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February/March 2017

Paradise Chamber Celebrates 75th Anniversary By Monica Nolan Executive Director, Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce


s we celebrate our 75th year, we’ll be sharing with the community historical information about the history of the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce. Officially incorporated for the express purpose of serving the community, the Chamber has been working to enhance the culture and environment of the Ridge for decades. The earliest minutes we can put our hands on date from 1934, and our archive reflects the dedication of individuals, organizations and businesses. On February 8, we installed our 2017 Board of Directors and celebrated those individuals whose accomplishments in our community warrant preservation for posterity. The celebration took place at the Paradise Elks Lodge. Guests arrived to the melodious strains of a quartet of musicians from the Paradise Symphony Orchestra; our heartfelt gratitude to Esther Tiedemann, Sylvia Meyer, Nancy Roby and Nancy Murren.

PRCOC Board member Shuree Wesley and Chamber member Jenn Brooks, Independent Arbonne Consultant, were among 170 guests celebrating Paradise Chamber’s 75th anniversary. Photo courtesy of Jenn Brooks.

PRCOC Past President Jay Cooke and President Pamela Teeter proudly display a California Senate 75th Anniversary commemorative Resolution courtesy of Senator Jim Nielsen’s Office. Photo courtesy of Glenn Harrington, Artist by Design Paradise Chamber’s 2017 Executive Committee is comprised of President Pamela Teeter, A Maker’s Space; Vice President David Shepler, Wells Fargo Bank; Treasurer Judy Clemens, Theatre on the Ridge; Secretary Gail Ennis, Repurpose By Design and Past President Jay Cooke, Professional Mortgage Associates. Returning for another year of service are Steve Crowder, A Stitch Above Embroidery & Shirt Printing; Carol Peterson, Boys & Girls Club; Stephen Graf, Pearson Road Collision Repair; Anita Towslee, Tax Solutions; Shuree Wesley, M&S Wesley Tree Service; Maureen Wisener, Feather River Hospital, Dean Fender, Paradise Direct Web Services; Andy Torkelson, Center for Spiritual Living; Nicki Jones, HeavenScent Candles & More and Bobbi’s Boutique. New Board members installed are Jill Williams, Edward Jones Investments, and

Jeni Harris, Curves Paradise. Chamber members sponsoring tables were A Maker’s Space, Ampla Health, Bobbi’s Boutique, The Boys and Girls Club, California Vocations, Feather River Hospital, Gary Bess Associates, Law Office of Maximilian G. Barteau, M&S Wesley Tree Service, and PG&E. features a comprehensive and easily searchable community calendar. New features include easy sharing and reminders. Local organizations are invited to submit events.

Chamber launches new Website


s part of its 3-fold mission to promote the Paradise Ridge, serve the community and support local business, your Chamber has rolled out a new website just in time to celebrate its 75th anniversary! Months in the making and years in discussion, we are proud to

invite you to visit for community information, business resources, attractions, events and a business directory featuring our members—those folks who invest in community and will now reap the rewards of enhanced benefits through a Member Information Center.

The MIC allows members to tell their business story, connect with other members, post and view Hot Deals, job postings, member-to-member discounts, events, and news! Too many details and features to list here—so visit and explore for yourself!

Business Briefs Annual Kids Fishing Day Hundreds of little anglers get an introduction to one of the area’s best outdoor activities—fishing!—at the annual Kids Fishing Day held each April at Paradise Lake. Paradise Irrigation District (PID) employees and others contribute their time to plan and staff this popular event—to be held this year on Saturday, April 22—and local businesses also support it through donations of funds to purchase trout to stock the lake as well as fishing/outdoorrelated raffle prizes, food for the event’s snack bar and gift certificates for kids. Your business or personal donation to the 19th Annual Kids Fishing Day is tax-deductible and will be recognized with a banner at the event as well as in the final press release after the event. And even better, you know you’ll be helping youth on the Ridge have fun in our beautiful outdoors as they sample fishing at Paradise Lake! To make a donation, please call PID at 877-4971. Paradise No Smoking/ Vaping Decals Available The Town of Paradise has updated the smoking ordinance policy to restrict the use of electronic smoking devices in public places to protect non-users from exposure to secondhand aerosol. Aerosol emissions contain toxic chemicals which are unhealthy to breathe. The new policy states that using electronic smoking devices is

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2 February/March 2017 • Ridge Business Journal

Q & A With Newly Elected Council Members In advance of the November 2016 election, members and stakeholders of your Chamber submitted questions for the candidates for Paradise Town Council. Answers from newly elected council members Michael Zuccolillo and Melissa Schuster appear below. 1. What are the greatest economic development opportunities and challenges for Paradise in the next two years? How would you capitalize on these opportunities and overcome these challenges? Melissa Schuster: The next two years will bring a wealth of opportunities for Paradise’s economic prosperity. I believe that opportunities always come with challenges otherwise they would not be “opportunities” but “gifts”. One opportunity that will be presented in 2017 is a business registration program. This data will allow us to more accurately determine the needs of businesses and the community. The challenge will be in leveraging that information to provide for the needs of local businesses as well as to encourage appropriate, new businesses to come to Paradise. Michael Zuccolillo: I think our greatest economic challenge is finding stable revenues for our Town. Recently Measure C has provided some temporary economic relief to the Town budget; however the real crisis is lack of a path to stabilize our revenues

find that one-of-a-kind heirloom, have lunch, and enjoy the Ridge.” In attending many Ridge events, including Johnny Appleseed Days, Chocolate Fest, and others, I find a lot of out of town visitors. I think Paradise has potential to create other events that draw visitors and showcase why Paradise is a great place to be.

