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ANNUAL REPORT April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022


Amos Beason

James Belikove

Mitchell Breit

Ann Brock

Susan R. Buckley

John Buford

R. Gordon Caudle

Dan Crocker

Robert F. Dalton

David Hardy

Sonji Jacobs

Scott Landis

The Rev. Janet Hatfield Legro

Daniel Leroy Andrew Tyler Mink

Scott Puritz

Megg Rader Jose Ruiz

Richard K. Schell

Robert M. Schwartzberg

Nathaniel G. Vish

R. Mitchell Wickham

Patricia B. Wilson

Patricia Woodson

Lifetime Directors

Arthur M. Blank

Marjorie B. Buckley

Rufus Dalton Scott Perper

Nelson Schwab III

Honorary Directors

John C. Huie

Dan Meyer

Ex-Officio Directors Amy Climer Amanda Sturner

Rosa Verdeja


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Kent Satterfield Board Chair Charlie Baker
The Blue Ridge Mountains are the ancestral lands of the Cherokee.

As I reflect on my first year as the Executive Director of the North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS), I am greatly inspired by you – our community. Outward Bound is about the people. It has been my experience that, no matter where you are in the world, every Outward Bound School is comprised of amazing people, all committed to our mission.

My journey with Outward Bound started in the early nineties and has continued in some capacity ever since. As an Outward Bound student, instructor, administrative staff, consultant, donor, and volunteer, I have witnessed, first-hand, the power of changing lives through challenge and discovery.

We do this at NCOBS so well. Experiencing our compassionate and dedicated community has been a moving “homecoming” for me. As we continue to navigate uncertainties created by the pandemic, I am deeply grateful to be leading the School with talented and committed staff, dedicated volunteers, and loyal supporters to collectively build an impactful and vibrant future for NCOBS.

Our work today builds upon the legacy created by generations of extraordinary women and men who forged our path. For the distinction of serving as NCOBS’ first female executive director, I am humbled. It is an honor to join the league of women who continue to bring strength, vitality, and insight to our School, starting with our founder, Marjorie Buckley. In this report, we introduce you to some of these wonderful women.

This past fiscal year has been one of building anew. We identified several goals that have required comprehensive and prioritized action. Working community-wide to achieve these goals, I am continually inspired by our staff and volunteers’ dedication to safety, to our students, and to successful delivery of our mission, and values. Restoring our staff and student pipeline, deepening our diversity, equity, and inclusion work through actionable changes, improving field staff compensation, and ensuring our courses are inclusive, safe, and reflective of our

mission and core values have been foremost amongst our goals. I am deeply gratified to note progress on these goals and priorities.

I am also excited to report that in this recovery year, our student numbers are up significantly. We had 1,832 students on course, 11,708 student program days, and more than $2 million in tuition revenue. The jump in our student program day numbers this fiscal year means our students are back in the field for longer courses, which is exciting. We plan to scale these metrics in the coming year.

As we continue to navigate unprecedented times, I am grateful for you, your passion for the School, and your generosity. I hope to see you in the coming year to thank you personally. Thank you for your commitment to our students and ensuring we successfully accomplish our mission to change lives through challenge and discovery. I firmly believe our work is needed now more than ever.

Forward together!

Community/GEP Public Programs Specialized Programs


Extraordinary people who believe in the power of Outward Bound to make positive change continue to write the history of North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS). Bea Armstrong, who serves as our new executive director, also holds the distinction of being the first female in our history to hold this position.

“I am honored and humbled to be the first female director of North Carolina Outward Bound School. As a lifelong learner, educator, and adventurer, the mission and values of Outward Bound have played a significant role in my life for almost 30 years. In the early 90s, my career began at Pacific Crest

Outward Bound, and it is deeply meaningful to serve Outward Bound once again. The women whose stories follow are extraordinary examples of the depth of commitment that has forged our School. It is a privilege to build upon their legacy.”

