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With roots extending back to a two-person partnership formed in 1898 in Austin, Texas, Page is one of the most prolific and enduring architecture and engineering design practices. From offices in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco and Washington DC—as well as internainternational tional affiliate affiliate offices—over offices—over 450 Page 400 architects, Page architects, engineers, engineers, interior designers, planners, strategic analysts and technical specialists provide services throughout the United States and in over 50 countries. Our diverse, international portfolio includes projects in the healthcare, academic, government and science and technology sectors, as well as civic, corporate corporate and urban and urban housing housing projects. projects. The Page portfolio consists largely of complex projects that benefit from our integrated disciplines and that make a significant impact on the communities they serve. We are guided by the three core values of creativity, collaboration, and commitment, and through the force of these ideals, we live up to our promise of design that makes lives better.

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We start with your vision. We design for the future.

Page Serves The Following Core Markets:

Academic Civic/Government Corporate/Commercial Healthcare Housing/Hospitality Science/Technology

Design is the crux of what we do. Throughout the generations, Page has promised, and delivered, design that makes lives better. We believe buildings are important for what they do and for the positive impact they make on individual lives. That’s why we have a solution-driven project focus that results in life-enhancing buildings and places. Our multidisciplinary services allow complete integration from conceptualization to engineering to interiors and more, resulting in an improved client experience and final product. We recognize that good talent can be applied to complex projects regardless of industry. And good talent becomes great when it gains experience in a variety of situations. We create crossover teams so that individuals can work on different projects and share their own expertise and insights with other team members. Our collective commitment to visionary design is reflected in our portfolio of successful, complex projects. Our work spans the globe, from more than 25 U.S. diplomatic compounds to mission critical facilities in the Middle East to five-star resorts in Africa and beyond. Since Page has multiple offices in the US and affiliates abroad, we have the capability to staff projects onsite as well as set up “follow the sun” workflows to increase efficiency. While Page is distinguished by our portfolio of successes, we also are distinguished by our full spectrum of architectural and engineering design services. This allows us to provide an integrated “total design” single team approach. Our clients benefit from the highest levels of interdisciplinary coordination, quality control and quick response demanded on today’s highly complex and technically sophisticated projects.


This we believe. As agents for positive change, we are driven by the ideals we hold dear. In the delivery of our services, we are guided by three core values: Creativity

Think curiosity/innovation/ imagination/optimism/originality.


Think sharing/community/ camaraderie/civility/teamwork.


Think integrity/respect/giving/ discipline/rigor.

Architecture Page is known for their well-researched program-driven solutions aided by integrated multidisciplinary expertise and a strategic mindset. We bring global thinking and experience to bear on projects that build communities. Our portfolio reflects a commitment to visionary design, a record of innovation and fresh ideas and most importantly, demonstrated success with complex projects. We develop a uniquely created design for every project that reflects the building type, client, need and location. We take pride in knowing that a Page project is one of the best possible solutions to the needs of its multiple stakeholders from owner to operator to neighbor. Engineering Engineering is a historical part of Page’s services, and a critical part. In the mid-1900s, we were one of the first architectural firms in the nation to integrate in-house engineering design services, which was an innovative approach for a single design organization. Today, our engineers are responsible for designing interdependent mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil and structural systems for a wide range of projects. These vary in complexity and innovation from office buildings and corporate interiors, to academic institutions to technology and healthcare facilities.

