we’re seeing consumers who are not considered affluent making an investment to create a good space—not a lavish space,” Eskew explains. “They don’t have to spend $15,000 or $20,000 for an outdoor kitchen. They can spend $5,000, with the idea that they can upgrade to a premium kitchen down the road.” Conversely, many consumers are viewing their backyards as investments. Ted Scott says, “Times are still tough, and


4 people aren’t moving (as they used to); they are putting more value in their backyards, and they don’t want to put in cheap products that they have to replace in a few years.” Along those lines, Miller has experienced a surge in sales toward the premium end of the business. He says, “Last year, everyone was doing smaller islands for compact kitchens. This year, the opposite is true: the bigger, the better—and 90% of our islands are custom, full-blown islands.” According to Miller, no one can explain the turnabout. He says, “People were getting jobs quoted in the past, but this year, they are really taking the bait. Someone flipped the switch, and no one is complaining.” For those looking for complete, premium kitchens, the products available are mind-blowing. “Danver thrives in the upscale outdoor-kitchen market, and we are seeing sensational installations,” Smith says. “Being similar to indoor kitchens, most include several cooking appliances; however, outdoor kitchens also will, many times, include smokers, power burners, and pizza ovens, which are rarely found indoors.” TRENDING PRODUCTS “As the popularity of outdoor living continues double-digit growth, more products are being introduced,” Slater says.


5 Mello predicts, “The main improvements in outdoor kitchens will come from space-saving powerful components and designs that help the outdoor kitchen not only satisfy the entertaining appetites of consumers, but beautify the backyard room.” 6 Grilling: It’s not surprising that the centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen is the grill—and there, consumers are investing. Jerry Scott, vice president of RH Peterson Company (City of Industry, California), says, “Homeowners are looking for top-performing and long-lasting grills and appliances to make their investment in their outdoor kitchen pay off in the quality of their food and cooking experience. Stainless-steel grills with plenty of cooking space, exacting temperature control and range, and a variety of optional cooking methods are most

1. Customers can personalize their outdoorliving spaces in numerous ways with Oasis modular islands from Napoleon. 2. Galaxy Outdoor’s total outdoorkitchen package, with a 36-inch grill and double side burner, a refrigerated drawer, a built-in ice chest/sink, a raised bar with angled lights, and seating for 10 3. The Grand Coronado is from Designs By Garry, now part of the RH Peterson family. 4. The Finley Island from Select Outdoor Kitchens has a compact, sleek design and offers ample storage space.

desired.” In addition to typical gas grills, “There is a huge and growing trend for true barbecue, which is interpreted by many as going back to wood or charcoal smoking,” Spangrud says. “The traditional Japanese kamado-style cooker is becoming one of the fastest-growing trends. These can be used either with wood of various types for smoking or with different types and flavors of charcoal.” The kamado can be either freestanding or incorporated into the island. Many start

5. Danver’s cooking line emphasizes the variety of outdoor-cooking appliances, and the cabinetry highlights Shaker-style doors; photo: Danver. 6. The Rodeo Q from Bull Outdoor Products is a variation on its popular Power Q (with a new countertop design).

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product S P O T L I G H T with the traditional shape, but incorporate new insulating materials (as well as new high-fired ceramics). “It is bringing a very old tradition into the modern age. With the proper design and technology in today’s kamado cooker, you can smoke your various meat items, cook your vegetables, make your pizza, or bake bread and brownies,” Spangrud adds. “Virtually anything you wish to cook can be prepared in a kamado cooker.” The outdoor kitchen is also expanding to include side cookers, smokers, searing stations, infrared cooking, refrigerators, sinks, and refreshment centers—almost

Cabinetry: The cabinets to house the grills are evolving. “We are realizing a significant demand for painted finishes on stainless-steel cabinetry,” Slater reports. “Architects and designers are enjoying the creative freedom to specify a variety of powder-coat colors that complement or blend with the decor for the outdoor room. We have seen this trend 3 develop over the past 30 months. Today, it is a major segment of our cabinetry business.”

1 anything you can imagine to provide a complete kitchen for the outdoor chef. Ted Scott says, “At Napoleon Appliance, it is all about the addition of high-quality charcoal carts and grills: multifuel designs with infrared stations. We’re one of the few companies that can put a charcoal tray inside our gas grill, alongside a searing station and rotisserie. That applies whether it is a cart or a built-in configuration. Smokers are also a big deal.”

1. RH Peterson’s Fire Magic outdoor kitchen 2. The power burner from Twin Eagles is oversized to accommodate everything from large pots to woks. 3. The BBQ outdoor island kitchen from Bull Outdoor Products is popular for its L design. 4. Galaxy Outdoor’s Rocket smoker is a dual

kamado that can use gas, wood, or charcoal to cook, smoke, or grill.



4 Multiple rooms: Another trend involves designing multiple gathering areas within the outdoor-living space. “These areas may take the shape of entertainment/refreshment islands near the preparation and cooking line or separate seating areas with bar/refreshment appliances,” Smith says. Fire and water: Among the features trending now that lend atmosphere to the outdoor kitchen is “not only to have seating incorporated into the island, but to add a fire table,” Spangrud says. “While the meal is being prepared or after eating, you can sit around a fire table and enjoy your time watching the flames dance.” While fire features in general are popular, Spangrud cites the popularity not just of firepits and fire table of various sizes and shapes, but of fire walls and fire-and-water features surrounding the pool and entertaining areas.

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

NEW PRODUCTS Bull Outdoor Products will continue to explore new price-point ranges with its outdoor-kitchen designs. “We are committed to helping our dealers capture contractors’ business, and it is our plan to ramp up the programs and products that will help accomplish this,” Mello says. In addition,

Bull will introduce some special grill offerings in 2013 to commemorate its 20th year in business; details will be disclosed later this year. “We will continue our focus on quality, value, and support for our dealers and customers,” Mello says. “We will expand our offerings to continue in our position as the most complete island and component manufacturer in the industry. More retail programs will be introduced to make our products easier to sell—and therefore, more profitable for our customers.” Danver has added the Saffire lumpcharcoal–fired ceramic smoker/grill and the Evo Social Cooking™ flattop grill to its lineup. “Friends and family can sit around this round, gas-fired griddle and individually cook their food—or the host can prepare the meal for everyone,” Slater says. Danver, which is known for its cabinets, will be offering more storage solutions, as well including expanded colored finishes, textured metals, and other looks for the architect/designer community. In response to the increasing demand for kamado cookers, Galaxy Outdoor is now manufacturing a new line of Galaxy Rocket smokers. “It is unique to the industry because it uses a built-in burner (LP or natural gas) for cooking, as well as the traditional charcoal or wood for smoking,” Spangrud says. The Galaxy Rocket can be used for

low-temperature smoking or high-temperature grilling and comes in four sizes (from 15 to 26 inches in diameter) and various color combinations. Galaxy Outdoor addresses the trend for fire features by manufacturing a variety of designs and sizes of stainless-steel fire rings, lines, burners, and pans, including custom sizes and shapes. This fall, Napoleon Appliance will introduce new outdoor-kitchen components, including sinks, as well as adding to its Outdoor Oasis modular-island line. “We’re adding more U.S.-built grills, at different price points, with different features for the consumer,” Ted Scott says. The grills will include some new charcoal components, including charcoal grills and charcoal carts. Also scheduled for debut are more outdoor linear fireplaces, firepit designs, and surrounds. “It is all geared to enhancing the outdoor experience,” Ted Scott explains. “We’re serving a variety of consumers who want North American–built or U.S.-built products with more products coming out of our Kentucky plant.” At RH Peterson, the top-selling grill continues to be the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill, featuring sleek styling; commercial-grade, stainless-steel construction; cast–stainless-steel E burners with a lifetime warranty; a rotisserie back burner and rotisserie kit; reliable hot-surface ignition; backlit control knobs; a digital thermometer; and interior lighting. Upgrade options include the Magic View window and a remotely controlled power hood. An exciting addition to the family of RH Peterson outdoor products is Designs By Garry (DBG), City of Industry, California, a company offering modular outdoor fire products. Entering its third decade of providing innovative, high-quality products, DBG offers homeowners a variety of outdoor fireplaces, firepits, fire tables, fire urns, and custom-built grill islands. RH Peterson will continue to expand its grilling and outdoor-kitchen products. Its new Echelon Diamond refreshment center provides an economical way to keep beverages cool and ready to drink. The Fire Magic smoker, a stainless-steel, commercial-quality unit, is gaining in popularity, and it continues to win awards at smoking competitions. “Outdoor cooking has transitioned to creating entire meals—and meals of greater sophistication,” Jerry Scott says. “This means grills that offer exacting temperature and flame control, as well as a number of cooking options; searing, slow

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1. Napoleon’s Oasis modular island with Napoleon’s


product S P O T L I G H T

Prestige PRO600 grill 2. The new 54-inch premium built-in grill from Twin

cooking, smoking, rotisserie cooking, and indirect cooking are all desired and important.” He continues, “Side cookers, such as the Fire Magic power burner, let the outdoor chef increase the menu to include side dishes, special sauces, and even desserts. Convenient features such as hot-surface ignition and the Magic View window also add to the enjoyment of the grilling experience. Of course, people want that wow factor provided by a sleek, attractive outdoor kitchen.” Select Outdoor Kitchens recently introduced the Oxford cabinet, which is a portable island; the Tavern, which has spots for a kamado-style cooker, a refrigerator, and a double side burner (which is also portable); and the Pilot, a portable island that holds an Evo flattop grill. Also newly released is a corner cabinet. In addition, Select Outdoor Kitchens just launched its ninth color, wheat (a natural tan), in response to demand for a more natural, wood-look cabinet. Among the new developments at Twin Eagles is a 70,000-Btu power burner, which is oversized to accommodate the extra-large cookware used in various styles of cooking. “We don’t layer on amenities that aren’t useful to the consumer. They need to serve one or two purposes: They need to help the user cook better food or make the outdoor experience more enjoyable,” Eskew says. Since Twin Eagles introduced its premium, 54-inch built-in grill in the first quarter of 2012, it has been very successful. “It’s our largest built-in model,” Eskew says. “We saw consumers building larger outdoor kitchens and doing a lot more, in respect to volume. They need larger grill products to cook more food. As the scale of more outdoor kitchens gets larger, larger grills are better, aesthetically, than smaller models.” With the outdoor kitchen becoming more mainstream, Twin Eagles has also introduced a value line of products that Eskew describes as more in line with consumer income. The entry-level line is called Delta Heat, and it features products that retail for half the price of those in the Twin Eagles line. “You get the same quality, without all the bells and whistles,” Eskew explains. ENTERPRISING RETAILERS With so much happening in the outdoor-kitchen industry, retailers who are successful in navigating the maze of products are breaking ground by approaching the market in new ways. “High-quality 22

Eagles 3. Cutting boards from Select Outdoor Kitchens are available in 10 colors and feature a depression to catch cooking juices. 4. Danver’s bar/refreshment center is a very popular lifestyle accessory; photo: Danver.



4 retailers have embraced the outdoor-living category, have expanded their offerings, and have focused new resources on customers and the contractors that support these customers,” Mello says. He observes that many retailers have added the position of outdoor-living sales manager, have increased the floor space dedicated to the category, have planned weekend events, and have added contractor-training sessions to their marketing efforts. “These types of actions, by highquality retailers, have driven sales. They are simply taking advantage of the public’s love affair with outdoor entertaining. The more complete the offerings, the more successful the retailer,” Mello says. Slater warns retailers about responding only to requests from homeowners, who might not be as up to date on top trends as the specifier community is. He says, “They are looking at typical, old-fashioned masonry barbecue islands, which are really only stone walls with cutouts for appliances and are not true, functional outdoor kitchens.” Jerry Scott agrees. “The outdoor kitchen has come a long way since the days of the charcoal grill in a square brick enclosure,” he says. “Grill islands have become architectural beauties as homeowners work to create outdoor paradises in their backyard retreats. Unique and

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

practical configurations—with highquality granite tops and all the highend/high-performance appliances needed to complete the outdoorcooking/dining experience—mark the outdoor kitchen, adding value to the home and lifestyle of the family.” Slater says, “If the homeowner is not aware of alternatives, and the retailer isn’t knowledgeable about what is available or confident in the store’s offerings, the homeowner will usually receive a disappointing kitchen at the lowest price. This is not necessarily good for anyone. If every retailer offers the same masonry barbecue island, the only differences are in competing for small-margin business. Retailers should spend time learning the trends and alternatives in developing complete outdoor-living areas.” He adds, “The way to make money in outdoor kitchens is to show customers something that truly addresses their lifestyles. While it might be a look that the homeowners were not anticipating, if they can picture themselves in this outdoor environment (or if this is really what was envisioned), they will spend a little more to buy the complete package from one source.” Mello says, “Find a manufacturer that builds a high-quality product that allows you to sell it in such a way that the value is obvious to the consumer. Make sure that the chosen manufacturer has been around and has a reputation for supporting the product.” Mello recommends that retailers take four steps. First, designate a person in the store who will be the go-to person for the

category. Second, require every manufacturer to train that lead person so that he or she becomes an expert on the product and program (including the order process, shipping, and delivery). Third, give incentives to the sales team to learn the program and the products. “You might even ask the manufacture for support to accomplish this task,” he adds. Fourth, have a display in your store that sends a message that you are serious about the business. One island is good, but Mello recommends using a minimum of three island displays. “You’re either in the business or you’re not,” Ted Scott states. “If dealers take on enough products so they can bundle the whole outdoor experience, they certainly will be successful. Those dabbling in it and only carrying a couple of products, I’d say, will not. The key is to bundle a lot of products together. At the end of the day, you want consumers to walk out of the store with no money in their pockets.” Many retailers already have successful programs in place. “Some have invested in the training and displays to assist homeowners and designers with planning and building the outdoor room,” Ted Scott says. “The development of this expertise makes them the retailers of choice for those wanting professional guidance in determining which outdoor kitchen best suits their wants, needs, and budget. These are the A-plus dealers: They continue to be successful and profitable amid tough economic times and tough competition.” While people continue to compare outdoor kitchens with their indoor counterparts, others argue that they are not even on the same playing field. Outdoor kitchens create “the ability to prepare a style of food that is impossible to duplicate indoors, even with all of the amenities that you see in an indoor kitchen,” Mello says. Jerry Scott says, “There’s nothing like cooking outside, especially on a hot summer night. Smoking, high-temperature searing, rotisserie cooking, and simply grilling are not easily done inside, and nothing competes with a built-in, high-quality grill for adding that special flavor.”

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marketing M A N E U V E R S

Connecting Spaces Apenberry’s fills a niche for its customers by offering everything for the garden—and so much more.


ike many entrepreneurs, Lisa and Eric Apen founded their full-service garden center and outdoor-living store, Apenberry’s (Orlando, Florida), because they could not find the products and services that they needed for their own home. “We had moved here and bought an older house, and we needed to redo the landscaping, so that is how the whole idea started. It was really born out of our own frustration at not being able to find all the accessories and accoutrements that went into the garden, besides plant materials,” Eric Apen says. Before moving to Orlando in the early 1990s, the couple had lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and Birmingham, Alabama. The Apens had shopped at garden-lifestyle stores there that they both thought would work well in central Florida. “It was surprising to us that there were multiple types of these garden centers in those cities, yet nothing similar here in Orlando,” Apen says. Apenberry’s began in a 2,000–squarefoot bungalow in the Orlando suburb of Winter Park in 1995. To increase exterior

Top left: Eric Apen Top right: Apenberry’s provides all the elements needed to complete an outdoor space, from nursery products and furniture to accessories and more.



photography by KATHY WATERS

space, in 2001, the couple moved the business to a 10,000–square-foot location in Winter Park. In 2003, Apenberry’s added a second location (in the quaint College Park neighborhood of Orlando) that had housed an established nursery for over three decades. A complete renovation of the interior of the 2,600–square-foot space was completed. For a few years, the Apens ran their business out of two stores, but in 2009, the decision was made to close the Winter Park showroom and consolidate all operations at the Orlando location. Plans are in place to build an additional 5,000–square-foot exterior greenhouse showroom, but they have been put on hold due to the downturn in the Florida housing market. AN ECLECTIC ARRAY Apenberry’s succeeds in offering an array of products to connect the garden space with all outdoor-living areas, helping its customers create a total outdoor landscape. To achieve that goal, the retailer is a full-scale nursery, offering every product and service (from the ground up) for the garden. Of course, there is a unique assortment of plants, flowers, trees, and soil, along with garden tools and pest control. Beyond nursery products, Apenberry’s also offers outdoor furniture, pots and urns, fountains, statuary, garden accents, home accessories, and fine gifts. Landscape design; plant instal-

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

lation; specialty drip irrigation; and fountain installation, repair, and service are also available. “Our vision was always to connect the garden with the other outdoor areas of a home. We felt there was a void in the marketplace in creating the entire outdoor space,” Apen says. “The segmented nature of the business—with people shopping at one place for garden plants, at a second for pots and accessories, and at a third for furniture— didn’t seem to make any sense to us, so our goal was to combine all that.” Apenberry’s began offering accessories and selected outdoor-furniture lines from its founding. It carries furniture from Brown Jordan, Kingsley-Bate, and Summer Classics; umbrellas from TUUCI; and pottery and fountains from Campania International and Fiore Stone. “From the beginning, our focus was not on the dining pieces that traditional patio retailers carry, but on deep seating sofas and chairs that people will actually use,” Apen says. Due to Florida’s harsh climate and temperature extremes, Apen explains, many residents do not dine outdoors, especially in the summer. Instead, Floridians lean toward using their outdoor spaces as functional areas. Apen says, “We found that people are creating courtyard spaces or areas that are more contained, and they want to furnish those with pieces they can use on an everyday basis—such as a com-

fortable chair and a side table to use while drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.” FOCUS ON RELATIONSHIPS Relationships with customers are paramount at Apenberry’s, and they are a key reason for the company’s continued success and sales growth in all of its market segments. “We started this business when we were younger, and our customers have grown with us,” Apen says. “Over the years, we have many interactions with our customers. It may start with someone needing to redo a few pots for a simple patio space, but over time, we find people update their spaces or move. Then, they come back to us to buy furniture or other products because the relationship is already established,” he adds. The entire team at Apenberry’s makes relationships with customers a priority. “Most of our staff members have been with us for a long time. They live in the neighborhood and shop in the same stores as our customers, so there is the comfort level here of a friendly, neighborhood feeling. I think this has been the key to our success,” Apen says. Eric primarily works with plant materials, and Lisa, a fifth-generation Floridian farmer who grew up with agriculture in her blood, does all the accessory and furniture buying. Traditional marketing leads back to




marketing M A N E U V E R S communicating directly with customers and establishing a relationship with them through advertising. Four-color, direct-mail postcards work best in connecting with customers, Apen says. The mailings can focus on a particular event, holiday, or product. Apen explains, “Our goal, in marketing, has always been that one-on-one relationship with the customer.” Apenberry’s does use social media, but Apen says, “It’s harder to carry the customer relationship to the level we want. Our founding belief has always been authenticity, and we have a hard time doing something because it is a trend.” While Apen believes that the use of social media makes sense for retailers, he adds, “People are very busy and have limited time, so we feel a well-positioned directmail piece that can be looked at for 60 seconds can communicate more than anything else.” A UNIQUE SELECTION Crossover buying is common at Apenberry’s, once customers come to the store and see all the products that the retailer carries. Apen notes that there are certainly many good independent garden centers in Orlando, along with

specialty patio retailers and traditional landscapers—but Apenberry’s is the only retailer in the area that fills the broader niche encompassing garden products, furniture, and accessories. Apen says, “Customers don’t want to engage multiple retailers; they like going to one to get a turnkey outdoor space. We like to think we are unique and that we can do it all.” In all of its market segments, from plant material to accesApenberry’s sets itself apart from mass retailers through its selection of unique accessories sories and furniture, and gifts. Apenberry’s has always offered a unique assortment of products that people cannot find in any other place. “With that is very different, not the typical item they can the advent of the Internet, people have become more pick up at a big-box store.” educated and selective about their purchases,” Apen Thinking outside the box is not too difficult for the says. “Our focus, going forward, is to try to differen- Apens. “We like new things, so this comes naturally to tiate ourselves through our product selection. When us—and Lisa does a very good job of always finding items people come to Apenberry’s, they expect something that are something special,” Apen says.

