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A Message from the CEO Dear Brethren, As 2021 continues to fly by, we have been very busy planning for the future and the repositioning of our Ohio Masonic Home campuses. All three of our campuses are experiencing significant changes as we plan for the future. We will be announcing soon our next project at our Western Reserve Masonic Community and we continue to make changes at Browning Masonic Community. We are also in the planning phase for significant changes at our Springfield Masonic Community to meet the needs of our brethren and their families. These changes will allow us to be more efficient and effective in delivering services and providing care. We are also working closely with The Ohio Masonic Home and Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Boards of Trustees. We met for a two day retreat on May 15th and 16th, to review the original minutes of the founding members of our Ohio Masonic Home and begun to draft our Case Statement, and revisit our Mission, Vision, and Values, which will guide us well into the future. Fraternally, Brother Scott Buchanan CEO, The Ohio Masonic Home

The Grand Lodge F.&A.M. of Ohio One Masonic Drive, Springfield, OH 45504 614-885-5318 or 800-292-6092 Jim Hall, PM Director of Programs jhall@glohio.com The Ohio Masonic Home Marketing Department 2655 W. National Road Springfield, OH 45504 937-525-5609 OMHmarketing@ ohiomasonichome.org If you would like to receive the Ohio Beacon electronically, send an email with your request to OMHmarketing@ ohiomasonichome.org

A Message from the Chairman A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE The Board of Trustees of The Ohio Masonic Home and The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Board of Trustees have been actively planning for the future of your Ohio Masonic Home. The constantly changing environment of senior retirement communities has required many changes to adapt to future trends in senior care. The Trustees have met numerous times to evaluate the future activities of The Ohio Masonic Home. The key to our future is staying competitive in an always changing market while never forgetting our strong Masonic beliefs, customs and moral standards. The Ohio Masonic Home has weathered the recent pandemic and is financially strong for our future growth. I invite each of you to join with the Trustees in looking forward to The Ohio Masonic Home’s future. Fraternally, Ronald L. Connelly Chairman of the Board of Trustees The Ohio Masonic Home


Please update your information via Grandview, or report all changes of address to your Lodge Secretary, who, in turn, will notify the Grand Secretary, who maintains the database that produces the BEACON mailing lists. The Ohio Beacon is published quarterly.

Celebrating 25 Years of The Ohio Beacon

It's hard to believe that The Ohio Beacon is now 25 years old. In the winter of 1995, the first issue was published. The Ohio Beacon staff has located the first few issues. Throughout this year, we will be posting these archival issues online for you to view. Take a look to reflect upon years past and see some familiar faces.

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To view the third issue of The Ohio Beacon

Go to www.theohiobeacon.com At the top of the screen, click Archived Print Editions Scroll down and find the Special Issues heading Click on 3rd Issue of The Ohio Beacon

A Message from the Grand Master Brethren All, The Sun is at high-twelve, and it is truly beautiful and glorious! I hope you are happy and healthy after the “dark” winter & spring we have experienced. There are many things to do. Please come back to your Lodge where your Officers are excited to go back to labor. They need your help and support. I keep saying this, but we still have a lot of men inquiring about our organization and we need to answer their alarm. It is my recommendation that we guard our gates by supplementing your Lodge investigation process for these inquiries using the new background check offered by the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The website address is www.freemason.com/ background-check/. I feel this should be implemented as a Lodge policy for all applicants, further protecting our institution. I hope you had the opportunity to view one or more of my “Grand Master Traveling Masonic Roadshow” online events this year. With the help of the Education Committee, this effort came from the necessity of virtual meetings in December. This project was and continues to be a resounding success. They are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month; the link being shared through email and social media. Your Grand Lodge Officers are looking forward to a full, in-person Annual Communication on October 15, to be held at the Sharonville Convention Center, just North of Cincinnati. We will continue some of the processes instituted last year like online voting for Grand Lodge Officers, a livestream of both the session and the installation of the new Grand Lodge Officers. All will be authenticated and secured through our Grand View membership management system.

