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Welcome to springtime here at PEI Living!

Editor-in-Chief: Story Sheidow Copy Editor: Rebecca Spinner Home Editor: Susan Snow Style Editor: Kimberly Rashed Art Director: Jacqui Chaisson Lead Photographer: Evan Cerretti


Photography Evan Ceretti Photography Buffie Boily Photography Amy Parsons Photography Caley Joy Photography Bruce Jollimore Photography Susan Snow Heather Ogg

o me, spring is about rebirth and renewal: from the fresh buds on the trees and the emerging spring flowers, to the rebirth within ourselves as we strip off the layers (both physically and emotionally) of winter. This is the time for self-care, and self-appreciation. This winter was particularly hard here on the Island. It started early, and it lasted for what felt like an eternity. But now we’re on the other side of things, finally. It’s time to pack away our winter boots and parkas, and embrace the fresh spring air.

Contributing Writers Annika Borg Patricia Foster Kristen Johnson Alana Lauren Evan Patkai (EA Financial) Darren MacKenzie (EA Home Builder)

Advertising Inquires Jacqui Chaisson 902.394.7499 Story Sheidow 902.313.0359 Allan MacNeil 902.313.0359 Amber Bagnell

▲ Story Sheidow, (Photo: Buffie Boily Photography)

With all this in mind, our focus for this issue is renewal. Remembering to take care of YOU is so important, especially after a long winter. But renewal can mean many things to many people. So, whether your focus is self-care or personal growth, this issue has something for everyone.

We’re excited that our Food & Drink section includes a new restaurant profile feature, in which we take a closer look at some of the best dining the Island has to offer. With menu samples, tons of stunning images, and more, these features allow you to step inside each business. Feel like trying something new? This is a great place to look for culinary inspiration. From beautiful homes to trendy interior design, our Home & Cottage section has got it all. See our Home Editor Susan Snow’s home profile for her take on a bold, crisp, and minimal design. It’s absolutely stunning, I assure you! Our Style section offers the first of many contributions from our new Style Editor, Kimberly Rashed. In this issue she talks about the eight essentials of a chic wardrobe, from a power dress to the perfect pair of jeans.

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In Health & Wellness, we’re following our “renewal” theme with an exploration of the “zero waste” movement. With many local businesses embracing this shift, it’s now easier than ever to make the change. We’ll give you tips and tricks to make your transition to a greener life virtually seamless. We can’t forget our cover story: Women In Business! This annual spring feature is by far one of my favourites. With an abundance of incredible businesswomen here on the Island, we can’t wait to share these inspiring stories with you! And of course, check out this issue’s Book Report by Kristen Johnson, and our “10 Things To Do,” both in our Family section. So find an empty chair on one of the Island’s many great outdoor patios, order a latte or sangria, and relax with this issue of PEI Living. For those looking to take some well-deserved “‘me time” this spring, we can certainly help with that!


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Celebrating Island Women in Business PEI has an amazing group of women in the business community - both those who own and operate their own ventures and those who create success for businesses they're involved with.

ON THE COVER (L-R) Helena Emami, Melanie Shaw, Julia Campbell, Sandra Weeks, Dr Magdalena Herrera, DDS, FRCD® PHOTOGRAPHY: Buffie Boily Photography Special thanks to JEMS Boutique for providing the "Amy" white shirts from the Go2 Clothing collection. (

4 SPRING 2019

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Sandra Weeks Julia Campbell Melanie Shaw Helena Emami Louise Martin Dr Magdalena Herrera, DDS, FRCD© Stacey Leunes Christine Zareck Jackie and Jenny Myers Trisha Viaene Ann Myers Kimberly Rashed



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Double Chocolate Cake

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Wine Club for Beginners

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Under the Sea

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Home Grown Renovation

Eight Wardrobe Essentials Fight Allergies Naturally

Mussels with Lingine & Tomato Sauce

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Five Trends We Love

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The Simple Knit Hat

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Wine Club for Beginners Words by Jacqui Chaisson

6 SPRING 2019


ears ago I belonged to a girls-only book club. Every week one of us hosted the club, the kids and husbands were left to fend for themselves and we would spend a few blissful hours drinking wine, talking about our week and occasionally, we'd even bring a book. That "book club" was my saving grace and often the only fully adult moment I would get all week. Eventually we dropped the book club premise and each of us brought a bottle of wine and left the book at home. Wine clubs, as they are now called, are becoming popular and can be a great way to spend time with friends and unwind from hectic lives. Starting a wine club is as easy or as complex as you want it to be - as casual or elegant as you'd like. The following are some tips and ideas for getting your wine club off to a spirited start. Starting a wine club is pretty simple. You don’t need to hire an expert or even have someone in your midst who knows much (or anything) about wine. To start, you just need someone who’s organized and willing to take the reins to get the ball rolling and help guide the club. They need not be a wine connoisseur! A good comparison as to what it takes to start a wine club is starting a book club. How many of you that are in book clubs actually have a member who was an English major, or works professionally in the literary world? Probably not many of you, yet you all enjoy getting together, talking about books, and learning a bit more about literature and each other. This is the same idea behind a wine club. The next step of course is acquiring members. Quite simply you can just gather some friends together and agree to meet once a week,

every month or any agreed schedule. The group should agree on a leader to organize the club (this position could be alternated among the members) An alternative way to build the club is to start a social media group and invite people to join. Once you've established your members list and when and where you'll meet it's time to work out the details. Starting a wine club should also mean having a food plan because it’s a little tough to drink through bottles in a tasting without at least having a little snack. One idea is for the person hosting to cook up a dinner for the group to enjoy during the meeting. If the group is large or no one wants to cook a full dinner, organize a potluck where each person brings a dish or simply have each person bring a little snack for the group to munch on while tasting. At the very least, have some crackers or bread on the table and ready to go. It will also probably help to have plenty of water ready for everyone to drink throughout the tastings. On to the most important element - the wine. Choose a theme for each meeting; local wine, wines from various countries or regions, different varieties, etc. Set a price range and have each member bring their favourite bottle of wine. Have the group vote for their favourite bottle at the end of the night and let the winner pick the next theme. Encourage your members to drink delicious wines and share their finds with the group at the next meeting. Cheers.




Double Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

INGREDIENTS Double Chocolate Cake 2 C sugar 1 3/4 C flour 3/4 C cocoa 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 2 eggs 1 C buttermilk 1/2 C butter, melted 1 tbsp vanilla extract 1 C hot coffee Chocolate Buttercream Frosting 2 sticks (1 C) butter, room temperature 1 C unsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 cup milk 2-3 C of powdered sugar

KEEP IT LOCAL To make your frosting extra special, use COWS CREAMERY Creamery Butter. 8 SPRING 2019

METHOD Double Chocolate Cake Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease three round baking pans and set aside. In a large bowl, stir together sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Add eggs, buttermilk, melted butter and vanilla extract; beat two minutes on medium speed. Stir in hot coffee. Pour batter evenly between the three pans and bake on middle rack of oven for 30 to 35 minutes, until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool completely on wire racks before frosting. Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Whip the room-temperature butter on medium speed. Shift to low and add cocoa powder slowly, spoonfuls at a time, until fully incorporated. Still on low, add in the powdered sugar (also one spoonful at a time), alternating with the milk, to achieve desired consistency and taste. Then, beat on medium speed until very light and fluffy, another three to five minutes. Add in more sugar if consistency is too thin. dry and flaky, add remaining buttermilk one tablespoon at a time.



Spring is the perfect season to get out and experience some of the Island's best restaurants and eateries. With an abundance of local fare and some of the country's best chefs - PEI offers an eating experience that is second to none. So, flip the page and check out this issue's restaurant profiles.




The Sights, Sounds, and Flavours of the Island

CLAM DIGGERS BEACH HOUSE & RESTAURANT Words by Alana Lauren Photos: Heather Ogg

Located on Cardigan’s picturesque waterfront, Clam Diggers Restaurant & Beach House Pub offers a wide variety of local seafood and Island fare. All menu items are prepared in house by Island Chef Jeremy Martin and the Clam Diggers culinary team using classic island traditions and recipes. Located on Cardigan’s picturesque waterfront, Clam Diggers Restaurant & Beach House Pub offers a wide variety of local seafood and Island fare. All menu items are prepared in-house by Island chef Jeremy Martin and the Clam Diggers culinary team, using classic Island traditions and recipes. “‘We will not compromise quality for commercial gain’ is our mainstay value statement. As a premiere seafood restaurant, quality and freshness are key,” says Arlene Smith, owner and operator of Clam Diggers. “The pristine ocean waters and nutrient-rich soil of PEI offer some of the finest seafood and farm-fresh produce in the world. This allows us to purchase only the best-quality products and fresh whole food ingredients available. Our support of local fisheries and farms is a non-negotiable business principle, a principle that is key to providing our customers with healthy and delicious menu choices.” Clam Diggers specializes in serving highquality local seafood, from maple roasted salmon to pan-seared scallops, fried whole clams, and orange crème-basted halibut with roasted pine nuts and snow crab. While 10 SPRING 2019

enjoying the panoramic bay view, you might even get to watch a bald eagle swoop in to catch fish. (They’re pretty good at it!)

outside, perfectly cooked on the inside. Is it up there with the best? There’s only one way to know. Come out to Cardigan and try it!

“Our original goal was to make the best fried clams and fish and chips,” says Smith. “We worked with a number of Island chefs, a PEI seafood consultant, and a national food lab to develop our batter and oil combination. The batter had to be thin and crisp on the outside, the fish delicate and tender on the inside. It also had to be oil-free when lifted from the fryer.”

Chef Jeremy likes to recommend the restaurant’s seafood pasta and shellfish platter, which is ideal for sharing, and comes loaded with fresh lobster, crab, mussels, scallops and shrimp.

After weeks of high-tech testing, it was determined that the best method was to create the dish by hand: prepare your own batter, use fresh hand-cut fish, coat to justright thickness, use high-quality canola oil, and introduce the fish to the fryer with just the right touch. The result was crisp and golden on the

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to unwind after a long day, or if you want to treat your family and friends to a mouthwatering lunch, you can’t go wrong with Clam Diggers. Relax on their outdoor deck with a flame-grilled steak, or dine inside by the stone fireplaces with an old-fashioned shanty bake. The sights, sounds, and flavours of the Island are waiting for you to savour.

â–²(L-R) Sous Chef Brock Dearman, Line Cooks Nicole Grant & Anne Blaisdell, Owner Arlene Smith, Chef Jeremy Martin

Clam Diggers Beach House & Restaurant 6864 Water St, Cardigan 902.583.3111





A VICTORIA MAINSTAY FOR TEN YEARS 19 Wharf Road, Victoria 902.658.2722 HOURS OF OPERATION Closed Monday Tuesday to Thursday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Lobster Barn Pub & Eatery has been a mainstay in Victoria since it opened its doors ten years ago. Co-owners Jackie and Jenny Myers have made it their mission to focus as much as possible on PEI’s abundant produce and seafood. The Lobster Barn sits right on the wharf, complete with beachy, rustic décor; it’s the perfect place to spend a balmy summer evening with a cold beer, watching fishing boats unload their catch of the day. Open seasonally from May to October, the Lobster Barn seats 50, and has on-wharf patio seating. Friday nights alternately feature trivia or live music, with occasional karaoke nights thrown in. The menu mixes classic pub fare with new twists on favourite dishes. Try the scallop and bacon burger, with locally-grown lettuce from Just a Little Farm and house-made mayo; or the Lobster Barn’s famous lobster roll, deliciously simple, with fresh Island lobster meat and lettuce on a toasted, buttered roll. All dressings are made in-house daily, and gluten-free options are available.


Clam Chowder Island Blue Mussels Crispy Chicken Wings Lobster Poutine SALADS:

Mango Lobster Steak & Goat Cheese Warm Roasted Veggie MAINS:

Chilled Lobster Dinner Pan-Seared Scallops Fresh Haddock Fish Tacos

The Lobster Barn has a variety of beer on tap and bottled, including Island favourites Upstreet Brewing, Barnone Brewery, and PEI Brewing Company. This summer, the Lobster Barn will be pouring “2 Scots 3 Apples” cider from Riverdale Orchard & Cidery. ▲ Jackie and Jenn Myers (Photo: Evan Cerretti Photograhy)

12 SPRING 2019


CHARLOTTETOWN ▼ Ryan Abdallah and his son, Pierre

181 Great George St, Charlottetown 902.892.7377 HOURS OF OPERATION Monday to Thursday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Calamari Feta Cheese & Olives Halloumi & Dressed Tomatoes Zaatar & Oil, Olives & Tomatoes SALADS:

Greek Salad Fattouche

VOTED ONE OF THE BEST RESTAURANTS IN CANADA - CELEBRATING 40 YEARS. Known for their great food and friendly atmosphere, Cedar’s Eatery is Charlottetown’s go-to destination for tasty Middle Eastern cuisine. Founded in 1979 by the Abdallah family, the restaurant began by serving primarily Canadian food before introducing PEI to Lebanese cuisine dish by dish. “Quality is a standard across the board,” says Ryan Abdallah, owner of Cedar’s Eatery, who purchased the restaurant from his parents. “We’re known for our shawarma, of course, but also for our vegetarian dishes.” In addition to classics like falafel, chicken and beef shawarma, kibée, and tabouli, some of Cedar’s favourites include mjadera, a dish of lentils and rice topped with caramelized onions, and the mouthwatering lamb and beef kababs. Cedar’s Eatery also serves typical Canadian dishes like steak, seafood, and burgers. Everything on the menu is made with fresh, healthy ingredients, and seasoned to perfection. Another crowd favourite is the restaurant’s signature garlic spread, created by Ryan’s father, Maroun. “Garlic spread is a standard condiment in Lebanon,” says Abdallah. “We started using it in different ways at the restaurant, putting it in sauces or adding it to dishes for flavour. Customers kept asking for it. They’d come here with take-out containers.” To keep up with demand, Abdallah made “Maroun’s Garlic Spread” available commercially in grocery stores. “There’s nothing quite like it on the market.” Once they’ve finished savouring their meals, customers at Cedar’s Eatery can go upstairs and relax in Baba’s Lounge, a cozy bar known for original live music performances. “It’s your favourite place that you just haven’t found yet,” says Abdallah. Since 1991, the easygoing, personable atmosphere has attracted a dedicated crowd of regulars. “It’s been here so long, it’s an institution.”


Voted one of the best restaurants in Canada, Cedar’s Eatery prides itself on the quality of its food and service. “It’s about proving ourselves, customer after customer, year after year,” says Abdallah. “That’s the only way to do it.”

Falafel Saroukh Shawarma Hoummous & Tabouli Mjadera & Fattouche MAINS:

Kabab - Lamb or Beef Kibée Shish Taouk ▲ Maroun Abdallah




Under the Sea - the power of seaweed

Words by Jacqui Chaisson

Most Maritimers are familiar with seaweed, often known locally as Irish Moss or kelp. Considered by many to be a superfood because of its wide variety of nutrients, kelp has been a staple of several Asian cultures for centuries. Words by Alana Lauren 14 SPRING 2019

It’s not just for sushi anymore, in fact, kelp, or Irish Moss, has made its way into kitchens of health-conscious people all over the world. More people are discovering the many benefits this vegetable has to offer and it’s quickly becoming part of a healthy, balanced diet with lots of additional benefits. Seaweed is effective in weight loss, supports thyroid health, has been proven to reduce the risk of many forms of cancer and even keeps your bones strong. Seaweed contains an extremely high level of iodine (up to 2,984 micrograms in some varieties). It’s one of the best ways to maintain a healthy level of iodine that helps support a healthy thyroid, protects against certain kinds of cancer, promotes healthy growth and development in babies and children, and even helps you maintain a healthy brain.

A protein found in most varieties, known as fucoxanthin, has been shown to significantly reduce fat tissue. A study out of Moscow also found that a combination of pomegranate seed oil with fucoxanthin promoted weight loss and increased liver function. Kelp consumption greatly improves blood glucose levels, positively influences glycemic control and increases antioxidant enzyme activities in patients with type II diabetes. The presence of fucoxanthin was found to be effective against a number of types of prostate cancer. In addition, fucoxanthin can help remove drug resistance in cancer patients undergoing dangerous chemotherapy treatments, thereby reducing the amount of harmful drugs introduced into one’s system in order to treat cancer.