An Outdoor Leader by KIMBERLY RODGERS

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by retailers and consumers

ed aluminum reminiscent of

initial launch in April 2011, we

alike. The company’s wide

teak. All feature

have seen great acceptance

selection of interior and exte-

WeatherMaster cushions,

from designers and a growing

rior home furnishings features

noted not only for their drain-

response from specialty and

high-quality construction

ing capability, but for their

furniture stores. We have

initiated by Lane Venture over

provides delivery information,

in the outdoor category. In

(using only the finest materi-

unbelievable comfort and

more than met our early

the past few years, have

marketing materials, and

July, at the ICFA Preview

als and expert craftsmanship)

durability. Two of the compa-

expectations, and national

ensured that dealers through-

company news to our author-

Show™ in Chicago, Illinois,

in comfortable, fashion-for-

ny’s mainstays from the

advertising this past spring

out the company’s vast distri-

ized dealers,” McCray says.

two new collections—Royal

ward designs.

WeatherMaster line are the

made a dramatic impact on

bution network receive prod-

South Hampton and Leeward

sales of this product, during

ucts in a timely manner. To

the first manufacturers to rec-

received a strong reaction

focus on family-room furnish-

collections, each featuring a

the season, for our more than

provide maximum value,

ognize the importance of

from attendees. “Royal

ings (which evolved into

rich, dark-brown double

200 dealers.”

while maintaining the highest

reducing its impact on the

Plantation combines a syn-

wicker and rattan furniture for

handwoven synthetic material

the interior of the house),

over an aluminum frame.

Founded in 1972, with a

He adds, “Since the line’s

The Matthew sectional with Solona accent tables

Lane Venture was one of

Plantation and Moorings—

standards of quality, most

environment and is a certified

thetic water-hyacinth look

employees work as a team to

frames are built and finished

member of Enhancing

with cast aluminum in a

At Lane Venture, all

In 2011, Lane Venture

produce only the very best

abroad, with all upholstery

Furniture’s Environmental

carved-wood style, and

outdoor-casual segment in

introduced several new col-

products, while maintaining

(and the finishing on natural-

Culture. “We continue to

Moorings is a comfortable,

1989, with the introduction of

lections, including the

strict safety and production

wicker frames) completed at

devote our resources to

high-backed synthetic-

its WeatherMaster line of

WeatherMaster outdoor

standards. The company’s

the company’s North Carolina

improving our environmental

wicker design in a natural-

products. This groundbreak-

upholstery collection.

Employees Dedicated to

manufacturing plant.

footprint with the recent addi-

colored fiber,” McCray says.

ing innovation introduced

Developed to address the

Growth and Excellence (or

drainable outdoor cushions

trend (and desire by con-

EDGE) Program, which is

sumers even better, a new

equipment to lower our corru-

the market, our focus will

and finishing techniques to

sumers) favoring solid shapes

based on lean manufacturing

Lane Venture iPad app is now

gated-cardboard use and

continue to be on the out-

the outdoors, propelling

and forms outside the home,

principles, helps it achieve

available. “Initially, its features

reduce shipping costs,”

door room with the look and

wicker and rattan to the

the collection includes 70

this goal.

were built around a search-

McCray says.

feel of indoors. With high-

backyard and making Lane

pieces in a number of smart,

Venture a leader in the out-

sophisticated designs. Gary

Venture’s service philosophy

the iPad. Ultimately, the app

with Lane Venture for 34

product to furnish these

door category.

McCray, president, is very

is the company’s quick turn-

will contain most of the fea-

years, took its helm in 2008.

rooms, the furniture will

pleased with the response to

around/delivery time.

tures of our Adventurelink

He continues to be excited

have to be more stylish and

decades, the WeatherMaster

the new line that the compa-

Updated manufacturing

extranet site (adventure

and optimistic about the

comfortable, and it will have

line has grown to include 30

ny has received. He says,

processes and technology,, which

company’s future as a leader

to be built to last.”

Lane Venture entered the

Over the past two


A hallmark of Lane

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

To serve dealers and con-

able catalog that resides on

tion of carton-on-demand

McCray, who has been

He adds, “At our level of

level investment in the





FIRST CLASS FIREPLACES SOLD THROUGH A FIRST CLASS DEALER NETWORK Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces are sold exclusively by specialty hearth retailers. Customer appeal, product reliability, heat performance and long-term manufacturer support are all key ingredients when it comes to deciding what lines to display on your showroom floor. Valor is dedicated to providing quality products that exceed industry expectations and in turn, supply homeowners with efficient, cost effective heating for many years to come. We value the dedication and support of our dealer network and are thankful for the continual growth in 2012. For more information regarding Valor and dealer network opportunities please contact Paul Miles (Director of Sales) at - or visit

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hearth R E TA I L E R

passion for retail This family-run business thrives because of its owners’ love for helping customers. by SHARON SANDERS


ounded in 1963, Sunline Patio & Fireside, in Danvers, Massachusetts, has been around longer than many of the town’s residents. Store owners Gene Palaro and his daughter, Cindy Palaro, are taking advantage of the experience that they have gained, over the years, to build a business that is able to adapt to any situation. While there is no single secret to what makes a retail business great, Cindy Palaro reports that she does have her own philosophy: “You have to love retail. It has to be a part of your being to enjoy helping customers, listening to them, and wanting to make them happy,” she says. The unassuming store has evolved slowly and strategically over the past 49 years. Gene started it as a swimming-pool and statuary store, and in the late 1960s, he brought in its first line of patio furniture (from Telescope Casual Furniture). Customers seemed to like the new direction, so the store gradual-


ly started bringing in more vendors’ lines until the patio sector constituted a large part of its sales. In the 1990s, hearth products were added to the mix to replace the dwindling pool business. This combination proved to be the perfect fit for the evolving retailer. Sunline has become a trusted hearth seller in the community and has gained a reputation for its product knowledge and service. It offers a complete lineup of fireplaces, as well as gas, wood, and pellet stoves. As a full-service hearth store, it handles all installations and service work for its customers (who are primarily homeowners remodeling their homes or looking for more heating efficiency). “Gas products are, by far, our biggest seller,” Palaro says. In 2004, Massachusetts lifted its state ban on vent-free gas logs, and Sunline has taken full advantage of the new opportunities that have emerged. Along with products from Regency® (its primary hearth ven-

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

photography by MARK WILSON

dor), the store brought in gas logs from RH Peterson Company and has expanded its outdoor-fireplace and firepit selection by adding products from OW Lee and Designing Fire. “We have always done fairly well with the outdoor hearth segment, and I see it as a growing part of our business, for sure,” Palaro says. She has had a number of requests for electric fireplaces, and she plans to introduce a few models by the end of the year. As the business grows on every front, Sunline is fortunate to have plenty of space to showcase its products. Not only does it have a 7,000–squarefoot indoor showroom, but it also has the luxury of over 30,000 square feet of outdoor space (open to the public from March through November). The space has lots of personality, with beautiful landscaping, brick patios, and fountains that serve as the perfect backdrop for showing off the store’s outdoor products. FOR THE LOVE OF RETAIL The store has evolved in many ways, sometimes by choice—and at other times, as an effort to stay afloat. Palaro is thankful that the business has been able to stay profitable for so many years. “Any retailer will tell you

that retailing is a challenge, every day,” she explains, adding that she’s able to stay motivated because of her love for the business and people. She says, “If you are going to be a successful retailer, you genuinely have to like people and care about them. You have to want to spend time with them and enjoy giving them information when they visit your store. It makes them feel comfortable and makes them want to buy something from you.” Palaro adds that she and her father have handpicked Sunline’s employees, from the sales staff to the customerservice representatives and the delivery crew—all of whom share their philosophy on retailing. She says, “Every employee represents who we are, as a company. The person who makes the delivery at someone’s home is no less important than I am. We knew we had to find people who care

Left: Long-term relationships with customers and vendors are the foundation of Sunline Patio & Fireside. Right: Sunline Patio & Fireside stays in tune with its customers’ tastes.

our heritage. our style.

iconic. {and that’s only the beginning.}

For over 35 years, Vermont Castings has been committed to creating finely crafted products with iconic style. Today you will find not only classic wood burning stoves that last for generations, but also products that perform more beautifully and efficiently than ever before. Our commitment to sustainability and quality is reflected in our long history of exceeding EPA efficiency standards and processes that use renewable resources. After all, you wouldn’t expect anything less from an icon.

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hearth R E TA I L E R

Experts in Venting by SHARON SANDERS

Bernard Dalsin Manufacturing Company (BDMÂŽ) has proudly been a part of the close-knit hearth industry for the past few decades. The family-owned chimney and venting-products manufacturer (based in Farmington, Minnesota) is trusted by specialty hearth retailers across the country for its innovative products, which are highly recommended to customers. Founded by Bernard Dalsin in 1944

Patented USA #D562, 959 Patent Pending USA

as a roofing company, BDM developed

Announcing our Complete Direct Vent System BDM now offers a complete rigid and exible gas direct vent system in both 6 5/8â€? and 8â€? diameters. With best in industry features that include: tø4UBJOMFTTTUFFMJOOFSnVF tø1PXEFSDPBUCMBDLBOEDPMPSFEQJQF components tøEFHSFF QPTJUJWFTOBQMPDLEFTJHO tø%FDPSBUJWFUFSNJOBUJPOT tø5FTUFEBOE-JTUFEUP  "/4*;$4" Currently acquiring approvals with most major ďŹ replace brands.


Circle Reader Service No. 30


its first line of chimney products, called Chim-A-LatorÂŽ, in the mid-1960s; it

consumer. In the end, adhering to this

included top-sealing dampers and

that becomes less a commodity and

chimney caps. The company expanded

more a part of the overall value proposi-

its products, over time, to include such well-known brands as Air-A-LatorÂŽ air-

tion for the consumer.

intake devices, Dalsin LineÂŽ chimney liners, Insul FlueÂŽ pass-through sys-


tems, Bio Vent™ multifuel pellet venting, and the Pro-Form™ direct-vent system.

brands: Bio Vent multifuel pellet venting

set of goals creates a venting product

The company develops venting products that create greater profits for dealers and installers.

make our direct-vent system of a higher

BDM is proud of its two most recent and the Pro-Form direct-vent system.

quality (and more convenient to install),� Burns explains. With details such as a stainless-steel

With Bio Vent, the company was the first

inner vent, a snap-lock connection sys-

to incorporate a superferritic stainless steel (called AL 29-4CÂŽ) into its pellet-

tem (allowing 360-degree rotation), a stur-

venting and fireplace manufacturers throughout the industry. BDM is the top

venting system.

black pipe, BDM feels that it has

BDM is also recognized for producing OEM venting components for respected

dier bracket system, and powder-coated

choice for many specialty hearth retailers

This was a response to the fact that

designed a top-tier venting product that

because the company creates products

many pellet stoves are now burning alter-

installers can put in place with ease and

with its customers in mind.

native fuels, such as corn and other agri-


Joe Burns, sales and marketing

cultural products. BDM learned, early on,

Going forward, BDM plans to contin-

manager, says, “BDM has always

that the byproducts of burning these fuels

ue the natural progression of the vent-

allowed product development to be

were highly corrosive and could quickly

ing-product lines that it has introduced

driven by its customers. We listen to our

corrode typical stainless steels used in

over the past five years as it begins to

customers’ and installers’ concerns with

other pellet-venting products.

develop its insulated-chimney system

regard to product reliability, ease of

The stainless steel that BDM chose

(class A). “More than anything, we want

installation, and profit margin.� From this

solved this problem and is still selling

to create a product that will complete

information, the company is able to

well to dealers offering multifuel stoves.

our offerings, so customers can get all

develop a product that truly offers value

In addition to Bio Vent for multifuel

of their chimney and venting products

to the specialty hearth retailer or chim-

applications, BDM has since decided

from us,� Burns says.

ney professional.

to add Bio Vent for wood-pellet fuel;

In true BDM style, the design phase

this line uses the more common 304

will take into account the feedback and

stainless steel.

concerns that the company receives

BDM’s goals are to create more profit for the dealer/installer through faster, easier installation; to design

The Pro-Form direct-vent system is

from its customers. While BDM has yet

product features that differentiate its

the company’s latest introduction. “While

to announce a completion date, it is

products from competing brands; and

we certainly didn’t reinvent the wheel

confident that when it is ready, the insu-

to provide a high level of quality, which

with this product, we did survey many of

lated chimney system will have some

can be clearly communicated to the

our dealers to find out how we could

industry-first features.

about others and are respectful of their needs.� Palaro says that her relationships with manufacturers have been a major factor affecting the store’s longevity. She enjoys her interactions with them and considers each one to be a part of the Sunline team. “We share the satisfaction of succeeding together, yet share the burden when times are tough,� she notes. Sunline demonstrates its support for manufacturers

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

by always being willing to bring in and show new products on the sales floor. The store recently brought in a number of contemporary fireplaces; while Sunline customers’ traditional tastes mean that contemporary styles are not typical choices here, the fireplaces have sold well. Palaro says, “A lot of work goes into developing and marketing a product. One has to understand where Continued on page 80

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outdoor G R I L L I N G

grills and more For over two decades, Outdoor Living Center has helped make life easy in the Crescent City. by KIMBERLY RODGERS


photography by ANNIE PENNELL

troubled economy, over two decades ago, led Anna Papp (quite unexpectedly) to the outdoor industry. In 1988, Papp was the showroom manager for one of the largest plumbing-supply wholesalers in the greater New Orleans, Louisiana, area. Then, escalating interest rates (hovering over 10%) for mortgages brought new-home construction to a halt. “Our owner decided to expand into an area that homeowners could use— namely, outdoor furniture,” Papp says. “The industry was still in its infancy, and it was a good niche for our market


at the time.” The name Outdoor Living Center was chosen for the new venture. Papp says, “Little did we know, when we settled on that name, that it would become the buzz phrase for the outdoor industry today.” In 1993, with interest rates declining and new-home construction beginning to grow, the owner decided to refocus his efforts on the plumbing-supply side of the business and stop selling outdoor furniture. “After being involved with outdoor furniture for five years, I was disappointed to see it end. I truly enjoyed working with the products and customers, so I asked the owner if he would sell the business to me, and that was the beginning of my entrepreneurial career,” Papp says. Today, Outdoor Living Center (Covington, Louisiana) truly reflects its name, as Papp has expanded the business well beyond outdoor furniture. Of course, there is a deep selection of high-quality furniture from 15 different manufacturers, including Summer Classics, Winston, Tropitone, Seaside Casual, Meadowcraft, Lloyd/Flanders, Hanamint, and Telescope Casual. Over the past 20 years, Papp has also astutely expanded her market segments, which now include grills, outdoor kitchens, gas logs, fireplace

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

accessories, and an extensive selection of accessories. Outdoor Living Center first entered the grill market, in 1991, with products from The Holland Grill Company. From there, Papp added other top names in the industry, including Fire Magic, Napoleon, Big Green Egg, Modern Home Products, and Bull. The store also carries cast-aluminum grills from Portable Kitchen—one of the first companies to start the backyard-grilling revolution when it introduced its products (in 1952). Papp says, “Although the Big Green Egg is our best seller, due to the explosion of kamado-style cooking, there is a trend for customers to incorporate both a kamado and a gas grill. By doing both, you can accommodate a large gathering, and you can grill and smoke at the same time.” Many manufacturers, she notes, now offer complete kitchen islands that offer the capabilities of both grill types while remaining very cost effective. The company entered the outdoorkitchen market in 2006. “In the past three years, this area has grown considerably,” Papp says. She and her staff assist customers with the planning and layout of an outdoor room. She adds, “I have a background in kitchen design, which has come in handy for advising customers.” With limited staff, Outdoor Living Center does not install kitchens, but it can provide referrals to contractors, based on customer testimonials. Located in St. Tammany Parish (about 45 miles north of New Orleans), Outdoor Living Center reaches con-

sumers throughout the Crescent City and the affluent area known as the Northshore (of Lake Pontchartrain). “Because we serve a number of bedroom communities, I foresee the outdoor room becoming a growing part of our business,” Papp says. She adds, “We have noticed customers coming in to buy the entire outdoor-living package—including furniture, the outdoor kitchen, and a fireplace or firepit. This idea appeals to homeowners, since our climate is conducive to outdoor entertaining almost year round.” While furniture still represents the largest percentage of sales, Papp says, “All our other products play an important factor in being successful and offering the concept of the outdoor-living room.” Because she has had a long-term interest in environmental concerns, Papp tries to buy products made in the United States by manufacturers that emphasize green technologies in their production processes. “We like to think we are contributing to our future generations,” she says. TREATING CUSTOMERS WELL Papp runs Outdoor Living Center with the help of an all-female staff, including 15-year employee Tammy

Top: From left: Penny Lemoine, Anna Papp, and Tammy Bacon Left: Sales from the Big Green Egg line have exploded for Outdoor Living Center.