In January, we were determined to make this year a fun one, and in doing so we made several trips to each of the 25 districts for many types of events. I said to myself “since I cannot travel outside our jurisdiction, I will use my time traveling in it”! That, I have to say was the best decision I made. It has truly been an honor to serve you this year. The night I was voted “proficient” in 2003, I became an “elder statesman of the Lodge” by being elected to trustee of my home Lodge, College Hill – Harry S. Johnson No.641. I never dreamed that I would be elected to serve as Grand Master in a short 17 years later. It is my hope that my service to our fraternity has been viewed with approval so far, and may God bless You, our Fraternity, and the United States of America. See you at Grand Lodge! Fraternally, Richard A. Dickerscheid Grand Master

It is still imperative that your Lodge be represented in-person during the live session as we have business to complete. I hope you can be there in-person, or at least sign into Grand View and watch. Make sure you are signed up and have access!

Find the Firework

Congratulations to George M. Shell, of Farmersville Lodge #482 in Farmersville, Ohio, the winner of last edition’s Find the Shield search! There were 5 Sunrises in the last edition. In this edition, we celebrate getting back to LIVING and ENJOYING life. In July, that means celebrating our country's birthday with amazing fireworks. Search through this entire edition and count how many times you find the Firework graphic to the right (do not count the example graphic). Check out how the campuses of The Ohio Masonic Home celebrated, starting on page 13.

Submit the correct answer along with your contact information (name/address/phone) and Lodge affiliation to Ohio Masonic Home, ATTN: OMH Marketing, 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45504 or via email at OMHmarketing@ohiomasonichome.org by Friday, September 10, 2021, and be entered to win a prize, courtesy of the Ohio Masonic Home Print Shop! (Your participation serves as permission to include your name and Lodge affiliation in the next edition of the Beacon.) SUMMER 2021 3

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

A Message from the Grand Secretary Brethren and Friends all, I hope this finds you all enjoying the warmth of summer. Your Grand Lodge office has been very busy closing the Grand Master’s Restoration Program that ran from April through June, preparing for the upcoming Member Dues Management Program as well as the Annual Communication which is just around the corner. The 2021 Restoration program was offered through the end of June. Our survey research repeatedly shows that members are suspended each year with no idea they are being suspended. We don’t know if they even received a dues notice. We believe the data to be accurate because the results have been repeated several times over several years. The restoration campaign was offered to reach out to this group. When we did so, we learned: • • • • •

10% were unreachable because we have bad addresses. This may be one reason they are suspended. About 5% of the total or 402 paid to be restored. Of this group 77% paid by credit card. Convenience is important to our members with a credit card option. Lodge mailings are inconsistent. Brethren, the responsibility lies with all of us to stay connected with our Lodge and with each other.


To address some of the lessons learned from the restoration process, the Membership Renewal process was developed. Using Grand View functionality, the Grand Lodge office can relieve our Lodge Secretaries of the Dues Notice mailing process and standardize the service at no cost to our Lodges this year. The concept was introduced at the March Secretary Association meeting. During development, we used Zoom calls, phone calls and emails to coordinate common requirements with lodge Secretaries. 2022 Membership Renewal Notices will be prepared for all 69,000 members, by Lodge, by member, based on their individual member profile as defined by their Lodge. At this time, all Lodges have their Dues Configuration data and Charitable Fund giving recommendations updated in Grand View. Your Lodges are ready thanks to the efforts of your Lodge Secretary and their Assistants! The first communication of the Membership Renewal Notice will be sent using email in the first week of August. Members not receiving the email notice will receive a mailing in September. All members who have not paid their Dues by mid-September will receive a mailing. Remember, yearly membership renewal dues should be paid on or before the Annual meeting of your lodge every November. A credit card payment option is available through Grand View for members choosing to use it with a convenience fee paid by the member. All monies, both Dues and Charitable Giving, collected through the credit card payment will be distributed to the lodges. Traditional payment options remain as your lodge has in place. We look forward to your reply renewing your membership and commitment to your Lodge as well as your personal masonic journey. It’s an honor to serve the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The employees are dedicated to you, our customers. Please call on us in the office if we can be of any assistance to you. It’s a Great Day for Freemasonry! Keith W. Newton, PGM, Grand Secretary

Grand Lodge 2021

The Masons of Southwest Ohio extend a cordial invitation to attend the 212th Annual Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ohio on...

