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Keeping you warm and safe for over 40 years. If you’re looking for the ultimate in fireplace glass, you’ve found it. SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic is a product of over 40 years of engineering expertise and the most cutting-edge glass technology. With its high thermal resistance it can withstand even the highest temperatures without breaking while still evenly radiating heat throughout the room, proving once and for all that it’s the only glass that belongs between fire and your family. Look for the Warm & Safe promise only on products with SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic.


SCHOTT ROBAX is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG. Photography courtesy of FIAMMA – Argentina.

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The founder of Two Guys Grilling, L.L.C., explains how cause marketing can be a powerful promotional tool for specialty retailers in the outdoor-living industry.

Hitzer’s handtooled wood and coal stoves are known throughout the industry for being durable and attractive. 30




By joining forces, two Tucson entrepreneurs created a successful business that has exceeded their expectations. 32



Stone Age Manufacturing provides outdoor masonry fireplaces, in easy-to-assemble kits, at a competitive price. 36



Sales increased dramatically when this fourth-generation retailer added casual furniture to its product mix. 38



Couristan offers high-quality, weather-resistant rugs that pull together all the elements of an outdoor room.


Erwin & Sons’ premium-quality products and superior customer service keep customers coming back.






MARKETING MANEUVERS – WICKER AND MORE Sunshine Wicker and Design offers ample options in deep seating, lounging, and dining for the outdoor room.



SPOTLIGHT – CHIC CHOICES A new generation of contemporary fireplaces incorporates a wide range of designs and tastes.



CORPORATE PROFILE – ENERVEX IS UNVEILED Exhausto Inc., one of the leading suppliers of ventilation and exhaust systems, became ENERVEX on January 1, 2011.





Bobby Brennan, cofounder and president of Kamado Joe, explains how his fledgling ceramic-grill company has grown so quickly.


The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop is one of the largest and best known fireplace and patio retailers in Canada. 42





Miles Industries introduced the gas fireplace in Vancouver in the early 1980s, and its Valor brand remains popular throughout North America today.




INDUSTRY NEWS Edited by Kris Kyes

Empire Comfort Systems might be an old company, but it uses new vehicles, such as social media, to reach customers.










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Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Napoleon, known for its fireplaces and grills, has added a casual-furniture line to its product offerings.

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Get sales headed in the right direction As a world leader in outdoor furniture design and sales, nobody knows the terrain better than Agio®. That’s why our Agio Reserve® dealers continue, year after year, to look to us for stunning collections, superb sales support and a positive sense of direction. Come see why becoming an Agio Reserve retailer can point you in the direction of increased customer traffic, sales, turns and profit.

Life Begins Outdoors.™

To become an Agio Retailer, call 888.997.7623 or contact us at

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wake up every day expecting something good to happen.” These are the words of Pete Carroll, first-year head coach of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. The fact that Carroll has expectations— and that his expectations are positive, as opposed to negative—has served him well over the years. Take this year’s NFL season as an example. Prior to the start of the NFL season, most football analysts predicted that the Seahawks would win four games, at best.They won eight.The analysts also predicted that it might be years before Carroll would be able to guide his team to the playoffs. He did it in his first year. Those same analysts would have bet their last dollars that there was no way that the Seahawks would win their division; had they bet, they would have been left penniless.The idea that the Seahawks would not only win their division, but would win their opening playoff game against the defending Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints, was about as likely as That Place freezing over—so I guess they’re skiing and snowboarding in That Place right about now. This is not to mention that most football analysts predicted that Carroll’s rah-rah style was better suited for the collegiate level, and that his attaboy, enthusiastic personality would not play well with grown men in the NFL. Based on fact that the Seahawks did, this year, just about everything that everyone said that they wouldn’t do, it appears that a head football coach with passion, enthusiasm, zeal, and commitment for his team, his players, his owners, and his job can get the job done in the NFL. Granted, some will point out that the Seahawks won their division and made the playoffs with an overall losing record of seven to nine during the regular season.


As the old question goes, though, what do you call the student who graduates from medical school with the lowest GPA in the class? Doctor, it seems. While it certainly is true that Carroll is the sort of individual who is rare in most professions, and that he possesses levels of commitment, competitiveness, drive, determination, will to succeed, pursuit of excellence, and work ethic that are uncommonly high, we can all take a lesson from Carroll’s play book. Faced with the uncertainty of what the outcome would be of leaving a very successful college-football coaching gig at the University of Southern California for the wildly unknown and precarious nature of the NFL, Carroll took the leap of faith. Keep in mind that his past stints in the NFL as a head football coach were anything but glorious. As the head coach of the New York Jets, in 1994, he was fired after just one season. His reign as head coach of the New England Patriots, from 1997 to 1999, ended when he was fired after three seasons. Some football analysts snickered that Carroll must enjoy being a punching bag for NFL owners after he returned to the NFL to accept the position as head coach of the Seahawks. After the success of the 2010 season and the bright prospects of the Seahawks, going forward, it appears that Carroll might finally get the last laugh in the NFL. Regardless of what happens with the economy this year (and the prospects for a sustained recovery are getting better by the day), we can all approach our businesses and jobs with a Carroll-like attitude. Be willing to step outside the box and do something different. Be willing to try things that might not have worked in the past, but might work today, with some fixes and adjustments.

Be willing to learn from the past, yet don’t dwell on the past. Be willing to keep a positive and upbeat attitude, regardless of what others are saying. Approach each obstacle and hurdle in business with an attitude that collectively, as a team, you will find a workable solution. Above all, wake up each day expecting something good to happen.

TWEET At this year’s HPBExpo, we will be sending out tweets right after the show about some of the best new products displayed at the show. In order to receive tweets from Patio & Hearth Products Report and find out what the show in Salt Lake City, Utah, had to offer, sign up at Twitter: @patiohearth. Reading the printed version of P&HPR, visiting the digital edition at, and receiving tweets from @patiohearth will keep you informed and on top of some of the best new products in the industry. TONY RAMOS PUBLISHER TRAMOS@PENINSULA-MEDIA.COM

from the editor


ow that the economy appears to be on an upswing, it’s the perfect time to start planning your trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, to attend North America’s largest indoor/outdoor-living showcase of hearth, patio, and barbecue products: HPBExpo, March 2–5, 2011. More than 350 leading hearth, patio, and barbecue manufacturers and suppliers will be there to demonstrate their latest home-heating solutions, grills, outdoor kitchens, casual patio furniture, water and landscape products, and all-weather entertainment systems. This year’s show is expected to attract more than 5,000 specialty and mass retailers, installing distributors, builders/remodelers, HVAC service contractors, LP gas and hardware dealers, and professionals interested in learning more about innovative products that consumers will be asking for in the months ahead. Home-improvement spending is expected to increase this year as the economy and the housing market strengthen. Experts predict that in the coming years, remodeling expenditures can be expected to increase at an inflation-adjusted 3.5% average annual rate—below the pace during the housing


boom, but sharply recovering from the recent downturn. Specialty retailers need to be prepared for this surge in spending by offering the latest products that consumers will seek to spruce up their indoor and outdoor spaces. One of the show’s most popular attractions is its New Product Pavilion. Now in its fifth year, the pavilion displays innovative year-round products that your consumers are sure to love. In addition to industry leaders Hearth & Home Technologies, Lennox Hearth Products, Napoleon Fireplaces and Grills,Travis Industries, and Weber-Stephen Products, a large number of firsttime exhibitors will be on hand to showcase fresh new products for the first time at HPBExpo. Some of these include Dynasty Fireplaces, MAK Grills,AZ Patio Heaters, Grill Pillow, and Shinwa Grill. For the first time, this year’s show features a oneday, all-day seminar on biomass central heating. Sponsored by the Pellet Fuels Institute; the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association; and the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation, “Biomass Central Heating: New Opportunities in Heating Homes & Businesses Symposium” will take place on Wednesday, March 2, the day before HPBExpo officially opens. This comprehensive seminar will include information on retrofitting systems for biomass use, current regulatory issues, and applications for small businesses. To register for this program, go to

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011 As in past years, attendees can also earn continuing-education units for National Fireplace Institute Certification renewal. A wide range of other educational programs will be offered at this year’s show. We at Patio & Hearth Products Report are proud to be sponsoring a retailer-panel discussion, entitled “Grilling Your Way to Success,” on Friday, March 4. During this informative program, top-notch retailers and barbecue aficionados David Backs of All Seasons Gas Grill & Fireside Shop (Bowling Green, Kentucky); Brian Brooks of Top of the Ozarks Hearth & Grill (Marshfield, Missouri); David Biber of Two Guys Grilling (Dana Point, California); Jim Cattey of Smoke N’ Fire (Kansas City, Missouri); Henrik Stepanyan of Barbeques Galore (Carlsbad, California); and Stuart McDonald of Pristine Pools and Spas (Boise, Idaho) will share real-life experiences on how they conducted barbecue/grilling events to increase business and exposure for their stores. With all these educational offerings—and the opportunity to meet with other retailers and manufacturers in such a dynamic environment—you cannot afford to stay home.You might even want to stay a few extra days to hit the ski slopes, which are just 45 minutes from downtown! We look forward to seeing you at the show. CAROL DAUS EDITOR CAROL@PENINSULA-MEDIA.COM



Simplicity and pra cticality are said to be the trend for changing faster tha 2011. Lifestyles are n we can keep up changing, technolo with. One thing tha gy is changing an extraordinary feats. t is not changing is d the way consum the way people co ers are buying is me together and wo rk as a team to acco We at Napoleon mp lish incredible, take pride in shari ng team spirit, tha team spirit that we t over the years ha share with our de s co ntributed to the gr alers and distributo eat success of ou confidence they are rs that inspires us r dealers and our to create products yearning for. company. It is the that suit our ever-ch an gin g lifestyles and giv We welcome you e consumers the to come join the tea m spirit at our HP new products that BA bo oth in Salt Lake City. will bring success Experience to your business in 2011. We look for ward to seeing you soon . ®


The Schroeter Fami ly and the Napoleo n Team HPBA Napoleon Booth #1521 & 15 36 Team up for some excitement! ®


1-800-461-5581 • •

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ause marketing is the contribution of a portion of proceeds to a charitable cause. It has been embraced by the public, partner charities, and retailers. Rubs, blends, and the award-winning All Spice Cafe sauces from Two Guys Grilling, L.L.C., will soon be on store shelves coast to coast due to cause marketing.We will donate a portion of each sale to deserving charities. This is how and why Two Guys Grilling decided to make cause marketing our key promotional vehicle. I retired from the computer industry in 1999, at the age of 46. I fished and watched movies for two years. A neighbor and I hosted a block party, and the telephone started ringing. We taught a series of classes at a now-defunct grill retailer, and we were off and running. After another successful series of barbecue classes, we became Two Guys Grilling, dba. When asked to participate in a local taste-of event, our response was yes. This led to a request to participate in a charitable golf tournament. Again, we said yes. After two years, I realized that charitable events were driving our retail business. Personnel changed; I bought out the original cofounder and brought in Mike Swan. His background in investing, radio, and community action was the perfect answer.The secret of business success is surrounding yourself with people who have the skills you lack. I stepped down as president and named him to the post (if you run a business, check your ego at the door). We modeled Two Guys Grilling (now L.L.C.) after the guilds of Europe, making the company a meritocracy that rewards performance. New personnel start as intern candidates. Upon approval from the pit crew, they can become interns. At the next level, they can become apprentice candidates, then apprentices, pit masters, and so forth. All personnel are asked to participate in charitable events (without compensation). This alone will cull the herd, and the dedicated will rise to the challenge.They are there because they want to give back to the community and succeed in their careers. We recruit from culinary schools, the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of California, and community colleges. Recruiting from high schools with culinary departments has yielded less helpful results. All this leads to our cause-marketing program. Due to our involvement with organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project,

David Biber (left) and Michael Swan


cause marketing




STAFF WRITERS Kimberly Rodgers Sharon Sanders Cheryl Dangel Cullen

Community SeniorServ (the people who prepare the food for Meals on Wheels), the NFL Alumni Association, Playboy Golf, and Tim Brown/Kathy Ireland events, our charitable efforts have rewarded Two Guys Grilling with a robust retail business in a difficult economy. The golden triangle of marketing involves the joint efforts of an equipment manufacturer or retailer, a nonprofit television/radio station, and a successful caterer.The manufacturer or retailer supplies and maintains the equipment needed for food preparation.The nonprofit television/radio station supplies promotion, in the form of public-service announcements, for the equipment and catering components.The caterer provides food to support the fund-raising efforts of the nonprofit television/radio station. Completing the cycle is the equipment manufacturer or retailer, who supplies sales personnel to serve food at the fundraising events. We are currently seeking a new grill sponsor. KSBR FM (Mission Viejo, California) is our nonprofit radio station.Two Guys Grilling completes the triangle. Careful planning and cooperation will result in all three interests gaining from the alliance.This formula has proven very successful and advantageous for all parties involved. Another component to consider adding would be the participation of food and drink suppliers—companies like KAH Tequila, AquaHydrate, and Pocino Foods. Charitable-event attendees who have dined well (and imbibed a little) tend to warm up their checkbooks for donations. Shameless self-promotion—via social networking and guerilla marketing—is also a necessary element

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

in our business plan (Two Guys Grilling has spent a total of $100 on advertising in the eight years that it has been in business). Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can produce advantageous corporate liaisons. Facebook can be used in several ways. On your wall, postings can be made by various categories of subscribers. Happy diners’ comments are our favorite. Under information, post your website’s URL and your company’s location, hours, and services. Describe your business entity. Practice shameless self-promotion. Under photos, set up galleries of events, products, services, clients, and business partners. Under events, feature your charitable, premier, and elite events by posting details about each one individually. Under links, make available your local advertising, along with YouTube posts, radio/television clips, and printmedia articles about your business. A carefully planned marketing agenda will garner great results.Two Guys Grilling is currently in talks with multiple television networks to bring our series to the U.S. consumer. Look for “ARRRR Ya Hungry?” with Two Guys Grilling in late spring or early summer 2011. Remember these words from 1900: In “The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses,” Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919) wrote,“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered with failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”


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SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: Patio & Hearth Products Report PO Box 2190 Skokie, IL 60076-7890 Subscribe online: Email:

David Biber is the founder of Two Guys Grilling, L.L.C., Dana Point, California.

Phone: (847) 763-9261

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Galaxy Outdoor: The Next Generation in Outdoor Kitchens Bruce Spangrud, the creator/inventor of the original modular outdoor island, recently launched Galaxy Outdoor (Las Vegas, Nevada), which manufactures a new and improved custom outdoor-kitchen system. All products built by Galaxy Outdoor are constructed in the United States out of galvanized number 120, 14 gauge tubing (not studs), then welded together (not screwed together). Not only are these units more durable than competing products, they’re also less costly and easier to install, the company says. Galaxy Outdoor’s product line consists of an unlimited range of ready-to-finish custom islands, firepits, fire tables, and other accessory items that can be individualized to match the architecture of a home, its landscaping, its pool/spa design, and its entertaining areas. The company also offers free consultations for customers or dealers who need design advice. One of the major attributes of the Galaxy Outdoor kitchen is that all of its components are custom built to customers’ specifications, and cutout openings for grills, side burners, storage units, doors, and other components are made at the time of manufacturing, at no cost to customers. “Even if there’s a pillar in the middle of where an island is to be installed, we’ll build around it in sections,” Spangrud says. “Regardless of the degree of customization, we build the outdoor kitchen exactly to the customers’ specifications—straight, angled, or round islands.” As an example, if a customer wants a 21-foot island, it can be constructed in three 7-foot sections, with all the cutouts made precisely from the homeowner’s specifications. “These sections are bolted together and will self-align, so cabinets do not have to be held together to make sure they’re level,” Spangrud says. “There’s no other outdoor island product on the market that’s completely boltable and self-aligning.” Due to Galaxy Outdoor’s streamlined order-

Barbecue Industry Mourns the Loss of Donna Myers Donna Holcomb Myers, a well-known expert in the barbecue and grilling industry, died on January 7, 2011, of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease at her home in Holmdel, New Jersey, at the age of 72. For the past 35 years, Myers has been one of the industry’s most loyal advocates, serving as a spokesperson for manufacturers, retailers, and entrepreneurs in the outdoor-cooking field. Myers was a trailblazer for women in the field of public relations and marketing for the 10

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

ing process, these next-generation outdoor islands are shipped within 14 days of the date of purchase. Another unique selling point is Galaxy Outdoor’s 10-year unconditional warranty, which is honored in all the markets that the company serves—including

Bruce Spangrud, founder of Galaxy Outdoor, enjoys dining in his well-appointed outdoor kitchen.

The first-ever electric-grill island by Galaxy Outdoor features a Dimplex grill.

those that receive substantial rainfall and snow. The company’s product line was recently expanded and now includes built-in stainlesssteel components, storage drawers, and units, all of which are constructed from 304 stainless steel and feature self-closing drawer glides and high-quality, designer-style stainless handles. Since Galaxy Outdoor is the largest producer of custom islands in the world, it has developed manufacturing processes that are extremely cost effective, which allows the company to pass on the savings. Margins for dealers can range from 45% to 75% when you add in the

food industry, starting her career at Theodore L. Sills (later acquired by Burson–Marsteller, the nation’s largest public-relations company). While at Burson–Marsteller, she worked on the agency’s Burger King account, which gave her in-depth knowledge and skills in media relations and the culinary-arts field. In 1979, Myers opened her own public-relations agency, Myers CommuniCounsel (later called DHM Group), serving clients such as Quaker, Gerber, Tropicana, Procter & Gamble, Hershey, and Chiquita Brands, as well as many trade associations, including the National Dairy Board, Pork Producers

finishing—and don’t forget that custom islands sell more stainless-steel built-in products. Along with not charging extra for additional cutouts, the company does not increase the costs when your customers choose specific brands of appliances. “We’re not obligating anyone to buy certain manufacturers’ products,” Spangrud says. “These are truly 100% custom-made islands.” Given the affordability of the Galaxy Outdoor system, demand has been very strong, as homeowners look for less-expensive options in outdoor-kitchen construction. “Our islands are at least one-third less costly than conventional, custom-built, stud-and-track islands—and they cost 25% less than brickand-mortar islands, if you figure in time, labor, and permits (and don’t forget the mess it makes). Galaxy Outdoor kitchens don’t need permits,” Spangrud says. Dealers interested in representing Galaxy Outdoor Products should call (702) 448-5600 or visit and click on the dealer icon.

Council, and Pickle Packers International. Over the years, Myers developed a long and close relationship with the Barbecue Industry Association, which later became part of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. During this time, she provided marketing-communications services for numerous individual manufacturers of barbecue grills and accessories. In recent years, she had worked closely with Big Green Egg to help it develop strong name recognition within the barbecue industry. One of her final projects (and proudest accomplishments) was helping the company develop and publish its

“Big Green Egg Cookbook.” Myers was always pleased to share her knowledge and passion for outdoor cooking by contributing countless articles to industry publications. She is survived by her husband of 47 years, Charles L. Myers; her son and daughter-in-law, Chip and Kim; and her grandson, Dylan Myers (all of Holmdel). Donations for the advancement of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease research may be made, in memory of Donna Holcomb Myers, to the National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center, 2085 Adelbert Rd., Room 419, Cleveland, OH 44106-4907.

Leisure Design Expands Its Sales Team Leisure Design, supplier of high-quality outdoor woven furniture, recently appointed Michael Birg to its sales force. Birg professionally provides service to Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. Mike Friedrichsen, director of U.S. sales and marketing, says, “Michael brings more than 22 years of industry experience to the table, and is well respected by the dealers he serves. He called on me when I was on the retail side and is definitely up to the challenge of helping us to pioneer our product line in his area.”

Michael Birg

Corky Brown

Jeff Lynner

Scott Reitz

Birg adds, “My goal is to match my retailers not just with products, but with manufacturers who understand the industry and the needs of both retailers and consumers. I believe that Leisure Design embodies exactly what today’s marketplace needs.” Leisure Design also hired Corky Brown and Jeff Lynner, of KCB Associates, to represent its lines in New Jersey, New York, and the New England states. According to Friedrichsen, “Jeff and Corky have great relationships with the dealers in their area, and they have been diligently presenting the line of stylish outdoor woven furniture to their dealers,” beginning at the Chicago

International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market™. Brown adds, “We are very excited to make this profitable, proven business opportunity available to our network of dealers and welcome the opportunity to discuss how it fills a unique gap in the market.” In addition, Leisure Design hired Scott Reitz to provide service to dealers throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Friedrichsen says, “Scott brings more than 20 years of industry experience to the table, and has covered both retail and contract sales for companies like Brown Jordan and Tropitone.” Leisure Design supplies a full line of outdoor woven products, including sectional pieces, seating, dining, and accessories. It offers domestic warehousing and quick-ship programs, and it will be introducing a custom special-order program in the spring.

Colorado Helps Fund Earth’s Flame Educational Efforts The Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) awarded Earth’s Flame, Inc., $25,000 in funding to increase awareness and expand the use of a new, innovative product called Earth’s Flame. Additional investment is needed to promote and expand the use of Earth’s Flame throughout Colorado, the United States, and Canada. Funding is from the U.S. Department of Energy, through the GEO’s Innovation Funding for Energy Efficiency (IFEE) program. The funds will be used to help offset the cost of advertising in national publications, demonstrating the product and taking sales orders at three national trade shows, and developing and producing marketing and educational collateral materials. The trade shows target co-ops (such as Ace Hardware and Do it Best), fireplace dealers and distributors, chimney sweeps, supply warehouses for residential construction, and builders. Direct Internet sales to U.S. and Canadian resi-

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January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Earth’s Flame Fireplace Grate Reduces Pollutants by 78% dents are included in the marketing and sales plan. Earth’s Flame is an alternative wood-burning fireplace retrofit device that uses a log lighter in combination with a combustion-friendly and emissionsreducing fire grate. The product is designed to be used by homeowners in their existing fireplaces and by builders constructing new houses. The only way to mitigate emissions and improve the efficiency of an existing wood-burning fireplace is to use a retrofit device. Earth’s Flame is that device, the company says. There is no other technology on the market today that addresses emissions and energy efficiency at the source of the flame. All other technologies (such as filters) require maintenance and lose effectiveness over time. The product is commercially available, patent pending, and is currently running its first production line of 250 units for Ace Hardware. As demand for Earth’s Flame grows, so, too, will real, green jobs for Colorado families. 2011 is a critical year for increasing awareness and penetrating the market, and therefore, the IFEE investment will be a significant boost. Earth’s Flame is owned by Lisa Leighton. Her father invented the original gas log lighter for wood-burning fireplaces more than 55 years ago. Today, Leighton runs the family business, and she has chosen to relocate Earth’s Flame from California to Colorado.

