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is a sistahood WHAT SKY of teen girls across IS SKY? Botswana!

SKY PLEDGE I pledge…

To be true to myself and what I believe in. To be who I am, not who someone else thinks I should be.

SKY STANDS FOR Sure Ka Yone (things you love)

I will say Sure Ka Yone to the things that I am all about – like standing up for my friends and following my dreams. I will say Shapo Ka Yone to the things that I am good without – like smoking and backstabbing. I will make choices that are true to me. I will follow my skyline. I pledge to find my SKY.

Shapo Ka Yone (things you don’t need in your life) To become a SKY girl, take the pledge to stay true to yourself, through the skygirlsbw Facebook inbox.

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Mag •A• zine


Hey guys, The theme of this issue of SKY magazine is “Happy Body, Happy Mind” Being a teenager is an exercise on its own - you wanna go shopping, have fun with friends and family, focus on school, read your books, set our goals, work hard and pray harder, make your parents proud, do some household chores... It can be overwhelming! However, in the midst of all this, we want to maintain a healthy body, because as I always say; if you don’t take care of your body, it won’t take care of you. But what is the best way to do this? In this issue of SKY Magazine we bring you articles to help you achieve a ‘happy body’, which will in turn bring you a ‘happy mind!’ and have included healthy recipes to cook this winter, fashion tips for all body shapes, and interviews with current sports stars, Isaac Makwala and Christine Botlogetswe. We have advice on how to love the skin you’re in, inspirational quotes and heat-felt stories that we hope help you on your beautiful journey! Finally, to all SKY Girls out there: baby girl this is your life and you only live once, so flourish, glow, put yourself first and be HAPPY! Enjoy the read! Love,

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#INSTA SKYgirls bw

Casper the DJ taking selfies with fans

The talented Katlego Ntirang gave an amazing performance with Jordan Moozy

Vee Mampeezy wowed the crowd as a surprise guest

KefusLeo brought true energy and talent to the show as Sadi’s co-host

Han C closed the show in style

Samantha Mogwe got the whole crowd singing along

Sadi Dikgaka brought her A game to SKYchella as host!

We danced hard to MMP Family, another surprise guest


Mag •A• zine

On 24 March, we turned UP at SKYchella! It turned out to be our biggest event ever, with over 2500 SKY Girls coming to chill and hang out. The session was rocked by Samantha Mogwe, Han C, Strut & Heelz, Vee Mampeezy, TNT Dance Crew, MMP Family, Katlego Ntirang & Jordan Moozy! Thank you to everyone who attended, you made it an unforgettable day. We hope to bring more shows to SKY Girls all over the country in the future!


Happy Body, Happy Mind




Since my early childhood, I have always been somewhat selfconscious and have not always been fully comfortable in my own skin. I was usually known as the ‘chubby’ or ‘bigger’ girl. Although I laughed after these remarks were made, it had a negative impact on the way in which I perceived myself. I started to see myself as less than, without really acknowledging that I had more things to offer besides my outward image. I continued to radiate positivity and work on my perception of myself while focusing on my goals and things that I aspired to achieve in my childhood. For a long time, I was aware of the beauty standard that had been set for young girls, especially within the small community that I lived in. In Form 1, I transferred to an all-girls school and developed myself and my mind further; learning to accept the person who God created me to be and sharing that with others but most importantly, encouraging others to learn to accept their flaws because it makes us who we are.

The development of my mind and the overall change of my attitude encouraged me to practice things which would help uplift me instead of focusing on the things which tore me down such as my size. Today, I am happy with who I am, and I have reached a point in my life where I am content with my personality and the mental state of my being, which is of overall importance to me, but I also have worked towards fixing the thing which once made me unhappy. I have lost over twenty kilograms and believe that I have reached a point of having a happy mind, which translated into me then having a happy body. Through my journey, I have learnt that you are in control of your life and your thoughts will define you and display themselves outwardly at some point. Practice self-confidence, be kind to yourself and learn how to love yourself.

Maduo Dijeng


Mag •A• zine

Exercise is for Everybody! Growing up a fairly slim girl, I often saw exercise as a hobby for people who wanted to lose weight or just liked sports and never as an activity I took interest in. I remember my dad always encouraging my younger brother and I to go on jogs with him but I stood headstrong on my views about fitness and emphasised my dislike of the ‘muscular man-ish’ look females who exercised had. Interestingly enough all this changed when around the age of sixteen, my love for fashion and modelling was a full blown obsession and was all I wanted to be. I recall spending all my weekends watching Fashion TV and taking notes of every activity models like Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge did to look the way they did. In the world of fashion, exercise and a good eating plan are an essential part of a model’s daily routine and helps keep their mind in a good state. My theories of why exercise was not for me went out the window. I marveled at how great the girls looked and seemed to enjoy doing pilates, yoga and boxing.

After some time I started looking into online yoga and pilates classes that I could do at home and even got my mum on the bandwagon. This became our bonding morning routine and we encouraged each other to keep pushing and stay consistent. We also started looking into more ways to stay healthy and at harmony with our bodies. Soon the results started showing and we felt great. I took a lot of what I learnt about fitness into university, and I occasionally give tips to some friends on how they can improve their routines. Today, I am a student and a part time model who works with brands from the UK, US and Turkey and still make sure to look after my body and maintain a good mental space. I stand today corrected on my views about exercise and its results. I am in fact an advocate for healthy living in and encourage young girls to make sure they have a happy body and a happy mind.

