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Submerge Festival

November 2016


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Out People


Simon Nelson


Bristol City Council Equalities / Strategic planning

Submerge Festival Programme TDOR 2016

Trixie Mattel at the Queenshilling

Retail Therapy Whether you are a shopaholic, looking for a unique gift or a window shopper, this section is for you. Bristol is a unique city, over 70% of all Bristol’s retail is independent. This section is devoted to the independent and unique, from the affordable to the extravagant, there will be something for everyone to indulge in. Christa Holka Interview.

Bristol Fantasy Orchestra

14-20 NOVEMBER 2016 We would like to welcome you to Trans Awareness Week 2016. November 14– 20 individuals and organizations around the country will participate Transgender Awareness Week to help raise the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people, and address the issues these communities face. The final day of Transgender Awareness Week is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), an annual observance on November 20 that honours the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence.

Scene Listings Contact Out Bristol To comment on any articles or if you wish to write for the magazine please contact Leighton de Burca Editor or to advertise leighton@deburcamedia. com


Trans Day of Remembrance : Flag Raising Ceremony Location: Outside City Hall, College Green, BS1 5TRNight 8 July 2015 @ 18:00 Pride Theatre Time: Friday 18 November 2016 16:30

To commemorate Trans Day of Remembrance Bristol University Students’ Union, The SU at UWE, LGBT Bristol, and Bristol City Council is hosting a flag raising ceremony out side City Hall. The event is open to all to attend . Time: 16:30 Venue : Outside City Hall, College Green, BS1 5TR

Trans Awareness Week 2016

Ceremony of Remembrance Date: Thursday 18th November 2016 Time: 18:00 Venue: Anson Rooms, Richmond Building, University of Bristol Students’ Union, 105 Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1LN Price: Free

Ceremony of Remembrance is for trans people, their friends, family and allies held at the Anson Rooms, Richmond Building, University of Bristol Students’ Union, 105 Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1LN. Please come along to Bristol’s ceremony of remembrance in honour of all of those killed in the past year simply for being trans. This event is organised by Bristol University Students’ Union, The SU at UWE, LGBT Bristol, and Bristol City Council. It is intended for trans people, their friends, families and allies and all that want to show support for our community. The building is fully accessible, and exact details can be found here: Changing facilities will be available for those that need them, and the building has Women’s, Men’s, Gender Neutral, and Accessible toilets.


SUBMERGE FESTIVAL 18th to 20th November 2016 /

A new arts and music festival by Mike Pony hits the city this month, and as you might expect, the programme has a queer edge and an eye on diversity. Festival Director Mike is no stranger to throwing events, having produced performance events and club nights for over 10 years. In his guise as Horseplay and Eat Sleep Drag Repeat, he has been at the helm of some of the best LGBT events in the city, including ‘Dressage’ for Bristol Pride 2012 at the O2 Academy, ‘The Storm’ for In Between Time Festival in 2015 and he also regularly brings the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race to Bristol. The Storm - Submerge Festival presents audiences with a weekend of immersive parties and events which meld cutting edge performance, audiovisual art and electronic music from around the world. Across eight events it will take you on a journey to the bottom of the ocean and back, and the festival party “The Ascent” symbolises the moment where you come back to the surface, or perhaps get even higher. The Ascent will feature DJ sets in the old morgue room at The Coroners Court from Horseplay , along with sets from USA DJs Octo Octa (who recently came out as a trans-woman) and Rrose, a techo producer who performs in drag. The party also features mischievous live performance from London’s ‘Steakhouse Live’, who are bringing a raft of rebellious performers to get the party started in the second room. London drag queen ‘Oozing Gloop’ will be bringing a trademark tranimal look, and the DJ’s from queer danceparty ‘Knickerbocker’ will be keep the dancefloor moving.

Feature DIVE 18th to 20th November 2016 /

Time: Friday, 18th November 2016 19:00-21:00 Venue: Colston Hall Price: £16.50 Soulful electronics, laser light and mylar mirrors combine to hypnotic effect in an audiovisual concert which blurs the lines between sound, light and visual art. Featuring Koreless, Emmanuel Biard and Gil Delindro. ~FOR FANS OF~ Ambient electronica, sound art, lasers, sculpture, light art. Koreless & Emmanuel Biard - The Well (UK/FR) The Well is an impressive audiovisual experience by Lewis Roberts, the young British musician and composer known as Koreless. It’s a show which blurs the lines between sound, light and visual art; an immersive performance collaboration with visual artist Emmanuel Biard, incorporating the pulsating electronics heard on Koreless’ “Yugen” EP and “TT / Love” split 12” with a laser mirror installation. In the words of the artist, “We’re literally shaking lasers with music, it’s about intense, beating frequencies; a really physical relationship between sound and light.” This ambitious work has to be seen to be believed; the artists physically manipulate a sculptural laser mirror to create a spectacular laser-tunnel of infinate depth, which is fired out over the audiences’ heads. The work as an investigation into the sensation of scale and distance; it explores and raises questions on how the analogue and the digital, the organic and the mechanical, are perceived and judged by the human optical and auditory system. Emmanuel Biard has previously worked closely with Fabric (London) and as part of Hoya:Hoya (Manchester). He designed the complex mirror setup for Daedelus’ Archimedes, together with David Leonard. Biard gained an international reputation for developing the mesmerising live show for artist Evian Christ. The Well was originally commissioned and developed by FutureEverything and the British Council. Gil Delindro - Earth Tide (PT/DE) UK PREMIERE Earth Tide: Voidness of touch is an evolutive multimedia performance which sees the artist manipulating raw organic materials to generate sound. Every presentation incorporates different elements, constantly reformulating itself as research. Through a sonic approach the audience is taken to a raw microscopic world of sound. Earth tide is an intimate dialogue between the body and its inherent matter - water, sand, dust, stones, which all have different constitutions and can be understood not only through their structure but also through there vibrational qualities. By dealing with the invisible world the artist questions physicality: texture, sound and electrical signal? Gil Delindro is a multidisciplinary artist/researcher working mainly with sound, film, installation and performance. Based upon field research, he uses raw elements and analog processes to create a very physical and direct sound work based on the idea of exploring matter vibration through direct touch and electronic processes.

Feature INTO THE DEEP 18th to 20th November 2016 /

Time: Friday, 18th November 2016 19:00-21:00 Venue: Loco Klub Price: £7 Descend into deeper waters with durational performance, live electronic music and an audiovisual installation marked by twelve points of light. Featuring a “Best of the west” showcase of live electronic music curated by Chk One, plus audiovisual and performance art from Adam Basanta, Francesca Fini 2 and Jade Montserrat.