Hart & Cooley Appoints New Members to Management Team Hart & Cooley, Inc., recently appointed three individuals to its management team. Sean Steimle has been promoted to the position of senior vice president of sales. Steimle will report directly to Bernard Roy, president of Hart & Cooley. In his new role, Steimle will be responsible for all Hart & Cooley sales and customer service, including wholesale, retail, Canada, and commercial sectors. Steimle joined Hart & Sean Steimle Cooley in September 2001 and has held various positions in sales, marketing, and operations. His most recent position was as vice president of the commercial-products group. Mark Walraven has been promoted to the position of vice president of the company’s commercial-products group division. Walraven will report directly to Steimle. In his new role, Walraven will be responsible for all Hart & Cooley brands sold through the commercial sales channel. Walraven joined Hart & Cooley in 1997 and has held various positions in human resources, sales, and marketing, most recently as the Curt Monhart leader of the company’s Oracle implementation team. Curt Monhart has been appointed to the position of vice president of marketing. Monhart will report directly to Roy. In his new role, Monhart will be responsible for directing the marketing activities for all of Hart & Cooley. Monhart joined Hart & Cooley in 2008. He has extensive HVAC marketing and sales experience. Hart & Cooley is a leading manufacturer of air-distribution and vent products for forced-air heating and airconditioning systems. In addition, Hart & Cooley manufactures products for the commercial HVAC, refrigeraBernard Roy tion, and roofing industries. Major products include grills, registers and diffusers, flexible ducts, gas vents, chimney systems, and commercial products (duct-system components, venting and grease ducts, equipment curbs, roof flashings, roof drains, roof hatches, and interior access doors). Founded in 1901, Hart & Cooley is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has operations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Big Green Egg Promotes Jerry Stone Big Green Egg Company has promoted Jerry Stone to the department of corporate sales and distributor relations, in the position of assistant sales manager. In this newly created position, Stone will support the efforts of Big Green Egg through a variety of initiatives and distributor-support functions, along with the development of platforms to grow volume at the distributor and dealer level. Stone will report to Lou West, sales manager for Big Green Egg. 12

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Independent studies estimate that the 38 million households in the United States with fireplaces emit a total of 70,000 tons of harmful pollutants every year. The source of these pollutants has not gone unnoticed, as fireplaces are being banned (or their use is being limited) across the United States. Earth’s Flame™ has introduced a hybrid grate for wood-burning fireplaces that is the cleanest-burning retrofit in the open-hearth industry, eliminating up to 7.2 tons of fireplace particulate emissions for every 1,000 fireplaces. Earth’s Flame’s green attributes and innovative qualities won the coveted 2010 Vesta Green Award at HPBExpo. The award praised the product’s innovation in design and technology for significantly reducing emissions in wood-burning fireplaces. This new, hybrid retrofit features a gas-enhanced combustion system combined with an emissions-reducing Earth’s Flame’s hybrid grate for woodgrate. Earth’s Flame (patent pending) can be retrofitted into almost any fireburning fireplaces received the 2010 place. The unique design addresses the Vesta Green Award at HPBExpo. three Ts of good combustion: time, temperature, and turbulence. Earth’s Flame starts with a Blue Flame log lighter underneath the fire grate; it creates a rapid and sustained ignition of the wood, diminishing the initial smoke when a fire is lit. The refractory plate above the fire keeps combustion gases in the fireplace longer, for more complete combustion. The refractory plate also prevents gases and particles from going straight up the chimney, creates turbulence, and doubles radiant heat.

Rutherford Equipment Hires Tate Greely as Sales Representative Rutherford Equipment, celebrating its 50th year as a wholesale distributor of hearth and barbecue products in the Southeast, announces the hiring of Tate Greely as sales representative in Florida. Greely brings to the Rutherford sales team eight years of experience in the hearth and barbecue industry.

Tate Greely

Twin-Star International Gives Award for Top Retail-sales Performance Matt Kramer of iKeating (Minot, North Dakota) was the winner of TwinStar International’s national sales-performance incentive program during the fall 2010 High Point Market. Kramer, who sold nearly 40 fireplaces last year, received a $1,000 bonus prize for this accomplishment. While last year’s winners have already been announced, the sales-performance contest is still heating up for the 2010/2011 winter season. Good luck to everyone involved. There Matt Kramer (left) receives a $1,000 bonus from might be another $1,000 bonus Bill Caples (center), vice president of sales, Twinprize waiting for the winner next Star International, and Steve Mitchell, independfall, the company says. ent representative, Harrington Group.

ICFA Names New Lifetime Achievement Award Committee The International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA) has appointed a new committee for selecting recipients of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award was created by the casual-furniture industry in 2002 to recognize and honor individuals who have made exempla-

ry contributions to the industry, as well as to their individual communities. Rory Rehmert of Pride Family Brands, ICFA chair, says, “The new selection committee reflects the broad membership within ICFA and includes industry leaders whose longtime involvement in the casual segment lends an expertise to their participation on this committee.” The new committee includes retailers Petey Fleischut of Casual Marketplace and Catherine Galbreath of ABSCO Fireplace & Patio. Galbreath received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. The committee also includes manufacturers Gary McCray, president of Lane Venture, and Lou Rosebrock, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Lloyd/Flanders Industries, as well as sales representative Dean Smith, owner of Dean H. Smith Associates Inc.

Sattler AG Announces Plans to Acquire Outdura From Shuford Mills Global performance-textile company Sattler AG, based in Graz, Austria, has announced plans to acquire Outdura from Shuford Mills. The acquisition will include the purchase of Shuford Mills’ production operation and distribution center in Hudson, North Carolina. All Shuford Mills employees will be

Summer Classics Masters Merchandising

joining the new company. Natalie Scott, vice president of sales and marketing, casual furniture, and Jeff Jimison, vice president of marine and awning, will continue to lead Outdura brand growth in their respective segments. C.P. Davis, CEO of Outdura, states, “We are moving from one great family (the Shufords) to another (Sattler). Our core values align, and we share strongly an unmatched passion for serving our customers with high-quality fabrics. Like Shuford Mills, Sattler is a multigeneration, family company with a commitment to its employees and to the communities in which it operates. Our customers can expect Outdura to be even more capable of supporting their performance-fabric needs in the future.”

Understanding the importance of visual merchandising is key to any successful business. It is in merchandising that a major retailer is able to connect with the customer. Summer Classics, manufacturer of fine outdoor and garden furnishings, definitely knows how to Summer Classics’ Equestrian line speak the language of its customers. Summer Classics won the award for merchandising in the permanent showroom at the Chicago International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market™ in September 2010. While a 10,000–square-foot rectangular space would seem overwhelming to any retailer, Summer Classics has a unique approach to merchandising that seems to work well in any space. As Harold Hudson, vice president of sales and marketing, explains it, “We take this large space and divide it into several small areas, or vignettes, in order to showcase our furniture best. Our designers do an outstanding job of taking each one of the furniture lines and coordinating the fabrics and accessories to create a look or feeling that helps the customer visualize the furniture in his or her own space.” Hudson also points out what a great incentive this is for Summer Classics dealers—because they are able to imagine how the products will look in their own locations, and which lines might appeal most to their particular customers. In addition to winning the 2010 award for merchandising on a wholesale level, Summer Classics won the Casual Living Merchandising Award for its retail stores for the fourth year in a row.

Cal Spas Further Expands Regional Sales-management Team Cal Spas has announced the addition of a seasoned regional sales manager to its field sales team. Kansas-based Rick Pettit joins the Cal Spas team with 20 years of retail and regional sales experience in the spa industry. Pettit will be covering the central United States and parts of Canada for the hot-tub giant, and his broad and extensive experience in the spa industry will help retailers achieve success in 2011 and the years to come.












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Tervis Reorganizes to Manage Double-digit Growth In light of sustained double-digit growth over the past five years, Tervis Tumbler Company has established an executive office of the president and added Barry Wolfson as president and CEO. Laura Spencer, the current president and CEO, was named CFO. Wayne Varnadore was promoted to COO (from vice president of operations), and Rich Kaplan was promoted to chief sales and marketing officer (from vice president of sales and marketing). The announcement came Barry Wolfson from Norbert Donelly, chair.

Laura Spencer

Wayne Varnadore

Rich Kaplan

2010 International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo Makes a Splash Industry professionals recently packed the Bayside Halls at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 2010 International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo, one of the industry’s most trusted sources for leadingedge products, education, and networking. Gold medalist Michael Phelps conducted the official ribbon-cutting duties to open the show (November 3–5); the educational conference was held from October 31 through November 5. Phelps spent two hours signing autographs, visiting with attendees, and promoting his new signature line of swim spas by Master Spas. Total attendance was 9,255, a 1.5% increase over the 2009 show. Attendees included pool/spa builders and installers, retailers, service companies, landscape architects, design agencies, and manufacturers. Lindsay Roberts, director of the show, says, “We are very pleased with the number of attendees and with the enthusiasm they brought to the buying and selling activity on the show floor.”

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Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Cast Classics Expands Its Sales Team The Cast Classics family proudly welcomes Bob Hansaard to its valued sales team. Hansaard has worked in the Central and South Texas territory for the past 23 years, helping his clients grow their businesses successfully with midrange to high-end home furnishings. Bob has a business degree from University of Houston and has lived in Texas his entire life, settling in Austin for the past 25 years. He is accompanied in the business by his son, Jay Hansard.

dents from across the country and encourage them to seek a career in the home-furnishings industry. If we are going to appeal to generation X and generation Y consumers, we need designers with a fresh, young perspective.” Thirteen students from the Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Drafting Technology & Design programs participated in the Groovystuff design challenge in fall 2010 and debuted their final class projects at the Las Vegas Market™ in January 2011.

Groovystuff Teams Up With The Art Institute of Las Vegas

Patio & Hearth Products Report to Conduct Retailer Panel at HPBExpo

Groovystuff (Dallas, Texas), a manufacturer of unique home furnishings and accents produced from reclaimed teak, has partnered with The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Nevada, in a design challenge that gives students real-world experience, a chance to earn royalties on a successful design, and a reason to choose the home-furnishings industry after graduation. Chris Bruning, cofounder of Groovystuff, says, “We need to embrace these talented young stu-

As part of this year’s educational program at HPBExpo, Patio & Hearth Products Report will be holding a retailer-panel discussion, entitled “Grilling Your Way to Success,” on Friday, March 4. This informative program will feature a question-andanswer session with David Backs of All Seasons Gas Grill & Fireside Shop (Bowling Green, Kentucky); Brian Brooks of Top of the Ozarks Hearth & Grill (Marshfield, Missouri); David Biber of Two Guys Grilling (Dana Point, California); Jim Cattey of Smoke

Hearth & Home Technologies to Exhibit at HPBExpo Hearth & Home Technologies Inc., the world’s leading provider of fireplaces, inserts, and stoves, will be exhibiting at the 2011 HPBExpo, which will take place at the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 2–5. Jeni Forman, vice president of dealer marketing for Hearth & Home Technologies, says that HPBExpo “is the one and only time each year when our entire industry comes together under one roof. It provides a wonderful venue for making connections with many of our customers, face to face. For the 2011 show, we have a fun, interactive booth planned that will showcase our industryleading programs and products in an exciting new way. We will also be providing on-site product and sales training, and cosponsoring the all-industry party on Friday night.”

Follow us on Twitter: @patiohearth Stay on top of the latest news and new-product introductions/collections in the patio, hearth, barbecue/ grill, outdoor-kitchen, and outdoor-living industry. N’ Fire (Kansas City, Missouri); Henrik Stepanyan of Barbeques Galore (Carlsbad, California); and Stuart McDonald of Pristine Pools and Spas (Boise, Idaho). These top-notch retail-

ers and barbecue aficionados will share real-life experiences on how they organize barbecue/grilling events to increase business and exposure for their stores.

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ENERVEX is introducing the FDDS fireplace fan damper system.

From left, back row: Young Han, Andreas Hansen, John Altiere, Brian Colucci, Karl Coleman, Joey Bunnelle, and Howard Thomas; middle row: Jason Lawya, Carianne Louw, Lisa Acuff, Jackie Keniley, Dianne Rollins, Heidi Hansen, and Phillip Cannon; seated: Gitte Hagensen, Steen Hagensen, Peter Hansen, and Cassie, the company’s mascot.

ENERVEXis unveiled

Exhausto has changed its name to ENERVEX to reflect a greater depth of product offerings.


n industry mainstay for the past 20 years, Exhausto Inc., one of the leading suppliers of economical and environmentally sustainable ventilation and exhaust systems, is getting a new name and look. Exhausto—a name that has become synonymous with exhaust fans— became ENERVEX on January 1, 2011. Gitte P. Hagensen, executive vice president of the company (based in Roswell, Georgia), says,“We used to do only exhaust fans, and now, we’ve spread out to do many more things; the name isn’t who we are any more. ENERVEX represents the variety of products we offer today much better.” Exhausto, 20 years ago, was all about exhaust fans.Today, it offers a variety of products, from heat-recovery systems to venting for fireplaces, boilers, and water heaters, in addition to bathroom and kitchen ventilation. “We’re also the largest U.S. supplier of pizza-oven fans,” Hagensen adds.With so many products under the company’s roof, the Exhausto name proved too limiting—and what better time to reassess a name than on the company’s anniversary, which was commemorated on November 8, 2010.

A U.S. SUCCESS STORY The story of its founding is a U.S. success story. Hagensen and her husband, Steen, had moved to the United States from Denmark after he accepted a U.S. job. Steen used to work for a company that listed Exhausto, a manufacturer of exhaust fans in Denmark, among its clients. Exhausto approached Gitte and asked her if she would be interested in selling the company’s chimney fans 16

in the United States. She agreed, and she started importing and selling residential chimney fans to chimney sweeps and fireplace stores throughout the United States from a spare bedroom in her house. A year later, the business was so successful that Steen came on board, and the company added commercial products to the mix.Today, Steen is the company’s president and CEO; the company employs 20 people in its headquarters and has its own offices in Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas,Texas; and San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. In the United States, 54 companies represent the products, and they are sold through 15 wholesalers. It’s not surprising that the name change was a natural evolution spurred by the company’s incredible growth. ENERVEX is an acronym that stands for just about everything that the company does. ENER represents energy,V stands for ventilation, E is for exhaust, and X stands for heat exchange. “When we had our 20th anniversary, it was natural to think of where we started, where we’re going, and how fast the time went,” Hagensen says.“We believe the new name better reflects who we are now and what we are doing, going forward.” It has been a long, interesting journey—from a bedroom startup to a company with annual sales of about $10 million, at last count. Its success is something of which Hagensen can be extremely proud. She says,“I just

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

learned as I went, and then we diversified. I stayed with the residential business, and my husband took on the commercial side.” Hagensen recalls that when they started out, selling chimney fans was an uphill battle. She says, “There was no such thing as a chimney fan in the United States. We introduced the concept, and we had to explain its benefits. There was a lot of resistance because there had been no need for mechanical venting. Convincing someone to put a fan on the chimney was a big step.” The company’s new name will be promoted at HPBExpo in Salt Lake City, Utah, in March 2011 using an advertising campaign that culminates in a Smart-car giveaway. The car will be the grand prize awarded to the lucky person whose entry is drawn from those correctly giving the company’s new name. Entries will be accepted at the company’s booth and online at At the website, visitors can see for themselves the new name and everything that the company does.There is also a link to the residential side of the business, which is at Other than giving the company a fresh outward look, the name change will not change how business is done.“We will continue with the same ownership, same products, same people, and same service,” Hagensen notes.


NEW PRODUCTS The name change won’t be the only news at HPBExpo. ENERVEX also plans to introduce the FDDS, its fireplace fan damper system. Hagensen also hints that the company will be introducing other products, in the future, that offer cleaner emissions or that are more energy efficient. Any new green products will only reinforce the company’s tagline: Green before green was in, it states. Hagensen explains the company’s environmental message this way: “Europe is far ahead of us, in the United States, in being concerned about the environment—so our products have been green for many, many years. We’ve been green from the getgo.The way the product is manufactured in Denmark is green; 70% of our products are made of recycled aluminum, and our motors are energy efficient,” she says. With the name change in effect, ENERVEX is making some other changes to prepare for a changing of the guard in the future. The Hagensens’ son, Christian, has headed the company’s Chicago office for the past four years. He has now relocated to the company’s headquarters and is on track to follow a 15-year plan that will prepare him to take over as CEO, leaving his parents free to retire. “Other than that, our plan is to stay on the path that we are on,” Hagensen says.“We’re not going to change a lot. We’ll keep on doing what we do best: giving great service and improving our products (and how they are used) while introducing new products.”

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Today’s contemporary fireplace designs lend an artistic flair to any room. by CHERYL DANGEL CULLEN

chic choices A

t one time, a brick fireplace and mantel were considered contemporary; as times change, so does the definition of contemporary style. What was a contemporary fireplace design five years ago might well be passé now. What defines the contemporary fireplace in 2011? Jeni Forman says, “No limits, I guess, is how I would describe it.” Forman is vice president of dealer marketing for Hearth & Home Technologies (Lakeville, Minnesota). “Sure, there are the more common landscape-style fireplaces with ribbon burners, but now, we are seeing more and more variations in shapes, media, and flame patterns,” she says. Mike Pennington, director of research and development for Lennox Hearth Products (Nashville,Tennessee), agrees. Because contemporary design incorporates so many possibilities, Pennington offers a checklist of characteristics,


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

noting that today’s modern fireplaces: • incorporate a broad scope of designs and tastes, encompassing everything from traditional influences to those that might be considered avant-garde; • make creative use of various media types and of nontraditional fuels; • feature exaggerated shapes, sizes, and aspect ratios, such as elongated rectangular openings; and • emphasize a more minimalist design. Despite the sea of available contemporary styles, Pennington notes, there is no clear, lasting dominant feature, in terms of a fire interpretation. With all of these variables to consider, the homeowner who wants to stay ahead of the curve would be hard-pressed to decide what type of contemporary fireplace design offers the most longevity. This is where kits come in, Dave Ivey suggests. Ivey, who is national sales manager for Canada for Monessen Hearth Systems Company (MHSC), Paris, Kentucky, says that contemporary fireplaces formerly got their look from their shapes and design faces. “Now, the biggest trend I see is the standard

look with contemporary options. We have one platform that is traditional—but add a rock kit or light kit, and it can look contemporary. Five or six years ago, there were architectural differences. Now, the fireplace is traditional, but it can be customized with contemporary options,” he says. Chris Green, general manager of Kingsman Fireplaces (Winnipeg, Manitoba), concurs. He says, “We’re seeing a shift to modifying traditional wood-burning products with a gas unit—and instead of logs, using contemporary elements like rocks. I see this particularly among people who are renovating homes with traditional fireplaces.”

THE LATEST TAKE To keep up with the evolving sense of what constitutes a contemporary fireplace, manufacturers have been staying busy. MHSC added a 42-inch see-through fireplace and a new 60-inch wideview linear Echelon to its Majestic line. The new additions round out the line, which now includes 42-, 50-, and 60-inch fireplaces. In addition, the company has made contemporary kits available for its Solitaire 300. These give the consumer options for personalizing the

Page 18, top: Monessen Hearth Systems Company’s Serenade see-through fireplace can be installed between two interior rooms or between the interior and exterior of the house. Page 18, bottom left: Town & Country’s WS54 widescreen fireplace provides a generous view of the flames. Page 18, bottom center: Heat & Glo’s RED60; its name stands for rectangular European design in a 60-inch size. Left: Napoleon’s Torch GT8 is an ultramodern, direct-vent fireplace with a slim, single-flame design. Bottom: As Lennox Hearth Products’ Radium and X-Fires catalytic, vent-free gas fireplaces burn (at an efficiency of nearly 100%), they clean the room’s air. Bottom inset: New to Kingsman Fireplaces’ Infinite series is a 36-inch linear model.

design, including a halogen lighting kit with a bright white light that shines up from the bottom and, as Ivey says, “creates a great effect, reflecting off the glass.” Also new is the Pearl designer fireplace line, which now includes a peninsula unit, as well as seethrough and corner fireplaces (in right and left versions). Each fireplace comes with contemporary options, including light and rock kits. Implementation of the Signature Command system through the whole scope of fireplaces is another innovation at MHSC. “We’ve built in a remote system so you can turn lights off and on, and control the intensity of lights, all from the remote. It is something we’re leading the industry in right now,” Ivey says. Rob Sidoroff, sales manager for

Town & Country/Pacific Energy Fireplace Products (Duncan, British Columbia), reports that Town & Country has been working at “providing the basis for designers and architects to create their own contemporary designs using our many choices of burners, liners, and shapes of product. Going forward, we will be introducing even more design options, based on trends we see emerging.” Lennox Hearth Products’ Radium, Scandium and X-Fires catalytic vent-free gas fireplaces continue to be on the cutting edge in this category. “They hang on the wall, just like a plasma television, and aren’t just modern looking: The clean-burning catalytic-combustion process actually cleans the room air as the units burn at nearly 100% efficiency,” Pennington says. “With so many design options in this category, we are considering some interesting new ideas for

the future.” At Hearth & Home Technologies, both Heat & Glo and Heatilator have a variety of contemporary fireplace options. One recent addition to the Heat & Glo lineup is the Solaris. “The Solaris is truly revolutionary,” Forman says, adding that it can be built into a wall that was framed using 2x6-inch lumber. Available in two models, “The Solaris 36-ST features a single flame that spreads across the center of the fireplace, creating the appearance of being suspended in midair. The other model, the Solaris 36-MR, is outfitted with LED lighting and mirrored glass, creating a dramatic illusion of many flames moving into infinity,” she says. Also new to Heat & Glo are the

RED40 and RED60. RED stands for rectangular European design, and 40 and 60 represent the linear lengths (in inches) of each model. “These modern, linear fireplaces give consumers a custom feel by providing a dramatic statement, with nearly endless refractory and media options,” Forman explains. In addition, Heat & Glo’s 6000 and 8000 fireplace lines have been relaunched using the same core firebox,

but with major upgrades to the interior that “create the perfect combination of flame, glow, and lighting,” Forman says. Napoleon Fireplaces has just signed off on its Plazmafire, a new linear fireplace that is “essentially wall hung,” according to David Coulson, national manager of advertising at Wolf Steel Ltd./Napoleon Appliance Corp. (Barrie, Ontario). Plazmafire comes in answer to the trend of putting fireplaces into nontraditional rooms. “Of all fireplaces, 80% to 90% are in the living or dining room, but sometimes, you want one in the bedroom or bathroom,” Coulson says. The Plazmafire can go almost anywhere. “It is a direct-vent fireplace; you run the gas up between the studs, and you mount the fireplace right to the wall.” It is similar, Coulson says, to an electric fireplace that is hung right on top of the wall. “The installation possibilities are endless. These are easier installations for condos and for rooms that have a lot of venting issues,” he says. Also new is Napoleon Fireplaces’ linear line of Torch fireplaces, which range up to 50 inches in size. The newest entry is only 12 inches wide, but it is three feet tall and is “the only one approved for the bathroom,” Coulson says. “Five to seven years ago, fireplaces were all 36- or 42-inch boxes with log sets and different brick patterns. It was a box.” He adds, “They looked good, but they were all a square design. Now, with different installation possibilities, designs, and sizes—long and horizontal, tall and vertical, plus arch designs that are small enough to fit in a smaller area—anything goes. With Plazmafire, you can hang a fireplace just about anywhere.” Kingsman Fireplaces is planning two introductions for the first quarter of 2011. One is a new 36-inch linear fireplace being added to its Infinite series, which already includes 42- and 60-inch units. All three sizes are available in single- or double-sided versions. “There’s nothing but fire when you look at it. It is

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report




just a ribbon of fire in a very simple, elongated viewing area,” Green says. Also new is the Capella, a clean, modern burner system that allows homeowners to use rocks (instead of logs) to make a traditional fireplace more contemporary. Other introductions include the Cove gas fireplace—which is tall, and perfect for vertical spaces—and the Solara and Solace direct-vent gas fireplaces, which can be placed almost anywhere in a room.

