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O f C ontents

Pre sident ’s Me s s age


A b o u t U s Our Impact



Prevention Protection Par tnership S t o r i e s


M i l e s t o n e s F i n a n c i a l s


Future Goals


Gift of Empowerment






m essa g e

B u i l d i n g M o m e n t u m : A D e c a d e o f E m p o w e r i n g Yo u t h Dear Friends and Supporters, Thank you for advancing the youth of Vietnam. Your generosity allows us to provide the most at-risk youth with access to opportunities that safeguard their hopeful futures. One bright future you help to secure is Lam’s (name changed for confidentiality), a young woman who lived deep in the mountains of Northern Vietnam; she came from a family living in poverty and was desperate for work. Her search for opportunity led her down a dark path of being repeatedly trafficked. Fortunately, she was able to escape from her traffickers. Lam is now a resident at our Lao Cai Compassion House where she learned how to read and write for the first time. She is currently finishing the last year of a culinary training program. With your support, Pacific Links Foundation can support Lam and many other survivors like her with reintegration services that help restore their dignity and self-agency. As we move into our 10th year of service to end human trafficking, we reflect on the impact of our work and what we can achieve together. Our vision for growth builds on the momentum of progress we’ve made in the decade of empowering youth. With your continued support, our vision is to expand our Academic Scholarship program; develop a sustainable business model for our Factory Awareness to Counter Trafficking (FACT) program; and empower youth with the tools to become Vietnam’s future leaders. Together, we look forward to deepening our program activities to better serve our recipients. Thanks again for joining us on this journey to empower the most vulnerable youth against human trafficking. With gratitude, Diep Vuong President & Co-Founder

Pictured: Diep Vuong, President, on home visit with scholarship recipient




Pacific Links Foundation break the cycle of human trafficking by investing comprehensively in at-risk youth to prevent trafficking before it starts and in survivors to build a new life. We envision a world where communities are free from human trafficking.


pro g ra m

o v er v ie w

Pacific Links Foundation leads counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of Vietnam by providing the most vulnerable populations with access to education, shelter and reintegration services, and enabling new economic opportunities.

Our Initiatives


(1) prevention services for populations living in trafficking hotspots to empower through education and knowledge;


Our multi-pronged, grassroots countertrafficking initiatives include:

(2) protection services for trafficking survivors to empower through self-reliance; (3) partnerships for long-term solutions through collaborations to prevent trafficking in school-based, factory-based, and community-based settings.


• Academic Scholarships • Summer Camp • ADAPT Club • Factory Awareness To Counter Trafficking (FACT) • Returnee Initial Support Essentials (RISE) • Compassion Houses • Reintegration Services


• Outreach & Capacity Building

Where We Work

We work along Vietnam’s porous borders with Cambodia, China and Laos, and throughout Vietnam where extreme poverty and high unemployment leave populations facing the highest risk of sexual and labor exploitation. Since 2005, our innovative counter-trafficking initiative have served 30,000+ children, women and men.

North Vietnam

Lào Cai, Nghe An, Quảng Ninh • Returnee Initial Support Essentials (RISE) • Compassion Houses • Reintegration Services • Outreach & Capacity Building • Factory Awareness To Counter Trafficking (FACT)

Since 2005, Pacific Links Foundation has South Vietnam

Đồng Tháp, An Giang, Kiên Giang, Tiền Giang, Dong Nai

grown from operating in 3 provinces to 14

• Returnee Initial Support Essentials (Rise) • Compassion Houses • Reintegration Services • Outreach & Capacity Building • Factory Awareness To Counter Trafficking (FACT) • Academic Scholarships • Summer Camp • ADAPT Club

provinces in 2015




Pacific Links Foundation implements comprehensive solutions that breaks the cycle of human trafficking, targeting populations most at-risk of being trafficked. Our beneficiaries include at-risk youth especially young women and girls, factory workers, trafficking survivors , and their families and communities

Improving Educational Opportunities Education protects young women living in trafficking hotspots by enabling a safer and improved economic outlook. Academic scholarship recipients receive: • tuition, fees, tutoring, high school graduation test prep • bicycles to commute over long distances to school • family day to gather students, their families and community members • health insurance • uniforms, books, school supplies • home visits to check in with students and their families to assess/reduce dropout risks and raise awareness about human trafficking

pre v ention

Academic Scholarship

Results 700+ students received scholarships in the 2015-2016 school year 1,400+ home visits to scholarship recipients and their families to reduce dropout risks and raise awareness about human trafficking 700+ bicycles to commute to school delivered since 2005 6,400+ long-term comprehensive scholarships awarded since 2005

