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melanistic V O L . X I I · A U T U M N 2 0 2 2 Life Mary Burlie: THE ANGEL OF BOYLE STREET LIFE IN BLACK MELANISTIC DINING Food Is

Landsoccupied,travelled,and caredforbymanyIndigenous peoples.

This place, amiskwacîwâskahikan, Edmonton is a traditional meeting ground, gathering place, and travelling route of the Nêhiyawak (Cree), Anishinaabe (Saulteaux), Niitsitapi (Blackfoot), Métis, Dene, and Nakota Sioux.

We thank the creator for providing to us this place upon which to share our experiences, languages, culture, heritage and stories.

-All my relations.

5 6 26-31 20 23 12 10-11 35 37-38 16-18 8 EDITOR'S WELCOME IN THE KNOW 2K22 TOP 5 WAYS TO GIVE BACK MELANISTIC DINING GUIDE ARTS & CULTURE: SPIWE KACHIDZA-MAPFUMO MELANISTIC SIPS: RUM PUNCH DATING WHILE BLACK 5 SIGNS OF AN UNHEALTHY GUT FOR US, BY US: BLACK YOUTH HELPLINE RESOURCE GUIDE MARY BURLIE: THE ANGEL OF BOYLE STREET melanistic TABLE OF CONTENTS MELANISTIC MAGAZINE VOL.11 CONTACT: CONTRIBUTORS Publisher Greg Davis Editor Taneya Rogers Media/Sales Director Nigel Williams Artistic Director JoAnne Pearce Marketing Director NiLo Public Relations Robert Tyndale Graphic Design Tinuoluwa Olabimtan NiLo, Nigel Williams, Kyle Smith, Merlin Uwalaka, Tasia Saunders, DR. MELVIA AGBEKO ODEMAKPORE Cover photo: Courtesy of NiLo Special thanks to: our Dinning Guide Restaurant Partners and the Family of Mary Burlie THIS ISSUE MADE POSSIBLE BY


High-toned floral aromas with orange peel and crushed black berries. Medium-bodied with tight, chewy tannins that are polished and intense. Serious length and focus. Vegan. Very drinkable now, but even better in 2024.

@pws_canada @pacific_canada @pacificcanada TO

Taneya Rogers

There are many facets of my Blackness that bring me joy; our music, our dress, our groove, our hair… And then there is our food! My friends, nothing warms my heart quite like a tasty plate of food. It’s more than the blend of herbs and spices - many dishes within the African diaspora come with stories of resistance and innovation that somehow morphed into delicacies. There is history attached to these meals that can thread connections between African nations, to many Southern States, to the Caribbean.

In this issue, we share some of our favourite Afro-heritage flavours and the restaurants that keep them accessible here in Alberta.

As you fellowship with friends and family and reflect on this year, we also hope to encourage you to give back. Draw inspiration from the story of Mary Burlie, who dedicated her life to bringing healing to the inner city. Consider making use of our list of charitable organizations that would certainly value your support.

Warmest wishes on behalf of the Melanistic family. 2023, here we come!

I give to my community. With Vancouver Foundation, my giving lasts forever. Get started at

In the Know 2k22 BE IN THE KNOW

Antigua and Barbuda plans to reclaim their country from the commonwealth. 5


Edmonton’s own Shauna McFarlane wins her IFBB International Pro Card in Body Building.

Patricia Jaggernauth, a weather specialist in a remote part of British Columbia, filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. She claims that she was passed over for promotions and makes less than a living wage.

It’s about to be the end of the year– one that has blown by really quickly! We at Melanistic would like to wish you the happiest holiday season. In stride with the season, here are your news stories so you can be In the Know: 1

Zwena Gray becomes the first Black Woman to hike the entire Bruce’s trail, a 900km path connected to the Underground Railroad. The project called Black on the Bruce, hopes to highlight Black joy outdoors and challenge other BIPOC people to explore the trail.

Olympic Gold medalist Hockey player P.K. Subbadan retired from the NHL after 13 seasons.
3 2
Grotto Cave, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario
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ways to give back!