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Interiors Page believes that well-designed interiors can be a critical force. They help clients accomplish their mission, and improve the quality of people’s lives. Just like our interiors in our own offices, our clients’ interiors serve as positive, consistent visual reinforcements of their own cultural identity. By combining the skills of our interior designers with those of our architects, planners, engineers, and visualization specialists, we offer our clients a range and quality of single point responsibility found in few other places. Our interiors services range from programming, space-planning and officing studies to the selection of furnishings, finishes and artwork. Planning Our portfolio of work includes more than just buildings. It also includes complexes, campuses and cities. Our Page planning staff develop master plans that are innovative and that include detailed strategies for implementation and development. From university campuses to resorts to city revitalization plans, each project gives us the opportunity to employ our exploratory and research-focused methodology. The manifestations of our plans are destinations that build upon unique qualities and spirit of place – places where people can grow and prosper. Programming Before we design physical spaces, our Page Programming team members lead a strategic planning process with our specialists, designers and clients to crystallize both the vision and objective for a project. They understand business dynamics and organizational complexities, which allows them to facilitate productive discussions. We generate a robust understanding of the problem at hand prior to design in order to facilitate, support and in some cases guide clients’ organizational change and growth decisions. We have proven that throughout design, construction and move-in, the clearly communicated project definition developed in the pre-design phase supports effective organizational and/or operational change management even after project completion. Informed client decisions position our entire team to develop optimal solutions throughout every step of the design process. Laboratory Planning Page specializes in challenging projects for demanding clients throughout the globe. Laboratory facilities are among the most intricate and complex projects. The unique challenges posed by highly toxic petrochemical corrosion labs, sterile environments for pharmaceutical manufacturing, biohazard high-containment suites, precise environmental control of animal laboratories are commonplace obstacles overcome by our dedicated technical team of architects and engineers every day. Page has specialists equipped with a thorough understanding of the safety standards and scientific equipment requirements foundational to the success of all laboratories.



LEED gold

Predictive Analytics The Page Predictive Analytics team is an international workplace consultancy consisting of architects, planners, technology designers, process improvement specialists and industrial engineers. Predictive analytics brings quantitative, objective, and data-driven focus to the entire design process. Page is able to identify, using clients’ existing performance data, areas in which operational and spatial efficiency can be improved. Employing observational research techniques, a new future state environment is designed and we are able to save clients time, resources, space, and money while optimizing performance in the workplace.

Sustainability Page has long recognized the need to design sustainably to conserve construction and operational resources and to ensure buildings continue to function efficiently into the future. Our Consulting suite of services includes sustainable consulting ranging from green building education sessions to full documentation for rating systems used in different parts of the world from LEED to BREEAM, Green Globes and Estidama. Our approach to design presupposes sustainability. In fact, it is integral to all of our architecture and engineering solutions, whether or not the project seeks certification from a green building rating system. Commissioning Page recognizes the level of investment and importance of facilities that function as designed from the day they open. Our Commissioning service provides this assurance to owners and operators as well as minimizing costly construction rework. This is accomplished through a collaborative process that includes the building owner, design professionals and the general contractor under the guiding hand of the Commissioning Authority. Our Commissioning staff has developed a solid track record for Page as a Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF). The exacting standards of our teams of professional engineers, architects and field technicians in service of our clients support delivery of construction quality.

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Science/Technology Creating new parameters. At Page, we create new and exciting environments for sophisticated clients. As a leading architecture and engineering firm we practice in markets which greatly enhance the quality of people’s lives. We operate from numerous locations across North America and successfully deliver projects throughout the United States and internationally. Our Science and Technology sector includes some of the most technically challenging and complex projects in industries with the greatest potential for growth in the 21st Century, including Mission Critical, Life Sciences, Semiconductor and Petrochemical. To assure high-performance facilities perform as envisioned we provide state-ofthe-art Commissioning services. Our markets are specifically chosen based on synergies with other market sectors within the firm. Such specialization and overlap enables Page to share resources while effectively working across all of our market sectors. We stay abreast of market trends which require knowledge and skills far beyond building codes and local standards to ensure our clients receive the benefits they expect. Our market sector leaders are experts in their respective fields. Page actively leads and participates in the development of codes and standards, and best practices used by government, institutional and private clients throughout the world. We participate on various committees in organizations which include the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; and International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.

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Our projects are used by Fortune 100 clients for research and development, production and manufacturing activities in a range of industries. We have designed facilities to support clients across all business sectors and around the world. It is a source of pride to us that we can pick up virtually any newspaper and read about an industry that Page has served.


