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IN THIS ISSUE Letter from the CEO . . . . 2 Letter from the GM . . . . . 3 Grand Lodge News . . . . 4 Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center News . . . 8 Ohio Masonic Home Foundation News . . . . . 10 Ohio Masonic Home News. . . . . . . . . . 12 Browning Masonic Community News . . . . . 13 Springfield Masonic Community News . . . . . 14 Western Reserve Masonic Community News . . . . . 15 Home Day News. . . . . . 16 The Ohio Beacon is published quarterly. Please update your information via Grandview, or report all changes of address to your Lodge Secretary, who, in turn, will notify the Grand Secretary, who maintains the database that produces the BEACON mailing lists. The Grand Lodge F.&A.M. of Ohio One Masonic Drive, Springfield, OH 45504 614-885-5318 or 800-292-6092 Douglas Kaylor, PGM Program Coordinator dkaylor@glohio.com Ohio Masonic Home Marketing Department 2655 W. National Road Springfield, OH 45504 937-525-5609 OMHmarketing@ ohiomasonichome.org If you would like to receive the Ohio Beacon electronically, send an email with your request to omhmarketing@ ohiomasonichome.org




Dear Brethren, I hope you and your families are enjoying the spring and all the wonderful things that come with the season. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. The snowy, cold days of winter are replaced instead with long days of warmth and sunshine. It is often a time of growth and, as we here at the Ohio Masonic Home continue to expand our efforts, we are excited for the opportunities. The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation continues to grow their mission to maintain, develop and increase the Home’s ability to provide broader care and access to services for those seeking assistance. It is through the generosity of individuals and organizations that the Foundation is able to provide the resources needed to help individuals age respectfully, while leading safe, active and healthy lifestyles. For more information on the Foundation, or how you can help, please see pages 10 & 11, visit the website at www.ohiomasonichomefoundation.org or call 1-888-248-2664. To expand our focus on education and community outreach, we continue to foster relationships with the Grand Lodge, appendant bodies and partners within our communities. Through continued collaboration efforts, and more awareness, our Resource Center is able to expand services and care to the members of our Fraternity and their families across the State of Ohio. Recently, Brother Scott Bartholomew reached out to the Resource Center seeking assistance in securing a chair lift. Through the 877 number, he was connected with Jesse Pertee, Resource Center Liaison in Northeast Ohio. Brother Pertee worked in collaboration with the Grand Lodge Charitable Fund, Negley Lodge No. 565 and the Local and National MS Societies to secure the funds needed to get a chair lift installed in Brother Bartholomew’s home. Brother Bartholomew is just one of many examples of successful collaboration efforts. For more information on the Resource Center, or to read additional success stories, please see pages 8 & 9, visit the website at www.omhresourcecenter.org or call 1-877-881-1623. As we move forward, we are excited about where we are going and what the future holds for the Ohio Masonic Home. On behalf of our staff, residents and all those we serve, I would like to thank you all for your support, hard work, and dedication to our mission. Fraternally, Brother Scott Buchanan CEO, Ohio Masonic Home

Our Investments Are Producing Returns For Ohio Freemasonry! Dear Brethren, It is with great excitement I share with you the success of our investment in our beloved fraternity. I share because it inspires me to work harder knowing we are making a difference and I hope it inspires you too. This is Ohio Freemasonry, our public awareness campaign, is producing hundreds of inquiries through our recently redesigned website freemason.com. Most Worshipful Brother Kaylor has done a fantastic job sorting the prospective members and assigning them to districts throughout the state, and our Lodges are working to engage these men in their desire to become Freemasons. In the first four Grand Master’s classes, we have raised nearly 350 new Master Masons. It’s fantastic to think about this trend continuing throughout the remainder of the classes. There are thirteen more opportunities with the last class occurring on September 21st, so there is still time to replace yourself. Thanks in part to the energy level of Ohio Freemasonry, our public awareness campaign and your commitment to the Craft, it’s great to witness this success. Our challenge now is to keep them engaged and teach them to apply the principals of Freemasonry to their everyday lives, genuinely allowing them to live as a Freemason. It’s heart-warming to see Ohio Freemasons engaging in their communities. The Grand Lodge Officers and I recently attended the annual Northern Light Lodge #40 breakfast supporting the Kidney Foundation for Northwest Ohio. Over the years the Lodge has raised more than $170,000 of financial support (see the full article on pages 4 & 5). In other areas throughout the state, brethren and their Lodges are increasing their support of their communities. Due to your generous donations and increased engagement with school officials, I am happy to

Find the Shovel

Congratulations to Thomas Jones of Mansfield Lodge #35 in Mansfield, Ohio, the winner of last edition’s Find the Cat search! There were 4 Cats in the last edition. In this edition, we acknowledge the various renovation and expansion projects within Ohio Masonic Home. Search through this entire edition and count how many times you find the Shovel graphic to the right (do not count the example graphic). Read about these projects on pages 13-15.

