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announcements Interested in appearing on the newsletter? No fear! John is here! If you would like to write an article please feel free and contact either Nicolas Do, Emily Huynh, or I! There are many ways you can appear on the newsletter just ask! :D

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Hello Oxford Key Clubbers! I’m glad that you have found my President’s Corner, a place for your president’s thoughts and updates. It’s been 3 weeks since the 2014-2015 term has started and some of you might still be wondering why Hannah isn’t in charge anymore. This is because the Key Club year starts around March or April and ends around the same time, depending on when District Convention, or DCON, occurs. DCON is an event to celebrate the end of a term and prepare us for the start of the next one. Since I will be your fearless Key Club leader for the next 11 months, here are some tidbits to get to know me: -My favorite color is Blue. Pretty generic huh? But sometimes I get picky with my blue, thinking it’s too dark or too light. Either way, I am Team Blue and down with Team Green! -My other activities are currently Junior Class Committee, Swim, and Show Choir. Next year, you’ll see me as your Spirit Commissioner, leading your rallies and planning your spirit weeks. WOW! -I love food. Chocolate, fruit, juice, granola bars, sour patch kids, chocolate, fruit, eggs, chips, ice cream, chocolate. Did I mention chocolate? I love it, especially Toblerone. -If you ever want to easily persuade me, you can buy me food, hit me with an original chemistry or math pun, or be super dedicated to Key Club! What do I have planned for my awesome term as President? -Make your Key Club experience spectacular and so enjoyable that you’d want to come again and bring friends -Debunk the myth that Key Club does nothing but cheer. Of course we cheer and we’re happy, but Key Club is so much more than that! We’re the oldest and largest service program for high school students with clubs in countries like Jamaica, Malaysia, and South Korea. -Raise awareness about Project Jumpstart, Pediatric Trauma Program, and Project Eliminate to further benefit people AROUND THE WORLD I’m super excited to get to know all of you throughout the year, so please feel free to ask me anything or send me a suggestion through Facebook, email, text, etc. Remember: You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. Shine Bright!

President’s Corner! The Oxford Academy Key Club Newsletter

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Editor’s Letter! Hey Key Clubbers!

Happy May! My name is John Hoang and I am officially and your new Bulletin Editor for the 2014-2015 term. Last year, Emily Huynh was your bulletin editor and she did an amazing job and I’m scared to live up to her expectations. Since this is my first newsletter, I’ll introduce myself! I am currently a sophomore and I really like the color orange. Honestly I have no clue what I’m doing as bulletin editor but it will definitely be an experience worth going through. Throughout this term I really want to show everyone who I am and what I can do for the newsletter. I know this newsletter isn’t the best but I hope to make even better ones over time.

Since you guys don’t really know me, I feel like the right thing to do here is to give you guys random facts about me!

Well I think you can get to know me based on those facts ^_^ This newsletter really focuses on what has happened over the past month and there has been a lot! We made the transition from old board to new board and there was banquet. Woah! There is just so much to go over but such a little amount of pages. I really hope I can please you with my newsletter this month.

Be sure to check in next month to see my next sunnilicious newsletter. By the way OA kids, be sure to look out for the bulletin in the 200 building, I’ll be in charge of that and I hope to make it as q as Emily did before. Well this is all for now! See you later key clubbers!

— John Hoang

-First of all, I’m a sophomore and my activities include Key Club, Sophomore Class Committee, Orchestra/ Band, NHS! -I like to volunteer ^_^, hang out with friends usually eating, and spend endless nights watching Netflix! -My favorite food is …. Just kidding I love all food. Food = life. If I didn't have food I might die right now. -Random fact: I used to be a major gamer spending almost all of my time playing LoL but now I spend a lot of it just doing homework.(fml can I go back)

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Ronald McDonald Walk For Kids Reah Chiong, Vice President th

On April 5 , OAKC had the privilege of helping the Ronald McDonald House Charities in their annual Walk for Kids at the Honda Center. Many volunteers were asked to regulate booths, and to guide the runners and walkers to certain points of the race. Specifically, our club was in charge of cheering the participants on throughout the race. What made this such a rewarding experience was watching the countless men, women, and children walk and run in support of a child. Families wore matching t-shirts and outfits to not only publicize for this child but to also tell their story. Whether they passed or survived a illness, it was touching to be able to witness such a lively and enthusiastic group of runners. I had never felt better cheering someone on than I did right then. Despite the heat that day, we maintained our composure and kept going. From “G-DOUBLE O-D J-O-B! GOOD JOB GOOD JOB!” to “You keep walkin’, sister!” to the “Yeah!” and the “Whoo!,” the enthusiasm of the club volunteers throughout the entire race helped make the run more special for those who participated. Even the children, who woke up that Saturday morning supporting this cause rather than watching cartoons would give the volunteers highfives, which encouraged us further. What was especially more touching was when the participants, from all sorts of ages, would respond and acknowledge us by saying “thank you” or by exploding the same amount of spirit that we put in. Overall, this event goes down in my Key Club scrapbook as one of the most rewarding experiences that Key Club had to offer. I hope that I will get to be a part of it next year!