Fucoidan, found in kelp, has also been shown to work as an anti-inflammatory and also to improve cholesterol levels in the blood, responsible for heart conditions. Kelp can help with bone lose! First, it’s a rich source of vitamin K — you get almost a quarter of the daily recommended intake of vitamin K in just one serving. One of the many benefits of vitamin K is its role in creating denser bones that don’t as easily succumb to arthritis and osteoporosis. On the Island we're lucky to live near the ocean, we can reap the benefits of this sea vegetable. You can purchase dried kelp at most grocery stores that carry whole foods, it's recommended to search for organic varieties from trusted companies. Use kelp (dried or fresh) as a substitute for other greens in your favourite recipes.


Seaweed Smoothie INGREDIENTS 15cm (six inch) piece of seaweed 1 banana 2 apples ¼ pineapple, including core 300 ml ( ½ pint) cold water 1 C baby spinach, well washed local honey to sweeten if needed

It is important to vary the ingredients in the recipe, choosing fruit and vegetables that are local and fresh whenever possible.

METHOD Rinse seaweed, snip finely and soak overnight in just enough water to cover {or use six–eight grams (¼oz) dried and ground seaweed} Peel and chop banana, apples and pineapple (include core) and chill overnight. Put everything, including the soak water into a blender and blend until smooth.




Grilled Vegetables INGREDIENTS 2 medium-size red bell peppers 2 medium-size yellow bell peppers 2 Belgian endives 1 pound fresh cremini or regular white mushrooms, stemmed, caps wiped clean with dampened paper towels 4 small eggplants or zucchini 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil Coarse salt (kosher or sea) and freshly ground black pepper 1 pound thick asparagus, fibrous ends removed 8 small ripe tomatoes 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar (optional) 8 lemon wedges, for serving METHOD Core, halve, and seed the red and yellow bell peppers, then cut each pepper in half lengthwise into three strips. Cut the endives lengthwise in quarters, leaving the stem ends attached. Cut the mushrooms in half and the eggplants in half lengthwise. Set up the grill for direct grilling and preheat to high. When ready to cook, preheat a vegetable grate (if using) for five minutes, then brush and oil it or the grill grate. Lightly brush the bell pepper pieces with some of the extra virgin olive oil, season them with salt and black pepper to taste, and arrange them on the hot grate. Grill the bell peppers until lightly charred on both sides, leaving the skins intact, four to six minutes per side. Brush the bell peppers lightly with extra virgin olive oil and season them with salt and black pepper once or twice as they grill. Transfer the bell peppers to a platter. Leave the fire burning. Oil, season, and grill the endives, mushrooms, eggplants, asparagus, and tomatoes the same way as the bell peppers. Each vegetable should be nicely charred on the outside and soft and tender inside; depending on the vegetable, this will take three to six minutes per side. Brush all of the vegetables lightly with extra virgin olive oil and season them with salt and black pepper once or twice as they grill. Arrange the grilled vegetables in rows on a platter, varying the colors and shapes. Drizzle the remaining extra virgin olive oil on top of the hot vegetables and let cool. Just before serving, season the vegetables again with salt and pepper. If you like, drizzle a little balsamic vinegar on top. Serve lemon wedges on the side for squeezing over the vegetables.

Time 60 minutes


YIELD 8 servings SPRING 2019

LEVEL Moderate




In Pursuit of

LIQUID GOLD Delight your taste buds with a whole new experience at Liquid Gold Tasting Bar & All Things Olive, a classy boutique specializing in authentic, high-quality extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) and dark balsamic vinegars that will elevate your meals to new heights. “There are only two reasons to buy extra virgin olive oil,” says Bill McArthur, who co-owns and founded Liquid Gold with his wife, Myrna Burlock. “The flavour, and the health benefits. Genuine EVOO is filled with aromas and sensations you’ve never imagined.” Words by Patrica Foster Photos: Evan Cerretti Photography

18 SPRING 2019


lients visiting the boutique start by learning the sensory art of “strippagio,” a process which allows them to savour and discern the nuances in the products they’re sampling. “Most consumers have only ever tasted commercial grocery olive oils, or even worse, food service oils,” says McArthur. “Which are anywhere from tasteless to dreadful. EVOO is one of the world’s most adulterated foods.” In its authentic form, extra virgin olive oil is both delectable and nutritious. EVOO is high in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), and swapping out butter with olive oil can reduce risk factors for heart disease. EVOO also contains biophenol antioxidants, which are natural anti-inflammatories that help relieve joint and muscle pain. “The proof of authenticity is in the taste,” says McArthur. “There’s nothing like it anywhere else.” At Liquid Gold, you can try a variety of EVOOs — from the delicate Arbequina to the robust and nutty Picholine — and bottle your selection on the spot. Combine oils with vinegars to round out the tasting experience. “Balsamics are a perfect yin to EVOO’s yang.” In addition to genuine-but-pricey Consortium balsamic vinegars, and the ever-popular “Tradizionale” dark balsamic condimento, Liquid Gold offers many bold flavours, including raspberry, cinnamon pear, and maple bourbon. Whether they’re rich and tart, or sweet and

fruity, Liquid Gold’s products are made without artificial thickeners, sugars, or colouring, and are priced to splash with abandon on cooked vegetables and salads. You can also use the vinegars in cocktails, in marinades, or over ice cream. Growing up around foodies and wine enthusiasts, Bill and Myrna were well-versed in the appreciation of good flavours. While living in Northern Arizona, they stumbled upon a small artisan shop that specialized in authentic EVOO, and were hooked at the first taste. “As our personal stash dwindled, we found nothing — literally nothing — like it here at home,” says McArthur. “We knew that genuine EVOO was distinctive, different, and meaningful, so we made the leap into business and here we are, nine years later.” Beyond cooking, people use extra virgin olive oil as a natural way to remove makeup or keep their hair soft and glossy. It can also remove earwax, take a hairball out of a cat, or polish furniture while leaving a lovely aroma. “It isn’t WD-40, but EVOO is remarkably versatile.” Going forward, Bill and Myrna want to expand the concept behind Liquid Gold. “We want to embrace a bigger idea,” says McArthur, “Which is to celebrate fantastic food, simple meals, and individual dishes that are given new life with world-class ingredients.”

Liquid Gold Tasting Bar & All Things Olive 72 Queen Street, Charlottetown 902.370.8809




golden elixir



The healthiest fat on earth

xperts acknowledge that the health effects of dietary fat are controversial, but, they agree that olive oil — especially extra virgin — is good for you. Don't be lured into buying the cheap oil, when it comes to the health benefits be sure to invest in the real deal, the golden elixir. This natural oil is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree, about 14 per cent of the oil is saturated fat, whereas 11 per cent is polyunsaturated, such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. But the predominant fatty acid in olive oil is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, making up 73 per cent of the total oil content. Monounsaturated fats are also quite resistant to high heat, making extra virgin olive oil a healthy choice for cooking. Olive 20 SPRING 2019

oil is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid. This fatty acid is believed to have many beneficial effects and is a healthy choice for cooking. Studies suggest that oleic acid reduces inflammation and may even have beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer. Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, some of which have powerful biological effects. Several large studies demonstrate that people who consume olive oil have a much lower risk of stroke, the second biggest killer in developed countries. It lowers blood pressure, protects “bad” LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation and improves the function of blood vessels - extra virgin olive oil has numerous benefits for heart health. Adding olive oil to your diet does not appear to increase the likelihood of weight

Words by Alana Lauren

gain. Moderate intake may even aid weight loss. Olive oil appears to be highly protective against type two diabetes and studies suggest there may be benefits associated with combating Alzheimer's disease and can help reduce joint pain and swelling from rheumatoid arthritis. The beneficial effects are greatly increased when combined with fish oil. Here are soimple ways to add more olive oil to your diet: Drizzle on your sandwich Sounds strange, but instead of using condiments such as mayonnaise that are rich in saturated fat, why not add a few drops of olive oil on each slice of bread. I especially like a sandwich with feta, tomato and a few olive slices. Add some to soup You often see recipes that recommend adding a tablespoon of heavy cream

Buying the right kind of olive oil is extremely important. Read the label and buy the best! Other Healthy Choices: Avocado Avocado oil is high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants.

to the soup right before serving. In Greek cuisine it is common to add good extra virgin olive oil instead. It adds a flavor, but also the good monounsaturated fats and antioxidants.

Use it for grilled cheese. Using a olive oil spritzer, when I make grilled cheese, I spray each slice of bread with olive oil instead of using butter. The result is a great texture and flavor.

An alternative for bread rolls Instead of serving bread rolls, you can toast slices of bread and drizzle some good extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with dry oregano and a pinch of salt. You can also serve this as a snack.

Make cupcakes You wouldn’t think it would work, but it does. Olive oil works wonderfully with chocolate and fruit based cupcakes, plus it’s so much easier, you just mix it, no melting, you can make them without a mixer.

Drizzle on cheese While I enjoy certain types of cheese with some good fig jam or honey, olive oil is also great on cheese such as feta and fresh mozzarella. Fry an egg While I do not eat fried eggs that often, they are always fried in olive oil. It tastes so good and great for dipping, plus you are avoiding some of the saturated fat in the butter.

Coconut Oil Coconut oil is rich in several types of saturated fat that are otherwise uncommon. These include lauric acid and mediumchain fatty acids. Real Butter Real butter is good for you and actually fairly nutritious. It's the processed margarine that is the truly awful stuff. Fish Oil Fish oil is very rich in the animal form of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are DHA and EPA. A tablespoon of fish oil can satisfy your daily need for these very important fatty acids.




Event Planning Made Easy with

Pineapple Eventworks Words by Annika Borg Photos: Bruce Jollimore Photography Shot on location at Ratinaud & the Kitchen Table, Halifax, NS

Anyone who has ever planned a party knows that with the slightest mishap, even the best-laid plans can go awry.

22 SPRING 2019

Tina Lesyk, creator of Pineapple Eventworks, has been in the event-planning industry for over 15 years and understands that pulling off a successful event sometimes takes a little extra help. For ten years, Lesyk worked at the Culinary Institute of Canada, six of those years as the Banquet and Catering Coordinator. There, she often received requests for students to work events. “I saw firsthand that there was a need for this type of service company in Atlantic Canada,” she says. In September 2016, Lesyk founded Pineapple Eventworks, a boutique staffing company that serves PEI and Nova Scotia, and plans to expand to New Brunswick. “Planning an event can be incredibly stressful,” says Lesyk. “We can help. We’re

reliable professionals who know the ins and outs of this industry. We make do-it-yourself easy.” Pineapple Eventworks can help with any size event, from small, intimate dinners in your own home, to 500-person catered parties. “We’re event specialists,” says Lesyk. “We hire professional servers, bartenders, cooks, and coat check staff; we take away the pressure of not having the help you might need to pull off an event.” Pineapple Eventworks have planned, staffed and coordinated hundreds of events like weddings, engagement parties, Christmas parties and birthday celebrations. In addition to staffing, Pineapple Eventworks provide the necessary training,

“Planning an event can be incredibly stressful. We can help. We’re reliable professionals who know the ins and outs of this industry. We make do-it-yourself easy.” - Tina Lesyk

scheduling and coordination to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. They offer wedding, bar and equipment rental consultations, and day-of wedding coordination. A day-of coordinator ensures the wedding day schedule goes off without a hitch, leaving the busy bride and groom time to enjoy the big day.

the serving and bartending team for Fall Flavours Lobster Party on the Beach in West Point. We get to work with local businesses and feed off their passion for the industry. So many people here are passionate about food; it’s fun to be a part of that community and work alongside them.”

“We’re thrilled to be a part of your celebration, whatever that is,” says Lesyk. “We’ve even taught guests how to make cocktails at their bachelorette party. We have fun.”

“It comes down to the people,” says Lesyk. “We have a strong team that work hard, and we make sure our clients are happy. Clients are genuinely grateful and appreciative of the work that we do. I’ve turned my passion into a way of supporting myself. I know that I’m helping people, and it feels good creating jobs for Islanders.”

Lesyk is thrilled to partake in PEI’s flourishing food and beverage scene. “We get to see parts of PEI that normally we might not,” she says. “Last September, we staffed

Pineapple Eventworks 902.367.4944




THE NEW CANADA FOOD GUIDE Words by Story Sheidow

24 SPRING 2019

Gone are the “food groups” we grew up with. With a new, simpler “platestyle” template, the Canada Food Guide is now more user-friendly than ever. Here are some basic “dos and don’ts” for the new Canada Food Guide. DO drink more water This is, by far, the easiest guideline to follow in the new Canada Food Guide. The phrase “water is life” is no joke. Water removes waste products from your body, aids digestion, and is essential for your kidney and liver functions. Another surprising benefit of drinking water: it plays a role in lubricating your joints and cushioning your brain and spinal cord. In short, dehydration can cause joint pain, foggy thinking, kidney issues, slow digestion, and weight gain, so drink up and feel better! DO consider plant-based proteins Studies have shown that red meat is a Group 2 carcinogen, meaning that it is classified as a probable cause of cancer. Processed meats, such as deli meat and fast food, are actually Group 1, meaning that strong evidence shows that these meats cause cancer. They’re actually listed in the same group as cigarettes! That doesn’t mean you have to cut out meat completely when choosing your protein sources. Just choose wisely, and in moderation. Fish is a great option; it’s high in healthy fats and omega fatty acids, which play a key role in brain function and cognitive health. Poultry, such as chicken and turkey, is another healthy choice if you feel the need to consume meat. But don’t forget to consider plant-based proteins such as beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds when choosing your protein sources. Not only are they nutrient-dense, they’re also more affordable, leaving room in your pocketbook to buy more fresh fruits and veggies. A great way to increase your consumption of plant-based proteins is to swap them out for the

meat or carbohydrate ingredients in your dishes. For example, try using black bean or lentil pasta instead of traditional wheat pasta. They taste great, and your body will thank you! DON’T forget your veggies Speaking of veggies, the new Canada Food Guide fully endorses increasing the vegetables in your meal plan. Using the new “plate portion” system, veggies should fill half of your plate, leaving the other half for a mixture of whole grains, proteins, and healthy fats. If fresh veggies are difficult to obtain, don’t worry! Studies have shown that frozen vegetables offer the same nutritional value as their fresh counterparts at a fraction of the price. DO cut the sugar and processed foods The term “processed food” refers to food that has been chemically processed. This is often done to extend shelf life or heighten flavour using added oils, fats, sugar, and salt. But these additives include a host of negative effects. High sodium levels can elevate your blood pressure, extra sugar can wreak havoc on your metabolism, heart, and insulin levels, and refined fats and oils are packed with empty calories. These will not only sabotage your diet, but your satiability and mood as well. With much of the fibre and many of the nutrients removed, these foods provide little benefit to your body. They are hard to give up, since your body tends to crave them; however, once you do, you’ll feel incredible. Follow these simple steps to eat smarter and healthier! Your body will love you for it.


25 25


26 SPRING 2019

Mussels with Linguine & Tomato Sauce INGREDIENTS 4 tbs extra virgin olive oil 1/2 red onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced 1/2 tps red pepper flakes 1 28-ounce can Italian tomatoes in purĂŠe 1 C dry white wine 1 1/2 tbs minced fresh thyme 1 tbs tomato paste Coarse kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 pound linguini pasta 1/4 C drained capers 2 pounds mussels, rinsed and debearded 1/4 C chopped fresh Italian parsley METHOD Heat two tablespoons of the extra virgin olive oil in a heavy, large pot over medium heat. Add the onion, garlic and pepper flakes and sautĂŠ until light golden, about five minutes. Add the tomatoes, half a cup of the wine, thyme and tomato paste. Bring to a boil, breaking up the tomatoes with a spoon. Reduce the heat and simmer until the sauce is thick and flavors blend, stirring frequently, about 15 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water until just tender but still firm to the bite, stirring occasionally, about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, add the remaining wine and capers to the sauce and bring to a boil. Add the mussels, cover and cook until the mussels open, about four minutes. Discard any mussels that do not open. Drain the pasta and add to the sauce. Add the remaining two tablespoons oil and stir over high heat for one minute to blend. Taste and adjust the seasonings. Divide the pasta and mussels among four plates. Sprinkle with the parsley and serve immediately.