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outdoor G R I L L I N G

Ready, Set, Grill


Green Mountain Grills is committed to growing the pellet-grill category and generating more interest from consumers. Green Mountain Grills

is a great

U.S. startup, and like many startups, it was born from a practical

the proper number of pellets to maintain the set heat precisely. With the touch of a button, a

idea. Its founder had been an avid

user can also manually adjust the

pellet griller for years when he

temperature setting from 150 to 500

decided that he could make a bet-

degrees, in five-degree increments.

ter grill. In 2007, he introduced a

The innovative grill design features a

fully mimics all the functionality of

model that expertly married technol-

first-of-its-kind peaked lid that

the larger grills, but will be com-

Since Green Mountain Grills

ogy with grilling.

makes it possible to cook almost

pletely portable, operating on 12-

started doing business five years

anything (of any size)—from a large

volt power. This makes it ideal for

ago, there has been a growing

since become a favorite of con-

Thanksgiving turkey to a standing

sporting events and camping (or

interest not only in its grills, but in

sumers looking for a smart alterna-

chicken or ribs on a rib rack—with

for use anywhere else that one

the category overall. “One of the

tive to gas. The Reno, Nevada,

room to spare.

might want to fire up a grill).

reasons that the founder started

leadership in the industry as it

the company was to share his

works to develop more products,

His innovative pellet grill has

It will retail for less than half


Left: The Jim Bowie grill in stainless steel Right: The Daniel Boone grill

company is also helping to shine a

The company’s two premier

light on the pellet category, which is

models—the Daniel Boone and the

the price of the company’s full-

love for pellet grilling with others,”

including a drop-in grill designed

attracting a whole new generation

Jim Bowie—are constructed of

sized grills. “We are expecting that

Baker explains.

for barbecue islands. The compa-

of customers.

heavy-duty steel and feature either

the lower price point will appeal to

matte-black or sleek stainless-steel

more people—which, in turn, will

its commitment to spreading the

flame feature and a cold-smoke

it is cooked over a wood-generated

lids. Starting this year, every grill has

stimulate an even more wide-

word about pellet grilling, and it

attachment that will make it possi-

flame, which is the appeal of pellet

been equipped with a high-tech

spread interest in pellet grilling,”

works closely with retailers on edu-

ble to smoke cheese, chocolate,

grills. What makes Green Mountain

meat probe that provides a digital

Baker says.

cation and sales support. It is con-

or nuts.

Grills special is the fact that its grills

readout of the internal temperature

are equipped with a digital controller

of food as it is cooking.

Food simply tastes better when

In addition to its grills, the

Today, the company continues

ny is also working on an open-

“We are thrilled to see the bur-

stantly demonstrating its grills

company offers a full line of

across the country, at trade shows

geoning interest in pellet grilling

accessories, dry-rub spices,

and events, in an effort to expose

and have high hopes for the future

remote-control option that makes

sauce, and its own line of pellets.

the masses to pellet grilling. “When

of the category,” Baker says. “We

it possible to monitor all the grill’s

The all-natural pellets are made

people smell and taste food cooked

don’t intend, ever, to react to

that automatically adjusts the inter-

The company also offers a

nal temperature of the grill, so food is cooked perfectly—every time.

functions from anywhere. “This is

from a premium, golden blend of

on of our grills, they are blown away

where the market takes us: We

keting, explains, “The technology

especially convenient when there

oak, hickory, and mesquite hard-

and want to learn more,” Baker

intend to lead it.”

is truly amazing.” There is a ther-

is a heat wave or a cold snap,

woods that will subtly bring out

says, adding that retailers like the

mal sensor inside the grill grate

because you don’t have to go out-

the flavor of food without over-

grills because they are something

exhibiting (at booth #2575) at the

that takes 10 temperature read-

side to check on your food,”

powering it. The pellets also cre-

unique and practical.

International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo

ings per second. The sensor

Baker adds.

ate a very small amount of ash,

Jason Baker, of sales and mar-

Green Mountain Grills prides

Green Mountain Grills will be

( on

which means that the whole grill

itself on being a customer-driven

November 6–8, 2012, in New

computer, which then tells the

introduce a lightweight tailgating

operates better (and cleanup is

company, from the standpoint of

Orleans, Louisiana. Stop in and

fans and auger motor to push in

model called the Davy Crockett. It

much easier).

innovation. It plans to continue its

check out the grills for yourself.

sends that information back to the

This fall, the company plans to

Bacon and 10-year employee Penny Lemoine. The three work as a team, doing all the buying, selling, assembling, delivering, and warehousing. Papp says, “By doing it all, we know that customers have been informed of the benefits and features of their purchases, and once those have been delivered, we can then suggest add-on items for their needs.” Papp adds that the trio takes pride in its motto: We Can Do It. Bacon and Lemoine are both very knowledgeable about all products. They have excellent customer-service skills and can advise customers who are making buying decisions. “All this equates with a reputation of offering high-quality products and service, and that reputation draws in many repeat customers. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated: with respect and appreciation,” Papp says. Individually, each employee also con34

tributes an invaluable skill set to the business. “Tammy is very experienced in designing and creating all our published advertisements, and Penny is our computer guru, with her knowledge of various computer programs,” Papp reports. Educating customers in the differences between products found at a specialty retailer and those at big-box retailers is essential—and an element of the business that Papp and her staff continually address. She says, “This is primarily because the big-box stores now carry brand-name manufacturers, even though the products’ quality is not the same. I always suggest to my customers that when the are shopping for a stainless-steel grill, they should take a magnet with them. If the magnet sticks, the grill is not made of good-quality stainless steel.” While there will always be consumers

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

who buy disposable products over those with longevity, Papp says, “We hope, by presenting the features and benefits, to help customers realize the value of buying a high-quality product.” Over the past 24 years, Papp has tried every marketing and advertising technique to bring customers through the door. She voices the sentiments of many specialty retailers when she says, “I feel that we need to reach over a big generation gap. Senior citizens still enjoy reading newspapers and magazines, so we continue to reach them by placing ads in local publications.” To reach younger consumers, Outdoor Living Center uses social media, including Facebook, and does its email marketing through Constant Contact® (Waltham, Massachusetts). Papp and her staff participate in many local schools’ fund-raising events to give

back to the community—while creating heightened awareness for the store. Cooking demonstrations are held throughout the year, and Papp says, “Our grill representatives are very helpful, especially during Father’s Day and Thanksgiving.” Each August, a weekend sale is held that takes advantage of the state’s sales-tax holiday; this generates sales because consumers pay no state sales tax on purchases of up to $2,500. Papp is excited about the future, as she enters her 25th year at the helm of Outdoor Living Center. She says, “I am very proud to have a successful business that has served (and grown along with) my community. When our customers say, ‘I love your store,’ I know we have done something right. I am very proud and fortunate to have a great team working with me.”

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showroom S H O W C A S E

a new direction The second-generation owner of Casual Furniture World adapts to the times to woo customers and increase sales. by SHARON SANDERS photography by KELLY KASEY PHOTOGRAPHY


asual Furniture World (WinstonSalem, North Carolina) has always been good at reinventing itself. Like many retailers, it has enjoyed its share of good years and weathered some not-so-good years since it opened its doors, 27 years ago. Today, the business is run by its enthusiastic second-generation owner, Josh Rowell, who took the helm of the company, seven years ago, from his parents. He might not have been around to enjoy the years of prosperity before the economic downturn, but he brings the business a fresh perspective that is moving it into the new era of retailing. Rowell’s parents, Eddie and Debbie, started the business in 1985, manufacturing the PVCpipe furniture that was popular at the time. In the late 1990s, as the demand for PVC styles began to dwindle, they started carrying other


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

patio-furniture lines. At one point, the Rowells were running seven retail locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. “The stores had a warehouse feel, with furniture in boxes stacked up on concrete floors. It was the right formula, at the time,” Rowell recalls. As the market changed and outdoor furniture became more sophisticated, the company scaled back to focus on its two most profitable locations—in Winston-Salem and in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Over the past few years, the warehouse-style showrooms have been replaced by designer showrooms filled with high-end merchandise; these have ushered Casual Furniture World into the outdoor-living generation. When Rowell joined the business, in 2005, the economy was starting its downward spiral. “I knew times were going to be rough, but I was

motivated to do what I could to give the family business an edge. I’m a big believer that if you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backward,” Rowell explains. He started by examining the company’s internal operations, and this led to changes that boosted its efficiency and profitability. One notable change was in inventory control. “I was troubled by the fact that we were holding yard sales once a year to get rid of mismatched chairs, incomplete collections, and cancelled special orders. Thousands of dollars’ worth of products were going out the door for pennies on the dollar. We have saved so much money by just managing our inventory differently,” Rowell says, adding that changes were made in purchasing and staff training as well. Three years ago, both retail locations underwent internal and external remodeling that mod-

Top left: Casual Furniture World’s showroom and website work in tandem to make it easy for customers to make purchases. Top right: From left: standing, Josh Rowell, Gregg Moffitt, and Andy Budd; seated, Melissa Cranford, Wanda Miller, Miriam Bonds, and Lisa Mathias Not pictured from the Winston-Salem store: Randy Robertson, James Tate, and Sean McNamara Not pictured from the Myrtle Beach store: David Yeck, Amy Wood, Brad Stein, and David Jenkins

ernized their overall look and feel. The remodeling included an update of Casual Furniture World’s logo and new signage, as well as a complete revamping of the company’s website (www.casualfurniture, which has become a pivotal piece of its business strategy. WORKING HAND IN HAND Rowell is a big believer that in today’s

retail environment, having a strong Internet presence is just as important as having a beautiful store. “People shop differently than they did in the past. They do research online before making the effort to visit a store. For that reason, the two work hand in hand,” he says. Rowell is constantly seeking new ways to fine-tune each aspect of the business. On the brick-and-mortar front, he is

currently focusing on adding a complete outdoor-kitchen area inside the WinstonSalem store, in an effort to tap further into the growing home-builder market. He explains that while the East Coast outdoor-living/outdoor-kitchen market is still in its infancy, its offerings are starting to become more popular. “Almost every new home that’s being built has some type of outdoor kitchen or

fireplace. We need a more dynamic display area to show and sell products,” he says. He adds that the home-builder market has always been a secondary business, but he feels that the time is right to pursue it more actively. The new area will feature products from some of the store’s best vendors, including Broilmaster (Empire Comfort Systems), Dimplex, and Big Green Egg Company. On the Internet side of the business, Rowell works closely with an outside agency to maintain the company’s website and to do its Internet marketing. “Our Internet presence is important because it gives us legitimacy as a company,” he explains. Customers’ project photos are a popular feature on the website (and have opened the door to many sales). Customers send in photos of their finished outdoor rooms; these are posted on the site to inspire others. “I get inquires all the time from people wanting to recreate a space that they saw on our site,” Rowell says, adding that the photos also build confidence that the store knows what it’s doing. Later this year, the store will launch the third generation of its website. The overall emphasis of the new site will be on more pictures (and less text). It will be divided into three distinct sections: showroom, online shopping, and online design services. The site will be more product focused than it has been in the past. ”Our online sales are doing so well that we want to build them even more. Our goal, after this year, is to have almost all of our SKUs online,” Rowell explains. STAYING FOCUSED Both Casual Furniture World stores are located in areas with lots of competition. The Winston-Salem store is only 20 minutes away from one of the largest furniture showrooms in the world. While competition might be stiff, Rowell knows that

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


showroom S H O W C A S E

Quality Takes Center Stage


As Beka Casting Ltd. celebrates its 35th year as one of the leading manufacturers in the casual-

are its exclusive designs and numer-

furniture industry, it continues to

cate and traditional to modern, Beka

focus on delivering high-quality

Casting’s furniture collections

Left: The new Monaco cast dining

products and customer service to its

include stackable chairs, swivel

chair features an old-world, vintage

clients around the world. Houri

rockers, bar chairs, dining tables


Bederian, marketing director, says,

and chairs, chaises, love seats,

“We stand by our motto, which is

benches, ottomans, and deep seat-

Quality Furniture With Exceptional

ing cushions. In each collection, the

Value; Experience the Difference.”

company makes a wide variety of

Since Beka Casting (Concord,

shapes and sizes available to help

ous options for meeting diverse cus-

Top: Santorini deep seating is part of

tomer requests. From simple to intri-

Beka Casting’s new wicker collection.

lines have been shown at the ICFA Preview Show™ and the Chicago

Ontario) began designing and manu-

create ideal outdoor spaces. “We try

designs. The Imperial and Empress

cy and durability, Beka Casting, led

facturing fine cast-aluminum out-

to have something for everyone,”

collections strive to provide unparal-

by a strong management team of

International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market™. The wicker

door furniture and accessories in

Bederian says.

leled comfort without compromising

engineers and designers, uses a

collections provide consumers with

style. The Riviera collection, inspired

manufacturing facility that occupies

more options, and their introduction

1977, it has used the highest grade

Although each collection has an

of aluminum, the best equipment,

individual style and purpose, the

by the Mediterranean coastline,

2.2 million square feet. The facility

coincides with an emerging design

and the skills of highly qualified engi-

diverse pieces are designed to be

adds style and luxury to any back-

boasts new technologies, but it also

trend that favors mixing and match-

neers to create durable and aesthet-

mixed and matched to create a truly

yard or outdoor space, with its deep

uses traditional hand-applied tool-

ing pieces to create a diverse, com-

ically pleasing products (and remain

unique outdoor experience. The

pillows and bold color offerings.

and-die methods to create high-

plete furniture set.

competitive in the industry). The

Majestic collection contains pieces

The Royal collection adds glam-

quality of Beka Casting furniture, its

dedicated to simple lines and mod-

our to the outdoors, combining cast

prices. Beka Casting offers a 10-

leaning toward eclectic looks,”

diverse and comprehensive collec-

ern tastes, while the Allure collection

and sling pieces. Detailed cast

year warranty and stands by the

Bederian explains. Beka Casting’s

tions, and the products’ value to the

offers classic decor, featuring high-

scrolls are used, in the Lyon collec-

ability of its products to meet and

furniture pieces are already

company’s customers have set it

backed chairs and contoured seat-

tion, for more intricately designed

exceed customers’ needs and

designed in a way that supports

apart since the debut of its first col-

ing to help bring the comfort of

pieces. Traditional European style is

industry standards.

mixing pieces from different collec-

lection. “We’re very proud to have

indoors to an outdoor oasis.

seen in the Vienna collection, which

been manufacturing for 35 years,”

The Dynasty collection showcas-

Bederian says. “We’ve been growing

es Beka Casting’s commitment to

ever since we started.”

bold style, while keeping durability

Other strengths of Beka Casting

and comfort in the forefront of its

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

This year, Beka Casting has

“We’ve noticed the trends are

tions, but the addition of the wicker

features reliably constructed and

focused on introducing five new

line will further expand the options

highly stylish pieces.

wicker collections (Boca, Cypress,

available to help customers artisti-

Santorini, Sunningdale, and

cally create modern, beautiful out-

Manhattan) to the market; the new

door-living areas.

In order to create these diverse collections with impeccable accura-

Casual Furniture World offers customers everything they need to create custom outdoor spaces.


quality products at competitive

there is always a way to overcome it. “I think you have to pay attention to other retailers, but play your own game,” he says. The business has done so well through years largely because of its loyal customers. Rowell says that he used to think that once somebody bought $10,000 worth of patio furniture, he or she would not return. His assumption couldn’t have been further from the truth. “Our customers keep coming back for more because we carry the right products— and because of the relationships they have built with our salespeople,” he says. The company stays connected to the community by holding and participating in

grilling events and demonstrations. Every Wednesday during the summer, it sponsors a barbecue event at the Winston-Salem store (with a live television broadcast). Advertising for the events is done mainly through Facebook and direct emails. “The events bring in a lot of people. We know they are not big revenue generators, but we see it as another way to build relationships,” Rowell adds. Moving forward, Casual Furniture World has high hopes and big plans for growth that might even include giving manufacturing another try. Rowell says, “You just need to be able to zig and zag at the right times. It’s all about being willing to change and adapt.”

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As I See It Mallin’s blueprint for success involves focusing on comfort, style, and customer service. by SHARON SANDERS


allin Casual Furniture (Montebello, California) has been in the furniture business since 1955. Its fashion-forward castaluminum and sling furniture has become a staple in specialty retailers’ showrooms across the United States and Canada. Mallin is consistently introducing products that consumers are asking for as the industry matures and works to continue building interest in the outdoor room. Patio & Hearth Products Report checked in with Brenda Pereyda, assistant vice president of sales and marketing, to find out what the company is up to and how it plans to move forward into 2013.

committed to providing that same level of service to our customers as well.

What does a casual-furniture manufacturer need to do to stay relevant in the marketplace?

How has Mallin made a name for itself in the industry? Pereyda: There’s no question: We are known for the comfort of our products. In today’s market, this a must. It used to be a bonus when outdoor furniture was comfortable; now, it’s the norm. If it isn’t comfortable, retailers won’t carry it because customers won’t buy it. What makes our furniture so comfortable is that we use the sling support system that the company developed roughly 10 years ago. Our cushions don’t

Top: Brenda Pereyda and Merv Conn Middle: Cadiz deep seating offers classic Mallin comfort. Bottom: Mallin’s new dining-height firepit adds ambience to any meal.




rest on a solid base; they nestle into our sling system, which creates a type of comfort that is standard with Mallin. We are also known for our style, which works hand in hand with comfort.

How does the company set itself apart from other manufacturers? Pereyda: We pride ourselves on the fact that we have close relationships with our dealers. We are a big company with a small-business personality. We listen to our dealers, make ourselves available, and do what it takes to provide them with the support they need. Specialty retailers are set apart from the big box because not only do they provide high-end products, but they offer white-glove service to their customers. As a manufacturer, we are

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Pereyda: Manufacturers have to listen to their dealers. If they want to make product that is going to sell, they have to solicit feedback from their dealers—because they are the ones, day in and day out, who are in front of customers. This has always been one of our strengths, and I think it’s a reason we are so successful. Conversely, I think a trap that manufacturers often fall into is to overwhelm retailers with too many offerings. We are constantly encouraging dealers to keep their consistent sellers on the showroom floor and try a few new pieces each season. It’s easy to keep products relevant by using trend colors and merchandising. Just because a product isn’t brand new for a dealer doesn’t mean it’s not exciting for a first-time customer.

