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With roots extending back to a two-person partnership formed in 1898, Page is one of the most prolific and enduring architecture and engineering design practices. Page architects, engineers, interior designers, planners, strategic analysts and technical specialists provide services throughout the United States and abroad. Our diverse, international portfolio includes projects in the healthcare, academic, government and science and technology sectors, as well as civic, corporate and urban housing projects. The Page portfolio consists largely of complex projects that benefit from our integrated disciplines and that make a significant impact on the communities they serve. We are guided by the three core values of creativity, collaboration, and commitment, and through the force of these ideals, we live up to our promise of design that makes lives better.

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Page Serves The Following Core Markets:

Academic Aviation Civic/Government Corporate/Commercial Healthcare Housing/Hospitality Science/Technology

Design is the crux of what we do. Throughout the generations, Page has promised, and delivered, design that makes lives better. We believe buildings are important for what they do and for the positive impact they make on individual lives. That’s why we have a solution-driven project focus that results in life-enhancing buildings and places. Our multidisciplinary services allow complete integration from conceptualization to engineering to interiors and more, resulting in an improved client experience and final product. We recognize that good talent can be applied to complex projects regardless of industry. And good talent becomes great when it gains experience in a variety of situations. We create crossover teams so that individuals can work on different projects and share their own expertise and insights with other team members. Our collective commitment to visionary design is reflected in our portfolio of successful, complex projects. Our work spans the globe, from more than 25 U.S. diplomatic campuses to mission critical facilities in the Middle East to five-star resorts in Africa and beyond. Since Page has multiple offices in the US and affiliates abroad, we have the capability to staff projects onsite as well as set up “follow the sun” workflows to increase efficiency. While Page is distinguished by our portfolio of successes, we also are distinguished by our full spectrum of architectural and engineering design services. This allows us to provide an integrated “total design” single team approach. Our clients benefit from the highest levels of interdisciplinary coordination, quality control and quick response demanded on today’s highly complex and technically sophisticated projects.


Science / Technology

LEED gold

This we believe. As agents for positive change, we are driven by the ideals we hold dear. In the delivery of our services, we are guided by three core values: Creativity

Think curiosity/innovation/ imagination/optimism/originality.


Think sharing/community/ camaraderie/civility/teamwork.


Think integrity/respect/giving/ discipline/rigor.

Architecture Page is known for their well-researched program-driven solutions aided by integrated multidisciplinary expertise and a strategic mindset. We bring global thinking and experience to bear on projects that build communities. Our portfolio reflects a commitment to visionary design, a record of innovation and fresh ideas and most importantly, demonstrated success with complex projects. We develop a uniquely created design for every project that reflects the building type, client, need and location. We take pride in knowing that a Page project is one of the best possible solutions to the needs of its multiple stakeholders from owner to operator to neighbor.

Engineering Our in-house engineering experts lead development of the latest industry design codes and standards. Page engineers contribute to progress in safety, wellness, sustainability, energy and carbon neutrality, and increase our impact by working across disciplines. We use a combination of custom tools and Building Information Technology solutions to visualize and communicate how occupants and operations interface with complex integrated building and process systems. Adoption of advances in renewable energy, microgrids, Internet of Things and high-performance systems demonstrate our commitment to socially responsible design. Our multidisciplinary mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and process engineering practice areas work collaboratively with design and construction partners to bring your concepts to reality.

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Interiors Page believes that well-designed interiors can be a critical force. They help clients accomplish their mission, and improve the quality of people’s lives. Just like our interiors in our own offices, our clients’ interiors serve as positive, consistent visual reinforcements of their own cultural identity. By combining the skills of our interior designers with those of our architects, planners, engineers, and visualization specialists, we offer our clients a range and quality of single point responsibility found in few other places. Our interiors services range from programming, space-planning and officing studies to the selection of furnishings, finishes and artwork.

Planning / Urban Design We help our clients evolve, grow, and prosper because our process is informed by research, cutting-edge technology tools, and an appreciation for the unique culture of the people, organizations, and places we serve. Our interdisciplinary team of master planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, and programmers are dedicated to supporting the ongoing evolution of our urban areas, encouraging appropriate development and redevelopment suited to the particular conditions of each site we aim to transform. Through urban districts, institutional campuses, innovation districts, long range development plans, master plans, streetscapes and transit-oriented communities, our teams integrate the building blocks of community, sustainability, and resilience into innovative solutions.

