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Specialists in components for industrial automation OEM is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of components for industrial automation. A wide and deep range of products from leading manufacturers gives customers a unique opportunity to assemble their purchases with a single supplier. Added value for our customers In Baltic countries OEM operates as our manufacturers’ sales organization in our local market. What is unique about our offer is that we supply high quality products, at the same time as providing expertise and fast service. Our product specialists and sales staff have long experience and they help customers to find the optimal technical solution.


At the same time we put the deal together effectively from a commercial perspective. Fast and accurate deliveries are shipped from our logistics center in Turku, Finland to any location in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. Purchasing from OEM should be easy and enjoyable! Rein Ottender, MD


Our manufacturers’ collaboration with OEM gives them a strong, market-leading partner with some 200 purchasing customers in Baltic market. We know our local market and we can provide a strong market presence to our manufacturers.

Our customers’ collaboration with OEM gives them access to a unique range from world-leading manufacturers, directly from the source, with a strong local partner. With us you can lower your overall costs and reduce the quantity of suppliers.

The development of our business operations is based on

PRODUCT RANGE DEVELOPMENT OEM offers a unique and extensive range of products from leading manufacturers.

FOUR CENTRAL PROCESSES LOGISTICS OEM has an efficient logistics process with high servicestandards.

SALES PROCESS OEM runs an efficient sales process based MARKETING on personal selling COMMUNICATION and extensive product OEM creates modern knowledge. marketing communication that supports its sales.

OEM International

OEM Eesti O체



OEM Eesti O체 is a part of OEM International.




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Product areas To become a competent and effective partner, we have devided our organisation into specialised product areas. In this way we combine advantages of beeing experts in small areas with advantages of having a large organisation.














manufacturers & specialized organisation For over 10 years we have been developing a close collaboration with specialized and leading manufacturers from all over the world. OEM acts as the manufacturers’ sales organization in the Baltic market. The manufacturers

The product specialists

Our manufacturers are specialists within their

Our product specialists are the manufacturer’s

field and leaders within their industry. By acting

extended arm into OEM and work closely with

as the manufacturers’ local organization with

the manufacturer’s organization. They often

full responsibility for all sales, we can offer

have a direct collaboration with the manufac-

a unique range, with over 27 000 items from

turer’s development department. Thanks to

more than 200 leading manufacturers.

this co-operation, we can provide highly customized products to our customers.

Product areas To become a competent and effective partner

The sales staff

to our customers, we have divided our product

Our sales engineers have strong knowledge

range into several specialized business areas.

of products and this enables them to become

In this way, we combine the advantage of

experts in their field. They are available to visit

being specialized in small areas with the

customers at short notice to discuss and advice

benefits of being part of a large organization.

on technical or commercial issues. They will help to find always an optimal solution to your needs.

Always available We are always close by, constantly available. Through personal visits, trade fairs, catalogues, customer magazines, website and customer support. You choose the most suitable way for your purposes.

We are close by

Customer magazine

Our head office is in Pärnu and we have

2 000 copies of our customer magazine - OEM info

Lithuanian sales office at Vilnius. From these

are printed per issue and it is published three times

locations we are able to serve and meet customers

a year. It contains news about innovations within

all over Baltics.

product development and new suppliers.

Customer visits


Every year our specialist sales staff makes around

Our complete e-catalogue is available for all our

8 00 customer visits. We are pleased to meet you

products. From web you can find our contact infor-

face to face, give prompt feedback and answers to

mation, latest product news, order forms for printed

your questions and solutions to your problems.

materials and lot more. Find us at


fast and on your terms Our logistics center is located in Turku, Finland and effectively can supply over 15 000 items to Baltic customers directly from stock. In most cases we can dispatch your order within the same day it arrives. By setting our ambitions at a high level, our work delivers efficiency and quality that benefits customers. We can ensure that the right product is delivered at the right time in accordance with the customer’s delivery requirements. Customized solutions OEM has an overall view of customers’ needs and our main aim is to supply our customers with the absolutely optimum solution. By putting together two or more components into one unit, we make things simpler and more streamlined for our customers. OEM has a technical department where we can make simple assemblies of our own products and create

some added value to them by processing products further. Trained and involved fitters, in combination with proximity to our warehouse, make our work more effective and contribute to higher quality. Our close co-operation with our manufacturers also gives us a possibility to create and order modified components directly from them according to your needs.