Among the remarkable women who have indelibly shaped NCOBS is our very founder— Marjorie Buckley. First introduced to Outward Bound in 1964 through her work with the North Carolina Fund, Buckley quickly became the driving force for NCOBS. An extraordinary leader, by 1966, she had recruited distinguished North Carolinians to serve on the board and secured 501(c)3 status for NCOBS. Soon after this, she selected the site for the Table Rock Base Camp, secured a lease of the property from the US Forest Service, and then helped to recruit many of the initial field and admin staff. These were just the start of decades of missionrich initiatives, spearheaded by Buckley, that continue to this day.

Compelled by the legacy of these remarkable women, we work to build a vibrant future. Featured excerpts follow from this first telling of the story. You can read the full story at ncobs.org/blog/women-of-ncobs.

“In December 1971, Dan Meyer made me the first woman to hold a permanent program position in Outward Bound. Among my diverse roles, I wrote the first Instructors Manual and directed and instructed every course until the summer of 1972. Perhaps my biggest contribution was to shift the instructors’ attitudes from militaristic stoicism to a more student-centered approach. This was evolutionary for us as wilderness educators.”

‘71 First Girls Course Alum; ‘72-’77, Instructor, Base Camp Staff

“Outward Bound changed my life. It was a different experience for me to be part of an all-female crew. It gave me confidence that we could do anything that boys could do, not always in the same ways, but together, we got things done. My instructors

encouraged me to apply. I was hired as an assistant instructor the next summer.”

‘72, ‘73, ’76 Instructor

“I have always felt Outward Bound did more for me than I was able to return. On my third course, I was assigned as co-instructor for a crew of girls. It was the best course ever. We were aware that this was a “first,” and certainly there were more hugs and tears than in any of my courses before or since!”

Middle row, third from left Second from right

90s 80s

Sitting on top of the sign

“I attended NCOBS’ ‘Women

Over 30’ course in 1977—the first of its kind—and, well, it changed my life. I had always been active in the outdoors and was ready for the physical part of the course but didn’t know how much I would get from the reflection...how much confidence I would get from what we did.”

‘82-’94, Logistics Chief, Instructor, Course Director, Invitational Programs Director; ‘99-’22, Board Member, Board Chair, 50th Anniversary Campaign Manager

“I began my tenure at NCOBS in logistics— work that provides the foundation for everything we do as a school. At each juncture, I have felt the challenge, fear, dis covery, and personal growth our students experi ence every day in the field. My goal has always been to help our school facilitate that growth in others. And today, 40 years on, I still profoundly believe in the power of Outward Bound to change the world, one person at a time.”

‘76-’78, Instructor; ‘87-’97, Associate Program Director, Associate School Director, Interim School Director

“When I returned to NCOBS in 1987, the School was at an inflection point. I brought my diverse background, leadership style, and energy to focus on raising the level of management to be commensurate with the complex business it had become. And, most importantly, to managing the organization sustainably. I am so glad NCOBS continues to leave its footprints upon the lives of so many.”

‘91- ’01, Instructor, Course Director, Green Cove Manager, Co-Creator of 1st Women’s Conference, Interim Staffing Director, Founder of NCOBS’ Girls On The Move

“I began my OB career out west wearing pink shorts, curled eyelashes, and painted toes. In 1989, female instructors did not look like this. If a woman was to secure a coveted Instructor spot, the more male, the more welcome. And painted toes just brushed the surface. It wasn’t until my tenure with NCOBS that I found the welcoming option for women to fully be in the strength of their feminine power as an Outward Bound instructor. And it was no wonder, with Marjorie Buckley at the helm!”


‘94-’03, Instructor, Course Director, Climbing Staff

“In my work for NCOBS, one achievement of great meaning to me was to create and grow a ‘women’s climbing camp’ for instructors who felt intimidated by the more technical side of climbing.

These ‘camps’ made a huge difference in competence and confidence and helped to increase the number of female climbing instructors at NCOBS.”

‘96-present, Instructor, River Specialist, Course Director, Associate Program Director, Program Director, Director of Program Operations, Buckley Bearing Award recipient

“I am here to support staff in moments of celebration and challenge as they undertake the delivery of our mission, day in and day out. I provide the structure, process, and protocols to support their program delivery.”