Lab Planning / Design Page specializes in challenging projects for demanding clients throughout the globe. Laboratory facilities are among the most intricate and complex projects. The unique challenges posed by highly toxic petrochemical corrosion labs, sterile environments for pharmaceutical manufacturing, biohazard high-containment suites, precise environmental control of animal laboratories are commonplace obstacles overcome by our dedicated technical team of architects and engineers every day. Page has specialists equipped with a thorough understanding of the safety standards and scientific equipment requirements foundational to the success of all laboratories.

Branding & Graphics Our visual identity and experiential designers create brand identities and graphic designs that support how places and environments are experienced. The orchestration of 2-dimensional design work including typography, color, imagery, form, technology and, especially, content, forms this basis. Examples of this work include wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage, exhibit design, retail design, and themed or branded spaces. We operate at the intersection of communications and the built environment. We provide architectural and placemaking visioning, and create overall design vocabularies that help clients hone in on the possibilities, character and nature of a project.


Science / Technology

Programming To support clients before and beyond traditional professional services we have a dedicated strategies and analytics team that develop and employ a broad array of tools, techniques, and processes to help our clients make informed project decisions. Our in-house team brings expertise, energy and passion to clarifying client challenges and opportunities sometimes before the nature of or need for a facility or real estate project is confirmed. Our team members collaborate with Page and consultant specialists, designers, engineers, and clients to clarify goals, assemble information, and evaluate alternatives. Their understanding of business dynamics and organizational complexities allows them to efficiently and effectively facilitate productive discussions and target research. Custom data exploration and visualization differentiates our deliverables, not just to explain and summarize findings, but often also serving as interactive decision-making tools that help bring clients and their stakeholders into the evaluation process. We specialize in capturing and analyzing clients’ existing performance data to identify areas in which operational and spatial efficiency can be improved to save time, resources, space, and money while optimizing performance.

Building Sciences Page approaches sustainable design through the interdisciplinary lens of building sciences to create higher performing, healthier, more resilient buildings. As one of the first signatories of AIA 2030 Commitment, we are invested in leading the industry towards carbonneutral buildings and advocating for resilient solutions to help our clients prepare for the future. We believe that intention requires rigor and through our data driven and integrative process, we collaborate early and often to ensure designs are informed by our building performance analysis. With experience across a wide range of environmental certification systems, our multidisciplinary team is well qualified to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to sustainable design.

Commissioning Page recognizes the level of investment and importance of facilities that function as designed from the day they open. Our Commissioning service provides this assurance to owners and operators as well as minimizing costly construction rework. This is accomplished through a collaborative process that includes the building owner, design professionals and the general contractor under the guiding hand of the Commissioning Authority. Our Commissioning staff has developed a solid track record for Page as a Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF). The exacting standards of our teams of professional engineers, architects and field technicians in service of our clients support delivery of construction quality. Page also performs Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) in accordance with AABC standards. We are an independent testing firm with absolutely no affiliation with manufacturers, factory representatives, vendors/providers, contractors or installers of HVACrelated equipment and systems.

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Science/Technology Creating new parameters. At Page, we create new and exciting environments for sophisticated clients. As a leading architecture and engineering firm we practice in markets which greatly enhance the quality of people’s lives. We operate from numerous locations across North America and successfully deliver projects throughout the United States and internationally. Our Science and Technology sector includes some of the most technically challenging and complex projects in industries with the greatest potential for growth in the 21st Century, including Mission Critical, Life Sciences, Semiconductor and Petrochemical. To assure high-performance facilities perform as envisioned we provide state-ofthe-art Commissioning services. Our markets are specifically chosen based on synergies with other market sectors within the firm. Such specialization and overlap enables Page to share resources while effectively working across all of our market sectors. We stay abreast of market trends which require knowledge and skills far beyond building codes and local standards to ensure our clients receive the benefits they expect. Our market sector leaders are experts in their respective fields. Page actively leads and participates in the development of codes and standards, and best practices used by government, institutional and private clients throughout the world. We participate on various committees in organizations which include the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; and International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.

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Our projects are used by Fortune 100 clients for research and development, production and manufacturing activities in a range of industries. We have designed facilities to support clients across all business sectors and around the world. It is a source of pride to us that we can pick up virtually any newspaper and read about an industry that Page has served.