Adam Basanta - Room Dynamics (CA) UK PREMIERE You are surrounded by pulsing lights and strange sounds. Ghost bells, glowing orbs, bioluminescence and submarine sonar evoke an underwater world, as you sink deep into the ocean. Basanta (b. 1985) is a Montreal-based sound artist, composer, and performer who has presented internationally and have been awarded several international prizes. The installation will be controlled live by the artist.

Francesca Fini - Snow Red (IT) UK PREMIERE Two women are dressed in snowy white tunics. They wear plastic sunglasses, white leather gloves and white rubber shoes. There is a block of ice, with a blonde barbie trapped inside. They turn on their mirror-ball hairdryers. The ice block is melting. Using the symbolism of the bikini and the burkini, Snow Red questions whether it is still upto men to decide what women should wear. Francesca Fini is an Italian artist whose work often explores the narrative power of the body, she performs with London artist Innana Trillis.

CHK ONE - Best of The West: Live Electronic Sessions (GB) CHK ONE present a local showcase of live electronic music from the Southwest. CHK ONE nights feature artists playing digital instuments such as Loopstation, MPC finger drumming, Maschine, Ableton Live and Push; up close and personal. They use cameras and video screens to enhance the experience, allowing audiences to embrace and understand what is happening in real time. Chk One is a Bristol-based platform for electronic performance and audio experimentation.

Jade Montserrat - Shadowing Josephine (GB) Jade Montserrat performs Josephine Baker’s banana dance in a repetitive loop over a number of hours. Baker was the first widely celebrated, independent, black celebrity who emerged from colonial and segregation contexts. The experience is physically and emotionally draining for both artist and audience. Jade Montserrat is a research-led artist whose performance project “The Rainbow Tribe” looks at freedom of expression, covering civil and human rights and the role of recording and preserving history.

Feature ROOM DYNAMICS 18th to 20th November 2016 /

Time: 10.00am - 18.00pm 19/20th Nov. Venue: Loco Klub Price: FREE Speakers and incandescent bulbs transfigure the tunnels and architecture beneath Temple Meads, creating an immersive, audiovisual experience. Free Admission. ~FOR FANS OF~ Light art, sound art, experimental music, art installation.

ADAM BASANTA - ROOM DYNAMICS (CA) Room Dynamics (afterimage/vibration) is a site-specific performative adaptation of a standalone light and sound installation for 12 computer-controlled lightbulbs and 14.1 channels of sound (2012-2014). Perceived as “sound-producing bulbs�, these familiar objects are animated to create a permeable audiovisual architecture which occupies and is in dialog with its surroundings, creating an immersive enviroment filled with afterimages and audiovisual vibrations.

BIOGS~ ADAM BASANTA Adam Basanta (b. 1985) is a Montreal-based sound artist, composer, and performer of experimental music. His work traverses sound installations, experimental electronic and chamber music composition, site-specific interventions, and laptop performance. Across disciplines and media, he interrogates intersections between conceptual and sensorial dimensions of listening, the materiality of technological apparatus, and the instabilities of instrumentality. His sound installations have been presented in internationally in galleries, festivals and institutions and have been awarded several international prizes.

Feature The Cube – Circa69 18th to 20th November 2016 /

Time: Sat 19 - Sun 20 Nov 2016 Venue: Colston Hall Price: £5.38 incl. booking fee A multi-sensory, virtual reality performance using Oculus Rift, for one person at a time. Find out what’s inside Circa69. This experience is separately ticketed (at Colston Hall website) and not included in the Submerge Festival pass. Circa69 - The Cube (GB) Created by artist Simon Wilkinson, AKA CiRCA69, The Cube combines virtual reality, live performance and kinaesthetic effects to tell the story of a mass disappearance that happened in Idaho in 1959. You awake to find yourself sitting at a table across from a stranger; you have no idea how long you have been asleep or where the rest of the group has disappeared to as you consider the question ‘How do you build a reality that doesn’t collapse within three days’. Simon Wilkinson’s work incorporates audiovisual, installation, virtual reality, electronic music, online and performance mediums; often combining all of these approaches simultaneously in order to immerse audiences in non-linear / immersive / multi-platform narrative experiences. His work has been featured at Tate Modern, tours the international circuit regularly, and has been translated into many languages. This is an experience for one person at a time, tickets are available in individual 15 minute time slots. This is a 16+ show.

Feature GHOSTS 18th to 20th November 2016 /

Time: Sat 19th November 2016 15:00-18:00 Venue: Church of St the Martyr Thomas, Thomas Ln, Bristol BS1 6JG Price: £13.50 Dark, body-based performance, visceral live sculpture and intense vibrational sounds await you in the beautiful surrounds of an 18th century church. Featuring international performance artist Olivier de Sagazan - Officiel, experimental/techno producer Rrose and live-art duo Hellen Burrough and Philip Bedwell.

Olivier De Sagazan - Transfiguration (FR) France-based performer and sculptor Olivier De Sagazan presents Transfiguration, seen in the 2011 film “Samsara”. Sagazan uses clay and paint to perform live, human sculpture in which his own face is the canvas. Audiences will experience the artist building layer upon layer of clay, paint and hair onto his face before shedding them all to reveal “an animalistic human who is seeking to break away from the physical world”. Sagazan has developed his hybrid practice for 20 years; as he deforms himself with clay and paint he enters into a dance. Transfiguration is beautiful and disturbing, and not to be missed in this rare UK performance.

Rrose - Having Never Written A Note For Percussion (US) Detroit techno producer and all-round mystery Rrose performs James Tenneys’ experimental score “Having Never Having Written A Note For Percussion”, a percussive piece for one instrument, in this case a gong. With no set method to perform, it’s up to Rrose how to execute this complex and meditative, zen-inspired music. The result is an extended blur of reverbating sound that changes greatly depending on the surroundings in which it is played. Heard inside St Thomas The Martyr Church, the acoustics create intense echoes, giving audiences a deeply physical audio experience.

Hellen Burrough & Philip Bedwell - Union (GB) Burrough and Bedwell live and work in London, together and separately they make live work exploring bodies, gender, pain and performance, informed by Philip’s background in professional wrestling and Hellen’s involvement in body modification. In the devastatingly tender “Union”, the artists “cease to be connected physically, but are now joined through shared ritual and our mirror image bleeding bodies. Although we are joined, legally and romantically, we continue to be separate, individual and independent.”