Furthest to the right P 4 | 2022 ANNUAL REPORT



“In 2005, after instructing canoeing courses in Florida for at-risk programs, I had weak ankles, toes asking for blisters, and a distaste for Table Rock’s steep trails. But I brought a skill set that NCOBS needed. The most significant contribution I made was to expand perceptions of who Outward Bound is for by helping equip a generation of instructors with deeper understanding of the needs that drive behavior and the skills to support students with varying motivation levels.”

‘14-’20, Charlotte Advisory Board; ‘20-present Charlotte Program Manager

“The lessons I learned on my NCOBS Unity course nearly 15 years ago are still with me today. Unity builds a bridge for students from various backgrounds to learn about each other and engage in deep and meaningful conversations about local and global injustices while in an unfamiliar, more vulnerable setting—Pisgah National Forest. Then Unity empowers students to initiate social change in their schools and communities.”

“It’s an honor to build upon the legacy of these remarkable women and their spirited commitment to NCOBS. I’m excited to work with Bea and board colleagues, in this year of our 55th anniversary, to redefine how we best serve a new generation of students. Together, we’ll bring a renewed energy and passion that will breathe new life into our programs and continue to help us provide inclusive, life-changing experiences that motivate and inspire us all.”

These quotes are just excerpts. Read the full story at: ncobs.org/blog/ women-of-ncobs or scan the QR code. There are so many amazing women we weren’t able to include. Send their stories to nfava@ncobs.org and we will add them throughout the year


The First Outward Bound Women’s Conference

In the 1990s, at North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS), a remarkable group of women instructors noticed the unbalanced ratio of maleto-female instructors and the need for more role models that female students could relate to. To address this inequity, they developed a proposal requesting that NCOBS host the first Women’s Leadership in the Outdoors Conference in October 1996. NCOBS agreed and offered Cedar Rock Base Camp as the host location. The self-appointed committee of NCOBS women volunteered to organize and deliver this historic three-day gathering. I was honored to be part of this group alongside Lisa Foisy, Robyn Reed, and Sue Pegrume.

The committee expanded as we recruited outstanding women leaders in outdoor education to share their knowledge and experience in developing, educating, and empowering women through the outdoors. Word got out to our sister institutions, and though we needed 40 participants to cover our costs and could only house 80, over 120 women outdoor educators came from all over, tents and stoves in hand, ready to camp and hungry to be in community with sisters in the field.

A magical gathering of talent, experiences, research-based educational models, stories, songs, games, initiatives, innovation, love, laughter, friendships, and inspiration flourished in the Appalachian Mountains with Cedar Rock as the backdrop. NCOBS led the way. Ten years later, while I was visiting NCOBS’ Everglades Base Camp, an instructor from the visiting Hurricane Island Outward Bound crew recognized the logo on my T-shirt and shared that she had just attended

the 10th Women’s Leadership in the Outdoors Conference. A few years after that, in chatting with Trish Haitz, the director at Everglades Base Camp, her face lit up when she shared with me, “I was there at the first Women’s Conference at Cedar Rock in 1996.” Now that inspired me. The values taught to us as instructors, which we pass on to the students, remain. We at NCOBS do it like this! And today, with much pride in the School, I join in the celebration of the first year of our first NCOBS female executive director, Bea Armstrong— exemplary leader and visionary at the helm.

Rosa (left) and Robyn (right)) hold up the flag created for the Women’s Leadership in the Outdoors Conference


When Woody Woodward joined North Carolina Outward Bound School’s (NCOBS) staff training in 1969, it was clear two tours in Vietam had done nothing to suppress his enthusiasm for the outdoors. He understood how challenging experiences built a bond

between those who had taken part in them and how those group experiences contributed to program goals. With a “carry on” attitude coupled with a “just do it” approach, he could find humor in adversity and motivation in the close connections forged with peers.

That first summer bred a passionate commitment in Woody that he nurtured for the rest of his life. He never wavered in his support for NCOBS and the larger field of experiential outdoor programs. He adapted those approaches to serve a range of clients, from youthful offenders to hardened military veterans. Project Bold was his first effort to lead an adaptive Outward Bound program. He relied on many of the instructors he had worked with at NCOBS in designing and implementing the program at Bad Tolz and later at Berchtesgaden, Germany. Of course, he was dealing with one of the largest bureaucracies in the free world, the United States Army, but his years of military experience paid off in cutting red tape and using his connections to his advantage.