Science / Technology

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Mission Critical Page has become one of the nation’s foremost thought leaders in the design of next generation Data Center facilities. Our recent experience includes numerous data center and control room projects for a variety of clients including cloud providers, colocation facility providers, Federal Government, Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, State Department, financial institutions and energy providers. Our mission critical professionals bring sophisticated skills and professional certifications unique to these project types. We stay abreast of market trends which require knowledge and skills far beyond building codes and local standards to ensure our clients receive the benefits they expect. Page was awarded Uptime Institute’s prestigious 2015 Brill Award for Global Leadership for our innovative United Airlines Data Center project. At Page, we have a strong sense of creating cost-effective engineering solutions that maximize energy efficiency and still maintain reliability for our clients. Sustainable design continues to be a focus of the data center markets and maximizing energy efficiency is a key goal in the development of data center design.


Science / Technology Hospital Corporation of America / Nashville, Tennesee

United Airlines Data Center / Confidential Location

The University of Texas Data Center Conversion / Austin, Texas

Frost Bank Data Center / San Antonio, Texas

United Airlines Data Center / Confidential Location

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Life Sciences The rapid adoption of cutting-edge research and evolving manufacturing techniques provides lifesaving opportunities for millions of people – to make lives better. Our expertise is evident in our partnering approach where Page draws on the unique experience of our clients that have devoted their careers research, develop and manufacture products and services. Page uses this knowledge to create inspiring environments that integrate best practices from our other market sector like Healthcare, Laboratories and Corporate environments. This cross market collaboration allows us to remain on the forefront of technology.


Science / Technology Johns Hopkins University Hospital Wilmer Eye Institute / Baltimore, Maryland

University of Connecticut Cell and Genome Sciences Institute / Farmington, Connecticut

Shenandoah University- Health & Life Sciences Building / Winchester, Virginia

University of Virginia Medical Sciences and Cancer Research Building Complex / Charlottesville, Virgina

Page Southerland Page, Inc.

Carnegie Institution for Science Singer Research Building / Baltimore, Maryland


Petrochemical Energy is fundamental to our modern existence and way of life. Whether it is the exploration, production or transportation of oil and gas or refining to manufacture chemical products Page is there to provide creative solutions to the toughest challenges. As an active partner in the entire life cycle of oil and gas projects, Page works to ensure our clients can operate safely and effectively while maintaining rigorous quality. From cutting edge R&D to sophisticated quality control laboratories to integration of the most current visualization for exploration, Page is a trusted partner. Incorporating the latest safety practices provides facilities that protect personnel, allowing them to operate in challenging process environments within safe and secure control buildings. Page knows the interior finishes that are able to withstand decades of abuse while providing an environment that facilitates a calmness using sensory functionality in acoustics, lighting and environmental control to support continuous operations. Our range of experience includes: Pilot Plants Laboratories Visualization Simulation and Training Control Buildings Warehouses Fire Stations


Science / Technology Confidential Client / Beaumont, Texas

ExxonMobil Upstream Technical Training Center / Houston, Texas

Aramco Services Houston Research Center / Houston, Texas

ExxonMobil Upstream Technical Training Center / Houston, Texas

Aramco Services Houston Research Center / Houston, Texas

ADNOC Petroleum Institute Research Center / Abu Dhabi, UAE

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Semiconductor The semiconductor industry is driven by innovation, reliability, and speed that allows us to remain connected to an ever-evolving technology world. At Page, our forward-thinking design process molds the manufacturing configuration into flexible, built environments by simplifying structural grids, harnessing reliable power sources, and balancing repetitive mechanical and specialty process systems into a complex environmentally controlled facility. Tracking and verifying key design metrics is paramount to our success for establishing a clear path to make informed decisions to solve complex challenges. By immersing our clients into our design process, we can collectively identify emerging technologies, materials and environmental systems to create the best possible solution.


Science / Technology Texas Instruments RFAB / Richardson, Texas

Samsung / Austin, Texas LEED gold

Texas Instruments DMOS 6 / Dallas, Texas

Fujitsu / Richardson, Texas

Confidential Client

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Lab Planning Page specializes in challenging projects for demanding clients throughout the globe. Laboratory facilities are among the most intricate and complex projects. The unique challenges posed by highly toxic petrochemical corrosion labs, sterile environments for pharmaceutical manufacturing, biohazard high-containment suites, and precise environmental control of animal laboratories are commonplace obstacles overcome by our dedicated technical teams of architects and engineers every day. Page has specialists equipped with a thorough understanding of the safety standards and scientific equipment requirements foundational to the success of all laboratories. Page clearly understands that the primary role of a building is to support some operation — whether it be high school science laboratory or a quality control laboratory at a pharmaceutical company. We also understand that oftentimes facilities are a key factor in attracting and retaining personnel and that the work of these individuals is a key component in expanding an organization’s reputation within both academia and industry. Recognition of the impact of this reality is the underlying driver in Page’s approach to planning research facilities, whether academic, corporate, or industrial.