Brown Barbie



Love, you are beautiful just the way you are. No one, even that boy, does not deserve you if he judges people based on their complexion. We are all different and that is what makes us unique. All you have to do is keep your head held high and remember to stay true to yourself. There is no need to “change” yourself especially not for anyone else, and there is no complexion better than the other. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL babes, and learning to love yourself is the best way to amp up your beauty to 100%. Look at women like Kaone Kario and Viola Davis who embrace their beautiful dark skin. They are both successful and prove that our greatest power is embracing and loving who we are.

I’m afraid to take selfies with my friends because of my pimples. I have tried using different products but nothing changes and this is so frustrating. What can I do?

Every single day we receive questions through the SKY Facebook inbox, from girls asking for advice on all sorts of issues. Here are some questions we received this month, plus advice for you all <3


Hey babes, thanks for your question. You are still growing up and at the stage of puberty whereby you will have a break out of pimples. The acne will be more visible and this can be frustrating especially if this is not happening to your friends. Babes, remember that it is a stage and it will eventually pass. There is no use fighting this stage of growing up, but what you can do is try to treat acne in easy ways. Firstly, DO NOT POP YOUR PIMPLES. This only makes your pimples develop blackheads and scars on your face. Secondly, stay away from excessively oily foods in your diet. Oily and greasy food can clog your pores and lead to an acne breakout. Lastly, drinks lots of water every day. This tip may seem ridiculous but remember 70% of our body is water and our skin is the largest organ in our body so if there is not enough water in our systems our skin will suffer.


Hie SKY, I am 15 years old but I luk lyk I am 9 years. My friends have hips and my mother is curvy too so I have been waiting but I think they are not going to grow and I feel lyk boys are not interested bcz I dnt hav hips...



I don’t know what to do because my crush said he doesn’t like me because he only dates yellow bones.

Hello sweetie! Although you might feel alone with this problem, it is something that many girls go through, so don’t feel you are the only one :) Girls (and boys) develop at different times and in different ways. Some girls might become curvier when they are under 10 years old, but others might be much older, closer to 16 years. Remember that you might never become curvy like your mother or your friends though – everyone is different and it takes a lot of time for your body to ‘settle’ into its adult shape!

Mag •A• zine

Think of the beautiful differences between women’s bodies; some are swimmers, athletes, gymnasts, hip-hop dancers, ballet dancers or basketball stars. They might have very different bodies, but it is how they treat themselves that makes these women’s bodies amazing! Don’t worry about boys, we are sure you are a lovely and interesting girl, and you have probably noticed that your friends don’t always agree on who is the cutest boy in school, right? It’s the same the other way round too, because people have different preferences :) Although you are young and don’t need to worry about this yet, just know that “every pot has a lid.” While you are jealous of your friend’s curves, she might be jealous of your figure! It is better to appreciate yourself, love who you are and not waste time worrying about others. Once you have learned to love your own body, your confidence will shine through. Lots of love!




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Clothes for Classy Curves

For most people, finding an outfit is one of the hardest things to do because we always want to look different when we go out. But for me I used to find it difficult to dress for my body shape and that is because I was never comfortable in my body for a while. I have always been a big girl and I never loved myself. But now I don’t even care what people say about me because I know I’m beautiful and that is what matters most. Because I love fashion and colour, finding an outfit really is not that hard. I usually go onto social media and see what is trending and I try incorporate these trends into what I wear. Here are some tricks I use to dress for my body shape.

1 2 Botlhale Malima


You can never go wrong with a pair of nicely fitted blue denim jeans. I think this really shows off my curves and I truly find jeans comfortable.

Be colourful with your clothes. I am not saying start wearing neon colours, no, but instead of always wearing full black or grey, spice it up a bit with some yellow, light blue and red. Colour is a good way to express yourself and in a way I find that it brightens up my mood.


Make sure that you’re comfortable with what you are wearing. As cliché as it may sound, the only way to accept yourself is to be comfortable and also love yourself.



g for


Mag •A• zine

Lorato Lekutane

Slim Silhouettes My name is Lorato Lekutane, I’m a petite and slender 17 year old girl from Kang. First of all let me just say I love my body type and wouldn’t change it for the world. I know I’m thin and I’m constantly reminded/told by friends, family members and strangers but that doesn’t make me feel bad about myself. I actually like it cause I embrace my skinniness! I really find it disrespectful for someone to tell me that I’m unhealthy just cause I’m skinny. Being skinny doesn’t determine whether a person is healthy or unhealthy so people should stop that type of mentality. People should avoid saying this to skinny girls: “You look unhealthy”, “Do you ever eat? “, “You should gain weight”, “Your bones are visible”, “You could be blown away by the slightest bit of wind” such statements could accidentally trigger someone’s anxiety ‘cause some girls are really insecure. Over the past 3 years I have grown to love my body type cause I’ve learnt and accepted that every woman/girl has a different metabolism and different genetics. I love each and every aspect of my body but the two things I love most about my body is my slim waist and flat tummy. All I can say is that each and every girl should learn how to love and accept

their body type, concentrate on themselves and start being the best they can be. Slim girls need to show the world that beauty is diverse and you don’t have to be a certain stereotype to be beautiful. The three fashion tips I would give to people of my body type are: 1. Wear tops with horizontal stripes to your body for some added curves. 2. High-waisted jeans because the high waist tends to sit at the smallest part of the waist which creates an hourglass figure. 3. Baggy dresses (but not too baggy) are also a way to go because they make you look a bit fuller, and I also feel like they are stylish