Friday, October 15, 2021 at the Sharonville Convention Center 11355 Chester Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45246 Visit www.AnnualCommunication.com Grand Lodge 2021 Committee P.O. Box 181480, Fairfield, OH 45018 4 SUMMER 2021

Ohio Valley Lodge No. 536’s Inspection. February 19, 2021

Lodge of Amity No. 5’s Inspection. February 6, 2021

Grand Master

17th District Association Grand Master’s Reception. January 30, 2021

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

MWB Richard A. Dickersheid & the Grand Line Officers. October 25, 2020, Wilmington, OH

Dickerscheid's MWB Richard A Dickerscheid & his Lady Teri at his Installation. October 25, 2020 Wilmington, OH


MWB Richard Dickerscheid shakes WB Chris Tyger’s hand along with Lady Teri at the 24th District Grand Masters Reception. April 24, 2021

Canton Lodge No. 60’s 200th Reconsecration. May 15, 2021 Norwood Lodge No. 576’s Installation. November 20, 2021

All Around Ohio

Gibsonburg Lodge No. 575’s Inspection. February 11, 2021

MWB Dickerscheid & Grand Line at the 9th District’s Grand Masters Reception. June 21, 2021

Chandler Lodge No. 138’s Inspection. February 9, 2021

William H. Hoover Lodge No. 770’s Oyster Degree. March 10, 2021

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Strong Family Roots While Freemasons can be credited in part for serving & building our country the same can be said about the Bliss Family from Chandlersville, Ohio. In 1803, Dr. Daniel Bliss and his brother Samual Bliss along with other families from Massachusetts moved to Chandlers Settlement. They were among the first settlers in this region that would later be known as Chandlersville. Both Daniel and Samual served as soldiers in the War of 1812 and were influential members of the community. On October 18th, 1870, Gage & Gavel Lodge No. 448 was chartered with WB Samual Bliss being a Charter signing member. Worshipful Brother Robert (Bob) H. Bliss was raised a Master Mason of Gage & Gavel Lodge on October 2nd, 1958, 88 years after WB Samual Bliss signed the Charter. WB Bob Bliss would help in the construction of Gage & Gavel’s new Lodge building dedicated in 1964. He would also serve as Master of the Lodge in 1967 and serve for many years as Lodge secretary. WB Bliss has been a Mason for over 62 years now! Pictured is WB Bob Bliss Holding the Gage & Gavel No. 448’s Charter that family member WB Samual Bliss signed in 1870. Also, pictured are to the left is WB Wade Herron 33⁰ and PM Brian White (right), second generation Masonic & White family member.

DID YOU KNOW? You can support the Fraternity you love by contributing to the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation for the Scholarship fund! Let everyone on the road know that you are a Freemason with your Custom Masonic License Plate! There is no better way to get the word out about us then driving around proudly showing that you are part of a great Fraternity. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles updated their Masonic Plate Program December 22, 2020. From that date through April 21st donations from this new program have exceeded $27,600 to the scholarship fund, and the amount is growing daily! • • •

Each time a Freemason License plate is registered, a $15.00 contribution is made to the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation for the Scholarship fund. Member identification is no longer required at the time of purchase. Personalized plates can be used on vehicles that are owned or leased.

The Path to the BMV Ohio Site is: www.bmv.ohio.gov/ Vehicle Registration / Specialized Interest Plates / Organizational and then scroll down to select FREEMASON. Scholarships from the Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation are distributed to a young man and woman in each of Ohio’s twenty-five districts every year. The recipient must be a graduating high school senior. Applicants do not need to be related to an Ohio Freemason to be considered! For more Scholarship information: www.freemason.com/charities/scholarships/

