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I hate to be one of those people who bangs on about how quickly the year is flying by... but how is it June already?! I suppose as we grow older, each year is a smaller proportion of our total lifespan so literally seems shorter. Such is life eh.. As it is the end of this financial year, this edition features articles about money; managing it with your accountant, securing it, financial support for apprentices and making sure you are protected for what you are owed. Read on for some timely information. We are pleased to report our involvement in an important publication Lead Alert: Six step guide to painting your home. We offered our support in the updating of it for its 5th Edition, which directs home owners to some of our information pages on Lead; identification and handling etc. For such an important issue, we are proud to be involved in keeping it current in the minds of homeowners as well as professionals, preventing disastrous outcomes for anyone in the vicinity of its removal. You may have seen our recent email about a new partnership – with EC Credit Control. This is in response to a serious increase in the number of painters struggling to get payment for services rendered. Members can now find discounted assistance with debt collection and becoming a secured creditor; check inside for more info. Also since last issue, we are excited to report that there have been 91 new and renewed members! This is fantastic news for all, as the stronger we are in numbers, the more clout we have in the industry; the more we can do for you. Keep up the good work!! Watch this space in coming weeks for the Relaunch of our Website. It is looking great, will provide even more information and be a breeze to navigate. Let us know what you think.

Nigel Gorman EXECUTIVE EDITOR Caroline Miall CONTRIBUTORS • Caroline Miall • Colin Thompson • Daniel Wurm • Debra Jarvis • Jennie Gorman • Jim Baker • Monroe Porter • Nigel Gorman • Scott Robertson


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In the Chair Welcome to all readers of this month’s Aussie Painting Contractor magazine. I’d like to acknowledge all the paint shops I visited for their welcome and willingness to promote Aussie Painters Network to their clients. It’s great to see that a couple of the shops have even joined! I am talking with painters every day and am hearing the same thing over and over again, ‘How can I win work when people are undercutting me by up to 50%?’ Well there is no easy answer, you just have to hold firm to your rate and do the little things right to win the work. Turn up on time for your quote, be confident that you can do what the client needs, and don’t expect to win as high a percentage as you may have in the past. A big thanks, too, to our members for your continued support and new memberships. I have no doubt you will benefit greatly by being a member of Aussie Painters Network. Our aim is to help you, while making the Industry more Professional. I will be phoning all members over the coming weeks to touch base, see if there is anything we can do for you and to remind you of our growing list of Member benefits. We have had a few enquires for the estimating service we now offer. If you are tired of spending time in the office pondering over plans, we can now do all the area take-offs for you, and leave you to cost it out at your rates. Check out our advert inside. We are currently organizing the next Back to Basics business course in Brisbane in just a few weeks. We have run two very successful courses in the recent past with great positive feedback from the attendees.

If you could benefit from an afternoon brushing up on your business and management skills while gaining some new insights and ideas for your business, give us a call ASAP and book in. Please suggest the best time for you to attend these courses. (a weekday afternoon has been suggested, however an evening or a Saturday may suit more). We will be organising these courses for other areas around Australia very soon. Look out for details for one close to you. Due to concerns from several painters regarding a lack of payment for their services recently, we cover this difficult situation in the mag this month. Make sure you have a signed contract in place and that both parties have agreed to the terms and conditions before any work is carried out. A verbal agreement or a hand shake is of little use if your client refuses to pay. Read on for more tips to avoid the worst case scenario. It could save your business!

Happy Painting !

Colin Thompson Aussie Painters Network Your Partners in Painting 0433 274 794 07 3555 8010 1800 355 344

Opinions and viewpoints expressed in the Aussie Painting Contractor Magazine do not necessarily represent those of the editor, staff or publisher or any Aussie Painters Network’s staff or related parties. The publisher, Aussie Painters Network and Aussie Painting Contractor Magazine personnel are not liable for any mistake, misprint or omission. Information contained in the Aussie Painting Contractor Magazine is intended to inform and illustrate and should not be taken as financial, legal or accounting advice. You should seek professional advice before making any business related decisions. We are not liable for any losses you may incur directly or indirectly as a result of reading Aussie Painting Contractor Magazine. Reproduction of any material or contents of the magazine without written permission from the publisher is strictly prohibited.

Where’s My Money? Where’s My Money? This a question being asked too often. Aussie Painters Network has been receiving phone calls on a weekly basis asking for assistance to help them get paid what they’re owed for a job. All too often, painters and other subbies are getting stung for work they’ve completed. No matter who you are working for, the best way to avoid this happening to you is to simply get everything in writing. Don’t do anything verbally. We hear it time and time again; ‘The builder/home owner seemed trustworthy and reliable, right up until I asked for payment.’ This is when everything goes haywire and painters are exploited.

Checklist for what you MUST do. 1. Do a written quote 2. Have a contract in place; this is your agreement with the client as to the details of the work AND the payment conditions. Make it relevant and structure it so it protects your investment of time and money in the job. 3. Include deposit and progress payments (remember you are not their bank and you have bills to pay as well)

6 | Aussie Painters Network

4. If the scope of the job changes or there are variances, make sure you get the amendment in writing, particularly if the costing has changed. 5. At the end of the job do a defect list with the client and have them to sign off on it. 6. Once completed get your final payment as soon as possible.