IMPACT OF THE ECONOMY If sales are any indication, these innovations are on the right track. Contemporary fireplace designs have held their own (and, in some cases, prospered), despite the sagging economy. “I think the contemporary products have survived the economic challenges better than expected,” Forman says. “There are enough contemporary options available on the market for them to span a wider variety of price points. While the higher-end products have been affected, the demand for the midrange-priced items is still holding strong.” Sidoroff says, “I’m sure the economy has had an impact, but not nearly as much as it has had on mainstream products. Design-forward people who are attracted to contemporary products are used to spending what it takes to achieve the look they want. They understand that

it costs more to achieve good design.” Pennington adds, “Contemporary style has probably not fallen prey to economic challenges as much as more traditional designs have, simply due to more interest/curiosity in the general customer base. Even though it has been emerging for several years, contemporary design is still very new and fresh to a large segment of buyers.” Green suggests that contemporary fireplace designs might well have helped many manufacturers and dealers through tough economic times. “If you didn’t have some of the more modern and contemporary product lines, you might be hurting worse,” he says. Ivey agrees, and he feels that dealers have also benefited from the contemporary kits that MHSC introduced during the downturn. “You can start with one unit and go to different looks. Dealers can reduce inventory and just stock the different options,” he says. The dealer can stock a single box, as a platform; if it’s traditional, buyers can use it as is, “or they can have different colored glass, rocks, and so on, to get the maximum number of looks out of one box,” Ivey adds.

GOING THE EXTRA MILE Even sizzling contemporary designs that are ahead of the curve will only get a company so far. It must still lead with solid products and innovation.

“Since its inception, Heat & Glo has led the industry in product innovation,” Forman says. “In the 1980s, when Heat & Glo introduced direct-vent gas technology, the industry was changed forever. Ever since then, Heat & Glo has constantly been pushing the envelope, in terms of designing products that meet consumer demand—as well as stretching the imagination in what’s possible in a hearth product.” Lennox Hearth Products is also committed to product development. “We are taking a new look at this market and leveraging a wealth of general design and application experience from our parent company, Lennox International, which is well versed in the art and science of providing comfort to all manner of consumers,” Pennington says. He continues, “Further, our pool of global research/development personnel and facilities offers an unparalleled ability to design, analyze, and innovate. Beyond the fundamental capabilities in mechanical, combustion, and thermal design, the Lennox team has outstanding depth in controls, indoor air quality, reliability, and industrial design.” Combining these Lennox global resources with a new research/development team in Nashville, “Lennox Hearth Products is poised to deliver unique and differentiated products, with minimum time to market and maximum

value,” Pennington adds. “Our new team has great insight into this market and embraces the exciting prospects of providing must-have fireside products of all types.” Green says that Kingsman Fireplaces’ advantage is exclusivity. “We brought out our modern collection for the specialty hearth dealers, and we’re protecting them now by not overpopulating other dealers. That’s the strength of our Marquis collection. We’re only selling it to specialty hearth dealers, and at the end of the day, they are the ones selling the product into renovations,” he reports.

FUTURE DESIGNS Overall, the future seems bright for contemporary designs. “I think the contemporary portion of the hearth industry is growing,” Ivey says. Adding to its growth is the combination strategy of blending contemporary with traditional styles. “You don’t need to have a futuristic white house for a contemporary fireplace to fit in,” he adds. In short, contemporary design is for everyone. “It has become accessible to the masses,” Sidoroff concludes. “The basic elements of contemporary design have not changed since Frank Lloyd Wright put his uniquely U.S. influence on it. The people who are drawn to it realize there is a fine line between what is acceptable and what is great.”


Visit us at HPBExpo [Stand 3879] Call 888-590-3335 or email today EcoSmart Inc (OLDREGE!VE 3UITE" ,OS!NGELES#!

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marketing M A N E U V E R S Left: Sunshine Wicker and Design’s award-winning showroom features a vast selection of high-quality wicker and rattan furniture and accessories for every room of the house, both indoors and outside. Below: Originally established in 1981, Sunshine Wicker and Design was purchased by Carl and Mary LaManto in 2005.

wicker and


Sunshine Wicker and Design offers a wide mix of tropical, casual, and comfortable designs. by KIMBERLY RODGERS

photography by MIKE ZIMMERMAN


rom Sunshine Wicker and Design’s beautiful, award-winning showroom in Pompano Beach, Florida, Mary LaManto not only assists clients in furnishing their South Florida homes, but also routinely decorates the Caribbean vacation homes of customers located throughout the country. While working with island clients is a large part of LaManto’s job, it is just a portion of a broad range of products and services that Sunshine Wicker and Design offers its clients. Started by Ray LeFebvre, who began the business in 1981 by selling wicker baskets at local flea markets, Sunshine Wicker and Design has grown to offer a wide selection of wicker and rattan furniture pieces and accessories, with an emphasis on tropical and coastal design. In 2005, LaManto and her husband, Carl, purchased the business. They added 2,000 square feet to the existing 5,000–square-foot showroom to accommodate an increase in outdoor-furniture offerings. In 2008, the couple moved the store to another 8,000–square-foot showroom about two miles away; it has an attached warehouse, which has helped to streamline operations.

SHOWROOM AND SERVICE SHINE Sunshine Wicker and Design was a 2010 award winner (for best use of accessories in the single-store category) in the 10th annual Casual Living Merchandising Awards. The store was noted for having a variety of themes, patterns, and color combinations and for creating an attractive mixture of accessories (without looking overdone). “The store is decorated to the nines, yet is very clean and laid out in such a way that it is a pleasure to walk through,” Mary LaManto says. 22

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Sunshine Wicker and Design specializes in offering an array of fine furniture and accessories for every room of the house. For the interior, customers find sectionals, sofas, and all types of seating, as well as homeoffice furniture, dining tables, buffets, entertainment centers, and bedroom groups. Ample options in deep seating, lounging, and dining are available for the outdoor room. LaManto has high standards regarding what products she places on the showroom floor. She focuses on midrange to high-end price points, making some slight adjustments to that business model when the economy warrants. “The last couple of years have been a bit more challenging, so we did introduce some introductory price points, but we still maintained that level of quality that we demand. If I won’t put a product in my own home, I won’t put it in the showroom,” LaManto says. The store carries some of the best brands in the casual industry, including Lane Venture, Ebel, Ratana, NorthCape International, Whitecraft, Windward, and Braxton Culler. LaManto comments that a popular trend that she sees in the outdoor casual market is movement. “We have so many vendors that are offering gliders, swivel gliders, or recliners; people love anything that moves,” she says. In addition, she is noticing that more customers are replacing their outdoor dining sets with deep seating pieces. All-weather wicker is also gaining ground each year, especially in Florida. “People here are concerned with how a piece is going to hold up in the climate, and outdoor-wicker furniture does very well,” LaManto says. The LaMantos believe in taking a service- and solution-oriented approach to doing business. One of the owners (or Carl’s brother, Joe,




Space # 4116


* Patent Pending Circle Reader Service No. 23

marketing M A N E U V E R S who also works in the business) is always on the floor to extend a verbal warm welcome personally to everyone who comes into the showroom. “We immediately establish that this is a relationship and that we are here to help. We want customers to be so overwhelmed with how well they are treated that they will tell all their friends and neighbors about us—and come back,” LaManto says. She also believes that it is very important to educate customers so that they are then able to make informed decisions about their purchases. LaManto, who has a background in art and computeraided design, provides design services for her clients, whether or not they are local. Many of her long-distance customers who live around the country request LaManto’s assistance in furnishing their second homes in Florida or the Caribbean; she is able to provide them with the same services as her local clients. “They are all busy people, and since they live in other states, they can’t come to the showroom. I start by having a conversation with them on the phone to get as much information as I can—particularly if they have any likes or dislikes,” LaManto says. Customers start their furniture-selection process by browsing through Sunshine Wicker and Design’s website, which clearly displays pictures and descriptions of collections and accessories for every area of the house.

“I have a lot of pieces on our website, so they can tell me what types of furniture they prefer,” LaManto says. She will then narrow down the choices and begin an email correspondence to finalize product selection. Working from floor plans (or, sometimes, only measurements) she is able to take these clients through the interior-design process, from furniture selection to placement, without ever having to leave her computer. “Once the frames and finishes are chosen, then we show them the accent tables, accessories, lamps, and rugs,” she says. “I take them through the process step by step, so it’s not overwhelming.”

STAYING STRONG LaManto comments that the timing of the company’s move to a different location in 2008 wasn’t optimal (in light of the state of the economy), but in retrospect, the new site brought in fresh business. “There was a lot of curiosity from people who thought we were a brand new store and didn’t realize we had just moved from down the road. Now, we are on a busier street, so we are getting a lot more walk-in traffic,” she says. The company saw a slight drop in normal activity during the recession, but did not experience a serious hit to business, LaManto says. No major adjustments were made, and the company was able to maintain its entire staff. She comments that the down economy made the

company take a good look at every aspect of the business and eliminate the elements that were not working. “Coming out of it, I think it made us a lot better,” she says. “When we took over the business, there was a tremendous amount of telephone-directory advertising,” LaManto says. “We knew we had to make some adjustments, but decided to take a watchful approach before making any changes.” Over the past five years, LaManto has gradually decreased telephone-directory commitments, redirecting those advertising dollars to newspaper display advertising. The company does not use radio or television advertising, but it does pay special attention to the broad reach of the Internet. Increasingly, the company has focused on its website, making sure that it is well designed and easy for potential customers to find on search engines.“It’s an ongoing effort and something that you can never stop paying attention to,” LaManto says. Since Sunshine Wicker and Design offers furnishings for both indoors and outdoors, there is a lot of crossover between the two segments. Indoor lines are still the majority of the company’s business, but the outdoor market is growing at a healthy rate. “While there was always outdoor furniture in the store, we really started to focus on it in 2006, and each year, the numbers are starting to get closer. Outdoors is not too far behind anymore,” LaManto says.

High-quality, Fashion-forward Designs

Attract Consumers T

he past two years have been very good ones, in many ways, for Erwin & Sons Direct Imports, Inc. Erik Dych, vice president, says, “The downturn in the economy caused us to focus on our business and our productivity, as well as the direction we were heading. We’ve been able to review and streamline a lot of day-to-day operations, making ourselves a much stronger company in the long run.” The 27–year-old, family-owned company, based in Woodstock, Georgia, began in the indoor-furniture industry, importing handcrafted-rattan seating and bedroom furnishings, handpainted cabinetry, and metalwork. It has since continued to widen its high-quality indoor offerings to include marble and granite sink vanities. In the late 1990s, however, Jim Erwin, founder and president, saw tremendous potential for all-weather resin wicker, and he pioneered its introduction to the market. “We started out offering midrange to high-end items at a competitive price. This established our identity in the marketplace,” Dych says. Today, at every price point, Erwin & Sons continues to lead the industry by providing its customers with premium-quality products in fashion-forward designs and finishes—with superior customer service before, during, and after the sale. As a direct-container importer, the company offers its vast network of dealers and distributors a wide array of value-driven products. “We have all types of dealers—from pool/patio to landscape, high-end hardware, boutique casual, and full-line retailers—each with unique needs. Our assortment of styles



and price points helps to fill those needs,” Dych explains. For that reason, Erwin & Sons has continued to diversify, with over 25 outdoor collections of seating, dining, and lounging furniture in wicker and cast aluminum, in addition to Lightweights™ mosaic-stone tabletops and the company’s newest addition, Wonderwood™ faux-wood seating groups and Adirondack chairs. “Another critical benefit to our dealers is the option to mix a number of different allweather collections within a single container,” Dych says. “Tailoring their order in this way allows them amazing control over inventory.” Strong sellers include the timeless styles of the company’s Homecoming, Rejuvenate, Daydream, and Refresh collections. “We have a number of go-to items that are priced very well and are solid, proven sellers for our distributors. Our goal is to keep adding to those,” Dych says. Several new groups are becoming best sellers as well; these include the Relax, Four Seasons, and Rendezvous collections. All come with Leisureluxe™ cushions and pillows, custom ordered in over 200 fabrics from Sunbrella®, Outdura®, SolarCone®, Richloom Solarium®, Waverly®, and other manufacturers. Erwin & Sons recently rolled out some of its highest-end wicker lines ever. “We are going for the top of the customer base out there, rivaling high-end manufacturers at very competitive prices,” Dych says. These new collections are deeper and larger in size, and they feature special weave patterns and finishes that are exclusive to each set. For example, the sophisticated designs of the Relax and Four Seasons groups feature a

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

braided weave with a multitude of blended colors, creating a fresh, new look. Both groups have been very well received. Rendezvous, along with the also-new Riviera group, features transitional and contemporary design; both are good examples of the company’s recent expansion into other categories. “We have worked hard to come up with extraordinary styles at good price points. They have both gotten a lot of attention,” Dych says. With Erwin & Sons, quality is never compromised. “Every collection we sell is contract worthy. Whether you compare the quality of resin extrusion, the thickness of aluminum fames, or the 360-degree welding, our products can stand up to any of the others,” Dych says. The future of the company is exciting, he adds. “We are working on quite a few new product offerings for next year. We are not focused on how to be the largest—just the best. Our research/development is set on innovation and on keeping our niche as a solid, well-rounded manufacturer that is responsive to our customer base,” Dych says. Erwin & Sons has a solid footing with its diverse group of dealers and distributors located throughout the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada; much of its continued success can be directly tied to listening to the needs of its customers and to providing them with excellent service. “We have a loyal and long-term customer base and a lot of people who trust us, believe in us, and know us very well; 90% of our customers—from day one are—still with us. I don’t think many manufacturers can claim that,” Dych says.

The new Relax collection from Erwin & Sons features a braided weave with a multitude of blended colors.

One of Erwin & Sons’ newest collections, Rendezvous, has become a popular seller.

The Retreat group comes with plush Leisureluxe™ cushions and pillows.


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Selkirk is the original innovator of prefabricated venting systems. Over 85 years of manufacturing expertise ensures our products, made from quality materials, have the tightest tolerances and we back that with the industry’s best lifetime warranty.

Insulated Chimney Systems

Stove Pipe

Direct Vent Pipe for Gas, Pellet, or Multi-Fuel

Flexible Aluminum Chimney Liners

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners


The Ultra-Temp® All-Fuel Chimney features a unique EOHQGRIPLQHUDOÀEHU6RO id Pack insulation which provides superior insulating value to blanket-type alternatives.

DSP® Double Wall Stove Pipe features a stainless steel inner liner & ¼” insulating air gap to allow only 6” clearance on all diameters. Saf-T Pipe® is a heavy duty single wall 24 gauge black pipe.

Direct-Temp® systems for use with Gas or Pellet Stoves. New Direct-Temp for Multi-Fuel Stoves features an AL29-4C Stainless inner liner for the best corrosion resistance available on the market.

)OH[L/LQHU® is a tough rip-resistant product built with a unique seaming process that allows an apSUR[FRPSUHVVLRQUD tio for increased strength, PD[LPXPÁH[LELOLW\DQG smaller cartons.

Versa-Liner® is the most versatile stainless liner system around. Use high-end common components with HLWKHUULJLGRUÁH[OHQJWKV in between. An optional insulation wrap completes the job – the way you want it done.

VP Pellet Pipe® includes a 304 Stainless Steel inner liner and gasketed joint system. VP is available in either black or galvanized ÀQLVK1RZOLVWHGIRURQO\ 1” clearance to combustibles

All Hearth Products Are Not Created Equal. For complete information

1.800.992.VENT [8368] 1.888.SELKIRK [735.5475]

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Top: The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop has created a strong brand that resonates with customers who expect product selection, quality, and service. Bottom: There is nothing ordinary about the displays and products found on The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop's showroom floor.



For more than half a century, The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop in Ottawa has been the go-to store for fireplaces and outdoor products. by SHARON SANDERS photography by CYNTHIA MÜNSTER


he Fireplace Center & Patio Shop is one of the largest and best known fireplace and patio retailers in Canada. From its impressive 11,000–square-foot showroom floor (merchandised using the latest outdoor products) to its professional staff, the 59–yearold family business has become a landmark in its hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. Andy Cotnam, president and general manager, is the son of the company’s founder, Clifton Cotnam. The younger Cotnam is proud of how far the business has come, and he continues to move it forward into 2011 with forethought, enthusiasm, and a focus on customers. In 1952, Clifton Cotnam began the business by selling aluminum awnings in Ottawa. A few years later, he diversified by adding prefabricated homes and cottages (all of which had fireplaces) and started doing business as Colonial Homes. In the mid-1960s, he branched out even further when he brought in prefabricated, insulated metal chimneys by


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Majestic Thulman, as well as Ashley wood stoves and a number of fireplaces. Over time, the fireplace segment grew, and it became a very profitable part of his business—so much so, in fact, that in 1975, Clifton’s brother, Stephen, opened a second location nearby as a fireplace center. They eventually brought in patio furniture and grills to supplement the fireplace business, and that was the beginning of The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop. Today, the Cotnams have phased out Colonial Homes to focus on the specialty hearth and patio business. They run two successful retail locations (in West and East Ottawa) and a distribution department for wholesale products (Advanced Prefabs, Ltd.), in addition to supplying and installing fireplaces for custom residential new-home construction in Ottawa. “We feel that we have the perfect mix with our three departments,” Andy Cotnam says.

LIGHT UP THE ROOM (and then light the fire)

Stone & Glass Burner Kit

For more than the traditional gas log set, the Belmont Series from Monessen provides stunning alternatives for the fireplace interior. Our beautiful glass kits are available in five luminous colors to create multiple looks for one fireplace. Or, go nature-chic with our sophisticated stone kit. Paired with a black porcelain liner and light kit, the appliance provides a showpiece that looks great — even when it isn’t burning. Glass Burner Kit

Log Burner Kit (with black porcelain liner)

Monessen For more information, visit Circle Reader Service No. 27



GROWING THE BRAND Over the past five years, the Cotnam family has made some strategic decisions that have brought The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop to the next level in terms of visibility and branding. They expanded their West Ottawa retail store (making it one of the largest of its kind in Canada); put up high-profile signs; and created a large outdoor-living display area, in front of the store, that has significantly raised its visibility from the street. “We are located on the second most traveled east/west thoroughfare in the city (with an average Andy Cotnam of 40,000 cars per day), and one can’t drive by the store without noticing it. I thought the store was busy before, but now, our parking lot is never empty,” Cotnam says. The company has taken full advantage of the space in the large front courtyard area by building a gorgeous deck, shade structures, a pergola, and an outdoor kitchen. The Cotnams also park their signature 1950 bright yellow Chevrolet Suburban on the front driveway. The vintage truck is a staple in local parades and at golf tournaments and other community events. “We have become known for our vehicles, whether those are our branded delivery trucks or our classic Suburban,” Cotnam adds. The Cotnams have also expanded The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop’s online presence. In 2010, they hired an Internet marketing consultant to redo the

company’s website, changing it from a mediocre site that was designed and run by a family member into a slick, professional sales/marketing tool. “In today’s Internet age, a company’s website is the face of its business because people will check out the site before they even visit the store. It has to reflect the image one wants to portray to the public,” Cotnam explains. He is also preparing to go live on Facebook and Twitter. He adds,“I’m a dinosaur when it comes to social media, but since I have help, I think we have been able to put some really good tools in place.”

A BETTER EXPERIENCE From day one, the driving force behind everything that The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop does has been its customer base. The entire team is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the retail experience. When it comes to the showrooms, Cotnam says, “We want people to see beautiful things that excite them when they walk through our front doors.” The West Ottawa store not only is expertly merchandised, but is one of only three showrooms in North America that displays the Napoleon Swarovski special edition modern linear fireplace. This $10,000 fireplace, a joint venture between Napoleon and Swarovski Crystal, features flames that come through a bed of crystals. “Everyone comments on how unique it is, and I think it gets people thinking differently about fireplaces,” Cotnam says. On the second floor, the showroom has a large electric-fireplace display area with more than 40 fireplaces. The striking centerpiece is a 95-inch linear, wallmounted electric fireplace by Modern Flames. “There are hearth dealers who won’t touch electric fireplaces because they think that everybody is buying them from the big-box stores,” Cotnam says. “We have such a

great selection that customers who buy them from a big-box store in the morning come back and get something of better quality from us in the afternoon.” He explains that electric fireplaces constitute a much bigger market than retailers realize, and that he sells at least a couple of electric units a week to people who live in condos, high-rise buildings, and retirement homes. “They can be installed anywhere, and people buy them no matter what time of year it is,” he adds. The store also has a wide selection of grills, which have become quite popular in recent years. During the past summer, sales were up almost 50%. Cotnam has found that the best way to get people excited about grills is to fire one up and cook on it. “Customers love to smell and sample food hot off the grill. I was surprised at how something so simple could be so much fun for customers,” he says. The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop experience is not just about its showroom and products. It is also about its knowledgeable, experienced staff members and the environment that they create for customers. “We want customers to feel comfortable in our stores, knowing that we will listen to them and give them good advice. We never want to pressure them into making a purchase,” Cotnam says; he is quick to jump onto the sales floor and personally greet shoppers, when needed. He adds, “We have to remember that we are working in people’s homes, which are their castles. They are putting a lot of trust and faith in us, and we want to uphold that. It’s the culture of our business—and they know that our entire team cares.” In describing what has made The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop what it is today, Cotnam (without hesitation) says, “great employees, high-quality products, and uncompromised client satisfaction.”

Hitzer’s Heaters Feature Amish Craftmanship by SHARON SANDERS


itzer Inc. is known for the detailed Amish craftsmanship of its wood and coal stoves—and that’s not just a marketing claim. Every weekday morning, the company sends a 15-passenger van to a nearby Amish community in Adams County, Indiana, to pick up seasoned craftspeople who are part of families that have been making Hitzer stoves for 35 years. They spend the day working at the company’s factory in Berne, Indiana, assembling stoves by hand, and then the van takes them back home at night. Dean Lehman, general manager and son of the company’s founder, Claren Lehman, says, “We are a big family that takes pride in every stove we make.” Hitzer began in the early 1970s as a small blacksmith shop, making wood and coal stoves for local Amish homes. Its simple (yet powerful) stoves were designed to heat entire homes and large workshops. Hitzer made a name for itself as a local stove shop with outstanding heating products and family-friendly service. In 1975, Claren Lehman and a few of his brothers saw an opportunity to take the business to the next level, and they formed a partnership with the Amish that became Hitzer Inc. The original shop remained, and the Lehmans set up a new factory a short distance away. Lehman remembers that the first Hitzer Inc. stoves were basic black boxes, with no frills and no blowers (because the Amish use no electrical power), but the stoves were workhorses that could easily heat entire homes. “I used to tell people that they’d have to look long and hard to find something to out-heat a Hitzer stove, but they wouldn’t have to look far to find something that could out-look one,” Lehman says.