How are people using outdoor furniture differently today than they did in the past? Pereyda: It’s all about

Circle Reader Service No. 41

as i S E E I T deep seating. Patio furniture is no longer patio furniture: It’s outdoor furniture. People are taking their family rooms and extending them into their back patios. Some are going as far as bringing in flat-screen televisions, surround-sound systems, and outdoor kitchens. When they are done eating, they don’t go inside to relax and socialize. They stay outside. I believe that deep

seating has created this trend. Mallin’s deep seating has grown more than any other category, in the past few years.

What Mallin pieces/ collections are you most excited about for the coming season? Pereyda: We are adding two new firepits that were actually suggestions

from our dealers. The first is a dining-height firepit. It adds ambience during dinner, and when you’re done with your meal, it transitions easily to the deep seating area. We are also introducing a barheight firepit that is the perfect way to add warmth when people are casually standing around, having drinks and appetizers. I’m also excited about our new butler cart. It will give peo-

ple a place to serve food from, so it doesn’t take up precious space on the dining table. We will continue to introduce accessories such as these, which help people complete their outdoor rooms.

What do you see as Mallin’s biggest opportunity and challenge? Pereyda: Our biggest opportunity is to develop and manufacture more products in the United States. We are trying to develop more products that are domestically made so dealers don’t always have to buy and warehouse container quantities of furniture. We want to give them the flexibility to do a special order for a collection or specific color for a customer. Each year, we plan to increase our U.S. manufacturing until we get it to the level where we need it to be for our dealers to get the most benefit. Our biggest challenge is to maintain a good price point for our domestically made furniture.

What future do you predict for the outdoor-furniture industry? Pereyda: More growth of the outdoor room concept: I think the trend will continue to grow because people are staying home more and creating family rooms outdoors. In particular, I see more interest coming out of areas such as the Midwest and East, where the weather isn’t always as good year round. Dealers in those areas need to get consumers excited about the possibilities of the outdoor room and educate them on how easy it is to maintain outdoor furniture. It’s as simple as taking in the cushions—because the frames will withstand pretty much anything. Homeowners are also buying outdoor furniture to furnish their finished basements because it looks good and can withstand any kind of wear and tear.

What does the future hold for Mallin?

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Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Pereyda: Growth—I am very proud of what we’ve done, so far, to make our company grow: focusing on comfort, style, and customer service. We will continue working with the industry and our dealers to educate consumers that they can create an outdoor room anywhere, in any climate.

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my T U R N

A New Role

Glen Raven appoints Alexis Maklakoff to provide marketing and product support for the popular Sunbrella line. by CHERYL DANGEL BARTOLINI


ith the outdoor market booming, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, L.L.C., is calling in the cavalry for reinforcements. In this case, the cavalry is Alexis Maklakoff, a 15-year veteran of the Glen Raven, North Carolina, company, who has moved into the newly created position of business manager for casual fabrics. With the market on the verge of a big growth spurt, Maklakoff is now on hand to provide additional support to the outdoor-living marketplace— and specifically, patio retailers—to make sure they can take advantage of the timing. “Our goal is to provide this segment with increased marketing, merchandising, and product support that will inspire consumers to enjoy stylish, comfortable, and easy-care lifestyles in the outdoors,” Maklakoff explains. He is positive about the market outlook, despite the recent downturn. Maklakoff ’s enthusiasm is contagious as he talks about the opportunity that is within reach of outdoor retailers. “Even though we live and breathe this business with our customers, I believe that homeowners are only beginning to discover the absolute magic of the outdoor-living space. It’s literally transformative, being outside. Having a


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

resort-like area in which to enjoy morning coffee, relax with a good book, or truly engage friends in great conversation is something within many people’s reach. We just have to teach them to think beyond basic patio furniture,” he says. Suzie Roberts, vice president and business manager for decorative fabrics for Glen Raven, will work in tandem with Maklakoff. She will continue to work closely with the outdoor-fabrics market. “I also want our customers to know that our commitment to their success has never been stronger,” Maklakoff adds; he has experience in virtually every aspect of marketing, brand support, and merchandising. He says, “I’ve also had a lot of international experience (as international sales and marketing manager for the North Pacific Rim for Glen Raven Custom Fabrics and in positions

Top: Alexis Maklakoff and Suzie Roberts Left: Sunbrella’s Spring collection evokes feelings of a warm spring day with its palette of soft blues and refreshing greens; from left: Spectrum mist, Dupione deep sea, Flow spring, canvas parrot, Violetta Baltic, and Foster surfside.

Bring this ad to life.

Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

Fabrics as vivid as your imagination.

Whether it’s the freedom to create or the freedom to live in the moment, Sunbrella® fabric is perfect for everything – from awnings, to indoor furniture, to outdoor furniture and more. Discover beautiful, worry-free fabric at Circle Reader Service No. 45

my T U R N with two French companies, Dickson and Somfy). Every business today is affected by the global economy, and I hope to share my global perspective with our customers. It’s essential that we understand and learn from the innovations of people around the world.” UNDERSTANDING THE MARKET Maklakoff sees a positive environment for manufacturers and retailers who understand how to deliver high quality and value. He says, “You have to offer products with great design and exceptional durability, and you have to inspire people with your vision of the outdoor room.” He continues, “This is the promise we strive to uphold for Sunbrella®. The key differentiators for retailers are helping consumers use the products to create the outdoor-living spaces they want.”

Maklakoff ’s outlook is undoubtedly optimistic. That is not to say, however, that he is naïve about the challenges that the economy poses. Rather, he believes that good products can convince buyers to open their wallets. “The economy has certainly been on everyone’s mind because much of our industry involves spending discretionary income. Consumers, though, have demonstrated their willingness to spend if given compelling products with clearly defined benefits,” he says. “The challenge we all face is giving consumers a reason to invest in the lifestyle, which means offering innovative products and telling our story. We try to play a role in meeting this challenge by creating unique Sunbrella fabrics and supporting our customers with consumer advertising.” Sunbrella is doing its part by developing attrac-

Grounded by navy, today’s new neutral, Sunbrella’s Luxe collection combines traditional style with of-the-moment color; from left: Worcester fandango, canvas ginkgo, Steeplechase Malibu, canvas hot pink, Tab twilight, and Luxe indigo.

tive products that will persuade consumers to part with that hard-earned cash. Maklakoff says, “We continue to enhance performance while adding beautiful new colors, patterns, and textures. Today’s offerings are softer and more luxurious than ever. Each season, we see our customers innovate, and it pushes us: It drives us to move the bar higher.”

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Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

POSITIVE TRENDS Trends are driving much of what Glen Raven does. “We still see interest in home improvement, and people are discovering the outdoor-living space,” Maklakoff says. “I think it’s rooted in consumers’ desire for more enjoyable times with friends and family. Those experiences are fine in the living room, near the television, or in the dining room. Almost everyone has those spaces, but beautiful outdoor-living areas are very personal, intimate spaces that actually get us back to talking to one another and having enjoyable times with people who are important to us.” With 50 years of customer loyalty behind it, Sunbrella is gearing up for the next 50 years. “Sunbrella performance is amazing and extremely reliable,” Maklakoff stresses, adding that Glen Raven’s commitment to design, color, and fabricconstruction leadership; its brand support, through consumer advertising; and its support for its partners all distinguish it from the competition. According to Maklakoff, these attributes don’t just come about by accident. He says, “These things are the result of being absolutely in love with the industry and committed to making our customers successful.”

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product I N N O VAT I O N

crystal clear There’s no denying that SCHOTT ROBAX products improve a fireplace’s looks and function. by GREG THOMPSON


ifferences between sheets of glass are not always crystal clear. In the case of glassceramic manufacturer SCHOTT ROBAX®, the remarkable properties of the company’s products only become evident in environments of extreme heat. The exacting manufacturing process allows for little variation, but there is still room for innovation on the design side. Attendees of 2012’s HPBExpo in Atlanta, Georgia, might recall a glass sheet that enhances the natural reflection properties of glass. Karen Elder, marketing manager for SCHOTT North America’s Home Tech business unit (Louisville, Kentucky), says, “It’s called ROBAX Magic. It is a black glass ceramic, so it can still withstand all the temperatures, but it reflects the flames and makes them appear larger.” Big Woods Hearth Products (Burnsville,

Top: The LUX gas fireplace from Heat & Glo® uses SCHOTT ROBAX® antireflective glass ceramic to reduce glare 89%. Right: Mosaics, playful graphics, and familiar frame patterns (as well as different colors) create distinctive designs for fireplace/stove glass ceramics.


Minnesota) has embraced the concept of mirrorcoated glass, even going so far as to cut the glass into logs for use inside the firebox. “That is very far outside the norm,” Elder says. “That would be for people who really want their fireplaces to stand out; it’s also a great way to bring new differentiators to the showroom floor and attract attention.” On the other side of the spectrum is SCHOTT-made antireflective glass, which minimizes reflection for an unfettered viewing experience. Hearth & Home Technologies (Lakeville, Minnesota) favors this glass for its Heat & Glo LUX gas fireplaces. Elder describes the North American market as fairly traditional, with Europeans favoring more 3D glass shapes (with bends, large radii, and custom orders for individual markets). “Even in North America, we are seeing more interest in the contemporary designs coming out of Europe,” Elder says. “We are seeing demand for colors, patterns, and designs. We look for trends, and we will offer those solutions, when necessary. In a few more years, the United States might be leaning a bit more toward contemporary design.” Over the past 18 months, engineers at SCHOTT ROBAX have been playing with color,

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Elder says, to see whether something might be of interest. The willingness to try new things is a hallmark of the company. “We showed the color products to all of our customers at HPBExpo, and reaction was pretty mixed,” she says. “Some were already thinking of ways they might be able to integrate them. Ultimately, we always go through the next step: working with our partners to integrate these innovations into their units. What someone sees at the show might look very different by the time it gets to an actual fireplace on the market.” EFFICIENT HEATING Deciding when and where to allocate manufacturing resources is a crucial function that relies on talking with customers—in person, whenever possible. “We have been at HPBExpo for many years now,” Elder says. “We also went to the European trade shows to see what might be making its way


Circle Reader Service No. 49

product I N N O VAT I O N into the North American market.” SCHOTT ROBAX sells to a global market, but wherever customers happen to be, they want to know the specific reasons that glass matters. “Customers might see a fireplace with tempered glass that costs $800,” Elder explains, “and then, they see an enclosed system with glass ceramic, and it might cost $1,200. They look similar, so why is one more expensive?” Partnering with manufacturers and specialty dealers is one way that Elder ensures that everyone in the distribution chain can readily and convincingly answer these questions. “Essentially, the answer is that heat is more efficiently transferred through a piece of glass ceramic,” she says. “In a closed system, you get twice as much heat into the room—with half of the amount of fuel. Because the system is enclosed, when heat is produced, it gets hotter inside that firebox. That heat radiates into the room through the glass.” In contrast, an open system allows for a lot of air

circulation, and much of the heat goes up the chimney. “We teach dealers about this, so consumers know that if they really want to heat the home, trying to do it with an open system is wasting their time,” Elder says. “If you can put in an insert with glass ceramic, you’re going to get a lot more heat into the room (and possibly, turn down the furnace a little bit in the winter). It can eventually help in the wallet, too.” Consumers also want a cozy atmosphere, but that subjective term ultimately can mean many things to many people. “How consumers perceive our glass depends on the individual,” Elder says. “It is about being able to enjoy that fire without it being open—without having to worry about sparks flying into the room.” Home-remodeling projects and old-appliance turnover account for a percentage of sales at SCHOTT, but true growth largely depends on new-

Circle Reader Service No. 50


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

housing starts. Nationally, new-housing starts have shown sluggish growth, in recent years, and those realities inevitably affect glass manufacturers. “We are kind of flat this year,” Elder says. “If (or when) hearth makers start manufacturing and selling more fireplaces, we will sell more glass.” August 2012 numbers from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) suggest that a slightly rosier outlook might be justified. NAHB researchers identified 80 metropolitan statistical areas across 32 states (and the District of Columbia) as improving housing markets in the NAHB/First American Improving Markets Index. Furthermore, a report from the U.S. Census Bureau showed that in July 2012, home-construction starts were 21.5% higher than in July 2011. The July figures suggest a total of more than 740,000 U.S. housing starts for the year (still below the roughly 1.5 million starts that might typically be expected). A QUESTION OF CLEANING A common misconception among consumers is that glass ceramic is difficult to clean. In response, SCHOTT ROBAX developed its own Atmosfire™ dry wiper, a cleaning pad designed specifically for glass-ceramic viewing windows in fireplaces and stoves. Fireside Distributors (Raleigh, North Carolina) recently agreed to be a key distributor for the product. It is, essentially, an ergonomically shaped sponge with a textured surface that is tough enough to remove soot and dirt without using cleaning fluids (or scratching the surface of the glass). Scott Beach, general manager of the ROBAX product division of SCHOTT North America, says, “One of the primary questions that consumers have about the glass ceramic on their stoves is about cleanability. We also hear that consumers think that cleaning the glass is a messy job to tackle. We wanted to develop a solution that was both easy and effective.” SCHOTT worked with Oscar Weil GmbH (Lahr, Germany) to develop, test, and approve the Atmosfire dry wiper. Fireplace owners can clean cooled-down ROBAX glass-ceramic panels by wiping the dirty or sooty surface of the panel with the rough side of the Atmosfire dry wiper. The sponge can then be cleaned and reused by knocking off the soot. Fireside Distributors will have the Atmosfire dry wiper available for purchase (in cases of 14) by hearth retailers. Steve Hall, president of Fireside Distributors, says, “We found the Atmosfire dry wiper to be a perfect fit for our product range. This is a good product for retailers to add to their product mix to support their customers.” Elder says, “It took a little while to tweak the Atmosfire dry wiper, but it doesn’t require a cleaner. A lot of people think their glass gets dark and black, and that the glass needs to be replaced, but if they try this product, they realize their glass can look as good as new. We’ve gotten excellent feedback on it.”

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corporate P R O F I L E

Five Decades of Growth Product diversification and geographic expansion have made M&G DuraVent a powerhouse in the hearth industry.


&G DuraVent’s experience, gleaned from several companies on different continents that have brought expertise and innovation to the manufacturing and ventilation industries, spans more than five decades. DuraVent’s leading products are sold throughout North America to wood-stove dealers, plumbing and heating contractors, hardware stores, and home centers. Its products are also exported to Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Norway, and Belgium. DuraVent manufactures its products in Albany, New York, and Vacaville, California, with support from distribution locations in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Brampton, Ontario. DuraVent was founded in 1956, when the Peerless Manufacturing Company, which specialized in wall furnaces and heaters, entered the venting business. In 1957, the first DuraVent gas pipe

Top left: DuraVent’s co-linear gas-insert venting kit Top right: DuraVent recently expanded its manufacturing facility in Vacaville, California.


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012


emerged in the marketplace, along with the Peerless line of gas heaters. After a merger with Simpson Manufacturing Company of Redwood City, California, in 1982, DuraVent continued to grow, and it became the leading chimney and vent manufacturer in North America, the company says. It has since built (and expanded on) its reputation for excellence for venting solutions for chimneys and fireplaces. Todd Lampey, national sales manager, says, “We’re still a dominant force today.” By 1966, DuraVent products were sold in all 50 states, and freestanding and zeroclearance fireplaces had been added to the company’s production line. DuraVent also separated from Peerless and continued to focus on developing new and improved products. In the 1970s, DuraVent became a strong presence in the wood-burning industry with the development of several new product lines, including including DuraBlack single-wall, black stovepipe and DVL double-wall stovepipe, in addition to the first metal relining system for masonry chimneys (Renew-A-Flue). In 1984, DuraVent once again renewed its focus in order to sustain its reputation

as a leader in the industry. From its original Redwood City facility, the company moved into a newly constructed plant in Vacaville. Key management positions were filled by highly qualified professionals with common goals for the company’s future. Use of the latest manufacturing equipment was implemented to bring production’s dependability and quality to new, higher levels. By the 1990s, more patented lines and product features gained attention in the industry; they included DuraPlus chimneys, DuraLiner for relining masonry chimneys, PelletVent for pellet stoves, and Dura/Connect for quick installation in venting gas appliances. The DirectVent Pro venting system, introduced in 1993 for the gas-stove/fireplace market, is the second-best–selling product line for DuraVent. DuraVent’s quest for innovation did not end there, however. By the end of the decade, DuraVent had also added DuraTech chimneys to its product lines. After acquiring ProTech Systems (a leader in pressurized venting systems) and Ventinox (a chimney-lining system), DuraVent was sold to M&G Group (Assen, Netherlands) in September 2010.

“We became interested in venting systems manufactured in Europe,” Lampey says. After two years, M&G DuraVent has proved to be a fitting partnership. M&G Group, a venting company founded in 1932, has brought the company expertise in polypropylene venting and the motivation to create efficient and innovative products. “They really understand our business,” Lampey says. After PVC was banned in Europe, polypropylene became the product of choice for venting high-efficiency gas boilers. PolyPro has been successfully venting appliances in Europe for more than 15 years. Lampey notes that the PVC-free trend is moving to North America, but improvements will need to be made to hearth appliances before it becomes widespread in the industry. DuraVent’s PolyPro line is ideal for highly efficient appliances (and for products in the HVAC/plumbing industry). Lampey says that PolyPro not only is a green product, but is superior in performance and easier to install than is PVC pipe. The materials used in PolyPro are environmentally safe, but are designed for venting products that generate temperatures of

Todd Lampey

up to 240 degrees. Until hearth products become more efficient and operate at lower temperatures, products containing PVC will continue to dominate the market. DuraVent is the exclusive distributor of PolyPro in North America. Lampey believes that PolyPro will be used in the U.S. hearth industry in a few years. “Plastic will become the material of choice for ventilation,” he says. DuraVent continues to plan for future sales and innovations by adding facilities and technology to the compa-

ny. Lampey reports, “We’ve expanded our facilities, and we have a new 300,000–square-foot manufacturing facility in Vacaville.” In addition to being able to increase production levels, this new facility will allow DuraVent to expand its testing and development of products. A wind tunnel is being added to the lab for more efficient testing of wind caps. “We are now concentrating on product enhancement,” Lampey says. “We hope to have the lab remodeled by the end of the year.” He adds that the company is working on many developments throughout the year, including improvements that will help distributors. “This fall, we are coming out with a number of enhancements to our supporting system,” Lampey says. “We’re trying to make installation easier, with lower installation costs and times.” DuraVent is also creating universal parts for different vent sizes, which will streamline getting parts to distributors and customers. Lampey says that he has seen an increase in the demand for fireplace inserts. DuraFlex Pro is very flexible for relining the chimneys of wood-burning fireplaces so that they can accommo-

date inserts. “We’re moving the same design to pellet products because we’re seeing more pellet inserts than we have in the past,” Lampey says. “Ventinox is a welded, stainless-steel chimney flex system that we supply to the hearth/chimney-sweep industry for inserts and pellets.” DuraVent’s co-linear venting kit for gas inserts, which improves installation and performance, is also selling well. Lamprey believes in looking to many sources for company and product improvements. He stresses that the company gleans ideas from customers, distributors, and experts in the industry. According to Lampey, many variables will affect the company’s sales for the rest of the year, but sales have already increased during the most recent quarter, compared with sales for the first half of this year. He adds that the weather and cost of heating oil will have large effects on sales during the upcoming heating season. If there is a cold winter and/or the price of oil increases, more interest will be shown in alternative heating sources such as pellets and wood, and this will really spark sales.

