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TheRewardsofOurInvestments Dear Brethren,

As we wind down yet another year, and prepare for the Holiday season, it is amazing how quickly time has passed, and how much WE have all accomplished. As MWB Jess Raines successfully promoted the need to make an INVESTMENT in Freemasonry, our Ohio Masonic Home has invested a great deal in taking the care of our Brethren to the next level. We have worked hard to foster a lifestyle on our campuses that will spark new beginnings and adventures in the lives of all our residents. We have made investments in our staff, our residents and the communities we serve through the implementation of innovative technology. Through the use of virtual reality technology, Embodied Labs, caregivers are given a chance to embody a patient with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Macular Degeneration (Blindness) or Hearing Loss. This first-hand experience allows the user to gain perspective on what it is like to have a disease or impairment. Awareness, patientprovider communication and teamwork skills amongst our staff and caregivers has greatly improved as a result. As one of only two entities currently utilizing this technology in the State of Ohio, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry and have gained State and National recognition. This recognition has afforded us the opportunity to educate the public on Freemasonry, its philanthropic culture and what it truly means to be a Mason. Through the efforts of our Resource Center, we have established a greater connection with the Brethren, their wives and widows across the State of Ohio. For the past two years, we have collaborated with MWB Keith Newton to establish our Masonic Widows program. With the help of the Lodges, our Liaisons are able to connect with Masonic Widows and provide them with valuable information on the resources and programs available to them. This past September, The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation partnered with the Resource Center, Grand Lodge and area Lodges to hold Widows Pinning ceremonies on our Western Reserve and Browning Masonic Communities. As we continue to further the mission of the Resource Center, we look forward to working with MWB Keith Newton. Additionally, we have invested in our campuses by updating and adding additional living space and amenities. We have also worked to ensure that our operations effectively align with the resources and needs of our constituents. We encourage our residents and community members to not think of age as a number, but to think of the lifestyle they wish to live, the activities they want to take on, and the adventures they want to embark on. We have been fortunate to enjoy watching our residents fulfill many life-long ambitions and dreams. Whether it’s ziplining, kayaking, flying in a 1941 Stearman bi-plane, or attending countless events, dream big. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Fraternally, Brother Scott Buchanan CEO, The Ohio Masonic Home

“StepintotheLight”tomakeadifferencein2020 Greetings Brethren and friends all, “This is a Great Day for Freemasonry in Ohio” has been my signature opening to my speeches for many years, and it still holds true today. It reminds me each day to be thankful for the friendships made and lessons learned from this fraternity, and to live each day practicing the tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth in everything I do. Thank you, Brethren, for electing me to serve as your Grand Master of this Grand Lodge of Ohio for 2020 I am honored to assume the office and promise to uphold the values we hold sacred while adapting them for the world and time in which we live. Grand Lodge 2019 was full of memories and merriment for all. The historic significance of Marietta was captured and celebrated at this Annual Communication. Many thanks to MWB Jess N. Raines, Lady Kelly, and their 2019 Grand Lodge Committee. Autumn is my favorite season. It’s a time to give thanks for our bounty and celebrate our blessings. The cool days are perfect for football, camp fires, festivals and fellowship in our Lodges. It marks a new beginning each year for our Lodge leadership. Lodges are back to work. Officers are preparing to take their new stations, Masters are planning for Installations, Awards Nights, and preparing for the travels of the upcoming Inspection season. ”Step into the Light” has been a personal message for several years. I look forward to telling you the story of how it came to be so important to me when we have some time together. I hope you accept this challenge to “Step into the Light” in 2020. Get off the bench, say yes to chairing that committee, volunteer to help with building maintenance, and step out of your comfort zone - it's ok to be a little uncomfortable. We learn and grow when we challenge ourselves. Make a difference in your Lodge and yourself and “Step into the Light.” Let’s stay focused on the basics in 2020 and live our Charter “Step into the Light” for your Lodge

Find the Plane

Congratulations to Harold W. Hamblin of Emery Lodge #258 in Loveland, Ohio, the winner of last edition’s Find the House search! There were 4 houses in the last edition. In this edition, we celebrate Giving Back with a Plane graphic. One of the ways The Ohio Masonic Home gives back is by providing ageless memories for our residents, such as The Ageless Aviation Dream Flights (Page 13). How can you take your "giving" to new heights? Search through this entire edition and count how many times you find the Plane graphic to the right (do not count the example graphic).