Over the years, the Lehmans added glass doors, brass trim, and blowers to many of the stoves, but they have been diligent in maintaining the original heating and burning principles. “Our stoves are still workhorses, but we’ve fancied them up a little bit,” Lehman explains. In the 1990s, Hitzer introduced its first gravity-fed coal hopper, which became an overnight favorite with its customers. The hopper takes advantage of gravity to feed coal into a stove, instead of using mechanical/moving parts, so it can operate even during a power outage. Best of all, it provides hours of continuous, even heating, and it requires little or no maintenance. Today, Hitzer has 13 stoves in its lineup (including several versions of the gravityfed coal hopper); they are sold across the United States. The company’s biggest market is from Indiana eastward and up into New England. Two years ago, in an effort to give its products more precise control, Hitzer decided to enter the coal-stove stoker market with its 608 Energy Master I stoker. “In one giant leap, we went from being handfired to using one of the top-of-the-line stokers on the market,” Lehman says. Hitzer’s stoker, with its integrated Coal-Trol thermostatic control, speeds up or slows down the firing rate to maintain an even temperature. “We like to call it cruise control for your coal stove,” Lehman says. This year, the company is taking the next big step by adding a stoker furnace to its product line: the stoker hot air furnace. The furnace can be installed in the basement of a house, and the homeowner will be able to control the heat, feed rate, and blower from a thermostat inside the house. The furnace will have a higher Btu output than the freestanding stoker. Lehman says that he’s already had a number of dealers ask about the furnace, and it hasn’t even been intro-

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

duced to the market yet. “I know it’s going to become a fast favorite,” he says. While Hitzer is proud of its heritage of making handtooled products, it is equally Hitzer Stoker proud of its personal coal stove service. Lehman and model 608 his father make it a priority to visit their dealers regularly to find out how to improve their products and service. “My dad, who is 78, still takes a road trip every spring to spend time with our dealers,” Lehman says. He adds that whenever possible, the family will even deliver stoves personally. “It’s generally with my dad, my son (Jason), or me, because it gives us a chance to talk to dealers, rather than just hiring a truck driver to haul the products,” he explains. The company also owns two display trailers (with eight mounted stoves) that the Lehmans use in late summer through early fall. “Dealers love it when we show up at one of their open houses, a county fair, or a local town festival to demonstrate our stoves. The best part is that we do it free of charge because it shows our dealers that we’re here to support them,” Lehman says. The Lehman family has enjoyed much success in its business over the years, and is careful not to grow too quickly. “The bottom line is not necessarily our number-one goal. Our stoves make warm friends, and that will always be our biggest reward. The bottom line will take care of itself,” Lehman says.

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outdoor G R I L L I N G Top: The beautiful mountain ranges of Tucson often serve as a backdrop for many of Arizona Grill & Hearth’s outdoor kitchens. From design to installation, the company provides all the essential elements needed to create an inviting and livable outdoor space. Bottom: James Molis (left) and Val Romero, owners of Arizona Grill & Hearth

up teaming By combining their talents, two Tucson entrepreneurs have developed a successful business model. by KIMBERLY RODGERS photography by HOLLY ROMERO


ucson, Arizona, residents don’t need to travel 3,000 miles to experience the true Hawaiian spirit of aloha. Thanks to Val Romero and James Molis, the friendly, welcoming attitude associated with island life can now be found at Arizona Grill & Hearth. “Life is more about relationships, versus the sale or money. We have a whole different type of philosophy,” Romero says. Romero, who has been in the hearth and grill

industry since 1993, started Arizona Grill & Hearth in September 2005 because, he says, “I knew I could do things differently and a lot better, and I also wanted to be my own boss.” Molis, who has also been in the industry since 1993, worked for a company that installed fireplaces for national homebuilders (he also owned his own hearth business). Since both were in the same industry, they had bumped into each other frequently

over the years, and they began talking about combining their efforts. They did so in June 2010, when Molis joined Romero as a partner. “We knew, if we combined our strengths, we could be awesome at what we do,” Molis says. Since Romero and Molis joined forces, sales have exploded for Arizona Grill & Hearth. “We each had our own customers, but now that we are together, business has quadrupled,” Molis says. Romero adds, “James and I have a nice balance, and we both have a tremendous passion for what we do. I love fireplaces, barbecue grills, and the retail end, and he loves fireplaces and the service aspect of the business. We complement each other very well.”

GRILLS, HEARTHS, AND MORE Barbecue season lasts all year in the Southwest, and with its huge selection of products and services, Arizona Grill & Hearth can meet any outdoor-cooking need. The company carries a range of high-quality grills and accessories from manufacturers that include Fire Magic, Broilmaster, American Outdoor Grill, Vermont Castings, Solaire, Jackson Grills, and OCI. Hearth products represent an even larger share of the business. From wood-burning and high-efficiency gas fireplaces to vented and vent-free models— along with firepits, gas logs, stoves, and inserts— Arizona Grill & Hearth carries a range of traditional to contemporary styles. They come from some of the best names in the industry, including Monessen Hearth Systems, Lennox Hearth Products, Avalon, Mendota, and Osburn. In addition to selling grilling and hearth products, 30

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

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outdoor G R I L L I N G Giving Outdoor Fireplaces a Custom Look by KIMBERLY RODGERS

Left: Fireplaces from Stone Age Manufacturing are available in a variety of models and firebox sizes. Far left: All Stone Age Manufacturing fireplaces are UL 127 certified and are designed and manufactured using strict engineering standards to provide years of service. Bottom center: Stone Age Manufacturing’s fireplaces are available in a three sizes and a variety of models, including this unit with a 36inch firebox opening.

When homeowners decide to add a fireplace to an outdoor space, they often lean toward the installation of a prefabricated unit for convenience, quick assembly, and what they presume will be a lower cost (compared with that of a custom-built fireplace). For dealers and retailers who want to offer their customers the beauty, quality, and durability of a true masonry unit, however, Stone Age Manufacturing offers the perfect solution. Since 2005, the Collinsville, Oklahoma, company has offered outdoor masonry fireplaces, in easy-to-assemble kits, at a competitive price. Owners Bob and Joe Rider, third-generation masons, bring the company 30 years of experience and hands-on knowledge of the construction of fireplaces built from scratch. They first engineered, produced, sold, and installed both indoor and outdoor masonry fireplace kits in 2001, through their business, Rider Stone Company. After obtaining UL 127 certification (for factory-built fireplaces), they formed Stone

Age Manufacturing, in 2005, to manufacture and sell a complete line of masonry kits—for indoor and outdoor areas—through dealers nationwide. Stone Age Manufacturing fireplaces can be used in any outdoor-living space; they give homeowners the many advantages of owning a masonry fireplace without lengthy construction times, at a cost that is competi-


tive with that of prefabricated models. Every fireplace comes delivered and packaged on one pallet—in an easy-to-assemble kit—with all the parts and materials needed to build a complete fireplace (including lightweight modular masonry pieces, a set of legs, firebrick to line the firebox, and detailed instructions). The fireplace’s exterior is designed to be

finished with the customer’s own choice of products, which can include natural thin-veneer stone, full-veneer stone, fabricated stone, brick, stucco, or any other concrete surface. For the professional, installation takes approximately four to six hours; beginners can build a unit in about a weekend. All Stone Age Manufacturing fireplaces come with a 25-year industry-leading warranty and have been designed and constructed using exacting engineering standards and materials. Joe Rider, the company’s president, says, “When building masonry fireplaces from scratch, there are precise measurements

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Bottom left: Purchasers can customize all Stone Age Manufacturing products (like this outdoor fireplace and kitchen island, in stucco with stone accents) with their choice of finish selections.

and formulas you must abide by in order for the fireplace to perform properly.” Stone Age Manufacturing fireplaces feature premier-quality reinforced refractory concrete that is durable in all climates, an extra-deep firebox for superior draft performance, and an open-air throat design that results in enhanced firebox draw. Rider says that a masonry fireplace has the greatest longevity because it will endure harsh climates, and it won’t rust, rot, or deteriorate like the metal fireboxes found in many prefabricated units. Rider also notes that prefabricated fireplaces have often been designed for interior use, and they don’t perform as well in an outdoor environment. “The boxes are small and have a lot of smoke spillage when burning wood, and many are gas only and not able to burn wood at all,” Rider notes. “Any unit that is wood burning endures extreme heat and has to be able to take more abuse over the lifetime of the product. Stone Age Manufacturing has fireplaces that are specifically designed for indoor use and a specific design for outdoors.” Fireplaces are available in three sizes (with 24-, 36-, and 48-inch firebox openings) and in a variety of models. Buyers are able to customize a fireplace in a number of ways—by varying the chimney height, the size and shape of the firebox opening, and the exterior stone. In addition, the company offers kits for firepits, pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens, and arbors.

All of Stone Age Manufacturing’s products complement one another and can be integrated for a complete and professionally designed outdoor-living area. “When building an entire outdoor room, the advantage is that the finished product seamlessly flows together to give the appearance that it is a natural extension of the home,” Rider says. Since 2005, Stone Age Manufacturing has steadily increased its distribution network of independent hearth/patio retailers, landscape and hardscape companies, and contractors to more than 200 dealers, offering them strong support. The company’s two websites (in general and dealer-only versions) include various easy-to-follow construction videos, product information, an expanded photo gallery, and sales tools. In 2011, the company will release new software for dealers that will enable them to show each product in a 3D, animated version. This will give dealers the opportunity to custom design each outdoor-living space by moving and arranging all the products in any order they desire. “The software will also show animated assembly construction of each individual item so that a new installer will see and understand where each piece in the kit is located and how it all fits together,” Rider says. The company received huge national exposure when a Stone Age Manufacturing firepit was featured on the “Today” show in March 2009. Stone Age Manufacturing’s products are also prominently featured in several programs on the DIY Network. “The exposure Stone Age Manufacturing received from the “Today” show seems to have given our products a certain amount of credibility that has helped generate leads and make sales,” Rider says. “We saw a big increase—not only in direct phone calls, but as an overwhelming amount of traffic on our website. Our dealers around the United States received a lot of exposure from being linked to our website.”

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outdoor G R I L L I N G Arizona Grill & Hearth can design and install full-scale outdoor rooms that include all the essential elements—from prefabricated and custom-built kitchens to fireplaces, fire features, and stonework. “We can provide everything to complete an outdoor area for the home, from start to finish,” Romero says. He notes that this segment of the business is growing. “People are not spending money on elaborate vacations, but instead, are making an oasis right outside the back door,” he explains. No matter what the size or scope of an outdoor room might be, Arizona Grill & Hearth takes the same approach. “We go to customers’ homes with a portfolio of our work, determine what products and accessories they want to incorporate, and walk through the design process with them according to each individual’s unique needs,” Romero says. Remodeling indoor fireplaces is also an expanding part of the business. “People are taking out the old, inexpensive builder’s-box fireplace that came with the home and replacing it with one that stands out, to change the look of the house,” Romero says. Customers are also installing fireplaces in blank walls, niches, or recesses of their houses. For all its construction work, Arizona Grill & Hearth serves as the general contractor and hires individual licensed contractors for framing, electrical, gas, and plumbing work. “We only use specialists who are experts in what they do to help us complete a project,” Romero says. The company also sells and services garage doors and central vacuum systems, and it provides service and repairs for grills, fireplaces, stoves, gas logs, and firepits—no matter where the products were purchased.

WELCOME, FRIENDS Customers, potential customers, friends, family members, and acquaintances have the opportunity to experience Arizona Grill & Hearth’s welcoming business philosophy firsthand at the company’s monthly backyard barbecue parties, which are held at Romero’s house. Over the years he has been in the industry, Romero has collected a variety of grills and dazzling fire features, and he has opened his backyard to serve as an outdoor showroom for the company. “We give potential customers the opportunity to test drive a grill,” Romero says. Attendees bring their own main course, and Arizona Grill & Hearth supplies all the side dishes; spices, seasonings, sauces, and rubs; and soft drinks and water. Customers cook their own meat or poultry, Romero says, so that they can try one of seven grills and experience the different features and benefits of the various products. “We direct them toward a grill and give them guidance on food preparation, but we don’t cook for them. We want them to try out the grills,” he says. Partygoers are even encouraged to cut a steak in half so that they can experience the unique differences that each type of grill brings to a cut of meat. In addition to the conventional gas and charcoal models that most customers are familiar with, Romero’s backyard showroom also has equipment that many guests have never seen (giving them a chance to test their barbecue skills at the next level): a pellet grill, a smoker, and an infrared grill. Romero and Molis invite friendly customers who come into their showroom, area real-estate agents,

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Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

and other people they meet who seem likely to enjoy the parties. “It’s a great way for all of us to network and also show off all of our products,” Molis says. Romero adds, “People don’t buy anything at the parties. They are social events and are more about having a relaxed time.” He continues, “Our company has grown on the spirit of aloha. It’s something that is very important to me. It’s about a way of living and treating each other with love and respect.” In addition to the barbecue parties (which have become a great form of marketing), the company also uses in telephone-directory advertising and attends home shows. The partners’ approach to doing business is a big reason that sales are booming. “It’s a go-go society, and the personal touch seems to have left a lot of places— so for every customer encounter, even if it is just an estimate, we send out a thank-you card for the opportunity. If we sell the job, we send another thank-you card,” Romero says. Molis adds, “We are starting to run out of thank-you cards.” Since the partnership created a surge in business, space is getting tight at the company’s main showroom. The floor has grills, fireplaces, and an outdoor area that has some items stacked to the ceiling. “We are outgrowing our showroom and looking at something bigger. Business is phenomenal; we are very fortunate and very blessed,” Romero says. Besides welcoming everyone they meet with the spirit of aloha, the two partners also attribute much of their success to their company’s strong customer-service ethic and timely turnaround on projects, as well as their emphasis on one basic concept: Keep the customer happy. “That is everything,” Molis says.

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showroom S H O W C A S E

Family ties Business boomed after this fourth-generation retailer added casual furniture to its product mix. by SHARON SANDERS

photography by SCOTT ZOELLER


hen James Emigh opened his hardware store in 1908 in downtown Sacramento, California, he was content to sell tools and provide his customers with attentive service. Today, 103 years later, the business has grown to be more than one of the most high-profile hardware stores in the Sacramento area: Its sister store, Emigh’s Casual Living, has developed a loyal following of its own. What the four generations of the Emigh family have learned, over the years, is that offering the right products (and caring service) can make or break a business. After 75 successful years (and after moving the store to the Sacramento suburbs), the Emighs decided that it was time to take the family hardware store to the next level. They joined forces with Ace® Hardware Corp. in 1973, changing the store’s name from Emigh Hardware to Emigh Ace Hardware. It has since become one of the largest Ace Hardware stores in Northern California, with a nursery and garden center, a housewares department, a key-cutting room, and a 6,000–square-foot store within a store for Benjamin Moore® Paints. The next big evolution of the business was its venture into casual furniture. Brian Lawrence, vice president and fourth-generation owner, says, “While hardware was our primary business, we had always dabbled in patio products


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

to a degree, with basic dining sets and seating.” He explains that Emigh Hardware was one of the first dealers in the area to carry the Weber® kettle grill in the 1970s. “We always wanted to expand that part of our business, but didn’t have the showroom space,” he says. In 2000, the family made its official transition into the casual-furniture business when it took over the lease of a furniture store adjacent to its hardware operation, expanding the patio showroom from 3,000 square feet to an expansive 12,000 square feet. This was the birth of Emigh’s Casual Living, and the family was excited finally to have the space to do whatever it wanted, in terms of products and merchandising. Lawrence remembers that when Emigh’s Casual Living first opened its doors, the showroom was filled with low-end, imported merchandise to keep price points low (like those of the products sold at the hardware store). “We discovered our mistake pretty quickly when products were breaking and coming back for service left and right,” he explains. As business has steadily grown over the past 10 years, the store has evolved into a source of fine patio furniture, with products from manufacturers that include Brown Jordan, Tropitone, OW Lee, and Gloster. “Once we started carrying high-end merchandise, we found that it was what our customers really

wanted anyway,” Lawrence says. The showroom is expertly merchandised with every outdoor-living product one could ever need, from furniture to firepits. Whenever possible, Emigh’s Casual Living tries to support domestic vendors because consumers are starting to demand it, hoping that this will bring jobs back to the United States. “We had one shopper who examined every shovel in our hardware store, looking for one that was made domestically,” Lawrence recalls. He admits that business has been challenging, over the past few years, because people are more hesitant to make large purchases. “We continue to train our salespeople in how to explain to shoppers the value of buying high-quality products that are backed up with service. Once customers understand the facts, they are much more likely to make the decision to buy from us than from a big-box store,” Lawrence adds.

SERVICE COMMITMENT From day one, the entire Emigh team has made no mistakes when it comes to providing upstanding, caring customer service. Lawrence’s great-grandfather, James Emigh; his grandfather, Colby Emigh; and his parents (Colby’s daughter, Mary, and her husband, Richard Lawrence) have all made service their number-one priority, in each generation. “That’s how

Left: Emigh’s Casual Living is always working to fill niches in the local market. Its popular Christmas store gets new and current customers to visit during the holidays. Below: Emigh’s Casual Living’s team members are the heart and soul of the business: from left, Mary Jacobi, Carolyn Sweeney, Melissa Nicholson, Diana Uyeda, and Brian Lawrence.

we made it in the hardware business and, now, in the patio business,” Lawrence says. The company’s motto—Where service has been a tradition since 1908—appears on signs above all store exits. Service is something that the Emigh team lives by—and that its customers have come to expect. “We are constantly talking about service with our team because we have to get better at it every day,” Lawrence says. At weekly staff meetings, Emigh’s Casual Living’s general manager, Craig Franklin, reads every customer compliment and complaint to department managers who, in turn, share that feedback with their staff. “Retailers all can sell the same products, but if you can impress upon customers that they are important, they will shop with you—and stay with you. In these times, this is ultra important,” Lawrence says, adding that standout service truly starts with hiring the right people. “We spend a lot of time in the hiring process making sure we find a good fit, which usually involves at least three interviews. Sure, it can be exhausting, but in the end, it’s worth it,” he explains. The company hires people based on their attitudes (but not necessarily their experience). “They will be representing your business, and if you are preaching customer service, you have to hire people who share

your philosophy,” Lawrence adds.

THE NEXT NICHE Emigh’s Casual Living continues to look for new ways to grow its business by seeking out niches in the local market. One venture that has been successful is its annual Christmas store. Every December, the showroom floor is transformed into a holiday spectacle with over 30 decorated trees, and prelit trees by the truckload are shipped to the store to sell. People come from all over the Sacramento area to shop and enjoy the festive displays.

Emigh’s Casual Living is planning to expand the Christmas store even more this year. “Many of the small Christmas shops have closed down in our neighborhood. We feel that there’s opportunity to bring in more holiday collectibles, which will attract shoppers who are looking for unique holiday gifts,” Lawrence explains. Most recently, Emigh’s Casual Living expanded its hearth and grill presence. “We are looking for niches that make sense for us, and we feel that the hearth area is one that is underserved in our market,” Lawrence says. The store has begun to sell fireplace inserts (pri-

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report


showroom S H O W C A S E

Emigh’s Casual Living has successfully expanded into grills and grill accessories.

marily gas models), as well as some pellet stoves. Lawrence says, “We invested the money to do it right, with custom displays, and I think it’s going to pay off; we are already starting to sell more gas logs to customers who come in and see them glowing on the showroom floor.” The grilling business also shows promise. Emigh’s Casual Living now carries a number of niche barbecue lines, including grills from Big Green Egg®, Traeger®, Fire Magic, and Weber, in addition to rubs, sauces, and specialty items that customers have requested. Lawrence explains that the ability to bring in and try new items that customers specifically request is one of the positive aspects of being a small business.

What’s Underfoot


The company has even instituted a formal program, called yes slips, to gather requests. If a customer asks for a certain product, the request is written on a yes slip and then discussed in the weekly managerial meetings. “When we are in touch with our customers, we’re able to offer products they really want,” Lawrence says.

THE FUTURE As Emigh’s Casual Living continues to look for ways to grow its business, it sees vendor-partner relationships to be more important than ever. “We need our representatives and vendors to support us by stopping in regularly, both to educate employees on new products and to help showcase their brands


Matters to Couristan

here is a certain sense of luxury that a fully decorated outdoor room exudes. Today’s sophisticated fabrics and materials have made it possible for anyone with a little imagination to create a relaxing backyard retreat—filled with furniture, appliances, lighting, and accessories—that mimics the ambience of any indoor room. If one were to build an outdoor space, from the ground up, with comfort and style in mind, the foundation would undoubtedly be a luxurious area rug. Couristan, Inc., based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, offers weather-resistant rugs that pull together all the elements of an outdoor room and set the tone for the overall design theme. The rugs not only are beautiful, but also are practical in that they protect wooden decks from the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic and shield bare feet from sun-scorched tile. Consumers everywhere are seeing the value that area rugs can bring to an outdoor space.



A LASTING STATEMENT Couristan has been passionate about floor coverings (area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, and custom floor-covering fashions) for over 80 years, and the company is revered in the industry as an icon of style and quality. With the advent of the outdoor room, the company has become a major name in the indoor/outdoor rug category. While outdoor area rugs can be found everywhere from home-improvement centers to specialty retailers, not all rugs are created equal. “Buyers need to know what they are spending their money on,” according to Larry Mahurter, director of advertising and marketing for Couristan. The company’s standards for all of its products are the highest in the industry. It uses only 100% Courtron™ polypropylene for the surface and backing of all its products, and it uses ultraviolet-stabilization methods for color retention. “We construct our outdoor floor coverings entirely of polypropylene because it is the only way we can ensure that they are water, mold, and mildew resistant—and they are 100% recyclable,” Mahurter explains. Durability is only one part of the equation when it comes to the attributes of a high-end outdoor rug: Design is also important. As outdoor furnishings have become more sophisticated, Couristan’s product-development team has followed suit with its rug offerings. The primary design drivers for Couristan’s outdoor/indoor area rugs are outdoor furniture, fabrics, and accessories.


to our customers. It’s a win–win for both of us, in the end,” Lawrence explains. Emigh’s Casual Living is also hoping to attract younger clients via social media like Twitter and Facebook, and there are plans to redesign the store’s website. Last year, Emigh’s Casual Living hired a company to drive business to its website using Google search. This has produced such good results that the arrangement will be continued throughout 2011. The entire Emigh’s Casual Living team is excited about what the future holds. Lawrence says, “I’m looking forward to a good 2011. I think it will be better this year— for us and for the entire casual-furniture industry.”

“Every element has to work hand in hand to complete a room,” Mahurter says. He explains that because many homeowners and designers are bringing the upscale look of their interiors to outdoor-entertaining areas, Couristan has really been pushed to develop outdoor floor fashions with a more sophisticated aesthetic, replicating that of rugs typically found indoors. “Accessibility is also a key factor in developing new products for the outdoor-rug category,” Mahurter adds. “Our assortment not only represents the latest trends and fashion classics, but we are mindful of offering our products at a variety of attainable price points as well.”

