Buckeye Blast Vol 1 Issue 1 September 2020

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The Buckeye Blast

A Quarterly Publication of the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus Volume 1 Issue 1


September 2020

Premier Edition of The Buckeye Blast – Robert Byers, State Deputy Hello, my brother Knights from across the Great State of Ohio. I hope all of you are staying safe and working through the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic certainly is challenging all of us as Knights of Columbus leaders to plan meetings, programs, and events. But in true Knights fashion, we accept the challenge and move forward with the zeal and passion that Our Lord gives to us each and every day. The state officers decided to send out this newsletter as another method to communicate with all of you. Emails are only affective less than 40% of the time. This was evident back in early August when the state sent out an email to the Grand Knights. The email was a small quiz - answer 10questions correctly and you get $25 gas card. 56% of the emails were opened and only 54% of those opened took the time to answer. Yes, we are all be bombarded with emails these days. It is the fasts To be like our God. . . Every one of us must aspire to be like our God: holy, one and true. Our God has no deception in him, he may test us, but he does not reject us. God is forever urging us to be holy, and he pours grace and mercy upon us even when we are weak and forsake him. God is one. One in the Holy Trinity, and one in divine majesty. Just like the Knights of Columbus, we are one organization: Supreme, State & Local. We must work together to be the model of holiness, oneness, and truthfulness that we want our world to be. Our work is one of charity, unity, and fraternity. Writing a check is good, but stepping out and putting flesh to deed is even better. Especially today, where we are so distant from each other

and easiest communication available and get the information into the right hands. But it does no good when the messages go unread and council leaders unsubscribe. As your state deputy, myself and the fellow state officers are asking you to try to keep current. We will try to curtail the emails and combine when possible. We will also use this quarterly newsletter to help highlight what is coming in the next 90-days so that you can prepare and act. Remember, we are here to help you. Please reach out to your District Deputy, Diocesan Membership Director, and even your State Officer if you have questions, comments, or concerns. Together we can center ourselves on Jesus Christ and continue the good works that we are all about.

(even if it is for the good of all). We as Knights are called to be like our God. We are to put our Faith into Action. As the State Chaplain, I encourage you as individual Knights, and as Local Councils to not be afraid. Do not be afraid to step out into the deep. For it is only in our trying that we can fully rely upon our faith in Christ to succeed. May God bless you as you continue the work that began in Baptism, made full in Confirmation, and strengthened each time we receive the Blessed Sacrament. May your Knighthood be forever to the service of God our Father, Christ his only begotten Son, and the indwelling of the most Holy Spirit; one God for ever and ever. Amen Fr Wayne Morris State Chaplain

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The Buckeye Blast

September 2020

It’s really long. Sorry. Stick with it though! – Stew Vetter, Membership Director Ohio is on a road trip to the Circle of Honor at the Supreme Convention in Denver, Colorado. Why a road trip? It’s a concept we are all familiar with and; typically, we have very good memories of past road trips. It could be you and your teenage best friend going across town to see his girlfriend, a car load of guys going to a college town to go out for the night, or a group of buddies driving across the country for a golf or hunting trip. They are all road trips and they all conjure up fun memories. That’s what this road trip is supposed to be, the making of fun memories with your brother Knights.

order to help your council. If your parish allows it, you can still preform live drives and delta church drives. They still work. We need to be creative right now. Use social media. Put a weekly blurb in your church bulletin about what the council is doing, welcoming new members, or giving fun facts like how much your council has donated to special needs (measure up) in the last 5 years. Men and families are itching for things to do and it’s a prime time to bring them into our order to help your council develop a thriving and active calendar that serves tour parishes and communities.

Our trip started at St. Peter in Chains on Cincinnati and visits all the Roman Rite Cathedrals in Ohio before turning west to take us to Denver where the Supreme Convention will be held and the Circle of Honor awards will be presented. I chose the order of Cathedrals because it plus the trip to Denver got us the closest to our Circle of Honor goal of 1,850. It doesn’t have anything to do with importance or rank or status. It’s simply the shuffle that Google maps said put us close to 1,850. Several people had an issue with the order so I thought it important to explain it.