by making Masons, caring for our Brethren, widows, and orphans and supporting your Grand Lodge. Making Masons is our first directive from the Charter. Can we move the needle in Ohio Masonry by making Masons in 2020? Sure we can, but it’s up to you. You can hold a community event to promote Masonic awareness, or learn a new lecture, or accept a new office. It’s up to you to be the first line signer on a petition, or make it two and receive the Replace Yourself coin. You can mentor a candidate on their Masonic journey and share your knowledge and experience with a new Mason. And we’re only beginning… Remember to communicate – communicate – communicate. We don’t always communicate very clearly. Do you know what is going on in your Lodge or District? Do you know where to get the information? Some avenues for communications are Lodge newsletters, Grand View Membership System, Lodge web site or social media, or phone calls always work as well. Keep yourself informed and spread the word. Let’s do what we can this year to close the gaps in our communication. May you and your families enjoy a warm and festive Holiday season and joyous New Year. I look forward to what Freemasonry in Ohio will bring in 2020. I promise to “Step into the Light” with you in this wonderful fraternity we love. Live simply, love generously, care deeply and speak kindly. Keith W. Newton, Grand Master

Submit the correct answer along with your contact information (name/address/phone) and Lodge affiliation to Ohio Masonic Home, ATTN: OMH Marketing, 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45504 or via email at OMHmarketing@ohiomasonichome.org by December 13, 2019, and be entered to win a prize, courtesy of the Ohio Masonic Home Print Shop! (Your participation serves as permission to include your name and Lodge affiliation in the next edition of the Beacon.) FALL 2019 3

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

- Clarksville Lodge No. 323 -

Past Masters Night & Bob Duvall’s 100th Birthday Celebration On September 26, 2019, the Brethren of Clarksville Lodge, No. 323, in the Super 8th Masonic District celebrated Past Masters Night in a very special way. Past Master Robert E. Duvall, at 100 years old, served as Worshipful Master for the evening. Following the meeting, an open birthday celebration dinner was held for Worshipful Brother Bob. It was a busy day, full of proclamations and gifts, celebrating Bob’s service to country and freemasonry as well as his 100th birthday. Illus. Brother Scott Lipps, 33°, State Representative for the Ohio 62nd District, presented a Proclamation and an Ohio flag that flew over the State Capital building. The Honorable Steve Wilson, State Senator for the Ohio 7th District presented a U.S. flag that flew over the State Capital building on Bob’s 100th birthday and an accompanying Proclamation. South Lebanon Mayor and life-long friend, James Smith, presented a Proclamation to mark his birthday, and Ohio Governor Mike Dewine sent a Proclamation also honoring Worshipful Brother Duvall. Worshipful Brother Duvall was born in Clinton County, Kentucky, and grew up in Scott County, Tennessee. He moved to the Cincinnati area in 1941 looking for better employment. In 1943, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and served in the infantry in Italy, receiving a Bronze Star for his service. Following the War, he worked at GE Evendale Jet Engines for 30 years before retiring in the early 1980s. (He says he retired so long ago, he can’t remember when!) Brother Duvall was raised a Master Mason in Clarksville Lodge, No. 323, on March 14, 1987. He served as Worshipful Master in 2009. In 2019, the Brethren of Clarksville Lodge purchased an endowed membership for WB Duvall in token of their respect and admiration. WB Duvall served his Lodge as Master in 2009 and has lived a life of Masonry serving his Lodge and community and country. It was a “Great Day for Freemasonry” in Ohio.