It’s that time of year where you hide colorful eggs. Typically you wouldn’t miss the chance of getting free candy but when duty calls, you serve. On Easter day volunteers woke up a bit early then there typical Oxford Free Sunday and headed to La Palma Park. Were in a small corner many had prepared clothes, food, shoes, and other necessaries for those less fortunate. Volunteers had to separate clothes into separate groups such as Ladies Blouses and Men’s T-Shirts etc. After countless bags and boxes were unpacked with clothes, volunteers moved on to separating shoes and blankets. Setting everything up was tough on the volunteers since on some pieces of clothing you couldn’t really tell which pile it belong too. Just before the doors opened for many people less fortunate volunteers were instructed to pick a spot such as Shoes and help anyone find a size they also told us the Anaheim Police was in the corner if we needed any kind of help. Most important they wanted us to be patient and help in everything we could. People poured in but before they could grab clothes and shoes, food was given to them. When people showed up to our station asking for a size nine in Spanish it was our time to bust out our Spanish skills and make Mrs. Stephan proud. It was difficult to help people find there right sizes since all the shoes were mixed between ladies and men which varied in many different sizes. When miracles occurred and people found there right size and love the shoe s they found there thanks and smiling face was worth waking up early for even if it was in different languages. After a couple of hours we were told to pick all the clothes that wasn’t taken and put them back into boxes same went for the shoes. We packed everything and just like that an event that help many was gone without a trace, but the smiles it left on many. Even though the clothes section was packed up some parts of the food section wasn’t packed up. A lady was left on the bench trying to shove two large jackets into a small plastic bag. I walked over to her and ask if she needed help. She didn’t really answer my question but start talking about her friend who needed a jacket and she had found the perfect jacket for him. I helped her put both jackets into a bag and then I saw she only had one bag of food. I grab one of the extra bags of food and gave it to her. She seemed so happy that extra food was given to her. She continued to talk about her friend. I was amazed on how she barely had anything and yet was still thinking on giving what little she had to her friend. I told her I had to go but it was a pleasure meeting her. She told me bless your soul and I’ll see you here next year. Even though I didn’t spend my Easter Morning sleeping, I wouldn’t do it all over to experience conversations with people you never expected to meet without Key Club. Even though this event was tough it was rewarding and meaningful.

Jeniffer Aguilar , Historian

Easter Serving Day The Oxford Academy Key Club Newsletter

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Golden Times | Jenny Chung, Treasurer DCON 2014 was held from April 11-13 in Sacramento, CA! For those who are not familiar with what DCON is, it stands for District CONvention, where key clubbers from all around our California, Nevada, and Hawaii (that’s our district!) come together to learn even more about key club and celebrate a year of service. Because it was held at Sacramento, we got up extra early for the 6 hour bus ride. Once there, the environment was fantastic. There were key clubbers everywhere, cheering their hearts out, and repping their division mascots. It was incredible meeting people from all around, even Hawaii! It’s hard to imagine Key Club outside our small division, but try to imagine us x 91240803 ! (okay, maybe not that much). Our club applied for almost every award possible, and we got almost all the awards we applied for! We dominated the distinguished awards, and almost every single one of us went up on the big stage in front of thousands and received an award. I went on behalf of my fellow IP Historians, and accepted a medal for our non-traditional scrapbook that we put blood, sweat, and tears into. It was a pretty exciting moment. Hopefully, we made Mama Hannah and Mama Tina proud. :’) The workshops were also interesting, but the main purpose of DCON was to elect the next District Governor, and after listening to so many speeches that showed how qualified everyone was, it was hard to narrow it down! But there were clear winners, and they were revealed at closing session. Closing session was the end of everything—the end of DCON and the official end of the term. Watching all the LTG’s go up on that stage and retire was emotional for all of them and also us, and at the end, we all ran to Tina (the now IP Lieutenant Governor for D30S) and just mass group hugged her. #feels Yes, we may not have won a spirit stick or had tons of pictures of our division in the slideshow, but we all shared great moments, became known as the “OH YEAH” division, dominated distinguished awards, lost our voices cheering, and met amazing people. Can I get an “OH YEAH” for DCON 2014, and another “OH YEAH” for DCON 2015, which will be held at our very own Anaheim!?

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The Star In Our

A Night To Division Banquet Nicolas Do | President On Sunday, April 27, Division 30 South had their 2014 Division Banquet, titled “A Golden Night,” at the Radisson Suites Hotel in Buena Park. When I first arrived, I was overjoyed. The decorations, the venue, the people. Everything was amazing. I was happy to see people I hadn’t since DCON, which felt like months ago. When banquet started, I couldn’t wait to eat the tasty lasagna and the sweet cheesecake. Then performances began and I had a great time cheering people on and listening to the beautiful voices that our Division 30 South Key Clubbers had. I didn’t realize until the Year in Review and Letters to Tina videos started playing that the term was over and the seniors were graduating. As I listened to my advisor’s voice sending her regards to Tina, I realized that tonight would be my last night with some of these people and I was disheartened. I wanted to tell everyone that I loved them, that I admired them, that I wanted them to be Key Clubbers forever, but I couldn’t. So here’s my chance. Thank you Division 30 South Key Clubbers for everything you have done throughout not only the term, but throughout your years in the Kiwanis Family. I know some of us will never cross paths ever again and some of us will decide to never return to the Kiwanis Family, but that’s alright. Our memories together will become fainter as the years go by, but what’s important is that we lived them. Once a Sun, always a Sun, and even if one day we may forget each other or our time together, it’ll be ok because we impacted the lives of others and we participated in these experiences. Though not always obvious, each one of you have made a shining impact on someone’s life and will continue to do so whether in Key Club or not. I am fortunate to have one more year with the Division 30 South family, but for those of you who must move on remember that there ain’t no party like a sunshine party. Good luck out there.