After the success of Project Bold, Woody and his wife, Jeanette, returned to the US and settled in Charlotte, NC. He continued to work with a range

of experiential education programs, many of which had ties to Outward Bound. Leadership roles with higher education institutions and governmental agencies followed, including positions at the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s Venture Program, Executive Director of the Charlotte Outdoor Adventure Center, Program Director for the Charlotte/YMCA Thunderbird Outdoor Center, and Recreational Coordinator for both the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Parks.

Believing and demonstrating that Outward Bound could adapt for diverse clients, Woody’s singular achievement was the inspiration to serve his fellow veterans through an Outward Bound adaptive program. He worked as an advisor to NCOBS to design and promote that program. Woody was convinced that a well-designed wilderness program could positively impact the human spirit and reduce the national veteran suicide rate. He never missed an opportunity to get the word out about Outward Bound’s Veterans Programs and was always fully stocked with materials to hand out. Woody’s commitment and service to NCOBS will be missed.


One veteran’s commitment to his comrades and their connection and healing in the outdoors made him a lifetime supporter of Outward Bound’s veterans’ programs.

Vets attended an NCOBS veterans course in 2022

For nearly 30 years, NCOBS has helped veterans with their transition home, whether they’ve retired from the military or are home between deployments. Today, the program is stronger than ever.

According to Staffing Manager Lindsay Ward, “I love instructing veterans’ courses because I see how some folks find genuine connection, maybe for the first time since they left their military environment, and it ignites their happiness and sense of purpose. Plus, no crew buckles down and rises to the challenge of paddling into heavy wind the way a crew of veterans does!” Likewise, NCOBS Community Programs Director Sarah Goldman says, “I love working with our veterans. The community we can build between this already tight-knit group of folks is so powerful for everyone involved. The impact endures for staff and students alike.”

“This program goes beyond giving us a chance to get away from our normal lives. For some of us, it’s a way to remember that we can do more than we think. For others, it’s therapy, helping us learn to trust others and work as a team again. In my case, it was both, and it’s not an exaggeration to say it was a life-changing experience.“

Elizabeth Veterans Course Alum
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The Blue Ridge Mountains are the ancestral lands of the Cherokee.
Tuition & Scholarships Scholarships Net Tuition Revenue Contributions & Grants Contributions Federal & State Grants CARES Act Funding Total Contributions & Grants Investments Other Revenue Total Support & Revenue $2,837,800 ($716,074) $2,121,726 $3,393,841 $0 $1,924,317 $5,318,158 $674,160 $116,429 $8,230,473 SUPPORT & REVENUE Program Services Supporting Services Development Total Expenses $3,926,254 $1,276,143 $276,961 $5,479,358 EXPENSES Fiscal year 2022 was a year of rebuilding for NCOBS. In the spring of 2021, NCOBS resumed wilderness programming resulting in increased tuition revenue from FY21. Individual donors and federal stimulus money remained a significant source of funding for the School in FY22. The School shows a significant surplus thanks to a $1.8 million donation from a generous donor to be distributed over multiple years in support of increasing field staff compensation. Please note that, in accordance with nonprofit accounting standards, our presentation of scholarship revenue has changed from prior years. 2022 FINANCIALS P 9 | 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Alston & Bird Law Firm

American Leadership Forum- Charlotte, NC

American Leadership Forum- Waccamaw, SC

Ben Mynatt Family of Dealerships

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

Cox Enterprises

Dassault Systèmes

Delta Airlines

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians


H&R Block

Leadership Sandy Springs

Liberty Fellowship Fellows


Morehead-Cain Foundation

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Boy’s Latin of Philadelphia Charter School – PA

Camp Judaea – NC

Centner Academy - FL

Centre College – KY

Charles D. Owen High School – NC

Charlotte Unity Project – NC

Community Academy of Philadelphia - PA

Creative Learning Academy – FL

Episcopal Day School – GA

Evergreen Community Charter School – NC

Helping Hands of Georgetown – SC

William Jewell College – MO

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Morehead-Cain Foundation – NC

