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Photos are taken by trafficking survivors residing at our northern Vietnam shelter documenting their communities. This is their voice. Connect with us via

Photography Credits: PALS staff, volunteers and beneficiaries No likeness of trafficking survivors is shown in this document to protect their privacy.

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2012


Dear Friends, This year, we celebrated Pacific Links Foundations’ 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Empowering Women. Thanks to the dedication of our supporters, staff, volunteers and board members, we have been able to bring creative and grassroots solutions directly to the impoverished communities where we serve. The entrenched poverty that plagues our remote communities is complex and difficult to resolve. The threat of human trafficking looms larger than ever and Vietnam continues to be both a significant source and destination country in this human trade. Yet, we are confident that together, by steadfast commitment to improve these impoverished communities, we will be able to advocate for and mobilize greater resources to stop human trafficking. In the next five years, we aim to provide school-based and community-based comprehensive prevention solutions against human trafficking, especially in the border provinces of Vietnam. This year, we also launched our first Donor Drive to secure operational funding and expand our donor base. Your continued support will have more impact than ever before in making this vision a reality. Thank you for joining us in this journey to empower young girls and women and prevent the spread of human trafficking. We look forward to your continuing support in our next decade of service. In gratitude,

Diep Vuong President

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about ADAPT

Scholarship recipients receiving uniforms, books and school supplies

Pacific Links Foundation (PALS) launched An Giang/Dong Thap Alliance for the Prevention of Trafficking (ADAPT) in 2005 to combat human trafficking starting in the Mekong Delta. In Vietnam, ADAPT operates in regions that are most vulnerable to human trafficking, in the South at the Vietnam-Cambodia border and in the North at the Vietnam-China border. Extreme poverty, high unemployment, and the porous nature of these borders render girls vulnerable to sexual and labor exploitation at the hands human traffickers. ADAPT leads counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of Vietnam by providing access to education, shelter and reintegration services, and enabling new economic opportunities.

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2012

SECURING A FUTURE Deep in the dusty countryside of the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, Quynh* lives in a tiny shack with slanted blue doors and tin sheets nailed together to make gaping walls. Six years ago, Quynh’s father passed away from cancer leaving the family without any stable income. Her mother, who suffers from mental illness, is unable to work, and goes to beg for money at the market. Quynh’s older siblings have all moved to Ho Chi Minh City to pursue higher education but cannot send money home. This leaves Quynh, only 16 years of age, as the sole provider for her mother and herself. Quynh attends school every weekday. After school, she sells lottery tickets. On weekends, she tries to find work singing at weddings. And every summer, she goes up to the city alone to work in factories, restaurants - anywhere she can find work, sleeping on the floor if she must. These are dangerous circumstances for young girls such as At 16 years old, Quynh Quynh who are easy targets for robbery, is the sole provider for exploitation, and human trafficking.

her mother and herself...

The fact is that Quynh continues to go to school. Her education gives her a much stronger chance at finding stable higher-paying work after graduation and arms her with knowledge about human trafficking. Since 4 th grade, Quynh has been in ADAPT scholarship program that covers all of her public school fees, supplies, and provides support through home visits, Family Day, and Summer Camp. Without PALS, Quynh says she would have dropped out of school a long time ago. She is now in 10th grade, which is a major accomplishment given the extremely high dropout rates in the Mekong Delta. When asked what her dream is, she replies, “To graduate and find work where I don’t wake up each day worried about my family.” Then, with a small shy smile – “and maybe to study music.” For more stories from the field, visit our blog.