I don’t like to DREAM about getting Paid! These things are essential in finalising and receiving payment once you have completed the job, and will ensure you will be paid what you are entitled to without major obstacles. Having these in place protects you from the unscrupulous. If you do have to go to court or a tribunal for payment, without these things it will be difficult to prove your case against those that owe you. You’ve done the work and paid for the materials you deserve to get paid. by Caroline Miall

4 /1311 Ipswich Rd, Rocklea, Queensland, Australia 4106 1800 355 344

2014 June Issue | 7

8 | Aussie Painters Network

Competitors for the 2014 WorldSkills Australia National Competition Category : Painting & Decorating

Training Company

TAFE/Training Provider/Institute


State First Name

Last Name






Image Painting & Decorating






Usher & Son Painting Contractors

TAFE Queensland





Homeworks Australia Pty Ltd

Canberra Institute of Technology TAFE NSW Hunter Institute, Newcastle Campus TAFE NSW Illawarra Institute, Wollongong Campus TAFE NSW Western Institute, Orange College





Lucas Painting Services





James Hickey Painting & Decorating





Touch-up Painting Painting Services

Perth North WA



G.V. Painting

Perth South WA



Esplanade Hotel Fremantle

Polytechnic West

Sydney West




Top Gun Painting & Decorating Services

TAFE NSW South Western Sydney Institute, Granville College

Wide Bay




All Trades Queensland

MPA Skills

All Trades Queensland

MPA Skills

Master Painters Queensland

Website : Phone: 03 9249 1000 | Fax: 03 9249 1033 Email: 2014 June Issue | 9

Aussie Painters Network Pilot Mentorship Program

We’ve begun our Mentorship program, with Brianna Tully (Bri). As every Mentoring relationship will be a very different one, how the program will pan out will depend largely on the needs of the ‘Mentee’, experience and background of the Mentor and the goals of both. These guiding principles will be established from the start of the relationship, with the object of both parties benefiting from the experience. Bri completed her apprenticeship 6 years ago with and has since been employed by Double R & S Painters; so understandably she hasn’t yet pursued her own license. Now that her goals are predominantly to venture out on her own to start a business this is going to have a significant impact on the next steps she must take. Whilst she has completed her apprenticeship as far as requirements stood back in 2008, there are now new competencies involved to qualify, and so there will be further courses she may need to fulfil first. Brei will need to establish RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) because the training package has changed and she will need to demonstrate new competencies to qualify for a QBCC licence. Bri and her Mentor will need to investigate all of the necessary steps to take to gain her licence; in addition to new competencies; there will be licensing fees, insurance, her own vehicle and tools etc. She is the ideal test-candidate for our new Business Mentorship program, as she has a significant experience of the

10 | Aussie Painters Network

industry as an employee, and will now take that next step with the guidance of someone who has ‘been there and done that’ for decades. Bree has already registered her company name and is eager to embark on the next step in her working life with ‘Breeze Brushworks’. She told us, “I am so excited at the opportunity to join this Mentoring program, it has come up just at the right time. There is a certain amount of anxiety involved in going it alone, and I feel so lucky to be benefitting from the experience of someone who’s already been successful in the industry. Aussie Painters Network has assisted me in finding an RTO with government funding to do my RPL, with no out of pocket expenses. I’ve been put in touch with insurance companies and am now comparing all my options. It is so much clearer what I need to do to move forward.” Next month we’ll introduce Brianna and her new Mentor to our readers so they can follow the progress of the program. If you are new to the industry, or to starting out on your own painting venture and think you could be a good candidate for Mentorship, please get in touch. 1800 355 344

Coming Soon



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Aussie Painters Network has been evolving for the 3 years it has been supplying information. Well, next part of the evolution of Aussie Painters Network is our website update. We have consulted with painters and industry stake holders and we have developed a user friendly site full of the most up to date information for anyone wanting to know about the Painting and Decorating Industry as well as consumers looking for painters to employ.

The site will be live for all to play with in June. Start getting excited. 2014 June Issue | 11

Adventurers Wanted for Jungle Trek Mates in Construction Kokoda Trek, 5-14 September 2014

Are you looking for your next challenge? A call has gone out to the building and construction industry to join the inaugural MATES in Construction Kokoda Trek, taking place in Papua New Guinea in September. The nine day trek is a joint venture by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), MATES in Construction, Cribhut and Aurora Adventures to raise awareness about suicide prevention in the construction industry. Physically and mentally challenging, the scenic 96 km Kokoda Trail passes through some of the rugged jungle in the world. Built over 200 years ago as a commuting route between villages the scene of bitter fighting between Australian and Japanese soldiers during World War II. The fundraising trek coincides with International Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September 2014, when a ceremony commemorating this day, as well as those who fought and lost their lives on the Kokoda Trail, will be held at Brigade Hill. This historic Australian pilgrimage will be an adventure of a lifetime, so why not sign up for the Kokoda Trek

12 | Aussie Painters Network

and help MATES in Construction to help others in challenging circumstances. The aim is to recruit 40 ‘trekkers’ from across industry to help raise a targeted $100,000 so that MATES in Construction can appoint another support officer for Queensland. For details and to view the Kokoda Trek itinerary visit CSQ’s website at Sign up for the trek by calling Aurora Adventures on 1300 158 468. Donations to support MATES in Construction can be made via the Go Fundraise (link to www.gofundraise. ) (search for Mates in Construction) View the video (link to watch?v=S8oI4oamqBw)

The Mates in Construction helpline is available 24/7 on 1300 642 111

2014 June Issue | 13

Mistakes Contractors Make with Accountants by Monroe Porter

Many contractors don’t like bookkeeping and accounting. Smaller contractors are notorious for not properly processing withholding taxes, worker’s compensation, unemployment and other financial requirements, so it makes sense many of them would look to their accountants to take care of this. While this may work for basic taxes, this type of system probably won’t work as a contractor’s business grows. It is not uncommon for us to work with contractors who have their accountants do all their record keeping offsite. The contractor’s internal records tend to be a mess and it is almost impossible to tell where they are financially. Here are some do’s and don’ts you might find useful. Some don’ts: • Don’t allow all of your financial records to be kept off site at the accountants or on his or her laptop. You must have access to those records and use them to monitor your finances and where the business stands. With the current on line capability of accounting software, the accountant should be able to access accounting remotely. • Don’t let your accountant use the same statement format for you as he or she uses with all other clients. A chart of accounts used for a retail store is totally different than what a contractor should use. While this format will work for taxes, it will not provide you with the strategic information you need. A contractor’s statement should follow guidelines similar to the following simple breakdown. Of course, you can and should have multiple categories under each broad cost