Tumisang Segokgo

Tall & Tailored I am one tall and skinny girl who has been through a lot of some negative and some positive names regarding my body. So there were times I felt like I should gain weight ‘cause I might be “sick”, and times when my wild family members kept calling me ‘le modelara’ which got me thinking about what I can do, and I finally came to an understanding that I can be a model. One thing I love about this body is even if I eat a lot it doesn’t even change a bit which is a win-win for me, but I still exercise a bit every day just to keep good health-nyana. As for the ones who called me names, I honestly feel for them ‘cause they wasted their time on negatively commenting on something. I won’t even go around seeking advice from them, but just live life cause God made me this way and He knows what I’m ready for in future. Don’t allow anyone to name you based on your body shape. Giiiirl you better isolate yourself from those people if you want to live a happy life. Please be confident in who you are and walk that walk babes. As for my body twins out there, to embrace our body types my three go-to clothing items are: 1. 2. 3.


High wasted pants Baggy decent tops And a little bit of above knee length skirts



Mag •A• zine

Short & Sweet Sisters

Chazha Seboni

When I was 12 years old in standard seven, I used to feel like I was “too curvy”, mainly because none of my friends had hips. I didn’t even know what hips were at the time actually. I was at swimming practice and one of my friends hugged my hips and she said “you have such nice hips!” And in my head I was like “what are hips, omg she’s right I do have them! Ew! Weird!” They made me feel uncomfortable. It felt like when I started growing boobs (again I was one of the first amongst my friends with those too.) So this body confidence journey didn’t start out with me having confidence. It was a journey. When I got to high school, I became more curvier all around and so I quit swimming, for many reasons, but one was because I felt like I didn’t have the perfect streamlined body and so I thought I would never be a good swimmer. But high school is where I really learnt to love my hourglass figure. I think just from realising “hey these hips are actually pretty nice” and people complimenting me definitely was a confidence booster. I don’t think I’m perfect, I never will be. I still have insecurities just like everyone. I am still working on taking care of my body in terms of all the foods I put in it. It’s a process but it’s what I’m currently focusing on. In my opinion the next step after accepting your body shape and size, is learning to love it and take care of it. When it comes to fashion, one piece of advice I’d share is be comfortable. I used to be Team ‘Beauty Hurts’ and ‘I don’t care if I’m uncomfortable as long as I look good’ but as I’m getting older and I’m seeing how that is unrealistic. My three fashion tips are: 1. I wear tight fitted clothes a lot. Mainly because they accentuate my figure and I like to look snatched. 2. I really like Kim Kardashian West’s fashion style and so when I don’t know what to wear I try emulate a look of hers. 3. I avoid three quarter dresses and pants because I’m short and I’ve told myself it looks awkward on me.

Kudzani Nkalolang


For this issue’s cover competition, we asked you to write something with the theme ‘Happy Body, Happy Mind’, and as always, we received hundreds of beautiful entries. The winner, and your cover girl for Issue 20, is Kudzani Nkalolang, 17, who attends UB. Read her winning entry below… Growing up, I wasn’t really part of the ‘girls’. Ever since standard 3 or 4 I did athletics and I had a typical athlete’s figure. It wasn’t really a big deal at that time, I mean I was young and so there was no pressure, but when I transferred to a different school the problems began. In standard 5, people started teasing me about my appearance, which doesn’t make sense now that I think about it because I was only 10... But that didn’t bother anyone. I was called all sorts of names, like ‘Kudzani the boy’ and others said ‘Are you sure she is a girl’. But I was a really fast athlete. I made the school, my parents and myself proud. It was blissful and honestly the bullies had nothing on me. Being me, I had a crush on a guy (can’t say who though… lol), and one day my 10 year old life came to a pause when I overheard my crush making fun of me :( He made a bet that he could get me to wear a skirt just to prove I was a girl (I really didn’t like skirts back then), but that

wasn’t even the half of it. He called me a certain name, which I also can’t disclose (the name describes a person known for their male appearance though they are female). I didn’t know how to react… I figured ignoring it would be best. After a while whenever I had a race people would start chanting that name. It really affected my confidence and I started disliking my appearance, hating it even! I thought I might be able to run away from the name-calling in high school but it continued on, and it was so bad I quit athletics. I didn’t realize at the time but I had become so consumed in trying to look a certain way that I lost a part of myself; which was my passion for athletics. I started trying all I could in order to achieve my body goals. I took supplements and herbs, I ate too much, and fell sick. I wanted to have that ‘hourglass’ body so badly that I did not realise what was happening. In 2015 my cousin sat me down and told me that she couldn’t bear watching me kill myself like that. I had an intervention… she told me the truth and although it hurt, I appreciate what she did for me. She was there to support me whenever I needed her. I can now proudly say I love my body the way it is, hip dips and all. I may not be the prettiest girl in the world but I am happy and that’s what matters most. My message to all the other girls out there is that; you should never doubt your self-worth. I have realised that a positive mind is the best thing ever!


covergirl’s story

Mag •A• zine






Mag •A• zine

RECIPES Tuna Mayo Baked Potato

Honey Chicken Kebabs

Winter Salad

These couldn’t be easier to make, and they are great comfort food in winter. Even better, they are super healthy – potato skins are full of vitamins, and tuna is full of protein and omega fatty acids that are great for your brain, eyes, skin and even hair! We swap the mayo for plain yogurt – all the taste, but much healthier :)

These are as beautiful as they taste! Skinless chicken is healthier because it has less fat, plus these veggies are full of goodness <3 Serve with plain rice, or stir fresh chopped herbs through the rice – try parsley, chives or basil.