A New Direction for Ohio Special Olympics Since 1978, the Masons of Ohio have supported Ohio Special Olympics for many years with contributions sent to Grand Lodge for presentation, sponsoring 574 athletes. Thousands of lives have been touched with donations to this noble cause exceeding $2.75 million dollars. Just as Ohio Freemasons are adapting to change, so is Special Olympics Ohio changing. The Annual Summer Olympics was canceled in 2020 and again in 2021, but the new “2021 Summer Games Reimagined” was introduced. The new direction is offering over 60 smaller events for local and regional chapters all across Ohio. The Grand Master was invited to the June 27th event, hosted at the Special Olympics headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. He presented a donation of more than $80,000 dollars to Special Olympics Ohio on behalf of the members of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio in memory of RWB Michael Cecil. Mike,

6 SUMMER 2021

who passed away on March 14, 2021, was the Chairman of Grand Lodge Special Olympics Committee. At their headquarters, Special Olympics Ohio dedicated a memorial plaque in memory of Mike’s many, many years of devotion to Special Olympics Ohio and Masons across the state. We encourage Lodges to use future funds earmarked for Special Olympics for a local Special Olympics Chapter near you. Please contact the local Special Olympics chapter or Regional Director in your area. Lodges also may choose other charitable endeavors in your local community. As the saying goes, all Masonry is local, and no one knows the community needs better than our members.

Brethren, June is especially celebratory this year. Ohio was recognized as the American Grand Lodge of the Month. For all of June, our Lodge is on display at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Washington D.C. We are proud to showcase all of our Masons who have dedicated their lives to a journey of selfimprovement, Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. We know that the strength of Ohio Freemasonry comes from the strength, kindness, and selflessness of every member. Cherishing our differences, coming together as Brothers, and improving our future.

Freemasonry is Thriving in Ohio

The Faces of Ohio Freemasonry are on display. For the Month of June, Ohio is being recognized as the American Grand Lodge of the Month at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Washington D.C. The Grand Lodge customized a display that captures the essence of Ohio Freemasonry by showcasing a selection of members, with our slogan, "This is Ohio Freemasonry." With the image, the poster reads:

Freemasonry is Thriving in Ohio. It beats strong in the hearts of 70,000 men in 450 Lodges across the state. Men from all walks of life who are working together to become even better while using the tools of our craft to improve the lives of their families, neighbors, and communities. Ohio Freemasonry is the joy of golf in the early morning, the inspiration found in Masonic ceremony, or sharing cigars and scotch at the end of a busy day. It’s polar bear plunges and muskrat dinners for charity. It’s caring for those in need and celebrating life’s blessings with your brothers. Ohio Freemasonry is defined by the character of its members.

This is Ohio Freemasonry displayed at the George Washington Masonic Memorial

Truly, Ohio proudly remains one of the most active Masonic states in the Union. We are proud of our membership. We are proud of the way Freemasons of Ohio reflect on the past to move our craft into the future. We are proud to stand with a Brotherhood that provides charity to their communities. Since the founding of our Grand Lodge and Masonic traditions in the state of Ohio, the journeys of every Ohio Mason has impacted countless lives. We are defined by our relentless commitment to help Brothers in need, from those suffering from medical ailments, to providing emotional support throughout this difficult year, to giving back through volunteering and collaboration. As it was 200 years ago it remains today: Our brothers are there for one another. As we acknowledge these successes as a fraternity, this should continue to inspire us all to be even better in our personal growth. Our fraternity has much to offer our communities, families, and strangers in need.

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Located in Washington D.C., this nine-story neoclassical monument is designated as a memorial, museum, active Masonic temple, research library, cultural space, community and performing arts center, and significant regional landmark. The Memorial works to capture the legacy of George Washington and his impact on Freemasonry. In 2015, the memorial was officially designated as a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service. In their official recognition, the National Park Service wrote that the memorial is “the only major unified, fully national initiative of the Freemasons and among the boldest attempts by a private organization to memorialize George Washington.” Have you ever visited the George Washington Masonic Memorial? Share with us your experience by emailing us at OhioLodgeLife@gmail.com, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.



The Grand Lodge of Ohio

George Washington Masonic Memorial Honors The Grand Lodge of Ohio as American Grand Lodge of the Month

$5,0 0



The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation


0 10

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation would like to recognize the following individuals, Masonic bodies, foundations, businesses and organizations for their support between April 1 and June 30, 2021.

