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Hit the Road

Over the River & through the Woods


Armstrong Woods State Natural Reserve. With hunger satisfied, pack everyone into the car, and drive via Highway One and Route 116 to this magical forest in Guerneville, where ancient redwoods have stood for hundreds of years. Kids can spread their little arms and hug trees wider than four of their parents combined. A flat, extremely well marked 1.7-mile nature trail makes it easy to explore the grounds. You can park outside the entrance and walk in, or drive through and park by a picnic area. If you’re in the mood for some stellar mountain vistas, it’s worth it to drive a few miles up the winding Armstrong Woods Road to the entrance of Bullfrog Pond Campground, where there is ample opportunity to stop and stare. Park day-use fee is $8.

Fishetarian Fish Market Maui-Wowi Tacos

A Family Day Trip to Remember


Lunch at the Fishetarian Fish Market. After you’ve had enough sea and sand, head north about a mile on Highway One to this popular eatery (right next to Lucas Wharf) for a delectable rockfish sandwich or fish tacos. The restaurant, owned by Shane and Dana Lucas, gets its name from Dana, a lifelong vegetarian who became a “fishetarian” after marrying avid fisherman Shane. 116


t’s summer, and the kids are climbing the walls. Before their boredom escalates to biblical proportions, plan a day trip. We live in a place where people from all over the world come to be inspired. Take advantage of it! Here are our ideas for a memory-making weekend adventure.


Doran Regional Park. Take a walk on a two-mile stretch of beach, fly kites, build sand castles, and even fish at this gorgeous park. Be sure to get there early so you have plenty of warm time on the beach before the brisk late-afternoon wind kicks in. Day-use fee is $7.


Bodega Bay

Begin. Start off in Sebastopol and drive toward the coast via Bodega Highway. Let the landscape of rolling hills bearing the secret of soon-to-be-seen waters bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Play car games like I Spy or 20 Questions to keep any backseat sibling squabbling at bay. Doran Regional Park

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