#323 rksville Lodge Brothers of Cla r Keith Newton & Grand Maste

Rep. Scott Lipps, Robert Duvall, and Mayor James D. Smith

Worshipfu l Brother Robert E . Duvall

Introducing the Grand Lodge Officers for 2019-2020

Grand Master . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Keith W. Newton Deputy Grand Master . . . . . . . Richard A. Dickerscheid Senior Grand Warden. . . . . . . . . Timothy S. Wheeland Junior Grand Warden . . . . . . . . . . . Steven M. Grindle Grand Treasurer . . . . . . Steven E. Cokonougher, PGM Grand Secretary . . . . . . . . . . C. Michael Watson, PGM Grand Chaplain. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thomas F. Jenkins, II Grand Orator. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paul A. Weglage Grand Marshal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . William M. Carter, III Senior Grand Deacon. . . . . . . . . . . Shawn A. Johnson Junior Grand Deacon . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kevin L. Tanner Grand Tyler. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Timothy C. Driscoll

4 FALL 2019

Front Row-Left to Right: Steven E. Cokonougher, Timothy S. Wheeland, Keith W. Newton, Richard A. Dickerscheid, Steven M. Grindle, C. Michael Watson Back Row-Left to Right: Kevin L. Tanner, Shawn A. Johnson, William M. Carter III, Thomas F. Jenkins II, Paul A. Weglage, Timothy C. Driscoll

MarkYourCalendarsNow November

23 2019


20-22 2020








26 2020


29 2020


18-20 2020

Tri State Degree Day – Grand Rapids, MI Join the Grand Master and Grand Lodge officers as Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana meet together and each Grand Lodge will present one of their degrees. All Masters Masons are welcome to attend Watch the Grand Lodge Website and Facebook pages for more information. Grand Master’s Florida Receptions The Grand Master, some of his officers, and representatives of the Ohio Masonic Home will visit Florida in January to meet with Ohio Masons who spend the winter in Florida. It is a great opportunity for fellowship, and the Grand Master will present service awards to Brethren if requested by their Lodges. All Grand Lodge Officers attending pay their own way to this event. No Grand Lodge funds are used, but the fellowship is priceless. Grand Master’s Class Grand Master Keith Newton has announced his plan to hold a Grand Master’s Class in each district in Ohio on May 9, 2020. Districts can combine to take advantage of larger – regional venues. Ohio’s two other officially recognized Masonic organizations, the Scottish Rite and York Rite (Royal Arch Masons) will also hold their entry-level degrees to allow new Master Masons expand their opportunities for fraternity. Ohio Masonic Home Day – Springfield, Ohio Join the Grand Master and Brethren from across Ohio at the Springfield Masonic Community for Ohio Masonic Home Day. It will be a full day of fellowship and an opportunity to see Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth in action. Ohio Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies – Columbus, Ohio The Grand Lodge has again pledged to support Ohio Special Olympics for the 2020 year, and the Grand Master welcomes all Masons to join him at the Opening Ceremonies. In the meantime, donations can be made to the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation designated for Special Olympics. Grand Master’s Motorcycle Ride for Charity If you ride, mark your calendar and plan to join the Grand Master on a ride for charity. The Grand Master may take his cue from General Patton and ask the Grand Chaplain to pray for dry weather. GLO Fellowship, Fun, and Family Retreat What better way to bring Masons and their families together than a weekend of camping (or lodging) at a state park? It is a first for the Grand Lodge, and while the Grand Master plans for some Masonic events for the men, this is truly a time for families – wives, children, grandchildren, and close friends – campfires, marshmallows, and much more. FALL 2019


The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Calling All Members:

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Do You Tweet? Maybe you Should! OhioLodgesare on Twitter Twitter is a social media platform that allows its users to make small posts or microblogs (called tweets) that quickly communicate information, tell a story, report news, or even share a picture or video. If a reader likes what he sees or thinks it's important, he can “re-tweet” it on his own Twitter feed. Users can label tweets with key words called hashtags that help others search for or follow a particular topic. The Grand Lodge of Ohio has encouraged Lodges and members on Twitter to use the hashtags, #OHLodgeLife and #ThisisOhioFreemasonry. Some of the Lodges using Twitter include NeoAcacia 595, East Palestine 417, Xenia 49, and Hugh L. Bates 686 as well as the Royal Scofield Society and, of course, the Grand Lodge of Ohio. A classic Masonic Tweet promising good food and fellowship is pictured above. Xenia Lodge No 49 is in the 8th District. It carries the distinctive blue Hashtags #8thDistict and #ThisisOhioFreemasonry.