report we have scheduled nearly a dozen Masonic Model Student Assistance Programs around the state. We have numerous opportunities scheduled with schools to make presentations and thank you for getting this program into the hands of Ohio’s schools. Special thanks to our state coordinator, Tim Larimore, for his investment in MMSAP. Please continue to talk with your local school officials about this incredible opportunity to bring professional training to your school paid for by Ohio Freemasons. The Royal Scofield Society, an educational honor society for the Craft, has launched thanks to our Committee on Education and Information. Many brethren have worked countless hours to create the content and make the program a success. We have named our new society in memory of Most Worshipful Brother Royal C. Scofield, Past Grand Master 1972-73, who was a dominant force in Masonic Education for more than fifty years. I look forward to our inaugural celebration this fall in Marietta. I offer my sincere gratitude for your steadfastness to our call to action to INVEST! You are an inspiration to my soul. I look forward to seeing you along the journey.

Keep investing – it’s paying dividends! Fraternally, Jess N. Raines, Grand Master

Submit the correct answer along with your contact information (name/address/phone) and Lodge affiliation to Ohio Masonic Home, ATTN: OMH Marketing, 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45504 or via email at OMHmarketing@ohiomasonichome.org by June 15, 2019, and be entered to win a prize, courtesy of the Ohio Masonic Home Print Shop! (Your participation serves as permission to include your name and Lodge affiliation in the next edition of the Beacon.) SPRING 2019 3

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Recognizing Brother Russell Beckner Not all Masons make their mark inside the Masonic Lodge. Most of us, in fact, put the Three Great Tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth to work in our daily lives and in helping our neighbors and communities. Such is the case with Brother Russell Beckner, a 50-year member of Melrose Lodge, No. 671 in Norwood, Ohio (Cincinnati). Brother Beckner, his wife, Margy, and their grandson Ryland Beckner are advocates for farm safety, especially for young people. They direct Southwest Ohio Family Farm Safety. They take literature, coloring books, and the like to grain and equipment dealers, set up a booth at community events, and hold safety demonstrations. Brother Beckner likes to say, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a demonstration is worth a thousand pictures.” All of us (except farmers) like to think of farms in an idealized way – fields of corn and grain, green pastures, rising with the sun, and getting back to nature. In reality, while it is a way of life for farm families, it is also hard and dangerous work. Heavy equipment, grain storage, pesticides and chemicals, and even large animals all pose safety threats – especially for children and the elderly. According to the National Safety Council, agriculture is the most hazardous industry in the nation. Brother Beckner saw a problem, and he put his experience in safety engineering to work. He did not do it for recognition. He is spending money, not making it. Nobody will realize he is a Freemason when he visits a farm show with his display. But he is living our values and making an investment in the future. Well done, Brother!



Excellence: Northern Light Lodge No. 40

Northern Light Lodge is located in Maumee, Ohio, near Toledo and on the Maumee River next to Waterville, site of the Browning Campus of the Ohio Masonic Home. It is the home Lodge of MWB Robert C. Rill, Jr., Grand Master in 2015-2016. The Lodge is the oldest Masonic Lodge in Northwest Ohio, yet it is fully engaged in today’s community and looks to the future. The members take great pride in helping their neighbors and keeping things local. One example of this is the Lodge’s annual pancake breakfast to help the Kidney Foundation of Northwest

Ohio. Over the past 21 years, the Lodge has held a breakfast with a silent auction and raised over $170,000 for the Foundation, with all the money staying in Northwest Ohio. Because the emphasis is on the local community, area businesses have been very generous with donations of food. Bob Evans donates 160 pounds of sausage, for example. Other donors include McDonald's, Uncle John’s Pancake House, and the Mayberry Diner. This year’s breakfast was held on April 6th. It was attended by approximately 500 people and raised over $10,000. It is a well-oiled operation after twenty-one years, but it still represents a tremendous effort by Lodge volunteers. The men begin showing up around 2:00 am to prepare sausage, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and grits. The silent auction items need to be set out with everything in place when the doors open

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Learning to Improve Myself in Masonry The Royal Scofield Society One of Grand Master Jess Raines’ key programs for the year is the introduction of The Royal Scofield Society, the premier educational initiative of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. All Master Masons with a passion for Masonic education are invited to enjoy this opportunity to learn or expand their knowledge of The Craft. The program consists of three levels, Fellows of the Craft, Pillars of the Craft, and Masters of the Craft. Each level represents a progressively deeper dive into all aspects of Freemasonry. The first level establishes a baseline of Masonic knowledge, the second level asks the Brother to explore his personal and local connections, the third asks the Brother to explore larger connections and apply what he has learned. Establishing this program involved the work of many men and extensive programming on our membership system, Grand View. To cover the costs associated with its development and fund ongoing improvements, there is a fee charged for each level. These fees are paid online by credit card or pay pal during registration. An Ohio Master Mason can register for each level from the Home page of their personal Grand View Ohio Membership account by selecting the blue button for the Society. If you have not yet signed up for an account, follow the member link www.freemason.com/members. Next, in the upper right corner, select Member Portal. First-time users will need to sign up for their account using their Grand Lodge member number. This program is named for Most Worshipful Brother Royal C. Scofield, who was Grand Master of Mason in Ohio in 1973. MWB Scofield also served as Chairman of the Grand Lodge Committee on Education for many years and helped create the first educational programs and examinations used by the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The Society is honored to carry on his name and tradition. The Society’s Motto, Aedificate Exemplo, is Latin, and is an imperative, directing all members to “Build By Example” the motto was inspired by the theme created by MWB Scofield during his year as Grand Master: Freemasonry by Example.