Ransom Everglades School – FL

Savannah Country Day School – GA

St. Francis School – KY

Tragedy Assistance Program – VA

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – NC

Valor Collegiate Academy – TN


David and Valerie Adams Scholarship Fund

Atlanta Scholarship Fund

Charlotte Educators Scholarship Fund

Charlotte Unity Fund Florida Scholarship Fund

Nina Forbes Scholarship Fund

Ryan Glass Memorial Scholarship Fund

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American Veterans Program Endowment

Ann R. Baruch Endowment for

Belikove/Piala Family Scholarship Endowment

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R. E. F. Buckley Endowment

Burke County/Phifer/Haworth Endowment

Kevin Chynoweth Memorial Endowment

Robert M. Annetta J. and Coffelt Endowment

Rhea Elliott Cooper Scholarship Endowment

B. Dalton Endowment

Rufus M. Dalton Scholarship Endowment

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James M. Galbraith Memorial Endowment

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Gray Wolf Scholarship for Western North Carolina

Headen Endowment


Hearst Endowment

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Jeanette W. Hyde Scholarship Endowment

Thomas James Educational Endowment

Andrew Jitkoff Memorial Endowment

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Ginger Simms Leadership Fund

Stetson Endowment

Sulzberger Endowment

Unity Project Endowment

John Webster Four Pillars Scholarship Endowment

Virginia Worden Expeditionary Learning Endowment

Zeke Zeliff Endowment for

Leadership Through Service


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assistance. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact USDA’s TARGET Center at 202-720-2600 (voice and TDD). To file a complaint of discrimination write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call toll free (866) 632-9222 (voice). TDD users can contact USDA through local relay or the Federal relay at (800) 877-8339 (TDD) or (866 3778642 (relay voice). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

North Carolina Outward Bound School would like to thank the many state and federal agencies who man age the state and national forests and park systems as a resource. NCOBS operates under special use permits from the following federal and state agencies:

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

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Nantahala National Forest, NC

North Carolina State Parks, NC

Pisgah National Forest, NC

Sumter National Forest, SC

Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, FL

Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge/Everglades National Park are ancestral lands of the Calusa, Miccosukee and Seminole Nations.

Summit Society ($25,000+)


Charlie and Joanne Ackerman

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The James M. Cox Foundation

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Walker Jones and Bret Wheatley