Summer Camp

Raising Self-Confidence

“Thanks to the Scholarship program, I was able to stay in school and learn more useful knowledge without burdening my family with the school fees. ”

Over four days, academic scholarship recipients come together from the remote and impoverished areas of the Mekong Delta to build friendship, raise self-confidence, develop life and career skills and learn how to safeguard themselves against human trafficking.

- Linh, 12th Grade Graduate


pre v ention

Summer camp focuses on promoting six values: Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Courage, Engagement, and Safety. In particular, the camp emphasizes the importance of education and career orientation to strengthen the young women’s commitment to stay in school, thereby preventing unwanted dropouts and reducing the risks of human trafficking.

Results 750+ students and teachers attended 2015 summer camp


Building Future Leaders

“ I thought that leaders are only people who are extremely smart, have extensive knowledge and excel in school. But after the meeting on leadership, I know now that anyone is capable of being a leader; they must have core values.” –Quyên, Grade 9


ADAPT club is a youth development after-school program that represents a rare opportunity for youth in the poorest areas of the Mekong Delta to develop life skills such as leadership, public speaking, team-building, and engage in trafficking prevention. ADAPT Club activities increase school-age students’ ability to take action, make good decisions, and chart a future free from trafficking for themselves and their communities as well as increasing their self-confidence and self-awareness.

Results 250 students participated in ADAPT club

Factory Awareness To Counter Trafficking (FACT)

Reducing Risks in the Supply Chain


g oals

Human trafficking poses great potential risk in many global industries’ supply chain, including apparel, hospitality, agriculture, and electronics. To combat this, the FACT program trains factory workers and manager about human trafficking in industrial zones. We work with employers to create good practice standards in labor recruiting and retention to reduce trafficking risks in the supply chain.

Results 300+ factory managers and workers trained in 2015 6000+ factory managers and workers trained on human trafficking risks and prevention in the supply chain since 2013

“ I didn’t know until today that forced labor could also be a form of human trafficking. Because of your program, pre v ention

I know now to ask more questions if someone comes to me and tell me of a good work opportunity far away.” - Factory Worker, Hansae Co. Ltd



Compassion Houses & Reintegration Services

Building Self Reliance and Reducing Trafficking Risk

We operate two reintegration shelters to empower trafficking survivors with the safety, self-confidence, and skills to become self-reliant. Trafficking survivors reside in the shelter until they finish their training or schooling. Compassion House residents receive: • Safe housing • Vocational training/academic schooling, and literacy tutoring • Job placement and internships • Health insurance and health access; art therapy • Life skills training • Identity and residency legal assistance • Returnee Initial Support Essentials package (RISE) Survivors who do not wish to stay at the shelters are offered communitybased reintegration services

Results 40+ trafficking survivors took up residency in our Compassion Houses 400+ trafficking survivors assisted in their physical and emotional recovery for reintegration since 2008


Returnee Initial Support Essentials (RISE) Re-establishing Trust

We enhance the first line of response to trafficking survivors at the border upon their return to Vietnam by providing RISE care packages. Care packages include a sport sack containing: • towel, soap, detergent, toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary napkins, shampoo, brush, comb • set of clothes (pants, blouse, underwear), flip flops, notebook, pens, travel costs to get home, referrals to local support services

Results 100+ RISE packages delivered to border guards and local government officials for trafficking survivors 800+ RISE packages delivered since 2013

“ I have gone to China for work several times, but after hearing more information about human trafficking today, I will probably not return to China anymore.” – Community Member at Lao Cai ethnic minority market outreach event

Outreach & Capacity Building

Increasing capacity of statekholders We work closely with partners from the local to international levels including:

partners h ips

• Grassroots networks to educate communities about trafficking • Families, teachers, and communities to keep at-risk youths safe from traffickers and from dropping out of school • Domestic and international corporations to protect their workers and supply chains from trafficking through awareness campaigns and workshops • Local and national governments to ensure trafficking survivors’ safe return and successful reintegration • Local and international NGOs to provide referrals, vocational training, and other reintegration services

Results 200+ participants attended the 10th Annual Social Work Summer Institute program, including Scholarship receiving school administrators 20,000+ community members reached through awareness campaigns since 2005




h ope

W h at do y ou t h ink o f w h en y ou t h ink o f h o me ? We ask this question to the survivors living in the Lao Cai Compassion House, one of two shelters Pacific Links Foundation operates in Vietnam exclusively for trafficking survivors. “I think of our family, sitting and eating together. I think of my mom, my dad, my uncle, aunt, and brother. And I think of my brother’s laugh as we joke around during dinner,” responds one of our survivors.