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Semiconductor The semiconductor industry is driven by innovation, reliability, and speed that allows us to remain connected to an ever-evolving technology world. At Page, our forward-thinking design process molds the manufacturing configuration into flexible, built environments by simplifying structural grids, harnessing reliable power sources, and balancing repetitive mechanical and specialty process systems into a complex environmentally controlled facility. Tracking and verifying key design metrics is paramount to our success for establishing a clear path to make informed decisions to solve complex challenges. By immersing our clients into our design process, we can collectively identify emerging technologies, materials and environmental systems to create the best possible solution.


Science/Technology Texas Instruments RFAB / Richardson, Texas

Samsung / Austin, Texas

Texas Instruments DMOS 6 / Dallas, Texas

Fujitsu / Richardson, Texas

Confidential Client

Page Southerland Page, Inc.



Texas Instruments R Fab 1 Richardson, Texas Project Details Project Size 1,100,000 SF Service Provided Architect of Record / MEP Engineering / Commissioning / Construction Documents / Interior Design / LEED Design

Since 1985, Page has worked continuously with Texas Instruments on over 100 projects worldwide – including such major projects as D-MOS 5 and D-MOS 6 Wafer Fabrication Facilities at the Dallas Headquarters campus. Because of our strong working relationship with TI, the R-Fab 1 project was awarded to PSP directly without a formal selection process. This state-of-the-art 1.2M SF, 300mm wafer Fab design-build project was awarded to Austin Commercial L.P. with PageSoutherlandPage as the architect/engineer of record and the major design lead. The project is located on a 92.4-acre greenfield site and includes a 300,000 SF administration building; a 220,000 SF ISO Class 5 Turbulent Cleanroom; a 171,000 SF support wing; and a 166,000 SF mechanical wing. The entire facility was designed to meet, at a minimum, the requirements for a LEED Silver designation with the administration building design focused on achieving a LEED Gold certification. When certification was received for the entire facility, it received LEED Gold certification for both the office and fabrication and is the first wafer fabrication facility to receive a LEED designation. TI elected to design the new fab to meet LEED certification standards. Innovative ideas were implemented to reduce cost, speed construction and allow for material recycling. Innovations used in the fab plant include: Split temperature chiller plant, heat recovery on CDA and chillers; Premium efficiency motors; Reflective roof; Highest efficiency fan filter units; Make-up air energy recovery run-around coils; Minimized pipe/duct friction and >90% construction waste recycling.



“I particularly was impressed with the organization and follow through by all members of the team during the design formulation of the project. Their intensity never diminished and they ensured all tasks were complete in accordance with the construction schedule and to the owners satisfaction. I definitely endorse PageSoutherlandPage as an extremely competent and creative design firm that can execute high profile projects to a very successful completion.�

Tom Hardzinski Construction Manager, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Page Southerland Page, Inc.




Samsung Austin Semiconductor Fab A2 Austin, Texas Project Details Project Size 1,600,000 SF

Page was selected from a field of the nation’s top Cleanroom designers as Prime A/E for the 1,600,000 SF, $3.5 Billion Samsung Austin Semiconductor 300 mm Fab A2, which was the largest Wafer Fabrication facility in North America at the time of its completion. The facility contains 220,000 SF Office, 350,000 SF of ISO5 Class Cleanroom, and a 50,000 SF, 38,000 Ton N+1 Central Energy Plant. The project also included the design of a 3,000 SF raised floor Data Center.

Service Provided Architecture / MEP and Structural Engineering / Interiors

Samsung Line 17 & 18 Kiheung, Korea Project Details Project Size 3,200,000 Square Feet

In light of the success of th A2 project, Page was subsequently asked to prepare the Basis of Design for Samsung’s new 3,200,000 SF Fab 17&18 in their most recent semiconductor fabrication facility in Korea. The project includes over 3.2 million SF, is 7 stories tall and has approximately 700,000 SF of ISO Class 5 cleanroom area and will be the world’s largest wafer fabrication facility. The project’s goal was to be the most cost effective and energy efficient wafer fabrication facility in the world and was designed to achieve LEED GOLD for both the office and the fab.