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

Give girls like Quynh a chance

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PREVENTION: Academic Scholarships Scholarship recipient at Family Day

Since 2005, PALS has awarded 3,736 scholarships, enabling nearly 800 young girls in An Giang, Dong Thap, and Kien Giang provinces to continue to go to school. The 2011-2012 academic year marked the seventh year of our continuous commitment to prevent human trafficking through better educational opportunities for young women and girls. The scholarships cover school tuition and fees, medical insurance, school uniforms, books, and school supplies. One of the distinguishing features of the ADAPT Academic Scholarship program is the high level of support we provide to each recipient and her family. Each student receives tutoring support and the opportunity to attend summer camp, where she learns important safety and life skills through interactive workshops and activities. Each year, students and their families also attend a Family Day that raises awareness about trafficking and emphasizes the preventive role of education. PALS tracks the progress of each scholarship recipient through frequent communication with teachers and regular family visits. This close contact allows us to develop early intervention strategies where needed. Thanks to these efforts, our annual drop-out rate is 11%, a statistic that compares favorably with the 16% average dropout rate in the United States and the 27% dropout rate in Vietnam’s border provinces such as An Giang.

2011 Achievements

// 4 //

    

Staff completed in-home visits to scholarship recipients

Total rounds of scholarships awarded to at-risk girls since 2005: 3,736

4th Annual Summer Camp for 300 scholarship recipients Organized “Family Day” sessions for 300+ students, guardians, and community members 36 scholarship recipients graduated from high school; 5 are attending higher education 440 bicycles delivered since the start of the program

Pacific Links Foundation © 2012

PREVENTION: Vocational Training & Job Placement

Culinary program recipients

The vocational training and job placement program strives to provide at-risk young women with an occupational skill that gives them better economic stability, and offers another safeguard against trafficking. Since 2005, we have supported vocational classes and provided life skills training for 838 young women. In 2011, we have continued our commitment to developing sustainable vocational opportunities for program participants. Vocational training courses have included: cosmetology, culinary skills, embroidery, craft/mat weaving, industrial sewing, childcare. Funded by Chefs Without Borders (San Francisco, CA), 34 young women enrolled in the highly regarded and rigorous 6-month culinary program at the SaigonTourist School in Ho Chi Minh City. All participants have now completed the program, some graduating with highest marks, and are now interning or working in various hotels and restaurants. PALS support continues in the 6-12 months after graduation during the job placement period, with the goals of increasing their job retention, helping them establish independent lives, and promoting responsible fiscal habits. We help to locate stable housing, supplement initial months of income, and contribute matching funds into Individual Development Accounts to encourage savings.

2011 Achievements  

34 young women have successfully graduated from the culinary vocational program, some with the highest marks. Most are working in restaurants in Binh Duong, HCMC, etc. Total of young women who have received vocational training since 2005: 838

Š 2012 Pacific Links Foundation

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PROTECTION: Reintegration Our reintegration services work with trafficking survivors in their communities and at our shelters. PALS operates two shelters for trafficking survivors during their critical period of reintegration. Our first shelter, the Long Xuyen Open House, is located in An Giang province, near the Vietnam-Cambodia border and started accepting residents in 2008. Based on its success and the ever-growing need for reintegration services, PALS opened the Compassion House in Lao Cai Province along the Vietnam-China border in 2010, andd has since accepted 28 survivors, all of whom are from ethnic minority tribes. The Long Xuyen Open House and Lao Cai Compassion House offer a supportive environment for survivors when returning home is not yet a safe or viable option. The shelters play an instrumental role in helping the young women regain self-confidence and establish self-sufficiency. The young women, aged 13 and older, reside in the shelter until they finish their training. Some had stayed 2+ years. Our services include:

      

Safe housing & Emotional support Vocational training or academic schooling Health insurance, doctors’ visits, & support for medical treatments Life skills training: literacy, reproductive health awareness, etc. Job placement assistance and funds to open family businesses Legal assistance for prosecutions and convictions Support to family members

2011 Achievements   

Provided comprehensive reintegration services to 27 trafficking returnees living in PALS shelters in 2011 Organized 2 retreats for trafficking survivors focused on life skills, teambuilding, and art therapy Total number of trafficking survivors assisted since beginning of the program:


Picture of home from a trafficking survivor from art therapy workshop // 6 //

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Mu* is from the Dao ethnic minority group. Her father passed away when she was very young and her mother told her that she needed to work to help her family since there was no man in the house. She has a sister who has been trafficked to China and At 15 years old, cannot be found. Mu had never attend any school.