‘TistheSeasonforgiving!Astheendoftheyear approachesweoftenpaycloserattentiontothose around us that would benefit from a little extrasupport.Thisissue’stop5isfocusedon organizations you can give to in order to supporttheworkthattheyaredoing.


Inclusive Canada is a Black, woman-led initiative that focuses on community work centered around decolonization. To give financially or to volunteer, contact 4

Good Neighbor Community Market is a free market in Calgary developed through the collaboration of community organizations. Every Saturday at noon they have free food and clothing available. To donate food, goods, new or gently used clothing, contact

Beaver Hill House is a community based initiative centered on mutual aid with a nation-wide network. In Edmonton, they meet at Churchill Square 3 days per week. Donations are accepted, including goods, money, and time. Visit at

The Ribbon Rouge Foundation services Afro-Canadians by facilitating change to social and economic structures that lead to poorer health outcomes when dealing with HIV and AIDS. To donate, contact

Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta serves Afro-Canadians through education and network building. While Sickle Cell mainly affects people who are born closer to the equator, we are also the group who donates the least. Knowing that outcomes are better for people with a genetic match, SCFA urges us to donate time, money, but most importantly blood. To donate, visit

Signs of An Unhappy Gut Health & Wellness 10 MELANISTIC
As the gatekeeper of your body and a key player in regulating your overall health, a healthy gut can leave you feeling great. But what happens when it’s not happy and healthy? Here are 5 signs that your gut may be off and what to do about it.

1. Mood Ups and Downs: 95% of the body’s feel-good hormone serotonin can be found in the gut. When gut health is altered from foods, toxins, stress or other imbalances, it can throw off how serotonin talks to the brain. The result could be that you feel great one moment and down the next. Regulating gut health is therefore key to help with mood and mood concerns.

2. Low Energy: Have you ever eaten a large meal then promptly felt sleepy and tired afterwards? Food is medicine, but it is also information and when this information meets a sluggish digestive system, you don’t feel your best. Paying attention to how you feel when eating is as important as what you eat, and all of this affects gut health.

3. Hormone Imbalances: When your gut is stressed, from activities or even foods, the hormone cortisol can increase in the body and affect everything from thyroid health to reproductive health. If you notice changes in weight especially around the abdominal area and have difficulty taking it off, you may need to check in on what’s going on with your gut that may be affecting your hormonal health.

4. Sleep-Issues: Poor gut health can create inflammatory changes, hormonal changes and shifts in your sleep patterns. Regulating gut health, the microbiome and digestion overall can allow you to have much more restful nights.

5. Hair Loss: Hair loss can result from thyroid changes, nutrient deficiencies and autoimmune changes. While it may not seem obvious, these causes can all be affected by gut health. When the gut is off, nutrients may be absorbed less efficiently and result in brittle nails, skin changes and hair loss.

Maintaining a happy and healthy gut does not need to be difficult. Some simple steps include: tracking your food, eating mindfully, choosing organic where possible and eating a variety of whole foods. If you need specific help, consider seeing a Naturopathic doctor.

Princess time for dinner, di Jollof rice done. DADDY! DADDY! Can have cookie? AWE! Hey Daddy’s home! Daddy, can have cookie? Anything for my one daughter! IS DADDY GIVE ME!!! Why do I even bother? Ahem! Story: Nigel Williams @MELANISTICMAGAZINE ART: Kyle SMITH @INFABLE DATING WHILE BLACK DATING WHILE BLACK NO. 12 MELANISTIC


Winterize Your Home

With winter weather creeping in, it is time to prepare your home for frigid temperatures and winter storms. Winterizing your home will not only keep you warm, but also it will help you save money on your energy bill and keep your home protected from other damage due to things like burst pipes and broken gutters.

Install Attic Insulation & Seal Air


If you do not have an insulated attic, your home is losing lots of warm air and overworking your heating system. You can reduce your energy consumption with an adequately insulated attic while remaining comfortable throughout the year.