Circle Reader Service No. 53

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


OUTDOOR FUN If it’s done in the backyard, Cal Spas probably has a product for it. by CHERYL DANGEL BARTOLINI


bout 17 years ago, Cal Spas (Pomona, California) homed in on the concept of turning every home into a resort. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a resort just outside the back door? The company modified its mission statement to reflect its goal: making every home a Cal Spas resort. Shiva Noble, executive vice president, says, “We’d ask ourselves, ‘What do they use or do in the backyard?’ and we have constantly added product categories to make the whole backyard happen. A lot of people are paying attention to the backyard to make it, essentially, a second living room, so we know they invest in their yards.”

Top: The Cal Spas mission statement reflects its desire to turn every backyard into a home resort. Right: The Cal Flame Top Gun™ five-burner convection grill is designed to fit any Cal Flame barbecue cart or island.


The move has proved to be a lucrative one for the company, which got its start in the hot-tub industry. Cal Spas was there for the hot-tub boom and ready for the decline when the market started to slow from its heyday (in 2004), when sales peaked at 417,000 units, according to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. “We did a market study and found that even though the market was shrinking, the customer was looking for different features,” Noble says. “Consumers are getting younger, and they want a different direction in their spas. They want easy hookup, easy installation, and economy.” She continues, “For us to capture the market, we needed a product for that type of buyer, and that’s how we expanded the line to include an economy product (the Genesis™ rotomold series) and a green line (the Gen II™ spa series).” The Genesis rotomold series was designed for homeowners seeking a budget-friendly hot tub with top-of-the-

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

line features, including up to 40 massagetherapy jets, decorative panels, LED lighting, and other water features as options. Cal Spas promotes the Gen II series as the most efficient and cost-effective fullsized acrylic hot tub in the industry. Each model features a high-performance pump that lowers energy costs by efficiently circulating and filtering 100% of the spa water.

Despite being immersed in hot tubs, Cal Spas had the foresight to look for other avenues of revenue, and between 1999 and 2000, Cal Spas ventured into grills. “It had to do with the backyard,” Noble says, as the simple explanation for why the company went for the new niche. “If you are a homeowner (or live in a condo or an apartment), you are always grilling, so it was common sense to add a grill to our lineup. A hot tub is

purchased by a homeowner, but with a grill, it doesn’t matter. If you are a homeowner or not, you’ll purchase it.” She adds, “In any year since then, we have not seen a shrinking market. We have seen growth. When the market is slow, we see a growth of 30% to 40%, on a yearly basis. When the market good, we see 100% growth.” Today, grills share the top of the Cal Spas best-seller list. Noble reports, “Grills are probably our best-selling products, but so are our new green spas, Gen II. Spas have a better dollar figure, but grills do better unit wise, so they really go hand in hand.” NO SLEEP The company isn’t all about spas and grills, though. Its spa division has four different offerings: portable units, rotomold systems, in-ground commercial spas, and swim spas. The grill division includes grills, hardware, and barbecue islands. The company, however, also manufactures fireplaces, firepits, saunas, gazebos, and villas (along with surrounds for hot tubs) to round out the outdoor-room category. In what is admittedly an understatement, Noble says, “We are very diversified.” How does the company do it all? She says, “We don’t sleep.” Seriously, Noble adds, all the products make life at Cal Spas exciting. She says, “Everything falls into a different season, which is how we manage our time, marketing, production, and product enhancements. We also have very dedicated employees here to make sure everything is done perfectly.” Retailers who want to do everything perfectly as well shouldn’t be intimidated by taking on the entire line, Noble says. “By carrying multiple items, they will create excitement on the floor and build sales. The customer who buys a spa will invest in a barbecue. Customers don’t buy a spa and move on; they’ll come back,” she notes. “If retailers only feature one type of product category, they are losing out on referral sales. Dealers have the same fixed costs 24/7, including rent, utilities, and personnel. The same type of customer who buys the spa will buy another category, which will build sales in the off season—sales that take care of expenses all year round,” Noble adds. NEW FOR 2013 Cal Spas is also doing its part to keep sales hot throughout the year. New for 2013 will be a new swim spa; look for Cal Spas to expand on its Gen II series of green spas as well. “The swim spas are really moving fast. They are selling really, real-

ly well, so we’ll be making some new introductions for next year,” Noble says. In the grill line, the company is focusing on offering products at all price points. “We are going from entry-level to highend grills, and we have something for everyone—from porcelain to premium grills to those with built-in stereos—for 2013,” Noble says. The new introductions will join Cal Flame’s Top Gun™ grill, a premium four-burner grill that was introduced earlier this year. In addition to having a product for

everyone, Noble says, it is the company’s ability to ship products quickly that gives Cal Spas an edge over the competition. She says, “We ship in five days or fewer. We don’t build for inventory; we build for orders. You can order on Monday, and we ship on Wednesday. It relieves the cashflow issue for retailers. They don’t have to pay for items and wait eight to 10 weeks; instead, they can have products with just a five-day turnaround.” With so many products for the backyard already in its lineup, is there any back-

yard product that Cal Spas hasn’t added yet? The answer is yes. Next year, Cal Spas will be introducing a new product category—but it is, for now, top secret. “We’re getting into something else very, very exciting, but can’t release it until 2013,” Noble says. “Our goal is to introduce one product category (within our mission statement) every two years—so two years ago, we got into fireplaces; before that, we launched firepits. Next year, we’ll be into a new product line for the backyard.”



Customize your climate with an Infratech electric comfort heating system for your home or business.

Find out more about the solution that’s right for you.


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September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


Casual M A R K E T R o u n d u p

An Invigorating Show by CAROL DAUS

photography by ROB BAKER


e’re happy to report that this year’s turnout for the Chicago International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market™ exceeded expectations, as retail buyers and designers showed up in droves to buy products and observe trend directions. Manufacturers reported a steady stream of purchases, and upbeat retailers predicted stronger sales in the coming year. Some manufacturers were impressed by the greater number of new retailers who visited this year’s show. Color was a noticeable change, as furniture, fabrics, and accessory items featured bright, cheerful hues. Softer cushions and high-end decorative embellishments were also well received by retailers who understand that many consumers want outdoor furniture to resemble interior furniture. This year’s show also included more outdoor-grill manufacturers than were seen in the shows of past years (which makes sense, as this market segment continues to grow). Pictured here are some of the influential leaders in the industry who displayed a beautiful range of casual furniture, outdoor grills, and accessories at this year’s show. These manufacturers recognize the importance of offering retailers variety, innovation, and superior customer service. Patio & Hearth Products Report salutes these individuals and their companies for making the show a success and for continuing to offer some of the best products in the marketplace.

FiberBuilt Umbrellas Paul Knapp and Debbi Maytidu

Pelican Reef Allen Cazadilla

Mallin Casual Merv Conn and Brenda Pereyda

NorthCape International Kim Golson

Tropitone Tanya Stevens and Demetrius Linebarger

OW Lee Terri Rogers

Hearth Products Controls John Wagner

Patio Renaissance From left: Mike Anzelde, Albert Lord, and Andrea Dibello

Caframo Jeff Bond

56 Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Hearthland Products Rick Price

TUUCI William Kruzel

Kingsley-Bate Clay Kingsley

Sunbrella by Glen Raven Hal Hunnicutt

Select Outdoor Kitchens Mike Miller

Kamado Joe Kerry Coker (left) and Bobby Brennan

Galtech Jeff Leisen

Solair by Tri Vantage Rett Haigler

Homecrest Marilou Heltemes

Pride Family Brands Beth Cunningham and Steve Lowsky

Patio & Hearth Products Report From left: Tony Ramos, Amanda Daus, and Carol Daus

Telescope Casual Bill Vanderminden (left) and Henry Vanderminden IV

Outdoor Lifestyle Virginia Hamilton and Fred Ilse

Beka Casting From left: Maggie Bederian, Raffi Dayian, and Houri Bederian

Woodard Scott Coogan (left) and Matt Weiss

ProtĂŠgĂŠ Casual From left: Vaskin Jakarsezian, Jerry Sonnenberg, and Mike Mallory

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report 57

Casual M A R K E T R o u n d u p

Napoleon Products Ted Scott

Eon/Gracious Living Paul Willoughby

Peak Season Tim Le Roy

303 Products/Gold Eagle Fred and Karen Scuncio

Meadow Decor Michael Contreras and Lily Zhang

The HammockSource Reid Roney

California Outdoor Concepts Clint Blevins

Gensun Casual From left: Jan Trinkley, Lisa Zhou, Sherry Cai, and Steve Cloyd

58 Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Treasure Garden From left: Margaret Chang, Jeff Dorough, and Traci Lyons

Couristan Justin Posada and Sandy Pauly

Ebel Sabrina Ebel

Sunset West Wes Stewart

Agio Doug Peppler

Circle Reader Service No. 59


PROFILES Colonnade Deep Seating As more and more homeowners are choosing the affordability and convenience of entertaining outdoors at home, Agio continues to give retailers the trendsetting designs that move quickly off of showroom floors. The Colonnade deep seating collection exemplifies Agio’s commitment to offering elegant, affordable quality to you and your customer base. Colonnade’s clean, contemporary styling includes a deep seating sofa, love seat, and chair, as well as a rocking swivel lounge chair. A complementary ottoman and porcelain-top tables offer flexibility and function. To discover the profitability and promise found by becoming an Agio retailer, visit the company’s website today. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 101

Dawn Collection by Sunbrella The Dawn collection by Sunbrella® brings together warm golds and cool grays for sophisticated style. On trend with textured weaves and timeless, heathered looks in both solids and stripes, the Dawn collection provides a natural-fiber look with the durability of Sunbrella. Dawn also features accents of a lavender turned neutral in canvas dusk. Fabrics shown are (from top) canvas dusk, Milano dawn, canvas maize, Surge char, Catalina tinsel, canvas granite, and canvas flax. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 102

Grand Terrace Extension Table Gensun Casual Living introduces the Grand Terrace extension table. It expands from 44x74 inches to 44x114 inches and is constructed in the same fashion as other Gensun tables, which are well known for both beauty and durability. The two 20-inch table extensions are packaged in Sunbrella® fabric bags for storage and protection. The table is available in any of Gensun’s 11 finish colors. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 104

Carmel The Carmel in chat height makes its debut in the California Outdoor Concepts line of firepit tables for the 2013 season. This beautiful firepit table was named after Carmel, California, because it’s considered a cultural Mecca by visitors and residents. The company designed the new Carmel chat with well-tailored legs on a clean aluminum torso to echo that scheme. The Carmel will be at home in stylish and sophisticated outdoor venues. Available in early spring, the Carmel will be shown in lustrous tones of black or brown. Crowned with your choice of four granite finishes and 11 glass options, it will truly offer that aesthetic look where soft sand meets cypress-covered cliffs. Contact: (877) 274-6773 or Circle Reader Service No. 103

Pebbles, Glass, and More Empire Comfort Systems is changing the way it markets its decorative glass for contemporary fireplaces, while expanding its decorative-media offerings. The company’s crushed glass, glass drops, and glass droplets now sell in packages with enough material to make one layer covering one square foot. This allows consumers to combine decorative media colors and shapes to produce truly custom installations. Empire has also added ceramic-fiber rocks and pebbles to the decorative-media line. Made from the same material used in brick liners, the ceramic-fiber rocks and pebbles are unaffected by temperature fluctuations. Empire’s all-new decorative-media brochure is available for download at the company’s website. Contact: (800) 851-3153 or Circle Reader Service No. 105

Cristal Pesto Outdoor Rug With its intoxicatingly lively design bubbling over with giddy good humor, this heirloom-quality outdoor rug is destined to tickle the fancy both of eyes and of feet. Handhooked in the age-old Eastern manner from synthetic DuraCord® yarns, Sawgrass Mills® by Hatteras Outdoors rugs resist rot, mold, mildew, fading, and staining, yet have the sought-after softness of cotton. Cristal pesto comes in either 5x8-foot or 8x10-foot sizes and is also available in garnet and spruce color palettes. Contact: (800) 334-1078 or Circle Reader Service No. 106


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Green Mountain Grills Green Mountain Grills proudly introduces the all-new Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie pellet grills. The base-model Daniel Boone has 458 square inches of grilling space and weighs 154 pounds. The Jim Bowie model has 658 square inches of grilling space and weighs 183 pounds. Both of these models come standard with the Green Mountain Grill digital controller, which maintains temperatures (in five-degree increments) from 150 to 500 degrees; a meat probe with a digital readout of food temperature; a venturi-style firebox for cyclone combustion; the Sense-Mate automatic turbo mode for very cold weather; a low-pellet alarm; a positive-pressure hopper fan; a fan-only mode (for blowing ash out of the firebox); and a peaked lid with 13.5 inches of clearance. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 107

Heathered Collection by Sunbrella Sunbrella® is continually adding new yarn and fabric colors so that consumers can have more options for furniture, draperies, and home accessories. The latest introduction from Sunbrella is the Heathered collection, which includes a series of muted colors with a heathered texture. The heather fabrics include canvas granite—which features shades of gray, one of today’s newest neutrals—and canvas dusk, a soft purple made neutral. Canvas flax is the ultimate neutral, in off-white with flecks of taupe, while canvas maize is a warm neutral that features a heather mix of gold and brown. Fabrics shown are (from top) canvas granite, canvas dusk, canvas flax, and canvas maize. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 110

Keep the Cold Air Out, and the Cool Look In! M E C H A N I C A L


The Butler Cart


Eliminate Glass Doors on Gas Fireplaces

New for the 2012–13 season is the butler cart. This accessory is perfect for outdoor entertaining, and Mallin believes that this modern serving cart can turn a small family gathering into a grand event. Its unique shape and design are versatile, and the wheels make it very easy to move around, holding everything from cocktails to glassware for upcoming events. This butler cart is perfect for the person who loves to entertain. Contact:

The ENERVEX EcoDamper System is the first completely automated draft and damper system designed for use with gas fireplaces.


Circle Reader Service No. 108

HF-905 Pony The HF-905 Pony is the perfect room heater, now available from HearthDistribution.Com, Inc. This compact beauty offers simple, straightforward, contemporary/modern styling with a large window for great views, and it uses 16.5-inch wood. The 905 cast-iron stove is fully certified, is rated at 37,000 Btu, and has options for top or rear 6-inch venting. Contact: (360) 425-4200,, or


The Guaranteed Solution to Smoking Fireplaces

Contact us for more information:

Professor Ernie P: 800.255.2923

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Circle Reader Service No. 61

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S

Accent Pillows by Peak Season

Kendall Sectional This sectional from the Kendall collection features WeatherMaster outdoor upholstery. The Kendall collection gives you a stylishly new and upbeat design that appeals to the transitional and contemporary consumer. The Kendall collection is created with relaxed simplicity in mind, with its all-in-one design, which leaves the fuss of loose cushions behind. The design is less structured than more traditional outdoor upholstery, yet soft, relaxed, and inviting. The sectional’s MSRP is $10,272. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 111

Patioflame by Napoleon Napoleon® introduces the Linear Patioflame®, featuring an all–stainless-steel burner chassis, for maximum outdoor durability and weather resistance; up to 60,000 Btu; electronic ignition; a topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed; and (if the flame goes out) a safety valve that turns off the gas. A contemporary, powder-coated, rust-resistant surround comes standard with the Patioflame. The Linear Patioflame is approved for use on wooden decks, stone or brick patios, and concrete. Napoleon’s Linear Patioflame is ideal for residential or commercial spaces that want to make a definite statement. The Linear Patioflame adds to an impressive lineup of Napoleon Patioflames already available to consumers, builders, designers, and architects. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 112

Peak Season, Inc., has announced its newest product line for 2013, featuring more than 25 new products in the Inspired Visions collection. Modern families know that accent pillows are not just for inside spaces anymore. With exquisite materials and embellishments, the new pillows from Peak Season add fashion, style, and comfort to any outdoor-living space. Careful attention to detail in the design and manufacturing of a Peak Season accent pillow makes the difference. Peak Season’s new products for 2013 will be available to authorized dealers beginning in October. Only an elite group of shops, designers, and retailers will be authorized to carry the new line. The company is looking for good business partners who value merchandising, positioning, and the end consumer as much as it does. Contact: (866) 606-6330 or Circle Reader Service No. 113

Solair PS2000 Awning Solair® retractable awnings help enrich the outdoor-living space by providing a fresh, modern, and beautiful way to add comfortable shade to the outdoor room. The PS2000 features a projection of 10 feet 2 inches, has 14 quickship Sunbrella® fabric options, and comes in three widths. Visit the company at Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 114

Lakeland Twin-Star’s Lakeland media mantel is designed to work with the company’s newest insert, which uses infrared technology to heat rooms of up to 1,000 square feet. The traditional style of the Lakeland transports you to an era when quality was of the utmost importance. Storage space is abundant, from the full-length open center shelf to the Shaker-style cabinets. The 28-inch infrared electric fireplace insert is surrounded by engineered slate and features a kickout hearth base. Built on a foundation of quality construction, the Lakeland is the perfect centerpiece for enjoying quality time with family and friends. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 62


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Circle Reader Service No. 115