Mu’s friend invited

Since she was five, Mu has worked on local farms and her to the market as a hired laborer. She was 11 years old before she had her first pair of shoes. Mu enjoyed going to the local and then sold her market, usually with a group of friends. One day, when she was 15 years old, an older boy invited her to go to another market across the border into China to buy her a white pair of shoes. Afterwards, he sold her to a Chinese couple. The couple took her to a rural village where she was to be sold as a wife to Chinese men. When she refused, she was severely beaten until she lost several teeth. Still, Mu refused to obey. The couple then told her that they would adopt her since she refused to marry. To avoid further abuse, she pretended to agree although she did not trust them. The couple continued to take Mu as they traveled deeper and deeper into China. One night, while the couple was sleeping, she fled. Running by waterfalls, she thought to herself, “If I get caught, I will jump into the waterfall to kill myself.” She continued to run for countless days. One day, some police officers saw her running. They took her in and had a interpreter translate her story. Soon after, arrangements were made for her to return to Vietnam. Mu is now 16 years old and is learning how to read and write for the first time in her life. She is currently learning how to sew at the Compassion House shelter. She dreams of learning anything and everything. And she dreams of starting anew. For more stories from the field, visit our blog.

Support Mu in her new beginning © 2012 Pacific Links Foundation

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PARTNERSHIPS & CAPACITY BUILDING Our Partnership and Capacity Building activities aim to strengthen vulnerable communities’ collective capability to prevent and combat human trafficking.

Grassroots Anti Trafficking Efforts (GATE) GATE groups are a network of women-led grassroots groups in the Mekong Delta (An Giang, Kien Giang, and Can Tho) providing education on safe migration practices in their immediate communities.

Social Work Summer Institute Since 2006, PALS has partnered with West Virginia University and An Giang University to conduct the Social Work Summer Institute. The Summer series of workshops offers practical social work skills for social workers throughout Vietnam to support trauma victims. Building personal ties and exchanging good practices between professionals enables the region to better promote awareness, prevention, intervention, and reporting, and thus reduce the risks of human trafficking.

2011 Achievements  

Organized 7th Annual Social Work Summer Institute program for 100+ participants. . Total of community members reached by 16 GATE groups through 575+ awareness campaigns and community development projects since 2008:

// 8 //


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ADAPT in 2012 PREVENTION SERVICES Academic Scholarship Program:

Grow scholarship program to give 600 scholarships for the 2012 - 2013 academic school year

Streamline the collection, monitoring and reporting of scholarship information to better track students

Vocational Scholarship Program:

 

Provide sustainable vocational training for 30 at-risk young women

Develop more long-term vocational training models and funding sources to implement most effective models

Continue our vocational training program in culinary arts for at-risk young women with support from Chef Without Borders (CWB)


Support 30 new survivors with shelter-based reintegration services Serve 10 survivors through community-based reintegration services Provide 500 initial care packages for survivors in border provinces Conduct periodic reproductive health trainings for shelter residents Focus outreach and assistance towards the family to prevent younger siblings from falling into the hands of human traffickers


Coordinate social work initiatives and trainings for local counterparts

Launch labor trafficking awareness project in factories

Support community outreach/advocacy groups to widen trafficking awareness at the grassroots level

Get involved today Pacific Links Foundation © 2012

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ADAPT Financials*

REVENUES Source of Revenue



$ 40,923


$ 127,925

In-kind Donation

$ 143,000

Temporarily Restricted & General Funds

$ 64,632


$ 376,480

EXPENSES Expense Type


Program Personnel

$ 60,843

Direct Program Expenses

$ 143,864

Indirect Expenses

$ 28,773

In-kind Contribution

$ 143,000


$ 376,480

Individuals, 17% Temporary/ Restricted & General Funds, 22%

In-kind Donations, 38%

Foundations/ Organizations, 34%

Indirect Expenses 8%

Program Personnel 16%

In-kind Contributions 38%

Direct Program Expenses 38%

* Estimated, to be finalized at audit.