NEW FOR 2011 Couristan now offers seven diverse outdoor/indoor arearug collections (Covington, Bayview, Five Seasons®, Outdoor Escape, Recife, Tides, and Urbane), and it recently introduced three new residential broadloom products designed for outdoor/indoor use. Couristan’s newest outdoor area-rug assortment is the Outdoor Escape collection, which has unique novelty appeal. It pays homage to nature’s purest pleasures with picturesque renditions of various outdoor scenes—including beach landscapes, lighthouses, and seashells—that are reminiscent of

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

treasured vacation spots or outdoor hobbies. The rugs feature precise handhooked construction, and each design in the collection showcases a textured loop pile that adds dimension to the motifs. These rugs are the perfect backdrop to complement themed decor. The company has also added three new outdoor/indoor residential carpet products to its Creations™ brand: Antigua, Martinique, and Bonaire. These weather-resistant carpets are woven of Couristan’s 100% Courtron polypropylene for the ultimate in durability and comfort. Featuring a structured, flat-woven construction, each of these simple broadloom rugs offers a slightly different aesthetic, with varying high/low textured patterns. Reflecting the sandy shorelines of exclusive beaches, Antigua, Martinique, and Bonaire are available in a selection of four neutral hues, including dune, bronze, pewter, and cobblestone. For home decorators who like to personalize their spaces, all three of these outdoor carpets can be ordered in custom sizes. Custom rugs use Couristan’s selection of 100% Courtron polypropylene binding tapes (which are offered in nine complementary tones). As Couristan expands its outdoor-product lines, its branding efforts are becoming even more sophisticated, communicating lifestyle imagery that showcases its products in upscale outdoor settings. The company is working on new merchandising units that not only display its outdoor products, but also provide consumer education on the benefits of using polypropylene rugs in outdoor spaces, on care and maintenance, and on recycling. Couristan is optimistic about the future of the outdoor-rug category and is pleased to be a part of its evolution. “We plan to continue to investigate and create new construction techniques that add luxury, comfort, and durability to outdoor fashions,” Mahurter says.

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as i S E E I T Kamado Joe’s sizzling success is the result of two business partners’ love for outdoor grilling. by SHARON SANDERS

passion equals profit


amado Joe is a company that was founded on a passion for grilling. After just two years in business, the fledgling ceramic-grill company, based in Flowery Branch, Georgia, has turned that passion into profit. The company now has 14 distribution partners, and its products are sold by over 600 retailers across the United States and Canada. At the end of 2010, the company’s sales were up over 300%. Kamado Joe’s cool products and fresh, edgy approach to marketing have retailers giving it space on their showroom floors alongside the biggest names in ceramic grills. Patio & Hearth Products Report sat down with Bobby Brennan, cofounder and president, to find out what makes this little company tick. Top: Kamado Joe is carving out its own niche in the ceramic-grill category. Middle: Bobby Brennan, cofounder and president, Kamado Joe Bottom: Kerry Coker, cofounder and vice president, Kamado Joe


How was Kamado Joe born? Brennan: I wish I could say there was some grand strategy, but Kamado Joe basically came about because my business partner (Kerry Coker) and I had an itch to start our own business, after working together in the corporate world for many years. In the course of meeting with our business broker, he gave us one piece of advice that we took to heart: “Make sure you start something that you are passionate about,” he advised us.

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

We are both passionate about golfing and grilling, so after tossing around seven or eight ideas, we decided to start a ceramic-grill business. We began developing our kamado-style ceramic grill in the summer of 2008, and we unveiled it to the public for the first time at HPBExpo in Reno, Nevada, in March 2009. At the show, we introduced one grill, in one size and one color (red), and four accessories. Today, we’ve expanded our product offerings to include a black grill, several different trim options (black or stainless steel), and number of different accessories. It’s been a crazy, fun ride, so far.

Why do you think there is a place for a small company like Kamado Joe in the ceramic-grill market? Brennan: I think that the more entrants there are in the ceramiccooking category, the better off we all will be. The biggest problem the category is facing, in my opinion, is that ceramic grills are not well known by the majority of consumers. They account for a mere 1% to 2% of overall dollars spent on barbecues. I think part of the visibility problem is the fact that the category has

been dominated by a few large players for many years. To me, competition is what keeps a category vibrant. I foresee a category with six or seven companies that can all carve out their own little niches. More competition is good because it will force all of us to innovate and differentiate. As the size of the category grows, consumer awareness will grow. We actually encourage our retailers to carry every brand of kamado-style grill on their showroom floors so consumers can choose the one that best meets their needs.

What do you think put Kamado Joe on the map? Brennan: I think people are attracted to us because we are a fun, innovative company that is trying to carve a niche for itself. I like to say that we are trying to be the Apple of our category, and at this point, I think our marketing and service reflect that. Our goal, at Kamado Joe, is to be remarkable. I know that’s a strange word, but we think that the fastest way to grow a small business is to have a remarkable product and offer remarkable service. In today’s Internet-based world, if you give a customer a product that is worth talking about—or do something for a cus-

tomer that causes him or her to talk about you—the word is going to spread.

What has your priority been over the past two years? Brennan: Since we launched our grill, our emphasis has been on developing a distribution network and a dealer network in North America. We knew we wanted to go for two-step distribution, and our priority has been partnering with the best distributors and the best retailers in both the United States and Canada. In order for our distributors to be successful, we’ve provided them with the marketing tools and programs they need to get people excited about our brand. We’ve developed some great print marketing materials and point-ofsale displays, a dynamic website, and a strong Facebook presence. To support our dealers, we developed an online marketing library for them so they can access our brand elements (such as logos, product and lifestyle photography, and print-ad templates). We also offer free design and marketing, if they have a specific need.

Why are your website and Facebook page so important to who you are as a company? Brennan: Our website is focused just as much on educating people and

getting them excited about grilling as it is about our products. It also allows us to see who our customers and potential customers are. The first thing I do, when I wake up every morning, is go online and see how many people visited our website the previous day, where they are located, and what they are looking at on our site. The Internet levels the playing field for a small company like ours, and it allows us to offer content (and connect with our market) in exceptional ways. We listen to our market and look for ways to offer valuable content. For example, we received a number of requests for instructional videos and a source for recipes this year. That inspired us to create a Getting Started video series that we placed on our website and on YouTube. We also created a DVD loop of the videos for our dealers to play in their stores. We launched our recipe library in late 2010. It allows viewers to submit a recipe with up to six photos, a video, ingredients, and instructions. Each viewer can also add his or her name and location, along with the type of grill he or she uses. We list the top 28 grill manufacturers, including makers of other ceramic grills. To us, it’s all about the passion for outdoor cooking, not whether you use our grill. Viewers can also search for recipes by category or keyword, so it’s quickly becoming a community of people who share our passion. Another feature that’s unique to our website is an online grilling guide. We

discovered that there is not a lot of detailed information for consumers, when it comes to comparing grills so they can find the one that’s right for them. We compare briquette-charcoal, gas, and ceramic grills across 12 different criteria. We wrote the guide ourselves, but we were careful to give the pros and cons of each method and let the viewer decide. We must have filled a need; it has the fourth-highest page views on our website. The videos are not groundbreaking, but I’m confident no other grill company is offering similar content, with respect to our recipes and grilling guide. Our Facebook page is an open forum for people who love to grill (many of whom are not even Kamado Joe customers). It gives them a place to go to share ideas, opinions, and advice. We monitor our page hourly, and we are quick to respond to questions, requests, and comments. We have noticed that some grill companies ignore or delete critical comments on their pages. We do not. We also respond to posts on nights, weekends, and holidays. Our fans don’t keep business hours, so we feel it’s important to connect when it’s convenient for them. Any business that is not taking advantage of this amazing tool is missing the boat.

What advice would you give outdoor-living retailers who want to get customers excited

about grills? Brennan: The easiest way to sell any grill is to cook on it. People are naturally intrigued by—and drawn to— the aroma of cooking food. They may come into a store looking for patio furniture, but if someone is grilling outside, people will want to check it out; most manufacturers will offer deep discounts to their retail partners who want to use their grills for demos. Retailers may be surprised at how many people have never tasted food cooked on a ceramic charcoal grill.

What Kamado Joe product are you most excited about for 2011? Brennan: We are going to be introducing the next generation of the Kamado Joe grill this year. It is 35% taller and wider than our classic grill, with a 2.5–inch-thick ceramic core (to retain heat) and a sophisticated hinge that will make it easy to open and shut the dome lid. It is going to be our highend grill, which will match up, in looks and quality, to a grill from any of the large manufacturers. To touch every price point, we will be developing a lower-end option this year as well. I also believe that there is opportunity for innovation within the ceramic category beyond small, medium, and large, so we are excited about doing some different things in the future as well.

Evolutionary and Revolutionary. The Next Revolution in Grilling is Here. Other than size and color, Kamado grills have essentially remained unchanged for over 40 years. Until today. Introducing the new Revolution Series by Kamado Joe. The first in our line of innovative grills is the Pro Joe. It carries a larger cooking area, higher thermal retention and more precise temperature control. Not to mention an ergonomic and aesthetic design that maximizes efficiency and makes this grill a true work of art. See the new Pro Joe by Kamado Joe at the HPBExpo at booth 4405.

Apply online to become a dealer at: KAMADOJOE.COM Circle Reader Service No. 41

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leading the way

Valor has set new standards in gas-fireplace efficiency, comfort control, and fashionable design. by SHARON SANDERS


f it weren’t for the Miles family of Vancouver, British Columbia, gas fireplaces in North America might not be what they are today. In the early 1980s (after the family had been in the wood-burning fireplace business for a number of years) Garry Miles, the family patriarch, traveled to England. There, he saw—for the first time—a gas fireplace that wasn’t just a decorative element in a room: It was actually used for warmth. Gas fireplaces in England produced heat with radiant plaque burners and provided zone heating for boxy English row houses. Excited about their practicality, Garry began importing Valor brand fireplaces from England to Vancouver in 1981. Paul Miles, who (along with his brother, Martin) manages Miles Industries, says, “As it turned out, Vancouver was the first market to embrace gas fireplaces on the continent. Today, one will notice that due to the early success of Valor, there are quite a number of British Columbia-based companies in the gas-fireplace business.” Gas fireplaces became a big hit, in a short time, because they provided comfort—through radiant heat and zone heating—that no one in North America had ever experienced before. Miles Industries sold Valor gas fireplaces exclusively to specialty retailers (as it still does, to this day). “We have relation-


Top: Integrating contemporary design with efficient Valor heat, the H4 is one of Miles Industries’ most versatile fireplaces. Above: Paul Miles, Miles Industries Right: The Valor Legend G4 gas insert features a large glass viewing window.

ships with dealers that go back 30 years,” Miles says. After importing fireplaces for 15 years, Miles Industries eventually moved production to Vancouver, where it now manufactures its own products. The company owns the Valor brand for North America.

CONTINUING THE EVOLUTION Gas fireplaces have evolved in a way

Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

that the Miles family could never have predicted. They have become a staple in the hearth industry and a favorite of consumers. Over the past few years, the

aesthetics of fireplaces have become much more important to consumers. Miles attributes the shift to the fact that home/garden-oriented television programming has caused homeowners to start looking at home decorating differently, even when it comes to their fireplaces. “People know they don’t have to settle for a standard builder fireplace anymore,” Miles says, adding that this trend has inspired fireplace manufacturers such as Miles Industries to offer many more options, styles, and colors than ever before. “We aren’t like the furnace guys, who are selling a piece of heating equipment that will go in the basement and never be seen. We’re selling technical heating products that sit right in the middle of a room and that are often the centerpiece of design. Sure, people have technical expectations, but a fireplace also has to fit with the overall design theme,” Miles says. The company recently introduced

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its new Valor Legend G4 gas insert, which is the big brother of its highly successful Legend G3 insert. The G4 features a large glass viewing window and a sleek silhouette that doesn’t include grills and louvers. “Our design challenge is to get the heat out of the fireplace without it looking cluttered,” Miles says. The company has several more models coming out in the second half of 2011 as well. Gas fireplace manufacturers are feeling more pressure not only to stay current with design trends, but to

advance their fireplaces technically. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is pushing manufacturers to create products that are greener and more efficient. “The DOE wants to see higher efficiency numbers,” Miles explains. Miles Industries has developed a new energy-saving pilot system for its gas appliances that it will introduce on its G4 gas insert this year. The system automatically shuts off the pilot light if a fireplace isn’t used for a specified period of time.

“Many homeowners don’t realize that they should turn the pilot light off on their fireplaces, especially in the spring and summer. If they don’t, they are wasting about $10 worth of gas each month because the pilot light is not doing anything other than emitting a small amount of unnecessary heat,” Miles says. The company plans to incorporate the system in its entire line of gas appliances over the next few years. The company has also developed a new technology, called a dynamic restrictor, that automatically controls the amount of air going through a fireplace’s firebox; this, in turn, maximizes its efficiency. The restrictor is built into the new Valor G4. Homeowners won’t even know it’s there, but they will reap the benefits that more efficiency brings.

THE FUTURE “I’m encouraged that the U.S. market is showing signs of a rebound,” Miles says. “The Canadian market was actually very good last year. It recovered from the recession much more quickly than the U.S. market did. We are seeing a lot more optimism from all of our dealers

I believe that specialty

retailers have the future of gas fireplaces in their hands. They are the ones who can show consumers

M&G DuraVent Power of Engineering Powerful Solutions Powerful Connections DuraVent is the leading chimney and vent manufacturer in North America, offering complete venting solutions to the industry. DuraVent excels in technology, research & development and continuous product improvement. New innovations are brought to the market regularly.

Since venting is our only business, turn to DuraVent’s highly skilled experts to develop components to OEM specs, from custom design and proto-typing to testing vent systems to the demands of specific appliances. See how the power of DuraVent can make all the difference in the world for your business.

Visit us at HPBA booth #1821 See new products of the future.

M&G Group

M&G DuraVent, member of the M&G Group

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Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011


what’s possible.

in the United States—and because that’s the biggest market in the world, it’s exciting to see.” Miles is also optimistic about the availability of natural gas. Five years ago, people were saying that the natural-gas supply was low, and they were worried about what was going to happen when it was gone. Thanks to new drilling technologies, in just two years, the United States alone went from having a very small reserve to having 100 years’ supply. There is an abundant supply of natural gas everywhere, and it’s a clean fuel that is going to be important to a green future for our environment. Miles says, “We like to call it the champagne of fuels because short of burning pure hydrogen, you can’t get a commercially available fuel that’s any cleaner than natural gas.” Miles Industries plans to continue to make attractive, efficient products that people will be proud to use to heat their homes. “I believe that specialty retailers have the future of gas fireplaces in their hands. They are the ones who can show consumers what’s possible, not the employee who works at a big-box retailer,” Miles says. “It’s our job, as a fireplace manufacturer, to develop innovative products that are worth selling.”


come to the source

for the ambiance your customers want



1 NEW Fire and Water Series in beautiful hammered copper. 40x40x18". A 25" CSA approved fire pit drops in. 2 NEW 5, 6 and 8 ft. long Fire Troughs with Hot Wire Ignition. 2, 3 and 4 ft. sizes, too. 3 NEW Ultra Wide Fire Rings in stainless steel with raised hub and staggered port drilling. 12x6", 18x9" and 24x12" sizes. 4 NEW Remote TK Torches. Robust, reliable, electronic ignition torches with adjustable flame. In black, brushed copper and brushed silver.




March 3–5 Indoor Booth 1610 Outdoor Booth 6220

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Remember…What’s under the flame makes all the differenceSM Over 2,000 stocked items and products for fast delivery



Right: Empire Comfort Systems’ 30-inch Loft burner, with clear frost decorative glass, in the 42inch Breckenridge Deluxe flushface firebox Bottom left: Mr. Broilmaster’s Facebook page Bottom right: Empire Comfort Systems’ Loft vent-free fireplace with decorative glass front


years young

Family-owned Empire Comfort Systems uses social media to reach customers in novel ways. by CHERYL DANGEL CULLEN


aking a cue from Betty White, Empire Comfort Systems (which is nearly 80 years old) is tweeting its way to a resurgence of popularity, and Nick Bauer, one of several fourth-generation family members to work there, is proud of how far the company has come. Bauer, vice president of product development, has worked at Empire Comfort Systems (Belleville, Illinois) since he graduated from college. His grandfather, who founded the company in 1932, worked there for more than 50 years, and his father has worked there since the 1980s. Now, there are even more family members involved, and that is exactly what Bauer says sets Empire Comfort Systems apart from its competitors. “There are not a lot of family-owned companies in my industry anymore. I am extremely proud of us,” he explains. “From a competitive standpoint, Empire Comfort Systems’ customers know the owners. They see me, my sister, my mother, and my father. They know they can call; they don’t have to go the upper-management route or through a maze of voice mail. They talk to a person.” Bauer points out that three of Empire Comfort Systems’ sales representatives are even second-generation staff. He says, “We’re loyal to our employees, and we’re in this for the long term. We’re not trying to make a quick buck. My goal is to make Empire Comfort Systems successful enough that my grandson can run the company, eventually.” To that end, Empire Comfort Systems manufac-


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

tures both hearth products and grills; 12 independent sales representatives sells everything from heaters and hearth products to Broilmaster grills (and anything else that comes under the Empire Comfort Systems name). It’s a nice balance. Bauer notes, “Historically, our slowest months are June and July. In fact, up until 10 or 15 years ago, business was so slow that we would take off an entire month in the summer. Now, sales of Broilmaster—and a more efficiently run organization—keep the company’s sales sizzling all summer long.”

MR. BROILMASTER Despite having such a long history, Empire Comfort Systems is among the most up-to-theminute companies in the industry, actively making

the most of today’s social media (such as Twitter and Facebook). So important is social marketing to Empire Comfort Systems that the company has enlisted the help of one of its marketing gurus (who loves grilling) to be its spokesperson: Mr. Broilmaster. Mr. Broilmaster is a newly married expectant father who regularly posts recipes online, in addition to promoting grilling. He cooks three to five nights a week and shares his experiences (both successes and failures) with more than 350 fans on Facebook. “It was a conscious effort, on our end, to get people talking about the brand,” Bauer says. “There are a lot of loyal Broilmaster people out there who hold onto their grills for 15 to 30 years.” According to Bauer, Broilmaster owners are loyal fans and ardent grillers who want to share their stories. Of the fan mail that the company receives, he says, “95% is about Broilmaster. Mostly, we receive expressions of thanks and positive stories. Having a venue on Facebook and Twitter gives these fans a forum for sharing their stories.” Recently, for example, Mr. Broilmaster asked Facebook followers to post stories and photos of their old Broilmasters. One fan said that his father had given him his Broilmaster as a wedding gift; now, he was passing it down to his son. The grill is about 37 years old and is quickly becoming a family heirloom. “It is really cool. I recommend all our Broilmaster dealers get on Facebook and post their own pictures, as well as food they are cooking—and see the stuff Mr.

Broilmaster cooks,” Bauer notes, adding that Empire Comfort Systems will occasionally reward Facebook fans with goodies like free T-shirts to drum up excitement. This online activity isn’t necessarily about boosting sales. “An uptick in sales is not the goal,” Bauer explains. “We want it to translate into more sales, yes, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay, too. We’re in this business because we like creating a high-quality product the consumer enjoys, and as long as you do that, the sales will come.”


$800 for the burners and $1,300 for the fireplace system, the Loft is wooing homeowners who love the $5,000 linear products that they see in hotels, but cannot afford to install in their own homes. At present, Empire Comfort Systems offers three vent-free Loft products. In 2011, it will add nine new products to the Loft line, including two outdoor units. Among the new products (to be introduced in March) will be direct-vent Loft products. Compared with other direct-vent products, “They may not have all the bells and whistles, but they won’t have the huge price point either,” Bauer says.

Other introductions for 2011 will include a new outdoor fireplace and additional clean-face products. With all these product introductions in the works, staff members of Empire Comfort Systems’ research/development department could probably use a breather. “They’ve been doing quite a lot of work. There are never enough hours for how many products we want, but they do an amazing job,” Bauer says, adding that in 2011, Empire Comfort Systems will introduce more products in a single year than ever before. “We’ll actually double the number of products we’ve introduced in any one year,” he says.

In the next few years, Bauer hints, big things are in store for Empire Comfort Systems. He says, “We’re going to some very exciting places in the next few years. The brand will always be Empire Comfort Systems, but we’re pursuing aggressively filling in the holes with new products. Some of our competitors have laid low for the past few years; we haven’t.” Bauer continues, “We’ve invested a lot in our future for the long term. The economy is going to get better, and we feel we should invest during the downturn so that we’re ready for the uptick.”

Even the sluggish economy hasn’t dampened sales. “We’ve been fortunate that our hearth products are priced at the value end, so our hearth products have done quite well the past two years. The Broilmaster brand is a higherpriced brand that is seeing a lot of stiff overseas competition, so it hasn’t held up as well, but it hasn’t fared poorly, either. The hearth stuff is just outperforming our wildest expectations,” Bauer says. “We’ve been extremely fortunate, the past few years, to be in the position we are in currently. Our business model is to produce a high-quality, U.S.-made product at a value price,” Bauer explains. “We really feel that we are hitting the consumer who cannot afford the $3,000 to $8,000 fireplace and is looking for the $500 log set and $1,200 fireplace. Our consumer is looking for heat and a reduction in heating bills.” Bauer continues, “We don’t produce 40% efficient heating products that cost $5,000 and only offer a big flame and no heat. Our model is to produce highquality, efficient products. We found that we are positioned well for the consumer who is trending down; it worked really well last year. This year, we’re seeing more consumer confidence but buyers still want value for their money. Credit isn’t as easy to get as it was a few years ago.” One avenue that Empire Comfort Systems is pursuing is the promotion of environmentally friendly products, and the company is investing money in Mantis, its family of green products. With an efficiency rating of more than 90%, “Mantis is the only direct-vent fireplace on the market that vents with PVC pipe,” Bauer says. “It really is the most efficient fireplace that you can currently buy. It takes the same basic idea of a high-efficiency central furnace and adds decorative flame and logs to it.” Empire Comfort Systems’ goal is to add one to two new products to the Mantis line every year, using the same green thinking that made the line take off at its launch. A new, contemporary unit will be introduced in March 2011.

LOFTY ASPIRATIONS The company’s first foray into contemporary fireplace design was the introduction of the vent-free Loft, a contemporary fireplace (with a single linear burner) that was launched in March 2009. Priced economically at $550 to

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January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report





By adding a casual-furniture line, Napoleon can now offer one-stop shopping. by CHERYL DANGEL CULLEN


apoleon, long known for its grills and fireplaces, is shaking up the industry with its entrance into the casual-furniture segment. Why did the company do it? Diversification is the reason, according to David Coulson, national manager of advertising for Wolf Steel Ltd./Napoleon Appliance Corp. (Barrie, Ontario). “It is helping our dealers, particularly in the outdoor division. We can offer our customers one-stop shopping,” he says. Coulson, who has been with the company for 10 years, says that the move was a natural. The company already offered outdoor patio heaters, patio torches, gas firepits, fireplaces, stand-alone grills, and modular islands, so furniture was simply the next step. “Now, we can outfit a customer’s entire backyard,” he adds. It’s all part of a much larger marketing strategy that helps to even out what would otherwise be an uneven business. Case in point: Despite the economic downturn, sales at


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Napoleon are holding their own, Coulson says. “The hearth industry, as a whole, is down; we’re just coming out with new, innovative products and new product lines—like the new casual-furniture line and new grill products— which is how we’ve adjusted. We’re diversifying. If grills are down, we have another product mix to come up with,” he notes. This strategy is paying off, it seems. Other manufacturers have been tightening their belts, but Napoleon just added 75,000 square feet to its manufacturing facility in Crittenden, Kentucky. Adding a casual-furniture line to the mix wasn’t something done on the fly. Napoleon had been looking into the possibility for some time. “We’d been asking a lot of questions of our dealers and customers and doing our research,” Coulson explains. “Ultimately, we came up with the line that we have, which really helps out our customers. They don’t have to go with three or four suppliers to get everything they want. We can do the whole outdoor room.”

