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... it was good fun for all!

Oxford 2010 Studienreise des Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasiums M端nster

Los geht's Eine Woche mit Sch체lerinnen und Sch체lern der zehnten Klassen auf einer Studienreise nach England. Die Ziele sind Oxford, London und Stratford. auf der F채hre nach Dover mit bester Laune und Vorfreude

Zunächst in Oxford

Tagesfahrten nach London und Stratford

1. Tag, Sonntag - Anreise

3.Tag, Dienstag - London

6.00 Uhr Abfahrt mit dem Bus Nachmittag: Fährüberfahrt Calais - Dover

Tagesfahrt nach London nach Ankunft in Greenwich gehen wir zum "Null-Meredian" und dann geht's weiter mit einem Boot Richtung London-City. Es folgt ein Rundgang zu einigen touristischen Highlights.

Abend (ca. 18.00 Uhr) Ankunft in Oxford, Schülerinnen und Schüler werden von den Gasteltern in Empfang genommen. Jeweils zwei oder drei Schülerinnen bzw. Schüler wohnen für eine Woche als paying guests in einer Gastfamilie.

Nachmittags Stadterkundung in kleinen Gruppen 18.00 Uhr Rückfahrt nach Oxford


moderne Doppeldecker-Busse in London

2. Tag, Montag - Oxford

Abend: in den Familien

4.Tag, Mittwoch Stratford

Vormittag: Stadtführung in Oxford, auf Englisch - natürlich. Die Gruppe kann der Stadtführerin gut folgen. Nachmittag: Besuch weiterer Highlights in Oxford, z. B. Colleges, Museen, Erkundung der Stadt in kleinen Gruppen

Tagesfahrt nach Statford upon Avon mit Führung in Ann Hathaway's Cottage und Stadterkundung, am Nachmittag dann Besuch im Warwick Castle

Abend: in den Familien

Abend: in den Familien

Oxford-Führung: ein Blick auf eines der 38 Colleges

Ann Hathaway's Cottage bei Stratford

BMW-Werksbesichtigung und City Quiz 5. Tag, Donnerstag Morgens - für eine Gruppe: Werksbesichtignug der BMW-Miniwerke in Oxford für eine weitere Gruppe: Oxford-City-Quiz Nachmittag: noch einmal Oxford, Stadterkundung und abschließend Shopping in kleinen Gruppen Abend: in den Familien

vor der Werksbesichtigung 6. Tag, Freitag Rückreise nach Deutschland morgens: Abfahrt um 8.00 Uhr ab Oxford Mittags: Fährüberfahrt Dover - Calais ca. 22.00 Uhr Ankunft in Münster

Warten auf die Fähre in Dover

Who should have to give way here?

Wir lernen Oxford kennen

Stadtrundgang am ersten Tag in Oxford Die Stadtführerin Mrs Coles erläutert die Geschichte Oxfords und weiß interessante Details zu den vielen Colleges

Man muss sich schon konzentrieren, um den Ausführungen in Englisch auch folgen zu können. ...hier vielleicht einmal selbst Student sein?

group in front of Radcliffe Camera, one of the highlights of any visit to Oxford

Rugby-Platz f端r die Studenten in Oxford

Good fun to be out and about in a group

Off to Swinging London

A First Day in Oxford After the first night at our host families we met at 8 o‘clock and went to Oxford city.

Today was our second day here in Oxford. We left the families' houses in the morning and started our trip to London. I’d never been to this city before, so I was exited. We arrived after two hours and the weather was great. At first we visited the “0-Meridian” in Greenwich and each of us took photos there. At noon we started the boat trip on the river Thames. We could see lots of sights and I think it was nice.

First, we visited Christ Church College. There’s also a very nice, huge Cathedral in it. I really enjoyed that there were so many connections with “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” in the cathedral and Dining Hall. “Alice’s” author, Lewis Carroll was a mathematics tutor at Christ Church.

After the boat trip we walked through the city all together in one big group. We passed lots of sights such as Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

After that we had some free time to walk around Oxford city on our own.

In the afternoon we could walk through London on our own. But we had to form groups of at least three people. We walked to Oxford Street to go shopping and to have something nice to eat. Our meeting point in the evening was Cleopatra’s Needle at the river and we had to be there at a quarter to six. So we bought some tickets and took the Underground. We passed three stations and I was really happy that we chose the right line. At the end of the day I was very tired. But it was a great day and I think London is a nice city. But a little bit too crowded. And after such a long day in a busy place like London I was glad to get back to the cosy town of Oxford.