Paradise Mayor

Michael Zuccolillo Scott Lotter long term. We need to focus on new businesses moving to Paradise and expansion of businesses that are currently here. Paradise is a conduit between Magalia and Chico, with many Magalia residents driving to Chico for their shopping needs. Businesses that cater to the desires of Ridge residents will prevent sales tax leakage down the hill. The disposable income of most Ridge residents is very minimal, so it’s important to hone in on residents’ needs. I believe another economic challenge on the horizon will be the eventual closure of Kmart. Kmart occupies the largest commercial space in Paradise and the loss of that store will be another economic hit to the community. I would like to see Town leadership proactive in working with the shopping center owner and attracting potential tenants that would suit Ridge residents. Another idea is to promote Paradise as an antique shopping destination– “Come to Paradise,

2. How important do you feel a sewer system is to Paradise and what would you do to facilitate a solution to this situation? Melissa Schuster: A sewer system in our commercial corridor is key to the success of our business community. The results of the grant-funded study in the next few months will frame our choices of systems moving forward. Included in the 5 options being analyzed is one of doing nothing. I believe the analysis will show that that option is simply postponing the inevitable as the State and/or Federal Government will eventually mandate the installation of a sewer. As we all know, costs only escalate over time. It is in all of our interest to move forward now, rather than wait for the mandate. Equally as imperative as the sewer system is technological infrastructure. In today’s business world, technological connectivity is, arguably, even more vital than sewer. My plan for the first quarter of 2017 is to implement a policy in which the Town will address this need in all of its infrastructure project plans.

buildings are mom and pop operations, and I wouldn’t want to run them out of their buildings because of a sewer cost they can’t afford. I believe there is a happy medium by identifying potential grants first, gaining true community input based on available funding and then creating a sewer system we can afford. If the sewer system isn’t financially feasible, I will not support it.

Melissa Schuster Michael Zuccolillo: The sewer is an important component of economic development. Many of our commercial buildings are underutilized due to the lack of septic capacity. The Town is currently undertaking a feasibility study into a sewer system with the results due to the council shortly; however, the main component lacking is any cost estimates, or potential grants that could supplement the cost of a sewer and hookup. Let’s face it, a sewer system will be very expensive; cost estimates range from $30-$60 million dollars and given how government rarely meets its cost estimates the price tag will go up from there. I don’t want to burden our businesses and residents with a cost they cannot shoulder. I will be focusing on available grants and other incentives first that can make a sewer system a feasible and affordable option. The majority of the small commercial

3. The transient population of Paradise and the presence of drug offenders present a crime risk. With California Proposition 47, AB109,117, &118, the State has placed a burden on towns and counties to deal with rising crime. Considering the lack of funding for public safety, how are you going to address these issues? Melissa Schuster: Funding public safety is an absolute priority. Measure C has been advantageous to Paradise through the recession, allowing for the purchase of necessary equipment and added personnel. We are, and will continue to be vigilant about budgeting for the future without Measure C. The primary reason to increase the economic prosperity of Paradise is to fund public safety. Everything that we, as a community, can do to enhance the economic

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February/March 2017 • Ridge Business Journal 3

Chamber Welcomes New President, New Board Members Message from the President


am honored to serve as 2017 President of the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce. This year marks a milestone for the Chamber, celebrating its 75th year. I look at this year as a time for reflection— to look at what we have accomplished in the past and use that information and progress to guide us into the next 75 years. I feel fortunate for so many reasons—not least for all the

Welcome New Board Members Jennifer Harris, Curves Paradise Jeni has lived on the Ridge for 18 years. Jeni has been the owner of Curves Paradise for two years and constantly updates training to enhance skills and assist in creating the best experience for Curves members. Jeni’s community activities include Team Captain of Relay for Life, annual food drives, and an annual Heart-to-Hand tree to aid the Family Resource Center. Jeni achieved Relay Top Team fundraiser both individually and as a member of Team 2016 and enjoys working with the community to benefit both the community and her business. Jeni plans to contribute to the success of the Chamber through her involvement in directing the membership experience of her 200 Curves members.

Thank You to Two Past Presidents We bid a fond farewell and thanks to two past presidents, Shannon Hurte of Edward Jones Investments and Kelley Conner of PostNet. These individuals embody the spirit and activism of so many of our Chamber and community volunteers. The dedication and support of our team of staff, directors, and members help us carry out our mission to promote the civic and commercial progress of our community.

Pamela Teeter, A Maker’s Space

past board members and Presidents who have contributed talent and energy to make the chamber what it is today. On more than one occasion during its history, the Chamber struggled to stay afloat amid the changing tides of fortune. It was the efforts and commitment from those before me that kept the doors open. I am thankful for the current board and staff that I will be working with this year.  We have a great team.