Insulate Pipes When frozen pipes burst, they can cause severe damage to

your home. Protect your home by insulating exposed pipes. Pipe insulation is cheap and effective. Wrapping exposed pipes in your basement, under sinks, and outdoors will help protect you from water damage. Also, don’t forget, turn off outside water spouts and detach outside hoses from these spouts.

Furnace Filters & Programmable Thermostats

Regularly changing the furnace filter is an important habit, but it is easy to forget. Winter weather is a great reminder that it may be time to change your filter. Replacing your filter will help your heating system run more efficiently; helps you stay warm and save money. Connected to your furnace is your thermostat. Installing a programmable and smart thermostat is a great way to ensure that your heating


system is working as efficiently as possible.

Seal Your Windows

Windows are also a source of escaped air but they can be sealed in a variety of ways: You can caulk your windows or apply weather stripping. A less aesthetically pleasing but very effective way to seal your window is with insulation film.

Clean Gutters

With fall ending, most leaves have fallen into your gutters. Clean out your gutters and

downspouts before it snows.

If your gutters are clogged and it starts to snow, you may see flooding around your home where the backup occurs once the snow and ice melts. This will also put extra weight in your gutters and increase your chances of further damage.

Keep your family warm and your home safe with these seven winter preparation tips. From attic insulation to basement pipes, there are ways to get every part of your home ready for the cold.



Images courtesy of: The Burlie Family

Mary Burlie was an African American woman born in 1935 in Arkadelphia Arkansas. Mary grew up in the Southern United States during the “Jim Crow era”. The Jim Crow Laws were government policies that were put in place in Southern States of America to keep the Black Community under segregation. The Black community were denied the right to vote, hold jobs, or attain an education.

Despite the hardships- Mary dreamed of a place called Canada. Mary and her husband John Burlie, along with their six children would come to Canada, in 1969. In 1970 the Burlie family would settle in the community of McCauley, and later move to the community of Oliver. Mary began her work in the community as a volunteer. Mary spent twenty-six years serving the inner-city on the front lines for Boyle Street Community Services from 1971-1995. Mary was drawn to the people living in the innercity. Mary related to the struggles the Indigenous people of Canada had endured. Mary understood what it was like to live in poverty, to face discrimination, and recognized the hardships of having to navigate a system that was built on systemic racism. Mary found joy in lending



a compassionate ear and providing a loving shoulder to lean on for those seeking understanding. The inner-city community loved Mary so much they gave her the title the Black Angel of Boyle Street.


Mary Burlie passed away on July 13th of 1996 following Mary’s passing the city of Edmonton began to recognize her length of work and love for the

community. In September of 1999 a park naming committee and the community voted that the green space located at 10465 97 St NW, be named Mary Burlie Park, our hope is that the contributions of the Black citizens of Canada will be respected and honored and that our children will know what those contributions have been historically. On July 13th, 2021, the City of Edmonton Proclaimed July 13th Mary Burlie Day in the City of Edmonton Alberta.

MELANISTIC FACTOR find your SUPPORT US ON PATREON SUPPORT BLACK INDEPENDENT MEDIA PERKS: Access to special behind the scenes content, merchandise, event access and more...

Spiwe Kachidza-Mapfumo


Spiwe is an author and storyteller from Zimbabwe, currently living in Alberta. Her first book, Township Girls- The Cross of a generation is an anthology curating stories of women growing up in pre-independent Zimbabwe; a reality of segregation and oppression of Black people.

Her new book is called “A trip to Zimbabwe with Gogo” and is inspired by the collection of African folklore stories that she would often share with her grandchildren. Spiwe, is gogo (grandmother), and

the story retells her travels with her grandchildren through Zimbabwe. The book came to life as she spent time with her grandchildren during the pandemic.

Spiwe intends to connect several generations of Africans through stories which portray Blackness with dignity and pride. She intends to share stories that have the power to inspire, teach and encourage growth. Spiwe represents a generation of grandmothers passing information and messages to the future generation; empowering them to create a more inclusive future.

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Captivating guests. Building community.

This season we have a destination sips, highlighting one of our favorite drinks we had on our travels. If you find yourself in Jasper, thestar rumpunch is at The Spice Joint Lounge. A smooth well blended flavour, it pairs well with all of the menu items. If you can't make it to Jasper, try our rum punch at home and bring this beautifully flavoured drink into the holidays.

