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July/August 2017 • Volume 12, Number 4

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The first retail chair of the International Casual Furnishings Association provides insight on the organization and its services for retailers. 8 SPOTLIGHT – FABRIC FORWARD By Greg Thompson

This Toronto retailer’s upscale outdoor furnishings help customers create elegant outdoor rooms.

40 AS I SEE IT – OUTDOOR PANACHE By Sharon Sanders

Veranda Classics’ transitional, eye-catching designs appeal to baby boomers, generation X, and millennials. 44

The latest outdoor fabrics blur the lines between inside and outdoors. 18



Serious barbecue consumers are drawn to the heavy-duty quality and latest technology of Broil King grills. 48

Exceptional customer service gives this retailer an advantage in a competitive market. 28 HEARTH RETAILER – A LABOR OF LOVE By Sharon Sanders

Hard work and customer-focused service help transform a small mom-and-pop shop into a profitable retail business. 32 OUTDOOR GRILLING – GRILL TO PERFECTION By Cheryl Dangel Bartolini

Chef-taught classes and diverse products for grillers boost business for an Oklahoma retailer. 36

68 90


As an industry innovator, Pacific Energy focuses each year on developing new products, aesthetic upgrades, and add-on features. 50 CORPORATE PROFILE – WINNING WITH POLYWOOD By Kimberly Rodgers

All-weather POLYWOOD is catching on with consumers seeking attractive, low-maintenance recycled furniture. 52 INSIGHT – TAKE IT OUTDOORS By Cherise Forno

Coyote offers everything for the outdoor room, from grills to refrigerators to side burners and accessories.


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Editor’s Message


Strong partnerships with employees, dealers, and customers have helped Empire prosper for 85 years.

INDUSTRY NEWS – Edited by Kris Kyes

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58 62



The new Genesis II line proves that iconic Weber is still king, when it comes to making leading-edge grills. 60





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6 Hot Products to Sell Now

On the COver | Gensun Casual livinG; www.GensunCasual.COm






Circle Reader Service No. 5

editor’s message

Zingerman’s Retail analysts predict that roughly 8,640 brick-and-mortar U.S. stores will close in 2017. If this occurs, there will be more store closures this year than in the worst year of the recession. As consumers use mobile devices to buy everything from jeans and dishwashers to sofas and stoves, foot traffic is slowing down dramatically at shopping malls and

Carol Daus

stand-alone stores. Millennials and other consumers are increasingly spending less on clothing and furnishings than on experiences (such as traveling and dining out): In 2015, for the first time in history, more money was spent in restaurants and bars than in grocery stores. Despite this trend, it’s not all doom and gloom for retailers in the casual-furniture, hearth, and grill industries. In fact, these changing market dynamics are not affecting our industry in the same way. Consumers prefer shopping at brick-and-mortar stores for major products for their homes. As visually appealing as outdoor and hearth merchandise appears on the internet, customers still enjoy going to a store in person to see, touch, and measure products before committing to a purchase. Consumers also appreciate friendly,

knowledgeable store staff, able to answer questions and confirm they’re buying the right products for their lifestyles. Shoppers don’t get this level of immediate, personalized assistance when shopping online. They might read review after review, but it’s not as helpful as in-person assistance. The most successful retailers are those focused on creating a better, more satisfying in-store experience. Although large retailers such as Nordstrom, Apple, and The Home Depot devote hefty budgets to customer service, small retailers and mom-and-pop shops can employ simple strategies that put customers first. Zingerman’s® (Ann Arbor, Michigan) is the perfect example. This gourmet-food business (which started out as a corner delicatessen in 1982) has grown into a 700employee, $60 million retail operation. One of its major strategies for success is empowering front-line staff to provide extraordinary customer service. Zingerman’s focuses on three points for ensuring great service: First, figure out what customers want; second, get it for them accurately, precisely, and enthusiastically; and third, go the extra mile for them. The company has grown steadily by closely following these principles, and it now teaches them to small companies through a popular training program, ZingTrain. Ari Weinzweig, cofounder of Zingerman’s, likes to quote a traditional Jewish proverb: “Don’t open a shop unless you know how to smile,” he writes in “Zingerman’s Guide to Giving Great Service” (Hyperion, 2012). It might sound obvious, but how an employee responds to customers who walk into a store plays a critical role in whether a purchase is made. One guideline Zingerman’s uses to clarify service expectations is the 10–4 rule. Any time employees come within 10 feet of cus-




tomers, they must make eye contact. When they get within 4 feet, they must greet them verbally. It’s a clear, simple step toward making customers feel welcome. Weinzweig believes that exceeding customer expectations by taking extra steps makes an enormous difference in the quality of the customer experience. For those in our industry, this might include offering customers cold beverages on hot days; making follow-up calls after deliveries; adding gifts such as chocolates, recyclable tote bags, or grilling utensils to large purchases; and sending random thank-you notes to loyal customers. As competition from online sellers and mass merchants intensifies and as consumers become more interested in shopping experiences, paying attention to customerservice details is essential. Just a few days ago, my husband and I visited a new mall, Pacific City (Huntington Beach, California). Everything in this shopping/entertainment complex illustrates what shopping-mall developers are doing to attract consumers who desire more than just a collection of shops pushing merchandise. Ping-pong tournaments, outdoor-movie nights, plush outdoor-seating areas, and an artisanal-food court are big draws. Shoppers weren’t flocking to the usual stores. Instead, they were checking out newer shops such as Cariloha, which sells innovative home products made from bamboo. If there is one similarity among all the new stores at Pacific City, it’s that customer service is flawless. Each shopper is treated like royalty. Even the servers at Philz Coffee insist that you sample (and approve of) your beverage before paying and leaving. Watch out, Starbucks. Creating appealing sensory experiences for shoppers is not always intuitive, even in an industry that offers inspiring products for outdoor relaxation and family bonding—yet something as simple as playing upbeat music, displaying colorful accessories, slow-cooking a smoked turkey, or running the air conditioning on a hot day can make a difference in how long a customer browses. If you stay focused on the details (such as providing a simple, sincere thank you to every customer who walks in the door), an upswing in sales is sure to follow.



BROW NJ OR DA N . COM Circle Reader Service No. 7


By Douglas R. Sanicola PUBLISHER Tony Ramos


first retail chair of the International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA). I’ve been on the ICFA board of directors since its 2008 creation, and I enjoy having a positive role in our industry. As the first retail chair, I immediately identified my primary objective as increasing retail membership. Earlier this year, ICFA established a strategic alliance with Nationwide Marketing Group to expand membership benefits for retail members. The retailers who have already joined the program are very happy

In my own business, I make a point of understanding manufacturers and their products. Every year, I am amazed by all the new designs they create. Outdoor Elegance’s buyers, Rob Decker and Joseph Sanicola, work all year long to plan their next moves. When we go to Casual Market Chicago in September, they are ready to make buying decisions that will be even better than those of the previous year. At my store, we offer a to-thetrade design center, along with a complete contract division. I couldn’t be more pleased with sales

“One of my favorite things is

watching our customers (with big smiles on their faces) use what will become their next grills. ”

with the money they are saving on credit-card processing and in-store financing. I was one of the first dealers to sign up, and my business, Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center (La Verne, California), has enjoyed some robust transactions as a result of being able to offer customers attractive financing through this program. ICFA hosted its first educational conference, Navigating the Future, in February 2017—and the response was overwhelming. All who attended the conference left with so much information to better their businesses that we were asked to repeat the event (earlier in the season) next year. Mark your calendars: Be in Florida, at the W Fort Lauderdale hotel, on January 16 through 18, 2018, for another fabulous educational conference that combines terrific speakers and group discussions with networking and socializing. One of the most important things, to me, is knowing that manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and sales representatives have great working relationships. These conferences give all of us the chance to work more closely together.

in this area of my business: Our design/contract business is up more than 40%. We’ve learned that price is not an issue for our customers— because they understand the value of high-quality outdoor furniture. We do comparisons of products from the big-box stores with those from Outdoor Elegance, and customers realize that there are no real comparisons. When customers understand the true value of what we sell, it makes our business fun. Outdoor Elegance thrives on promotion and special events at the store. We hold live radio broadcasts, cooking classes, cooking competitions, lunch-and-learn sessions that educate consumers about the casual industry, events with the American Society of Interior Designers, continuing-education classes, and much more. Each day, we have nine demonstration grills available for our customers to try, if they are undecided about which grill to buy. One of my favorite things is watching our customers (with big smiles on their faces) use what will become their next grills. I especially like it when other specialty retailers from across the



EDITOR Carol Daus

ART DIRECTOR Cassandra Estes


STAFF WRITERS Cheryl Dangel Bartolini Cherise Forno Douglas R. Sanicola

Maura Keller Kimberly Rodgers

country visit Outdoor Elegance, and I invite retail readers to contact me when they are traveling in Southern California. I love to give tours of our 20,000–square-foot store and its outside displays. Our store is a destination, and customers come from all over to shop there. We have had customers who moved to the East Coast, but still called us to purchase their furniture. I’ve learned from our customers that the service and experience they receive from our sales staff are outstanding—and they want to come back for more. I’m convinced that brick-andmortar stores are the foundation of the retail side of our industry. Online commerce is a small factor when you’re making a large purchase, and I’ve always felt that serious customers will want to sit in and feel products before opening their wallets. We do not lose sales to the internet; indeed, we offer a few items online to appeal to certain shoppers. I welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone about our industry, and my door is always open to visitors. Please feel free to call me at (909) 592-5711— or send email to dougs@outdoor

Sharon Sanders Greg Thompson SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Greg Thompson CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Jeffrey Kehl BUSINESS MANAGER Susan Razetto CEO & PRESIDENT Tony Ramos

CORPORATE OFFICE Peninsula Media 21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 700 Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 792-7448 Fax (310) 792-7449

Tony Ramos Peninsula Media 21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 700 Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 792-7448 (310) 792-7449/Fax (310) 968-3962/Cell

SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: Patio & Hearth Products Report PO Box 2190

Douglas R. Sanicola is president of Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center (La Verne, California) and is 2017 chair of the International Casual Furnishings Association.


Skokie, IL 60076-7890 Subscribe online: Email: Phone: (847) 763-9261

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Industry Infinity Canopy Represented at The Metropolitan Museum of Art This year’s Roof Garden commission at The Met Fifth Avenue (New York, New York) will be shown through October 29. “The Theater of Disappearance,” by Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas, includes an installation from Infinity Canopy (Los Angeles, California) as an integral part of the exhibit’s visual design, providing shade and protection against the elements for the rooftop bar. The exhibit features replicas of hundreds of museum artifacts, arranged and fused together to form new pieces, with the Infinity Canopy in the background.  The 40x34-foot Infinity Canopy, featuring Sunbrella® Firesist® fabric, was fabricated and delivered within a week of the order date to meet the deadline for the

exhibit. After the canopy had been installed, however, it was discovered that in one area, the canopy was 2

Infinity Canopy’s installation at the Roof Garden commission at The Met Fifth Avenue

feet short (due to a conflict between the submitted plans and the actual trellis size). Alan Shargani, founder of Infinity

Couristan Hires Marlys Giordano As Creative Director for Rug Division Couristan Inc. has appointed Marlys Giordano creative director for the company’s area-rug division. In her new position, Giordano—a 20-year veteran whose career includes positions as a buyer and director of product development in both the home-decor and floor-covering Marlys Giordano industries—will be responsible for spearheading Couristan’s product-development and sourcing efforts. In addition, Giordano will work with Couristan’s marketing team, concentrating on strategies for promotional sales planning, social media, and merchandising opportunities to support the company’s national accounts.

July/AuGust 2017


Canopy, explains, “Originally, Met officials were looking for a cover for their new pergola extension, and they were looking for the canopy with the scalloped look. They had contacted many local companies, but when they learned about the modular design of the canopy (which allows it to be modified and repurposed later) and our ability to deliver the canopy to them on time, they selected Infinity Canopy.” He continues, “They love the

canopy’s looks. They were thrilled and relieved that we were able to lengthen a canopy that was ordered short by mistake—and do it quickly and easily.” Installation was provided by the local Infinity Canopy dealer, Gregory Sahagian & Son (Hartsdale, New York). If you visit the Roof Garden commission, take photos. Tag them @infinitycanopy, and post them to your social-media account to receive a special discount.

Summer Classics and Gabby Brands Announce Staff Appointments

training director, will implement and direct training initiatives for the fast-growing company. Before joining Gabriella White, Terry served as real-estate business-development manager and as manager of training and operations for Books-A-Million. Matt Scallions, who was promoted to the position of assistant vice president of design, will lead the company’s team of designers in developing high-quality products that fit the brand strategy of the Summer Classics and Gabby lines. Scallions will ensure product integrity, as well as developing strategic product planning and market analysis. He joined the company in 2012 and has developed best-selling collections for it.

In addition to experiencing record sales this spring, Gabriella White llC, parent company of the Summer Classics and Gabby brands, has recently hired new staff. Jason Myers was appointed senior product manager. His role includes defining the overall product- and revenuegrowth strategies for all trade channels. Prior to this position, Myers served as product-development manager for Restoration Hardware and as product manager for Williams-Sonoma. Scott Terry, the company’s new

PAtIo & HeArtH ProduCts rePort

Petey Fleischut and Oliver Ma Receive ICFA Lifetime Achievement Awards Petey Fleischut is founder of Casual Marketplace (Hockessin, delaware), and oliver Ma is founder of treasure Garden (Baldwin Park, California). they are the recipients of the 2017 lifetime Achievement Award presented by the International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA). Fleischut opened her first outdoor-furniture store in 1984, after struggling to find furniture for her own vacation home on the New Jersey shoreline. Petey Fleischut Called the sand Piper, the shop was a four-hour drive from her home in york, Pennsylvania. originally planned as a seasonal shop that would be open for three months a year, the business thrived and was soon open seven months a year. the commute became more tolerable when Fleischut moved to Hockessin, delaware. In 1995, a historic mill property became available in Hockessin, so she closed the little beach shop in New Jersey and opened Casual Marketplace—minutes from Wilmington and the delaware shoreline. Fleischut transformed the 1872 mill into a three-floor

showroom (with two outdoor pavilions) featuring more than 1,800 pieces of casual furniture, hearth products, giftware, and holiday decor. Her husband, Harold, joined her in the business about 10 years later. she handles buying and merchandising, while he handles finances. today, the Fleischuts have 15 employees. Casual Marketplace received the Apollo Award for retail excellence in 1999 and was a finalist for the same honor in 2001 and 2002. Fleischut was invited to serve on the board of the Casual Furniture retailers Association (CFr) during her first year in business, and she’s been involved in industry leadership ever since. she was instrumental in advancing the merger of the CFr with the manufacturers’ trade association in 2008, and she served as ICFA’s first vice chair. she is currently completing a three-year term on the ICFA board of directors. Ma entered the shade-products business with his brother in 1975, exporting beach and garden umbrellas from taiwan to mass merchants and outdoor-furniture manufacturers in the united states. In 1980, he opened a sales office in New york, New york, but he found that specialty stores wanted customized products made in the united states. In 1984, therefore, he built a small factory in Baldwin Park and launched the treasure Garden brand. throughout the 1990s, the company strengthened its customer service and product development. In 2000, Ma built a vertically integrated factory in

Circle Reader Service No. 11

July/AuGust 2017


PAtIo & HeArtH ProduCts rePort

Ningbo, China. Aluminum extrusion, zinc die casting, and plastic injection molding all were handled in the same plant, minimizing cost and maximizing quality control. during this time, the company Oliver Ma introduced many patented designs and developed protective furniture covers. expansion into markets in europe, Australia, and New Zealand resulted in the building of another new factory in 2008. diversifying into additional product categories— including pop-up tents, pavilions, retractable awnings, and accessories—allowed the company to balance its production by making products for different seasons. treasure Garden’s high-quality products have earned it seven straight Manufacturer leadership Awards in the shade category from ICFA’s retail members. the award recognizes the company’s products, people, and production efforts. Ma and Fleischut will be honored during the ICFA Awards Gala at the Field Museum on september 14 (during Casual Market Chicago). tickets are available at



Castelle Unveils Elements by Castelle at ICFA Preview Show July. Featuring 15 midrange outdoor-furniture collections, elements by Castelle drew considerable praise from attendees who want to offer furnishings at multiple price ranges to their customers. Although it has been introduced as part of Castelle’s luxury cast-aluminum stable of brands, elements by Castelle offers mixed media, including all-weather wicker, wood, and aluminum (and other metals). rory rehmert, president of elements by Castelle, says, “through the use of the design, sales, and marketing professionals of Castelle, elements will be able to provide many of the high-quality ingredients attributed to our parent line—but delivered at moderate pricing and in all-new mixed media and designs.”

Castelle Launches Quick-ship Program With 48-hour Shipping of Luxury Collections For 2018, Castelle is set to launch a quick-ship program that encompasses hundreds of furnishing items from three of the manufacturer’s most popular collections, making them available to ship within 48 hours. The Monterey, Park Place, and Roma collections (as well as the coordinating Metro designs for each) will be warehoused for quick-turnaround shipment to Castelle retail partners nationwide that participate in this program. Derek Ritzel, president/CEO of Castelle, says, “Castelle realizes that not all consumers give our retail partners enough lead time for a customized product, and they do not want to sacrifice quality to get the product they want on the timeline they need. Although our core business continues to be custom, with the quick-ship program, our retailers can have luxury products virtually on demand.” The collections available in the quick-ship program are stocked in the most popular finishes and fabrics and will be available to domestic destinations and the end consumer within two weeks. Each collection will include a predetermined cushion fabric, accent-pillow fabric,

elements by Castelle includes full dining and deep seating collections—contemporary to transitional to traditional. Bayside is a perfect example of the elements by Castelle style, with its high-quality aluminum boxed frame and all-weather wicker dual side-panel inserts. In the Hampton collection, the aluminum frame has resin-wood arm caps, delivering strength, beauty, and comfort when coupled with tailored outdoor cushions. the brand also features three firepit designs and multiple new tabletop designs. Built to serve a designated market, elements by Castelle is designed to fill a niche in the outdoor industry that is not currently being served. “With elements by Castelle, I look forward to expanding the focus of the brand and continuing

The Bayside love seat from Elements by Castelle

to work with our professional sales team in growing a complex product offering across the casual industry,” rehmert says.

Castelle Receives 2017 ADEX for Casual Furnishings Castelle® received a 2017 platinum AdeX for its popular transitional roma deep seating collection and Fire and Ice firepit. derek ritzel, president/Ceo of Castelle, says, “We are honored to have been once again recognized for this prestigious award. With each season, our design team works to bring innovative original designs to market for our customers and their consumers, and roma is an example of successful efforts in this area.” the roma deep seating collection has drawn the

Castelle Roma deep seating with the Fire and Ice firepit


Castelle launched its new elements by Castelle® line at the ICFA Preview show™ in

attention of retailers since its introduction in september 2016. the collection exudes a farmhouse-chic transitional style that easily coordinates with contemporary or traditional outdoor decor. the accompanying Fire and Ice firepit is constructed of cast and extruded aluminum and offers the consumer the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor gas fire while chilling drinks in an ice-holding opening.

Castelle Collaborates With Designer Steve McKenzie Castelle collaborated with award-winning designer steve McKenzie on the

Castelle, says, “Castelle is proud to be a part of the Great reset vignette program and Great reset vignette to be collaborating with exhibition, a popular McKenzie for this ® draw at AmericasMart designer-focused marduring the Atlanta ket destination. We are Steve McKenzie International Gift & looking forward to Home Furnishings Market® in July. attracting attention from design prothe Castelle vignette, on the fessionals and media personnel 14th floor of building 1, will be on disthroughout the market and beyond.”  play until November. redefining How We live, design, derek ritzel, president/Ceo of & do Business is the title of the Great

welting, and sling fabric; a single finish; and cast-button and tabletop selections. Marketing materials and swatch samples for the program are available by request.

July/AuGust 2017


Three dining-table designs are included in the program, along with four coffee tables, a side table, and bar-height and counterheight tables—as well as a com-

PAtIo & HeArtH ProduCts rePort

reset vignette program. the 14th floor has been designed as a museum-style vignette gallery. the theme for the Castelle vignette is design Matters. McKenzie defined this using furnishings from Castelle, along with products sourced from AmericasMart campus showrooms. McKenzie says, “We are excited to work with Castelle on this vignette. I love the extensive collection and choices in its line.” Inspiration for the vignette, he adds, came from the cabanas of the French riviera.

plement of Metro dining, coffee, side, and counter tables. Shipping will originate from warehouses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Houston, Texas.