We have great changes coming, starting with a new website launching and member information center in the coming months. During this process, we are analyzing what we can improve upon to better benefit our members, the businesses in Paradise at large and the services we provide to visitors and tourism.  The Chamber is a vital part of our community and I hope to continue its course of excellence.

Jill Williams, Branch office Administrator, Edward Jones Investments Jill has lived on the Ridge for 15 years. Her educational and work background includes community and business college. Jill worked at the Paradise Post, and is currently the ad sales representative

for the Ridge Business Journal. Jill is an active Chamber and community volunteer. Jill’s community activities include participation in Paradise Little League and Paradise Horseman’s Association. Jill also served on the Board of Directors of Paradise Charter Middle School, was Vice President of the local Chapter of the California Gymkhana Association, and has run for Chocolate Queen.

Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce 2017 Board of Directors: Front row: Secretary Gail Ennis, Repurpose By Design; Treasurer Judy Clemens, Theatre on the Ridge; Vice President, David Shepler, Wells Fargo Bank; Past President Jay Cooke, Professional Mortgage Associates; Andy Torkelson, Center for Spiritual Living and Maureen Wisener, Feather River Hospital. Back row: President Pamela Teeter, A Maker’s Space; Carol Peterson, Boys & Girls Club; Steve Crowder, A Stitch Above Embroidery & Shirt Printing; Dean Fender, Paradise Direct Web Services; Nicki Jones, HeavenScent Candles & More and Bobbi’s Boutique; Stephen Graf, Pearson Road Collision Repair; Anita Towslee, Tax Solutions; Shuree Wesley, M&S Wesley Tree Service; Jeni Harris, Curves Paradise and Jill Williams, Edward Jones Investments.

Make Easter Exta Special! Handmade Chocolate Baskets, Bunnies & Eggs Large Selection of Easter Candies and Gifts Personalized Easter Eggs Come in Now and Enter to Win a 5 lb. Chocolate Bunny

1183 Bille Road, Paradise • 872-9167 Monday-Friday 10-5:30, Saturday 10-5

4 February/March 2017 • Ridge Business Journal

Chamber Recognizes Community Special Recognition Award - For promoting community spirit on the Ridge

in an effort to preserve the legacy of Yellowstone Kelly. He spearheaded the new exhibit at the Gold Nugget Museum bringing new energy into one of our most treasured assets. And now, moving forward, his plan for the Memorial Trail is one that will bring us all together while preserving the history of our wonderful community. I am quite certain that Alice, in the great beyond, is nodding wisely or maybe even doing a little jig that this wonderful man is receiving this award in her honor. I know that I could not be more proud to present it.

Dean Fender

By Mark Thorp, Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce Membership and Events Coordinator and Judy Clemens, Executive Director, Theatre On the Ridge Here on the Ridge, we take kindly to folks who give of themselves, make personal sacrifices for the community, and contribute to the extent that we call them Paradisians. But what do you call someone who has given so much, so often, and is a quietly unsung hero and friend to all? You call Dean Fender, Rotarian, Chamber Direchim Dean tor, and owner of Paradise Direct Web Services was recognized for extraordiFender. Born of good nary commitment to community. Iowa stock, blessed with a wife and family that have given nearly as much as he does, Dean continues to challenge the community to do more, give more, and step up to the plate! A proud veteran, Dean served in the USAF first as a medic and later as a recruiter, where his enthusiasm and dedication earned him recognition as Top Recruiter In The Nation in his rookie year. In 1989, Dean was transferred to Chico while still in Recruiting Service as a District Supervisor and he retired from the US Air Force in 1993 after 20 years of honorable service. While in the Air Force, he met and married his wife Pam and they recently celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary. The former owner of Sierra Technical Institute, Dean is a valued computer expert now available on call with Fender I.T. Services-Paradise Direct Web Services: 530- 518-2173. He’s been on the spot for the Chamber and many other local businesses with technical assistance, boots on-the-ground brains and brawn, managerial expertise, and ENTHUSIASM since 1993. His countless professional contributions to our community include nonprofits: Paradise Performing Arts Center, Northern California Ballet, the Gold Nugget Museum, Theatre on the Ridge, Chocolate Fest, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Boy Scouts, and many others, making him invaluable to an otherwise “strapped” community that gets things done on a shoestring and a handshake. Dean has also served on the Economic Development Commission for the Town of Paradise and he is a current member of the Measure C Oversite Committee. Dean Fender does not set out to be acknowledged, nor does he seek recognition for completing tasks he starts, leads, and completes. He’s simply a man who does it because he actively loves his community—a love he expresses with enthusiasm and drive for the task at hand, whether its building a website, delivering thousands of apple pies for Johnny Appleseed Days, or showing up at a moment’s notice to save your computer. 