HonoringandHelpingourWidows The Grand Lodge of Ohio and the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center work together to make sure that we care for the widow of every Ohio Master Mason. We encourage all Lodge Secretaries to notify the Resource Center with the names and contact information of the widows of their members. The Resource Center will send widows a packet of information that includes helpful materials related to resources they may need (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) as well as contact information so that they have a phone number to call if they need further assistance. If you know of a Masonic widow (or widower) in need of help, please contact Becky Cason at 937-717-8805 or rcason@ohiomasonichome.org. In addition, Lodges can purchase a widow’s pin from the Grand Lodge Office, which may be given to the widow or lady of a Mason at any time following a loss. It features the sprig of acacia and a broken column – both symbols of profound Masonic significance. If your Lodge conducts a Masonic Memorial Service for your fallen Brothers, that would be a good time to present the pin. If you have a ladies night to which your widows are invited, that offers another opportunity to make a presentation. This simple pin can be a visible reminder that as a Mason’s Lady, there will always be people who care for her. Coupled with the Masonic Home Resource Center program and information packet, she will never be alone.

6 FALL 2019

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

OhioMasonsandthe Masonic Model: Helping Teachers and Saving Lives in 2019

You and your fellow Masons around Ohio helped local schools address profound education, health, and safety issues in 2019, including Mental Health and Trauma Care, School Unity, Bullying, Suicide Prevention, and Safe Schools. You did this by supporting the Masonic Model Student Assistance Program (MMSAP). State Coordinator, RWB Tim Larimore, reported that Ohio hosted seven MMSAP programs in the past year, up from four the year before. These programs were conducted by professional trainers from the National Masonic Foundation for Children and were a mixture of one and two-day programs. In 2019, programs were held in the 4th, 10, 11th, and 13th ,14th, 17th, and 24th Districts. RWB Larimore credits the efforts of MWB Jess Raines and Lady Kelly for promoting MMSAP to the Craft and to local Masons who have reached out to tell their local school districts about the program. The momentum from 2019 is carrying over into 2020 with seven programs already scheduled for the first half of the year. The new Grand Master, MWB Keith Newton, plans to continue to promote MMSAP in Ohio. He encourages all Masons to talk to their local school leaders, explain that MMSAP is a professional program costing thousands of dollars, conducted by national experts, and subsidized in full by the Masons of Ohio. Schools cannot lose with MMSAP. The Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation will underwrite the costs. All a school administrator has to do is say, “yes.� Grand Masters Raines and Newton thank every Mason who made a contribution to the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation during the past year for MMSAP.

Swanton Schools MMSAP session

ThreeGenerationsofLeadership by RWB Chad Kopenski

Masonry has always been a family affair. This year in Southeast Ohio, three generations of one family will be in positions of leadership. The Masonic Temple in Athens, Ohio is home to Paramuthia #25 F&AM, Athens Chapter #39 R.A.M., Athens Council #15 R.&.S.M., Athens Commandery #15 K.T., as well as an Eastern Star Chapter, an AMD Council and DeMolay Chapter. For 2019-2020, Brother Dennis Robertson is on track to serve as Worshipful Master of Paramuthia #25. At the same time, his father, WB Jerry Robertson, will serve as Illustrious Master of Council and his nephew, Brother Travis Brown, will serve as Eminent Commander of Commandery. The Robertson Family has a deep tradition and a long list of members who have served Freemasonry and their communities going back generations.

FALL 2019


Resource Center

NEWS FROM THE OHIO MASONIC HOME RESOURCE CENTER The Resource Center is all about giving back and helping people year round through being an advocate for our clients and providing resources to those in need. This article isn’t about us, though. It’s about you… our clients, donors, residents, volunteers, ambassadors, Lodge Brothers, OES Sisters, and our friends. For some of us, the holidays put us in a spirit of giving. For others, it brings sadness and memories of times passed. Whatever it brings you, know that the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center is here to help. And we’re here to say thank you for being a light for others. Thank you for all you do. Whether you donate or volunteer, whether you smile at a stranger, or say a silent prayer for your neighbor, thank you. We’ve shared your stories in the past about our volunteers who have helped to cut wood for a Lodge Brother, or a neighbor who needed help prepping for the holidays so that her family could come over to celebrate. We wish you and your families all the best this holiday season and we thank you for allowing us to share your stories. We love hearing when people give back, give their time and just the numerous accounts where you pay it forward. And, we love sharing what we do in effort to help others. If you have a story you’d like to share about how the Resource Center has helped you, or if you know someone who needs assistance, please contact us at 877-881-1623.