You could make this as a delicious side salad and serve it with grilled chicken or beef, but it is also filling on its own and stores well if you are packing lunch. Either way, beetroot and carrots are full of vitamins that will keep you healthy this winter!

This recipe is for 2 people, but you can adjust the amounts if you want more or less :)

Ingredients • 8 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves - cut into 1 inch cubes • 5 small onions, cut into quarters • 1 pepper (any colour but red or yellow will look best), cut into 2 inch pieces • 4 baby marrows, each one cut into 6 pieces • 2 tablespoons sunflower/ olive oil • 2 tablespoons honey • 1 tablespoons soy sauce (optional) • A pinch of salt and pepper • 12 wooden skewers (available at most supermarkets)

Ingredients • 2 large potatoes • 1 can tuna, drained • 1 tablespoon plain yogurt • ½ a green pepper, finely diced • 1 tomato, diced • ¼ of an onion, very finely diced • 1 pinch salt and pepper Directions 1. Heat the oven to 200C 2. Wash and scrub a large potato (or 1 per person) 3. Place it in the oven directly on a rack and cook for 1 hour 4. While you wait, make the filling – just mix all the other ingredients together! 5. When they’re done, cut the potatoes open and fill them with the tuna mix

Makes 12 skewers (enough for 3 or 4 people)

Directions 1. Stir together the oil, honey, soy sauce, salt and pepper in a big bowl 2. Using clean hands, coat the chicken pieces in the honey mixture 3. Add the chopped vegetables to the bowl and again, coat in the honey mixture using your hands 4. Add the chicken and veggie pieces to the skewers, alternating so it looks pretty! 5. Cook on a low-medium heat, either on a frying pan/ grill pan, under the grill, or on the braai 6. Cooking will take about 12 - 15 minutes, until the chicken juices run clear

Makes 4 side salads or 2 large salads Ingredients • 4 beetroots, skinned and grated • 1 large carrot, grated • Chopped lettuce (any type will work) • 2 tomatoes, cut into pieces • 2 blocks of feta, cut into small squares • Any type of seeds or nuts (e.g. chopped walnuts, sunflower seeds) • 2 tablespoons sunflower or olive oil • 1 tablespoon vinegar (preferably balsamic but any type is OK) • ¼ tablespoon sugar (any type) • Pinch of salt and pepper Directions 1. Mix the beetroot, carrot, lettuce, tomato and nuts or seeds together 2. In a cup, mix the oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar 3. Pour the dressing over the salad and mix well 4. Add the chopped feta on top and enjoy your pretty salad!

One important part of the ‘happy body, happy mind’ equation is understanding what substances we are putting in our bodies. Here’s a breakdown of all the different things to consider before taking any kind of substance, because knowledge is power :)


Alcohol is an ingredient found in different types of drinks. Some drinks are comparatively weaker, like beer. Some are much stronger, such as vodka. But what they all have in common is that drinking them makes you ‘drunk’. When people are drunk, they can’t control their bodies or minds properly. They might fall over, make bad decisions, or even ‘black out’ and be completely helpless, putting themselves in a lot of danger. In Botswana, it is illegal to drink alcohol until the age of 18. There’s a good reason for that: drinking alcohol when your body and mind is still growing can cause much worse health problems compared to older people. When you turn 18, you are legally allowed to drink alcohol. But in Botswana 85% of adult women choose not to drink, which is a super healthy choice :) Finally, never let yourself or your friends be peer pressured into drinking – every girl should have control over her own body and make her own choices <3


Drugs are different from drinking and smoking, firstly because they are always illegal no matter how old you are, and secondly because there are a lot of different types. Instead of having one main ingredient (like alcohol or tobacco), there are LOTS of different types, and different ways of ‘taking’ them (e.g. injecting, burning and smoking, inhaling etc). The effects on your mind and body are all different too, depending on the drug, but they all change the way the user feels, and acts, for the time that it is affecting you. Just like with alcohol, you become ‘someone else’ and might act in strange ways or make bad decisions.

Subs Smoking

Usually when someone says ‘smoking’ they mean smoking tobacco cigarettes, the kind that come in a box. But if you have ever seen someone with loads of smoke coming out of their mouth, they are also smoking tobacco, from a ‘hubbly’, which is a device that some people use. In fact hubbly also contains tobacco, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s safe – it’s not, it’s exactly the same as smoking cigarettes. Just like alcohol, the law says it is illegal to smoke if you are under 18, and again it’s for a good reason. Smoking at a young age causes much worse health issues, and even stops young people developing fully and properly. Unlike alcohol or drugs, smoking tobacco does not create a ‘pleasurable’ feeling, but tobacco is addictive so often people who try smoking can’t stop, even though it is expensive, smells bad and doesn’t bring any happiness. That’s probably why smoking is the most common ‘Shapo’ for teenage girls, and the statistics agree: most teenagers in Botswana don’t smoke. In fact overall, 95% of Batswana women don’t smoke. Re sure ka lona!