Alice Smith Honoree Bill Hartley poses with his wife and partner-in-chocolate, Pam Hartley

Alice Smith Award

Bill Hartley

By Melissa Schuster, Council Member, Paradise Town Council The Alice Smith Award embodies the spirit of Paradise in the person of Alice Smith. Alice was Paradise’s Godmother. She and her husband campaigned for the incorporation of the Town. She sat on the Town Council and served as Mayor and was named Mayor Emeritus. Alice was a docent for the Gold Nugget Museum and one of the original founders of the Paradise Boys and Girls Club as was this year’s recipient of the award that bears her name. At 100 years young, she ran for and won the title of Chocolate Queen in 2009. Bill Hartley’s love for his community and the people within it, his kind heartedness and compassion cannot be matched. From the moment he became an adult, Bill has been serving his community. As a young man, he served his country in Vietnam as, probably, the cutest bad-ass jarhead ever! When he returned, he served as a postal carrier and, finally, a cop. It was around this time that he met his precious Pam and managed to woo her with that boyish smile, despite being a few years older … and driving a station wagon. In 1981, Bill convinced Pam to move to Paradise. It wasn’t an easy task and required that he pull out ALL that boyish charm … and maybe even the “cop voice.” He served with the Paradise Police Department for 20 years, while Pam worked for the school district until they bought JoyLyn’s in 2000. Over the years, the Hartleys have done many wonderful things for our community, including putting Paradise on the map by receiving international awards for JoyLyn’s chocolates. Bill had the idea to host an event centered around chocolate as a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club … and the Paradise Chocolate Fest was born! Bill now has some sticky notes that read “stop me before I volunteer for something” that Pam sticks to his head when the urge arises. Bill is fond of westerns, and not long ago watched a movie about an historical figure that no one had ever heard of - Yellowstone Kelly. It was a forgettable movie and he pretty much forgot about it until one day, while he was at Wilson’s Marine buying boat parts he noticed a plaque and upon examination, learned that Yellowstone Kelly actually lived and died right here in Paradise. Bill had a new project! And Paradise has a new reason to be proud and excited! The amazing part is all that Bill has done in the short time since he has learned of Paradise’s connection to Yellowstone Kelly. Bill and Pam have traveled to Billings, Montana and brought these two cities together

District coordinator Saulo Londono of Senator Jim Neilsen’s Office and District Coordinator Laura Page of Congessman LaMalfa’s Office were on hand to honor Hanosh and Hunter Dental Group. Accepting the award is hygienist Mollie Collins.

Golden Poppy Award

Hanosh and Hunter Dental Group

By Mark Thorp, Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce Membership and Events Coordinator The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce AND the citizens of this fine community appreciate the efforts of businesses that embrace renovation and/or beautification of an existing business, or, by taking actions to upgrade and present a new business to the community that provides aesthetic value and a positive interpretation of “Paradise, may it be all that its name implies.” The net effect of making improvements to one’s business presents Paradise as a progressive community that provides an economic platform for others to visit, invest, and possibly relocate to the community we love. “Shopping local” is more than just a term we use to invest in the community. It’s a verb, requiring action, such as RidgeBucks, event participation, or the improvement of our micro and macro business infrastructure. While many businesses and property owners make upgrades and modifications, most find it daunting, or financially prohibitive, to take on the long-term commitment of renovating, relocating, or beautifying an existing business. This is why your Chamber of Commerce Board feels it necessary to acknowledge the courageous risk, the countless hours, and endless desire to improve our community through acts of improvement. This year’s Golden Poppy Award goes to a business that has made such improvements, and created a commonplace for service-oriented professionalism. Most of you have seen this new structure, located off the Skyway. A gracious, cathedral-ceilinged building that draws the visitor in, providing a comfortable and reassuring foyer and waiting room. Attentive staff welcome you across the large space and make every effort to engage you, in what has historically been a stressful and perhaps worrisome appointment. Know that… kind, skillful, and knowledgeable professionals await your arrival at Hanosh & Hunter Dental Group.

February/March 2017 • Ridge Business Journal 5

at Annual Awards Dinner

Louise Stahl Award For meritorious service to the Paradise Ridge community.

Hoppie Campos

By Patty G. Mckee, , Century 21 Select, Patty G. McKee, Realtor® You have to love people to be here, don’t you? They’re all so beautiful and unique. If we’re really honest, some are more beautiful than others. No, I don’t mean the way they look. I mean the things they do. For us, for our children, for our community. I can’t think of a more beautiful individual than Hoppie Campos. We as parBoys and Girls Club Area Director ents might raise a child or two or four “Hoppie” Campos was recognized for but Hoppie helps his commitment to our local youth. raise hundreds of kids who filter through the Boys and Girls Club in Paradise. Did you know we have 5 sites for the BGCNV right here in Magalia and Paradise? Hoppie has such a big heart that he responds immediately to any crisis with his kids. Let me just read the nomination that got him this award. Joshua “Hoppie” Campos is Area Director for the Boys and Girls Club and he is an exceptional individual who is there for the kids 24/7. His work and mentoring of our youth has done much to elevate the ethics and work ethic of our kids. Hoppie inspires, counsels, coaches, and encourages teens to reach for the stars. He signs the kids up to set up before events, to serve at events and to clean up after events. He cooks for cook offs, travels to pick up donated goods and is ever searching for ways to make a difference in our community and our kids. Hoppie is a force of change for the better and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for going above and beyond his job description.

