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Lasting Impact Empowering Youth to End Human Trafficking

Pictured: Where we work (above); Diep Vuong, President, with scholarship recipient during home visit (right) Photography Credits: Pacific Links Foundation staff, volunteers and beneficiaries No likeness of trafficking survivors is shown in this document to protect their privacy. Pacific Links Foundation Š 2014

President’s Message Dear Friends, As we reflect on a busy and exciting 2013, we thank you for your steadfast commitment in joining us in this journey to end human trafficking. Your generous support has made a lasting impact upon at-risk youth and survivors, giving them opportunities for a brighter future and a way out of the crushing and dangerous poverty cycle. This year, we launched the Factory Awareness to Counter Trafficking (FACT) initiative to reduce human trafficking risks in the global supply chain. The FACT program is vital to our fight against trafficking, as industrial zones and manufacturing plants in Vietnam are among the top places for traffickers to recruit their next victims. We are calling on all companies who want to fight trafficking in their supply chain to partner with us and help expand FACT into more factories each year, educating thousands of workers and managers about the risks of trafficking in their workplace. In 2014 and beyond, we will continue to bring much needed innovative, comprehensive, and preventative solutions to the populations most at risk through school-based, community-based, and factory-based settings. We have been extremely fortunate over the last 14 years to have support from a diverse network—of individual donors, corporations, and private foundations.—Human trafficking is a complicated problem that cuts across all social and economic levels, continuing to spread within Vietnam and across the world. Your partnership is critical to this fight, and we thank you for your trust. Together, we can invest in the most vulnerable youth to build a better world free of slavery! In gratitude,

Diep Vuong President

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About Pacific Links Foundation Pacific Links Foundation (PALS) leads counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of Vietnam. We break the cycle of human trafficking by investing comprehensively in at-risk youth to prevent trafficking before it starts and in survivors to build a new life. PALS operates where the most vulnerable populations live. In Vietnam, we work in the provinces bordering Cambodia, China and Laos. Youth in these regions face the highest risk of sexual and labor exploitation due to extreme poverty, and lack of economic and educational opportunities. // 2 //

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Locations of Our Counter-Trafficking Initiatives Ha Giang: Reintegration Assistance

Lao Cai: Reintegration Shelter, Awareness Raising Quang Ninh: Reintegration Assistance, Awareness Raising

Kien Giang, An Giang & Dong Thap: Scholarships, Awareness Raising

Tien Giang: FACT, Scholarships, Awareness Raising

An Giang—Long Xuyen: Reintegration Shelter & Assistance, Awareness Raising Pacific Links Foundation Š 2014

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Pacific Links Foundation Š 2014

Improving Educational Opportunities: Academic Scholarships MEET PHUC & HAU Phuc* and Hau* live with their grandparents, who are their sole providers. Each day, their grandparents go crab fishing and pick wild vegetables to eat. They save what little money they earn from patching roofs to pay for Phuc and Hau’s school fees. Although their health is in decline, their only concern is how they will put Phuc and Hau through college so that the girls will have a stable future. Phuc and Hau currently receive academic scholarships through PALS. Phuc is a thriving 11th grader who aspires to study Hotel Restaurant Management. Hau is a bright 7th grader who dreams of becoming a teacher. PALS helps support students like Phuc and Hau to remove the burden of financial hardship from standing in the way of their education and a better future.

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

ABOUT ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS Education protects girls living in trafficking hotspots by enabling a safer and improved economic outlook. Academic scholarship recipients receive: tuition, fees, tutoring, high school graduation test prep

bicycles to commute to school

family day to gather students, their families and community members

health insurance, uniforms, books, school supplies, monthly rice supply

home visits 2 times a year to reduce drop-out risks and raise awareness about human trafficking

summer camp for students to raise selfconfidence, consolidate life skills and protect herself from traffickers

2013 IMPACT 350+ scholarship recipients attended the 6th annual summer camp 700+ students received scholarships in the 2013-2014 school year 1,400+ home visits to scholarship recipients and their families 7% average annual drop-out rate, a statistic that compares favorably with the 25.9% dropout rate in Vietnam’s border provinces 700+ bicycles delivered since the start of the program 5,000+ long-term comprehensive scholarships awarded to at-risk girls since 2005 Pacific Links Foundation © 2014