Montebello DLX Direct-vent Gas Fireplace With a seamless, clean-face, built-in look, the new Montebello® DLX direct-vent gas fireplace from Lennox Hearth Products creates a stunning centerpiece for contemporary and traditional homes alike. Exceptionally tall, dancing flames and a premium split-oak log set offer the look of a traditional wood fire, while sleek black porcelain and glass media showcase a dramatic fire presentation for a more contemporary setting. A variety of accessory options lend added customization, including several interior-panel styles, screens, andirons, and glass-media colors. Contact:

Vermont Castings Defiant and Encore

Sleek and contemporary, with cushioning as tailored as its ultramodern frame, Matrix is sure to impress. Adding a bit of California cool to any backyard, Matrix features a lightweight aluminum frame and high-quality cushions designed for lasting durability, as well as comfort and style. Contact:

Meet the Defiant® and Encore® Flexburn, with two-in-one technology. Unlike other stoves on the market today, both wood-burning stoves provide the flexibility of two ways to burn in a single stove. No matter whether your customer is looking for a catalytic stove as a primary heat source for longer, more even heating or a noncatalytic stove for easy operation and beautiful flames, these stoves have both technologies to accommodate either heating preference. Customers can rest assured that both preferences will be met with one simple-to-use product that’s an unbeatable combination of superior heating, craftsmanship, and efficiency. Contact:

Circle Reader Service No. 117

Circle Reader Service No. 118

Circle Reader Service No. 116

Matrix Collection

Circle Reader Service No. 63

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S

Gas Firepits By Gensun Casual

Flexible Natural Stone

Gensun Casual Living is introducing gas firepits to its Grand Terrace, Madrid II, Paradise, and new Roma table collections. The firepits will be available in 54-inch round and 38x56 inch rectangular sizes. The bases are beautifully crafted using the Paradise solid cast-aluminum design. By combining the tops and bases with Gensun’s 11 frame colors and three Paradise tabletop colors, you can create hundreds of different designs. Contact:

MLW Stone introduces flexible natural stone. This revolutionary new slate product comes in 2x4-foot sheets and a 1- to 2-millimeter thickness and is offered in eight different color choices. The thin slate veneer is ultralight, easy to bend, and ideal for use on curved walls or as a fireplace facing. Other applications include outdoor-kitchen islands, firepits, grill stands, mantel accents, entertainment centers, and more. Please request samples today and consider the possibilities. Contact: (800) 477-7665,, or

Circle Reader Service No. 120

Heat & Glo TRUE The TRUE provides the most authentic masonry appearance available in a safe, convenient direct-vent gas platform. A clean face and flush hearth design in TRUE 50-, 42-, and 36-inch sizes offer the largest viewing area in each class for an ultimate fireside experience. High-definition logs and LED accent lighting help create bold, robust fires. Seen through reflection-free glass, the experience is so real that consumers might try to add another log to the fire. Sell your consumers on a TRUE new wave of traditional. Contact:

Circle Reader Service No. 119

Circle Reader Service No. 121

Recife Collection Couristan is proud to expand its popular outdoor/indoor area-rug collection, Recife, distinctively designed to complement the simple (yet classic) styling of outdoor furniture and uniquely colored to make stone entryways and patio decks warmer and more inviting. Power loomed of 100% fiber-enhanced Courtron™ polypropylene, this all-weather, pet-friendly, mold- and mildew-resistant area-rug collection features a durable structured, flat-woven construction, which allows it to be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The naturally inspired color palette offered in this versatile collection features a series of unique combinations of natural hues selected to complement today’s hottest outdoor home furnishings. Available in a wide range of sizes, including runners and special shapes in the form of rounds and squares, the Recife collection has been designed to offer the perfect outdoor floor-covering solution for the home. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 122

Lounge Chair (Style #209-01) This lounge chair from the Redington collection offers a clean, simple look in aluminum frames, updated with a stylish transitional design. The light-brown finish, with hints of gray, gives this collection the ability to mix with a variety of the company’s other woven collections. The lounge chair has a width of 28 inches, a depth of 35 inches, and a height of 36 inches; its MSRP is $1,407. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 123


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Cápri Value and beauty truly describe the Cápri coffee table firepit from California Outdoor Concepts. Now, it’s possible to get all the features and options of larger tables from California Outdoor Concepts in this compact (yet elegant) addition to any outdoor patio. The Cápri coffee table is available with two different bases—a sculptured base and a rattan base—to blend with the design of your backyard; there are two new, contemporary bowl designs: round and square. After you select the base, select any one of four alternative granite tops and the Cápri style of your choice; then, top it all off with any one of 11 different glass colors. The Cápri will fit nicely into tight spaces, and its beautiful design will have you dreaming of a blue Italian sky, fading into sunset. Contact: (877) 274-6773 or Circle Reader Service No. 124

Ravenna CD Gas Fireplace Insert The new Elite® series Ravenna™ CD gas fireplace insert from Lennox Hearth Products offers the perfect package: sleek, contemporary styling paired with efficient home heating. State-of-the-art burn technology provides a vibrant flame that brings warmth and ambience to any room. A Total Comfort Control™ remote thermostat system and a remotely controlled, variable-speed, 155-cfm blower offer increased comfort and energy savings. Two surround finishes and a variety of glass media colors allow homeowners to customize the insert to their personal tastes. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 125

New Inserts From Henan Hi-Flame Arriving in October are two fireplace inserts from Henan Hi-Flame, available through HearthDistribution.Com, the exclusive North American distributor. The 577IU7 Nokota cast-iron wood-burning fireplace insert and the 577IU3 (pictured) are both fully certified and available. The 577IU series continues the understated elegance of all Hi-Flame stoves, with their simple (yet stately) lines. This series gives the user an unobstructed view of the fire, uses wood of up to 24 inches, and is rated at 70,000 Btu. Contact: (360) 425-4200,, or Circle Reader Service No. 126

Circle Reader Service No. 65

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S

303 Patio Furniture Protectant Dining-height Firepit

Mallin Furniture is pleased to introduce its new dining-height firepit. This new addition to the firepit series offers an elegant (yet comfortable) design. The unique design of the dining-height firepit allows you to enjoy the use of a standard dining table. This firepit is elevated for added comfort, and it is available in three sizes: 42x84 inches, 54-inch square, and 54-inch round. With its sleek, modern style, this design is sure to enhance the look of any outdoor-living area. Contact:

303® Patio Furniture Protectant™ provides the ultimate UV screening for your outdoor-living furniture. Regular use prevents UV fading and deterioration. Just one treatment restores color and luster—and makes faded surfaces look like new again. It’s easy to use: Simply spray it on and wipe it off; the proprietary formula leaves no greasy or oily residue. Contact: (800) 367-3245 or

Circle Reader Service No. 127

Circle Reader Service No. 129

Balmoral High Dining With Strip Burner

Napoleon Gas Log Sets Napoleon’s new gas log sets (GL22/GL28/GL32) feature reversible PHAZER® logs (patent pending), glowing embers, and charcoal lumps, giving Napoleon’s gas log sets the look of a real wood-burning fireplace with the convenience of direct-vent technology. The reversible logs can be configured for an authentic-looking split-wood fire or a natural-looking tree-bark appearance. The gas log sets offer up to 90,000 Btu (GL22: 70,000; GL28: 80,000; and GL32: 90,000); electronic ignition with battery backup; a wrought-iron grate; and large charcoal embers and lumps. Controls are hidden, but easy to access, and optional, convenient remote controls or remote wall switches are available to make operating the gas log sets easy. Contact: (888) 726-2220 or Circle Reader Service No. 128

Agio’s Balmoral high dining collection will elevate your customers’ outdoor experience to new heights and a new level of warmth, with a beautiful, trendsetting strip-burner feature. The portable, adjustable gas flame serves as the eye-catching center of attention and gives your customers the opportunity to entertain longer into the evening. Perched atop a lovely aluminum and all-weather–wicker base is a durable porcelain tabletop with copper inlay, around which are four aluminum swivel chairs with a unique quatrefoil design and coordinating all-weather–fabric cushions for comfort. Choose Balmoral and discover why so many retailers are turning to Agio for outdoor styles that turn more profits. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 130

Eon Milan Counter-height Dining Set This beautifully proportioned new counter-height dining set is the ideal combination of style and function, looking great on the patio, balcony, or terrace. This slightly upscale and more refined design is the perfect fit when ordinary just won’t do. Made from an engineered polymer, this dining set is built to last a lifetime. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 66


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Circle Reader Service No. 131

product P R O F I L E S


Heat & Glo LUX The LUX delivers custom looks—without custom installation hassles. A clean face and flush hearth design are only the beginning. Routine installation helps you put this ultramodern direct-vent unit in more homes—faster. Catch the eyes of your consumers. Colorful flames rise through sculpted stainless steel and command attention on your showroom floor. A reflective black-glass interior multiplies the fire and radiates the flames. The largest viewing area in its class offers nearly invisible glass, 89% glare reduction, and dramatic views from every angle. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 132

OW Lee unveils its new value-based outdoor-furniture collection, Marquette. Marquette combines both French and English styling to create a collection of elegant lines with a touch of Tudor. The collection’s key characteristics include handforged, extra-wide arms; a pillow-back cushion on the deep seating furniture; and spring-steel seat straps that provide added comfort. The new collection is similar to the company’s popular Classico collection with subtle changes, including wider arms and cushions with pillow backs. Marquette was created to reflect OW Lee’s high-quality craftsmanship, but within the well-priced category of iron furniture. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 133

Dolce Collection Create a special spot that becomes the heart of the home with the refreshing appeal of the Dolce collection. Designed to withstand the outdoor elements, yet stylish enough to be used in indoor settings, Dolce features a variety of patterns, ranging from sophisticated traditional motifs to bold florals. Offering the largest color bank of all of the company’s power-loomed outdoor/indoor collections, Dolce fashions have a unique aesthetic that varies from subtle and simple to vibrant and intricate. Woven of 100% fiber-enhanced Courtron™ polypropylene with polyester accents, this dynamic collection is mold and mildew resistant to provide long-lasting performance in open-air living spaces where water and moisture are prevalent. Finished with a UV-stabilization process, each of the colors used in Dolce is locked in to retain its rich liveliness, in spite of regular exposure to sun and other weather elements. The structured tapestry construction of this collection adds to the durability and versatility that make these fashionable area rugs a great choice for treasured living areas, both inside and outside the home. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 134

Circle Reader Service No. 67

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S

Ultimate Party Cantilever by Treasure Garden

Regatta Collection Designed with clean lines, Regatta boasts a low-profile frame and tailored cushioning. This refined collection is perfect for those who appreciate a streamlined style, yet long for the comfort of plush deep seating. Regatta features an elegant, curved arm; a lightweight aluminum frame; and durable, UV-protected polyethylene woven resin for lasting durability. Contact:

Treasure Garden’s new Ultimate Party cantilever is packed with features and function. This multipurpose cantilever has many exciting shade solutions, providing shade for those hot summer days, and features built-in rib and center lighting for those fun summer nights. For the ultimate party, this cantilever features a built-in media center and four high-quality speakers. The Ultimate Party umbrella is available as a 13-foot octagon with a black or bronze frame. With over 25,000 shade options, Treasure Garden is the number-one name in shade. Visit the company’s expanded showroom at #1655 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois. Shown is the AP13-00DV, with valance and base in 5403 jockey red. Contact: or Circle Reader Service No. 137

Circle Reader Service No. 135

Contemporary Cosmo 1147 in Soapstone Energy efficient and clean burning at 81%, the Cosmo 1147 in soapstone is a natural match for Mother Nature’s plan. This stove uses the unique DuplicAir system, which integrates the control of the air supply needed for stove lighting and combustion, producing the result of a hotter fire with very little ash. The Cosmo series includes 10 additional styles in a choice of black or gray steel, with a cast-iron top and door and side-cladding choices of soapstone and sandstone on most models. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 136

Broil King Baron Series The all new Baron™ series from Broil King offers power and performance in a variety of sizes to suit any avid griller. The Baron series features premium stainless-steel accents, including a durable lid with cast-aluminum end caps, drop-down side shelves, and cabinet doors. At the heart of the Baron series is Broil King’s legendary cooking system: heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grids, stainless-steel Flav-R-Wave™ technology, and powerful stainless-steel Dual-Tube™ burners. Contact: (800) 245-5138 or Circle Reader Service No. 138

Tuscany The Tuscany from Blaze King offers an unparalleled realistic fire and can be purchased either as a top-vent or rear-vent model. A direct-vent appliance rated at 27,000 Btu, the Tuscany has ornate French doors that can be opened for an unobstructed view of the fire. It’s available in black porcelain enamel and backed with the strongest gas-products warranty in the industry. Contact: (509) 522-2730 or Circle Reader Service No. 68


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Circle Reader Service No. 139

The Meat Monster The Meat Monster™ by Peoria Cookers works as both a smoker and grill, capable of handling large or small quantities of food. The main cooking chamber has 2 inches of insulation. Its superior insulation and unique double-deck cooking design combine to make it extremely efficient, predictable, and easy to use. The Meat Monster is a great choice for catering, competition cooking, or family use. The Meat Monster is available in two different versions, both of which are fully insulated. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 140

Inspired Visions Dynasty Fireplaces With a passion for perfection, Dynasty Fireplaces employs traditional skills and state-of-the-art techniques to manufacture high-caliber, trendsetting hearth products. Materials are of the highest quality and have been sourced from around the world. Dynasty’s wide array of unique designs (as well as custom pieces) gives customers the ability to choose fireplaces and mantels that are perfect for their spaces. Contact: (877) 521-1009 or

The Inspired Visions line is a limited collection of fine casual furniture for individuals who regard the design and comfort of their outdoor spaces as extensions of their homes’ interiors. Peak Season is known for helping people feel at home outside, and the new-product introductions for 2013 carry out that mission beautifully. A perfect blend of yesterday and today, the Somerby deep seating options from Peak Season feature turned leg detail and flared arms with a large framed panel back. The multistep, handgrained Perdido finish brings elegance and style to any setting. Contact: (866) 606-6330 or Circle Reader Service No. 143

Circle Reader Service No. 141

Pyroceram III Clear Glass Ceramic You can trust PyroceramŽ III from EuroKera for the very best in high-temperature performance. Made from a special composition of clear glass ceramic, Pyroceram III withstands even the highest heat conditions—up to 1,300 degrees (700 degrees Celsius)—due to its low coefficient of expansion. Pyroceram III creates a tranquil, warm atmosphere in front of your fireplace or stove, thanks to its excellent transmission of visible light and its light-amber tint. Contact: (864) 963-8082 or Circle Reader Service No. 142




ONE GRAND STREET, WALLINGFORD, CT 06492 â&#x20AC;˘ WWW.DANVER.COM â&#x20AC;˘ 888 441-0537 Circle Reader Service No. 69

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S Peoria Cookers Peoria Cookers, manufacturer of mobile and built-in grills/smokers, has its roots in the longtime barbecuing interest of its founder, Bill Cusack, and his search for the perfect barbecue grill/smoker. When asked how a dentist becomes interested in making barbecue grills, Cusack responds that his first interest in grilling and smoking came from the need to cook large quantities of food for family reunions, weddings, and other events. With 2 inches of insulation and a double-deck design, these grills are durable, extremely efficient, and easy to use. Peoria Cookers targets customers who want grills that will last a lifetime and will cook superior-tasting foods. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 144

Patio Renaissance Patio Renaissance is proud to introduce its beautiful 54-inch firepit, with an aluminum base and a wide selection of tops. With a stainless-steel burner and air mixer, this appliance is safer because it produces less carbon monoxide. The stylish firepit comes with a standard gas key for extra safety. Contact:

LHD62 Linear Direct-vent Gas Fireplace Napoleon® is pleased to introduce its dynamic 62-inch linear direct-vent gas fireplace, which can be installed in both residential and commercial settings. The LHD62 of the Linear High Definition series comes standard with a Topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed, porcelain reflective radiant panels, electronic ignition, and noncombustible facing materials, making it the perfect fireplace for lobbies, entranceways, hallways, bars, lounges, living rooms, and more. The LHD62 offers an output of 50,000 Btu and a fuel-saving electronic ignition (with battery backup). A safety screen and modulating thermostatic remote control come standard with the unit. Contact: (800) 461-5581 or Circle Reader Service No. 146

Circle Reader Service No. 145

Solair PS5000 Awning Solair® awnings offer homeowners protection from 98% of the sun’s UV rays while providing flexible shade and style. Featuring more than 100 stylish Sunbrella® fabric options, the PS5000 model is offered in three projections, with custom widths ranging from 10 to 25 feet. Visit the company at Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 147

Fire Magic Large-capacity Ice Maker Fire Magic’s new stainless-steel large-capacity ice maker is UL listed and outdoor rated, producing 44 pounds of clear ice cubes in a 24-hour period. It’s also suitable for any well-equipped home bar. Featuring an Energy Star rating, these units are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Contact: (800) 332-3973 or Circle Reader Service No. 70


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Circle Reader Service No. 148

Starlight Collar Tilt by Treasure Garden The elegant and durable Starlight collar tilt from Treasure Garden sets industry standards for fashion and design, for both daytime and evening. With built-in rib lights, the Starlight will light up your party all through the night. It’s available in two sizes: 9 and 11 feet. The collection features the finest tilt design ever. You simply turn the collar, even while sitting down, for infinite degrees of shade comfort. With over 25,000 shade options, Treasure Garden is the number-one name in shade. Shown is the UM8009SL DC7–5462HP in Sunbrella® hot pink and 54048 Sunbrella charcoal, with the BW509 classic base in black. Visit the company’s expanded showroom at #1655 Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois. Contact: or

Reflections by EuroKera

Circle Reader Service No. 149

Valor L1 Linear Series Showcasing leading-edge design, high-quality finishes, and high efficiency, the L1 series combines Valor’s proven performance with the latest in linear design. The L1 provides two stunning fuel-bed designs (known as the Long Beach and Murano glass), both backed by steady, radiant warmth. Firebed liners include sand fluted, black fluted, and black reflective enamel. Contact:

To enhance the effect of the fire’s flame, Reflections™ opaque, reflective glass ceramic can be used on the back wall of the stove to capture and make visible the entire dimension of the fire. Highly reflective black glass ceramic is available, as are white and cream, for a more subtle look. Do you want to keep the brick effect? These products can also be printed with a customer-specified brick pattern or a pre-existing design in the colors shown here. Contact: (864) 963-8082 or Circle Reader Service No. 152