Business of the Year

Hudson’s Appliance Center

By Pamela Teeter, President, Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce and owner, A Maker’s Space Hudson’s Appliance may be the longest running business in Paradise. The founder, Arlan Hudson, originally started selling appliances out Vince and Kristina Clarkson. owners of his garage before of Hudson’s Appliance Center, were opening Hudson’s recognized for innovations in prodAppliance Center ucts and services. on Pearson Road in 1964. The store has changed hands twice, to two separate families. Arlan first sold the business to Weldon Bauman in 1980,

which ran the business for 26 years. But that didn’t stop him from referring Jim Clarkson to Weldon in 1984. Arlan met Jim when he moved up from Oakland and originally hired him to take over maintenance at the local Baptist church. Arlan saw a strong work ethic in Jim. We all know about Arlan’s work ethic, takes one to know one. With Arlan’s referral, Jim joined the Hudson’s team in 1984, starting out as a delivery person. As Jim spent more time behind the wheel, he began to realize that there were a number of areas where the store could grow and provide more to its customers. The most important of these areas was on the end of servicing the appliances they sold. With the encouragement from Weldon, Jim took to the task of learning the skills needed and opened the store’s service center. Jim continued working for the Baumans for 22 years, eventually buying the business in 2006. But that is not were the story ends. In 2014, Jim’s son Vince returned home from the Marine Corps. After his dedicated service to our country’s armed services, he was ready to settle down with his wife Kristina and their two young children. You have probably seen the family pictures on their billboards all over town. Jim offered Vince and Kristina jobs and a partnership in the family business. Through their leadership the business has grown considerably. Hudson’s Appliance is the exclusive local retailer in Paradise for Amana, Whirlpool, Maytag, and Kitchenaid. Vince and Kristina launched a new campaign where Hudson’s will price match any northern California competitor, big box or small, and most recently have added a line of outdoor furniture and fire pits to their showroom floor. The Clarksons make you feel like family from the moment you walk in the door. Hudson’s is a great example of how a small local business can survive and thrive in the ever changing market.

Ed Salome Award – For sustained service to the Paradise Ridge Chamber Of Commerce

Chrissy Scott

By Mark Thorp, Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce Membership and Events Coordinator and Julie Cooke, Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Coordinator and Office Administrator, Center for Spiritual Living Each year the Paradise Ridge Chrissy Scott of California Vocation Chamber Of Commerce has the was recognized for her tireless voldistinct honor to unteer service in our community. express collective appreciation and gratitude to one individual who has gone above and beyond, thereby distinguishing their actions as worthy of the title, “Ed Salome Volunteer of the Year.” For over 75 years, volunteers have been acknowledged for their efforts to make our community vibrant and cultured, progressive and fruitful, and a town we proudly call “our home.” Our organization exists to promote and advocate for our member businesses, the economic development of our community, and a sincere belief that when one boat rises in the harbor… all boats rise. Like many other or-

ganizations, your Chamber of Commerce could not exist without the countless hours that our volunteers provide: phone calls, walk-ins to our visitor center, board of director participation, and assistance with our community events. Among our many hard-working volunteers, it is difficult to single out one individual for distinction. All are worthy of note, and each needs to be acknowledged. Through our rigorous research, utilizing “big data” we’ve tabulated words and phrases often used to express the character of this fine individual: Kind, Warm, Caring, Loving person, Pleasure to work with, Hard working, A healthy eater, bringing eggs and cottage cheese to morning breakfast meetings (Pregnancy has brought on donuts and the occasional piece of candy) Dedicated, Reliable, Smiling, Laughing, Known as “little sister.” The Paradise Ridge Chamber Of Commerce and the Paradise community at large recognize the efforts of Ms. Chrissy Scott for the efforts of the California Vocations Incorporated, Cove Program, for ongoing efforts to assist in the operation of Chamber events throughout the 2016 season. Chrissy directs a crew which is nothing less than indispensable in staging the chamber events: Party in the Park and Johnny Appleseed Days. Chrissy and her crew go above and beyond, and were last seen as the last staff on site helping vendors break down during the deluge that closed Johnny Appleseed Days 2016. Chrissy Scott’s selfless acts as a volunteer for the Paradise Ridge Chamber Of Commerce, and for civic contributions to our community as a whole, require specific recognition. We applaud your contributions and express our heartfelt gratitude for being an important part of our community.

Q & A, from page 1 development and sustainability of Paradise’s businesses will directly support the ability of our police and fire departments to effectively provide for the safety of our citizens. Michael Zuccolillo: Unfortunately, our state legislators pass many ridiculous and poorly thought out laws, and subsequently we must look local for solutions. I think one of the main problems is making Paradise too inviting to the transient population. There is a difference between an individual is who is down on their luck, and those who choose transience as a lifestyle. I’m all about helping someone who is willing to help themselves become self-sufficient again; however I’m not in favor of helping lifestyle transients by simply enabling bad choices. Recently my office complex was victimized by one our lifestyle transients, and I watched our police officers in much dismay that their hands were tied to effect any justice on this individual. I think we can start with educating the public on what attracts these lifestyle transients. Some of these attractions are unprotected electrical outlets, the ability to camp in our parks, areas with no video surveillance and vegetation that provides for cover from the public. Further, we can recreate neighborhood watches both physically and through social media that allow neighbors to look out for each other and report precise information to our local police. I have seen social media play a very helpful role in arresting people that have committed crimes against property and our citizens. With limited public funding, we need to look to technology to help bridge the gap. If these people know that the residents of the Ridge don’t tolerate trouble makers, many of them will go elsewhere. We also have numerous churches on the Ridge that are willing to help people help themselves. I think our law enforcement can work with the churches to help them identify proactive solutions in assisting those willing to progress toward self-sufficiency.