Circle Reader Service No. 13



Elmira Holds a Story Competition in Honor of Canada’s 150th Birthday In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Elmira Stove Works is partnering with craft brewers across the country in the Drink Real Canadian Beer From a Real Canadian Fridge campaign. To support this effort, the company is holding the Real Canadian Story competition. Through October 9, consumers are encouraged to submit their real Canadian stories to Elmira. The person who submits the best story will be awarded a special edition Canada 150 18–cubic-foot Northstar refrigerator, complete with a draft system and the Proudly Made

Phifer’s Design Team Crafts Color Collections for Year Ahead Phifer Inc.’s 2018 outdoor-furniture fabric-color trends are marked by cool, clean hues that are anything but blue. seven carefully cultivated palettes showcase the newest cushion and sling patterns/colors, alongside industry bestsellers. overall, the colors appear more mindful and minimalistic, easing away from the heavy, yellow-based palettes of the past. Playful brights remain important, as consumers desire an element of surprise.

in Canada slogan. Stories will be judged based on nostalgic value; relevance to refrigerators, beer (especially Canadian beer), and Canada; and entertainment or

2018 collections from Phifer

Phifer’s 2018 color collections closely mirror trends in the interior world, but complement today’s outdoor-color demands. of the seven groups, five are monochromatic and are balanced by

human-interest value. Creativity is encouraged and appreciated. Stories must not exceed 500 words or represent illegal/unethical activities. One entry per person is allowed. Entries

transitional neutrals with subtle gray undertones. the remaining two collections use coastal palettes and celebrate optimism, nostalgia, and adventurous outdoor living.

should be submitted to media@ or mailed to Elmira Stove Works, 285 Union St., Elmira, Ontario, Canada N3B 3P1. The winter will be notified during

Transparent and Top-notch: Thermo-Rite Adds to Its Legacy roy K. Allen bought thermorite® Manufacturing (Akron, ohio) in 1985, taking the reins of a respected company that began in 1942. In the 1940s, thermo-rite originated the tempered-glass fireplace enclosure. In fact, thermo-rite was awarded the first u.s. patent for tempered-glass fireplace enclosures—a patent that it held exclusively from 1946 through 1963. since 1985, Allen has preserved and grown the company’s considerable legacy. Patio & Hearth Products Report sat down with him to discuss the company’s past and bright future.

What are the key elements in the company’s success and longevity? Allen: the founder, John lydle, was creative and a very high-quality–minded person. He not only invented the product, but it was a product that was in the finest homes in the united states. For many years, the glass doors were made out of solid brass, mostly using clear glass. Although, later on, bronze glass and gray glass came into play, it started out as all solid brass.

How have tastes/preferences evolved? Allen: In 1990, we were still making 90% solid brass, but the buying public changed, and solid brass became less popular. today, we use about 85% alu-

minum—mostly painted with earthtone colors (we have 15 heritage colors). We have about 12% 0.25-inch steel, and the balance is a combination of solid brass and aluminum.

Which products are selling well? Allen: We make about 60% custom doors, one of a kind, and we make them from a template that is sent in by our customers. We sell these doors all over the united states, Canada, england, spain, and Norway. What makes us unique is that we have a high-end custom line of door products, and we have about 24 different sKus of products featuring different types and models.

How has the company managed to stay successful for all these years? Allen: one thing that has allowed the longevity of thermo-rite has been our production of creative new designs and new products. For example, about 20 years ago, all glass doors had frames around the glass. We created the Clearview door: We took all the frames off the glass so that the homeowner would be able to see the fireplace without seeing any of this metal around the glass. that was probably one of the major changes in the glassdoor industry in the past 40 years. last year, we added a group of doors to our Artisan series—and here

July/AuGust 2017


again, we’ve done something completely different. We’ve created a door that has rounded corners on the top. We sold doors with arches on them for years, and that’s a complete arch. this is a door that softens the area in a room with the rounded corners.


When did dealers get to see that? Allen: We introduced it at a show last year, and it was an instant hit. We’ve also come out with a new door that has an old-world gothic look. Both of these doors are of 0.25-inch steel, and all are painted one of 15 heritage colors, so customers can select a color. In fact, they can go to our website (, pick the color, and transpose it onto the doorframe of their choosing. that’s something that we just updated on our website. We upgraded it in a big way.

What benefits would dealers who are considering carrying your products enjoy? Allen: our creativity and new products are what dealers like to show their customers, and a new dealer is going to look to us for that. We’re the only glass-door company in the industry that actually has three different doors that we carry in inventory at all times— and we carry those in six or eight sizes, depending on the door. they can call us, and in less than two days, we can

PAtIo & HeArtH ProduCts rePort



ship that product to them. there’s a major interest level for our dealers (and for prospective new dealers). We’ve been around, and I guess you could call us the grandfather of the industry. We’ve been around so long, and we have so many skilled people internally. For example, we have a great customer-care department, with people who can literally tell someone (by phone) how to install a glass fireplace door. that’s invaluable to dealers and installers around the country, and we are known for that. our reputation is one of being above average, in that regard. All of this is a credit to our invaluable employees.


KEEP YOUR OUTDOOR OASIS LOOKING NEWER, LONGER! 5-star rated 303® Products are engineered to go to extraordinary measures to keep patios pristine through years of use – cushions to curtains, umbrellas to grills, tables to hot tubs. No other products clean and protect as powerfully. Circle Reader Service No. 15 800.367.3245

W E ’ V E



N U M B E R®


Industry the week of October 16. Elmira is the only manufacturer of major appliances in Canada. Under the Northstar brand, the company offers six retro refrigerator models, ranging from a compact 11–cubic-foot all-refrigerator model to a massive 25–cubic-foot French–door model. All are available with or without a factory-installed draftbeer system.

Outdoor by Design Hires Becky Sturdivant-French As VP of Sales outdoor by design (sarasota, Florida), a manufacturer of high-end aluminum outdoor furniture, has appointed Becky Sturdivant-French vice president of sales. Bill Echols, executive vice president, says, “We are thrilled to add Becky to our management team. With her extensive knowledge of the industry, her many relationships in the specialty market, and her stellar reputation, Becky will provide the senior sales leadership necessary to grow our compa-

Woodline Forms Team for North American Market shade manufacturer Woodline (Jeffreys Bay, south Africa) has appointed a team to serve and develop the North American market for the 2017–18 season. Inventory will be available in the united states for fast delivery, and the company will introduce its products at Casual Market Chicago in september. Charles Vernon Kathleen Poppe Ferry Anita Ueckermann Woodline is the principal supplier of umbrellas to the African market and has been manufacturing shade systems for 27 years, with many european and where Woodline has its large manufacturing plant. international customers. Woodline was founded by Fritz Walter, Ceo and owner, Industry veteran Kathleen Poppe Ferry has joined the who oversees production (and all other company operations) at company as sales manager and joins Anita ueckermann, Woodline’s new Jeffreys Bay factory. Charles Vernon, retired who is Woodline’s new American–markets business managGloster Ceo, is assisting Woodline with its development. er. Ferry, based in New Jersey, has two decades of experiWoodline’s products are in the middle to upper market sectors, ence in sales-management positions (with Gloster, Barlow and the company is known for its excellent quality and compretyrie, and emu) and in sales representation with tropitone. hensive range. It uses eucalyptus wood, aluminum, and stainueckermann, who has worked in europe and Africa in manless steel for structures, and sunbrella® acrylics and polyester agement and marketing roles, is based in Jeffreys Bay, fabrics for canopies.

ny in the coming years.” Most recently, Sturdivant-French served as a sales representative for Suncoast Furniture in Florida. Her past duties also include sales management at CFI Manufacturing, Carter Grandle

Furniture, and Suncoast. She notes, “I have the utmost confidence that Jerry Camp and his great team can ship superior, quality products on time. The unique and exclusive tabletop creations offered by Outdoor by Design are exciting and

Circle Reader Service No. 16

July/AuGust 2017


PAtIo & HeArtH ProduCts rePort

demonstrate the commitment to creativity that Outdoor by Design brings to the market.” She invites everyone attending Casual Market Chicago to visit the company’s 16th-floor showroom. continued on page 100

Circle Reader Service No. 17


FabricForward Innovation marches on while modern and traditional designs vie for attention. BY GREG THOMPSON

Serge Ferrari’s Soltis 92 folding-arm awning

Cozumel, Skye tweed, Hadley, Conga, Handloom, and Tropicallo from the BellaDura By the Yard collection

Customer expectations continue to rise in the world of outdoor fabrics. Manufacturers are stretching the limits of textile technology in an effort to redefine what constitutes high performance.

Designs and textures once reserved for traditional indoor furniture are now sturdy enough to withstand sun and rain. Meanwhile, tastes often swing freely between modern and traditional styles. David Meeks, director of Outdura® Corp. (Hudson, North Carolina), points out that Outdura’s high-abrasion fabrics, in addition to having increased ease of cleaning, are helping to satisfy the demand for high performance. In the more subjective world of design, Meeks identifies a “definite trend toward blues this year—and we expect to continue to see that into 2018,” he says. It’s not surprising that many colleagues

respectfully disagree with Meeks. Ask seven different manufacturers Ultraleather indoor/outdoor about trends and from Ultrafabrics technology, and you are likely to get seven different answers. Here, seven of the most creative companies in the business give us their opinions. The topics they discuss can make or break sales during the crucial warm months of 2017—and beyond. SUNBRELLA Allen Gant III, casual-market manager for Sunbrella® (Burlington, North Carolina), reports




that everything—from fiber formulation to yarn manufacturing and fabric manufacturing—is an opportunity to build performance into the company’s DNA. It’s an ethos that has served Sunbrella well over the past decade, which has seen significant progress. “Ten years ago, constructions were very simple, with 2x2 single basketweaves,” Gant explains. “What we’ve done at Sunbrella is push our limits in terms of yarn texturing, yarn formulation, and how we create new yarns.” Different ways of inserting filling yarns (such as air-jet filling or rapier-jet filling) have expanded the already expansive Sunbrella palette of colorations, pigments, and formulas. “We’re looking at a lot of organic design,” Gant says. “We’re launching a collection now called the Makers collection, and that’s our new stock collection.” He continues, “Consumers, these days, want to know where a product came from: They want to know who made it, who fabricated it, and how it was fabricated. It’s a pretty cool opportunity to talk about where and how a product is actually made. In today’s world, we use a lot of polymers and polymer sciences. People want to know how

Sunbrella’s Artistry indigo and ash beneath Gateway fuse

Phifer’s Phifertex

stuff is made.” Gant describes new mélange yarns as mixed bags of different colors that create woolen, organic, and natural textures. He explains, “We take a standard canvas product, and we make it out of these new yarns. All of a sudden, an ageold product has a new look and new face. Those are the things that add to and support organic trends and organic growth—whether in design, coloration, or texture. It’s been a local trend that we have captured in the Makers collection.” BELLA-DURA Sarah Keelen, director of design for Bella-Dura Residential, Bella-Dura® (New York, New York), agrees that every year, it gets more difficult to distinguish between indoor and outdoor fabrics. She points out that the days of outdoor fabrics being limited to using flat yarns are largely over. “You now see many novelty yarns that perform,” Keelen says. “Over the past five years, Bella-Dura has introduced bouclé, chenille, and other yarns that look and feel like natural fibers.” For outdoor retailers who want to capitalize on trends, Ari Gasner, president of WearBest/Bella-Dura, notes that neutrals are the most important color category right now, primarily because people hope to invest in pieces

that will last a long time. “Cooler shades such as gray, taupe, and linen are top sellers,” he says. “People want to use fashionable colors as accents, and almost anything goes—from saturated emerald, teal, coral, and yellow to dustier shades of blush and aloe,” he continues. “Customers are moving away from ornate patterns in favor of pared-down contemporary looks. Stripes and geometrics dominate right now, and there is a trend toward linear designs.”

When it comes to textures, customers want something different, “especially natural looks with a soft hand,” Gasner explains. To satisfy this demand, Bella-Dura recently introduced faux-cotton and heather yarns that have been well received. Shade products are also on the drawing board at Bella-Dura, with Gasner stating that the performance features suitable for furniture also work well for awnings. “Vertical performance fabrics are certainly on the upswing, and we are making headway in that category,” he says. “Consumers are seeking high-UV materials appropriate for indirect sunlight, and with Bella-Dura’s inherent stain resistance and bleach cleanability, there is no need to disassemble products to clean them. You can clean them on the spot.” According to Gasner, Bella-Dura’s sales have been up 25% this year (over an alreadystrong 20% growth last year). “Customers are gravitating to the fact that we are not a commodity fabric,” Gasner explains. “Our products are in the midrange to the higher end, and therefore, they offer a more exclusive perception. Ovation II fabrics from Outdura’s cut-yardage program Not all performance

Tempotest’s Sand rigato and Sand solid in indigo

Outdura’s Rumor midnight





fabrics are the same. Different fibers have different qualities and strengths. There are a lot of options out there. Learn the finer details, which can make a big difference in the long-term use of your choices.”

Ultrafabrics’ Brisa indoor/ outdoor fabric

Phifertex wicker weaves by Phifer

OUTDURA As the brand’s name would suggest, most of Outdura’s business remains in the outdoor sector, but Meeks notes that the company’s sales in the indoor category continue to grow. “A key selling feature in the indoor industry is the fact that our fabrics are bleach

cleanable,” Meeks says. “For instance, this allows an indoor-furniture retailer to sell a sofa in a brightwhite Outdura fabric with confidence, knowing that the stains from kids or pets can be bleached

ULTRAFABRICS High-performance polycarbonate fabrics have fueled much of the innovation at Ultrafabrics® Inc. (Tarrytown, New York). A.R. Swan, marketing manager, explains that the fabrics have a high-UV finish that resists fading and mildew, while also providing temperature comfort—thanks to proprietary Takumi™ technology. Inherent EPA-registered antimicrobial/antibacterial agents defend the fabric against mildew, bacteria, and other microbes, while proprietary resins prevent fading and discoloration. “These outdoor qualities are appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications,” Swan says. “Our fabrics are cleanable

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away with ease. Without a solution-dyed fabric, this would not be possible. As consumers become more educated, we expect to see our indoor-furniture sales continue to increase.” Admitting that color trends are often difficult to predict, Meeks notes that the 2017 trend toward blues has been factored into Outdura’s vibrant designs. “We take great pride in creating unique and appealing designs,” Meeks says. “Inspiration for such designs comes from multiple sources, including world events, nature inspirations, trends in society, and the world of fashion. Our production team uses complex weaving techniques to produce unique textures and colors in the highest-quality fabrics on the market today.” Meeks explains that retailers would do well not to underestimate the importance of texture, since that tactile sensation often finalizes the sale. Meeks has seen textures “increase in popularity at an incredible rate over the past five years, bringing an element of the indoors to our fabrics,” he says. In particular, customers have responded to Outdura’s Rumor, which Meeks describes as one of the best-selling textures on the market. Rumor is woven with bouclé yarn, giving the fabric its textured look and feel. The secret is in the composition of the yarn. “We use only 100% solution-dyed acrylic in the making of our yarns,” Meeks says. “In solution dyeing, the color is added to the material while it is in viscous form, meaning that the color is ultimately found all the way through the yarn (versus dip dyeing, where the color is only located on the outside of the yarn). Solution-dyed yarns have a much better resistance to fading, which is perfect for outdoor applications.” Outdura is owned by Sattler AG (Graz, Austria), and Sattler is currently producing and supplying all types of solution-dyed acrylics for retractable and stationary awnings, umbrellas, boat covers, cushions, and pillows. “In 2018, Sattler is poised to introduce a new collection of awning and marine fabrics,” Meeks reports. “The new collection comprises over 50% new designs/colors.” Sattler has planned the official unveiling (in Austria) for September.



Design + Performance™ is a trademark and Sunbrella ® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

Good business is built on trust, reliability and respect. Sunbrella ® delivers the best performing upholstery fabrics, responsive customer support and the industry’s leading warranty. So your customers never question your commitment.

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SPOTLIGHT with soap and water, alcohol-based cleaners, and a 1-to-5 solution of bleach and water.” Swan agrees with colleagues that neutral colors are popular, but adds that white is still important. He says, “We are also finding that darker colors (such as charcoal) are trending because our technology allows for comfort-temperature control, and our fabrics have a subtle Artistry indigo textured appearance.” from Sunbrella In April, Ultrafabrics launched the Ultraleather® indoor/outdoor collection, featuring Cora indoor/outdoor, Distressed indoor/outcustomers realize the quality and performance door, Pebble indoor/outdoor, Promessa of polyurethane outdoor fabrics—as well as the indoor/outdoor, and Pumice indoor/outdoor. color and grain options.” These introductions doubled the company’s prePHIFER vious outdoor offerings. Monica Thornton, director of design for Phifer These efforts are fueling considerable Inc. (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), is enthusiastic about growth at Ultrafabrics in the residential and the offerings on tap this year (and next) at the comhospitality markets. As people become more pany. Phifer’s 2018 collections are made up of aware of the products’ durability and performseven diverse palettes that are, Thornton says, ance attributes, Swan anticipates even greater “bursting with color or building with optic harmosales. He remarks, “We believe you will see ny.” Overall, the color direction favors cleaner, more leatherlike fabrics on outdoor furniture as

The Molto Bene collection from Tempotest

cooler hues, marking a move away from the yellowbased palettes of the past. When it comes to patterns, Phifer prefers more Midcentury looks, with geometrics and abstracts continuing to be important. “Ethnic and rustic styles are fashionable in both contemporary neutrals and bright colorings,” Thornton says. “Transitional and updated classics remain strong, but seem slightly more playful and optimistic this season.” Meanwhile, textures are light and sleek, departing from the heavy textures of the past. Phifer designers are using intermittent areas of sheen to


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time. Jeff Jimison, national sales manager for Tempotest USA (an affiliate of Parà), confirms that the company lives up to its name. As a natural result of healthy competition, Tempotest developed chenille, bouclé, marl, nub, and slub yarns— along with innovative finishing and weaving techniques. Stamskin One Some of the innovation is spurred by Tempotest’s conupholstery fabric siderable indoor-fabric investment, which Jimison pegs from Serge Ferrari at about 50% of its outdoor investment. “We also offer a full range of natural-fiber fabric in digital prints and piece-dyed fabric. seeing more color enter into the market That is not performance fabric, but it than ever before,” he adds. “That’s in Hadley chenille does give us great insight into what outdoor and indoor applications. from the Bellathe indoor residential world is Our GeoBella fabrics allow us to Dura By the Yard collection. looking for, in terms of color deliver the look, texture, and and design,” Jimison explains. comfort for interior furniture, “We can use this knowledge to yet have the strength and duraoffer designs and colorations bility needed for exterior cushthat work both inside and outions and pillows.” side the home.” TEMPOTEST Jimison sees color trends for ® Retailers know Tempotest as the the coming season as refocusing on brand name for performance fabrics neutrals such as beige, gray, and blue. from Parà SpA (Sovico, Italy). The compaFrom last year, orange and green musk will ny has a distribution facility in Carrollton, Texas, continue to trend upward. where all the fabric collections are stocked. He reports that those neutrals will also be joined by In Italian, Tempotest means weather-tested over a few twists: “The block stripe, in all its many PIERRE LE CHATELIER

create luxury in woven-vinyl Phifertex fabrics. Contrast remains important in creating texture, with heather yarns being paired with solid, bold colors. “We have added 35 new selections to our outdoorstock line for Phifertex and GeoBella fabrics,” Thornton reports. “The newest introduction in outdoor shading is our SunTex 95 line, which blocks 95% of the sun’s hot rays. SunTex 95 offers increased heat/glare control—for a cooler, more comfortable outdoor environment. By reducing the sun’s penetration to interior rooms, these shades can lower cooling demand, reduce energy consumption, and protect indoor furnishings from fading.” The additions are part of a culture that encourages innovation and evolution. In the early 2000s, for example, Phifer introduced wicker sling weaves to complement wicker furniture, and these Cane Wicker fabrics are still some of the company’s best-selling lines. Hugo Benitez is national market manager, Designed Fabrics, for Phifer. He says, “We also saw the emergence of blended slings fabrics, which basically alternate a soft yarn and a PVC yarn, allowing for more softness in the sling, yet having the strength of the PVC yarn. We are also experiencing an increase in padded slings, which might allow a GeoBella soft fabric on one side and a Phifertex pattern on the other side.” Benitez sees today’s trend as favoring smaller-scale weaves that emphasize more texture. “We actually are

Hot Summer Days were Made for the Cool Comfort of Shade

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Simulated Wood Finishes

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interpretations, has long been a staple in outdoor decor, and this iconic stripe continues—but with thin lines of contrasting color and with multicolored and multilined fabrics. Differing textures and tone-on-tone stripes will also be seen. Geometrics, both with squared lines and with more rounded shapes, will be in vogue—with two-color (especially black-and-white) and tone-on-tone versions emerging,” Jimison says. Tempotest recently introduced a line of fabrics, 300e +, especially for outdoor curtains, draperies, and sheers. These fabrics are 10 feet wide, at a minimum. “This means you can make a panel with a 10-foot height and well over 120 feet in length (if sewn railroaded) with no seams joining the panel,” Jimison says. “We offer this double-width fabric in an open leno weave in three colors; in a lightweight sheer of 4.5 ounces, for a more opaque look, in 12 colors; and in an 8-ounce canvas in 24 solid colors and five different up-the-roll stripes.” Tempotest also produces a heavier-weight fabric designed specifically for awnings, canopies, and pergolas. With additional finish ingredients, these fabrics are stiffer and provide a higher level of water resistance. Jimison explains, “We have also developed a PVC-free screen fabric, made from solution-dyed polyester, in 11 decorator colors. It’s flame retardant, making it ideal for commercial and hospitality use.”