0 $2,50

Circle of Roses


$1 ,000

0 $50

Red Rose Charles E. Brister Trust Harrison C. Burt Trust Walter Frank Trust Tim & Kathy Godard Manning & Napier George K. Moss Trust Mueller Revocable Living Trust Webster Sturdivant Trust, US Bank Harry D. Waddell Trust Estate of Howard C. Ward, Jr. Pink Rose Anonymous CHW Mechanical Services Dinsmore & Shohl LLP Otto W. Fulker Estate Hamer Lodge #167, F&AM Vivian H. Schulze Trust Michael A. Wolcott Zion Lutheran Evangelical Church Lavender Rose 5th Masonic District Association Absolute Rehabilitation Orlando W. Davis Trust Enterprise Roofing Estate of Richard J. Gibson Anonymous Grand Chapter of Ohio-RAM Martin L. Hall Trust HealthPRO Heritage, LLC Elmira T. Jack Mechanical Systems of Dayton Moonbeam Plante Moran, LLC RDL Architects Anonymous Dorothy T. & Myron T. Seifert Trust Howard M. Sheeler Trust Cyril & Dorothy Veinott Memorial Fund Peach Rose Angel Funding Consulting LLC William L. Applebee Pauline Baker Bellefontaine Lodge #209, F&AM Blendon Lodge #339, F&AM Scott & Katrina Buchanan Timothy K. Chaney Frank & Marguerite Colburn Trust Isaac & Heather Demarest David W. Feller The Hamilton-Beck Trust Hiram Lodge #18, F&AM Jacobs Telephone Contractors Edward H. Krautter David D. & Kathy Mowry MVDconnect Neal Chapter #522, OES Betty H. Oberle Trust Palestine Chapter #51, OES David & Linda Perron Steve & Lori Petitjean Rescue Painting & Decorating, Inc., Charles R. Scott Toledo Ft. Industry Lodge #144, F&AM Robert E. Woods

Your commitment to The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation makes this possible.

Orange Rose 11th Masonic District Association Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Armstrong Business Solutions Beavercreek Lodge #753, F&AM Carroll Lodge #124, F&AM Edenton Lodge #332, F&AM Facebook Fundraisers Richard Feusse Rollin & Jennie Furnas Greenville Lodge #143, F&AM Ronald C. Hart Highland Lodge #38, F&AM Gerhard J. Hinderer Bessie V. Hosler Trust William Irwin David M. Lewis Donald M. Lynne Samuel J. Miller Montgomery Lodge #94, F&AM Terry W. & Cheryl Posey Robert L. Rhoades Sally Rogers, Rubicon Lodge #237, F&AM Shanes Lodge #377, F&AM Sharonville-Calvary Lodge #204, F&AM Harold G. Shrive Trust Michael K. Sims Temple Lodge #28, F&AM Robert M. Thurner USI Insurance Services, LLC Valley of Dayton, AASR Paul A. Weglage West Gate Lodge #623, F&AM JoAnn Whitacre Estate Robert E. White Estate Randy A. & Debbie Williams Yellow Rose 7th Masonic District Association 8th District Royal Arch Mason Assoc 14th Masonic District Association 18th Masonic District Association 20th Masonic District Association Mildred F. Barth David & Susan Black Matthew & Clare Boggs George O. Braatz David L. Collins Willard L. Davis Lehr L. Dircks Ebenezer Lodge #33, F&AM Lloyd W. Eichenlaub Maryann Enyart Stanley A. Evans Farmers Lodge #153, F&AM Fielding Lodge #192, F&AM Grove City Lodge #689, F&AM James E. Hahner Erika Halburnt Richard J. Herr Huber Heights Lodge #777, F&AM JMM Architects Mark S. Lyon Meridian Sun Lodge #69, F&AM Minerva Lodge #98, F&AM Ohio Widows Sons-Euclid's Problem Chapter Ohio Widows Sons-Master Tylers Chapter Pataskala Lodge #404, F&AM Jesse Pertee Josh Robertson Bryan Schapman Harold & Josephine Shank Trust, David & Joyce Subleski Byron E. Surgeon Symetra Theodore Breck Lodge #714, F&AM Tippecanoe Lodge #174, F&AM Kevin B. Todd Trimark SS Kemp Robert S. Turk Vandalia Lodge #742, F&AM Warren A. Whittaker Xenia Chapter # 36, RAM John W. Young

8 SUMMER 2021

We wish to thank everyone for their continued support!