Services Provided Architecture / MEP Engineering / Programming / Design

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Project Details Project Size 200,000 SF Services Provided Architect of Record / MEP Engineering / Commissioning / Construction Documents / Interior Design / LEED Design

Confidential Semiconductor Client R&D Fab Building 50 Boise, Idaho The new 50 300 mm Research and Development Fabrication Facility designed for 22 nanometer technology for a Confidential Semiconductor Client in Boise, Idaho has a footprint of approximately 110,000 square feet consisting of 54,000 square feet of ISO class 5 cleanroom space plus its associated supporting functions. The project was masterplanned to include the ability to easily expand the new facility by doubling in size to the south. Building 50 is connected to the site’s existing R&D fabrication building via a clean/dirty link which will also contain the extension of the facilities automated material handling system (AMHS) track from the existing R&D Fab to the new cleanroom area. This required the raised floor elevation of the new R&D Fab to match that of the existing R&D area. The link to the existing R&D operations also includes a clean personnel corridor that connects the existing Fab’s gown room to the new cleanroom. The 300 mm R&D Fab consists of a cleanroom level and a clean subfab located under the cleanroom level below grade and a partial utility subfab adjacent to the clean subfab. The clean subfab extends completely under all of the cleanroom areas of the Fab above. There is a tunnel at the subfab level that extends under the clean link to the existing R&D Fab for the routing of process utilities to the new 300 mm R&D Fab. Access to the subfab includes a freight elevator for equipment move-in. The utility subfab level is approximately 8,000 square feet and contains drain collection tanks and process mechanical systems. Areaways are provided for equipment move-in in this area. An exterior tool dock and chemical storage / delivery area is incorporated at the NW corner of Building 50 and is a one story structure with (4) enclosed tool dock stations. Seismic isolation breaks separate the fabrication footprint from the exterior and noncleanroomareas to prevent vibration transfer to the waffle slab.



Project Details Project Size 375,000 Square Feet Services Provided Architecture / MEP Engineering

Confidential Semiconductor Manufacturer Kiryat Gat, Israel The existing Fab is a high-volume semiconductor manufacturing plant, which runs 300 mm wafers on a 45 nm process technology. Page is working with Hensel Phelps in a Design/Build relationship to completely retrofit the entire Fab and central plant and convert it to 14 nm technology.

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Representative Recent Semiconductor Experience Agere Systems (Lucent Technologies) CMP Expansion Orlando, Florida Agere Systems Bulk Chemical & Gas Distribution Building Expansion Allentown, Pennsylvania Agere Systems OR-1 200MM Conversion Basis of Design Orlando, Florida AMD 300MM Wafer Fabrication Facility Basis of Design Austin, Texas AMD Bump Fab Addition Austin, Texas

Confidential Semiconductor Client Joint Venture Facilities Austin, Texas Confidential Semiconductor Client Fab 24 Tote Storage Facility Leixlip, Ireland Confidential Semiconductor Client Corridor Capture Pilot Conversion Project Detailed Design and SDC Engineering Services Albuquerque, New Mexico Confidential Semiconductor Client Corridor Capture Programming and Design Services Scope Summary Albuquerque, New Mexico

LSI Logic Site Master Plan & Programming for six 300MM Fabs Gresham, Oregon LSI Logic AMHS Expansion / Renovation for SMIF Pod Transportation Gresham, Oregon LSI Logic Center Processing Building Gresham, Oregon LSI Logic Test Area Fit-up Gresham, Oregon LSI Logic Fab 1 Implant / Photo Conversion Gresham, Oregon

Confidential Semiconductor Client PPE Free Path Albuquerque, New Mexico

LSI Logic Central Plant Expansion Gresham, Oregon

Confidential Semiconductor Client R&D Fab Building 50 Boise, Idaho

Lucent Technologies Austin Design Center Austin, Texas

AMD Fabs 5, 10, 14 & 15 Acid Scrubber Systems Computer Modeling Austin, Texas

Confidential Semiconductor Client Space Optimization Project Albuquerque, New Mexico

Confidential Semiconductor Client 300 MM R&D Facility Boise, Idaho

Applied Materials, Inc. Semiconductor Equipment Building 36 Clean Room Expansion Austin, Texas

Confidential Semiconductor Client 1274 Capacity Conversion Kiryat Gati, Israel

Motorola MOS 11 Energy Center Cooling Tower Replacements Oak Hill Campus / Austin, Texas

