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Welcome to July So here we are at the beginning of a new financial year. This is the time where you get to sit back and see how you really did financially for the past 12 months. Along with the focus on last financial year’s success or failures, you should be taking some time out to start setting this financial year’s goals. Quantify things like how much do you want to grow your business this financial year? What are other streams of income that you can create over the next 12 months? Where were the losses that could have been prevented and how are you going to stop them happening this financial year? But most importantly, what are the changes taking place in my industry that I need to pay attention to and embrace? The only thing certain in this world we live in, is that things change. The millionaire mindset understands this and ensures that they are able to adapt to change. Let me illustrate my point with a well-known company in a well-known industry. Blockbuster Video was a thriving business in the movie rental industry, but as the movie rental industries delivery methods were changing, Blockbuster became slow to embrace that change, which led to its ultimate demise, in brief: In 1985

Blockbuster opened the first store in Dallas Texas

In 1994

The company was purchased for US$8.4B, that is with a B.

In 1997

A customer, Reed Hastings returns Apollo 13 to Blockbuster six weeks overdue, and is dismayed by the $40 late fee.

In 1998

Reed Hastings founds Netflix, an online movie rental company

In 2000

Blockbuster declines several offers to buy Netflix for US$50M

In 2003

Netflix has a turnover of $273M in revenues

In 2003

A company called Redbox launches a rental DVD kiosk service.

In 2004

Blockbuster FINALLY enters the online movie rental market.

In 2006

Blockbuster, now valued at $500 million, has 2 million subscribers for its online platform. Netflix reaches 6.3 million subscribers by December.

In 2009

Blockbuster FINALLY rolls out Blockbuster Express, its kiosk system designed to compete with Redbox.

In 2010

Drowned in revenue losses of $1.1 billion, Blockbuster files for bankruptcy. The company value - $24M

If Blockbuster had embraced the change it faced in its industry it may have continued it success, which is now held by Netflix and Redbox. So take some time out in July to look at the changes that have happened, are happening and potentially could happen in your industry, and ensure your business remains to prosper. Yours in Prosperity


If you don’t take it someone else will!

Opportunities never   rock  up   at  your  front   door   looking   like  a   great  opportunity;   they  only  look   like  a  great   opportunity  in   hindsight.  I  9ind  they   are   normally  hiding   around  the   corner  and   not   even   looking   like   an   opportunity,   but   looking   like   hard   work.     The   truth   is,   if   you   don’t   recognize   the   opportunity   someone   else   will   and  take   it.  Then  later  down   the  track  once  the   hard   work   in   developing   the   opportunity   has   been  done,  you’ll  kick  yourself  for  missing  it.

that could   create   prosperity.   They  come   along   but   just   don’t   look   like   an   opportunity.   They   might   look   like   a   person,   they   might   look   like   fear,   they   might   look   like   sacri9ice,   they   might   look   like  a  waist  of   time  or   they   might   just  look   really   small.  The   world’s  largest  tree  grew  from   a   tiny   sapling,   its   destiny   has   nothing   to   do   with   the   size   of   the   sapling   but   the   potential   inside.  The   door   of  opportunity  swings  on  very   small  hinges.  

A great   American   comedian   Milton   Berle   once   said,  “If  opportunity   doesn’t   knock,  build  a  door”.   Every   day   there   are   untold   amounts   of   opportunities  everywhere,   which  we  can  create   wealth   from.   What   do   they   look   like   you   ask?   Generally  they  look  like   a   challenge,   a  dif9iculty,   a   struggle,   something   painful,   and   something   almost   impossible.   Napoleon   Hill   has   stated   it   best   when   he   said,   “The   world   is   full   of   unfortunate   souls   who   didn’t   hear   opportunity   knocking  at  the  door   because  they  were  down   at   the  convenience  store  buying  lottery  tickets”.