Kristen Keane

Julie A. Kehrli

Angela and David Kemper

Verdery and Mary Ann Kerr

Dennis and Sharon Kimbleton

George and Lee Kite

Flor Klomp and Ciro Rodriguez Klomp

Frank B. Lamson

Lisa Lark

Kenneth and Susan Larson

Michelle Lavigne and Tim Biety

Tim Lietz

Kathleen A. Luvisi

Robert Martin

Timothy Martin

Sarah Matthews

Ann McElfresh

Shelagh Meehan

Barbara Meyer

Roy and Beverly Michaux

Jennifer Moore and Brian Harris

David Morgan Rhonda Morin

William Murray and Kim Melvin

Greg and Barbara Nelson

Larry C. Nelson

Bob Newman

John and Natalie Nixon

Dr. Robert P. Nye and Dr. Bonnie M. Nye

Deirdre O’Connor

John O’Donovan

Micaela Pahno

Roger Paige and Sara Schoenberg

Derry Patterson

John and Cathy Payne

Dan and Margie Pearson

James W. Pennell

Gregory Peterson

Christine R. Phelps

Violeta Powell

Randolph and Carolyn Powell

Michael Pozner

David Pyles

Christopher and Cheryl Reisert

Matt Rosky and Kelly Mast Rosky

William Rowland

James K. Rumbaugh

Frank Rutan

Jonathan and Angela Salem

Robert Scharnagl

Mel and Sabrina Schulze

David Schwartz

Kathy and Jerry Seldin

William Sellars Jr. and Paula Connor-Sellars

Tanisha Sewell Terrence and Noreen Shaughnessy

Warren G. Shaw

Raleigh and Kathryn Shoemaker

Skip Sickler and Lisa M. Loveday

Peter J. Silvester

Susan Simmons

Barbara J. Smith

Edward T. B. Smith

John and Joan Smith

Jordan Smyth

Paul and Diane Sonnecken

Donald and Edith Stamps

James Thrower Starr

Dick Stokes

Chris and Barbara Strong

John Sullivan

David Syfert

Jeanne L. Tannenbaum

Judith and Mark Taylor

Roger Taylor

Grimes Thomas

William and Siri Thomas

Brenda Thornburg

Justin Todd

Russell and Laurie Towers

Michelle Tuday

John and Diane Turba

Larry and Nancy Turner

Barbara Walter

John and Susan Ward

Lindsay Ward

Craig and Martha Ann Wardlaw

Daniel and Carolyn Waterman

Lorraine Waters and Peter Nadler

Debra and Gary Watt

Daniel Weitzner

Lauren Westbrook

Leslie and Phyllis Wiesenfelder

John Williams

Steve Williams

Mark and Amy Wilson

Kathleen and Dewey Wobma

John Wolford and Rhonda Cooper

Hettie Wright

Susan Wright

Carolyn and Ronald Wyatt

Ira Wydner

Dean and Anne Yap

Steve Williams

Stick Williams

Mark and Amy Wilson

Kathleen and Dewey Wobma

Pam Wolfe

John Wolford and Rhonda Cooper

Carolyn L. Wyatt

Ira Wydner

Dean and Anne Yap

Suzanne Younts

Matthew Zaft

Dan and Beth Zweig


Make an enduring impact through a legacy gift. By including NCOBS as a beneficiary of your will, trust, or estate plan, you can ensure a lasting impact on NCOBS and our students for generations to come. To learn more about the Kurt Hahn Society and our planned giving options, contact Sabrina Delk Development Director (828) 239-2144 sdelk@ncobs.org


Hiker ($1+)


Robert Adams

Kenneth Baerwalde

Daniel Baker

J. Patrick Baker and Linda Britton

Blake Barr

Philip Bassani

Linda and Tyrone Belanger

Adelaide Belk

Linda Best

Jennifer Bhide

Ann Blake

Becky Bloedow

John Baker and Linda Britton

Jim Buckley

James and Kathryn Buckley

Anthony Buechner

Bailey Buehnerkemper

George and Jill Buzby

Brenda and Enno Camenzind

Barbara and Robert Carey

Catherine Cass

William and Cathy Chambers Richard and Maricela Chatham

David Clark

Lynda Clifford Daniel Coffey

Frederick Conner

Natalie Cowart

John and Anne Cox

Cliff Coy

Edward M. Cray

Steve Creech and Lynsay Bush

Thurlow Cunliffe and Anais Saballos Somarriba Michele and Don Curtis

Christopher J. Daly

Patricia M. Darlington

Keira Dembowski

Jackson DePew David and Melanie Dixon

James R. Doane

Alice Virginia Dodd

Anthony Dominick

Suzanne Downs

Leslie K. Drexelius

Leanna Dunn

Ivan and Karen Engle

Suzanne Ernst Nicole Fava

Alan Feiner

Marsha L. Fishkind

Michael Follo and Deb Follo Caughron

J. A. Foster

George and Catherine Fox Barbara and Ted Frazer

John Frisbee

Daniel Gazzola

Cricket Gentry

Jeffrey H. Goldberg

Kay Gordon

Rachael Grace

Kim D. Grosner and Erin Johnson Jay D. Haden

Christopher M. Hall John and Leslie Haslam

Bob and Dana Hayes

Monica Herzog

Richard and Rochelle Holzman

Margaret Hooks John and Janice Howe Robert Israel

Bridget Johnson Denise S. Johnson Anne Jonas

Devin M. Kearns Ryan Kingrey Katherine Kiser

Elizabeth Knox Frank and Patricia Koontz Harold and Jerri Labush Michael Leblang Harry and Gloria Lerner George and Diane Leventis Marsha Liss

