Pacific Union Recorder—November 2021

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“Outdoor School provides HIS students with an opportunity to explore God’s second book while learning important life skills and achieving school-wide learner outcomes.” - Anita Ojeda

God’s Classroom HIS Outdoor School

“Speak to the earth, and it will teach you” Job 12:8 (NIV).

Wilderness Survival: Starting a fire.

Geology of the Park: Canyon layers illustration.

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tudents at Holbrook Indian School (HIS) spent one week of school outside at the Grand Canyon. About 188 miles northwest of campus, HIS students from grades 8 to 12 camped out at the south rim of the Grand Canyon to experience school beyond the confines of classroom walls and textbook covers. From September 29 to October 6, the students learned important life lessons through and from nature’s lesson book. At Holbrook Indian School, this annual five- to seven-day excursion is known as Outdoor School. What is Outdoor School? Anita Ojeda leads the team that plans this annual event. She describes the aim of Outdoor School as an opportunity “for students to experience wholeness—mentally, academically/artistically, physically, and spiritually.” This four-pillared concept makes up the acronym known as MAPS. It is part of the school’s larger objective incorporated into all aspects of learning at HIS. Memorable experiences like Outdoor School, where students and teachers interact outside the classroom, provide the secret ingredient to the family atmosphere at HIS. Outdoor School thus serves as a perfect encounter for sharpening mental health, the arts and academics, physical wellness, and spiritual growth. HIS rotates Outdoor School at several national and state parks across the mid-west / western region. The parks include: Zion National Park, Kodachrome Basin, Bryce Canyon National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park. There

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