Hope for the Holidays

Do you know someone who could use a little extra help this holiday season? This year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center is reaching out to Lodges to bring hope to worthy and distressed Master Masons, and their wives or widows. We are here to help, whether it’s through a friendly visit from one of our Liaisons, emergency assistance, a food basket, or connection to local resources. If you or someone from your Lodge could benefit from this program, please contact us.

Building Relationships

Our Liaisons invest time and energy in developing relationships within their communities, learning the resources specific to the areas they each serve. We attend many community-based events and networking meetings in addition to Masonic events. Not only does this allow us to become better acquainted with resources in the community with whom we partner, but this also allows us to reach Masons, their wives and widows, who might otherwise not hear about our services. Some of the events we attend are the local health fairs that are often held at community Senior Centers, networking meetings that include agencies and providers who cater to older adults, and special events or conferences. If you would like to have a Resource Center staff person attend an event or function in your area, please let us know. This is just another way for the Resource Center to be the presence of the Home wherever Masons reside, not just on one of our campuses.

8 FALL 2019

(Pictured left: Melissa Hirn-Pullium at a Health Fair held at Scenic Hills Senior Center in Logan, Ohio.)

OMH Resource Center Collaborates with Area Agency on Aging

Resource Center

The Resource Center links our clients to agencies that provide excellent customer care and service. The Area Agency on Aging is one such exemplary resource. To serve our clients, our Liaisons work closely with local agencies, sharing information, experience and resources on a variety of age-related subjects. For over a decade, SE Ohio Liaison, DeAnna Kinney, has worked with Pat Lake, Caregiver Education Coordinator (pictured left) at the Area Agency on Aging Region 9, on caregiver resources and referrals for services such as respite, education and linkage to local support groups. The relationship that exists between the OMH Resource Center and the Area Agency on Aging has allowed for a broader range of services for our clients as well as faster response times to referrals and requests for assistance. With Pat’s vast professional experience and knowledge of caregiver issues, she has been the “go to” person when seeking support for clients who are caring for a spouse, parent, family member or friend. Pat, along with the AAA9 team, specialize in support for the unpaid caregiver. They also offer additional programs such as PASSPORT and Care Coordination. The Resource Center’s partnership continues to flourish with AAA9, as they now have a new volunteer program run by Misty Smith, Volunteer Coordinator, (pictured right) who has reached out to us for information about our Masonic Volunteer Program in order to help with start-up and growth of their volunteer efforts. The Masonic Volunteer Program presently has 10 masonic districts represented with MVP Committees comprised of over 200 volunteers. The Resource Center is grateful for all their support and service on behalf of our clients and we look forward to growing the number of districts having MVP Committees in the new year.

It’s Medicare Open Enrollment Time, Need Help? Medicare’s open enrollment begins October 15th, 2019. Whether you are choosing a Medicare plan for the first time or evaluating your current plan, it’s vital to have the right Medicare plan for your needs. A surprising amount people believe that Medicare is free and will cover all of your health care costs once you retire, but estimates indicate that in general Medicare only covers about half of health costs. So, how can you effectively manage your health care dollars in retirement? One of the best ways is by selecting the right health plan for your unique needs. Picking the insurance plan that fits your needs and budget is important and can be the difference between having affordable coverage when you need it or having expensive medical bills that must be paid out of pocket. On top of all the options, Medicare enrollees also have to deal with the plan changes that occur from year to year. Insurance companies use the open enrollment period to make any needed changes to their plan offerings, which they communicate to plan members through a document called the “Annual Notice of Change.” It is very important that you review this document when you receive it in the mail so that you know what changes are coming to your plan’s costs and/or benefits and can plan accordingly. Reasons to consider other Medicare plans for 2020 • You are unhappy with your current plan • Your health needs have changed • Your financial situation has changed • You are enrolled in a Medicare Supplemental plan and your premium has become costly Your opportunity to make sure you have the right plan for your needs is during Medicare’s open enrollment period (Oct. 15 – Dec. 7). We recommend that you either find help from an advisor you trust or that you find the time to do important research on your own. The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center can help by connecting you with the best resource to meet your needs. We see a great number of individuals during this time of year who do nothing, either because the options are overwhelming or nothing has changed with their health. It is important to review your situation every year. It may even be good to get a second opinion on the right Medicare plan for you. Paying attention to these changes helps ensure that you are informed about your plan and will not be surprised by any unexpected expenses.