FACTS - Logistics centre Stocked products 27 000 pcs Warehouse space 4 500 m2 Daily deliveries 200 pcs Storage lifts 4 pcs

Quality management important part of business development We work on a daily basis to make improvements, large as well as small. The aim is to improve the work environment for our staff, to streamline our logistics processes and to refine our offer to customers. The quality of the smallest detail Company overview is the sum of the details. OEM puts lot of efforts to improve the quality of our processes by taking small steps in all areas of our business. By taking these smaller steps in different business processes, the company overview will improve in major steps. Effectively dealing with complaints When selling and shipping plenty of goods, unfortunately complaints are unavoidable. However, a complaint can be a source of development and new knowledge. The aim when OEM receives a complaint is to speedily

and effectively resolve the matter so that the customer obtains relevant compensation but also to implement corrective measures to avoid repetition of the fault.


Components for use inside and on the outside of electrical control panels.

Relays · Mini PLC’s · Push buttons and pilot lights · Terminals · Marking systems Power supplies · Signaling devices · Motor control and protection · Signal converters Energy meters · Heating elements and filter fans · Cable glands · Cable holder ducts Module enclosures and metal cabinets · EMC-filters · Fuses · Surge protection

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Sensors Components for machine and device manufactures.

Barcode readers · Photo sensors · Vision sensors · Distance sensors · Ultrasonic sensors Inductive and capacitive sensors · Linear sensors · Incremental and absolute encoders Inclination and accelaration sensors · Scanners for detector and measuring · Foot switches Magnetic switches · Mechanical limit switches · Enclosures and suspension systems

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Safety components and systems to machine manufactures and end customers.

Safety fences · Safety relays and controllers · Safety light curtains · Safety laser scanners Safety switches · Trapped key systems · Safety ropepull switches Safety edges and -bumpers · Safety mats · 2-hand control panels and -relays

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Pressure & Force Components for pressure, flow and force measuring and controlling.

Pressure switches and sensors 路 Force sensors 路 Level monitoring Temperature sensors 路 Flow monitoring 路 Vacuum grippers

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Cables & Connectors

Industrial cables, singlecores and cable accessories.

Range of cables and singlecores -MTW, -PVC, -PUR, -Rubber, -Halogen Free, -Silicon and -PTFE Customer specified cables · Ship cabels and wires · Plastic and metal conduits Cable chains · Endsleeves, connectors and cableshoes Pressing and cutting tools · Distribution boxes · Cordsets · Industrial Ethernet Multipole connectors · Cable measuring devices

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Image & Vision Camera and monitor systems to all vehicles. High quality digital cameras and solutions to production industry and quality control.

Digital cameras · Cameras for vehicles · Optics · Optical filters · Image analyzing sw Smart cameras · Camera enclosures · LED-light sources · Laser light sources · Special cables Unmanaged PoE switches · Industrial computers · Camera modules · RAM-mounts

Midwest Optical Systems, Inc.

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Components to drives less than 1 kW, motors and transmission products.

AC-motors · DC-motors · Stepper motors · Linear motion · Spur gears · Planetary gears Worm gears · Linear actuators · Motor controllers · Couplings · Timing belts Timing belt pulleys · Integrated AC-servomotors · Integrated stepmotors Mechanical modules and components for factory automation

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Large program of standard bearings and customized bearing solutions for special applications.

Spherical plain bearings and rod ends 路 Bushings 路 Bearing units Roller bearings 路 Locking nuts 路 Slewing rings

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Batteries, chargers and accessories for battery products.

Industrial batteries · Automotive batteries · Motorcycle batteries · Front terminal batteries UPS-batteries · Batteries for cyclic applications · OPzV-, OPzS-, OGi-, OGiV-batteries Lithium batteries · Toolbatteries · Battery racks and cabinets Battery cables and connectors · Battery chargers · Accessories

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Keyboards & Displays TFT-modules, displays, display modules, keyboards, keypads and complete panel solutions - with finishing grades geared to each individual requirement.

TFT-modules · Standard LCD-displays · Custom designed LCD-displays · Touch panels Silicone rubber keypads · Industrial keyboards · Customer specific connector/cable solutions Membrane switches · Touchpads · Industrial touch monitors and touch computers


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Elmech & Thermal We have excellent choice of standard electromechanical components and also, in co-operation with customers and suppliers, special customized products.

LED-products · Potentiometers · Encoders · Indicator lights · Power cords · Power supplies Plastic enclosures · Circuit board protection · Thermostats · PCB-transformers and chokes Connectors (PCB, IEC, power) · Switches (rotary, rocker, code, timer, micro) Heatsinks · Fans · Blowers · PTC-heaters · Peltier coolers

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Materials & Equipment We have complete product range of production materials and production accessories.

Thermal management materials · EMI-materials · Solder and Flux Materials · Tapes Surface Mount Adhesives (SMA) · CSP/BGA-underfillers · Soldering and Rework stations Mobile Fume Filter systems · Flexible video and digital microscopes for visual inspection

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