Time 45 minutes

YIELD 4 servings






28 SPRING 2019

Building a new home doesn’t need to be stressful. When you understand the process from the start and are kept up-to-date with the progress throughout your project, you can enjoy the excitement of watching your new home come to life, at every stage. And when you choose modular construction, your new home will be ready to move into sooner! If you’re like most people who build a new home, you want to know how it all comes together. Understanding how the process works assists with planning, keeps you in the loop, and ensures your project goes smoothly from start to finish. 1. First Appointment Start by organising a time to meet faceto-face with the builder to choose a floor plan and make any changes that fit your unique requirements. Bring your ideas and your wish list. 2. Estimate and Approval Once you’re happy with the design, you'll be provided with a detailed cost estimate. At this time, the builder may also visit your site (if needed) so we have a good understanding of the location of connections, how accessible your property is and can make recommendations regarding the best position and orientation of your new home. 3. Pre-Contract Stage When the cost estimate has your approval, you move to the pre-contract stage. An initial deposit is required so working drawings can be prepared, site survey and any additional details and costs. Then, you will be provided with the fixed costings for your project. 4. Planning If a planning permit is required, the builder will complete the application and submit it on your behalf. 5. Finishes After your planning application is approved, you can meet to choose

your colours, finishes and specifications. This includes everything from your floor coverings and cladding to fixtures, flooring and cabinetry. 6. Construction When the building permit has been issued, construction begins. Your new home will be built to approximately 95% completion at facility. This phase usually takes between 8-10 weeks, and a customer care team will keep you updated throughout. Plus, you are welcome to visit anytime to see the progress for yourself. 7. Site Preperation During the last few weeks of the construction phase, a site team will prepare the footings and connections to your site. This overlap enables the builder to complete your home faster, as they can install your home as soon as it’s delivered. 8. Delivery When the off-site construction is completed, your home is prepared for delivery and the modules are transported to your site. Depending on the location, this usually only takes a day.

Darren MacKenzie Master Builder/Owner MacKenzie Builders Services Ltd.

If required, a crane will assist on site to unload and position the modules of your home. 9. Installation The site team will then get to work installing and completing your new home, and this phase generally takes around 4-6 weeks. The builder will add the finishing touches, including any verandahs or optional extras you have selected. 10. Final inspection & Move in You will then make a final inspection together with the builder to make sure everything is completed just as you hoped.

MacKenzie Builder Services Ltd. 262 Howe Point Road, Eglington 902.687.1508 C: 902.969.0425 E:



Tray Chic Words and photos by Susan Snow

Always in style and for good reason. Decorating with trays is a cheap and cheerful way to add that perfect finishing touch and to stay organized. Visit any home furnishings or dĂŠcor store and you are sure to find countless styles, finishes, sizes and price points. Strategically placing trays in various rooms in your house will not only help you conquer and contain clutter but will provide interesting focal points.

30 SPRING 2019

Kitchens. Use trays on your countertops and tables to corral often used items like cooking oils, spices, knife blocks, cook books, cooking utensils, a toaster or even a favorite pottery bowl. Tuck in your favourite herb so it's not only functional but pretty. No tray? No problem, substitute a wooden cutting board in place of a tray. Bathrooms. Place a tray on your bathroom counter to hold make up, hand cream, soap dispenser, cotton swabs, perfume, air freshener and flowers. Beside a soaking tub top a tray with sponges, face cloths, bath salts and a candle. If you have a make up vanity in your bathroom use a tray to corral your facial creams, hair sprays and perfumes. Living room/Family rooms. Create visual interest on your cocktail table by showcasing pretty accessories together on a tray. Use candles, books, flowers, shells, or other home dĂŠcor items. Tuck a tray on a lower table shelf to hold magazines, remote controls or coasters. A tray on a hearth looks great when topped with fresh flowers and candles. Dining rooms. Set up a home bar using a tray to contain favourite bottles of spirits, bar accessories and crystal decanters. On the dining room table create a center piece using multiple vases with flowers, stems or greenery set atop a tray. Home Offices. Stay organized on your desk top by using trays to hold your most used office supplies within reach. Tape dispensers, business cards, pen holders, paper clips, small pads of paper and calculators.



PLANT LADY Is this the new “cat lady”? Words by Jacqui Chaisson


starts off with the ivy in a three-inch pot that somehow found its way into your grocery cart. From there you advance to a few succulents tucked in between the coffee machine and the toaster on the kitchen counter. Within a few months every corner of your home is filled with greenery and the humidity is at 100 per cent by noon. Your bathroom is consumed by a Boston fern equal in size to a compact family vehicle and the six-foot fiddle fig that cost you over one hundred dollars has created a rift between you and your cat who just doesn’t understand why the new tree in the living room is off limits. House plants are habit forming - I’ve always believed that the grocery store ivy is the gateway-plant to becoming a crazy plant lady. 32 SPRING 2019

Plants have surged in popularity - fiddle figs, succulents and air plants grace the pages of all the national home magazines and it seems everyone has at least one house plant. In line with the enthusiasm for muted Scandinavian interiors, people are also choosing big architectural plants as focal points in minimal decorating. So, what makes house plants so endearing? Why do some of us form bonds with our potted pals and even mourn the passing of our favourite leafy friends? What are the best plants to start your collection - or obsession? Candace Weatherbie, just one of Charlottetown’s self-professed plantladies, inherited her green-thumb from her mother. She started collecting plants as a hobby, “I wanted to add a bit of

greenery throughout my home during the winter. However, I quickly became very fascinated with succulents particularly and so the collection started to grow.” Currently Candace shares her home with over 30 plants including a recently purchased mother sedum adolphii for $40 — which is the most she has ever spent. Experts say the key to buying plants is not to buy too many too soon: don’t go nuts and buy so many houseplants you can’t look after them. "Buying healthy plants from a reputable florist or greenhouse is the first step to keeping plants happy," says Alan Preson, owner of Hearts & Flowers in Charlottetown, "Keeping a plant should be simple: remember the habitat it came from and try to keep it as near as possible to that. Cacti need to be kept dry and warm; tropical ferns kept wet."


Today’s urbanites gasp for greenery but many of us are complete beginners. As one who has turned several cacti into mush, I know there is a problem with all these plants: keeping them alive.

Join an online plant-group like PEI Plant Pals or Succulents & Cacti PEI, Facebook groups where plant parents can share tips, news and even host a cutting party or plant swap. “I created the succulent the Facebook group, Succulents & Cacti PEI, to give and receive advice and tips on cacti and succulents specifically since they are tended to very differently then other houseplants.” says Candace Weatherbie. “The group is always sharing photos of new inventory from greenhouses and stores, which helps when your searching for varieties on your wish list.” Penny Wheelhouse, also belongs to PEI Plant Pals, attributes becoming a plant-lady starting with a single plant, “The plant that’s

fueled my obsession is Johnny, my peace lily. He was almost dead when I brought him home, and now he’s big and happy.” Plants are such an affordable and satisfying way of making a house feel cozy and welcoming and there are plants that thrive in so many different environments that you’ll be able to find the perfect one to suit any room in your house.

Whether your collection consists of a few plants or a few hundred, there's no denying how much they add to our homes and our lives. So, go ahead, buy that $50 fern without feeling remorse - besides it will be perfect next to the $125 fiddle fig you brought home last month.

Tracey Campbell moved to the Island three years ago and had to start fresh, “I only have about 40 indoor plants now. I used to have a lot more plants but, when we moved three years ago and had to adopt out our plants, so I had to start from zero.” says Tracey, “The nice thing about being in a plant group is knowing that others care as much about plants as you do!” SPRING 2019


Hearts & Flowers 149 Great George Street, Charlottetown 902.566.1499 ¢ 1-800-693-2211


Award Winning Florist • Island Owned & Operated • Order Online, Visit the Shop or Call to Order Fresh Flowers • Plants, Planters & Succulents • Beautiful & Unique Flower Arrangements Delivery in Charlottetown, Stratford, Cornwall and Throughout Prince Edward Island 34 SPRING 2019

DIY TERRARIUM Plants that do well with humidity are most likely to thrive in your terrarium. Although succulents and cacti aren’t humidity’s biggest fans, you can compensate by using a glass container with a slight opening.

Activated Charcoal You won’t need much; a thin layer of activated charcoal keeps water fresh and helps to fight off bacterial growth in your terrarium.

Select plants that are small enough for your glass vessel. You won’t want any greenery touching the sides of your container and making your terrarium feel cramped.

Potting Soil Potting soil will act as an important layer for your DIY terrarium. Any type of soil should do the trick, although there are special mixes available if you’re planting cacti or succulents.

You’ll need some sort of glass vessel to create your terrarium. There are plenty of unique containers from which to choose, just make sure that the vessel is made of a transparent material so you can enjoy your mini-garden. Check your local thrift store or dollar store for inexpensive glass containers or simply recycle a jar from your blue bag. Step 1: Cover the bottom of your terrarium with a one and a half inch-thick layer of small stones or pebbles. The bottom layer of small pebbles will act as drainage for your terrarium. Step 2: Add a very thin layer of activated charcoal. The activated charcoal will keep water fresh and fight off any bacterial growth in your terrarium. Add a piece of screen (look for the plastic) to keep the soil from draining into the lower layers. Step 3: Add a layer of potting soil. Any potting soil mix will do, although if you’re planting succulents or cacti there are specialized mixes you can use. You’ll want to add enough potting soil so that it’s deep enough for your plants to root into it. We recommend a layer that’s about two and a half inches. Step 4: Now it’s time to add your plants. Start by planting your largest plant first. Remove the plant from its container and prune the roots as you would when repotting any plant.


Then, make a hole in the soil large enough to fit the plants’ roots. Next, nestle the plant into the soil. It’s easiest to work your way from the back to the front of your terrarium. There’s no rhyme or reason to the design of your terrarium, play around with the arrangement and don’t forget to have fun! Pro Tip: Use gloves when handling cactus or any other prickly plant.

Small Stones or Pebbles Small stones or pebbles will be used as the base of your terrarium. The small pebbles act as water drainage for the plants’ roots to ensure that excess water doesn’t stay in the soil and cause rot.

Small Gardening Tools Having small tools handy will help you create and situate all of the items in your DIY terrarium.

Step 5: After all of your plants are arranged in your glass vessel, complete the look with a layer of pebbles. Once your terrarium is complete, you’ll need to take proper care of it. Sunlight and water are two essential items for the success of your terrarium. Be sure to lightly water the base every two weeks or once the soil looks like it has dried out. You should also display your terrarium in an area that receives a lot of bright, indirect sunlight.

Plants It wouldn’t be a terrarium without the greenery. Pick out a few of your favorite pint-sized plants to use in your terrarium. Air plants, succulents and mini-cacti are all viable options.



H O M E & C O T TA G E

PLAN YOUR SUMMER WITH PEI’S POOL EXPERTS Words by Annika Borg Photos courtesy of Central Pool and Spa

Summer is just around the corner; it’s time to start planning how to get the most out of the nicer weather. If your plans include relaxing by the pool with a good book, or even throwing a pool party, Central Pool and Spa wants to make your Island summer the best it can be.

“We’ve been a customer of Central Pool and Spa for over thirty years, and they’ve always made us feel valued. Their staff is reliable, responsive, and always take special care when summer guests arrive. They even helped us make the switch to a salt water system, which works well and is safer for kids. We hope Central Pool will be part of our family for years to come!” -Regis Duffy, customer

▲ Andrea and Jeff Boehner, owners of Central Pool and Spa. (Photo: Story

Sheidow) 36 SPRING 2019

Island-owned and operated, Central Pool and Spa was started by Lowell Boehner in 1982. Lowell and his wife Elizabeth ran the business until Lowell’s recent passing; his children, Andrea and Jeff, have kept it going. Jeff has been the business’s Construction Manager for the past 20 years, and together, he and Andrea uphold their father’s commitment to excellence, and the legacy he created. Central Pool and Spa is one of PEI’s oldest and most established pool and spa installers. They offer services across the Island and specialize in custom in-ground, above, and on-ground pools, hot tubs, and spas. They are exclusive PEI dealers of Fox Pools with its patented X-brace system, Foxgard®️ Protected steel walls, Fox Pools have been a leading manufacturer of vinyl liner pools since 1957. “We’ve been installing Fox Pools since we started and have never been disappointed in the quality,” enthuses Jeff. “We still service pools that we installed around that time, and they’re in amazing shape. These pools will last a lifetime.”

Central Pool and Spa do a busy business during the warmer months, and installation occurs all season long. They provide weekly cleaning and post-installation maintenance, as well as pool upgrades like lighting, fountains, and diving boards. They also open and close pools at the beginning and end of the season. “Clients know they can count on us to be there for them throughout the entire process,” says Andrea. “Client satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to keep them happy.” Selecting and installing a pool can be a huge and exciting process, which is why Andrea and Jeff believe it should be left to them, the experts. “Some of our staff have been with us for over ten years,” says Andrea. “We have the experience, we know the process. We are a small family business who are genuinely excited, and ultimately committed to, making your backyard dream come true for years to come. We are the ones to trust with such an important decision as getting a pool.” Having been in operation for over 35 years, and still maintaining clients from that time, the team at Central Pool and Spa are dedicated to the pool business and to keeping their clients happy. “They [our clients] appreciate the quality of our work, our professionalism, our friendliness, our accessibility–we are a family business. We are hardworking Islanders, who know what hardworking Islanders want.”

Central Pool and Spa Montague, PEI 902.962.3510 1.877.962.3510



Home Grown Words by Susan Snow, Home Editor Photos: LaVie in Pictures & Susan Snow


isn’t often that you get a chance to buy back family land but this is exactly what happened for Jessie Inman. The home she purchased last summer was built on land that originally belonged to her father. Buying the property and bringing it back into family hands was a dream come true. An added bonus is that most of her neighbours are close relatives. After the purchase I was asked, as her close friend and designer, to help come up with a plan for the empty house. Starting from scratch she had two specific requests when it came to the interior of the home. It had to be completely outfitted within a six week time frame and it had to be functional for casual living and entertaining with a modern vibe. The house itself had great bones being built in a traditional A Frame style. An immense wall of windows, soaring 30-foot ceilings clad in pine and large open plan great room. We opted to break the main living area into three sections; a sitting nook in one corner, a conversational lounge area and a dining space. Taking a cue from the style of the house it was decided to keep things pared down and incorporate a mix of Scandi-Boho in keeping with the style of the home. The white walls and pale birch floors lent themselves to showing off the architectural details and the exterior views of pastoral rolling hills and farmland that overlook the West River. The key pieces chosen for the home are all warm woods and furnishings that are neutral in colour. Opting for muted colours allowed for hits of black, white, blue and red accessories giving the home an overall feel of quiet comfort. The window treatments were kept minimal with simple pleated shades allowing the views to the outside to be front and center. The end result is a home that feels fresh and inviting. A perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment with family and friends.

38 SPRING 2019

H O M E & C O T TA G E

Slipcovered sofas, in a neutral beige fabric, face eachother creating a perfect conversation area. The covers can easily be removed and laundered as necessary. Grounding the seating area is a flat cotton woven black and white striped rug - a hallmark of Scandi style. A combination of bleached wood and black metal legs, the cocktail table is understated yet functional with an extra shelf for storage of books, magazines and games.

▲ Jessie Inman (Photo: LaVie in Pictures)

“It was a happy chance of good luck and timing that allowed myself and my husband, Allan to purchase this property. I feel so fortunate that I had the opportunity to take back the land that has deep roots in my family”

▲ The sitting nook is punctuated with an oversized, abstract painting - the colours found in the print are repeated in the furnishing and accessories and set the relaxed tone for the entire house. A staple of Boho style are the faux sheepskin rugs and graphic black and white pillows layered on the black rattan chairs. (photo: LaVie in Pictures) SPRING 2019


The large solid wood table with its contrasting white chairs is big enough to accommodate groups of up to ten people for dinner. Conveniently located next to the patio doors the placement of the table makes indoor and outdoor entertaining a breeze. The wood butcher block top is very sturdy and with its no fuss finish it will continue to acquire an aged distressed patina with time.