Medication is another thing that you put inside your body without knowing exactly what it is… you have to trust whoever recommended you to take it, right? Well, if a doctor has told you to take a certain medication, you should, because it will help to make you feel better (but make sure you take the right amount). Other medications are less serious, so you can buy them in shops easily (like Grandpa, or other pain medications). With this type of medicine, always try to read what is on the box so that you don’t take too much. Medication should not change the way your mind works, so it will make you feel better but won’t make you lose control of yourself :) Of course there are also home remedies like ginger, peppermint tea, green tea, etc, and mostly these are healthy and you don’t need to worry about having too much, or noticing any strange side-effects.




Mag •A• zine






Beer, wine, cider, vodka, gin, whiskey

Cigarettes, cigars, shisha (aka hubbly or hookah (all contain tobacco)

Dagga, cocaine, kat, ecstasy, heroin

Grandpa, panado, antibiotics, vaccines

Legal for under 18s?





Legal for over 18s?






Loss of control (of your body and your mind)

Slight dizziness

Different effects ranging from increased energy, paranoia, seeing things that aren’t there, sleepiness, loss of feeling or emotion

Treating illnesses of different types. Should not have much of a noticeable effect apart from making you better, although some medications might make you sleepy – ask your doctor!


Making bad decisions/ taking risks you wouldn’t otherwise take, loss of memory, feeling terrible the next day, problems with liver & other organs from drinking too much

Addiction (can’t stop smoking), coughing and other lung conditions, premature ageing especially of skin (wrinkles), dulling of the skin and hair, loss of fertility, lung, mouth and other cancers

Addiction (can’t stop taking the drug), accidentally taking something else (not knowing what is it really is), making bad decisions, having a ‘bad trip’ and experiencing a scary or upsetting time

Taking too much of any medication (prescribed by your doctor or bought in a shop) is dangerous. Different things can happen depending on the medication but it is always important to take medications correctly

Knowledge is power, so we hope that this article helps all SKY Girls out there to feel POWERFUL, and to know exactly what they are putting in their beautiful bodies. We care about each and every one of you, so take care of yourself too :)


Isaac Makwala

Hi Badman! Please tell us a little about yourself? Hello, My name is Isaac Makwala, I am 32 years of age, I hail from Tutume. I have 6 siblings, I am the 7th. What are your 3 Sures and 3 Shapos? Ke sure ka confidence, speed, and myself! Ke shapo ka negativity, drugs and alcohol What quote do you live by? ‘Shut up and run’ (laughs) Please tell us what you were like as a teenage boy? I was a good boy, very disciplined even though I was naughty at times. I went to church with my parents, I went to UCCSA. I was a young holy boy (laughs) What inspired you to become an athlete? I watched a lot of athletics competitions on TV when I was young, then I developed interest and I grew up knowing that someday I would represent my country… and here I am (smiles) What advice would you give to a teenager out there who wants to start a career in sport? Work hard and focus on what you want. Sport is now in a different phase, one can actually make a living out of it. So focus, and avoid drugs and alcohol. Which sports-person do you really look up to and why? Sanya Richards-Ross, an American who runs the 400m. I like the way she runs. Please describe your feelings when you won that gold medal for Botswana earlier this month. I was very delighted because I really worked hard for this achievement for many years, and accomplishing it was a dream come true.

Quick Qs! Fav food? Oxtail and pap

Fav song on your playlist currently? Franco’s album Last person you texted? My Girlfriend


What do you do when you’re sad? I never allow myself to be sad If you were not an athlete what would you have been? (Laughs) I have been wondering too What is one thing most people don’t know about you? Negative criticism does not move me anyhow




Mag •A• zine

Christine Botlogetswe Hi CB! Please tell us about yourself? Hello, My name is Christine Botlogetswe I am 23 years of age, I come from Rakops, Boteti, and I am the 4th child amongst my siblings. What are your 3 Sures and 3 Shapos? Ke sure ka confidence, strength, speed Ke shapo ka negativity, missing training and losing What quote do you live by? ‘Fear Nothing” Please tell us what you were like as a teenage girl? I was so soft, so fragile, and free-spirited and always laughing... (giggles) What inspired you to become an athlete? I watched a lot of TV and saw athletes representing their own countries. I developed interest and wanted to be my own role model What advice would you give to a teenage girl out there who wants to start a career in athletics or sports in general? Be passionate about what you want, never give up and work hard. Which sportsperson do you really look up to and why? Myself. I am my own champion (smiles) Finally please describe your feelings when you won that bronze medal for Botswana earlier this month on the relay. I was on form, I knew I was in for the win. I told myself it was a new day, I became fearless and we fought to get the bronze. And I was very happy

Quick Qs! Fav food? Biltong

What do you do when you sad? Listen to music and stay alone

Fav song on your playlist currently? David - My Trust is in You Lord

If you were not an athlete what would you have been? A model

Last person you texted? My son

What is that one thing that most people don’t know about you? I am immune to criticism

By SKY Magazine reporter Mother-Theresa Phenyo

We already have so much to think about – school, chores, friendship issues… so it’s kinda unfair that what we look like is also really important. Sometimes it feels like everyone is judging you and even though you LOVE your best friend, you also lowkey hate her because she has perfect skin and the nicest clothes, ugh! Well there are 2 roads you can take. Trying hard to look ‘perfect’ is a road that is lined with jealousy and unhappiness, and honestly leads nowhere, because no one is perfect. Then there’s another road, one where every step is another love letter to yourself, and at the end of it, you will find yourself glowing with confidence.


