Pacific Union Recorder—May 2022

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Last Ride


hanks to the vision of a faithful employee and his wife, the Equestrian Facilitated Learning program has helped Holbrook Indian School (HIS) students heal since its start in 2010. The rehabilitative program has blessed so many Native American students over the past decade. Program founder Fred Bruce is retiring when this school semester closes, so this will be his last year leading the horse program. Fred was initially called to HIS to teach industrial arts. However, his passion and background with horses over the years would prove to be an additional asset in launching a program that would become a pillar of Holbrook Indian School’s mission to Native American youth. With experience in auto mechanics and welding, Fred accepted the position of industrial arts teacher at HIS. With his wife Pam, Fred prepared to move to Arizona to accept his new role, but he had ideas about doing even more. “I told them that if I came, I would be interested in starting a horsemanship program,” he said. Soon after his arrival at HIS, Fred’s proposal to the school board was approved. The rest is history. The next few years would involve building this program from the ground up, including finding all the necessary funding. Thankfully, wherever there is a noble vision to do God’s work, He supplies the need through the agent of His people. The church that Fred had attended in Chatsworth, Georgia, came to HIS on a mission trip

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