Circle of Honor is like Star Council but for states. Not all states do the same activities so they rank us on membership and new council development which we all have in common. States are ordered by division based on number of members. Ohio, being freaking awesome, is of course division 1 with the other big boys like Texas, Michigan, Ontario, Illinois, and 8 others. How are we getting to Circle of Honor? During the first quarter while the pandemic rages, we are using e-membership and virtual degrees. E-membership lets candidates sign up online when it’s convenient for them then we transfer them to your council when they take their degree. Ohio virtual degrees are live performed each Tuesday and Friday. It’s a great, no-contact way to still bring men into our


aren’t asking you to go at it alone. Every diocese has diocesan membership directors. These are experienced brother Knights that form my team and can answer questions, offer ideas, share best practices from their experience, and train and motivate your council to be brave enough to recruit. Utilize their knowledge and experience. Visit the State website (kofcohio.org/about/k-of-c-ohio-stateofficers-2019-21) to find your DMD. You also have your district deputy. These are also experienced brother Knights who know your area better than anyone else and they know what works and what doesn’t. If they don’t, they have the contacts to get you an answer! Our DD’s work very hard at a thankless job so please show them the utmost respect when they visit your council. Recruiting can be hard. It can be scary. You don’t’ want to be rejected because that doesn’t feel good. We are Knights. Father McGivney chose Knights on purpose. He wanted us to be inspired by Knights of old to be brave and bold despite our fears and trepidations. He knew we had it in us to be brave and courageous. Approach someone you know. Ask him to join. He might say no but he might also say yes. Think of how good that yes will feel. Be brave and confident enough to find the yes. It might be hidden among a bunch of knows but find the yes. KOFC.ORG/JOINUS

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The Buckeye Blast

September 2020

Super Cash Bonanza – Jeff Kiliany, State Treasurer My Brother Knights, There were many obstacles that we all needed to overcome in order to make this year’s Super Cash Bonanza Charity Campaign a successful one for your council and the Ohio State Council. I want to thank you and the members of your councils for all of your efforts to have a fruitful 2020 campaign. We sold a total 144,166 tickets statewide in the 2020 Super Cash Bonanza Campaign. At $5 per ticket, we raised almost $721,000 for charity in the State of Ohio. Great Job to all who made this happen. I know it is not the $1,000,000 that I was hoping to bring in this year, but considering the roadblock that was thrown at us in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic, I am quite pleased with the $7221,000. Councils in the State of Ohio were able to keep $346,000 initially and then received another $153,951 in additional rebates, giving the councils in Ohio a total income of 499,951. That’s a half a million dollars going to your councils’ favorite charities. In addition to all of the problems that we encountered this year, we ran into another problem in doing this year’s rebate calculations for the councils. Some of the February Roadshow council attendance credits didn’t get transferred correctly to the file that contained the council rebate calculations. As a result, some of the councils in the state didn’t get credit for attending the Roadshow Ticket Distribution meeting and didn’t receive the correct rebate that was associated with attending the roadshow. We have since corrected Roadshow attendance credit for your council and have

recalculated your council’s rebates. If your council was one of the affected councils, you should have already received your additional rebate check. I wish to apologize for this oversight and hope that you can understand that these things happen to all of us no matter how hard we try. It’s never too early to start thinking about the next Super Cash Bonanza campaign in 2021. The first thing that you should do is make sure that you have a ticket chairman in place. He will have time before the February Ticket Distribution meeting to lay out a plan f o r y o u r c o u n c i l ’s Charity Ticket Campaign. We still don’t know what 2021 will bring. Will the pandemic subside? Or, will it still be a factor and continue to be present throughout the world? It definitely has caused difficulty for councils to raise funds for its programs and charitable causes. Many councils had a successful ticket campaign despite the pandemic restrictions because they already had partners lined up, they did a mail campaign to their membership, and they got creative by promoting their tickets through the internet by using Facebook, their council webpage, and other online media sources.

