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I masnadieri


opernhaus z체rich Spielzeit 2010/11

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Giuseppe Verdi

I masnadieri Die R채uber

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Act One Carlo Moor, who has led a life of dissipation at his place of study and got into bad company, is tired of his present life. He yearns to return to his childhood home and the arms of his beloved cousin Amalia. However, his hopes of gaining his father’s forgiveness are dashed abruptly when his friend Rolla gives him a letter: Carlo’s younger brother Francesco writes on behalf of his father to tell him never to return home, or else he will be thrown into prison. Bitterly disappointed, Carlo accepts his companions’ proposal to elect him as captain of a band of robbers. He swears eternal loyalty to his comrades. Francesco Moor is satisfied. He has avenged himself for his unjust treatment as the secondborn son by intercepting his hated elder brother’s letter or remorse and successfully maligning him before their father, Massimiliano. Now he seeks to expedite the death of the old man. To this end, he instructs his servant Arminio to disguise himself and convey the message that his favourite son has been killed at the Battle of Prague. Francesco hopes that the old man will die of grief for his son, and imagines how he will terrorise his subjects once he is the reigning Count. Amalia, who has grown up as an orphan in the Moor household, has remained at her uncle Massimiliano’s side, although he has rejected her beloved Carlo. Aware that her happiness with Carlo is a thing of the past, she longs for deliverance through death. Old Moor – roused fromhis sleep by horrible dreams – is pained by Carlo’s absence even more when he realises that his end is nigh. At that moment, Francesco appears with Arminio in disguise, bringing the bogus news of Carlo’s death. As evidence, among other things he produces a message from Carlo written in blood, absolving Amalia from her oath of fidelity to Carlo and commending her to become Francesco’s bride. Arminio immediately regrets his deed when he observes Amalia’s and the Count’s despair.Massimiliano blames himself for having driven his son to his death, and collapses during an argument with Francesco.

Act Two Amalia has slipped away from the banquet with which Francesco is celebrating his new sovereignty to her uncle’s grave. There she is sought out by Arminio, who ruefully confesses to her that Carlo is still alive. Overwhelmed by joy, Amalia takes new courage. In her rapture, she does not hear that Count Moor is also still alive. Francesco appears and asks for her hand in marriage.When Amalia, full of loathing, rejects him, he threatens to make her his whore. By pretending to comply with Francesco’s wishes, Amalia ultimately succeeds in threatening him with a gun, thus managing to escape him. Rolla has been captured in an ambush and is to be hanged. The robbers tell each other that Carlo intends to lay a great fire in Prague in order to free him. Thanks to the general confusion caused by the fire,Rolla can indeed escape his execution. Carlo is celebrated as Captain, but perceives his life more than ever as dishonourable. His thoughts wander wistfully to Amalia. When the robbers tell him that they are surrounded by soldiers, his will to fight is reawakened.

Act Three Amalia is on the run from Francesco. Horrified, she hears strange voices and begs the first man she encounters for mercy – it is Carlo. The lovers recognise each other and can scarcely believe their luck. They abandon themselves to the dream of a future together. Carlo conceals his membership of a robber band from her. When Amalia tells Carlo of Massimiliano’s death and Francesco’s perfidious advances, Carlo swears revenge on his brother. Francesco has exploited his father’s collapse to spread the news of his death, and has had him taken away from the castle. However, Arminio, who knows where the old man is, secretly takes care of him. He is surprised by Carlo, who is beside himself when he encounters his father, whom he believed to be dead, in this state. The old man does not recognise Carlo and tells him how his own son buried him alive. Obsessed with the idea of revenge, Carlo summons his men.

Act Four Francesco is distraught: in a nightmare he had a vision of the Day of Judgement, when he is shown nomercy. He instructs Arminio to fetch a priest. FatherMoser appears. When Francesco asks him what the greatest sin is, he replies meaningfully: patricide and fratricide. Francesco, to whom Moser refuses to grant absolution, curses God and kills himself. Carlo, although happy to have found his father again, soon realises that his old and his new life are not compatible. He asks for the oldman’s blessing. At thatmoment, the robbers appear, having discovered Amalia. When Amalia begs Carlo to protect her, he feels obliged to reveal himself to this father and disclose his identity as the robber captain. Amalia is shocked, but nevertheless prepared to stay with him. The robbers, however, remind Carlo of his oath of loyalty. Beside herself with grief, Amalia demands that Carlo should kill her rather than abandon her again. Without hesitation, Carlo stabs her, and then rushes off to deliver himself to justice.

opernhaus z端rich

English - I Masnadieri (Synopsis)  

English - I Masnadieri (Synopsis)

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