14 | Aussie Painters Network

category. The idea is to tabulate costs in a format that matches how you think when you bid jobs. This allows you to compare estimating logic with actual costs. Sales Direct Costs • Field labor and related payroll costs • Material • Subcontractors • Special job cost (any one time job expense) Gross Profit Variable Overhead (gas, small tools, equipment repairs, etc.) Gross Profit after Variable Overhead Fixed Overhead-rent (non-field salaries, depreciation, etc.) Net Profit • Many contractors use a cash statement for taxes but such a statement can be of little value for business analysis. A cash statement only shows cash in and cash out; it does not include accounts receivable (what people owe you) and accounts payable (what you owe others). Failure to include accounts receivable sales and unpaid expenses leaves a distorted financial picture. • If your accountant is closing your payroll, make sure you know what that is costing you. Most accountants have secondary employees providing these services, not the accountant. Payroll is an automated process and much of it is done by software. If your accountant bills at $150 to $200 an hour; you want to pay for his or her advice, not for day to day bookkeeping and data entry.

Some do’s: • Ask your accountant questions. He or she probably uses terms you are not familiar with just like there are many terms in your trade the accountant may not be familiar with. Accounting is not rocket science. There is no multiplication or division, it is all basic adding and subtracting. However, failing to follow a contractor template as laid out in this article creates a confusing format. We frequently have contractors send us complicated poorly set up statements with comments that they do not understand them. I always have the same reply, I don’t understand them either. • Use your accountant for tax planning. Several months before year end meet with your accountant and tax plan for the year. You can probably project close to how the year is going to come out. This is particularly important if you are having a year with higher profits, as you are probably paying tax estimates based on the previous year. • Have your accountant, a Quickbooks Pro similar or other professional help set up your in-house chart of accounts. While software programs can be easy to use and may look like an electronic check register, they are not electronic check registers. It is accounting and you need to know bookkeeping basics to make sure items are being recorded properly. • If you have an office person who is not than familiar with bookkeeping, use your accountant to help train

that person. Have someone come in monthly and help until the office person has learned the day to day. • As a theft and accuracy measure, a good rule of thumb is that you want two people involved with your accounting. Generally, you don’t want the person who does the day to day to balance the checkbook. It is ok to have you accountant balance your monthly statement and/or do a quarterly review. • In the accountant’s defense, most contractors do not make good customers as they keep poor records, take little interest in the process and are not a big revenue source. Appreciate what they do but focus on the advice and have the day to day down in house. Surround yourself with professional advisors but you must understand the accountant is merely a scorekeeper. They do not price, bid or buy anything. You are the coach of your business and you make the decisions that drive profit and loss. Without information, you cannot make the right decision. Monroe Porter is president of PROOF Management a firm that teaches seminars and runs networking groups for painting contractors. Several Aussie painting contractors travel to the US each year to participate in his programs.

‘My Costing Guide’ is a fully automated program where all you have to do is add or change the variables and the total price ill appear in an instant. It is simple to use and can be personalised to your own business.

2014 June Issue | 15

Aussie Painters Network is a proud sponsor of

Tweed Heads Seagulls ROUND 14: 2.00PM, Sunday 1st June Piggabeen Sports

ROUND 17: 2.00PM, Sunday 22nd June Piggabeen Sport

ROUND 15: 3.00PM, Sunday 8th June Bishop Park

ROUND 18: 2.00PM, Sunday 29th June Dolphin Oval

ROUND 16: 2.00PM, Sunday 15th June Piggabeen Sports

16 | Aussie Painters Network

“DON’T LET BAD DEBTORS STEAL YOUR HARD EARNED CASH” We have all heard or used sayings like: prevention is better than a cure; a stitch in time saves nine; and it’s better to have a fence at the top of a cliff than an ambulance at the bottom. For many years Credit Management, or Debt Collection companies, have focused solely on collecting overdue accounts not on preventing them, the apparent logic being, why prevent something that makes you money? EC Credit Control is a credit management company with a difference, not only do they collect overdue accounts they also work with business owners to implement effective systems to protect the business. Creating customised and industry specific Terms of Trade (including Credit Applications, Quote Forms, Variation Forms, Personal Guarantees etc, as well as Building contracts for both commercial and domestic work) that fit in with how the business transacts with its clients, giving the business access to credit checking, credit monitoring facility through their strategic partnership with credit bureau, Veda. With the recent changes in legislation which now sees the PPSA (Personal Property Securities Act) in place, it is vital that clients secure their interest and register correctly and become a secured creditor instead of being unsecured and maybe losing “the lot” in a liquidation scenario. This new legislation is simple to understand and easy to register your interest to ensure your protection. Having compliant terms in place and registering all your credit account customers on the PPSR (which EC Credit Control will do for a minimum fee) for 7 years is a “Set and Forget” peace of mind of ensuring all your creditors are secured!!