at 7:00. And don’t forget the clean-up! When the doors close at 12:30, the Lodge spends the rest of the weekend putting everything back together for the next meeting. Each year, the Grand Lodge officers try to attend an annual breakfast and do their part to help. Some years they eat more pancakes than others, and somebody always writes the grand master’s name on the silent auction sheets – with or without the grand master’s permission. But it is a great time and an event that unites the men and women of the Maumee Masonic Center in a common purpose. This spirit continues through the rest of the year with the Lodge participating in community parades and events. Many of its members belong to the local Royal Arch chapter and help with its annual car show to raise money for Adopt America. Northern Light Lodge celebrated its 200th Anniversary in 2018. It traces its history to the War of 1812 and Army Lodge No. 24 at Fort Meigs, just across the Maumee River. During that war, Masons in William Henry Harrison’s army fought the British and their Indian allies, turning them back and preserving Ohio for the United States. After the war, the military Lodge dissolved, but the Brethren who stayed in the area wanted a Lodge of their own and formed Northern Light, No. 40. The rest is history. SPRING 2019


The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Investing in … The Grand Master’s Classes Update Grand Master Jess N. Raines has given Ohio Lodges and Master Masons a sweeping seventeen opportunities to bring new men into Freemasonry through this year’s series of Grand Master’s Classes. The first class was held in Springfield on a snowy Saturday in January. The last class for the year will be held in Lima on September 23rd. So far (mid-April), about 350 men have become Master Masons in a Grand Master’s Class. By the time, this issue of the Beacon is published, there will still be about ten Classes to be held in May through September, and a candidate can go to any Grand Master’s Class in the state. If you have a friend, relative, co-worker, or church member who you believe is a good man and who would make a good Mason, tell him so. Our Code permits individuals to selectively invite a good man to become a Mason. You can tell him that you are proud of your Masonic membership, explain the process, give him a petition, and even offer to sponsor him for membership. But then you need to let him make up his own mind about joining without any further undue pressure. Joining Freemasonry must be voluntary and reflect the choice of the petitioner. And remember to give yourself time. Our standards have not changed. You must allow time for a petition to be read in Lodge, investigated, and then voted on at a subsequent meeting. The ballot must be unanimous. The Lodge should never cut any corners. Every candidate should be found a “good man and true.” Finally, after a petitioner is elected, the Lodge Secretary can make his reservation for the Grand Master’s Class he wants to attend. This is your time to Invest in Freemasonry. This is your time to give the gift of Brotherhood to a good man. Call your Lodge secretary if you have any questions or need help with getting a petition.




For many people the memory of camping as a child is an open fire and tents or sleeping bags. It probably includes cooking hot dogs and marshmallows. For those with some idea of Boy Scouts it also has knot tying and hiking. For children with diabetes, a camp is where you go to be with other kids affected by the same disease. It also is a place to learn about eating and activity while checking your blood sugars and understanding how to live your life and have fun. It is also about not being alone and knowing there are others affected by the same challenges life has given them. There are 6 such camps in Ohio supported by organizations in Cleveland, Toledo, Findlay, Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. Some of these Camps and organizations have been around for over 50 years. As with all Masonic groups, philanthropy is part of our Masonic Obligations. The Grand Council of Royal and Select Masons has focused their philanthropy since 1977 on helping support the Kids who cannot afford to pay the registration fee to attend these Camps. The Grand Benevolent Fund is a 501c-3 not-for-profit foundation set up by the Grand Council and is often referred to as The Diabetic Kids Fund. Since its inception, the efforts of the Companions, their Councils, Arches and communities have donated over $1.3 million dollars to the Diabetic Kids Camps in Ohio. Because the administrative cost of running the GBF are handled by the Grand Council and an endowment fund to the GBF. Thus every dollar raised

6 SPRING 2019



goes to the kids and the camps to assure that none are turned away because they cannot afford to attend. In the past several years the Grand Council and its Charity and Benevolence Committee have endeavored to work with the Central Ohio Diabetes Association and the Diabetes Institute at Ohio University in Athens to develop an opportunity to enable the kids with diabetes in SE Ohio to attend a camp closer to home. This year the diabetes Institute will be holding the first day damp for three days in Athens. With the support of the GBF and others, the camp will offer kids with diabetes an opportunity to be with professionals to learn with each other about life skills critical to them. The dates of the event are June 17, 18, and 19. There is a need to spread the word in all the SE Ohio Counties in the schools districts, the county health departments, community health centers and hospitals and among health professionals who care for and are aware of children with diabetes. Support for this program may go to the Grand Benevolent Fund at the office of the Grand Recorder of the Grand Council R&S Masons. Further information may be obtained also from the Diabetes Institute in Athens.