40 SPRING 2019

◀ Details like the accessories adorning the cocktail table adds texture, colour and interest. An easy DIY project was finding the perfect shade of pale red wrapping paper and making book jackets covers. (Photo: Susan Snow)

▲This bathroom with its bold black and white checkered floor tiles fits seamlessly with the design elements in the rest of home. When working in a small space it’s more pleasing to the eye to go for an uncluttered look, afterall, the real star of the show here is the graphic floor. (photo: LaVie in Pictures) ◀ (left) The charming kitchen, with its pine cabinets accented with black tiled countertops and backsplash, was left largely untouched since it worked with the overall theme of the open plan space. The addition of a few wellplaced accessories and four modern bar stools gave it an update with very little cost. (photo: LaVie in Pictures)



A Natural Choice Facial Moisturizer • All-Natural Deodorant • Medicinal Tinctures • Herbal Tea • Handcrafted Jewellery • Cremation Jewellery

Townes Herbal products are food-grade, and 100 per cent natural - Essentially food for the skin. Available at Green Eye Designs (Victoria Row) and Riverview Country Market (Riverside Dr.)



townesherbals | www.t o w n e s h e r b a l s. c o m |

BRING OUT YOUR INNER ANIMAL We all have an inner animal - what's yours? Is it time to create a zoo on your windowsill or maybe a Jurassic park in your living room?

OWL BE SEEING YOU WHoo doesn't love owls? Choose your favourite colour or opt for simple white.


WHALE WATCH Why not use your favourite mug as a planter? I simply love this little whale.

Succulents and cactus are so popular and finding that perfect pot or planter gives us plant ladies bragging rights. I found all of these at Luna Eclectic Emporium (Confederation Court Mall, Charlottetown) I want them all! - Jacqui Chaisson



The pug or the pussycat? So adorable you'll want both. Each pot includes a drainage hole in the bottom or drop your potted plant right in.

A pair of houses in graphic black and white or a birch bark pot are perfect additions to your modern space.



H O M E & C O T TA G E

Summer at the Silo Words by Patricia Foster Photos: Beck's Home & Heating, LaVie in PIctures

44 SPRING 2019

Photo: LaVie in Pictures

Whether it’s cozy chat pieces, the perfect grill for adventures, or a completely new exterior design, Beck’s Home and Heating can do it all.

Photo: LaVie in Pictures Warm weather is just around the corner, and Alisa and Ryan Beck want to help you take full advantage of the season! “I love summer,” says Alisa. “I love being outdoors. I love the peacefulness, the relaxation, the sunshine, the salt air. We want to deliver spaces to our clients that allow them to enjoy this to the fullest.” The husband and wife team who run Beck’s Home & Heating recently expanded their business to include Luxury Outdoor Living products and services. Housed in a picturesque silo, Beck’s new showroom displays high-end grills, propane fire pits, and luxurious outdoor furniture. Even more than quality products, Beck’s offers expertise. “I would love for people to come to us to help create outdoor spaces, not just to buy a sofa,” says Alisa, an ICS Canada-trained decorator. “We can help with deck designs, plants, furniture, and more. For people who own Airbnbs, or offer summer rentals, we can help create a jaw-dropping space that will get them the rental every time! And we can do it on a budget.” “People are entertaining more often at home now,” Alisa adds, which is why she suggests that outdoor living should be an extension of indoor living: comfortable and convenient, but open to the beautiful scents and sights of summer.

Upgrading to one of Beck’s high-quality grills is another way to inject extra flavour into a summertime gathering. Efficient and durable, the Napoleon and Saber lines are built with heavy-gauge steel and equipped with heavy hoods to minimize heat loss, allowing foods to be prepared in minutes while retaining juices and exceptional flavour. “I didn’t believe it at first,” says Alisa, “but the difference from regular grilling is like night and day!” Alisa and Ryan own several of these outdoor living products. One of their favourites is the Ooni wood pellet pizza oven, perfect for a family who spend their summer in a camper. “We have three children, and everyone likes different toppings. While we’re waiting for the oven to heat up, the kids build their own pizzas, and each one is cooked in just sixty seconds.” The Becks also use a Lotus grill, a small, portable charcoal grill with an exterior that stays cool to the touch while cooking. “The boating world just loves them,” says Alisa. For clients who are not ready to purchase a grill, Beck’s offers rental options, complete with delivery, setup, and pickup.

ever-popular. These systems can handle both your heating and cooling, on top of dehumidifying your home. Alisa’s husband, Ryan, manages this aspect of the business. “He’s a perfectionist,” Alisa says. “He loves the challenge of designing a system to fit a unique floorplan.” Whether it’s cozy chat pieces, the perfect grill for adventures, or a completely new exterior design, Beck’s can do it all. Keep an eye on their website and social media for cooking and grilling events during the “Summer at the Silo!”

Beck's Home & Heating 27 MacDonald Road, Montague 902.838.5886

As lovely as the warm weather is for outdoor activities, it comes with challenges. “Six to seven weeks of extreme humidity and heat” ensure that Beck’s central air-to-air and ductless heat pumps are SPRING 2019


Summers on the Island are short, and there are better ways to spend them than weeding, pruning shrubs, or spreading mulch.


Your Outdoor Specialists

46 SPRING 2019

Words by Patricia Foster Photos: Evan Cerretti Photography and Earthform

“We want to help people get their free time back,” says Craig Bugden, Vice President of Operations and Finance at Earthform Landscape Professionals. “Our company provides everything your lawn and gardens need to be healthy and look fantastic throughout the year.” Earthform recently revamped its maintenance program to bring clients a “Worry Free Spring,” “Feet Up Summer,” and “Autumn R&R.” The all-in-one maintenance package includes mulching gardens, aerating lawns, caring for plants, spreading fertilizer, removing leaves, and more. Price is determined by the size of your property: small, medium, large, or extra large. The result? An easy, convenient solution that allows you to spend your weekends relaxing with family and friends, confident that your landscape looks stunning all year round. For clients who want to boost their home’s curb appeal to even greater heights, Earthform’s in-house design services can transform lawns into gorgeous vistas, and backyards into enviable outdoor lounges. “If it’s an outdoor project, we can do it,” says Bugden. “Come to us with an idea, maybe something you’ve seen on Pinterest, or in a magazine, and we’ll do it from start to finish.” Services range from hardscape projects like paver walkways, retaining walls, or patios,

to softscape projects with plants and light fixtures. Earthform even installs outdoors kitchens and pools. Better yet, Earthform’s team of experts knows how to bring diverse elements together into a cohesive whole. “In an average space, details are overlooked; things don’t flow from one area to another,” says Bugden. “The difference is very apparent.” Professional design also ensures that

“Come to us with an idea, maybe something you’ve seen on Pinterest, or in a magazine, and we’ll do it from start to finish.” - Craig Bugden

practical concerns are handled, preventing tripping hazards or water leaking into your basement. Like many home renovations, it’s an investment that pays off over time. “We don’t really subcontract anything. We’re responsible for the quality, the warranty,” says Bugden. “It can compromise quality if you have to deal with multiple contractors.”

“We want to be more transparent and open,” he adds. “A lot of people don’t know what a stone walkway costs, or what a retaining wall costs. It can be frustrating when you’re doing a renovation for the first time.” With this philosophy in mind, Earthform posts all their prices up front on their website, from maintenance packages to renovations. “It’s about building ongoing relationships,” Bugden explains. “Our company doesn’t have customers, we have clients. We don’t want to build a walkway and wait to hear from them in five years. We want to do check-ins. We want to take care of their property. We want to establish trust and confidence in our services.” Earthform is all about simple choices, stress-free services, and exceptional quality. Whether it’s maintaining an alreadygorgeous lawn, sprucing up a landscape to its maximal potential, or creating a whole new space for you to love, their landscape professionals will help you and your home take full advantage of summer.

Earthform Landscaping, Garden Centre, Pool & Spa 18 St John Ave, Stratford 902.892.2699



H O M E & C O T TA G E

Moonsnail Soapworks Located on Water Street on the Charlottetown waterfront, Moonsnail Soapworks has everything your skin needs to be radiant and healthy! Pop into their production studio, located behind the shop, and watch as all-natural ingredients are handcrafted into luxurious soap, filled with the tantalizing scents of spiced almond, lavender, spearmint, and chai. “People want to know what they’re putting on their skin,” says Jennifer Ridgway, owner and founder of Moonsnail. “It’s a huge trend, more and more each year. People are looking at labels, making sure they can pronounce all the ingredients.” Two Island favourites are the “Red Clay & Kelp” and “PEI Sand Scrub” Natural Soaps. The Sea Buckthorn Healing Line is also popular, perfect for soothing itchy, inflamed skin and eczema. Moonsnail also has a specialized Men’s Line — featuring beard balms and pomades — and Moonbaby products, such as scent-free soaps and creams made from natural ingredients like chamomile and rosehip seed oil. “I started Moonsnail in my late twenties,” says Ridgway. “I’d been away from the Island for ten years, working on the west coast as a sea kayak guide. Moonsnails were one of the only creatures I saw on both coasts. They reminded me of home.”

▲ Jennifer Ridgway, Owner Moonsnail Soapworks & Luna Eclectic Emporium

At Christmas that year, Ridgway made soap for her friends and family. She expanded her craft into a booth at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market, and then into a whimsical store full of jewellery, aromatic massage oils, and her signature bath and beauty products. Twentythree years later, Moonsnail is still an enchanting hub of herbal skincare, aromatherapy aids, books, crystals, and the best of local artisan crafts.

Moonsnail Soapworks | 85 Water Street, Charlottetown | 902.892.7627 |

48 SPRING 2019

Luna Eclectic Emporium What treasures will you uncover in this whimsical boutique full of curios and oddities? Located in the Confederation Court Mall, Luna Eclectic Emporium is the perfect place to find unique gifts, from quirky clothing to fantastic shoes and eccentric home decor, jewellery, and kitchen gadgets. “I try to find things that nobody else carries,” says Jennifer Ridgway, Luna’s owner. “Different things. Weird and wonderful things. If you’re shopping for gifts for three very different people, you can find something for each of them here.” The emporium carries several clothing and footwear lines that aren’t available elsewhere on PEI, plus a huge selection of scarves and hats to complete any outfit. It all started in 2005, when Ridgway was walking down the street and noticed a perfect little shop that had recently been vacated. “I created a business around that space,” says Ridgway. “I think there’s a need for stores like this.” Luna isn’t targeted towards a specific demographic. Instead, the emporium encourages everyone to wander in, explore, look and touch. “Whether it’s a grandpa shopping for his granddaughter, or an 18-year-old buying a present for their first girlfriend,” says Ridgway, “we want everybody to feel comfortable coming in.” “It’s a fun space to hang out and browse while you’re downtown,” she adds. “We have a fun, chatty atmosphere, and we’re known for our great customer service.” Full of knickknacks and novelties, giant wineglasses and beautiful jewellery, crazy cards and funky books, Luna is a store that’s absolutely unique — just like you!

▲ Amanda Gallant, Manager Luna Eclectic Emporium

Luna Eclectic Emporium | 111 Grafton Street, Charlottetown | 902.892.5862 | Words by Patrica Foster Photos: Evan Cerretti Photography

Basket Case

H O M E & C O T TA G E

Words by Jacqui Chaisson

Basket weaving is as old as the history of man. Evidence of baskets have been found in the Egyptian pyramids, and woven basket liners have left their impressions inside the fragments of ancient pottery.

Baskets have surged in popularity as functional dĂŠcor and are available in an astounding array of sizes, shapes, patterns and colours. The humble basket has evolved and woven it's way into the fibre of our everyday lives.

50 SPRING 2019

Entryway The entryway or mudroom is always the first space that collects clutter. Place baskets under a bench for shoe or boot storage, scarves, mittens and hats will be easy to find. A basket on your entryway table is the perfect spot to drop your keys when you walk in the door - no more searching as you rush to work. Kitchen: Baskets are a handy storage option for fresh vegetables or fruit on your counter, or as a means to corral larger items in the pantry. A basket under the sink is perfect storage for all of your cleaning supplies, or use a wicker magazine basket to organize pot lids and serving trays. Smaller baskets with handles can be hung on the wall as a catch-all for mail, coupons, flyers and the bits and bobs that seem to collect. Shallow sea grass baskets can be used as trays for serving snacks, or as a gathering place for collections, small potted plants, and to create an organized beverage station for coffee or tea. Bathroom: Baskets in the bathroom have an abundance of practical applications. Keep a large basket by the tub or shower for fresh towels. Place extra bath tissue to ensure it's always at hand, or place a basket on the back of the commode to store air freshener, hand cream or extra hand towels.

for the baskets that fit on bookshelves or under coffee tables to keep the clutter contained.

Local Favourites Available at Cottage Industry, Charlottetown.

Use small woven trays to hold remotes, extra charging cords and hand-held devices for gaming consoles. If you don't have bookshelves, storage baskets are great for holding magazines and books giving you more space on side tables. This is also a great idea for board games and video game storage. Children's Rooms A place for stuffed toys, books, tiny clothing and all the paraphernalia associated with raising happy children. Stacking baskets are a wonderful option if you're concerned about keeping the floor available for make believe and play. Bedrooms Use baskets to organize extra blankets, pillows and bedding. I keep a basket by my bedside for my journal, iPad, books, magazines and charging cords - always in reach. A 1000 Other Uses: Baskets are so versatile you can find thousands of uses for them. I keep a basket in my car with a bottle of water, shopping bags, bungee cords and a measuring tape - for those yard sale finds.

Baskets are an obvious solution for damp towels or laundry of any kind - choose one with a lid if possible. They are perfect for organizing makeup, toiletries, and small appliances. Place a basket by the tub filled with decorative jars of bath salts, face masks and bubble bath. Family room I'm sure everyone has at least one basket of cozy throws in their family room or living room. Toy storage is a must and baskets do a great job and look good too. Look SPRING 2019




HAIR TRENDS WE LOVE Words by Alana Lauren


Fringe worthy Fringed shoulder cut. Wear it textured and shaggy or slick and structured. Any way you wear it , it's fringeworthy!

52 SPRING 2019


Collarbone Cut Don’t stress with styling or upkeep because this collarbone-grazing cut has you covered. Long layers add movement and texture.


Textured Layers A great cut for natural wave. Wear it with a fringe or long sideswept bangs.


Textured Pixie This pixie cut is soft and sweetly feminine. It frames the face and accents those stellar cheekbones.


Chin Bob Airy layers with a textured touch make this chin length bob a great summer look.




eco.spirit Changing the Face of Fashion Words by Patrica Foster Photos: Evan Cerretti Model: Samara Meade Hair by Grand Senses Spa

The eco.spirit emporium grew out of two intertwining philosophies: selling sustainable products, and supporting Canadian design. From flowing skirts to coral necklaces, comfortable sweaters with swooping necklines, alpaca ponchos, and bamboo panties, this lively boutique has something for everyone. “We’d like to offer an alternative to ‘fast fashion’ for both men and women,” says Kimberley Milette, co-owner of eco.spirit. “You may pay a little more, but not much, and the clothes will last you a lifetime.” eco.spirit’s high-quality fabrics are soft and inviting, from hemp to organic cotton, linen, merino wool, and the soon-to-beavailable in-store leathers made from pineapple leaves. Their diverse designs mesh comfort with style. Leggings made from a polyblend of recycled plastic bottles, decorated with bold patterned artwork, are a crowd favourite. “We can’t keep them in-store!” Milette exclaims. Housed in the Confederation Court Mall in Charlottetown, eco.spirit also sells jewellery, accessories, footwear, and health and beauty aids, as well as Canadian art. “I’ve always been pro-Canadian, especially after living in the US for so 54 SPRING 2019

long, and seeing the overindulgence, the overuse of plastics,” says Milette. “Did you know that fashion is the second-largest polluter? Landfills are full of clothes, and our oceans are suffering. Things like that disturb me, so I wanted to do my part.”

discovered a whole new world I knew very little about. I was so charmed. I immediately knew it would be my focus.” Featured brands include Echo Verde, Effort’s EcoEssentials, Brenda Laine Designs, TresArt Cache, and April Cornell.