If you know of someone who needs assistance, whether it be clinical, financial, or social in nature, please contact us at 877-881-1623.

FALL 2019


Circle of Roses The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation would like to recognize the following individuals, Masonic bodies, foundations, businesses and organizations for their support between July 1 and September 30, 2019.

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

The individuals listed, along with hundreds of other donors at the $100+ level, are now FOUNDING MEMBERS of the CIRCLE OF ROSES.

Thank You!

Red Rose Circle $10,000 + Charles E. Brister Trust Robert J. & Mary W. Davis Walter Frank Trust L.R. Morris Opal Dancey Memorial Foundation The Columbus Foundation

Kinsley Nyce Betty H. Oberle Trust Frank & Susan Schenck Harold G. Shrive Trust Anna L. Sine Trust Valley of Cambridge, AASR Western Hills - Cheviot Lodge #140, F&AM

Pink Rose Circle $5,000 - $9,999 Dallas W. & Helen B. Bowyer Trust Frank & Marguerite Colburn Trust Ronald & Elaine Connelly Vivian H. Schulze Trust Dorothy T. & Myron T. Seifert Trust Howard M. Sheeler Trust Roger E. Wallace Estate York Lodge #563, F&AM

Orange Rose Circle $500 - $999 Douglas & Nanci Allen George D. & B.J. Arters Trust Farmersville Lodge #482, F&AM David W. Feller Lone Star Lodge #175, F&AM Mason Lodge #678, F&AM David Dee & Kathy Mowry New England Lodge #4, F&AM Norwood Lodge #576, F&AM Steve & Lori Petitjean Quarry Lodge #382, F&AM Betty J. Schmitt David G. & Joyce Subleski Sylvania Pyramid Lodge #287, F&AM Temple Lodge #28, F&AM JoAnn Whitacre Estate Robert E. White Estate Frank R. Williams Trust

Lavender Rose Circle $2,500 - $4,999 Orlando W. Davis Trust Peach Rose Circle $1,000 - $2,499 3rd Masonic District Association Scott & Katrina Buchanan Canton Lodge #60, F&AM Thomas & Cathy Cordas Dayton Lodge #147, F&AM Martin L. Hall Trust Bessie V. Hosler Trust Kazrus Foundation John P. Markwood III Frank J. Moesle

East Palestine Lodge #417, F&AM Roy K. Ellis Englewood Lodge #743, F&AM Gettysburg Lodge #477, F&AM Greenville Lodge #143, F&AM Hoffner Lodge #253, F&AM George A. Kaut Ladies Red Cross of Constantine Logan Elm Lodge #624, F&AM Lorain County Blue Lodge Association Magnolia Lodge #20, F&AM Thomas & Tracey Maloney Mingo Lodge #171, F&AM Morning Dawn Lodge #7, F&AM Norwood Chapter 193, RAM Reynoldsburg Lodge #340, F&AM Jon R. & Judy Schamp Scioto Lodge #6, F&AM William G. Selsam Harold & Josephine Shank Trust South Point Lodge #497, F&AM St. Andrews Lodge #619, F&AM Tippecanoe Lodge #174, F&AM Martin R. Trent

Yellow Rose Circle $250 - $499 Anthony Lodge #455, F&AM William M. & Delores Berry Buckeye Lodge #150, F&AM Delhi Hills Lodge #775, F&AM


...to be a FOUNDING MEMBER of the Circle of Roses annual recognition program, be sure to visit www.ohiomasonichomefoundation.org today. Simply click on the [GIVE NOW] button and make a gift of $100 or more to provide hope for Brother Masons, their wives and widows in need. The Founding Member period runs through December 31, 2019.