// 10 //

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2012

On behalf of our recipients and their communities, we express our sincere gratitude to our donors and supporters who have made this journey possible and worthwhile Aaron Belcher Aaron F. Glantz & Ngoc D. Nguyen Alexandra Le Alexandra Moe Alfa Family Dental Group Alice Lan Le Aline Tran Alisa Brenes Amazon American Express Ami Kawa Amy P. Nguyen An Giang University An Ngoc To An Vuong Anagha Madrigal Andrea Marafino Andrew Lam Andrew Ly Andrew Tan Angela Dickey Angie Chau Angie Ton Anh Do Anh Hua Anh Kim Tran & James Do Anh Osborne Anh Thu Do Anh Vu Anh-Thu Vu-Le Ann N. Anna Ress Annette & Mark Schutz Annie Wright APF Travel Apple Aric Kadosh Arioch M'greene Arjun Gupta Arthaus Asha Jadeja AT My Chiropractor Australian Consulate Auto Strasse Corporation

Azul Day Spa Bach Lan Nguyen Bang Hai Nguyen Bao & Katie LeNguyen Bao Nghiem Bao Ngoc Tran Bao Phi Bao Truong Barbara Morgen & Eric Hemel Bay City Capital Foundation Bernard Bray Beth & Don McDade Betty Cohen Billie Lee Langley Binh Danh Binh Hon Le Binh Hong & Minh Thuy Le Boeing Company Bonnie Chen Boston Properties Bradley Tran Brian Le Bryan Wilson Bui Duy Chinh Bui Ngoc On Bui Nhu Mai Bui Thi Thu Thao Caridad Partners Carlos A. Madrigal Carmen Cheung Carr, McClellan, Ingersoll, Thompson & Horn Law Corporation Cat Tuong Nguyen Catherine Huong Pham Catherine Karnow Cathy H. Lam & Michael W. Kane Center for the Encouragement of Self-Reliance Chanh Pham Chanh Vuong

Š 2012 Pacific Links Foundation

Charles Bailey & Ingrid Foik Charles Phan Charles McGuigan Chau Huyen Cao Chau Lam Chau N. Nguyen Chau Phuong Nguyen Chau Pyatt Chau Yoder Cheer For Viet Nam Chefs Without Borders Chelsea Pham Chi Anh Vu Chi Minh Nguyen & Nguyet-Mai Vo Chi Nguyen Chi Vu Chico Bonner Chien Tran Chris Boyes Christine T. T. LeQuang Christine Tran Chuck Mulloy Chung H. Chuong Chung Lam Chuong H. Nguyen Chuong Vu Cindy La-Tran Cindy Nguyen Cisco Claudia Dobkin Combined Federal Campaign Consular Club of Ho Chi Minh City Courtesy Cleaners Craig Fox Cuc Thu Phung & Thong H. Nguyen Cultural Quest Foundation Dai Thi Nguyen Dan Nieckarz Dana Sachs Dang Pham

Dang T. Phan & Doan-Trang Nguyen Daniel R. Crandall & Ngo Tu Phuong Chi Danny Y. Lai Dao N. Strom Dao Optometry Dat Nguyen Dat Pham David & Mai Glab David Duong David J. Mendro & Patricia A. Surmeier David M'Greene David Nguyen David Palumbo-Liu De Tran Deborah Hinton Dee Dee Nguyen Dennis Berger & Xuan Wang Diana Ngo-Vuong Tran Diane Truong Dick Wilkerson Dien Yuen Diep Ngoc Tran DieuMy Michelle Thai Dinh Ly Dinh Quang Anh Thai Dinh Ton Direct Designs Home & Khrome Studios Do Doan Khanh Do Le & Company Doan L. Phung & Thu-Le Doan Doan Thi Nam Hau Don Phan Dong Minh Nguyen Donna Le Donna Thu Nguyen DTT U.S.A. Duc Ngo Duc Nguyen Duc Vuong Duong A. Nguyen