8th Annual Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Golf Classic The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

On June 7, more than 130 golfers participated in the eighth annual Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Golf Classic at Wedgewood Golf & Country Club in Powell, Ohio. Hosted by US Bank and The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, the golf outing raised over $123,000 to enhance services and programs to residents, family members and caregivers battling Alzheimer’s disease and dementia at our campuses in Springfield, Medina, and Waterville. The rain stopped in time for golfers to watch golf balls fall from the sky as a drone released pre-purchased, numbered golf balls. Prizes were given to the three closest golf balls to the pin and the one farthest from the hole. We are very touched by the generosity displayed for this event and are very thankful for the support we have received. We wish to thank all sponsors, especially our naming sponsor – US Bank; and presenting sponsors – Baile Senior Development and Manning & Napier. Naming Sponsor US Bank

A special thank you to our sponsors:

Presenting Sponsors Baile Senior Development Manning & Napier Primary Sponsors C & N Contractors, Inc. CHW Mechanical Services Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP RCS Construction Shaun Nicholson - UBS Financial Services Sponsors Absolute Rehabilitation & Consulting Services, Inc. Aline Phone Systems Alto Health Care Staffing, Inc. DataServ Enterprise Roofing Fazio Color Shop Friends of the Foundation JMM Architects, Inc. MSD Moonbeam, Inc. Plante Moran Point to Point Systems

RDL Architects Remedi Senior Care, LLC Ridge Stone General Contractors Solid Blend Technologies Drone Golf Ball Drop Sponsor Angel Funding Consulting, LLC

Golf Genius Sponsor Jacobs Telephone Contractors, Inc. Beverage Sponsor USI Insurance Services Lunch Sponsor Elk Creek Hunt Club & Resort Dinner & Awards Sponsors Cincinnati Bell MVDconnect Driving Range Sponsors Furniture Solutions Group Philips Senior Living Rescue Painting Putting Green Sponsors AASR Valley of Canton Shanes Lodge #377 F&AM

Hole Sponsors 7th Masonic District 11th Masonic District 14th Masonic District 18th Masonic District 20th Masonic District 21st Masonic District A-1 Able Pest Doctors Aline Phone Systems Armstrong Business Solutions Ebenezer Lodge #33 F&AM Euclid’s Problem Chapter - Widows Sons MRA Hiram Lodge #18 F&AM HJ Sims Master Tylers – Widows Sons MRA Ohio Living RWB Shawn Johnson “GLO26” Squared Business Solutions Trimark SS Kemp Wadsworth Lodge #385 F&AM Donations 9th Masonic District 17th Masonic District Friends of the Foundation Madison Lodge #221 F&AM



Maintaining Independence at Home

Resource Center

By the time that you receive this in your mailbox, the world will have already celebrated Independence Day. But, we’re reminded that we celebrate independence every day of the year. We celebrate it through helping one another, and through making the world a better place to live. At the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center, we also celebrate it through helping you. We can help you maintain your independence at home, too, by assisting with setting up home care, and we even have a financial assistance program that can help cover the cost for those that qualify. We’d like to share Joyce and David Moore’s story with you. Joyce said, “It all started when a fellow Mason in Lodge told David about the program. It’s been a wonderful experience and this is an excellent resource for people, but there are so many people that still don’t know this is available. We want to share our story, so that more people know about it. It’s truly a blessing as Maddie, our caregiver, has been to us. Maddie does everything I’m not able to do. I just can’t say enough.” Joyce shared that she has difficulty doing the things that she used to. She has trouble writing, and Maddie can take down phone numbers or notes for her. Joyce said, “she has helped in so many ways… cooking for us… cleaning cupboards… or even patching up walls when my wheelchair marks them up! There were so many of my favorite dishes that I couldn’t cook anymore and she is able to make them for us! My house is so clean and she even cooks things and puts them in freezer containers so that we have complete meals ready to warm up when we need them. What a blessing it is to have an organization that helps people and makes life easier for them!” Joyce said they tell their Sisters and Brothers all the time what a helpful and wonderful experience this has been. If you would like more information on our Resource Center, or how we can help you, please call us at 1-877-881-1623. Your local coordinator can talk to you over the phone, or come to your home to visit with you in person. We will talk to you about what services you need, and can make referrals to local agencies in your area.