Obviously the second road is the right one, but what steps should we take to make sure we are heading in the right direction? Here are some SKY Top Tips that you can try yourself. Good luck beautiful babes, le lentle.


Avoid comparing yourself to others. Usually we compare ourselves negatively to others, because strangely we tend to be harsher on ourselves than on other people. Don’t waste your life wishing for your classmate’s figure… she is probably thinking she had a nose like yours. If we stop worrying about other people and try to be grateful for what we have, the world would be a happier place :)



Think about the media you consume It is important to remember that on social media, people choose their best photos and use filters, so the image of the girl you’re comparing yourself to isn’t even real. Celebrities like the Kardashians and Bonang Matheba all have flaws, you just don’t see them because they have been carefully edited out. So if you find that you are regularly comparing your appearance to other people’s, try quitting social media or TV for a month (you won’t die, we promise!) and see if you feel better :)

Look at yourself in the mirror, clear your mind of any negative thoughts, and think of 3 things you like about your appearance. Teenagers’ bodies can change quite quickly, so watch your body as it grows and changes, and make sure you are always noticing things you love about it, and reminding yourself about them.



Mag •A• zine



Forget about it! This one is really difficult, but think about it this way… has an old woman ever said “I wish I spent more of my youth worrying about my appearance”? No, she would rather wish she spent more time with loved ones, made memories, and enjoyed her life. So next time you are worrying about your appearance, think of something more substantial you could be doing, like reading a book or catching up with a friend. Something the future YOU would be happy about :)

Befriend Positive People The people you spend time with have a major impact on how you view the world, yourself and your appearance. If you are around people who are critical of their own bodies or other people’s, your own body image may suffer. Choose friends who are positive, uplifting, and open-minded! Also, if you have friends who are negative about their own appearance, try to be a positive role model for them. Show them that you love your body just the way it is, and soon they will do :)

My name is Olesego Galejewe. I’m living with a skin condition called vitiligo - a condition that makes part of your skin lose its own pigmentation, resulting in white patches. Having vitiligo as a young girl growing up affected my self-esteem as I was a victim of bullying at school and in society. I had to withdraw from modelling and the fashion industry as people thought I would pass the condition to them even though it is not so! But being bullied and called names made me stand on my feet to be an activist for people living with the condition, using modelling as a medium. I stand to advocate for people deemed as outcasts because of their looks, especially young women. I have accepted my body and I have acknowledged the fact that I’m a black person turning “white” slowly. This is what I want; for people who have the same condition to accept themselves, embrace their beauty and never allow negativity in their lives :) As a model living with vitiligo, my dream is to make a difference to another woman who considers herself ugly, to be an inspiration and a role model to young girls out there. Accept and love your body! Shapo ka negativity. Sure ka self loving and acceptance.

Local author Botho Lejowa recently held a free creative writing workshop for young aspiring writers. Over 2 days, Botho guided a group of teens to create their very own short stories. One of those who attended was Katso Mokgothu, a 15-year-old high school student with a passion for reading and writing, and an above average fascination (AKA obsession) with K.Pop culture. Here we bring you Katsoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s short story. Enjoy!





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Well almost. It was going to be an amazing day. Today was going to be a lifechanging day, with life-changing events. Maybe she would fall in love, maybe she would meet someone new. All she knew was that she was going to have an amazing day. June Clark. That was her name. She was a delightful young girl who was easy to love. She was pretty; not ‘stop in the middle of the street to stare’ pretty but there was something about her. She had a quiet elegance and determination in the way she carried herself. She was a firstyear University student who wanted nothing more than to graduate. What a boring life June lived. She attended the same lectures with lecturers that sang the same horribly depressing songs that were masked as educational information. The same routine played out week after week without exception, until one day. She was sitting in the notoriously uncomfortable lecture room chairs, fidgeting as the ache in her back became increasingly painful. She was barely listening to the professor

as she had already completed the assignment that he was currently talking about. Her mind had just started to wonder when it happened. He walked into her lecture room. Before she even saw him she felt his magnetic presence pull her out of her thoughts and into the present. When she finally did look at him the first thing she noticed was his eyes. How could you miss those eyes? They were as bright and warm as the sun and handcrafted to perfection. Specks of gold glittered in them, not the everyday cheap jewellery kind of gold, no, the kind of gold that only God himself could create. She found a familiar sense of comfort in them. She could almost stare in amazement. Unable to speak, move or blink. She wasn’t even sure if she was still breathing. Was her heart still beating? Her world stopped when he turned to face her. Their eyes met, and then he began to walk towards her. She began to imagine all the things that could happen, all the things that could be. It felt like

kismet. There was no way that this couldn’t have been fated. There was no way they weren’t meant to be together. Her mind even dared to imagine a future together. She moved from their first conversation in an old lecture room, to their first date, their first kiss and even their wedding day. As he approached she snapped into action as if finally aware of her surroundings. She cleared the scrap paper with silly doodles that littered her desk and opened a book in an attempt to appear focused. When he finally stood in front of her in all his awe-inspiring glory she braced herself for what he would say. She was prepared for the flattery and flirtation. Her heart skipped several beats as blood rushed to her face, she began to wonder if there was a casual way of dipping her face in a bucket of ice to stop the blushing. He finally spoke, “Hey. Do you know where the bathrooms are?” Her heart dropped. She had almost had an amazing day.