Robert Lundin Harold F. Lusk

Peter Lutken and Joanne Jones Lutken Catherine Lyle Raymond C. Lynch

Katalina MacCabe

Thomas D. Mallory Christopher Martin Charles S. Mason

Katherine Mathieson Charlotte and Todd Maynard Charlotte Maynard Scott Meischen

Scott and Hsi Ying Miller

Sharon L. Miller

Lawrence and Sandra Mond Bernadette Morten Frank and Arlene Moss

Jewel Moulthrop and Evan Komito Diane Mullins

Mildred E Neville Nancy Nicodemus Brad Niven

James A. Olam

Paul and Cynthia Orlando Ralph and Moira Padfield

Robert and Kathy Page Jim and Carolyn Payton Chris Perrin Taylor Petty Kent Porter Megan Puritz

Caleb Pusey

Francis and Patricia Radley

Eleanor Randolph

Oakley and Nadji Reynolds

Edna Richardson

Daniel and Lisa Ritchie

Edgar E. Rivas

Ann Roberts

Ann and James Roberts

Thomas and Joanna Roberts

Marni Robins

Francis D. Roche

Charles Rongione and Joan O’Brien

Meredith Rose

Edward and Joan Sare

Kathleen McKeown Sauer

Thomas and Carolyn Saunders

Mary Schick

John and Debra Sedor

Whitney Setser

Stewart Shirey

Andrea Shrewsbury

Barbara Y. Sipp

Peter and Robin Smelzer

Elizabeth Snell

Gayle Snyder

Kate Sobiesiak

Mark and Karen Sohmer

Anthony Sousa

Lisa Spiro

David Stebenne

Carole Stever

Cora Szmodis

Maureen Tarpey

Alfred Taylor

Helen Templin

Virginia Tewey

John and Elizabeth Thomas Stuart R. Thompson

Helene and Gregory Thoreson Andrew Thurber and Kathryn Perkins

Jakelia Tina Marilyn Trushell Sharon L. Turovaara

Spencer Turrentine III Spencer and Claire Turrentine Jill Veber

Paul Villani Nathan and Elizabeth Vish Ryan Wagner

Phillip Whitesell

Jeffery Wingenroth

Janet Woodward Nancy Yudell


I think that overall this course has made me a better person and despite the challenges that came with it, I feel stronger and more capable to take on new challenges outside of Outward Bound.”

By making an honorary or memorial gift to NCOBS, donors can offer valuable support to the School while honoring the lives of people they love and respect. We gratefully acknowledge the following donors for gifts made in honor or memory of specific individuals in fiscal year 2022.

In honor of the Advancement Team Sabrina Delk

In honor of Bea Armstrong Rhea Elliott Cooper

In memory of William M. Barnhardt Rufus M. Dalton

In honor of Ann R. Baruch James and Elinor Buck Frank and Margery Cooper William B. Dietrich Foundation

In memory of William A. Battey Susan Simmons

In honor of Amos N. Beason Peter and Amy Barry

In honor of James Belikove Hope Gleicher and Andy Burness William Hanlon Steve and Lisa Schwat Paige Whitley and David Dollar

In honor of Kathy G. Benedict Kathy and Brian Benedict

In honor of Arthur Blank Whitney H. Montgomery

In memory of Lloyd J. Borstelmann Thomas and Lynn Borstelmann

In memory of Don Boyd Patricia Boyd

In honor of Richard Boyd Patricia Boyd

In memory of Martin L. Brackett Jr. Lynda Clifford Margaret Dhande

Leanna Dunn William and Sally Graves Margaret Hooks

In memory of Martin L. Brackett Jr. continued

Lee Jordan

Frank and Patricia Koontz

George and Diane Leventis John and Cathy Payne Tanisha Sewell

Tim Turner

Craig Wardlaw Carol Wilson

In honor of Peter Bryant John Logsdon and Dodie Maxted

In honor of Marjorie Buckley Joseph Cooper Whitney H. Montgomery

In honor of Cait, Melissa, Nicole, Sabrina, and Walker Carrie Myers and Bess Newton

In honor of Deb Caughron and Michael Follo Charles and Ann Baker

In memory of Anne Springs Close Katherine Belk

In memory of Robert and Annetta Coffelt Robert Coffelt Jr.