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Mitigating Risks in the Supply Chain: Factory Awareness to Counter Trafficking (FACT) ABOUT FACTORY AWARENESS TO COUNTER TRAFFICKING (FACT) Human trafficking poses great potential risk in many global industries’ supply chain, including apparel, hospitality, agriculture, and electronics. To combat this, the FACT program educates workers, managers, and factory owners about human trafficking in industrial zones. We work with employers to create good practice standards in labor recruiting and retention to reduce trafficking risks in the supply chain. TESTIMONIALS “Through the real stories, I learned more about the different forms of human trafficking and how to keep myself safe from human trafficking. I will share this information to warn others.” - Thanh, Worker “I gained a better understanding of human trafficking. From now on when I receive offers, I will find out more details before taking the opportunity.” - Xuan, Worker “Anyone can be a trafficker. All of us must be on full alert to increase safety and prevent human trafficking.” - Tuyen, Worker 2013 IMPACT 1,500+ factory managers and workers have been trained on human trafficking risks and prevention in the supply chain // 6 //

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Re-Establishing Trust: Returnee Initial Support Essentials (RISE) ABOUT RETURNEE INITIAL SUPPORT ESSENTIALS (RISE) We enhance first line of response to trafficking survivor at the border upon their return to Vietnam by providing RISE care packages. Care packages include a sport sack containing: towel, soap, detergent

set of clothes (pants, blouse, underwear), flip flops, notebook, pens

shampoo, brush, comb

toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary napkins

travel costs to get home

referrals to local support services

TESTIMONIAL “In the past 7-8 years working on this issue, this is the first time that we received something tangible and meaningful [for trafficking victims]. Thank you.” - Border Guard Official in Lao Cai Province 2013 IMPACT  100+ border guards have been trained  500+ RISE care packages were distributed Pictured: Lao Cai crossing, Vietnam-China border (background); training for community members (left); RISE care packages (middle); meeting with border officials (right)

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Building Self-Reliance: Compassion Houses MEET LINH Linh* came from an abusive household, where she endured endless fights between her parents. One day, her father angrily put her on a wooden chopping block, threatening her with a large knife. Linh’s grandmother risked her life to take Linh out of the dangerous situation at home. Linh lived with her grandmother from then on, often going to bed with an empty stomach. Despite being an excellent student, Linh dropped out of school in the 8th grade to support herself after her grandmother had fallen seriously ill. Although she was promised a stable job, Linh ended up spending the next two years of her life night after night in brothels abroad. Linh, who is 17 years old, now lives at the Compassion House, attending vocational school, and receiving the care that she needs to overcome the trauma that she has endured. Linh yearns for the day when she will be free from her past. *Names have been changed for privacy purposes. ABOUT OUR COMPASSION HOUSES Trafficking survivors risked their lives to regain freedom. Comprehensive reintegration services bring a real chance at a new life and reduce re-trafficking risks. We operate two reintegration shelters to empower trafficking survivors with the safety, self-confidence, and skills to become self-reliant. Trafficking survivors, aged 13 and older, reside in the shelter until they finish their training, some have stayed 2+ years. They receive: safe housing & emotional support including art and dance therapy

health care

legal assistance & support to family members

vocational training/ academic schooling & job placement

life skills

annual retreat to focus on life skills, teambuilding, art and dance therapy

2013 IMPACT 400+ trafficking survivors have been assisted in their physical and emotional recovery for successful reintegration since 2008 Pictured: Flying kites (background), dance therapy (top right), meal time (top right, middle), art therapy (bottom right, middle), tending to organic garden (bottom right) // 10 //

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2014

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2014

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Increasing Capacity: Partnerships ABOUT PARTNERSHIPS We work closely with partners from the local to international levels including:  Grassroots networks to educate communities about trafficking  Families, teachers, and communities to keep at-risk youths safe from traffickers and from dropping out of school  Domestic and international corporations to protect their workers and supply chains from trafficking through awareness campaigns and workshops  Local and national governments to ensure trafficking survivors’ safe return and successful reintegration  Local and international NGOs to provide referrals, vocational training, and other reintegration services 2013 IMPACT  Organized 8th Annual Social Work Summer Institute program for 100+ participants  Grand opening of new facility for the Lao Cai Compassion House, made possible by the support of the British Embassy  Addition of monthly rice support to scholarship recipients (10 kgs)  10,000+ community members reached through awareness campaigns since 2008