EC Credit Control has been helping Australasian businesses since 1989. EC Credit Control understands that each business is as unique as the people that are behind it. EC Credit Control has area managers that actually care about your business and will take the time to sit down with you to discuss what you need, and will show you how to protect your business and how to use the various credit management tools available. EC Credit Control have Area Managers located throughout the country all having developed a strong reputation for providing solutions to local businesses. They are all seen as a subject matter expert in Credit Management issues, and are often called upon to consult with businesses in order to ensure both systems and processes are set up to meet “best practice” in an ever changing and often volatile economy. Any of these Area Manager are available for a “no obligation” appointment and to arrange, please contact Aussie Painters Network on 1800 355 344 or email

Because—you work hard for your money

Debt Recovery “No Collection—No Commission” Terms of Trade Documentation PPSR Registrations Professional Credit Management advice Offices throughout Australia Locally based Area Managers

Call us now on 1300 362 070

Your Australia Wide Credit Management Professionals

2014 June Issue | 17

Are you a slave to your business? My wife and I are at present 38,000 feet in the air on the first leg of our flight from Brisbane to England; the start of a five week holiday. This is an eight hour journey which gives a person plenty of time to watch some of the on-board movies. My choice was the Oscar winning film ’12 Years A Slave’, which after watching it brought me to the question, ‘Are you a slave to your business?’ Are you working long days and on weekends? Do you miss out on spending time on yourself and with your family? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you really have to re-look at the way you operate your business. Believe it or not, life is not all about work so don’t let it run your life; it is too precious to be wasted. I recently turned 60 and in those years have learnt to use my time wisely. To achieve a good work/life balance, you must have a business that runs smoothly. This can be done by using your time efficiently and effectively. Remember, any time saved is time that can be used in your personal life for things that really matter. Look at the time you waste in normal day. It could be anything from multiple trips to the paint shop, spending too much time on the phone, being unorganised, the way you go about doing your quotes and even the way you schedule your jobs . All this leads to less productivity which in turn results in working longer hours for the same monetary value.

Let’s go through some time saving ideas. 1. We all know how long it can take to go to the paint shop. The travelling to get there, waiting to get served and the mixing of the product. It all takes time. This can easily be avoided, especially if you have an account with the store. Get your paint delivered, that’s what they are there for. Plan it right and the order will get to you within

18 | Aussie Painters Network

a few hours. Or, plan ahead and make sure you have everything the day before. 2. Answering the phone is sometimes annoying because of the amount of marketing calls we receive, which in most cases are a complete waste of time. One way to avoid this is to have your phone diverted to a message bank or better still, have it professionally answered in your business name. I always found this better as some people do not like to talk to an answering machine. The message will be sent as a text which you can screen and reply to if it is a worthwhile call. Many of these annoying marketing callers will not leave a message so in turn reduces time spent on the phone.

3. Job scheduling can be difficult at times. Clients could change the start date, staff phone in sick or there could be a sudden change in the weather. They play a huge part in lost time and productivity. Try and plan for the unexpected. 4. Quoting is dead money as you don’t get paid for this. If you do 15-20 quotes per month, it could total up to around 15-20 hours in un-productive time spent. Make sure you include some quoting time in your overall hourly rate. Hopefully you have worked your own rate and are not going by what other painters are charging. Every business is individual and we all have different expenses. Try and do your quoting at the end of the working day also. This will save you time going back and forth from the job in your productive working day. Just make sure you have a change of clothes or at least a clean quotingshirt. I do not understand how painters can turn up for a quote looking filthy. If your jobs are not being accepted, this would be one of the main reasons why. 5. Don’t fall into the trap on spending a lot of time giving clients advice on colour schemes. I remember in the early years in business talking to a client for over an hour looking at colour swatches. A few weeks after sending out my quote I gave her a call and was told she chose a cheaper painter to do the job (most probably using my colour choices). Explain in a nice way that you would be more than happy to spend time giving them advice when the quote is accepted. Time is precious so don’t waste it. If you can save 8 hours a month, then that is one extra day you can spend in some leisure time, or an extra 2 weeks holiday a year. I have always said too if you find you are working long hours and on weekends and can see no additional benefit, then maybe it’s time to put up your hourly rate. Instead of getting 80% of your work accepted, target 60-70%. You will be making the same amount of money and you’ll also be working less hours.

Jim Baker 2014 June Issue | 19

Talkin’ with TED! “How did a one-off conference about technology, entertainment and design become a viral video phenomenon and a worldwide community of passionate people?” ( of-ted)

Like many of us, perhaps you are starting to spend more time than ever before getting to know the online version of our world; some tradies wouldn’t have previously had so many reasons to be on their computers perhaps. However, logging on nowadays can sometimes be a bit overwhelming with such an inconceivable amount of information on offer, and often our time is already gobbled up without much thought for what else could be out there. Email, Facebook, Pinterest etc., are great ways to connect and share, but you really are missing out on what the internet has to offer if you aren’t also seeking some content of real value to your life, your passions, or to your business. Try not to fall into the trap of spending most of your online time on social media. Make sure you have a good look at what is at your fingertips. Regularly I come across a TED talk and am so glad I took a few moments to watch it. They often leave me completely blown away by life-changing facts, phenomena and outstanding individuals. TED is a global non profit organisation that was born from a single conference held in 1984, observing the phenomenal impact of the modern combination of Technology, Entertainment and Design (hence TED). Now, among other ventures, it is an annual multidisciplinary conference devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It is run predominantly out of New York and Vancouver, but also by collaborations of staff and volunteers across the globe. What has culminated in TED is a