Here are   a   few   things   you   need   to   do   with   opportunities: • Take  them • Create  them • Pass  them  on • Look  for  more  of  them • Become  a  pro9icient  opportunist • Maximize  your  opportunities  to  create   more  opportunities

“We don’t   like   your   sound.   Bands   with   guitar   sounds   are   out   of   fashion”…That’s   what   Decca   Records   said   when   they   rejected   a   small   little   group   who   went   on   to   have   a   little   success   called   “The   Beatles”.   “Well   if   I  was   an  executive   at  Decca  Records   I  would   have   signed   them”  —   right?   But  yet   every  day  we   face   opportunities  

To recognize  an  opportunity  you  need  to: • See  the  end,  not  just  the  beginning • Get  an  opportunistic  mindset • Avoid  looking  for  an  easy  way • Be  prepared  for  your  day  of   opportunity  –  it  could  be  today! • Make  the  most  of  every  circumstance • Grasp  your  opportunities  with  a  single,   focused  mindset

An opportunist  must  have   a   sense  of  adventure,   not  a   feeling   of   fear   and  pessimism.  Pessimism   robs  a  person  of  their  capacity  to  create  wealth.   If   you   see   opportunities   only   through   pessimistic   eyes,   then   all   you   will   see   in   that   opportunity   is   the   potential   for   that   opportunity   to   rob   you   of   your   prosperity.   However,   if  you  see  the   opportunity  with  all   its   challenges   as  an  adventure,   through   which  you   can   learn,   grow   and   thrive,   then   you  will   be   in   an  advantageous  mindset  to  turn  obstacles  into   opportunities. You   need   to   have   a   mindset   that   never   views   anything   as   a  failure.   You  may  take   what  seems   to  be  an   opportunity  that  doesn’t  work  out.  The   opportunist  sees  this  as  a  lesson,  and  the  seed  in   the  lessons  of   the  past  turn  into  the  seedlings  of   the   opportunities  of   the   present,  that  will  grow   into  the  tree  of  success  in  the  future. There  is   no  shortage  of   opportunities  in   the   world;   there   is   only   a   shortage   of   opportunists.  You  have  to   make  the  most   of   every   opportunity   that   comes   your   way.   The   following   exercise   will   help   you   with   this.   1 .   T a k e   s o m e   t i m e   t o   i d e n t i f y   a n   opportunity   that   you   have   right   now   and   write  it  down: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 2.  Think   about   whom   you   might   introduce   this  opportunity  to: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

3. How  might  you  introduce  this  opportunity? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

4. What resources   do  you  need  to  maximize   your  opportunity? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

5. What is   the   wealth   potential   of   this   opportunity? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Your   real   opportunity   for   success   lies   within   you,   not   your   job.   You   can   get   to   the   top   by   getting   on  top  of   yourself  –  by  making   the  right   decisions  to  maximize   opportunities  that   come   your   way.   Right   now   opportunity   is   knocking,   but  opportunity  has   never  been  known   to   turn   the   knob  and  just  walk   on  in.  You  have   to  open   the   door  and   invite  it  in   to  your  world,  or  if  it’s   not   at   the   door,   go   out   and   look   for   it.   An   opportunity   is   never   lost,   if   you   miss   it,   someone  else  will  be  sure  to  9ind  it. Alexander   Graham   Bell   remarked   “When   one   door   closes   another   door   opens,  but  we  so  often   look   so   longingly   and   so   regretfully   upon   the   closed   door,   that   we   do   not   see   the   ones   which   opens   for   us”.   When   opportunity   knocks,   the   grumblers   complain   about   the   noise   while   the   prosperous  man  becomes  wealthy.        Pat  Mesiti

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22 - 24 JULY 2011 GOLD COAST QLD



Coaches Corner… GETTING BACK UP! If you are striving for success in any area of your life, along that journey undoubtedly you will hit hurdles and trip up and sometimes you will fall.

Your ultimate success will depend on how well you can handle the pressure, the pain and the pause in your journey caused from the hurdle. It may seem like a hard fact of life, and really it is, but there is something you can do about it. You must keep in your minds eye a picture of you being victorious, successful and in control, even if right now you are so far off from being that. You see, your mind does not know the difference between what is real and what you imagine as real. Real may be that you are down to your last dollar in the bank, your credit card is maxed out and you are stuck in a low paying job or maybe out of work. Looking at the situation you are in may be depressing, it may feel like you will never break free into prosperity, it may seem like this is your destiny, and you know what, that will be if that’s what you think…

Instead you need to envision yourself as victorious. Focus on that instead of your nagging doubts, fears and concerns. Focus on objective insights and solutions. The pressure that encroaches the negative situation will dissipate and disappear. If you think like you are victorious and start to act like you are victorious, the situation will be seen through the eyes of someone who is truly victorious and the right solution will come to you. The opportunities you need to overcome your situation will start to appear and the circumstances will swing back into your favor. Even if you don’t feel victorious, successful or in control, just act like it for a while, It Helps!!