Image courtsey of NiLo

Image courtesy of: NiLo

• 1.5 ounces
• 1.5 ounces
• 1.5 ounces
• 1/2 ounce
• 1/2 ounce
• Dash
• 3
recipe SIPS the star rum punch MELANISTIC
of overproof rum
of pineapple juice
of orange juice
lime juice
of Angostura
drops of rum essence
Pineapple wedge–forgarnish




It is not often we get to celebrate the cuisine and dining experiences offered by our communities’ restaurateurs who work tirelessly to not only fill our bellies, but also to give us that taste of home we often crave. In this Fall-a-Day edition, we take a moment to showcase a few Black owned Albertan eateries that our readers suggest should be on your radar for your next dining experience.

Power Lounge

15135 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB (780) 884 - 5042

Our Meal Choice: Jollof rice, Stewed chicken and rice, Wings, Fries, and Chocolate waffles.

There is no late night eating like Power Lounge. A complete night club vibe, the music is loud and pumping, and it’s a full house by 1am. Our only late night spot on the list - it’s perfect for a night of partying that makes sure you’re not looking for food when the after party munchies hit. We loved the jollof and both kinds of wings we tried (of the 7 varieties that are available.) Our readers recommend beef tittys.

Written and Photographed by: NiLo

Café Caribbean

10140 117 St NW, Edmonton, AB (780) 660 - 0969

Our Meal Choice: Chicken roti

With items like macaroni pie, and brown stew chicken, this is the place for Trinidadian food in Edmonton. With some staples on the menu like fried chicken, curry, and brown stew beef, this restaurant also has a rotating menu of chicken roti, bussup -shut (paratha) and pumpkin. The dahlpourie was soft with lots of peas and was folded around tender chicken and flavorful curry with a heavy serving of sauce. We washed it down with the homemade punch, but the inside trick is mixing the punch and the sorrel. Our readers recommend the Buss Up Shut.

Krazy Jerk

1715 52 St SE, Calgary, AB (403) 691 - 1040

Our Meal Choice: Jerk Chicken

A Calgary legend for jerk, we were sure to have the Jerk Chicken with rice and peas. A sizable portion, the jerk chicken was saucy and tender, with the perfect amount of heat - it’s present but not overpowering. We washed it down with a delicious carrot punch that’s made in-house; you should definitely try it. This take out only restaurant is quite busy so be sure to call ahead. Readers also recommend the steamed fish.



1235 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB (403) 452 - 5367

Our Meal Choice: A platter including Ge’ez tibs, Dulet, Lentil stew, Spinach, Beans, Rice, Potato, Carrot, Chickpeas, Kitfo and home made Feta.

One of the best Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisines we’ve ever had. We tried a bit of everything (twice) and really stuffed our faces forgetting that we were supposed to only be sampling the food. The injera was very fresh, the sauces were flavorful, and the meat was slow cooked and tender. The ambiance was an attractive modern aesthetic with eye-catching cultural art throughout. This is a fun spot to meet up with friends for lunch.

Yenny Delights

#81 - 3131 27 St NE, Calgary, AB (403) 880 - 5731

Our Meal Choice: Oxtail and Joloff with plantain

Boasting Afro-Caribbean fusion, we were skeptical when we approached this location and saw oxtail and curry goat listed next to joloff and egusi, however our fusion plate did not disappoint. The oxtail was extremely soft and well flavored, the plantains were sweet and slightly salted - and oxtail gravy apparently pairs perfectly with Nigerian Jollof. Before we finished we had the freshest, softest puff puff to make sure we didn’t waste any gravy.

Liberian Cuisine on Wheels

8405 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB (780) 803 - 5885

Our Meal Choice: Check Rice and Fried Fish

The chef and owner at Liberian Cuisine on Wheels has been cooking for his community for years - delivering food to barber shops and beauty shops before he had his own kitchen. Now with a new location that’s brightly decorated, he continues to serve a variety of Liberian cuisine items, with other West African favourites and even Jerk Chicken. If you love spice, you’ll love their red sauce that comes with every meal. They serve a variety of rice including fried rice, and joloff (Liberian style). A lovely spot to meet with friends; everything is made to order, so call ahead if you want to cut down on your wait.