Feature THE LOST CITY 18th to 20th November 2016 /

Time: Sat 19th November 2016 19:00-21:00 Venue: Old Coroners Court Building, Backfields, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS2 8QN Price: £13.50 A violent act of destruction gives way to live cinematic sound. Experience total bodily immersion into an all enveloping audio, performed in total darkness. Performance from Fis and FK Alexander

FIS - From Patterns To Details (NZ) Fis performs his new album “From Patterns To Details”; in total darkness in an old morgue. The album sees Fis use reverb and crescendo to conflate everything into one – overlapping the warped and distorted strings of ‘Root Collars’ or embellishing the drones of ‘Heart Wash’ with the sounds of shards colliding in the wind. Fis composes physical, spirited, exploratory electronic music inspired in part by his work as a permaculture designer. His latest album (released via Bristol-based label Subtext on September 16th) sees continuity between environment and individual, external bodies and the internal emotional landscapes that music can communicate beyond the affordances of language.”

FK Alexander - Translucent Void (SC) FK Alexander is Scotland’s Premier Destructivist, whose new work Translucent Void brings together ice, an axe and a strobe light. The work forms part of on-going investigative experiments into technological rebellion, the decline of western civilisation, new animal ways and survival. Alexander takes to a space, she owns and transforms it, and the effect is hypnotic. The Glasgow-based artist often takes on huge themes, exploring the nature of the self and the elemental spaces we inhabit. Creation and destruction loom large in her work process, as well as the influence of JG Ballard’s modernist novels, and their vision of industrialisation’s slow decay. FK is interested in how to continue when all seems lost. ‘What’s left?’ she says. ‘That is something I am interested in – becoming a new animal.’

Join Bristol Women’s Voice for our Annual General Meeting at The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG on Thursday 13th October. Doors will open from 7pm for light refreshments and to meet other women from our network! We are pleased to announce our headline performer Kate Smurthwaite, British stand-up comedian, political activist and radical feminist. Kate has performed all over the UK and the world as a stand up comedian, as well as a star guest on news and debates shows that include BBC Question Time and BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour. She also writes for publications from Cosmopolitan to both the Independent and the Guardian, and is a writer for the BBC flagship show The Revolution will be Televised and Have I Got News for You? We are also lucky to have award winning performance poet Vanessa Kisuule performing too. Vanessa has won several slam titles, including Poetry Slam 2014 and has been featured on BBC iPlayer, BBC Radio 1 and Radio 4 and performed at Brsitol Old Vic, as well as many of UK festival scene including Shambala, Secret Garden Party, WOMAD and Glastonbury. She uses her poetry to speak about feminism, “I think for a lot of people feminism can sometimes feel like a test you are constantly failing.” As this is Bristol Women’s Voice Annual General Meeting, our Chair Penny Gane will also be reporting on

Feature ASCENT 18th to 20th November 2016 /

Time: Saturday, 19th November 2016 19:00-21:00 Venue: Colston Hall Price: £13.00 Enter a higher state at the Submerge Festival clubnight, presented by Horseplay. Ascend with us at a former mortuary and Old Coroners Court. Drown in the woozy late-night house of Octo Octa and the hypnotic techno of Rrose. Experience performance art to die for from Steakhouse Live, johnsmith and Project O . Let the alt-pop and indie-dance of Knickerbocker wash over your bones


Rrose – DJ Set: House/Techno (US) Octo Octa – DJ Set: House/Deep (US) Horseplay – DJ Set: House/Disco (GB)


Steakhouse Live – Performance: Best of Knickerbocker (Various) Knickerbocker - DJ Set: Alt-Pop, Indie-Dance & House (GB)


Johnsmith – Performance: We Are All Made Of Stars (GB) Project 0 – Performance: Native Instincts : Psychic Labours 3.0 (GB)

Rrose - DJ Set (US)

Detroit producer and DJ Rrose (EAUX) creates dark, perfectly designed and essentially queered techno. Swirling, foggy effects are layered top of high-and-wide-toned bleeping synth melodies that rise and fall with crisp, solid bass beats. The artist comes cloaked in mystery. She stands in the shadows on stage, going by he and she interchangeably – an implied interrogation of gender norms and artistry. Her biography states “Born 1969. Died 1909”.

Octo Octa - DJ Set (US)

Brooklyn’s Octo Octa (100% SILK / Running Back) spins woozy late night house; her shimmering club-ready earworms have been keeping dancefloors pulsing since 2011. Octo Octa is known for her finely-tuned marriage of exquisite compositional flare and primal dance-floor functionality. She was recently invited to undertake a Red Bull Music Academy residency in Manhattan, and has played coveted gigs at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Frankfurt’s Live At Robert Johnson, and Barcelona’s Sonar Festival.

Horseplay - DJ Set (GB)

Described by The Guardian as “Bristol’s Best Gay Clubnight”; Horseplay is a art-disco-club with a positive vibe and a fine dusting of glitter and sleaze.

Steakhouse Live - Steakhouse Live (Various)

Steakhouse Live is a London based artist-collective creating and supporting experimental risktaking performance. Artists Daniel Oliver, Lucy Hutson and Oozing Gloop will perform short works

Feature ASCENT 18th to 20th November 2016 /

Knickerbocker - DJ Set (GB) Resident DJs aaronzimbra and Alex Lawless spin alternative pop and cuts of house that you might not hear elsewhere. The Yard (London) is their regular home.

johnsmith - We Are All Made Of Stars (GB) Channelling mountains, stars, slime mould and bacteria, john gets into drag as Mother Earth and tries on bodies from the cellular to the cosmic. We are all made of stars brings together lip sync, projection, live sound and skin to grapple with some overwhelming questions on a microscopic scale.

Project 0 - Native Instincts : Psychic Labours 3.0 (GB) Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small together comment on the fallout from being black, mixed and female, making visible positions of otherness so that they will eventually no longer seem ‘other’. O tries to talk about, and make visible, the awkward stuff of everyday oppression and to move on from this. Expect broken promises and a sea of assumptions. Rising doubt. Timeless dances that could only happen now, after all that happened before.


Christa Holka Photographer /

Where do you get your inspiration from ? I am inspired by so many things, but I suppose at the top of that list are the people I photograph which are often mainly my family and friends, but also art (mostly contemporary art, but also all kinds of art and art history), design, fashion, pop culture and of course other photographers. What kind of camera do you use? I use a Canon 6D How much creative freedom do you have on an editorial shoot? It depends. Sometimes I have a lot sometimes not as much, it just depends on the shoot/ project whether I am proposing the editorial or if I’m commissioned. In terms of the shoots I’m commissioned to do, I think most often I am commissioned because whoever is commissioning me is interested in my ideas and style and wants that to show in the shoot. How important are personal projects to you ? Personal projects are very important to me! Personal projects are how I got into photography in the first place and continue to be a big part of my career.