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East Meets West Foundation Edmund & Katja Rumble Elaine Ngoc Phuong Tran Elan Nguyen Elizabeth A. Cameron Ellen J. Greenblatt Ellie Larson Emily D. Nguyen & Long T. Vu Emily Tran Eric Schroeder Evan Nelson Evelyn Y. Nguyen Ford Foundation Fordham Kiwanis Club Frances Martin Frank Pham Friend of Bernard Bray Friend of Hue Foundation Gabrielle Le Garima Agarwal George Duong Gerard Buulong & Fred Silverman Fund Giao Ly Gilles Marin Google Goor Arie Kadosh GoQTT Grace Barnhill Grace Marie Grace Mishler H. Anh Ngo Long H. F. Schurmann & Alexandra Close Ha Phi Ha Thanh Nguyen Hai Ho Tran Hang Thuy Lam Hanh Nguyen Hanh Thi Ha Hanoi International Women's Club Hao Nhu Do Hawkins Pham Hc Phu Helen Luong Hien & Joy Cung Hien Ngoc Nguyen Hien Nguyen

// 12 //

Hieu Vo Hiromi Neutze Hoa Nguyen Hoa Phat Money Transfer Hoa Quynh & Yen Hai Duong Hoa Trieu Hoang Boyes Hoang D. Tran Hoang H. & Christine V. Weiskirch Hoang Kieu Hoang Nguyen & My-Loc T. Cao Hoi Chau Doc Hong Dao Hong Hanh T. Nguyen Hong Nguyen-Phuong & Diep Ngoc Vuong HonViet TV Hope Nguyen Hua Ngo Hung D. Vu & Trinh T. Nguyen Hung Truong Huon V. Huynh Huong N. Higgins Huong Tran Huy Do Huy Huynh Huy Nguyen Huynh Thi Tuyet Van Infonam International Children Assistance Network Isabelle Pelaud Ivan Small Ivy Flowers Ivy Nga Vuong Jack Barnhill Jacqueline Nguyen Jade Tran James Lam James P. Keim & Wen Fei Hsu-Keim Jane Nunag Janice del Fiacco Jaskaran Singh & Gurpreet Kaur Jason Jong Jennifer J. Twist

Jennifer Nguyen Jenny B. Dang Jenny & Dan Do Jerome & Thao Dodson Jessica H. Fullmer Jessica M. Sylvia Jessy Needham Jimmy Pena Jo Ann Kilty Jocelyn Tran & Toan Nguyen Joel Wollner John Anner John Beckman & Kathy Nguyen John Campbell John F. & Susan M. Dietz John M. Mallory John M. Wang John P. Suter Johnny S. Meas Joseph Hoffman Joson Photo Judith Sylvia Judy Fernandez Julia Caron Julia E. Noblitt Julian Snelling Julie Thi Underhill Julie Vo Julien Nguyen Julien T. & Tu Anh T. Nguyen June Pulcini Kathleen Cookie Ridolfi Katie Nguyen Kellea Shay Miller Ken Deng Kenny Diep & Mylinh Tran Kevin & BachHuong Nguyen Kevin Kha Phan Khai Duong Khanh Nguyen Khanh Ninh & Chuan Nguyen Khanh Tuyet Tran Khia Huynh Khoi D. Nguyen & Susan H. Tran Khuu Thi Le