The new line includes loungers, dining sets, and recliners with aluminum frames and wicker; they incorporate fiber materials that are weather resistant. There are nine sets available now, representing a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. Some pieces feature a highback look, while others—such as the Monaco collection—are more contemporary, with a low profile. Also catching attention is the design of the furniture itself (and the fact that it is not linear). The Roma set includes two sofas that curve in yin-yang style, with a cushioned seat that fits like a puzzle piece between the two. Top: Napoleon’s Napoli™ furniture provides seating and a coffee table. Center, left: The Roma™ collection includes a curved, yin-yang–style set that is anything but linear. Center, right: David Coulson, national manager of advertising, Wolf Steel Ltd./Napoleon Appliance Corp.


presentation, and plenty of details on the company’s website. “Our sales representatives have talked to them about the quality more than anything else, and they stress that the product is for someone who will invest and buy a better product,” Coulson notes, adding that the furniture is priced not at the highest part of the high-end sector, but in the middle-to-high range. He says, “We’re not at the $10,000 to $12,000 range. More than anything else, quality—at that level—is the same. It has more to do with a different style, and the fact that we offer one-stop shopping.”

tion) and a dining collection, such as Lisbon. “That mix gives a retailer a variety of different styles. Pool/patio or hot-tub dealers who also sell grills won’t have a ton of floor space, so we recommend they show these three,” Coulson says. Napoleon gives advice like this to its dealers when they want it; the company also listens to the advice that its dealers give to it. That, Coulson says, is the key to its success.

“Our dealers let us know what they are looking for and what their customers are looking for; it all comes back to our dealers and their customers. Our dealers are on the front lines and talking with consumers, so we listen to our dealers and distributors very closely,” he reports. Outside its new casual-furniture line, at this year’s HPBExpo in March in Salt Lake City, Utah, Napoleon expects to introduce some new fire-

places, in addition to a new HVAC line of whole-house ductless air-conditioning and furnace systems. “If something else just sparks, we’ll look into it,” Coulson says. “We can be talking with a dealer or distributor who points out something that is lacking in a category and suggests there is a need, and we’ll start thinking, ‘We should be in this category.’ We’ll do some research and engineering and go from there.”

Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

Last year, Napoleon dipped its toe in the water and introduced a few pieces to get an initial reaction; then, it jumped in wholeheartedly, this summer, with its official launch. “Reaction has been positive,” Coulson says. “Orders have been coming in; we’ve got the line available, and people have been happy with it.” The target customer for the new line is, in Coulson’s words, “someone looking for better quality. Our consumer is not the person shopping at a big-box store or department store. It is the individual who wants to spend a bit more money for better-quality furniture that will last longer. You won’t get a four-piece set with a nice table for $1,200. We’re priced for the person willing to spend $3,500 to $3,900 or so, depending on the set.” An advantage of that higher price is the added benefit of being able to use the furniture indoors or outside. “It isn’t restricted to outdoor use,” Coulson says, while noting that the weather-protection system used on the fabric holds up really well. That feature alone is a big selling point with families outfitting their family rooms with furniture that will look good, yet stand up to use by children. It didn’t take long for Napoleon’s dealers to adapt to the new line. Most already sell casual furniture, the difference being that some of Napoleon’s dealers have been accustomed to selling a higher-end product. To educate them about the new line, Napoleon supports them with brochures, an information-packed PowerPoint®


OPTIMIZING FLOOR SPACE Often, the most difficult part of selling casual furniture is choosing what to display, which can be a factor of available floor space. “Most often, an existing casual-furniture retailer will have the floor space. Someone new to the category might not, but should show at least three sets,” Coulson suggests. He recommends displaying the Roma collection because, he says, “It is the one that everyone gravitates to because it is kind of funky looking.” Next, he suggests, add a more traditional style (like the Napoli collec-

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January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



H Series The H series hybrid unit features heavy-duty, combined stainless-steel and cast-aluminum end-cap head construction. The burners and cooking grid are of commercial-quality cast-iron construction. The Fire Maxx ignition system is truly amazing. The units are fully assembled; just attach the side shelves, hook up the natural gas or propane, and you are ready to rock. The units are in stock and ready to ship for spring. They are sold to and through independent dealers only. Contact: George Speicher or Pete Arnold at (949) 474-3070. Circle Reader Service No. 101

The Ledge From Valor Balancing seamless design with crisp profiles, the Ledge features a beautiful collection of three complementary finishes. Available in black, brushed nickel, and artisan patina, the Ledge is Valor’s latest addition to the highly successful Portrait series gas-fireplace family. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 102

SunBriteTV: Model 5510HD In an effort to expand its market reach, SunBriteTV recently introduced two new televisions to its allweather outdoor-product line. SunBriteTV’s high-end introduction is model 5510HD, which sports a 55inch, 1,080-pixel full HD LCD screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This television is ideal for homeowners who are looking for home-theater–quality viewing in their outdoor spaces (see page 79 for SunBriteTV’s other new product). Contact: (866) 357-8688 or Circle Reader Service No. 103

Florence Wicker Sling Gensun has added wicker sling styles to the already-popular Florence collection. Combining cast aluminum and woven wicker, these additions bring together beauty and comfort second to none. The high-back design of the dining chair, swivel rocker, and love-seat glider makes relaxation on your patio the choice of family and friends. The collection also offers swivel barstools and balcony stools, a chaise, and a wide variety of tables. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 104


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

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In some respects, these words are nothing more than an adverb and an exclamation. When used together in a sentence, however, they convey a powerful message of heartfelt thanks and appreciation. With that thought in mind . . .







w w w. p e n i n s u l a - m e d i a . c o m

w w w. p e n i n s u l a - m e d i a . c o m




w w w. p e n i n s u l a - m e d i a . c o m

Please allow us this opportunity to say thank you to the companies (listed below) that advertised with Patio & Hearth Products Report in 2010. We greatly appreciate your business. It’s your advertising support that allows us to deliver P&HPR to the patio, hearth, barbecue/grill, outdoor-kitchen, and outdoor-living industry.

Here’s wishing all of our loyal advertisers continued success in 2011. All the best, The staff of Patio & Hearth Products Report 303 Products AEI Agio Alfresco Home American Fireglass Belgard Big Green Egg Big Woods/Stellar Hearth Products Breckwell Bull Outdoor Products Bungalow by E-Z UP California Outdoor Concepts Caluco Casual Creations The Companion Group Couristan Crest Foam D&J Architectural Precast DiversiTech Domus Ventures DuraVent Earth’s Flame Ebel Elmira Stove Works Empire Comfort Systems Enviro

Exhausto FiberBuilt Umbrellas firegear FMI Products Galtech International Gensun Casual Living Glen Raven/Sunbrella Gloster Furniture Golden Blount The Hammock Source Hargrove Manufacturing Hart & Cooley Hearth & Home Technologies Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association Hearth Products Controls Highwood Hitzer The Holland Grill Company Homecrest Hudson River Stove Works Infratech International Casual Furnishings Association International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo Ironhaus

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Kamado Joe Kenyon International Kingsley-Bate Lennox Hearth Products Mallin Casual Furniture Marth The Merchandise Mart Miles Industries Minden Grill MLW Stone Modern Home Products Monessen Hearth Systems Morsø Napoleon Products NorthCape International Omega Mantels Onward Manufacturing Outdoor Lifestyle Outdura OW Lee Oxford Garden Pacific Energy/Town & Country Palm Springs Rattan and Garden Classics Peak Season

Protégé Casual QuickDryFoam Ragasco USA RH Peterson Rinnai SCHOTT ROBAX Security Chimneys Select Outdoor Kitchens Selkirk Corp. Shademaker Simpson Dura-Vent South Sea Rattan Summerset Outdoor Living SunBriteTV Team Grill Telescope Casual Treasure Garden TUUCI Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living Tyler Retail Systems Wittus WoodMaster WoodPellets.Com ZipJack Custom Umbrellas

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Indoor Forced-air Furnace The APEX-CBT indoor furnace has an average efficiency of 87.2% and a low heat value efficiency of 90.7%. It’s perfect as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on to an existing furnace system. The ultraclean-burning unit produces only 3.3 grams per hour and is from the catalytic experts. Contact: (509) 522-2730 or Circle Reader Service No. 108

Arrington Deep Seating Elegance and presence come together with the Arrington deep seating collection, one of the bold new looks from the Agio® collections. With comfortable deep seating cushions, frames with oversized scrolled arms, and beautifully functional tempered-glass–top tables, Arrington gives your customers the looks that create the perfect setting for outdoor entertainment. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 105

Half-inch Glass Colors American Fireglass is excited to introduce its line of all-new half-inch glass colors. Through testing, American Fireglass has discovered that half-inch glass burns cleaner and more efficiently. Customers can choose from a full line of half-inch reflective and standard glass. Contact: (888) 264-1017 or Circle Reader Service No. 106

The Firstever Electric-grill Island Galaxy Outdoor is pleased to announce one of its newest products: the first-ever electric-grill island, featuring the Dimplex grill. The island is only 21 inches wide by 48 inches long, and it includes a granite top, a stucco base, wheels, a large storage area under the grill, and a 16x20-inch stainless door. This unit is great for apartment or condo living and is approved for use by most homeowners’ associations. Dealers’ introductory cost is only $995. Contact: (702) 448-5600 or Circle Reader Service No. 107


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Firepit by Bradford Lifestyles Bradford Lifestyles offers a selection of UL-approved firepits to extend your backyard-living season. With solid granite or marble tops and a selection of finishes, Bradford’s firepits are a beautiful addition to any backyard or patio. These elegant firepits are available with glass or lava rock, and they feature two different covers. Just add the propane tank and enjoy. Bradford also offers a selection of accessories, from lazy susans to larger 54-inch tops. Expand your outdoor lifestyle. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 109

IGL-26 Glass Log Set Stellar Hearth Products™ (a brand of Big Woods Hearth Products™, Inc.) introduces a stunning new, modern gas log set, the IGL-26 glass log set. Using reflective ceramic-glass logs—along with accent lighting on the burner and front grate—greatly enhances the flames and lights by reflecting the images throughout the firebox, giving you countless iterations of the flame. The IGL-26 features 44,000 Btu of flame and fits into most masonry and prefabricated wood-burning fireplaces. With lighting from below, the edges of the glass logs are illuminated, enhancing the look whether they are burning or not. Optional reflective firebox panels are also available. Contact: (952) 224-4072 or Circle Reader Service No. 110

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New Firepit Rings

Cedar Entertaining Buffet Table

American Fireglass’ firepit rings are now available in 6-, 12-, 18-, 24-, 30-, 36-, and 48-inch sizes. These firepit rings feature an all-new crossbow design for better gas distribution and are constructed of high-quality stainless steel. Contact: (888) 264-1017 or Circle Reader Service No. 111

Perfect for hosting parties and backyard bashes, this entertaining buffet table is handcrafted from western red cedar and features two well-spaced shelves for setting up snacks, drinks, and dishes. Use it after the party for functional and versatile storage. The curves in the legs make it a stylish statement. Contact: (888) 293-2339 or Circle Reader Service No. 112

Calais Agio® combines boldness and artistry so that you can offer your customers exciting new outdoor rooms. The Calais deep seating collection features pieces that prove bold, savvy, and multifunctional for those customers who insist on the very latest looks. The L-shaped sectional is complemented by an oversized, cushioned coffee table that takes on double duty as extra seating and lounging space. Its clean, modern lines are further enhanced by the unique look of Agio’s latest accent-table design. For trendsetting looks that are sure to be on the top of your customers’ lists for new ideas and innovation, trust Agio. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 113

Circle Reader Service No. 54


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Circle Reader Service No. 55


Designs By Garry DBG’s newest exterior fireplace model, the Mariposa, invites guests to gather without blocking views, combining low-profile functionality with an artful appearance. Using lightweight, durable exterior concrete, these prefabricated units simply stack and bolt together. They are made in the United States. Contact: (949) 581-1919 or Circle Reader Service No. 114

Firepit by Galaxy Outdoor Galaxy Outdoor introduces the first custom, self-contained firepit for LP gas on wheels. This unique firepit can roll around anywhere in a backyard and can be built to any size or shape. The unit includes a 16-gauge, heavy-duty, 304 stainless-steel firepan; a stainless-steel fire burner; a high-flow regulator; whistle-free, 5/8-inch hoses; a key valve; an igniter system with a stainless-steel cover; and a 14x20-inch stainless-steel access door. All Galaxy Outdoor products carry a warranty for 10 years on all workmanship. Contact: (702) 448-5600 or Circle Reader Service No. 115

Circle Reader Service No. 56


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Glo-Fire Cast Wood Stove The Glo-Fire Mustang cast-iron wood stove represents one of the highest consumer-value stoves on the market. The noncatalytic burn system, clean-glass air wash, and double-wall cast-iron construction—all with a five-year warranty—provide consumer confidence. The Mustang takes 24-inch wood and has a 70,000 Btu rating. Contact: (360) 425-4200 or Circle Reader Service No. 116

Circle Reader Service No. 57


Galaxy Outdoor Built-in Components These built-in components by Galaxy Outdoor are made in the United States and feature 16-gauge, heavy-duty, 304 stainless steel; stainless-steel handles; full extension; and self-closing drawer glides. There are 15 different doors to choose from, which gives you more choices than other, competing brands do. All Galaxy Outdoor products carry a warranty for 10 years on all workmanship. Contact: (702) 448-5600 or Circle Reader Service No. 117

Direct-vent Fireplace Insert Grand Firepit Golden Blount’s Grand firepit makes a bold statement in any outdoor setting and is the perfect alternative to smaller, inexpensive-looking firepits. It includes 12 massive, highly textured ceramic logs and a stainless-steel burner with a 14-gauge pan. It uses natural or LP gas. Contact: (800) 833-1139 or Circle Reader Service No. 118

Blaze King’s very successful Torino 1605I direct-vent gas stove is now available as an insert. Contemporary looks, combined with the best-backed warranty for gas-fired appliances in the industry, make for a winning combination. Features include an output of 33,000 Btu, electronic ignition, a remote-control thermostat, an illuminated firebox, and Pyro-Glo ceramic logs and burner. Contact: (509) 522-2730 or Circle Reader Service No. 119

Planet Barbecue Spice Rubs and Pastes

This hot new product line from Steven Raichlen features four explosively flavorful spice pastes (from Colombia, Morocco, Malaysia, and Jamaica) and five bold spice-rub blends (from North Africa, Spain, Morocco, Argentina, and Germany). Raichlen spent years on the world’s barbecue trail, documenting the live-fire culinary traditions of cultures around the planet. The spice rubs and marinade pastes are an extension of Raichlen’s bestselling cookbook, “Planet Barbecue,” published in 2010 by Workman Publishing. Suggested retail prices for the spice rubs and pastes are $6.99 and $9.99, respectively. Contact: (800) 521-0505 or Circle Reader Service No. 120

Circle Reader Service No. 58


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Griddle by Bradford Lifestyles Bradford Lifestyles is now offering Simogas griddles from Spain, which can be used for both domestic and professional cooking. Bradford offers a range of Simogas accessoriesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;such as trolleys, covers, and utensilsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;providing you with everything you need to enjoy real griddle cooking. Discover its advantages over the traditional barbecue. The griddle is designed to eliminate cold spots on the plate and is powerful enough to maintain a temperature of more than 570 degrees (300 degrees Celsius) over the entire surface. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 121

Bottle Opener

FP-36 Firepit

Built from 304 stainless steel, the bottle opener from Bull Outdoor Products comes complete with an opener and catch. The catch is removable to allow for easy cleanup. Bull Outdoor Products worked with its designers and production groups to make sure that installation is simple. This is a great addition to any outdoor-cooking or entertaining area. Contact: (800) 521-2855 or Circle Reader Service No. 123

A unique, all-cast fireplace, measuring 36 inches square with a 24-inch ring burner system, ships knocked downâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and can be assembled in 10 minutes or less. Designed with a rigid space frame, stacked-stoneâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;look sides, and a slate-look top, the FP-36 fits in any backyard setting. Burner media available are lava rock, logs, or any color of fireplace glass. Contact: (360) 425-4200 or Circle Reader Service No. 122


DS\bc`W4ZO[S 5`SOb-

Crystal Spinâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Fire Pit Table

Inspiration Fireplace



Venturiâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Table-top Fire Pit

Beautiful, affordable, and efďŹ cient â&#x20AC;&#x201C; just a few reasons consumers are paying attention to the Venturi Flameâ&#x201E;˘ line of products. Working like magic, our proprietary Venturi Flame Technology creates a mesmerizing, dancing ďŹ&#x201A;ame. Taking a non-descript gel ďŹ re and instantly turning it into an active piece of art. The wall-mounted Inspiration Fireplace is the ďŹ rst ever UL listed gel-fueled ďŹ replace. It hangs in minutes and you can take it with you to any location. The Inspiration and Venturiâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Table-top Fire Pits are economical, easy to install, and lightweight. They run on clean-burning gel fuel, creating warmth and ambience, for use virtually anywhere â&#x20AC;&#x201C; indoors and out. Crystal Spinâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Fire Pit Tables use all of the same technology running on LP or NG for use outdoors â&#x20AC;&#x201C; creating even more warmth, and a long-lasting ďŹ re. Visit us at HPBexpo booth #4281 or go to to see our entire line of Outdoor Room products. â&#x20AC;˘ 866-303-4028 All Venturi Flame products are UL listed to meet safety performance standards.

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January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Designs By Garry DBG’s newest exterior fire product, the chat-height octagon fire table, is cozy (yet functional) as a low dining table, featuring a 54-inch–diameter top. The base can house a propane tank. The tabletop is available in concrete or a granite-inset model and is also available in a standard 48-inch size. The fire table is made in the United States of lightweight, durable exterior concrete. Contact: (949) 581-1919 or Circle Reader Service No. 124

EvenGLO EvenGLO is the latest addition to the company’s one-stop–shopping approach to outdoor kitchens, living areas, and entertainment centers. The EvenGLO commercial outdoor heater evenly distributes heat throughout the living area using its patented precision heat-control system. The EvenGLO by Danver employs a patented double-reflector design to direct even temperatures over a greater distance (up to 58% greater than that of conventional umbrella-style heaters). Contact: (888) 441-0537 or Circle Reader Service No. 126

Cedar Entertainment and Storage Unit This red-cedar entertainment center and storage unit is versatile and beautiful. It features two roomy shelves and space for a garbage can or clothes hamper. Use it poolside, for towels and toys; indoors, as a media center with space for movies and games; or in the kitchen, for storage. Contact: (888) 293-2339 or Circle Reader Service No. 125

Stone Age Manufacturing offers everything your customers want in an outdoor room, all created in lightweight concrete for a lifetime of trouble-free enjoyment. See the Stone Age difference

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Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re Big in Barbecue

Circle Reader Service No. 61

Visit us at HPBExpo March 2-5, 2011. Booth 3829 To request a catalog please call 800-521-0505 or email to,


Steak Station Steak Station® is the must-have grilling gadget this holiday season. Steak Station monitors four steaks at the same time, allowing those commanding the grill to cook multiple steaks confidently, each to the desired degree of doneness. An easy-to-read monitor allows for quick and easy evaluation of how much a steak has been cooked. The colorful probes measure from 115 to 170 degrees, indicating a complete spectrum of doneness. Contact: (800) 521-0505 or Circle Reader Service No. 127

Custom Flex and Custom Kits There is always a flexible solution with DuraVent’s DuraFlex custom lengths and custom kits. Choose exactly the length of flex needed from four different stainless-steel flex products: DuraFlex Pro, DuraFlex SW, DuraFlex 316, and DuraFlex 304 (minimum order of 10 feet). Custom ovalization is available, too. Then, add exactly the components needed to complete a kit. Contact: (800) 835-4429 or Circle Reader Service No. 128

Earth’s Flame Earth’s Flame™ is a new hearth product that improves the performance of wood-burning fireplaces and, ultimately, helps generate more heat. It is a system that fits into an existing wood-burning fireplace, replacing the manufacturer’s cast-iron grate. It increases radiant heat (at minimal cost) and reduces emissions from a fireplace. Two important design features—the Blue Flame log lighter and an insulating refractory plate that sits above the fire—make the fire start faster and increase combustion temperatures in the fireplace. Contact: (888) 201-8805 or Circle Reader Service No. 129

Vent Hood Bull Outdoor Products’ new vent hood is designed to work with most of the company’s built-in grills. Built from solid 304 stainless steel, this unit (36 inches wide and 32 inches deep) is loaded with features. Twin internal sealed motors drive 1,250 cfm of ventilation power. The vent hood comes with twin halogen lights and commercial-grade stainless-steel baffle filters. An interchangeable discharge makes installation simple and allows for a wide variety of applications. Contact: (800) 521-2855 or Circle Reader Service No. 130

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Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Grand Terrace Wicker Sling Gensun’s Grand Terrace wicker sling collection combines beautifully detailed cast arms and legs with a custom-woven wicker seat, creating a striking and comfortable chair. The high-back design adds to the comfort, for a product that completes any outdoor room. The collection offers a dining chair, a swivel rocker, a love-seat glider, swivel barstools and balcony stools, and a chaise. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 133

Crystal Fire Square and Rectangular Burner Units

*IRI FDMx 52 week dollar sales ending December 5, 2010

New for 2011 are square and rectangular burners for Crystal Fire firepits. Elegant in design, these new burner units create a glowing, warm fire that burns above glass Liqui-Crystals (choose from five different color options). Both units fit into the company’s existing surrounds (Sierra or San Juan models), or they can be fitted to custom surrounds. Contact: (866) 303-4028 or Circle Reader Service No. 131

Hamptons Collection by Sunbrella Fabrics The new Sunbrella® Hamptons collection plays on the traditional blue-and-white combination, but with modern designs and bold hues that make the color contrast fresh again. Fabrics in the collection include Lantern Shadow, Holt Classic, Neo Indigo, Zelli Indigo, Meridian Wren, and Bari Indigo. All fabrics are available through Glen Raven Custom Fabrics. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 132

Profit from the brand NEW patio protector. Patio Fabric Protector repels water, dirt and stains while maintaining the appearance and breathability of outdoor fabrics. • Camp Dry products are up 19.4% in sales* • Cash in on the patio protection trend See your Sales Representative for additional off-shelf merchandising opportunities. © 2010 Sara Lee Household & Body Care USA. Kiwi and Camp Dry are trademarks.

Circle Reader Service No. 63

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Bioethanol Fireplaces Offer your customers an easy way of converting an existing nonworking fireplace into an eco-friendly bioethanol fireplace with EcoSmart Fire. It’s designed to be put into an existing masonry hearth, so the conversion process is really quick and easy—it takes about 15 minutes. Add EcoSmart Fire to your product offerings today. Contact: (888) 590-3335 or Circle Reader Service No. 134

Looking for originality? Choose the warm charm of our Antique wood-burning or gas and electric appliances, or the retro cool Northstar line.