Milette’s journey into the sustainable living business started in 2014, when she launched the NaturallyCanada. com online marketplace: a hub of highquality, eco-friendly merchandise. “I spent months scoping Canadian designers and products,” she says. “I pounded the pavement in Montreal and Toronto, and

As her business found its niche and flourished, Milette opened the eco.spirit emporium on Canada Day weekend 2018, partnering with Angie MacDonald. Other key players in the store’s journey are Samara Meade—the face of eco.spirit, as well as its video marketer—and Frank Patch, a great friend and mentor.

►Capelet and organic linen dress by Echo Verde ▼ Denim blue dress in hemp fabric by Canadian designer, Brenda Laine Designs

▲ Kimberly Milette

“I’m so glad we opened the store here on the Island,” Milette adds. “I was missing the customer interaction. The locals have been so welcoming.” Going forward, eco.spirit plans to open a manufacturing and design studio in Charlottetown. Milette is also launching her own clothing line in 2020, aiming to create pieces that are “super comfortable, with beautiful fabrics, and of course, allCanadian. Favourites that I’ve made my own.”

She’s also bringing back a line of hemp jeans called “2020s,” reminiscent of Levi’s original hemp jeans. “Every item will be named after someone special in my life,” says Milette. Quality clothing that looks good and feels great never goes out of style, especially when it’s locally-designed and ethically-sourced. Connecting to a friendly, energetic community like eco.spirit makes the choice to be sustainable even easier— letting you love the footprint you leave!

eco.spirit emporium 134 Kent St., Charlottetown Confederation Court Mall 902.790.6323




Wardrobe Essentials

56 SPRING 2019

Words by Kimberly Rashed, Style Editor

Structured Bag - Bags can be a great obsession and I'm all for having a fun collection but I think every woman should have that structured bag with all the right compartments to keep all of your basics at the ready. Trench - This is great piece to have that will carry you from casual looks to dressy. A three-quarter length lightweight coat in a color that suits your wardrobe. The perfect fitting pant - It's not always easy to find so when you do, get it in every color. Or buy multiples. It seems to be the piece that both men and women struggle with most when it comes to fit. But it is a basic element that drives the majority of your wardrobe. Very important. Wear-with-everything shoe - Nothing too trendy, keeping it simple and classic. Whether it's a pump or a flat, you want to choose a shoe that will transcend most looks in your wardrobe. I find a black pump is easy but for Spring a nice camel color would work well too. Power dress - This is the dress you put on that fits you in all the right places and makes you feel on top of the world. We are making shit happen in this dress! Blazer - A little structured jacket or blazer you can throw on over just about anything to take your look from casual to client-ready in minutes.

Perfect fitting dark denim - When casual Friday hits but you still want to look profesh. An all over dark denim with a sleek, great fit can be paired with a jacket or blouse for the perfect fun and casual look. Finishing touches - These are that final element that shows you've gone that extra step to complete the look. A belt, because if there are belt loops they should be filled. Also it's great to have on hand to cinch a dress or blazer for a new fun look. A watch is just the ultimate in adult accessorizing. Necklace, earrings and bracelets. A drop earring, a nice drop pendant necklace, and a few simple bracelets that become your day to day staples.



H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

Zero waste, low waste, eco-friendly, low-impact. These are just a few names for the new movement that has people striving to reduce the waste they create. Here are a few tips to get you started. Words and Photos by Story Sheidow 58 SPRING 2019

Shopping Bags Zero waste sounds great, doesn’t it? But where do you start? A great place to begin is the grocery store. As you may know, plastic shopping bags are being phased out and replaced with reusable cloth counterparts. You can find bags made from anything from basic canvas to woven repurposed fishing line; the world is your oyster! It’s a great initiative for lowering your grocery-related trash, but it’s just the beginning. Single-Use Plastic Packaging Grocery stores are littered with plastic, from single-use produce bags to the clamshells many produce items are sold inside. Most of this plastic will end up in landfills, where it will take up to a thousand years to decompose. To prevent this, try to choose items in glass jars or cardboard packaging, as opposed to plastic. When it comes to fresh food, try bringing your own reusable produce bags to replace the single-use

variety. These bags can work, not only for your produce, but also for your bulk items. That brings me to my next point. Shop in Bulk You may have noticed that the bulk sections in grocery stores are expanding, and there’s a great reason to take advantage of that. Bulk items not only cut down on waste, but costs as well. Buying in bulk allows you to choose the quantities you purchase; that means you will neither waste the products, nor have to buy several pre-packaged bags to get what you need. Refillable Shampoos, Soaps, and Detergents Recently, many local stores have begun offering refill stations for products such as shampoos, lotions, laundry detergents, hand soap, and more. You can visit The Root Cellar for your shampoo and personal care products, where they offer refills for

◀ Opposite Page: (top left) Fresh local produce, Riverview Country Market. (bottom left) Compostable packaging, Stir It Up. (bottom right) Recycled fashion, eco.spirit. This Page: (top left) Bulk herbs and spices, Root Cellar. (above) Compostable beverage cup, Rawsome Juice. (top left) Bulk household cleaners, Root Cellar. (bottom left) Bulk dry goods, Riverview Country Market. (right) Upcycled fashion, eco.spirit.

brands such as Carina Organics and The Unscented Company. For products like laundry detergent, hand and body soap, and dishwashing liquid, you can visit Riverview Market and try out their brand-new Down East refill station. Refilling your old bottles is both cheaper, and less wasteful – a win-win all around! Compostable Takeout Containers We are so fortunate to have several delicious restaurants on our Island offering 100 per cent compostable takeout containers. Whether it’s smoothie cups made from corn, or simple cardboard food trays, knowing your leftovers are compostable, container and all, is good for the conscience. Food stops like Stir It Up and Rawsome Juice Bar make this a priority, and we sure do appreciate it! Eco-Conscious Clothing Sourcing eco-conscious clothing is essential for a successful zero-waste

lifestyle. The average person throws away 81 pounds of textiles each year. When considering new clothing, shop for quality over price. Be mindful about where an item was made, the quality of the fabric and construction, and the ethics of the company. People tend to put more thought into higher-priced items, choosing to buy only the pieces they truly love. Remembering to be intentional about your clothing, and buying only what you need and love, are the keys to an ideal wardrobe. Good quality clothing, shoes, and accessories will last a decade, and will more than pay for themselves in the long run when compared to the cheap, poorly-manufactured clothing we’re used to. Some brands even make clothing out of sustainably-sourced or recycled materials, a practice we should support when possible.

clothing can complete the loop of intentional shopping. And don’t forget about thrifting! Shopping second-hand for clothing, household items, and books helps to keep those items out of landfills. Sadly, 80 to 90 per cent of donated items in Canada are never resold, providing even more reason to focus on thrifting over purchasing new, when possible. These tricks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lowering your waste; there are many great resources locally and around the globe for additional helpful hints. For more information, you can check out Facebook groups such as Zero Waste PEI, a great community of Islanders interested in swapping zero waste ideas.

In the Confederation Court Mall, eco. spirit offers beautiful and truly unique clothing made using recycled materials. Remembering to donate your unwanted SPRING 2019


H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

Renew You

BODY WRAPS This up-and-coming treatment incorporates exfoliation with deep hydration to target anything from weight loss to detoxification. Beginning with a full-body scrub or dry brush, an esthetician then massages your body with your treatment of choice (from seaweed to chocolate) and wraps you in either towels or plastic to allow the body mask to penetrate the skin. The result is a treatment offering not only deep relaxation, but also full body hydration. PLEXR TREATMENTS This cutting-edge procedure may be brand new to Canada, but it has been offered in countries like the UK since 2014. The non-surgical treatment, taking anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes to perform, aims to tighten skin without the use of lasers or scalpels. By creating plasma through the ionization of gas particles in the air, it tightens the skin without transferring heat to surrounding areas. This makes Plexr perfect for areas (like the skin around the eyes) which are not suitable for other treatments, such as laser. Plexr will soon be offered on the Island at Youthful You Medaesthetics. Owner Diane MacDonald has received the treatment herself, with incredible results, and is excited to bring this new technology to her clients. NON-TOXIC MAKEUP In recent years, makeup-wearers have become more conscious of the products they use on their skin. Makeup is now available to suit any need, from organic to vegan, without compromising variety, quality, and wearability. With many all-natural Canadian makeup brands now available, consumers have a wide variety to choose from. One such Canadian company, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, offers a vast line of mineral products ranging from foundation to lipstick, with clean beauty in mind. With 22 years under their belt, they’re leaders in the movement, and a brand you should definitely research if you’re looking for a more natural alternative. To give Youngblood a try, check out Imperial Esthetics in Charlottetown for a facial and makeup application.

60 SPRING 2019

Youthful You Medaesthetics

Salon 12 Hair & Esthetics

155 Belvedere Ave, Charlottetown 902.566.4780

155 Belvedere Ave, Charlottetown 902.566.4780

Imperial Esthetics 155 Belvedere Ave, Charlottetown 902.566.4780

Youthful You Medaesthetics is an Island leader in skin treatments and therapies. Offering an assortment of advanced cosmetic services, Youthful You can find a solution that works for you. Their popular service Laser Genesis can brighten your complexion, reduce pores, remove scars, repair acne, and reduce wrinkles, while their Laser Excel treatment can treat and remove unwanted veins. These are just the tip of the iceberg of what Youthful You has to offer. With new up-and-coming procedures constantly being introduced (such as their Skin Sculpting and Tightening treatment) and their upcoming Plexr Plasma treatment (available soon), you should definitely keep Youthful You on your radar for your Medaesthetic needs.

Located on Belvedere Avenue in Charlottetown, Salon 12 proudly offers a wide variety of services, from cuts and colour to hair extensions and keratin treatments. With a staff of Master Stylists led by owner Tracy Murnaghan, Salon 12 strives to keep up-to-date on current trends in hair and colour. The stylists on staff are dedicated to continuously upgrading their education, learning the latest in styles, techniques, and colour trends, so they can provide you with the best the industry has to offer. Salon 12 is proud to be a L’Oreal brand hair salon, offering an array of L’Oreal products and services.

With 17 years of experience, aesthetician and Imperial Esthetics owner Lindsay Byrne has built an impressive repertoire of esthetic knowledge, all available at her salon in Charlottetown. Imperial Esthetics offers a full range of services (from essentials like waxing, shellac manicures and pedicures, and facials, to more specialized procedures such as lash and brow tinting and eyelash extensions). The salon has teamed up with some of the best brands, such as Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics and Tiber River Naturals, to offer the highest quality esthetic experience.



H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

Natural Allergy Relief Words by Story Sheidow

Spring is in the air—and, with it, our dear friend pollen. Pollen is released from trees, weeds, and grasses to fertilize other plants, and while it may be nature’s ally, it’s also some people’s worst enemy.

62 SPRING 2019

Although seasonal allergies may predominantly plague people in the spring and early summer, prevention of these unwanted symptoms can begin any time of year. Start Your Supplements Early The immune system mistakenly sees pollen as an enemy, and releases antihistamines to combat it—causing itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms. Starting your allergy defense regimen several months beforehand ensures that your body is in the best shape to deal with the onset of allergies when they finally arrive. Quercetin Studies have shown that quercetin can block the release of histamines by the body. Found in many foods, this natural compound is great to include in your springtime regimen. And, if you don’t love the idea of incorporating an additional supplement, don’t worry! Garlic contains high quercetin levels, and adding raw garlic to your diet can be a cost-effective, pill-free solution to achieve similar results. Stinging Nettle Leaf Stinging nettle is a great way to combat allergies, and does so in a much different way than quercetin. Instead of blocking histamines, nettle can treat the body’s inflammatory response. The bioactive components of nettle can inhibit multiple inflammatory events (such as the itchy eyes and runny nose you may experience),

making stinging nettle a great addition to your arsenal. Use this herb as a tea or tincture at the first sign of symptoms, or take a supplement daily during the peak season. Turmeric Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, is a powerful anti-inflammatory useful in many ailments, from arthritis to allergies. Studies have shown that taking curcumin supplements daily for a minimum of two months prior to allergen exposure can drastically improve sneezing and congestion caused by the allergy. Find curcumin in supplement form, or try adding turmeric powder to your morning smoothie for a less expensive option. Although the supplement offers a far more concentrated dose, any curcumin will benefit your symptoms, and your overall health. Probiotics Sometimes, the severity of your allergic reaction can be caused by an imbalance in your immune system. Probiotics are always a good idea, as they boost the good bacteria in your gut—aiding in digestion and bloating, but also bolstering your immune system. Adding a probiotic to your daily routine can help keep your system healthy and balanced, immunity included.




64 SPRING 2019

Women in Business

Ten Tips to Success Words by Jacqui Chaisson

1. Know your goals. Set goals that are reasonable. Consider things like available capital, your personal life, professional contacts, and other considerations so you can define objectives that are reasonable and attainable, given the “whole” you. Create a mind map of your end objectives. Then, work backward from these objectives to develop a strategy to ultimately reach your professional goals. Your goals should be written out, though not etched in stone, so you can stay open to new business opportunities. Your career or your business will evolve over time, and your business model should change when opportunities present themselves, so remain nimble to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. 2. Create a to-do list. Create a calendar and make sure that each day you do something that moves you closer to goal achievement. Plan ahead – sometimes months ahead – to address the “big picture” and create both short- and long-term to-do lists. When you know what’s coming, you can address challenges with a cool head and a cool strategy. 3. Accept challenges. Be prepared to accept challenges, even those that you feel will lead to failure. All great businesswomen have failed – some, many times. It’s not the failure that counts, it’s what you do with it. 4. Ambition is good. Ambitious women may be perceived as having misplaced priorities. Unfortunately, some of the old biases are still there, despite the fact that more and more women are taking places of leadership in business, government, academia and other critical areas of society. Don’t let the old ideas of how women should behave hold you back in your career.

5. Lead. Find opportunities to lead at every level, as you move up the ladder to success. Demonstrate your people skills and your thinking skills by volunteering, and by keeping a high profile at every level of career or business growth. 6. Network. If you’re working at a large company, seek out the sharpest minds – the creative, driving forces. They’re easy to find after you’ve been on the job for a while. Cultivate solid professional relationships with these business leaders. And if you do have a good relationship with a successful colleague, ask for a more formal mentoring relationship that delivers concentrated,

Regardless of whether they’re moving up the corporate ladder or working to build a start-up, career women must often overcome obstacles to achieve professional success. Here are some tips all businesswomen might consider.

real-world experience more efficiently than casual watching. If you own your own business, reach out to others in your community or your profession and build a network that can propel you to success. 7. Maintain your confidence. You’ll hit a wall now and then. You’ll fall flat a time or two. You won’t meet your objectives as expected. Learn all you can from these missteps and maintain confidence in yourself and your skills. We often learn our best lessons from our worst mistakes. And just because you failed this time, it does NOT make you a failure. Confidence is essential in order for women to grow careers or businesses. Don’t let a setback derail your strategies and tactics. 8. Delegate. Don’t try to do it all, delegate jobs and tasks to others who may be more qualified or more suited. Smart, successful businesswoman are not threatened by surrounding themselves with talented team members, instead they seek them out. 9. Always move forward. Plan to succeed and have strategies in place that align with these plans. Don’t dwell on the past just concentrate on what’s ahead. 10. Always plan for the future. Be prepared for the good and the bad. Have adequate insurance that will ensure the business moves forward if you can’t. Every business owner should have life, disability and critical illness insurance. The goal of every business is to be successful and with the right planning, advice and attitude you can achieve the success you dream of.