Ohio Masonic Authors

The Craft Driven Lodge by

You can help this effort in two ways. First, if you know a teacher or school administrator, tell them about MMSAP. They can find more information on Freemason.com. Second, your financial support will help assure this important program continues. Please consider a gift to the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation and designate MMSAP in the memo field of your check.

• • • •

One-day Workshop topics include: • Depression Family dynamics • Suicide Life skills for K-12 • Team work Enabling and • Group dynamics codependency • Leadership Alcohol and skills drug abuse

MMSAP provides specific strategies for identification and intervention in the areas of academics, health, behavior and attendance. Teams also learn about locally available assistance for children who need outside help. MMSAP falls under the umbrella of the National Masonic Foundation for Children (NMFC). NMFGC was formed in 1986 and is a nationwide 501c(3) organization supported by Masonic Grand Lodges, allied Masonic organizations in North America and other concerned individuals and organizations. Since 1986, 50,000 educators have been trained and 500,000 school children have been referred to and assisted by MMSAP trained educators.

Daniel D. Hrinko A review by Doug Kaylor

Ohio is stepping up to help Grand Master Jess Raines and Lady Kelly support one of Freemasonry’s most important charities, the Masonic Model Student Assistance Program or MMSAP. This is a gift from Ohio Masons to Ohio schools. The Grand Lodge of Ohio underwrites the entire cost of professional trainers, manuals, overnight accommodations and meals to participants or school districts.

MMSAP teaches school personnel how they can work together at their school to identify an at-risk child, gather the necessary information about the child, and then develop a school-based action plan appropriate to the specific needs of the child.

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Masonic Model Student Assistance Program (MMSAP)

Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply ISBN 978-0-88053-108-5 Also available from Amazon.com This is an excellent book. It is a deceptive book in that it is an easy read about complicated topics. The author, Brother Dan Hrinko, PM, PDDGM, is a Doctor of Psychology who addresses practical questions of human nature in a Masonic context, and in doing so, gives us a thoughtful, original work. The Craft in the title, of course, are you and me – Freemasons. The concept is simple. The Lodge should reflect and fulfill the wishes of its members, the Craft. He writes, “The Craft Driven Lodge is one where the individual members of that Lodge are in a position to direct the activities of the Lodge and to practice their desired trade, Speculative Masonry, in a manner consistent with their own needs, desires, and goals as individuals.” Brother Hrinko helps us ask the right questions to put us in the driver’s seat. He is not prescriptive in the sense of telling us what to do. You may not agree with some of his views – he would not expect you to. But his book is very good at helping us engage in a dialogue with our Brothers. He explains that there are four fundamental principles of the Craft Driven Lodge: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Everyone has a Voice Everyone sees the Vision Everyone has a Role Leaders let the workers (Brethren) work.

He then walks us through each of the principles, and in part 2 of the book, demonstrates how they were applied in the formation of Arts and Science Lodge No. 792 in Columbus, Ohio. Many will find his practical example very helpful, even liberating in terms of not being stuck in old ways of thinking or doing things. Thus, The Craft Driven Lodge is a tool to help Masons – officers and members – either explore forming a new Lodge or revitalizing an existing Lodge. I recommend it to all.



Exemplary Accomplishments

from the

Resource Center

Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center Have you read about the wonderful things the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center has been able to do for our Masons like obtaining chair lifts, wheelchair ramps, or even emergency assistance after a fire or flood? The Resource Center can help with large projects, and in emergency situations. We can also walk beside a family, offering support and guidance in getting through the everyday struggles of caring for a loved one with a chronic disease or finding the right fit for assistance to help someone through a health or medical journey. In Northern Ohio, Worshipful Brother Rhine had been a working man all his life, but after suffering from a stroke, everything changed. After recovering, he attempted to go back to work, but unfortunately he was unable to due to complications. An ambassador in his district was aware of his situation and contacted the Resource Center. Worshipful Brother Rhine had worked for the railroad, and it would be some time until he could start receiving benefits. In the meantime, he was in danger of losing his home and everything he had worked hard for. Working with his daughter, the Resource Center was able to assist him in getting some of his bills deferred until he started receiving his benefits. We were also able to coordinate with the Grand Lodge and the Grand Almoners Fund to get him in a better situation to help sustain him until he is self-sufficient.