20 | Aussie Painters Network

highly respected example of the possibilities afforded us by global communication of the World Wide Web. (Thank god it isn’t all just porn and shopping eh!? ;-) The TED community’s agenda is to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation: “Everything we do -- from our TED Talks videos to the projects sparked by the TED Prize, from the global TEDx community to the TED-Ed lesson series -- is driven by this goal: How can we best spread great ideas? ... The first TED included a demo of the compact disc, the e-book and cuttingedge 3D graphics from Lucasfilm, while mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot demonstrated how to map coastlines using his developing theory of fractal geometry.” Pretty cool huh! At present there are over 1400 videos available free for live streaming and sharing under the Creative Commons License. If you’ve never seen one, go and check it out NOW! Talks are fairly short and contributions are made by some of the most influential personalities of our time; Bono, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Al Gore, to name just a few. What began as discussions on technology have opened up to any number of incredible topics – science, education, global issues, personal struggles and all are presented in a brilliantly entertaining and engaging manner. You can even search for a talk by the ‘tone’ of its content – eg, funny, inspiring, jawdropping, inspiring, beautiful or ingenious! Something for any learning mood. So, take a break from facebook and tap some of the world’s most brilliant minds for a few moments. You will not regret it! by Caroline Miall

New Industry Code expected to inhibit Union power and encourage building and construction growth • New building code to ban enterprise agreements limiting the rights of unions on businesses and give control back to building and construction firms. • Master Builders National Survey : Building and Construction business confidence is at its highest in six years • Ferrier Hodgson concerned by recent residential construction improvement The new Building and Construction Industry Code presented at Parliament House last month sets to limit the powers of worker groups such as the Australian Council for Trade Unions (ACTU) and the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) from restricting employers from improving productivity, requiring businesses to consult unions regarding who and how many employees can be hired, and intimidating subcontractors into entering enterprise agreements against their will. The code enters parliament on the heels of an Abbott ordered Royal Commission to investigate alleged union corruption. Master Builders Australia (MBA) is in strong support of both the commission and the new codes. MBA chief executive Wilhelm Harnisch says this will be used against building union thuggery and stand over methods which have limited productivity and growth in the building and construction sector. According to a MBA survey released last month, improved confidence in residential building is at a six-year high, promising news for businesses expecting to keep rebounding through 2014. The report indicates that business activity has risen for the third quarter in a row and is expected to continue to rise over the next six months. According to MBA chief economist, Peter Jones, confidence is necessary to support sustained recovery. Confidence, however, depends on what the Federal Government budget in due in May will look like. Survey findings are in support of those who favour the new building code, but also points to the government’s

needs to foster business through effective budget repair strategy, and balancing the needs to promote economic growth and jobs while returning the budget to a surplus. Ferrier Hodgson, the insolvency management firm, indicated that recent upturn in residential construction is likely too small to signal a full recovery. According to the firm, businesses such as landscapers, cabinet maker and manufacturers of household products could have to wait as much as 24 months before they saw any benefits to the increased residential construction. According to the Housing Industry Association the actual dwelling commencements in the December 2013 quarter were actually quite modest, with New South Wales and Western Australia. The seasonally adjusted number of new dwelling starts in December is still far below the previous peak in 2009. Many smaller building and construction firms went under in the last two years during the slump in construction, and one could expect for small businesses to continue to struggle through a prolonged recovery. The new building code presented in Parliament should determine whether or not one can expect a faster growth in the sector.

ABIS Phone: 1300 887 959 2014 June Issue | 21

Changes to

Apprenticeship Support “Cutting company tax, repealing the mining and carbon taxes and introducing the new Exploration Development Incentive will free up resources for the private sector and create better incentives and more opportunities for business and individuals to succeed.”


There has been a very mixed reaction to the hardline budget recently released by the Abbot Government. Understandably, many are extremely unimpressed with some of implications with regard to promises made pre-election. For apprentices, there has been a fair bit of ‘take’ and some ‘give’ to gain $475 million in savings to the budget bottom line. Now axed is the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program, which was previously available to those completing a Certificate III or IV qualification leading to an occupation listed on the National Skills Needs List. The scheme known as ‘Tools for your Trade’ program provided funds to purchase equipment necessary for work. Funds will now be discontinued from 1 July 2014. To soften this blow, a new scheme has been introduced which is based on Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) loan type of model. Under the Trade Support Loans Programme apprentices will be able to access a loan of up to $20,000 spread out over a four year period. Repayments would be required after an income of $53,000 is reached. Concessional interest rates will be charged and the spending is not tied to any particular restrictions, as it is designed to assist with day to day living costs for apprentices. Completion of the apprenticeship will be rewarded with a 20% discount in total repayments, to raise completion rates which have dropped to below 48% in recent years. Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane said the loans scheme will “encourage young people to take up a trade and complete their qualification”. However, responses to the moves from apprentices commenting online suggests they are not entirely convinced... especially those who were expecting a ‘Tools’ payment (which did not require paying back) between now and July 1! You decide... for detailed budget info, go to:

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2014 June Issue | 23

Securing and protecting yourself and your assets Watch your back!!! Are you drawn to spend time in the backyard or do you feel exposed and vulnerable? Remember there is no-where to hide from Feng Shui eyes. Use fencing and shrubs to make this a private sanctuary. When the backyard is large consider creating different areas rather like different rooms that invite the residents to enjoy every part of the yard. For thousands of years we have built our villages where it is not possible to be surprised from behind. Today we build and covet homes which back onto canals or rivers and that have no strong back or protection from the river. In the space of the last 50 years suddenly we are suggesting that the possibility of being attacked from behind is no longer a threat. Sub-consciously this is a concern and which we consider in Feng Shui to adversely affect our reputations, (back-stabbing), finances and monogamy of relationships. It is not necessary to block the view, our intention is to increase the feeling of security for the inhabitants. Ideally buildings are nestled into a mountain with hills and/or trees to the sides creating a protective embrace. I recommend a minimum barrier extending across the back and at least three meters down each side constructed of wood or formed by plants at least nine inches in height. A wall is also acceptable. Nine inches from the ground up will not block the view and if you are in a high rise, it gives the sensation of a barrier to falling over the edge. This also works on driveways and roads with a steep drop off one side plant some plants to give the mental illusion of a physical barrier. Exterior lighting is considered beneficial. Spiky plants such as Bougainvillea are another suitable enhancement to encourage people (and animals) away. Next Issue: Clarity about boundaries

Debra Jarvis 2014 June Issue | 25

can save you money and do the right thing for the environment at the same time

Material used is Versacoat Light Moon Grey.