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THANK YOU to our donors and supporters for making a lasting impact

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Abe Sylvia Adegboyega & Mozella Ademiluyi Albert Tseng Allie Hien Trinh Amazon American Express AMPHARCO Company An & Tam Le Andrew Lam Andrew Wineapple Anh Kim Tran & James Do Anh Nguyen Anh Pham Anh Tran Anhlan Nguyen Anonymous donors AnThu Vuong Apple April & Bryan Messerly Arvind & Shruti Narain Audrey Brandt Bach Yen & Phan Dao Ban & Renee Tran Bank of America Barbara J. Turk Bearded Lady Productions Bethan Shierson Twigg Betty & Murray A. Cohen Bin He & Huashan Wang Binh Danh Biti’s Bui Thi Thu Thao Candice C. Bryant Carin Holroyd Carlos Figueroa Caroline Chang Catherine Karnow Cause Vision Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Chesapeake Bay Area // 14 //

CFC Fort Campbell Area CFC Fort Sill-Lawton CFC Greater Olympic Peninsula CFC National Capital Area CFC New Mexico CFC Northern Lights CFC Oklahoma City United Way-PCFO CFC Onslow County CFC Philadelphia Area CFC Richmond, VA CFC San Antonio Area CFC South Puget Sound CFC Southern Nevada CFC United Way Suncoast CFC Wilmington Delaware Channapha Khamvongsa Charles R. Bailey & Ingrid Foik Chau Nguyen Chi Anh Vu Children Protection Fund - Tien Giang Chinam C. Kry Christina Birkhead Christy Chan Chuong H. Chung Coca Cola Company Colleen LaFontaine Columbus Foundation L Brands Consular Club of HCMC Corazon M. Aquino Cornelius R. Keohane, Jr. Coy Tran Cuc Thu Phung & Thong H. Nguyen Dam Vinh Hung Dang T. Phan & Doan-Trang Nguyen

Dave Nguyen David E. Clancy David J. Mendro & Patricia Anne Surmeier David Lamb David W. Fenza Debbie Hoang Debra Evans Deidre Savino Denise Phan & Bruce Shaw Desta Raines Diana Ransom Hall Diane Truong Dien Tu Tam Ninh Co. Dieulien Tong & Chanh Viet DNN Events Doan L. Phung Du Bui Duc Nguyen Duong A. Nguyen Duong Minh Language School East Meets West Foundation Edmund Taylor & Katja Maria Rumble 11 Plus Elizabeth S. Alexander Ellen W. Law & Samuel M. Lippman Em Huynh Eric Schroeder Eric V. Le Evan & Ruth-Anne Siegal Evi Olga Mustel Evolve Dance Gemirald Daus Fund for the Encouragement of Self-Reliance Gioi Tran & Vernon Applegate

Google Hai Nguyen Hanoi International Women’s Club Heleny Cook Hien Vu Hieu Le Ho Hanh Linh Hoa Chat Tan Phu Cuong Company Hoa Quynh Duong, Yen Hai Duong & Trung Doan - Alfa Family Dental Group Hoang Trieu Limited Co. Hang Le Bourque Hong Nguyen-Phuong & Diep Ngoc Vuong Hong Van Pham Hung Bui Hung Thinh Company Hung Vuong Company Huon V. Huynh Huong Nguyen Huy Hoang Company Huy Ton Tran Hyacinth B. Bryant Ina Clausen International Children Assistance Network Jack & Emily McKay Jacqueline Pham James Bao James Epstein James McCallum James P. Keim James Wrona Jane Juliano Jared Hunt Jason R. Fujimoto Jay Morse Jeanne Y. Lin Jeffrey Schwartz Jennifer Jones