Brother Rhine (middle) with his daughter and OMHRC Liaison, Jesse Pertee

In Southern Ohio, we have a Mason in Gallia County who has been the primary caregiver for his wife with Huntington’s Disease for over ten (10) years. He was very tired and having significant back issues due to lifting her when she fell. He was at a Lodge meeting one night where one of the Resource Center ambassadors/volunteers suggested he contact the Resource Center. A Liaison met with the family, and also involved the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati to be a part of the care team, creating a care plan that included a referral for hospice services. Now the wife has a bath aide coming in three (3) times weekly along with a nurse who visits twice weekly. While the hospice agency provides services, medical equipment and supplies, they also are providing increased social interactions through their visits. The husband states this support has made a world of difference for him and his wife. He describes it as ‘a weight lifted’. The Resource Center assists Masons regardless of where they are. It is common for the Resource Center Liaisons to work with our clients when they are in a rehabilitation facility or a long-term care facility. For example, a family had called after becoming disheartened at the decline of the Mason who had been at a facility for several years due to dementia. He had become bedfast and had lost significant weight. The Liaison met with the wife, explaining to her that she did have options available regarding choices for her husband’s care. After visiting other facilities in the area, the wife made a choice to move the client to another nursing facility. He is eating better, participating in physical therapy, and has become more verbal and brighter. The wife is able to continue to visit as he remains close to home. She is finding peace now that he appears to be more settled, showing improvements in both his physical health and his overall contentment. Not only can we assist with long-term care placements, but we can ensure that services are in place when a client is discharged from a short-term rehab stay. Through our contacts with facilities and home health agencies, the Resource Center can help prevent a patient from being discharged without services or appropriate medical equipment being in place. This is critical for the patient’s well-being so that the gains made during the rehab stay are not lost after discharge. We can look at other needs to be addressed such as home delivered meals and transportation as well, to support the client’s well-being and safety upon his or her return home.

A Special Remembrance

We would like to recognize and remember five special volunteers who have recently passed. Sonja Lee (Eastern Star Chapter 59), LaRayne Cowdery (17th District), Jim McBeth (Flushing 298), Jeremy Life (Belpre 609), and Richard Gooding (Flushing 298), will be sadly missed. All five volunteers were well respected in the Fraternity and in the community at large, for their compassionate, caring natures and their willingness to help those in need. Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.

8 SPRING 2019




Check out our renewed efforts to assist Masonic widows and widowers!

Our goal is to reach individuals before they are in crisis to be their advocate and to support them through the grieving process. We need your help in our efforts. We are asking if you would be able to provide information from your current widows lists. This will allow us to contact these individuals and mail updated Resource Center information and newsletters to those who may be in need of assistance. In the newsletter, we plan to offer information on topics such as senior scams, Medicare benefits, estate planning, caregiver stress, and health and wellness tips. This list will not be used for solicitation purposes, and any individual who chooses may be removed from the mailing list. In districts where we have a Masonic Volunteer Program committee, our goal is to utilize willing volunteers to also follow-up with those widows and widowers to offer additional support as needed. Contact us by: Mail: OMH Resource Center | Attn: Becky Cason | 2655 W. National Rd. Springfield, OH 45504 E-mail: RCason@ohiomasonichome.org You may also call the Resource Center at 1-877-881-1623. Thank you for your help and support of our Widow's Program.

Masonic Volunteer Program Collaborates with Residential Facilities in SE Ohio Arthur, a Mason for over 60 years, resides in an assisted living center in Southern Ohio. Due to staffing problems, Arthur was not receiving the care he needed. Utilizing the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center Liaisons in his area, this gentleman was able to improve his care, as well as the services to all the others in his center. Our Liaisons met with the center Director and local Ombudsman, to help change policy and implement new procedures that enhanced the quality of life for Arthur and his neighbors. Volunteers continue to visit Arthur and help monitor the changes as improvements are made. Paige, an Eastern Star member for 45 years, was living in an independent living facility in SE Ohio when she was put on dialysis. The facility could only assist with transportation once a week, and Paige needed to go three times a week. Our volunteers were able to fill in the gaps, allowing Paige to remain in her apartment. Volunteers are also helping Paige with her grocery shopping. Terry Way (Harmar 390) is a resident of a Harmar Place, a United Church Homes property in Marietta, Ohio. Due to insurance regulations, Terry can only get restorative physical therapy twice a week, but Terry was determined to exercise on a daily basis to maintain his strength and balance. The Resource Center Liaison was able to connect volunteers with the PT staff for training to work independently with Terry on exercises he could do on his own time, with assistance. Four volunteers are going on a regular basis to visit and

DeAnna Kinney and Amanda Stotts, Social Worker at Harmar Place in Marietta, Ohio

exercise with Terry. This enhances his quality of life and Terry now looks forward to his activities. Volunteers also helped Terry hang pictures and Masonic memorabilia in his room to make it feel like home. Liaison, DeAnna Kinney, works closely with Social Worker, Amanda Stotts of Harmar Place, to coordinate services for Terry and make sure he gets the best care available. After visiting Harmar Place, our volunteers were able to identify two other Masons residing there! The gentlemen were unaware of their neighbors’ Masonic affiliation until the volunteers introduced them. Volunteers now visit all three gentlemen who also now spend time with each other. The Resource Center has an excellent partnership with Harmar Place staff, allowing our Masons to utilize their excellent services. As part of their intake process at Harmar Place, Amanda asks new residents if they have any Masonic affiliation so that we can follow up on any additional needs. Resource Center Liaisons are available all around the state to advocate for our Masons, wives, widows and Eastern Stars wherever they reside! One simple, toll-free phone call will lead to answers to all your aging questions, needs and concerns.