In the afternoon we visited Pitt River’s museum where we learned much about history, animals and nature. Unlike many other museums it was really interesting for me. Before we went back to Headington we had another two hours to go on our own. Many girls spent their time at PRIMARK which is a huge shop with many cheap clothes, shoes, bags and much jewellery. Katja Plociennik

At last we saw Buckingham Palace. The flag was on the roof, so we knew that the Queen was there.

Julia Nickel

Warwick Castle

fancy dress

London Police at Parliament Square

impressive people in the castle

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Meeting Shakespeare – Seeing Stratford – Exploring Warwick Castle

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Today we went to the house of Anne Heathaway, William Shakespeare’s wife.

Thou art more lovely and more temperate.

The journey to the big, old cottage took 1 ½ hours. There we went inside the cottage in small groups to look, how Anne Heathaway lived. After that we went in the beautiful garden

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's lease hath all too short a date. Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimm'd; And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd; But thy eternal summer shall not fade Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st; Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,

with lots of apple trees. On the grass stood a little house, made of willows, with different audio-tasks inside. Mr. Olberding started a competition: He’ll buy an Oxford t-shirt for those, who will write one of the sonnets without any mistakes. While 6 people tried to win the competition, the others went to different sculptures and to a maze. At lunch time we went to the city of Stratford to see where Shakespeare was born. From there we could walk again in little groups to visit the city and to eat something. After that we drove to “Warwick Castle”, the house of Henry II.. There were a lot of rooms with the old furniture and wax figures from Mme Tussauds. There was also a little show where the castle team showed us how the knights fired deadly shots at the castle.

When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st:

In the evening we drove home with lots of new impressions and knowledge and

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

it was a really great day- like all the days before!

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.


Visiting the BMW-Mini Plant in Oxford

Cars, A City Quiz And Beautiful Old Oxford Again Today was our last day in Oxford. We met at the meeting point at 8.30. We went to the BMW mini company by bus. 25 people of us visited the factory and saw how the cars are produce. The others went into the city by bus and made a city quiz. I took part in the quiz. It was very interesting, because we saw a lot of new places, met nice people and got to know Oxford better. Some question like the question :” When was Oxford college founded?” were difficult, because everybody said something different. But some tasks like: “Ask somebody to sing the national anthem” were really good. At lunchtime we had a little break and could buy something to eat or go shopping. In the early afternoon we formed 3 groups and visited the oxford museum to get to know the Oxford history. Then we went with the groups to the Malmaison hotel, which was a prison for criminals who did really bad things. You can still see, that it was a prison, but it is also a nice hotel. After that we could go shopping and enjoyed our last hours at Oxford.

Von Rafaela

Marie S. reports During our trip to Oxford I became a little bit nervous. I didn't know if the family would be OK and I was really afraid that they would be somehow strange or unfriendly. But when we finally arrived and I got to know 'Mrs Mathieus' I realized that my worries had been absolutely senseless though it was very different from the relationship you have with a host family when you do an exchange, for example. The people here are nice and polite but you don't have so much to do with them. It's more like staying in a small hotel. At the beginning of the week we visited the city of Oxford and had a guided tour at first. It is very interesting but also very nice and great for shopping. And the British people are cooperative and kind which I also noticed when we needed help for our city quiz or when we wanted to buy tickets for the Underground in London. However, London is great anyway. There are so many sights you can visit and there are so many different people in the streets  and though it is a huge city it is still very pretty and has got beautiful buildings something thtat really suprised me in the beginning. But in my opinion the most beautiful place we went to see was definitely 'Warwick Castle' which we visited after our trip to Stratford. Warwick Castle is just gorgeous and when you are there and go into all the rooms you feel like being in an other century. 

This is what the Münster-Newspaper WN wrote: Münster-Kinderhaus - Oxford mit seinen Colleges und den Mini-Werken von BMW, London mit Greenwich und Stratford, die Heimatstadt Shakespeares, waren Ziele der einwöchigen Studienreise von Schülern der zehnten Klassen des Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasiums. Sie wohnen zu zweit oder dritt bei Gastfamilien in Oxford. So lernten sie das Alltagsleben in England kennen.

Stratford is a nice, small city and it's very interesting to see where Shakespeare was born and where he lived. All in all I can say that the trip to Oxford was a great experience and if I had the chance to go there again I would certainly do just that. Marie S.



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