Fraternally Yours, Jeff Kiliany, State Treasurer Super cash Bonanza Chairman 330-853-6099 jtktg@yahoo.com

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The Buckeye Blast

September 2020

Measure Up 2020: The Challenge Before Us Jim Maslach, State Warden “THE KING WILL ANSWER AND SAY TO THEM, ‘TRULY I SAY TO YOU, TO THE EXTENT THAT YOU DID IT TO ONE OF THESE BROTHERS OF MINE, EVEN THE LEAST OF THEM, YOU DID IT TO ME.” – MATTHEW 25:40 God wants our lives to overflow with mercy, love, and compassion. As followers of Jesus, we have a choice: respond to unsettling realities in fear and withdraw or follow Him in responding to the greatest needs of our day with love and hope. We know salvation does not depend on works, but we also know that caring for those in need is evidence of a faith that changes lives. As Knights of Columbus members, we put that kind of faith into action every day. Measure Up is no different as we look to help those that have developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, slowly disappearing are the days of standing out in the community showing who and what we are. We must remind ourselves that we are more than just standing out there – we are a beacon of hope to those that we

help, unified in our mission of spreading the Good News and support each other. Measure Up Weekend was back at the end of July and beginning of August. However, thanks to COVID, your council might not have been able to do what your council traditionally did. Do not worry. The close date for Measure Up is November 1, 2020. So, there is still time for you to put together a creative way to continue to help those that need us. When we put our faith into action, something incredible happens. We encounter a living God working through us to usher in His kingdom of love and justice on earth. To end exploitation. To restore lives. To empower communities. And in serving them, we serve Him. All the information that you need is on the state website at kofcohio.org under PROGRAMS -> Measure Up. If you need to anything, please feel free to contact me. God bless you all and all that you do.

Matching Funds 2020 – Michael Felerski, State Advocate The Matching Funds Campaign has begun! It runs from now through November 15, 2020. And once again the Ohio Charity Foundation, Inc. of the Ohio State Council is able to match the first $25,000 donated to this year’s program. All contributions from your council and participating councils from your diocese, as well as any amounts matched, will go to the Religious Education Department of your Diocese! Our goal this year is to reach $70,000 combined with over 75% participation from our Ohio brothers. To reach this goal during these difficult times, I am asking every council, assembly, chapter, and circle to work toward donating at least

the same amount as you did in 2019 plus $20.00 or more. I have faith that across this great state of Ohio that we will be able to contribute as generously as we have in past. Checks have already started coming in so please send your’s in soon before the match runs out! But don’t stop then, all of your contributions are greatly appreciated by the Directors of Religious Education in your Dioceses every January they are presented with their checks at the District Deputy Mid-year meeting. Thank you in advance for all of your support of this important campaign and stay safe!

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The Buckeye Blast

September 2020

Report of the State General Program Director The “We Are Many; We Are One” State general Program is intended to help the leaders of our councils to not only develop an exciting environment that members can be proud to be a part of, but to also aid our councils in their quest to achieve Supreme “Star Council”. This year the program is based on the Supremes’ “Faith in Action Guidebook’. If the Councils just do what is required on the State level, they will meet the requirements for Star Council. I hope that the councils have found ways to include the old activities they have done for years. To fit into the new “Faith in Action”. Going forward, I hoped that new administrations do the same. It will make meeting Supreme’s Star Council Award easier. Last year there were 18 Councils that made Gold level, 4 Councils that were Silver and 58 that made the level of Bronze. I look forward to many more Councils achieving these levels this fraternal year. The new guidelines for this fraternal year 2020-2021 are as follows:

1. 20 Program Credits: 4 credits in each of the 5 categories: Faith, family, Community, Life and membership. 25 points each for a total of 500 points to max the Program 2. Removed all Required Programs 3. Added more Featured Programs, all of which are located on the Supreme Website. Under the heading of Faith In Action During this COVID-19 period, many councils have continued to do great work. When it would have been easy to stop. Many Councils found new ways to meet and conduct business. It was inspiring to read the reports of many councils doing the time. While still helping others in need and doing activities. Many thanks to all. Keep up the great work and remember to take the time to submit all the Activities that the Councils do to the appropriate Program Director. Fraternally, Mike Nau State Program Director.