Call our Resource Center at 877-881-1623 for further information or to make a referral.

Randy Waggoner (left) and Dave Williams (right) with Terry Way

Resource Center

Through Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center we are able to reach out directly to any widows or widowers. We can mail out a widows/widowers packet to any Mason or widow upon the death of their spouse. Included in this packet will be information on important documentation to gather and numbers to call (Social Security, Medicare, etc.), as well as, information on grief and loss, local resources and contact information for the Resource Center Liaison closest to the surviving spouse. We will enclose pamphlets tailored to their situation and follow-up with a sympathy card. This is another way to express our Masonic Obligation of caring for our widows.




The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation would like to recognize the following individuals, Masonic bodies, foundations, businesses and organizations for their support between January 1 and March 31, 2019. The individuals listed, along with hundreds of other donors at the $100+ level, are now FOUNDING MEMBERS of the CIRCLE OF ROSES.

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

You too can join the Circle of Roses as a FOUNDING MEMBER by making a minimum gift of $100 before December 31st, 2019. A full listing of all of our generous donors will be available in the annual report which will be available in June, 2019.

Thank You!

Red Rose Circle $10,000 + Charles E. Brister Trust Anonymous Walter Frank Trust Tim & Kathy Godard Robert R. Kauffman Normon Laine Family Trust Jeff & Peggy Lovelady SEI Investments Webster Sturdivant Trust Teheran Grotto Toledo Chapter #341, OES Pink Rose Circle $5,000 - $9,999 CHW Mechanical Services Frank & Marguerite Colburn Trust Ralph J. Gooding Trust Greystone Donald C. & B. Jane Huser Trust Dorothy T. & Myron T. Seifert Trust Kenneth R. Sterrett Trust Lavender Rose Circle $2,500 - $4,999 Lionell C. Davis Enterprise Roofing Fazio Color Shop, Inc. JMM Architects Marsh & McLennan Agency Ohio Arts Council Plante Moran, PLLC Remedi SeniorCare Howard M. Sheeler Trust James E. Zemancik

10 SPRING 2019

Peach Rose Circle $1,000 - $2,499 BB&T Capital Markets Douglas O. & Patsy Brenneman Anonymous Scott & Katrina Buchanan Lawrence L. & Rosie Cornell Cox Media Group Orlando W. Davis Trust William T. Gilmore Martin L. Hall Trust Paul Haueisen Bessie V. Hosler Trust Medina Chapter #266, OES Betty H. Oberle Trust Joan F. Primm John C. & Patricia Snyder David & Joyce Subleski Third Protestant Memorial Church Endowment Fund Harry D. Waddell Trust Orange Rose Circle $500 - $999 Harry L. Albon Douglas & Nanci Allen George D. & B.J. Arters Trust Athens Chapter #39, RAM Coventry-Akron Lodge #83, F&AM Fayette Lodge #107, F&AM Norman L. Gibson Kilwinning Lodge #356, F&AM Milford Lodge #54, F&AM New Carlisle Lodge #100, F&AM Ohio State Secretaries Association, F&AM

Steve & Lori Petitjean Harold G. Shrive Trust Daniel S. & Jean Smith Valley of Dayton, AASR Washington Lodge #17, F&AM JoAnn Whitacre Robert E. White Estate Frank R. Williams Trust Terry Wymer Yellow Rose Circle $250 - $499 24th Masonic District Association Mrs. Mildred F. Barth Brookville Lodge #596, F&AM Ferdinand & Anna Camp Cortland Lodge #529, F&AM Fairborn Lodge #764, F&AM Gordon Food Service Grove City Lodge #689, F&AM Hamer Lodge #167, F&AM Ronald C. & Deb Hart Neal L. Kissel Mad River Armory Thomas & Tracey Maloney Melrose Lodge #671, F&AM Mt. Olivet Lodge #226, F&AM Pleasant Valley Lodge #531, F&AM William T. & Carol Tabor Toledo Ft. Industry Lodge #144, F&AM Bruce H. Vincent


your assets a renewed purpose.

SPRING is a time of year we all love – and dread. We love the longer days, warmer weather, and blooming blossoms. But we dread taxes and, even worse, spring cleaning!

From old life insurance policies to grandma’s collection of antiques and art, the stuff you no longer need could benefit future generations of Ohio Masonic Home residents and clients. Planned gifts to the Home can take many forms: property, such as land or houses, artwork or antiques, stocks, bonds, or securities, an old IRA or Certificate of Deposit. Let us help with your spring cleaning. These items can find new life being utilized at Ohio Masonic Home for the worthy and necessary cause of caring for the next generation of grandparents.

Bequest from a Will or Trust

Charitable Gift Annuity

Beneficiary Designation

Tangible Personal Property

Appreciated Securities, real property


Ohio Masonic Home Foundation – 888-248-2664 – foundation@ohiomasonichome.org www.ohiomasonichomefoundation.org



The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

This year, as you’re evaluating your stuff and deciding what to keep and what to toss, please take a moment to think about partnering with Ohio Masonic Home.