Monamie African Resto

13427 Fort Rd NW, Edmonton, AB (587) 525 - 2477

Our Meal Choice: Fufu

One of the best Eritrean and Ethiopian This Ghanian restaurant has been the pride of the North Side for over 5 years. Amazing jollof and a beautiful ambiance - this is a great location for eat-in as well as take out. Light soup was spicy in a way that heats up your body and makes you sweat a bit - not bad for keeping your sinuses clear! Fufu was soft and helped to mellow out the pepper, while the meat was tender with a lot of flavor. Our readers loved the joloff.

The Spice Joint Lounge

614 Connaught Dr, Jasper, AB (780) 852 - 3615

Our Meal Choice: Crab Grilled Cheese with Cesar Salad

This Jasper gem is where Fairmont meets Jamaica. With a Cafe spin on Jamaican inspired dishes, it’s a tasty addition to the landscape of cuisine in Jasper. The crab grilled cheese had bre, blueberry jam, crab salad - and jerk aioli for a sweet - spicy - creamy experience all in one bite. The cesar dressing was made in house, with a crunchy romaine that tastes like it was grown up the block. The rum punch paired wonderfully with the meal- but so did the guava pineapple for a nonalcoholic option. Customers highly recommend the jerk chicken sandwich on coco bread.


This spot has been a go to for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. With styled plating, the taste does not disappoint. The avocado benny was exceptional as reported by our taster - she’s somewhat of a benedict expert. With a buttery hollandaise, a perfectly poached egg, and fresh bread baked on site, you’ll know what a benedict is supposed to taste like. Great for groups and friends. Our readers also recommend the risotto.

Tiramisu Bistro 10750 124 St, Edmonton, AB (780) 452 - 3393 Our Meal Choice: Avocado Benny 29

Flavours Restaurant

4129 4 St NW, Calgary, AB

Our Meal Choice: Egusi Stew with Fufu and Beef

Flavours is a neighborhood establish ment offering what many say is the best Nigerian cuisine in Calgary. For 10 years they have been whipping up homemade classics. Egusi Stew and Fufu when done right is a perfect in troduction to Nigerian cuisine and Miss Bola does it to perfection. The combination of flavors will have you licking your fingers for sure and have you needing more Fufu in your life.

Llyods Patty Plus

255 25 St SE, Calgary, AB (403) 207 - 4455

Our Meal Choice: Regular and Spicy Beef Patties

Lloyd’s has been a must visit for many members of the Caribbean community, whether living in Calgary, visiting, or in transit to somewhere else. With the choice of spicy or regular - beef, chicken or veggie - there’s a patty for everyone. Lloyd’s patty filling is wellseasoned, moist, and with a yellow flakey crust. Lloyd’s also carries a variety of Jamaican sodas, and is also available for large orders and parties. Our readers love the cocktail patties for events.

Mesob Habesha Fusion

10546 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB

(780) 250 - 0999

Our Meal Choice: Tikel Domen, Yesom Fifir, Kik Alecha, Keye Misir Wot, and Doro Wot.

Flavours is a neighborhood establishment offering what many say is the best Nigerian cuisine in Calgary. For 10 years they have been whipping up homemade classics. Egusi Stew and Fufu when done right is a perfect introduction to Nigerian cuisine and Miss Bola does it to perfection. The combination of flavors will have you licking your fingers for sure and have you needing more Fufu in your life.


Chubby Jerk

5005 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB

(825) 221 - 9798

Our Meal Choice: Oxtail and Rice and peas, Stewed fish

Just off of Gaetz, Chubby Jerk is the center of Jamaican cuisine in Red Deer. Holding down the fort for the last four years the spot is quaint and well decorated. The Rice and Peas was our favourite rice of all the places we visited, the oxtail was tender and flavorful and the King fish was not over cooked and well seasoned with just enough pepper which didn’t overpower the dish. Our readers recommended the jerk chicken.