10 FALL 2019


employees We are grateful for our nearly 600 e in our care. who are dedicated to serving thos

We are grateful for the individuals that choose to come Home and live on one of our cam puses.

We are grateful for the matriarchs of our great fraternity and the wisdom they share.

the We are grateful for those in need who have e. serv to us allow and help courage to both ask for

We are grateful for ALL OF YOU for the support that you give to The Ohio Masonic Home!

Didyouknow?IRACharitableRollover If you are over age 70½ and have an IRA account, you are required to take annual distributions to satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD). Individuals may elect to distribute funds (up to $100,000/year) directly from IRA accounts to The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, without increasing your adjusted gross income (AGI). While these distributions generally do not qualify for an income tax deduction, a “charitable IRA rollover” is a great way to satisfy your RMD and make a wonderful gift.

Please call the Foundation at (888) 248-2664, and one of our team members would be happy to help explain the process. FALL 2019


The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

As you read this fall edition of the Beacon you have probably identified the theme as thankfulness/giving back. Although we often dedicate this issue during the holiday season to such a worthy topic, we feel it is important to let you know that we are filled with gratitude 365 days a year. You see, we have incredible employees serving amazing individuals blessed by the support of generous volunteers and donors. To put it in the words of MWB Keith W. Newton as he delivered one of his first speeches as our newest Grand Master: “Wow! How does any one person deserve so many blessings?” Yes, this too is how we feel at the Ohio Masonic Home! We recognize that our organization is uniquely positioned to both receive and share God’s blessings. We are humbled by this responsibility and we give thanks.

TheOhioMasonicHomeHelpsRaiseMoneyfor LiteracyinSpringfieldBusinessSpellingBee The Ohio Masonic Home Corporate Office recently participated in an adult, county-wide spelling bee to help raise money for literacy. Organizations from around Clark County, Ohio took part in the 22nd Annual Altrusa International Foundation of Springfield’s Literacy Sting. The Altrusa International Club serves residents who have trouble reading and last year, according to the Springfield News Sun, were able to buy and donate over 9,000 books to children in the community.

The Ohio Masonic Home

The event was held at the Courtyard by Marriott in downtown Springfield. 13 businesses from Clark County were represented at the event and the event raised nearly $7,000. The Ohio Masonic Home team, also known as “Bee are the Champions,” made it successfully to the top five teams only to be knocked out by the word, Pilaster. According to dictionary.com, the definition of Pilaster is “a shallow rectangular feature projecting from a wall, having a capital and base and usually imitating the form of a column.” Also participating, was one of our Springfield Masonic Community residents, Gayle. She surpassed The Ohio Masonic Home Team and made it to the top four teams.

Pictured from left to right: Gayle, Springfield Masonic Community Resident, Brother John White, Corporate Director or Treasury, Cathy Spencer, Donor Relations Manager, and Alexandria Rohrbaugh, Digital Marketing Specialist (not pictured are Team Captains – Brother Dan Shirk, Community Outreach Manager and Brother Rob Lane, Corporate Director of Procurement)

“Our Team was so excited to participate in the Bee and support the efforts of Altrusa in Clark County. It was a very fun event and surprisingly nerve-racking. While we couldn’t spell P-I-L-A-S-T-E-R, we were very excited to see one of our residents beat us!” – Brother John White, Corporate Director of Treasury.

Masonic Marchers Walk for Alzheimer’s

Employees from The Ohio Masonic Home and Springfield Masonic Community recently took part in the Springfield, Ohio Alzheimer’s Walk at Wittenberg University. The Masonic Marchers, made up of 18 employees and their family members, took on the two mile walk through the campus grounds joined by organizations and families from around the local community. The team was able to raise over $2,000 to support the cause.

12 FALL 2019

Dream Flights WE MADE

COME TRUE at Springfield Masonic Community!

On August 23, 2019, Springfield Masonic Community partnered with Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation to provide eight U.S. veteran residents with individual flights in a restored 1940 Boeing Stearman biplane, the same aircraft used to train military aviators during World War II.