Christa Holka Photographer /

How much preparation goes into a shoot? The amount of preparation for each shoot varies. For some shoots I could prepare for months (or years!) researching and planning and others happen really spontaneously. Almost always I do at least some research which involves researching ideas and other images to decide on a mood, possible poses, the lighting, the location (is it in a studio or some other location? Inside/outside?). How much do you do in post production? The amount of post-production depends on the shoot/image and what the client wants for the final image. For my I WAS THERE project of nightlife in East London, I do little to no post-production on those images—if I do anything to them it would be just very minor light/colour changes but most often I don’t do any post-production on snapshots like those. If it’s a studio portrait, I’ll do some very minimal colour/ lighting adjustments along with some smoothing of the skin and cleaning up of stray hairs and lint and things like that but nothing major. To be honest, I didn’t really know how to do very much post-production until probably a year or so ago!

Culture:- Christa Holka Photographer /

Among your works, which one is your favourite? Why? I always have trouble answering questions about favourites in general- even like what’s my favourite colour, or book or film, etc. as my favourites change all the time always! But if I have to say which of my recent projects is my favourite it would be “Twilight People” because quite a few of the subjects in the photos let me know that they felt really great and beautiful in the images which is probably the best compliment I can get about my work—I can only hope that I can capture something about a person that makes them feel good about themselves. Whose work has influenced you most? I think my earlier work, especially my I WAS THERE project, and the reason I decided I could be a professional photographer was very much inspired by Nan Goldin. After Nan, I am also inspired by Claude Cahun, Collier Schorr, Philip Lorca di Corcia, Tina Barney, Larry Clarke, Brian Finke, Wolfgang Tillmans, Dash Snow, Martin Parr, Guy Bourdin, Nikki S. Lee, Larry Sultan.

Ausform Micro-Fest Saturday 28th Novemeber 2015


Time: 7:30pm Venue: The Cube Price: £10/8 Somewhere in a great European megacity, somewhere on the cusp of a new era, a middle-aged architect hosts the last ever episode of life-as-we-know-it. And let’s face it: when it comes down to it, it’s just portland cement, water, aggregate, air and the proletariat VS The Man. A satirical drag eulogy for a world past its use-by-date. Hosted by washed up default man/proto-god figure Archibald Tactful, and accompanied by antivirtuoso drag king punk house band The Great White Males – Béton Brute is a gratuitously sleazy and joyfully noisy critique of alpha-masculinity and the built environment. Audience feedback: ‘Eric Pickles meets Pussy Riot. Phenomenal polemic against penis-propelled planning.’ ‘excellent…more performance like this please – louder louder louder’ ‘like a concrete kiss’ Rachael Clerke is a young woman artist based in Bristol who likes dressing up as wealthy older men. Her last show How to achieve redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart featured Alex Salmond, Mel Gibson and Donald Trump and won the Ideastap Underbelly Award in 2014. | @rachaelclerke photo by Paul Samuel White

photo by Paul Samuel White

Culture:- Christa Holka Photographer /

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? I think that because I started out photographing my friends and the people around me, I guess I wish I knew for myself that documentary photography is a legitimate respected art form. I really didn’t know that for myself in the beginning and it probably held me back from taking myself seriously as a photographer for quite a while. Describe your photographic style? How did you develop your style? I’d describe my style as minimalist and clean, with a subtle quirkiness. I think my style has developed over the years and has been informed through my influences, through the work I do and have done especially the set design assisting I did for a few years on large scale fashion shoots and the time I spent assisting a London fashion photographer. I also think my style continues to develop all the time, that with every shoot I become a better and better photographer.


Trixie Mattel 27 November 2016 / Queenshilling /

Eat Sleep Drag Repeat present Trixie Mattel TRIXIE MATTEL was a contestant touted by many as an early frontrunner in Season 7. A seemingly premature elimination in episode 4 caused outrage among fans, which along with BenDeLaCreme’s early elimination in season 6 has gone down as one of the most controversial eliminations in Drag Race herstory. TICKETS: Mattel was considered a strong competitor, and many viewers slammed RuPaul’s decision as seeming to be purposefully controversial. Fans started a #justicefortrixie campaign to get her reinstated and she was brought back in episode 8, only to be eliminated again in episode 10. Later, Mattel became one of the breakout stars of season 7, along with Katya Zamolodchikova. HOST: ALFIE ORDINARY is the son of a drag queen and a clown. When he isn’t doing his paper round, he likes to sing and tell stories about his time at ‘Madame Le Coq’s Preparatory School for Fabulous Boys’. Alfie identifies as fabulous and we hope you think he is, too. SHOWTIMES: Doors 17.30, Show 19.00, Meet & Greet 21.30 NB: Sometimes drag queen shows can run a little later than advertised due to unplanned for she-mergencies. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by late shows. This event is 18+ only and the venue operates a Challenge 25 policy. For conditions of sale please see ticket page. TICKETS £21.83 General / £32.45 VIP To book to see this amazing show book online.

Lifestyle: Film

Indignation 15 Release Date: 2016 Country of Origin: USA Director: James Shamus Cast: Logan Lerman, Sarah Gadon, Tracy Letts BBFC Rating: 15 Showing: Fri 18 Nov - Thu 1 Dec @ The Watershed Tickets£9.00 full / £6.50 concessions / £4.50 24 and under Adapted from Philip Roth’s autobiographical novel of the same name, this is an incisive, affecting drama (from Brokeback Mountain producer James Schamus) about the rigidity of academic, religious and philosophical life on a 1950s American campus. It’s 1951 and New Jersey teenager Marcus (Logan Lerman) has enrolled in college to avoid the Korean war and keep in his kosher butcher father’s good graces. Now a self-proclaimed atheist, he finds himself at odds with roomates, teachers, and deans alike, and not even his romance with a troubled blonde (Sarah Gadon) can seem to shake him of his cynicism. As war rages on overseas, Marcus fights his own battles, both within himself and against the institutions that threaten to silence him... A masterful reminder of the power of fighting for your ideals and how youthful idealism is shaped, this is a dedicated drama of ideas definitely worth signing up for.