Safe Environment Program - Mike Felerski, State Advocate Brother Knights, as State Advocate I am tasked with the responsibility of overseeing and promoting the Safe Environment Program for the Ohio Jurisdiction. Under F a i t h i n A c t i o n , Roles Training members serving in the key leadership positions Grand Knight listed to the right are Program Director required to complete three training modules Family Director d e s i g n e d t o t e a c h Community Director members about abuse prevention best practices, either online or via workbook self-study guides. Members serving in those leadership roles listed must make sure that all Knights of Columbus safe environment policies and procedures are followed at any activities sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

NOTE: Members in the roles listed in the table are required to renew their compliance with these requirements every three (3) years. Being SEP compliant is a requirement for earning the Star Council Award. If you have any questions regarding your compliance status, you can contact me at mfelerski@icloud.com or reach out to the Supreme Member Helpline: youthleader@kofc.org or by phone (203) 800-4940.

Background Check

ARMATUS Administration

Links to required training from Praesidium will be sent to the email addresses listed on your submitted Form 185 and 365

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The Buckeye Blast

September 2020

How to Sign-Up and eMember - Nick Gresko, State eMembership Director

What is an eMember? An eMember is a brother Knight who has joined via Supreme’s online portal.

How does one become an eMember or bring in a new member into your council online? It’s easy and only takes six easy steps…

Step One Step Two Step Three

Join Us!

After being redirected to the Supreme website, have the prospective member fill out his State, Name, Email address, date of birth, and check: ☑ I am a baptized Catholic male, ☑ I am a practical Catholic, and ☑ I Agree to abide by the laws and rules of the Knights of Columbus. PROCEED TO JOIN

Step Four

Step Five


Step Six

Visit the State website: KOFCOHIO.ORG and click on the Join Us! button.

Click on the Proceed button and have them enter their full address information. Check the box: I am interested in joining a local council. Make sure they enter your council number as the “Preferred Council #”.

Provide a credit card for the payment of the first year’s dues and if they have a current “Promo Code” they would enter it in the box provided.

An email will then be sent to the State Online Membership Director, State Deputy, GK, FS when “Preferred Council” is checked.

Yep, it’s that easy! The council can then go through the Admission Committee, vote on the member, send them the link to the electronic Constitutional Roll and finally attend the Online Exemplification. BOOM!!! A new member and Brother Knight to continue our good work in the name of Jesus Christ!

What do I do if the eMembership Director informs me of a new Member who wants to join my council? If an eMember has entered your council number or listed a parish he attends near you, the eMembership Director will email the GK and FS with the eMember’s details and a “Pre-filled” Form 100.

The Form 100 will have ☑ next to TRANSFER. This is because the eMember is already a brother Knight and has a membership number from Supreme. So if he is joining your council he is considered a TRANSFER on the 100. However (and this is key) to your council, once the eMember goes through your Admission Committee, is voted on, signs the electronic Constitutional Roll, and attends the Online Exemplification, he COUNTS as +1 new member toward the council’s fraternal year quota! As always, if you have any questions please reach out to your Diocesan Membership Director or email me at: greskon@sbcglobal.net

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The Buckeye Blast

September 2020

Online Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity Another Tool for Your Toolbox, Jim Maslach, State Warden Flashback to March 2020 when COVID started to show its ugly head. Our Worthy State Deputy, Robert Byers, posed a question; “I know that there are Form 100s out there. How do we get them into the Order?” The new Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity was introduced back in January 2020 and councils were just getting started with it. Now councils cannot meet. What are we to do???? “Why can’t we do it online?” After some t h o u g h t a n d c r e a t i v i t y, o u r O n l i n e Exemplification was born. Ohio was one of the first jurisdictions to start online degrees. But we were different. We decided that we had to make this as close as possible to the real thing. We will do it live – no video. But we need guys that want to be able to do this. Cleveland and Steubenville started us off and now we have grown to have teams from Cincinnati, Columbus and soon to be Youngstown and Toledo. Since March 30, the state team has had 35 Exemplifications and have brought or advanced over 130-members.