Celebrating Island Women in Business

Words by Jacqui Chaisson

PEI has an amazing group of women in the business community - both those who own and operate their own ventures and those who create success for businesses they're involved with. 66 SPRING 2019

I started my first business in the late 1990s a magazine, of course. I needed a job, so I created one. Over the past two decades I've been self-employed a majority of that time and "mistakes, I've made a few" - but every mistake was a lesson. Every time I wanted to quit I found myself so inspired by other businesswomen that I simply picked myself up and moved forward with determination. I witness that same tenaciousness every day in the women I meet and it makes me so proud to be a part of it. There were 1,079,000 self-employed women in Canada in 2018, accounting for 37% of all self-employed persons. Almost 60% (635,000) were unincorporated businesses with no employees. There were 1,781,600 self-employed men in 2018. A much smaller percentage of self-employed men (39%) were unincorporated and had no employees.


Globally, Canadian women rank first in terms of involvement with newer businesses, ahead of the U.S., Britain, and other innovation-based economies, and sixth for established businesses. Starting a venture can pose huge risks financially and many female business owners don't utilize the many resources the Island has to offer.


A flexible work schedule is a greater motivator for women planning to open their own business (63%) than for men planning to do so (51%).


36 % of men planning to open a business plan to do so to become wealthy, while only 23% of women planning to open a business do so for the same reason.


35.9% of female owned new businesses were engaged in innovation, versus 44.0% for male owned businesses.

Margaret Magner is Executive Director of the PEI Business Women’s Association (PEIBWA). For 25 years, PEIBWA has thrived as a member-based not-for-profit organization, educating, empowering, and inspiring PEI women to succeed in their business endeavours. It is the only business women’s association in the province with an Island-wide mandate. "With a membership of some 450 woman entrepreneurs and business professionals, PEIBWA offers professional training, opportunities for development, and connections with other women to support social and economic equality for women," says Magner. "Currently, we reach 1600+ PEIBWA participants annually; 7400 social media followers; many students at UPEI; provincial women’s and business groups; and the three women in business centres we collaborate with regionally."

▲ Margaret Magner, Ph.D, M.A., M.P.W.: Executive Director (Photo: PEIL Staff) "PEIBWA is the only business women’s association in the province with an Island-wide mandate."

On March 24th they hosted their first all-day workshop at bar1911 and spent seven hours learning more about how to grow their businesses. "We concentrated on topics such as Facebook advertising, time management, graphic design, bookkeeping, social media planning, and eCommerce through Etsy. At the end of the day we learned a lot and walked away feeling energized."

Woman business owners are finding support and mentorship through social media as well - Girl Bosses of Prince Edward Island is a Facebook group that currently has over 500 members from across PEI. Ashley Green, a graphic designer who also owns a small clothing company, Local Legends, runs the group. "When I took the group over from Laura Morneau in November 2017 there were about 75 members and the group has been consistently growing since then! Savannah Belsher-MacLean and Katharine MacDonald moderate the group with me and are great contributors to the conversation." The group is a safe place to ask questions and learn from other businesswomen. "Whether you’re just starting out and need help finding funding, or you’ve been at it for years and you’re looking for someone to help you with SEO - there’s always someone else who has been in a similar position and is able to give advice. It’s a really supportive place."

▲ Ashley Green, leader of Facebook group Girl Bosses of PEI (Photo: Oakar Myint) "We have members from all across the Island and even a few that aren’t currently living here, but are from here and hoping to return and get into business."





Sherwood Styling Salon is one of PEI’s largest salons and has been a mainstay in Charlottetown since its inception in 1963. Owner Sandra Weeks began working at the salon in 1987 and purchased it from the previous owners two years later. Since then, Weeks has maintained a reputation for excellence, a quality her loyal clients have come to expect and appreciate. From January to December, the salon does a bustling business. It’s currently staffed by 17 stylists, four estheticians, and a full-time receptionist. “We have clients of all ages,” says Weeks. “I’ve had everyone from toddlers to centenarians in my chair.” The salon has a huge retail selection, and if a client is looking for a product not on shelves, it can be ordered in.


“You must have passion, but you also need education; you’re never finished learning.”

WORDS BY: Annika Borg PHOTO BY: Buffie Boily Photography

68 SPRING 2019

For Weeks, the key to a successful and sustainable career in this industry is education. “You must have passion, but you also need education; you’re never finished learning.” The salon hosts several in-shop classes each year, and staff attend workshops off-Island, where they learn the latest techniques and trends. “I have four stylists who have worked for me for over 20 years, and two of my stylists have been in the industry for more than 40. I also have many new stylists, and one can learn just as much from them as you can from the masters.” Born and raised in PEI, Sandra understands that helming a successful business on the Island takes more than just business acumen. “PEI is a community; successful businesses need to genuinely care about Islanders and those that come to the Island to visit,” notes Weeks. “It’s especially important in the salon industry that we listen to our clients, and adapt to their needs. It’s creating relationships that make a lasting impression that keeps our clients coming back.” For anyone thinking about opening their own business on the Island, Sandra Weeks has this to say. “Be honest, see things from others’ perspectives, and truly care about your employees and your clients. You have to believe in what you say, and the work you do.”

SANDRA WEEKS, Owner/Stylist Sherwood Styling Salon 166 St. Peters Rd., Charlottetown 902.892.2334

Empowering Women Through Style THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER DUO BEHIND GO2 ARE HUGE PROPONENTS OF QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP AND DESIGN, AND OF GIVING BACK TO THEIR COMMUNITY. JEMS Boutique in Charlottetown is a women’s clothing and accessory shop owned by mother-daughter team Julia and Maureen Campbell. Julia and Maureen are huge proponents of quality craftsmanship and design, and of giving back to their community. “We want to support local not-for-profits and organizations,” says Julia. Together, Julia and Maureen have created Go2, JEMS’s in-house clothing line. “Women’s empowerment is so important to us,” says Julia. “We created a clothing line that fit the ‘real bodies’ we see in our shop every day.” “The concept behind Go2 Clothing is basic, classic designs that you can style how you want; they aren’t for a specific demographic or body type,” explains Julia. “We all wear Go2: me, my mother, our employees. But we all have different personal styles, so we’ve created different looks using the same pieces.” Go2’s freshlyreleased spring/summer 2019 line features a collection of linen, cotton, and natural fibres, which are a popular request from customers. Supporting local, and giving back to the community, have always been of utmost importance to Julia and Maureen. “When we run events that help not-for-profit community organizations, people show up,” says Julia. “They care about making sure the people who live in PEI get a chance to thrive.” JEMS has supported Island Mothers Helping Mothers, Sharing the Microphone, and the Canadian Mental Health Association. They are currently supporting Blooming House with the launch of their spring/summer collection.


“Women’s empowerment is so important to us. We created a clothing line that fit the ‘real bodies’ we see in our shop every day.”

“I love the community aspect of running a business here,” says Julia. “We know most of our customers by name. It’s an incredibly supportive community, and we’re grateful to be part of it. I hope we can continue to see it thrive and grow.”

WORDS BY: Annika Borg PHOTO BY: Buffie Boily Photography

JULIA CAMPBELL, Owner/Designer Go2 Clothing/Jems Boutique 102 Queen St., Charlottetown 902.894.1457

C O V E R F E AT U R E MELANIE SHAW, Realtor Royal LePage Prince Edward Realty 177 St. Peters Rd., Charlottetown 902.213.5235


Melanie Shaw is excited to be celebrating her thirtieth year as a professional realtor. She knows that experience, understanding, and patience are the keys to a successful real estate purchase or sale. “I love helping sellers prepare their home with a personalized marketing plan to ensure a successful sale, and also helping buyers find their perfect home,” says Shaw. “My motto is, ‘Your happiness is my goal.’ I truly believe you deserve an exceptional real estate experience.”


“As a realtor, you’re helping people make highly educated decisions; it’s not just buying and selling a house, it’s your home. Dealing with what is typically one of a person’s largest assets, they want someone that understands their needs, and can guide them professionally through a huge financial decision.” 70 70 SPRING SPRING 2019 2019

“Buying a home can be quite an emotional experience,” says Shaw. “As a realtor, you’re helping people make highly educated decisions; it’s not just buying and selling a house, it’s your home. Dealing with what is typically one of a person’s largest assets, they want someone that understands their needs, and can guide them professionally through a huge financial decision. Knowing you have someone helping you who has the experience and understanding is reassuring.” Shaw is currently launching “The Shaw Team,” composed of Shaw and two other professional realtors. The Shaw Team aims to provide top-level real estate systems and outstanding service to ensure buyers and sellers have the best experience possible. Since moving to PEI in 2014, Shaw says she feels lucky to be able to live and work here. “There’s a lot of opportunity in PEI,” she says. “The real estate industry has changed so much here; the property values have been steadily increasing each year, mainly due to immigration. The market is fantastic, and it allows me to show people how incredible it is to live on the Island. We have so many beautiful and unique homes, and it is one of the loveliest and most affordable places to live in Canada.” WORDS BY: Annika Borg PHOTO BY: Buffie Boily Photography

Although Helena Emami has only been in PEI for a few years, that hasn’t stopped her from making an impression on the community. Arriving in January 2015, it didn’t take long for PEI’s affability and charm to convince Helena that this was the place to be. “In PEI, you can enjoy a high quality of life and have more time to be creative, surrounded by peace and beauty,” says Helena. “There are so many wonderful people willing to help you.” With a master’s degree in international law, an MBA, and a bachelor’s in accounting, Helena wants to apply her skills in an impactful way. She has been on the board of Women’s Network PEI, is a member of the PEI Business Women’s Association, and devotes her time to the community as a passionate volunteer. Originally from Iran, Helena gives presentations about her home country’s culture and her immigration journey. “It doesn’t matter where you come from. Any person can succeed in this province and this country if they work hard and develop their gifts. We all have something to offer, and we just need to find that passion in ourselves.” Helena currently works with Island Investment Development, in the Office of Immigration as a business landing officer. She assists newcomer entrepreneurs with opening and operating their businesses in PEI. She recently started her own business, Gazelle Coaching, where she works with executives, managers and staff members to create high-performance and conscious workplaces and cultures that allow people to be the best versions of themselves. Helena’s advice to others considering starting a business in PEI is this: “Stay true to your values, and in moments of frustration, remember why you started this journey. You need to keep the fire in your belly. Embrace your emotions, and stay committed to your values. Passion is not enough; you need discipline and hard work. Success has different definitions for different people.”

Making an Impression Since arriving in 2015 from Iran, Helena Emami has inspired and mentored new entreprenuers.


“It doesn’t matter where you come from. Any person can succeed in this province and this country if they work hard and develop their gifts. We all have something to offer, and we just need to find that passion in ourselves.”

HELENA EMAMI Gazelle Coaching

WORDS BY: Annika Borg PHOTO BY: Buffie Boily Photography





LOUISE MARTIN, Journalist Host, CBC News: Compass

Louise Martin is host of CBC News: Compass – the number one evening news program on Prince Edward Island. Born in Scotland, Martin is an Islander by choice, she made PEI her home in 2017 and brought with her a vast experience in broadcast journalism. “I Began working as a journalist in 1994, my first job was in Manitoba as a radio news reporter and host. Says Martin, “I was always curious about people and their stories and I love learning about new things, exploring the differences in the world.” Martin loves learning about people and what makes them tick – their accomplishments and struggles, “Everyone has a story and I’m honoured to be able to share those stories.”


"Every day is an adventure when you are in news. You never know what you will learn. My curious mind is satisfied daily."

Local news stations are not just about the weather and the road conditions, although these things are important. The real heart of local news gathering and reporting is to provide a sense of community and share news that may be important for your daily life. “I love being able to let Islanders know about events that might impact their life, from road closures to court cases to the cost of gas. The things that matter to you - matter to me,” Says Martin. Although there were challenges in the early days of her career, Martin feels this has changed; “Now I feel like I am surrounded by extremely strong, inspiring women that have helped shaped the broadcast industry immensely. I am proud when I see the number of female leaders at CBC.” Martin offers this advice to young women with dreams of a career in media, “Be strong, be curious and always ask questions. But, more importantly, listen to the answers and let what you see and hear inspire you to dig for more and embrace the stories behind people’s eyes.” Martin believes journalism is calling, “I got that calling as a child and I never gave up reaching for my goals – neither should you!”

WORDS BY: Jacqui Chaisson PHOTO BY: Story Sheidow

72 SPRING 2019


Dr. Magdalena Herrera has worked as a certified pediatric dentist in Mexico, the USA, and Canada, but after only a few visits, the Island community stole her heart. Noticing that PEI had no pediatric dentistry specialists, the mother of four moved her family to Charlottetown and opened 4Kids Dentistry. 4Kids Dentistry provides comprehensive oral care for all children, from newborns to adolescents, including children with special needs. “Our practice is prevention-oriented, including teeth, mouth, craniofacial growth, breathing habits, and sleep-disordered breathing,” explains Dr. Herrera. “We recommend a ‘dental home’ by age one, so children receive preventive oral care that will assist in a lifetime of oral health.”


Children have always been my passion. They can be nervous at first, and it gives me great joy to see them overcome their fear of the dental chair. It makes it all worthwhile.

4Kids Dentistry offers the Solea dental laser, used for fillings and tongue/lip release, which greatly reduces the need for freezing. For kids who find a trip to the dentist nerve-wracking, this technology offers a more comfortable experience. 4Kids Dentistry is the only pediatric dentistry practice in Canada with this laser. Born in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Herrera received her DDS degree and Pediatric Dentistry certification at New York University, and has worked as a pediatric dentist for over 15 years. “Children have always been my passion,” she says. “They can be nervous at first, and it gives me great joy to see them overcome their fear of the dental chair. It makes it all worthwhile.” Since coming to PEI, Dr. Herrera says she and her family have experienced the well-known Island hospitality. “I’m blessed to have trained in different parts of the world, but when we moved here, we knew this was home,” she says. “The Island welcomes newcomers from all walks of life, and I’m so grateful and humbled to be a part of the community here.”

DR. MAGDALENA HERRERA, DDS, FRCD© 4Kids Dentistry Charlottetown, PE 902.370.5437

WORDS BY: Annika Borg PHOTO BY: Buffie Boily Photography




Garnish Yourself Using smooth, curved lines contrasted with organic and raw textures, designer and metalsmith Stacey Leunes creates timeless jewellery with a modern twist.

STACEY LEUNES, Owner/Metalsmith Garnish Jewellery Studio & Boutique 89 Water St, Charlottetown, PE

Historically, metalsmithing is a male dominated field but Stacey Leunes of Garnish in Charlottetown has definitely changed that perception and left her mark in the industry. “ I was living in Toronto (although I'm from PEI) and started making beaded jewellery on the side and doing some craft fairs. I soon realized that I wanted to learn more about the jewellery industry and decided to take a two-year metalsmithing program on a whim. From the first day of classes my dream of opening up a studio in Charlottetown was born.” When Garnish opened in 2015 it showcased a lot of other artisans work – today 90 per cent of what the shop on Water Street features are Leunes’ designs. “I have a free flowing approach to design. For me its all organic, sometimes it's the materials that I use themselves, the gemstones or the gold and silver.” Says Leunes, “Sometimes I pull from shapes in nature, smooth lines, minimalism or just my love of understated, delicate things.”


"I believe jewellery has the ability to make you feel extra special, and so I named my company “Garnish” as a reminder to adorn yourself with something beautiful every day." 74 SPRING 2019

Using smooth, curved lines contrasted with organic and raw textures, Leunes creates timeless jewellery with a modern twist. Her passion for precious metals and gemstones form unique works of art designed to be worn and cherished for years to come. “I can take a raw piece of silver or gold and just by using hand tools and metalsmithing techniques, I can transform that metal into something beautiful. It surprises me every single time how it all comes together.” Leunes loves running her own business, “I love being my own boss. Through hard work and determination, I've created this little world in my studio where I can be completely myself, which is exactly what I set out to do.” Leunes’ advice to new entrepreneurs? “Have a clear vision and make plans on how to get there, step by step. Tap into as many resources as possible, ask questions, be kind to yourself and trust your instincts.” WORDS BY: Jacqui Chaisson PHOTO BY: Caley Joy Photography

WORDS BY: Jacqui Chaisson PHOTO BY: PEI Living Magazine


"I'm inspired by being able to be creative everyday - finding solutions and making the best product I can."