Versacoat is perfect for any exterior application due to its durability.

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Planet Paints can save you money and do the right thing for the environment at the same time. Planet Paints use revolutionary technology to turn waste paint into solvents and high quality paints.

7 Allen Crt, Torrington, Queensland 4350 Ph: (07) 4633 3544

2014 June Issue | 27


Falls from Height Most Common in Construction Falling from heights is the leading cause of death in the construction industry, and it’s three times more common in construction than in any other industry.

Safe Work Australia’s report Work-related injuries and fatalities involving a fall from height indicates the construction industry made up 37% (41 fatalities) of fall-related fatalities in the four years 2008–11. This is more than three times the numbers recorded by the next highest industries: Agriculture, forestry and fishing (12), Transport, postal & warehousing (12) and Manufacturing (11). The data also shows that the Construction industry had the highest falls-related fatality rate with 1.03 deaths per 100 000 workers.

Within the construction industry, areas with the highest number of fatalities due to a fall from height were:

Fall hazards are found anywhere work is carried out at height, which includes everything from stacking shelves or working on a roof to unloading trucks or getting into and out of silos. Falls can also occur at ground level by falling into holes, trenches or service pits.

House construction (14 fatalities) Painting & decorating services (13 fatalities) Roofing services (9 fatalities) Electrical services (6 fatalities). Serious injuries due to falls from heights

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland advice states that if a person can fall more than two metres, a safe work method statement should (SWMS) should be prepared. It should detail the hazards, controls and methods of review and monitoring.

In addition to the high number of fatalities due to falls, each day, 21 workers lodged a workers’ compensation claim for a falls-related injury and required one or weeks off work, across all industries Australia-wide. A typical claim saw the worker off work for over six weeks, according to the report.

Some steps to ensure the worker is always secure when working at heights include removing the risk of falls completely by providing platforms for ease of access. Providing guard rails and safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including safety harnesses and hard hats is important.

Preventing workers falling from heights

It’s also important to ensure the area directly below is clear of obstacles that could create additional hazards in the unfortunate event of a fall.

WorkCover Queensland Customer Service Manager, Construction, John Kinnane said the figures were concerning but there were preventative measures that both employers and workers could take to ensure their safety.

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John adds that if a workplace injury does occur, then assess the risks to make sure similar incidents don’t continue to occur.

Returning to work after injury After an injury, an injured worker should be encouraged to return to work as soon as possible, as recovery at work has many benefits. “If it’s not possible for an injured worker to return to their normal role due to their injury, an employer can look at other things the worker can do.” “We encourage employers to focus on what the worker can do, rather than what they can’t do,” he said. “This allows employers to identify suitable duties to aid the workers recovery and encourage an early and safe return to work after injury.” More information For information on injury management and return to work or suitable duties, please call us on 1300 362 128, or contact your Relationship Manager directly. Visit Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s website for specific guidance on construction health and safety and working at heights. The Work-related injuries and fatalities involving a fall from height report can be found on the Safe Work Australia website.

2014 June Issue | 29


National guides bring consistency to

managing bullying

The guides set a minimum standard of what a person conducting a business or undertaking ought reasonably to know about managing the risk of workplace bullying, but are less prescriptive than the now revoked code of practice.

Queensland has adopted two new national guides to combat workplace bullying. The guides build on the web-based support and training for industry which have seen an eleven per cent reduction in the number of accepted workers’ compensation claims for workplace bullying over the last three years. The guide for employers provides information on how to practically manage the risks of workplace bullying and effectively respond to complaints. It replaces the existing state Prevention of Workplace Harassment Code of Practice 2004. The guide for workers helps determine if workplace bullying is occurring and how it may be resolved.

Apart from establishing a nationally consistent definition of bullying, the guides build on the standards set by the Queensland code, and cover more recent channels for workplace bullying, such as email, text messaging and social media. The Guide for preventing and responding to workplace bullying and Dealing with workplace bullying - a worker’s guide were prepared by Safe Work Australia with input from the states and territories.

Further information

For more information on workplace bullying, , visit or call the WHS Infoline on 1300 369 915.

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for more details, visitdetails, our website! for more visit our website! 30 | Painters Network

for more details, visit our website!

Paint Roller Supplies Direct has been established by Construction Industry Professionals, to provide real savings on quality Painting Equipment and Construction and Maintenance Adhesives Wholesale Factory direct to the Trade. Paint Roller Supplies Direct RollX range of Premium Roller Sleeves and Paintable Adhesives, are manufactured Exclusively for Paint Roller Supplies Direct for the Australian market place, and this allows us to have ďŹ rst hand responsive product support. We are continuing to bring new brands and products into the range on a regular basis. All trades persons who have tried our products have all commented that the RollX brand of rollers are a great premium product at more than fair prices.