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Jin Quyen Jing Shi Joanne Goldblum Jocelyn Tran & Toan Nguyen Joe Knierien John David B. Rodil Joson Photo Julia N. Moe Julie Won Justin Giac Lagraff Kamal & Reema Shah Karenne H. Koo Kasey Li Katherine Pham Kathryn Ohara Keith Belling Kevin C. Kevin Cabugao Khanh Nguyen Kimberly Ky Kim Tung Tran Kimviet Ngo Kris Do Lan-Huong Nguyen Lan Anh Hoang Lan Anh Phan Lang Tre Mui Ne Co. Laura Gassner Otting Lawrence & Ivonne Kuechler Le Khac Ly Le Thi Thanh Huong Le T. Khuu Le Vu Ngoc Tran Leslie K. & Lucy D. Le Lien Hoa Company Lien Huong Tran Lily Phan Linda Tran Livia Sun Loan Nguyen Long K. Tran & Mai N. Bui Lori M. Kaplan Ly Vo Mai Hanh Nguyen Mai Nguyen Marc Manashil Marcella Bartolini Margaret Ann & William J. Egan Margery G. Myers Mary P. & George W. Surmeier MAST Global MGF Sourcing Michael Thoreson & Phuong Tran

Microsoft Mimi Vu Minh T. Nguyen & PhuongThao Le MinhChau Dinh Miss Vietnam of NorCal Intercollegiate MMSoft Mona Hatler Monica E. & James Myrtle Morris E. & S. May Morkre M.N.S.G My-Kim Tran My Thuan Tran Nam Pham Nancy Chan Nancy H. Varela Nancy Lam Nancy Yee Natalie Thao Vu Natsuko Utsumi Neal & Susan Newfield Nga T. Cao Nga Tran Ngoc B. Tran Ngoc Nguyen Ngoc Trai Hoang Gia Nguyen Lam My Loan Nguyen Minh Hung Nguyen Thi Be Nguyen Thi Hau Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Nguyen Thi Xuan Thuy Nguyen Thu Lien Nhat Tien Lu Nhi Do Nhi Tran Nhu Hoa Phan Nitin & Supriya Salunke Nizar Paco Villagram Pamela Broz Patrice Kunesh Patricia J. Harrison, MD Peter C. & Theresa A. Collins Peter Nguyen Pham My Linh Pham Ngung Huong Le Pham Ngung Hung Phan Thi Xuan Phong Phu Company Phuoc Dang Phuong Nguyen Phuong Ta & Kirk Ohanian Phyllis E. Kaye

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Present Purpose Network Quang Duong Quat Vo Quyen Dinh & Trina Chu Quyen N. Vuong Quynh T. Tran Rachelle C. Cagampan Razoo Foundation Rebecca & Charles Moore Richard & Mira Ress Robert & Kim Henderson Robert & Natalie Creese Robert C. & Alice E. Myrtle Robyn Gershon Ronald D. & Kathleen M. Sylvia Ron & Oanh Ress Rosamund Grady Foundation Samir Raiyani San Diem Le San Xuat ML Company Sandeep A. & Urvashi S. Desai Sandra Hughes Sandy Dang Sasha Rabsey / HOW Fund Scott Tsui Shelly Marie Zimmerman Shirley Cookston Song-My Tran & Mai N. Bui Sophie Paris State Department Steve Roche Steven Chiem Sumiye Okubo Suncrest United Methodist Church Surjeet Kaur Ahluwalia Susan Karlshoej & James Egan Suzanne M. Fuentes Sylvia H. Senften t.k.i.d. Talisman Vietnam Tan Phu Cuong Company Ted Osius Thai Hoang Thanh Tra Nguyen The Boeing Company The Community Foundation The G.R.A.C.E. Education Fund

The Kaye Family Fund The McConnell Group Theresa C. Becich 38 Degree Flowers Thoa Nguyen Thu-Le Doan Thu Tu Tran Thuy Linh Tran Thuy Nguyen Thuy Nguyen Tiep H. & Bachdan P. Nguyen Tim Ai To-Nhu & Dino Pecoraro To Ngoc Minh Suong Tran Khanh Tuyet Tran Song Hai Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa Tran Van Minh Triem & Dinh Dang Trinh-Ai T. Tasedan & Family Trung La Truong Thi May Tu-Anh Dang Tu-Anh Vu Tuan Lam & Lien Thanh Tran Tulip Ronjubd Tuong-Vi Ta Tuyet Victoria Nguyen Vietnam Education Society Viet Hung Collection Vincent Dang & Family Vo Tien My Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation Wei Li & Ziting Sophia Liu Wendy Breuer Wen Fei Hsu-Keim West Liberty University White Palace Convention Center Whitman Family Foundation William Forsyth & Family Xom Co Vn Xu Ly Chat Thai Ran Company Xuan Thanh Le Xuat Nhap Khau Lien Thai Binh Duong Yasmin Abadian Yen Ngoc Company Yoom Dang Zhili Zhang & Jianning Dong // 15 //