To be a survivor is only the beginning for many of these young women.


W h a t a re y ou r d re a m s ? “I dream of seeing the ocean for the first time. I dream of being a really great student so I can find a job that is secure to help support my family.” Each woman full with stories of their past, shared bittersweet memories of home and what it means for them to create a new life for themselves. Pacific Links Foundation recognizes the importance of providing trafficking survivors with opportunities and tools to build a new life. By investing in these young women, we are breaking the vicious cycle in which they could be trafficked again or become traffickers themselves.

S u m m e r C a mp 2 0 15 Pacific Links Foundation’s Summer Camp “Connect” has begun. Guess we arrived a bit early. My mood is excited yet nervous as I step foot into Long Xuyen. A city that is prosperous, magnificent, and ever changing, making me all the more jittery of the thought of summer camp starting tomorrow. It’s early morning, a morning I’ve been patiently anticipating. We woke up really early and gathered at the main camp site. I was assigned to a camp with 38 other campers. With enthusiasm and the passion from the volunteers and camp couselors, “4 Leaf Clover” the name of my camp was born. The name carries with it luck and faith. Finally, after 2 o’clock, the opening ceremony began and kicked off the Summer Camp program. The level of excitement increased to another level. Over three days of working together with everyone in the camp, learning about various topics, we became very close. We all experienced many exciting moments together, happiness shared alongside one another. The evening I’ve been anxiously waiting for had finally arrived– the campfire. Although it rained, everyone was still in good spirits around the fire. It was an evening of farewells, with people crying - the feeling of goodbye was so hard to bare. Every party must come to an end, but why are there twisting knots that I’m feeling inside? Seeing the tear drops on the girls next to me made my eyes swell up, but I told myself to hold them back for farewell today is a requisite for a meeting next year. I’m sure Summer Camp next year will be even more interesting, more rewarding, and more eventful. Summer Camp brought me many precious things. As a result, it brought me closer to those around me, helped me build more self-confidence and courage. Summer camp was a day of change, simply perfect, and I saw myself grow and mature. I am very grateful Summer Camp gave me these opportunities. Summer Camp is a place for us to connect to our future, together. Good bye Summer Camp 2015. See you again!

Anh Thư Academic Scholarship recipient


m ilestones

Our program has grown from only 3 provinces to now operating in 14 provinces with goals of expanding to 6 more in the next year. As a result, we have impacted thousands across Vietnam’s most at-risk regions.

2008 - Establishment of Long Xuyen Compassion House, first shelter for trafficking survivors established at the Vietnam-Cambodia border

2005 - Launch of countertrafficking initiative in the Mekong Deltawith the Academic Scholarship program; 478 longterm scholarships distributed to the most at-risk young women.



200 2008

2005 2006 - The first Social Work Summer Institute brings together social work practitioners from the U.S., Vietnam, and Cambodia


Expansion to 16 GATE groups to conduct anti-human trafficking and safe migration awareness campaigns

2007 - Formation of 6 Grassroots AntiTrafficking Efforts (GATE) groups to conduct safe migration campaigns

2009 - First cohort Scholarship recipien from high school students going to

2010 - Establishment of Lao Cai Compassion House, the first and only shelter for trafficking survivors at the Vietnam-China border


t of Academic nts graduate l with three o university

2013 - Launch of Factory Awareness to Counter Trafficking (FACT) prevention program in major domestic and international companies in Vietnam Academic Scholarship program grows to 700 recipients a year

2012 2010

2015 2013 2015 - Launch of ADAPT Youth Leadership Club in 5 Schools

2012 - Launch of Returnee Initial Support Essentials (RISE) program for survivors upon returning to Vietnam

2015 - First trafficking survivor from the Lao Cai Compassion House to attend university




Pacific Links Foundation would like to thank and acknowledge our donors and supporters for making a lasting impact.