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6 February/March 2017 • Ridge Business Journal

Future Ribbon Cuttings All are welcome at Chamber Ribbon Cuttings and mixers. Leave work on time and bring a handful of business cards and your elevator speech, or grab a friend and come and learn more about your local businesses.

Hanosh and Hunter Dental Group celebrated the grand opening of its state-of-the art facility at 6072 Skymeadow Way, off the Skyway in Paradise.

The Misses Rae and Vivian Teeter welcomed guests to the annual Chamber Holiday Mixer at Center for Spiritual Living. CSL welcomes guests year-round at 789 Bille Road.

Thursdays, 5:30p.m. unless otherwise noted. Contact Monica at 877-9356 or Thursday, March 23, 2017

Relay for Life More information to follow; please visit Thursday, April 13, 2017

Eye Life Insitiute 5889 Clark Road (next to Immediate Care) More info coming

It’s a family affair as Jaki and Co. celebrate the opening of Jaki’s Smokehouse at 140 Pearson Road in Paradise. Visit Jaki’s for all manner of delectable house-smoked meats and an array of homemade side orders!

Summit Funding

Critter Care Kennel

7080 Skyway Suite B Paradise (530) 413-0072

5260 Miocene Circle Oroville (530) 872-5727

Cedar Creek

Ampla Health

6254 Clark Road Paradise (530) 872-0850

14137 Lakeridge Circle Magalia (530) 674-4261

Juice and Java

Kathy’s Drum Circles for Health & Wellness (530) 774-6388

Sharon Galvez, Carlene Heintz, Jan Keller, and Exalted Ruler Henri Brachais cut the ribbon to celebrate the renovation of the Charter Room at Paradise Elks Lodge, 1100 Elk Lane. The Elks welcome rentals at this versatile facility; contact Cathy Straub, 877-6934.

If you see the mattress outside, go ahead and come on in! Otherwise, make an appointment to talk great deals on mattresses. Mattress By Appointment, Greg Baron, 720-2112.

Sojourner’s House on the Ridge opened a new day center to better serve the needs of the Ridge’s homeless. To find out more or offer assistance, visit

Yellowstone Kelley and his posse opened a must-see exhibit at the Gold Nugget Museum honoring the famous veteran and explorer. Visit the Gold Nugget Museum at 502 Pearson Road.


25 Jan Court, Suite 130 Chico (530) 345-5864

Paradise Airport

Paradise ROCKS!

4405 Airport Road Paradise 521-2289

Backyard Solutions

PASH – Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers

5660 Skyway Suite C Paradise (530) 762-8096

7067 Skyway Paradise (530) 872-9633

American Lung Association in California

5475 Skyway Paradise (530) 521-3112

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February/March 2017 • Ridge Business Journal 7

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ONGOING Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense presented by TOTR

Thurs., Fri., Sat. March 16, April 8, 7:30pm curtain Sunday Matinees March 26, - April 2 & 9, 2:00 pm curtain

Theatre on the Ridge, 3735 Neal Road 877-5760,

Paradise Host Lions Club

1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 6:45pm

Cozy Diner, 6371 Skyway

Tai Chi with Pyramid Michael Every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30pm to 7pm

Feather Canyon Retirement Community, 5900 Canyon View Drive

Paradise Ridge Homeless Task Force Meeting

Paradise Rotary

2nd Thursdays, 10:00am

Atria Paradise, 1007 Buschmann Road

Every Thursday Noon for lunch

Paradise Lutheran Church, 780 Luther Drive

“Tinsel Town Tuesdays”

Paradise Library, 5922 Clark Road Book Sale hours 10:00am to 3:00 pm, except holiday weekends and months with a 5th Saturday.

Paradise Ridge Senior Center, 877 Nunneley Road, 877-1733

2nd Tuesday of every month 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Passages Caregiver Support Group

Friends of the Library Book Sale

Every Tuesday, 2pm

Town Council Meeting

Open Mikefull

First Tuesday of every month, 6pm

Paradise United Methodist Church, 6277 Clark Road, across from Cinema 7. 872-1162

Paradise Elks Lodge, 1100 Elks Lane, Grand Hall, rear entrance

Town of Paradise - Town Hall, 5555 Skyway, 872-6291 x101

Norton Buffalo Hall, 5704 Chapel Drive, 877-4995

Every Thursday, 9:00am

Every Sunday Doors Open 3:00pm

Norton Buffalo Hall, 5704 Chapel Drive, 588-0522 Wednesdays, 7pm to 10pm

Tai Chi at Feather Canyon

Paradise Elks Bingo

Alternate Saturdays


Mardi Gras!