In memory of Justin Coleman Julie Coleman

In honor of Rhea Elliott Cooper Joseph Cooper Maricoleman Cooper

In memory of Nancy Cray Edward Cray

In honor of Harry McRae Dalton Rufus M. Dalton

In honor of Rufus M. Dalton Katherine Belk Gwin Dalton Anne and Henry Flint Charles and Kathy Izard Whitney H. Montgomery Micaela Pahno

In honor of Sabrina Delk Samantha Flynn

In honor of Paige O. EdwardsWerhan Ronald Edwards Ron and Mariam Edwards

In memory of Zachary Farnsworth David Farnsworth

In honor of Erik Fox George and Catherine Fox

In honor of Richard Frisch R. Alexander and Julie Frisch

In honor of Gordon Lindsey Grant Jody Whitehurst

In honor of Stephen C. Hassenfelt Terri Ross

In memory of Ed Hensley Sharon Mills

In memory of James G. Hollandsworth Peter Lutken

In memory of Jack Hsieh Gordon Hsieh

In honor of John Huie Whitney H. Montgomery

In honor of Sonji Jacobs Whitney H. Montgomery

In honor of Clay and Weetie Kennedy Caroline Davis James and Sarah Kennedy

In honor of James Kennedy Whitney H. Montgomery

In honor of Herbert F. Kincey Jr. Perry Esterson

In memory of Ellen Louise Wood Lavigne

Michelle Lavigne and Tim Biety

In memory of Thomas Ashe Lockhart Rufus M. Dalton

In memory of Edna Mann David and Jelena Mann

In honor of David T. Mashburn Jr. Stewart Shirey

In honor of Clifford “Buffalo” W. McMurry Mark Wilson

In honor of Dan Meyer Ozzie Hackett Whitney H. Montgomery

In honor of Whitney H. Montgomery Henry and Edith McHenry

In honor of Will Moulthrop Jewel Moulthrop

In honor of Carrie Myers Richard Blomgren Michael Follo and Deb Caughron Mary Howell Dan and Marin Leroy

In honor of Nettie and Jim, instructors for NC 50C Catherine Moore

In honor of James Newland Christopher Goodson

In memory of Jacob Peach Claire Ottina

In honor of Scott B. Perper Stephanie and Tim Foster

In honor of Scott Puritz Susan Baron Megan Puritz

In honor of Susan Puritz Hope Gleicher and Andy Burness

In honor of Megg Rader Kevin Rockey

In memory of Benjamin Hillard Reed Linda Ferguson

In honor of Lisa Powell Ritchie and Daniel Ritchie Kenneth Powell

In honor of L. Kent Satterfield Sonji Jacobs Whitney H. Montgomery

In memory of Allan Z. Schwartzberg Robert Schwartzberg

In honor of Ji Simmons Susan Simmons

In memory of Wilbert C. and Evelyn E. St. John St. John Family Foundation

In honor of Rufus M. Dalton and Jean Sullivan Thomas and Joanna Roberts

In honor of Courtney and Nicker Walter Sarah Jensen

In honor of Lex Warmath Peiffer Brandt

In honor of Beth Whitehead, Mike Whitehead, Ainslie Perlmutt, Austin Whitehead, Christie Taylor, Leah Whitehead, Liv Whitehead, Katy Hill David Perlmutt

In honor of Robert Mitchell Wickham

Jennifer and Matthew Kraft Violeta Powell

In honor of Meg, Josh, and Juniper Winnecour Nancy Curry

In memory of Herbert Clifford “Woody” Woodward


Robert Adams

Robert Albright

Brigitte Alexander

Julie Belgard

Jennifer Bhide Christine Bjerke

Catherine Cass

Ronald Cherveny

Frederick Conner

Merle Cosgrove Rufus M. Dalton

John Donovan Tony Frankovich Kay Gordon

Sigmon Hutchinson Katherine Kiser

Michael Leblang

Katalina MacCabe

Nancy Marn

Barbara Meyer

Diane Mullins

Bob Newman

Nostos - A Veteran’s Journey John O’Donovan

Johnette and David Orr

Gregory Peterson

Matt Rosky and Kelly Mast


William Rowland

Gayle Snyder

Carole Stever

David Syfert

Alfred Taylor

Brenda Thornburg

Phillip Whitesell

Robert Mitchell Wickham

Hettie Wright Susan Wright

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