ThabsieSA ThabsieSA



You might know Thabsie best as the singer on Kwesta’s hit Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe, and you’ve probably heard her solo song ‘African Queen’ getting airplay over the last few months! SKY caught up with the Queen herself to ask her a few questions… Hi Thabsie! Please tell us a little about yourself? My full name is Bathabise Vokwana, a 26-year-old singer, song writer and performer. I was born and bred in sunny South Africa. I was raised by two amazing parents and I have 4 sisters. Please can you tell us your 3 Sures and 3 Shapos? Ke sure ka music, reaching people through my music, and anything that has to do with chocolate :) Ke shapo ka negativity, show-offs and racism. What quote do you live your life by? “Your life must be spent searching for and living out YOUR purpose”


african queen What inspired you to become a singer? I come from a very musical family. I’ve been obsessed with and started writing music from a young age. So becoming a singer was just a natural progression for me and I feel it was what I was put on this earth for.

Can you tell us what inspired your song ‘African Queen’? I wanted to write a song that celebrated beautiful black African women. A song that speaks to how an African Queen should be treated by her African King. When the producer, John Lundun sent me the song he had titled it ‘African Queen’ – this is what sparked my idea to write the lyrics about an African Queen. What advice would you give to a teenage girl out there who wants to start a career in music? Following your dream and pursuing your purpose is never easy but always worth it. Never give up on what you believe you are meant to do or who you are meant to be. What are your favourite tracks… To cheer you up if you’re sad? • Gospel music To relax? • Sabrina Claudio, Jhene Aiko and Aaliyah To dance to? • Anything by Cardi B at the moment

Mag •A• zine


Cassim Junior Age: 18

Cassim is Francistown born and bred, a student who is currently waiting to go to varsity.

Ke sure ka:

Honesty Self-love Happiness

Ke shapo ka:

Negativity Smoking Bullying




Mothei Age: 15 Mothei is a student, football fan and player. He schools in South Africa, at Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng.

Ke sure ka:

SKY girls I want where get to Working hard Respect

Ke shapo ka:

Drugs Smoking Alcohol


Every issue we fea from all over Botsw errday. This time a shout out to som lives, so we asked y #SKYGuys who des in SKY Magazine

Khojo Age: 19

Khojo is a videographer and entrepreneur.

Ke sure ka:

SKY girls Respecting my elders Working hard to achieve my goals.

Ke shapo ka: Smoking Maaka Go utswa



ature young women wana who are slaying e we wanted to give r me of the guys in ou e m you to nominate so on serve some recogniti eâ&#x20AC;Ś ar ey th re e, and he


Thabang Sekape Age: 23

Thabang is a third year student of media studies at UB, and a blogger.

Ke sure ka: My girlfriend My friends My art/craft Graduating

Ke shapo ka: Cheating Smoking Lying Self-sabotage


Do you know a #SKYGuy who deserves to get some recognition? Let us know via our Facebook inbox or Instagram DMs and we will feature them :)

Selena Gomez “I realise everybody wants what they don’t have. But at the end of the day what you have inside is much more beautiful than what’s on the outside!”

Salma Hayek “People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and I think the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder”

Janelle Monae “Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through!”


Serena Williams “Since I don’t look like every other girl, it takes a while to be okay with that. To be different. But different is good.”



Mag •A• zine

Ayanda Thebethe “The best thing about focusing on your personal goals, targets and improving yourself is that you don’t have to compare yourself to what others are doing”

Tyra Banks “Girls of all kinds can be beautiful… from the thin, plussized, short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between.”

Zendaya Coleman “The best thing is to realize that you are who you are and you gotta work with what you got”

Dineo “The harsh reality about having a low self-esteem is that you have to figure it out and come out of it all by yourself. But I have moved past that and these days I have no space for negativity in my life.”

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Letter to my 14 year old self Hi Ro. It’s me, future self. I am here to give you a little insight about our life. As we speak, you just started at a new school. I know you are feeling a little unsettled about having to start all over again – new friends, new teachers and an all round new environment. I know you don’t do well with change, but I promise you these next few years will be some of your best, and will result in some really great memories. You wont even have to try hard. Trust me, you got this.

Speaking of friends, choose well and choose wisely. Some will be good for you while many will get you into trouble (little miss troublemaker you). Not everyone is meant to be a part of your life. So don’t be upset when God weeds out the bad friends from your life. Yes you love having many friends, but not all will stick around. Oh yes, and also be careful of boys. They are exciting, but not all of them will handle your precious heart with care. Writing and travelling are your biggest loves. No surprise that you will choose to study media in Malaysia. Like icing on the cake, your desire to see and learn about the world will make that decision easy. Mama and Papa will try to talk you into settling for UB but your curiosity and sense of adventure surpasses the need to stay in your comfort zone. The family will miss you but will become the cheerleaders of your dreams. You are a big dreamer but not everyone understands it. You feel misunderstood half the time but don’t stress. You are not weird, just unique. So be YOU. It’s your life, and your dreams…not theirs. So just follow them to wherever they take you. God will guide you. Keep writing Ro, it will take you far. Your love affair with words is not a mistake. Keep writing! And always remember: pray every day, write what’s on your mind, smile genuinely, read a good book, travel the world and BE HAPPY! XoXo