Science / Technology Baylor College of Medicine Gross Anatomy Lab / Houston, Texas

Dr. Paul Janssen Research Center / Beerse, Belgium

Baylor College of Medicine Vestibular Research Lab / Houston, Texas LEED gold

University of Texas at Dallas Bioengineering and Sciences Building / Richardson, Texas

Baylor College of Medicine Vestibular Research Lab / Houston, Texas

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Commissioning The Page Commissioning Team provides valuable resources, ensuring that our clients are receiving the needed solutions for their building challenges. We take pride in confirming facilities operate as designed to ensure they maximize return on investment by ensuring building systems function at the highest standards of quality. As a Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF), the Page Commissioning Team is led by Certified Commissioning Professionals (CCP) demonstrating our commitment to thinking forward and providing the highest quality service for our clients. There are many challenges related to the efficient operation of facilities. At Page we recognize each organization and building has unique challenges and requirements. We believe high performance buildings cannot efficiently perform without the application of the commissioning process. Page has a broader perspective on total building commissioning than those typically found in single dimension commissioning, construction or engineering firm. Combined with the depth of technical resources allows Page to proactively address sophisticated projects, constructed under various project delivery methods with the comprehensive tools required to achieve success.


Science / Technology Frost Bank Data Center / San Antonio, Texas

ExxonMobil Houston Campus Commissioning / Houston, Texas

Baylor College of Medicine Nabisco Laboratory Facilities / Houston, Texas

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Page Select Science/Technol

3M Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation (ADNOC) Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Akridge Amelang Partners Applied Materials ARAMCO Aramco Services Archway Properties Arkema Atmel Baker Oil Tools Bank of America Baylor College of Medicine Boeing (SpectroLab) Bois d’Arc Energy Celanese CenterPoint Energy Charles Schwab Cheveron Phillips Chemicals Cisco Systems Citi City of Austin ClayDesta Corporation Computer Sciences Corporation Confidential Financial Services Client Confidential Semiconductor Clients (Various) ConocoPhillips Continental Airlines


Cullen/Frost Bankers Cypress Semiconductor Dallas Semiconductor Dell DuPont Photomasks (Toppan) Dynamex Employers General Entergy Enterprise Products Company Electric Reliability Council of Texas Ethicon ExxonMobil Frito-Lay Frost Bank FUJITSU General Electric Hewlett-Packard Heliovolt Hoerbiger Corporation Hospira (Abbott Labs) Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Huntington National Bank i2 Technologies IBM Corporation Intel Investax Management / Plante Properties Investco Janssen Pharmaceutica Kinder Morgan

Science / Technology

logy Clients

Lockheed Martin Lonza LSI Logic Lucent Technologies M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Microsoft Mitsumi Electronics Corporation Motorola (Freescale) NASA NEC Electronics New Process Steel Norvartis (Alcon) Oklahoma City Works ONEOK Partners OnRamp Oracle Petroleum Institute Photronics Plexus Scientific Corporation RagingWire Data Center Raytheon TI Systems Sachem Samsung Saudi ARAMCO Schlumberger SEMATECH Corporation Shell Sony Spansion

Spring Creek ST Microelectronics State of Texas Sulzer Biologics Sulzer Orthopedics TEAM Industrial Temple-Inland Texas A&M University Texas A&M University Health Science Center Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Texas Facilities Commission Texas Instruments Tivoli Systems Tokyo Electron TriQuint Semiconductor United Airlines The University of Texas at Austin The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston U.S. Department of State U.S. General Services Administration Verizon VistaPrint Corporation Z-Colo Data Centers Zadco Zayo Group Data Centers

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


“It was my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Page…I was particularly impressed with the organization and follow through by all the member of the team during the design formulation of the project. Their intensity never diminished and they ensured all tasks were complete in accordance with the construction schedule and to the owners satisfaction…I definitely endorse Page as an extremely competent and creative design firm that can execute high profile projects to a very successful completion.” Tom Hardzinski, Construction Manager Texas Instruments, Inc.


Science / Technology

Page Southerland Page, Inc.



Science / Technology


Creativity/ Curiosity Innovation Imagination Optimism Collaboration / Sharing Community Camaraderie Civility Commitment / Integrity Respect Giving Discipline Page Southerland Page, Inc.


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