Safari Grill

#100 - 255 28 St SE, Calgary, AB

Contact: Our Menu Choice: Safari Platter

Dining is an experience and at Safari Grill your sense of smell takes over the moment you open the doors, and in that moment, you know your belly is in for something delicious. The Safari Platter is loaded with some of the best grilled beef you will ever have. The fries are turned up a notch having been dipped in African pili-pili sauce. All around amazing sensory experience.


This one-stop hub provides services centred on growing capital, to Black businesses.

Canadian Imperial Advantage (CIA) is a non-profit organization in Edmonton that focuses on bridging social diversity and economic growth for individuals and businesses, including startups, primarily through access to capital, and entrepreneurship support programs developed for underserved and racialized communities.

As a member of National Ecosystem’s Black Entrepreneurship Program, CIA has fostered an inclusive business advancement framework such as the Black Business Advancement Project (BBAP) that helps build a resourceful ecosystem for entrepreneurs and professionals to increase productivity

Sandro Silva - Filmmaker, Co-owner of Dona Ana Films & Multimedia.

and efficiency through professional training, highimpact mentoring, capacity building, and socio-economic empowerment.

This is only one of a number of programs and initiatives developed by Canadian Imperial Advantage; keeping a broad outlook on the needs of the Black community, CIA provides Newcomer’s Services – an initiative helps new immigrants transition to Canada by supporting them with job searches and by providing valued resources for their success.

Meanwhile, CIA’s HERconomy 8-week program seeks to amplify the impact of women in business.

Over 50 Albertan women, entrepreneurs and leaders from varied backgrounds, connected and thrived through the program, which provides managerial support and social empowerment training for equal economic opportunities.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program (YEMP) is also noteworthy i.e., a 12-week program that is offered by CIA for aspiring entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 and 35 who are interested in exploring the fundamentals of business development. They are matched with professional mentors as they advance their business or career, create valuable networks, and form community business connections.

With their CEO Roundtable event, CIA periodically gathers a network of experts to connect and provide access to many business mentors from various industries. They also provide consulting services for entrepreneurs in Western Canada. Mentees are also offered the “Ask an Accountant” service, where they get to consult with an accountant about bookkeeping services.

Get a deeper look at the exceptional programming provided by CIA by visiting



Secureeducation, trusted healthcare and reciprocated respect – these are things that should be made accessible for all the world’s children. However, considering the numerous drawbacks that Black youth may face, these are not always guaranteed. Originating in Manitoba with a team of volunteers, the Black Youth Helpline has been providing culturally relevant assistance and has been fostering a sense of community for Black youth since 2003.

The Black Youth Helpline positions its main focus on assessing the root needs of its youth which allows them to tailor preventative strategies. They show dedication in guiding their kids out of the conflicts they may be facing, and into the arms of loving and healing services that they may not have known were available. With stay in school initiatives, parental guidance and referrals for health services, the Black Youth Helpline engages multiple angles of support.

If you would like to reach out or learn more about the valuable support they provide, Call 416-285-9944,

Email at or Visit at


Vibrant stories about dedicated people building a better Edmonton.

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resource guide



Blue Nile Authentic Ethiopian Restaurant 11019 107 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5H 3G2 (780) 428-5139

Irie Foods 2807 Millwoods Rd NW Edmonton, AB T6K 4A9 (780) 414-1341

Spice N Rice 20020 Lessard Rd NW Edmonton, AB T6M 0T9 (780) 616-3364

Flava Café 8307 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 0S4 (587) 936-1919

Mesob Habesha Fusion 10546 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3B2 (780) 250-0999

SouthSide Jerk Inc 2935 Ellwood Dr SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0B1 (587) 783-3338

The Tantalizers 2976 Ellwood Dr SW Edmonton, AB T6X 0W6 (587) 498-1028

Zuhur Restaurant 10728 107 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5H 0W6