SERGE FERRARI Performance products have evolved significantly at Serge Ferrari North America (Pompano Beach, Florida), with quality boosts for polymers/additives that have improved fabrics’ longevity, UV protection, and antifungus properties. Laurent Pellequer, sales manager for hospitality and furniture, says, “Serge Ferrari’s flexible composite materials are unique in composition and outperform other materials on the market.” According to Pellequer, Serge Ferrari’s technologies produce stronger, more resilient materials that foster new levels of durability and performance. “Serge Ferrari’s Précontraint technology (prestretching the yarns in both warp and weft prior to coating) enables our mesh materials used for indoor and outdoor shade not to fray at the edges or stretch over time, and it provides better dirt and UV resistance for our waterproof awning and canopy materials,” he explains. “This same technology can also be found in our building-facade, printing, tensile-structure, trucking, and tent materials—providing long-term strength and durability wherever they are used,” he continues. Additional advances in the individual components used to manufacture higher-quality yarns or coatings “have better dirt or abrasion resistance and extend our

products’ use to more aggressive or demanding environments, such as upholstery for hospitality and public-area seating,” Pellequer adds. Colors that apply to the solar-protection market tend to stay conservative, but for the furniture market, Pellequer notes that greens and grays are coming on, possibly replacing the trend toward dark blue. “In the awning market, we are seeing a trend for fewer stripes and more solid colors,” he says. “In the furniture market, there is a trend for more complicated patterns— almost 3D effects.” Pellequer believes that the company’s most innovative product is Stamskin One, a silicone-based imitation leather. “This product is almost 100% unstainable and is very easy to clean,” he says. “It passes the most stringent flame-retardance testing and has reduced heat buildup during sitting. Waterproof, UV resistant, and with excellent tensile strength, Stamskin One is an upholstery material that will stay beautiful longer in any environment.” Sales at Serge Ferrari are up over last year’s, with more growth expected (thanks to the market’s demand for light, flexible materials that make for easy installations). Pellequer says, “We see a bright future ahead of us because fabrics are becoming even more performance based, which will encourage people to invest more in their outdoor spaces.”

Durability & Grace Why compromise? The Sea Breeze Folding Chair and Celebration drop-leaf table combine style, comfort and rugged durability in an easy to store, low-maintenance dining set. Crafted from high-quality hardwood, Arboria casual outdoor furniture provides strength and resistance to nature’s elements.

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Marketing Maneuvers LEISURE WORLD

APersonalTouch A brick-and-mortar retailer prospers in an online-shopping world by delivering outstanding customer service. BY SHARON SANDERS


At a time when online shopping is on the rise, Leisure World Casual Furniture (Wilmington, North Carolina) is showing people the real picture.

Owner Trey Folcher runs his family outdoor-living business with an eye that’s always on the market. He says, “Specialty retailers own a niche that can’t be beaten. Nothing beats looking people in the eyes, shaking their hands, and letting them know you will take care of them.” In 1995, Folcher took over the 10–year-old patio business from his in-laws when they retired. Knowing there was a world of opportunity in outdoor furniture, he modernized the operation—while staying true to the heart of specialty retailing. “We are doing business in a changing marketplace, and more than ever, it’s important for us to realize that we are who we are,” Folcher says. From left: Trey Folcher, Jutta Bienkowski, and Jon Cole

Pastels dominate the airy showroom

He explains that there was a period when, for competition’s sake, the store tried to compete on price, but it just ended up reaffirming his commitment to the specialty business. Folcher says, “The heart of our operation is about relationships and knowing what our customers need. We are a bit like the bar in the television show “Cheers”: When you come back, we often remember your name.” Leisure World considers its product mix to be one of its biggest strengths. The store’s 10,000–square-foot showroom is filled with furniture that is handpicked to withstand




the area’s coastal weather. “People can go online and buy furniture that looks nice, but they can’t know for sure whether it will last in their climate,” Folcher says, adding that Wilmington is known to have the highest air salinity on the entire East Coast. It is so high, in fact, that several companies use it as a testing ground to see whether their products will hold up in the salt air. Leisure World started its business by building and selling its own PVC furniture. “Style aside, it really was the perfect material for the coast because it doesn’t chip, peel, or rust. It was our bread and butter for many years,” Folcher says. Customers appreciate the fact that Folcher does his homework so that they don’t have to, ensuring that everything on the floor is built to last. The store’s top-selling category is HDPE furniture, made from recycled plastic, from Seaside Casual and POLYWOOD®. “We have carried POLYWOOD from its early days and have helped the company grow,” Folcher reports. “We are one of its top five dealers in the nation.” Seaside

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Marketing Maneuvers LEISURE WORLD

cues, and we are right around the corner, if anything should go wrong.”

The store features materials that will withstand marine air

Casual also is known for its craftsmanship and design. Both vendors have a wide selection of products, from dining and deep seating to bar chairs— and even rocking chairs. The store also does well with wooden and woven lines from Jensen Leisure Furniture, Lloyd Flanders, Kingsley Bate, and Gloster. Folcher adds that, for many manufacturers, Leisure World is the only dealer in town. He says, “We carry one or two vendors for each category, and that’s it. We stick with companies that work for our customers and that have given us great service and products, year after year. Over 90% of them have worked with us for more than 20 years.” THE FACE OF SERVICE Folcher describes his sales philosophy as downhome, easygoing, and free of pressure. “When I go into a store, I don’t want to be followed. I know how to shop, and I don’t need someone to hold my hand—but I love it when someone is there when I ask for help. That is our model,” he says. The sales team knows all the right questions to ask to guide customers into making the right purchases, based on the way they are going to be using their backyards. The store’s most senior salesperson, Jutta Bienkowski, has been on the sales floor for more than 20 years. Folcher says, “People love to work with her, and she loves working with people. She has been the backbone of Leisure World, in many ways.” The entire staff is known for its helpfulness and knowledge of the store’s products. “Nowadays, people can go online and find anything they want, but there is no hands-on, knowledgeable salesperson to talk to,” Folcher explains. “A call-center worker who is reading

Grills are top sellers

something from a manufacturer’s information sheet doesn’t know what fabrics have a softer hand or what furniture will work best in someone’s outdoor space.” He adds that people who have purchased furniture online come to the store all the time wanting replacement cushions and slings. “We can’t help them unless it is something that we have carried. We keep our customer invoices for 25 years, so if someone wants a replacement, I can pull the ticket, see what was purchased, and place an order,” Folcher says. “That is something special.” He is quick to point out to customers that they shouldn’t always assume that online prices are lower. He regularly runs across websites such as Wayfair and Frontgate, which offer exactly the same products as Leisure World, but for hundreds of dollars more. He says, “Not only do we have lower prices, but we set up our customers’ furniture, we teach them how to use their new firepits or barbe-




A FOCUS ON FAMILIES Leisure World prides itself on being a family-owned and family-oriented business, which is something that resonates with the community. Many of Folcher’s family members have worked in the business, including his wife, Sandra (who helps with furniture and accessory buying), and his sons, Brad, Logan, and Lawson. The Folchers make spending time with the family (away from work) a priority, and that means closing the shop on major holidays. “Everyone in town knows that we are closed for business during those times, and they respect us for it. I don’t mind losing some sales—because the family is more important than making money,” Folcher says. Prior to a holiday, Folcher spreads the word that the store will be closed using Facebook, local newspapers, and word of mouth, in addition to putting a sign on the front of the store. He says, “We tell people that we are taking time off because we want to spend quality time with our family and that we hope they are doing the same.” He makes an extra effort to come in early and stay late prior to the closure, if needed, because he knows that people come in from out of town. In addition, the store closes at 3 p.m. every Saturday. “I know we are bucking the retail trend, but we want to show our community what we value,” Folcher explains. “I don’t think it hurts our business at all. I actually think it helps it because many people feel the same way we do.” Leisure World believes that the future holds nothing but promise, as it continues to serve the community that has supported it for 32 years. “We know our customers, they know us, and they see the value that we bring them,” Folcher says. “Online shopping will only get more popular, and the big-box stores are not going away, but we are sticking to our guns. Small mom-and-pop stores like ours just need to have that positive, knowledgeable social interaction that gives consumers confidence. Nothing beats that.”

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ALaborofLove Long hours, hard work, and unfailing dedication turn a small mom-and-pop shop into a thriving retail operation. BY SHARON SANDERS

Margo Goodwin has never shied away from hard work. At age 31, she unexpectedly took over the reins of the family masonry and fireplace business, and she has brought it to levels beyond anyone’s expectations. As a woman in the


From left: Terri Michels; Bob, Nathan, Margo, Jeremy, and Joe Goodwin; Dustin Ballweg, Randy Severson, and Chris Goodwin

traditionally male-dominated hearth and construction industries, Goodwin has earned the trust of her colleagues and has grown United Brick & Fireplace Inc. (Madison, Wisconsin) into a profitable business that is loved and respected in the community. Goodwin grew up in the family-owned brick and tile business started by her father, Kenneth Goodwin, in 1973. It specialized in commercial masonry for schools, apartment

buildings, shopping malls, or any project that required external brickwork or stonework. For years, the Goodwins also constructed masonry fireplaces, but when zero-clearance fireplaces came onto the scene in the 1980s, they became too expensive to build. “Gas fireplaces started

to take a huge portion of our business because they were affordable for consumers— and the profit margin was so much bigger for us,” Goodwin says. By the end of the 1980s, the family had opened its first retail hearth showroom, alongside its existing brick/stone yard. In 1995, it opened a second locaCustom masonry tion on the city’s west side. surrounds are a Shortly thereafter, specialty tragedy struck: Goodwin’s father died at age 53, leaving a huge hole in the heart of the family—and the business. As the second youngest of six children, Goodwin knew that she needed to step up and run the business if it was to survive. She says, “I wanted to ensure my family was able to make a good living. I knew that would be important to my dad.” For many years, Goodwin and her family worked long hours to keep the business running. It was the norm for Goodwin to work up to 80 hours per week. She says, “Looking back, I can’t believe that we did it, but we all love the business so much that we didn’t give




it a second thought.” Today, fireplaces have taken a front seat, and the retail operation is thriving. “We are a respected hearth business, not just a masonry business that sells fireplaces,” Goodwin says, adding that 40% of the company’s sales come from hearth products. Its two large showrooms have impressive fireplace displays, with more than 20 burning units. Goodwin explains, “It is a priority to show as many on the floor as possible because it helps people visualize. In our market, people are not going to spend thousands of dollars on a fireplace that they haven’t seen in person.” She adds that it’s easier to upsell when customers can see fireplaces, side by side, to compare their heat levels, flames, and aesthetics. United Brick & Fireplace is known for its fresh, modern showrooms, which always feature the latest in hearth technology and design. “We change out our fireplaces almost every year. It’s an investment, but it’s worth the effort because it brings such a good return,” Goodwin says. She credits her relationships with manufacturers for the rise and continued strength of the business. “I always tell my vendors that our relationship is like a marriage. In a marriage, you are happy when things are going

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smoothly, but you have to communicate when something is bothering you, or it won’t work,” Goodwin says. Mendota is one of the store’s top vendors. “It is a wonderful company to deal with, and its gas fireplaces have the best burn around,” she adds. “People always comment on the flame and on how the units look as if they are burning real wood. We are proud to offer Mendota’s quality products to our customers.” Regency, Astria, and RSF have also been longtime partners. In 2016, Goodwin brought Napoleon fireplaces into the product mix because the line offers a wide range of price levels. She notes, “It has helped us appeal to a broader set of customers, which has brought us a lot of new business. We were Napoleon’s fastestgrowing dealer last year.” The showroom is filled with Modern, clean-faced fireplaces are the inspirational Madison market’s high-growth category. Linear hearth displays fireplaces, specifically, are becoming customer favorites. “Our clients are pretty conservative, for the most part, but linear models are catching on—because they look so good on the showroom floor that people want them in their homes,” Goodwin reports. “My 73–year-old mother, who has a pretty traditional style, even had one installed in her condo recently, and she Outdoor hearth products, from gets comments all the time from her friends.” fireplaces to United Brick & Fireplace takes full advanfirepits and grills, tage of the masonry side of its business to boost are growing in popularity fireplace sales. Every unit on the showroom floors has some type of brick or stone accompaniment, giving each one a unique personality. Goodwin says, “Everything that’s on display, we can provide, and we offer installation as well: We are a one-stop shop. It’s hard for a customer to go out and find an electrician, a mason, and an installer, so it’s a great service that builds on our strengths.” into its third generation. “One Goodwin is proud of the thing our whole family has in company that she and her common is our passion and family have created commitment to the busitogether, and she conness,” Goodwin siders the family to explains. “This attitude be United Brick & got us to where we are Fireplace’s biggest today and will make it competitive advanpossible for us to contage. She explains tinue to grow.” that people love Goodwin explains being helped by that her father taught Goodwins (brother, her many things that sister, brother-in-law, or have made her a better Clean-faced units nephew), who do everybusiness owner. Three main dominate sales thing from sales to installation pieces of advice stick with her: and service. Her brother, Joe, is her First, don’t ever fall twice. The first business partner. She says, “The fact that many time you fall, you learn, but the second time of us on-site are family members gives our operayou fall, you must put into practice what you tion a real family dynamic that is comfortable to learned. She says, “That is what I did to survive customers. It gives them a level of trust, knowing in the industry when the economy dropped, a we all have one another’s backs.” few different times.” United Brick & Fireplace is steadily moving Second, never borrow money. “My dad said




that if you can’t afford it, you can’t buy it. I am proud to say that we have never borrowed money, in the 22 years we have been in business. Not having loan payments is what has saved us, over the years,” Goodwin says. Third, always invest money back into the business: Don’t spend it on cars, houses, and luxury items. She says, “I have seen fellow retailers lose everything because they don’t use the money they earned wisely. That is something that our whole family has taken to heart.” As for the future, business is already up 27% this year. This is encouraging to Goodwin, who hopes to reach $10 million in sales by the end of 2017 (for the combined masonry and fireplace businesses). She doesn’t want the operation to get too big, though, because it would be hard to take care of customers in the way that they should be. “My dad would be really proud to see where the business is today,” Goodwin says. “He worked really hard, but never got the chance to see it running strongly. I know it has surpassed any dreams he ever had.”

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GrilltoPerfection A retailer’s recipe for success includes superior product offerings, sound customer service, and chef-taught classes. BY CHERYL DANGEL BARTOLINI


Herb Hampton (left) and Jim Grigsby III

The stores are top destinations for barbecue fans

Customers who want fully appointed outdoor kitchens appreciate the two stores’ product depth

You won’t see American Propane Gas Company (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) running any paid advertising in the area. You won’t see it pursuing the builder trade, either.

Nonetheless, its two stores attract a steady stream of customers who say they’ve heard all about the business: It takes outdoor grilling to the next level. Builders come in, too, looking for an expert who knows how to outfit a full-scale

outdoor kitchen. So popular are the stores that monthly cooking demonstrations sell out, at $50 per person. How is Jim Grigsby III, vice president of the operation, achieving all this? He says, “When a customer calls with a problem, we try to diagnose it over the phone. If that doesn’t work, within 24 hours (or sooner), we’re out there taking care of the problem.” He continues, “Then, that customer will tell 100 people. They,



in turn, will tell their friends that American Propane dots every i and crosses every t.” CUSTOMERS FIRST It sounds easy enough, but we all know that if it were that simple, every company would excel at customer service. Grigsby’s motto is straightforward: “We take care of customers; nothing else matters. When they walk in, we greet them,” he explains. “We are a family-run business, and our reputation


leads them here through a home builder or landscape architect. Goodwill brings 95% of our customers to us. We don’t go after the builder trade, but builders refer to us. We do little advertising.” Putting the customer first is what American Propane was founded to do, in 1936, by Grigsby’s grandfather, Jim Grigsby Sr. “He was the first propane dealer in the state of Oklahoma, by a month or so,” Grigsby says. His grandfather

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Staff members prepare the outdoor cabana for a grilling class

When Grigsby finally decides to add a new grill to the floor, he tends to stay with that company. Many lines have been with American Propane for 30 to 40 years. American Propane does not sell patio furniture. When Grigsby outfits an outdoor kitchen, his checklist of must-have products is concise: “When we’re not eating, we’re making trash and drinking, so I almost always put in trash drawer,” he says. In addition, Grigsby sells ice makers, misting systems, outdoor heaters, motorized screens from Phantom® for porches and patios, and a handful of ancillary products. “We keep people cool or warm so that we can keep the cooking environment going for at least 10 months of the year. It is a fun synergy. We’re doing all this because the customers ask us to,” Grigsby says.

900 people on its cooking class-mailing list. The available spaces sell out within days, at $50 per person. “That’s a good value, since it includes education, a questionand-answer session with the chefs, and eating the meal prepared (which is paired with beer or

SOLD-OUT CLASSES Without question, the highlights of the summer grilling season are the newer store’s cooking classes, held in its outdoor cabana. “I call it the hottest cabana north of Havana. It was something my mother said we needed. It has been there for 20 years, and we are always modifying it to keep up with the current products,” Grigsby says. Highly anticipated classes are held from April through June and in September and October. In July and August, it is too hot to host the outdoor classes, which have sometimes drawn nearly 80 guests. American Propane hosts two to three chefs for each session, with the entire class schedule planned in advance. It sends invitations to approximately

wine),” Grigsby explains. Guests are present for two hours and leave with plenty of recipes. The class is videotaped and is later uploaded for viewing on the company’s website ( Often, corporations buy out the classes. For example, Wells Fargo

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booked the May event and requested an award-winning pit master to cook before 50 of its top clients. Grigsby says, “We can fit 50 people in the cabana, and we have televisions in our main showroom that can show the live action in the cabana, so we’ve had up to 78 people here. That’s not ideal, but I have a hard time saying no to people.” Grigsby has no problem saying no to expansion plans, however. “We’re an institution in this town, and we have not needed to expand from what we’re doing. As things change, we can change with them— but we can do it within the confines of our stores,” he says. “I am excited to see what is developing. Oklahoma is coming back to life. I’m always looking for new products on the horizon. We’re innovators, and I’m very optimistic about the future.”

CanadianStyle Even with their country’s long, cold winters, Canadians have embraced the outdoor-room trend with great enthusiasm.


Showroom Showcase

Toronto residents turn to this savvy retailer for upscale products and design expertise. By kimBerly rodgerS PhotograPhy By Bloor PhotograPhy

Fortunately, for the past 30 years, residents of the Toronto area have been able to turn to Casualife Outdoor Living (Markham, Ontario) to help them furnish the ultimate outdoor spaces. The company began, in 1981, as familyowned Salco Patio & Leisure. It was sold in 2007, but it continued to operate under the same name for five more years. In 2012, the business underwent a major rebranding and opened a second location in Mississauga. Jill Schwartzentruber, business manager, says, “We brought in great new products, we renovated our showrooms, and Casualife was born. We have continued to grow since then.” With 12,000 square feet of showroom space, the Markham location is Casualife’s flagship store; the Mississauga location has 5,000 square feet. Both venues offer ample space to showcase a large assortment of products. Schwartzentruber says, “When people walk into either of our locations, they are wowed to find an outdoor haven. We feature very original products that fit every style and taste. It takes some serious time to take in all of our layers of display. Each vignette is set up with accent pieces, umbrellas, firepits, cushions, blankets, fun pots or planters, tabletop decor, and entertaining ideas (and tools).” Casualife wants clients to feel good—and ultimately, relaxed—

Whitewash, natural, and oyster finishes are new favorites of the store's clients

Jill Schwartzentruber

when they walk through its stores. Schwartzentruber comments, “Both are places that make people smile when they take that first step through the doors. With the help of our extremely knowledgeable staff, clients find inspiration in our space and leave with plenty of ideas and tools to make their own spaces all they hope for them to become.” Products offered include high-end outdoor-furniture collections and the essential accessories, along with selected indoor-furniture pieces and decorative items. Schwartzentruber says, “We focus on carrying the best quality and on exclusivity, with a difference.” Most furniture collections are now offered under the Casualife proprietary brand. “We work with trusted manufacturers with whom we have had long relationships,” she says. “We stand behind them all.”




Customers gravitate to functional pieces with a wow factor

She adds, “2017 is the first year that we’ve developed our Casualife Home line, which now includes interior furnishings—and even more interior accents, textiles, rugs, lighting, and case goods.” Over the years, the business has also worked on building its accessory category, offering a unique assortment of decor items that can easily be transferred from outside to indoors.

Currently, relaxed seating areas are popular in the company’s market. Schwartzentruber says, “Our clients focus on the lounge/entertaining areas of the home. They want to get comfortable and achieve that feeling of luxury, so they can indulge. This is achieved through oversized deep seating and pampering daybeds—for the ultimate escape.”