Expenses Fundraising Costs 6% Administrative Costs 10%

84 CENTS of every $ donated goes directly to our programs

Program Costs 82%

To t a l E x p e n s e s *

To t a l R e v e n u e * Source of Revenue


Expense Type






Corporate/Foundations/ Institutional


Inkind Program






Inkind Fundraising




General & Administrative


Inkind General & Administrative








Adobe Adrienne De Geer Alan Soper Alan Stein Alexander Lin Alexis Marcq Amazon AmazonSmile Foundation American Express Charitable Fund Amy P. Nguyen An & Tam Le Ana Fabregas Andrew Lam Andrew Vaquilar Andy Chuk Angela Lin Angie Chau Anh Kim Tran Anh-Minh Do & Phuong Anh Nguyen Anna Ress Annie Nguyen Apple Inc. Aric Guo Be Thi Nguyen Bele Nguyen Ben Tiongson Bernard A. Newcomb Bill Nguyen Biti’s Bright Funds Foundation Bui Thi Thu Thao Carolyn Broughton & Nikki Nguyen Carolyn Orida Catherine Karnow Cathy Nguyen Center for the Encouragement of Self-Reliance Charles R. Bailey & Ingrid Foik Chevron Matching Employee Fund Chi Minh Nguyen & Nguyet-Mai Vo Chi Ngo


Chinyere Ojini Christina Bui Christine Crowley Cindy Vuu Colleen LaFontaine Combined Federal Campaign Community Initiatives Corbin Laedlein Cuc Thu Phung & Thong H. Nguyen Cuong Nguyen & Ann Pham Dai Pham Dang Ngoc Quang Dang T. Phan & Doan-Trang Nguyen Daniella Hwang Danielle T. Duong Dao Nguyen Daphne Tan David Lin David Nguyen Dennis Homann Desta Raines Diana Chen Diane Truong Diemlan Tonnu Diep Pham Doan L. Phung Donald B. Diep Duc-Hieu Tran Duong Minh Language School EMpower Encore Eric Hemel & Barbara Morgen Eric V. Le Eytan Schmal Gerard Buulong & Fred Silverman Fund Giang Minh Nguyen Giao Vu Gioi Tran & Vernon Applegate Google Inc. Gordon Gilgan Hang Le Bourque Hang Tran Hanh My Dao Hanoi International Women’s Club Hao-Nhu Thi Do

Helen Huang Hiten K. Patel Hoa H. Le Hoa Quynh & Yen Hai Duong Hoang Nguyen & My-Loc T. Cao Hoang Thi Hoa Hong Nguyen-Phuong & Diep Ngoc Vuong Huynh Van Huon ICAN International Service Center Intuit Issac Andres Jacqueline Dang James & Kayley Rosenthal James Grahn James N. Do & Jackie H. Lam Jamie Nguyen Jayesh Sharma Jennifer Pham JICA Jim Keim Jimmy Doan Jocelyn Tran & Toan Nguyen John Bracaglia John Pavlidis Kalvin Van Gaasbeck Karen Hahn Karenne H. Koo Kaze Studio Khanh Nguyen Khanh Pham Khanh Truong Kim Nho Nguyen Kim T. Le Kimberley Stevens Kimberly Ky Lakshmi Raut Lam An Dinh & Danny Tran Lan Anh Hoang Lan Nhu Bich Phan Landon Carter Schmitt Memorial Fund Laurie Dennis L Brands / MAST Cares Le T. Khuu

Le Tan Le Thi Thanh Huong Leigh A. Schmid Lena Ju Tso Leyna Nguyen Lien Huong Tran Lillian Forsyth Linda Tran Loan Nguyen Loanne & Eric Huynh Long K. Tran & Mai N. Bui Lorraine Hendrickson Luc Nguyen Lynn Hsu M. T. Bui & D. A. Mai Mai Nguyen Maria Graven Mark Your Wall MGF Sourcing MaRaina Montgomery Mettler Studios Inc. Michael Le Mimi Tran & Lee Vien Mimi Vu Ming Xu Minh T. Nguyen & Phuong Thao Le Mission College Students MMSoft Morris E. & S. May Morkre Muttika Chaturabul My-Kim Tran Mylinh Ha-Do Nadia Lobo-Guerrero Correa Nancy Chan Nancy Lam Nang Lam Neal & Susan Newfield Nga T. Cao Ngoc B Tran Nguyen Lam My Loan Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Nhu Hoa Phan Nhu-An Tran Nina Chen Nina Luu