Each veteran from Springfield Masonic Community took a 25 minute flight in the open cockpit biplane, soaring 1,000 feet above the heads of their friends and family. The flights took place at Grimes Field Airport in Urbana, Ohio.

th, 85 Ted Deisenro an War Navy | Kore

Bill Irwin, 81

s, 93 Adolph Kram II Navy | WW

Wendell Helfrick, 78 Air Force | Vietnam War

Jerry Ingram, 90

Marine Corps | Korean War

C.J. Moore, 86 Army | Korean War

Air Force

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“At The Ohio Masonic Home, where LIFEstyle sparks new beginnings, we were able to partner with Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation to give eight of our residents dream flights on a restored 1940 Boeing Stearman Biplane. We pride ourselves in offering a lifestyle for our residents by creating unique opportunities like dream flights, ziplining, and more! In this case, we were able to honor those who have served with a dream flight of a lifetime. If our residents can dream it, we will do our best to make it happen!” – Scott Buchanan, CEO of The Ohio Masonic Home FALL 2019


Springfield Masonic Community

The flights were courtesy of Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, a Carson City, Nevada-based, nonprofit that honors U.S. military veterans living in retirement communities with free Dream Flights. It is dedicated to honoring senior veterans from all U.S. military branches by providing free Dream Flights in one of three fully restored Boeing Stearman biplanes. Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation has given more than 4,000 Dream Flights in 43 states since 2011 honoring its mission to “Giving back to those who have given.”

WesternReserve&OhioMasonicHome Receive 2 Grants from the Ohio Arts CouncilforMemoryCareProgramming We are excited to announce the funding of two grants awarded by Ohio Arts Council: Arts Partnership – a two-year program for music and storytelling; and Arts Next – a one-year program using Museum Houses to encourage bringing memories to life from childhood. The grants build off the success of the Silver Songbirds, which utilizes volunteers to assist Memory Care residents practice and perform as a choir. The Songbirds hold three sessions throughout the year utilizing holiday and other musical genres which stimulate the memory and recall of the choir members. This program has shown improvement in self-esteem, mood, and while it is hard to quantify its specific impact there have been noted improvements in several clinical categories.

Western Reserve Masonic Community

The grants provide funding for two artists to assist in development and implementation of this ground breaking programming. First, the artist will facilitate the training of volunteers. This volunteer training will include learning to record and store participants’ stories and Silver Songbirds concerts, assist those with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia with memory recall and retrieval to encourage a story in response to photos, and measure steps toward the development of arts skills. A weekly schedule will then be established and each volunteer will be assigned a participant to build a one-on-one relationship with. Each season, a theme (i.e. “Young Love”) will be chosen and, during sessions, volunteers will ask related questions about the provided photo, repeating these questions over the first few meetings to test the recall of past discussions, and eventually recording responses. Furthermore, recordings of favorite, thematically related songs rehearsed by the Silver Songbirds will be used to comfort residents and aid in memory recall. The Art Partnership Storytelling and Arts Next Museum Project, are collaborative of each other. The residents, with the assistance of volunteers and ARTIST, will use tiny puppets to create informal theatric “productions” based on memories using personal museums as personalized “stages.” The grant programming started in October of the 2019. The intention is to extend this programming to the Browning and Springfield campuses as part of The Ohio Masonic Home’s Strategic Dementia Initiative.

14 FALL 2019

Browning to Create

Old Fashioned Christmas on Campus

Before you know it, snow will be flying in Northwest Ohio, and the staff and community members at Browning await the holidays with great expectation. Christmas brings twinkling lights, feelings of nostalgia, and 'Kodak Moment' family memories. Special efforts are being made at Browning to ensure that the community members have their best Christmas to date by kicking off the season with “Browning’s Old Fashioned Christmas.” This event combines a drive-thru Christmas lights display, hot cocoa, caroling, and cookies with Santa. Bring your families on Friday, December 6th from 5:30-7:30 p.m., and if you’d like to give to our community members who have given so much to us, volunteer opportunities are available.

Browning Masonic Community FALL 2019


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2020 Florida Reception You are cordially invited to attend! Monday, January 20, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. Sarasota/Bradenton: Peridia Golf & Country Club 4950 Peridia Blvd. E., Bradenton, FL 34203 Host: George Braatz

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Join us for news from Ohio and award presentations by Keith Newton, Grand Master of Ohio, and Scott Buchanan, CEO of The Ohio Masonic Home.