David and Joyce Moore, with their caregiver Maddie from Senior Helpers.

OMHRC Community Outreach Coordinator wins Service Award! Bobbi Schickler was awarded the Community Builder’s Award for her outstanding service to the community and Masons in SW Ohio. Bobbi received this custom Masonic award on July 7, 2021 at Nova Caesarea Harmony Lodge #2.

Congratulations Bobbi! 10 SUMMER 2021

Trimming the Weeds for a Brother in Need! Dick VanMeter, a member of Community Lodge #684, reached out to the Resource Center in need of someone to help clean up some weeds in his back yard. Dick and his wife are experiencing numerous health problems that hinder their ability to complete outdoor projects. Dan Shirk, Community Outreach Coordinator in Central Ohio, reached out to the 14th District Masonic Volunteer Program Chairman, David King, and to Masonic Volunteer, Matt Harmon for assistance. Within 30 minutes, Brother Harmon returned an email saying it would be taken care of that day.

Matt Harmon - Capital City Lodge #656, and his daughter Katie Scott Abrams - Capital City Lodge #656 Kevin Sorrell - Community Lodge #684 Chris Ashton - Community Lodge #684, and his wife Courtney Doug Smith - Community Lodge #684

Resource Center

Brother Harmon orchestrated a team of volunteers, including a brand-new Mason and MVP volunteer, Scott Abrams. They went to work. The job was a little more encompassing than they had thought, but they got it done. It was all cleaned up and hauled away by the next day. They spent two days in Brotherhood and service. That is what you call, "volunteers-in-action." The VanMeters were thrilled that this project was taken care of in such a timely and professional manner. Thank you to the volunteers below who made this happen and helped out a Brother in need.

If you are interested partnering with the Resource Center by joining a Masonic Volunteer Program Committee or starting one in your district, call DeAnna Kinney, MVP Coordinator, at 740-262-1974, for information. Our MVPs are our “eyes and ears” in the community, and sometimes are also our helping hands.



If you or someone you know needs assistance with a health or safety need, contact us at 877-881-1623. We have programs that can help!

Call toll-free 1-877-881-1623 or visit www.omhresourcecenter.org

Samantha Loy

Director, OMH Resource Center & NE Ohio Community Outreach Coordinator (937) 504-4407

Raquel Brown, LPN

Bobbi Schickler, CSA

NW Ohio Community Certified Senior Advisor® Outreach Coordinator SW Ohio Community & Masonic Youth Outreach Coordinator & Outreach Program Masonic Bereavement Coordinator Program Coordinator (419) 260-0855 (513) 567-1100

DeAnna Kinney, LSW

SE Ohio Community Outreach Coordinator & Masonic Volunteer Program Coordinator (740) 262-1974

Melissa Hirn-Pulliam, LSW

Dan Shirk

Millie McNeal

Southern Ohio Central Ohio Community Financial Assistance Community Outreach Coordinator Coordinator Outreach Coordinator (937) 926-4305 (937) 525-3005 (740) 970-7903



Back to Normal and


The Ohio Masonic Home

Summertime is in the air across all three campuses and life is feeling good again. The smiles on the community members’ faces say, “We are returning to life as we knew it.”