Casualife takes great pride in its unique assortment of outdoor daybeds, featuring not only inviting designs and styles, but the ability to seat one person or an entire group comfortably. Schwartzentruber notes that contemporary styles are on the rise in her market; however, the stores also carry a large number of transitional lines. She adds,

the markham showroom features original products and unique accessories for every taste




“They look good and can elevate any space.” deSign ServiCeS Casualife offers complimentary design services to help clients make the right choices for their outdoor spaces. Working with a customer’s own photographs and dimensions, the retailer provides one to three SketchUp 3D models of the space,


Showroom Showcase

along with suggestions for furniture sizes, placements, and fabric selections. The recommendations take all aspects of a client’s home into account, including the exterior color, deck, and stone finishes, as well as traffic-flow patterns. Schwartzentruber says, “Our primary goal is to do what is best for all clients’ outdoor spaces and designs. They truly appreciate being able to see how their spaces will actually look before they get delivery. The 3D sketches allow us to eliminate any guesswork and build clients’ confidence in us. The sketches also make them feel good about their purchases, knowing they are doing what is best suited for their own spaces. We feel better, too.” She continues, “There is nothing worse than overselling a client and cramming too much into a space. Nobody wants to walk into the back of a sofa or the arm of a chair. We want good flow, ample space for traffic paths, and the right amount of seating to accommodate all guests.” Of clients who plan to furnish more than one area in an outdoor space, about 75% use the design service. Knowing that it already offers products of the highest quality, Casualife puts its full effort into giving customers the best service. Schwartzentruber says, “We focus on being who we already are, with room to improve, and we always strive to provide better service. This is

what makes us feel good about what we are doing for people’s homes and spaces. Our aim is to present a unique and enjoyable experience for anyone who steps through our doors. This extends from our sales staff and designers to our delivery-team members, who continue to educate our customers once products are delivered to their homes.” Casualife’s advertising uses a variety of media outlets, including magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and direct mail. The company uses social media and has a strong website ( It has seen good results from customer referrals and its online presence. extending the SeaSon Canadians are extending the use of their outdoor rooms before and after the traditional season. Schwartzentruber says, “The season has increased, over the years—starting in March and sometimes running into November. Once our clients finish their outdoor renovations, they then want to grab great end-of-season deals.” The staff now finds that the winter is just long enough to get the showrooms ready for the main outdoor-selling season. “We really just have December, January, and February to take some needed vacations and prepare both locations for the next season. The time flies by; win-

Santa Cruz Dining Group Crafted using FSC ® 100% certi ed Roble timber. Circle reader Service no. 42




ter has never been a more exciting time for us, as we build this business—the Casualife lifestyle, inside and out,” Schwartzentruber explains. The Toronto market is starting to embrace on-trend lighter finishes. Schwartzentruber comments, “Whitewash, natural, and oyster colors are new favorites with our clients. We are also seeing more clients who are open to mixing different weaves and finishes—for example, combining organic woods and teak with aluminum and weaves.” Casualife has gently swayed its clients to have a more discriminating eye in their outdoor-room purchases. Schwartzentruber says, “We are finally getting away from customers wanting to buy a set of furniture and are encouraging them to design cohesive spaces, with interest and textures.” She adds, “We are seeing a big increase in our clients wanting the wow factor. People are buying statement pieces, including beautiful daybeds, double chaises, oversized sectionals, big cantilevered umbrellas, and spalike structures. It’s all organic and fresh.” Schwartzentruber says, “Our clients return, time and time again, to grow their spaces. They come to us for new looks and accents—and to learn how to pull it all together. We work very hard to inspire them and to make our clients dream big for their spaces, as well as to provide the access that makes those dreams come true.”

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OutdoorPanache Veranda Classics


A furniture manufacturer gives consumers new ways to erase the line between interior and exterior spaces. BY SHARON SANDERS


Veranda Classics by Foremost™ (East Hanover, New Jersey) is a manufacturer that doesn’t cut corners. It puts quality, style, and design innovation at the top of its priority list. Over the past few years, as it has focused its energy on meeting the needs of specialty retailers, it has gained more space in their showrooms. Patio & Hearth Products Report met with Daniel Jelley, senior vice president, product design and development, to see what makes this intuitive operation tick. How did Veranda Classics make a name for itself in the outdoor-living industry? Jelley: Veranda Classics is part of Foremost Groups Inc., which is a large company. The Veranda Classics brand and trademark were created in 2006 specifically to target the specialtyretail business. Foremost had already been in the mass-market outdoor business when it started the Veranda Classics specialty brand to cater to higher-end business. Initially, we reached out to some of the larger retailers in the industry—while keeping a very low profile. In 2013, when I came on board, we began to change our direction by targeting a broader specialty-dealer base and advertising in the trade journals. In 2015, we took our business to the next level when we opened a showroom in The Merchandise Mart (Chicago, Illinois). What does a manufacturer need to do (or be) to thrive in the specialty-retail arena? Jelley: There are many outdoor-furniture manufacturers out there vying for space on retailers’ showroom floors, so a manufacturer needs to set itself apart. First, one needs to create stylish, beautiful products because people want their outdoor spaces to look as good as their indoor spaces. Second, one’s products need to have a high perceived value, so consumers are willing to pay specialty prices.


Third, products need to perform as promised and to be available on a timely basis (because customers don’t want to wait eight to 12 weeks for their products, as they once did). If a manufacturer does these things, it brings value to the market and the consumer. How is the retail-sales experience different today? Jelley: Consumers are much better informed when they walk into a store. Most shoppers have researched their products with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, so they have a pretty good idea of what they want and need. I actually think this trend is a positive thing for the salespeople on the floor because it makes it easier to close a sale; however, it also means that salespeople need to know their products—so they are still seen as experts. Customers won’t want to pay the additional margin that specialty retailers are asking unless they feel that they are getting the information, design advice, and personal service they expect from a specialty store. As a manufacturer, it’s more important than ever before to work closely with dealers to educate them on products and programs. What changes has Veranda Classics made recently to stay in touch with the marketplace? Jelley: People want beautiful backyard rooms, but they also want furniture that is easy to maintain. Our unique TerraFab technology addresses this perfectly. TerraFab is a weatherproof material that simulates the look of natural materials such as wood and textured stone—but at the same time, it’s durable and easy to clean. We incorporate it in most of our collections because we can replicate any material, including wicker and even concrete. Our popular Monterey collection has an industrial look that includes reclaimed-wood tops and big steel bolts on the sides, all molded out of



TerraFab. Our transitional-style Bella collection was our most popular collection this season. It features TerraFab concrete-look tables and a firepit; they have simple, clean profiles. In general, transitional design sells well for us because it’s a blend of traditional and modern. When a design is too contemporary, the market shrinks significantly. The clean lines and interesting materials of transitional design appeal to baby boomers, generation X, and millennials alike. As consumers’ tastes become more sophisticated, how will the company continue to meet their expectations? Jelley: Design has always been a focus for our company—and now, it has taken a front seat in outdoor living. Our design team spends a lot of time and energy in the field, seeking out innovative ideas. One of the most important things the team does each year is to take its annual inspiration trip. During each four-day trip, the team and I go to a different place to discover and photograph new design themes. For example, one year (when the team was working on cast furniture), we went to New Orleans, Louisiana, to gather ideas from vintage wrought-iron and cast products. Another year, we went to New York, New York, and spent four days shopping in the boutique furniture stores in SoHo, Manhattan, where we got many of our ideas for our TerraFab products. Last year, we went to Paris and to Cologne, Germany, for inspiration. We could spend days literally just popping ideas back and forth to one another during these trips. It’s all about rejuvenating our minds. Which 2017 Veranda Classics pieces or collections are getting the best response? Jelley: Our TerraFab product is what truly sets us



b old . b e a ut iful. w w w. V E R A N DA C L A S S I C S . c o m Circle Reader Service No. 45

AS I SEE IT Veranda Classics

apart. Being able to recreate wood, concrete, and textured stone has really been a big hit for us. Dealers still come into our Chicago showroom and run their hands across our wood-look products— thinking they are going to get splinters.

We have also seen a surge in our firepit sales in the past year. In general, the firepit category is huge in the outdoor industry. It is the single fastestgrowing category in the business. We carry 21 firepits in our line. Our

TerraFab concrete-look Canyon firepit has been a number-one seller for us this season, outstripping all of our other models. Our number-two seller is Romance, which has a TerraFab top that looks like weathered wood.

How is Veranda Classics partnering with retailers to help them grow their businesses? Jelley: The most important thing we did recently, for our retailers, was to create a warehouse program (which we introduced at the 2016 ICFA Preview Show™). Because our manufacturing is done overseas, our dealers typically purchase container-load quantities of products in anticipation that they will have enough to sell through the season. It doesn’t always work out that way, if the season is going strong. Our warehouse program is the perfect solution. We stock five of our best-selling furniture collections, our best-selling firepits, and our occasional-table program in our warehouses (in East Hanover and in Woodland Hills, California) and make them available to our dealers. We can fill any order, with no minimum quantity, at any time—quickly and easily. Dealers don’t have to wait to order full truckloads or containers. We have received a tremendous response from our dealers. The company is also offering a number of good earlybuy programs to give dealers special discounts and dating if they place orders early (before Casual Market Chicago). What will the future hold for the outdoor-living industry? Jelley: The industry is definitely on the rise. Outdoor furniture continues to outpace indoor furniture, when it comes to growth, and I don’t anticipate that slowing down any time soon. One of the biggest changes I have seen, over the past few years, is the tremendous surge in the deep seating category. Outdoors used to be all about dining, and that has changed. Now, it’s more about sitting and relaxing outdoors— which is one of the reasons the firepit category has grown so much, too. People also want outdoor furniture to be as comfortable as indoor furniture, so I see a huge opportunity in that area as well. What are you most excited about for Veranda Classics? Jelley: I am most excited about our design team and the new products that it is bringing to market. I think we have the best design team in the industry. We will be bringing out some unique products that will appeal to today’s generation of outdoor-furniture buyers.

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PrecisionGrilling Experience and attention to detail fuel Broil King.

Broil King



After a century of manufacturing in North America, Onward Manufacturing, the umbrella corporation that makes Broil King, once briefly pondered making its flagship brand abroad. The idea never took hold, primarily due to a palpable pride that reverberates throughout its three factories: in Waterloo, Ontario; Huntington, Indiana; and Dickson, Tennessee. Onward Manufacturing understood that finding a manufacturer abroad would have been easy; however, it also understood that for the long term, there are big advantages when you are close to your supply chain. Ted Mealing, vice president of marketing, Onward Manufacturing, says, “You can work more closely with local suppliers, you can find skilled workers, and you can operate with a hands-on approach.” The choice to invest in North America was conscious, long term, and ultimately successful, but not necessarily easy. There were some challenging years. “We’re here, we’re robust, and we’re thriving,” Mealing adds. “We invested in North American manufacturing with fully integrated factories.” Onward Manufacturing, far beyond mere assembly, sources high-quality raw materials for its grills from mini mills in Indiana and elsewhere in the United States. Cast aluminum is die cast in Dickson, and resins are made in

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The Imperial XL 957884 grill

Grill covers are popular add-on sales

Broil King's commitment to flavor appeals to foodies

The Baron S420 922554 grill

The Broil King offset smoker 958050




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Product Innovation Pacific Energy

Embracing CHANGE Product tweaks boost Pacific Energy’s profits and visibility. BY CHERYL DANGEL BARTOLINI

Like many stove manufacturers, Pacific Energy Fireplaces & Stoves (Duncan, British Columbia) rides the tides of the oil market.

Town & Country’s HeliFire 360 indoor/outdoor see-through fireplace

While many consumers are thrilled by the slide in oil prices, companies that sell renewableenergy heat sources—such as wood/pellet stoves—are enduring challenging times. Stove sales and oil prices are irrevocably linked. When oil prices are high, stove sales soar. When oil prices are low, stove sales slump. Paul Erickson, president of Pacific Energy, says, “Wood and pellet sales are soft, which we attribute to the low price of oil (which affects those two categories dramatically).” He predicts little change in the wood/pellet-stove market. “Wood burning is our core business, but unless the price of oil sees some significant change, I don’t expect a rebound in wood and pellet stoves in the near future. Industrywide sales of pellet stoves dropped roughly 75% over 2015 and 2016, so it is tough times in the pellet business now,” Erickson says. “Fortunately, that is a small portion of our business,” he adds. “Industry-wide sales of wood stoves dropped 10% to 15%. Back in 2007–08, there was a big jump in oil prices, and those were wonderful times to be in the wood-heating business. No one predicted the price of oil would go up that high.” A NEED FOR ALTERNATIVES Erickson originally went into business because of soaring oil prices. In the 1970s, people were scrambling for alternative sources of energy for heating their homes, and Erickson started making rudimentary wood stoves in the basement of his home in 1978. A little over a year later, he had enough business to quit his job (with a steel-fabrication company) and move out of his basement into a rented space. From those humble beginnings, Pacific Energy was born. “At the time, a lot of heating was done

A fireplace from the Architectural series by Town & Country

with oil, and the price was jumping every quarter,” Erickson recalls. “I built what was essentially a box with an air control on it and sold one at a time to people who found me.” The Mirage The wood-stove 18 gas stove business grew incrementally over more than three decades. Now, the company employs, at peak production, 200 people. More important, the company is growing. Erickson reminds us that industry experts didn’t think oil prices would ever be less than $50 per barrel. “With prices that low, it takes the wind out of the alternative-energy industries,” Erickson remarks. Nonetheless, sales are good. To offset the oil-industry decline, Pacific Energy began cultivating international sales, and today, it targets Europe, Australia, and Japan. In fact, Pacific Energy has a subsidiary distribution company in Melbourne, Australia, which simplifies doing business there. “Things in Australia have gone very well for us; its business is counterseasonal to ours. Seasonal businesses are always tough to manage due to fluctuation in demand, so when you do business with someone who is counterseasonal, it offsets periods when you have flat sales,” Erickson says. In addition, the gas portion of the business is robust and growing due to the popularity of its Town & Country Luxury Fireplaces brand. Headlining this year’s new products is Town & Country’s new Architectural series of semicustom




modular fireplaces, launched at HPBExpo in March and featured in the high-profile New American Home 2017 (Lake Nona, Florida). The linear fireplace starts at 3 feet wide and can be expanded in 1-foot increments. Erickson says, “The sky’s the limit,” when it comes to maximum width, but the launch featured configurations from 3 to 8 feet wide. The modular design allows the manufacturer to add power vents as the fireplace gets wider. In theory, the fireplaces could be 16, 20, or even 100 feet wide. Erickson expects, however, that most will be 8 feet wide or less and will be sold to commercial facilities and high-end homes. The Architectural series is power vented, with cool-touch glass, and it features a unique control system. The fireplaces are built to order, which “is quite a departure from our core business, where we build and warehouse products until orders come in,” Erickson notes. Many of the company’s design initiatives are inspired by feedback from its dealers and distributors. Erickson reports, “They say, ‘This type of product would sell, if someone would provide it,’ so we look into it—to see if it is something we can do. Is there a niche we can fill? Will it be successful? We look at projects and distill them down to a manageable number each year.” The company has two research/development teams: one dedicated to wood/pellet stoves and another to gas products. Each group is tasked with coming up with one or two products per year. “Some years, we’ll focus on aesthetic improvements; other years, we’ll add a firebox configuration with some distinct features,” Erickson says. “It is a combination of new, unique

units plus aesthetic upgrades and add-on features that we’ll introduce. We can take an existing product, make enhancements, and offer something the consumer sees as unique.” INDUSTRY INNOVATORS Erickson reports that Pacific Energy is different from its competitors because it is always innovating and points to the company’s tag line: Passion for Innovation. “That’s still as valid today as it was when we started. We are a small company, but we are recognized by our wholesale partners, distributors, and dealers for creating and inventing a lot of innovations that are now standard in the industry,” he says. For example, in 2003, the Town & Country brand was launched in response to demand for a fireplace without metalwork, louvers, and controls obscuring its aesthetic features. Customers “wanted the gas fireplace to look like a wood fireplace. What the industry now refers to as a clean-faced fireplace—90% glass, with a minimal amount of metalwork—is what we introduced with the Town & Country line,” Erickson says. That, coupled with the ability to design your own fireplace, revolutionized the industry. “It used to be that when you bought a gas fireplace, it came with a log set. We created an empty fireplace where brick panels that line the fireplace, media, and logs were all options,” Erickson explains. In fact, Town & Country lets buyers customize their fires with a choice of 15 fireplaces, nine firebox panels, and 13 burners. Erickson says, “We came up with more than 250 combinations of logs, panels, glass, and burners—and designers said, ‘This is great.’ They didn’t want country-style logs in a city penthouse.” Erickson adds that Pacific Energy’s European–style freestanding colorful gas stoves are another example of the company’s leading-edge design. “I don’t know of any other North American manufacturer building that kind of unit and exporting it to Europe,” he says. In addition, he points to Pacific Energy’s work toward meeting EPA 2020 emissions standards for stoves. In 1990, a unit with emissions of “7.5 grams per hour was considered a clean stove,” Erickson says. “Then, it was ratcheted down to 4.5 grams. In response to the latest requirement of 2 grams per hour, the industry said, ‘That’s impossible.’ To reach that level,

some manufacturers are using catalytic technology, but we’re firmly in the noncatalytic category. Today, we’ve completed three units already—and will have a fourth one ready long before the end of 2017—that will be certified as noncatalytic and meeting the 2020 EPA requirement.” EPA compliance has kept the team at

Pacific Energy busy this year. Going forward, the company will be deliberate about introducing new products. Erickson says, “After a company has been in the industry for almost 40 years, you get to the point where you don’t want to create another SKU that will diminish what you have. Instead, you refine what you have. We’re not sitting

tight. We keep improving the line and production methods to be competitive.” He continues, “We don’t need to create a eureka product every year. Instead, we work to offer a product that is viable while minimizing the number of SKUs. We look to our network and ask, ‘What is good for your business?’ Then, we go to work.”


2 0 1 7 C ATA LO G AT K I N G S L E Y B AT E . C O M © Kingsley Bate. Find dealers online. T: 703-361-7000 F: 703-361-7001 [KB1262]

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WinningWith poLyWooD Retailers watch sales jump with POLYWOOD all-weather furnishings. As a true pioneer and originator of furniture made from recycledplastic outdoor lumber, POLYWOOD® continues its march as a leader in the category— throughout the casualfurniture industry.

Retailers and dealers across the United States are pleased by growing consumer interest in the brand, as well as by the benefits of working with its parent company, Poly-Wood LLC (Syracuse, Indiana). Founders Doug Rassi and Mark Phillabaum started their company in the late 1980s, after mandatory municipal/state recycling programs began in some areas (in response to the mountains of plastic in landfills). The innovative team began by designing and manufacturing an Adirondack chair from postconsumer waste, such as milk jugs and detergent bottles. Today, the company offers a range of appealing, fashionable designs—including the still-popular Adirondack chair, which is now available in various styles and in a rainbow of inviting colors. The product lineup has grown deep through the addition of rocking chairs, deep seating, outdoor dining, benches, swings, gliders, chaises, tables, and accessories. This is good news for dealers, who now have the opportunity to supply

Vineyard deep seating ALAN DUMOFF


Corporate profiLe

By kimBerLy roDgers

Dot and Larry Himmelstein with a five-piece bar set, La Casa Café

Vineyard deep seating




multiple outdoor spaces of any home or commercial venue with the brand. Retailers nationwide report that consumer demand for outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic is increasing for many reasons, including its durability in any climate. Susan Kiley is coowner of Bay Breeze Patio (Destin, Florida). She says, “Composite furniture is the fastest-growing category we have, and it has been for the past several years. In our coastal area, we have a lot of rental properties and second homes, and it is the easiest solution for these owners. POLYWOOD is heavy, the wind goes through it, there is very little maintenance, and it has a whopping warranty. It rings every bell for us.” Larry Himmelstein, owner of Surfside Casual Furniture (Somers Point, New Jersey), notes that the product is especially desirable in his market, with the area’s beach climate and lifestyle. “Most of our sales are to customers in a saltwater environment who want low-maintenance, wind-resistant furniture that requires no winter storage,” he says. “POLYWOOD meets these criteria for our customers who are purchasing furniture for vacation homes at the New Jersey seashore.” Kiley reports that in Destin’s

Circle reader service No. 53

retailer an increase in sales. “We have seen growth every year, once consumers realized the line was more than an Adirondack chair. Customers now furnish all their porches, decks, and balconies with it,” Kiley says. “We are buying and selling more POLYWOOD every year. I see the demand only continuing to increase.” For Surfside Casual Furniture, two Adirondack models—with and without the Hideaway ottoman—are the biggest sellers. “Rocking chairs and chaises are

frame. If we don’t have inventory in stock, then we know we can get it for them,” Kiley says. Himmelstein says, “This is an excellent company to work with: It has great buying incentives at market and a product delivery schedule that is hard to believe, with shipping in three days a Classic oversized, or less, for most curved-back adirondack items.” Quick delivery throughout the year is also imporit from us, because we can protant to his clients, who primarily vide delivery and setup,” he says. own second homes. “Our cusDeep-LiNe saLes tomers have a limited period to Kiley appreciates the variety of furenjoy outdoor living,” he adds. niture that the company makes. “It Sanicola likes the stress-free is very innovative, and the line is relationship that Outdoor quite deep. There are many choicElegance has with the manufaces to offer our customers. We sell a turer. “We never have an issue lot of dining sets because the comwith the company, which is one pany has so many styles and price of the reasons we push it so options available. This is especially much,” he comments. important in a rental market “Customer service is always because renters expect a dining great. Orders are automatically table outside,” she says. tracked online, or we can call, at While the Classic Adirondack any time, to check on an order.” chair is still a big seller for Bay Quick delivery is also of great Breeze Patio, the manufacturer’s benefit to Outdoor Elegance cusmany other selections for multiple tomers. Sanicola says, outdoor areas have brought the “Everybody wants everything

also in heavy demand, and we sell a lot of large tables, in both dining and bar heights,” Himmelstein says. Most of the retailer’s sales are for the decks of single-family homes and duplexes; however, he adds, “We also cover pools, boats, and even rooftops.” Himmelstein continues, “We are certainly seeing an increase in our market for recycled furniture.” For his customers, POLYWOOD meets two important requirements: needing low maintenance and being made in the United States. The Classic Adirondack chair is also a big seller for Outdoor Elegance. Sanicola says, “People are building pools with Baja decks, and POLYWOOD can actually sit inside the pool, in the water. We display and stock it in every color. Whether it’s traditional, transitional, or contemporary, it has many different designs and styles that fit everyone’s needs. It is definitely a different type of company. It has a unique, highquality product, and it is set apart from everybody else.”