Rorisang Mogojwe is a journalist by profession and a writer by passion, popularly known for her work on Yarona FM as a newsreader and columnist for Echo newspaper. She is also a girl power advocate, striving to empower young women through the media platforms she exists on.

d e t t o p SKY S e s ome ll the aw ing SKY a t u o k roc k C hec p ot t e d s e w le peop gear :D on this yourself T-shirt! t o p s u If yo a SK Y ou W IN page, y

l e z s uz p gam


Grab your besties and solve these together! Have fun :)

How Healthy Are You? The Quiz Answer these 7 questions and add up the points to find out how healthy you are! 1. Be honest! How much of each day do you spend moving (walking, dancing, cooking, cleaning etc) • More than 3 hours (3 points) • Between 1 and 3 hours (2 points) • Less than 1 hour (1 point) 2. Which of these sentences most applies to you? • Life is about balance (2 points) • My body is a temple (3 points) • I don’t really think about what I put into my body (1 point) 3. How often do you doubt your own abilities, or feel worthless? • Every day (1 point) • Sometimes – maybe once a week (2 points) • Never or almost never (3 points) 4. How many times per week do you eat something colourful (green, red, yellow or orange)? • Less than 3 times (1 point) • Between 3 and 7 times (2 points) • More than 7 times (3 points)


5. Do you smoke? • Yes, I smoke (this means several times a week) (1 point) • No, I have tried it but I don’t buy cigarettes or smoke regularly (2 points) • No, and I have never tried (3 points) 6. Which of these sentences do you agree with? • I guess I know my body quite well, and try to look out for it (2 points) • I am very in tune with my body (3 points) • My body is just a vehicle that I live inside (1 point) 7. How would you stop yourself finishing all the ice cream? • I would hide it or ask someone to make sure I don’t eat it (2 points) • No problem, I wouldn’t even be tempted (3 points) • Umm… I would definitely finish it, even if I felt sick (1 point)


11 points or less Oh no! The results say you are not very healthy… sorry girl, well think of this as a way to improve :) Don’t worry, you are still young so you can easily improve your health with just a few simple changes. Read back through the mag and see what simple changes you could make! Good luck sweetie, we believe in you :) Remember you are WORTH it! 12 – 16 points Mmm, OK… You are kind of in the middle here. Not too unhealthy, but not too healthy either. Check back through your answers to see where you can introduce some healthy new elements into your lifestyle. Maybe the answer is to get a little more exercise; you could try playing a sport or dancing in your bedroom! Maybe you are busy and forget to tell yourself ‘I am beautiful’ every day in the mirror. Try it for a week, and see if you feel more in tune with your body. Good luck girl! Identify the issues and use them to improve! Go girl <3 17 points or more Wow, good job! You are really healthy <3 You might not be 100% perfect but you understand yourself, know how to look after your body and you make an effort to stay on the healthy side of life. That is great, and we hope you inspire others too. Remember to look after friends who might not be as comfortable in their own bodies as you are. People like you are sometimes in danger of being too hard on themselves so don’t deny yourself the occasional unhealthy snack, that pleasure is part of life too :)


skyscope s say r a t s e h t t a h w t u Find o nds! <3 ie r f r u o y & u o y t abou

GEMINI May 21 – Jun 20 The life of the party, quick-witted and fun to be around. Many people don’t know that you are sensitive because you are always smiling. Look forward to great news in this season. KEEP SMILING :)

VIRGO Aug 23 – Sept 21 You are always looking for the good in people and this is admirable. Be more aware of the people around you because they can have an impact in your life. O nne sure ka positive people ;)

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 21 Your passion is a force that can never be replaced. You always TRY to go the extra mile, whether in your studies, your talents or relationships. Keep it up love.

ARIES Mar 21 – Apr 19 You are a natural optimist and this will cause you to welcome a new phase in your life. Take a deep breath and dive into it with the positive mindset you naturally possess. You will reap great benefits!

CANCER Jun 21 – Jul 22 You are one of the most loving people around. Always remember that what you give out is what you will receive in return. All the good you have been doing for other people will come back to you a hundredfold. LIBRA Sept 22 – Oct 23 Continue being the socialite you are because you will soon meet the right people to nurture all your talents. Your flexibility is a strength which makes it easy for you to connect with people from various backgrounds.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 – Jan 19 Babes, you spend a lot of time in your thoughts and though this enhances your creativity, you need to relax. It will be okay and you will be okay, just do not stress :)

AQUARIUS Jan 20 – Feb 18 As you go through a huge transition in your life, be conscious of the friends around you. Your friends are there for you and all you have to do be AWARE of this. You have a great support system girl, don’t doubt that! PISCES Feb 19 – Mar 20 People are drawn to your creative ideas, and this is the time to make your ideas come alive. You need to take a leap of faith and keep pushing your passion, it will soon pay off. You know you are great, so ACT ON IT GIRL!

TAURUS Apr 20 – May 20 You are the dependable friend that everyone can count on. This could be in your responsibilities at school or even in your social groups. See this as a blessing because you are the key element needed by many to feel happy. :* Keep being you babes

LEO Jul 23 – Aug 22

Everyone knows that you are a leader and command attention when you walk in a room. OWN IT babes, it may seem intimidating to some people but do not for one second think you need to change. It is your selfconfidence that will catapult you in the future.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21 All the travelling you wish to do will soon happen. You need to work hard and remain being an optimist because it will help you as you journey through life.

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