Sew Much to Offer Christine Zareck reinvented herself at 55 when she launched her venture, Material Girl in March 2018. "I started this business because there was a need for our services on PEI. It is the best decision I have ever made. I love what I do and my product makes people happy." Material Girl focuses on fabric sales — both indoor and outdoor — custom sewing, upholstery, window treatments, interior decor, patio enclosures, awnings and boat canvas. The 1055-foot sewing workshop on North River Road allows Zareck to

work closely with clients and is a haven for inspiration with fabric samples that are simply astounding. Zareck mentored with an interior designer in Florida and learned about every aspect of the business, from quotes to fabric selection. "I learned everything about the business, from working with outdoor fabrics for highend yachts to draperies and custom upholstery." Zareck is constantly innovating her growing venture by adding talented seamstresses to the team and plans

to expand the design aspect of the business. Drop into Material Girl and be inspired. While you're there be sure to say hello to the shop's mascots, Bobbin and Stitches. CHRISTINE ZARECK, Owner Material Girl 565 North River Rd, Charlottetown, PE 902.218.7128



“We try to source locally, as much as we can. We want to support the community; what goes around comes around.” – Jenny Myers

76 SPRING 2019

Building a Stronger Community With Fresh Produce and Sustainable Seafood Ten years ago twin sisters, Jackie and Jenny Myers returned to the Island and opened The Lobsterbarn Pub & Eatery in Victoria-By-the-Sea.

In quaint Victoria-by-the-Sea, the Lobster Barn Pub & Eatery has become a destination for tourists and locals alike. Co-owners and identical twins Jackie and Jenny Myers often visited PEI as children. “From a young age, we knew we would eventually return to the Island,” says Jackie. The sisters took their combined experience in restaurant management and cooking and opened the Lobster Barn Pub & Eatery in 2009. The idea behind the Lobster Barn’s menu is fresh, organic, and sustainable produce and seafood. “We try to source locally, as much as we can,” explains Jenny. “We want to support the community; what goes around comes around.” The sisters source produce from Visser Produce and Just a Little Farm, beef from Dixon Farms, and cheese from ADL. Some menu favourites include the lobster-bacon sandwich with sriracha aioli; the clam chowder, made with fresh

PEI clams and potatoes; and the lobster roll that has many a Yelp reviewer raving. The Lobster Barn is an integral part of the Victoria community, and Jackie and Jenny have done their best to give back. Along with several other community members, they opened a food bank in Crapaud, where they organize fundraising events, gather donations, and ensure the shelves are always stocked. A food bank event was held mid-April at the Crapaud Curling Club; local musicians donated their talent for the occasion, and entry was by non-perishable food donation. “The community here is incredibly supportive,” says Jackie. “We lift each other up, and in doing so, we’re making our community stronger.”

JACKIE AND JENNY MYERS, Owners The Lobsterbarn Pub & Eatery 19 Wharf Road, Victoria 902.658.2722 WORDS BY: Annika Borg PHOTO BY: Evan Cerretti eatery





“We’re passionate about local, organic, and sustainable products.”

78 SPRING 2019

WORDS BY: Annika Borg PHOTO BY: Evan Cerretti

Passion for Quality and Community Riverview Country Market carries products from over 150 suppliers, many of them from PEI, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. “Our focus is local,”

Riverview Country Market in Charlottetown is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for fresh produce, local cheese, and other products. They carry a variety of seasonal produce, preserves, and European select goods, as well as an array of vegan, keto, and other specialty foods. They also serve sandwiches, baked goods, lattes, and cappuccinos made from locally-roasted coffee beans. Riverview Country Market is owned by Rose Viaene, and operated by her daughter Trisha, who will eventually take over ownership of the business. “We’re passionate about local, organic, and sustainable products,” says Trisha. Riverview Country Market carries products from over 150 suppliers, many of them from PEI, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. “Our focus is local,” explains Trisha. “We want to support the community as much as we can.” Some top-sellers are vegan cheese brand Fresh Start Fauxmage, The Handpie Company, Tonia Fraser’s free-range Happy

Eggs, and locally-roasted coffee from establishments like Caledonia House. “We carry so many wonderful products,” enthuses Trisha. “It’s nice to be able to give crafters and artisans a platform for their product.” Continuing the theme of sustainability, Riverview Country Market has made it their mission to eliminate plastic instore. They use paper bags, and recently switched to compostable lids, utensils, and cups for coffee and soup. “We want to be as eco-friendly as possible,” says Trisha. “Our customers love that we sell Nova Scotia’s Down East Cleaning Products in bulk, so they can bring in their own containers.” “We really care about our customers, and we get to know them on a personal basis,” says Trisha. “We do our best to listen to their needs. This community is tight-knit; we’re like a family. Our continued support of each other only helps our community to grow.”

TRISHA VIAENE, Manager Riverview Country Market 21 Riverside Dr., Charlottetown 902.892.9632




"They say all roads lead you to where you need to be. I truly believe I’m exactly where I am meant to be, doing what I love."


A Passion for Education

Education has always been a huge part of Ann Myers' life, both as a student and an educator. Five years ago when she heard that Sylvan Learning Centre was for sale, she knew it was a perfect fit!

“Starting a business on your own is not for the faint of heart! You need to believe in yourself 150 per cent,” says Myers, “It can be very overwhelming as your learning curve will be huge, especially if you have never owned a business before.” Myers feels fortunate to work with incredible teachers who have a real passion for helping children. At Sylvan, students are as young as four and go all the way up to and including university and college. “Many of our students are struggling with more than one subject and some may be several grades behind. Our first step is, always, to build a relationship of respect and trust.” explains Myers, “It’s an incredible feeling to see a child’s confidence grow and to be able to try new things or succeed in an area that has been a real challenge for them. I know that I am being completely bias, but we have amazing kids!” As a junior high teacher, Myers didn’t have a lot of parent contact other than a few parent teacher conferences. At Sylvan, she gets to have genuine conversations with parents when they reach out looking for help with their child’s needs. That contact continues on a weekly basis as parents are in the Centre dropping off or picking up their child. Progress meetings are another contact point where she can celebrate successes and

WORDS BY: Jacqui Chaisson PHOTO BY: Story Sheidow

focus on upcoming skills to master. "It’s a pretty great feeling when a parent reaches out and you can offer them the help they are looking for. Our Centre is very welcoming with parents often feeling more like friends than clients. " Myers has grown the business in several aspects over the five years, including working with children who have been diagnosed with a learning challenge or who are on the autism spectrum. “Another area of growth has been with enrichment and STEM. Students love the Lego® robotics and coding camps that Sylvan offers. We’ve also seen growth from our immigrant families; many are looking for help with their child’s English proficiency and others are looking for SAT help to get their children ready for school entrance exams.” Advice for women entering the business world? “Setting realistic goals is key. My personality is one where I want to know everything right away and that is just not possible. Take on only as much as you can handle and then add on as you can," says Myers, “Talk to other people in business, both similar and different to yours. They can offer a wealth of experience and support for you.”

ANN MYERS, Owner Sylvan Learning Centre 18A Superior Crescent, Charlottetown 902.367.3678





"Work hard and don’t give up. You may go through many changes career-wise throughout the years but remember to keep your passion alive. And don’t wait for the jobs to come to you. Make them."

We welcome Kimberly to the PEI Living team as Style Editor. She brings a wealth of experience and creative talent. We look forward to working with her. 82 82 SPRING 2019 SPRING 2019

Driven to Succeed Multi-talented and fearless in business ventures, Kimberly Rashed is an entrepreneur that looks for opportunity.

Kim Rashed wears many creative hats, photographer, style consultant, social media mogul and recently new to the real estate world. You’ll find her doing everything from styling a commercial, merchandising a local shop or hosting a style event – in addition to her full-time role as wife and mother to four. It’s obvious that Rashed is driven to succeed. Her passion for style and fashion began at a young age playing dress up in her grandmother’s attic, with the aid of an old singer sewing machine she was soon altering garments or creating her wardrobe from scratch. Eventually Rashed completed Holland College’s Fashion Arts program on a scholarship, “Over the years I concentrated on sewing for myself and some smaller projects along with managing some retail until I really gained the confidence to turn my passion and experience into a much larger picture for myself.” Rashed launched her business, Style Becomes Her, in 2011, during the height of popularity for the reality show, What Not To Wear, “Family and friends were looking for someone to come in and be honest about what they should and shouldn’t be wearing. I already had design experience and pattern drafting expertise so I really made the importance of fit my focus. I was extremely passionate about working with women struggling with fit.” Said Rashed, “Using my knowledge of fit, I focused on empowering women to feel fabulous and enjoy getting dressed rather than feeling frustrated. That “aha moment” we would have during a one-on-one session was key. It would arm them with the confidence to go forward and dress with excitement.” WORDS BY: Jacqui Chaisson PHOTO BY: Amy Parsons Photography

Rashed advises that most women are not off-therack when it comes to fit, “Unless you’ve made friends with a tailor—which I highly recommend—then fit can be limiting. Knowing that perfect silhouette for your body is key”, says Rashed, “and it’s not a “body type” like we’ve always been told – we’re not fruit.” According to Rashed, hoarding and holding on to items that don’t serve you is one of the biggest mistakes women make in regards to personal style. “You just need to know when to let it go. It doesn’t fit? It’s not really your colour? You have absolutely no clue how to make an outfit out of it? It’s dated? Shop smart, know where to spend and where to save.” Rashed recommends rethinking your wardrobe seasonally as this the best time to edit your current wardrobe. If you haven’t worn an item for more than a year there’s no reason to hold on to it. Rashed also recommends using the expertise of a style consultant, “Life change, body transformation, back to work, retirement, stay-at-home mom who is stuck in a rut? The list can really go on. So many women are really not sure about whether what they are wearing is even working and are just hoping for the best. Sometimes it’s just the kind of boost of confidence that you need."

KIMBERLY RASHED, Entrepreneur Style Becomes Her, Kim Rashed Photography, Real Estate Agent, Social Media Consultant Charlottetown, PE







With all the stress of everyday life it’s important to take some time for yourself. Here are 10 things you can do by yourself or for yourself.

Yoga Take a yoga class, drop in to local yoga studio and join a class or give yourself 30 minutes at home. First time? YouTube offers lots of beginner yoga instructional videos you can follow along with or contact a local yoga studio

Create Memories Spend the day taking photographs of your favourite places and things.

Discover Your Local Library

When I want to escape from the stress of life I go to my local library. It’s one of the few remaining places where you can spend hours and it won't cost you a dime and it’s a peaceful retreat from everyday pressures. Bring your headphones, listen to your favourite tunes while you browse through hundreds of titles or enjoy the calm quiet and read a book in a cozy corner. With 26 libraries across the Island there is sure to be one close to you! 84 SPRING 2019

Rent A Bike From McQueen’s Bike Shop McQueen’s Bike Shop has a high quality rental fleet of specialized performance hybrid bicycles. Offering little rolling resistance and an upright position, these bikes are a top pick for recreational rides and touring on PEI’s roads and hard-packed sections of the Confederation Trail. Bike rentals offered May to September and include a helmet and lock.

McQueen’s Bike Shop 430 Queen St, Charlottetown 902.368.2453

Adopt a Betta From The Atlantis

The Atlantis Aquarium Shop 60 St. Peters Rd, Charlottetown 902.626.3300

Knit at Belfast Mini Mills If you live in an apartment or just don’t have time for a conventional pet, there’s always room for a Betta fish. These small fish come in a variety of stunning colours and are actually great company. Visit an expert to ensure you create a healthy environment for your fish so he lives a long and happy life.

Hosting weekly summertime knitting drop-ins, knitters of all levels are encouraged to bring their own knitting projects - there’s always an expert knitter on hand to help with questions. They also offer everything you need to start your next project. 1820 Garfield Rd, Belfast 902.659.2202

Make A Difference Volunteer at a Rescue

Become a Big Sister

Visit a Senior

Save a life! On the day of your donation, make sure you are hydrated, feeling well, and had a good night’s sleep. Bring a valid ID, your donor card (if you have donated before) and any prescription medication you are currently taking.

Contact your local rescue or shelter and volunteer to help out. Take a dog for a walk, cuddle with a cat or pitch in wherever you’re needed. Contact them in advance to see what’s required to volunteer.

The Big Sisters mentoring program provides girls and young women with a role model to talk to and share the experiences of growing up with. The result is a lifechanging experience for both the mentor and the mentee.

85 Fitzroy St, Charlottetown 1.888.236.6283 902.892.1190

2 St. Peters Rd., Charlottetown 902.569.5437

Many seniors live alone and are isolated from family and friends. Spend an hour a week with a senior, it makes such a life-changing difference for both of you. Contact the PEI Senior Citizens’ Federation for volunteer opportunities in your area.

Donate Blood





Just because you’ve stopped working doesn’t mean your money has to. Find out how you can invest your savings to provide a steady stream of income so you can enjoy your retirement years to the fullest. Submitted by Evan Patkai, B.B.A. | Sun Life Financial - Patkai & Sun Financial Services Inc.

Your retirement income will typically come from a number of different sources. You may be eligible for CPP/QPP and OAS or other government benefits – and you may have a company pension. But, if you’re like most Canadians, you also need to turn your savings into a retirement income stream to help meet your financial needs throughout retirement. Annuity • An annuity guarantees you will receive an income for life, or as long as the annuity contract specifies. • Your retirement income will be secure from both market and interest-rate risks.

86 SPRING 2019

Segregated funds • Segregated funds, like mutual funds, are market-based investments, but because they are insurance contracts, they also have additional benefits, including efficient estate settlement. • There are a number of different types of segregated fund contracts that combine capital protection with growth potential. • Your savings will be protected. When your contract matures or when you die, your savings will be guaranteed to return a minimum of 75% up to 100% of the money you put in (less withdrawals). • Some segregated fund contracts also offer guaranteed lifetime income.

Mutual funds • A mutual fund is a large pool of money belonging to many people that is invested by experts in stocks, bonds or other securities with the goal of increasing the value of the overall pool. • Mutual funds are often held in taxadvantaged retirement income plans as a way of participating in markets. Guaranteed interest products • There are a number of guaranteed interest products that all offer protection for your initial investment and the opportunity for predetermined growth. • The guaranteed return is based on interest rates, the deposit amount, the length of the contract and other factors, depending on the type of product you choose. • You’ll have peace of mind knowing your savings are protected from market fluctuations. Tax-advantaged retirement income plans • A registered retirement income fund (RRIF) is a tax-deferred way for you to use your RRSP savings to generate retirement income • A life income fund (LIF) or locked-in retirement income fund (LRIF) is like a RRIF for “locked-in” money that originally came from a pension plan. CONVERTING YOUR RRSPS INTO RETIREMENT INCOME Government rules require all RRSPs to be cashed in or converted to income by December 31 of the year you turn 71. You can choose to do this earlier, if you wish. You have three choices: 1. Use the money to buy an annuity. 2. Transfer the money to a registered retirement income fund (RRIF) product. 3. Take the value of your RRSPs in cash. Most people prefer not to cash out because all the money will be taxed in one year. Sun Life product types that offer RRIF registration are: • Segregated fund contracts • Mutual funds • Insurance GICs • Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) The options you choose depend on what you need and whether you want a guaranteed income stream. Many people find that using a combination of these options best fits their needs.



A "locked-in” RRSP may also be called a “locked-in retirement account (LIRA)”, depending on the jurisdiction in which your money is registered. But whatever the account is called, locked-in money originally came from an employer or association pension plan and has rules attached.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)/Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) • The plans provide a lifetime monthly income based on individual contributions and are indexed to inflation. • You may apply for income to start as soon as age 60 (with reduced monthly payments) or as late as age 70 (with increased monthly payments).