Noni Clark


ARE YOU LUCKY! IF YOU WANT TO BE LUCKY, PREPARE FOR IT! You may  have   heard   the   saying   “luck   is   w h e n   o p p o r t u n i t y   m e e t s   preparedness.”  Well  I  agree.   When   others   say   “oh   so   and   so   are   just   lucky”   as   if   to   say   that   they   themselves   are   not   lucky,   I   think   that   what   is   happening   is   they   aren’t   preparing   themselves  for  luck.

If you want to be lucky, it is simple, prepare for it. Watching TV  is  great,   but  unless  you  are   looking   to   be   working   in   the   television   industry   there   are   better   things   you   could   be   doing   with   your   time.   If   you   want   to   be   a   successful   business   leader,   this   time   could   be   spent   preparing,   reading   books   on   business   leadership,   studying   on   the   Internet,   attending   courses   and   seminars   and   laying   the   groundwork  for  luck. It   takes   years   of   preparation   to   become   lucky.   It   is   your   responsibility   to   make   poor   circumstances  a   lucky  opportunity.   The  share   market  has  a  knack  of  making   people   “lucky”,   but   the   years   of   preparing,   the   countless   smaller   losses  

and constant   study   of   the   market   that   causes  that  luck  is  never  talked  about.   Luck   may   seem   in   the   timing,   but   how   would  you   know   the   right   time   to   get   in   unless  you   are  prepared.  The  harder   you   work   at  it,   the   luckier   you   will  get.  Luck   is   something   you   can   create   through   h a r d   w o r k ,   p r e p a r a t i o n   a n d   determination.   If   right   now   you   are   not   so   lucky,   it’s   because   you   are   not   prepared,   but   rest   assured   you   control   your  luck,   and  with  the  right  preparation   you  can  become  lucky. PAT  MESITI

Just a thought…

“You become what you think of most of the time.” Pat Mesiti

LA DOLCE VITA 17-20 october 2011 palazzo versace, gold coast

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BIG DREAM weekend turn your dreams into reality and define your destiny… Tired of having a dream and not fulfilling it? Discover the power of your dream and put it to work for YOU, your FAMILY & FRIENDS and BUSINESS ASSOCIATES Discover and develop the character, skills and attitudes of a successful dreamer…plus more! the events team today to find out more!

13-15 April 2012 — GOLD COAST


‘Get yourself a ghost writer.’ So I did. In 2008 I was attending Pat Mesiti’s live events, and when he started talking about new and innovative ways to promote your business by publishing your own books, I knew this was something I should be doing. I have been operating Cindy’s Classic Gourmet since 1987 and so I had a lot of experience to share and I started thinking of ways I could use Pat Mesiti’s advice to set myself apart from my competitors. So I did get myself a ghost writer, and I went on to create, publish and distribute my first book, ‘Cindy’s Inspirations’. ‘Cindy’s Inspirations’ is a classically styled black and white gift book sized publication which represented the glamour and high quality of my business, offering inspiration and advice to brides. As well as my Cindy’s Classic Gourmet branding, I haven’t forgotten the networking principles which got me to where I am, and so I included a list of approved wedding suppliers in the back of my book which adds more value for the brides and helps me distribute my book through these suppliers. I have received such positive feedback about my first book from the brides who use the resource and the suppliers who I have listed. I can’t wait to get my second book out there now too, but as an autobiography there is always something new to add! I also worked on my online presence because my website was outdated and that was when I learned about SEO, blogs, Facebook and more with the continued help of my ghost writer. I am able to make a difference to the way I run and present my business for the future and have secured more new wedding and function venues around Australia, and am running special events such as Christmas Dinner functions and Winter Wedding packages. All of these new initiatives mean that Cindy’s Classic Gourmet is busier than ever, and my functions calendar is filling up into 2013. During this time I continued to attend Pat Mesiti’s live events and in 2009 I happened to meet Jamie from the Kerry-Anne show