Circle Reader Service No. 150


Phoenix Grill introduces the new SearZone infrared side cooker. This optional stainless-steel unit has rust-free, anodized-aluminum SearMagic® cooking grids, which heat up faster and cook foods at a uniform temperature. The reversible grids provide increased versatility, with a ribbed side for grilling with sear lines and a smooth side that is ideal for cooking delicate foods. The electronic ignition ensures easy and reliable starts, while the pullout drip tray allows for easy cleaning. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 151

Circle Reader Service No. 71

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S


Create your outdoor kitchen in a snap. Designed specifically for Fire Magic’s 430 and 790 series grills, this GFRC island arrives in five pieces and assembles quickly with the included bolts. Its stylish granite tile top creates an elegant display in any backyard or retail location. Contact: (800) 332-3973 or

The Contemporary is an incredibly affordable, all-inclusive direct-vent unit rated at 27,000 Btu, making it the perfect answer to the zone-heating question. Multiple trim packages are available, but with a black door, the Contemporary has a fire that is stunning. The unit comes complete with variable-speed fans; a wall-mounted thermostat; and decorative burner, log set, and brick panels. Contact: (509) 522-2730 or

Circle Reader Service No. 153

Circle Reader Service No. 155

New Knockdown Island for Fire Magic

792 Commercial Umbrella With the demand for high-quality commercial umbrellas, Galtech debuts its new 792 10x10-foot square commercial umbrella. This deluxe, four-pulley umbrella is finished in contemporary silver with matching solid-resin hubs and finials for increased durability. The aluminum walls are of double thickness to handle the stress placed on commercial umbrellas. In addition, this style is available in 6x6-, 7.5-, and 9-foot configurations, ensuring that every shade requirement is met. Contact:

Dynasty Fireplaces Remote Control Contemporary electric fireplaces from Dynasty Fireplaces offer numerous features for your customers’ homes. The realistic LED flame comes with a log bed or rock bed. The temperature is controllable from 61 to 83 degrees. With the Dynasty Fireplaces remote-control sleep timer, you can enjoy peace of mind with any of the company’s electric fireplaces. All of the materials that Dynasty Fireplaces uses are of the highest quality and have been sourced from around the world. Contact: (877) 521-1009 or

Circle Reader Service No. 154

Circle Reader Service No. 156

A ZipJack Original: The All American Market Wood Aero Gracing cafes, restaurants, and clubs across the world, the All American market wood Aero is a regal addition to any setting. Form and function are combined in the patented canopy design. This umbrella offers distinctive style and allows crosswinds and updrafts to glide easily through the venting system. Easy maintenance enhances its attractiveness. The All American market wood Aero is a must for every specialty patio retailer. Contact: (914) 592-2000,, or Circle Reader Service No. 72


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Circle Reader Service No. 157

Athena Patio Dining

303 Patio Furniture Cleaner

Meadow Decor’s Athena cast-aluminum, powder-coated patio dining set is both durable and stylish. The 60-inch circular table, with a built-in lazy susan and an optional ice-bucket accessory, is perfect for customers who love to entertain. Meadow Decor’s luxury dining chair or swivel rocker complements this set. Contact: (866) 838-8822 or

303® Patio Furniture Cleaner™ is specially designed to clean your outdoor-living furniture. It’s a concentrated formula that can be used full strength or diluted and is safe on all water-safe materials (such as vinyl, plastics, all-weather wicker, powder-coated metal, fiberglass, teak, and stainless steel). This proprietary formula is nontoxic, biodegradable, and odorless, and it rinses residue free. Contact: (800) 367-3245 or Circle Reader Service No. 161

Circle Reader Service No. 158

Broil King Keg Charcoal Grill The Broil King® Keg charcoal grill features a high-performance design that builds upon Broil King’s philosophy of engineering superior-performing grills that evoke passion for outdoor entertaining. Unlike most ceramic kamado-style grills, the Broil King Keg’s durable body is made of double-walled steel with high-grade insulation between the walls. This technologically advanced design holds temperatures at a narrow range for continuous, even heat. This allows consumers to cook low and slow and create moist, traditional U.S.-style barbecue in their own backyards. The steel body also offers outstanding durability through all weather conditions. The Keg features a total cooking area of 480 square centimeters, including a main cast-iron cooking grid that is perfect for locking in the heat and a secondary chrome coated rack ideal for more delicate foods, such as seafood. The Broil King Keg’s standard features also include a large precision temperature gauge, removable resin side shelves, and a durable stand with large wheels for portability. Contact: (800) 245-518 or

New Rock and Glass Kit From Valor Available on the Horizon, H4, and Legend G3 insert models, this accessory kit includes both clear and black glass beads for installation, depending on customer preference. A contemporary upgrade for Valor fireplaces and inserts, the rock and glass kit (shown here with the Legend G3 insert) further diversifies the Valor product line. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 162

Circle Reader Service No. 159


OW Lee is pleased to introduce its new Laredo outdoor-furniture collection. The Laredo collection features spring-steel strapping in the seat and back and includes extra-wide arms for enhanced comfort. The simple lines of Laredo were designed to give the collection a transitional essence and character. The new collection is similar to the company’s popular Classico collection with subtle changes, including wider arms and cushions with pillow backs. Laredo was created to reflect OW Lee’s high-quality craftsmanship, but within the well-priced category of iron furniture. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 160

Circle Reader Service No. 73

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S SearMagic by ProFire ProFire® grills now have SearMagic® cooking grids available as an upgrade on Professional series grills. These high-performance, rust-free, hard-coat anodized aluminum cooking grids heat up faster and cook foods at a uniform temperature. The reversible grids provide increased versatility, with a ribbed side for grilling steaks, chops, burgers, and ribs (branding them with sear lines); the smooth side is ideal for cooking delicate foods, such as fish, other seafood, and vegetables—and even French toast. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 163

Ballantyne Collection Cast in A356 aluminum, Ballantyne blends Georgian style with sensuous French curves to create a visual sensation. This collection offers dining tables (54 and 100 inches); a 54-inch coffee table; armchairs (cast seat and luxury seat); a dining swivel rocker; and lounge selections (armchair, settee, and swivel chair). All come with an industry-leading 15-year limited warranty on furniture frames and a five-year limited warranty on paint finishes in residential use. Contact: Virginia Hamilton at (800) 294-4758,, or Circle Reader Service No. 166

Pro-Form Direct-vent System

Twin-Star Twin-Star recently created two magnificent furniture collections that have interchangeable pieces. You can pick and choose which pieces you would like to put together to build your collection. Each collection has the option of all storage pieces or a mixture of storage, fire, and beverage-cooler combinations available within the line. Contact:

Bernard Dalsin Manufacturing has announced the introduction of the rigid Pro-Form direct-vent system. This new direct-vent system is available in 4-inch inside of 6 5/8-inch diameter and a 5-inch inside of 8-inch diameter. The inner flue is made from type 430 stainless steel. The locking system eliminates the need for screws when installing the system and allows for a snap-lock connection, with no need to twist the pipe to secure it. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 167

Circle Reader Service No. 164


Double-fire Twinfire

Cabana Coast

The Twinfire Elegance uses an unmatched, patented, double-chambered combustion system for 93%-efficient wood-burning capacity. This one-of-a-kind firebox accounts for high heat output and low fuel consumption. The Twinfire’s high efficiency rating puts this award-winning stove in a category of its own. Four stove models are available, with multiple choices for side panels, handle styles, and bases, allowing the designer to create a unique, signature stove. Contact:

Cabana Coast’s new Chorus sectional brings the outdoor-living lifestyle to a new height. In this sectional—with an all–extruded-aluminum frame wrapped in the company’s exclusive SolWeave® resin wicker, brushed-aluminum feet, and unique accessory pieces—Cabana Coast has provided a unique style for any home. Your customers add the life; Cabana Coast provides the style: lifestyle by Cabana Coast. Contact:

Circle Reader Service No. 165

Circle Reader Service No. 168

Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Twin Eagles 54-inch Premium Grill

Sunpak-TSR Patio Heater

Twin Eagles recently introduced its new 54-inch premium grill, constructed of 14-gauge, 304 stainless-steel burners with a lifetime warranty. With high-quality ceramic briquettes and a variable–heat-level infrared sear zone, the grill is capable of producing 25,000 Btu. Other features include hexagonal grates for more surface-to-food contact, zone dividers to regulate different temperatures, reliable hot-surface ignition, an easy-to-open hood-assist system, interior lights with a hood-activated light switch for nighttime grilling, decorative LED control-panel lights, a multiposition and stow-away warming rack, two independently controlled infrared rotisserie burners, and a large-capacity smoker box. Contact:

Infrared Dynamics introduces the new Sunpak-TSR outdoor patio heater, which features a handheld remote control. One slim remote handles on/off and high to low heat settings. The Sunpak-TSR’s stainless-steel finish reflects elegance and style on your patio wall or ceiling. It’s available in natural gas or propane models that give off quiet radiant heat. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 172

Circle Reader Service No. 169

ENERVEX ENERVEX is introducing a loaner program for local home shows to help introduce the chimney fan to your customers. It is absolutely free to use, and the company even takes care of the shipping charges. Included in this unique loaner program are a chimney fan, a model chimney, a press release for local media, and a poster. Contact: (800) 255-2923,, or Circle Reader Service No. 170

South Bay and Hampton The lovely South Bay deep seating collection by Patio Renaissance features elegant curves in each of its pieces. The Hampton table (in the most popular finish this season—driftwood) complements this beautiful set. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 173

Go beyond ordinary.

Design-edly Different! beach patio market ZIPJACK

Aesthetically Pleasing


Infratech’s low-profile heaters and low clearance requirements allow the fixtures to blend into any environment seamlessly. Infratech heaters represent a good balance among efficiency, heating performance, and low visual impact. Infratech heaters produce no harsh visible light or glare to spoil the mood or strain your eyes. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 171


ELMSFORD, NEW YORK 10523 TEL 914.592-2000 FAX 914.592-3023

WWW.ZIPJACKUMBRELLAS.COM Circle Reader Service No. 75

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S Torbay Seating Collection The Torbay seating collection by Outdoor Lifestyle offers Georgian style with modern practicality. Crafted in premium A356 aluminum, this family includes swivel-rocker, swivel-barstool, armchair, and side-chair offerings (shown here are the Baswick 48-inch round table with the Heirloom base, Torbay armchairs, and swivel rockers). Outdoor Lifestyle offers a 15-year warranty on frames and a five-year warranty on paint finishes in residential use. Contact: Virginia Hamilton at (800) 294-4758,, or Circle Reader Service No. 174

Bio Vent Bernard Dalsin Manufacturing has introduced Bio Vent for wood pellets. This new pellet-vent system incorporates all of the same features as Bio Vent for multifuels, except that the inner flue is made with type 304 stainless steel (the ideal metal to use when burning wood pellets)—and it’s available at a more economical price than multifuel venting. Bio Vent for wood pellets has a silicone gasket that seals each connection, which eliminates the need for caulk at each joint in the system. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 175

Veneto Sling Veneto is a traditional design style. The multidimensional extrusion adds a lot of detail and is accentuated when finished in one of Winston’s premium finishes. The turned sling rail offers simplicity in eye appeal and does not detract from the styling of the arms. Veneto is simple and elegant. This design is also available in a full-cushion collection as well. Veneto was designed by John Caldwell. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 176

Refractory Panels Hargrove Premium Products has introduced a new series of replacement refractory panels. Multiple sizes are available, and panels can be cut to fit sizing requirements. Each panel is steel and fiber reinforced. Some models are available for UPS shipment. Contact: (800) 725-4166,, or Circle Reader Service No. 177


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

ZipJack Classic Patio Umbrella Does anybody remember laughter? The ZipJack Classic patio umbrella will take you back to the days of your youth, with its classic styling and floral linings. Beautifully crafted with special attention to detail, this umbrella will add charm and grace to any patio setting. Available in a variety of acrylic solids, coupled with vibrant floral designs, this Cassic patio umbrella is truly a blast from the past—and into the future, in the casual-furniture market. Contact: (914) 592-2000,, or Circle Reader Service No. 178

Qrave Grill Broilmaster’s new Qrave grill might be the most versatile gas outdoor-cooking system that you can buy. With electronic ignition, an oval burner, and dual controls, the Qrave (pronounced crave) adjusts from as low as 7,500 Btu (for low-and-slow cooking and smoking)—but can still be cranked up to as high as 25,000 Btu (for grilling and steaming). The stainless-steel chip drawer slides out, so you can add chips without opening the grill. The stainless-steel drip tray catches all the drippings to eliminate flare-ups. Most of the drippings vaporize to produce flavorful smoke, while any excess liquids flow to the external drip bucket. Close the drain valve and fill the drip tray with water (or other liquid) to steam seafood and vegetables. The deep aluminum casting creates natural convection for exceptional heat and smoke circulation. The 0.25-inch–thick casting maintains a consistent temperature, all day and all night. A new precision probe heat indicator monitors the temperature and can even be recalibrated in your kitchen to ensure accuracy. Qrave grill heads fit all Broilmaster carts, posts, shelves, and side burners. Choose from LP or natural-gas versions. A special-package model—in the LP version only—ships in one carton, with a black cart and one side shelf. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 179

New Slimline Single-element Heaters The new Slimline single-element heater by Infratech incorporates a specially designed electric quartz heating element that produces safe infrared energy. With crisp, modern styling; brushed- stainless trim (with an optional dark, contrasting housing); and a narrow profile, a Slimline heater virtually disappears into the surrounding decor. Contact:

Eon Deep Seating Collection The Eon Banff deep seating collection is now available in sparkling white. This deep seating collection truly delivers the look and feel of wood, without the hassles of annual maintenance. Beautifully designed and generously proportioned, the Eon Banff deep seating collection is the perfect addition to any outdoor-living space. Cushions are handmade using only Sunbrella® fabric. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 183

Circle Reader Service No. 180

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Ocean Club Pacifica This sectional configuration from Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living’s new Ocean Club Pacifica collection features the color of the year (tangerine) on a stylish array of pillows. The new Tommy Bahama program features 175 Sunbrella® fabrics, correlating fringes and trims, and cushioning with comfort that will challenge you to distinguish outdoor from indoor seating. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 184

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens completes your outdoor-living space by combining Brown Jordan furniture with a wide range of cooking and entertaining products to rival those of interior kitchens. Using European-style frameless cabinetry of stainless-steel construction, these kitchens can fit any footprint or take on any shape the homeowner desires. Add a touch of individuality by selecting a door style—or an exclusive Brown Jordan powder-coat finish—that matches your furniture. Brown Jordan is a registered trademark of Brown Jordan International, Inc., and is used under license to CT Acquisitions, L.L.C. Contact: (855) 839-5063,, or Circle Reader Service No. 181

Ventless Traditionaldesign Outdoor Fireplace As the weather cools, people still want to entertain outside. There is no better way to prepare your yard for fall and winter outdoor parties than to take advantage of this new fireplace design. This is a ventless outdoor-rated insert, designed for LP or natural gas. The design includes an igniter and controls. This can be customized to match your current outdoor decor. Contact: (800) 521-2855 or Circle Reader Service No. 182

Circle Reader Service No. 77

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S

The Roost The Roost from Select Outdoor Kitchens is small, mobile, and convenient—and an easy, attractive way to add counter space, drink holders, accessory hooks, dry storage, and built-in cutting boards to your ceramic cooker. The Roost is highly weatherproof and is perfectly safe positioned in direct sun, rain, or snow. The Roost affixes to the popular Nest, which houses any size ceramic cooker. Feedback from clients led the company to develop this novel product for outdoor kitchens. Contact:

EcoDamper System The ENERVEX EcoDamper lets you start a safe and hassle-free fire in your gas-fired fireplace with a single touch of a button, and you can get rid of your glass doors and enjoy an unobstructed view of the fire. It controls the speed of the fan to maintain a proper draft in the chimney and ensures that the gas supply is cut off, should there not be a sufficient draft in the flue system to vent the fireplace safely. Contact: (800) 255-2923 or

Circle Reader Service No. 188

Circle Reader Service No. 185

Woodland Timbers Gas Log Set ComfortGeni The ComfortGeni model Geni 6xr is a new, easy-to-install through-wall fan that increases airflow from room to room or level to level, enabling consumers to enjoy the warmth from their fireplaces or pellet stoves in any room. The ComfortGeni also features a built-in temperature sensor that will automatically shut the fan off when the source air temperature is insufficient to create the desired temperature in the room, providing greater energy efficiency than standard through-wall fans. Contact:

Hargrove introduces Woodland Timbers, the newest addition to its Radiant Heat series of vented gas logs. Woodland Timbers expands the ember-glow viewing area, allowing abundant radiant heat to come into the living space. Each Woodland Timbers set comes with beautifully textured logs and charred fiber chunks that glow red hot in the center of the ember bed. Woodland Timbers log sets are available in 21-, 24-, 30-, and 36-inch models, in addition to see-through versions. Contact: (800) 725-4166 or

Circle Reader Service No. 186

Circle Reader Service No. 189

Watermark Cool Springs Tufted Hammock Plush grommet-tufted contours cradle you like an overstuffed featherbed in this new Hatteras Hammocks® masterpiece of comfort. Two layers of cottony-soft, all-weather DuraCord® fabric (with the top layer featuring the tranquil Watermark Cool Springs pattern) sandwich a plush center of recycled polyester hollowfill fiber. Spreader bars are richly grained South American cumaru, and hanging hardware is zinc-plated steel. The hammock body measures 55x78 inches; its total length is 13 feet. The tufted trapezoidal pillow is included. Contact: (800) 334-1078 or Circle Reader Service No. 190


Rio Lights

Danver is now offering EcoSmart’s outdoor-fireplace line, eliminating the hassle of traditional outdoor fires; no wood or cleaning needed. Because the byproduct from the combustion of bioethanol is clean, you can eliminate the chimney and the flue—and keep the heat. Most of the heat generated by the combustion of bioethanol stays in the chosen space, which makes burning bioethanol efficient and effective. With no need for a utility connection, EcoSmart Fire’s outdoor fireplaces are fully portable and can be moved on a whim or left in a permanent location. Versatile and portable, these bioethanol outdoor fireplaces create a unique ambience and focal point for any space. Contact:

FMI introduces the Luminary series vent-free burner system, Rio Lights—a beautifully sleek alternative to a traditional gas log set. The polished pan burner and elegant glass stones are far from the classic hearth look. The rich yellow flames dance across the glistening glass stones for a sophisticated and chic appearance. For further information, see the company’s website or contact Glenn Thomson. Contact: or