Bristol Fantasy Orchestra celebrates David Bowie

The Bristol Fantasy Orchestra is a remarkable community project led by Jesse D Vernon, based in Bristol and also in Paris. The Orchestra (motto: ‘more is more’) brings together 40+ musicians, professional and amateur, to create a kaleidoscopic symphonic brigade. Their eclectic repertoire covers film soundtracks (Morricone, Barry, RD Burman), rock and pop favourites (Hendrix, Beatles, Bowie), and some more obscure treasures. Think psychedelic loveliness, rousing choral noise, and some choice costumes. ‘I can’t remember having such an entertaining, fabulous evening in ages! … Incredible!’ Christina S, Keynsham Music Festival 2016 ‘For all the fun-filled antics the Bristol Fantasy Orchestra is actually a seriously brilliant musical experience.’ Bristol247, Bristol Harbourside Festival 2015 Right from the outset David Bowie’s unique combination of pop genius, glam razzle dazzle and theatrical performance made him an inspiration for the Fantasy orchestra, and their arrangements of Space Oddity, Moonage Daydream, Life on Mars and other great hits have been highlights of the Orchestra’s own sets. Their faithful commitment to the music and their own distinctive style make them the perfect way to open ths Colston Hall’s tribute night to one of the 20th Century’s greatest genius of popular culture. Venue: Foyer, Colston Hall Time: 18:30 - 19:30 Date: Sat 10 Dec 2016 Price: FREE


Jokoto Old Market Quarter / independent boutique /

Jokoto is a contemporary, playful clothing, ethically produced in Bristol in the UK. With its effortless tailoring Jokoto has endless options for accesorizing making it the perfect brand for day or night. Jokoto is great option for Trans people as recently exhibited in the Trans Pride Fashion show. To view items check them out at To The Moon, Old Market Quarter


Hatzak Online / independent boutique /

Retail Therapy Bristol A City of Urban Villages....

Midland Road BS2 Old Market Quarter

To The Moon

27-29 Midland Road, BS2 0JT 07845 700194 Opening Times Thurs 18:00-21:00 Sat 12:00-18:00


192 Cheltenham Road, BS6 5RB 07787712345 Opening Times Tues-Sat 10:00-18:00

To The Moon is a shop specialising in selling locally designed and made clothing and jewellery. The items are all sustainably made in Bristol in the UK, many of which are made by designers a few streets away. The shop also holds an exquisite selection of vintage items all reasonably priced. The shop is located as part of To The Moon which is also a bring your own food cafe.

Passionate about beautiful furniture, we supply gorgeous pieces that will enhance your home. Focusing on reclaimed, salvaged and restored furniture to help you bring beauty in to your home with our pieces. Initially established in 1976. Selling a wide variety of furniture and accessories made with reclaimed materials sourced from all over the world that really help each of our pieces tell the story of their history.

Food & Drink


Delights from Chin Chin

Fresh and delicious food that is healthy and wholesome that also can be delivered to your desk by bicycle! Choose local this Christmas, and support our farmers and our local economy; All our festive birds are sourced within 60 miles of Bristol.

Food & Drink

The Ivy 42-44 Caledonia Place, Clifton Village, Bristol, BS8 4DN Reservations: 01172 034 555 Opening Hours Mon-Fri 08:00-23:00 Sat 08:00-00:00 Sun 09:00-22:30

The Ivy Clifton Brasserie is now open in the heart of Clifton Village, Bristol. Overlooking The Mall Gardens – the building itself is Georgian with an impressive portico entrance and vast domed, near-wall to ceiling windows. The most striking thing when inside are the unusually high ceilings, which give a true sense of space, and which are adorned by impressive brass circular chandeliers. Diamond-patterned black, tan and cream floor tiling befits the elegant surroundings; dark-wood period furniture, navy and tan leather chairs and brass fixtures and fittings complement the look and feel, masterminded by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. The menus throughout the space have been created by The Ivy Collection’s Chef Director, Mark Askew, and Group Executive Chef, Sean Burbidge, with help, of course, from the brasserie’s Head Chef, Dominik Malecki. The modern British menu is inspired by the original Ivy in West Street, Covent Garden and offers dishes for breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, light snacks and dinner. Whether looking for a quick shepherd’s pie and a glass of wine before a cinema outing or post a spot of shopping, or a three course meal, customers can be sure of finding good quality and abundant choice. Reservations are encouraged, however some tables are held back for walk-ins, offering accessible, all-day dining in a relaxed setting. There is something on offer for everyone, for every occasion – be it an informal breakfast, weekend brunch with friends, working lunch, birthday or anniversary or formal dinner.

Clifton Village is the obvious choice encapsulating a sense of local community, elegance and history as it does. The Ivy Clifton Brasserie has been designed to deliver the memorable experience that is synonymous with The Ivy’s unique style.


Must Haves

Selfie Stand

Power Wallet by Seyvr

Save water the fashionable way

Speech Bubble Light Box Glitter Beard Kit

HUGO BOSS Black leather belt gift set (SC131056) Harvey Nichols


Indigo with Grace Petrie LGBT Event /

Date: Thursday, November 24 Time: 20:00-23:55 Venue: The Square Club, 15 Berkley Square, Bristol, BS8 1 HB Indigo present the irrepressible Grace Petrie. --->TICKETS: ‘Confident & punchy’, singer-songwriter Petrie, can put fire in your belly & a tear in your eye. Full of warmth & wit, Grace is gaining an international following, & fast. She’s played Latitude, Glastonbury & is a regular guest on the Now Show (Radio 4). Leicester-based Grace has already toured with the likes of Emmy the Great, Billy Bragg & Josie Long. As one of the UK’s brightest LGBT talents, (Independent Pink-List) we’re incredibly pleased to bring Grace to Bristol for this intimate Indigo. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Be strong, be resilient, be young, be f**king brilliant!” ‘Confident & Punchy’ Diva Magazine -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Expect to Laugh, Sing & Cry. Don’t miss this... ------------TICKETS ------------Our special events usually sell out. Advance booking recommended. Indigo ft. Grace Petrie Thur 24 Nov The Square Club 15 Berkley Square Bristol BS8 1 HB TICKETS: £7 Early Bird + BF / £8 Advance + BF £1 off: Indigo Card Holders / LGBTSoc Discount £Free: Gold Card Holders

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PEOPLE LIKE US DJ / Producer /

Welcome to Out Bristol

Out Bristol is the definitive destination for the LGBT communities in the dual city region of the West of England established in 2008 Out Bristol is the community hub consisting of an online virtual community centre linking to all the support services and social groups for the LGBT communities. The website is the LGBT tourism and visitor centre for the region, with information on where to stay, attractions, festivals and the LGBT Scene. Last but by no means least the website is also home to the Out Bristol magazine and supplements, with features, what’s on, fashion,listings and an extensive community section. Local or visiting Out Bristol curates the contemporary to the cultural. Whether you are a local or visiting Bristol for the first time this guide alongside the website has all you need to know about the LGBT communities, the scene, the city and the five LGBT festivals we host in the city through out the year. We would like to thank you for visiting us and supporting Out Bristol.


Bristol’s unconventional urbanity gives the city its distinctive character.