Tuesday, March 14, 6:00pm

Searching For Spring, Bus Trip

CHP class for seniors, free of charge. Friday, March 31, 1:00pm Wild flower trip to Table MounAuthentic, chef prepared, Creole St. Paddy’s Day Pub & Party tain. Supper, live music, Hurricanes. Friday, March 17, 3:30pm Piano Bar and sing along with Irish MLB Season Opening Party! MARCH Margarita and appetizers! Sunday, April 2, 1:00p.m. Olive Month Happy Hour Sunday Champagne Brunch Big game on the big screen, adult beverage and snacks. Thursday, March 2, 3:30pm Sunday, March 19, 11:30am Live music, Cocktail of the Day. Tuesday, Feb. 28, 5:00pm

Depression in Seniors

Spring Fling Happy Hour

Ed & Fred Luncheon

Thursday, March 23, 3:30pm

Friday, April 7, 12:00p.m.

“Peanuts” Happy Hour

Elvis Happy Hour

Kris Mudd, MBA,PCCI.

Live music, spring cocktails, appetiz- Celebrating Atria Paradise’s Extraordinary Gardening Duo. ers and fun party favors!

‘60s Happy Hour

Thursday, March 30, 3:30pm

Tuesday, March 7, 6:00pm

Thursday, April 13, 3:30p.m. Thursday, March 9, 3:30pm All the peanuts you can eat, appe- Cocktails, appetizers and Elvis

Live music, cocktails, appetizers. tizers, cocktails and live music!

briefs, from page 1 now prohibited anywhere smoking is prohibited, which includes indoors and within 20 feet of an entrance, exit, and operable window of any business. In addition, smoking/vaping is prohibited in Paradise parks. Butte County Public Health Department has provided the required signage for businesses to post. Decals may be picked up at the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce or at Butte County Public Health Department, 202 Mira Loma Drive, Oroville. U.S. Bank Named A Best Brand For Business U.S. Bank has been named a Best Brand for Small Business and for Middle Market Banking by leading consulting and research firm Greenwich Associates. The Greenwich Best Brand Awards are based on thousands of interviews. U.S. Bank was recognized as a Best Brand in six categories: Overall, Loans or Lines of Credit, and Cash Management for Small Business and Overall, Loans or Lines of Credit and Cash Manage-

Veterans’ Memorial Hall, Skyway at Elliot Road All items are in good condition and attractively priced. Cash only. Barbara Braun, 877-6842.

Extensive collection of guitars. Beer and wine available for purchase. 872-8722,

Paradise Wedding Show

Saturday, March 11, 12:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.

The PLaCe at Paradise Lutheran Church, 780 Luther Drive (between Terry Ashe Park & CVS) Plan your wedding in one day! St. Nick’s Crab Feed Complimentary food tasting, Saturday, February 25, visit with wedding specialists, DJ, 5:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, photographer, ideas for hair and grooming, tuxedo rental, table 5872 Oliver Road For $40.00 you get Crab and Lasa- settings and decorations, wondergna, Salad Bread and Dessert and ful honeymoon destinations, and much more! Gwen Nordgren, Live Music! Deon 877-7006.

Butte County Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) Meeting

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Saturday, March 11, 4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.

Monday, February 27, 5:00pm to 7:00pm


Atria Paradise, 1007 Buschmann Road Age Well, Drive Smart

Friday,Feb 24 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. Saturday, Feb 25 8:00a.m. to 3:00p.m

Paradise Ridge Senior Center, 877 Nunneley Rd. Corned beef/cabbage; eat in or Friday, February 10, Butte County Public Works – take out. Bill Hopman, 877-1005, 7:00pm to 10:00pm Conference Room De Sabla Guild, 44 Bellarmine Court, Chico, Tickets are just $10 and can be 16247 Skyway, Magalia Guests: Lassen National Forest purchased from a board member, Enjoy coffee and music with Da Supervisor and Almanor District at the Senior Center Office and at Hot Pots the 2nd and 4th Fridays of Ranger the door. every month!   Nicci Lawhun, 7745529.

De Sabla Guild Coffee and Music Nights

RSVP to Shell 872-3344.


Huge Sale at Vets Hall

songs with live entertainment!

ment for Middle Market. U.S. Bank meets the needs of small businesses with a wide range of products and services that include deposit accounts and cash flow management, card payment and acceptance tools, equipment leasing and wealth management. Visit your local branch at 6817 Skyway. Déjà Vu’s Journey: Opportunity and Growth Déjà Vu offers 18,000 square feet of eclectic merchandise, featuring antiques, high quality solid wood, and trendy painted furnishings, collectibles, lighting, home décor, as well as many unique and hard to find indoor/outdoor plants for “the most unique shopping experience on the Ridge.” Last year brought the indoor expansion into the adjacent building, and Spring 2017 brings the expansion of the nursery. Déjà Vu welcomes six Butte College Agriculture and Horticulture interns in conjunction with the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act. Interns will be engaged

Curves Paradise Annual Food Drive

Encore Paradise!

Saturday, March 11, 7:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.