Kiem H. Vu Kieu Nhi Le Kim Anh Thi Nguyen Kim B. Hoang Kim Hoang Tran Kim Huynh Dam Kim Loan Phung Kim N. & Elvy B. Roberts Kim Oanh Dang Kim To & Tan Cuong Nguyen Kim-Lien Nguyen Kimberley Clark Vietnam Kimberly Hoang Kimi H. Nguyen Kimmy Nguyen KimSon & Sue Tran Kinemo Kinh Thi Nguyen Kinh Tran Dang & Nam Hong Thi Doan KNL Foundation Kohl Gill Kristine Thuan Huynh L. Quentin Dixon Lam An Dinh Lam Nguyen Lan Anh Hoang Lan Huong Kieu Lan Le Lan Ngoc Tran Lan Nhu Bich Phan Lan Phung Lan Phuong Nguyen Lan Tong & Quang Pham Lang Anh Pham & Alan Littleford Lang Tran Larry Clark Larry Pearl Laura Nguyen Laura Pham Laura Stelma Laura Ward Le My Loan Le My Phuong Le Oanh Thi La Le Xuan Khoa Leanna Linh-Chi Nguyen Lena Cao Leslie De Giere

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Liem Huu Nguyen Lien Lynn Tran Lillian Forsyth Lily Phan Limited Brands/ Mast Industries Linda Garrett Linda My Hang Tran Linda Nguyen Linh Ngoc Le Linhda K. Nguyen Little Saigon Radio Loan Tran Loi Nguyen & Kim Tran Long Kim Tran Long Nguyen Long Thanh Lori M'Greene Lorraine Parmer Lucie A. Smith Luke Fisher Luu Kevin Luu Tai Luu Tran Ly Kim Khoa Lyne Ignacio Mai Nguyen Mai Phuong Mai Rafe Mai Van Tran & Viet Thai Hoang Mai Vo Mai-Khanh Tran & Manh Phi Mansoor Khan Margaret Ann & William J. Egan Margarita Binh Tran Maria Riasanovsky Mariam B. Lam Marie Le Marilyn Folwer Mario Marquez Mark D. Levine & Irma D. Herrera Marty Lydster Mary & Brian Snyder Family Mary & George Surmeier Mary Tesluk Mass Mutual

Mei-Ling Fun Mel Mashman & Deirdre Harrington Michael Anthony Ang Michael Barnes Michael Blair Michael F. & Christine N. Crowley Michael Kohn Michael Tam Cam-Phung Michelle Luong Michelle Tai Milly Chen Minh Le Minh Nguyen & Trang Le Minh Nguyenvuong Minh Phuong Thi Pham & Bich H. Nguyen Minh T. Nguyen & PhuongThao D. Le Minh Tsai Minh-Thuy Le-Thi Nguyen Mong Nguyen Monica & James Myrtle Monica Boduszynski MSO Inc. of Southern CA My Kim Tran My Thi Nguyrn My Tran Mylinh Ha-Do & Trinh Do Nadia Andreini & Luca Prasso Nam Hoa Doan Nam Hue Doan Nam Huong Nguyen Nam Thai Nami Nguyen Nancy & Marty Griffin Nancy H. Varela Nancy Lam Natalie Darwin Natalie Nga Ngo Nathalie Joseph & Leo National Philanthropic Trust Neal & Susan Newfield New Moon Foundation Nga & Duc Ha-Duong Nga Tran Ngo Dinh Ba Ngo Thanh Giang