Ohio Masonic Home

The Ohio Masonic Home Continues to Be an Industry Leader The Ohio Masonic Home and each of its subsidiaries continue to be recognized in the local, state, and national spotlight. Several of The Ohio Masonic Home Executive Team Members along with campus leadership personnel have, and continue to have, the opportunity to attend and present at conferences across the country positioning the Home as an innovator in the senior living space.

our campuses, the community partnerships we’ve formed in each of our markets, and our unique approach to recruiting and retaining employees, we continue to be a provider and employer of choice. We are fortunate and appreciate the speaking opportunities that allow us to leverage our organization as an innovator in the Senior Living industry,” said Scott Buchanan, CEO of The Ohio Masonic Home.

Scott will present at Presentations such as “How "Through the LeadingAge National in Ohio Masonic Home Uses use of innovative San Diego, California later Technology to Improve technology on this year. He will be joined Independence and Peace by Scott Collins, CEO of Mind” and “Creating a our campuses, of Linkage, in a session Culture of WE” are just a few the community called “How to Integrate of the presentations The Ohio partnerships we’ve Technology Solutions as Masonic Home employees formed in each of a Response to Industry have done recently. In fact, our markets, and Trends.” The goal is to Tom Maloney, COO/CFO our unique approach highlight the technology participated in a nursing to recruiting and being utilized at each of the round table late last year campuses, such as Breezie at the LeadingAge National retaining employees, tablets and Embodied labs, Conference in Philadelphia, we continue to and how it is positively Pennsylvania. The be a provider and impacting the lives of presentation was so impactful employer of choice." community members across that the national publication the state. He will also be “McKnight’s Long-Term Care presenting at the Leading Age Ohio 2019 News” ran a story on how The Ohio Masonic Leadership Summit CEO Panel to highlight the Home has shifted its culture to result in growth implementation of initiatives that have helped opportunities across the organization, as well to grow employee engagement. The Ohio as, an increase in employee retention and Masonic Home continues to be represented continued exceptional experiences given to all at conferences such as Zeigler, LeadingAge community members. Ohio, and LeadingAge National which are well attended by large corporations in finance, “The Home is a progressive organization. health care, and the senior living industries. Through the use of innovative technology on

12 SPRING 2019

Breaking Ground at Water’s Edge Villas A groundbreaking ceremony took place on Monday, April 29 at Browning Masonic Community to kick-off the construction for the Phase II Water’s Edge Villas. The groundbreaking ceremony was led by Dave Subleski, President of Northern Operations, and Tara Lloyd, Executive Director of Browning Masonic Community. They were joined by local community officials, current residents and staff, as well as local media outlets as a way to commemorate the expansion of the Water’s Edge Villa complex at Browning Masonic Community. Eight new two-bedroom, two-bathroom villa homes will be built by Ridgestone General Contractors and are expected to be occupied by late fall. Each home will offer a two-car attached garage, fullyfurnished kitchen, sunroom, and SMART home technology.

For more information on Water’s Edge Villas or to schedule a tour, contact Molly Good, Community Relations and Sales Manager at Browning Masonic Community, by phone 419.878.4055 or by email: mgood@ohiomasonichome.org.

Waterville Area Residents Experience In an effort to fulfill a need that residents of the Anthony Wayne area have long grumbled about, Browning Masonic Community entered a partnership with Maumee Senior Center to bring a series of events, seminars, and courses with an Institute of Lifelong Learning flavor to the area called New U. During our first semester, students 50 and better have learned about common nutrition myths from Registered Dietitian Michele Cleland, dove into local

history with the Waterville Historical Society, learned the art of self-defense, and practiced the art of gourmet cooking with Browning’s own Chef, Gary Lay. Due to the success of New U, Browning and Maumee Senior Center will partner again to offer New U: Summer School in July and the Fall Semester in the month of October. Over 15 local business owners and employees have dedicated their time and resources to better our town and the people who live in it! SPRING 2019 13

Browning Masonic Community

“By expanding the Water’s Edge Villa project, Browning Masonic Community is able to offer the local community something new that no other providers have. We are able to provide our residents with the independent, active lifestyle they want and in a brand new home. It’s been a very good start to 2019 for Browning and we’re excited to see the growth opportunities coming in our near future!” said Tara Lloyd, Executive Director for Browning Masonic Community.

Springfield Masonic Community Breaks Ground on Iredell Gardens Renovation Springfield Masonic Community will be renovating Iredell Gardens into 59 new Assisted Living Apartments along with a new dining facility. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 1:00 P.M. The ceremony was led by Tony Berardi, President of Springfield Masonic Community along with Tom Maloney, COO/CFO for The Ohio Masonic Home. Together they were joined by board members, local community officials, and current residents to commemorate the event. Conceptual designs of the new dining room and apartments were also on display.