A City Of Urban Villages

Bristol is one of the UK’s eight core cities, home to leading companies from the creative, technological, financial, micro electronics, environmental, aerospace, advanced engineering and service industries. Colston Hall /West End


Bristol is made up of several diverse urban villages with their own distinctive characteristics. The city is constantly evolving, refusing to stand still. It’s unconventional urbanity, young and multi ethnic neighborhoods means that Bristol is a world leading resilient city.

West Street / Old Market Quarter

Stokes Croft

St Nicks Market / Old City

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Bristol is the UK’s Festival City

Carnival / St Pauls

Oh and Bristol also has......

Millenium Square / Harbourside


Gay Village, Old Market Quarter Welcome to the Gay Village in the Old Market Quarter Centrally located within easy walking distance of the Train & Bus Stations & Bristol Shopping Quarter. The village venues are open day & night, the area is well connected & has events planned every night of the week and festival events throughout the year. For all the latest details check 1 The Phoenix 1 Wellington Buildings, BS2 9DB Gay run & owned, this is the ONLY openly friendly bar catering to everyone who respects diversity that reflects this amazing city! Relax in a comfy friendly establishment .Opening Hours Mon-Tue 16:00-23:00 Wed-Thurs12:00-23:00 Fri 12:00-00:00 Sat 12:00-Late Sun 12:00-10:00 2 Old Market Tavern 29-30 Old Market Street, BS2 0BH A traditional pub in the centre of Bristol which serves food and has a beautiful traditional British beer garden. The pub also host quizs and events. Opening Hours Sun-Thurs 11:30-23:00 Fri 11:30-00:00 Sat 16:00-00:00 3 Rainbowz Bar 53 Old Market Street, BS2 0ER A friendly, cosy yet stylish venue with something for everyone, steeped in nearly 400 years of history, you’re sure to receive the warmest of welcomes. Opening Hours Wed-Thur 18:00-00:00 Fri & Sat 18:00-01:00 SatSun 13:00-23:00 Mon & Tues Closed. 4 The Gin Palace 1-3 West Street, Bristol, BS2 0DF Bristol’s very own Gin Palace, with a growing range of Gins for you to try and fabulous theatrical & opulent decoration that would put the Moulin Rouge to shame, this place is the party Palace. Opening Hours Mon-Thur 18:00-00:00 Fri & Sat 18:00-02:00 Sun 18:00-23:00 5 The Bristol Bear Bar 2-4 West Street,Bristol BS2 0BH UK’s only bespoke bear bar, with welcoming & friendly atmostphere it’s a must see for all Bears & non Bears Opening Hours Tue-Thur 19:00-23:00 Fri-Sat 19:0002:00 Sun 17:00-23:00 6 Space & Arts West Side 6 West Street,Bristol BS2 0BH Space & Arts West Side is the community building which is home to arts shows, performance pop ups and workshops at the LGBT Festivals. 7 Old Market Assembly 25 West Street, BS2 0DF We’re a restaurant & cafe serving nutritious, locally sourced affordable food, a Theatre, a bakery serving freshly baked bread & cakes to eat in or take away, a stage hosting local and touring bands (always free to see). We’re a bar serving local beers, ales and spirits. 8 Lads Locker room 19-21 West Street,BS2 0DF A sauna and venue that caters for all Gay, Bi-sexual and Bi-curious men who wish to have the freedom to relax.Opening Hours Mon 00:00 - 06:00 Tues 12:0000:00 Wed 12:00-06:00 Thur 12:00-00:00 Fri- Sun 00:00 00:00:00 9 The Local 42a Old Market Street BS2 0EZ As the name suggests this is the Local store and Off Licence. This store has everything you need whether on a night out, a house party, a quite night in or your weekly shop. LGBT friendly & safe sex supplies sold. Opening Hours 24/7 Monday to Sunday

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Gay Village, West End Welcome to the Gay Village in the West End. Centrally located within easy walking distance of the Train & Bus Stations & Bristol Shopping Quarter. The village venues are open day & night, the area is well connected & has events planned every night of the week. For all the latest details check

10 Nice & Naughty


45 Colston Street, BS1 5AX

Nice & Naughty is an LGBT+ Friendly Adult shop where you can purchase many items in store or online

11OMG Bar

Opening Times Mon-Sat: 10:00-19:00 Sun: 11:00-18:00

4 Frogmore Street, BS1 5UX



Bent combines a stylish, relaxed, yet lively atmosphere, an extensive cocktail menu, competitive pricing, and amazing sound system and light up dancefloor - It really is something special. Opening Times Mon - Sat:20:00-02:00 Sunday Closed

12 Queenshilling

13 OMG


9 Frogmore Street, BS1 5NA

The atmosphere in this Club is truly electric. Visit the website for up to date opening times DJ listings and details of theme nights. From stages and podiums, to comfortable seating areas, with premium drinks at reasonable prices and the friendliest staff around.

1 Frog Lane,BS1 5UX

OMG is the South West’s busiest and biggest gay venue. It’s state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, buzzing atmosphere and competitive pricing have made OMG the incredible, lively club it is today.Opening Times: Wed - Fri:22:00-04:00 Sat:22:00-05:00.




“The definitive destination for the LGBT communities in the dual city region of the West of England.”

Club Events (Mixed)

Club Events (Mixed)


Leather Wild West


Digiloue A mixture of RuPaul’s drag race/PartyMonster/ Paris is Burning meets 90’s rave realness - Here is Amour Ami Bristol’s Bi-Monthly night held in Gay Village, Lets Party.... Open Hours 22:00 till Late Monthly night of fabulousness to support Bristol Bear Fiesta & Southern HiBearnation with DJ daddi turning up the heat with His funky vibe and a few camp classics too Opening Hours 22:00-02:00 DIGILOGUE - Alternative 80s clubbing, held in various venues in Gay Village, Old Market Quarter. Opening Hours 22:00-02:00

UNION The ideal night for any man with an interest in leather. It’s the place to meet new guys, to catch up with mates and above all, have fun in leathers. Dresscode is minimum of one item of leather outerwear. South West Rubber Men From the curious to the connoisseur, come rubber up and socialize.

Dont Tell Your Mother Don’t Tell Your Mother is a Indie LGBT+FRIENDS club night. Opening Hours 22:00-02:00


Horse Play A Club transformed into a disco stables; it’s a dirty underground club beneath a metal bar, with cheap beer and an intimate vibe. Opening Hours 22:00- Late

Indigo Bristol

Psychodrama Putting the Alt in Alternative this gay night is something very different to what you have seen before. Opening Hours 22:00-Late

People Like Us


People Like Us’ main aim is to create a safe dance space, where people can completely lose themselves to our unique style in dance music. Come n get some….! ;) love love disco love PLU ♥ :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

HUN nightclub... Energetic homo discotheque for freaks like you. House, electronic and disco music in some of the most unusual venues in Bristol. Sexy and smiley crowd, All welcome. Main party usually on the first Saturday of each month from 10 - late followed by STILL UP! The official Hun afterhours.