Nautical dining


Corporate profiLe

right now, so the delivery times (usually three to 10 days) are fantastic.” Sanicola also attributes his store’s success with the brand to its minimum advertised price (MAP) policy, which protects its retailers. “The MAP policy is great. People will go online to research the product and then come to our store to look at it. Because the pricing is the same, customers will buy

coastal cliClassic adirondacks mate—with an abundance of sun, salt, and wind—POLYWOOD is the right choice for homeowners. “It is really going to hold up better than almost anything else in this environment,” she says. The characteristics of the product also make it the right choice for the contract market. Joseph Sanicola, sales associate at Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center (La Verne, California), says, “We have seen a big increase in our contract/commercial market because these clients need something heavy gauge and durable that does not sag. POLYWOOD has such a strong frame that once you sell the order, there is nothing to worry about: It really can be used anywhere—from beach, desert, and mountain resorts to amusement parks, homeowner associations, and country clubs.” a great partNer “We are shocked at how quickly the company ships. When customers buy POLYWOOD from us, and we tell them they will see it in just a few days, they really will,” Kiley says. “The company has never let us down: We can depend on it; it’s a great partner.” Since a substantial portion of Bay Breeze Patio’s customer base is a resort market, quick shipping is a huge plus for the retailer. “People are often here for only two weeks, and they want their outdoor furniture in that time-





2018 Quick Ship Program 17 COLLECTIONS SHIP IN 3 BUSINESS DAYS New Special Order Cushion Program 2018 All Special Order Quick Ship Cushioned Products ship in 5 business days

Dealer Benefits No inventory or warehouse expense. Maximizes turns on Winston floor placements.

Echo Deep Seating Collection

Circle reader service No. 55

Visit our showroom suite #1515 at Casual Market 2017

September 12th-15th

The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL Winston Furniture Company Haleyville, Alabama 205-486-9211


TakeIt Outdoors

An outdoor kitchen with a 36-inch S-series grill, a storage area, and a pullout ice chest

Coyote helps customers create deluxe outdoor kitchens without draining their



bank accounts.


In only eight years, Coyote Outdoor Living Inc. (Carrollton, Texas) has established itself in the industry not only as a renowned grill company, but as a provider of numerous products to create the perfect outdoor/indoor-cooking haven. Jim Ginocchi, founder and president,

says, “We are a one-stop shop for everything from refrigeration to drawers, accessories, and side burners. We have quite the offering for all of our customers.” Ginocchi started his company because his experience in working with contractors and dealers made him notice a need for grills that are a step above big-box stores’ offerings, providing luxurious features without breaking the bank. The midlevel prices of various Coyote grills, at $999 to $2,999, fit into many customers’ budgets—without requiring them to sacrifice quality or features. “There’s really no one in the grill category who can boast all these features at this price,” Ginocchi explains. Coyote’s grill offering ranges from the 28-inch C-series grill to the 50-inch hybrid grill, which uses both charcoal and gas. Ginocchi reports that the 28-inch grill is extremely popular because it is a great option for consumers who want to make the most of small spaces. The 36-inch S-series grill, which sells for $2,999, has three Coyote Infinity burners, a rear burner for rotisserie cooking, a Coyote RapidSear™ burner, and built-in hood lights. Its output of up to 90,000 Btu helps deliver an excellent grilling experience. “That’s our best-selling product,” Ginocchi says. Another top seller, currently listed at $999, is the Asado cooker, which was released in 2016. This ceramic grill offers smoking, grilling, and searing options—for incredible cooking results. Customers can also purchase a bundle of accessories for the Asado for $199; it includes a pizza stone, a holder for beer-can chicken, a heat deflector, a grate gripper, and a waterproof cover. Accessories available from Coyote include woks, griddles, and ceramic briquettes. The company also offers refrigerators, drawers, cabinets, and dry pantries. The company’s refreshment center includes a cooler, a sink, a cutting board, a bottle opener, and more. As homeowners continue to invest more in their outdoor-living spaces, Coyote

The Asado cooker

has noticed a growing demand for products that help create a complete outdoor kitchen: its cooler, warming drawers, and outdoor refrigerators. “Our drop-in cooler is very popular,” Ginocchi says. When Coyote began, it sold grills in the most common sizes: 28, 34, 36, and 42 inches. The company successfully expanded its line, in just a few years, to include more sizes and types of grills, with charcoal, gas, and propane models to accommodate every customer’s needs and living areas. “We are working to outfit everyone,” he says. “We have everything a consumer, contractor, dealer, or designer could want.” Coyote is able to add relevant products by using the knowledge and advice of its staff and of the dealers and other experts with whom it works. This information allows the company to recognize current trends and meet the needs of its customers. “People are using a lot more builtin grills and accessories,” Ginocchi says. “We’re seeing this trend continue.” The company’s most recent addition is its electric grill, released in March, which is already a popular choice for consumers. “We’re finding the electric grill is the most diverse product,” Ginocchi says. It is ideal for residents of condominiums and apartments, who can’t always use grills with open-flame fuels. Outdoor enthusiasts and people on the go are also selecting the electric grill because it is the perfect product for use at RV parks, on camping trips, at tailgating parties, and on boating excursions. The convenience of a safe, high-quality indoor/outdoor grill is attractive to the modern customer. The electric grill can simply be placed on a table or pedestal—or even built into a kitchen island or cabinet.




One reason that Coyote has achieved success in the marketplace is its commitment to using only materials of the highest quality to craft its products. “We only use 304 premium stainless steel,” Ginocchi says. “We stand behind our products.” The company has confidence in the durability and dependability of its products and offers a lifetime warranty on its stainless steel and burners. Another strength of the company is its superior customer service, which goes beyond simply helping customers with their purchases. “Our customer service is second to none,” Ginocchi says. “We’re always there for the customer, from beginning to end.” This includes having highly qualified staff to assist consumers with grill selection, installation, product maintenance, and any questions that they might have. Coyote’s how-to videos (viewable at also are effective in helping customers learn more about products and grilling techniques. In May, Coyote announced an expansion, through Milestone Distributors, into Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and North and South Dakota. Milestone will represent the company’s products in 15 states and will provide its professional experience in distribution, sales, and marketing to those areas. “Outdoor living is a way of life that is about being freed from limits,” Ginocchi says. “For us, it is not rolled out in June and packed away in November. We are excited to be expanding and building relationships to meet our customers’ needs better.” For the future, Coyote will continue to grow its product line thoughtfully. The company already provides customers with food-preparation areas, cooking stations, refrigerators, and a convenient place for recycling and trash, so people can entertain their friends and families without having to be away from the party. “It’s all about creating an entertainment spot—instead of just figuring out where to put a grill,” Ginocchi explains. The company strives to provide products that go beyond its diverse grill offerings because Ginocchi is devoted both to considering every aspect that goes into designing outdoor-living spaces and to delivering all the products and features that customers want. “We will continue to focus on the outdoor-living part of the name,” Ginocchi says. “We are Coyote Outdoor Living, not Coyote Barbecue.”

Prodigy (8’x 12’’)

The Prodigy. Exceptional beauty. Unrivalled allure. From the engineers responsible for leading the custom replace industry Features:

• A robust commercially rated replace built and priced to enjoy at home • Cool Pack glass technology based on 10 years’ experience delivers a completely unrestricted view

• Customize to t your living space – from 3’ x 12” to 8’ x 60”

Start dreaming today at

• Limitless façade options; zero clearance required

• Multi-color LED uplighting to enhance the ame • Engineered performance up to 15,000 BTU/HR per linear foot

Dealer inquiries welcome: 1-800-378-3115 or Circle Reader Service No. 57

FamilyFirst Relationship building has played a vital role in Empire’s longevity.




The Carol Rose Coastal collection’s 60-inch outdoor stainless-steel linear firepit, with multicolored LED lights and decorative clear crushed glass, in a custom table

For a family-owned business such as Empire Comfort Systems (Belleville, Illinois)—which focuses on developing strong partnerships with its employees, dealers, and customers—an 85thanniversary celebration is a big deal. On August 26,

Empire will host a huge party for its employees, families, and friends, complete with food, live music, a bounce house, a dunk tank, and a fund-raiser for charity. Nick Bauer, president, says, “We do a big Family and Friends Day.” According to Bauer, the company’s facility is the venue for the celebration so that employees can show loved ones the tasks they perform in their jobs at the plant. This includes having some of the machines operating for demonstrations. Hosting a large company event every five years is just one of the many ways that Empire shows its commitment to family—and to the employees it credits with its ongoing success. That commitment “is the reason we’ve made it 85 years, and why I’ve no doubt in my mind we’ll make it many more years,” Bauer says. The company was started in 1932 by Henry Bauer, who had a clear vision of the products and kind of company he wanted to build. “It was founded by my greatgrandfather on the core principle of residential gas zone heating,” Bauer says. Efficiency and convenience have remained at the heart of

Empire. “You heat the room that you’re in, to be more efficient,” Bauer explains. This adherence to commonsense products extended into other categories as Empire ventured from stoves to furnaces, gas log sets, and fireplaces. “The fireplace sector represents the vast majority of our business now,” Bauer says. While the company has seen much growth over the years, its philosophy has remained the same. Its stability (in values and in its overall mission) even extends to operating in the same building since 1937. “We’ve expanded and have grown, but we’ve been in the same spot for 80 years,” Bauer says. One way the company has changed is by moving from providing heating surfaces that people did not want to see to crafting beautiful products that not only provide heat, but are also the focal points of rooms. “It’s changed from something that you couldn’t see to something that you want to see,” Bauer says. He adds that many of the products (such as fireplaces) are chosen because of their aesthetics. Some of Empire’s best-selling products are the slope burner gas log set and the direct-vent, ventfree, and outdoor linear higherend fireplaces. It’s in this niche of the market that Empire has seen a lot of growth recently. “This has been really great for us. We’re seeing substantial—exponential— growth in the higher-end part of the market. It’s something I’m very proud of,” Bauer says. Empire released the unique Carol Rose outdoor linear firepit JULY/AUGUST 2017


A 48-inch outdoor linear see-through fireplace from the Carol Rose Coastal collection

in May (along with many exciting company developments). “It’s something different,” Bauer says. Not only is it a beautiful firepit with high-quality heat output, but it also comes with the option of LED lights inside the firepit, allowing users to select from eight colors to create different ambient settings. It has two different speed options that allow the colors to rotate through a cycle. The ability to turn the light feature on without the firepit’s flame also increases its versatility, adding a great feature even when it is warm outside. “It’s a cool visual effect when you don’t want the heat,” Bauer says. This firepit comes with or without the lights to allow for more choices and price levels. “We believe in consumer choice,” Bauer adds. In fact, customer choice is a driving force behind almost all of Empire’s decisions, including product development. While Bauer explains that Empire is very proud of products that originate from its research/development efforts, he adds that most new ideas come from customer feedback and from the input of the company’s network of dealers and employees. “They know what’s selling,” he says. Empire has several brands with long-standing reputations in the marketplace, including Broilmaster (which produces long-lasting grills that are known for their exceptional strength and durability). “It has a very loyal following,” Bauer says. “It’s your


hard-working, durable grill.” The reliability of the grills can provide customers with 50 years of consistently high-quality grilling. “It’s the longest continuously manufactured gas grill in the market,” Bauer says. With each of its brands and products, Empire displays its commitment to longevity and to building a strong reputation through trustworthy business practices. “A family business is who we are, and that is who we always want to be,” Bauer says. He explains that Empire has current customers who have been buying products from the company for 60 years or more, as well as longterm employees who have worked with the company through many decades. Bauer believes that this is the root of Empire’s strength, and its primary goal is to continue to foster strong relationships in each sector of its business. “Our main goal is to be the best partner that we can,” he says. As Empire continues to develop and sell new products, Bauer adds, it wants to focus on improving operations such as shipping and on-time delivery—to maintain its high-quality customer service and reliability. “We are focusing on the operations side of the business,” he says. As always, Empire will remain committed to people. “I want to take the opportunity to thank our customers, our vendors, and all our employees who got us here,” Bauer says. “The people have made Empire what it is. I can’t thank you enough.”

Leaders In Outdoor Value and Comfort

Kingston Sling an all-new MGP collection meets the new Azure frame color available in two-tone

Circle Reader Service No. 59


Aluminum | Marine Grade Polymer | Wicker



LeadingtheWay Innovation has long been the backbone of Weber’s growth.




The Genesis II four-burner gas grill

Building a strong corporate brand with well-known products that are celebrated across generations is part art and part science— and it requires a lot of hard work. Enter Weber-

Stephen Products LLC (Palatine, Illinois), a company that has been manufacturing outdoor grills since 1952. For decades, Weber grills have graced millions of patios, decks, and other outdoorliving spaces. Backyard-grilling aficionado George Stephen Sr. first developed the much-loved classic Weber kettle grill in an attempt to have an even, controllable flame in an open

The Summit S-670 gas grill

grill (while protecting his steaks from wind and rain). While employed at Weber Brothers Metal Works, Stephen ingeniously cut a metal buoy in half and fashioned a dome-shaped grill with a rounded lid—and the original Weber kettle grill was born. After purchasing the Weber Brothers factory a few years later, Stephen began manufacturing and selling the Weber kettle. The rest is history. The privately held company’s products are sold worldwide at selected national home centers, specialty hardware stores, patio stores, and other retail outlets. Today, Weber is a premier manufacturer of charcoal, gas, and electric grills; grilling accessories;

The Summit charcoal grill center



award-winning cookbooks; and mobile apps. Melissa Enos is vice president of marketing, Americas, at Weber. She says, “When George Stephen invented the original Weber kettle, the unique shape—and superior function and results—resonated with grillers frustrated with openpit grilling. The trademark shape became an iconic symbol of Americana.” According to Enos, Weber has a continuing commitment to manufacturing high-quality products. This and its world-class customer service have made the Weber brand a leader in the grill industry. “The Weber kettle continues to thrive, as grillers love the art—and the challenge—of cooking over a live fire,” Enos says. “Weber’s accessories also continue to grow in popularity as more people are looking to do it all on their outdoor grills—from the basics, like burgers, to pizza, oysters, lobster tail, and even desserts.” While the Weber kettle will continue to enhance the backyards of millions, many homeowners are embracing outdoor-living spaces complete with state-of-the-art grills and accessories. In fact, today’s patios and decks have evolved into outdoor rooms— complete with comfortable furniture, entertainment zones, and


cooking areas. Many of these outdoor kitchens offer Weber’s leading-edge grilling systems to appeal to savvy outdoor cooks. Weber continues to enhance its product offerings to provide highend grills for these outdoor spaces. Recently, it launched the Genesis® II line, providing consumers with more choices to suit their life stages and lifestyles. The Genesis II line includes eight models that offer a range of prices (at MSRPs of $599 to $2,249); several sizes (with two, three, four, and six burners); and a variety of characteristics designed to suit today’s griller. In addition, all of the grills have front-mounted docking stations for the iGrill 3 digital grilling thermometer—a Bluetooth-enabled device, sold separately at $109 (MSRP), that delivers grilling alerts and data directly to users’ smartphones. “The best gas grill just got better. We designed each component of Genesis II to give backyard grillers an array of features, sizes, and price points,” Enos says. “This line matches the needs of more grillers. Now, grillers can receive alerts about the food they are grilling—for instance, temperature updates—sent directly to their smartphones using the free companion app.” continued on page 100






Contact your local Weber Representative for more information. Circle Reader Service No. 61



On July 11 through 13, specialty retailers descended on The Merchandise Mart (Chicago, Illinois) to

SunVilla From left: Matt Weiss, Christy Peterson, and Wright Currie

view new outdoor and casual-living merchandise that Patio & Hearth manufacturers will showcase Products Report during Casual Market Chicago Tony Ramos on September 12 through 15. The feedback from attendees of this year’s ICFA Preview Show™ was very positive as they shopped for newly released products from leading manufacturers and discovered the latest trends in colors, product designs, and fabric patterns. Pictured here are industry leaders who always go the extra mile to make the ICFA Preview Show and Casual Market Chicago successful, year after year.

OW Lee Terri Rogers (left) and Leisa Rogers

International Casual Furnishings Association Jackie Hirschhaut

POLYWOOD Megan Pierson and Brady Maller Mallin Casual Ken Chen and Brenda Pereyda

Agio Bob Gaylord

Telescope Casual From left: Bill Vanderminden, Kathy Juckett, and Henry Vanderminden IV

Lloyd Flanders Dudley Flanders

Ratana Godfrey Leung (left) and David Leung

Brown Jordan Stephen Elton

Peak Season Tim Le Roy


Kingsley Bate Clay Kingsley



Erwin and Sons From left: Lynn Shoop, Jake Erwin, and Erik Dych

Patio Renaissance From left: Andrea Dibello, Albert Lord, Mark Gorr, and Alec Chiu

Summer Classics Bew White

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company From left: Jordan Kenney, Paul Nigon, and Joey Shimek

Treasure Garden Oliver Ma and Margaret Chang

Tropitone From left: Demetrius Linebarger, Jennifer Morse, and Frank Verna

Foremost Groups/ Veranda Classics Mike Runnells (left) and Danny Jelley

Gensun Casual Living From left: Lisa Zhou, Jan Trinkley, and Sherry Cai

NorthCape Tom Murray

Outdoor by Design Bill Echols



Jensen Leisure Furniture Janet Wansor and Hlodver Olafsson


What’S NeW

6 hot Products to Sell Now Lloyd Flanders The latest introduction from Lloyd Flanders’ proprietary Lloyd Loom collection is an updated classic from the Lloyd Loom archives. Leading casual-furniture design team John Caldwell Designs reinterpreted this profile by emphasizing the legs as an important design element and adding the more contemporary stainless-steel ferrule as the finishing touch. Contact: (800) 526-9894 or Circle Reader Service No. 101


POLYWOOD The new POLYWOOD® Farmhouse 59-inch bar table seats up to eight guests, with plenty of legroom underneath. Pictured with Modern Adirondack bar chairs, this Farmhouse table is also available in dining height and pairs well with a variety of POLYWOOD chairs. Contact: (877) 457-3284 or

Due to wide demand, Ortal is expanding its H series products to its multisided lines. Ortal’s three-sided Clear 150H has a glass viewing area that is 21 5/8 inches tall. In the H series, Ortal accentuates and extends the height of the glass of the fireplace, creating a pleasing, symmetrical view when a television or work of art is hung directly above the fireplace. Contact: (818) 238-7000 or Circle Reader Service No. 103

Carolina Casual Outdoor Furniture

Circle Reader Service No. 102

The Rail-hugger collection is the perfect solution for those who don’t have large outdoor spaces. The sleek, stylish design is large enough to be used as an elegant side table, serving table, or dining table where space is limited. This collection can be paired with the company’s curved armless bar chairs and can be customized (with hundreds of color options) to match your outdoor space perfectly. Contact: (252) 491-5171 or Circle Reader Service No. 105

Montigo Montigo’s new outdoor fireplace, CabanaFire, has a patented windproof design with glass doors and an Invisimesh safety screen, requires no venting, and is rated for wood-framed construction. Made with high-quality 304 stainless steel, this unit also features dual blowers, providing a curtain of warm air on a cool evening. Contact: (800) 378-3115,, or

Weber-Stephen Products The Weber® Genesis® II line of gas grills includes eight models, each with a 10-year limited warranty. The new line of grills features the GS4 high-performance grilling system. Each grill includes a docking station for the app-controlled iGrill 3 digital thermometer. Contact: (800) 446-1071 or Circle Reader Service No. 104

Circle Reader Service No. 106

JuLY/AuGuST 2017



Circle Reader Service No. 65

product profiles Leeward Cushion Sectional Telescope is proud to introduce its Leeward marine-grade polymer cushion sectional collection. The new pieces create a welcoming, comfortable oasis on your patio. The sectional pieces feature two-seat hidden motion on both ends of the sectional. Leeward is a true game changer for outdoor design, comfort, and style. Contact: (518) 642-1100,, or Circle Reader Service No. 107

Aspen by ARTiculatedshade

The Original Cotton Rope Hammock This superb hammock (Pawleys Island 13OC) is nearly 1,000 feet of soft, strong, 100% cotton three-ply rope and is handsomely handwoven into a lattice-like cradle of relaxation. It’s easy to see why, for generations, this has been the first name in rope hammocks, the company says—all around the world. Of course, to understand what’s so special about a Pawleys Island hammock, you really need to try one for yourself: Isn’t it about time you fall into a Pawleys Island original, handcrafted in the Carolinas? Contact: (800) 334-1078 or Circle Reader Service No. 108

The compact frame of the 13-foot Aspen umbrella by ARTiculatedshade redefines the space an umbrella occupies and the time you interact. Now, open a table umbrella with ease, when desired, rather than out of necessity: 9- and 11-foot options will be available in 2018 to meet your shade needs. Contact: (303) 817-4606 or Circle Reader Service No. 109

Durability and Grace


Why should you compromise? The Sea Breeze folding chair and Celebration drop-leaf table combine style, comfort, and rugged durability in an easy-to-store, low-maintenance dining set. Crafted from high-quality hardwood, Arboria casual outdoor furniture provides strength and resistance to nature’s elements. It’s made in the United States of premium-grade 100% western red cedar. Contact: (800) 459-8718 or

With the 1950s beach look of vintage rattan furniture, the Newport collection brings the beauty of the indoors to outdoor rooms. A subtle, brushed finish applied to the N-dura™ resin material adds a nice texture that gives the pieces a natural finish. This designer line mixes elegantly with other pieces in the White Label collection. Contact: (888) 868-4267 or

Circle Reader Service No. 110

Circle Reader Service No. 111

Boulevard 60 Linear See-through Fireplace empire is expanding the popular vent-free Boulevard linear fireplace series with the addition of the 60-inch see-through model (40,000 Btu). The unit installs as a conventional see-through fireplace on an interior wall or as an indoor/outdoor see-through fireplace on an exterior wall. With a true 60-inch viewing area, an integrated multicolor Led lighting system, and an optional handpainted log set, the newest Boulevard fireplace makes a bold statement—inside and outdoors. It’s available through White Mountain Hearth and American Hearth dealers. Contact: (800) 851-3153,, or Circle Reader Service No. 112

JULy/AUgUST 2017



Please join us in our Casual Market Chicago Showroom 16-108 to see our new products including our new Seville collection.