Our competitive pricing is achieved through the eďŹƒciencies of Carton Quantity ordering - shipped direct to your preferred location, at everyday below Trade-Prices, because our prices are true Wholesale factory direct prices. For all products in stock, we dispatch most orders next working day on Monday through to Friday, excluding Public Holidays, and we can arrange delivery Australia-Wide. Large project Pricing quotations are welcome Please call Chris on 0429 802 979 / 1300 919 638 2014 June Issue | 31


Meet the Trainer

“G’day, my name is Daniel and I’m the new trainer for painters in the Northern Territory. Some of you may remember me from 2 years ago when I introduced wallpaper training, the GreenPainters Accreditation Course and Safe Lead Paint and Asbestos Work Practices. I had a ball meeting painters from Humpty Doo to Uluru, and I’ve jumped at the chance to come back with a bigger and better program! I’ve been painting for over 20 years, and training for over five, but I’ve realised that there is always more to learn. I’m passionate about the NT painting industry, and I love helping painters become the best they can be. I’m really proud to be introducing our e-learning system to NT painters. I realised the need for it last time and together with some of the best painting trainers in Australia we spent 8 months putting it together for you. You can test drive it at Just register with the name and use the password ‘demo’.

E-learning will dramatically improve the standard of training and support for apprentices in the Northern Territory. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Yulara, Nhulumbuy or Darwin, you will be able to complete the lessons on-line and only need to travel to Darwin for practical training if you can’t learn the skill on your work-site. It also means you can choose to study when it’s convenient for you. We all know its easier to find time to study during

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the wet season. And imagine never having to worry about paperwork and filling in forms ever again! All the apprentices who have tried it are enthusiastic about the changes. We have also upgraded the training center with a new Taubmans Guardian EcoWash Station, new simulated work environments, and HVLP spray-guns. We will be officially launching the NIPD Painting Apprenticeship E-learning System and the new training facilities on June 23rd from 4pm-6pm at IS Australia, 7 Casey Rd Hudson Creek. There will be guest speakers from the industry, tradie packs from our sponsors, a BBQ, and all apprentices and painters who enrol will go into a draw to win an iPad Mini! The winner will be drawn on the day. Make sure you are there!

Upcoming Training Dates and Courses for NT Painters The National Institute of Painting and Decorating is running a series of short courses in the Northern Territory using the new training facilities at IS Australia. Experienced painters are invited to attend these courses to upskill or to train staff. The courses feature cutting edge animation, interviews, multi- media, guest speakers, demonstrations of the latest techniques, technology and practical skills. Apprentices are invited to attend the following practical training at IS Australia, 7 Casey Rd Hudson Creek All times are 7:45 - 4:30pm. Please bring steel capped boots and work clothes. All participants must have White Card.

“So please join me over the coming weeks and months as we work together to improve professionalism of our industry. I’m keen to hear your ideas and feedback. I know there have been serious problems with training, and unqualified painters coming up from the south to poach your work, so lets work together to learn new skills from each-other and show pride in our trade! “ You can call me any time on 0402 312234, email me at daniel., connect with us on Facebook, or Skype me at daniel-wurm. Oh, and did I mention that if someone would like to take me barra fishing that would be great too . . .”

June 23rd Apply Troweled Texture Coating, ($350 for non-apprentices) Learn about how to apply Granosite, Armourwall and Acratex by trowel. Discover how to do moisture tests, scratch coat and mitt applied coatings.

June 26th Apply Protective Coatings ($600 for non-apprentices) This course is designed for painters using protective coatings on commercial projects, and hand applied coatings on mining projects. Includes: • Understanding specifications • Epoxy Mastic • Two-pack polyurethane • Micaceous Iron Oxide • Preparation techniques • Wet and Dry film thickness testing • Corrosion theory and prevention methodology • Identifying faults and troubleshooting defects June 24th Anti-graffiti Coatings ($350 for non-apprentices) Learn about how to remove graffiti safely, how to identify correct removal methods, and how to choose sacrificial and non-sacrificial coatings for public buildings. June 25th Safe Lead Paint and Asbestos Work Practices, ($350 for non-apprentices) Discover how to identify lead paint and asbestos, Australian Standards for removal, safety, lead paint stripping and asbestos encapsulation. Ideal for painters working on government housing and public building maintenance.

June 27th Match Specified Paint Colour (Apprentices Only) As a professional painter and decorator you may be required to colour match new and existing painting finishes. Learn about: • Colour theory • Heritage Colours • Australian Standards Note: All theory must be completed on-line prior to attendance. Register, enrol, pay and commence on-line. Credit card or EFT. Enrol now at Enquires: Daniel Wurm 0402 312234

How much does your business need to earn to cover its expenses?

2014 June Issue | 33


Augusta Zadow Scholarships

Funding initiatives to improve work health and safety for women at work.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to provide a verbal presentation to the Committee.

Augusta Zadow was an advocate for women’s rights in the workplace and became South Australia’s ‘First Lady Inspector of Factories’ in 1895. She was a woman ahead of her time, with many of the working conditions women enjoy today attributable to her.

Scholarship proposal Your proposal, of not more than 1500 words, must: • outline how your proposal meets the selection criteria • how your proposal will benefit women in the workplace • detail where the project, research or further education will be undertaken • summarise the proposed course/study/project and dates • include a one-page profile of yourself that could be used for publicity purposes • demonstrate that you meet all of the eligibility requirements • include referee details • outline the anticipated costs associated and how they will be used.

In recognition of her work, SafeWork SA provides two $10,000 scholarships for projects that will further improve work health and safety for women at work: be that a practical solution, research or further education. Use of scholarships Scholarships will help undertake further education, conduct research or develop a work health and safety initiative. Eligibility requirements Scholarship applicants must be: • a permanent resident of South Australia • able to start their project, research or study in 2015. The education, study or research can be undertaken in Australia or overseas. Selection criteria Successful applicants must propose a project that will: • significantly improve health and safety for women through research and further education and/or • provide a solution to a work health and safety issue faced by working women.

See how our previous scholarship winners have successfully met the criteria. Assessment process The Augusta Zadow Committee, comprising representatives from SafeWork SA, WorkCoverSA, Business SA, SA Unions, Office for Women and the Working Women’s Centre, will assess your application.