Oanh Ress OCVA Lions Osprey Packs, INC Pamela Broz Paulina & Anthony Lin PayPal Peter Glowa PG&E Corporation Foundation Phac Le Tuan Phat Hoang Pho Ben Phuong Kim Trinh Phuong Ta Present Purpose Network Price Waterhouse Coopers Quyen Do Quynh T. Tran & Kim Liou Repsol Richard & Dabney Schmitt Richard & Peggy Eckroth Robert & Kim Henderson Robert Myrtle Robert Wiedlin Robin Robertson Rodney Jonace Ronald D. & Kathleen M. Sylvia Rosa Trieu Rubysela Corral-Grainger San Diem Le Sandy Dang Sasha Rabsey Seattle International Foundation Sebastien Tuan Le Shaoling Jin Sharon Lee Shelly Marie Zimmerman Skoll Foundation Song-My Tran & Mai N. Bui Stacey Q.T. Le Suzanne Vien Tammy Tran Tammy Vu Tanya N. Hoang Tasha Bannister ThaiVan X. Nguyen & Nicholoas (Thanh) Ta

The G.R.A.C.E. Education Fund Thinh Nguyen Thomas Schwartz Thu Koelling Thu Nguyen Thuy Dam Thuy Linh Tran Thuy T. Lindsey Tien Nguyen Tim Ai Tom Johnston Tony Le Tra Thanh Nguyen Tracy Ann Novak & Mark Westbrook Tracy Nguyen Tram M. Ho & Thinh M. Khuu Tran Khanh Tuyet Trang Doan Trinh-Ai T. Tasedan Trung Le Tu Ly Pham Tuong-Vi Ta United Nations Van Nguyen Vicky B. Dang Vietnam Education Society Vincent & Tram Dang Vinh Q. Pham Vithear & Trang Ouk Vivian T. Nguyen Vo Tien My VSA Southern-Methodist University Walmart Washington Women’s Foundation Wendy Breuer Whitman Family Foundation William A. Truong William F. & Janice C. Forsyth Xuan Thanh Le Yelana Webb Yoshiko Ogawa Yvonne N. & Mark W. K. Leung




g oin g


for w ard

e v e n ti o n

• Grow the Academic Scholarships program to give 1,000 at-risk young women the chance to go to school • Streamline the collection, monitoring and reporting of scholarship information to better track students • Expand FACT to train 100, 000 workers and managers in the next 3 years • Develop FACT program in dormitory areas • Develop FACT into a certification program


o te c t i o n

• Provide 600 RISE care packages for survivors in border provinces • Expand reintegration services for trafficking survivors • Develop a 24/7 hotline service for first responders • Focus outreach and assistance towards the family to prevent younger siblings from falling into the hands of traffickers


r tn e r s h i p

• Application process for FACT factories • Support community outreach/ advocacy groups to widen trafficking awareness at the grassroots level • Further relationships with local and national governments to ensure trafficking survivors’ safe return and successful reintegration


g i v e


t h e

g ift

e v e n ti o n

e m po w er m ent


o te c t i o n

$275 supports one at-risk student for one year in middle school or highschool

$500 provides trafficking survivors with one year of vocational training/ academic schooling

$90 provides one bicycle for an at-risk student to commute to school

$100 supports an initial care package to trafficking survivors upon return

$75 supports a 4-day summer camp for one at-risk student

$75 provides a month of food to a resident at our shelters

By Check: Pacific Links Foundation Sobrato Center for Nonprofits 534 Valley Way Milpitas, CA 95035 By Credit Card: By CFC Campaign: # 83094

d o n a ti o n s



Together, We Have Empowered


People Against Trafficking!


U..S.A. Pacific Links Foundation Sobrato Center for Nonprofits 534 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035 USA +1 510 435 3035 VIETNAM Tổ chức Vòng Tay Thái Bình 163/A9 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng TP Long Xuyên, An Giang, Việt Nam +84 76 3853 888

PACIFIC LINKS FOUNDATION I Join us to Stop Human Trafficking!

© 2016 Pacific Links Foundation

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