DuraPro Fresh Air Kit


Adorned with nickel, brass, copper or chrome, each custom-built appliance is true to its era. Models available in gas, electric, wood-burning or dual fuel.

For true originals. Let us build one for you. 1 800 295 8498 Circle Reader Service No. 64


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

The patent-pending DuraPro combustion air system, by M&G DuraVent, features a wall thimble and a ceiling support box that supply outdoor air for combustion for wood and pellet stoves, including below-grade applications. The kit eliminates using conditioned inside air as combustion air and minimizes downdrafts in below-grade installations. Simplify installations with only one wall or ceiling penetration. It has a decor black finish and is made in the United States. Contact: (800) 835-4429 or Circle Reader Service No. 135

Spring Bay Stripe Deluxe Cushioned Double Swing Classic and modern meet here, in one of the widest double swings available. The curvy, polished white-oak frame supports a pillowy seat of cottony-soft, all-weather DuraCord® fabric sandwiching an ample layer of polyester fiberfill batting. The pleasing Spring Bay Stripe pattern, with its cool aqua stripes interspersed with bands of brown, natural chambray, and citron green, evokes a peaceful spring morning beside placid water. Vinyl-coated steel cables bolster strength and add a distinctly modern, artful flourish. Contact: (800) 334-1078 or Circle Reader Service No. 136

Rustic Timbers by Hargrove Rustic Timbers™ is the latest offering in Hargrove’s Vesta Award-winning Radiant Heat vented log series. Rustic Timbers further refines the company’s Radiant Riser™ technology, giving radiant-heating efficiency comparable to that of a vent-free log set while retaining the beauty and realism found only in Hargrove vented gas logs. Hargrove’s innovative new molding process reproduces the intricate textures of nature in ceramic fiber, creating a warm and inviting glow in the heart of the log set, with all the detail of Hargrove’s traditional refractory log sets. Rustic Timbers works with standard Hargrove vented burner systems, and is available in 21-inch through 36-inch sizes and in see-through configurations. Contact: (800) 725-4166 or Circle Reader Service No. 137

ENERVEX ENERVEX is introducing a loaner program for local home shows to help introduce the chimney fan to your customers. It is absolutely free to use, and the company even takes care of the shipping charges. Included in this unique loaner program are a chimney fan, a model chimney, a press release for local media, and a poster. Contact: (800) 255-2923,, or Circle Reader Service No. 140

Linear Fireplace by Golden Blount

Golden Blount’s 42x18-inch linear fireplace (LFP4218) provides the perfect focal point for today’s modern home. Its open-front, contemporary B-vent design; high-gloss black interior panels; and optional LED lights add a sleek look to any room. The linear fireplace comes with a choice of decorative glass and is capable of generating 30,000 Btu. Glass doors and custom colors are options, as are designer geometric interior panels. Contact: (800) 833-1139 or Circle Reader Service No. 138

Loft Contemporary Burners Empire Comfort Systems continues to expand its Loft series contemporary fireplace-burner line with new outdoor models. Rated at 36,000 Btu for the 24-inch model and 40,000 Btu for the 30-inch model, these distinctive, contemporary burners deliver reliable outdoor heat and light to help extend your outdoor season. Intermittent-pilot models operate without a pilot and can be lit using the included remote control. Millivolt models employ a standing pilot and can operate manually or with an optional remote control. The burners are available in LP- and natural-gas models. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 139

Circle Reader Service No. 65

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Fireplace Draft Damper System (FDDS) The environmentally friendly ENERVEX FDDS is the first completely automated draft-and-damper system for use with gas fireplaces. The FDDS quietly manages a perfect draft and prevents excess heat from escaping through the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. It eliminates the need for glass doors, opening up many new design options while allowing for a larger view area of the fire and a more natural look. The system consists of the RS chimney fan, the mechanical fireplace damper (MFD), and the ADC 100 control. Contact: (800) 255-2923,, or Circle Reader Service No. 141

A Great Line Extension for Your Sales Team

Selling the dream of having a fireplace without all the fuss is great for your team—and even better for your customers. EcoSmart Fires are leaders in the global market of eco-friendly, bioethanol-fueled open fireplaces and offer solutions for both indoors and outdoors. They offer quick and easy setup, with no flue or chimney (and no gas or electricity connection) required. Contact: (888) 590-3335 or Circle Reader Service No. 142

Rapture It isn’t often that a product offers looks, features, performance, and quality at a level to lead an entire industry in virtually every category. Design Dynamics™ introduces the new Rapture B-vent gas fireplace, a rare hybrid of modern innovation with an elegant and traditional masonry design. Concealed electronic ignition reveals only the magnificence of the fire. A premium log stack is unitized with the fiber burner as a single system. The fireplace produces considerable heat due to the technology of the fiber burner, and it even includes a damper. The 30-inch–tall viewing area provides a dramatic flame picture to enhance the industry’s finest Mosaic Masonry™ firebrick lining, which is indistinguishable from site-built masonry. Contact: (866) 3284537 or Circle Reader Service No. 143


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Royal Red Stripe Pillowtop Hammock Firm, appealingly wide, interwoven poly-filled pillows provide uncommon lumbar uplift even as they enhance cushiony hammock comfort. The simple, elegant fabric pattern, part of the new Hatteras Hammocks® Equestrian collection, is based in rich royal red, recalling an old-time jockey’s vest on race day. The solution-dyed DuraCord® fabric is as weather tough as it is cottony soft, while South American cumaru-wood spreader bars further boost both looks and durability. The Hatteras Hammocks Roman Arc® cypress hammock stand is sold separately. Contact: (800) 334-1078 or Circle Reader Service No. 144

Heat & Glo’s New Line of Gas Inserts

Recently, Heat & Glo® updated its entire line of direct-vent gas inserts with the industry’s most advanced technology for realistic flames, glow, and lighting. Six model variations are available to suit any design style. The four metal inserts are the Grand-I35 and the Supreme-I30 (traditional style) and the Cosmo-I35 and I30 (contemporary style). The two FireBrick™ models are the Escape-I35FB and the Escape-I30FB. All of these new Heat & Glo inserts are designed for easy and quick installation, and they come standard with IntelliFire™ intermittent-pilot ignition. They meet the most discriminating homeowner’s desire for comfort, beauty, and elegance. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 145

Refractory Panels Hargrove Premium Products has introduced a new series of replacement refractory panels. Multiple sizes are available, and panels can be cut to fit sizing requirements. Each panel is steel and fiber reinforced. Some models are available for UPS shipment. Contact: (800) 725-4166 or Circle Reader Service No. 146

New Fire and Water Products The perfect combination for your outdoor home landscape: You’ve asked HPC for it, and the company delivered—because what’s under the flame makes the difference. Hammered-copper products, with or without the water channel, are available in various models. Create that unique element by the pool or as a fountain. Drop in one of these Canadian Standards Association–certified, hot-wire–ignition firepits and relax in the peaceful ambience. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 149

Sedona Collection by Sunbrella Fabrics The Sunbrella® Sedona collection combines Sunbrella’s newest color, hot pink, with various earth tones for a modern, organic effect that makes the fabrics livable and approachable. Fabrics in the collection include Prado Mesa, Wabi Fiesta, Velvet Nutmeg, Meridian Maize, and El Greco Berry. All fabrics are available through Glen Raven Custom Fabrics. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 147

Kamado Joe Teak Accessory Center Kamado Joe’s accessory center allows dealers to display Kamado Joe accessories easily, in an attractive display with a small footprint. The staggered shelving allows dealers to arrange their most profitable accessories for greater visibility. It’s constructed of solid teak. Assembly is quick and easy, in 15 minutes. Contact: (678) 866-0642 or Circle Reader Service No. 148

Circle Reader Service No. 67

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



FMI Ethanol System FMI Products, L.L.C., introduces yet another addition to its brands of fireplaces. Ethanol, a green fuel alternative, is gaining popularity due to its clean-burning characteristics; however, limitations exist that affect consumer friendliness and performance. With the all-new FMI system and its patented technology, these issues have now been resolved to make ethanol a viable heating alternative. The FMI ethanol system accomplishes this through the addition of several new features. The patented spark-ignition system and innovative shutoff system eliminate all consumer apprehensions about safety and performance. The FMI system also debuts a patent-pending fuel-disbursement system that simplifies the function of this new product category. Now, ethanol has beauty, ease of use, and simple operation. Contact: (866) 328-4537 or Circle Reader Service No. 150

Broilmaster H3X Packages Broilmaster offers its all-new H3X series grill in packages to make it easier to order this competitively priced grill. Available as an LP or natural-gas model on a black cart and as a natural-gas model on a black patio post or in-ground post, the H3X packages include the mounting, grill head, and one shelf. The H3X series, the latest addition to the Broilmaster line, features a two-piece, stainless-steel cooking-grid set and a stainless-steel H-style burner with dual controls, packed into the company’s legendary 1/4-inch cast-aluminum grill head. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 153

The Voyageur by Quadra-Fire Hitzer 30-95 EZ-Flo Hopper Stove The Hitzer 30-95 EZ-Flo hopper stove is an outstandingly efficient and convenient heating source. With a 30-pound hopper, this stove has extended long burns and produces over 60,000 Btu of evenly warm temperatures. The advanced technology of a removable hopper is an added convenience of this top-choice stove. Like all Hitzer stoves, the 30-95 is thermostatically controlled, and it provides heating without electricity. With heating capabilities of up to 2,000 square feet, the EZ-Flo meets your heating needs, as well as providing beauty and charm for one’s home. The full-view firebox window allows easy viewing that creates cozy, warm relaxation. With a stove color to match your home, the Hitzer 30-95 will decorate your home, produce cost-efficient heat, and create a warm and soothing environment. Contact: (260) 589-8536 or Circle Reader Service No. 151

Remote TK Torch With the flip of a switch, give your landscape the feeling of a resort. Around the pool or deck, you can create that relaxing paradise. These robust, reliable, electronic-ignition torches have an adjustable flame, remote starting, and automatic restarting in high winds. Kano tops are available in three colors. These torches use 24-volt AC power and natural or LP gas. A manual-light TK torch is coming soon. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 152


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

The Voyageur is a flush-hearth cast wood insert, so no additional space or hearth extension is needed. Featuring elegant lines, it lets the fire be enjoyed through the large and unobstructed viewing area. With the famous quad burn, the Voyageur provides powerful performance, efficiently, throughout the home. Homeowners will enjoy load, light, and live convenience with Quadra-Fire’s exclusive automatic combustion control technology. The new Voyageur will bring warmth and beauty to any room. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 154

Sunpak Patio Heaters Sunpak® models S25 and S34 are outdoor-rated heaters available for use with natural or propane gas. These state-of-the art heaters offer a slim profile that works well in a wide variety of patio settings. These heaters can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted. The optional mounting kit allows the heater to be mounted from above, keeping the patio deck free and clear. Sunpak comes with a 24-volt AC spark-ignition system that includes flame monitoring through flame rectification. All Sunpak heaters require an external 24-volt AC source. Sunpak heaters are available in a black powder coat or a 304 stainless-steel finish. Contact: (888) 317-5255 or Circle Reader Service No. 155

The Inspiration Gel-fueled Fireplace

Earth’s Flame Improves Heat From Wood-burning Fireplaces

The Inspiration fireplace is like no other, featuring a mesmerizing spiral flame powered by Venturi Flame Technology™ and a versatile wall-mount design for easy installation— indoors or outdoors. It’s the first-ever gel-fueled fireplace to be UL listed for safety, and it’s also one of the most economical fireplaces on the market today. It runs on clean-burning gel fuel, weighs less than 35 pounds, and comes in three unique finish options; it retails at an MSRP of only $699 to $799. There has never been an easier, more affordable fireplace to hang in any room. Get inspired today with the Inspiration fireplace. Contact: (866) 303-4028 or Circle Reader Service No. 158

Earth’s Flame is an award-winning, hybrid, clean-burn hearth product that increases radiant heat at minimal cost and reduces emissions from a fireplace by 78%. This is a critical benefit during the winter season. Its design features a Canadian Standards Association–certified Blue Flame log lighter and an insulating refractory plate that sits above the fire, which make the fire start faster and increase combustion temperatures in the fireplace. This innovative product improves indoor air quality, decreases the chance of smoke spillage, increases fireplace draft by 76%, and is made in the United States. Contact: (888) 201-8805 or Circle Reader Service No. 156

Ceramic Cooktop

Bring the cooking outside. Lite-Touch™ Q Outdoors blends design and function into a style that enhances your outdoor kitchen. Waterproof design allows use in any weather conditions. It has an intuitive touch control with auto shutoff, along with a subtly textured black glass that has a beveled edge for seamless countertop installation. Equipped with a GFCI power cord and a three-prong, 120-volt plug for user safety, it has a three-year product-replacement warranty, and is made in the United States. It is outdooor UL/cUL approved. Contact: (860) 664-4906 or Circle Reader Service No. 157

Circle Reader Service No. 69

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Infratech Comfort Heaters Whether for work or recreation, Infratech Comfort heaters turn cold indoor and outdoor areas into comfortable, inviting spaces. The W-series heater incorporates a specially designed electric quartz heating element that produces safe, infrared radiant energy. Radiant energy is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted heating the air. The heater is suitable for ceiling-, wall-, or flush-mount installations, with minimal clearance required. Solid-state and analog controls are also available for intensity adjustment. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 159

Hitzer Stoker Coal Stove Model 608 The Hitzer Stoker coal stove model 608 is a superior-quality product that your customers will love. Its features include a Btu range of 7,000 to 90,000, an integrated Coal-Trol thermostatic-control combustion air system, the ability to hold up to 90 pounds of coal, cast-iron doors, pewter or gold accents, double-wall construction, a 2-inch rear clearance and 4-inch side clearances, a 320-cfm circulation fan, and a galvanized-steel hopper (optional). Every Hitzer heating system is carefully handbuilt by Amish craftsmen. Only the finest materials are used, and no shortcuts are taken. Each system provides efficient burning with effective consumption of secondary gases. The result: more heat with less fuel consumed. Contact: (260) 589-8536 or Circle Reader Service No. 160

Beerenberg Sauces Hot Smoke Trading Company has introduced a wide range of sauces to spice up grilled foods. The green tomato pickle condiment is one of Beerenberg’s original product offerings and still retains its popularity. It’s gluten free and has no added artificial flavors or preservatives. The Taka Tala sauce and marinade originated from a recipe from a farmer in Zimbabwe. It contains an abundance of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Caramelised onion—with its rich, sweet, and savory flavor—will enhance grilled or barbecued meats. It has no added artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 161 Circle Reader Service No. 70


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Linear View Brentwood LV With either a clean-face style or traditional louver option, the new Brentwood™ LV wood-burning fireplace from Lennox Hearth Products (LHP) offers a large, rectangular door to fit any contemporary or traditional interior.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Outdoor kitchens continue to grow in sophistication and size. Equipment that serves very specific purposes is an important trend. Keg tappers and wine chillers have become critical features of high-end designs. Pizza ovens are exploding in popularity. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet offers the broadest, most innovative assortment of handcrafted outdoor-kitchen equipment to meet homeowner and designer needs, including Hybrid Fire grills, countertop pizza ovens, weathertight cabinetry, and forced-air refrigeration and freezers. Contact: Don Sivesind at (312) 423-8553,, or Circle Reader Service No. 162

Kamado Joe Gasket-replacement Kit Kamado Joe gasket-replacement kits are made of premium felt gasket material with a self-adhesive backing. Enough gasket material is included with each kit for it to be used on any standard-sized, kamado-style grill. Full installation instructions are printed on the back of the package insert. Contact: (678) 866-0642 or Circle Reader Service No. 163

The latest entry in LHP’s EPA family features unique, all-in-one, double air-combustion control to help manage wood consumption and allow faster ignition. Learn more about this Washington State–approved, 86.6% efficiency-rated fireplace at the company’s website. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 164

Circle Reader Service No. 71

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



KIWI Unveils New Product for Spring KIWI® Camp Dry® patio fabric protector is a new product for spring designed to help consumers maintain the appearance and extend the lifetime of outdoor-furniture fabrics. The product repels water, dirt, and stains without darkening or discoloring fabric. It’s the ideal solution for protecting umbrellas, cushions, pillows, chairs, and other outdoor-furniture fabrics from the elements, all season long. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 166

Beerenberg Sauces Aesthetically Pleasing Many people choose Infratech electric infrared heaters because of great looks. The low-profile heaters and low clearance requirements allow the fixtures to blend into any environment seamlessly. Infratech heaters represent a good balance among efficiency, heating performance, and low visual impact. Infratech heaters produce no harsh visible light or glare to spoil the mood or strain your eyes. They are UL approved for indoor and outdoor installations. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 165

Finest selection of contemporar y European stoves, and fireplaces

Hot Smoke Trading Company has introduced a wide range of sauces to spice up grilled foods. The Australian mango chutney has the right balance of mango and spice to complement your favorite curry or cold collation. It’s gluten free and has no added artificial preservatives. The smoky bourbon sauce and marinade is a classic, sticky rib, wing, and steak marinade. The natural, smoked-hickory bourbon flavor makes this condiment quite special. Bavarian mustard is mildly spiced and is popular with sausages and meat. It has no added artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 167

Cosmo Wood Stove

Artisan Fire Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo

Wittus Inc. 914.764.5679

Circle Reader Service No. 72


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet has introduced the Artisan Fire pizza oven, the first countertop outdoor pizza oven with two independently controlled burners, offering unparalleled cooking power and control. Kalamazoo has taken all of the best features and cooking characteristics found in traditional brick-lined, large, wood-fired pizza ovens and wrapped them in an elegant, gas-fired, stainless-steel package. With a top temperature in excess of 800 degrees, its two custom-made and independently controlled burners give outdoor cooks the ability to customize the oven’s heat and bake pizzas, calzones, and artisanal breads of any style. The oven comes up to baking temperature in as few as 20 minutes, making pizza night a more spontaneous occasion. The Artisan Fire pizza oven’s compact size leaves a small footprint on a countertop, making it an ideal element for a new outdoor kitchen or any existing backyard patio. Contact: (800) 868-1699 or Circle Reader Service No. 168

Monessen Covington Clear View Fireplace Available in three expansive viewing sizes, the clean front and elegant styling of this fireplace fits seamlessly into any room. The nonreflective ceramic glass provides the clearest view available, eliminating glare from any angle. With the exclusive Total Signature Command™ system and included remote, your customers will have ultimate fireplace control at their fingertips. The fireplace is also available in a see-through model, so the fire can be viewed from two rooms and even installed on an exterior wall for indoor/outdoor enjoyment—providing a warm gathering place, inside and outdoors. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 169

MLW Stone, L.L.C., Introduces StacKIT Natural Stacked-stone Fireplace Kits This new product has the look and workmanship of authentic, natural stacked stone. Integrated with today’s innovative technology, it reduces significantly the cost of installation. Most natural stacked-stone fireplaces are cut and installed in individual pieces—but StacKIT surrounds are prefabricated into panels that are cut to standard fireplace-kit sizes and can be

installed in minutes, just as you would install a marble or granite surround. These kits are stocked in MLW’s three standard sizes and include a header, two legs, a riser, and a three-piece hearth; 6x24-inch interlocking panels, complete with corner pieces, are also available to accommodate raised hearths and wall applications. The product is available in two colors: Carden gold and multicolor. Contact: (800) 477-7665 Ext. 127. Circle Reader Service No. 170

Legend G4 Introducing the latest addition to the Valor insert family, the Legend G4: Considered the big brother of Valor’s highly successful Legend G3 insert, the G4 is a synthesis of distinct design and efficient, radiant heating performance. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 171

Prestige Pro 600 Series The new Napoleon® Prestige Pro™ 600 series comes loaded with all the toys needed for complete outdoor entertaining. Among its features are up to 1,062 square inches of total cooking space, up to 95,000 Btu, 3/8-inch stainless-steel WAVE™ rod cooking grids, a deluxe high top, a space-saving roll-top lid with chrome trim accents and handle, an attractive pedestal base with concealed casters, electronic ignition for easy starting, a ceramic infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ integrated side burner, an enclosed ice bucket and cutting board, an infrared rear rotisserie burner, and more. Contact: (877) 588-2220 or Circle Reader Service No. 172

Circle Reader Service No. 73

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Texan All Seasons Grill Ever-expansive, ever-changing possibilities make the Texan All Seasons™ grill lend itself to use at large parties or informal gatherings. It has unique styling and the ultimate grilling power. Two grilling surfaces, with independent heat controls, allow for searing steaks on one side while gently grilling vegetables on the other. When the need arises to use a flat surface, simply change out one of the grates with the optional griddle. The grill uses 240-volt power, has a three-year product-replacement warranty, and is made in the United States. Contact: (860) 664-4906 or Circle Reader Service No. 173


Grill Mat

Elmira Stove Works’ Fireview wood-burning cookstove features antique styling, a viewing window for monitoring and enjoyment, high-efficiency secondary-burn technology, and a spacious 3–cubic-foot oven. Optional autoignition propane burners can run off the barbecue tank. National advertising support and protected dealer territories are available. The model shown has an MSRP of $4,995. Contact: (800) 295-8498 or Circle Reader Service No. 174

Modern Home Products Corp. is now offering a grill mat made of 100% recycled materials. Made in the

United States, this sturdy mat protects patios and decks, is vented to help prevent mold and mildew, and is UL 94 HB burn-test approved. The mat is relatively maintenance free and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Available in two sizes, 42x30 inches and 60x30 inches, the mat also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 175

Majestic Savannah Steel Series Woodburning Stoves Designed with the latest wood-burning technology and constructed of 5/16-inch plate steel, this stove proves to be a reliable, durable heat source, providing warmth and ambience for years to come. Classic design and attention to even the smallest detail, such as the roller-glide door latch, ensure that it will add style and value to any home. A high-tech combustion system provides a lively, vibrant burn, while the air-wash manifold ensures the cleanest glass in the industry. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 176

Circle Reader Service No. 74


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

WHD31 Wall-hanging Gas Fireplace The WHD31 Plazmafire™ is a modern gas fireplace that simply hangs on your wall. Ideal for modern and contemporary rooms, Napoleon’s WHD31 Plazmafire features easy installation, plus all of the conveniences of a gas fireplace. It offers virtually endless installation possibilities; installing it is almost as easy as hanging a picture on the wall. With an impressive 30x15-inch viewing area and an output of 20,000 Btu, Napoleon’s Plazmafire is a great addition to the company’s modern fireplace collection. Contact: (800) 461-5581 or Circle Reader Service No. 177

Malibu Grande Malibu Grande is a new addition to the already-successful Malibu collection. Malibu Grande’s crescent-shaped sofa and wedge-shaped end table can be arranged by themselves or with pieces from the Malibu collection, in a variety of different configurations. Choose between the high coffee table (which features an umbrella hole) and the oversized circular ottoman as the Malibu Grande centerpiece. Malibu Grande has a lightweight aluminum frame; durable, UV-protected polyethylene woven resin; and plush deep seating for added comfort. Influenced by rich chocolate texture, the java flat-weave style and unparalleled durability are perfect for the Malibu Grande collection. Pictured in white and plum hues from the newly expanded fabric library of over 150 textures and colors, Malibu Grande is sure to make a huge statement in your backyard retreat. Bring a fresh new approach to your outdoor room with NorthCape’s new Malibu Grande collection. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 178