Springfield Masonic Community

Each one and two bedroom apartment will include a fully furnished kitchen, a private bathroom, and a balcony or patio. The new dining facility will offer upscale dining options with a seasonal menu and outdoor patio seating. “At Springfield Masonic Community, our residents are not defined by their health care needs. We empower our residents to live the lifestyle of their choosing and our approach to senior living is anything but traditional. By renovating Iredell Gardens, we’re able to provide our residents with brand new, state-of-the-art one and two bedroom apartments and a new dining facility. This allows us to continue to be the top senior living provider in the area!” said Tony Berardi, President and Administrator for Springfield Masonic Community. To learn more about the Iredell Gardens renovation project or to schedule a tour, contact Brian Clayborn, Sales Manager at Springfield Masonic Community, by phone 937.525.3023 or by email bclayborn@ohiomasonichome.org.

14 SPRING 2019

Theater Group Entertains at Western Reserve Masonic Community This article was published in the Medina Gazette in April of 2019 | Article and photos by Bob Finnan, Medina Gazette Reporter

Working with a group of thespians from 75 to 90 years old can be tricky at times, but the Western Reserve Masonic Community Readers Theatre Group makes it work. The group of about 15 performers put on shows every six weeks or so in the chapel. All are residents of the Masonic community, 4931 Nettleton Road. The show Thursday consisted of six comedic skits and was titled “April Showers Us with Laughter.” The actors read their lines instead of memorizing them. “They don’t trust their memories any more,” said Jim Gilder, drama director. His wife, Betsy, helps her husband with the group. Both are retired.

“We just love them,” she said. “Some of them have Alzheimer’s. It’s tricky that way. But it works.” Jim Gilder is a retired English and drama teacher at Cloverleaf High School. He said this is his ninth year directing the theater group. There were about 65 people in the audience, mostly residents. “It’s one of the highlights,” Jim Gilder said. “We get a good turnout. There are a lot of family members — sons, daughters.” Jim Gilder said he sometimes takes the show on the road, as the readers group has performed at the Medina Community Recreation Center, some churches and the Ashland Senior Center. All performances are free and open to the public. Gilder said his next show will be May 25. Then, they take their summer break.


living community. We’ll take what they have to say and work with our project partners to design and build a community where people can thrive.

Palmary means “to have or deserve victory or success,” which is exactly the kind of feeling we think a senior living community should create for the people who live there. After all, retirement is not only a lifetime achievement to be celebrated, it’s the beginning of a new adventure to be lived.

Sales Center Opens. Our temporary sales center down the street is where we manage the expansion project and get the word out about what we’re building. View the conceptual designs and talk with our sales professionals about what we have in store!

As we embark on this exciting opportunity to expand the independent living community here at Western Reserve Masonic Community, we want to keep you up to date on how we’re moving forward.

Spreading the Word. We’re hosting informational events where people can learn about The Palmary at Western Reserve Masonic Community and see how we are changing the face of independent living—not just on our campus, but in Medina, too. Events continued into April and will be held each month this summer and early fall.

Before We Build, We Listen. We’re surveying members of the community to find out what they’re looking for in a senior

Not sure how to say it? We’re in Ohio, so don’t think of palm trees, think of your pal, Marie. pal-mə-rē People interested in hearing more about the proposed expansion for themselves or a family member are invited to attend one of our upcoming informational events hosted by Western Reserve Masonic Community at: Weymouth Country Club 3946 Weymouth Road Medina, Ohio May 15 at 11:30 a.m. | May 16 at 11:30 a.m.

Corkscrew Saloon 811 West Liberty Street, Medina, OH June 4 at 11:30 a.m. | June 5 at 11:30 a.m. June 19 at 11:30 a.m. | June 20 at 11:30 a.m.

For additional event dates or to RSVP online, visit www.thepalmary.org. If you have any questions or know anyone who might be interested in learning more about The Palmary at Western Reserve Masonic Community, please contact our sales team at (330) 350-5340 or abarrett@ohiomasonichome.org. SPRING 2019


Western Reserve Masonic Community

Western Reserve Masonic Community is thrilled to announce the formal launch of The Palmary at Western Reserve Masonic Community.

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On behalf of the Ohio Masonic Home, our staff and residents, we would like to invite you to attend the...

35th Annual Ohio Masonic Home Day

June 9, 2019

New and returning visitors will enjoy a variety of food prepared by the Brethren from many Masonic Districts, mouth-watering strawberry shortcake, and plenty of entertainment for adults and kids, alike. Pitch in with Ohio Masonic Home fundraisers, such as The Dunk Tank. Take a shot at dunking Ohio Masonic Home leadership, and even the Grand Master himself, Jess Raines! It's all in good fun and for a good cause. Attendees can also visit the corporate booths and learn more about the services and programs offered through the Ohio Masonic Home and our Resource Center. When you are done with your adventurous day, pull up a chair or find a spot in the grass and enjoy the parade.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! We are always in need of volunteers for Home Day. Typical duties are helping with parking, guiding people, setup, clean-up and tear-down. Volunteers are also needed for tasks prior to Home Day, such as spreading mulch and planting flowers. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Dan Shirk at

(937) 926-4305

or dshirk@ohiomasonichome.org