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London - Weekend

Students, Parents, Two Teachers And A Lot Of Fun June 2009

Starting At Piccadilly Circus A weekend in the British Capital with lots of sights, cultural highlights and some shopping, of course

Three girls ready for a great day in the heart of London

Here we are at Picadilly Circus visiting a crazy shop selling all sorts of things that people might enjoy but that they do not really need including corcodiles and snkaes made of plastic

family and boys also in good mood

Picadilly Circus

a nice way to experinece swinging London

British girls on a day trip in London

"We wear a uniform here in Britain!"

Be careful! In Britain people drive on the left so the tourists must be very careful not to be run over by a car that you don't expect.

Monument for the women in Whitehall near Downing Street

10 Downing Street heavily protected against terrorists. Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister is having very big problems at the moment. Five of his ministers have just left him.

Coming closer to Parliament Square

Big Ben just round the corner

... not quite a real guard yet. Yes, sir! good to be travelling with mum

an interview for Iranian Television - thank God there weren't any Ayatollahs

Teachers on Tour

The British Museum

Mrs. Daume gives us a lecture

Listen carefully, please!

Most famous Egyptian Art

An Old Type of London busses, a pity there are only a few left

At horse guards in Whitehall close to where the Prime Minister lives and works

Student Impressions

I think that the people in England are more open-minded than the people in Germany, because there are so many people who allow students to stay in their family for an exchange. Additionally, our hostmother talked very much with us. The English people always drink tea, not only in the afternoon. Once our hostmother was at a party and she returned at 9.30 pm with two friends and had a cup of tea with them. They are also very helpful. Friends of the family cooked for us and they all have mobile phones, the young kids, too. They always watch TV while they are eating. The TV is even switched on when they aren't there. What I also noticed was that the English laugh very much. (Lisa Wienströer)

I was looking forward to our third day in England because it was the day of our trip to London. This was the only rainy day - typical of the capital of England. But nevertheless I was happy to see all the sights of the town which I had only seen on TV so far. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time in London, so we couldn’t watch a shooting of a Bollywood film or see Tower Bridge, for example. On our last day we visited Blenheim Palace in Woodstock. The Palace was huge and splendid and the gardens were wonderful. I think that was a nice end of our stay in England. All in all this week was very much fun, interesting and eventful and I don’t regret to have spent my time there. (Svenja Bouwmann

My Impressions of England I like England but I think a lot of things are different e.g. food, houses and everyday life. One of the biggest events was London because it’s such a big city and there is a lot to see and visit. But the city of Oxford is great, too. One day we visited Blenhem Palace which was very big and beautiful. After a guided tour of the palace we visited an exhibition where we no longer had a human guide but an electronic guide. Of course we didn’t understand everything but it was fun. The family where we stayed for that time didn’t have a large house and the front door was open all the time. Moreover, the rooms weren’t tidied up and the shower was dirty. The child switched on the TV in the evening and it wasn’t switched off at night. I didn’t really like the food because it was the same fastfood every day. Although our family wasn’t perfect I liked them because it was an adventure and interesting to see how others live. We were lucky that some of our schoolmates lived next door so we were allowed to visit them in the evening. So all in all England was a great experience and I saw some great cities – Oxford and London. (Viviane Schmidt)

I stayed with a group of schoolmates in England for five days in September. There we visited colleges and other sights on a guided tour of Oxford. My impression of Oxford is very good because of the shopping centres and all the colleges with the nice, big gardens. We also visited Blenheim Palace, which impressed me a lot because of its gardens and the size of the house. By driving through the large park on a train we got from one part of the garden to the another where we visited a beautiful butterfly house and a maze. All in all the five days in England were very interesting and much fun and we enjoyed every day of the trip. (Nadine Grote)



Mit Malte Krieter in London  

Wochenende mit Malte Krieter und Freunden in London