Circle Reader Service No. 67

product profiles Parkway Sling Parkway sling completes the contemporary Parkway collection, creating Brown Jordan’s largest collection. designed by John Caldwell, the Parkway sling collection features modern lines and exclusive Versatex mesh. The Parkway sling armchair and chaise stack to add even more flexibility. Contact: (800) 743-4252 or Circle Reader Service No. 113

Lake House Dining Collection Clean, breezy, and comfortable, the newest looks from Agio continue to be among the leaders in the industry. The Lake House collection is no exception, with its unique, modern trestle-style table, with a weather-resistant, durable, polystyrene-wood tabletop and a mix of traditional and bench seating. The mix of pieces creates a look that says it’s put together, but never fussy. With chair backs in all-weather wicker and with weather- and UV-resistant cushions, Lake House and its other coordinating collections are sure to be top sellers on your showroom floor. Contact: (888) 997-7623 or Circle Reader Service No. 114

Big Green Egg Cast-iron Skillet Introducing the new Big green egg cast-iron skillet, perfect for searing, braising, baking, sautéing, or roasting: Use the skillet in your egg for everything from seared steaks and seafood, braised meats, casseroles, and gratins to cornbread, biscuits, and cobblers. It’s designed with two easy-to-grip handles and built to deliver a lifetime of cooking enjoyment. Contact: (770) 938-9394 or Circle Reader Service No. 115

Emerald II emerald II is a reincarnation from Sunset West. With a low-back contemporary look, this steel-gray weave says european lounge, while offering generous seat height and scale to provide great comfort. emerald II offers a full complement of deep seating, as well as coordinating bar and counter stools. Contact: (760) 599-1021 or

The Pit Boss Red Rock gas smoker can achieve temperatures as low as 100 degrees and as high as 400 degrees. The PB gas smoker series features a spacious cooking area; up to seven porcelain-coated cooking racks; an oversized, front-loading wood-chip tray; external heat indicators; rear wheels and a handle for mobility; and a stylish red semigloss finish. experience how Pit Boss is redefining the smoker industry in your own backyard today. Contact: (877) 303-3134 or

Circle Reader Service No. 116

Circle Reader Service No. 117

Pit Boss Vertical Gas Smoker Series

Stratford Collection Swivel Chair The Stratford collection provides timeless style and the ultimate comfort for outdoor relaxing and entertaining. The swivel chair features a swivel system with no metal screws or hardware, so you can enjoy years of worry-free comfort. This unique swivel mechanism is exclusive to C.R. Plastic Products and is patent pending. The company offers a broad selection of finely engineered motion pieces in dining and pub styles as well. Contact: (800) 490-1283 or Circle Reader Service No. 118

JULy/AUgUST 2017



As the pioneer of outdoor floor coverings, Couristan offers the most expansive assortment of outdoor/indoor area rugs with exclusive constructions, a multitude of color choices and award-winning designs unlike anything else on the market. From exquisite hand-hooked constructions to meticulously power-loomed options, today’s hottest trends can be found in the uncompromising quality of Couristan area rugs.

Casual Market Chicago BOOTH 7-4029 7 TH Floor September 12–15, 2017 Circle Reader Service No. 69 | 800.223.6186

product profiles Napa St. Bernardus St. Bernardus is MLW Stone’s latest and most cost-effective natural-stone fireplace facing. Available in three standard sizes, St. Bernardus is a sound and durable honed-limestone fireplace surround that is consistent in color from piece to piece and set to set. Its warm, clean, and neutral color lends itself well to any traditional or contemporary decor. For samples, email Contact: (800) 477-7665 or

The Napa collection sectional group offers deep seating comfort in seating arrangements to fit any space. Individual pieces include left and right love seats, armless chairs, and middle corner or middle corner 45-degree pieces. It’s shown in a latte finish, with matching brushed-aluminum granite-topped tables. Four mini poufs tuck away completely underneath the chat table. Contact: (770) 579-0414 or Circle Reader Service No. 122

Circle Reader Service No. 119

St. Barts Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Coyote Outdoor Living’s Versatile Tabletop/Builtin/Pedestal-mount Electric Grill

Kingsley Bate’s St. Barts lounge chair has a modern, livable style that is assimilated into countless settings. The frame is crafted from rustproof aluminum, all-weather rope that has the natural look of authentic hemp rope, and solid-teakwood feet. The collection includes dining pieces, lounge seating, a sectional, and a chaise. Contact: (703) 361-7000 or

The new electric grill from Coyote Outdoor Living will turn any outdoor space, large or small, into a true outdoor-living environment. With 1,300 watts of power spread out over 156 square inches of cooking surface, this grill will be the envy of your neighbors. Place it on a table, or order a pedestal stand for it. Are you looking for something a little more customized? No problem: Remove the bottom frame and build it into an island or cabinet of your choice. This electric grill is the only one with charcoal briquettes to give you true barbecue flavor, the company says. Contact: (855) 520-1559 or

Circle Reader Service No. 123

Circle Reader Service No. 120

Bradley Club Chair New for 2018 at Veranda Classics is the mixed-media Bradley collection. With an all-aluminum frame in a sumptuous silvery gray teak frame finish, Bradley features a handwoven seat in a beautiful weathered-gray wicker. The Bradley club chair is the epitome of transitional design. Clean lines and a classic profile set this club chair and its coordinating collection apart from the competition. Contact: (321) 312-8293 or

repellency to outdoor fabrics—such as your patio cushions or umbrella. When applied to clean, dry fabrics, 303 Fabric guard will help repel moisture and stains, to help keep your fabrics looking new and lasting longer. Contact: (800) 621-1251 or

Circle Reader Service No. 121

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303 Fabric Guard for Outdoor Fabrics 303® Fabric guard™ is the only product recommended by leading outdoor-fabric manufacturer Sunbrella® to restore lost water/stain

JULy/AUgUST 2017



HANDCRAFTING QUALITY for your Customers Since 1889

Come see us at the Las Vegas Market, July 30th - August 3rd, Booth #C1379 or Chicago Casual Furniture Market, September 12th - 15th, Booth #7-6061 & #7-5055

Visit Us: | Call 800.334.1078 or Email

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product profiles Ortal Standalone Gas Fireplaces Ortal offers a varied line of freestanding gas fireplaces. The Standalone series consists of beautifully detailed iron-made units that can be quickly installed in any location. These fireplaces are ideal for virtually any space and require minimal renovation. Contact Ortal to learn more about this product. Contact: (818) 238-7000 or Circle Reader Service No. 125

Santa Cruz Tivoli U-Top Mallin is diving into summer with a new firepit top. The U-Top features an elegant smoky-gray stonelike texture that is perfectly paired with all of Mallin’s finishes and collections. This top is uniquely made with natural, ecofriendly material that is high-heat resistant and easy to clean. The U-Top has strong construction and a durable surface, but is lightweight. Contact: (800) 251-6537 or Circle Reader Service No. 126

The Santa Cruz Tivoli five-piece dining group features Jensen Leisure’s new Santa Cruz dining chair, which combines Virofiber hyacinth weave, in soft rustic brown, with 100% FSC roble timber. Created by danish furniture designer Povl eskildsen, it offers comfortable seating, indoors and outside. The design’s back shape supports the lumbar area, so there’s no need for a back cushion. Santa Cruz dining is shown with the Tivoli 49-inch round table and the new Santa Cruz dining chair (with a Sunbrella® Cast sable seat pad). The MSRP is $660. Contact: (800) 403-0403 or Circle Reader Service No. 127

Taylor The new Taylor collection by Libby Langdon for NorthCape epitomizes classic furniture design—with an updated twist. each piece is expertly upholstered in Veranda nutmeg all-weather material, combined with a beautiful walnut wood-look aluminum finish. The 80-inch tempered-glass dining table features the same walnut aluminum finish in a sleek design that provides plenty of legroom. Contact: (708) 563-2890 or Circle Reader Service No. 128

Deep Seating Collection by Carolina Casual

Contemporary, cushionless comfort: The new Ventura collection by erwin is the very definition of modern, with sleek, low-slung lines in ash flat weave and brushed aluminum. Polished-granite tabletops accent this six-piece group. Contact: (770) 579-0414 or

As comfortable and functional as the furniture in your home, this elegant deep seating collection is constructed from HdPe lumber and Phifertex® materials, providing durability and sturdiness. Choose any Sunbrella® fabric, and pair it with one of the 13 frame colors to complement your outdoor space perfectly. Contact: (252) 491-5171 or

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JULy/AUgUST 2017



Receive a Free Catalog at View All Of The Collections At Our Showrooms:

ATLANTA AmericasMart, Building 2 | 10-C-91

CHICAGO Merchandise Mart Suite 15-1556

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LAS VEGAS World Market Center C – Showroom #C1396

product profiles The Cayman Swivel Rocker Lounge Chair The Lloyd Flanders Cayman collection brings dramatic styling and a unique weaving material together in a striking new seating and dining collection. The sculpted profile of the swivel rocker lounge chair pleases from every perspective and provides luxurious deep seated comfort. Contact: (800) 526-9894 or

Aspen by ARTiculatedshade

Circle Reader Service No. 131

The 13-foot Aspen umbrella by ARTiculatedshade features a strong, 180-pound rolling base and provides ample shade on sunny days, as it did at this year’s Rolls Royce Owners’ Club of North America exhibition. Contact: (303) 817-4606 or


Circle Reader Service No. 134

Relax in the comfort of your home with the effortlessly modern Monaco collection. The varying motifs, ranging from graphic stripes to geometric patterns, are sure to fit in seamlessly in both outdoor spaces and indoor rooms. These multipurpose area rugs are constructed in a unique structured flat weave, boasting a smooth surface that is perfect for outdoor or indoor use. Woven using 100% fiber-enhanced Courtron polypropylene, each of the subtle patterns offers a highly durable pile, with little upkeep required. designed specifically to withstand the elements, Monaco is UV stabilized to ensure each area rug in the collection retains its color, despite sun exposure and other weather conditions, in addition to being mold and mildew resistant. The neutral color scheme found in Monaco—including cool blues, muted greens, soft grays, and sandy beiges—is sure to transport you to your very own in-home retreat. Contact: (800) 223-6186 or

empire Comfort Systems introduces the first outdoor firepit available with integrated multicolor Led lighting in 48-inch (55,000 Btu) and 60-inch (65,000 Btu) models. The reliable spark-ignition system and three-position gas valve allow you to light the fire in seconds and set the flame height to suit any occasion. With exterior surfaces built with 11-gauge marine-grade 316 stainless steel, the firepit will bring sparkle to your outdoor space for several years. It’s available through White Mountain Hearth and American Hearth dealers. Contact: (800) 851-3153,, or

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Empire Redefines the Firepit

Coyote Asado Cooker The Coyote Asado cooker, featuring heat-resistant ceramic construction and a Coyote Signature smoking grate, enables outdoor chefs to smoke, bake, sear, or grill ingredients in one unit. The Coyote Asado cooker offers 254 square inches of cooking surface and an adjustable venting system to maintain precise cooking temperatures. This model can be used in an optional cart with side shelves or can be seamlessly built into an outdoor-kitchen island. In addition, Coyote offers the Asado accessories bundle, which packages together five key accessories for diverse food preparation and product maintenance. Retailing for $199, the bundle includes a beer-can–chicken holder, a pizza stone, a heat deflector, grate grippers, and a cover: the five top-selling accessories for smokers. Contact: (855) 520-1559 or

Big Green Egg Acacia Table Big green egg’s new Acacia table has a fine grain that shows off the beauty of the solid wood. The table is handcrafted to the highest quality standards and offers an ample, convenient working and serving area for XLarge and large eggs. Contact: (770) 938-9394 or Circle Reader Service No. 136

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JULy/AUgUST 2017



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product profiles Outdoor by Design Relax in style and comfort with the Island Bay and West Indies resin-wicker collections from Opus One Outdoor. These beautiful sets feature a strong, durable aluminum frame covered in weatherproof resin wicker. The comfortable deep seating cushions not only bring out the beauty of the wicker, but also match any outdoor decor. These collections are ideal for spending time with friends, reading, working, or just enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Visit the Outdoor by design showroom at the Chicago Merchandise Mart (16-104) or in Sarasota, Florida. Contact: (941) 896-4425 or Circle Reader Service No. 137

Sarasota Collection


Sarasota is now available in modular pieces, allowing for more flexibility in furniture layouts. It features a sleek, clean horizontal-line back design with a semiupholstered look. While smaller in scale, its plush cushions meet Mallin comfort standards. With simple, contemporary aesthetics, Sarasota encompasses a modern look that is perfect for any condo or home worldwide. Contact: (800) 251-6537 or Circle Reader Service No. 138

Metal-Fab Air-Cooled Temp/guard® chimney, diameters 8 to 12 inches, is now UL approved for use with decorative chimney shrouds and listed for use with appliances that have a flue temperature that does not exceed 1,700 degrees. Chimney shrouds are required to be built and installed in compliance with installation instructions, form no. L2376. Air-Cooled Temp/guard chimney is designed for use with masonry fireplaces or building-heating appliances burning gas, liquid, or solid fuels. The chimney is to be installed in accordance with the installation and maintenance instructions, form no. L2751. Contact: (800) 835-2830 or Circle Reader Service No. 139

Pawleys Island Large Quilted Fabric Hammock (Beaches Stripe) This hammock (QBe01 ) is two layers of all-weather, solution-dyed synthetic duraCord® fabric lockstitched over a 1-inch center of plush, resilient, nonabsorbent polyester-fiberfill batting, creating 18 individual pillowy cushions running the length of the hammock bed. The spreader bars are solid oak that’s been hand-dipped multiple times in marine-quality spar varnish. The ropes attaching the hanging hardware to the hammock bed are also made from duraCord. The company precision winds all of its own rope to exceed even the U.S. military’s exacting specifications for strength. Hanging hardware (including chains) is zinc-plated steel, for a further boost in strength and for heightened rust protection. Contact: (800) 334-1078 or Circle Reader Service No. 140

Heat & Glo Palazzo Softscape by Brown Jordan Softscape, designed by John Caldwell, offers casual sophistication, with clean lines that combine innovation, function, and color. The Softscape collection offers a complete line of outdoor furniture, with Suncloth strap dining, bistro pieces, lounge seating, and deep seating cushion pieces. The dining chair and chaise stack for easy storage. Contact: (800) 743-4252 or

The innovative, sleek Palazzo from Heat & glo features an industry-first power screen that moves up and down at the touch of a button, allowing an uninterrupted view of the flames. Marine-grade stainless steel ensures that it will maintain its luster, and multicolored Led lights shine through crushed glass. Contact: (888) 427-3973 or Circle Reader Service No. 142

Circle Reader Service No. 141

JULy/AUgUST 2017



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product profiles Bold, Beautiful Color Constructed from up to 100% recycled HdPe plastic and tested in 10 years of Arizona UV spectrum, C.R. Plastic Products outdoor furniture boasts 16 colors that will stay beautiful for generations. With an expansive product selection, unbeatable comfort, and rich colors, it’s the perfect choice for any outdoor space. Contact: (800) 490-1283 or Circle Reader Service No. 143

Jetset Dining Armchair Provence Teak Sunset West offers a selection of tables made from 100% solid teak in a driftwood finish. The natural, rustic look—with unique characteristics, such as knots and splices—works in an ever-changing environment, with easy maintenance for the life of the product. you will find a variety of dining- and occasional-table options that mix well, as shown here, with the wrought-iron Provence collection. Contact: (760) 599-1021 or

This design is extremely popular and can be found in all types of material except marine-grade polymer—until now. It has great curves and clean lines, giving it a modern look, with the durability and functionality of Telescope’s marine-grade polymer. Jetset will deliver you in comfort and style and is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Contact: (518) 642-1100,, or Circle Reader Service No. 145

Circle Reader Service No. 144

New Edge and Wave Collections edge and Wave are new collections for 2018 from gensun. The two collections feature the same leg and arm design (with a different back option). Seating is available in dining, deep seating, bar, and balcony styles. Contact: (866) 964-4468 or Circle Reader Service No. 146

Outdoor Escape Paying homage to nature’s purest pleasures, the Outdoor escape collection is Couristan’s newest addition to the weather-resistant area-rug category. Offering picturesque renditions of various outdoor scenes, these durable performance area rugs have a novelty appeal that is perfect for complementing themed decor. Featuring a unique handhooked construction, each design in the collection showcases a textured loop pile that adds dimension to the motifs. With patterns representing beach landscapes, lighthouses, and seashells, these outdoor/indoor area rugs create a soothing atmosphere reminiscent of treasured vacation spots and outdoor hobbies. Welcoming bare feet, they are surprisingly sturdy and are designed to withstand the rigors of the elements. Made with 100% fiber-enhanced Courtron polypropylene, these whimsical floor fashions are mold/mildew resistant and can be used in a multitude of spaces, such as covered patios, sunrooms, and kitchens. easy to clean, these multipurpose area rugs are ideal selections for households where fun is the essential ingredient. Contact: (800) 223-6186 or

The Laurel collection from Portica by SunVilla has been a favorite over the years. For 2018, Laurel will now have an additional sectional offering. Sectional options include left- and right-arm facing love seats, armless sections, and a rounded corner section. As part of this launch, Portica by SunVilla has added a new fabric to Laurel as well: Cast mist by Sunbrella®. Contact: (888) 690-9800 or

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Keep calm , l ue...










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product profiles Woodlawn Midcentury Modern design combines with the beauty of plantation-grade teak to create the Woodlawn collection. details such as the Batyline® sling back on the chair, clean lines, and a gracefully fitted cushion enhance the style. The chairs contain a recliner mechanism for a relaxed feel, and the two-seat settee fits perfectly in smaller spaces. Contact: (888) 868-4267 or Circle Reader Service No. 149

A Refreshed Take on a Timeless Design

Parkdale Deep Seating Classically styled and timeless, the Parkdale deep seating group is sure to be a hot seller on showroom floors this season. With frames of rust-free aluminum, the sofa, glider, and armchair with ottoman feature gracefully curved arms and trendsetting slate-blue all-weather cushions that add a pop of color to any outdoor setting. Coordinating cast-top coffee and accent tables complete the look. Add Parkdale to your product line and you’re sure to see a boost in profits and customer satisfaction. Contact: (888) 997-7623 or

The Classic potting bench features an especially sturdy sliding top that functions as a solid work surface, even when it’s completely open; as an added feature, the bench has an integrated lower shelf—perfect for holding tools, plant starts, fertilizers, and all of your potting needs. It’s made in the United States of premium-grade 100% western red cedar. Contact: (800) 459-8718 or Circle Reader Service No. 151

Circle Reader Service No. 150

Montigo Custom Prodigy From the engineers responsible for leading designs in the custom-fireplace industry, Prodigy is a robust, commercially rated fireplace built and priced to enjoy at home. Featuring patented, frameless Cool Pack glass technology, the Prodigy fireplace delivers a completely unrestricted view—anywhere from 3x1 to 8x5 feet. Contact: (800) 378-3115,, or Circle Reader Service No. 152

303 Aerospace Protectant Originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications, 303® Aerospace Protectant™ instantly beautifies surfaces and provides superior protection against harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration/fading, embrittlement, cracking, and chalking of surfaces. It also repels dust, dirt, lint, and soiling/staining. It’s great for use on all vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces. Contact: (800) 621-1251 or Circle Reader Service No. 153 Circle Reader Service No. 80

JULy/AUgUST 2017




The Casual Market Chicago - Space 7-3094

WWW.CAROLINACASUAL.COM Circle Reader Service No. 81

product profiles Ridgewood by OW Lee New for 2018: The rustic design of the Ridgewood collection was inspired by the classic log-and-beam trestlework of the railroad bridges found throughout the Western United States. details such as hammered rivets and wood-grain embossing further add to this distinctly U.S. design. Contact: (800) 776-9533 or Circle Reader Service No. 154

Carbon by Phifer Perfect for the outdoors, Phifer’s SheerWeave® presents a new hue, carbon. It has been added to the SunTex 95 range, joining eight neutral color options in this collection (designed specifically for exterior roller-shade applications). Made from vinyl-coated polyester, SunTex 95 is thinner and lighter in weight than traditional SunTex fabrics and is a full basketweave. Blocking approximately 95% of the sun’s hot rays, SunTex 95 offers increased heat/glare control for a cooler, more comfortable outdoor environment. By reducing the sun’s penetration to interior rooms, these shades can lower cooling demand and reduce energy consumption. Contact: (800) 221-5497 or

Relax in style and comfort with the Island Bay and West Indies resin-wicker collections from Opus One Outdoor. These beautiful sets feature a strong, durable aluminum frame covered in weatherproof resin wicker. The comfortable deep seating cushions not only bring out the beauty of the wicker, but also match any outdoor decor. These collections are ideal for spending time with friends, reading, working, or just enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Visit the Outdoor by design showroom at the Chicago Merchandise Mart (16-104) or in Sarasota, Florida. Contact: (941) 896-4425 or

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Outdoor by Design

Copenhagen Conjuring the Viking Age, the all-new Copenhagen collection captures the unmatched hallmark of danish quality and craftsmanship in furniture design with its distinctive, neoclassical Nordic look. Copenhagen pairs clean architectural lines with fashion-forward comfort, making it an ideal choice for your outdoor life. From modern metro to magnificent mansion, this collection beams european taste and style. Contact: (866) 690-5673 or Circle Reader Service No. 157