Circle Reader Service No. 187

Circle Reader Service No. 191


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

Sunglo A242 Patio Heater The Sunglo model A242 freestanding patio heater by Infrared Dynamics has a very slim profile on your patio. The A242 Sunglo radiant heater offers the flexibility needed to move the heater on decks or patios piped for natural gas or under-deck propane. No electrical power is needed. The A242 heats an average 12-foot area with sunshine-like heat. Contact:

Premium Stainless-steel Wipes These cleaner/protectant wipes are a must-have product for anyone who owns stainless-steel appliances, either indoors or outdoors. These wipes use natural oils to clean and protect grills, refrigerators, side burners, or stainless-steel storage systems. They are designed with two unique cleaning surfaces. Side one has a slightly abrasive texture to remove hardened residue and minor scratches, while side two is completely smooth to polish the surface. This is a great product for every homeowner. Contact: (800) 521-2855 or Circle Reader Service No. 196

Circle Reader Service No. 192

Athena Stackable Dining Chair A stackable dining chair by Meadow Decor is a new addition to the stylish Athena collection. The chair is designed beautifully, with comfort and style. The Athena collection consists of deep seating, a chaise, a barstool, a recliner, and a glider. Contact: (866) 838-8822 or Circle Reader Service No. 193

Kingstown Energy King Bay 2012C Wood Stove and Fireplace Insert The new Energy King 2012C wood stove and fireplace insert by RJM Manufacturing, Inc., features a sleek new door shape and color options to fit any decor, making it complement the style of any home. With its time-tested Energy King dual-catalytic combustion system, this new product is perfect for homeowners seeking high efficiency, low emissions, and the outstanding quality for which the Energy King brand is known. Energy King heating appliances are made in the United States. Contact: (715) 720-1794,, or

The new Kingstown collection from Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living features an elegant firepit configuration with a custom Café Emperador marble top and copper inlay. Occasional chairs, in cast aluminum with woven arm pads, are covered in an exclusive Sunbrella® fabric with contrast welts. The finish is a sophisticated aged black with bronze highlights. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 197

Savannah Firepit Dining Table

Featuring four different finishing choices and an array of interior-design combinations, the Majestic insert is a triumph of style. Your customers will be inspired by the range of styles, and the Triumph delivers the efficient performance they expect. With the exclusive Total Signature Command™ system, the fireplace controls are always right at their fingertips. Look for more sizes coming soon. Contact:

Paragon Casual has introduced the Savannah 42-inch square firepit dining table to its full range of products. This new item will be stocked and available from the Paragon Casual warehouse in Houston, Texas, in the finishes of Kona and textured black. The firepit dining table is constructed of cast aluminum and features a 22-inch stainless-steel bowl and the connections required for assembly to the propane source. A cast-aluminum cover is provided for use when the firepit is not being used. Combining the luxury of a firepit with a dining-height table is a perfect choice for intimate areas. Contact: (281) 445-9596 or

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Majestic Triumph Direct-vent Gas Insert

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


product P R O F I L E S

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Kamado Joe– shaped Cutting Boards Select Outdoor Kitchens provides custom cutting boards in the shapes of your favorite kamado cookers. Pictured here is one designed to fit a Kamado Joe cooker. Made of NSF-approved HDPE, these cutting boards are perfect for your backyard cookout; they are offered in red or black. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 199

Adrienne Collection Adrienne is one of three new collections by Oriental Weavers. Made in the United States, the Adrienne collection bursts with pops of color in shades of deep navy, warm plum, cayenne red, soft tangerine, and spa blue. Cool, earthy neutrals provide the perfect backdrop for the intense colors to shine. The rugs are machine woven of soft polypropylene (which provides a nice, soft hand), while high-twist, two-tone yarns add interesting surface texture. Contact: (800) 832-8020 or

Create a distinctive outdoor kitchen with unique door styles and powder-coat finishes from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens. Select slab or Shaker-style stainless-steel doors, regular or extra-wide stiles and rails, and plain bead board or textured-metal center panels. With all of these choices (plus the most popular Brown Jordan powder-coat colors), every kitchen will be one of a kind—and will complement your Brown Jordan furniture. Brown Jordan is a registered trademark of Brown Jordan International, Inc., and is used under license to CT Acquisitions, L.L.C. Contact: (855) 839-5063,, or Circle Reader Service No. 201

Circle Reader Service No. 200

guest editorial

hearth R E TA I L E R Continued from page 30

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A consultative approach: Present alternatives to your customers, based on how they see themselves enjoying an outdoor oasis. Ask questions. Do the homeowners enjoy cooking? Are they intent on expanding their outdoor menu offerings, or are they content with just hot dogs and hamburgers? Do they have a large family or extended family? Do they entertain family/friends or business acquaintances frequently? The answers will assist you in homing in on the most appealing designs and kitchen configurations. Forget about what you like; remember that it’s all about what the customer likes. Embrace the trends: The specifier community has been pushing us to offer powder-coat colors on our stainless cabinetry. The lesson here is twofold: Use design skills, whether you’re designing an outdoor-living area to blend with the landscaping, to complement patio furniture, or to continue an interior theme to the outdoors. You are setting yourself apart from competition. Again, by adding real value to the project, you can justify pricing and profit structure. Grow the project with additional components such as multiple cooking products, decorative fire products, pergolas, patio heaters, insect-control systems, outdoor rugs, casual outdoor furniture, and more. More kitchens mean more profit: Use more modular cabinetry and less fascia (stone, stucco, brick, or block). Improve margins and profitability—even in a seasonal environment—by installing more kitchens in less time. Building three-sided stone surrounds and installing the cabinetry inside reduces labor and provides a more beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen. Color choices and cabinet sizes provide flexibility, and the retailer can provide a unique and distinctive kitchen for every customer. Mitch Slater is president of CT Acquisitions, L.L.C. (Wallingford, Connecticut), manufacturer of Danver outdoor kitchens and the Brown Jordan® outdoor-kitchen collection. Larry Smith is marketing manager of the company.


Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

manufacturers are coming from, especially in this economy. I want to support them in any way I can. It’s about respecting each other.” To boost sales, Sunline has recently made an effort to bring in more inventory and try some new vendors. Over the past couple of years, Palaro has been hesitant to bring in too much new inventory because the recession caused everyone to stop buying. She is relieved that people are starting to shop again. “You must have fresh, interesting inventory to get people excited, or they are going to go somewhere else,” she says. The store not only has added more hearth products and patio furniture, but has increased its inventory of home furnishings and accessories, including TUUCI shade products. Palaro says, “People will grab a tool set or a fireplace screen, even during the summer, when it’s in the store. If there is a good selection of merchandise, they will buy.” She adds that she is in the store every day, which makes it easy to keep an eye on what’s selling (and what’s not) and to know when to pull back; she says,

Gene Palaro and Cindy Palaro

“You have to be conscious of what’s happening on your sales floor, so you don’t overbuy.” Going forward, Palaro sees Sunline’s biggest challenge to be that of figuring out how consumers want to shop. She says that many people who are planning to make a purchase online come to the store to check out merchandise first. Her hope is that Sunline can provide them with enough incentives to buy from the store, instead of going back to the Internet to make the purchase. Palaro says, “I know we can do that by offering product knowledge and service they can’t get on any website. People still want to look at things, touch them, and sit on them. Our job is to make it worthwhile for people to purchase from our store.”


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and know our customers will appreciate the quality and usefulness of the products.” Dennis A. Praegitzer, CEO of 303 Products, says, “We believe that Gold Eagle’s logistics, personalized and efficient customer service, and proven product-marketing abilities will enable the 303 brand to grow both domestically and internationally. For more than 30 years, our company has developed a world-class collection of quality products and emerged as a category leader. Together with Gold Eagle, we believe we will continue this momentum.” Fred Scuncio, vice president of sales for 303 Products and principal of SCI, will join Gold Eagle as an independent factory representative to continue providing the best solutions for 303 customers.

Tony Fabris Joins Hart & Cooley As National Sales Manager Hart & Cooley, Inc., has hired Tony Fabris as its new hearth national sales manager. In this new role, Fabris is responsible for the Hart & Cooley hearth sales channel. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he assists sales representatives and participates in new-product development, pricing policies, and technical calls. Fabris was previously employed as a sales manager with Monessen Hearth Systems and Lennox Hearth Products. Owned by Tomkins P.L.C., Hart & Cooley is a leading manufacturer of air-distribution and vent products for heating, plumbing, and air-conditioning systems.

Lynx Professional Grills Announces New Vice President of Sales and Marketing Basil Larkin joined Lynx Professional Grills in August as vice president of sales and marketing. In this position, Larkin will be responsible for overseeing all sales and marketing of Lynx products.

He will travel extensively, working with Lynx regional representatives, independent distributors, retail appliance dealers, and specialty retailers. Before joining Lynx Professional Grills, Larkin served in several sales-management positions in the appliance industry. Most recently, Larkin served as vice president of sales for Viking Range Corp. Ed Plummer, Lynx chair, says, “Lynx is very pleased that Basil joined our organization; he’s a highly respected and admired professional with extensive experience in the premium-appliance industry.”

Jamestown Pellet Stoves Partners With S&M Distributing Jamestown Pellet Stoves has added S&M Distributing (Greenville, Rhode Island) to its growing list of partners, as the company builds its U.S. division and focuses on growth in the U.S. market. Scott Weldon, president of the U.S. division of Jamestown, says that the company is thrilled to partner with S&M Distributing. “Jamestown is producing some of the cleanest-burning and most affordable pellet stoves on the market today,” he explains, “and partnering with S&M gives us the opportunity to offer more people the chance to save money on their heating bills.” S&M Distributing operates a network of hundreds of dealers across New England, New York, and New Jersey. Originally founded in 1953 by Harold Stewart and Joe Murray, the company is now privately owned by Dennis Boutin. He purchased the company in 2001, after nearly two decades as an employee, and brought on his son, Kristofer, as vice president for New England, New York, and New Jersey. Jamestown has been producing high-quality pellet stoves for more than 30 years, and Weldon says that the company is proud to manufacture its stoves in North America. “It’s important to us, as a company, to remain true to the values that Jamestown was founded on,” he

says. “That means committing to produce a line of high-quality pellet stoves—at a fair and honest price, with uncompromised service—that will help save people money on their heating bills, and doing it in the United States and in Canada.”

FMI Products Merges With Lennox Hearth Products The Comvest Group has announced the formation of Innovative Hearth Products (IHP) through the merger of FMI Products and Lennox Hearth Products. IHP is a manufacturer of fireplaces, fireplace inserts, freestanding stoves, gas log sets, accessories, and venting products. John Caple, a managing director with Comvest, says, “We look forward to backing a combined management team of veteran hearthindustry executives. We are very pleased with the performance of our investment in Lennox Hearth Products and are investing additional capital to accelerate our growth in the hearth industry.” Mark Klein, CEO of IHP, says, “I am very excited to work to bring these two great companies together. The product offerings of the combined businesses are highly complementary. With manufacturing in both the East and the West, we will be even better able to serve our customers. I believe that the combination will be a true leader in the hearth industry.”

Oriental Weavers to Celebrate New Showroom Openings Oriental Weavers has undertaken a major initiative over the past 12 months, building new showrooms or renovating existing spaces in High Point, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; New York, New York; and London. Oriental Weavers celebrated the opening of its New York showroom during the New York Home Fashions Market in September. The new showroom is almost

twice the size of the older space, with more than 10,000 square feet, and will now dedicate space to Oriental Weavers USA, Sphinx by Oriental Weavers, and the OW Hospitality division. The showroom is located on the seventh floor (suite 719) of the Textile Building at 295 Fifth Ave. In the new, larger space, the Oriental Weavers divisions showcase their machine-woven, printed, and handcrafted accent and area rugs, broadlooms, Axminsters, rug pads, and all other product segments for the company. Sphinx by Oriental Weavers and OW Hospitality will be moving to a new and greatly expanded showroom at World Market Center Las Vegas in Nevada, with a grandopening celebration at the next Las Vegas Market™ on January 28–February 1, 2013. The Las Vegas space will be the fifth new or renovated showroom for Oriental Weavers. The showroom will be located on the third floor of building C, in suite #C-395.

Bull Outdoor Products Hires Grill Master and Spokesperson Chef Jeff Parker Bull Outdoor Products Inc. has announced a partnership with Jeff Parker, who will act as spokesperson and perform demonstrations at a series of special events for the company’s customers and the industry. He will also be developing a series of cookbooks and cooking videos for publication in 2013 and beyond. Frank Mello, vice president of sales and marketing for Bull Outdoor Products, says, “We want to help every grill owner become the master of the grill. Jeff ’s knowledge and experience will help us accomplish this for our customers.” Parker is an expert culinary producer, food stylist, and chef, with a wide array of experience—ranging from television shows to Web series, cookbooks, and magazines. Parker will bring his cutting-edge cooking techniques (along with creativity) to the Bull team.

September/October 2012 Patio & Hearth Products Report


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303 Products........................................(800) 223-4303 ..........................50

303 Products..........................................................................................66, 73

Agio ......................................................(888) 997-7623

Agio ........................................................................................................60, 66

Bernard Dalsin Manufacturing ..............(800) 729-9505 ................................30 Blaze King ............................................(509) 522-2730 ................................83

Bernard Dalsin Manufacturing ................................................................74, 76 Blaze King ..............................................................................................68, 72 Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens ............................................................77, 80

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens..........(855) 839-5063 ..71

Bull Outdoor Products ............................................................................77, 79

Bull Outdoor Products..........................(800) 521-2855

Cabana Coast ..............................................................................................74

California Outdoor Concepts................(877) 274-6773 ......39

California Outdoor Concepts ..................................................................60, 65

Couristan..............................................(800) 223-6186 ................................43 Danver..................................................(888) 041-0537 ....................................69

ComfortGeni ................................................................................................78 Couristan ................................................................................................64, 67 Danver ..........................................................................................................78

Dynasty Fireplaces ..............................(877) 521-1009 ......................59

Dynasty Fireplaces ..................................................................................69, 72

Empire Comfort Systems ....................(800) 851-3153 ........................31

Empire Comfort Systems ........................................................................60, 76

ENERVEX ............................................(800) 255-2923

Energy King ..................................................................................................79

Eon/Gracious Living ............................(800) 465-5660 ............................68 EuroKera ..............................................(864) 963-8082 ........................67

ENERVEX ..............................................................................................75, 78 Eon/Gracious Living ................................................................................66, 77 EuroKera ................................................................................................69, 71

Gensun Casual Living ..........................(866) 964-4468

FMI ..............................................................................................................78

Glen Raven/Sunbrella ..........................(336) 221-2211 ................................45

Galtech ........................................................................................................72

Green Mountain Grills ..........................(800) 603-3398 ................46

Gensun Casual Living ............................................................................60, 64

The HammockSource ..........................(800) 334-1078 ................62

Glen Raven/Sunbrella ............................................................................60, 61

Hanley Wood........................................(888) 869-8522 ..........................42

Green Mountain Grills....................................................................................61 The HammockSource ............................................................................60, 78

Hargrove Manufacturing ......................(800) 725-4166 ....................53

Hargrove Manufacturing..........................................................................76, 78

Hearth & Home Technologies ..............(800) 669-4328

Hearth & Home Technologies..................................................................64, 67

Henan Hi-Flame Metal..........................(360) 425-4200 ................ ..................41

Henan Hi-Flame Metal ............................................................................61, 65

Infrared Dynamics ................................888) 317-5255 ................................73

Infrared Dynamics ..................................................................................75, 79

Infratech ..............................................(800) 421-9455 ..........................55

Infratech..................................................................................................75, 77 Lane Venture ..........................................................................................62, 64

Lennox Hearth Products ......................(800) 9-LENNOX ......................................3

Lennox Hearth Products ........................................................................63, 65

Mallin Casual ........................................(800) 251-6537

Mallin Casual ..........................................................................................61, 66

Meadow Decor ....................................(866) 838-8822 ........................77

Meadow Decor ......................................................................................73, 79

Miles Industries ....................................(800) 468-2567 ........................27

Miles Industries ......................................................................................71, 73

MLW Stone ..........................................(800) 477-7665 ................................72 Modern Home Products ......................(888) 647-4745 ................................65

MLW Stone ..................................................................................................64 Modern Home Products ........................................................................71, 74 Monessen Hearth Systems ....................................................................63, 79

Monessen Hearth Systems ..................(800) 867-0454 ......................................29

Napoleon Products ..........................................................................62, 66, 70

Napoleon Products ..............................(800) 461-5581 ....................7

NorthCape International ..........................................................................63, 68

NorthCape International ......................(708) 563-2890 ............21

Onward Manufacturing ..........................................................................68, 73

Onward Manufacturing ........................(800) 245-5138 ............................35 Outdoor Lifestyle ..................................(800) 294-4758

Oriental Weavers ..........................................................................................80 Outdoor Lifestyle ....................................................................................74, 76 OW Lee ..................................................................................................67, 73

OW Lee ................................................(800) 776-9533 ......................................17

Paragon Casual ............................................................................................79

Patio Renaissance................................(866) 698-5673 ....................47

Patio Renaissance ..................................................................................70, 75

Peak Season ........................................(866) 606-6330

Peak Season ..........................................................................................62, 69

Peoria Cookers ....................................(866) 404-GRILL ........................66 RH Peterson ........................................(800) 332-3973 ..............................63

Peoria Cookers ......................................................................................69, 70 RH Peterson ..........................................................................................70, 72 Select Outdoor Kitchens ........................................................................78, 80

Select Outdoor Kitchens ......................(800) 624-6512 ............23

Solair ......................................................................................................62, 70

Solair ....................................................(888) 403-7052 ....................11

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living..............................................................77, 79

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living ............(336) 474-5300 ......2

Treasure Garden/Shademaker ................................................................68, 71

Treasure Garden/Shademaker..............(626) 814-0168

Twin Eagles ..................................................................................................75 Twin-Star ................................................................................................62, 74

Twin-Star ..............................................(866) 661-1218 ..........................49

Winston Furniture..........................................................................................76

Wittus ..................................................(914) 764-5679 ......................................70

Wittus ....................................................................................................68, 74

ZipJack Custom Umbrellas ..................(914) 592-2000 ....................75

ZipJack Custom Umbrellas ....................................................................72, 76



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Patio & Hearth Products Report September/October 2012

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