2013 Financials*

REVENUES* Source of Revenue Individuals Corporate/Organizations In-Kind Total

Amount $188,009 $176,157 $140,000 $504,166

EXPENSES* Expense Type Program Indirect (M&G, Fundraising, etc.) In-Kind Program In-Kind Other (M&G, Fundraising, etc.) Total * Estimated, to be finalized at audit. // 16 //

Amount $318,896 $45,270 $106,829 $33,171 $504,166

In-Kind Contributions 28%

Individuals 37%

Corporate/ Organizations 35% In-Kind Other 7% Indirect 9% In-Kind Program 21%


Program 63%

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2014

In-Kind Program Indirect In-Kind Other

Impact Statements “The scholarship enabled me to go to school. Before, the idea of dropping out school to help my family earn a living was frequently in my mind, even though I love studying. However, I changed my mind since I got the scholarship. I found out that only by studying, I could achieve a better future. Thanks to the scholarship, I do not worry about money for school any more. Now my concern is studying.” - Academic Scholarship Recipient “I thank the scholarship program for helping me go to school. I learned a lot and participated in useful activities during the past 8 years. I hope PALS will continue to expand the program to help more poor girls to not drop out of school due to hardship.” - Graduating Academic Scholarship Recipient “Her (the recipient) father passed away four years ago, then her mother and oldest brother moved to Saigon to work in a shoe factory. We are too poor to afford her school tuition even though she is an excellent student. Thanks to the PALS’ scholarship program, she can stay in school and continue her education. We are so grateful to PALS and their donors and always remind her to study harder to have a better future.” - Grandmother of Academic Scholarship Recipient

Pacific Links Foundation © 2014

// 17 //

Impact Highlights PREVENTION

5,000+ scholarships

awarded to at-risk girls

Average annual

drop-out rate

7% 25.9%

PALS scholarship program



Vietnam’s border provinces

1,500+ factory workers & managers trained on human trafficking

risks and prevention

in the supply chain



for trafficking survivors

trafficking survivors assisted in their reintegration process

compassion houses out of 3 in Vietnam PARTNERSHIP


community members reached

through awareness campaigns and outreach // 18 //

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2014

Pacific Links Links Foundation Foundation © © 2014 2013 Pacific

9 //// ////19

Going Forward PREVENTION Academic Scholarship  Grow the scholarship program to give 1,000 at-risk girls the chance to go to school, and stay safe from human traffickers  Streamline the collection, monitoring and reporting of scholarship information to better track students Factory Awareness to Counter Trafficking (FACT)  Expand FACT to train 50,000 workers and managers in the next 3 years  Develop FACT program in dormitory areas  Develop FACT into a certification program PROTECTION Reintegration Services  Provide 500 RISE care packages for survivors in border provinces  Expand reintegration services for trafficking survivors  Focus outreach and assistance towards the family to prevent younger siblings from falling into the hands of traffickers PARTNERSHIP  Application process for FACT factories  Support community outreach/advocacy groups to widen trafficking awareness at the grassroots level  Further relationships with local and national governments to ensure trafficking survivors’ safe return and successful reintegration

Pacific Links Foundation © 2014

Give the Gift of Empowerment PREVENTION an at-risk student for one year in $250 supports middle school or high school a bicycle for an at-risk student to $80 provides commute to school a 4-day summer camp for an at$60 supports risk student to raise self-confidence, consolidate life skills and protect herself from traffickers

DONATE By Check: Pacific Links Foundation Sobrato Center for Nonprofits 534 Valley Way Milpitas, CA 95035 By Credit Card:

PROTECTION trafficking survivors with one year $500 provides of vocational training/ academic schooling $100 $75

supports an initial care package to trafficking survivors upon return to Vietnam provides a month of food to a resident at our shelters

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2014

By CFC Campaign: # 83094


Join us to Stop Human Trafficking!

U.S. Pacific Links Foundation Sobrato Center for Nonprofits 534 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035 USA +1 510 435 3035

VIETNAM Tổ chức Vòng Tay Thái Bình 163/A9 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng TP Long Xuyên, An Giang, Việt Nam +84 76 3853 888

ADAPT Annual Report 2013  
ADAPT Annual Report 2013