Introducing the New Fire Magic Smoker Everyone loves the taste of slow-cooked, smoked food. At last, a true smoker from Fire Magic imparts natural smoke flavor while keeping foods tender. This commercial-quality, stainless-steel, high-capacity smoker perfectly smokes meats and vegetables using charcoal or wood chunks. A digital thermometer monitors the smoker’s temperature, while an attached meat probe tracks food temperature—providing maximum temperature control. Multiple air and smoke vents allow precise temperature levels to be maintained from start to finish. Contact: (800) 332-3973 or Circle Reader Service No. 180

Ziggurat Chat Pit by OW Lee

The Ziggurat Chat Pit uses the same distinct lines as the Mesopotamian ziggurat, a simple (yet ingenious) piece of architecture. The bold, simple lines of the Ziggurat Chat Pit reflect the style of 20th-century design trends—from Art Deco to Midcentury Modern—and even claim ties to Futurism. Shown with the Galaxy black granite hearth top, this bold design creates a unique, contemporary style. Contact: (800) 776-9533 or Circle Reader Service No. 179

Circle Reader Service No. 75

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Phoenix Charcoal Grill ProFire Grills, a division of Modern Home Products Corp., has released the new Phoenix charcoal grill. This innovative new design combines high-quality construction with unique temperature controls, including independently adjustable dual charcoal trays and upper and lower vents that can be fully opened for searing or partially closed for slow cooking. The vents can also be completely closed to extinguish the fire–saving the charcoal. The grill’s heavy-duty construction is backed by a lifetime warranty. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 181

WeatherReady Fountain Covers New WeatherReady fountain covers are double stitched and made of heavyweight polyester with a PVC lining. They feature Velcro® tab closures on four sides, with a Velcro midtie fastener and an elasticized bottom (for a secure fit and protection against the elements). They are available, in three sizes, in black or khaki. Contact: (866) 896-3644,, or Circle Reader Service No. 182

The Finley Island The Finley Island offers all you can desire in an outdoor-cooking cabinet in a compact, sleek design. The single drawer is the perfect place to collect your spices, sauces, or grilling utensils. Underneath the drawer is a larger storage area perfect for all those necessary bags of charcoal. Additional storage underneath the grill ensures that all your cooking accessories can find a clean, dry home within easy reach. The Finley also sports an umbrella insert for those hot summer days. This cabinet has two swiveling casters and two rigid casters, ensuring that your cabinet goes wherever you need it to go. Contact: (800) 624-6512 or Circle Reader Service No. 184

Broil King Imperial XL With over 1,000 square inches of total cooking space, stainless-steel dual-tube burners, and solid stainless-steel cooking grids, the Broil King® Imperial™ XL provides superior heat control and tremendous cooking versatility in two independent ovens, along with full extension drawers and cabinet doors for optimal storage space. Contact: (800) 245-5138 or Circle Reader Service No. 183

Double-wall Stovepipe

Circle Reader Service No. 28


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Selkirk announces a double-wall stovepipe with professional features, offered exclusively to the hearth market. Model DCC double-wall stovepipe is UL/cUL listed as a connector pipe between a wood stove and chimney. The smooth lines of the black outer wall allow for slip connectors and easy installation. Selkirk received favorable feedback on this product line at HPBExpo in Reno, Nevada. Since that time, Selkirk has gone back and listed DCC for 6-inch clearance on all diameters and in all installation configurations—giving DCC the closest clearance of all stovepipes on the market. Selkirk has also gained the cUL S-641 listing for sales of DCC in Canada. DCC double-wall stovepipe is now in stock at the company’s Turners Falls, Massachusetts, and Prescott, Ontario, distribution centers, so place orders now for combined shipment with your existing orders for chimney and venting products. Contact: (800) 443-6341 (United States) or (888) SELKIRK/735-5475 (Canada). Circle Reader Service No. 185

New Double Searing Station/Side Burner by Fire Magic Fire Magic’s new double searing station sears meats to a flavorful finish, so meats stay moist and tender inside, with a nice exterior char. Two 16,000 Btu infrared burners with independent controls provide the flexibility needed to flash cook steaks at 1,200 degrees to lock in juices. This unit features a total of 342 square inches of searing space and is a welcome companion to any Fire Magic outdoor kitchen. Contact: (800) 332-3973 or Circle Reader Service No. 186

Palazzo Collection by OW Lee The Palazzo collection brings a sense of classic elegance to the most fashionable outdoor spaces. Using Grecian style as its inspiration, the Palazzo collection offers a transitional look while maintaining the strength and durability of handcrafted wrought iron. Palazzo’s details, including its understated finials, create a sense of casual elegance. Contact: (800) 776-9533 or Circle Reader Service No. 189

SCHOTT ROBAX SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic 3D panels now allow a great view of the fire from all sides, turning the hearth into a real meeting point. Everyone in the room can take pleasure in a full view of the flames while still enjoying the safety that only SCHOTT ROBAX glass-ceramic material can provide. This innovation in glass ceramics allows for a design with a single piece of glass, rather than one with obtrusive metal frames. Contact: (914) 831-2200 or Circle Reader Service No. 190

Southern Living’s Boca Grande Create a timeless look for any backyard with the new Southern Living Boca Grande dining collection, exclusively by NorthCape. Boca Grande features a handwoven, thick, rich cappuccino weave with elegantly shaped arms that will add texture to your porch, deck, or patio. The sophisticated Boca Grande dining chair features closed woven sides, skirt, and back, creating style and comfort for lasting enjoyment throughout the summer. For the ultimate in comfort, complement the Boca Grande dining collection with pieces from the company’s deep seating collection (including the swivel glider) for classic Southern style. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 187

Equinox Twin-Star’s ClassicFlame Equinox is a multifunction media cabinet with integrated wire management. The cabinet features black metal shelving and a rustic birch finish on the sides. The high-quality shelves are adjustable, and the shelf opening is 42.5 inches wide by 16.25 inches deep by 6.25 inches high. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 188 Circle Reader Service No. 77

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Porta-Chef Pro The Porta-Chef® Pro is the little grill with big features. It’s perfect for tailgating; just snap in the legs, stand it up, and you’re set. Featuring a 14,000-Btu stainless-steel tubular burner system, a cast-iron cooking grid, and 360 square inches of total cooking surface, the Porta-Chef Pro offers an unprecedented amount of cooking capacity for a portable grill. Contact: (800) 245-5138 or Circle Reader Service No. 191

Mezzo Pizza Oven Stone Age Manufacturing introduces the Mezzo™ wood-fired pizza oven, the perfect complement to its cabinet component system kitchen islands. It offers 810 square inches of cooking area, an arched-roof design echoing the traditional ovens of the Old World, and plenty of thermal mass for optimum cooking performance. Constructed of reinforced refractory concrete, the Mezzo offers simple assembly and will provide years of trouble-free cooking enjoyment. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 194

Select Cutting Board Select Outdoor Kitchens is pleased to offer its newest product, Select cutting boards, exclusively to dealers. Every cook needs a great cutting board, and the company has developed one that will become your trusted sidekick in the kitchen or at the grill. The cutting boards are 12x18 inches, oval shaped, and available in 10 colors. The material, approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the National Science Foundation, is the same material that you will find in the best restaurant kitchens in the United States. Each cutting board has an attractive depression to catch any cooking juices. Cutting boards can be sold as is or customized with store logos. Contact: Mike Miller at Circle Reader Service No. 192

WeatherReady Firepit Covers Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living now offers WeatherReady™ outdoor covers that fit any shape of firepit. The covers are attractively priced and offer good quality; they are made of heavy-duty polyester with PVC linings. They feature elastic bottoms with adjustable Velcro® fasteners on four sides for a perfect, secure fit. WeatherReady covers come in black or khaki. Contact: (866) 896-3644,, or Circle Reader Service No. 195

SMART ERV Energy-recovery Ventilator SMART air & energy solutions™ is a collection of HVAC products designed to enhance comfort, improve indoor air quality, and save energy for homeowners. Today, everyone understands that we need to explore options for saving energy—while remaining comfortable in our homes. SMART air & energy solutions offers products designed to provide economical options while maximizing comfort. The newest addition to the SMART product lineup is the SMART ERV energy-recovery ventilator. This unit provides a fresh-air supply and humidity-control unit for residential housing. The unique poly wheel yields up to an industry-leading 80% heat-recovery efficiency, and the twin variable-speed fans allow the installer to adjust airflow from 50 to 240 cfm—so the single unit can be adjusted for a residence of almost any size. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 193


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Corinth Twin-Star’s ClassicFlame Corinth is a multifunction media cabinet with integrated wire management. With an opening sized at 30 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 7.5 inches high, this unit can be configured as a wall or corner mantel. The Corinth is appropriate for both traditional and contemporary decors and features carved-leaf corbels with an acanthus crown, a fluted side with projecting pilasters, and a beveled base with decorative swag molding. The unit is available in three finishes: premium oak, vintage cherry, and burnished walnut. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 196

A Green Heating Source An insert by Wittus provides a highly efficient, natural heating source that also serves as a focal gathering place for family and friends. These inserts offer both radiant and natural convection heat—something you cannot get with an open hearth. Each insert has a large, full-sized firebox, so there is plenty of room for standard-length logs. A fireplace insert is easily installed in the open hearth and can be adapted to fit any existing space in the wall. There are also optional matching steel surrounds available in a variety of sizes. Higher fuel efficiency, higher combustion temperatures, and lower atmospheric emissions make burning wood in a Wittus insert an environmentally responsible addition to your home. No electricity is required. Pictured is the H530 insert. Contact: (914) 764-5679,, or Circle Reader Service No. 199

Team Grill in 2011 Make 2011 your championship season with Team Grill. These high-end barbecue grills, featuring the colors and logos of your favorite sports teams, are now in their third season. This unique product is now sold by 500 retailers—but not at big-box stores. For more information on becoming a Team Grill dealer, visit the company’s website. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 197

Doing Business the Smart Way Going to HPBExpo fits right in with your leaner, meaner business model. In three days and under one roof, you get— • One-stop shopping. Get a quick overview of the year’s product launches in the New Product Pavilion. • Answers to your top business questions. Seminar tracks like the new Biomass Symposium deliver. • The chance to connect with industry colleagues. Don’t miss events like the free Friday Night Fever All-Industry Party.

Register today and book your hotel room in the HPBA hotel block by January 28th. Go to

SunBriteTV: Model 3230HD

In an effort to expand its market reach, SunBriteTV recently introduced two new televisions to its all-weather outdoor-product line. Pictured here is model 3230HD, the company’s 32-inch HD LCD television. This television is value engineered with SunBriteTV’s signature all-weather feature set and its outdoor-rated ASA plastic resin exterior. The result is a sleek, lighter-weight, lower-priced television that does not compromise the durability and quality that SunBriteTV customers have learned to trust (see page 50 for SunBriteTV’s other new product). Contact: (866) 357-8688 or Circle Reader Service No. 198




HPBExpo 2011 Follow us online:

Salt Palace Convention Center Salt Lake City, Utah Exposition: March 3 – 5 Education: March 2 – 5 Innovations & Ideas for Indoor-Outdoor Living

Circle Reader Service No. 79

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Team Grill Tailgate Series

Big Pig and Little Pig Cabinet Smokers

Perfect for grilling at the game or on camping trips, the Team Grill Tailgate series is a portable version of the Team Grill Patio series grill. The Tailgate series can be collapsed and transported like a travel suitcase. For complete program information (and to join the company’s team of over 500 retailers), visit its website. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 200

Stone Age Manufacturing introduces the Big Pig™ and Little Pig™, a pair of refractory-concrete and steel masonry cabinet smokers. The Big Pig, at 7 feet tall, offers plenty of cooking area, while the Little Pig offers similar features in a scaled-down, five-foot–tall package. Both feature a unique venting system for complete temperature control and thick, insulating walls for maximum thermal efficiency, and they will accept any masonry-compatible finish, allowing seamless blending into any outdoor design. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 203

Alexander Twin-Star’s ClassicFlame Alexander is a multifunction media cabinet with integrated wire management. The cabinet’s clean, contemporary design features polished-nickel door pulls and an open center shelf (30 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 4 inches high) for media components. The Alexander includes two adjustable shelves for storage that are wide enough for media components and game consoles. The unit is available in a midnight cherry finish. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 201

Flatfire Make room for the award-winning Flatfire direct-vent gas fireplace, designed by the Wittus team and Paul Henning. This eloquent, easy-to-install, well-designed unit can be used to add a dramatic finishing touch to any room. A window to the world of fire, the rectangular glass facade provides the perfect viewing arena for the captivating flames. The Flatfire fireplace is 42 inches wide, 30 inches tall, and 7.5 inches deep, and the size of this unit offers countless design possibilities. In keeping with its European style, the Flatfire comes in black or silver gray, with various custom frame options. Along with its heater-approved status (with heating of up to 20,000 Btu), this unit uses the latest Maxitrol e-flame valve-control feature—which is radiofrequency operated and battery powered, so no additional power is needed. It’s easy to operate, with electronic ignition, remote-control temperature-sensor capability, and temperature-timer functions. Contact: (914) 764-5679 or Circle Reader Service No. 202


Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

Merit Series Louverless B-vent Gas Fireplace The new Merit™ series louverless B-vent (MLBV) gas fireplace from Lennox Hearth Products produces tall, dramatic flames and a warm ember glow at very low Btu levels, reducing fuel consumption and costs without sacrificing quality.

The louverless design delivers a clean, traditional-masonry look that is quick and easy to install. Available in both 35- and 40-inch sizes, the MLBV features highly detailed logs that replicate the natural appearance of real wood. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 204

Northstar Northstar retro-styled appliances from Elmira Stove Works are great for kitchens, recreation rooms, and cottages. The Northstar line includes refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, range hoods, and dishwashers. They are available in nine colors, plus infinite custom colors. For the model shown, with an optional keg system, the MSRP is $3,995. National advertising support and protected dealer territories are available. Contact: (800) 295-8498 or Circle Reader Service No. 205

Firepits by Faulkner

Faulkner Furniture introduces new firepits with distinct design and elegance. They are great for enjoying safe, warm fires outdoors—in the campground, in the backyard, or on the patio. These firepits are constructed of 100% steel with a black finish that is attractive, but durable enough to withstand high temperatures. The bowl is 7 inches deep and 29 inches in diameter, surrounded by a 5-inch–wide mesh-screen table contour, for a total diameter of 40 inches. The height from the floor to the mesh rim is 14 inches. The firepits are available in standard or diamond mesh designs and are sold in boxes of two. Contact: (888) 346-2184 or Circle Reader Service No. 206

Solmaya Worship the sun in style in your own personal hemisphere. This whimsical daybed invites luxurious relaxation. Enveloping cushions and a flirty sun sail complement the asymmetrical frame. The Solmaya set by Sokul Outdoor Living consists of a daybed, an armchair, and an ottoman. Solmaya’s poly-fiber weave is available in six different colors, and the set includes an extensive range of fabric choices. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 209

Salona Cuisinart Petit Tabletop Gas Grill Get great grilled flavor every day from this compact, high-performance grill. Its small format means that it can be put almost anywhere for ultimate convenience. Although the grill is compact, its 145–square-inch cooking grate is large enough to cook most family meals, such as eight steaks or hamburgers, 6–10 chicken breasts, or over 4 pounds of fish. This 5,500 Btu grill heats up very quickly and uses far less gas than a full-sized grill. Best of all, with its great portability features, this grill can cook your meals wherever you go: the beach, the game, the campsite—anywhere. Folding legs, a grill-lid latch, a generous carrying handle, and the spill-resistant drip tray all enhance portability. Contact: (617) 467-6390 or Circle Reader Service No. 207

The Salona collection by Joe Ruggiero for Woodard offers a clean and contemporary look. The square aluminum extrusion enhances the sleekness of this cutting-edge design. The simple elegance of Salona exemplifies the notion of extending your indoor-living space to the outdoors and is sure to enhance any outdoor setting. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 210

Outlook Collection Microfibres Inc. has introduced the Outlook collection, an eye-catching array of durable, 100% acrylic outdoor/indoor fabrics. Pictured (from left) are Martina, Harbortown, Octavia, and Tiki. The complete collection consists of seven patterns and a total of 38 SKUs. The six major patterns are available in four to six colors, while Tiki is available in 10 colors. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 208

Mercury Bed and Sun Lounge TUUCI’s Mercury bed and sun lounge is constructed with TUUCI’s polished-titanium Armor-Wall™ aluminum frame and modular marine-grade components. High-performance fabric cushions, bed coverings, and sheer privacy curtains, all topped with shade, create the ultimate in open-air relaxation. Contact: (305) 634-5116 or Circle Reader Service No. 211

January/February 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report


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AEI .............................................. (949) 474-3070.......... 67

AEI .......................................................................................................... 50

Agio ............................................ (888) 997-7623.......... .......................... 5

Agio.................................................................................................. 52, 54

American Fireglass .......................... (888) 264-1017.......... ............ 55

American Fireglass .............................................................................. 52, 54

BDS Enterprises .............................. (702) 448-5600.......... ................ 17 Blaze King .................................... (509) 522-2730.......... ...................... 65

Big Woods Hearth Products ........................................................................ 52 Blaze King.......................................................................................... 52, 58 Bradford Lifestyles ................................................................................ 52, 59

Bradford Lifestyles............................ (604) 241-1030.......... .............. 14

Bull Outdoor Products .......................................................................... 59, 62

Bull Outdoor Products ...................... (800) 521-2855.......... .......................... 33

California Outdoor Concepts ................................................................ 56, 59

California Outdoor Concepts ............ (877) 274-6773.......... .. 57 .................................................................................. 54, 60 .............................. (888) 293-2339.......... .................... 62

Companion Group .............................................................................. 58, 62

Companion Group.......................... (800) 521-0505.......... ............ 61 Danver .......................................... (888) 441-0537.......... 74

Cuisinart .................................................................................................. 81 Danver .................................................................................................... 60 Designs By Garry ................................................................................ 56, 60

Designs By Garry............................ (949) 581-1919.......... .............. 69

DuraVent ............................................................................................ 62, 64

DuraVent........................................ (800) 835-4429.......... ........................ 44

Earth’s Flame ...................................................................................... 62, 69

Earth’s Flame .................................. (888) 201-8805.......... .................... 75

EcoSmart Fire ...................................................................................... 64, 66

EcoSmart Fire ................................ (888) 590-4335.......... .................... 20

Elmira Stove Works .............................................................................. 74, 80

Elmira Stove Works ........................ (800) 295-8498.......... .............. 64 Empire Comfort Systems .................. (800) 851-3153.......... ................ 29 ENERVEX ...................................... (800) 255-2923.......... .................... 47

Empire Comfort Systems ........................................................................ 65, 68 ENERVEX............................................................................................ 65, 66 Faulkner Furniture ...................................................................................... 81 FMI Products ...................................................................................... 66, 68

FMI Products .................................. (866) 328-4537 ........ .................... 56

Galaxy Outdoor ............................................................................ 52, 56, 58

Gensun Casual Living ...................... (866) 964-4468.......... .................. 21

Gensun Casual Living .......................................................................... 50, 63

Glen Raven/Sunbrella .................... (336) 221-2211.......... ........................ 49

Glen Raven/Sunbrella .......................................................................... 63, 67

Golden Blount ................................ (800) 833-1139.......... .............. 34 The HammockSource ...................... (800) 334-1078.......... .......... 58 Hargrove Manufacturing .................. (800) 725-4166.......... .............. 11

Golden Blount .................................................................................... 58, 65 The HammockSource............................................................................ 64, 66 Hargrove Manufacturing ...................................................................... 65, 66 Hearth & Home Technologies ................................................................ 66, 68

Hearth & Home Technologies............ (800) 669-4328.......... .................. 84

Hearth Products Controls ...................................................................... 67, 68

Hearth Products Controls .................. (877) 433-7001.......... ...... 45

Hitzer ................................................................................................ 68, 70

Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association .................... (703) 522-0086.......... ................ 79, 83

Hot Smoke Trading Company ................................................................ 70, 72

Hitzer............................................ (260) 589-8536.......... ............................ 76

Infratech ............................................................................................ 70, 72

Infratech ........................................ (800) 421-9455.......... .................. 71

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet ................................................................ 71, 72

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet .......... (800) 868-1699.......... 39 Kamado Joe .................................. (678) 866-0642.......... .................... 41

Infrared Dynamics ...................................................................................... 68

Kamado Joe........................................................................................ 67, 71 Kenyon International ............................................................................ 69, 74 KIWI Camp Dry ........................................................................................ 72

Kenyon International ........................ (860) 664-4906.......... .......... 70

Lennox Hearth Products ........................................................................ 71, 80

KIWI Camp Dry ............................ (800) 830-4152.......... 63

Microfibres .............................................................................................. 81

Lennox Hearth Products .................... (800) 9-LENNOX ........ .............................. 3

Miles Industries .................................................................................... 50, 73

Miles Industries .............................. (800) 468-2567.......... ................ 43

MLW Stone .............................................................................................. 73

MLW Stone .................................. (800) 477-7665.......... ........................ 77 Modern Home Products .................. (888) 647-4745.......... ........................ 54 Monessen Hearth Systems ................ (800) 867-0454.......... .............. 27

Modern Home Products ........................................................................ 74, 76 Monessen Hearth Systems .................................................................... 73, 74 Napoleon Products .............................................................................. 73, 75 NorthCape International........................................................................ 75, 77

Napoleon Products ........................ (800) 461-5581.......... .............. 7

Onward Manufacturing ........................................................................ 76, 78

Onward Manufacturing.................... (800) 245-5138.......... ........................ 31

Outdoor Greatroom ............................................................................ 63, 69

Outdoor Greatroom ........................ (866) 303-4028.......... .................. 59

OW Lee ............................................................................................ 75, 77

OW Lee........................................ (800) 776-9533.......... .............................. 9

RH Peterson Company .......................................................................... 75, 77

RH Peterson Company .................... (800) 332-0240.......... ...................... 13 SCHOTT ROBAX ............................ (914) 831-2200.......... ...................... 2

SCHOTT ROBAX ...................................................................................... 77 Select Outdoor Kitchens ........................................................................ 76, 78 Selkirk Corp. ...................................................................................... 76, 78

Select Outdoor Kitchens .................. (800) 624-6512.......... ........ 35

Sokul Outdoor Living .................................................................................. 81

Selkirk Corp. .................................. (800) 992-8368.......... ...................... 25

Stone Age Manufacturing ...................................................................... 78, 80

Stone Age Manufacturing ................ (877) 371-8861.......... .... 60

SunBriteTV .......................................................................................... 50, 79

SunBriteTV...................................... (866) 357-8688.......... ........................ 53

Team Grill .......................................................................................... 79, 80

Team Grill...................................... (978) 635-1800.......... ........................ 73 Twin-Star/Classic Flame .................. (866) 661-1218.......... .................. 23

TUUCI ......................................................................................................81 Twin-Star/Classic Flame.................................................................. 77, 78, 80 Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living ...................................................... 76, 78

Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living (866) 896-3644.......... .............. 15

Wittus................................................................................................ 79, 80

Wittus .......................................... (914) 764-5679.......... ............................ 72

Woodard ................................................................................................ 81

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Patio & Hearth Products Report January/February 2011

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