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Ngoc An Ngoc Anh Thi Nguyen Ngoc B. Tran Ngoc Diep Tran Vo Ngoc Ta Ngoc Ta & Tom Villalobos Nguyen Fund Nguyen Lam My Loan Nguyen Le Nguyen Son & Trinh Nguyen Thi Van Nguyen Thu Ha Family Nguyet Anh Vu Nguyet Vo Nha Tran Nhan & Trung Le Nhan La Nhan Truong Nhan Vo Nhat Tien Luu Nhu Ngoc Ong Nhu Quynh Tran Nhu Tien Lu Nhu Tracie Nguyen Nhuan Nguyen Tong Nina Luu Ninh V. Nguyen & Tracy T. Ta Oanh Ha Oanh K. Nguyen & Toan N. Pham Oanh La Oanh Ress Ocean Trinh & Jean Lieu Olivia Lan Huong & Hung An Nguyen One Vietnam Network Patricia L. Andrews Patricia Le Patricia Nguyen Patrick & Carol Dietz Patrick Lummis Patti Andrews Pauline Nguyen Perfect Harvest Distributors Peter Abichaker Peter & Pauline Woodmansee Phac Le-Tuan Pham Thi Mai Loan

Phan Dao Phan Thi Dam Phillips, Spallas & Angstadt LLP Phu Nguyen Phung Pham Phung Trung Ngan Phuoc Dinh Le Phuong Chi Ngo Phuong Lan Nguyen Phuong Lien Ngo Phuong Loan Tran Phuong Quach Phuong Ta & Kirk Ohanian Phuong Tan Truong Phuong Thao Thi Nguyen Piedmont Community Church Polly Jarus Quang Nguyen Que Lam LeNguyen & Minh Tam Nguyen Quinn Tran Quoc Tran Quy Tinh Thuong Viet Quyen N. Vuong Quynh Ha Quynh Kieu Quynh Tran & Kim Liou Randy Trung Q. Nguyen RedRoom Richard Dasher Richard Montpellier Richard Victor Albiero Rick Paul RedRoom Richard Dasher Richard Montpellier Richard Victor Albiero Robert & Kim Henderson Robert & Trinh Ai Tasedan Robert Blakely Robert C. & Alice E. Myrtle Robert Jacobvitz Ronald D. & Kathleen M. Sylvia Rosalina Lydster Rosanna Nguyen

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Rose Kane Rosina Decampo Ross Casley Rossi Huynh Ruth Lutes Ruth Rodriguez Ryan Sheffer Sahra Vang Nguyen Sam Gonen San Diem Le Sang & Hoa Ngo Sanjay Subhedar Sarah J. Berntson Sarah Kim Tran Sasha Rabsey & the HOW Fund Sasha Truong Sau Thi Nguyen Scott L. Huang Scott Tsui Selex Footwear Shandon Phan Sharon Chang Shawn Leavitt & David Tran Shelly Duong Sherry Hirota Shirley Chow Simi Kang Simone Tran SIT Students Sobrato Foundation Solstice Foundation Son Michael Pham Son Nguyen Song-My Tran & Mai Bui Sonia Felix Sophia Thuy Anh Tran Sophie Dangtran Sophie Kieu Lien Dao Sophie Paris Stephania Serena Steve Smith Steve Thinh Nguyen Steven Chiem Sue Retherford Sue Shu-Kwan Chan Susan Tran Susanne Zanalou Ta Nguyen Tai Van Luu

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Taiyaba Khan Tan Cuong Nguyen Tan Huu Nguyen Tang Dan Tanya N. Hoang Tod Tanya Truong Terry Park Thach Do Thai Nguyen Thai Phat Thai Vuong & Susan Ngo ThaiVan Nguyen & Thanh Ta Thanh & ThuTam Nguyen Thanh Dam Thanh Hai Thanh Huu Pham Thanh K. Tran Thanh Nhan Thi Huynh & Tin Thua Nguyen Thanh Phan Thanh Son Nguyen Thanh Tam Le Thanh Thuy Nguyen Thanh Thuy Vo Thanh Truc Nguyen Thanh Vu Thi Nguyen Thien Do & Trang Phan Thoa Ngoc Nguyen Thu Dinh Thu Ha Pham Thu Nguyen Thu Van Nguyen Thu-Ha Ta Thuan An Tran Thuy Anh Tran Thuy B. Tran Thuy Linh Tran & Marco Arrigoni Thuy T. Lindsey Thuy Vu Thuyen Nguyen Tides Foundation Tien Dam Tien Dinh Tong Tien Pham Tiffany BB Rothman Tiffany Ho & Kevin Vodinh Tim Le Tinh Van Tran