Atmel 300MM Wafer Fabrication Facility Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cypress Semiconductor Facility Evaluation / Master Plan Round Rock, Texas

Photronics Office & Photomask Manufacturing Facility Allen, Texas

City of College Station Microelectronics Industrial Park Site Studies College Station, Texas

Freescale Semiconductor HCL / Silane Bulk Chemical Distribution Buildings Austin, Texas

Confidential Semiconductor Client Design Center Austin, Texas

Freescale Semiconductor MOS 11 Gowning Room Relocation / Fab Expansion Austin, Texas

AMD Fab 1 & 2 Conversion Studies Austin, Texas



Photronics Office & Photomask Manufacturing Facility Round Rock, Texas Samsung Fab A2 Austin, Texas

Samsung Fabs 17 & 18 Kiheung, Korea

ST Microelectronics Central Plant Expansion Carrollton, Texas

Samsung Process Cooling Water System Upgrade Austin, Texas

ST Microelectronics Fab E-1 Ammonia Scrubber Addition Carrollton, Texas

Samsung 45K Fab Expansion - Mechanical Engineering Austin, Texas

ST Microelectronics Fab E-1 and E-2 Acid Exhaust System Computer Modeling Carrollton, Texas

Sematech International Computerized Energy Modeling Austin, Texas

ST Microelectronics VOC Abatement & Distribution System Carrollton, Texas

Sematech Middle East Technology Convergence Center Multiple Locations Sony Semiconductor of America Fab 3A & 4A Expansion San Antonio, Texas Sony Semiconductor of America Plant Decommissioning San Antonio, Texas Sony Semiconductor of America Wastewater Reclaim Building & Distribution System San Antonio, Texas Sony Semiconductor of America Scrubber System Computer Modeling San Antonio, Texas Sony Semiconductor of America Central Plant Expansion San Antonio, Texas SpectroLab (Boeing) Cleanroom Renovation Sylmar, California ST Microelectronics Bulk Chemical Distribution Bldg and Systems Carrollton, Texas

Texas Instruments DMOS-5 Phase 1 & 2 Wafer Fabrication Facility Dallas, Texas Texas Instruments DMOS-6 300MM Wafer Fabrication Facility Dallas, Texas Texas Instruments 1.2M SF R-Fab 1 Wafer Fabrication Plant & Administrative Building Richardson, Texas Texas Instruments DMOS-7 300MM Wafer Fabrication Facility Conceptual Design Dallas, Texas

Tokyo Electron Texas Scrubbed Exhaust Computer Modeling Austin, Texas Toppan (DuPont Photomask) Office & Photomask Manufacturing Facility Gresham, Oregon Toppan (DuPont Photomask) Office & Photomask Manufacturing Facility Singapore Toppan (DuPont Photomask) Office & Photomask Manufacturing Facility Corbeil Essones, France Toppan (DuPont Photomask) UPW Plant Round Rock, Texas Toppan (DuPont Photomask) Ongoing Assignments Round Rock, Texas TwinStar (Texas Instruments / Hitachi) 200MM Wafer Fabrication Facility Richardson, Texas Wacker Siltronics 300MM Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Facility Conceptual Design Master Plan Gresham, Oregon

Texas Instruments Scrubber Building and Distribution Systems Houston, Texas Texas Instruments Over 100 Projects Worldwide Tokyo Electron Texas Process Cooling Water System Upgrade Austin, Texas

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


“It was my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Page…I was particularly impressed with the organization and follow through by all the member of the team during the design formulation of the project. Their intensity never diminished and they ensured all tasks were complete in accordance with the construction schedule and to the owners satisfaction…I definitely endorse Page as an extremely competent and creative design firm that can execute high profile projects to a very successful completion.” Tom Hardzinski, Construction Manager Texas Instruments, Inc.



Page Southerland Page, Inc.




Creativity/ Curiosity Innovation Imagination Optimism Collaboration/ Sharing Community Camaraderie Civility Commitment/ Integrity Respect Giving Discipline Page Southerland Page, Inc.


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