Valencia Strong, gothic, riveted cross-lap joints will send your home to a simpler time. Valencia doors are forged in steel and handcrafted in Akron, Ohio. They are available in all of the company’s heritage colors and are custom-made to fit your needs. Valencia doors will give your current fireplace that old-world feel you have been seeking. Contact: (800) 321-0313 or

Peak Season Customers are looking for furniture and accessories they can mix and match to create their look. With the Inspired Visions collection, you’ll find a wide range of fabulous items showcasing color with bold hues and durable materials that can withstand the elements. Contact: (866) 606-6330 or Circle Reader Service No. 158

Circle Reader Service No. 159

JULy/AUgUST 2017



Circle Reader Service No. 83

product profiles Treasure Garden Tradition with a twist: Treasure garden takes a market umbrella and reinvents it as a more cutting-edge, contemporary star-shaped shade alternative sure to complement any upscale outdoor setting. With eight ribs and a pop-up lift with a pin, it’s available in stainless-steel and black finishes. Contact: (626) 814-0168 or Circle Reader Service No. 160

Cape Town MainSail by Tropitone

The Ratana Cape Town collection is handcrafted with precision artistry—with modern appeal and ultimate comfort. This luxurious deep seating collection highlights a charming blend of premium-grade, weather-resistant resin in stone gray and the rich hue of a powder-coated aluminum frame in ash gray. The extruded-aluminum tapered legs, impeccably slanted woven back, and flawlessly polished armrests bring a distinctive look to any outdoor space. Contact: (866) 919-1881 or

MainSail woven outdoor-furniture pieces feature sleek, elegant aluminum arms paired with a woven element to create stylish outdoor furniture with mixed materials. Tropitone’s MainSail woven collection features woven bucket dining and woven deep seating. With powder-coated aluminum elements and woven elements, MainSail offers numerous options for customers to create their own designs. Contact: (949) 951-2010 or

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Seville Portica by SunVilla has launched a new cast/extruded-combination collection for 2018. The Seville collection has a stunning midnight finish and is partnered with three choices of Sunbrella® fabric. The quatrefoil design on the back and the sleek arm provide a unique and transitional feel. Cushions are finely tailored and feature a jumbo welt and cast button on the back cushions. dining and deep seating options are available, as well as new complementary cast-top tables. Contact: (888) 690-9800 or Circle Reader Service No. 163

Heatilator Longmire

Tempotest USA introduces Ombrelloni, a new collection of Parà’s Tempotest fabrics. Ombrelloni is a lighter version of the company’s awning fabric. It has a Teflon® and resin finish that allows for an unexpectedly high level of water resistance in a weight that is perfect for larger umbrellas and canopies (where a lighter-weight fabric is easier to lower, raise, and store). It also is woven 72 inches wide, so larger panels can be used on umbrellas and canopies. Made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic, these fabrics are bleach cleanable and resistant to fading, mold, mildew, and stains. Contact Tempotest USA or Miami Corp. to learn more about these stylish performance fabrics. Contact: (972) 512-3534 or; (800) 543-0448 or

The Longmire wood-burning fireplace from Heatilator has a clean, contemporary shape. It features a drawbridge gate and a hinged glass door to make loading wood and routine maintenance simple, while offering the nostalgic sights, sounds, and smells you love from a wood-burning fireplace. Contact: (800) 927-6841 or

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Tempotest USA

JULy/AUgUST 2017



Telescope Casual offers a big CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for your loyalty, dedication and continuous hard work!

Robert Vanderminden Sr. 66 years of service

Richard Butler 45 years of service

Frank Woodruff 44 years of service

Paul Woodruff 47 years of service

Gary Douglas 47 years of service

Charlie Jones 47 years of service

Dan Petty 45 years of service

Robert Vanderminden Jr. 41 years of service

Matt Mead 40 years of service

Bruce Rathbun 40 years of service

Robin Dodge 40 years of service

Circle Reader Service No. 85

product profiles POLYWOOD Vineyard Deep Seating Vineyard deep seating features supportive seat cushions and soft, buttoned back pillows covered in Sunbrella® fabric. This traditional set, pictured with Newport coffee and end tables, joins the larger POLyWOOd® Vineyard collection, which includes all-weather garden chairs, benches, and a swing. Contact: (877) 457-3284 or Circle Reader Service No. 166

Ravelli Roma Zero-clearance Insert Sag Harbor and Nantucket Counter Stools Kingsley Bate now offers counter-height stools as part of its Sag Harbor and Nantucket collections. The counter-height stools are constructed from premium outdoor materials, including grade A teakwood, and are the perfect complement to an outdoor kitchen. Contact: (703) 361-7000 or

Roma is the first insert designed by Ravelli specifically for the North American market and is perfect for existing fireplaces and new construction. Firex600 interiors and elegant cast-iron exteriors ensure a powerful and constant release of heat, with emissions of just 0.74 grams per hour. Contact: (415) 966-5415 or Circle Reader Service No. 168

Circle Reader Service No. 167

Cove by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company The Cove collection is the perfect addition to any contemporary outdoor space. The natural-gray Supercast concrete base lets the focus be on the stunning Crystal Fire™ burner. The organic, natural appearance of the concrete is unique to each firepit. Cove is available in three models with round fire bowls, as well as a linear model (shown). Contact: (866) 303-4028 or Circle Reader Service No. 169

A Preview of Phifer’s New Lines Phifer Inc. will showcase its newest outdoor performance and interior/exterior sun-control fabrics at the 2017 IFAI expo. get a first look at stock-line additions to Phifer’s sling-fabric line, Phifertex® outdoor fabrics. Updates include new offerings plucked from the majestic teal-influenced Pacific glow collection introduced last fall. Phifertex fabrics are built tough for outdoor performance and can be used in awning, umbrella, pillow, and new exterior-fabric applications. Phifer’s new two-year stock-line binder will also be on hand at the IFAI expo, displaying the full designed Fabrics line of geoBella® cushion and Phifertex sling fabrics. Visit Phifer at booth 2213 on September 27 through 29 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Contact: (800) 221-5497 or

Featuring a slim and stylish design, NorthCape’s new Amari collection is an exciting addition to the warehouse program. The flat cobalt finish combines with stately aluminum legs and quick-ship cushions in your choice of 13 fabric options to create a clean, comfortable, contemporary style. Contact: (708) 563-2890 or

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JULy/AUgUST 2017





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product profiles Cordial Collection Jensen Leisure welcomes British designer Alan Morley. His Cordial collection consists of a lounge, a love seat in gray or beige, and oval and round tables with 100% FSC–certified ipê tops. This fusion of Scandinavian and Mediterranean influences combines high-quality materials with ergonomics. Powder-coated aluminum frames couple with handwoven Twitchell marine-grade 100% olefin rope. The new Cordial lounge comes with a seat cushion. The MSRP is $1,400. Contact: (800) 403-0403 or Circle Reader Service No. 172

PB Silver Star Digital Electric Smoker Series

Channel Chaise Cushion With Attached Neck Roll

There’s a new boss in town: the Pit Boss Silver Star digital electric smoker series. The Silver Star series features a large front window that eliminates the need for peekaboo cooking, porcelain-coated cooking racks, locking caster wheels, an easy-to-read digital controller, a meat probe, and a stunning Silver Star finish. With its elevated stand (for easy loading and unloading) and a multiple-position rack system, you’ll have room to smoke anything your heart (or stomach) desires. Contact: (877) 303-3134 or

This versatile chaise cushion features multiple channels and an optional neck roll, 15 inches wide and 5.5 inched in diameter, with a Velcro® attachment. The overall size of the cushion is 22x74x2.5 inches. For easy transport to the pool or beach, a handy sewn-in carrier strap is provided. To minimize storage-space needs, the cushion can be rolled up, and two sets of security ties come standard. The product is available in a variety of furniture-grade fabrics of solution-dyed acrylic. Contact: (866) 667-8668 or

Circle Reader Service No. 174

Circle Reader Service No. 173

Seaglass From Outdura The color range of the sea is Outdura’s featured color this season: Soft, soothing, and peaceful, it is the perfect blend for indoors and outside. Seaglass, Outdura’s color of the year, is the perfect escape color. Not too green and not too blue, it’s the just-right watery hue. All Outdura fabrics are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic, made in the United States. They are superior in quality, hand, and performance. The palette offers a wide array of colors, many of which are exclusive. Commonly used in commercial and residential settings, Outdura fabrics are perfect for indoor and outdoor furniture, draperies, umbrellas, and more. Contact: (866) 688-3872 or Circle Reader Service No. 175


Ultraleather Cora Outdoor by Ultrafabrics Ultraleather® Cora outdoor fabric makes a bold statement as part of any design vision, in any application, inside or outdoors. This smart fabric delivers moisture repellency; solar endurance; colorfastness; climate-control technology; and ePA–registered defense against microbes, bacteria, and mildew. Contact: (877) 309-6648 or Circle Reader Service No. 176

Woodbridge Fireplace introduces a new addition to its outdoor collection. These 18- and 24-inch gas log sets (gLO-18 and gLO-24 models) are made of heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel. Standard features include realistic hand-detailed log sets, a remote control, and clear-glass burner media. Other colors of fireglass are available. The sets produce 45,000 Btu per hour (gLO-18) and 60,000 Btu per hour (gLO-24). A full catalog is available at the company’s website. Contact: (844) 636-3473 or Circle Reader Service No. 177

JULy/AUgUST 2017



Circle Reader Service No. 89

product profiles Covina Sling by Windward The Covina collection features a frame of marine-grade polymer that is significantly stronger, more scratch resistant, and more durable than furniture made from recycled materials, the company says. The collection is made entirely in the United States, from material to end product, and has a completely recyclable frame. Covina is available in sling, padded-sling, and deep seating pieces—all at some of the most competitive prices on the market. Contact: (941) 359-0890 or Circle Reader Service No. 178

Stamskin One Upholstery Fabric Avignon Chat Chair and Gas Firepit Table For 2018, Winston Furniture’s quick-ship program has expanded to 17 collections (with more than 111 SKUs), and it now offers a special-order quick-ship program for nine cushion collections. Avignon’s classic cast details and rich toffee weave pair beautifully with Winston’s quick-ship gas firepit tables, available in 44- or 54-inch round sizes. Contact: (205) 486-9211 or

Luxurious softness meets extreme durability with Serge Ferrari’s Stamskin One upholstery material. Ideal for outdoor and intensive applications—such as poolside-seating, restaurant, spa, and yacht use—this Swiss-made fabric is waterproof, easy to clean, and UV resistant. The unique smooth finish is cool to the touch and reduces heat buildup during sitting. With exceptional strength, Stamskin One brings long-term beauty and durability to any seating. Contact: (954) 942-3600 or Circle Reader Service No. 180

Circle Reader Service No. 179

Weber Summit Charcoal Grill The Weber® Summit® charcoal grill provides ultimate control and holds steady temperatures for hours of cooking. It is an air-insulated, double-walled grill that features the Rapidfire lid damper, a hinged diffuser plate, a two-position fuel grate, and more. Contact: (800) 446-1071 or Circle Reader Service No. 181

Tempotest USA Tempotest USA introduces 300e, a new collection of Parà’s Tempotest fabrics for both indoor and outdoor curtains and draperies. 300e comprises fabrics that are all 120 inches wide or wider. The fabrics range from a light and breezy sheer to a midweight fabric (called etamine) to a more traditional 8-ounce fabric that comes in a wide palette of colors and up-the-roll stripes. These are also perfect for use inside the home, where incoming sunlight can quickly fade indoor curtains and sheers—particularly in sunrooms with lots of windows. The width allows drapery panels to be 10 feet wide, cutting down on sewing and on the need to use multiple narrow panels. This makes them ideal for large canopies and pergolas. Made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic, the fabrics are bleach cleanable and fade, mold, mildew, and stain resistant. Contact: (972) 512-3534 or

DV1800 Shallow Direct-vent Gas Fireplace At only 12 inches deep, with an impressive 41x35-inch front face, the dV1800 is a space saver that makes a bold statement. Available in standing-pilot or electronic-ignition versions, the dV1800 can be presented with either a seven-piece hand-detailed log set with embers or a contemporary glass media bed of various colors. A full catalog is available at the company’s website. Contact: (844) 636-3473 or Circle Reader Service No. 183

Circle Reader Service No. 182

JULy/AUgUST 2017



Circle Reader Service No. 91

product profiles Echo Deep Seating Cushion: Swivel Lounge Rocker and Ottoman For 2018, Winston Furniture’s quick-ship program has expanded to 17 collections (with more than 111 SKUs), and it now offers a special-order quick-ship program for nine cushion collections. echo is a contemporary mixed-media collection with its frame contrasted by resin arms and miter-cut cushions. Contact: (205) 486-9211 or Circle Reader Service No. 184

Shift Collection by Sunbrella designed to be mixed and matched, the Sunbrella® Shift collection features classic designs interpreted in a contemporary fashion. The collection comprises six patterns—Spotlight, Loft, escapade, Connect, Integrated, and Radiant—that cleverly layer texture, color, and pattern, showcasing one of the strongest trends in the market today: opposing forces. Fabrics in this collection shift from old to new, light to dark, shiny to matte, and natural to man-made. Contact: (336) 221-2211 or Circle Reader Service No. 185

Designer Chic: Barclay Butera Outdoor Collection for Castelle The Barclay Butera Outdoor collection for Castelle is handcrafted to capture luxury, sophistication, and designer chic. Through a collaboration of the expertise of Castelle artisans and the unique perspective of celebrity designer and author Barclay Butera, the collection is made to be at home on outdoor terraces from Palm Beach to Newport Beach. Contact: (855) 612-9800 or Circle Reader Service No. 186

Madrid by Windward This sophisticated, modern collection offers a high-end, sleek look while providing the ultimate in outdoor comfort—and has proved to be perfect for smaller patios. Madrid includes coordinating side tables that combine aluminum with tops of marine-grade polymer, which are available with an umbrella hole to complete your outdoor setting. The collection is proudly made in the United States. Contact: (941) 359-0890 or Circle Reader Service No. 187

Beauregard Beautiful rounded edges give a soft, unique look to this modern fireplace enclosure. Beauregard will keep your home warm, while giving your living space a whole new look. Handcrafted in Akron, Ohio, Beauregard is the latest addition to the company’s glass fireplace enclosures. Made of welded aluminum, this is a home centerpiece that will last through the trials of time. Contact: (800) 321-0313 or

New Amari Collection The new Amari collection from gensun offers transitional/contemporary styling in both cast-aluminum and woven design options. The collection can be customized using 23 finishes, three woven colors, and more than 500 upholstered fabrics. Contact: (866) 964-4468 or Circle Reader Service No. 189

Circle Reader Service No. 188

JULy/AUgUST 2017



On the horizon awaits our spectacular collection of furnishings and alluring objects for every home and lifestyle.

JAN 28 - FEB 1, 2018 Register now at Circle Reader Service No. 93

product profiles Ultraleather Distressed Outdoor by Ultrafabrics

Shoreline by Tropitone The Shoreline woven collection combines materials in a unique way. Shoreline woven features simple, graceful aluminum arms paired with a woven element to create seating for dining and lounging environments. Contact: (949) 951-2010 or

Ultraleather® distressed outdoor fabric defends against sunlight, moisture, and other elements, providing optimal protection and durability. An innovative fabric in both styling and performance, distressed outdoor fabric will prove to be a hard-working performer in any seating application. Contact: (877) 309-6648 or

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Circle Reader Service No. 191

Intrigue Lantern From The Outdoor GreatRoom Company This innovative lantern will be the star of your outdoor area. The Intrigue™ tabletop outdoor lantern is designed to fit on virtually any outdoor table with an umbrella hole of 1.75 to 4 inches. The lantern is easy and quick to install. Contact: (866) 303-4028 or Circle Reader Service No. 192

Zen Firepit by OW Lee New for 2018: The concept of Zen is centralized in the idea of being one with all that surrounds you. With the new Zen firepit, OW Lee brings together elements of color, light, and fire to create an extraordinary place to entertain. Using more than 1,600 color options on the Led light display, it is easy to bring together all aspects of your backyard in a single oneness. Contact: (800) 776-9533 or Circle Reader Service No. 193

Castelle Hermosa Deep Seating


Pure elegance is captured in the Castelle Hermosa collection with contemporary curves and a unique design of intersecting ribbons of aluminum. A central design adorns the seating’s back and sides—including those of the sofa, love seat, and lounge in the deep seating pieces. The dual-finish arm-frame design creates added interest for the Hermosa collection. Contact: (855) 612-9800 or

Introducing the romantic Sonoma collection: For those with discerning taste, this collection has a supportive structure—with subtle, smooth curves that are crisp at the edges. Sonoma presents a full-bodied experience with a rich, soft feel. Imagine yourself gazing over hillside vineyards at sunset after basking at the spa; the Sonoma collection offers you a world-class lifestyle of refined good taste. Contact: (866) 690-5673 or

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JULy/AUgUST 2017



Orlando 2017 EXPO: NOV. 1-3, 2017 CONFERENCE: OCT. 29-NOV. 3, 2017


Show Sponsor:

Show Publication:

Show Endorser:


deeper connections The International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo brings together 10,000 professionals representing all segments of the pool, spa, and outdoor living industries for three days of product review, education, and networking.


• • • •






Connect with over 525 vendors and visit the Outdoor Living Pavilion Learn through education focused on outdoor living, retail, sales, and marketing Visit the Product Showcase for latest product launches and innovations Learn how outdoor living plays a significant role in the pool and spa industry

Claim Your Free Expo Pass* Discount Code: AD59

*Discounts not applicable to Manufacturing Agents/Dealers, non-exhibiting Manufacturers/Distributors or Wholesalers registrations. Discounts apply to new registration only; no refunds issued for pre-existing registrations. Circle Reader Service No. 95

product profiles Copacabana Featuring a clean, open, contemporary design and modular configuration—with premium, tailored deep cushioning—this contract-graded collection is extremely durable and weather resistant, offering many seasons of enjoyment. A classic black powder-coated aluminum frame is complemented by brown braided-polypropylene rope. Contact: (866) 919-1881 or Circle Reader Service No. 196


Soltis The Soltis line of shade fabrics, available with openness factors of 14%, 8%, and 4%, along with a translucent waterproof version, provides long-term beauty and durability for any space. Built with Serge Ferrari’s patented Précontraint® technology, Soltis will not stretch or curl, and because the edges will not fray, no edge taping is needed. Soltis is extremely strong and thin, and it is 100% recyclable with Texyloop® technology. Contact: (954) 942-3600 or

Ravelli Vittoria C Available at the end of 2017, this new model from Ravelli has an innovative self-cleaning burning pot. A completely redesigned burning chamber allows ashes to be burned several times, optimizing pellet efficiency. The burning pot’s bottom is a moving element, ensuring that there will be no more clinker formation and that there will be less work for the user. Contact: (415) 966-5415 or Circle Reader Service No. 198

Circle Reader Service No. 197

Jardinico The Jardinico Caractère JCP 301 is a side-post crank-lift umbrella manufactured of the finest aluminum for strength, durability, and integrity. With 360-degree rotation and an infinite front-to-back and left-to-right tilt, this shade is well suited for residential, commercial, and hospitality installations. Jardinico Caractère transforms an umbrella from a signature style to a sophisticated statement. Contact: (626) 814-0168 or Circle Reader Service No. 199

Pendleton by Sunbrella

Peak Season

Born from the idea of bringing two heritage brands together, the new Pendleton by Sunbrella® collection combines Pendleton Woolen Mills’ distinctive Native American–inspired aesthetic and the enduring performance qualities of easy-care, fadeproof, bleach-cleanable Sunbrella fabrics. The collection comprises 53 fabrics and is grounded by five hero patterns: Lahaina Wave, eagle Rock, Canyon Lands, Zapotec, and Mountain Majesty. The hero patterns are supported by a range of textural solids and coordinating patterns. Contact: (336) 221-2211 or

Since people are starting to spend more time outside, Peak Season has answered the call with a wide range of unique products. The new Inspired Visions collection includes products such as customizable decorative outdoor pillows to complete any outdoor-living area. Contact: (866) 606-6330 or Circle Reader Service No. 201

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JULy/AUgUST 2017



Elements by Castelle—Bayside Love Seat From pure luxury aluminum to collaborations using all-weather wicker or resin wood, designs for luxury outdoor living, approachably priced, are found in elements by Castelle. The transitional look of the Bayside collection offers clean lines; woven elegance; and bold, cushioned comfort in the love seat, as well as across all the deep seating and dining pieces. Contact: (855) 612-9800 or Circle Reader Service No. 202

H Series

Aspire by Hestan

The linear H series gas fireplace from european Home features a contemporary, trimless, open-front style and is designed with simplicity in mind. With vent-free technology, you gain multiple benefits, including ease of installation and greater flexibility in fireplace location—with fuel-efficiency ratings of nearly 99%. Contact: (781) 324-8383 or

Hestan Outdoor reinvented outdoor cooking. Now, it’s expanding the category: Aspire by Hestan distills the company’s acclaimed pure performance and meticulous craftsmanship into a new outdoor-product line. The full Aspire line includes built-in and freestanding grills, refrigeration, and storage. every Aspire grill is proudly built in California from heavy-duty steel and dialed in with precision power. explore the new line from the top of the line, the company says. Contact: (888) 905-7463 or