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Include any additional information that you consider relevant to support your proposal. A proposal template (PDF 91kb) is available to help you prepare. Applicants should read and understand the Scholarship terms and conditions of entry (116kb). Submitting scholarship applications Scholarship applications and relevant supporting material are due on Friday, 27 June 2014.

Marg Cameron By mail Augusta Zadow Scholarships SafeWork SA GPO Box 465 ADELAIDE SA 5001 In person SafeWork SA Level 4, 33 Richmond Road, Keswick

2014 June Issue | 35

Here is the latest edition of the

‘Lead Alert: The six step guide to painting your home’. We were contacted by Government in regards to assisting in upgrading the 5th edition and assisted in supplying additional content that we can happily say they have added. We supplied a copy of the Aussie Painters Network Lead Check List which is now also available in the back of the book. Both the Department of Environment and Aussie Painters Network both felt it was imperative to supply consumers with a checklist after the increasing amount of Lead exposure incidence that has occurred in the recent past.

2014 June Issue | 37 Phone: +61 7 3292 1100 | Fax: +61 7 3292 1110 Email: I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for referring me to Consolidated Insurance Pty Ltd. I spoke to Scott about our Business Insurance and with little time, Scott emailed me back a comprehensive package for our Business and we saved over $1,000.00. Thanks again Aussie Painters Network for the great referral and all your ongoing help. Sonya Baker

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Insurance for Painters

Ten Tips...

Sometimes it seems like insurance companies go out of their way to make things confusing or to ask strange questions. So here are 10 easy ways to get more out of your insurance, or to avoid common pitfalls that could leave you in the lurch.

1. Giving up smoking.

After 12 months off the smokes your life insurance or income protection insurance can become significantly cheaper.

2. Remember your subbies.

6. Accurate Numbers.

By giving an accurate number for your total business turnover and an accurate number of staff you can make sure you’re not paying extra rates for no reason.

7. Protect Yourself.

Most painters these days have liability insurance for their business, income insurance for their health and WorkCover for their staff. If you want to cover yourself or the directors from OH&S breaches or from alleged discrimination, then a management liability policy may be in order.

By telling your WorkCover & Liability insurers if you use sub-contractors & what percentage of your gross turnover you pay them, they will usually give you extra insurance coverage for personal injury to subcontractors, which is usually not covered.

3. Consider what you do.

If you do something special, you should tell your WorkCover & Liability insurers. Things like lead paint removal, handyman work or interior design are not insured by default as they are not considered part of being a painter. Once you tell your insurer they will often improve your insurance to cover that work as well for a small cost.

4. Overspray.

8. Premium Verses Excess.

A common way to decrease your insurance costs is to raise your excess – the amount you opt to pay in a claim yourself – as it shows the insurers that you do not intend to make small or frequent claims.

If you do any spray-painting, check your Liability insurance. Some insurers will limit, charge additional excesses during a claim or not insure spray-painting at all. To see if you have limits on your spray-painting work you can check your business description (eg: Painter excluding spray-painting) or look for endorsements (eg: “Exterior Overspray Exclusion”).

9. Automatic Benefits & Optional Benefits.

5. Working from heights.

There is a common misunderstanding about trailers. If your trailer is registered, then it will usually need commercial vehicle insurance like a sedan, ute or truck. Tools kept within your trailer can be insured under ‘Tools of Trade’ or ‘General Property’ insurance, but not under ‘commercial vehicle’ insurance.

Many insurance policies will limit your insurance coverage when you begin to work 10, 15 or 25 meters from the ground. If you do work from cherry pickers or from ropes it would be worth making sure your insurance covers you in those situations.

Most insurance policies will come with automatic benefits – benefits that are included for free, and with optional benefits – benefits you can choose to add. Being aware of these can allow you to claim on many more situations where you experience a loss.

10. Trailers

2014 June Issue | 39


Jason has been playing the professional circuit for over 15 years. He was the winner of the 2010 Victorian Open, the 2007 Western Australian PGA & the 2007 New South Wales Open. We’re proud to be sponsoring him and look forward to seeing Jason sporting our logo!

Members of Aussie Painters Network will be in draw to play a round with Jason in your state...

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MasterMinding, What can it do me? by Jennie Gorman

Masterminding as a business building tool is the most productive and cost effective thing you can do. By being part of a group you will have the opportunity to grow not only your business but yourself as well. Working with the collective-mind opens up a new frame of reference for participants. When we join a mastermind group we have expectations on what we want to ‘get’ from the experience and needto be mindful of what we can ‘give’ to our fellow participants. Facilitators are aware of the importance of synergy within any group and endeavour to bring together like-minded people who will not only get on well but who will support the changing of perspectives in all areas of business. To do this it is necessary to bring in as many as possible different personality styles to the group. This way, everyone has the opportunity to not only grow their business but themselves as well. Many new skill sets are brought to the table which will support each member to develop and learn. For example, if you are not good at relationship building you will learn the skills necessary OR if you find technology a challenge someone with these skills can guide you and support you gain the knowledge necessary OR if you have challenges from a bookkeeping/accounting area you will also be supported. In my Business MasterMind Groups I endeavour to put as many personality styles together so that we cover

the spectrum and everyone gets the benefits necessary, I believe that we are born with innate gifts, we gain learned skills and things we just never get! My groups are developed to support in all areas of business.

What you can expect to ‘get’ from a group: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Confidentiality Commitment Unbiased advisory board Accountability Introductions Skills expansion Business leverage and growth To be challenged and supported Trust, compassion, respect and honesty from your fellow members.

What can you expect to ‘give’ to a group: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Commitment Time and participation Investment Trust, compassion, respect and honesty Resources New friendships Support from my skill set

To find out more go to my website. 2014 June Issue | 41

aust plan financial services

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