“Locked-in” money is treated differently than money in a regular RRSP, because the government wants to ensure that money in a registered pension plan will only be used for retirement income. If you put your locked-in money into a LIF or LRIF, there is a minimum amount that you must take out and a maximum amount that you can take out from the plan each year. These rules vary by province. Locked-in money can be put into an annuity or any of the following income products that offer LIF or LRIF registration: • Segregated fund contracts • Mutual funds • Insurance GICs CONVERTING YOUR OTHER ASSETS INTO INCOME You may have assets outside of registered accounts that can also be used to help fund your retirement: • Non-registered investments. These include mutual funds, segregated fund contracts, guaranteed interest products, stocks, bonds or bank accounts. • Real estate. Some people who own their homes choose to downsize and free up some of the value of their home. One of the advantages of this strategy is that there is no tax on the gains when you sell your primary residence. • Inheritance. For some, the prospect of an inheritance can make a big difference in their retirement planning. Because money from these sources is not registered, you can do whatever you want with it, including: • Buy an annuity or a segregated fund contract that guarantees your income for life (or a fixed number of years). • Buy investments that provide income in the form of automatic withdrawals.

Old Age Security (OAS) • The plan provides a lifetime monthly income, indexed to inflation. • Benefits begin at age 65, but you must repay some or all of it if your total income is over a certain amount ($77,580 for 2019) then you will have to repay 15% of the excess over this amount, to a maximum of the total amount of OAS received. ... The clawback is called the "OAS recovery tax" You can delay your income start date up to age 70, to receive an increased payment. Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) • This is a monthly non-taxable benefit for lowincome OAS recipients. • Your eligibility for GIS is reviewed every year when you file your tax return.

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...enjoy the adventure

Imagine exploring the imperial splendour of Vienna, the air around you filled with the scent of apple strudel and smoked sausage. Picture hiking up to a crumbling castle, tasting exquisite wines, and wandering through picturesque medieval towns, while an experienced guide conjures up a millennium of history. Now imagine it all wrapped into one tidy bundle, perfectly organized by Stewart Travel Group. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the adventure. Words by Patricia Foster Photos courtesy of Crystal River Cruises

88 SPRING 2019

In October 2019 and 2020, Stewart Travel Group are hosting two luxurious seven-night, all-inclusive river cruises along the Danube in partnership with Crystal Cruises, complete with two-day pre- or post-cruise excursions in Prague, Czech Republic. Stewart Travel Group co-owners Paula and Travis Stewart have been hosting river cruise groups throughout Europe since 2010. Throughout the travel industry, they are one of most respected, dynamic travel duos in Canada. Paula and Travis are hosting a large group in October of 2019 on the beautiful Danube River, sailing the luxurious Crystal Mozart. “We are so proud of our exclusive river cruise programs, which we have been able to put together for many years, and we truly enjoy experiencing these amazing journeys through our clients’ eyes,” Paula says.

“For most people, the opportunity to travel doesn’t come everyday, at Stewart Travel, we want to create an experience you can talk about for the rest of your life. We treat everyone as a VIP.” - Paula Stewart

“Rivers are the heart of Europe,” says Frances Gertsch, a trusted travel agent at Stewart Travel, “and the Danube is one of the most famous.” With an itinerary that weaves through Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary, guests can drink in the beautiful countryside and relish the cultural diversity of Eastern Europe. Travelling by river also means that guests only need to unpack once, and can take full advantage of the lauded “six-star service” offered aboard the award-winning Crystal Mozart. “Crystal Cruises really understand what luxury means. They understand how to make it personal,” says Gertsch. The trip includes complimentary fine wines, Michelin-inspired cooking, spacious suites, a spa, and access to health and fitness centres. “The value of this cruise is second to none.”

The Crystal Mozart also boasts a staff-to-guest ratio of one to seven—the highest among all European river lines. Amidst all that pampering, however, Travis notes that the atmosphere of the trip is comfortable, fun and friendly. “You’re in a small group of likeminded people who want to travel and explore,” he says. “And, best of all, the 2020 trip is hosted by Jeff Hutcheson. He’s one of the friendliest guys I’ve ever met.” Recently retired from a 40-year career in television, Hutcheson is a seasoned traveller and an experienced cruise guide. “He has that rare ability to make you feel comfortable really quickly,” says Paula. “He likes to laugh and have fun, which is very important to Stewart Travel Group.”

▲ Jeff Hutcheson.



“What started as a conversation in Punta Cana during a conference that has turned into a very special partnership between the Stewart Travel Group and Crystal Cruises. Travis, Paula and their Team of professionals took an idea that we discussed and turned it into two groups sailing on our luxury river experience in 2019 and 2020. Their ability to take an idea and turn it into fruition, is simply amazing.” John O’Neill Crystal Cruises

Guests can pick from a wealth of excursions to handcraft their personal itineraries, participating in as much or as little as they want. Electric bikes, earphones, and apps for self-guided exploration can also make excursions more accessible. Finally, in a culinary tour de force, Crystal Cruises gives travellers a concrete taste of the lands they’re exploring. Almost all their foods are sourced within a hundred miles, including wines and cheeses—with the exception of special dishes, such as lobster, which sometimes come from Atlantic Canada. “You’re getting local ingredients and a regionally-inspired menu. A lot of creativity goes into the dishes,” says Gertsch. “For most people, the opportunity to travel doesn’t come everyday,” she adds. “At Stewart Travel, we want to create an experience you can talk about for the rest of your life. We treat everyone as a VIP.” Travis notes that “Stewart Travel Group has presented many personally-hosted tours throughout the world, and for 2020, Kevin ‘Boomer’ Gallant—a well-known, recently-

90 SPRING 2019

retired CBC Compass weatherman—and his partner, Karen, will be hosting a special tour to Ireland in May of 2020. Paula and I are also excited that we will be announcing a once-in-a-lifetime Croatia tour for 2020, which we will be hosting, and which will be released very soon.” Locally-based in the Maritimes, Stewart Travel Group distinguishes itself through its profound knowledge of destinations and its exceptional service. “We want to help you create the best possible memories with your loved ones,” says Gertsch.

▲ Paula and Travis Stewart

For more information, please visit their website,

Stewart Travel Group 43 Birch Woods Lane, Stratford 902.894.9389 1.844.660.7329


BAG, LADY? Parisan Chic

On July first, plastic bags will no longer be available at your local grocery or retail shop. This marks the beginning of end of the plastic bag on the Island. We're all looking for alternatives - here are a few of our favourite ideas to tote your purchases in style.

Local Love

The market basket is an everyday object in Paris perfect for a quick trip to the shops. The backpack basket is both functional and oh-lala - so chic.

Show your love for our Island with the "I heart PEI" bag. Made right here on the Island and available online at


Totes the Word

Head to your local thrift store for woven and wicker bags. All of these were thrifted for under five dollars each. I use them for shopping, storage and those trips to the beach.

Plarn It Make your own tote from recycled plastic bags. There are lots of YouTube videos about making your own plarn (plastic yarn) and crafting totes and other objects.

A canvas tote is a perfect alternative to the plastic shopping bag. Look for one with leather handles for added strength and style or state your case with a graphic bag in simple black and white or look for fun colours and prints.



Spring Ahead Words by Susan Snow

Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring by refreshing your home with a spring cleaning.

TASK LIST Start with a check list of all the areas in your house that need attention. Having this “to-do� will keep you on track to accomplish your goals and will be a pleasant reminder of the progress you are making. GATHER SUPPLIES Do an inventory of your cleaning supplies and either purchase or make your own cleaners well in advance. Nothing is more annoying than getting ready to clean and finding out you are out of the cleaning supplies you need. Prepare for your clean up by ensuring you have a good supply of rubber gloves, cleaning cloths, dusters, mop heads, paper towels, sponges, scrubbers and buckets. GO GREEN Make your own cleaning supplies from everyday items like vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, lemons and essential oils. It's also a good time to sort through your recyclables that have collected over winter and either drop them off at the Waste Watch center or have them ready for the monthly pick up. DELEGATE Unless you're an a-type personality who likes to do everything yourself enlist members of your household to join in the spring cleanup. Present them with the list and let them choose which items they are willing to do. If you or your family have no time to tackle all the cleaning consider hiring specialized cleaning services to get the job done. GET PACKING As part of your spring cleaning routine pack away all your winter gear and all out of season clothing. Winter coats, sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves should be laundered first and then packed away in storage bins and placed in a cool dry location. Underbed storage containers are ideal for this when you are short on space. CLOSET EDIT Make some time to declutter and clean up your drawers and closets. Donate items you no longer wear and toss items that are damaged.

92 SPRING 2019

F A M I LY - H O M E S P U N

Simple Knitted Hat This simple knitted hat is the perfect project for those rainy afternoons. Great for beginners and experts, the result is a fabulous hat for cooler days or give as a gift for next Christmas. Choose your favourite colour or colours and knit more than one to ensure you're ready for the return of fall and winter - November is only seven months away afterall.

Belfast Mini Mills, established almost 25 years ago, offers a large selection of yarn from a variety of fibre sources, ranging from sheep and alpaca, all the way to more exotic fibres such as camel, muskox, yak, and even long-haired German Shepherd.

Pattern courtesy of Christine Roy

Supplies: • Bulky yarn • 16 inch circular needle with size eight US and size nine US • Stitch marker Instructions: Cast on 72 stitches with size eight needles, Join for working in the round, and place stitch marker at the beginning of the round. • Work 6 round 2 by 2 ribbing • Switch to size 9 needles • 8 rounds in garter stitch • 6 rounds in seed stitch • 12 rounds in godron stitch • 6 round in moss stitch • 2 round in stockinette. From now on the pattern will be worked in stockinette

Offering in-house knitting and felting workshops, as well as tours of their mill manufacturing facilities, Belfast Mini Mills is a destination for both tourists and locals alike. Hosting weekly summertime knitting drop-ins, knitters of all levels are encouraged to bring their own knitting projects - there’s always an expert knitter on hand to help with questions.

Decreases: They are worked every 2 rounds • K7, K 2 together, repeat until end of the round • K6, K 2 together, repeat until end of the round • K5, K2 together, repeat until end of the round • K4, K2 together, repeat until end of the round • K3, K2 together, repeat until end of the round • K2, K2 together, repeat until end of the round • K1, K 2 together, repeat until end of the round • K 2 together, repeat until end of the round….. should end up with 8 stitches Cut yarn and weave in ends


▲Linda Noble

Belfast Mini Mills 1820 Garfield Road Belfast, PEI 902.659.2202


A R T S & E N T E R TA I N M E N T - B O O K R E P O R T


Circe by Madeline Miller Circe, a lesser Greek goddess, is banished to the island of Aiaia for turning a rival suitor into the sea monster Scylla. There, she tends to her plants and hones her powers, while fending off mischievous mortals and gods alike. Miller tells the familiar story of Circe and Odysseus, but from a new perspective. What is it like to experience time as an immortal? To have no physical flaws? To love someone who will certainly die? Motifs such as these are woven throughout this page-turner

French Exit by Patrick deWitt In deWitt’s latest novel, a wealthy man and his mother lose all of their money and status. To save face, they sail off to Paris, accompanied by their cat, who embodies the soul of his deceased father. The pair (or trio, if you include the cat) is deadpan, dysfunctional, and derelict of tact. DeWitt’s knack for dialogue and dry humour shine in this novel. I enjoyed it so much, I flew through it in a single day. French Exit was shortlisted for the 2018 Scotiabank Giller Prize, and I think it may be deWitt’s best book yet.

Warlight by Michael Ondaatje In his first novel in seven years, Ondaatje captures the mystery and intrigue of a child trying to comprehend an adult world. Warlight has a foggy, dreamy feeling that is reminiscent of some of Ondaatje’s other works, but he really plays with the uncertainty of memory in this book. The novel is written in first-person flashback, allowing the narrator to scrutinize details of the story that didn’t make sense to him as an adolescent. This masterful work by Ondaatje was longlisted for the 2018 Man Booker Prize. The Ends of the World: Volcanic Apocalypses, Lethal Oceans, and Our Quest to Understand Earth’s Past Mass Extinctions by Peter Brannen The scale of this book is stupendous. Brannen takes readers through Earth’s five major extinction periods, while articulating the vast amount of time our planet has been churning out new creatures. While he does posit that we could presently be in the middle of an extinction period, the text is not didactic or foreboding. Written in accessible language with clear examples, this book is a treat for science buffs and novices alike.

My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh This full-length debut novel is a satisfying follow-up to the author’s critically-acclaimed short stories. It’s 1999 in New York City, and an unnamed narrator, in a fog of prescription meds, attempts to sleep through an entire year. My Year of Rest and Relaxation is witty, farcical, and wonderfully outlandish, yet Moshfegh manages to put her finger on something real through this unlovable protagonist.

Kristen Johnson is a homesteader and home-school mom who lives in Eastern PEI. She loves to spend her free time between the pages of a book.





Words by Story Sheidow

Q. What brought you to acting and writing?

They have always been in my blood. As a young girl, I would listen to my father’s comedy records, and act out the skits I could see in my mind. Bob Newhart was one of my favourites. When my father had friends over, I would put on a show, and make the voices and faces I could see in my mind for each of the records. It made me happy to make others happy. As for writing, I wrote my first song in grade five. And, in all the music competitions I entered, I always won first place, because there was no other songwriter in my age group! That gave me so much confidence in writing! Q. What are some projects you have performed in?

I have performed on the Georgetown stage, doing the play Blithe Spirit. At the University of Manitoba, I was in a two-person play about two women in a sanitarium. I travelled across Canada for six weeks with the Confederation Centre of the Arts, performing my creation poem. I sang for Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. Mi’kmaq Legends has taken me all over the Atlantic region, and to Toronto. Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors helps keep me young, working and developing the young people who join up, and we have done videos with Holland College and the Green Machine! Q. Your book, My Mi’kmaq Mother, is a memoir about a daughter searching to know a mother she’s never met. It must have taken courage to write such a personal memoir. Did publishing this story have an effect on your emotions towards your own story, and your past?

It really did. I wrote the part about my mother’s death when I was about six months pregnant, and it felt like I cried for days! I also could see that I was a survivor, and the people who were always there for me made my life special. Not that I didn’t miss my mother—I always do—but my life was okay, I was okay without her. It is funny, but even today, what captures my attention is the sentence that starts with, “I knew your mother...” It always gives me hope that I will fill in the pieces of the puzzle on who she was! Q. How does it feel to be the PEI Poet Laureate, as well as PEI’s first Mi’kmaq Poet Laureate?

I am so very humbled and proud to be in the role. This is what I do; I promote stories and writing, so now, I just have an extra sense that this is really what I was born to do! It is like singing and winning one of the highest awards! I want to do so much in my three years; I want to talk, present, workshop, and entertain as many people as I can—because, truly, I am the real story of “if you believe, you can achieve anything!” I am Julie, born in Summerside, lived on Lennox Island and all over Canada, and I was chosen! If I was a young person, it would give me hope that I could do things that no one else has, and that makes me very happy. If my work inspires our youth to dream, I am doing my job! Q. I had the pleasure of seeing you speak to a class at the public library recently. I love the way you incorporate traditional Mi’kmaq legends into your presentations. How are these legends passed down from generation to generation, and how have they, perhaps, changed over the years? What aspect of

Photos courtesy of Julie Pellissier-Lush

sharing them do you enjoy the most?

My favourite part is when I see the audience get the meaning behind the stories, because then, I know they are with me on the journeys through time I take people through! They can be a bear, an eagle that makes the wind, a young girl who believes in herself—and they can watch, in their mind, how the universe was created. So many places we can travel together, in the stories I tell. When the audience gets it, I know they heard me, and the words went to their heads and their hearts! Q. Where can we read other works you’ve written, and can you name a few?

I have written a book of poetry that has not yet been published, and also a children’s book on creation that should be coming out soon, about 24 different Mi’kmaq plays and six songs. I am also working on a book for children on our spiritual beliefs. Many are in production, and I hope that they will be published soon! Q. Is there anything you’d like us to add?

Working with youth, and seeing the pride grow in them as they start to understand the legends, makes me so happy. I really want to do for the youth what I would have loved when I was their age! Dedicate your life to the youth, and you are creating the future, giving them hope! That is what it’s really all about! Julie Pellissier-Lush, M.S.M Mi'kmaq Family Resource Centre 158 St Peters Road, Charlottetown 902.892.0928




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