A Yah Mi Deh Caribbean


4433 118 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5W 1A8

Azury’s Jewellers 10072 Jasper Ave Edmonton AB T5J 1V8 (780) 271-7272

Kasoa Tropical Food Market Ltd. 9340 118 Ave Edmonton, AB T5G 0N6 (780) 328-1751

Mama Afro Beauty Supply 9323 118 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0N3 (780) 477-8511

Oulchi Nayya West African made Apparel, Skin Care and Accessories

Spice Island 10058 163 St NW Edmonton, AB T5P 3N4 (780) 489-2738

Dog Boarding Paradise


Errol Scott Realty Group (780) 271-1114

Full time & full-service real estate professional delivering world-class service and doing whatever it takes to make my clients real estate goals and dreams become a reality!

Socafit - Caribbean dance and Fitness Class - www.

Token Bitters Edmonton, AB An Edmonton original brand, with organically sourced ingredients from local farmers and businesses and bottled without chemicals or preservatives. Token Bitters handcrafted artisanal aromatic bitters, add a layer of flavour complexity to cocktails, mocktails and coffee.


Africa Centre

6770 129 Ave NW #106 Edmonton, AB T5C 1V7 (780) 455-5423

Allstate Insurance - Richard Griffith - Agent 780-460-7546 ext. 5012

If you want to learn some new moves, get a great workout in, or you just want to have a fun night out, Socafit is here to bring you a real authentic experience. Classes are open level and catered to all ages. Private and group sessions are available. Currently offering online only sessions.

Smooth by Sugar (587) 783-9816 @smoothbysugar Edmonton based hair removal studio

Yves Salon 10340 134 St NW Edmonton, AB T5N 2B1 (780) 604-0301

Year Wood Studios Videography and Photography services (780) 660-0449




Krazy Jerk

1715 52 St SE

Calgary, AB T2A 1V1 (403) 691-1040

Llyods Patty Plus 255 28 St SE Calgary, AB T2A 5K4 (403) 207-4455

Safari Grill 100, 255 28 St SE Calgary, AB T2A 5K4 (403) 235-6655

Simply Irie Caribbean Cuisine 1510 6 St SW Calgary, AB T2R 0N2 (403) 454-7400

Caribbean Choice Food 2235 Centre St N Calgary, AB T2E 2T4 (403) 230-1880

Costal Market 1711 52 St SE Calgary, AB T2A 1V1 (403) 454-6279

Island Beat 2316 27 Ave NE #8 Calgary, AB T2E 7A7 (403) 291-2440

Nyla Beauty Supply Inc 1000 9 Ave SW #102 Calgary, AB T2P 2Y6 (403) 229-2294

Sareya Beauty Supply 3745 Memorial Dr SE #12 Calgary AB T2A 6V4 (403) 273-5683



Bindy’s Caribbean Delights

1 Forks Market Rd

Winnipeg, MB R3C 4L9 (204) 942-8409

K&S Island Grill 2069 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3J 0K6 (204) 415-5550

AKIN’S West African Restaurant

570-a Sargent Winnipeg, MB R3S 1A9 (204) 786-8400


Nancy Boutique Winnipeg, MB ANEWOW Winnipeg, MB

Calgary Home Boys 100, 707 10 Ave SW Calgary, AB T3A 6H4 (403) 400-2700

Franklin Health Clinic 3149 5 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2A 5N1 (403) 453-8483

Horton Park Dental Clinic Dr. Damola Baiyere Dentist 9705 Horton Rd SW, Suite B Calgary, AB T2V 2X5, (587) 391-7661

Julzz Creations

Premium Hair Salon 2010 30 Ave NE #8, Calgary, AB T2E 7K9


HairyCary Salon

353 2-212 Henderson Hwy Winnipeg MB R2L 1L8 204-816-9156

Lola’s Beauty Gallery & Supplies

567 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3B 2G2 (204) 772-3506

Roots Salon 259 Vaughan Street Winnipeg MB, R3C 1T8 (204) 415-3112

39 MORNING SHOW MORNING SHOW MORNING SHOW With Nigel & NiLo Saturday and Sunday at 7am on My Radio 580am & My Radio 580am on Facebook

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