If you are talking to Browning Masonic Community members, they would want you to see the Hartzell Pavilion. The “Jack Hartzell” Pavilion is honoring the outstanding work that Jack has done as the Chairman of the Board for Browning Masonic Community. Community members are excited to enjoy this new space which is complete with an outdoor kitchen, pergola, and a fire pit as well as raised gardens. Everyone is ready to enjoy the pavilion with neighbors, family and friends. If you see the community members or the staff at Springfield Masonic Community, you will find them back in their exercise room. It has reopened! Classes are being offered again to help keep the community members moving and feeling stronger. Using the exercise equipment as well as the exercise classes were stopped during the pandemic. The room was used as a “scrub hub,” a place for employees to change into scrubs before starting work. This was a precaution to keep community members safe during the pandemic. Now that summertime is in full swing, it’s time to get active again.

12 SUMMER 2021

If you are looking for community members at Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC), you might have to look off campus to find some of them. Community members are enjoying the little things, such as shopping at local grocery stores. Groceries were brought to everyone during the pandemic, but sometimes it just feels good to walk around the store and find something you may not have thought of when writing your grocery list.

Maybe you don’t want groceries, you just want to eat out. There are men’s and women’s groups going out for breakfast and lunches. You can find opportunities for both casual and fine dining. WRMC community members are looking forward to some lectures and educational speakers, as well as the fall bonfires. The annual Rummage Sale is back this year on August 28th from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM and the public will be invited.

Summertime across The Ohio Masonic Home campuses is full of hope and anticipation as life is returning to normal. Just take a look at the community members and you will see the excitement on their faces.

y t i n u m m o C c i n o s a M g n i n How Brow h t 4 y l u J s e t a Celebr

Browning Masonic Community

As our country celebrated Independence Day on July 4th, this year was even more special for the community members at Browning Masonic Community (BMC). After living through more than a year of life during a pandemic, family and friends joined together with community members to celebrate, making this year even more special than others. BMC had a variety of farm stands, s’mores, a 50/50 raffle, patriotic drinks and a snow cone food truck. Food included walking tacos as well as handcut, malt vinegar-seasoned French fries created by Chef Gary! Community members enjoyed yard games, a dunk tank, putt-putt and music provided by Matt Richardson. The evening culminated with fireworks that everyone enjoyed. The patriotic activities didn’t end there. There were firework themed crafts as well as great food and fun throughout the entire weekend. As the weekend came to a close, the community members knew that they had just enjoyed a traditional BMC July 4th celebration!



Let’s go back a year ago…..

how did you celebrate the 4th of July? At Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC), our 2020 celebration looked completely different to our staff and community members. There were no fireworks to go out to see, and families were unable to see their loved ones without a scheduled appointment. Everyone was wearing masks, and social distancing was a must during the pandemic. Through the generosity of The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, WRMC was able to have their very own fireworks display just for our community members. Family and friends were unable to join their loved ones to watch this remarkable show.

Western Reserve Masonic Community

One year later, on Thursday, July 1, 2021, WRMC Lights up the Night!!! Together, we were able to celebrate the Declaration of Independence for this great nation of ours and see the smiles on everyone's faces. We had food trucks and The Diamond Project held a live concert on the front lawn. Together as a whole community we sat together, which was such a great feeling as we move closer to our old normal. The Western Reserve Masonic Community members, staff, along with their families and friends would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation once again for the spectacular fireworks display that we were able to share with our loved ones. What is the saying, a picture speaks a thousand words...just take a look at all the pictures.

14 SUMMER 2021

Springfield Masonic Community

Food, Music and Fireworks! 4th of July at Springfield Masonic Community The Independence Day celebration began at Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) on July 2nd for over 300 community members, as well as their family and friends. The community members were excited to have their families join them for this celebration. Several families had multiple generations, from infants in arms to great grandparents, celebrating the birthday of our country. Rudy’s Food Truck served a variety of great foods to including pulled pork, beef brisket, rib sandwiches as well as rib dinners and a variety of side dishes. There

was something for everyone. The Kona Ice food truck followed with shaved ice and multiple flavorings to meet the individual tastes. A solo vocalist performed during the dinner followed by the Gas Pump Jockies Band. The highlight of the evening began at 9:30 pm with a fireworks display. The evening was warm and everyone settled into their chairs to enjoy the show. The 20 minute fireworks display was a fitting way to close the evening with a feeling that life was finally returning to normal at Springfield Masonic Community. SUMMER 2021


The Ohio

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