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LBK-402 Cal Flame BBQ Island Cal Flame BBQ has introduced a modest-sized outdoor kitchen with the same amenities as a larger unit, setting a new standard within the industry. The LBK-402 BBQ island, which requires a small footprint of 6 feet for installation, can accommodate three adults comfortably at the unique side table. The LBK-402 BBQ island comes standard with a four-burner stainless-steel Cal Flame grill, a 27-inch access door for storage under the grill, and an outdoor electrical outlet. each customer can further customize the BBQ island with a choice of colored tile and stucco—or upgrade to natural-stone tile and cultured-stone panels. Contact: (800) 225-7727 or Circle Reader Service No. 205

Not In My Backyard Diffuser Lantern

Regency Plateau PTO50 Outdoor Gas Burner The new Regency® Plateau® 50-inch burner is the ultimate solution for all who want fire features that are as unique (and as custom) as their own backyards. Paired with newly designed framing kits, the Regency Plateau can cut an installer’s work in half. The stainless-steel burner, designed specifically for use outdoors, can be used to create a 30-, 50-, 60-, 80-, or 100-inch fire feature: the perfect size range for almost any application. Contact: (800) 442-7432 (United States), (866) 946-5155 (Canada), or

The Not In My Backyard™ tabletop diffuser lantern from The Companion group holds one powerful essential-oil insert made of geraniol, eucalyptus, and lemongrass oil (which are more effective than citronella in warding off mosquitoes, the company says). Heat from the tea light releases the insert’s oils faster, and the lantern folds flat for easier storage and transportation. Contact: (800) 521-0505,, or Circle Reader Service No. 207

Circle Reader Service No. 206

JULy/AUgUST 2017



product profiles Castelle Napoli Collection Sling Dining A fresh transitional design of gentle curves and dual-construction seating delivers luxury outdoor living from the Castelle Napoli collection. The bold, curving arm/leg design and an open side create a perfect comfort connection. The sling seating incorporates a strong caged back design for this dining set. Contact: (855) 612-9800 or Circle Reader Service No. 208

Modern Renovation Coffee Table

Palazzo Patterns The Twitchell™ Palazzo Patterns collection takes a fresh look at texture and color in Textilene® stock. Stripes of all sizes and a variety of weave patterns embrace the contemporary, without becoming too ornate. grass greens, raspberry reds, and sea blues combine to give designers new options for creating a textured landscape. Perfect for slings, umbrellas, cushions, and more (let your imagination run wild), durable Textilene fabric in these new patterns will open doors in modern decorating. Contact: (800) 633-7550 or Circle Reader Service No. 209

Veranda Classics introduces the Modern Renovation collection to its eclectic occasional-table line for 2018. This coffee table is a unique combination of design genres, with a top with a reclaimed-wood look on a transitional base. It is made of 100% TerraFab material that is completely weatherproof. The table features a thick knotty-ash wood-look top with live edges. Modern Renovation features the look and feel of real wood and metal, yet this coffee table is virtually maintenance free. Contact: (321) 312-8293 or Circle Reader Service No. 210

Market Umbrella This market umbrella from Paradise Cushions/FiberBuilt Umbrellas is a style that meets a wide variety of decor and function requirements and is budget conscious. Models come in 7.5-, 9-, and 11-foot diameters, as well as 6- and 7.5-foot squares. Lift choices include crank, push-up-and-pin, and pulley-and-pin styles. All models come with two-piece poles (1.5 inches in diameter) and with flexible fiberglass ribs. The white and champagne-bronze powder-coated finishes coordinate well with the array of marineor furniture-grade fabrics of solution-dyed acrylic available for the canopy. Contact: (866) 667-8668 or Circle Reader Service No. 211

Split Raw Dining

Sierra Products Sierra Products has received certification under the ePA New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for its easyFire eF3801 and eF4001 insert pellet heaters. Both products’ emission levels tested substantially lower than the requirements set by the ePA for 2020 and beyond. The NSPS program, which governs emissions for wood-burning appliances, was updated in 2015 (for the first time in more than 20 years). The updated emissions limits seek further reduction in air pollutants. Contact: (775) 241-2586 or

every teak tree is one of a kind. even within the managed-plantation environment, no two trees share the same ground or reach for the light in the same way—and thus, each tree grows and matures in its own unique way, with the natural variations and irregularities that give timber its inherent appeal. In normal mass production, timber is regulated, ordered, and standardized to conform to strict manufacturing parameters. With the raw concept, however, gloster celebrates the unpredictable and reveres the irregularity of nature. Whether in the color or depth of the sapwood or the texture of the bark, each imperfection tells a story and marks each piece as unique. Just as no two teak trees are the same, no two pieces of Raw furniture will match. Contact: (434) 205-0417 or Circle Reader Service No. 213

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JULy/AUgUST 2017



Ovation II Cut Yardage and Stocking Program Outdura’s Ovation II casual-furniture fabrics consist of an assortment of 167 fabrics: 68 dobbies, 30 stripes, 25 jacquards, and 44 solids. All Outdura fabrics are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic, made in the United States. These fabrics are fade resistant, stain/water resistant, mold/mildew resistant, and bleach cleanable. Outdura fabrics are superior in quality, hand, and performance. Commonly used in commercial and residential settings, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor furniture, draperies, umbrellas, and more. Contact: (866) 688-3872 or Circle Reader Service No. 214


FatWood Unlike most other fire starters, FatWood is ideal for any indoor or outdoor situation. There’s no spilling, there are no odors, and there’s no chance of a flare-up. It’s safe and clean, and FatWood has an indefinite shelf life. you can use it to start your backyard grill or your indoor fireplace safely and easily, even when it’s wet. Contact: (912) 231-0909 ext. 16 or

The Nicole collection brings together unexpected textures and lines to create a beautifully uncommon look. Nautical nylon rope is wrapped over powder-coated extruded-aluminum framing. Sling suspension for each individual seat offers maximum comfort that is equally durable. Nicole is available in any of the stocked and special-order fabrics available at South Sea Outdoor Living. The collection is available in both conventional seating and sectional configurations with coordinating occasional tables. Contact: (336) 294-4100 or

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Broil King


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Ontario by a sister company. Broil King features heavy cast-iron cooking grids and includes cast stainless-steel cooking grids on its Imperial™ series—all adding up to heavy-duty quality for serious barbecue consumers. “These grids get hot, and they hold the heat,” Mealing says. “Food juices are vaporized, producing barbecue flavor, so our grills produce very little grease, and that system applies across all price points. You are getting tremendous value all the way through our range, and with it, you get a lot of versatility. We offer three-, four-, five-, and six-burner models. In each of those model series, consumers get side burners or rear burners for exceptional cooking versatility.” Broil King’s Baron™ model series, made in Huntington, incorporates many of these performance features. According to Mealing, the series has struck a chord due to its style, size range, and price levels. Regardless of price, all of the Broil King offerings feature the branded Performance Grilling Technology (PGT) system, designed to capture and vaporize juices dripping from foods. “Those juices have to hit a hot surface and sizzle, and vapor adds barbecue flavor to the food,” Mealing explains. “The stainless-steel Flav-R-Wave™ on our grills covers the full cookbox and creates the vapor-

ization. It also protects the burners. You look at most grills, and they will have some way to protect burners; however, many of them will leave huge gaps between, allowing food juices to drip right to the bottom of the cookbox and into a grease tray.” Mealing continues, “Dealers describe our overall design, features, and benefits of cooking, and consumers simply come to their own conclusions. If food juices don’t hit something hot, they’re not vaporizing, so they’re not giving flavor. With many of our competitors, those juices are going to the grease tray.” Sparking that aha moment among consumers is one way to boost sales, and it’s working throughout North America and beyond. Distinctive benefits include searing steaks to perfection, rotisserie cooking poultry or roasts, and even baking elaborate desserts. Every part of the cooking system is designed and engineered for a specific purpose that adds up to better taste. That commitment to flavor appeals to foodies of all stripes, while customers looking for value are not priced out: It’s a balance that Onward Manufacturing cultivates by continually investing to improve facilities and manufacturing capabilities. The results can be seen in literally thousands of positive consumer reviews, which are syndicated to retail partners. “Our

JULy/AUgUST 2017



consumers’ reviews provide feedback that we are a performance grill, and in many instances, better than anything they’ve had,” Mealing says. Many of the positive reviews can be attributed to a wide selection that covers a broad demographic. In the gas-grill category, Onward Manufacturing offers the Imperial series, the Regal™ series, the Baron series, the Sovereign™ series, the Signet™ series, the Monarch™ series, and the Gem™ series. In portable grills and stoves, the company has the Porta-Chef® series and the Porta-Chef stove. The Keg® series and the Smoke™ series are featured in charcoal grills, and accessories include Premium Lifestyle accessories, grill covers, and Keg accessories. The made-in–North America ethos resonates with consumers, particularly when coupled with performance. It’s a combination that Mealing is confident can continue, thanks to what he sees as a strong future for the industry in general. “In North America, demographic trends are leading to continued interest in grilling and getting more engaged in outdoor cooking,” Mealing says. “We see consumers buying a second or third grill or specialty product to do certain things, such as low-and-slow cooking and smoking. These people want great barbecues and fully featured gas grills.”


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SunVilla Introduces Portica Brand Outdoor-furniture manufacturer SunVilla Corp. has launched its new brand name, Portica, under the SunVilla umbrella. The Portica brand encompasses all existing and new specialty-only products. Christy Peterson, national sales manager, explains, “Our goal is to help our specialty retailers separate themselves and the SunVilla products from what’s sold in markets outside of specialty. We continue to value and build those specialty-retail relationships. We want to do whatever we can to help our specialty retailers and consumers better understand the difference in products they will find in the specialty market.” Matt Weiss, executive vice president, says, “We are excited about the launch of the Portica brand. We have always kept the products separate for our different customer markets, but this new branding effort makes that easier to define. As SunVilla continues to grow and expand into new markets, other brand names could be added as well.” The new Portica brand name will be showcased in the SunVilla showroom at Casual Market Chicago.

Casual Cushion Visits White House for Made in America Week Jason Siesel, co-owner of Casual Cushion Corp. (Rock Hill, South Carolina), found himself face to face with President Donald Trump during the opening day of Made in America Week in July. The White House hosted companies for a product showcase that highlighted each state’s commitment to U.S.–made products. Siesel was packing his wares at the ICA Preview Show™ when he was called by a staff member of a South Carolina legislator. The caller asked about Casual Cushion, and Siesel explained that his company sources more than 90% of its raw materials from the Carolinas and has a commitment to making products in the United States. “I thought it was a prank call, at first,” Siesel says. The caller told him that he might be hearing more about Made in America week. “The next thing you know, I got a call from the

Mike and Jason Siesel (right) meet President Trump during Made in America Week

White House,” he adds. The White House staffer made the official invitation, and the company quickly made products in red, white, and blue to take to the event. After background checks and vetting, Siesel; his brother, Mike; and Casual Cushion staff members went to Washington. They were led to a place with many dining chairs and told that 500 cushions for them were needed. Siesel reports, “We are now sending out fabric samples, so we are going to be able to

quote 500 cushions to the White House for some of its dining chairs.” On the event’s opening day, the Siesels networked with other manufacturers (as well as with the Secretary of Labor and the Secretary of Commerce) before meeting Trump. “The president came and asked us about our products. We told him it was an incredible honor to have been selected,” Siesel says. Vice President Mike Pence thanked the company for making its products in the United States.



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The Genesis II line has a sleek, open cart with a bottom storage shelf, the new GS4™ high-performance grilling system, two side tables for extra workspace, an easyto-read fuel gauge, and a TuckAway™ warming rack. The Genesis II also has unique narrow/wide reversible porcelainenameled cast-iron cooking grates. “Weber’s GS4 system boasts an integrated cooking system that promises grillers more precise control and ease of use,” Enos says. This innovation has changed outdoor cooking for consumers by offering ingenious components that streamline the grilling process. In addition to the Infinity™ ignition system, which makes sure that the unit will ignite every time, the GS4 system also offers high-performance tapered burners that allow for better heat distribution, ensuring that food grills evenly and consistently—anywhere on the cooking grate. The system’s Flavorizer® bars also improve heat distribution and enhance flavor while reducing

flare-ups. To funnel away grease that has not vaporized, the GS4’s grease-management system has an easy-to-remove drip tray that allows for faster, easier cleaning. To enhance the grilling process and consumer experience, Weber has gone one step further with its new Genesis II LX line. It has additional options, including stainless-steel cooking grates, a new High+™ setting that allows all burners to be turned up to the highest setting (for an added boost of heat), a new square-design side burner with improved stability and an exterior control knob, and the iGrill 3 docking station (which is on all Genesis II models, not just the LX line). The Genesis II LX line also offers two to six burners and a price range of $1,049 to $2,249 (MSRP). All models include the GS4 system, an easy-to-read LED fuel gauge, lighted control knobs, an LED handle light for convenient nighttime grilling, a TuckAway warming rack designed specifically to accommodate the



Weber Elevations tiered cooking system, and a side table with integrated tool hooks. Prior to releasing the Genesis II and Genesis II LX lines, Weber introduced the Summit® charcoal grill. “This is an air-insulated, double-walled charcoal grill that retains temperatures for long hours and allows for grilling, smoking, or baking,” Enos says. The Summit series, which offers true convection cooking that only Weber’s trademarked round shape can provide, combines the form and functions of the classic Weber kettle grill with those of the company’s beloved Weber Smokey Mountain cooker to create a completely new grill option. To the delight of consumers, the Summit charcoal grill incorporates many state-of-the-art elements. They include multizone heat options, a hinged diffuser plate, a two-position fuel grate, an insulated lid and bowl (for reduced charcoal consumption and better heat retention), and a slow-cook/smoke bowl damper


setup that allows for three bottom-vent positions. “Weber Summit charcoal grills also feature Weber’s Gourmet BBQ system cooking grate. It’s a hinged cooking grate that includes a removable center piece designed to fit a variety of Weber accessories—including a wok, a griddle, and a poultry roaster,” Enos says. With 452 square inches of cooking space, the Weber Summit charcoal grill also includes SnapJet™ gas ignition for easy lighting, a bottom wire rack for additional storage, the One-Touch® cleaning system for easy ash removal, and a built-in thermometer. Other components include a stainlesssteel tabletop, a wire basket, a tool hook, and a Char-Bin™ storage container. According to Enos, the popular Summit grill is particularly suitable as a centerpiece appliance for fully equipped backyard kitchens. With four to six burners and an array of features, this powerhouse grill is a favorite among outdoor chefs, she says.

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Agio, USA.......................................... (888) 997-7623................ Arboria/LWO......................................(800) 489-8718................ ARTiculatedshade.............................. (303) 817-4606................ 26 Big Green Egg.................................... (770) 938-9394................ 38 Brown Jordan......................................(800) 743-4252................ 7 Castelle..............................................(855) 612-9800................ 13, 17 C.R. Plastic Products............................ (800) 490-1283................ 47 Carolina Casual.................................. (252) 491-5171.................. 81 Couristan.......................................... (800) 223-6186................ 69 Coyote Outdoor Living........................ (855) 520-1559................ 24 Dansons............................................ (877) 303-3134................ Empire Comfort Systems...................... (800) 33 Erwin and Sons.................................. (770) 579-0414................ 65 Foremost Groups/Veranda Classics...... (321) 45 Gensun Casual Living.......................... (866) 964-4468................ 102–103 Gold Eagle/303 Products.................... (800) 367-3245................ The Hammock Source..........................(800) 334-1078................ 71 Hearth & Home Technologies.............. (800) 669-4328................ 104 Informa Exhibitions..............................(888) 869-6522................ 95 International Casual Furnishings Association.................... (336) 881-1016.................. Jensen Leisure Furniture...................... (800) 403-0403................ 42 Kingsley Bate......................................(703) 51 Las Vegas Market/IMC........................ (702) 599-3046................ 93 Lloyd Flanders.................................... (800) 526-9894................ 31 Mallin Casual Furniture........................ (800) 251-6537................ 89 MLW Stone........................................ (800) 477-7665................ 80 Montigo............................................ (800) 378-3115.................. 57 NorthCape........................................ (708) 563-2890................ 27 Ortal USA.......................................... (818) 238-7000................ Outdoor by Design............................ (941) 896-4425................ 75 The Outdoor GreatRoom Company...... (866) 303-4028................ 22 Outdura............................................ (866) 688-3872................ 9 OW Lee..............................................(800) 776-9533................ 43 Paradise Cushions by FiberBuilt............ (866) 667-8668................ 24 Patio Renaissance................................(866) 690-5673................ 77 Peak Season...................................... (866) 606-6330................ 79 Phifer................................................ (800) 221-5497................ 25 POLYWOOD...................................... (877) 457-3284................ 3, 53, 83 Ratana................................................(866) 919-1881.................. 2 Ravelli................................................ (415) 91 Serge Ferrari...................................... (954) 942-3600................ Summer Classics................................ (888) 868-4267................ 73 Sunbrella............................................(336) 221-2211.................. 21 Sunset West........................................(760) 599-1021.................. 87 SunVilla Home.................................... (888) 690-9800................ Telescope Casual................................ (518) 642-1100.................. 85 Tempotest USA.................................. (972) 512-3534................ Thermo-Rite........................................(800) 39 Treasure Garden..................................(626) 29 Tropitone.......................................... (949) 951-2000................ 49 Ultrafabrics........................................ (877) 309-6648................ 23 Weber-Stephen Products.................... (800) 446-1071.................. Windward Design Group.................... (941) 359-0890................ 59 Winston Furniture................................(205) 55 Woodbridge Fireplace........................ (844) 636-3473................ 35



Agio, USA.............................................................................................. 68, 80 American Hearth (Empire Comfort Systems).................................................... 66 Arboria/LWO.......................................................................................... 66, 80 ARTiculatedshade.................................................................................... 66, 74 BetterWood Products.................................................................................... 99 Big Green Egg........................................................................................ 68, 74 Brown Jordan.......................................................................................... 68, 76 C.R. Plastic Products................................................................................ 68, 78 Cal Flame.................................................................................................... 97 Carolina Casual...................................................................................... 64, 72 Castelle...................................................................................... 92, 94, 97, 98 The Companion Group.................................................................................. 97 Couristan................................................................................................74, 78 Coyote Outdoor Living............................................................................ 70, 74 Erwin and Sons........................................................................................70, 72 European Home............................................................................................97 Gensun Casual Living.............................................................................. 78, 92 Gloster........................................................................................................ 98 Heat & Glo (Hearth & Home Technologies)...................................................... 76 Heatilator (Hearth & Home Technologies)........................................................ 84 Hestan........................................................................................................ 97 Jardinico Caractère........................................................................................ 96 Jensen Leisure Furniture............................................................................72, 88 Kingsley Bate.......................................................................................... 70, 86 Lloyd Flanders........................................................................................ 64, 74 Mallin Casual Furniture............................................................................ 72, 76 Metal-Fab.................................................................................................... 76 Miami (Tempotest)........................................................................................ 84 MLW Stone.................................................................................................. 70 Montigo................................................................................................ 64, 80 NorthCape............................................................................................ 72, 86 Ortal USA.............................................................................................. 64, 72 Outdoor by Design.................................................................................. 76, 82 The Outdoor GreatRoom Company.......................................................... 86, 94 Outdura................................................................................................ 88, 99 OW Lee.................................................................................................. 82, 94 Paradise Cushions by FiberBuilt................................................................ 88, 98 Patio Renaissance.................................................................................... 82, 94 Pawleys Island (The Hammock Source)...................................................... 66, 76 Peak Season.......................................................................................... 82, 96 Phifer.................................................................................................... 82, 86 Pit Boss (Dansons)....................................................................................68, 88 POLYWOOD.......................................................................................... 64, 86 Ratana....................................................................................................84, 96 Ravelli.................................................................................................... 86, 96 Regency...................................................................................................... 97 Serge Ferrari.......................................................................................... 90, 96 Sierra Products............................................................................................ 98 South Sea Outdoor Living.............................................................................. 99 Summer Classics.......................................................................................... 80 Sunbrella................................................................................................92, 96 Sunset West............................................................................................68, 78 SunVilla Home........................................................................................ 78, 84 Telescope Casual.................................................................................... 66, 78 Tempotest USA............................................................................................ 90 Thermo-Rite............................................................................................ 82, 92 303 Products (Gold Eagle)........................................................................ 70, 80 Treasure Garden............................................................................................84 Tropitone................................................................................................84, 94 Twitchell...................................................................................................... 98 Ultrafabrics............................................................................................ 88, 94 Veranda Classics (Foremost Groups).......................................................... 70, 98 Weber-Stephen Products..........................................................................64, 90 White Label (Summer Classics)........................................................................66 White Mountain Hearth (Empire Comfort Systems)............................................ 74 Windward Design Group..........................................................................90, 92 Winston Furniture.................................................................................... 90, 92 Woodbridge Fireplace............................................................................ 88, 90





H E A D Q UA R T E R S – 9 4 4 9 8 th S treet | R anch o C ucam ong a, CA 9 1 7 3 0 P h one: 9 0 9 .9 8 9 .9 9 7 7 | Fax : 9 0 9 .9 8 9 .9 9 7 0 | Tol l F ree: 8 6 6 .9 6 4 .4 4 6 8 C H I CAGO S H OWR O O M – M erch andis e M ar t S uite 1 6 6 7 | C h icag o, I L 6 0 6 5 4 GENSU NCA SUA L . C O M

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Patio & Hearth Product Report July/August 2017  

Patio & Hearth Products Report is a bimonthly trade publication for specialty stores, retailers and dealers of patio, hearth, barbecue, gril...

Patio & Hearth Product Report July/August 2017  

Patio & Hearth Products Report is a bimonthly trade publication for specialty stores, retailers and dealers of patio, hearth, barbecue, gril...