at the Big Dream Weekend on the Gold Coast. He was so friendly and interested in the story of my business and what I do, that I came back wondering about the possibility of a wedding planning TV show. During a meeting with my media company, we started discussing the viability of a wedding planning app instead. Even with ‘Dream Big!’ still ringing in my ears from the last seminar I couldn’t have imagined how big the Wedding Girl iPhone app would be. I built a team of young, innovative and motivated experts around me and the Wedding Girl app was launched in June 2011. The Wedding Girl app includes an Australia-wide directory of wedding suppliers which brides can search by category, region or find suppliers near their current location. There is also a budget tracker, an editable to-do list, seating planner and brides can create a guest list from their phonebook and manage RSVPs. As technology continues to change and advance I look forward to the new features we’ll be able to offer in later versions. In the first week of its release into the App Store, Wedding Girl was downloaded over 3,000 times. In the first two weeks it was nominated as an iTunes Store Staff Favourite. I am also determined to look after all of my Wedding Girl suppliers. Where magazines and online directories will take a supplier’s money for their listing and offer nothing else in return, I am making sure I give something back to the suppliers who have supported me. For example, I put on mini expos in cinemas around Adelaide to coincide with the release of the ‘Bridesmaids’ movie where Wedding Girl suppliers could exclusively showcase their businesses. I am always focussed on pushing myself to achieve more to do my best, and to be the best in my field. While focussing on providing personal services which offer real value I am always looking for the next opportunity, because I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t embrace new technology and ideas, and my signed ‘Goals Book’ is always there to help me formulate those ideas.

CINDY WESTPHALEN I started Cindy’s Classic Gourmet in 1987 to pursue my passion for food, functions and weddings. Since then I have enjoyed strong success, winning the Australian Bridal Industry Award from 2003 – 2007 and being nominated as a finalist in 2010. I have also catered and planned many memorable functions including for the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Prime Minister John Howard and Premier John Olsen. Cindy’s Classic Gourmet continues to excel in the 21st century with new venues around Adelaide and beautiful regional South Australia and exciting menus to cater and functions to plan. On 6 June 2011 I launched the Wedding Girl app, a modern wedding planning tool for savvy brides on the go. Wedding Girl is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry. There is no other wedding app which provides as much valuable information as Wedding Girl, offering couples the ability to view 3600 images of venues, generate a guest list, manage RSVPs, track their budget, check off their to-do list and more from the palm of their hand. PO Box 285 Blackwood SA 5252 Ph: 08 8278 4448 e: weddinggirlapp cindysclassicgourmet

Want To Get FREE Promotion Of Your Business Or Just Want To Share A Story About Yourself To Encourage Others. One of the best ways to get motivated is to see other people do well at things. Seeing real life examples, people who are just like you. Doing it tough working extra hard to get results and willing to put in the effort to see results. So we’ve decided to add a new section to this newsletter. Introducing the…

“Limelight Corner” If you have any success stories from having used the Mesiti products or attended our live events and feel these may inspire more people, then we want to know about it. We want to feature you in this newsletter and let you promote yourself or your business. Why would we do this? Well it’s simple, we want as many people to achieve great successes utilising our personal development material. As mentioned earlier… the best way to motivate others is giving real life examples of how other people have utilised the materials. Secondly, we want to give back. We want to give back to our clients, our subscribers and our customers by giving you a chance to promote yourself to a large audience of likeminded people via this newsletter. You’ll be allowed to share your website, your business details and a short description of what you do, which will be added to your story. This is a great opportunity for you if you have an inspiring story to share, want to get FREE advertising for your business or just want to get the chance to be in the limelight for once. If this is you then please write an email to with your story and a picture of yourself. You will then be considered as our feature story for the next edition. We look forward to receiving many success stories and using them to inspire others to reach higher levels of success.

If you have a success story you would like to share and at the same time promote your business totally free please email with your details and you’ll be considered as our next feature success story.


How to think like a millionaire and uncover the fortune that lies hidden in your mind!


Pat Mesiti July 2011 Newsletter  

Pat Mesiti July 2011 Newsletter

Pat Mesiti July 2011 Newsletter  

Pat Mesiti July 2011 Newsletter