TM Clinic To Ngoc Minh Suong To Nhu & Dino Pecoraro Tom Pham Tony Le Tra Mi Nguyen Tracey T. Duong Tram Ho & Khuu Thinh Tram Quynh Le Tram Thuy Nguyen Tran Anh Khoa Tran Dinh Tuan Tran Family Tran Hong Phuc Tran Hong-Van Tran Khanh Tuyet Tran N. Dang & Minh-Nguyet N. Hong Tran Xiem Mai Trang Ly Nguyen Trang Nguyen Trang Pham Trang T. Le Tre Khoe Dep Tri & Mai Hoang Tri Pham Trieu Hai Vo Trinh Le & Sonny Nguyen Trinh Mai Trinh Ngoc Pham Trong Nguyen-Dinh Truc Dang & Binh Ha Truc Le & Kim Hoa Le Truc T. Pham Trung Doan Trung Lam Truong Ngoc Huong Family Trust Family Foundation Tsu Yeung Yan Scott TT Nhu & Tom Miller Tu Anh Phan Tu Hoa Zung Tu Ngoc Nguyen Tuan Hoang Nguyen Tuan Lam & Lien Tran Tuce Peksayar Tung Nguyen & Huyen Cao Tuoc Bui Tuong Long Nguyen

Tuong Q. Nguyen Tuong-Vi Ta Tuyen Laura Nguyen Tuyet Van Nguyen Urapa Nontasut Ursula Le-Tuan Uyen Nguyen VA NGO Network Vaheed A. Taheri Van & Rene Esser Van Luong Van Phat Van S. Nguyen Van-Anh Vanessa Vo Vernon Applegate & Gioi Tran Vi Nguyen VIA Vicky B. Dang Vicky T. Nguyen Victor Wright & Nawarat Acosta-Wright Victoria Tran Viji Sundaram Vincent & Tram Dang Vinh Cam Vinh Q. Pham Vinh Tieu Virginie T. Vo VoVi Association of Canada Vu Thị Binh Vu Tuyet Nhung Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation Walter & Mary Muller Westley Kane White Shallot Restaurant Whitman Family Foundation Will Marvez Xuan Khuong Xuan Nguyen XuanThu Pham Yen Truong Yoga Spring Ysa D. Le Yvette C. Casano

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Together, we have served 10,000+ people

Join us to fight human trafficking


ADAPT Partners Pacific Links Foundation East Meets West Foundation International Children Assistance Network

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Give the Gift of Empowerment ADAPT centers on education and empowerment, one of the most effective ways to combat human trafficking


provide a 3-day summer camp for scholarship students to build friendship, life skills and learn to protect themselves


provides a bicycle for a student to commute to school


supports a student for one year in middle school or high school


supports a student in culinary school providing tuition, housing, supplies, and food


provides a month of food to a trafficking survivor in residence at our shelters


supports an initial care package to trafficking survivors upon return to Vietnam

Lao Cai : Compassion House is our northern shelter for trafficking survivors

An Giang, Dong Thap & Kien Giang prov-

$4,000 provides one year of comprehensive reintegration support to a trafficking survivor including: shelter services, medical care, vocational training, academic schooling, life skill training, and emotional support For more gift levels, visit Pacific Links Foundation Š 2012

An Giang province: PALS Vietnam Office & Open House shelter



Connect with Us

Online at or by mail to:

For the latest updates/events and other ways to give (tell five friends about human trafficking, campaign for us, host a fundraising event, etc.)

Pacific Links Foundation Sobrato Center for Nonprofits 534 Valley Way Milpitas, CA 95035

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Double your gift of empowerment– Your employer may provide a match to your charitable contributions

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ADAPT Annual Report 2011  
ADAPT Annual Report 2011