BLUF Bristol For many BLUF represents the ultimate gay leatherman fantasy - that Tom of Finland look made real. BLUF Bristol is the west’s very own meeting exclusively for BLUF members

Gear Bristol Gear Bristol is a monthly fetish club for Gay/Bi men.

Leather Market A great way to start, expand or refresh your leather wardrobe. Choose from a wide variety of secondhand or nearly new items. The Leather Cafe will be open! LeatherWest’s summer event that encourages all guys to saddle up in their leather chaps, jeans and waistcoats to enjoy the summer, a bbq and maybe a bit of rodeo action! Bringing together lesbian, gay and bisexual people working or intending to work in the legal community in the South West and South Wales Run by an all-women team, the sociable Indigo networking group offers lesbian/bi/queer women of the South West the chance to connect in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Members A friendly, fun events in chic environments for the discerning gay man for business, social & networking opportunities. Events take place throughout the year, & consist of a monthly Drinks Evening, Parties & Dining events. LGBT History Month February each year is LGBT History Month. In Bristol a voluntary group that presents events and information about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history of Bristol. Bear Fiesta Held in the first weekend in June each year Bristol plays host to the Bristol Bear fiesta.these events are always well attended, check out the website for the latest information. Bristol Pride A week long festival which goes out with a bang with the Parade & Pride event, hosting music & performances from local and national acts, community stands in the heart of the city. Held first week of July. UK Leather Pride A fantastic weekend in of leather fun designed to celebrate the gay leathermen’s community. We’ve lined up a range of events including social and workshops. 6-8 Novemeber 2015 Southern Hibearnation Held in the first weekend in December each year Bristol in the Old Market Quarter Gay Village plays host to Southern Hibernation Bear Fesitval. These events are always well attended. Bristol Bisons RFC Bristol’s first gay and gay-friendly rugby team is always looking for new members, players and supporters. Everyone welcome regardless of experience or ability.

LGBT Services LGBT Bristol

Bristol Panthers


Social Groups

CycleOut Bristol

Bristol’s premier gay friendly football team. Bristol Panthers Football Club is Bristol’s premier openly gay friendly football club. The current incarnation of Bristol Panthers was born on the 28th March 2009, following a advert calling for interested gay footballers and supporters, to come together socially.

The Gay Outdoor Club’s local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender cycling group for West of England

The Gay Outdoor Club

For gay men and women and their friends. It has national membership and local groups all around the country. There are groups within GOC based around specific activities.

LGBT Fitness Class and Social If you want to look and feel great,improve your fitness, have more energy & meet other LGBT people then join our “LGBT Fitness class & Social” The workout is one hour with the option to stay and socialise Suitable for all levels here: Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Social for lesbians, meetsmuch: every other When:network Monday, 7-8pm How ClassThurs£3




evenings in Bristol and Weston-super-Mare.

Gay Men’s Book Group

Meeting monthly at a member’s flat in the centre of Bristol to discuss a book written by a gay author or about gay themes.


“The definitive destination for the LGBT communities the dual city region of Aims to bring together the lesbian, gay, bisexWest of England. ” ual and transthe communities that live, work and play in the Bristol BS3 area.

LGBT Brunch

Rainbow Group First Saturday of every month at Coniston Community Centre, a great way to kick start the weekend & meet new friends. Contact David Sully email

Bristol City Council employees LGBT group Call Equalities on 0117 922 4446

We work in partnership with Bristol City Council to empower lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to become actively involved in community life. We pride ourselves in challenging homophobia and transphobia in the wider community and help promote understanding of equality and inclusion. EACH is the award-winning charity: affirming the lives of gay & transgender people & reducing discrimination. Mon-Fri: 9:00 am-5:00 pm 0808 1000 143

The Diversity Trust The Diversity Trust is a specialist in equality, diversity and inclusion and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in project management, evaluation, policy, research and training. Avon & Somerset Police

Official Police account for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Liaison Officers @ASPOLICELGBT Avon & somerset police LGBT Liaison Team can be found at all community events and follow their work on the main website or via twitter.


day evening at 8:30. Also bowling, cinema, coffee bars, theatre, concerts, discos, cycling, walks, meals out and more.

LGBT GUIDE FOR THE WEST ENGLAND SocialOFgroup for LGBT people. Regular social

Trans Info Gaydio is the world’s biggest LGB&T radio station. You can get Gaydio on DAB Digital Radio (London, Sussex, Glasgow, Edinburgh), 88.4FM (Greater Manchester), on mobile apps Advice with practical problems such as access to healthcare & legal issues. We can guide you towards information you need and on occasion we can (with your consent) contact organizations on your behalf to resolve issues. Bristol Crossroads Meetings at Wick Village Hall Contact: Liz or Tania Informal opportunity for all transgendered people, partners & family to meet & dress in a safe and supportive environment. Phone: 01453 757110 The Bridge, Sexual Assault Referral Centre 0117 342 6999 A support service for victims of sexual crime & provides a range of services. If you are a victim, we can tell you your options and help you in making your own decisions about your care. Survivors UK Survivors UK support adult men who have experienced sexual violation at any time in their lives. Their Helpline Webchat service is open Monday & Tuesday 6-9pm, Wednesday 122.30pm & 6-9pm, and Thursday 12-2.30pm. Bristol Women’s Voice Bristol Women’s Voice (BWV) provides a way for women to influence the public authorities, for example the Council, health bodies and the police in how they meet women’s needs and promote women’s equality.

Social Groups Missing Lesbians

Bi Visible Bristol


Sing Out Bristol A free listing guide for lesbian events, social groups and organizations of interest to lesbians and within reach of Bristol UK. We promote the presence of the bisexual community in Bristol and provide meet-ups as a safe space for bi people to meet, network and exchange ideas. Café Kino on Stokes Croft, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. A social group covering the South West supporting the LGBTQIAPD Community, providing a safe and secure place to meet every Saturday morning. A choir run by and for LGBT people who enjoy singing. We are a very social group and musical experience is not needed.

LGBT Support Services Proud 2 Serve

Our aim is to provide support, information and networking for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender serving, ex-serving personnel and their families both at home and abroad.

Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement, Bristol LGCM is working for love, for peace, for justice, and for the promotion of the Christian faith especially within the LGBT community.

Imaan Social Support for Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Trans Muslims. Imaan supports LGBT Muslim people, their families and friends, to address issues of sexual orientation within Islam.