Paradise Performing Arts Center 777 Nunneley Road Monday, March 6 through Variety Show supporting ParaSaturday, March 18 dise Police K-9s, Simple Gesture Curves Paradise (Green Bag Program), and Gold 6848 Skyway, Suite G Nugget Museum History Program (in the Holiday Shopping Plaza) Bring in a grocery bag of food or a for Elementary School Students. check for $30 for A Simple Gesture 327-7211 one time enrollment fee will be waived when you sign up on conQuota International of tract! *Certain restrictions apply. See Curves for details. Member- Paradise Annual ship is not required to donate food. Indoor Yard Sale Jeni Harris, 877-8300, curvespara- Saturday, March 18, 9am to 2:30pm Norton Buffalo Hall, 5704 Chapel Drive off Pearson, across street Guitars of the Stars from Gold Nugget Museum. Friday, March 10, Everything from collectibles to 6:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. clothing. Kitchen items to elecGold Nugget Museum tronics and, more. Drop off gently 502 Pearson Road used donations Friday, March 17,

in nursery propagation, transplanting, planning and scheduling future crops, safe nursery practices, water conscious irrigation, pest management using beneficial insects, creating inspiring merchandising displays—while offering personalized and world-class customer service. This spring you will see a wonderful transformation in the nursery, but don’t wait to visit Déjà Vu—Gardens Galore, 480 Pearson Rd. 530-413-9648 Paradise ROCKS! Opens in Paradise We named our store Paradise ROCKS! because it does! Paradise ROCKS! is a new retail store located at 5660 Skyway Suite C in Paradise. We sell rocks, minerals, crystals, art and gifts. If we don’t have what you are looking for we will do our best to “dig it up.” All of our products are hand-picked with exceptional quality, social responsibility and positive energy in mind. We are a fun, familyrun business with a commitment to strengthening our Paradise community by promoting art and culture in the

area. Please stop by and say hello! To kickoff our Grand Opening Celebration, Paradise ROCKS! is sponsoring a rock hunt. If you find a rock that was posted on our Facebook page, bring it in for a small prize. Find a golden rock and you will receive a grand prize! For more information about rock hunt visit our Facebook page @ParadiseROCKS530. CSL Coordinates Holiday Effort for CCC In mid-December, members of Pine Ridge Women’s Club and the Center for Spiritual Living, Paradise, collected toiletries and necessary supplies for gift bags for the dedicated young men and women of the California Conservation Corps, Magalia Camp, for the holidays. Gratitude for donations goes out to: the  Magalia Beautification Association for warm gloves, the 5th grade class at Cedarwood School in Magalia for decorated gift bags, the Center for Spiritual Living, Paradise for the donation of $200 from its Board of Trustees to help fund this en-

after 10am at Norton Buffalo Hall. Info. Carol, 521-4027.

Belly Dancing Class benefitting Relay for Life Saturday, March 18, 2:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.

Positive I, 750 Fir Street A fun hour of belly dancing ! Raffle tickets for some amazing raffle prizes! $10 suggested donation. Curves Paradise - Jeni Harris 8778300, Abigail Moore 566-5341

Dinner With The Doctor Thursday, March 23, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Chico Oaks Seventh-day Adventist Church 1877 Hooker Oak Ave, Chico, Eric Behrman, MD, his specialty is prenatal care and women’s health, focusing on Obstetrics. Feather River Community Wellness, 764-7154

Boys & Girls Club Paradise Cook Off

Saturday, March 25, 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Paradise Elks’ Lodge, 1100 Elk Lane. 4-Course Cooking Competition. Featuring master and amateur chefs. Sample all dishes, appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and desserts. Cash bar, live entertainment, and raffle. Tickets $15 or $50 family of 4. Alex Beehner. 899-0335.

APRIL Gold Nugget Days

April 27-April 30, 2017

Gold Nugget Museum 502 Pearson Road Terry Ashe Park, 6626 Skyway And other venues around Paradise Celebrating the discovery of a 54 pound gold nugget at Whiskey Flats in April 1859. The celebration includes the Gold Nugget Queen contest, Parade, Craft Faire and much more. 872-8722

deavor and supplies donated by the membership. Pine Ridge Women’s Club, Paradise Pines Women’s Club, Jaki’s Hilltop Cafe, PostNet, and attendees of the Holiday Chamber Mixer held at the Center for Spiritual Living, Paradise also donated requested supplies. The bags were delivered by Rev. Andy Torkelson, MaryEllen Reed, Judy Winder, and Shirley Williamson to the grateful CCC members. It was a wonderful experience for all who participated. Community Acupuncture Clinic at ‘Ohana ‘Ohana: Community Acupuncture Clinic now open Mondays and Wednesdays 1 p.m.-5p.m. Walk-in clinic, no appointments, clothes-on in a comfy chair. Pay what you can $20-$40. Adam Moes, L.Ac is in the house! Arthritis, Stress, Anxiety, Tendonitis, Sciatica, Nerve Pain, Digestive Disorders, Addiction, Migraines, Vertigo, PMS, Insomnia, Depression Chronic Fatigue, High Blood Pressure and much more. ‘Ohana Health, 757 Fir Street, 876-1692.

Exp. June 30, 2017

Exp. June 30, 2017

8 February/March 2017 • Ridge Business Journal

Ridge Business Journal Feb March 2017  
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