The Oxford Academy Key Club Newsletter

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Hearts, Tina Mai

REMEMBER To sum up the 2013-2014 term, it was time to say our last farewells at the division banquet with all of Division 30 South. It was a Golden Night held at the Radisson Hotel with decorations of stars, glitter, and the of course, gold. As everyone gathered into the room, IP LTG, Tina Mai had led everyone in the flag solute and key club pledge. After introduction of guests, each tables were served with the choices of salad, lasagna, chicken, and garlic bread. Throughout the night as we enjoyed our dinner, different members of other school clubs such as Los Alamitos, Kennedy, and Magnolia, had performed in the talent show that included several suntastic performances of singing and dancing. A year in review video was shown along with a goodbye video for past LTG, Tina Mai, through those videos, the room was filled with mixed emotions of sadness and happiness. Through the growth of the amazing year, Tina Mai was truly a great leader for she had lead our division into new heights. As the banquet had represented the end of the 2013-2014 term, it also signified the new beginning of an amazing start to another great term that would be led by LTG, Jordan Garcia.

Chanel Kim | Historian

Banquet is a word with a connotation of crying, laughing, and celebrating a year’s worth of service or work. This year’s D30S banquet was no different. It started with a love box, where people wrote anonymous letters to others or the whole division. While some were nice and heartfelt, others were funny or sometimes even creepy. Other than the love box, we had fantabulous performances by a few of our Key Clubbers. One of my favorites was when this one group sang Every Day from High School Musical 2 because it’s my favorite movie of all time. The performances were something we did differently this year as we didn’t have any next year. The most heartfelt part probably was watching the videos. It was so amazing to watch all of our hard work compiled into a few minutes of pictures. The second slideshow made me cry but I told myself I would be stone cold and I wouldn’t cry. I couldn’t help but tear a little as a number of Key Clubbers showed up on the screen, giving our LTG Tina their thank-you’s or heart felt memories they shared with her. Tina deserved so much more than two words, thank you, but it was all we could say to express our feelings. As the night came to a close with the speeches, I found myself appreciative of what Key Club stands for and what we do for other people. It’s not just about service, not just about being a leader, but it’s also learning how to be a true, genuine person. You can be yourself around everyone without feeling like you might annoy them or they might think you’re weird and never talk to you again. At this banquet I truly felt like I was among family.

Emily Huynh| Secretary Page 9

Division 30 South Updates

April DCM Reminders aMAYzing Mother’s Day DCM

SunShine Stats!

International Convention

Be sure to go to Jordan’s Second DCM! It is at Oxford Academy from 2 to 4 and we will be have a mother’s appreciation craft making session!

Congrats to us for getting 1st in the sunshine club! Keep on Shining, Oxford Academy Key Club!

This year ICON will take place in Anaheim in the Anaheim Marriot! More information can be found on Page 11!

Congratulations to the following OAKC members for making DLT! Jason Byun | Fundraising Coordinator Darren David | Spirit Coordinator John Hoang | Executive Assistant Ferdinand Mangasep | Spirit Coordinator Brandon Nguyen |Division Tech Editor

The Oxford Academy Key Club Newsletter

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*photo courtesy to Key Club International

International Convention 2014 At ICON, Key Clubs from around the world come together to celebrate a year of service. At this year’s ICON, many events will occur such as electing your new International Board and meeting people across the world! It will be a time full of excitement as you will learn about your own position and how other clubs around the world work! It will be taking place in Anaheim and Key Club is ready to take over OC! This year, ICON will be hosted in the CNH District and as a result, the prices have been lowered for our district! It is now $125 for early bird, due May 16th! Everyone must stay in the Anaheim Marriot! If you have any questions at all, contact our President, Nicolas Do (information found on pg 12). He will give you further information about registration.

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Call Us Maybe? President

Vice President

Nicolas Do


Reah Chiong

Emily Huynh

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Bulletin Editor

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Jenny Chung

John Hoang

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Historians Jeniffer Aguilar

Chanel Kim

Jennifer La

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(714) 818-3873

Publicists Joy Jung (714) 618-3617

Michael Kim (714) 872-1024

Project Chairs Anh Tu Lu

Bryan Vo

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The Oxford Academy Key Club Newsletter

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Website is to be released!

Let’s Get Social!

Thank you for reading! Oxford Academy Key Club 5172 Orange Ave Cypress, CA 90630 Page 13

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