Contact Information

Supreme now has an online degree on Tuesday and Thursdays. The State was doing Tuesdays and

Fridays at 7PM. We decided that we wanted to offer to our councils more opportunities for Exemplifications. Starting in September, the State Online Exemplification will be on Wednesdays at 7PM and Saturdays at 9AM. This will now give councils Exemplifications on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. This Exemplification is open to new, online and advancing members by registering via the State Registration Link https://www.kofochio.org/ exemplification-registration/. Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries and Membership Directors can give this link to any candidate so that they can attend. This online Exemplification works perfectly with the Online Membership Program and Incentives. Brothers, when we are posed with a question, how we answer shows the passion that we have. A simple question from our State Deputy and turned this into an Order-wide goal. If you want more information or if your team would like to join us, contact Jim Maslach, State Warden. The more the merrier. Help us to exemplify our core principles to those joining or advancing in our Order.

2020 Matching Funds State Advocate Michael Felerski 1580 Gelhot Drive, #234 Fairfield, OH 45014 mfelerski@icloud.com 2020-21 Measure Up State Warden Jim Maslach 4927 Autumnwood Lane Brunswick, OH 44212 kofcjkm@gmail.com 2021 Super Cash Bonanza State Treasurer Jeffery Kiliany 559 Walnut Street Leetonia, OH 44431 jtktg@yahoo.com

2020-21 State Per Capita Payments State Secretary Mark Sirausa 15398 Silver Pine Court Perrysburg OH 43551-1261 cuzza52@gmail.com 2020-21 Support Our Seminarians Immediate Past State Deputy Kevin Miller 1101 Arbor Oaks Lane Galloway OH 43119 km8007@att.net

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The Buckeye Blast

September 2020

FOOTBALL SWEEPSTAKES PROGRAM - Gary Eckstein PSD, Fundraising Chairman Hey Team Captains or Grand Knights, are all of your receivers (members) ready to catch some of the Football Sweepstakes profits that are being thrown out by the State Council? We have been distributing tickets since early July. If you have not requested or received your FBS tickets, as of yet, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. 1. Call Gary Eckstein – 614-679-4238 2. Email Gary Eckstein – gary.eckman@sbcglobal.net 3. Send Gary Eckstein a note – 168 Chestnut Commons Drive Commercial Point, OH 43116 I will need your name, council, mailing address and how many tickets you would like. The current Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has limited council activities to help generate funds for your various programs. The Football Sweepstakes program not only helps offset your state capita tax, it also provides additional funds for your treasury and various programs. I have had some discussion with various members regarding the NFL and how they benefit. Outside of using final game scores, to determine weekly winners, the NFL has nothing to do with this program. They are only a source or means, that we use to conduct this program. With that being said, just in case the NFL season is canceled, the Ohio State Council has data from the past five seasons that will randomly determine the weekly winners each week. So, be assured that this fundraiser is your chance to make some money for your programs. Oh, yes, I forgot #4 4. If you need any additional tickets, you may call - (in case you forgot) Gary Eckstein – 614-679-4238 or email gary.eckman@sbcglobal.net Your support of this endeavor will be very helpful for your council and be greatly appreciated by your various charitable programs. Thank you!

SUPPORT OUR SEMINARIANS PROGRAM - Kevin Miller Immediate Past State Deputy The Support our Seminarians Program (S.O.S.) is an ongoing campaign to raise money in support our seminarians and for the promotion of vocations throughout Ohio. With so many council meetings and events canceled it has become much more difficult to “pass the jug”. But over the past couple of years we introduced the option of providing envelopes in our parishes which can be used to place a donation in the collection basket. Another option is a second collection. Many churches have moved to providing baskets at the

doors for weekly collections and some have allowed a “second” basket for donations to groups like Saint Vincent de Paul. Ask Father if he would be open to this during the USCCB’s National Vocations Awareness Week which runs from Sunday November 1 through Saturday, November 7, 2020. Remember, the total collected in your diocese is presented to your diocesan vocation office in July at the State Tour meeting. Now is the time to truly get creative in support of those discerning a vocation.