Jewish Lesbian and Gay Group

The longest established Jewish LGBT group in the world. Our membership is open to Jewish men and women who areLGBT including people from many different backgrounds. We welcome non-Jewish partners to all events and non-LGBT & non-Jewish guests to certain events.

Out Stories Bristol We are a group who are interested in discussing and collating information about LGBT History in Bristol.

Avon Trans Women We are a self help group serving Bristol and the surrounding area for male-to-female transsexuals & others undergoing gender reassignment.

Pink Herrings

Trans Bristol


Social network for lesbians, meets every other Thursday evening at 8:30. Also bowling, cinema, coffee bars, theatre, concerts, discos, cycling, walks, meals out and more. Social group for LGBT people. Regular social evenings in Bristol and Weston-super-Mare.

Gay Men’s Book Group

Meeting monthly at a member’s flat in the centre of Bristol to discuss a book written by a gay author or about gay themes.

BS3 LGBT Aims to bring together the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities that live, work and play in the Bristol BS3 area.

LGBT Brunch First Saturday of every month at Coniston Community Centre, a great way to kick start the weekend & meet new friends. Contact David Sully

Rainbow Group


Bristol City Council employees LGBT group Call Equalities on 0117 922 4446 A safe space where trans identified people in the Bristol area can share ideas, provide support and plan things. Anything under the trans umbrella should belong here. Trans Info Advice with practical problems such as access to healthcare & legal issues. We can guide you towards information you need and on occasion we can (with your consent) contact organizations on your behalf to resolve issues. Bristol Crossroads Meetings at Wick Village Hall Contact: Liz or Tania Informal opportunity for all transgendered people, partners & family to meet & dress in a safe and supportive environment. Phone: 01453 757110 The Bridge, Sexual Assault Referral Centre 0117 342 6999 A support service for victims of sexual crime & provides a range of services. If you are a victim, we can tell you your options and help you in making your own decisions about your care. Survivors UK Survivors UK support adult men who have experienced sexual violation at any time in their lives. Their Helpline Webchat service is open Monday & Tuesday 6-9pm, Wednesday 122.30pm & 6-9pm, and Thursday 12-2.30pm. Bristol Women’s Voice Bristol Women’s Voice (BWV) provides a way for women to influence the public authorities, for example the Council, health bodies and the police in how they meet women’s needs and promote women’s equality.

LGBT Support Services Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline Our helpline operates from 10am to 11pm daily on 0300 330 0630. You can also access Switchboard Instant Messaging through the following link when someone is available online - Stonewall An organisation working for equality and justice for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexuals.From our Diversity Champions programme offering advice to over 600 companies to our information line on 08000 50 20 20 Bristol Drugs Project Whether it is Alcohol, Heroin or Ketamine, Cocaine or Cannabis, Ecstasy or Amphetamine, we can help you make the changes you want reducing the risks, controlling your use or stopping using. 0117 987 6000

LGBT Support Services Pace PACE is a charity promoting the mental health and emotional well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* community. PACE provides online services that can be accessed nationally. LGBTQ Emotional Wellness A group aimed at Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer(LGBTQ) people over 18, who are experiencing emotional distress, or coping with enduring mental health challenges. Fastest at Terrence Higgins Trust Call 0117 955 1000 Rapid 1 hour HIV testing and same day results, testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C with results within a 10 days. Confidential walk in service every Monday from 5-7:30pm (ex bank holidays). Bookable appointments Friday afternoons. . 8-10 West Street, Bristol, BS2 0BH. If you’re in a violent relationship, or care about someone who is, call Broken Rainbow on 0300 999 5428 or 0800 999 5428. The helpline is open on Mondays and Thursdays 10am–8pm and Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am–5 pm

Brigstowe Project Housing project for people living with HIV,providing support, advice and advocacy. 176 Easton Rd, Easton, Bristol. Call 0117 9415188 Mon-Fri: 9:00 am-5:00 pm THT Direct Helpline Call us on 0808 802 1221

LGBTQ Youth Cafe Yate Aged 14-19yrs old, an LGBTQ youth café in Yate on the last Sunday of every month from 19:00-21:00. Come along & find out more. Contact Phone 01454 869 441 Email info@ University of Bath LGBT

GMFA - the gay men’s health charity The UK’s leading charity dedicated to gay men’s health. Our mission is to improve gay men’s health by increasing the control they have over their own lives.

UWE LGBT Society

Stop Hate UK

Broken Rainbow

Freedom Youth

A weekly group for LGBTQ young people aged 14-25, held in central Bristol every Tuesday from 7-9.30pm You can contact Hannah at or call 07814 250 751.

A social & welfare student group here to help you get the most out of your university life & wheather you identify as gay,straight, bisexual, trans or are unsure of your sexuality or gender Join our Facebook group for all discussions and social events

Social group for LGBT students. The LGBT Society has a great line up of events through out the year what ever your interests we are sure you can find something that appeals to you. Join our Facebook group for all discussions and social events.

University of Bristol LGBT+ Society

We organise regular social events for all LGBT students at Bristol University Keep up to date with cultural/ recruitment events at the Bristol University LGBT+ Society. Join our Facebook group for all discussions and social events Email

The Albert Kennedy Trust

1625 Independent People

AKT supports LGBT young people (aged 16-25) who are homeless or living in a hostile environment. London: 020 7831 6562 Manchester: 0161 228 3308 Newcastle: 0191 281 0099

Independent People actively prevents youth homelessness and promotes a planned approach to independent living. By meeting young people’s needs, every young person achieves a positive outcome as a result of contacting us. 0117 317 8800

For information and support about your sexual health and for information and concerns about HIV. Lines open Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm. Free to call from landlines and mobiles in the UK.

Bristol Sexual Health Centre

Bristol Sexual Health Centre provides a confidential service which anyone can self-refer to (or your GP may wish to refer you here if needed), for advice, tests and treatment if needed. Appointments: 0117 342 69 00 Advice: 0117 342 6944 Independent & confidential information, advice and support to anybody affected by LGB and T Hate Crime. Available across England, Wales & Scotland. We are here 24 hours a day: 08088010661 CALM A charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. Helpline & webchat service for men of all ages that’s free, confidential & anonymous. 0800 585858 (national) Open 5pm-midnight, every day of the year. NO GOING BACK A charity dedicated to helping LGBT people who may have fled their country due to persecution for their sexual orientation or gender identity. Bristol Families & Friends BFF is a support group for families & friends of LGB people. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month at 7pm at the Terrence Higgins Trust. Call Sue Allen on 01454 852 418.


2-4 JUNE 2017

7-9 October 2016 FEBRUARY


2-4 DECEMBER 2016




Out Bristol Nov 2016  

Submerge Festival & TDOR

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